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Situation Wanted 


That is what the heading on the little box where those who had no skills or were desperate enough to take anything as a job to keep them off the street.

Young single pregnant woman.

I am due to give birth soon and, I have.

No place to live.  Ideally, I would like to

Be a live- in maid, nanny or housekeeper.

Call Martha   555-787-1950

I was recently divorced and had a fantasy for a long while. Did I dare ask her? Would she laugh at me? or even more, sue me? Let me sleep on it. I left the newspaper there on my desk. The add circled in red.


Coffee cup in hand, I went back to my desk sipped the coffee and reread the add. Then I dialed.


“Hi Martha. My name is Robert, and I just saw you’re add. Could you come over this afternoon for an interview. We can discuss salary and see if this is a good fit.”

“When would you like me to come?”

“I am due in about 3 weeks.”

“This afternoon would be good, besides if you take the job, I’ll have to furnish a nursery at least.”  

Shortly after lunch the doorbell rang. I answered. I introduced myself to the attractive, very pregnant brunette and ushered her in.

“Hello Martha, welcome to my home. Let’s talk about your duties and salary requirements.”

Martha explained her situation. I chose my words carefully.  Then I explained what I had in mind.

“It has long been a fantasy of mine to be treated and kept as a baby for a period of time.  I would  like you to move in with your baby after delivery. I wish to be treated exactly like your baby while you are under my employ.”

We discussed money then came to an agreement.  Mommy Martha told me what I was going to be treated like.

“Baby Bobby, yes Bobby no grownup names.

“No talking. Babies don’t talk.”

“Your diet and activities will be the same as my baby.  So first few months no solids then add foods as we do to any other infant. I will have a special  laxative added to your food, so that you will not know or get any warning just like a real baby you will just wet and poop.”

“you wont even be capable of toilet training for about 18 months”

“If this is what you want then we can start getting the nursery ready. We will need.

2 cribs

2 changing tables

2 highchairs

2 playpens

2 of everything needed for a baby



Plastic pants

Formula dummies

Adult, and baby baby clothes since I don’t mind anyone seeing my baby dressed as such.

Baby wipes


And anything else a baby might need.”

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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