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Our parents had been planning their vacation for three weeks, but despite Julie being almost 16, a year and a half older, than I was, they didn't feel that they could trust her to manage her little nighttime issue. I was more than happy to fill in for Mom, and get my sister ready for bed each night. Mom sat me down three days before they left and went through everything with me, in private. That night, despite Julie's protests, Mom had me watch as she got her diapered for bed. The following two evenings, under Mom's watchful eye, and my sister's angry glare, I was the one putting her in diapers. Satisfied that I was quite capable of getting my sister ready for bed at night, Mom reminded Julie that having me care for her, instead of a stranger, meant that her bedwetting would at least remain a family secret. Confident that I could handle the responsibilities, of a home and my sibling, they left on their vacation. Our first day together was a disaster. Julie choose to stay hidden away in her room, only comming out ocassionally for snacks, potty breaks, and the bowl of soup, that she made for lunch. Whenever she did have to speak to me, it was usually just short answers. It hurt me to see her like this but I thought it best to give her time, to work things out for herself. I told myself that tomorrow, if I didn't see an improvement, I would take charge. When I called her for dinner, she didn't waste any time showing up. I guess snacks only go so far ! She did thank me for the spaghetti dinner, I knew it was one of her favorites, so I took that as a good sign. I tried to see if she'd like to watch a movie with me, but she relented, claiming she was tired. I felt like I was navigating a mine field, as I asked if she was ready for me to get her "dressed for bed" (my attempt at avoiding the word, "Diapered") and in return, I got a "whatever" (her way of accepting the inevitable, without actually having to say "Yes") She didn't fight me or stare me down tonight. She just flopped herself on the bed and went limp, leaving me to roll her over, lift her by her ankles, spread her legs, I really had to keep from laughing. She is so tiny, I felt like I was six years old again and diapering my rag doll for bed. She actually made my job easier by NOT cooperating. I couldn't resist giving her a Hug, and a kiss her on the cheek, before wishing her Good Night.

I got up around 8am, started the coffee and listened to the news. I wasn't too concerned about waking Julie up yet. She usually slept in until 10am during summer break, and to be honest, I preferred to have a few cups of coffee in me before I would have to deal with her. As I sipped my coffee, I started to formulate a plan. By 9:30 I was ready to face her, and let her know that it was time for breakfast. Out of respect for her privacy, I lightly knocked twice before I walked in. The sight that greeted me made me mad but I took a second to calm myself before I confronted her. Julie was totally naked and sound asleep on top of her bedding. Her wet diaper had been torn off and thrown on the floor. I saw that she at least attempted to sleep on the changing pad but it apparently shifted and wouldn't have protected the bedding if she had wet herself. I still wanted to scream at her, but I knew that would be counter productive, and I didn't want to make the same mistakes that Mom did. I managed to roll her on her side without waking her, while getting the changing pad back under her. I gently rubbed her shoulder as I called her name, and she started to wake up. She burst into tears and just kept apologising, while I tried to comfort her. She knew she messed up, and she obviously remembered that I was standing right next to her when Mom specifically told her to have me put her in a diaper if there was any chance of her falling asleep. It really bothered me that she was so afraid by what happened, that I couldn't help but wonder how Mom dealt with her when I wasn't around. This could be a defining moment in our relationship if I handle it right. I spent a little time rocking her on my lap and assuring her that she wasn't in trouble. Eventually her tears slowed down.

I had already decided that it would be wise to put her back in a diaper, at least for the time being, so I made her bed, then spread out the pad and gathered her supplies.

" Realizing what was comming, Julie decided to speak up.

" Are you going diaper me, Courtney ? I'm awake now, so I don't need a diaper." Julie whined.

" I would really appreciate it if you would wear one for now, sweetie. You had a very stressful morning, I'm not sure how well you slept last night and I would prefer you didn't hide away in your room anymore. Come downstairs, I'll make you breakfast, if you want, than we can watch a movie together. It will be fun, and this way, if you fall asleep again, neither of us will have to worry.

" I will give you a chance to use the potty first, so hurry. "

" Did you remember to wash your hands ? Good Girl ! Hop up on the pad sweetie, and I'll get this overwith, quickly.

" Let me clean you up a bit before I powder your little tushy. Mom would have my butt if I let you get a diaper rash, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't appreciate it either !"

" Uh Oh, someone didn't do a very good job of wiping herself, but it doesn't matter, that's My job Now ! " I Smiled.

