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Tommy’s Tantrums

His tummy was gurgling, it sounded very loud in the quiet of his bedroom but he’d had very strict instructions from his mommy that he wasn’t to leave his bed… for any reason.


Tommy had been a very naughty eight year-old. The previous day he’d knocked over, and destroyed a crystal vase and beautiful bouquet of anniversary flowers his daddy had given to his mommy. He was riding his bike in the house and collided with the display table knocking the entire thing over. So dismayed was he at what he’d done he jumped off his bike too eagerly, caught his foot in the pedals and tumbled in a heap onto the broken glass and squashed the lovely flowers. The fact that he’d been riding in the house, which he knew wasn’t allowed, and had now cut himself as he fell, would, he thought, not bring his mommy to carefully tend his cuts, she’d be very angry indeed. She was.

His mother admonished him for what he’d done and then dragged him apologising into the kitchen to get his wounds tended. Luckily, despite ruining the wonderful gift and vase, his mother still administered bandages to the small cuts (he was lucky there was nothing more serious) and, as mommies do, kissed the top of her son’s head before sending off to play quietly elsewhere.

Meanwhile, his daddy had promised to take him to the park so he could kick his football around and perhaps meet up with some friends. However, he got so frustrated that his daddy was taking so long to get ready that he started kicking his ball around the garden, another no-no, and yes, it did result in yet more damage as he kicked it too hard and cracked the kitchen window.

This action only left his parents, who were already at their wit’s end, wondering what to do with their troublesome son.

Later, in a moment of temper, Tommy called his two year-old sister Jenny, a ‘poo-monster’ and a ‘smelly pooey, stinky baby’ and pushed her over so that she went ‘splat’ into her messy diaper. The fact that his mommy had witnessed this nasty act made the naughty boy pretend it had all been a joke. His mother would have none of it and sent him to his room as she tended to her sobbing, and messy, daughter.


“Right young man”

He knew he was in serious trouble because of her tone.

“The report from your teachers is not impressive, you’ve been bullying other children and your clever-clever, back-chatting insolence has won you no friends at school.”

Tommy was about to speak and express his sorrow and apologies, he even adopted his most regretful expression (which usually worked) but his mother held up her hand and continued with her speech.

 “We’ve all simply had enough of your attitude, your tantrums and the bullying of your sister, and the destruction of the vase, is the last straw.”

She then reeled off a list of other misdemeanours that he didn’t know she knew about.

“You callously ignore what anyone says and in class you wilfully go out of your way to disrespect teachers and forego even the most basic courtesy.”

Tommy gulped at the litany of other things his teacher had told his mother because there were lots of offenses he hoped his parents would never hear about.

“So… for the rest of the weekend you will wear what you found so ‘funny’ for your sister to sit in… a diaper”

“But, but, I, er,…” Tommy tried to interrupt.

“Don’t interrupt me, you’ve been an unholy terror for the past few months and you’ve been getting worse. Your recklessness and insolence today has been the deciding factor … this has been a long time coming.”

“But mommy, mommy…”

Tears were starting to well in his eyes, this time she could tell that her threat had hit home and for once this was no fake reaction.

“… I can’t wear a diaper I’m a, er, big boy, diapers are for babies.”

“Yes they are aren’t they?” His mother agreed and raised her eyebrows as if emphasising the point.

“And you have been behaving like one… wanting your own way, throwing tantrum after tantrum if you didn’t get it… so now you will be treated as one.”

The floodgates opened and he bawled his refusal to allow it but his mother grabbed him and slapped his bottom. It wasn’t hard but with enough force to make sure he realised she was serious.

“If you don’t do as I say you’ll be in them for school as well, so it’s your choice.”

This threat was more than he could endure. The idea of wearing a diaper when none of his classmates did was something that had him sobbing, he knew he’d be ridiculed by the very kids he’d bullied.

“It’s, it’s, it’s not fair,” he squealed, “why should I have to wear a diaper?”

He was being both petulant and afraid of actually having to wear such an item. Meanwhile, as his mommy left the room, and while he lay sobbing on his bed, he hoped she’d relent like she always did and that he’d gotten away without any real punishment.

He hadn’t.


It was six fifteen in the evening and his mommy was running a bath for him. She was completely exasperated with his behaviour and knew that desperate measures needed to be taken. She also hated the idea of disciplining her ‘little boy’ but knew that it was partly due to such an attitude by her that had resulted in the situation they now found themselves in. The destroyed flowers and broken window had finally made her react to the situation instead of hoping it would go away. However, she’d calmed down and, although he was being a bit grumpy, Tommy knew he had to behave.

Even though it was early her eight year-old son meekly stripped when ordered into the bathroom and settled in the suds as his mommy gave him a thorough scrubbing. She let him play with his toy boats for a few minutes whilst she went to retrieve a nice warm towel from the airing cupboard. She was gone some time but returned holding his favourite thick, fluffy bath towel, which had the image of a huge squirrel. She wrapped it around and gave him a meticulous drying down before leading him back to his bedroom.  He was in for a shock.

Set out on the bed was one of his baby sister’s disposable diapers, a pair of pale blue plastic pants and an assortment of powders and lotions, there was also his stretchy, cowboy pyjamas. He looked at his mommy and again started to bawl, pleading with her not to make him wear a diaper. He was screaming, getting hysterical and it was only when his daddy came in that his anxiety subsided.

However, any hoped for reprieve from his father was short lived as he told his son in no uncertain terms that any further outburst and he’d be permanently wearing a diaper for school and at all other times as well.

“Do you understand?”

Like his mother, his father was at the end of his tether wondering how to contain his son’s temper and recent unpleasant demeanour. Right on cue the tantrum kicked in and Tommy was having none of it; screaming, scratching and kicking, hoping above hope that his parents would relent and let him be… after all he was eight and not a baby.

It wasn’t to be.


