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Lauren by dad2u

The only thing Lauren was truely guilty of, was being naive. What she was actually facing, was the possibility of serving time in a youth detention center. The relatively new high school, that she would have been attending in the fall, had over thirty thousand dollars in damage, and Lauren was the only person on the scene when the police arrived. Lauren's younger sister, Sarah was spending the night with her mom at their grandparent's home a few hours away. Their dad was away on a month long construction job and wasn't due back for another week. To celebrate Lauren's straight A's in junior high, her mom allowed her not yet 15 year old, to invite a few classmates for a sleepover that night. This meant a great deal to Lauren, who never really had many friends. She was rather immature for her age, and had a hard time maintaining long term friendships. Being the smartest person in her junior high classes, and every teachers favorite student, pretty much kept her a social outcast among her peers. Lauren, until recently, also had problems with keeping her bed dry at night. That also hurt her socially, as friends got tired of all the lame excuses she would come up with, as to why she couldn't accept their invites. Her mom was really hoping that these few classmates would still be with Lauren when they all started high school in the fall. She hugged her daughter, right before her and Sarah left. Later that evening, after her friends arrived, They were all watching a movie when the older sister to one of the girls, showed up. She told everyone that there was an end of year party at the school and they were all invited. Lauren was anxious to see what her new school was like, never having been inside. Someone let them in a delivery door and Lauren was given a quick tour of the place. The girl asked Lauren to stand watch at the main entrance, on the other end of the building, and to NOT open the door until she saw cars arriving. The moment Lauren saw the lights of the first car approaching, she opened the door to greet them, setting off the alarm, in the process. When the first car stopped and a man stepped out, Lauren started to walk towards him. At that point, at least six more cars that were flanking the first car, threw their lights on, temporarily blinding her. When Lauren regained her vision, and saw the gun pointed at her, while someone else was yelling for her to put her hands on her head, and to slowly turn around, she completely soiled herself. Everyone felt relieved that Lauren followed the orders that they gave her. It was only after she felt her hands being cuffed behind her back, that she fell apart, and burst into tears.

"What's your name, miss ? and how old are you ?" asked the female officer.

" Lauren, and I'm 14. " she replied, between sobs.

" Well, Lauren since you are on school property, we do have the right to check you for weapons and contraband. Can you spread your legs a bit more and remain still for me? "

All the frightened girl could manage to do, was nod her head in acknowledgement, as she followed their instructions.

She was quickly searched by the gloved female officer, and it was while she was being patted down, that she first noticed the legs of her jeans felt wet. She was so afraid to move, that she didn't dare look. The officer then positioned her on the ground, so that Lauren was lying on her stomach with her legs spread and her hands cuffed behind her. Lauren only became aware of the severity of her accident when her cuffed hands started to feel around her bottom.

" Lauren, I wouldn't do that, honey. You had a very wet and messy accident down there, could you slide your hands up a bit higher, please ? "

When the officer heard her crying, she wanted to assure Lauren that these situations happen fairly often in her line of work. Police have to react quickly in order to protect themselves and others. They understand that people can have accidents, when they become this frightened, and don't really understand what's going on around them. Now that they know you were never a threat to them, they can safely go on with their investigation. We will be able to leave here shortly, and head to the station where someone can help you get cleaned up, alright ? Lauren was eventually helped up and placed in the back of a patrol car. They had spread a thick folded blanket under her, to protect the seat, but having to sit upright while she was buckled in, only made the mess in her pants, even more uncomfortable. Leaving both back doors open, the woman officer stayed close to her. Because she was a minor, officers were unable to ask her any questions without a parent or attorney present. Most questions she couldn't have answered, even with a parent's consent. No one ever informed Lauren of what the others had planned. It was decided to just bring Lauren back to the police station and contact a parent. When her mother was notified, she left her eight year old daughter, Sarah, with the grandmother and headed home. Her dad managed to get a seat on the last flight home that night, so he could make it to court in the morning. Her mom was informed of the charges, and was told that her daughter couldn't bond out until appearing before a judge in the morning. Her mother consented to a hospital holding Lauren overnight, as everyone was concerned for her well being, after her traumatic ordeal.

