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The Bet

Chapter one – who does that?

                Beth just looked at Ron, her husband.  Her eyes were wide and her breath shallow.  She couldn’t believe what her husband, her husband, was saying.  She blinked and felt her heart beating through her chest.  “You can’t be serious.”  This game was a lot of money and he just used her bank account to buy in.  Beth’s husband was a professional gambler, although you would usually associate professional with someone that actually makes more than they expend.  He went all over the world and made barely enough for travel.  They really lived on her income and most of his travels were with her money.  She had a good job as a CPA.  He would be leaving in less than twenty minutes for the game in Los Vegas.  He smiled and then just moved close in to her.  He quickly lifted her dress and before she realized what he was doing had his pants down and was on top of her.  He moved her panties to the side and she found him in her, although he only made four of five strokes before he stopped.  He climbed off of her and zipped his pants up.  Beth just sat back up and re-adjusted her panties.  Beth didn’t realize that this was not the usual sex life.  She had been very “prudish” growing up and her husband was the first person she was ever intimate with, on their wedding night.  He had come to her, with her negligée on and proceeded to climb on top of her for all of 30 seconds, then go in the other room to watch a game.  Beth didn’t even know what sports game it was.  She had never known what an orgasm was and, being a good person, and religious, didn’t think divorce was right, so she never perused it. 

                Michael sat down at the table and looked around him.  There were some professionals, and some that where rich, and some that seemed to think of themselves as professionals but were really just ok.  The game was high stakes and everyone had to put something up for collateral.  It was very professional, but run by, well, people you didn’t want to cross.  Five people sat at the table.  The game went on for most of the night.  It was a true poker game.  Ron sat there holding his cards, four eights.  Damion sat across from Ron and had a full house, nines over fours.  Michael was the professional, and he had never seen a royal straight flush, but here it was, in his hand.  He knew he couldn’t lose.  Only the three of them remained in this hand.  Damion was just a rich kid that had been a bit lucky this night.  Damion bid $100,000.00.  He was a rich kids son and thought he would take this hand.  Ron knew he could beat Damion and, although Michael never gave himself away, thought he had Michael, so he called.  “I can put in the pot a $100,000.00 marker.”  Damion immediately was up, “what do you mean a marker?”  Ron looked at him and continued “I have a bonus coming in 12 months that covers it.”  He pulled out the paper showing his wife’s bonus and when it would mature.  Damion looked at it and saw that it was for an Elizabeth, “who is Elizabeth and what about the 12 months?”  Ron knew he had to be included and technically he couldn’t come up with the money now, of course Damion also wanted the money and if he folded, he wouldn’t get it.  Ron explained that the bonus was his wife’s and he was good for it.  Damion, really being a jerk, smiled and said, “well, if I accept the bonus in a year, I want interest.”  Ron knew that after taxes he wouldn’t have much more than the $100,000 and didn’t have an answer for that.  Damion then leered, “This is your wife, right?”  Ron “yes, why?”  Damion than grinned, “ok, I will accept the 12-month delay, if I get your wife once a month for a night.”  Ron looked at him like he had grown a second head.  After the initial surprise, he realized he would win and if he didn’t (and this is really incredible for Ron to even think as he was not a good husband) he really didn’t like her much anyway.  “ok.”  Johhny, the man monitoring the game looked at both of them “This game if being sponsored by Mr. Black, he will expect all terms to be obeyed.  If this Elizabeth doesn’t agree, then you”  looking at Ron “will have to make good.”  It wasn’t a question, just a statement.  Johhny then looked at Michael “You can anti up, fold, or force Ron out if you don’t agree to those terms.”  Michael looked at Ron “you are betting your wife to do whatever I want once a month for 12 months, are you serious?”   Ron smiled, he really thought he was going to win, “yes.”  Michael looked at his hand again, he couldn’t loose and if he forced Ron out, that would be $100k less, although he would have to wait a year.  What imbecile would bet his wife.  “Although this is highly irregular, I call.”  Michael watched as Damion smiled and laid his hand down, which quickly turned to a sneer when Ron laid his hand down.  Michael, never having had a royal straight flush before put his hand on the table slowly.  Ron just stared at it.  “Oh my god.” Ron finally said. 

                Ron arrived home and looked at his wife.  She had picked him up from the airport and was rattling on about some job she had at work.  He finally just blurted it out.  “I lost, really bad.”  Beth looked at him, she sighed.  “All of the money you took?”  He looked at her, “and some.”  Beth furloughed her brow “and then some, what did you do?”  Ron looked down “I bet your bonus.”  Beth blinked, and thought “my bonus, you mean the $100,000?”  Her voice said it all.  “How, that is my money?”  Ron met her eyes, “it wasn’t a trade sanctioned game so some things could be unconventional.”  Beth felt her heart pounding, her bonus next year was something she had worked hard for and now he just threw it away.  “There is also interest we have to pay since we can’t pay it until next year.”  Beth was almost in tears.  “Interest, how much interest?”  Ron, for the first time, felt uncomfortable in what he was telling her.  “You, you are the interest.”  Beth didn’t understand what he was saying so Ron continued “You have to go to the winner once a month for 12 months.”  Beth was in shock, “go to, what does that mean, and do what?”  “Anything he wants, from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. once a month”.  Beth’s mouth dropped open, “oh my God, you mean you bet me, I was part of your bet, to do.”  Beth trailed off.  Her mind was barely grasping what he was saying.  “No, I won’t do it, not my money, not my body, I won’t do it.”  Ron looked at her and showed his fear for the first time.  “They will kill me.”  He knew they would either kill him or knee cap him.  “This wasn’t a trade sanctioned game, it was backed by the mob, they will kill me.” 

