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Stevie’s Story

Stevie hated to travel. He hated it because ever since he was a baby his father had insisted that whenever they went anywhere, by car, bus, train or plane; he and later his sister always had to be put into protection for the trip.


He’d tried when he was five to rebel against this unjust rule but, when he’d found himself bare arsed over his daddy’s knee and getting a sound spanking and afterwards still being made to wear diapers and plastic pants over his stinging bottom, he saw the error of arguing against an adult. Even now, though resentment coursed through his thirteen year-old body, he knew better than to defy his father. Just one look from his uncompromising face made sure that he did just as daddy said. His six year-old sister Eva never argued, she just did as she was told and put up with the bulky protection that accompanied them on any journey. His mother supervised and made sure they were both wearing the prescribed clothing for any trip as it was simply one of her husband’s golden rules. She understood why he was so insistent on this particular ‘rule’, she didn’t see it as anything but a sensible precaution so was more than happy to go along with his few quirks and foibles, after all, he was a wonderful, generous, loving husband and father.

Stevie’s daddy Thomas wasn’t a bad daddy. At forty he was at his peak; six foot two, clear complexion (he was often mistaken for a lot younger), a slim but solid figure of which any athlete would be proud, his brown hair cut short and on top of all that his business was doing well. In many ways he was perfect but it seemed that on this one issue, ‘kids travel’, he was a tyrant and unbending in his insistence on them being fully protected for the journey. It had been something he’d been made to adopt when he was a child, well up into his teens after which his parents announced he was old enough to be well aware of his own toilet needs. He himself had rebelled at the idea of wearing diapers on any journey but was often reduced to being seen as a ‘silly little boy’ when he’d arrive at the destination and realise that he was in fact soaked through; the protection doing its job and saving him from an embarrassing puddle. Indeed, the ‘puddle’ predicament had been what started this generational ruling for overly protective padding.


Steve’s granddaddy, Thomas’s father, had made it a rule after his six year-old ‘big boy’ son had fallen asleep and left a huge puddle on the car seat during a long drive. That damp patch was never really forgiven and to reinforce that memory, the young Thomas had to wear a diaper on any such future outings. It was only when he went off to college that the diapering stopped being insisted upon by his father. However, the long bus trip from home to college had consequences. During the journey Thomas had fallen asleep only to wake up to find he was severely wet. The embarrassment of the spreading damp patch and soaked seat meant there was nothing he could do to hide what had happened. However, at that moment he wished above anything else that he’d listened to his father and taken the precaution of a thick diaper “Just to be on the safe side”. He’d mocked his father’s advice, mocked the very idea of these days (or any other) needing any sort of protection at his age, yet now he was feeling the shame of wet pants and the folly of ridiculing his father’s wise suggestion. His fellow newbie’s to the college had noticed the very discernible damp patch and from that moment on Thomas garnered the nickname of “Peepants”, a sobriquet that followed him throughout his college years.

It didn’t help that the first and second night in the dorm he also wet the bed but managed to smuggle the evidence out before his roomie was aware. After that he wore protection every night until he was sure that no more accidents would occur. However, he wet often in those first few months and was glad he could hide the fact by being well protected on a night. He was very embarrassed about what had happened but decided that prevention was more instant than trying to find a cure and knew he’d be more self-conscious if he continued to wet and the nickname was to become engraved in stone. At least if they didn’t know what he did (or didn’t do) he could laugh off their jibes and pretend it had been a one-off experience. However, that embarrassment became such an imprint on his mind he didn’t ever want to be in such a shameful situation again. So deep was his anxiety for wetting in any situation it became an obsession so that when his own children came along they were paying for that fear and humiliation even though they didn’t know it.


Of course young Stevie knew nothing of this and simply resented having to wear such thick diapers. He’d only recently become a teenager so thought that like his peers, he should be allowed to do whatever he wanted. So far his cute looks and blond hair (from his mother’s side of the family) for some reason meant at school he could get away with almost anything, although at home his daddy would see through any deception and his big blue eyes were of no help. If he even looked like he was going to complain his father simply made him wear them for longer. Moaning and whining also produced the same penalty - the wearing of diapers and plastic pants throughout their stay - where ever that may be.