" Change of plans, Lauren. Your mother spoke with the officers at the station and everyone agreed that the hospital would be better prepared to care for you tonight, especially after everything you have been through.

"will I see my mother tonight ?

"I'm afraid not, Lauren. You will see her tomorrow morning when we take you to appear in court. I imagine your father and her will have to meet with your attorney tonight to get ready for the hearing.

Lauren was quietly sobbing, until they reached the hospital. That was when she started to panic, and looked to the officer for support. Knowing that the young girl was afraid to be alone right now, The female officer offered to stand by the side of her bed, holding her hand, and comforting her as she was sedated, stripped of her clothing, and thoroughly cleaned, without incident. Once the medication took effect, the nurses got her diapered and secured into bed. She was positioned on her back with a belt around her waist, that kept her centered on the bed and unable to move around. Her hands and feet were secured with padded straps to the sides of the bed, allowing for diaper changes, but preventing Lauren from tampering with anything. Worn out from both the events of the night, and the medication she was given, Lauren was quickly drifting off. When the officer brushed the hair from her eyes, Lauren smiled at her and thanked her for staying. Now, that she was officially off duty, a male officer sat outside of Lauren's room that night, standing watch until early morning. It was a different woman officer, who showed up, prepared to take custody of Lauren when she was discharged from the hospital. Lauren's wet nighttime diaper was removed and she was cleaned up while her hands were still restrained. Two nurses, one on each side of the bed, managed her legs during the cleaning process. All that Lauren needed to do, was remain limp, as everyone went about their job of getting her ready to transport. The officer informed them that she only brought a detention center jumpsuit and sandals, for the girl, and asked if they had her underwear. The head nurse explained, that because of the condition her clothes were in, when she arrived, they had to be disposed of. Unsure of how do deal with this oversight, one nurse suggested that they should just put her in another diaper, since she had already soiled herself when she was admitted, and the nighttime diaper that they just changed her out of, was very close to leaking, due to the IV fluids she was given. It would be irresponsible, if they didn't put her in a diaper.

"Sorry Kiddo, but we're out of time and options." Sympathetic to her situation, the officer asked a favor from the nurses.

" Is it possible to put her in a more absorbent diaper ? The poor girl has a long day ahead of her. The least we can do, is try to make her comfortable. " The officer stated

Lauren knew that she didn't have any say in the matter, but she did smile at the officer, who, like the one from last night, was also trying to help Lauren in any small way that she could. She was padded up in an overnight diaper that had booster pads added, as an extra measure of protection. With one nurse on each side, Lauren's feet were slipped into the legs of the jumpsuit, and it was pulled up to her waist. They sat her up and guided her hands into the sleeves, before the suit was zipped up. Lauren's hands were cuffed in front of her and attached by a short chain, to a longer one that went around her waist. Finally, there were the cuffs on each ankle that were connected together by a shorter chain, effectively preventing any attempt to run. The bed rail was lowered and two nurses slipped the sandals on her feet and helped the girl to stand. It took a few awkward steps at first, to get her balance. The extra padding between her legs caused a slightly wider stance, and that used up a portion of the ankle chain, limiting Lauren to even smaller steps.

" I'm so sorry to have to put you through this, Lauren. I know you don't need it, you have been very cooperative, but I have no choice. It's department policy that prisoners being transported from a hospital or jail, to court, need to be restrained. The officer already knew, from watching the school's camera footage, that Lauren was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. That's why she wanted to show the girl, some compassion, knowing that she wasn't at liberty to discuss the case.