                Michael looked at the email.  So, she would meet him on the third Friday of the month in New York for the night, for 12 months.  This was not really what he had wanted, or expected.  He could just let it pass.  He didn’t want to have someone’s wife as a prize.  Well, he hadn’t thought of it before.  Michael thought of it some more and realized, he did have that fetish and she would have to do anything he wanted.  Well, the rules were no injuries, no public humiliation, and nothing permanent like a tattoo or such.  He drew a deep breath.  Michael had never been in a committed relationship, his work kept him too busy for that.  So, he had only indulged in his fantasy by himself.  Here was his opportunity.  He hadn’t come up with the idea, that was Damion, but he had a woman that would be his for one night a month.  Could he pass it by?  Well, the third Friday of the month was a week and a half away, he would have to decide by then. 

Chapter 2 – the first night

                Beth knocked on the motel room door.  Her heart was pounding and she was already breathing fast.  How could Ron have gotten her into this, he bet her!  Michael opened the door.  Beth found her first thought that at least he was good looking, then admonished herself.  He was the man that agreed to the bet.  She didn’t like him already.  What kind of man accepts a bet of another man’s wife?  Michael looked at Elizabeth and realized this was a professional woman, and beautiful to say the least.  She wore a white button up blouse, a skirt that went below her knees, glasses, with her hair down and well groomed.  “I am supposed to be here.”  Beth said first.  She said it with every bit of dignity she could find, after all, she was supposed to be his for the night, a whore if she were honest with herself.  Beth had thought of this night ever since she was told and just didn’t know what to do or expect.  “Come in.” Michael finally said as he stood out of the doorway.  Beth walked in and looked around.  The motel looked rather nice, it was a two-room suite with a living room and a, Beth looked down even thinking of it, a bedroom.  Michael now felt a little awkward and finally said “I know this is not something you expected, and quite frankly, me neither.  I did not make the terms of the bet.”  Michael went on to tell her the story, Damion and his idea, and how he had only two choices, allow the bet when he knew he couldn’t lose or pass on the money, and she was already included in the bet.  Michael reassured her that he would not have insisted on those terms.  “So, what are you going to do then?”  Beth asked.  She wasn’t sure what he intended, he went out of his way to explain how he didn’t make the terms, and was rather shocked by it.  Beth waited for an answer, hoping he would say they could play a card game or something like that.  Michael heard her question and realized he could just give her a pass.  He had been pondering this very question ever since the game.  Michael smiled “Why don’t we get to know each other a bit first.”  Beth didn’t think that was the best answer and just wanted to know what she was in store for, she could plan and wrap her mind around it if only she knew.  “I don’t do this, I have never done anything like this and I am trying to make the best of it, so please just tell me if you, what you, what I can expect.”  Beth said the words as her stomach turned.  Michael looked at her “you deserve that, I must admit that I wasn’t sure what to do, but I have a little fantasy, a fetish if you will.  I have not acted on it with anyone, but I just can’t let it go.  So I am going to be the bastard I am sure you think I am, and have my fantasy.  If this were any other business deal, I would have my money or something, so I am sorry your husband placed you in this, but I can’t resist you.”  Beth knew now that she would be playing someone’s, this someone’s, fantasy, but what.  “What ‘fetish?’”  Beth asked.  “Well,” Michael took a deep breath, here he was, he had all the power, backed by the mob to do anything.  “I am going to put you in a diaper.”  He finally said it.  Beth looked at him, a question on her face.  “So, you are just putting me in a diaper?”  She asked.  Michael then stepped towards her, “Well, that is the first part.”  Michael then reached for her, Beth instinctively stepped back.  Michael then took her waist and pulled her close.  He looked into her eyes, which she found herself looking back into his.  She was trying to exhibit more dignity than she felt.  Michael then reached his hand inside her skirt, down to her underwear and started to rub on her vagina.  Beth was taken by surprise and gasped, then grit her teeth.  Michael felt her tighten “We have a bit of time together and we can both have a little fun, or you can just get through it.  I am hoping you will have some fun.”

                Michael continued to rub her cunt.  Beth had never had any man do that and after just a short time found herself, in spite of herself, starting to get very wet.  Her husband would have already been done, but here Michael continued to rub her.  She started to pull her self away, but he had one hand around her waist and the other in her skirt.  He continued to rub for several minutes.  Beth started to breath really fast.  Michael then slowed and took his hand out of the waist of her skirt.  Beth was standing there not sure what had happened or what was going to happen as Michael unzipped the skirt and quickly guided both the skirt and her panties to the floor.  Beth found Michael taking her hand and leading her into the bedroom.  She realized she was naked below the waist and began to feel her own modesty when Michael set her on the bed.  Oh God, Beth thought could this be any worse?  Michael then reached into a bag and took out, Beth looked again, it was, he had said he would and here he had a diaper, a big diaper.  Michael smiled and motioned for her to climb up on the bed.  Beth had resigned herself to whatever on this night, but she was now just going through the motions.  Just do it, she told herself as she climbed onto the bed.  Michael then opened the diaper and motioned for her to lift her butt up. Beth did as she was expected and the diaper was placed under her.  Michael then climbed onto the bed and leaned in and unbuttoned Beth’s blouse.  Michael then started to caress her breasts, and moved her bra out of the way.  Beth had never experienced anything like this.  Her husband had never touched her this way and had never even taken any time to try to please her.  Michael then bent over her and started kissing her nipple.  Beth couldn’t help but gasp and when Michaels hand went back to her clit, she let out a moan.  She hadn’t intended to do that, but Oh My God, she felt herself as more sexual than she had ever known.  Michael continued to rub her vagina while kissing her breasts.  Beth felt something very different building in her as she found herself breathing shallow and fast, Michael kept pace with his hand moving faster.  Beth couldn’t contain herself and started to bite her lip, and moan and cry out “oh, oh, oh!”  Beth had never felt an orgasm before and as she built to her first she lost track of everything.  She tried to just lay still, not move, don’t enjoy it, but Michael kept moving his hand just a little to the left, a little to the right, his finger deep inside her, and then rubbing the clit.  Beth found she couldn’t take it any more and orgasmed.  She couldn’t keep her pleasure from showing, as she became very wet.  Michael slowed as Beth instinctively brought her legs together and gasped.  Beth laid there for a moment trying to regain her breathing.  When she opened her eyes and was breathing slower, Michael then moved on top of her.  He slowly applied pressure on the inside of her legs and as she opened her legs Michael then lowered himself on her.  Beth knew what was coming, and found her heart beating fast again.  This she knew, her husband had done this and it would be over quickly, she thought.  Beth was surprised when Michael slowly entered her.  Oh God, this isn’t what she knew.  Michael ever so slowly entered her and so slowly pulled out only to slowly enter her again.  Beth know knew this was nothing like her husband and found herself building again.  Beth thought he was in her for hours, but knew it was only minutes, but oh God, it was such controlled minutes.  Five, ten, she didn’t know, but she couldn’t stop herself from building, ever so slowly he kept her building, until she just let out again cried out.  She knew she was even wetter by her own fluids down there.  But Michael then pulled out.  “I don’t want to cum in you yet, later, yes, but not yet.”  Beth laid there feeling the reverberations of her own body.  Michael then grabbed something else out of the bag.  Beth then became aware of the diaper still under her.  Michael opened baby powder and started shaking the bottle on her.  She smelled the baby powder and felt its coolness against her.  She tried to press her butt into the bed, not to get away from it but just because it felt so cool, so incredible.  Then Michael surprised her again as he took the diaper and pulled it up between her legs.  Beth found herself gasping again as she felt the diaper pulled snug.  Michael then taped the left side, than the right.  Michael patted her crotch and smiled.  Beth just laid there not sure what had just happened.  “Time to get dressed and get some dinner.”  Michael said.  Beth looked at him, dressed? Dinner?  “I am wearing a diaper.”  Beth stated, as much to herself as to Michael.  “I can’t go anywhere.”  “Sure you can.”  Michael responded, “no one will know you have a diaper under your skirt.”  Beth didn’t move for a moment.  He expected her to wear a diaper under her skirt as they went out to dinner.  Beth thought she was going to cry, but she instead brought her legs closed and felt the diaper against her.  Just do what you need to do, she thought to herself as she sat up and went to get her skirt as she buttoned her blouse. 

