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A Sticky Situation 2: Babysitter Boogaloo


Hannah had to travel away for a week for work and so wanted to find someone who could be there to look after her baby. Finding the right someone was always going to be a challenge, considering her baby was 5’10 and in his 30’s.


As such, it took Hannah a long time to find someone that she could trust to look after James, and even longer to find someone that James didn’t kick up a fuss about looking after him.


After trying placing a few wanted adverts on an adult social media site, they quickly realised that that option wasn’t going to work. It also led to Hannah having to block a surprising number of people who started sending her unsolicited messages, asking her to be their Mummy as well/instead. The way they spoke to her, like she was an object, boggled James’s mind, and even more so to find that Hannah was depressingly used to the way men would often try speaking her, both online and in person.


Hannah switched approach, quietly starting to ask a few of the friends that they had made in the local kink scene. James was still super shy about wearing nappies, even in spite of the fact that he had attended ageplay events wearing them a few times by now. His fear of public exposure in them ironically once ended up leading to a huge leak, when he refused to allow Hannah to change him despite it clearly being a necessity. She remained confused to this day how he considered a leak less exposing.


Most of the people she reached out to had been busy when Hannah asked them. Hannah had almost given up, when at last one of their friends responded and was welcoming of the idea of an escape from her home for a bit of a ‘working holiday’.


So it was that James, who wasn't expecting any company, was surprised to hear the doorbell ringing one night. Especially as he had already got changed into his usual post-work attire: a thick nappy and a particularly childish pair of pyjamas. Hannah was upstairs getting changed out of her work clothes herself so wasn’t able to get the door.


“Can you get that please baby?” She shouted down to him.


The colour drained from his face. There was something about her tone that had made him think twice about asking her to do it. He walked towards the door as if fighting his way there against an opposing magnetic force, each step slow and hesitant. Cautiously, he looked through the peep-hole to try to assess the risk. They hadn’t decided on dinner yet and he was sure it was too late to be a package, so he was fairly certain it wasn’t going to be a delivery of any kind.


He prayed to whoever was listening as he squinted one eye to look through the door, hoping against hope that it wasn’t a neighbour. He saw a familiar face come into focus, instantly feeling less threat from the fact it was someone he recognised, his heart rate began to steady although the colour had not yet returned.


He reached for the latch and slowly opened the door. Hiding himself behind it as he did so, to avoid being seen by anyone outside.


A medium-framed woman, passed through the opened door.


"Hello?" She said confused, before she spotted James hiding behind the door. Beaming a large grin at him, she entered the house. Her smile was infectious and he shyly smiled back at her, closing the door as he did so.


“Hi Baby!” She held out her arms for a hug, looking him up and down as he approached her “You look so cute!”


"Hi Lauren,” he mumbled into her shoulder as she squeezed him tightly, “Hannah didn’t mention you would be coming over.”


She gave him an extra squish before letting go.


“Are you going to be the babysitter?" He asked in a shy voice that was aimed more at the floor than Lauren.


"No, I think I must have the wrong house." She exclaimed mockingly, “I’m here to see my friends Hannah and James and all I see here is a silly little baby letting in people without his Mummy’s permission.” She turned and started to make a pantomime of opening the door again.


He gave an impatient sigh, holding out his hand against the door to stop her.


Hannah appeared at the top of the stairs. "What’s all this?" She asked, pausing as she descended. When neither of them answered, she continued down the stairs.


“Hey Lauren, thank you so much for coming over.” Hannah said when she finally reached to doorway, grabbing Lauren into a hug as she did so. Lauren smelt like a mix of sweet perfume and coffee, and Hannah happily breathed in the scent of her.


As they broke off their hug, Lauren kicked off her shoes into the disorganised pile by the door before Hannah led them all through to the lounge. Lauren was having a good nosy about as they went, as this was the first time she had visited their home since Hannah had started redecorating it.


"Is she going to be the babysitter?" He asked again, this time aiming the question at Hannah, knowing the answer but not able to move on from the thought until he had a concrete answer. Stopping in the doorway, causing the pair to stop and turn back to him.


"Yes, yes I am." Lauren reached out her hand. He took it meekly, blushing as he followed her into the lounge. She guided him to sit on the sofa next to her.


Hannah started talking through the plans for the week with her, largely leaving James out of the conversation, despite his occasional attempt to join in. It made him feel very small and frustrated. As their conversation continued he started to get fidgety and tried to butt into things more and more.


Lauren glanced around and spotted a pair of toy dinosaurs discarded beside her, one of which she was pretty sure was a diplodocus. Picking them up, along with a cushion which she placed it on the floor between her legs.


“Come sit here Jamie baby,” she cooed, patting the cushion.


James glanced towards his Mummy and she nodded firmly with an encouraging smile. He slipped his bottom off the sofa, and sat down between Lauren’s legs, cheeks flushing to a bright red. Lauren lowered down the dinosaurs over his head, making little roars and fighting with them. She struggled not to giggle as she made the sounds. James found a third dinosaur that had fallen off the sofa onto the floor and joined in.


The skill with which Lauren kept playing with him while holding a separate conversation with Hannah was impressive. However, James’s dinosaur seemed to get conveniently loud every time he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention. The only phrases he really couldn’t ignore while trying to put his focus away from the conversation and avoid trouble were “let’s do a test run this weekend,”, “I’m happy doing nappy changes,” and most worryingly of all “full permission to punish him however you like”.


