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Diapered Momma


Alone again on another Saturday night, typical for me anymore, being a single mother of two. I usually start off with a couple of glasses of wine during dinner with the kids and during some Saturday night television. By the time I get about four or five glasses of wine in me, the kids are tucked away in their cribs, snug and into a deep sleep by now.


Now for my Saturday night entertainment, my way of relaxing and unwinding from a five day week at work, a long day of cleaning house and my mothering duties.


First I go to my room, remove my soiled diaper that was fresh this morning when I put it on, and then take a quick shower. I love wearing a diaper all day at home, the softness on my ass and the gentle rubbing on my crotch all day. The feeling of wetness when I relieve myself during the day makes the diaper even softer.


I dry off after the shower, lie down on the end of the bed and sprinkle my crotch with the silky smooth baby powder, rubbing it all over with my hands.


I wrap my vibrating butterfly in some saran wrap for protection of getting it wet and then slide it into place over my clit. Then I pull on two extra thick and fluffy fresh diapers for double leakage protection and extra snugness. The fresh softness of the diaper tickles my clean shaved pussy lips.


Then I head back to the front room and insert the first DVD in the player. I sit down in my plush chair, pick up the remote and start the movie. My favorite girl on girl flick comes to life on the screen.  


I turn the butterfly on low and lit a half joint. By now I'm almost ready for my first of many pisses tonight. I hold it as long as I can, finally flooding my diapers in a minute-long high pressure release of warm joy. To me the final relief of that first piss is almost orgasmic in itself. I wiggle around in my chair, rubbing my pussy lips on the now wet diaper as the butterfly buzzes on my clit.


As the movie gets hot with the two girls licking and finger fucking each other in a 69 position, I reach in and turn up the butterfly a bit more. I move my ass around a little and lay back in my chair. I watch the screen and imagine that I have one of the gorgeous babes sitting on my face, while I eat her sweet pussy and she eats me out.


After about three more minutes of this I have a wrenching orgasm, and then just melt into the cushions of the chair for a while.


I get my senses back together after about ten minutes of a peaceful dream world; I get up out of the chair and go over to the kitchen. I reach up into the cabinet above the refrigerator, pull out the bottle of tequila, take a small glass from the counter and pour me a shot. I lean back against the counter and take the shot, just to help keep my buzz going.


Next, I move to the bathroom to clean up. After a hot shower, I re-diaper myself and go to the front room and replace the DVD with the next one, a short episode of a woman in bed with two hunks. I go back over to my chair and slowly lean back into it again.


Now I reach over to the small table and pick up my 6 inch vibrator, slide my diaper aside and slowly insert it up my still horny pussy. I slowly move the plastic joy stick in and out of my hole and get it seated all the way up inside, I put my little butterfly back into place move my diapers back in place and sit back down.


I slouch down in the chair, part my legs slightly and let go of a long stream of hot piss in my fresh diaper, wiggling around on my seat, tickling my pussy all over again.

I turn the butterfly to low speed, leaving the dildo in my pussy to complete my plastic concerto.


With my lower holes filled, I settle back to watch my movie. As the movie goes on the slut gets her holes filled by the two studs. I turn on and turn up my buzzing buddies; I put my hand down on my diaper and press the wet fluff against my buzzing vaginal canal. Oh My God! At this point I would do anything to keep this feeling going forever.


My hips dry humping, my pussy contracting around the invader stuck up to the hilt, the butterfly working at my clit.


Soon the buzzing vibrations send me over the edge for the second hard orgasm tonight, and I'm pissing uncontrollably in my diaper.


I slip down the seat of the chair, throw my hands down to my crotch rubbing my fantastic piss soaked and pussy juiced diapers all over my trembling crotch. The fantastic sensations of warm pee and the softness of the diaper lining tickle at my pussy lips. I reach my hand in under the diaper and turn the toys off, leaving the vibrator in place to fill my hole.


I massage myself with the diaper till my soaking wet, filled cunt starts to spasm again. Slowly I work at bringing up my pleasurable release for a third time. I play like this for about three to four minutes and feel the boiling deep down inside me start again.


The buzzing butterfly, my on hands working the outside of my diaper and the feeling of a stuffed pussy bring on the last explosion that finally burns up all the strength left in me. As I sit there in my wet cum soaked diaper I fall asleep finally as my muscles relax from sensations of orgasm heaven.


Sometime later I am awaken by my two crying babies. I go to my kitchen, make two fresh bottles of formula and go to my babies. I change their soiled diapers with clean fresh ones and then go to the bathroom and remove my soiled diaper, shower and lay down on my bed. I freshly powder my clean crotch and slip into a fresh soft diaper of my own.


Life is still good.




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