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A Sticky Situation


James was a workaholic. He struggled to switch off which, coupled with his instinct to suppress the things that helped, led to the bad habit of doing too much overtime and never taking holidays. His manager struggled to persuade him to take any time off, and his wife Hannah had very little luck either. They had been together for six years before getting married and she was the love of his life. Outside of work they were often inseparable, which meant that she was beginning bear the brunt his obsessive work behaviour, and it was putting strain on their otherwise very happy relationship.


After work one Friday, James walked in late to the lingering scent of a delicious meal and a frustrated looking Hannah eyeing him from the sofa. He knew from the look she gave him that not only had she eaten without him, but she had cooked whatever it had been from scratch.


“What’s for dinner?” he asked after a coy and perfunctory hello, trying to act as if he didn’t know what was going on.


He started to walk towards the kitchen when Hannah intercepted him.


“Why don’t we go upstairs first and you can wash off the week?”


She placed her hands gently on his chest and guided him backwards to the stairs. Taking his hands in hers as she then led him upwards. He started to think maybe she wasn’t annoyed after all. After all, if she’s taking him upstairs, she must have had something fun in mind. Rather than being led to the bedroom as he was beginning to assume, Hannah led James into the bathroom.


Okay… shower sex it is? He thought as they entered the room.


Hannah let go of his hand and went over to the bathtub. She knelt down, putting the plug in, running the tap and pouring a healthy glug of bubble bath into the water. James was confused yet further. Bath sex isn’t really practical or a thing… is it?


Hannah got up and then moved over to the toilet, closing the lid on the seat as she sat down and crossed her arms.


“Take off your clothes,” she said.


He blinked at her. “Pardon?”


“You heard me,” she said firmly but with a growing smile, “take off your clothes.”


He stared at her, self consciously touching his work shirt and feeling awkward. The way she said it made it feel more like he was being asked to remove his clothes under her supervision, rather than stripping off in front of his wife.


She kept watching him, and raised her eyebrows at his hesitation. James felt more uncomfortable by the moment, but any convincing arguments flew from his mind. Taking a deep breath, he stripped down to his underwear, at which point he hesitated again.


“Those too,” she said with a downward flick of her eyes.


He tried to protest at that, but it turned into a wordless whine in his throat as he was caught off guard by the firmness in her look, and he quickly caved, shuffling them down his legs and stepping out of them. He felt hot and could only imagine how deep a red he had turned, stood there naked in front of his fully dressed wife. He awkwardly kicked his discarded clothes away as he tried to avoid her eye contact.


As soon as his clothes were in a rough pile, she reached out and grabbed him by the wrist, and before he registered what was going on, Hannah pulled him over her lap. She rested her other hand on his bare bottom and began to lecture him, while he was too surprised and confused to even struggle. The pressure of lying across her lap made James very aware of how full his bladder was after his commute home, all the more intensified by the sound of the bath running, and between that and his overall confusion, it was making it difficult to concentrate on her words.


“I need you listen carefully to what I’m going say now and need you to know that regardless of what happens next I love you so much,” Hannah said sternly. She explained that he was in trouble for being so inconsiderate all the time and always coming home late and with no energy.


Then suddenly a searing pain rippled out across his right butt cheek, before he even had a chance to react a mirrored pain erupted from the other cheek, as she spanked him with what he assumed was a hairbrush. He was reeling from the pain and struggling not to cry out as his bottom was rained down on as Hannah continued her lecture, despite knowing he wouldn’t be listening at all anymore.


He tried to wriggle his way off her lap but he could not escape her grip. Despite the pain, he did start to find himself getting excited. They had dabbled with some kinky stuff before, and it became clear to Hannah as she felt him shifting and getting harder against her leg. His wriggling only stimulated him further.


Hannah then paused her spanking and started to tell James off for not only being naughty, but now for getting excited while he was being punished. The way she spoke down to him really didn’t help how hard he was getting.


He mumbled something that sounded like “Sorreannah”, keeping his head down as he did so.


She paused for a moment and re-gathered her original train of thought from before he distracted her. She explained to him that she was tired of him not being responsible enough for his own well-being like a grown-up, and working himself so hard.


“I don’t want to have to have to repeat this again, but I won’t hesitate if you misbehave.”


The searing pain felt to him like far more than the warning she was making it out to be.


Once she was finished talking, she resumed the spanking with renewed strength and this was now the hardest spanking James had ever received. His butt cheeks were glowing red and beyond sore and his errection had long since faded, and finally as the water in the bath reached its peak, the spanking stopped. She told him to get in and get cleaned up, and at this point his bladder was screaming for release, but he didn’t dare say anything that might sound like he was disobeying her.


He gingerly stood from her lap, feeling shy, a bit floaty and light headed. Shuffling away from her and towards the bath, before cautiously stepping in and lowered himself into it. He wished he had the courage to ask her to move off the toilet to let him go pee but his nerve buckled due to the thought of more spanking. The moment the hot water met his freshly spanked bottom he hissed in pain as it felt like fire.


Hannah watched him as he started to meekly scrub himself before leaving the room briefly. When she returned she was carrying a big fluffy towel from their bedroom. She then knelt down next to the bath, grabbed a flannel from the side of the bath and began to help James wash himself properly, taking time and care to get all the hard to reach places and gently scrubbing him as she went.


Eventually, once she was satisfied he was clean, she dropped the flannel and grabbed hold of his penis that was already halfway to attention, this time due to how the caring attention was making him feel. It took only seconds before his erection returned in full and Hannah expertly brought him to the edge of cumming. Touching him exactly how he liked and holding him there on the brink with a level of skill that can only be truly achieved by knowing your partner inside and out.


He was bristling with frustration when she stopped, stood up over him and held out the fluffy towel toward him. Pouting without even realising he was doing it, he got out of the bath and stepped into the awaiting towel and allowed himself to be bundled up into it. He thought he must look a ridiculous sight as his hard-on strained against it and creating a tent.