His father dragged his naked son over his knee and gave him a few firm swats. This set him off squealing even more but his protests and weeping were in vain as his father spanked him until he was sure the boy knew who was in charge. Once he’d been subdued his mother quickly powdered her sobbing son, taped him into the tight disposable and pulled up his plastic protection. She then pulled on his stretchy, soft cotton pyjamas, with the elastic cuffs around the wrists and ankles though there was no disguising the thick bulge underneath the cowboy pattern.

A tear streaked Tommy looked more like a sobbing four year-old but his parents were being firm; bed now and no getting up playing with toys, reading or watching TV. His computer was confiscated as well as all his little electronic gadgets and once more told that under no circumstances, and they meant ANY circumstances, was he to leave his bed until morning.

Tommy was beaten, mentally and physically, and rolled over onto his tummy and buried his tears into the pillow. He’d never been spanked before, in fact, he’d hardly ever been disciplined before and didn’t know what to make of it, except it hurt and he didn’t like it. The huge bulk between his legs emphasising that he was now nothing more than a little baby as far as his parents were concerned, and he could do nothing about it, unless he wanted his daddy to spank him again, which he didn’t.


He cried at the injustice of it all. His sister was younger than him but was still up and watching TV with his mommy and daddy, whilst he, a grown up eight year-old, had been put to bed in a diaper. His daddy had placed Pooh Bear next to him and he clung onto his favourite plushy thinking at least he wouldn’t turn against him. He was even thinking that his little sister had planned all this just to get him into trouble. It never occurred to him that it was his own actions that had made for such an outcome. He was still turning this over in his head when, exhausted by it all, he feel asleep.


Saturday morning and he woke up to find that his tummy was gurgling, it sounded very loud in the quiet of his bedroom but he’d had very specific instructions from his mommy that he wasn’t to leave his bed… for any reason.

Despite the thick padding between his legs now feeling substantial it hadn’t stopped him sleeping heavily all through the night, however, he needed to go to the toilet. He wasn’t sure of the time but could hear no movement from any of the family and wondered if he dare make the few feet from his room to the bathroom. The pressure on his bladder made him desperate for a pee; in fact, the gurgling also meant that he needed to make it pretty soon or it would be too late. He lay there in pain trying desperately not to burst when thankfully he could hear the nearby toilet flush and he called out to his mommy that he needed to go.


His daddy came into the room and looked down at his son.

“Are you going to be a good boy today?”

Moving closer he bent down to face the boy.

Tommy was scared, after all it was only last night that this man had spanked him and he could feel there was still a slight soreness to his bottom.

“Huh uh.” Was the only response he dare make.

As the pressure to pee grew more intense he wriggled uncomfortably under his sheets though for some reason was just too timid to say anything to his daddy.

“Well that’s a good boy. Mommy will be making breakfast in a moment and then we’ve got a day at the park planned.” He ruffled his son’s hair. “You’re not grounded for today but you will do what we say or there will be consequences.”

His father wasn’t sure if his young son knew what the word ‘consequences’ meant but because of the tone he delivered it in he hoped would make abundantly clear what would happen.

Tommy dare not so much as utter a single word; he just looked wide-eyed up at his father and nodded.

Once he’d received that understanding he pulled away the boy’s covers and looked to see if his pyjamas were still covering the bulging protection.

“Are you wet?”

Tommy shook his head but his father didn’t quite believe him so gently pulled at the waistband and slipped his hands down the front of the plastic pants to check.

“OK slugger. Well done but, as mommy told you last night, you’ll be wearing these the entire weekend and, because you thought it funny to tease your sister, the toilet is off limits for you.”

There was a look of disbelief from Tommy as his daddy emphasised that the diaper was there to be used.


At the thought of him having to use his diaper tears once again began to form and a look of complete dejection filled his face. His daddy almost relented but his wife and he had both decided that drastic action was needed to stop Tommy from getting completely out of control.

“But daddy,” he snivelled finding his voice “I’m not a baby. I’m, I’m not Jenny.”

“OK son, I know this is difficult but, you have been very, very naughty and when you are you get punished. You’ve been very cruel to your sister and you’ve been doing things when expressly told not to, so now…”

“But I’m not a baby, it’s so unfair… I’m, I’m….” he snivelled.

“Sorry son but you’ve broken the rules and you need to be disciplined so, for this weekend at least, you are going to be treated like Jenny. She’s too young to understand right from wrong and it would appear so are you. So, for the time being its diapers for you.”

Tommy was completely distraught and flung his arms around his daddy.

“Please daddy, don’t make me wear… oh… er, I need to go now.”

With that sudden movement Tommy felt a brief pain as his bladder reached bursting point and no longer had any control as he let go. Whilst crying in embarrassment, and clinging to his father in support at what was happening, a warm rush of pee swamped his diaper.

His daddy patted his son’s padded bottom as the boy continued to weep and his bladder empty.

Almost unbidden something else seemed to react to his loaded diaper which he couldn’t stop as his gurgling bowel decided it needed a way out. Even as his father stoked his bottom he could feel the disposable filling up and soon the odour was accompanying the action.


Tommy was still gripping his daddy, weeping like when he was a baby and had just packed his diaper, so his father hugged him tightly until the tears had begun to dry up and he’d calmed down.

“Sorry daddy,” he whispered, almost too embarrassed to admit to what had happened.

“That’s OK son,” He patted the mushy mess in his full diaper, “let’s go and get breakfast.”

“But daddy, I’ve, er, I’ve…”

“Yes I know but yesterday you found it funny to shove Jenny over and make her sit in her own messy diaper didn’t you?”

The enormity of his crimes where now just about dawning on him. Yes, he had found it funny to make his sister sit in her mess and, with his parents being unaware he’d done it several times before. Also, he knew he shouldn’t have been riding his bike in the house as he’d been warned on many occasions it wasn’t safe to do so, and he’d ruined a special present... and…

He began to fill up as his daddy gently led him by the hand from his bed and down to the kitchen. The messy mass in his diaper made it uncomfortable to walk properly. He didn’t want his mommy or Jenny to see him like this and hoped his PJs would hide his accident. He hadn’t noticed how much more obvious his diaper was now it had expanded with the liquid he’d deposited in it.