Once they were done making their plans for the weekend, eating a light meal that they just shoved in the oven and eaten around their conversations, it was nearly time for James’s bedtime.


“Can I tuck him in,” Lauren asked, “maybe read him a bedtime story?”


“Of course you can.” Hannah smiled at the suggestion.


James’s ears pricked up at that. He might of been feeling embarrassed before, but the idea of getting to show someone his room bypassed that. Add on the benefit that Lauren wanted to read him a story made it even better. She had a lovely voice, and he always enjoyed listening to her talk when they hung out in the past. He wondered if she would do voices, and with that thought he ditched the dinosaur and grabbed her by the wrist.


“Come on let’s go,” he almost shouted, trying to jiggle the dinosaurs loose from her hands.


She giggled at him and complied, letting the toys tumble back roughly to the sofa where she found them. Rather than leading her toward what was once the guest bedroom, he dragged Lauren to the other sofa.


“You too Mummy!” He said excitedly, grabbing her wrist too and tried to drag them both upstairs at the same time.


To Hannah’s surprise, James didn't flinch - or run away - at the idea of showing Lauren his special room. She knew then that they had chosen the right friend to ask to help them keep James following his rules whilst Hannah was away. Even without having had the test run, she just knew by the way they interacted, and how his nervousness seemed to have already melted away. When he finished wrangling them up the stairs and pushed open the guest room door, revealing the nursery Hannah had created for him, he turned back and saw Lauren’s mouth made a little o. Taking his time, he proudly walked her around the large room, past the twin-bed-sized cot, showing her all his favourite toys, many of which were scattered about on the floor. The only part of the room he tried to skim past was a large dresser, which was topped with a soft plastic-covered pad... the changing table. Lauren started to make a mental note of where all the various changing supplies were. Hannah also pointed out where the punishment supplies were stashed, only to smile at his pout. That had been another little detail that James had tried to skim over.


Lauren patiently waited for James to finish giving her his excited tour before making her way over to the little bookcase full of story books. “Oh my God! Guess How Much I Love You is my favourite” she plucked out the book, pausing to admire the cover art with the two bunnies on.


James bounced up into his cot, pretending he was a rabbit to make Lauren and Hannah smile, and beckoned his Mummy to come snuggle up with him as he began to settle down.


Lauren sat at the opposite end of the cot and began to read. She started off trying to read while fully showing them the illustrations, meaning that she was reading upside down and back to front. Despite knowing the story pretty damn well, it still led to a few hiccups. She eventually caved and switched to reading the page and turning it round instead. She tried to do voices but they were more like louder and quieter versions of each other. The story came to an end and James tried to beg for another.


“No baby, it’s time for beddie-byes and Lauren needs to head home.”


James pouted.


“I don’t mind reading another one,” Lauren offered.


“You’ll be making a rod for your own back if your not careful,” Scoffed Hannah “let’s head back downstairs.”


Hannah stood up from the cot and turned to try and take off James’s pyjama pants. He gripped on tight looking at Hannah pleadingly. The shyness had returned.


“She’s going to see your nappy eventually, and I need to check if you need a bum change before sleepy time.”


James was glowing red by the end of the sentence. Closing his eyes tight and scrunching up his face as he let go. Willing the humiliation to be over as fast as possible. Hannah whipped down the bottoms exposing a nappy covered with cute little dinosaurs and asteroids. Although a few of the asteroids had begun to disappear into the yellow patch that had replaced them. She stuck a finger into the leg band to check it properly. It was a little soggy, but nothing that wouldn’t last until morning, she thought. James didn’t want to open his eyes until the pyjamas were back up and the covers placed over him. He felt his cheek pecked with two different sets of lips before hearing the bars slide up into place and finally opened his eyes.


“Night night, cutie.” Lauren said first, with Hannah mirroring something similar shortly after. They turned and headed back downstairs, turning the light out as they went.


James rolled away from the door snuggling into his Stitch plush and trying to get to sleep.


Lauren and Hannah resumed their conversation from earlier, now able to talk over some of the things in more detail. Hannah talked through their usual rules and what things she hoped Lauren would be okay keeping up in her absence. Lauren had lots of questions, wanting to make sure she wasn’t stepping over any consent boundaries. This was the first time either of them had experienced negotiating consent in relation to a third party, but Hannah had put plenty of time into discussing it with James, so she was prepared with all of the answers. The conversation wandered a lot as they got distracted discussing each of their respective kinks outside of ageplay as well. By the time Lauren finally headed home, they were both shocked to discover quite how late it had become.




The next few days flew by in the run up to the weekend. James was excited but apprehensive about the weekend ahead. Hannah was looking forward to having some company in the house, as well as seeing if she was going to be able to leave James with someone without feeling intense guilt about being away with work.


Lauren arrived early Friday evening and was greeted by Hannah. James had not yet arrived home from work. Deciding to order pizza rather than cook, they settled down and watched some TV while they waited for him to turn up.


James arrived a touch later than expected, but it wasn’t really a surprise due to Friday night traffic. Lauren greeted him first and clued him in on them having ordered pizza for dinner. Hannah buzzed in and out of the room chatting with them both as she sorted out plates and drinks for dinner.


James settled down on the sofa and, after a few more casual pleasantries, Lauren picked up the remote and switched off the TV and turning to him.


 “So,” she started, “Hannah and I have talked a lot, but I want to understand a few things from your perspective too. So I'm gonna ask some questions now to get a bit of a feel from you, and hopefully we can avoid any hiccups later once we get going. How does that sound?”


