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Something in the air - A Halloween Story

The air was filled with magic, mayhem and maleficence. All Soul’s Night was upon us and, despite the streets being filled with kids dressed to induce laughter and fear in equal amounts in their pursuance of candy, there was something else, something indescribable, something intangible, something eerie about the approaching clouds.


John and Max were two sixteen year-olds who had lived all their lives in this small town, and, since they were three had spent kindergarten, elementary, middle and senior school together. They’re not related, just neighbours though it has to be said their mothers are the best of friends and so close that their husbands rarely get a look in without the other being present.

In fact, John and Max think that their dads have made a pact to keep the women together so that they can spend more time on the golf course or in the clubhouse. The women, like the men, spend an inordinate amount of time in each other’s company.

Maybe all small communities are the same but at times that closeness can be a bit suffocating.

Take John and Max, they’ve hardly ever been apart; they can count the number of times they’ve been separated in days rather than months. They know what each other’s thinking and can easily anticipate how the near future will roll out - the same damn thing.


John looked out of the window to the scene below and sighed heavily. He, like his friend, regarded Halloween as ‘stupid’ and only for little kids so wasn’t really involved or impressed in the dressing up side of this particular occasion. Loads of youngsters of all ages, attired in their scary best, trekked up and down the street trading ‘Trick or Treats’. Their colourful outfits and all those garish garden props briefly (well for one night) producing a strange, peppy atmosphere to their normally quiet, dull suburb.

The threatening cloud now engulfed the sky giving a different ghoulish quality to what was being played out below. Scary kids unexpectedly became frightened by the sudden loss of light and began to scatter. Parents scooped up their offspring, deciding on calling it an early night and hurried home.

And then it started.


At first, as they looked on, people thought it was just rain but the streets weren’t getting wet. The white street lighting glowed orange and each source of brightness was surrounded by multiple murky halos. A creepy feeling invaded the souls over those still on the street, they were sure something lurked in the dark as they shivered in foreboding before eventually fleeing to the safety of their homes.


The air was thick with something but even this weird meteorological phenomenon hadn’t piqued John’s interest that much.

He harrumphed, fidgeted and grew restless as he stared down at the rapidly emptying street.

It seemed the proper reaction for a teenage lad who’d grown tired of his surroundings.   

He sighed heavily once more - bored, bored, BORED.

It was their own fault; both had been invited to the Halloween Celebrations at the Golf Club, where their parents had gone but Max and John decided they would like the prospect of a night without mom and dad in the picture. However, between them they hadn’t come up with a better plan and, now the weather threatened, were left wishing and hoping for something, anything to happen but doing nothing to make it so.

With the darkness surrounding everything the boys expected some kind of storm but there was no distant rumbling, no streaks of bright lightning sparking the clouds into action. The stillness was deafening.


For the two teenagers the small town had become stifling, John felt it more than Max and was desperate to finish school and experience University life or, even better, leave this damn town altogether. However, being sixteen is a strange, and for him at least, an annoying age, where others still made his decision even though he felt grown up. He desperately wanted some excitement in his life, something to take him out of the ordinary, something different, maybe, something amazing!

Max was feeling thirsty and asked his best mate if wanted anything to drink. John, sighing again but with his nose pressed to the window shook his head.

Max toddled off to the fridge hopeful that there might be a beer or two to assuage his sudden craving.


A woman pushing a stroller along the street hurried to get out of that all-pervasive gloom. The baby, no more than nine months old, was crying, possibly also feeling the heavy murk that surrounded them as they proceeded on their way.

Still thinking Max was in earshot and staring down at the lady and her baby, John said:

“What I really want is a change.”

At that moment, the sky lit up and the expected lightning flashed an extreme and sinister bolt of fuzzy blue light down onto the scurrying family of two. In that same instant John was bedazzled as the window where he was standing suddenly lit up with a similar effervescent blue glow.

In that silent but bright second, lives changed.