Hannah wordlessly softly guided him into their bedroom, patting him dry before removing the towel. James became more than a little confused, however, as she lay it out flat on the bed in front of him, which only intensified when she then told him to lay back on it. As he did so, Hannah went to her bedside table and opened a drawer. Instantly, a perfumed smell wafted into the air and James began to blush bright red as he recognised it, his heart feeling like it skipped a beat.


Baby Powder.


He then heard the iconic crinkle of a nappy as she removed it from its hiding place. James quickly made a glance over to it: it wasn’t a medical design like the normal incontinence products he would buy when privately indulging his embarrassing fetish. No, this was a premium design nappy, super babyish and cute. James’ ears were now glowing red as well. Hannah had never participated much in this kink before, never seeming that interested but never discouraging him from doing it when he wanted to on his own. Now here she was about put him into a nappy after bathing and spanking him. James was a confused, blushing mess of humiliation, happiness, confusion and anxiousness.


Hannah patted him on the bum to give him the cue to lift up so she could slide the nappy under him. He obliged and within moments, she was fastening the final tab on the first nappy his wife had ever put him in, leaving him with a butterfly-like emotional rush that he was struggling to distinguish from nausea. At the thought of finally releasing his aching bladder, James found his body trying to make another tent, this time in the nappy, however Hannah had done the tapes really tight so it was held down.


She smiled as she noticed the tension, patting the front of the nappy affectionately as she was going back to her bedside table, before turning to reveal something else.


A pair of translucent pink plastic pants. James spotted something instantly in the waistband that made him even more nervous than he was already. A chain with a padlock. Hannah grabbed his ankles and fed them through the leg holes, patting him again to encourage him to lift his hips to let her pull it up around his waist, and finally rolled him over and closed the padlock.


“Come on baby, up we get,” he cooed as she encouraged James back to his feet. His legs slightly bowed due to the unfamiliar feeling of the thick padding between his legs. She took hold of his hand once more and led him to their spare bedroom. She stepped to the side, giving him an unobstructed view as the door swung open.


James was so confused with what he saw. Just how long had she been planning all this? In front of him was a jaw-dropping adult nursery. First and foremost was a stunning, adult sized cot, complete with cute bedding and stuffed animals placed waiting inside. Around the room was anything you could ever dream of in terms of adult baby fetish accessories and toys. James was led over to the cot where Hannah then lowered the side and encouraged him to get in. He was in utter shock. Never in his wildest dreams did he anticipate having a nursery like this, let alone Hannah arranging it all in secret.


Once James was settled down in the cot, Hannah started to explain to him what was going on. She had been slowly funnelling spare money out of their shared account to fund it all. She decided since he was doing so much overtime, some of the extra money that they didn’t need should be spent on him, while hopefully teaching him a lesson in letting go of work, and surrendering to being cared for and relaxing.


She explained that she had arranged with work for him to take an extended holiday and that, as a punishment for ignoring their relationship, for the next two weeks she was going to be treating him like the child he had been acting as recently. She then produced a restraint belt and fasted him down on the mattress and then finally returned the bars of the crib to their full height.


“It’s time for you to start relaxing, little one,” she said, smiling down at him with such affection, he felt his heart flutter, “I’ll be back with a bottle before bedtime.” She then turned down the lights and set the mobile going over his head.


James tried to get loose but the belt seemed to be closed with some kind of magnet. After a few long moments of tugging and straining against it, he huffed and settled, resigning himself that he was in fact stuck, lying exactly where he has been left in the dimly lit room. He looked to his side and saw a giant Stitch cuddly toy and a dummy carefully placed next to it. Embarrassed by the impulse, but allowing himself to give into it all the same, he reached out to grab both and began to suck on the dummy. Snuggling up to Stitch, bit by bit he felt the tension of work begin to melt away as he heard Hannah’s footsteps fading into the distance as she went down the stairs.


Being the constantly-moving kind of guy that he was, try as he might to relax, he soon became frustrated with the situation and strained to look around, bored of just lying there. Everywhere he looked, there was something new. A changing table, full of supplies: wipes, nappy bags, more powder, and even more nappies, stacked neatly in piles with a bigger variety of designs than he had ever seen, maybe with the exception of the posts on the internet that he had looked at with jealous longing.


There were so many toys, all carefully selected to be “age appropriate”. Clearly many has been chosen to be oversized wherever possible. It wasn’t just that though, and he noticed more and more as he looked, pressing his face to the bars of the cot to see better. There were so many little details, all the things that showed the love and care that had been put into this room, full of geeky references to things he loved or memories from his childhood. As he noticed more and more, he was overwhelmed with how loved he felt in that moment.


He didn’t know how long he had been left with his thoughts: he didn’t have his phone and there were no tell-tale tick-tocks of a clock in the room to suggest there was any way to tell the time. After what felt like a long while alone, his mind wandered to the way he had been teased and played with in the bath, and how excited he had been by the thorough spanking before it. He began to indulge his frustrations from earlier and started to absent-mindedly rub the front of his nappy. At first, the crinkling of the plastic pants and the nappy underneath made him worry. It felt so loud in the quiet room, but he didn’t hear any approaching footsteps, and even if it was only to himself, he admitted that the sound made it even better. He enjoyed it, and luxuriate in how the thick, cotton-like padding felt against his penis, although he found himself wishing it was wet, as that would only feel better but try as he might his throbbing erection prevented him from peeing.


He sucked on his dummy as he continued to rub but started to want more, he struggled and tried to force his hand down past the locked plastic pants. Grunting in frustration he gave up and played with himself through the nappy with renewed vigour. He was so focused on how good it felt that the rest of the world melted around him. It took far less time than you would think, considering it was through all the thick padding, for him to bring himself to an intense and satisfying orgasm.


After splatting his sticky mess on the inside of his nappy, he quickly realised that he had made an uncomfortable mistake. Losing the orgasmic high quickly made him want out all the more keenly. He wanted to go downstairs, eat a proper dinner and have what little was left of the evening back. But, as he found as he struggled some more, he was still, just as he had been before, locked down. After more futile struggling, he once again resigned himself to the fact that he had little other choice than to lie there and feel the warm sticky patch go cold.