Relieved to be getting out of the hospital, she was anxious to see her parents. Lauren thanked the nurses for taking care of her. As she was led away, it was quite obvious to the nurses, that she was heavily diapered. Even with the jumpsuit, being a bit large on her, the outline of her diaper was quite visable on her backside. Both nurses knew that the girl wouldn't have to worry about leaks, and knowing that Lauren was on her way to court, they assumed that she probably had more important things to worry about, then someone noticing her well padded bottom. Lauren tried her best to ignore the stares she got from people, who were probably wondering what this young girl could have possibly done, to warrant this degree of restraint. Lauren at this point was starting to expect the worst. She was only handcuffed, when they took her into custody last night. The only time she had seen people in jumpsuits and shackles, was when they were headed to prison. She tried to stay strong, but remembering that the officer had earlier referred to her as a prisoner, she couldn't help but think the worst. Of course her bladder had chosen this time to empty, leaving Lauren rather grateful that the nurses and the officer made the decision to diaper her. She just hoped that she didn't have a repeat of last night's accident, while standing before a judge, today.

Last night while the rest of the town was sleeping, investigators worked to collect evidence, establish timelines, and put names to the faces on the camera footage, by comparing them to student IDs on file for both the high school and junior high. Many of the officers searched the building, taking pictures of the damage, broken glass, desks and graffiti, many of which contained Lauren's name. Others manned the radios. Unknown to the family, investigators worked through the night putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Fortunately, Infrared cameras Identified most of the people involved, and that would eventually force them to identify the others, in the hope of getting a reduced sentence. It also proved beyond a doubt, that Lauren never left the spot where she was told to stand, and had no involvement, in any of the damage that was done. They also learned that the phone call reporting the break-in to the police department, was made by one of the vandals, using the school's phone, just before they all abandoned Lauren. It was clear that someone had it out for her.

After arriving at the courthouse, Lauren waited in a room with her parents and listened to the attorney, as she filled them in on the good news. Up until now, Lauren really believed she was going to be put in a detention center. Knowing what the girl has been through already, her attorney thought it was unlikely that she would even get a trespassing charge. She should have been thankful, but when she was informed that they still needed to appear before the judge, to have her case dismissed, she started to get upset. Later, when a baliff informed them that it might take awhile longer, Lauren got even more belligerent, telling him that it wasn't fair that she should have to wait around in a wet diaper and restraints, if she was innocent. Both her parents and the attorney couldn't believe what they were hearing. When a court officer heard the commotion he entered the room to see what was happening, her mother tried to cover for her daughters outburst, but Lauren wouldn't let it go. The officer thought it best if he just held her in a cell, until the judge was ready to see them. Her mom was crying, this was so unlike her daughter, and what was starting to look like the favorable outcome, might have some consequences. Thirty minutes later, there was a knock on the door and the judge walked in. He told Lauren's parents that he had found time to go over the police reports, her school records, and talked to the the nurses at the hospital. Everything I saw was impressive and everyone who dealt with her at the school the other night and at the hospital said she was extremely cooperative, so I have to believe her little outburst earlier was just frustration, after everything she had been subjected to. I think you already knew that I wanted her to see a psychologist on an outpatient basis, but I now believe it would be better for her to have a 7 day in-patient evaluation. I think it might give us all the answers we need to understand how she allowed herself to get mixed up in this. A patrol car can take her to the hospital, right from here. You and your husband will have a chance to see Lauren, and hug her before she leaves.

" She might need her diaper changed, and I did bring a change of clothes for her. Would it be ok if I got her ready? or does she have to stay in the jumpsuit and restraints ?

" I think it will help calm her down, to be comfortable again, in her own clothes, and to have both of you assure her that everything will be ok. If you can get her to cooperate for the transport and to allow people at the hospital to help her, then we will allow her to travel, seatbelted in the back seat with her hands cuffed in front of her, no other restraints. There will be a female officer in the room with you while you get her changed. You can go get her ready and we'll see how she handles herself when you are finished." Both parents felt relieved, and thanked the judge for his compassion. Their daughter would get the medical help she needs and her court case should end favorably for Lauren.