                “What a minute.” Beth turned around and looked at Michael.  “The agreement said no public humiliation.”  Michael looked at her.  “This isn’t public as I am not having you walk in a diaper without pants, or in this case, your skirt.”  Beth thought about it and said “well I disagree, it seems public to me.”  Michael then exhaled “We can call Johhny, he would be the final decision.”  “Who is Johhny?” Beth asked.  “He is the enforcer and would have the final say.  Of course, we would have to tell him that you are in a diaper and that I want you to go out in public with it under your skirt.”  Beth just accepted her fate and replied “fine, lets just go.”  Michael then said, “Oh, you do have to use the diaper.  That is also part of having a diaper on.”  If her eyes could stab him, she would have.  “Fine, I said, lets just go.”  Michael handed her a soda and smiled.  Beth pulled her skirt up over the diaper and took the soda.  Gross she thought.

                They went to a nice restaurant, better than Ron had taken her to.  Michael reminded her to drink her drink.  She just drank it all and much to her chagrin he waived the waitress over to fill her cup again.  “You are a brat, you know that?”  Beth declared.  Michael smiled “just tell me something about yourself.”  Beth found the conversation disarming, although she would always remember she was in a diaper any time she moved, and that he had, well, he had. . . well, done that to her.  She would come back to her reality and then find Michael telling her something about his business, or life that drew her back in.  After the dessert, she didn’t normally eat dessert, but this was not normal for her in any stretch of the imagination, it was time to go.  The got up and she thought they were going back to the Motel.  Beth felt her stomach turning over again and wondered what the rest of the night had in store. 

                Michael asked her “Would you like to go to the park?”  Beth readily agreed and they went off.  After a about a half hour, Beth started to feel uncomfortable.  “I need to go the bathroom.” Beth finally said.  Michael looked at her and smiled, “You do have a diaper on.”  Beth remembered she was to use the diaper, but just couldn’t bring herself to do it.  So Michael continued to walk with Beth beside him.  She slowed down a little more and realized she couldn’t go much further.  Beth then stopped and as Michael looked, she couldn’t hold it any more.  She felt her diaper filling with warmth.  Beth instinctively squeezed her legs together as she peed herself.  Beth knew it was building, but she hadn’t peed herself since she was 2, well ok, she did wet the bed until 9 but this was totally different.  Michael took her hand and just started walking.  Beth couldn’t get rid of the feeling, the wet diaper.  She realized no one could see her, although Michael kept looking at her.  “I am sorry, its just that I really do like diapers” he said diapers in a whisper. “and I am so turned on right now.”  Beth found herself blushing as she felt the wetness between her legs.  “So what now?”  Beth asked.  Michael looked at her and said, we can walk around, or go back to the motel, whichever you would like.”  Beth didn’t really want to walk around in a wet diaper, but if she went back to the motel, well, Michael would most likely continue the evening.  “Lets just walk for now.”  She found herself saying.  They walked around for about an hour.  Michael finally said it “we should head back now.”  Beth knew it had to happen, and even though she was in a wet diaper, she would rather stay in the diaper than go back to the motel.  The only, or rather the biggest problem was she now had to go poop.  “When you said I had to use the diaper, did you mean for, well, you know, not just pee?”  Beth asked.  She said it very quietly but Michael heard her.  “Yes, I think so.”  Michael had never lived this fantasy so he wasn’t really sure, but why not.  Beth just lowered her head.  “I think I have to go.”  She confirmed.  “Then go, its alright, you still have a diaper on.”  Michael was very curious about this, but not sure.  Beth just kept walking, “I can’t while I walk,” Beth turned and looked at Michael as she said it.  She then kept walking.  It was just a few blocks and they were at the motel.  Beth really had to go now, but didn’t know what to do.  Hurrying to the room just meant she would be there in her diaper.  She stopped; she was thinking of it as her diaper.  She gave her head a small shake.  When they got into the elevator, Beth gave up trying and felt herself poop her diaper.  Michael then smelled it.  He started to laugh when Beth glared at him, “it isn’t funny.”  She said, then started laughing herself.  They were both laughing so hard when they reached their floor, neither of them gave much notice to the three people waiting.  Beth just hoped they didn’t smell her. 