Still led by his father he nervously waddled to the table and reluctantly sat down in his squishy mess. Jenny, being encouraged by mommy, was trying to feed herself and at the same time both caught a whiff of Tommy’s full diaper.

“Tommeee done poo-poo.” Jenny said giggling between mouthfuls but carried on eating as if it was quite normal.

His mother took pity on him.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, we’ll get you all cleaned up after breakfast when we see to Jenny.”


Part 2

Never had Tommy’s bowl of cereal been so tasteless. The sugary flakes he loved so much were of no consolation as he shovelled them in knowing that his bottom was surrounded by poo. It wasn’t nice and now knew how terrible it must be for Jenny to have to wear a diaper all the time, carrying around her own mess and waiting for someone to clean her up. His bottom lip trembled as he sulked into his bowl of soggy cereal.

Though he was only eight, Tommy was beginning to understand the magnitude of what he’d done and that his recent behaviour came with penalties. He didn’t quite think of things in those exact terms, but he knew that there was going to be no immediate escape from the extra padding.

He sighed and wriggled uncomfortably in his seat, too late to grasp that he was just spreading the stuff around making him feel dirty… and a baby. He had no recollection of this feeling when he was a baby because he was potty trained very early on and out of diapers just as quickly. He kept thinking he was a big boy and big boys shouldn’t be wearing diapers but, he was and hoped he could change his parent’s minds.

Once breakfast was finished mommy lifted Jenny from her high chair and carried her upstairs gently encouraging Tommy to go ahead of them both. He was most uncomfortable with his waddle and hated that his mommy and sister could see (and smell) the sticky mess bulging out his PJ bottoms. Normally he was such a vibrant boy, always noisy and talkative now he became quiet and submissive, all he wanted was to be cleaned up and out of the dirty diaper. Tommy started to go into his own room but his mother directed him into Jenny’s nursery and towards the plastic pad that was laid out on the floor.

“OK sweetheart, I’ll see to Jenny first and then I’ll sort you out…” she pointed towards some of his sister’s toys on the floor, “just keep yourself occupied where I can see you until I’ve done.”

He certainly didn’t want to play with any of her dolls and other girly stuff but lying amongst them all he noticed the Tigger stuffed toy, one he loved and that used to be his. Even though he was a big boy his current situation meant he wanted some comfort and without thinking he tentatively walked over and picked it up.

 “Hello Tigger,” his voice was almost unheard as he held it to his chest.

His mother noticed the distant look on his face as she quickly got down to wiping and powdering her youngest who was soon changed and dressed for the day. Her nappy and pink plastic pants just visible below her smart little pink and lilac dress, which held her pink binkie fastened on a ribbon.

Mommy called Thomas over and had him lay out on the plastic pad like Jenny, who was now busy with her dollies, and proceeded to remove his pyjamas. Thankfully they were still clean, the plastic pants and expanded disposable managing to contain all what Tommy had deposited. Tommy hated his mommy doing this for him, after all he was a big boy and he could it himself. However, like she did with Jenny, she insisted that he let her do everything and any protest or petulance would result in further punishment.

He was clearly warned that any, and she did mean any, protest or reluctance to do as he was told would result in a severe spanking… and she wasn’t joking. He took this threat seriously.


Tommy’s clean up took much longer - with wipes, a wet flannel and a host of lotions and powder being used before his mommy wrapped him in a fresh clean disposable. This one was much larger than the last and seemed to fasten well up his belly. It hugged his small genitals and crinkled loudly as she made sure it was snug before adding a pair of pink plastic pants like Jenny’s.


He obviously didn’t like the thought of wearing pink when they were planning a trip to the park.

“Can’t I have my briefs if we’re going to the park? Please mommy, please…. What are my friends going to say? I…”

The words, excuses, reasons came tumbling out of his mouth as he squirmed and tried his best to make his mother change her mind.

“Thomas… be still.” She ordered.

“But mmomm…”

“I said… be still and be quiet. If you make this any more difficult than it is you’ll be wearing these to school. Now that’s your option… and you’ll still be wearing these for the rest of the day.”

He stopped squirming and burst into tears, his mommy’s tone had carried authority and he knew she wasn’t going to change her mind.

She pulled the plastic pants into place but, with the disposable being so large its waistband was higher up his tummy than the plastic reached.


After she’d put Tommy to bed the night before, and realising that her daughter’s disposables wouldn’t be large enough for Tommy, she’d gone out to buy a different, larger brand for older toddlers. Though it did look enormous on him, and if truth be told looked a bit strange, she wasn’t going to transmit that thought to her son and hoped that once dressed no one would notice. Having said that she also hoped it would soak up a great deal and therefore wouldn’t have to be changed quite as often.

She pulled him to his feet and smoothed the slick pink vinyl around his hips and made sure everything was tucked in where it could be. She couldn’t get over how cute his little pink padded bottom looked as she led him into his room to finish getting ready.

He rushed to his closet and grabbed his new blue jeans and his pale blue hoodie, which he hoped would hide the thickness of his diaper. However, as it was forecast to be a hot day at the park, she ignored his choice and fished out a plain red t-shirt with matching checked shorts, whilst a pair of white socks and leather sandals completed the ensemble.

“Ohhhh…Mmmmooooommmm,” he whined, “please let me wear these.”

He held up his jeans and new trainers; Tommy was nothing if not a trendy young boy.

He hated sandals and whined they were too childish as his mother fastened them on. He desperately wanted his expensive ‘super blue’ trainers but she thought they were too nice for the park and besides, he looked adorable as she stood back to admire the finished effect.  

Meanwhile, Tommy was on the verge of bursting with anger. He hated the diaper, he really hated the pink plastic pants and he definitely didn’t want to wear something he thought made him look like a stupid four year-old on vacation.

She could tell he was on the verge of throwing another tantrum so got in first.