The only time the dress code was relaxed was if they went to the beach or to a pool and then bathing costumes were allowed. However, as soon as that finished, or if there had been any whingeing, it was back to re-diapering, in public if there was nowhere else to change. This punishment was available but rarely enforced because over the years both their children had learned the consequences of insubordination. Besides, they weren’t spoilt or naughty little brats constantly in need of chastising; they were, for the most part, well behaved children of which any parent would be proud. Normally, as soon as they reached their destination both were then allowed back into their usual underwear.

That was until Stevie got in to a quarrel about the fact that his diaper was too bulky and obvious and everyone knew what he was wearing. Not only did he argue with his mother about its size he shouted and swore at her for making him into a ‘sissy little baby’.

This reaction had happened because they’d stopped at a services station on their way to their seaside destination. There were only a couple more hours to go but as both Stevie and Eva had said they urgently needed the bathroom Thomas had pulled onto the forecourt and let them out. Stevie was old enough to be able to sort himself out, whereas Eva needed her mother’s help. Meanwhile, father went and bought a few snacks for the rest of the journey and filled the car up with fuel.

His mother was shocked at such an outburst. Although she wasn’t to know that it had been brought about by something another boy had taunted whilst Stevie was visiting the restroom. Although the reason for the protection was to contain any ‘accidents’ the children weren’t made to use them. If they could make it to the bathroom all the better, alas on this particular occasion his protection had been seen and ridiculed. The other boy, who was slightly older than Stevie laughed, pointed and couldn’t wait to tell his friends what he’d just seen. Stevie felt the humiliation grow as he struggled, after he’d peed successfully, to rearrange the obvious bulk in his shorts but as the boy sniggered contemptuously, unfortunately for Stevie that shame transformed into tears. The other boy couldn’t believe his luck and took great delight in teasing and calling him a “Sissy little baby who needed to go poo-poo in his little diapee”.


Alas, Stevie wasn’t equipped to deal with this verbal assault and simply wasn’t a match for such a self-confident bully so all he could do was cry and run from the vicious taunting. However, on his return to his mother, the torment had become too much, so had the exasperation of his situation so, with the bully’s words echoing in his head, he let loose a stream of anger towards her. His sister and mother both looked at Stevie in shock. Never had he used such words and never had he been so disrespectful to his mother, worse though was that his father overheard his vitriolic attack and decided to act there and then.

Not caring who was around his daddy grabbed him by the arm and without so much as a word of warning, pulled his son’s shorts and protection down and spanked him hard in public. Amongst others, the young bully and his friends witnessed the spectacle and although part of them felt sorry for the poor guy, another part thought it was what a diaper-wearing cry-baby deserved, they were just thankful they were not on the receiving end of the very hard thrashing.

Stevie’s little bottom glowed before his father stopped. Once he did he pulled up his sons diaper but wouldn’t let him have his shorts and told him to get in the car. The spectators, who had witnessed both the boy’s outburst and its consequences, were mumbling support and disgust in equal amounts at what had just happened then moved off and left the family to sort out their own domestic situation. Stevie, wearing only his diaper, sat in the car bawling his eyes out, his father, who had calmed down a bit was trying to appease his wife who thought that the punishment had gone too far. However, Thomas would have none of it and explained that if he didn’t nip such bad behaviour in the bud now, who knew where it could all end. He simply was not prepared to have a son who disrespected his parents, or anyone else for that matter, no, that type of behaviour would not be tolerated.


Stevie had made a bad situation worse and through his tear-stained eyes understood he’d done wrong attacking his mother in front of everybody. However, he thought his father’s response had been very cruel. There was a mixture of feelings running through his body, defiance and sorrow, but it was sorrow that was winning because his bottom stung as he sat trying desperately not to wriggle about in the diaper. Strangely enough, as he did, it was offering some sort of comfort but he just couldn’t stop crying at what he thought had been a gross injustice. Unfortunately for Stevie his timing could not have been worse. They had not been far from their destination and his mother was just about to relieve him and his sister of their diapers in preparation to the start of what was expected to be an enjoyable vacation. Alas, Stevie watched as his sister was changed out of her protection and put into her sweet flowery nylon panties, and all he could do was sit there dressed solely in his diaper feeling angry, humiliated, sore and hard done by.