Just as he felt his heart rate settling back to normal, Hannah returned. She had changed out of her work clothes and into a pair of heels, accompanied by some of the most jaw dropping vintage underwear James had ever seen. It was a set, made of what looked like either satin or silk in a soft shade of lilac. Stockings hugged to the shape of her legs, suspender straps holding them in place and framing the bare expanse of flesh between them and her knickers. It left more to the imagination than skimpier stuff, but that was how he liked it.


She approached the cot and bent down over him. Her cleavage was hypnotic and he reached out for her. She slapped his hands away with a laugh and said “Naughty Babies who play in their nappies don’t get to play with Mummy.”


Instinctively he tried to deny it but was stopped in his tracks when she pointed out a fancy baby monitor with a camera. The blushing returned. She explained to him that, despite how much it turned her on watching him enjoy himself, she was disappointed that he had done so without her, especially after how much fun they were having earlier.


With a shake of her head of disappointment, he felt like he wanted to curl up in embarrassment. His eyes darted away from her and back to her face as he struggled to maintain eye contact with that stern look on her face. She didn’t say anything. Instead she turned away from him and walked to the changing table. He watched, his eyes trailing down the back seam of her stockings and back up to how those pretty knickers shifted over her bum.


She turned, hopping up to sit on the surface of the changing table and crossing her legs. She looked at him, shuffling slightly to the side to make sure he had a good view. Staring at him pointedly, she stroked up her legs, his eyes following the movement hungrily. She uncrossed her legs, letting them open wide enough for him to see where the fabric had turned darker with her wetness. She leaned back, her eyes hooding as she touched herself through the underwear, seeming to take her time about experimenting with how it felt to rub them against her, before her hand went under the fabric.


Her eyes closed, her other hand travelling to touch or pinch or twist all the places he knew she loved. Her breathing got shallower and faster, her other hand joining the first in her underwear, fingers shifting under the fabric and slipping inside herself. She seemed to lose herself in the feelings of it all, and he couldn’t look away, hypnotised by her movements, the slight rustle of her underwear and small wet sounds from her touches.


Her mouth formed a small “o" as she went tense. The muscles in her legs tightened, before she shuddered hard, over and over, a deep sound escaping her throat. Her fingers kept moving and she seemed so wrapped up in whatever thoughts were feeding her pleasure that before he knew it, she had brought herself to a second climax.


The shuddering eased, she removed her hands from her self and her underwear as her breathing calmed. She blinked her eyed open, slowly focusing in on him. She gave a satisfied smile, sliding herself over to the edge of the changing table and stepping down to walk across to him. She leaned over the side and wiped her juices on his lips.


“This could have been your bedtime snack if you weren’t such a naughty boy. Bad babies don’t get to have fun times with Mummy. Since you seem to like making stickies in your nappy that’s where you will make them for the rest of your Baby holiday.”


James jaw was agape at this. He had sealed his fate without even realising. The fantasy was already turning out not to be all he had hoped for. She handed him a bottle full of what looked like milk, told him it was his bedtime and that she would be keeping an eye on him with the camera. He immediately complained, asking to sleep in their bed together.


“No silly, babies have their own special beds to keep them safe. This is where you’ll be sleeping for the next few weeks.”


“Weeks?” James squeaked.


“Yes baby, like I told you, you’ve got two whole weeks off and you’re going to be spending it having lovely relaxing baby time.”


James’ stomach rumbled and he put the bottle to his lips and hungrily gulped some down. The taste was sweet and cloying with an odd aftertaste. He would soon discover that it was formula that Hannah had ground up two sleeping pills into it to help him sleep. She turned out the lights and left him with the dim glow of a nightlight and retired to their bedroom for the night. As she left the room, she turned back and said that if she found any signs of stickies in his nappy, she would be introducing something to help him stop.


James burbled from around the edges of the bottles nipple that was still in his mouth "I love you so much Hannah," which made her smile.


“Call me Mummy from now on cutie.” She flushed red a little herself at that.


As she pulled the door closed behind her thinking about what she had already done this evening, as well as her plans for the near future. She could not believe that she had been finding this kink – that for so long she didn’t understand – so fun and exciting. Getting to dominate and have her husband so under her control, but in a caring way was appealing more and more. Plus, the prospect of having so much time together without him worrying about work.




She woke up around ten thirty the next morning and hadn’t heard a peep all night. Her mind turned to worry as James was an early riser. She checked in on him with the baby monitor camera feed, and found that he was already awake and sucking on his dummy and playing with the toys she had left in the cot with him. She left him playing while she ambled downstairs in her dressing gown, made herself a cup of tea and prepared another bottle for him. When she finally went in he shyly told her that he had wet his nappy in his sleep and started to try to apologise.


“That’s okay baby, I had a feeling that might happed due to your special bottle last night, that’s why I put you in lovely thick nappies. No need to worry about making it to the big people’s toilet from now on anyway. You can just go wee wee in your nappy wherever you are.”


James went so red he was almost turning purple. This gear shift to being treated like a baby was already turning out to be a struggle. He asked about being let out and allowed out of the cot and to change himself out of the wet nappy but Hannah just laughed at him and said that she was going to get herself ready and dressed first and would come back soon. She handed him the bottle and left him while she got dressed. He sucked on the bottle and this time it didn’t have the same aftertaste as last night.


Before he had even half drunk the bottle, Hannah returned and let him out of the cot and got him to hop up on the corner of the changing table. As he sat down on it the nappy squelched beneath him and he felt a dribble leak out of the leg band of the nappy and into the plastic pants.


Hannah went around to his back and removed the lock from his plastic pants, before coming round to the front and encouraging him to lie down. As she slid them down his legs, the leak became more obvious. James buried his face in his arms and not long later found a dummy being pushed into his mouth. After being cleaned up with some baby wipes, James heard a click followed by a buzzing sound and lowered his hands from his face to investigate the sound.