“Tommy, you look terrific and besides, I said you’d be treated like Jenny and she has no say in the clothes she wears… or on anything else for that matter.”

He stamped his feet and was about to rage against the injustice of it all.

“Don’t worry sweetie… no one can tell you have a diaper on”

This wasn’t strictly true, the padding was quite palpable but she needed to placate her boy.

Once she saw he was slightly calmer she gave him final instructions.

“Now listen to me. I don’t want to hear any whining or complaints and when we get to the park you need to be on your best behaviour… and play nicely with Jenny.”

She gave him a stern look.

“You need to prove that you don’t need to wear a diaper like Jenny by acting grown up…”

She realised that wasn’t quite true.

“However, for this weekend you are to use your diaper for what it’s for and I don’t want to hear a single word of argument.”

She wanted him to know exactly why he was being punished.

“You thought it was funny for Jenny to sit in her messy diaper - well you are going to have that same experience. It won’t be nice but you will learn… do you understand?”

The look on her son’s face was both sulky and angry but he knew he had no option.

“Do you understand?” She insisted he responded.

He nodded as more sniffling broke out.


The large park was one of the best facilities near where Tommy lived. It had a large safe play area for tots, next to a more adventurous play space for slightly older children. There was a drinking water fountain, a sand pit (though few people actually played there these days, far too many dogs had used it for their business), swings, a roundabout, slide, a see-saw and various climbing frames. There were gardens, which were well tended when in bloom, and masses of green space for everyone to enjoy.

In the distance there was an old man throwing a ball for his dog to retrieve, older boys were chucking a Frisbee around, a small group played catch, another few, semi-naked, screaming boys dressed in shorts were enjoying a game of soccer. Packs of girls of all ages wandered along the pathways, and all around were masses of people appreciating the sunny weather and taking full advantage of a pleasant Saturday morning.

All around the park were groups of kids and families of all sizes, it was a place where many people liked to go and relax. Some were having picnics, whilst others were just enjoying ‘people watching’ and there were plenty of people around to watch. The place was a hive of activity.


Tommy’s mother had spread out a blanket and was sitting down arranging the diaper bag and the usual stuff parents have to bring when they have a toddler in tow. However, now she had ‘two’, she really was happy to set the heavy bag down and relax in the sun. Father was lightly pushing Jenny on one of the kiddie swings; she was all giggles and excitement as she moved back and forth, her hair blown about and father encouraging her with each gentle shove.

Tommy was standing around feeling uncomfortable. He wasn’t happy that he was out in public and wearing a diaper which, despite his mommy saying no one would notice, he thought was the most obvious thing in the park. He had realised that the shorts he wore did in fact have room to conceal his diaper better than his tight jeans would have but still, he couldn’t get over the lumpy, uncomfortable feeling wrapped around his crotch and fastened half way up his tummy.

He had no choice; he had to get through the next two days without upsetting his parents. He definitely didn’t want to be wearing this huge baggy thing to school on Monday. He saw some of his mates walking towards him and froze in trepidation worried that they would start ribbing him over the way he was dressed then notice his bulky protection. He would be the target at school from then on if they knew. However, they just waved and shouted over to him that they were having a kick-about and did he want to join them. His mother nodded her consent but he was reluctant to spend any time with them dressed as he was, he was positive that ridicule would follow his every crinkly move.


He shrugged and said he might join them later and joined his mother on the blanket. She had closed her eyes behind dark sunglasses and was soaking up the rays whilst enjoying the slight breeze. He peered into her large bag and saw there were toys and bottles for Jenny. Some juices and boxes of sandwiches and several disposables, his heart sank when he realised there were two lots and the ones with the blue and pink indicator stripe were his. For some reason, knowing there were more in her bag made the one currently residing under his shorts feel huge and all he could see when he looked down at his crotch was the obvious slick front from the mass of padding stretching the material.

He wanted to complain, he wanted to rip the thing off, he wanted his briefs back and quite by surprise he found he was desperately trying to hold back tears of hopelessness. His mother saw her son’s shoulders droop and his face turn into a scrunched up version of his handsome self. She held out her arms and offered a place for him to find some comfort and for the first time in ages, that’s just what he needed. He squirmed under her arm, his diaper crinkling slightly against his plastic pants but was happy to be hugged close as she soothed her little boy. He’d managed to subdue the growing feeling of anger and what could have been a full scale melt down was contained to just a few heavy sobs. His mother held him whilst he got his feeling under control and gently stroked his hair and patted his pretty padded checked shorts.


“Mommy,” his voice sounded so small pressed up against her bosom, “I don’t want to wear a diaper anymore.”

She continued to stroke his hair and hold him against her warm chest but allowing him to get his thoughts in order.

“I’m sorry mommy. Please don’t make me wear these anymore.”

She didn’t say anything but continued to pat him gently and hug him in consolation. The soft rustling sound as she did making both aware of the disposable’s presence.

He took her silence as possible agreement and was able to relax.

His mother was thinking how sweet he looked in what she’d dressed him in and there was no denying it did make him look a little younger than his eight years.  His reluctance to go and play with friends had not gone un-noticed so perhaps having to wear a diaper was making him think twice about his actions. They continued to cuddle, she letting him rest in her loving embrace whilst distractedly stroking his shorts feeling the silky padding beneath. In a strange way it was also consoling her.

He’d dozed for only a few seconds but then it happened.  He woke up as the warm sensation in his pants alerted him to just what was occurring and for the second time that day, he was filling a diaper. He was horrified and wriggled uncomfortably in his bulging protection not sure whether to mention it to his mommy or not. The glowing feeling soon passed but he didn’t feel particularly damp. He knew he’d flooded his disposable but just didn’t feel wet. However, as his diaper soaked up everything when he looked down, his red checked shorts stretched even more over the growing smooth bulk beneath.

## tbc ##



Part 3

Although he was disgusted with himself for having wet like that, he also knew that he hadn’t had an option. Neither of his parents would let him go to the toilet so had to use his diaper like Jenny did, and now he had, it didn’t feel as bad as he thought it would.