Dejected and humiliated his tears started again as they drove off whilst his constant bleating to his parents that it wasn’t fair that his sister was allowed out of her protection while he, her older brother, had to stay in his, made it more or less certain he would be wearing a diaper for the rest of their trip. His father warned him that if there was any further complaining not only would he be wearing diapers for the rest of the holiday, that’s all he’d be wearing. This news set him off on another round of tears but this time he didn’t voice his distress he just blubbed to himself and tried to hide away from the rest of the family.


That’s difficult when you’re sat in the rear seat of a family car. Eva was sitting next to him proudly wearing her grown-up panties under her dress and she kept looking across at her brother as he struggled to feel comfortable in just his diaper. She tried her best to get her brother to join in a game, or read her a story but he sat grumpily, arms folded and seething. Like the rest of the family Eva was pretty and cute. Indeed when out together the entire family looked like they’d just stepped off the cover of some fashion magazine. Even when they dressed casually they looked the part of models ready to go about their posing and little Eva just set the family package off to a T with her curly blond hair, pixie-like looks and sweet demeanour.

However, at that moment at least one of the models was not happy: Stevie didn’t even have plastic pants to try and hide the soft mass that was, despite his anger and frustration, keeping him snug and his bottom away from the firm seat adding to his pain. For a second he plotted some kind of revenge. He thought he’d teach his father a lesson and wet himself on purpose… thus soaking the seat. Well, that was the way his mind was thinking. Sadly, that little scheme wouldn’t work even if he’d had the guts to try it as he’d just emptied his bladder at the gas station. So, even if he could force something out, it would hardly have dampened his diaper never mind leave a mess. He was thwarted and sat squirming around, this action comforted and settled him down, which soon saw him dozing quietly for the remainder of the journey.


When they arrived at the hotel Stevie was in for another surprise, he had wet himself. He wasn’t soaked through but he was undoubtedly wet and that inhibited him from getting out of the car. He was worried what his father would say, he was worried that others would see his drooping diaper and he was totally embarrassed that his father had been correct about him wearing a diaper to avert this type of accident. He simply didn’t want to get out of the car but the threat of another public spanking made him swallow any pride he had and follow the rest of the family into the hotel lobby. His mother had promised that she’d change him as soon as they got to their room but until then, he’d simply have to make do. He dare not look at any of the other vacationers who were milling around the huge hotel foyer. To Stevie there seemed to be hundreds of people, kids and adults, all looking at him and his very droopy diaper. He tried to hide behind his case but, as it was on wheels and too heavy to carry, he had to drag behind him. This offered too good an opportunity to some of the kids who noticed and were noisily indicating the fact to others while laughing at the new arrival.

It looked quite bizarre as they booked in and got the key to their room that the little girl was dressed normally but her older brother appeared to be the baby of the family. I’m sure many of the children who witnessed this spectacle had made up their own minds but the adults would have known that the boy in diapers was being punished for some reason. It was true that a few of the parents wondered how effective such a punishment might be and wanted to talk to Stevie’s parents to find out; no doubt thinking that they might use it on their own unruly kids. Little did the boys that were hooting with derision at Stevie know that their own day of reckoning was not that far off.


To be continued…


Part 2

Up in their room Stevie was subjected to a long lecture from his father who, whilst changing him insisting that he would, for the foreseeable future, wear only his diaper as punishment for the wicked abuse towards his mother. Once he was all clean and wrapped in a new disposable he hugged his son, told him how much he loved him but would not put up with such ‘feral’ conduct.

Stevie realised he’d been in the wrong and had his eyes cast to the floor all the way through his father’s speech, he knew there was no point in trying to reason or argue because he’d brought this on himself. He also knew that if he just went along with it, the sooner it was started then the sooner he hoped the punishment would be over. After all, they were going to be at the hotel for two weeks and he desperately didn’t want to remain in diapers for that entire time.