James fidgeted a little nervously, but nodded his agreement.


“It‘s okay, we’ll start with something easy. How old do you feel when in little headspace?”


“Erm,” he said. He hadn't really needed to think much about this before, he realised. When he was in little space, he just... was. “I think... maybe between three and five?”


Lauren nodded and gave him a smile. Hannah had told her that he usually acted between 0-3, and between the size of his thick nappies and his taste in toys, she was left doubting his estimate and siding with Hannah. All the same, but she didn’t argue.


Maybe his potty training just didn’t stick, she thought.


“Are there any shows or movies you really like to watch when you’re in little space?”


“Umm,” he said, “I really like watching the Power Rangers, or anything with the Muppets for shows. And we have a shelf with little movies over there.”


He pointed to a small set of shelves where there were a colourful array of dvd cases. She definitely saw some Disney movies in there, but she would have to look a little closer to see the full range.


“Brilliant,” she said, smiling. Useful to know, both for the promise of treats or the threat of removal as punishment.


“And what are your favourite toys?”


“To play with, it’s my dinosaur toys and Lego. For cuddles, it’s my big Stitch.”


There was a little more back and forth, question and answers, but some of it was just Lauren checking her assumptions based on their prior friendship.


Hannah soon joined them again and they all busied themselves catching up on each of their weeks while they waited for food to arrive. Constantly deviating onto random subjects and abandoning them just as fast.


Eventually the food arrived and they all tucked into dinner.


As James took his slices and put them on his plate, he caught Lauren looking at him with an indulgent smile.


“Would you like me cut that up for you, Jamie?” She asked warmly, “ I can feed it to you if you need me to?”


James instinctively glanced at Hannah, who gave him an encouraging smile. He pouted at both of them and shook his head adamantly. Hannah raised her eyebrows at him for a moment, and he remembered his manners enough to mumble out a “No thank you I can do it.”


They both laughed at this, but Lauren let it slide.


As they sat there enjoying the evening, Lauren was sizing him up, trying to work out exactly how far she could push things over the weekend. Deciding she could think of more than enough fun ways to keep herself entertained she allowed herself the thought Yes, I am strong enough to control you.


James insisted on being changed for bedtime by Hannah, who rolled her eyes at Lauren as she agreed to his pleas.


Bedtime went as smoothly as it had been on Lauren’s last visit, but this time James got to pick the stories that were read. The first book was a silly one that got them all giggling together before he picked out a Beatrix Potter story to wind down with. With his forehead thoroughly kissed by both of them and the blankets re-tucked in, James said goodnight to them both.


As Hannah and Lauren clicked the door shut behind them, Hannah checked in with Lauren if she was still okay staying with her in the master bedroom.


Lauren jokingly replied with an overly exaggerated eyebrow wiggle, “Oh Ho Ho trying to get me into bed are we?”


Hannah blushed a little at Lauren’s comment before catching herself and hiding her reaction as best as she could. Grabbing Lauren by the hand, she showed her to the bedroom, turning away to avoid the potential of Lauren spotting any further blush. The bedroom itself was large anyway, but felt massive after being in the comparative clutter of the nursery. The main centrepiece of the room was a generous 4 poster king size bed.


Lauren let go of Hannah’s hand and threw herself onto the freshly made sheets, making a mess and scattering the pillows as she did so.


Hannah rolled her eyes and turned around to start getting changed into her pyjamas. She caught Lauren checking her out in the reflection of the mirror on the dresser, at which she deliberately slowed down to give Lauren a bit of a show, revelling in the attention and having her ego stroked.


As her pyjama top fell into place, she made eye contact with Lauren in the mirror, who flushed at being caught looking so eagerly. She panicked and made a show of looking around the room in a helpless attempt to avoid suspicion. It failed miserably.


Hannah decided to let her keep her dignity and kept quiet, moving to her side of the bed and giving Lauren a shooing gesture to get her to budge over from where she had flopped. Fixing the pillows as she got herself settled. She pulled up the covers, unable to relax as she was all too aware of the wetness that had started to develop from the moment she realised she was being watched by Lauren.


Lauren pulled up the covers as well, coyly looking towards Hannah with the intent of trying to initiate something. Instead, a hastily mumbled goodnight was all that escaped her lips as she found herself in a similarly frustrating predicament to Hannah, but failed to do anything to change the situation.


As they both lay down properly and started to turn away from each other with the intent of sleep, Hannah sat up again and turned back towards Lauren, the words stuck in her throat and instead re-adjusting her pillows she lay back down. She said goodnight also, rather than screaming in frustration into her pillow like she wanted to in that moment. They both eventually drifted into a frustrated but dream filled sleep.





Morning came quickly, and Hannah quietly got ready and left for the day nearly as fast, before James and Lauren were up and about. She had warned James that this was the plan ahead of time (mostly to avoid any risk of starting the day with any upset or tantrums) as she wanted to give them as much time together alone to truly test how they would interact without her around.


Lauren was up first, and went into james’ nursery to wake him up and help him out of his cot. They had a tasty breakfast of bacon and pancakes with Lauren preparing his for him and cutting it all up and giving him some orange juice in a sippy cup.


As the morning moved on and they moved into the lounge, Lauren made a couple of attempts to fit in some nappy checks to see how wet her charge was. James tried to dodge them how ever he could, becoming increasingly creative as he wriggled and jiggled his way out of her grasp.