When Max returned to the living room, delightedly slurping down the cool refreshing beer he’d hoped for, he was surprised to see a bunch of clothes, John’s clothes, lying discarded on the floor. Stranger still was the bulge underneath that was moving. He tentatively bent down to inspect what it might be and was surprised to see a small naked baby, sat looking vacantly up at him.


The lady with the stroller was stunned by the flash of electric blue light. She had been wishing that the baby would stop crying and was desperate for the small child to be over making such an awful din. Her nerves were shot at having to be completely at this little noise-machines beck and call twenty-four hours a day. She was secretly wishing for him to grow up.

Not surprisingly the flash had briefly disorientated her but perhaps more surprising was to find a huge sixteen year-old baby crammed into a ripped onesie and ill-fitting diaper. The stroller keeled over and fell off the curb with the strange distribution of weight and the wailing, all-but naked baby was sent sprawling into the street. A baby’s cry may be piercing but when it had the lung development of a healthy teenager, that howl was incredible.

A second later and the confused couple were zapped by another bolt of fluorescent light and disappeared. The street was empty as the darkness slowly began to ‘re-arrange itself'.


Max looked from the baby to his bottle of beer wondering just what was in the drink. Then he had another thought, this must be a clever and ingenious ‘trick’ that was being played out. He wasn’t sure how they had managed it but he smiled at the brilliance of the ‘joke’. He was feeling silly that for a moment at least he’d believed something magical had happened.  

Of course John couldn’t have been turned into a baby, that’s just ridiculous. He called out to his unseen ‘tricksters’ and then started searching for them. However, a chill ran down his spine when he realised there was no one else in the house. As it became abundantly clear he was alone with a baby, that chill quickly became an iceberg in the pit of his stomach.


Max returned to the living room looking nervously past the pile of clothes and at the naked little baby wriggling on its back. The slow, jerky movements and low murmuring were definitely that of a baby as he tried to think what to do. Thinking wasn’t easy because none of this made any sense and he was a teenage boy… so had no idea what to do with an infant.

Their parents were out together so he and this tiny creature, o-oh he could now see it was definitely a boy, were the only people in the house. He approached the child again and was surprised to see that it looked like a baby John. The gurgles weren’t words but the eyes searched for focus and once it saw Max raised its arms out as if in acknowledgement and requesting to be picked up.

Max didn’t want to go anywhere near him if he could avoid it but the sudden change of features on the baby proceeded a loud wail of distress. Max wanted to run, he wanted out of there, not only because of the noise the baby was making but, well, panic set in, he simply didn’t know what the hell was going on. However, with a small fountain of pee now arching in the air from the tiny visitor he knew he couldn’t leave an infant to its own devices. He wasn’t that much of an uncaring teen, but thought that the only way to stop it doing what it was doing was to comfort and clothe it in some way.


He rushed to the bathroom and returned with a towel, which he wrapped around the naked child. The blubbing stopped for a few seconds and then started again. Max cautiously picked the baby up and was happy when the crying stopped. He wrapped the towel more firmly around and gently rested him in his arms. As he gazed down at the bundle he was even more convinced that the baby was John, it had to be, even though every scrap of intelligence and reason told him that was impossible. However, here he was, cradling his best friend and trying to mollify the small child when a thought struck him.

“How the hell was he going to explain THIS to John’s parents?”

They weren’t expected back for a few hours yet so he was hopeful that this small bundle would somehow magically transform back to his friend. However, as he clasped his best mate he could feel a warm damp patch on his shirt. At first it didn’t register and then when he realised the baby was peeing itself his immediate reaction was to go “Uuurrgghh” and throw the poor wet baby away in disgust. However, he had to be careful… this was John and, despite his soaked shirt and jeans, he needed to get the baby into some better leak-proof protection.


He carried John to the bathroom and settled him in the wash basin so that he wouldn’t fall out. He stripped off his damp shirt and jeans thinking once he had John settled he could put his stuff in the wash. He definitely didn’t want to be wandering around the house smelling of his mate’s piss.