Their room was huge. Well it was three rooms really, a living area and a large double bedroom for mum and dad, which, separated by a bathroom, led through to a smaller bedroom with two single beds for Stevie and Eva. Not only that but they had a fantastic balcony which overlooked the pool and the beach could be seen between the palm trees. The view cheered everyone up, even Stevie’s spirits rose as they unpacked a couple of towels and headed down to the pool. Unfortunately, Thomas had told Stevie that there would be no swimming for him as he was still being punished, but the rest of the family were dressed for fun. Meanwhile, with a resigned sigh, his mother slipped a pair of see-thru plastic pants over his diaper as water-proofing and then led her brood down to the poolside.

Thomas was teaching his daughter to swim and Stevie sat with his mother on a sun-lounger embarrassed but knew there was nothing he could do about it. He became a focal point for some kids of all ages who passed by, some made it obvious they were staring at him, whilst others giggled and commented on the ‘big baby’. His mother rubbed suntan lotion into his back so that he could just lie out and pretend to be asleep. However, he heard every comment that was made and his plastic covered diapered bottom attracted attention from kids and parents alike. Stevie knew this was going to be a very long holiday if he couldn’t get his father to change the punishment, or at least give him his shorts back, and resolved to do something he’d never done before, sincerely apologise.

In the past he’d apologised for his behaviour only when he had no choice, and often through tears, but this time he decided, he would talk to his father, mother and sister when he wasn’t under any such obligation, admit his faults and failings, agree that the punishment was just but hoped he would be forgiven. This was a bold move on his part and showed a remarkable amount of maturity to come up with such a plan.


So, just before he and Eva were being put to bed (when he was in diapers he had to go at the same time as his six year-old sister) and dressed in his ultra-thick night time protection, he begged for forgiveness, admitted those failings and promised that he would be no further trouble for the rest of their vacation. Both his parents smiled at this admission and in truth were quite impressed by his action. However, they weren’t so easily persuaded and the punishment would continue, for the time being at least. He kissed his parents goodnight and, once they’d patted his bulky little padded bottom, he slowly waddled off to bed. He knew he could do no more but hoped that they would discuss what he’d said and somehow come up with a different plan than diapers. However, the strange thing was, now he had to wear them he actually didn’t mind. They were very embarrassing when out and about in the daytime but now in bed there was something comforting, protecting and pleasurable about having that much soft fabric surrounding his genitals. He fell asleep gently stroking the bundle beneath his plastic pants.


Stevie woke up and saw that Eva was already playing with her doll on her bed. He couldn’t hear if his parents were up so lay there wondering if they’d thought over his little speech and, more to the point, had it made any difference? Meanwhile, the curtains in the room looked like they were keeping out a wonderful day so he got up to pull them back, it was then he realised he’d done something he hadn’t done for many years, he’d really wet himself during his sleep.

The disaster had only become apparent once he’d moved but now he was up he could see the full horror of his nocturnal mishap. The disposable was soaked and his plastic pants had expanded with the amount of pee let loose. Eva, dressed in her little princess nightie, was wondering why her brother should be walking in such a strange way. His waddle and self-disgust was emphasised even more when his mother entered the bedroom and he just stood there on the verge of tears unable to think of an excuse.


Although surprised, his mother hugged her son, told him not to worry as accidents happen and that she’d sort him out once she had Eva dressed. In fact it only took a few minutes to get Eva ready as they had planned a day on the beach so all she needed was to be out of her nightie, a quick wash and into her princess bathing costume. She ran into the living room to ask her daddy if Princess Chloe (her doll) could go to the beach with them.

For now, a mortified Stevie sobbed in complete and utter devastation. Any high ground he thought he might have gained drooped along with his diaper as his mother gently eased her son from his night time calamity. He, desperate to hold back the tears, just let his mother get on with what she had to do, there was absolutely no point in trying to defend his grown-up status, as the soggy mess flopped to the bathroom floor. To make matters worse, his father came in to help. It was the last thing Stevie needed but his dad had said that Eva needed help with something that only mother could sort out so they changed places. Stevie was desperately trying to hold back the grief he felt but was unsuccessful. Meanwhile his father turned on the shower, soaped his boy up and gave him a thorough wash. Once dry Stevie had hoped that his humiliation would have been enough for him to resume normal clothes, especially the neat baggy, though trendy, shorts he’d recently been bought.