A small electric shaver trimmed through his pubic hair, one neat line after the other. Hannah matter-of-factly explained that babies don’t have yucky hair down there and that this will help her to keep him clean under his nappies. She made quick work of her task, leaving what remained short but even, telling him with no room for argument that come next bath time, the rest would be finished with a normal razor.


After a quick clean up again, Hannah then powered James up and put him in a fresh nappy, this time with a thick stuffer and a clean pair of locking plastic pants. Once she secured the lock, Hannah gently mocked him, cooing over about how much of a baby he was, soaking his first nappy, spending the night in his cot and having his own nursery. When he tried to say something, she pushed the dummy back into his mouth and held it there so his words were muffled and lost.


When he tried to turn his blushing face away and hide it with his hands, she gently took hold of each hand and bounced them around and made sing-song noises until he smiled and then giggled. He couldn’t even help it. Then she started with the teasing again, reminding him of all the embarrassing things that had happened since he came home. He was so humiliated by her words, but happy at the same time, and it all whirled together in a strange mixed up, but positive, emotion. This is something he had always dreamed of, if not exactly like this. He was starting to enjoy her control over him, and while it would likely take a bit of getting used to, he could see himself settling into the new normal.




Over the next few days, James managed to slowly get to grips with the rules his new Mummy had put in place. He managed to keep behaving and didn’t earn any more spankings. He worked out, even without being told, that he was expected to not make stickies in his nappies without permission and had been rewarded with two for his good behaviour. Although, he was frustrated that Hannah was holding firm with insisting anything more adult was off the menu for him. She continued to get herself off in front of him and edge him regularly through his nappy. His primary reward for good behaviour became being allowed to go down on her.


A week after this had all started, Hannah left the house on her own and went to a local BDSM dungeon in the city centre. She knew the owner well, as that was where she had sourced the nursery furniture, and she also knew that they sold other adult toys at their Kinky Market in their less busy times.


She had a few things on her mental shopping list before she arrived, first and foremost she wanted to pick up a strap-on that would fit over James’ nappy so she could start having sex again. He had been left at home, told to stay in the nursery and play nicely while Mummy went to the shops.


What quickly became clear to Hannah was that, as she suspected would be the case, he didn’t realise was that she was able to keep watch on the baby monitor’s live video feed via an app on her phone. As such, while Hannah was shopping and getting some advice from the owner, she glanced at her phone periodically. At first, James started out well, just playing with some toys and building with blocks. However, barely an hour after she had stepped out of the house, he started to put his hands down his nappy and play with himself.


The moment she saw that, she hit the record button. Hannah had left him out of the locking pants as a test, one that he had well and truly failed!


She had been telling the owner all about how the baby holiday was going, as they had discussed ideas in the run up and the owner had been eager to get the details. The owner saw the change in Hannah’s expression, and as she turned her phone to show the video feed, she asked if she had any ideas for other toys that her naughty baby might benefit from. The owner's face cracked into a massive grin.


“I’ve got just the thing,” she said, and after helping Hannah pick out a nice new paddle from the table they had been standing at, guided her over to a display of chastity devices. Hannah was initially a little overwhelmed at the choices: big ones and small ones, metal or plastic, ones including sounding pieces or anal stimulators. The owner talked her through them all, asking a few details about the sizings of the to-be wearer, and giving some information to help her narrow down her choices. In the end, she decided on a particularly cute, small one in pale pink. A baby-sized cage for her baby.


The pair of them sufficiently amused, they wandered around the rest of the stalls that had been laid out in the main dungeon space. They eventually found some restraints that matched the medical ones that Hannah had fitted to the cot. The dungeon owner suggested adding some mittens that had a padlock, so that once they are on and secured, the wearer could not remove them without help. Meaning removing clothes or nappies was out of the question and even without a chastity device, playing with his little thing was off the menu as well. Hannah added them to her pile of purchases as well as a few more items for the future.


When she returned home she went straight up to the nursery and found James curled up in a blanket on the floor, apparently taking a post-orgasm nap. She took a moment to appreciate the sight of him, and decided to make the most of it by taking some pictures. Since he didn’t even stir, she took the opportunity to quietly pack away her purchases and set some things up for when he eventually woke up.


She made herself busy downstairs, ensuring to make enough noise for him to know she was home when he woke. He waddled downstairs, his thick soaked nappy sagging between his legs. Rubbing his bleary eyes and giving her a shy smile, he walked into their lounge.


“Did Mummy’s little piddle-pants wet his nappy during his nap?” she teased as he continued to come around.


She unsubtly set her phone up to record and offered to change his nappy if he begged her nicely enough. He glanced between her and the phone, but felt uncomfortable enough staying as he was, and so quickly caved and start asking. She tutted, and said that that didn’t sound like begging to her.


Giving a little huff of resignation, he started to beg in earnest, with her laughing and encouraging him further as she continued to film him and tease him the whole time. Once she had a good few minutes of recording she told him she would change his nappy. She moved the camera, setting it up against a small prop and proceed to get out a new changing mat, laying it out on the floor.


James wasn’t expecting this, as he had thought that he would be escorted back up to the changing table where they had previously done all of their changes. Nonetheless, he hesitantly lay down. It also made him a little nervous to see that his Mummy now seemed to have started taking photos and recording things. She claimed it was ‘making memories for her baby to look back on’ but he still felt wary.


Hannah opened up the tapes and peeled back the soggy nappy, letting it flop to the floor. She looked down at it, and there it was just as she hoped. A glistening little sticky patch at the front of the nappy. She poked at it and feigned surprise.


“Has someone been making icky stickies without Mummy’s permission?”


“No!” He lied falteringly.


“What is this then?”


The nappy was torn out from underneath him and held up to his face.


“I can explain” he choked out, trying to stutter out a hastily scrambled together excuse.


It was too late, Hannah had already picked a digital tablet off the coffee table nearby and hit play. Artfully angling it so it could be seen by both James and her phone’s camera. As she hit play, James flinched and cringed as he saw footage of himself, reaching into his nappy, pleasuring himself, and the moment of his own orgasm as it was all played back to him.


