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You're Invited to a Party…

For a long time Jeremy had been looking at all the different sites on the internet. He was into something that he was intrigued with, but he couldn't tell anyone because it involved him dressing like a baby.

Not a baby wearing those cloth nappies but diapers. He found several websites on the internet that had forums and places where adult babies could mention their parties. Special invitations went out to some of the adult babies who had offered up tales of their special outings while wearing their diapers.

It was in the diaper club forum that Jeremy met Kelly. The meeting was only brief the first time because Kelly had to go and have her bottle and a quick nap. He was disappointed that she had to disappear so quickly but understood that even adult babies had to be fed sometime and then there was the diaper change too. So he understood.

As Kelly was saying her goodbyes, she invited him to a party she was holding at the end of the month. Knowing everyone that was invited would have some kind of love of diapers and being an adult baby, Jeremy's heart skipped a beat. Never before had he been invited to a party for adult baby diaper lovers. It was going to be an interesting party indeed.

He asked how many people would be there and when Kelly told him that there would be around 20 - 30 adults and babies he was tickled. His addiction to diapers suddenly didn't have to be hidden away like it had been for many years.

The forum had helped him come out and enjoy life and helped him feel comfortable in himself when it came to wearing a diaper to and from work. He had managed to work hours that allowed him to duck into the change rooms and change his diaper several times during the day. He was able to dispose of them downstairs in the main foyer so no one realise they were his.

Jeremy certainly didn't refuse that wonderful invitation. In fact he was really looking forward to it. And just the thought of seeing many people running around dressed in hardly anything apart from their diapers turned him on when he least expected it. Even at work, just thinking about the diaper party had his cock hard in anticipation.

Occasionally he had trouble controlling his hardons at work but he managed to calm himself down whenever he could without wetting his pants.

A couple of days before the party day, he made sure he had everything he needed ready. He didn't want to be running around at the last minute looking for things and packing. He ensured he had plenty of diapers because one never knows how many changes an adult baby can have in one day.

It all depends on the circumstances at the time and how much they drink among other things that he chose not to think about while he packed and built himself up to meeting so many people at the party. Just thinking about it made him want to wet the diaper he was wearing.

Everything was ready inside his baby carry bag. Knowing he didn't have to take his own bottles soothed him some and there were several times while he was at work that he had trouble controlling his mind and his thoughts. But he finally made it through to the day of the party.

For some reason he kept checking his bag over and over before he showered, sprinkled baby talc over his body before laying down to pull his diaper around him. He adjusted the flaps and secured them so that his diaper felt snug around his bottom and groin.

He dressed in a pair of light trousers and a casual shirt and headed off to the party.

This party was going to be something special for him and his heart was doing back flips. He was going to meet a lot of people that were interested in what he was interested in. Jeremy almost had second thoughts because he was so nervous, but he took the 'it's now or never' attitude and parked his car, grabbed his special bad and headed for the gate that lead to the party.

He knew he was at the right place because there was a sign, welcoming people to the adult baby diaper lovers' party.

Jeremy, felt himself shaking all over as he walked through the gate and into another world where adult babies were walking or crawling around in nothing but their diapers. The women were wearing low cut singlets to cover their chests but apart from that it was only diapers. It was the right weather for getting around in almost nothing so he understood then why Kelly had organised the party this month.

Taking a deep breath he wondered through the grounds, greeting so many people as he did so and admiring the view at the same time. Kelly crawled on hands and knees over to him and grabbed his hand. She led him towards the baby changing area where he could slip out of his casual clothes, allowing him to take on the role of an adult baby.

Kelly told him told him that the party was under way but the main part of it would start as soon as everyone was ready and he was out of his street clothes. At no time she said was he to slip back into them while he was at the party.

Jeremy giggle to himself and Kelly smiled sweetly back at him. His giggle was more of a nervous giggle but at the same time he was excited because he was here… at the party and everyone was dressed like babies. It was magic. It gave him a hard-on just thinking about it.

Kelly led him out to the garden where the party was taking place and found everyone seated in a circle on huge rugs. She found him a spot and made him sit down with the other babies in their diapers. She crawled around handing out baby bottles filled with strange looking fruit juices. When he looked at her to thank her he noticed her tiny buttons poking through her little singlet. She looked perfect and he knew those little buttons were her hard nipples poking through.

She sat down almost opposite him in the circle and they all began to sing along to some baby songs as they slurped on their juice filled bottles. He was one of them, caught up in the moment, slurping, singing, humming and suddenly Jeremy needed to go pee pee.

Jeremy tried not to think about it, but all that juice was having an affect on him that he couldn't control. He found himself whimpering and whining, humming and singing and he continued to slurp on his bottle.

Kelly looked across at him and saw him holding the front of his diaper, a sure sign that he was ready to pee.

Kelly looked at the baby sitting next to Jeremy and with her eyes she was able to give her a sign that he needed to go to the toilet. The girl next to him took his hand in hers and pulled him away from the circle of babies and took him to the baby changing room.

He was so nervous, he thought he had been naughty because he wanted to pee and really was concerned about wetting his diaper in front of so many people… This girl seemed to be angry with him, which upset him and he began whimpering again.

The babe quickly hushed him and introduced herself as Sarah and told him she loved helping sissy boys change their nappies. Jeremy looked into her eyes and saw almost a wicked smile especially when the door opened and Kelly joined them.

He watched as she whispered very quietly in Sarah's ear. He really wished he knew what those words were but he quickly found out. The look on Sarah's face changed and she was suddenly all smiles and goooing and gahhing and smiling sweetly at Jeremy. The change that came over her was very noticeable and he was getting a little confused.

Looking at both of them he watched Kelly lift Sarah's singlet up over her head and began playing with her small firm buttons. His mind shifted the feelings Sarah must have been feeling because her face shone red in the sunlit room.

He could feel his little Peter pecker growing hard in his diaper. Jeremy was starting to stir on the change table because he could feel his balls starting to ache and he didn't want to cum in his diaper. Before he knew it he was part of their game. He wasn't just the adult baby in a diaper; he was their toy as well.

Kelly and Sarah knelt on either side of him and removed his diaper. He looked from both one to the other and pretended to cover himself but they pushed his hands away and told him to be a good little boy. They told him not to be a bad baby and Sarah decided that she wanted to use his hard pecker as her pacifier.

Without warning she closed her mouth around the head of his cock and sucked him deep down her throat. Kelly pushed her away, telling her she wanted some too. Their baby voices turned him on incredibly. He couldn't hold on any longer. With both of them playing with their new toy and pacifier he found he was moaning and shaking before crying out that he was going to cum…

Kelly and Sarah two adult babies with their pink diaper bottoms up in the air fought over him as he shot his load out of his fire hose cock. The licked and sucked and licked some more and all the time he was whimpering from both the pleasure and because he had wet himself.

Together the babes pulled his diaper up so he couldn't wet them any more. They chatted to him and helped him up off the change table and invited him to join them back at the party. They were all going to play a game of hide and go seek the pacifier.

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