When they entered their room, Beth did a little dance and looked at Michael, “Please change me out of this.”  Michael smiled and motioned for her to come over to the bag he had as he pulled out a changing pad.  Beth laid down on it and spread her legs.  She really didn’t like showing herself to Michael, but she would rather do that then keep the stinky diaper on.  Michael undid the tapes and opened the diaper.  It was really a sticky mess.  He used a number of wipes, but then said, “Ok, we are putting you in the shower and lets not do that again.  Pee in your diaper, but no more poop.”  “Oh thank goodness.”  Beth breathed.  With that he took her hand and lifted her to her feet and guided her to the bathroom.  Beth walked into the bathroom and realized her shirt was still on, she started unbuttoning it.  Michael came up behind her and turned on the shower.  “You are not yet cleaned up.”  He said a matter of fact.  Beth stepped into the shower, then realized Michael was undressed and stepping into the shower also.  Beth suddenly became self-conscious but Michael took a washcloth and started cleaning her dairy air.   He wiped her clean and then picked up another washcloth and began washing her back.  Beth felt very uncomfortable, and then realized why when Michael stepped close to her and reached around and began to wash her breasts.  With one hand he continued to wash her breasts and then with the other he reached for her groin and started to rub her again.  Beth stood there, not knowing what to do but soon the pleasure she was feeling made her start to gasp.  Michael then stopped the shower and dried her off.  As they were naked, he led her to the bed and once again began to pleasure her.  She came once and perhaps twice when Michael spread her legs and penetrated her again.  Beth had never felt anything like this and, although she felt guilty a bit, it was so wonderful.  When they were done, Michael picked up another diaper and slid it under her.  Beth lifted her behind without him having to ask.  It felt, well, kind of good.  Michael taped her into her diaper and then cradled her.  Michael had one hand resting on her diaper and the other wrapped around her shoulder.  Beth laid there feeling a mixture of emotions.  This was the most sensual she had ever been, and in truth her husband had sent her to this man’s bed, but that didn’t make it alright.  This was wrong in so many ways.  Beth couldn’t straighten it out in her mind, not now.  Michael moved in his sleep and his hand came away from her diaper.  She moved both her hands to her diaper and laid there.  She wouldn’t sleep this night.  Everything was too topsy turvy, but she wasn’t crying, which is what she thought she would do before this night began.

Michael opened his eyes and saw Beth laying beside him.  He couldn’t explain it, but that really was a wonderful feeling.  Beth realized Michael was awake and just laid there.  She had to pee about 5:00 a.m. and knew she was wearing a diaper, so she just, after a bit of trying, went.  Michael reached down and felt the wet diaper.  “I think you need a change, and we should give you a bath.”  Beth realized her night wasn’t over, she had until 9:00 a.m. and it was only 7ish.  Michael rolled her over and undid the tapes on her diaper.  She sat up and went to the bathroom.  Michael started to draw a bath and she took out her toothbrush.  As They finished brushing their teeth and shaving for Michael, Beth stepped into the bath.  Michael stepped in behind her and they sat down.  Michael began washing Beth’s back and wet her hair.  As Michael washed her hair, Beth felt so at ease.  When Michael reached around and started washing and caressing Beth’s breasts, she just closed her eyes and found herself breathing deeply and only when Michael’s hand reached to her groin did she even realize she had spread her legs.  They stayed in the bath until the water was getting cold, and they started with the water very hot.  Beth had already cum, twice and still didn’t want to move.  Michael finally said it was time and they both stood up.  Michael dried Beth off and then pulled her close to him.  Michael didn’t think about it but picked Beth up and carried her to the bed and set her down.  He leaned into her and kissed her as he moved his body on top of hers.  Beth felt him enter her and moaned in pleasure.  She bit her lower lip and took him.  This was nothing like Ron as Michael went deep into her and slowly out.  After what Beth thought was an ungodly amount of time, Michael started going faster and faster.  Beth arched her back and gasped as she realized she was coming again just as Michael slowed and stopped, pulsing inside her.  Beth never orgasmed at the same time as her partner, well let’s be honest, Beth had never orgasmed before this night and she laid on the bed breathing just a little fast.  She didn’t want to admit the pleasure she felt as her guilt was forgotten for the moment.  Michael shifted off of her and reached into his bag and pulled out another diaper.  Beth didn’t know what she was feeling at that moment, but actually felt a bit of anticipation as she saw Michael unfold the white diaper.  Beth laid her head back and grew more excited to have a diaper again.  Michael put it under her, applied both lotion and powder, and then pulled the diaper up between her legs as he taped it in place, Beth closed her legs and squeezed the diaper to her.  Do you actually like this?  She asked herself.  Michael then pulled her to a sitting position and told her “We have to get going, it is time for breakfast.”  “oh, am, do I, I am going to wear the diaper to breakfast, but I thought we were checking out of the room.”  Beth was wondering if she was going to wear the diaper home.  “We will eat and then you are free of me until next month, I don’t see any reason to send you home without your diaper.”  Beth felt more excitement and a bit of embarrassment as she realized her journey home and then Ron would see her.  But she also found her heart pounding and that rush tingling her.  She was scared, but excited at the same time.

Breakfast was good, actually Michael had taken her to a very nice restaurant which had wonderful eggs benedict.  Ron had never taken her anywhere like that.  Beth walked into her house.  She had actually had the opportunity to stop at a gas station, or fast-food place and take the diaper off, but just didn’t.  

Chapter 3 – the second night

Beth walked around the house and didn’t find Ron.  She eventually found his note, he had left for some game.  Beth hadn’t removed her diaper and decided to just keep it on, for a while anyway.  Ron mostly avoided Beth the next month.  About a week and a half before her next appointment, Beth was reading in bed when Ron came in.  He walked up to the side of the bed, undid he pants and climbed on top of her.  He reached under her nightgown and moved her panties to the side.  Ron had entered her and climaxed as Beth was clenching her teeth.  Ron just got of her and pulled his pants up and walked out.  Beth laid in bed and readjusted her panties.  She felt herself expelling his fluid and really hated it.  It would leave her a mess. 