“Please Mummy,” he mumbled, “please don’t spank me.”


She couldn’t keep the smirk from her face. He had just fallen perfectly into her trap.


“Oh dear, sweetie,” she said softly, shaking her head slowly, “you’ve been a naughty boy, haven’t you? And after you’ve been so well behaved. I go out for a little while, and you think because I’m not there to watch you, that the rules just stop?”


She tutted in disappointment.


“I’m afraid there’s only one thing you can do to escape a spanking.”


“Yes, please Mummy, I’ll do anything!”


She reached into the bag she had stashed down the side of the sofa and produced the chastity device.


“If you agree to put on this cute little pink cage, so that Mummy knows that you will only be making stickies when I say so, then this time I’ll let you go without a spanking.”


He hastily agreed and after a quick clean with a wipe, it was on in a flurry.


As it clicked into place, Hannah started to giggle uncontrollably.


“What?” James asked, looking between her and the cage with growing redness in his cheeks.


Hannah took as deep a breath as she could, and covered her mouth for a moment to regain her composure.


“It’s just that… well, I had worried when I first saw it, that the cage might be too small, but… well look at it!” she said, giggling again and gesturing at it, “not only is not too small, it even still has a little room! It was the smallest one they had and it makes you look so tiny!”


He clearly didn’t know what to say to that, making only a few spluttering noises as his mouth opened and closed. She giggled again at this, and he closed his mouth in a pout.


She looked proudly down at him, decided that that was the perfect place to end the recording. She pressed stop, and smiling down at him, gently asked him what he wanted her to do next, whether he would prefer a new nappy or to have some time to get used to the cage first.


He sheepishly replied, "Please change me into a new nappy, Mummy". The idea of looking down at the cage did not appeal to him.


Hannah happily fulfilled his request, changing him into another nappy with two stuffers this time and brought back the locking plastic pants for good measure. He started to sit up, only to find himself pushed back down again.


At his look of confusion, she told him that she had bought something else while she was out, and showed him the mittens. She explained that because he had been doing naughty touches again, she had to make sure to help him be a good baby for the rest of the week.




James now knew without a doubt who was in charge, and found himself with far less options for the rest of the week. He was sent to bed early, and noticed the new restraints which were carefully applied for bedtime. Yet another measure to prevent sticky messes. He had no choice but to settle in and get used to the enhanced restrictions.


Hannah left him to stew in his nappy long into the next day, deliberately pushing it to its limits by feeding him bottle after bottle, even going as far as setting alarms in the night to wake herself up to give him midnight and 4am feedings to really reinforce the lesson.


With all that getting up and down in the night, she took her time getting up the next morning. As she turned away from the sunlight filtering through her curtains, her eyes fell on the bag from the market. She blinked at it, an excited smile spreading across her face. Reaching out to grab it, she dug out the dildo for the new strap-on. After all, it could be fun to do a test run on her own.


Taking her time, she lazily rubbed its length through her folds, teasing her clit with the tip, before brushing it against her entrance. She angled it just right, dipping it into her and pulling it away, pushing a little deeper with each inward motion, until it filled her, stretching her in the most delightful way. Moving the toy with one hand and stroking her clit in matching time and movements with the other, it was next to no time before she brought herself to a leg trembling orgasm. Eventually her breathing calmed, and she eased the toy out gently. She found herself thinking with a breathy laugh that the owner of the club really did know her stuff when it came to orgasms.


By the time she had come to her senses and felt ready to entertain the idea of changing James, she found he was immediately begging, offering to do anything she wanted for a change of his nappy, as it was on the brink of leaking everywhere. It was in that moment an idea formed in her mind.


She returned to their bedroom and returned holding out the new dildo and told him to put it in his mouth and suck on it like his dummy. Uncomfortably, he began to place it in his mouth over the tip, recognising the taste of his Mummy as she instructed him to keep himself busy by working his way up to deep throating it.


Finally, once he managed to get deep down onto it, she informed him that the dildo in his mouth had replaced him as the man of the house.


“As I’m sure you can tell, I have no more use for that little thing that I’ve locked away under your nappies. After all, it’s so small, and I think it’s always it cum a little too fast. This new toy can do so much more to satisfy me, can’t it?”


He looked up at her with tears in his eyes, though she couldn’t be sure if it was due to her words or him accidentally going too deep too fast and gagging. Either way, eventually she was dripping with excitement from breaking his will, and his obedient sucking. She started changing him into a fresh nappy, getting through a small pile of wipes as she cleaned him up.


Without warning, she grabbed his legs and raised them high, spanking the sweet spot where the bottom meets the thigh, at first with her hand and then the hairbrush and new paddle in turn once she tired of each, James quickly lost count of the blows to his reddening behind. She then put another thick nappy on him and some new plastic pants. She then left the room again and returned now with the strap-on harness, fastening it over his nappy.


She gently took the dildo from his mouth, fitting it into place on the harness before positioning herself over him. With it still wet with his saliva and when mixed with her flowing juices, the dildo glided into her with ease. He watched her hungrily, touching her wherever she let him, riding him to multiple climax. She alternated between breathy teasing words, and ignoring him entirely, and once his body realised it wasn’t actually him inside her, he settled down and played his part. Frustrated and impotently straining against his cage.




Over the rest of the baby break, James’ babying continued and the quality time spent with Hannah, as she continued to treat him as the baby he had always fantasised being, was more that he could ever have hoped for. Even though he was not allowed to make any more stickies in his nappies, he had plenty of opportunity to fuck his Mummy with something bigger and better than what he had.


Focusing more on her pleasure was bringing him a type of satisfaction that he hadn’t ever imagined. Even more than that, the break from work had done him the world of good. James really enjoyed playing the role of baby and, although the reality didn’t quite match the fantasy, he was so glad of the wake up call he had been given about his work/life balance and focusing back in on his relationship with his wife, and not just in her role as Mummy.