Alas, he saw that is father was unfurling a disposable and sighed as the lotion and powder were applied before he was snuggly fitted with his daywear.

Thinking of his own ‘accident’ prone days his father said, “You are not being punished for having an accident last night, it can happen to anyone.” He didn’t explain any further but his mind was churning with thoughts of those past wet mornings. “But you are still responsible for what you said to your mother at the gas station.”

Stevie nodded, there was little else he could do.

“So, that punishment remains but your mother and I have taken on-board what you said last night and we admire your honesty and your admission…”

Quiet though it might have been Stevie found his voice, “Yes dad, I’m really, really sorry.”

His father hugged him but he was determined his son must face the consequences of his action, and he knew the penalty for such behaviour.

“For the time being at least you will wear only your diaper and plastic pants around the hotel.” He looked Stevie steely in the eye, “You’ll be on the best behaviour you have ever been and you will be responsible for looking after Eva and making sure she has a wonderful time on this vacation. Are we clear?”

He had no option, “Yes dad, sorry dad but please, please can I have my shorts back…” he begged, “even those really short ones I...”

“Not this time Stevie. You need to learn and this will be a constant reminder. However, your diaper will be this…” and he unfurled a rather slim looking thing, “and you’ll wear these over the top.”

Again he produced from seemingly nowhere a pair of pale blue studded plastic pants that held it all together tightly.

“Once you are fastened into these, they will just look like shiny shorts but there will be less bulk than usual.”

At least it was an improvement and as he looked in the mirror he saw that the look wasn’t as bad as wearing just a thick diaper.

“However, and this isn’t up for argument, night times you’ll be wearing protection.”

He saw his son heave a sigh.

“I can’t let you possibly wet the hotels bed and until we’re sure you can be dry for a few days at least, that’s what you’ll be wearing.”

Stevie wasn’t happy but he was happier than he thought he’d be. He desperately wanted his shorts back but, as that wasn’t going to happen, what he had to wear was the lesser evil. He could cope with night time diapers but he wanted out of his daytime protection as soon as possible so he agreed and thanked his father for being so understanding.


After breakfast, in the hotel restaurant where his latest diaperwear hardly caused any reaction, Stevie was given the task of looking after Eva who had decided she wanted to go to the hotel’s well equipped children’s play area. At least he’d be away from the older boys and girls who had ridiculed him the previous day and he thought he’d probably get very little trouble from toddlers and their parents. He was correct, his shiny protection once again hardly raising an eyebrow. In fact, if anything, he was greeted with smiles from the parents and tiny groping hands wanting to feel his diaper from the toddlers, neither of which gave him any problems. When kids asked why he was wearing protection he just said he needed it because he still wet occasionally. Apparently, telling the truth to youngsters wasn’t a problem as they accepted what he said and got on with their own fun and games.

Playing with Eva and a bunch of her newly made friends was proving to be fun and he soon forgot about his diapers and happily engaged in all their games. Although he was way too young to sit and watch like their parents and too old to play on certain pieces of apparatus he was very attentive to Eva. However, where he could he’d immerse himself in their childish games, much to the approval and admiration of the watching mums and dads. Stevie didn’t know it but each parent was judging their own children’s behaviour against his and he was coming out as some kind of angel. His patience and understanding with the youngsters had each parent wishing their teenagers were like Stevie. Those parents let their thoughts wander, if they put their self-important, unthinking child back in diapers, perhaps they could get a nice, thoughtful son or daughter back? It was a possibility Stevie had set in motion; a change in relationships between some families that he just could not have foreseen.


As he was on his way back to meet up with his parents, holding Eva’s hand and guiding her through the masses of people, a group of older teenagers ambushed Stevie and jeering, pushed him into the pool. His father had forbidden him to do anything other than look after his sister but this was not something he had any control over. The group of older kids stood at the poolside tormenting and mocking Stevie, calling him baby names and generally trying to ridicule him. Stevie was only pleased that Eva hadn’t been pushed in with him but he could see she was scared and crying because of this abusive group of young thugs. Every time he tried to get out the eldest one of the gang, a ginger-haired ruffian called Alex, kept up a verbal assault while pushing him back into the pool. The taunting didn’t last for too long as one of the parents from the children’s play area, a young fit man in his twenties, collared the ringleader and made him apologise. Alex thought he was on safe ground to tell the young parent where to go but his attitude soon changed when he saw his father, a hulk of a man himself, bearing down on him. He assumed his dad would be on his side but to the satisfaction of everyone but the boy, his father grabbed him, made him apologise to Stevie and help him out of the water. Stevie’s disposable had soaked up half the pool so it was no longer a hardly noticeable diaper as the plastic pants had ballooned out trying to contain the thing.