They were escorted to the holding cell where Lauren was anxiously awaiting their appearance. Lauren hugged them both and introduced them to Kate, the female officer, like she was an old friend. To Lauren she was. She was the officer that delivered Lauren to court earlier, and the one who would soon be transporting her to the new hospital. Mom could tell that Lauren felt more relaxed, and happy now, then she did earlier. She didn't even mind when her mother informed her that her hospital visit was changed to 7 days and then the family would have a brief court appearance before all this would be behind her. Lauren was still in the jumpsuit, but she wasn't wearing restraints, so it was easy for her mom to see from the bulge, that she was still wearing the same thick diaper, that she had on forty minutes earlier, when she was removed from the other room, for her outburst. Lauren's mom got her clothes out and asked if she was ready to get changed, her mom was suprised to see her daughter standing there, wearing nothing but her diaper, and not the least bit embarrassed that her dad and the officer were present. When her mom went to check her diaper, Lauren told her it was just damp and that it would easily last until she got to the hospital. She stepped into the skirt, pulled the shirt on, and slipped on the sandals, she had from the hospital. Lauren really enjoyed having her family around her, especially now, with the worst of things behind them. When Lauren saw Kate nod her head, she knew It was finally time for the family to say their goodbyes, and Lauren to be transported to the hospital.
It was her mom that had the hardest time letting go, even after Lauren assured her mom and dad that she would be fine, and would see everyone in a week. After the Hugs and kisses were over, Lauren walked over to Kate, held her hands out and smiled as her 'friend' placed her in handcuffs. Her parents were in complete disbelief at Laurens compliance, it was as if the girl wanted to please the officer. Then again, the judge did mention to them that everyone who interacted with Lauren over the past few days, had only the nicest things to say about her. Hopefully now, she will continue to work with the doctors, and come through this as a stronger person. Those seven days were the longest ones that Lauren's mom ever experienced. The doctor had told her that Lauren was doing fine and had no issues with the staff or or other patients, and had even made some friends, her first day there. This made it a bit easier for the family to relax, knowing that their daughter was really trying to help herself.

All of the adolescents there were wearing the same maroon colored scrubs, and Lauren felt a lot more comfortable when it became obvious to her that more then a few of the others, also had their bottoms padded. She was even willing to talk in group, but she kept her guard up. When they weren't in sessions, the patients were free to socialise and talk among each other or go off to some of the rooms, where they could do crafts. Lauren herself, preferred to just talk to others, since she never really showed any interest in hobbies. Naturally, some of the other girls were curious as to why she wore diapers. Lauren didn't feel that 'poor bladder control' would earn her any points, so she went on to tell everyone about her standoff with the police and how she was arrested, and restrained at the hospital, eventually blaming her bladder problem on the trauma she suffered that night. Naturally, she omitted the part where she never actually had any involvement in the destruction at the school. When it became apparent that the others there couldn't top that, Lauren enjoyed her 'Bad Girl' status, for the week she was there. Most of the other girls, were sent by their parents, for behavioral issues. During her private therapy sessions, Lauren took things more seriously, and had no trouble talking about her more personal issues, the recurrence of her bedwetting just prior to the school incident and her unreliable daytime control, since that night. Her doctor suggested that she give herself a little time, to see if it's just the stress from her ordeal that might be contributing to it. He was glad to see that she was now dealing with it responsibly, taking the initiative to go have her diaper changed, whenever it needed to be. Her doctor already knew that before this, it was a battle, when her mom tried to get her to wear a diaper, for her bedwetting. Her mom also brought up the incident at the jail, when Lauren was getting changed for her trip to the hospital. She stripped off her jumpsuit and stood there in front of her dad and Kate, the female officer, completely naked except for her diaper, while she put her skirt and top on. Then, a few moments later when everyone said their goodbyes, but before her parents actually left, Lauren made a show of approaching the officer, putting her hands out and smiling as she was cuffed. The doctor knew that there could be many explanations for Laurens behavior. She had been through a stressful experience, and probably felt very alone at that time, even with all the people around her during her arrest and the investigation. Maybe the two nurses and two officers, that showed Lauren some compassion, were temporary mother figures for the girl, who may have needed a 'mother' at that time. It is also possible that being as smart as she was, academically speaking, She realized that her well-being was dependant on these people, and being uncooperative wouldn't be in her best interest. Maybe it was something as simple as 'innocent until proven guilty.' Everyone in law enforcement, that night at the school, had a job to do, and fortunately for lauren they did it well. She was the only one on scene when the police arrived, and it was her name that was tagged throughout the building. Yet they were able to clear her of any involvement. At home, it wasn't like that with her mother. Lauren's on and off issues with bedwetting, often had her mother and her, at odds. At twelve, the doctors thought this latest episode might have something to do with the onset of pubity. At this time, even though it wasn't an every night occurrence, it was random enough for her mom to purchase cloth diapers for the girl and pad her up nightly. Although her mother never chastised her daughter for something she had no control over, Lauren resented that she was never given the opportunity to show her mom that she could get herself diapered for bed. The psychologist felt that it would be best if someone other then her mother, managed Lauren's care, Especially now, that Lauren was having day and night accidents, since her arrest. Lauren's mom accepted that suggestion, hoping that with someone else caring for Lauren's diapering, mother and daughter could get along, again. Pressing further, as to who would be the best candidate, the doctor did suggest finding someone that her daughter might form a bond with, that could help deal with Lauren's care at your home over the summer. If I was to suggest the the ideal person, I would choose someone around the age of twenty - twenty five, young enough to relate to Lauren, college educated, perhaps someone looking to enter a nursing or counselling program. Someone who has an easy going personality, but isn't afraid to take charge of a situation, if she needs to. Just remember that The people who Lauren needed and respected the most during her court case, were the two nurses and the two female police officers. They took complete charge of her, earned her trust, and her admiration, and got her to do what other people haven't been able to. ...And Lauren respected them for it.