It wasn’t just James who was learning lessons over the previous two weeks. Hannah also fell in love with a kink she hadn’t considered entertaining before: the power that being Mummy gave her was intoxicating and awakened something inside her. And now that she had discovered the power of enforced chastity on top, she found that she really hit her stride compared to when she had tried to be dominant in the past, and she wanted to carry what she had learned about herself forward into life.


She also realised that chastity had added a new weapon to her arsenal that was more powerful than she anticipated. The way he became desperate to please her and more attentive, both sexually and as her partner. Even if you ignored those benefits, she knew she wanted to keep doing it, the way it made it easier to force him into submissive situations made it too appealing. She considered eventually maybe branching out into dressing him in little girl dresses, as she had seen some cute ones and the baby boy clothes didn’t appeal to her as much for playing girly dress up with him.


As they reached the end of their break, they both went into it knowing that they wanted to discuss with the other how they would proceed going forward. Hannah was the first to make a move, sitting James down to have a conversation with him. She started by offering for their current way of life to remain the norm for whenever they were in the privacy of their home, as long as he promised not to keep prioritising work. Outside of work she would be Mummy, and he would be kept in chastity, with her remaining in charge of all his stickies. The idea of being kept locked up, to his own surprise, caused him to become very aroused, although physically all that happened was his penis feebly tried to strain against his cage, unable to successfully reach an erection.


“Yes please Mummy, I don’t want this to stop.” He agreed, happily at that and without hesitation, but asked if they could keep the nappies just to the weekend.


Hannah begrudgingly agreed to his request, knowing full well though that if she wanted him to with enough orgasm denial, she could make him renegotiate. And with that, the baby break had come to an end and although still in a nappy, James was allowed to join her back in their bed before to ease them back towards their normal routine. Or at least something closer to it.


James quickly came to the realisation over breakfast the next morning, when he received his morning cup of tea in a sippy cup, just how much control he had given away to Hannah. That jumbled mix of emotions that he was getting used to feeling was back with intensity. To make matters worse, he soon realised as it made its way through him, that due to the positioning that he was held in with his cage, he now had to pee sitting down like a girl when using the toilet and even then he had to struggle to point it down into the bowl, learning too late that if he didn’t, his pee would go forwards and splash all over the seat. He scrambled to clean it up before his Mummy saw and tried to put him back in nappies full time.


Hannah encouraged him to spend some time in the few hours before work to walk around the house in just his chastity cage to help get him used to it. What with him spending all his time before now in nappies, he had still mostly avoided seeing it since it had been put on. As he paced around, he doubted his decisions and questioned the choices he made, was he really ready to have so much change and so indefinitely?


He went upstairs to get ready for work and found she had laid out his clothes for him. He caught full sight of the cage in the mirror at that point. There was no denying how small he was when he paused to look at it. The tiny pink cage hugged him perfectly. He felt the worry immediately melt away, knowing he trusted her and was content to still be under her control. Finally acknowledging it properly gave him a warm feeling, not just of being cared for in the way she had laid his outfit out for him, but even in a small way to still feel like she was in charge of him at all times. Although he couldn’t deny it felt good to be dressing in adult clothes again at long last.


Their new normal quickly began to settle in to a routine, and both James and Hannah took to their roles with gusto. James was now only occasionally doing overtime as and when I was needed to cover the cost of any new additions they wanted to add to the house and even then, only after asking his Mummy for permission. It took a while for James to realise that there was an important question he had forgotten to ask: would all his orgasms now just be sticky messes in his nappies?


Hannah, meanwhile, was happy that the question didn't come up, at least while the rules bedded in and James got used to how things were going to be. She didn’t want the complication of him trying bargain with her to add problems when they were settling into the new situation. Luckily for him, though, Hannah told him that as long as he was good, she had every intent to give him the chance to be let loose so that they could have sex again.


On the occasions that Hannah decided to go out with her friends, it was quickly mutually established that James was expected to stay at home dressed up all babyish, with a nappy locked on, unless he was out socialising himself, although most of his friends were also shared friends. As such, more often than not, if Hannah went out, it was on her own, which led to him getting plenty of extra baby time. Bedtime was strict regardless of whether they went out, and if he wasn’t ready for bed on time there were always consequences.


Over time, Hannah brought bed time earlier and earlier when she went out, leaving James in his cot while she was out with other grown ups. The reward almost invariably being that they would proceed to have a very sexually charged evening when she returned, with him being allowed out of his cage and to do anything she asked of him.


Since her baby seemed to love it so much, she would usually start by teasing him for his predictably soggy nappy. Her staying out late, coupled with James starting to wet himself on autopilot while in nappies, rarely left him dry. Because of this though she had stopped giving him oral completely, further adding to his humiliation.


“There is not a chance that pissy little thing is going near my mouth,” she would often say with a smile. Rather than hurting his feelings or making him upset, it invariably had the opposite effect: encouraging him to make stickies even faster.


After a few months of this, James had been consistently well behaved and Hannah trusted him enough to take off the cage completely. Their sex life continued to flourish and both enjoyed the way their fetishes complimented their relationship dynamic, even starting to venture out to the occasional fetish event when they were feeling brave enough.


That was when it all started again. Hannah accidentally stayed out extra late a few times, which quickly led to James becoming frustrated and indignant at home. One night like this, he chose not to wait for her to come home and instead chose to get himself off on his own. He knew better than to not be waiting in a nappy for her return, but the tell-tale signs were there for her to find.


The first time it happened and she found the sticky puddle in his nappy he was allowed to get away with it. After all,  Hannah felt guilty for being out late, but in turn she was frustrated since it took away from his interest in pleasing her once she arrived home, and she wasn’t happy with the knock to her power.


The second time it happened, she had no such guilt. Her taxi home was delayed and anyway, she shouldn’t have to have a reason for being back later regardless. She decided that since he would not wait,  that his punishment would be that she would not release him from his dirty nappy, forcing him to stay in the same one until the next morning and to give him a sound spanking for good measure. It was all the more intensified by his wet bum cheeks,  the added moisture lending an extra sting to her blows.