" Alright, time to lift that cute little bottom up so I can get this diaper centered . " I think we can skip the booster pad for now, Mom said that you tend to wet heavier at night, but that's only because you are in the same diaper for 12 hours, when you don't need to get up for school."

" I Think cloth diapers and plastic panties would actually be better for you at Bedtime. We both wore them when we were younger, but I'm not sure if you remember. Higher quality Disposable diapers like you are wearing now, are rather expensive. They would be better suited for long car trips or vacations where it would be akward to wash and dry cloth diapers. It's just a thought ! You don't need to worry. You would still look adorable in either one ! " I said while lightly pinching her cheek.

I'm sure she felt akward with me being so open about her potty habits, but she did smile, even though she remained quiet. Hopefully she did acknowledge that everything I said was the truth. I want her to realize that my acceptance of her problem, and willingness to talk about it, is my way of showing her that I really do care about her. I got a clean shirt from her drawer and handed it to her. Julie wasted no time heading to the kitchen and pouring herself a bowl of cereal. When she had finished, she rinsed her bowl and spoon in the sink, before placing them in the dishwasher. I took her hand and we headed to the living room.

When I pulled her onto my lap and quietly rocked her, she broke out in tears, again apologising for removing her diaper. I assured her that it was ancient history, and that I see no reason to ever speak of it again. She smiled as I told her how much I loved her and how I enjoyed this chance to care for her. I was pleasantly surprised when she kissed me on the cheek ! I asked her to select a movie from the list on the screen and she choose the Lion King. Julie stretched out on the sofa with her changing pad under her bottom and her head in my lap. I started to lightly stroke her forehead and cheek while she watched the movie. Never having seen the movie before, I was suprised to find myself glued to the screen. When I did look down to check on Julie, The poor girl was sound asleep with her thumb in her mouth. I realized that the incident this morning, had obviously stressed her out. After the movie finished I managed to slide out from under her, supporting her head with a pillow, than covered her with a quilt. I smiled as I stood there watching her sleep so peacefully, until my bladder reminded me of the two cups of coffee I had earlier. I laughed to myself when I thought how lucky Julie was, having a "just in case" diaper on her bottom ! I made a quick trip to the bathroom, then returned to my sister. When I saw that she was still asleep, and hadn't missed me, I decided to grab a snack and pour myself another coffee, before I got too comfortable on the sofa. I chose to leave the pillow under my sister's head. There was still plenty of room left for me, and it didn't appear that she would waking up, any time soon. I thought this would be the perfect chance to watch a movie I had been waiting to see. An hour and a half later, I was surprised when the credits rolled and a quick glance at Julie revealed that the poor girl was still, dead to the world. I hope she will trust my decisions in the future, because this is exactly why I wanted her to stayed diapered.

It was just after 1 o'clock and I needed to decide what to do for lunch. Pleased with the progress I was making with Julie, I thought I might surprise her with her favorite take out dinner. After all, Mom did leave us money for emergencies, and I believe that Thai take-out falls in that catagory ! I quietly placed the order by phone and went back to wait with my sister, for it to arrive. I wanted to quickly check Julie's diaper while she was still asleep. It has been nearly three hours, so I wasn't surprised to find the poor girl was wet. The pad was dry so I didn't see the need to wake her. Twenty minutes later, our dinner arrived. I saw the panic on Julie's face as she woke up to the sound of someone knocking, and the chime of the door bell. I was quick to put her at ease, before letting her know that the lunch I had ordered for us just arrived. I asked her to just stay down while I went to pay the the delivery driver. Julie remained under the covers until she heard the door close, and her nose detected the aroma of her favorite meal. I had to laugh when I saw two eyes and the top of a head peering over the back of the sofa ! I offered to change her before we ate, but she politely reminded me that the Thai food comes first ! She retrieved her pad from the couch and responsibly placed it over her seat at the table. I had to smile at how comfortable she was, parading around me, in just her T-shirt and diaper, a well soaked one at that ! At first I was worried. What girl Julie's age would be caught walking around the house, dressed as she was? But than again, these weren't normal circumstances. Since the age of twelve, my sister would be diapered immediately after dinner each night, by our Mother. Julie rarely chose to spend time with the family, and I now know that it had something to do with keeping her diapers exposed. She would usually just hide out in her room until she finally fell asleep. I would soon learn that I was the only one she was comfortable around to share her most intimate feelings with.