He had managed to prevent her checking him properly all the way through the Saturday morning cartoons Lauren had put on for him. Both enjoying the nostalgia trip of watching Powerpuff Girls together.


Lauren tried to pounce at him across the sofa in a moment when James seemed utterly engrossed in the episode, taking the possible opportunity to finally properly assess his nappy and give him his first nappy change.


James, in a moment of complete panicked surprise, instinctively tried to jump off the other end of the sofa. His leg flicked out and kicked her in the chest, and her breath left her in a shocked oof noise. Both of them looked at each other in shock, frozen in the surprise of the accidental violence. Lauren blinked first.


"If that’s how it’s going to be, I want you to kneel there and face the corner.”


She was met with a face of genuine sadness and shame, he nodded and silently waddled over to the corner, his soaked nappy sagging between his thighs. He dropped down to his knees and pressed his nose instinctively into the corner. Not his first time-out, she thought to herself.


She left the room and went to go whip up some lunch. Ironically it was a recipe James had taught her a while back, and while she was preparing it she kept checking back in on him from time to time. Despite her role in this dynamic, there was a big part of her that felt desperate to ask him if she was doing it right. All the same, she stayed firm, with the thought that if she still felt uncertain by the end, she could check once they were out of their role play.


"You can get up now!" she announced from behind him thirty minutes later, deliberately matching the amount of minutes to his biological age. She watched as he slowly rose and stood on shaky knees, she eyed up the dents left in his skin from the carpet. Any thoughts of guilt completely vanished as she instead wondered if she should have made him kneel on a tray of dried rice. He hadn't made a sound or issued any complaints... Just accepted his punishment. She felt a mix of frustration and pride in him for taking it like that.


He turned to face in her direction, and found her standing in the kitchen doorway across the room from him. His eyes lit up as he saw the sauce covered wooden spoon in her hand. The sight confirmed what he had smelled and he knew she was making the recipe he had taught her. He ran up to her and hugged her, clearly forgiving her for the attempted nappy change and following punishment.


She gripped right onto him and span, turning him in circles until they reached the waiting high-chair that stood next to the dining table.


"Yes, it's nearly lunch time Jamie." Was all she had to say before he ran the rest of the way over and waited by the chair. Lauren picked him up by his armpits, more for emotional support than physical and sat him on the padded chair. He had to shuffle around a little as she rummaged around to find the second half of the waist and crotch belt that would keep baby James from falling out. Finally she slid the wooden tray into place until it clicked, completing the puzzle.


Walking around to behind the back of the chair, she went digging through the kitchen drawers till she found what she was looking for.


“Aha” she shouted in triumph as she tied a bib with a cute cartoon design around the boy’s neck, then set a plate of sauce-coated spaghetti on his tray with a bottle full of juice.


"Eat up Jamie."


He looked down at his plate. He blinked for a moment in confusion. There was no cutlery. He looked back up at Lauren and she just waved her empty hands and cocked an eyebrow at him.


She sat down and tucked into her serving, leaving him to feed himself and with no other option but to dig in with his hands. At first he tried to keep one hand clean to handle his bottle, not wanting to get it covered in sauce, but once his bottle was dry he tucked into it with gusto. Lauren hadn’t really been paying attention to him for a few moments, and looked up from her plate to see James absolutely covered in sauce from his nose to his chin, both sides of his hands and all down his bib. She burst out laughing at him and only just managed to calm down a few minutes later.


"All full?" She asked, and he nodded, smiling like he didn't have a care in the world.


"Good boy" She praised him. Removing the tray, she tried to clean him up as much as possible with his bib before resorting to wipes. Burning through at least five before she was finally able to remove the tray, release the seatbelt and set him back on his feet.


“Now are you going to behave now and let me change your nappy?” She asked in a firm tone.


He looked at his feet for a moment, pushing down his worries and nodding, but holding out his hand. She took it gently, seeing that he was still feeling shy and needed her to give him a little courage. He let her lead him up to the nursery, fidgeting next to the changing table while she closed the door behind them.


“Up we get,“ she said encouragingly.


Cautiously, he got up onto the soft padded surface, his face getting warmer ever moment. She unpopped his onesie and undid the tabs of the nappy, letting it fall down onto the table. Grabbing up some wipes, she started to clean him gently as he hid his face. His little thing started to strain against its cage. She struggled to hold back a laugh as it lifted slightly from the pressure. She paused for a while before she finished wiping, letting the throbbing subside as his penis shrank back to his normal (which, guessing from the size of the cage he was in, was considerably shorter than the average).


"Okay, let’s get you in a fresh nappy." She announced when he was sufficiently clean and his penis had stopped trying to get hard. She pulled the used nappy out from under his bottom and rolled it into a ball before putting it in a large, scented nappy bag.


He watched with fascination as Lauren perused the surprisingly varied collection of nappies, making sure she selected the right nappy from the numerous piles stored under and above the table on shelves. She eventually chose the thickest disposable she could find, which had some cute little dragons on the design, along with two booster pads. It was early afternoon, but this would likely end up being his overnight nappy unless he really managed to drench it. She unfolded the nappy between his legs, and placed the layered booster pads down the middle, pushed the nappy toward him and tapping his bum using the same signal Hannah had showed her the night before. He lifted himself up slightly, allowing her to slip the extra-thick nappy under him. He then lowered himself back down without needing a prompt, shaking his hips as he did so, luxuriating the feeling of the thick nappy padding beneath him.


Lauren followed up with a generous sprinkling of baby powder, before closing the nappy snugly around his body, encasing his lower half in the thick absorbent material he so frequently managed to drench.