It was a different feeling to the morning when he’d completely messed himself but just wetting didn’t seem uncomfortable. However, as he loosened himself from his mother’s hug there was no doubt that the sudden thickness in his pants made him move in a slightly more awkward manner.

Tentatively he stood up and adjusted himself but his mother realised what had happened and checked by pushing her hand up the leg of his shorts to ascertain the damage.

“Should be good for a while, you don’t need a change yet.”

She smiled as if delivering good news, though Tommy was not impressed by the way he’d been assessed.

“Moooommm,” he was annoyed she could do such a thing in public, “what if one of my friends was watching?”

His mother wasn’t going to let him dictate how and when he should be checked.

“Would you rather walk around with a soggy diaper between your legs?”

Quickly noticing he wasn’t going to get away with any dispute he shook his head indicating his part of the argument was over.

“That’s better. Now I won’t tell you again but until your father and I decide otherwise you will be treated exactly as we treat Jenny and that includes having your diaper checked and changed when we decide.”

She was holding his hand making sure the message was getting home. He didn’t like what he was hearing but had no choice.

He meekly nodded.

“Good. Now give daddy a rest and go and play with Jenny for a while.”

He was reluctant but he’d just been scolded and needed to get away from mom’s immediate vicinity so waddled over to the swings.


Even if it wasn’t obvious to anyone else he could feel the lump in his shorts all the time. To begin with it was just that, a lump, and he tried not to pay any attention to it. However, as the day wore on, and he’d peed more, he was sure it was all anyone would be able to focus on, this huge expanding bulge in his pants.

Luckily for him Jenny had also wet herself so when she was checked and mommy decided on a change he was also called over. She fished in her huge bag and spread out a plastic padded mat and proceeded without any ceremony to get Jenny all cleaned up and in a fresh diaper. Despite the fact that Tommy had seen this done a million times he was always a bit embarrassed at glimpsing his sister naked. Of course she didn’t mind she just happily sucked on her doodie, perhaps in her own sweet way, pleased to be in something dry.

His mother worked quickly and soon had her daughter cleaned, powdered and back to her pristine looking best. She fished out a different pair of plastic pants because the ones she had been wearing had got dirty so scooted a frilly pink pair over her thick disposable. When she stood up it showed beneath her little dress but her mother patted her shiny little bottom and glowed with pride over how cute her baby daughter looked. Jenny giggled and hugged mommy and daddy before begging to go and play on the roundabout where her friends Gertie and Paul were already being spun by their mother.


“OK Tommy, you look like you need a fresh diaper so let’s get you sorted.”

Tommy was horrified.

“Mom, can’t we go somewhere private?” He begged.

“Don’t be silly. No one is going to see,” she patted the recently vacated padded mat. “You’re making too much out of it.”

“But mom, er, please mom, not in public, er, I can’t, er…”

“Do as your mother says.”

His father’s voice was more of a command than a request and any hoped for sympathy or understanding wasn’t going to happen.


Tommy was adamant that he wasn’t going to be embarrassed like a baby and stood defiant in front of his parents, almost daring them to make him. He put on his most determined face so that if they tried, he’d scream and make a scene and he was positive they wouldn’t want that to happen right there in the park, in public, where everyone could see and hear.

“Come here NOW.”

His mother kept her voice low but there was a certain tone of menace that went with it.

“NO. NO. NO.” He screamed, “And you can’t make me.”

Tommy’s voice was getting louder and equally more insolent. He was sure that his parents would be just too embarrassed about causing a scene that they’d back down and he’d get his way.

Tommy hadn’t expected the next move when his father grabbed his arm, pulled him to the mat and pulled off his shorts.

Tommy squirmed and shouted, cried and wriggled but his plastic pants were removed and his soaked diaper pulled away. Once his lower half was naked his daddy flipped him over on to his tummy and delivered a couple of hefty smacks to his little damp rump.

Gertie and Paul’s mommy, Aunt Annabelle, saw what was going on but decided to keep Jenny away from the furore by entertaining her on the roundabout with her young ones. She knew Tommy and his tantrums and had on many occasions thought, though never said, that he could do with much firmer discipline. She thought it about time because as far as she was concerned, that boy had been getting away with his ‘paddies’ for far too long.  


Tommy was shocked and screamed out to be let go but his father delivered a couple more swats and then told his writhing son that he could do this all day if he didn’t behave.  His squealing brought an audience and a group of nearby kids stopped what they were doing and gathered to watch the spectacle. They watched mesmerized at what they supposed was a naughty little boy getting his comeuppance. Some were giggling that he was bare arsed in public and were quite embarrassed for him.

It took a couple more slaps for Tommy to get the message he wasn’t going anywhere and the small crowd of interested children who had gathered to watch found his punishment far more interesting than anything else in the park. Now he was creating his own spectacle this had been the very opposite to what Tommy thought would happen.


Once he’d given up the struggle his mother took control and quickly wiped, then slathered anti-rash cream, around his private area. The other kids were equally enthralled as this big baby was powdered and put in a large disposable… the wetness indicators looking particularly apparent in the bright sunlight. Tommy knew there was now an audience watching him being unceremoniously diapered like a big baby and dreaded that any school mates were amongst them.

Fortunately for him he couldn’t really make out any faces because heavy tears blurred his vision.

She dug once again into her bag, sure she had packed another new pair of clear plastic pants for him but only came up with another set like the ones she’d just put Jenny into. She wondered if perhaps it was a step too far to put him in frilly pink plastic pants but, well, they were the only dry pair she had and he had been acting up pretty badly.

So, to complete the change she unfurled the thicker pink plastic pants like Jenny’s and guided them tightly up and over his huge disposable. They were tight but Tommy didn’t realise they had a frilly back until he ran his hand over his throbbing bottom and wondered what the strange ruffle was. He looked over to see Jenny crouched down inspecting one of her toys and could see her frilly panties and knew he was wearing something similar.