After dinner, Julie voluntarily helped me wash and dry what few dishes and utensils we had used. One of the benefits of take-out. I finally put her on the spot and asked.

"Sweetie, If diapers were meant to hold as much, as you have put in yours..... They would probably come with suspenders !"

I Teased, before suggesting that we go take care of that now.

" It's kinda comfy " she said. Then blushed, before quickly agreeing, that It probably should be changed."

I had to hug her. I saw her bravely trying not to cry and realized that she probably just shared more information with me, then she cared to. I grabbed her pad in one hand and her hand in the other, and led her back to her room. I sat down next to her and asked if she would listen to what I have to say. I didn't mean to embarrass you when you said that your diaper was comfy. If you can find a little bit of pleasure in this unfortunate problem you've had to deal with, I think that's perfectly fine. I let Julie know that I understand how socially and emotionally debilitating bedwetting can be for someone her age, especially because it isn't a topic that you can just casually discuss with friends.

"This is why I jumped at the chance to get involved with your care, Julie." Just between us, I have never really agreed with the way Mom has handled this. I have heard you try to ask her questions or let her know that something is bothering you, but she's never been there for support. She treats your bedwetting like it's a huge inconvenience to Her, instead of worrying about how it affects you. It's so important for everyone to have people that they can depend on, who will take the time to listen to what they have to say and not be judgemental. I am so pleased with how comfortable you and I have been with each other today, and it's only been a short time. That's why I have been pushing to get you to drop your guard when you are with me. I want you to be comfortable around me. You are my sister, my new Best friend, and my "little girl" who I care about. I want you to keep pushing that comfort zone. Your nighttime wetting, in reality, is such a tiny part of who you really are, Julie. Don't let it dictate your life. You now know you can talk to me about Anything. And if you trust me, I'll help you push some of those boundries, like we did today. This won't stop when mom and dad return, but we won't have the house to ourselves like we do right now. Speaking of that, why don't you join me in My bed tonight, it's roomier then your's ! "

" But what about my......

"Oh Hush ! " I cut my sister off. " Don't worry, Dad has a roll of plastic out in the garage. I can cut a square and slip it under the bottom sheet. It might be a bit noisy but it will protect the mattress. "

" Now, can I change that diaper you're wearing ? If It gets any wetter, I'll have to teach you how to swim !

Julie was laughing so hard her eyes were tearing ! It was so nice to see her happy. Prior to our parents starting their vacation, I seriously can't remember the last time I heard that girl, laugh.

Remembering that we came to Julie's room with the intention of changing her diaper, I decided on a different plan.

" Sweetie, I think it's best if you had a shower right now. You have been in that soggy diaper way too long for me to get you clean enough with just wipes.

Julie walked over, and looked up at me with those Beautiful, Big, Brown eyes, and asked.. "Can you give me a Bath instead, Courtney ?" My heart just Melted.

" Of Course I can princess. I'll give you one every night right before bedtime, it will help relax you. Of course, that's only until Mom and Dad get home ! Mom would have a conniption fit if she ever found out ! We both laughed at that "visual " !!

I gathered up a new diaper, a cute white sports bra, and clean socks, and headed towards the bathroom with my sister in tow. I couldn't help but smile as Julie stood there, watching everything I did. I heard her giggle as I ran the bath water, carefully checking the temperature and finally adding some bubbles. I got her undressed and checked her quickly for any signs of a rash. tossing a bath sponge in the tub, I asked her to try and go potty, before we got started with her bath, and she did. She got all giggly again when I praised her for that little accomplishment, than helped her into the tub. It's a rather big soaking tub and it took some fishing to locate the sponge. Apparently Julie thought it would be funny to sit on it the whole time I was searching ! I was starting to appreciate her humor, and absolutely loved that she was comfortable, dropping her guard around me ! She was off in her own little world as I methodically bathed her. I had her cover her eyes while I did her hair, than helped her to kneel up so I could clean her "diaper area." I started to drain the tub while I hosed the bubbles off her with the hand held shower. When the tub was nearly drained, I helped her to stand up so I could rinse her legs and feet. I wrapped her hair with a smaller towel, before helping her out of the tub, than used a beach towel to dry her body. Once she was dry, I was able to notice some redness and a few irritated patches. I decided to liberally apply desitin as a precaution. I used a glove to scoop a reasonable amount of the ointment on two fingers and began applying it while she stood in front of me, her hands covering her chest. Satisfied that I had taken care of her skin, I helped her down on to the waiting diaper.