                The second night Beth arrived with more excitement than anxiety.  She was looking forward to what lay ahead.  Michael opened the door and let her in.  He led her to the bed and took out a white diaper.  Beth lifted her bottom and Michael slid it under her.  Beth felt him bring it tight up between her legs and looked down at the diaper.  Why did it have to be white, she thought?  It was for adults and she wondered if that was the only way they came.                 

Michael rubbed the diaper and said “I have a surprise for you.”  As he took out of the bag a vibrator.  Beth didn’t know what it was at first but as Michael turned it on, he then rubbed it against her diaper and then inside her diaper.  Beth found she liked this very much.  Michael then took her out to dinner and the movies.  She made sure to drink a lot at dinner and ordered a large drink at the movies.  She peed about half way through.  Michael took her back to the motel, slipped her out of the diaper and made sure she felt as much pleasure as he could provide, with a little help from the new toy he brought her.

The next morning Michael took out a bath bomb and they enjoyed that new adventure before a new diaper and breakfast.  A new restaurant that was as nice, if not better then the first.  Beth had experienced the second night of sex, diapers, and pleasure in her life.  She went home already excited for the next time.  Again, when she arrived home, Ron was gone.  He had another gambling in Texas this time.  Beth was a smart lady and knew he was not good for her; she just didn’t know what to do.  She sat down and just relaxed and wet her diaper.  She reached down to her diaper and felt the wetness.  She decided to leave it for a little while.

Beth found herself thinking about diapers more and more.  Why were they white, was that the only type, and why was she thinking about this?  Beth found herself walking in the pharmacy isle of the store.  The adult diapers seemed pretty lame.  They had pull-ups, but actual diapers all said cloth like outer surface.  She liked the plastic, and as Michael had only had the white plastic diapers, she thought Michael liked the plastic ones also.  Well, she went online.  Beth found a community of something called diaper lovers, and they had all kinds of diapers.  Beth just about screamed when she found the plastic pink diapers.  Oh my, that looked neat.  She thought. The diaper had unicorns and princesses on it, and was pink.  Beth looked around the room.  Of course, she was alone.  She knew that already, but still looked.  She took a big breath and clicked buy it now.  She entered her information and clicked the enter button.  Well, it was ordered.  Beth’s mouth opened just a little.  What did she just do?  Really, you just ordered adult diapers, for yourself.  Beth couldn’t believe what she had just done.  She closed the tab and went back to work.  She worked, mostly, at home and she started to giggle.  She couldn’t help herself, and then started laughing.  She had ordered adult pink princess diapers for herself.  She found that incredibly funny. 

Beth watched the mail and when her package came, she took it up to her room.  She had emptied a drawer in her dresser and placed the diapers in there.  Oh my, she had a diaper drawer now.  She threw the packaging away and came back to look in her drawer.  Beth wondered if they were comfortable, and how the tapes held, and just what did they feel like.  She finally gave up and took one out of the drawer.  Beth placed it on the bed and opened it up.  Ok, just do it she told herself.  She lifted her dress and took off her panties.  Beth stood there for a moment and realized she forgot the powder.  She went in the bathroom and took the baby powder to the bed and sat on the diaper as she held her dress up.  Beth laid back and took the powder, applied it liberally and laid back.  The diaper felt really comfortable as she pulled it in place.  The tapes worked well and she just moved her legs so she could feel the diaper really well.  Beth looked down and saw the pink diaper with unicorns and princesses and smiled. 

Ron came home and made himself a sandwich.  They didn’t eat together as he always had somewhere to go, so Beth didn’t think much about it.  She was sitting in the living room when Ron walked up to her and climbed on her, she fell back into the couch.  Ron lowered his pants and reached down to move Beth’s panties when he felt the diaper.  “Are you, are you wearing a diaper?”  He asked incongruously.  Beth looked at him and didn’t try to deny it, she just said “I am having some female issues.”   Ron looked at her and furrowed his lip and pulled up his pants.  Ron shock his head and went out the front door.  Beth sat up and looked after him.  She sat there for several minutes when she realized he the car had left and he wasn’t coming back anytime soon.  Beth closed her legs and opened them again, feeling the diaper and hearing it crinkle.  Beth’s eyes went wide and she smiled.  None of his mess tonight.  Beth made a point of wearing diapers whenever Ron was around and he wouldn’t touch her when she did.  As far as Beth was concerned, this was a win/win.  Beth looked around and as she sat on the couch.  She had to go pee but didn’t want to around Ron.  Since he had left she decided to test the new diaper and let herself relax.  She wet it and it still felt really good.  Beth started to think about Michael and before she really knew it her hand was inside the diaper.  She started rubbing slowly but then had a finger inside herself and was rubbing faster.  Beth didn’t realize it until she was calming down, but she hadn’t thought of Ron, but of Michael, the vibrator, his finger, and him being inside her.  She closed her legs and felt the diaper, still wet, and smiled.  She couldn’t wait to meet Michael again.

Beth looked into her drawer and realized she was using more diapers than she expected.  Beth opened her computer and browsed to the pink adult diapers and ordered three packs.  That should last a little while longer, she thought.  Of course, she now knew what she wanted and could order them any time, which she did.

Chapter 4 – The third and fourth night.