"Stand up please Jamie." She asked sweetly, and James slowly got up to a sitting position with some help from Lauren. Hopping off the table, he stood before her blushing deeply. Struggling to process his first ever nappy change from someone other than Hannah, he just stood there until she moved him to the side. The movement shook him out of the moment and he started to move under his own volition again back towards the stairs. He didn't speak, but his eyes told Lauren everything she needed to know. He was overwhelmed and spacey, but not in an actively bad way.


She intercepted him before he made it to the door, grabbing him by the shoulders and turned him around, back to facing the nursery. She then walked him over to  his cot-bed.


"Nap time." She said, lifting up the covers for him. He shuffled under them, round eyes looking up at her as she placed them back on him once he was settled. Lauren noticed for the first time the way the mattress crinkled as he moved, giving away the secret of the waterproof sheet beneath the bed covers.


The fact that these genuine protection measures were necessary made her wonder how much his control had actually eroded due to his time spent in nappies.


She checked that his nappy was still properly fitted as he looked bashfully up at her. Lauren pulled the soft comfort blanket up and tucked him in. She kissed him, first on the forehead and followed it with a second peck on the cheek, before she raised the railings, hearing the bars lock into place with a click.


"Sleep well baby boy," She said, pulling the curtains closed to give him a darker room, and giving him a little wave as he watched her through the bars of his cot. He did a little grabby wave back and snuggled one of his toys.


She closed the door behind her, deciding to explore the house to keep herself entertained until James got back up or Hannah returned home.


Taking herself room to room and exploring the house in full. Having a slight root through some of the closets and cupboards, letting herself be nosey while trying to be respectful. She made the most interesting discovery in the bathroom medicine cabinet. A box marked with ‘Baby’s medicine’ she opened it up and found a selection of water tablets and laxatives. She made a mental note to remember these if an opportunity presented itself later.


The rest of James’s nap was uneventful and Lauren made no other particularly interesting discoveries. So she went downstairs, cleaning up the mess they'd left after lunch and settling into watch tv for a while.


Hannah came home eager to hear how their day had gone. Lauren got a few minutes of warning by text, and went and let James out of his cot. He practically skipped down the last few stairs and cuddled into his mummy while she was hanging up her jacket, and once they all got settled in the living room, Hannah listened to their stories while also sharing how her day went.


Lauren decided to let James tell his Mummy about his misbehaving himself, rather than drop him in it. His blushing and stuttering as he confessed made her feel a glowing content sensation deep within herself.


The way he eagerly confessed was really cute, whilst his submissive nature made her tingle with the intoxicating influence of the power dynamic.


Hannah was impressed with how Lauren had handled the situation and decided her punishment choice was sufficient to not have to take things further.


Out of a mix of laziness and a desire to all spend more quality time together, they opted to order in another takeout rather than cooking.


“Japanese?” Asked Hannah.


“Oooh sushi!” Shouted Lauren excitedly. “Oh actually, no... Yes.”


“I don’t like sushi,” pouted James.


“That’s okay baby you don’t have to have any,” reassured Hannah.


They eventually made their order once Hannah and Lauren discussed what types of sushi they wanted and Hannah made sure to pick out something suitable for James. While they waited for it to arrive, Lauren helped James to pick out a film to watch with dinner and leading up to bedtime. While sifting through the choices, Lauren pulled forward her favourites: Matilda, the Snowman, Monsters Inc and Toy Story. James went to pull out Mosters Inc but Hannah reached over the top of them both and picked Matilda.


They all bundled up together on the sofa until the takeout arrived.


Hannah had picked James out a katsu curry. She cut the meat up into tiny pieces for him, smushed it in with all the sauce and rice making it resemble baby food but a bit chunkier. James was torn between pouting and grinning as a bib was fastened around his neck. With food at the ready, they all settled back into the film.


James was lying across them both by the time it came to an end and had dosed off: it was past the usual time to put James to bed. As the credits came to an end, they gently woke him and helped the bleary eyed baby up to bed.


They made their way back downstairs rather than heading straight to bed themselves, deciding to have some chill out time together. Hannah picked up the remote and flicked through the channels until she landed on something low effort that wouldn’t matter if they talked over.

Eventually the settled on Mr and Mrs Smith. as they had both already seen it.


They both settled properly into the sofa and Lauren cheekily threw her legs over Hannah, giving her a flash of her panties as she did so, her short skirt making it unavoidable even if she had been trying. Hannah pretended not to notice.


As they sunk deeper into conversation, Hannah started absentmindedly delicately stroking her fingers along Lauren’s leg. Her nails briefly leaving silvery track marks as she went.


It reached the scene where they were fighting each other and Hannah’s gaze locked onto the film, as the sexual tension built she became transfixed.


Seeing that brought back all Hannah’s thoughts from the night before, remembering the feeling of Lauren’s hungry looks reflected in the mirror. She bit her lip, glancing at Lauren and found her eyes glued to the scene unfolding on the screen. Hannah bristled in pent up frustration and lost concentration, letting her hand fall heavy on Lauren’s lower thigh. As her palm met with the warmth of Lauren’s silky skin, her courage swelled and she decided to test the water by beginning to massage rather than resume stroking with her fingertips.