"What about my bra, Courtney ? " She asked

" I'll take care of that, right after I get your diaper taped up. Ok ? "

Apparently it wasn't ok with her, as she started sobbing.

" What's the matter Julie, why are you upset ? " I asked.

"My boobs are showing" she said

" They've been showing during your whole bath, sweetie and what about earlier, in your room, when you were naked on your bed. Don't you remember ? "
" That's different, Courtney. Mom said it's ok to be naked while I'm showering or in the privacy of my own room, but not at any other time.

I decided to just slip my glove off and put her bra on her. I was fuming now, but Not at poor Julie. This was clearly another one of Mom's puritanical beliefs. ....Just one more issue i'll have to help my poor sister through. As soon as her bra was on, Julie thanked me and apologised for getting so upset. I Hugged her and told her she did absolutely nothing wrong, and that I would like us to finish this conversation down the road sometime.

" Right now, I see a cute little hiney in need of a diaper !" I teased.

The giggles that I heard assured me that Julie's world was back in harmony. This has been a trying day for me. I can't possibly imagine what it was like for my poor sister. When I think back on everything that happened, I'm grateful that it all ended well. With Julie excited about our little "sleepover" tonight, the rest of her day should go fine !

Checking my phone I saw a call from Mom and panicked. I didn't even consider the possibility of her calling out of concern. I's more likely she wasn't enjoying herself and was looking for a reason to cut their trip short. I needed to Talk to Julie quickly because if Mom doesn't like what she hears, they'll head home and Dad will be powerless to stop her. I called out to my sister and she came quickly. Mom tried to reach us and the call went to voicemail. We are going to have deal with this shortly, but I wanted to talk to you first. Do you miss them right now ?

" I haven't even thought about them, since I have been having so much fun with you ! "

" I appreciate that Hannah, I'm enjoying our time together too !

What I need to do is try to talk to Dad first and find out if Mom is trying to cut their vacation short.

" That sounds rather sneaky. " Courtney

" It is Hannah ! But are you ready to accept that our vacation could be over ?

" HELL NO ! " My sister answered, before quickly covering her mouth with both hands, like she was about to be punished for swearing. I hugged her and let her know that we shared the same sentiment !

I will find a way to have Dad work things out ! OK? This is the first time in years that Mom and Dad had a vacation without us and I think Mom might be nervous with us being alone.

" Courtney, why are we so different ? "

" Honestly, I don't think we are, Julie. I just feel that Mom took advantage of your bedwetting, as a way to hold you back in life, and to keep you dependant on her. She won't even teach you how to diaper yourself, and here you are, almost sixteen. We weren't born to be held back in life, just so that someone else can feel " needed." That's just wrong. I Love Both of my parents, but I started to rebel against Mom sooner then you did. Mom didn't have anything to hold over me. I think that was when she left me alone and worked on getting that hold on you. I want you to become a confident, independant young woman who isn't afraid to take some chances, try new things, build your confidence and self esteem. And if you occasionally want some "motherly attention" , then that's perfectly fine. We live our lives for ourselves, Julie. I don't want you to blame Mom, just understand that she has some flaws, and probably won't change how she is. I would like to talk to dad about this later, and see If I can continue to be involved in your care so that Mom has less control over you. I hope I didn't upset you with this. I just think it's time for dad to see that you are quite capable of managing your own responsibilities for yourself, even if your Mother refuses to see that. Once you get enough confidence to start speaking up for yourself, You'll see that we really aren't so different ! We have almost three weeks together, to work on your transformation !

I decided to call dad's phone, I could always tell Mom that I pressed the wrong speed dial key If she answered his phone. As luck would have it, I reached him. I learned that they were having a good time but that Mom missed us and just wanted to know we were doing ok. He said she was getting ready for dinner at the moment and he had time to talk with me. I briefly explained my plan to him regarding my sister and he agreed to do his best to make sure that Mom was enjoying her vacation. I promised to call mom once a week to reassure her that everyone was doing ok. Dad told me that this was a wonderful thing I was doing for my sister as he wanted to see her happier and more self sufficient. Dad informed me that Mom was asking who called and that it would help put her at ease, if I took a few minutes to talk to her, so I agreed. I put the phone on speakerphone so my sister could hear everything and answer all of Mom's stupid questions. I had to keep from laughing as my sister replied with the short whiney answers that mom would have expected from her ! Convinced that we were fine and that neither of us were having any fun, She cut the conversation short. My sister and I were laughing hysterically. You are quite the little actress Julie ! ....but I guess you had to be, to deal with Mom for as long as you have. I promise you that your life is about to get a lot Happier. Let's go relax and watch a movie, or talk, it can be your choice. We have a whole evening to have fun, before our sleepover !