Beth knocked on the motel door.  Michael opened the door and found Beth dressed in a sun dress with red lipstick, and a smile he thought was perfect.  Michael stepped out and embraced Beth, and as he lowered his hands to her butt, he felt a diaper.  Michael pulled back a bit and asked “are you wearing a diaper?”  Beth smiled and flipped her arm up which had a pink canvas bag.  “I like these better.” She stated as she walked into the room.  It was Michael’s turn to shift his head and raise his eyebrow.  “So what did you bring?”  He asked.  Beth looked at him and said “I need a change already.”  As she lifted her dress to reveal her pink diaper with unicorns and princesses.  Beth smiled as Michael looked and realized her diaper was sagging.  “Are you wet?”  He asked as he reached to her crotch to check and sure enough, Beth was in need of a diaper change.  Michael led her to the bed where he had her sit down as he lifted her dress.  Michael took the wipes from Beth’s diaper bag and a new pink diaper.  Michael undid her tapes and wiped her clean.  He then put a clean diaper under her and made sure he also took the vibrator to her.  Beth moaned with pleasure and squirmed ever so much.  Michael continued his attention of her until she inhaled ever so much revealing that she had been pleasured.  Michael then took out a rather small dildo and inserted it into her vagina.  With that, Michael applied baby powder and pulled the diaper up snug between Beth’s legs.  Beth then realized that Michael had left the dildo in her.  “Uhm, you left something there.”  She said.  Michael smiled and shook his head up and down.  “I think you will have a wonderful evening with a little extra pleasure.”   Beth found herself squirming and realized this was going to be a long, and pleasurable, night.  Michael took her to the opera, dinner, and then, finally, back to the hotel.  Beth had wet herself twice but the dildo was always present.  When Michael removed her diaper, she almost jumped him, she could hardly control herself. 

The fourth time Beth knocked on the motel room door she again brought her pink diapers and experienced her first time with a man, trying, to enter her in the rear.  Beth cried out and started hyperventilating telling Michael it hurt.  She begged him “Please, I don’t like this.”  Michael had never really been overly enthused by that position and as she lay bent over the bed, he took her waist, moved her back a step or two and stepped into her, positioning himself to enter her vagina.  Beth took that with a gasp and soon she could barely keep her knees from buckling.  Michael then rolled her over and finished deep in her.  As she laid on the bed breathing heavy, Michael took one of her pink diapers and put it securely on her.  “We don’t have to do the annal again.” Michael told her and Beth realized that that position was well within the rules he could force her to do.  She found herself grateful to Michael for taking her wishes into consideration when he didn’t have to.

Chapter 5 - Fun

Beth was wearing diapers almost all the time.  She would remove them when Ron was not home, but even then, she liked to sleep in them.  She made sure to order more and keep a supply on hand.  Eventually her closet was committed to two full drawers of pink diapers, well she also found some in purple.  Two weeks before her next appointment, Beth discovered she was looking forward to it.  She had some anxiety over that, was she a whore, someone that wanted to cheat, or was her husband the one to blame.  He did send her to another man’s bed for his debt.  She never really settled her dilemma but did buy herself a vibrator. 

Beth again came to the motel in a wet diaper.  She was looking at these appointments more like dates.  Michael had taken her to the opera, movies, always diner, and she wondered what today would bring.  Michael took her into the room and said, “I want to show you something new.”  Beth’s anxiety started to go up but she hoped that Michael would listen to her if she didn’t like it.  Michael removed her diaper and then he laid on the bad and had her come to him.  Beth wasn’t sure what he was doing but he had her straddle him and then took her waist and moved her so she was sitting on her knees as Michael lowered her onto him.  Beth first wanted to jump off, but Michael slowly moved her down on his penis.  Beth didn’t know what to think at first and then Michael slowly applied pressure for her to move up, then back down.  Beth found herself going very slowly at first, until she started to move faster and still faster.  Beth leaned forward with her breasts on his chest and moving as fast as she could.  Beth came to a rapid stop as she pulsed in orgasm after orgasm.  Beth laid on top of Michael with him still in her as her breath was rapid and shallow.  Beth sat there for several moments.  “It isn’t quite fair for me, is it?”  Michael asked.  Beth looked up at Michael still taking deep breaths and bit her upper lip.  She then rolled over on her back and said “Well you should do something about that, shouldn’t you?”  Michael didn’t need a second invitation and moved on top of her.  He went so slow at first and Beth discovered, although she thought she was spent, she had one more left in her as they both came almost simultaneously.  Beth felt like she had wet herself and was glad when Michael reached into her diaper bag and removed her so stylish pink diaper.

Chapter six – even more betrayal

Beth didn’t wet her diaper as she came up to the Motel room.  She had found herself thinking about the last night they were together for the past month, so when Michael opened the door, she almost jumped on top of him right there.  She quickly led him to the bedroom and set him on the bed.  Beth bent over and undid his pants and pulled his pants and underwear down.  Beth could barely contain herself as she straddled Michael.  Beth didn’t even remove her diaper, just moved it to one side and came gently down on Michael.  Beth had found this to be one of the best positions for her and she moved herself in and out of Michael.  She was much better at controlling herself this time, but still started moving very quickly towards the end.  She had enjoyed her vibrator while in a diaper, but this was even better as the diaper crinkled and she climaxed and then stopped moving.  Beth had closed her eyes and was just sitting on Michael when she felt Michael move her to one side as he laid her on her back and moved her diaper so he could enter her.  Beth arched her back to meet him and found herself building with him until they both stopped moving within moments of each other.  Beth felt Michael remove himself from her and move the diaper back into place.  The diaper brushed her still sensitive clit making her moan again. 

The two of them remained still for several minutes until Beth rolled over and was about to get up.  Beth then stopped and said to no one “I have a diaper, why am I getting up.”  Beth then laid back on the bed and relaxed herself and soon Michael heard her filling her diaper.  Michael looked at her and then raised himself up and went to the bathroom.  When he returned, he had obtained a diaper and powder from her bag. 

