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The Babysitting Baby

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It was a little weird at first; changing the diapers of a twelve year old boy when I was just four years older and a girl... but I got used to it, and now, three years later, it's normal for both of us.

Daniel is now a very intellegent fifteen year old young man, and I'm now nineteen and in college. But I'm still diapering him. You see, Daniel suffers from very bad migraine headaches, and when he gets them he tends to wet himself from the pain and frustration of things. His Mom and I do our best to comfort him when a headache stars, giving him his medicine, putting a diaper on him, and putting him to bed. One of us will lay with him, and hold him as he cries, at least until the medicine kicks in, or he falls asleep. I feel so bad for him, seeing him in such pain, but he seems to accept it as just part of his life.

Tonight will be a quiet night, and for once I should be able to sleep a full eight hours without being woken up fr anything. Daniel's gone off to a special summer camp for kids with migraines, where he can swim and fish like all camps, but they also teach stress relief and other methods of dealing with his headaches. So, for the next two weeks, it's just me and Mary, Daniel's Mom. It will be nice to have a couple quiet weeks, but I miss Daniel already. I may be a live-in babysitter, but I've grown to love that boy like he was my son too.

Free of my babysitting duties, I went to bed early, and fell asleep quickly.

- - - Later That Night - - -

"I heard my bedroom door open and tried to shake the sleep from my head enough to open my eyes. "Shhhh, don't get up, I'll have you changed in a minute." It was Mary speaking, and as she pushed my nightgown up I realized she was about to put a diaper on ME. "It's me, not Dan..." I started to complain, but she gave me another "Shhhhh" as she stripped my panties down, and laid one of Daniel's diapers under me. Like all of Daniel's diapers, it was cloth, with a waterproof outer shell, fairly thick too. Mary wrapped it around me quickly, and fastened it with the three snaps on each side. Velcro in the side panels guaranteed it fit snugly. "But..." I started to complain again as Mary pulled my gown down and my blanket up, but she stopped my words again, this time with a kiss on my cheek. "Night, night baby." Before I could say anything else, she was gone.

I started to get up to take the diapr off, but it was late, and I was tired, so with a mumbled "whatever!" I rolled over and went back to sleep.

- - - The Next Morning - - -

"Get a little confused last night Mary?" I asked with a smile. She was making breakfast when I walked in, still in my night gown, and she gave me a confused look in response to my question.

"Confused? How?" She asked.

"You put a diaper on me!" I laughed, and hiked up my gown to present her with my evidence.

"No confusion there baby, I thought you could use one. And it seems I was right."

I didn't have to look down. I knew the diaper was wet. I had woken up early in the morning needing to pee, and had decided to take advantage of my wardrobe to just wet the diaper and go back to sleep for a while. "But why?" I asked.

"You have been wearing Dan's diapers for some time now." Mary said flatly, as if it was public knowledge. "You didn't think I knew?" She asked with a chuckle, "Baby, those diapers are too thick NOT to be notied under the tight jeans you wear."

I felt my face get hot with shame, and tried to come out with a response, but only managed to stutter something about 'just once or twice.'

"It's okay baby..." Mary assured me, and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. "You take good care of Danny, and you're like a daughter to me, so it's okay if you want to wear diapers too."

I tried to lie and say I didn't want to wear them, but only gibberish escaped my stunned lips. Mary stopped any further attempts at excuses by taking my hand. "Come on, let's get you changed."

Mary led me to her bedroom, which surprised me since we ever changed Daniel in her room. But the reason became clear as I saw a stack of brand new diapers on her dresser. They were the same style as Daniel's, but light pink, where his were a blue. "Each size is a different color..." Mary explained, unfolding one of the thick diapers. "...this way we can tell which diapers belong to each of you." This seperation of garments told me that Mary intended for me to wear them even when Daniel came home... I started to worry.

Holding the single diaper Mary led me to my bedroom, which was next to Daniel's so I could be at his side quickly when he woke up ill at night. I was holding the rest of the diapers, and laid them on my dresser as Mary spread out an underpad on my bed to serve as a changing pad. "Take your gown off and lay down here for me." She patted the pad to show me where my diapered backside should land.

Each 'pop' filled me with shame as Mary unsnapped her son's wet diaper from my body and set it aside. "Stay here." Mary said, then left the room. She returned a minute later was a tub of baby wipes, which she quickly put to use cleaning my damp privates thouroughly.

"Lift up." I raised my bum off the pad, and Mary slid the pink diaper pant under me. As I rested down on it I could tell that it was thicker than Daniel's diapers, but felt just as nice against my bare skin. Mary snapped the fresh diaper on me, and the fit was snug and comfy. "There you go baby girl. All set."

I got up and examined myself in the mirror, and laughed out loud at how cute and silly I looked standing there in a light pink diaper, that seemed to hug my curves perfectly.