Over the week at the hospital, Laurens daytime bladder control seemed to be slowly improving. She was heavily diapered at night, along with the other girls, even those who didn't need to be diapered, during the day. For Lauren, her daytime protection consisted of adult pullups, basically a thick diaper with a stretchy waistband instead of tapes. That way if she felt the urge to go, she could rush to the bathroom, pull her scrubs and diaper down and use the toilet. Sometimes she would be successful and that would help her to accept the times, when she wasn't. When my sweetie, finally came home, everyone was happy. I agreed to let Lauren continue to wear the pullups during the day, mainly because it made her happy to now be taking responsiblity for herself. The few times a day she was successful, was a special bonding moment for the both of us. Our Bedtime diapering ritual became another mother-daughter time that we both welcomed. Gone were the days of nightly fights to get her diapered. Now we just spent the time talking while I padded her up in the thick cloth diapers. Lauren wasn't as nervous now as she used to be, going on shopping trips. I had no problem letting her wear her pullups if we weren't going to be gone very long. There were a few times like today, that warranted taped on disposable diapers, and plastic panties, when we knew that we would be away from home for extended periods. Lauren, although not happy with being diapered, never once complained. Lauren had on a dress that she wore a few times, to her doctor appointments, after she got out of the hospital. The pleats did a pretty good job of hiding a diaper, so she was ok with wearing it today while the three of them went shopping.

We were picking out some looser fitting sweat pants for me to wear around the house, when I felt an urgent need to go. I realized there was nothing else I could do at this point except to try and run out of the store to minimize my embarrassment. I know that mom recognized the look of panic on my face because that was the moment she grabbed my hand, and held on tightly. I tried to pull away from her, but she tugged back, catching me off balance and that was all it took for me to lose control. A few people nearby saw the brief struggle, but just continued with their shopping, never learning the full extent of what had happened.

" Lauren, you don't need to run off and hide, whenever you feel the need to wet your diapers, honey. Now, we just need a few more items, and.........

" Did you have a poopy accident, Lauren ? " Mom asked, a bit louder then I thought she needed to.

I started to complain, but mom quickly shooshed me, assuring me that everything will be ok. My sister and a few other customers, quietly stared as I clung to mom's waist, trying to hide my face. As soon as I calmed down, and people had moved on, mom made me hold the side of the shopping cart. I felt like a toddler, whose mother was worried that her child might wander off. We left to find a place where mom could change me. Spotting an employee stocking shelves, mom headed in her direction. I panicked and started to move away, when mom explained that her daughter had an accident and she needed to find a family restroom where she could get her cleaned up.