The feelings of horror and betrayal clashed as tears he’d just stifled started again with a vengeance as he realised his mother wasn’t going to let him have his shorts back and would have to spend the rest of the day dressed as he was. He threw himself down on the blanket, kicking his legs in frustration against nothing in particular and roared at the indignity of it all. Meanwhile, the other kids watching were mumbling various things like “What a big baby”, “Poor guy having to wear his sister’s frilly panties”, “He’s just a diaper boy and deserves what he gets”. There were plenty of other comments some sympathetic but mostly fairly unkind and mocking.  


The observers split up now there was no more theatre for them to enjoy and the star of the show was weeping into the blanket; his shiny, frilly bottom rising and falling as he took deep breaths trying to get back control.

All about him families and kids were screaming and going about their play with hardly a thought about Tommy’s predicament. However, for Tommy, all he could think was that everyone was staring and judging him… and bet he looked like a stupid little baby. He’d be a laughing stock and all his friends would know he had to wear a diaper like his little sister. It was just too much to bear.

Eventually he’d calmed down enough for his mother to have a proper conversation with him and as she handed him a juice carton explained that his tantrums would not be tolerated any more. He needed to know that what his mommy and daddy, or indeed any grown up said goes and they were no longer going to put up with his insolence. Every time he ‘acted up’ he would be punished and that would start with having to wear diapers all the time and, if that didn’t have any effect, then further, more drastic, discipline would be applied.

The threat was left in the air.

His father then took over the conversation.

“You have to realise that you need to set a good example to Jenny but if you act like a spoiled, uncontrollable little boy… that is how you will be treated.”

Tommy sucked down his apple juice and wriggled uncomfortably between his parents desperately trying to hide his frilly pink pants and relieve the soreness to his spanked bottom.  His noisy protection rustled with even the slightest movement and he felt his parent’s eyes boring into him – never had he been under such scrutiny.

Jenny returned from her play on the roundabout completely unaware of the drama that had taken place whilst she was gone. The group of other children watching her brother getting spanked only meant that there was more room on the roundabout for her and she didn’t have to wait for a turn.

Her mother delved into the bag again and produced a baby’s bottle full of milk, which she passed to her daughter. It was her favourite drink and she quickly snuggled between Tommy and mommy to enjoy it.

“Tomeee look pritteee,” was all she said as she slipped the nipple between her lips.

As they settled down to eat and drink the rustling and crinkling with the slightest movement proved the duo were secure in their waterproof armour.


Tommy sucked in the sweet tasting apple flavour and ruminated – he couldn’t believe it.

His tantrums had made it so that he had to wear a diaper in the first place and now, after another rage, he had to sit in public wearing pink, frilly panties that were not what a boy should be seen wearing. He hated his parents at that moment but knew there was nothing he could do about it because he’d been promised worse if he ‘acted up’.

The very thought of ‘something worse’ sent a shiver down his spine and made him gulp down his juice. He took the offered sandwich, hoping that his new, more considerate side would be noticed, which in turn led to the family having a relatively nice picnic in the warm summer sun watching the comings and goings of the park regulars.

Jenny fell asleep in her mother’s arms still with the bottle’s teat in her mouth and a drowsy Tommy fell asleep resting his head against his daddy’s stomach. As their two children slept the adults agreed plans for Tommy’s further punishment when they got home; he’d been warned to be on his best behaviour and he’d been disobedient and created a ‘scene’. So, not only would he be wearing his diaper all day Sunday, come Monday he’d also be going to school in one as well.

Tommy was oblivious of this extra dimension to his punishment and dozed peacefully, occasionally smiling and wriggling unconsciously as his father rubbed his tummy or straightened the shiny pink cover over the thick disposable.

The two children laying side by side, both in pretty pink frilly plastic pants, made their parents smile.

There was no doubt that they looked perfect little angels when asleep, whilst those pretty little frills made them appear even more innocent. Tommy may not have liked them but his mommy and daddy thought them the ideal weapon to keep him in his place and if not, well at least he looked sweet.


When the kids eventually woke up after their afternoon nap Jenny waddled off to get on the see-saw and wanted Tommy to play too. He asked his mother if he could have his shorts back to cover the incriminating frilly panties but she just shook her head and told him to go off and play.

“Babies don’t mind what they wear.”

Tommy had hoped that after the nap things would be back to normal but he had underestimated the determination of his parents to see out this punishment. He could feel the anger growing inside him but desperately tried to quell it before ‘something worse’ happened.


‘Something worse’ had now filtered into his mind as a terrible punishment and one he didn’t want to experience. The threat was enough for him to have second thoughts about ‘acting up’ and he knew he’d have to be on his best behaviour if he was to ride this weekend out.

For an eight year-old it was a lot to take in but, as he looked down at his glossy frilly padding he knew he didn’t want to have to wear them any longer than necessary. He sighed as his mother shoved him towards the see-saw where his father and sister were already waiting.

Reluctantly, and after scanning the surroundings pretty carefully, he saw none of his mates were nearby and only families with small children occupied the play area. With a great deal of apprehension he wondered over and climbed on the other side of the see-saw. Dad supervised and after just a few minutes both Tommy and Jenny were flopping up and down laughing, whilst enjoying the silly childish thrill the piece of apparatus offered.

His frilly plastic pants didn’t go un-noticed by other people in the kiddie’s area but it didn’t seem to make any difference. None of the other parents, or kids for that matter, commented, although whether they thought anything was something else.  Each parent knew that a child’s naughtiness was dealt with in many different ways and this ‘extreme’ punishment had certainly reined in this particular boy’s tantrums.

However, so as not to embarrass Tommy too much most of the games that he played with his sister were either on the blanket near his mother or on the grass not very far away. He was obviously inhibited by his shiny pants but as the day progressed seemed to forget about them and just played.


When it was home time Tommy had hated only being allowed to wear what he saw as ‘baby pants’ for the journey. His mommy sternly reminded him that despite everything both he and his sister looked very cute and that no one would notice if he didn’t make a fuss. However, he thought, that was no excuse for him being forced to wear such babyish things, he was after all, eight.


