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 I had a stressful day at work that day and all I wanted to do was get home and spend my quality time with my special little one, she truly is the light of my life and my one and only. As I walk in the house and see her laying on the floor coloring I am filled with an overabundance of pride.  She turns her head as I open the door and with her squeal of happiness at seeing me, she runs up and jumps in my arms "Daddy you're home" she says. I smile at her and look into those big beautiful eyes and see that smile spread across her face "I am baby girl and you just made my day 1000% better".  I looked down at her and noticed the yellow spot on the front of her diaper  and asked " would you like daddy to get you out of that wet diaper"? "Yes please" was the excited response I received.  OK then follow me to the bedroom.  

 I led her to the bedroom and lay her down on the bed while I got the changing supplies and a clean diaper. I proceeded to unfasten the tapes on either side of her now soaking wet diaper and as I did so I asked her about her day.  "I didn't have a good day at work daddy" she said.  "Why was that sweetheart? "  "I had so much to do at work and every time I tried to do it I had to stop and help out one of the people who works for me and she should know how to do all of it already, but she keeps having to ask me all these questions."  As she spoke I cleaned her off wiping slowly around her bottom.  "Well baby girl that is what happens when you are the boss"  I told her.  "I know daddy but it's annoying and I had so much to do'' she said.  I looked at her diaper area and said " it looks like you need to shave a litte. Would you like daddy to help you with that before we get you in a dry diaper"?  "OK daddy".  I went and got her razor and some lotion from the shower.  "OK sweetheart don't move so daddy can do a good job".  I gently rubbed the lotion all over her fuzzy vagina and listened to the soft moans as I did so.  I then grabbed the razor and carefully shaved her bald. I noticed as I did so she was getting wetter so I asked her'' do you like when daddy helps you shave"?  I got a very enthusiastic "Yes daddy, I do". Once I was done cleaning off the loose hair and excess lotion I leaned down and kissed her on her soft and rapidly growing clit.  I then proceeded to kick around her freshly shaved vagina, the whole time listening to her moan.  Next I slipped one finger and then another finger inside her hot wet pussy and slowly proceed to stroke them in and out searching for that one spot that would make her squeal with pleasure.  As I did so I reached under her shirt to find her swollen nipple and rub then a little bit.  I listened to her moan and felt her body respond to my touch. "Are you enjoying this special attention baby girl"?  "Yes daddy I am" she replied between her moans of pleasure.  My fingers found her g spot and when I hit it she squealed in a way that confirmed what her words told me.  I started stroking her faster and soon she was squirming and moaning loudly, I could tell she was close.  Next thing I knew she was writhing with pleasure and she was squirming her fluids all over my hand.  As I finished I asked " did that make your day a little better"? "Yes daddy it did thank you".   I smiled and said " Good now let's get you cleaned up again and get a diaper back on you and I will go make dinner for us".

After getting my little one back in a diaper, I grabbed her pacifier, put it in her mouth, and we headed out to the living room again. I ask her what she wanted to watch while I made dinner and she said, in her most adorable voice " Daddy can I watch my care bear movie, the one where they are all in diapers too?" I popped it in and got it going for her.  She was watching her movie while I made one of her favorite dinners, spaghetti and meatballs in my special homemade sauce.  While I was cooking I peeked my head around the corner to check on my baby girl and saw her watching her movie sucking on her pacifier with the biggest grin imaginable,  it made me feel good inside to know she was happy after having a tough day at work and it made me feel even better that I had her in my life and I could make her feel special.

Dinner was ready pretty quick and I was setting the table when she walked in and looked at me with her big smile and said "Daddy I need my diaper changed again".  I reached down and checked her diaper and decided that a change could wait till after dinner so I told her to hop in the highchair so we could eat.  I put her food in front of her as well as her sippy cup and got my plate ready.  We sat and talked about our days and some plans we had for the weekend,  the whole time I was watching her eat her food and being messy about it.  It made it an easy decision to give her a bath after dinner, she always gets so messy when we have spaghetti.  With dinner over I ran into the bathroom and started a bath for her with bubbles and a few of her favorite toys.