Dressed only in his underpants Max searched through various draws and cupboards for another towel and something plastic to keep all the dampness in. He found a small soft pink fluffy hand-towel, which he assumed was John’s mother’s and, as that was the most babyish item, decided to use that. He also found some safety pins, lotion and talcum powder.

Despite many misgivings and false starts he eventually had baby John cleaned up and thickly diapered; the thick pink towel seemingly engulfing the small infant but at least keeping everything else safe from any unexpected deluge. He’d found some plastic freezer bags that he fashioned into a pair of protecting pants and held them on with sticky tape, which he wound round the baby’s waist and legs – he just hoped that would hold things in place long enough until John’s parents returned.

Notwithstanding the believability of the situation Max held the baby at arm’s length and was really quite proud of his handiwork. John was very bulky but at least well protected and there was even a little smile of thanks from the baby’s dribbly lips. Max had also found a piece of moulded plastic which he thought might serve as a pacifier and slipped it between his lips – the baby started sucking furiously.


“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.”

Was the sum total of words running through Max’s mind - panic and the belief that he was going mad producing no clear thought process at all.

As the temporary paci fell from John’s lips and the start of blubbering could be heard emanating from that little screwed-up face he suddenly found another.


Earlier he remembered that when he picked the squirming infant up it seemed to soothe him a little so, although it was the last thing he wanted to do, he picked up the squalling baby, rocking him close to his chest.

This was a mistake.


Max was still naked apart from his underpants and a little mouth, zoning in after millennia of evolution and guided by a natural human response to find a source of nourishment, latched on to the available nipple.


The scream of shock that ran through Max made him pull that gripping little mouth quickly away from the hoped for food supply. John may not have any teeth but that sucker really tweaked his mate’s sensitive left nipple.

The cry of disappointment from the small bundle of pink towel and plastic bags was louder than expected and any attempt to stifle it with the return of the pacifier was quickly spat out. Max had no alternative, until he could find some way of feeding John, he’d have to let him suck on his tit as it was the only way he knew to keep him quiet.

Tentatively, he led the little searching mouth back to his nipple and screwed his face up in fearful anticipation as his best friend began to suck.

“Owww, owwww, owwwww”

He was amazed just how much suction that little orifice could generate and it was uncomfortable to say the least.

Well to begin with at least.


Max carried his burden into the kitchen in search of some milk and a way of getting any that he found warmed and in a receptacle that a baby would be able to negotiate. There was milk in the fridge but despite an extensive search (with John still suckling on his nipple) hadn’t really found anything that might be usable to feed a baby.

He thought about simply slowly tipping the bottle into the baby’s mouth but realised that couldn’t be done without drowning the poor little thing.

That intense tight vacuum that pulled on his tit needed a bit of relief so he slowly prized his best friend away from his left nipple and aimed him towards the right.

“Ow, ow….erm… mmmmm.”

Max looked down at John who, with eyes closed, gently soothing himself as he drifted off to wherever baby’s go in their dreams.


Relieved for a few moments he needed to think. Max wasn’t the brightest lad in class but he knew he had to come up with a solution on how to feed his best friend before the tears of frustration and hunger really started.

Eventually he found an empty plastic sports bottle with a pull top spout, he had no idea what it had been used for in the past but it looked clean and he was hopeful that after he’d washed it out a few times, it just might make a suitable baby’s bottle.

Still carrying John clutched to his bosom, he set about boiling water and washing the bottle thoroughly. Throughout this process the little bundle never made a sound apart from the occasional slurp or satisfied suck. John’s warm little body being an actual comfort to Max as he went about his intended ‘patented baby feeding machine’. He was feeling good about it although kept checking the reliability of the pull-up spout that would seal in or let out the liquid. After about 30 minutes of washing and re-washing the bottle in the hope of getting it relatively hygienic he warmed up some milk before pouring it into the plastic bottle.