So… he’d had another one of his temper tantrums as he objected and pulled at his padding.

However, his mother simply grabbed his hand and dragged him up, gave him a swift couple of smacks to the top of his bare legs and told in no uncertain terms he’d be in a heap of trouble if his insolence continued. She reminded him that like Jenny  he had absolutely no say in what he wore so again refused him his shorts and made him walk through the park to the car in just his protection; the thick diaper easily visible under his glossy, frilly panties. He crinkled and cried throughout the short toddle to the car and continued to blub when he was fastened into the back seat along with his little sister.

She was given a bottle to help quieten her on the ride home but Tommy continued to bawl and chunter under his breath how unfair it all was. His mother turned in her seat and shoved one of Jenny’s pacifiers into his mouth to stop him sobbing and repeating the threat that if he spat it out or carried on complaining he’d be in for a severe spanking when he got home. The pacifier, which he sucked on in anger, did stop the grumbling and surprisingly found it did actually mollify him.


The rest of the ride home was very peaceful, whilst their children suckled on their different soothers, mom and dad chatted about things they had to do over the next few days. Throughout the journey daddy checked in the rear-view mirror to see his kids were behaving and noticed both had their eyes closed and were sucking enthusiastically.

He remembered Tommy as a baby and how wonderful that time was when he was helpless and totally reliant on them for everything. These last few months had been especially fraught with his defiance, anger, mischief, bullying and tantrum after tantrum… Tommy’s uncontrollable ways had really got to both parents.

Perhaps, and not before time, they had been correct to call a halt to his disruptive behaviour and in the sleepy, slurping back seat daddy saw the solution to their problem may already be producing an answer. Since the pacifier appeared to soothe the boy’s anger his father began to wonder what else might calm his exasperating son.

He’d hated spanking his boy, he hated the entire idea of physical punishment, which of course, because there were no consequences, might be one of the reasons Tommy acted up so much. Daddy knew that maybe he and his wife had made a rod for their own backs and his son’s antagonism against the world, as small as his world may be, made him the boy he was. They would have to step up, take responsibility and not shirk from their own duty of getting him back on track - no matter how much their son may rebel against the plan that was forming in his daddy’s mind.

### tbc ###

Part 4

Once home both children were left to wander around the house wearing just their bulky protection, it was a state of dress that Jenny was often in. Of course, seeing her dressed that way had made Tommy more able to label his little sister a baby and make fun of her ungainly diapers. Now he was in the same position he didn’t find it quite as funny. Especially as he’d been wet for quite some time but neither of his parents had thought to check and change him. He’d tried to drop hints but actually found admitting that he’d peed his diaper just too embarrassing.

His parents were well aware of what was happening, his bulging frilly panties and slightly sagging diaper were sending out irrefutable evidence.  It was all part of their process to leave him wallowing in his own mess so he knew what Jenny had to put up with every time he passed a comment about her unavoidable situation. Jenny couldn’t help what happened in her diaper but he should have known better than to make fun of her because of it. Anyhow, neither of their children would be changed now until they were bathed and put to bed in their night time diapers.


Just after 6pm mommy went to fill the bath for Jenny. She carried her up the stairs, stripped her and sat her in the low, faintly scented, warm bubbly water and began the pleasurable act of playing and washing her daughter.

“Bath time Tommy.”

His daddy had caught him off guard as he was just getting interested in a show on TV.

“But dad, it’s too early, I want to watch…”

Tommy saw the look on his daddy’s face and realised this wasn’t a request.

Again a tantrum was only moments away but his father just swept him up in his arms, and despite a bit of resistance wriggling, was carried upstairs, stripped out of his frilly plastic pants and soaked diaper.

“Whoa Tommy, you should let us know when you’re wet… you’ll end up with a rash if you don’t speak up… and that could be very nasty indeed. OK buddy?”

Tommy was standing naked with his father knelt in front of him and he desperately wanted to kick him as hard as he could as payment for putting him in a diaper in the first place. However, as he thought of what had happened as a result of what he’d already done, realised that the punishment for attacking his father would probably be much worse. It was one of the first times he’d ever thought about the consequences for what he’d done or was about to do. He didn’t like the idea of further spankings so decided he’d better keep his temper under control.


For the first time in ages Jenny and Tommy took a bath together. Mummy played and washed them both whilst daddy went off to prepare their PJs. When daddy came back and nodded to his wife, she lifted her daughter from the bubbles and took her off to be readied for bed. Meanwhile, daddy played with his son, bombing the toy boats as they manoeuvred their way through bubbly icebergs under the captaincy of Tommy.

Tommy was actually enjoying this time with his daddy. All the diaper stuff was forgotten as they attacked each other’s boats and made battle noises amongst the soapy suds.

Mom called to daddy that she was ready and Tommy, with equal ease, was lifted from the foam, had a huge towel wrapped round him and carried into Jenny’s room where a pile of items were waiting for him.

“He’s beginning to get a slight rash…”

His father pulled away the towel to show his wife what he’d discovered.

“It’s a little red so I think we should make sure he’s well protected.”

His mother inspected the area and a bashful Tommy tried to hide his little penis behind his hand.

She playfully slapped it away.

“Don’t mess about Tommy, we need to make sure you’re not getting a diaper rash.”

Tommy wanted to tell them to stop putting him in diapers and then he wouldn’t… and this time, his mouth got the better of his mind and he blurted out that obvious fact.

The swift slap to his little bottom was painful and tears sprung into his eyes and his bottom lip started to quiver.

“What have we told you about your attitude?”

There was no reply just a bunch of sobs as his mother lay him down and started to rub various creams and ointments into the red area. She applied a very thick coating everywhere and this was followed by another of his huge disposable being taped into place. He was still weeping as a pair of thick rubber snap-sided pants was clipped into place before he was slipped into a onesie which fastened tightly between his legs.

“There, that should keep everything in place throughout the night.”

His mother patted the thick padding.