Hannah watched carefully out of the corner of her eye, letting the tv fade into the background as she looked and felt for any changes, and she noticed when Lauren started to get breathy. She saw her eyes fluttering and her face flushing as Hannah’s hand slowly worked its way up the expanse of her thighs. Inching closer and closer to Lauren’s skirt. Hannah noticed the fabric bunching up between Lauren’s hands, seemingly out of nervousness, and paused just before her hand slipped under the folds of cloth.


“Is this ok?” She asked, looking fully at her.


Lauren met her look, gave a breathy laugh and answered by pushing herself upright, her legs sliding over Hannah's as she moved, and planting a firm kiss on her lips. Hannah smiled against her lips, more than a little relieved to have such an enthusiastic response.


When they eventually broke away to catch a heavy breath, they pressed their foreheads together and each gave a quiet laugh. Lauren leaned in, biting at Hannah's lip and enjoying the stifled squeak of excitement that it caused.


She gave a cheeky grin at Hannah's playful pout. That grin turned into a nervous swallow, though as Hannah pushed a loose strand of Lauren's hair behind her ear, then traced the back of her knuckles along the length of her neck, down past her collar bone. She couldn’t hold back the noise that came from deep in her throat as Hannah cupped her breast, leaning into the touch. Hannah gave a cheeky giggle at the noise and at the feeling of Lauren’s nipples quickly hardened through her bra.


Is this how we’re playing this then? Lauren thought to herself. Okay then.


She slipped herself off the couch, kneeling in front of Hannah and grabbing her hands, pulling her up to stand in front of her. She slowly and purposefully ran her fingers along the edge of Hannah’s shorts, smirking as the flush growing on her face. She opened the button–


Or more... she tried to. The denim was stiff and the button hole a little too tight, and despite the ease with which she could undo such a button on her own clothes, she just couldn’t get it. There was an awkwardly long moment, filled only with her huffs of frustration.


“Should I just–” Hannah said.


“Yeah, can you just–” Lauren dropped her hands to her sides, admitting defeat.


Hannah made quick work of the button, dropping the shorts and stepping out of them.


Trying to take back the mood that had been building by force, Lauren pushed her back onto the sofa, parting her legs with a firm squeeze of the thighs. She gently raked her nails up the outsides of her legs, hooking her fingers under the waistband of her underwear and pulling it down, around the curve of her bum and threw them away. Feeling suddenly very vulnerable, Hannah instinctively tensied her muscles right up until the moment she felt Lauren’s hot breath on her most sensitive skin. The anticipation of what was to come causing her to relax enough for Lauren to get in closer.


Lauren moved in towards Hannah’s mound, pulling at her hips to get her in a better position before gently pressing a kiss to the spot where her lower lips parted. Taking courage from the shaky moan of anticipation, she started skilfully swirling her tongue over Hannah’s labia, which were already slick with excitement. Hannah let out a stifled moan as Lauren began to work down her outer lips, then moving within and making her way up towards her swollen clitoris.


At last, she flicked her tongue over Hannah’s clitoris, lapping quick with the tip of her tongue, then a long wide delibarate stroke, pausing intermittently to suck and kiss, the pattern of her movement made it a challenge for Hannah to hold her legs still, quivering and unable to focus.


Lauren took the clit in her mouth again, cheeks slightly hollowing with suction as she flicked and twirled her tongue, looking up at Hannah with heavy-lidded eyes through her long lashes.


As they made eye contact Hannah reached down towards Lauren, slightly conscious that her palms were now slick with sweat from the excitement. Reaching out with her fingers, she guided Lauren up towards her by the chin. Once close enough, she kissed her deeply, loving how she could taste herself on Lauren’s wet lips.


Once her desire for Lauren’s lips was satisfied her cheeks flushed red as she greedily pushed her back down for more attention where it was most needed. Lauren returned to her work with renewed vigour, her tongue worked patterns with such skill that Hannah rushed towards her climax with a shocking speed.


She tipped over the edge with a deep, guttural sound and her body convulsed as her legs locked into place around Lauren’s head.


As the orgasm finished rippling through Hannah, Lauren freed herself and lay her head in her lap.

Not merely satisfied with a job well done, she suggested they move up to the bedroom.


Unfortunately for Lauren, however, she made the mistake of allowing Hannah to recover before they continued. Within moments of making it upstairs, Hannah passed out like a light. Leaving Lauren stewing in her frustration for the second night in a row as she struggled to join Hannah in sleep.




"Morning Lauren," James greeted her groggily as she came in and lowered the railings of the cot. It was so early that it was still dark outside, she hadn't intended to wake him and wanted to see if she could change his nappy in the night without him noticing.


"Sshhhhh, close your eyes." she whispered, and waited for him to comply.


During the night he had fully kicked the covers off him, so the poppers of his onesie and his blue nappy cover was easily accessible. Thankfully, this was one without a lock. She had made a mental note of that one as soon as she spotted it in the drawer. She pulled the plastic pants down as gently as she could, exposing an incredibly soaked nappy. Exactly as she expected. She slowly peeled back the tape tabs of the nappy, trying to make as little noise as she could and avoid waking up Hannah. After cleaning him carefully with plenty of baby wipes, she slid a new nappy under him, powdered his penis as much as possible considering the cage, as well as his balls, the attention causing the same straining as earlier. He pulled a toy over his face to hide his blush at the bodily reaction he wished he could control. The way he couldn’t help but react to her changing him made her desperate to let him have some form of release. Once she had fastened the new nappy into place, she let herself have a mischievous smile. She started rubbing him through the nappy, deciding against trying to put a nappy cover back on, incase it caused excessive crinkling while she gave him some attention. He began to buck his hips towards her as she continued to rub him. Pathetic little thrusts that made her feel sorry for past-Hannah, back when she still used to have sex with him. 