I cleaned up the table while the bath water ran and told my baby girl to go ahead and wait in the bathroom for me and that I would be in there in a minute to get her in the tub.  When I walked into the bathroom I could tell it was time to get her out of her very wet diaper, which she had managed to flood while she waited for me.  "OK baby girl let's get you out of that wet diaper and into a nice warm bath" I said.  I took her shirt and bra off to reveal what I think are some rather lovely breasts and then I took off her wet diaper, which landed on the floor with a wet thud.  After helping her into the tub I rolled up the diaper and tossed it in the trash, then picked up her clothes and threw them in the hamper.  She was busy playing with her toys and having such a  great time that I almost felt bad about stopping her so we could get her all cleaned up, but sometimes daddy has to be the bad guy and do what's best.  I scrubbed her body and face slowly because I know how much she likes it when I wash her and paid some extra special attention to the areas below the water,  listening to her moan as I washed around her clit.  Next I washed her hair and told her to lean her back so she wouldn't get shampoo in her eyes.  I let her play a little longer then decided it was time to get her out of the tub.  When I pulled the plug and the water started to drain she stood up and I grabbed the shower head to rinse off any soap that was left.  While I was cleaning off the soap I let the water hit her clit so I could hear that moan again and she decided to play a little more when I was doing it.  So I left the shower head where it was and watched as my little girl explored the big girl parts of her body, I thought it was a good show.  Soon she was squirming and rubbing harder and brought herself to another awesome climax.  With the bath done and my baby girl looking spent, I thought the rest of our evening would be best served by some couch cuddles and the rest of her movie.

After drying her off and taking her into the bedroom we decided on one of her teddy bear diapers and her tinkerbell pajama top.  As she lay on the bed I told her to lift her butt and I slipped the dry diaper under her then I gave a quick kiss to her clit and was rewarded with one of her , oh so cute little moans and "daddy!!!".  I looked at her and said'' not right now baby girl we need to get you ready for bed".  I got one of those little pouty faces that says but why daddy.  I quickly sprinkle some powder on her, rubbed it in and taped up her diaper.  We then headed out to the living room to finish her movie. 

Once we got back to the living room I started her movie and told her to sit on the couch and I would be back shortly.  In the kitchen I quickly grabbed a bottle and made her some of her favorite sleepy time tea.  With this done I headed back into the living room and sat on the couch and watched as she crawled into my lap.  We sat there for about and hour cuddling with me feeding her bottle just enjoying our time together.  We watched the movie and laughed and I held her. when the movie ended I looked down and noticed she was almost asleep and decided it was bedtime, so we got up and I told her to head to the bedroom and wait for me.  She walked out of the room while I turned everything off, then followed after her. 

When we were both in the bedroom I decided another diaper change was in order before bed.  I grabbed one of her thick overnight diapers and the changing supplies as she hopped up on the bed.  I untapped yet another wet diaper and started to clean her up with the wipes this time though I decided not to play.  As I was changing her she yawned the cutest yawn I have ever heard and I knew it was time for bed.  So with a little powder and some quick taping I had her all ready for bed.  I looked at her and said " tummy full, diaper dry, night night". She just smiled.  I got her in bed and under the blankets and went to get myself ready for bed, when I got back she was laying there sucking on her thumb waiting for me. I turned out the lights and crawled into bed next to her and held her.  The entire time all I could think about was how lucky she made me feel everyday and how much I really did love this baby girl I had managed to find.  We laid there together and as I was drifting off to sleep I heard " Daddy can I have another bottle? ".  To which I replied "not right now baby girl, if you do then your diaper will be really wet in the morning and I don't want it leak" , nothing worse then having to change wet sheets in the morning before work.  "Not that bottle Daddy, I want my special bottle" next thing I know my baby girl disappeared under the blanket.  The next thing I hear is "oh daddy" "Yes baby girl""can I be the mommy tomorrow?" :-D!!!

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