"You do look cute." Mary said. I turned to face her, and found her holding an armful of my panties. "These are for big girls, not diaper wearing girls." She said, then took them away.

I got dressed, and wondered just how serious Mary was about this. She took my panties away! I figured that meant I was to wear diapers all the time, but I didn't know if I was ready for that!

Chapter Two

"I'm not wearing pink diapers mom!" I head Daniel yell. He had been home less than five minutes, and my secret was about to be revealed already. He had gone to dump his dirty laundry from his suitcase, and had mistakenly thought my diapers were to be his. I cringed when I heard Mary call out loudly "Those are Sussie's, not your's honey."

"Why are you wearing diapers?" Daniel asked. He had come straight from the laundry room to find me. I thought about telling him some lie, but decided not too. His mom would just tell him the truth if I didn't

"Your Mom caught me wearing one of your diapers, so she bought me my own. I just like wearing them I guess." I watched his expression, and was relieved to see his lips curl into a smile. "Whatever!" He chuckled, "At least I'm not the only one still in Pampers!" We talked for a little while longer, and I noticed he was acting nervous and looking down a lot, which always meant one thing. "Do you need to be changed?" He nodded but said that they had taught him to do it himself at camp, "They said I'm too old to still need help changing my diaper.... but it'd be okay if you did it for me anyway!"
"Do you want me too?" I asked, unsure if he was trying to be polite, or if he really wanted me to do it. He nodded. "I don't really like doing it myself."

We talked about his time at camp as we made our way up to his bedroom. Without any instruction Daniel took his pants off; grabbed an underpad from a basket under his bed; laid the pad on his bed; then laid himself on the pad. He was wearing a disposable diaper, a very wet disposable diaper. "They don't let you wear cloth diapers at camp, " he explained, telling me that disposables were much easier for the camp counselors to deal with.

I removed his wet disposable, and started to reach for the wipes when his mom stopped me. "Dont bother, Daniel should get in the tub for a bath anyway." The sound of running water told both Daniel and I that "should" get in the bath meant he "IS" going to take a bath. Daniel jumped up and headed toward the bathroom.

"And it'll be your turn next young lady!" Mary said to me, and I heard Daniel laughing in the background.

After Daniel bathed himself, he put his own diaper on before Mary sent him downstairs, saying "Go watch TV while I tend to your baby sister." He was laughing again as he passed me in the hall.

"It's bathtime for you." Mary said sternly, taking my hand. Brining me into the bathroom, she began to take my clothes off with a warning not to fight her. When I was naked, she helped me into the tub, and began to wash me from head to toe. I sat there quietly, letting her bathe me like a toddler.

"If you want me to stop, I will." Mary said seeing my serious expression. "If you don't like this..."

"I do like it." I interrupted her, not wanting her to stop. "I'm just kinda nervous still, but I like being your baby."

"Good girl." Mary said with a huge smile, then pulled the drain plug. "Then let's get you diapered and into bed.

- - - Later That Night - - -

"Susan." I heard a soft voice whisper. It was Daniel. "I think I'm getting sick." I woke up instantly and opened my eyes. Daniel had been crying already, and had tear stains on his cheeks. "I took my medicine, but I..... I don't want to be alone." The poor boy, I thought. So embarrased to ask for help, but lonely too.
"You want to lay down with me?" I asked, and he nodded. Daniel climbed into my bed and laid on his side. I shuffled over next to him and held him in my arms. I felt his body loosen a little, he always felt better when someone was holding him.

"Susan?" He asked softly. "I think it's cool you can be my baby sister and my baby sitter at the same time. And it's funny that your bedtime is earlier than mine!" I laughed for just a moment, then Daniel moaned and I knew his headache was getting bad. I held him tighter, wishing I could make it go away. His medicine would kick in soon, but I always felt terrible when he was hurting.

Chapter Three

"Aww, how sweet, both of my little ones in one bed." Mary sat down and ran her hand through Daniel's hair. He mumbled and groaned, but didn't wake. "He had a bad night." I whispered, and pulled the covers up a little until they were up to Daniel's shoulders. Mary sighed and kissed Daniel's head. "Get some rest then Danny." He groaned again.
"How about you? Do you need to be changed?" She asked, looking at me now. I could tell I was wet, but didn't want to disturb Daniel, "It can wait, he needs the company." Mary nodded, then left. I went back to sleep.

The room was bright when I woke again. The sun pouring in the windows told me it had to be late morning already. I was alone in bed now... and my diaper was dry again. Mary must have changed it while I slept.

I threw on some sweatpants and went downstairs. Mary and Daniel were having lunch at the table. Daniel was still in his pj's, but looked to be feeling better.
"You're nice and dry now." Daniel said with a mishevious smile, and both his mother and I looked at him. "You didn't?" Mary asked, and his smile grew wider. "Yep, I changed the baby for you." I was embarrased for a second, but couldn't stop myself from laughing at the expression on his face, and soon we were all laughing.

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