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I was lying on the couch curled up in my cozy flannels that had little sheep on them and my hair in pigtails. I was away in a dream world when I was suddenly startled back to reality by the knock at the door.


I answered door and it was Joey standing at my door. He stepped in and had a couple bags with him. He said he brought some things with him that he thought I might like. He looked me in the eyes and said he thought my pajamas looked really cute on me that I was just so adorable looking in my pajamas and pigtails.


Before I knew it, he had scooped me up and held me close to his chest and said he loved being a daddy to adorable little girls. Of course, I said nothing at all; I just started whimpering to get the attention from him. Then he told me to get up into my room.


In the room he began to remove the contents from the bags and lay them out on the bed. A yellow and pink dress with matching ribbons for my hair and a bonnet of white lace. There were white tights and a pair of yellow panties. He pulled a pair of plastic panties out of the bag and then a box of adult disposable diapers. He even had a pacifier for me to use.


He told me to come over to him like a good little girl and he would get me dressed and ready for our time together as daddy and his little girl.


Before he sat me down on the bed he reached out and pulled my pajama bottoms down, exposing my nakedness to his hungry eyes. His eyes were full of surprise when he seen my hairless pussy lips that were now in front of him.


He reached down and lightly touched my infantile looking crotch. He parted the lips and lightly ran his finger just inside them. He withdrew his fingers and said that I appeared to be wet and then licked my wetness from his fingers off. Then he inserted his fingers into my wet slit again and pulled them out and offered them to me saying, “Baby should have a chance to taste the honey also.”


I had never tasted my own juices before and the sweet taste was very wonderful.


Next he reached out and started to remove my PJ top exposing my almost flat chest with small erect nipples. He nibbled a little bit on each tit and then quickly reached for my crotch again. He forcefully slipped his finger in again and I just about went through the ceiling.


He then removed his own clothes and let me explore his body. He showed me that only adults have hair around their crotch. He sat on the edge of the bed and then set me on his lap facing him. He kissed me all over my neck and then went to my breasts and tortured them for a bit.


Then without any warning he lifted me up and put me back down on his now erect penis. I was startled at how fast it happened and the force that he entered me with was so hard and deep that it made me cry out.

He tenderly hugged me while pumping himself into me. I could hear the sound of our tummies and chests smacking the other and then everything just went quiet. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me and could feel his hot liquid pumping into my hole, filling up any void in me.


Joey then stood up with me still on him and turned around and gently put me on the bed. He said he was now going to dress his little girl for the rest of our time together.


He took out a diaper first; he knew I had never been diapered before while playing. He gently lifted my legs up in the air and slipped a diaper under my ass, before setting my legs back down.

He then fiddled with something out of my sight and I could feel him spreading my legs apart. He said he was going to slip something on me, but to relax; he would take care of his little girl. I could feel something like a little panty being slid up each leg then I felt something rubber like bump into my crotch.


I tried sitting up to see what it was, but he just eased me back down again on the bed. I could feel him parting my pussy lips with his fingers and then gently pushing something into my love canal, it was so easy as I was very wet with our juices. This thing seemed to fill me up and it felt rather nice.


Then I could feel him playing with the hood around my clit and then there was something pressed against my clit, very lightly though, almost like a whisper. I could hear him preparing something, and then heard a cap come off of something.

I heard him put a glove on his hand and then he invaded my little back door with his finger and proceeded to spread lube all over it and then inside as well. I was squirming, but he said that if I continued to squirm, I would receive a spanking after he was done here that would make me cry for days. I quickly stopped.


I heard him take the glove off and then could feel him parting my butt cheeks again and felt something at the opening of my anus. I could feel some pressure and then something was slipping inside of me.

He looked in my eyes and told me to relax and that he would be done in a minute. He said he was going to introduce me to something new today that I would want more of in the future. I asked him what it was and he said that he had just inserted a three-horned toy inside of my openings that would not let me forget it was there.


All of a sudden it went wild with wonderful vibrations that sent tingles through my pussy, my clit and my asshole all at the same time. He then showed me a small remote in his hand that was turning the toy on and off.


I started to say something, but he shushed me and said that baby girls don't know how to talk; they just smile, giggle, coo and sometimes cry.


I had forgotten about the diaper till I felt him pulling it up between my legs. He pulled it very snug and then taped it in place. He then put my legs in the plastic panties and pulled them up. They were snug over my very thick diaper. He patted my crotch and said I should be a very happy little girl to have such a nice daddy.


He put the tights on me and then pulled the panties on over the tights. He helped me up to my feet and pulled the dress over my head and fastened it in the back. He tied the ribbons at the bottom of my pigtails and then gently put the bonnet on me and tied it under my chin.


The rest of the day was wonderful. He led me around the house by the hand and hugged me and talked to me like a daddy would to his little girl. Turning on the toy to tease me and sometimes till I went into mind blowing orgasms.


That day I learned of the excitement of wetting my diapers and being changed by my daddy.


At bedtime, he put me into fresh diapers and put cream and powder on my ass and put me into thick diapers with plastic panties and my sheep pajamas. He cuddled with me all night long, through one vibrating orgasm after another.


At each diaper change he made wild love to me.

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