"Can you pour me a soda, Courtney ? " I need to get a changing pad from my room. The one we had in the bathroom is in the hamper with my wet towel.

" Do you need a change, honey ? "

" No I'm dry, but I need to keep a pad under me whenever I'm not in my bedroom. Mom's Rules." I saw Courtney shake her head as she hugged me.

Courtney had the snacks and drinks ready, and was flipping through the channels, when I got there. We didn't find anything interesting on the regular programs, but there was a pretty good movie starting in about an hour, so we decided to just talk while we waited. Courtney asked if it would upset me to talk about my medical issue and I felt comfortable enough with my sister to know that it wouldn't. I know she only wants to help me and it would benefit me to help her in any way I could. Courtney knew that my bedwetting started just around the time I was turning twelve. She remembered Mom telling us both, that the doctor thought it might have something to do with the onset of puberty that I was going through, and to just give it some time. Instead of getting better, I found myself having accidents more frequently. Mom kept a huge calendar on my wall, and would watch each morning, as I marked that day's square, as WET. I remember a few times when Mom and Dad went away for the weekend, and we had a babysitter stay over. Mom had told her to put me in a diaper right after dinner but she would allow me to stay in my regular clothes and panties, so I could potty on my own whenever I needed to. At bedtime, she would remind me to use the toilet, before she diapered me for the night. I never woke up to a wet diaper, whenever she babysat us. After I mentioned this to Mom, we never saw that sitter again. After that, Mom and Dad didn't take any vacations without dragging us along. These trips were especially hard on me, because Mom took advantage of all the tours and day trips that were planned, as an excuse to keep me in diapers. Reminding her that I only had two daytime accidents since I was four, didn't matter at all, to Mom. I spent the whole vacation wearing a diaper under my clothes. I was even forced to use them, whenever Mom claimed that she couldn't find a bathroom / changing station that was up to her standards. I remember crying myself to sleep, most nights, wondering if I was going to lose my daytime bladder control, because of all the accidents she was forcing me to have. One night, the hotel we were staying at was holding a fireworks show, over the water, and Mom wanted to get a spot on the beach, to watch. I remember telling Mom that my stomach was upset, probably from something I ate at dinner. She went into her purse and broke off a piece of chocolate for me.

" Try this Julie, Chocolate usually helps to settle my stomach when I've had too much to eat. It's probably just gas."

Hoping that it would work, I quickly ate it. When the first fireworks started, I was feeling a bit better. My tummy continued to rumble a little but it wasn't hurting like it was, earlier. We were about 45 minutes into the hour long show, when I started to panic. This didn't feel like gas. I asked Mom for the key to the room but she didn't want me going by myself. Checking her watch she informed me that there was only 15 minutes left and it wasn't fair to make everyone else miss the best part. I tried asking again, and this time Dad heard me, and offered to take me. Mom unloaded on him, stating that I was just being petulant and that no one needs to miss the finale, since I'm wearing a diaper, specifically for this reason. I think Dad just assumed that I needed to pee, when he shrugged his shoulders and looked at me apologetically. I think it was the noise of a large mortar shell going off that caused me to loose control of my bowels. I helplessly cried as people around me wondered what happened. Dad was the first to console me, and the first to learn the nature of my accident, as people around us slowly backed away. I will never forget the way he tore into Mom, with everyone around to witness.

" You deliberately put her through this, knowing that she asked to go back to the room, earlier. Dad took both my hand, and my sister's hand and we headed back to our room. Don't come back to the room for at least an hour, I need to care for MY daughters."