Thankfully he hadn’t boiled the liquid only warmed it up, that was something he knew about babies, but that seemed the total of his knowledge. However, he was learning rapidly as he found it difficult getting all the stuff poured into the narrow neck without spilling. With a child on one arm and a saucepan in the other it was a very tricky manoeuvre.

Eventually the bottle was full and he tried the ingenious dispenser himself. He sucked and the milk came out. He wasn’t a fan of milk in the first place and this method of drinking it didn’t help much at all. However, it worked to some degree and had to hope that John would be able to negotiate the patented ‘Max’s, maximum, milk machine’ the triple ‘M’ (Max was never very good at math).

He tentatively pulled the small though powerful sucking mouth away, sat on the sofa and fed the apparatus between the baby’s lips. Droplets of milk must have teased the child’s taste buds because after only a few seconds the need to feed overcame any other thoughts as John started sucking.


Twenty minute later and the bottle was empty. John’s unfocused eyes and wobbly head gave the impression he was tired after such an effort but Max was actually elated that not only had his improvised bottle worked but that he’d fed his mate. However, just as that pleased tingle was circulating around his body that little face in front of him screwed up and began to bawl.

Pressing the baby to his tit didn’t have the desired effect this time, he just didn’t latch on and the crying intensified as well as some agitated squirming. Max wasn’t sure what to do but after a couple of minutes of this wailing he wondered if the baby needed winding. He slid John up onto his shoulder and gently patted the baby’s back. To his surprise and pleasure a huge burp and fart was followed by silence except for some tiny little wriggles and gurgling.

He slipped the pretend paci between John’s lips and watched as the baby closed his eyes and sucked contentedly. Relief followed and Max felt as exhausted as the baby. He spread himself out on the sofa and held John close to his chest and, feeling he’d done what he could, fell into a deep sleep.


At midnight the fuzzy orange halo that surrounded the street lights burst into an electric blue and then scattered in many directions although some streaks gathered at the window of a certain house. If you stared closely enough you would have seen thousands and thousands of little blue imps talking and giggling to themselves as they peered through the glass and saw the two bodies huddled on the sofa; a little pink diapered baby and an all but naked youth lying fast asleep in his underpants.

The giggling intensified as the town clock struck for the final time indicating that Hallow’s Eve was over and the imps must return things back to normal. However, the giggling intensified as the little neon blue characters held a quick discussion and made a decision.


As John’s mother and father approached their drive they were shocked by the sudden dramatic appearance right in front of their car of a woman pushing a stroller. She looked as surprised as the car’s occupants and, still terrified by her near death experience, rushed on her way shaking her head looking decidedly confused and more than a little distressed.

“Stupid bloody woman,” John’s father mumbled under his breath. “She could have been killed.”

“Now, now sweetheart… just think… you’ve had a couple of drinks so…”

As they turned into their drive his wife left the insinuation hanging in the air.

Once the car had pulled up she got out and made her way to the front door. She tried to be quiet as she didn’t want to wake her son if he should be asleep. However, when she entered the living room she was in for a bit of a shock.

Lying out on the sofa was her son, who for some reason was wrapped in a small pink towel and his friend Max who was also laid out wearing only his underpants. They made quite an interesting picture and John’s mother, thinking the scene was cute, smiled, produced her mobile and quickly snapped off a couple of photographs of the recumbent pair.


It must have been the flashes that registered in Max’s brain. It took him a few seconds to wake up and realise where he was. As he focused he could see John’s mother stood looking down at him and moments later realised that his best mate was snuggled up with his face rubbing in a sea of slick saliva against his nipple.

To say he was shocked would have been an understatement. To say that the shock turned to embarrassment almost immediately was not. To add fuel to the bizarre situation John’s father appeared in the doorway.

“What the fu…….”

The image of his son wearing a tiny pink towel (not completely wrapped around his groin and with bits of tape and ripped plastic hanging from parts of his body) was an image he would have preferred not to see. The fact that he was drooling over his best friend who was wearing only his underwear told a story that his father had hoped not to have to know about for many years to come, if ever.

