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Jesse’s Aunt Has a Secret


When I was twenty, Jesse’s Aunt Lisa wanted needed me to spend the summer with her for she had no children of her own. She had recently lost her husband due to lung cancer and Jesse knew she was feeling very lonely and vulnerable. As a young woman, I had made plans to spend the summer with my friends by the pool. However, Jesse, my best friend was close to her Aunt Lisa and she did not want her to be alone so I offered to stay with her.

Jesse Aunt was so pleased that I had offered and it was obvious that Aunt Lisa needed me there with her…


She had a small house in Kansas City and had no pets. I arrived in early June and she made plans to introduce me to her friends as they played cards. I met her friends and they began cursing and smoking like women in some old prison movie. They played for nickels and dimes.


After several hands were dealt, I soon noticed an offensive smell radiating from the table from which the four women were sitting around. At first, I thought that one of the women’s perfumes had gone bad. I could not place the smell until I noticed my aunt’s slight sigh of relief. I realized that she had pissed herself. Not once did she excuse herself to use the bathroom.


I pretended not to notice and I did not say anything. When the card game was over, Aunt Lisa was ahead by five dollars. We drove home and the smelled of her urine was stronger. I had to crack the window down a bit or be suffocated by the smell. I still did not say anything nor did she...


After going inside Jesse’s aunt’s house, she immediately headed to the bathroom. I prepared for bed since it had been a long day and even longer evening. My aunt popped into my room to tell me good night. I grabbed my tooth brush and paste and went to use the bathroom.


While I used the toilet, I noticed the smell of urine. After flushing, I looked into the wastebasket. Underneath a layer of toilet paper was a diaper. Looking at Jesse’s Aunt Lisa, one would never have guessed that she wore one. Sure, she was in her early sixties and had an average figure…. but…


“Now you know my secret,” I heard a voice say from behind me.


I turned to see her standing in the doorway wearing a knee-length nightgown.


“I won’t tell anyone your secret,” I managed to say.


“I know you won’t because I’m going to make you wear them too while you’re here.”


My mouth fell open and I wondered what perverted game she was playing. I never thought of Jesse’s aunt being a sexual creature and I wondered if she had gotten a sick pleasure of pissing her diaper while playing cards with her friends. I then wondered if her friends were also wearing diapers at the same time and urinated in them.


“You won’t have to wear them during the day like I do,” she said. “But I do want you to wear them at night. I don’t want you to have an accident in my guest bed.”


I knew that I could not argue with her because I was still a guest. I agreed to wear one and she told me to follow her. We went to a door that I thought was a closet since it was always locked. She produced a key and unlocked the door. My aunt reached inside the room and flipped on a light switch.


What I found inside the room shocked me more than when I knew that she had pissed herself at the card game earlier. In the center of the room was a bed with a changing mat on it. Several containers of diapers, baby powders, lotions and wipes lined the shelves on the walls.


“Welcome to my secret room,” Aunt Lisa said as she gently pulled me inside.


“You must be missing a few screws in the attic,” I said.


“Not at all my dear… My husband and I were into wearing diapers all the time and we often wet them while in public. Most of our friends are also into the scene. The diapers makes us feel secure in case we don’t make it to the rest room in time and you know how there is always a line when you have to go.”


What she said made a little sense to my young mind. I had taken a sex education class during my freshman year of college. We had studied a wide range of fetishes and diapers were mentioned. If I knew my friend’s aunt had a secret then, I wondered if I could have invited her speak to the class about adult who wore diapers.


She suggested that I strip and climb onto the changing mat that was spread out on the bed. I did so and I noticed that her eyes took in every inch of my young body. My perky breasts were small and I had a smooth pubic mound. I so much hated to worry about any stray pubic hair while I was wearing my thongs so I kept it shaved.


Aunt Lisa grabbed a bottle of baby powder and shook some out onto her hand. She rubbed the powder on my smooth pubic mound and I let out a giggle.


“You like that, don’t you?” she asked.


“It feels funny having an older woman touch me down there.”

“I used to change Jesse’s diapers when I babysat her. You’re still as smooth as she was back then. Now turn over so I can get your behind.”


I did so and she spread my buttocks wide so she could rub baby powder on my ass. She then told me to turn back over while she fetched a diaper. Jesse’s aunt gently put the diaper on me and taped the sides.


“Now I don’t want you to be embarrassed if you have an accident in your diaper tonight,” she said as she patted my flat tummy. “Just yell out and I well change you.”


Aunt Lisa kissed my forehead and told me good night. We left the room and she locked the door behind her. I wondered why she locked the door if there was only the two of us in the house. I figured she did it out of habit and I wondered how long she and my uncle had been wearing diapers as an adult.


I had no accident during the night and I told her so the next morning. After breakfast, she took off my diaper so I could wear regular panties. I offered to change her diaper too while we were still in the changing room. She smiled happily and was so glad that I had decided to stay the summer with her.


I shared my friend’s Aunt’s secret that summer without us becoming lovers. The bond between us grew stronger and we were both sad when I had to return to college in the fall. I never had the chance to relive that summer with her since she died the following spring. I still wear diapers at night when I am all alone and I hope someday to share my secret as Aunt Lisa did with her husband.

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