" Lauren ! Keep your hand on the cart, sweetie... Sarah, can you hold your sisters hand, please? Hoping that the employee would assume I was Sarah, I quickly grabbed my sister's hand.

"That was actually pretty clever, Sweetheart ! " Mom laughed ...but I don't think your little sister appreciates your humor, since she isn't the one I need to change now, is she ?

With my mother, sister, and the employee, all staring at me, I couldn't stop the tears. Mom apologized for the drama, stating that's it's been a rough week and a half for us.
The employee introduced herself and asked my mother to follow her. The room had an out of order sign on the door, but Madison said it was because the lock was broken, She offered to stand watch, to make sure that we weren't interrupted.

The three of us piled into the changing room, Mom had Sarah use the potty while she removed my dress. I was inconsolable, standing there in front of my sister, wearing only a bra, and a heavily soiled diaper under the plastic panties. Mom got my changing pad and supplies, spread out on the bench. When my sister was done, mom put her back in the shopping cart and faced her away from us, instructing her to play with her stickers and NOT to turn around until she was told to. I couldn't believe she was actually going to change my messy diaper, with my sister in the same room, but obviously, she wasn't about to leave her outside. Mom had me stand, to minimize the damage, while she removed my well used diaper. I was glad for that because my diaper was almost to the point of leaking. I just covered my face with my hands and cried. That had to be the most embarrassing thing I ever experienced. I was too ashamed to even bring myself to face my mother after that. I think that mom had already decided to just handle this herself, and not expect any cooperation from me, as she helped me on to the waiting diaper, spread out on the bench. Once my diaper was taped up, Sarah was allowed to watch. Mom slipped the plastic panties up to my knees, and helped me up from the bench. Having grown up in the age of disposable diapers, my sister was curious, as to why I was wearing panties over my diaper. I stood there embarrased, as my mom explained the purpose of plastic pants to Sarah. When she pulled the panties over my diaper, I couldn't help but notice that they had absorbed the odor from my accident. Mom slipped the dress over my head, and handed me my paci. It really seemed to help calm me, but I still didn't want people seeing it. Mom suggested that I could hold the side of the cart and close my eyes, whenever I saw people ahead. Sarah even offered to tell me, if she noticed anyone. Mom tied the plastic bag that held my used diaper and all the messy wipes, and took it with us. Madison was patiently waiting, as we exited the changing room. Mom thanked her for helping us. I didn't even try to hide this time. When she smiled at me, and held her arms out for a hug. I looked to mom for permission, and when she nodded her approval, I was more then willing to hug her back. I didn't even mind when she reached for my hand, and held it firmly. Her touch was comforting to me, even though I suspected, she just wanted to be prepared, in case I had the urge to wander off again, like I did with mom, earlier. As soon as I took a step closer to her, and leaned my head against her arm, I felt her grip relax. She knew that I was now content enough to quietly stand next to her, while she talked to my mom. She only worked at the store on Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Friday, she explained, while handing my mother her business card, was set aside for her real passion, caring for children, who can be demanding, or have special requirements. I quietly smiled, knowing that I was the poster child for that description. She also made a point of letting mom know that she was experienced in diapering both, children and adolescents. After seeing how comfortable I had become around her, despite the embarrassing circumstances that brought all of us together, mom thanked her and told her to expect a call, later this evening. I knew that mom was anxious to get going, so I quickly reached out for a final hug, from Madison. I had the biggest smile, knowing that I might just be seeing her again. Bending down to return my hug, Madison didn't disappoint me. I even smiled when she quietly reminded me to be a good girl and hold on to the shopping cart, before giving me a few playful pats on my bottom to scoot me on my way. I happily obeyed. Madison noticed the plastic bag that mom was carrying, and knowing that she didn't have it earlier, asked mom if it needed to be thrown out. Mom told her it did need to be disposed of, and that she didn't want to leave it in a room that wasn't being used, in case someone forgot to empty the trash. Madison told mom that she would bring it out to the dumpster, and mom thanked her, as we left. Just before we were out of sight, while mom was distracted, I turned to see if Madison was still there. I couldn't have been happier, when I saw her wave back. I guessed that she was probably only five or six years older then me. I was starting to relax, knowing that I faced some tough situations today and managed to get through them, mainly thanks to Madison. Arriving at the car, mom unlocked the doors, and Sarah got in the front seat. Mom helped me into the back seat and I noticed that the air trapped in my diaper and plastic pants caused it to balloon out around my crotch, when I sat. I know that mom had noticed it too, because she slipped a finger into the leg band of the plastic panties and forced the air out with her other hand, before she buckled me in, The whole way home I tried to understand why I found myself so uninhibited to actually want to hug someone I didn't even know, or worse, someone who earlier saw me at my most vulnerable moment. Maybe I just needed a friend, I'm not allowed to talk to any of the friends that went to my junior high. I'm pretty sure this girl wouldn't be comming to babysit me, expecting to talk about boys, fashion trends, or our favorite tiktok videos. When I thought back to the conversation Madison had with my mother, and the experience she had, changing diapers on adolescents, I wondered if she saw me as someone with Special Needs. All I know is that she seemed to care for me, but I'm sure she wouldn't if she knew what I was almost charged with. Maybe I was just a job to her. I didn't know what to think anymore. I just know that I miss having someone to talk to, so much lately, that it wouldn't matter if they were changing my diaper, at the time. Then I realized, mom never mentioned diapers. I could have pooped in my underwear, how would she have known differently ? If she does this for a living, maybe she noticed the the outline, or the bulk, but she couldn't know for sure. I started to feel better, knowing that there was room for doubt.