As they ate their dinner, another restaurant that Ron would never bring her to, Michael started to say “I think you should know something.”  Beth gave him a look to continue and he finally spoke up.  “I was told something recently.  You remember Damion, the person that asked for you to be included in the bet?”  Beth’s face went a bit flat and she raised her eyebrow.  “He told me he was at a game a few weeks ago and your husband, Ron, won over $250,000.  The house asked if he wanted to pay his debt and then you would no longer be my interest.”  Beth gave a sigh and shook her head.  “So, he could have stopped my monthly visits to you, but declined so he could keep his money?  I should have known.”  Michael wasn’t sure he should have told her, after all if Ron paid him then his fetish fantasy would end, but he knew she deserved to be told.  Michael tried to lighten the atmosphere, although he failed miserably, when he told Beth “Damion still remembered you and offered me $10,000 to have you for one of our monthly rendezvous, I really had to think on that, but said no.  I want you all to myself.”  Beth jokingly punched his shoulder.  “I said no.”  Michael said in mock indignation while he rubbed his shoulder. 

The night continued with a sports game, Beth had fun at the game but couldn’t tell you the names or the score.  They opened the motel room door and Michael swept Beth up and put her over his knee.  “I think you deserve a spanking for hitting me.”  He said and proceeded to spank Beth with soft blows followed by rubbing and patting.  Beth was taken back and when she felt his gentle spanking she started giggling and moving in mock pain.  “Oh, ouch, help me.”  She said in the most Marilyn Monroe voice.  Michael lifted her up and kissed her.  The two of them then wrestled onto the bed where Michael removed her diaper and bend her over the side of the bed.  Michael then moved into her entering her vagina.  What followed was several positions, moaning and pleasure by both until Beth laid on the bed breathing heavily while Michael put a diaper under her.  As he was taping it in place Beth looked at him and said “Maybe I need to thank my husband for not paying off his debt.”  Michael smiled at her as he rubbed her diapered crotch and nodded his head.  He had to agree.

Chapter 7 – He should play too.

Beth spent the next month playing sleuth.  She went through all of Ron’s papers and his computer, and even his cloths before washing them.  She found a few things that piqued her interest.  One was some lady’s panties, which were not hers.  The next thing was a dinner receipt at a very nice restaurant, which was neither business nor something Beth had gone to.  And the third was a bank account with just his name on it with over $400,000.  Beth realized what she had denied for a long time, but felt she needed to be good.  So, Beth decided to start counseling, although she wasn’t sure how to explain her husband’s bet.  Beth also looked in her closet and decided to order some more diapers, all pink. 

Beth knocked on the motel room door and Michael answered rather quickly.  Beth had wet her diaper about a half hour ago so she needed to be changed.  Michael brought her to the bed and told her he had reservations for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and they didn’t have time for to much play.  Beth smiled and let herself be changed into a new diaper.  Michael looked at her diaper bag and commented casually “It looks like you brought a lot more diapers than usual.”  Michael saw Beth smile and asked, “what?”  Beth then looked around the room and saw what she saw last month, or rather didn’t see.  “Where are your diapers?”  Beth asked nonchalantly, she had noticed last month Michael had stopped bringing his diaper bag.  Of course, Beth brought her pink diapers, so he had actually stopped the month before that.  Michael shrugged “You always bring yours.”  “Oh, but what if you have an accident?”  Beth asked in a babyish voice.  Michael froze for a moment.  Of course, this diaper fetish was his and he had worn diapers at home, but what was she up to.  Beth removed a diaper, a pink diaper, from her bag.  I think we should make sure you don’t have an accident.  Michael started to argue “but those are pink, and.”  Beth cut him off. “They will fit and if you didn’t want pink, you should have brought your white ones.”  Smiling and tapping the bed where she had placed the opened diaper.  Michael licked his lips and slowly walked over to the bed.  Beth undid his pants and removed his underwear and pants while Michael kicked off his shoes.  Michael sat down on the bed, on the diaper, and laid back.  Beth took the baby powder and made sure she used much more than was needed.  Michael felt her bring the diaper up between his legs and then tape it very snuggly.  Michael looked down and saw the pink diaper with unicorns and princesses on him.  He had worn diapers, but they had always been white.  He wished they had more time as she pulled his arm to help him sit up.  Beth removed his underwear from inside his pants and said “we don’t need these, now do we.”  Beth helped him put his pants on over the diaper.  “I guess if you don’t want pink diapers from now on, you should bring your diaper bag.”  Beth said with a little swaying of her head.  It was Michael’s turn to open and close his legs.  “We better go or we will be late.”  Beth stated.  Michael had worn, but only in the confines of his home, where he was safe that no one would see him.  He was very anxious, but also incredibly aroused.  He would have to let her know how aroused he was and thank her when they got back to the motel. 

Chapter 8 All good things

Beth rarely saw Ron.  He made sure to make himself scarce whenever she was around.  She made sure to wear her diapers as Ron would then leave her alone.  Beth continued to keep track of his account and found another one, not as large.  Beth knocked on that motel room door for the eighth, nineth, tenth and eleventh time.  Every time she was diapered and Michael never brought his diapers, so he had to wear the pink ones.  They would sometimes have some play before going out, and always played when they returned.  Sometimes they would go to a movie, or play, or musical, but always they would go to a nice restaurant for a wonderful meal.  Breakfast was a routine they both liked. 

When Beth knocked on the door for her twelfth date, she felt a little sad that this was the last time.  Michael answered the door in a hurry.  “We have to go quickly; we are going on an airplane.”  He said while moving to the bathroom.  Beth spoke up “I need a change first.”  She almost sang it.  Michael smiled and then stated “Oh, uhm, do you want to wear a diaper?  I mean, we are going through airport security and they will probably know you have a diaper on.”  Beth looked at him and then smiled so big he began to think something was wrong.  “Well, if we are on a plane, then it is a good idea to have our diapers on isn’t it?”  Michael started “I didn’t bring any diapers, I thought you wouldn’t want to be, you know, publicly humiliated.”  Beth just kept on “then it is a good thing I brought some for you.”  Michael looked at her “but you only have pink diapers.”  Beth just smiled and took him to the bed to be changed.  Michael began to think he had bit of more than he could chew.  When he had his diaper on and had changed Beth into a clean new diaper; he noticed her picking up her diaper bag.  “You know airport security will go through your bag.”  Michael stated.  Beth looked at him and gave him a grin “that is why I am only bringing five diapers, two for each of us and one just in case.”  Michael gave up and just savored the thought of being diapered and a little exhibition. 