“We don’t want our Little Tommy sliding out of his protection now do we?” His daddy said as he carried him to his own room.

“But daddy it’s only, er, well it’s early can’t I...”

For some reason Tommy found it hard to express what he wanted to say as he came to terms with the his latest PJs. Gone were his big boy cowboy PJs and instead he was wearing something very similar to what Jenny wore to sleep in.

“You go to bed the same time as Jenny. You will be dressed the same, you will be fed the same and until we are sure we can trust you to be more grown up, you will still be treated exactly the same.”


His father was lovingly stroking his son’s hair but laying down a few facts about how things were going to be from now on. He wanted his son to know he was still cherished but things were going to change and it was Tommy who needed to do that.

“For every unpleasant remark, tantrum, bullying act or failure to behave and do exactly as we tell you… your punishment will be increased. At the moment, after your performance today, you are looking at seven days of wearing your diaper… all the time.”

Tommy gulped. He didn’t know just how much analysis he’d been under… and the story didn’t end there.

His father continued.

“So at school or when you play out with your friend… and when you go to bed, you will always be wearing one. The only way out is for us to see a rapid and definite change in your attitude. Your teachers will be informed of our decision and we’ll expect them to uphold our rules and inspect your diaper regularly.”

Tears didn’t seem enough as Tommy rolled over onto his side and blubbered out at the unfairness of it all.

“If you give your teachers any reason at all to think you are disrespecting them and what they’ve been asked to do on our behalf, you will face a severe spanking and any big boy privileges you think you have… will be taken away.”

His daddy still tenderly stroked his sobbing son’s back.

“Of course, neither your mommy nor I want any of this to happen… but it is up to you. We love you Tommy but how we move on from here is up to you.”

His daddy’s words had hit home and he cried himself to sleep wondering how he would cope with wearing diapers to school and how much his friends were going to take the micky.


It was too much to expect an instant change but after a few weeks being in diapers at school and being treated as a baby when he got home (right down to him being nursed with a baby’s bottle, which even Jenny had gotten past), things began to improve. The fact that he was treated as a baby whilst Jenny was treated as a toddler irked him the most. So even the least stamping of the foot, petulant display, sulky face and barbed comment at Jenny meant a further demeaning of his status in the family. Whilst she at least was trying to feed herself, he wore a bib and was fed by one of his parents – they were the rules.

If he’d been really naughty he wasn’t allowed to do anything and was constantly supervised and helped. He couldn’t even play out with his friends but left in a playpen with childish stuffed toys; even Jenny rarely used the playpen. The babyish TV shows he was only allowed to watch and his very early nights, thick, thick diapers and frilly protecting pants began to have an impact on Tommy’s insolence.  

The lack of any type of ‘big boy’ independence was difficult to take and the constant baby talk and treatment at home was annoying when he saw what his little sister was allowed to do. He realised that his parents would not change tactic until he changed his ways.


However, for Tommy the worst part was arriving at school every day to hear the taunts and jeers and name calling. His grey school shorts stretched apart, exposing through the leg openings the slinky opaque plastic spread tightly over the bulging diaper hugging his crotch. He couldn’t escape the fact it was available to be viewed by every one that might pass and he just had to put up with being such a focal point. His teachers hardly seemed sympathetic; not that they made a big thing about it but appeared pleased that at last Tommy was being disciplined.

He walked slowly around school, desperate not to be noticed as he crinkled and rustled with each step. His defiance and general rowdiness was curtailed and he became a bit more respectful and attentive in class. The bulge in his shorts a constant reminder for him to behave and of course, if that wasn’t enough, what seemed like half the school patting his padded bottom every time they passed drove home his ‘inferior’ little boy status.


His fellow 3rd Graders (and just about everyone else in the school) ribbed him unmercifully. They stroked his padded bottom, called him names and generally tried to embarrass him by pulling down his shorts to reveal what coloured diaper and plastic pants he was wearing that day… and to see if he was wet. ‘Piss Pants’ was a name that followed him around the playground.  However, those bullying boys themselves were eventually pulled into the principal’s office and given a dressing down with threats of exclusion if they didn’t stop their teasing.

Eventually, after Tommy had been wearing his protection to school for a few weeks, that punishment came to an end. He’d learned his lesson, calmed down, became slightly more thoughtful to those around him, including his rapidly growing sister. His tantrums had all but stopped, although his irritation occasionally got the better of him with the result he would still be made to wear his diapers over weekends.


Neither his mommy nor daddy appeared to notice that their son didn’t argue or appear in the least bit resentful, when stripped out of his schoolboy briefs on Friday and taped back into a thick disposable until Monday morning. They also didn’t seem aware that he actually didn’t put up a fight over which style of plastic pants were used for that final bit of slinky protection. They were sticking by the sentence they’d decreed and it appeared to be effective, Tommy had quietened down considerably.

They were quite pleased with themselves for finding a way of getting their son back to a near normal and un-confrontational state. However, they weren’t expecting miracles and didn’t expect their son to change immediately but the progress at school had been remarkable, so, they restricted his punishment to home life and weekends.


Tommy still had an occasional tantrum and accepted the consequences of being diapered. However, he was very grateful that his school uniform now didn’t include the thick protection because he managed to stay placid there. Although he’d gotten used to all the comments he was never happy about being seen in public wearing them.

However, there were times at home when he just couldn’t help complaining about not getting his own way and of course that led back to his punishment.

As an act of some defiance… he thought… if he had to wear them at home… so be it.

He petulantly said he didn’t care.

Perhaps he didn’t.

Although, the couple of times when his big boy, eight year-old world, was taken away because he had been very ill-disciplined and the baby stuff came out, he didn’t like it. The early nights, the bottles, the feeding or the whole onesie thing; he’d sulk and squirm and make little whimpering sounds of objection… but still cuddled up close to mommy and daddy as if he was their ‘little boy’.

However, whether these moments of ‘acting up’ were an excuse to make sure he still had access to diapers… only Tommy would ever know.

~~~~~~  The End   ~~~~~~

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