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When Sally met Kathy

Sally was taken to the head mistress’ office because she had been a naughty girl. Instead of wetting her diaper and allowing the official diaper changes to change her, she pretended to wet it and the peed all over them. That was a very naughty thing to do and it was not was expected of the girls at Diaper School.

Sally had been in a strange mood all day, she was seeking attention and managed to get some but possibly not what she expected. No one was really certain what had happened in the dining room during lunch… well there were three people who knew what had happened… Glenda, the prefect who landed on her bottom with her skirt up high and Kathy and Sally… who were taken from the dining room by the headmistress.

A hush went up around the dining room with no other girl game to make a noise. Not many girls had seen Miss Mac Manus angry before and for some it was a first.

Of course all was forgotten once the girls went off to their rooms to have some quiet rest and read time. There were some girls though who would certainly remember this lunch time.

Miss Mac Manus had led Sally and Kathy down to the gymnasium where there was a piece of equipment set up for naughty girls. It wasn’t an offensive piece of sporting equipment but it did its job when some girls were naughty.

Sally and Kathy were quite fidgety not knowing what was going to happen because they had never been to the gym before. But Miss Mac Manus spoke to them quietly and before too long had the answers as to what had happened.

It appears Glenda the prefect had caught them fighting over their bottles of juice. Kathy wanted Sally’s but she wasn’t giving hers up… and a little biffing started and when Glenda stepped in to break them up they both pushed her until she was sitting on her bottom on the floor and for that Kathy and Sally were to be punished…

You see that is not what is expected of the girls at Diaper School. If they misbehave then they have to punished just like they would if they attended other schools. But this punishment was a little different…

Miss Mac Manus had both girls pick a number between one and ten and the one furthest away from the number that she had already thought of would be the first to be punished by the other. Of course the other girl would be punished too…

Sally picked number 7 and thought for sure she would be the closest because she knew the headmistress’ favorite number was number 8… Kathy picked number 2 and she was biting her nails because Sally had chosen the number she would normally have picked too.

Chance had it… Kathy had picked the losing number… but Sally being the furthest from that number would be the first to be punished. Neither girls were smiling… but Sally walked smartly over to what the girls called the horse and leant over it holding onto the hand rails that the girls normally would hold onto as they jumped it…

She was bent over for both Miss Mac Manus and Kathy…

Miss Mac Manus walked over and undid the tabs and pulled the diaper from Sally’s bottom. With her skirt hitched up over her hips her bare bottom was there waiting.

“Kathy… meet Sally… Sally… Meet Kathy… today both of you will get to know each other in a way that not many girls get to meet. Kathy… you go first and I want you to spank Sally’s bottom ten times please… five times on each cheek.”

That was all she said… nothing more and nothing less….

She touched the warm naked skin of Sally’s ass before spanking her bottom lightly… and gently…

“No Kathy! Harder… I want to hear the sound echo around the gym!”

This time Kathy did as she was told and her hand spanking Sally’s ass was sweet music to Miss Mac Manus’ ears. She nodded and Sally whimpered… after ten Kathy moved aside and Sally turned around. She had small tears streaming down her face but she knew it was now Kathy’s turn and she would get it right the first time…

There would be no tender moments; just a hard spanking like Miss Mac Manus liked to hear. Music to her ears… well both of them would hear music…

She smiled sweetly and with a soft sob she removed Kathy’s diaper while the headmistress looked on. Kathy held on to the rails just like Sally had done. She felt her skirt move until her ass was naked for Sally.

Without warning the spanking started. Her legs were spread wider than Sally had had hers and she felt every single touch. Sally’s fingers brushed against her naked sex every time she spanked her and the harder she spanked the more tingles she felt racing through her body.

In her mind, she screamed… just one more, just one more… please spank me one more time… nine… ten… she came as Sally’s hand came down on her bottom for the last time. Her moans were mistaken for sobs and Sally let her hand rub gently across Kathy’s ass… soothing the pain. But it was more pleasure that Kathy was feeling.

When she stood up and pulled her skirt down, Miss Mac Manus had a twinkle in her eye. She was sure she heard more than sobs during that session but she wasn’t quite sure. Never before had she heard a girl enjoy a spanking in the gym, but the sounds of hand against ass definitely had a few extra sounds mixed in with it.

“Ok girls… Sally and Kathy… go into the change rooms and help each other into a clean diaper then meet the others in your classes. It’s time for me to see Glenda…”

She turned and left the girls to tend to themselves. They both walked a little tenderly but Kathy was smiling more than Sally because she had gotten something extra from her spanking… and it was something that Sally had never experienced before so she had no idea what she was missing…

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