The third time was the final straw, with his behaviour clearly becoming a pattern and not a lesson learned after his spanking the previous time. He was put back into his little pink chastity cage, with his stickies immediately transitioning from occasionally being in nappies and plenty of sex that was normal when he didn’t decide to selfishly pleasure himself on his own, to being told they would be exclusively in nappies for the foreseeable future.


It didn’t take long before he became so desperate for one that he could not wait to do what she asked of him. He became increasingly compliant and agreed to each and every attempt Hannah made to regress him further. On the nights she allowed him in her bed, as soon they were under the covers he was hungrily performing oral sex on her, quickly becoming practiced enough and familiar enough with her preferences to consistently give her multiple orgasms. When Hannah wanted sex, she made sure to only ever let him take her using the strap-on. Eventually this grew beyond his desperation and his enjoyment of her enjoyment settled back into place.


James wasn’t fully onboard with the idea that the strap-on was the closest he was getting to sex, but he had no other choice and still had to wait till the next time his Mummy let him have stickies in his nappy.


This one sided sexual relationship continued on for over a month. James became more submissive with each passing day and lavishing Hannah with the attention he knew he had been selfish to deny her. Sexually, Hannah could not have been more fulfilled if she tried.


Each day of orgasm denial seemed to make their relationship grow stronger, with each added layer of dominance from Hannah prompting more than improved behaviour: it helped free him to becoming a better version of himself, being freed by the structure created for him seemed ironic but he craved it.


Despite the frustration of being denied his sticky messes, James found himself feeling content, satisfied and more focused on being present in his relationship. He was now kept in nappies full time at home with Hannah trying to work him up to 24/7.


James was hesitant about this, as so far they had managed to keep the nappies a secret. He was terrified of being found out, his mind running away down every bad possibility that could come from the discovery of his activities.


This has the result of often leading to him getting intrusive thoughts about Hannah telling everyone about it behind his back. One night, Hannah had been out with friends and James had been caught in a particularly strong bout of paranoia.


He questioned her about it as soon as she stepped through the door, speaking harshly in annoyance with what he imagined she might have been saying, so convinced was he that she had told all her friends. He couldn’t see, in that moment, that his behaviour made no more sense than blaming someone for their actions in a dream he had.


Hannah was momentarily shocked into silence by the accusation. With tears threatening to burst from her eyes, she found her voice and reminded him that her being in charge was by his choice, and that it put her in just as much risk of strange comments if people found out.


Rather than considering to humour his delusions any further, she pulled herself up tall and asserted herself over him. It was her in charge both of him and of his sticky messes. It was time for him to better learn his place.


Yet again, she found herself having to guide her husband through his issues. She sat down on the couch, and started told him to get undressed right there in front of her, choosing her words to mirror that first night by the bathtub. As she grabbed her wooden hairbrush, he complied quickly without fighting. This spanking was much more intense than any in the past put together. She put him over her knees and laid into him with a vicious flurry of hits, lecturing him the entire time for accusing her of telling their secrets and not trusting her. She told him how much she loved him, and made it clear that she would never betray him like that.


Once his temper cooled enough for him to let her words in, he started to tear up, from guilt more so than the pain, and begged her to stop. She continued on regardless, told him that she had to remind him to trust and respect her. Eventually, he apologised enough for her to actually believe he meant it, and her spanks slowed to a complete stop. She left him across her lap, making calming noises as he gathered himself, only for her to feel a warmth blossom across her thighs. He had wet himself.


“Did you do that on purpose?” She asked gently.


“Nuh-uh,” he mumbled, struggling with any longer words as he shook his head, his tears continued to flow.


She cautiously made him stand up and assessed the damage. It was only a little bit but she was still shocked. As far as she could tell, this was his first ever genuine accident.


“It’s okay baby,” she reassured him as she took his hand and took him to go to bed. It was the middle of summer, and as such it was still daylight outside. They had not eaten dinner yet, but after all that had happened Hannah thought that it was the best thing to do. He was naked and shivering as they reached the top of the stairs. Once they were in the nursery she got him changed into a nappy quickly and with experienced efficiency, rather than risk any more dribbles.


“Are you feeling big enough to get changed into a onesie while Mummy gets herself cleaned up?”


He nodded at the floor.


James was left in his nursery room and got himself changed into a onesie, fumbling and struggling to do the poppers himself, while Hannah went to the master bedroom. He came though and found her halfway through changing. He was still sniffling from crying, and approached Hannah who was absentmindedly watching TV as she put on a fresh pair of pants.


“Sorry Mummy,” he sniffed with his head hung low, before offering to cook her dinner. Hannah accepted his apology and thanked him for the offer, but said firmly that since he had been naughty, and that couldn’t be ignored, she wanted him to go straight to bed. She took him by the hand and walked him back to the nursery.


She took down the railing and ushered him into the co. She stuck her finger into the leg band of his nappy and, finding it slightly wet already, went to the changing table and returned with another nappy. She pulled open the poppers on the onesie and put the second nappy over the top of the wet one after cutting a small slit in the plastic outer layer. As she tucked him in, James was shocked by this new experience but knew better than to question it. She kissed him on the head, pulled the curtains closed and turned off the light and before she left. Later,  she came back in and handed him a bottle full of milk and said that after he finished his bottle, he should go to sleep and not get up for any reason until tomorrow. He eventually drifted off into a guilt ridden sleep.


He awoke the next morning and called out to his Mummy so he could be let out of the cot and get ready for work. Hannah came in and changed him out of his night time nappies and grabbed out a clean one.


“Do I have to Mummy?” He asked shyly.


“Yes baby, I think it will be for the best going forward.”


He bit his lip and nodded his consent.