As he let out a moan she grabbed up his discarded dummy and placed it between his lips.


“Shhhh Jamie, you don’t want to wake your Mummy,” she said in a breathy whisper.


She slowed down her rubbing, trying to delay him making a sticky mess for as long as she could. He was struggling with each stroke not to explode at the stimulation if she did more than 5 quick ones in a row. She really enjoyed teasing him and keeping him on the edge.


A mean idea flashed through her mind. She stopped stroking, instead pulling his onesie back down over the top of the nappy and closed the covers, then replacing the covers over him. He pulled back his toy to look at her pleadingly, but with a smile she left him a wriggling pile of frustration. As she slid the bars back into place, she mapped out the next step in her plan. She heard soft snores coming from the master bedroom... Hannah was sound asleep, but Lauren needed to stay awake to see if James would be a good baby, or if he would fall into her trap like the stupid baby she hoped he was. As she crawled back into the bed with Hannah, she opened up the baby monitor app she had downloaded on her phone on Hannah’s instruction and hit record.


Now it was just a waiting game. She tried watching the feed for a little while, but the comfortable warmth of the bed and the soft sounds of the sleeping Hannah prove to be soothing enough to lull her back to sleep.


Luckily, she was still recording as he fell into her trap some time later. Despite trying to sleep away the excitement she started in him, he woke to find his body still on edge. Desperately craving an orgasm, he caved into his desire and started rubbing himself through his nappy, making a sticky mess embarrassingly quickly, eagerly and on camera. Leaving Lauren, once she awoke and reviewed the video, with all the evidence she would need to get him in trouble.




When morning actually came around, Lauren woke to an empty bed and the sound of James getting his nappy changed. She groggily made her way into the nursery.


Lauren was cheerily greeted with a loud “Morning sleepy head!” From Hannah, the uncharacteristic chipperness was Lauren’s only clue that she had slept in later than she intended.


James waved at her sheepishly while fully exposed, mid change. Once he finished waving he busied himself trying to work out what to do with his hands. Fighting hard against the urge to cover up and keep out of the way so Hannah could finish up.


“Oh it looks like I accidentally recorded the baby monitor last night,” Lauren announced, taking out her phone and deliberately distracting Hannah.


Hannah turned towards her with surprise. “Why were you playing around with the app?”


“Oh I was struggling to sleep and decided to try and get my head around it rather than just lie there.”


James eyes were full of panic, thankful that Hannah’s back was towards him in that moment.


“Let’s have a look then,” Hannah said with her hand out expectantly. “Who knows, you may have recorded something cute like him having an accident.”


Lauren eagerly handed over her phone and watched as Hannah hit play. Hannah started fast forwarding the video in short bursts, seeing James toss and turn with what she assumed was restless sleep rather than frustration. James was starting to sweat, knowing full well what she was about to find.


Hannah let out a surprised little gasp as he began to start rubbing himself. Gently at first but very quickly building up to a frantic speed. Unable to keep up the pace, he abandoned his hand and switched to humping his pillows. This was all it took to tip him over the edge and make his little splat into the awaiting nappy. All in all, Hannah had only had to sit through less than two minutes from when he started until it was all over. She turned back to face James, the disappointment clear in her eyes. She unfolded the nappy she has just taken off him and rolled it out to confirm it. The small glistening sticky patch at the front of the nappy was the final confirmation she needed.


With a sigh, Hannah reached out and picked up the nearest paddle.


James didn’t even attempt to protest, despite the look of worry on his face, and rolled over ready to accept his punishment.


The spanking was thorough and intense, and the whole time Lauren watched on with a smug grin.


Never let your babysitter have a secret, she thought to herself, struggling not to laugh at his misfortune.


Hannah slowed her pace for the final 10 hits, which she insisted James count out and Lauren joined in. The glee clearly showing in her voice while James’s quavered.


Lauren offered to finish getting James ready for the day, which Hannah gladly accepted, choosing to go downstairs to finish her cup of tea that she abandoned halfway through to avoid a leaky baby.


Once Hannah was safely out of earshot, Lauren squeezed James on his tender butt cheeks and made him make a little squeak.


She went looking through her options for changing him and spotted some cute thick training pants. Remembering the water tablets she had found the day before, a plan formed in her head and put him into them rather than a nappy.


After sending the freshly changed James downstairs she stopped by the bathroom to get a tablet before going downstairs.


She explained her plan to Hannah, saying that she didn’t feel the spanking went far enough, deliberately leaving out the fact he wasn’t padded up. Hannah went along with her suggestion despite thinking it was an unusual punishment choice.


Lauren busied herself helping with chores around the house over the rest of the morning, all the while her mind churned with conflicting thoughts, one moment thinking it wasn't his fault and she did set him up, before flicking to he deserved it, unable to stop herself feeling guilty then immediately making excuses. Eventually she settled into the opinion that he had had naughty times on his own and made stickies, so it was perfectly justified as far as she was concerned for her to slip him something.


A few hours passed and now the little pill she had slipped him in a bottle was coming to fruition.


He looked up at the two figures looming above him, who stood there silently. It was only then that he noticed his pants were soaking wet, staring down at his soaked crotch and watching  the golden stream running out into a puddle around his legs.


He broke his shocked staring and saw them both looking at his wet pants, Lauren was looking on with a smug smile.


