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Clean Change


After another long Friday at work I was finally home and as I walked up the front walk to the front door of our house I felt a small tingling sensation in my groin. I was a little excited about what kind of surprise my wife had planned tonight.


She had given me a very sensual kiss this morning as I was leaving and told me that tonight was going to be a very exciting new experience.


As I turned and twisted the handle on the dead bolt lock on our front door I heard some low whimpering coming from around the corner of the entrance way. I walked towards the living room and when I turned the corner to enter there standing in front of me was my wife Debbie.


"Please change my wet diaper,” she said, in a hushed, excited voice, as she stood there before me, wearing nothing but a baggy shirt, a pair of white socks and a diaper, which from the slightly darkened spot at her crotch I could see she had obviously wet it.


If anything, I wanted to rip that diaper off and take her right there on the spot, but I decided to restrain myself as this was a completely new experience for me and I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. Besides she obviously had this moment well planned out and I didn’t want to spoil it...


I slipped my shoes off and walked over to where she was standing. I took her hand and slowly guided her down onto the couch. She lay down on her back and positioned herself like a baby, hands to the side of her face, and her legs slightly opened. I could hear her breathing heavily as I bent over her waist and started unfastening the tapes of her diaper.


My hands trembled with excitement as I opened up the diaper to reveal her sexy crotch. She was clean-shaven; she had none of her fine pubic hair anymore, which gave her that lovely babyish look and sent shivers of excitement straight to my groin.


I used the front of the diaper to dry off any remaining wetness but the diaper had absorbed most of it. She groaned as I rubbed the diaper and moved her hips a little. I reached up to the back of the couch where she had a clean folded diaper laying.

As I unfolded it she lifted her hips and I slid it under her firm ass which she then slowly put down on it, and spread her legs again. I pulled the front of the diaper up between her spread legs and fastened the tapes. It all happened as smoothly as if we'd done this a hundred times before.


I righted myself so I could have a good look at her. She was still lying there in that babyish position, but now had one clenched hand near her face, as if biting her knuckles. She put the other between her legs and started softly rubbing, saying, "Hmm, a nice clean diaper."


This was too much for me and I threw myself on the couch beside her, started kissing her and fondling her breasts, working my way down until I had my hands between her legs, and started rubbing her diaper. She responded immediately, bucking her hips and panting heavily.


In my excitement, I started saying stuff like "You're my beautiful little baby girl and I've just changed your diaper."


This hit all her buttons just right, she embraced me tightly, bucking against my hand, and came almost straightaway. She made crying sounds as her orgasm subsided, and then seemed to totally relax, letting go of me, as if she went to sleep.


After a few seconds however she moved again and looked at me with the sweetest eyes and said, "Now it's your turn."


She unbuttoned my pants and pulled down on the zipper, reached in through the split in my boxer shorts and took out my now fully erect cock. I was lying on my back; she was on her hands and knees. On the opposite side of the room there was a large mirror hanging on the wall and I could see her diapered ass reflected in it.


The way it stretched around her hips and behind was a real turn on. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking ever so delicately. As I was already horny as hell from diapering her, and seeing her giving me head while also watching her diaper in the mirror, I came almost immediately.

It was by far the heaviest orgasm ever and like Mindy, I sort of passed out there for a moment.


After a while, we looked at each other and started giggling.


"Well, that was quick," I said.


"Yeah, but nice," she sighed. "So what do we do now?"  


"Just lay here for a while,” I said.


She nodded, but then got up and walked over to the end table on the other end of the couch. I watched her diapered ass as she walked.


She reached down to the table and picked up a diaper.


"Let's get this on you first," she said and started unfolding the diaper as she walked back over to me.


Again, as smoothly as if we had done this a hundred times before, she put the diaper on me. Then we just lay there without speaking, our eyes closed and in a dreamy state. I kind of moved a little bit and felt that I was hard again.


This was unusually fast for me after coming so hard and heavily!


Debbie began to stir and hugged me close to her and noticed my hard dick.


"Let's go to the bedroom,” she said.


We threw ourselves on our bed and started kissing again; she started to rub my hard cock through my diaper, which felt amazing. I got on top of her and we sort of humped each other, wearing our diapers. She looked up at me with "fuck me" - eyes.


So I took off her diaper while she took off mine, and we had the most wonderful sex.


Since I already came once I could last longer this time, and Debbie really got into it, moaning and groaning, and sometimes making little baby noises and crying.


After recovering from another earthshaking orgasm we cleaned each other up, freshly powdered each of our groins and placed a new soft diaper on each other. We then lay down on the bed cuddling each other as we fell asleep sucking on our pacifiers.


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