For some reason John’s mother found the entire scene amusing and chuckled to herself as her irate husband tried to find words to express, well, whatever he thought was appropriate for such a situation. Alas words failed him and he found himself huffing and puffing in some kind of angry indignation as his son eventually woke up.


To begin with John’s orientation was all over the place and he didn’t comprehend why his mother and father were staring at him. He then clocked a surprised and anxious looking Max before realising that his best friend was naked. He pulled away and stood up only to find that the towel that had adhered itself to his genitals began, under the weight of a rather wet slumber, to peel away. Once he sensed that his covering, as flimsy as it was, was slipping away he grabbed and held it tightly against his cock trying to hide his naked embarrassment.

“What the bloody hell…”

It seemed that John’s father was desperate to say something but just didn’t know what exactly those words should be.

“Just, er, can you…”

No, it was no good he just couldn’t find a phrase that seemed in the least bit suitable.

Both boys stood there speechless, one in a soaked pair of briefs, whilst the other clutched a sodden towel against his groin. They were stunned into inaction by fear and a lack of comprehension as to what exactly had gone on.

John had no idea how he ended up as he was and Max was struggling with how to explain what had happened when he didn’t know himself. The only positive Max could think of was that at least John was no longer a small dependent child. However, that would have explained the situation… if it wasn’t so unbelievable.

Eventually John’s mother spoke.

“Well you boys certainly seem to have had a little Halloween party of your own.”

The tone in her voice and emphasis on certain key words, together with her raised eyebrows, signified that she knew precisely what had gone on and it was nothing to do with Halloween.

The boys shivered in humiliation.

“You two have known each other long enough to know what, er, you want…”

She was inferring she understood when two boys get naked together but, try as they might, at that moment neither Max nor John were able to find an argument to dissuade her from her assumption. They were terror struck to the spot and mute with lack of being able to give details as to how they ended up as they had.

“I’m not sure why you thought it necessary to involve my hand towel.”

She pointed at the heavily hanging soaked item that was slightly dripping onto the carpet. That milk might have been a good idea at one time but now was soaked into everything.

“But I’m sure you boys have a suitable explanation of why you want to wet yourselves?”


John’s father stormed out of the room unable to hear any more of this type of talk, whilst his wife, seemingly enjoying her son’s and his friend discomfort, waited for some sort of reply.

They both shuffled nervously hoping that she would let them go. John could see his pile of clothes by the window, whilst Max knew his were in the washing machine. However, John’s mother wanted to investigate the situation for a while longer. She noticed the bottle on the floor and asked for an explanation.

Max could only mumble something about milk and feeding… but the full account failed him. He knew the circumstances but they sounded pathetic and a feeble excuse so remained silent and bewildered.

“Well,” she finally said, “it appears to me that you two young love birds have found something you both enjoy.”

The words of protest were silenced as she held up her hand and shook her head as if to say there was no point in denying it, the proof… was simply scattered all about them and drooping between John’s thighs.

“Now, in this day and age it’s all quite acceptable, although your father may not agree, but if you are going to play at being babies I would be grateful if you wouldn’t involve any of my things.”

They both shook their heads desperately wanting to refute what she was saying but, as she’d pointed out, the naked evidence and soaked undies was pretty damning.

“Anyway, so that you don’t need to include my towels in your future juvenile adventures, tomorrow I’ll buy some disposables and plastic pants and then you won’t have to… and…”

She indicated the soaked underwear and then said with another tone that meant she would tolerate no argument.

“I shall look forward to seeing my two sweet little boys playing together. It will be like it used to be when you were babies… and we all had a great deal of fun then.”


As she turned to leave she checked her phone, the photographs had come out perfectly.

In future both boys would do exactly as commanded and that would definitely include spending a lot of time wearing diapers in the house. If they refused; those images might just end up on all manner of social media.

Had the boys dared to look up they might have seen, for a brief moment, a flash of blue fuzzy neon light behind her eyes.

After all, hadn’t John said – he wanted a change?



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