"I had an accident Mummy," he said, his voice wobbling with genuine shock.


Pushing his soaked pants down to his ankles, Hannah was surprised to find he was only wearing a pair of thick underwear that she only let him wear to work on special occasions and gave Lauren a puzzled look. The underwear were dripping onto the floor, adding to the slowly spreading puddle. The thick layers of the training pants were doing little to hold back the flood of pee James had released into them. She grabbed hold of them and pushed them down to meet his pants, encouraging her little boy to step out of the sopping pile of clothes, leaving him naked from the waist down.


"You,” she said in a scolding tone, “should be wearing a nappy, so you don't pee your pants. Who let you put those on?” The tone increasing as the sentence went on.


"Lauren did Mummy," he replied obediently.


"Right let’s take care of this baby." She reached out and bundled his wet pants into a pile and handed them to him, and he shivered slightly.


"Better hurry upstairs baby. I don’t want you making any more puddles"


Lauren let out a giggle, watching him be shepherded upstairs half naked.


"Better get you changed fast, I think I can see dripping," she suggested mockingly.


Hannah took note of her teasing tone, her suspicions that James had been set up confirmed. Without another word she took James upstairs with Lauren following close on her heels and changed him into a fresh nappy.


"See that table there?" Hannah asked, glancing at Lauren once she was done changing James, while pointing to the thick pad of the changing table that he was still lying on. Lauren sheepishly nodded.


“He should have been wearing a nappy, as well you know, and not left to pee in his pants,” at this she noticed that Lauren gave the shy James a mischievous smile, and continued pointedly, “so it’s going to be you and not him being punished."


Lauren’s face dropped, blinking at Hannah before her gaze flicked towards the stacks of nappies and she started to blush furiously.


"Don't think I haven't noticed you wanting to be up there," She said as James sat  up to watch the conversation. Hannah turning to face Lauren fully. This wasn't the first time Hannah had noticed Lauren staring so longingly and shyly at the collection of nappies that had been chosen by her own baby boy. Lauren nodded yes, looking back to Hannah with tears of shame starting to glimmer in her eyes.


James began to shuffle off the table getting a sense for where this might be going.


“Up, now.” Hannah said firmly.


Lauren froze to the spot. Not so much as a blink. After a long moment of inaction, a sharp slap was delivered to the thigh, making her move quickly  through the sting. She hesitated to remove her clothes, unsure if she was expected to do it herself or leave it to Hannah.


Hannah took the option away from her, wasting no time stripping her completely and leaving her totally exposed as she got up on the changing table.


From a shelf above the table, Hannah reached into a tub of wipes and pulled a handful of the wet cloths out. Laying the wipes over Lauren’s privates, Hannah pressed her palm against them and began to rub back and forth, making a slow and thorough show of cleansing her. Taking time to pay attention to her mound and outer lips.


Lauren’s legs began to stiffen immediately, uncomfortable being stroked so gently through the wipes. Hannah made sure to let the girl enjoy the pleasures of her attention. In minutes Hannah gave up the pretence of the wipes altogether. Lauren felt herself building towards what was likely to be an explosive orgasm. Hannah picked on her physical cues and stopped the touching immediately.


Lauren let out a dissatisfied gasp as Hannah’s fingers pulled away. Hannah pulled out one of the used nappies from the bin next to the table. Being changed into something she wanted wasn’t a punishment. Hannah needed to be more creative. Make my baby pee himself, you get to sit in his pee as well, she thought to herself.  The cold wet nappy sent a shiver through Lauren’s spine as it made content with her skin. The Velcro tabs allowing Hannah to refasten it onto the squirming girl beneath her.


It felt utterly disgusting, but what was worse was Lauren’s hatred of the fact that other than the cold... she liked it. She liked knowing she was being put into a used nappy, the thought of it gave her a intoxicating feeling of shame that kept her desperate for the orgasm she was denied moments before. Her mind was getting foggy from the turbulent thoughts swirling through her mind. Hating to love the degradation as she found herself having her mound covered in his cold piss.


From under the table, Hannah pulled out a wand vibrator. She waggled it in front of Lauren, who flushed in excitement, and then in shame of how thrilled she felt at the prospect of it being used on her in her current situation. Maintaining eye contact, Hannah slowly brought it to press against the outside of the dirty nappy, before flicking the switch and watching as Lauren’s head fell back as it buzzed and massaged the cold, wet padding between her legs. The disgust Lauren felt in that moment pushed her quickly, inescapably towards a shuddering, gasping orgasm, squirting into the already soggy padding encasing her. In that moment, the emotional dam burst and she began ugly crying about what she was just been made to do. Her only relief was that the nappy was there to soak up and catch her juices, helping to hide at least slightly how much she had enjoyed it.


After letting her stew in the mess for a while, Hannah cleaned her up and changed her, this time into a fresh nappy.


"That's better. That's how a baby girl should be dressed!" She took Lauren’s hand, and led her and James out of the nursery and back to the living room to play until it was time for Lauren to go home. Hannah set the pair of them up with a selection of toys to play with before going off into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea.


When she returned with a steaming mug clasped in her hands it was more than the warmth of the tea that was flooding through her, walking back in to the sight of two thickly padded cuties playing together sweetly on the floor gave her a feeling that was heart melting.


As she sank down into the sofa to watch them, Hannah had decided that the weekend, although not exactly what she planned, was clearly a success. At least, if nothing else, she knew now that if she let Lauren babysit for the week, to expect a few more nappies than usual to get used.



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