Sure enough, the airport security looked through Beth’s bag and knew there were diapers, pink adult diapers to be exact.  But they probably see a lot and didn’t mention it or even give away what was in the bag to anyone else around them.  Beth was thrilled when she realized they were flying to New Orleans for Marti Gras.  Beth was glad she wore her diaper, although the plane flight was not that long, she had wet instead of going to the bathroom on the plane.  Both Beth and Michael thought of having a rendezvous in the bathroom for some fun, but the bathrooms are not very big and they decided against it.  As the plane landed, they were able to leave quickly as the only luggage was Beth’s diaper bag.  

Marti Gras was everything they hoped for.  They had a few stops in some family restrooms for a change and Beth wound up using the extra diaper, so it was good they had five diapers.  The alcohol flowed and Beth lifted her shirt to Michael but there were several others that had a view.  If anyone saw their pink diapers, no one said anything.  The music, dancing, and just having a good time was so wonderful Beth didn’t want to go back.  Around 5:00 a.m. however, their return flight was in the air.  They both fell asleep for a little bit.

As they opened the door to the motel, they were both wet and so tired.  Beth climbed into bed, but Michael made sure she was dry and changed her into a new diaper.  Beth then did the same for Michael and they both fell asleep.  Just a few hours later, they started to move and Michael looked at Beth as she was stretching.  Michael moved close to her and reached out for her.  Beth drew close to him and they both leaned in for a kiss.  Michael was the first to reach into her diaper and began caressing her.  Beth then reached into his diaper and could feel how excited he was.  The two of them moved with each other, in each other, and made passionate love, and after an eternity, collapsed on the bed.  Their diapers long since shed, and now both had made a mess of the bed.  Beth then moved to the edge of the bed and sat up.  Michael looked over at the clock and realized it was close to ten o’clock.  The time was up.  Beth saw his gaze and simply stated “I need a bath.”  Beth walked into the bathroom and started to run a bath.  Michael then joined her and they both sat into the hot bath water.  Michael was behind Beth and just held her.  They eventually took the washcloths and started to wash each other.  When they were clean, they both sat down with Beth in Michael’s lap.  Michael started to rub Beth’s nipples and when she leaned into him, he then reached down to her crotch and started to caress her.  Beth sat enjoying this for a little while and then said “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”  Michael responded “I think I have one more left in me.”  Beth smiled as he continued to fondle her.  When she thought she couldn’t take it any longer Beth stood up and looked at Michael “I told you not to start something you can’t finish.”  “oh, but I can.”  Michael responded.  Beth looked at him and said “prove it.”  Michael then stood up and took a towel to dry off, as Beth ran away, into the bedroom.  Beth discovered that not only did Michael have one more left, so did she.  Beth moved first after they had spent themselves and took a diaper out of the drawer she had placed them in when she took them out of her diaper bag before they left.  She very expertly had Michael in a diaper before he could protest, to much anyway.  Michael returned the favor and had Beth diapered with more than enough baby powder.  Beth picked up her diaper bag and said “I am hungry, we should go eat.”  It was well past 11:00 a.m. and Michael didn’t mention the time.  Beth knew what time it was but didn’t want this to end.  Eventually the meal was eaten and it was time to go.  Beth kissed Michael one more time and then turned to go before she cried.  Michael watched her go and exhaled.  This was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Chapter 9 – Not all is what it seems

Beth pulled into the drive of her house to find a man sitting in his car.  He stepped out and approached her car.  “Are you Beth?” the man asked.  “Yes, who are you?”  “I am nobody, but you are served.”  The man handed Beth some papers, divorce papers.  She wasn’t surprised.   Michael had been paid out of her bonus, the debt paid, interest and all.  So, she thought her husband would do something like this.  He just didn’t have any nerve, except to send his wife to someone else’s bed.  Beth had an attorney on retainer and gave her a call.  The paperwork freezing Ron’s account was sent out within the hour.  Ron was furious and didn’t even know what happened.  When Ron’s attorney tried to bring up Beth’s extra-marital affair, Beth was able to produce evidence or Ron’s indiscretions.  Ron was really upset when he realized the house was in Beth’s name, before the marriage and therefore was hers.  The bank accounts Ron thought he had hidden were divided and Ron was left with some very serious debt that he couldn’t have his wife cover anymore.

Chapter ten – life is what you make of it.

The third Friday of the month and Michael sat in his motel room.  He had brought his diaper bag, but all he had was the white diapers.  He poured himself a drink and sat down.  He thought about calling Beth, but what would he say if her husband answered, “Hello, I would like you wife to come over and play.”  Oh, that would be really good wouldn’t it.  He took out a diaper, but didn’t really want to put it on yet.  Maybe later, he thought.  Michael heard the door and didn’t look forward to eating his dinner alone today, but didn’t want to go out either.  He had ordered a chicken dish and it looked good in the picture.  As he opened the door he gazed at the familiar image of a young lady in a dress.  Beth smiled and looked down.  “I know our time is up, but perhaps we could make a little more time for us.”  She said.  Michael’s heart leapt and he moved out of the doorway.  While she walked in, he could hear the slight crinkle of her diaper.  Beth saw the white diaper on his bed and walked to it.  Beth raised her eyebrows and motioned her head for Michael to come over.  Michael smiled and walked to the bad as he thought this was going to be a wonderful weekend.

Two years after their last payment date, Beth found herself standing at the end of the church’s isle.  She was in all white.  Well, she did tell her friend that she hadn’t worn all white as she had been married before, so she had pink underwear.  She told her friend it was pink underwear, but it was pink, just a diaper.  Michael stood at the foot of the alter waiting.  Everyone how knew them saw the glow in their faces when they were together.  Beth and Michael had spent the last two years enjoying adventures together, and a lot of diapers.  Beth still liked her pink diapers and Michael usually wore the white ones, but every now and again Beth would have him in a pink diaper.  Their adventures had just begun. 

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