That evening he returned home with flowers, a bottle of wine and had booked two tickets to the cinema to see a film they had both been desperate to see. Hannah could tell he was well and truly sorry for his comments, that this wasn't just a show of false apology but that he was in fact was desperate to make amends. She smiled, excited to be going to the cinema, but to his slight surprise she started ushering upstairs and into the nursery before they went. After all, she told him, she saw no reason to let up from James’s nappying and after all, he would need a change to make sure he didn’t leak at the cinema.


As she pulled off his pants, Hannah asked him if anyone had noticed or mentioned his nappy today. When he blushed and replied no, she just brushed past it with a “Well that’s good isn’t it?”


They finished getting ready and headed out to the cinema. Hannah made sure to get him the biggest drink possible, she wanted him to soak himself. The film was great and James behaved and drank up all of it. Afterwards, they had a nice dinner and returned home. Hannah was knackered when they got home, and she sent James straight to bed. He went to his cot without question, as he knew he would be expected to be sleeping in there.


The next few weeks carried on the same, Hannah kept making sure to send him off to sleep in the cot and consistently with a full bladder. James had become used to wearing nappies and had long since started to pee freely in them. The consistency of having a full bladder at bedtime started to erode his control further, leading him to start wetting in his sleep. Hannah told him that from now on he will always be expected to wear his nappies and will be going back to only making stickies in them when she next started to allow them again. She had got used to being fucked with the strap-on and couldn’t deny it was better than his below average penis. The driving force though was James repeatedly slipping into patterns of bad behaviour when allowed to make stickies in any other way.


After the next few months James had embraced the new rules and had now reached a point where he always woke up wet, which was something that pleased both of them. Hannah because it was a crowning achievement in her control over him, and James for making his Mummy proud.




One winter Friday, he came home and Hannah asked him to help her get ready for her party. He was confused, as she hadn’t mentioned a party. They never had people over at their house these days. First, she changed him into a double layered nappy with slits cut in the first layer and two stuffers. He could hardly close his legs, waddling awkwardly when he tried to move around. She then started getting changed and gave him a list of jobs to do. He panicked, a moment of doubt creeping in with the thought was she going to finally expose him and leave him?


She recognised the panicked look on his face and explained what the plan for the evening was: it was girls’ night but she wanted him to have an early bedtime, so he would be upstairs restrained to the cot, ensuring to be quiet. If he behaved, she promised to let him make stickies in his nappies for being a good boy.


He took a deep breath, letting her words wash away his worries and reminding himself that he knew it was just his paranoia kicking in. He trusted her.


It had been so long since he had made stickies, he knew that he needed to make sure to behave, desperate not to miss his chance. He agreed. A few minutes before the party was about to begin, she fastened him down to the cot and attached his mittens.


James even if consciously he knew the truth, he still felt a little scared, but stronger than that was his trust in his Mummy. She said she would not be back for a few hours but would check in on him from time to time.


She fastened a pair of headphones to his head, a blindfold and put a dummy in his mouth. A few moments later, the headphones sparked into life. She had made a playlist of hypnosis tracks, just for him. This was something new but they had discussed it in the weeks before as something to possibly try in the new year. With no other external stimulus and nowhere to move, Hannah thought it was an ideal opportunity to experiment, as he had no other choice but to lie back and listen to the words on the recordings. She gently kissed him goodbye and left to answer the door to her first guest.


He quickly lost track of how long he had been there. After several tracks of hypnosis, his dummy was removed and a bottle of milk was put to his lips. He started to drink the bottle and suddenly he felt his nappy being rubbed and kneaded. It didn’t take long for him to make a little splurt into his nappy, even despite the cage still being in place.


He went bright red, having never made stickies through his cage before. Once he finished the bottle, the dummy was put back in and he was alone again. Before long, his nappy was swelling with the contents of the bottle that he had been fed.


After a while he thought he heard footsteps over the sound of the hypnosis tracks. He spit out the dummy and whispered to his Mummy in hopes that the party was over. He felt another bottle on his lips, sealing his mouth closed again. Again, he was getting the most amazing nappy rubs. Within moments he added another sticky mess into the front of his nappy. His head was spinning with the chemical rush caused by the orgasm. His brain was going foggy and he surrendered more to the suggestions in the hypnosis. James couldn’t even focus on what they were about anymore.


Within a few minutes he felt yet more nappy rubs and another bottle, this time it took a bit longer before he released his stickiness into waiting nappy, as between the help of the chastity cage and it being so soon after the previous ones,  it was a little easier to last a little longer.


After what seemed like hours of this time acting like a  sexual toy, his headphones were taken off and his Mummy’s voice greeted him and asked how he was doing. James struggled to find the words as he got his first look at his wife in hours. He was very excited to see her.


She started undoing the other restraints and explained that the party was over.


Reaching down, Hannah could feel how utterly soaked he was and decided it wouldn’t be wise to leave him in such a wet nappy for bedtime. As she slowly and delicately took off the layers, she told him that as a reward for being such an amazing, well behaved baby tonight, she was going to give him an extra special treat.


As the nappy was peeled back, she retrieved the key from around her neck and took off the chastity cage. She took hold of his penis, slowly bringing it to attention.


He could not believe how good it felt. While Hannah looked down, disappointed with his little thing and thought it looked smaller than she had remembered. James quickly had another explosive orgasm in her hand before Hannah could even consider allowing him to fuck her that night. His reaction to her direct touch was like a hair trigger.


When he was done squirting his mess into her hand, Hannah asked James if he had enjoyed his special treat tonight. She said it was fun knowing that nobody knew about his upstairs nursery, and that she just wanted to push the envelope a little with him. She asked him if he was ready to go back in his little cage again and back to baby time or if he wanted to take a break for a while.


He paused, considering his response for a moment, knowing in his heart he would like to be locked away in his nappies again, craving her control, and knowing how much she enjoyed keeping him that way.


Before he could form the words to respond with his answer. Hannah noticed the sticky patches in his nappy and glanced up at him. Then as she looked towards him, noticing something else, "Why is there a 3 empty bottles in here? And why have you been making stickies in your nappy?"


Wait, what the hell happened tonight? Thought James not noticing as she picked up the cage first and then the hairbrush...

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