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Situation wanted ch2.

BY bbg

The doorbell rang and I hurried to answer the door.

Excited, fearful, hopeful, and nervous were all emotions I experienced as I opened the door. We had decided to start shopping for the nursery today. What I didn’t know was that mommy had decided that she would move in today and begin my transition into an infant. When I opened the door, mommy was there with a suitcase, some shopping bags, and a suitcase.

There was another woman standing beside her.

The walked in and mommy began to talk.

“I decided while I move in and we furnish the nursery, that I will begin your infantilization. When we leave here to go shopping you will be diapered have been fed some formula and laxatives. By the time I give birth you will be behaving just like any other infant. This lady is your Auntie Susan. Since I cannot leave an infant unattended. Auntie Susan will take care of you while I am delivering my baby.  I am going to feed you the formula with your first dose of laxative after we put you in baby clothes. Susie, would you mind dressing the baby, while I prepare his formula? Perhaps I will even nurse him before we go out. I am producing colostrum.” Thus, it began.


She opened one of the shopping bags and started to lay out some things. Diapers, wipes, bottles, diaper rash ointment, plastic pants, a onesie, and a snap crotch shorts set held up by shoulder straps. I would look just like a toddler when dressed, only bigger.

“Susan, could you prepare the baby’s formula while I get him dressed, please?”

“Lie down, so that mommy can get you properly dressed.” Mommy spread a depilatory on my lower body, then on the upper half too, even my underarms were not spared. After waiting a few minutes, the depilatory and hair were removed with a damp cloth. Martha my new mommy took two thick adult cloth diapers and folded them together. She then pushed back on both of my legs, rolling my hips into the air, and slid the diaper under me. I was then powdered, and my legs put down.

“First you put the baby on the diaper, then you put the diaper on the baby.”

She took 2 suppositories and inserted them. She then dressed me in the waterproof pants making sure to tuck in the diaper to prevent wicking, then the onesie and the shorts.

“Susan come see how cute Baby Bobby looks.”

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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