Stevie stood at the side of the pool trying to console his sister and managed to get her smiling again when he made a joke about how huge his diaper had become. Alex’s father asked where Stevie and Eva’s parents were and followed them to explain and apologise for his son’s behaviour. Alex was not happy about this turn of events but his father made him explain why he thought he was allowed to make fun of Stevie. Alex mumbled something about him looking like a little baby but his father merely asked if he felt that it was OK to abuse a baby. Alex looked mighty guilty and said “No” in perhaps the quietest voice he’d used in many years.


His father asked Thomas if he was going to change Stevie out of his wet diaper and if he was, would it be OK, if they had any spare, for him to diaper his son at the same time. Alex looked dumbfounded at such a suggestion but at the threat of a severe beating, and the prospect of still having to wear a diaper, Alex didn’t voice too much opposition. Perhaps that was partly due to the fact that he’d been a menace the entire vacation and was constantly bullying other children. His father had warned him time and time again but with no improvement in his conduct. He saw this as an opportunity to put an end to his son’s anti-social activities once and for all and this seemed a good way to emphasise the point. If he thought it was OK to pick on others who dressed differently then he would dress the same and see how he liked it. Obviously, Alex had been spanked by his father in the past and was not wishing to relive the experience. So, cowed in front of his friends, Alex followed Stevie up to their room to be changed.

Ten minutes later and Stevie was back at the side of the pool wearing his thin disposable and blue plastic pants. Alex was wearing one of his victim’s very thick night time diapers and nothing else. His father had made the condition for him getting his pants back – “When he stopped behaving like a spoilt brat and acted responsibly”. Alex was very sullen as he sat by the side of his parents blushing at every man, woman and child who suddenly found it interesting to walk by and gawp at this bully’s comeuppance.


On seeing Alex’s treatment at the hands of his father there was a sudden improvement in quite a few of the other teen’s behaviour. In fact, the shop in the hotel sold out of various sized diapers (they only carried a limited number of packs) as parents equipped themselves for if and when their kids acted up. Over the next couple of days it wasn’t just Stevie or Alex who found they were wearing nothing but diapers in public. A few other boys and girls, both teens and pre-teens, appeared a little shaken and submissive as they were paraded similarly attired. One girl was made to suck on a pacifier all the time and the general, youthful exuberance you’d expect from a hotel full of noisy kids was kept to a tolerable level. Parents, it appeared, had taken back control and would no longer put up with any appalling manners from their offspring.


Two days later and Stevie was wearing normal underwear under his fabulous new baggie shorts. It would have been so easy for him to get his own back on those who had ridiculed him but who were now themselves reduced to just diapers but he wasn’t that stupid. He knew that if he misbehaved that he would quickly find himself back to being treated as a naughty kid again and that involved diapers and plastic pants. However, he had, despite a couple of dry nights, volunteered to be diapered for bed. Of course he hadn’t admitted it to his parents but he liked how he felt when he went to bed all snuggly protected.

Although he had liked it when his mother or father had changed him he thought he’d be ‘grown up’ and offered to diaper himself on a night. His parents agreed and the family had a fantastic vacation, possibly the best they’d ever had. With Stevie taking responsibility for Eva it gave his parents more time to themselves and as a consequence, he was constantly receiving praise from other parents because of the way he interacted with the young kids. However, barely concealed beneath the positive remarks were the thanks he got for showing them the benefits of diapering their unruly kids.

Once back home Stevie continued with his self-diapering on a night. Neither of his parents objected to this little quirk. After all, his father would say to his wife, “We all have our own little idiosyncrasies”.

By Les Lea



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