I was amazed to see the people around us start clapping and telling me to Stay Strong. We checked out of the hotel the next day. With my sister curled up next to me, in the car, I mentally checked out for the whole ride home. Mom sat quietly by herself, the whole ride home. She obviously didn't want to talk to me or Dad, but Courtney snubbed her too ! It was tense at home for awhile, but Mom eventually sucked up and apologised. I rarely had to wear a daytime diaper after that, and was glad to see that I never had another daytime accident either. Nighttime was another story

I started to get suspicious, when I thought back to my parents earlier vacations, and the babysitter that my sister and I liked, and how I never woke up in a wet diaper when she watched us. Also, I was given the opportunity to use the toilet just before she got me ready for bed. I wanted Mom to try that but she said I have a schedule that I need to stick to, and just like that, the matter was dropped. My nightly wettings were getting worse, and I was starting to just hide away in my room after dinner. Eventually I was able to fall asleep rather quickly, only to find myself waking up around midnight. On many occasions, I would find myself still dry. Other times, I would wake up to find Mom standing in my room, in the middle of the night with a bowl in her hands. The explanation was always the same. I was wet and she needed to clean me up. Some nights I would still be dry when I woke up after sleeping for seven hours. I knew that if Mom waited until my 10pm summer bedtime, to diaper me,
I could wake up dry in the morning. She quickly shut down that idea too. Eventually Mom got caught. I woke up to her standing there with her bowl one night, and heard the same lame excuse. I may not have been totally awake, but she couldn't expect me to believe she had just changed me when I felt the cold wet diaper between my legs. I caught Mom in a lie. I had all the answers I needed a few nights later, when I pretended to be asleep. Finding that my diaper was still dry, I felt Mom place my hand in the warm water, as she waited for me to wet myself. I decided to just go ahead and get this overwith. Checking my diaper, Mom was quite pleased with the results. Unaware that I was listening, she even commented sarcastically, that it doesn't look like I'll be out of diapers, anytime soon. I wasn't about to call her on it. I had no one to talk to, you were only 10, Courtney, when this was happening. I couldn't even talk to Dad, out of fear that he would confront Mom, and that would just make things worse. It was safer for me just to go along with it. Eventually her midnight trips to my room with the bowl, stopped, once she discovered that my bladder continued to empty nightly, on it's own. Little did she know that I was the one wetting my diapers, on purpose each night, before she would arrive.

Taking a huge breath and enjoying the relief of finally sharing this with someone, I saw the tears pouring down my sisters face. My sister and I were both crying as we hugged each other. My sister felt awful for not helping more but I reminded her that there was nothing she could have done. She was just too young at the time. I told Courtney that I never told a soul before today, and that it's only because of these past two Special days we shared, that I felt safe enough to take this step forward. Courtney had a teacher this past year whose wife was a psychologist, and she agreed to talk to me after Courtney explained the urgency. After she heard everything that I told my sister and a few other details that I recently remembered, she knew this warranted action. They had someone approach my father, at the hotel, and he was informed of everything that had happened and agreed to help in any way he could. Mom was picked up and held at a mental health facility for a mandatory evaluation and Dad rushed home to be with us. He was fortunate enough to get a paid leave so that he could be with us and to take me to my counselling sessions and doctor visits. Courtney's new job was to help me with potty training. The doctors felt I would eventually overcome the damage, both physical and emotional, that my mother caused. Speaking of Mom, she was diagnosed as having Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and was court ordered to undergo many months of in-house treatment and long term outpatient counselling, once she was finally released. Dad had no problem filing for a divorce and a restraining order so that Courtney and I would never have to be reminded of this again. True to her word, My sister stood by me through everything and I'm stronger now than I ever was. Courtney showed me an easy way to diaper myself while standing. I would position the opened diaper behind me, center it on the small of my back, than lean against the wall to hold it in place. Pulling the front up between my legs, I would than fasten the tapes, starting with the bottom two. I still enjoy having Courtney do it for me, but this way If I wake up wet, during the night, or before my sister is up, I can easily change myself. With the start of school only one month away, Courtney had me use the potty, than diaper myself for bed at 10pm and waking at 6am, to shower. We found that I was waking to fewer wet diapers, now that I was sleeping for eight hours instead of my usual 12 or more, during school breaks. Some nights I would wake up thirsty or too hot too sleep, and I would use the potty and have a few sips of cold water. I always woke up dry on those mornings. Everyone was quite pleased with my progress. Dad understood that my nightly bath time was a bonding time that Courtney and I both needed. He also didn't care if I wanted to stretch out on the couch with my sister, in just a shirt and diaper and watch movies or nap. He understood the love/hate relationship I had with diapers. While I hated being kept in them by Mom, I also knew that while my bladder control was steadly improving, I wasn't at a point where I would feel comfortable enough to go without one yet. My counselling sessions and doctor appointments are still rather stressful times for me. I have on a few occassions found myself wetting the daytime diaper or training pants that my sister suggested I wear. Courtney is without doubt the closest I have to a mother figure.

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