That's when reality came crashing down. I completely forgot about the pats to my bottom, That was probably just her subtle way to see if I was wearing a diaper under my dress. Even worse, I now remembered that mom had her dispose of the bag that held my used diaper and all the wipes. There wouldn't be any doubt now. I couldn't help but cry, when I realized that anyone can have an accident, but having someone find out that you wet and soiled yourself, while wearing a diaper, can only mean that they put you in them, specifically for that reason. Mom and Sarah tried to consol me but this whole day was full of disappointment for me, and I wanted nothing more then to get home, and hide under my bed covers.

Later that evening, mom explained to Sarah that her friend's mom had called to invite her to a sleepover, and mom helped her pack clothes for the 3 days that she would be away. My sister was excited when she learned they had planned day trips to a water park and an amusement center. When Sarah's friend and her mom came to pick them up, I was in my room. Mom came to get me after everyone had left. She told me I could stay up later tonight because she wanted to explain what she had in mind for my next three days. She told me that she had made arrancements with Madison to spend time alone with me, for the time that my sister was away. Mom also mentioned that she made arrrangements to be away from home, herself, from after breakfast until dinner. Mom thought it was important for Madison and I to have this time together so that we can get to know each other. Just so you know, Lauren, I did tell her about what you had been through recently, and how it has impacted your wetting issues. I really think she can be of help to you in managing this until you regain the daytime control you previously had. After that, we can concentrate on nighttime accidents. I started to cry when I thought that Madison might not want to be my friend after learning that I was arrested.

" I'm not paying her to be your friend, Lauren. She's being paid to watch and care for you so I can spend some mother/ daughter time time with Sarah. You require a lot more of my time and attention, because of what you are going through right now, honey. Sometimes I think Sarah feels like she is being punished, because I have little time left to spend with her. Madison is a smart girl, honey. I'm sure you two will become friends, once she can see for herself, that you are learning to take responsibility for what has been happening. Mommy knows that it's been hard for you now, not having any friends, I saw how comfortable you were with Madison, and you have to admit, she had you feeling better after everything that you have been through. Trust mommy, Lauren. I think this will work out well for you. I went to bed that night knowing that mommy was going to make sure that Madison knows that I'm a good person who just made some really bad decisions. I was hopeful, yet scared of what Thursday would bring.
The next two days were the hardest for me as I struggled with my feelings and the frequent accidents that my stress was causing. That night I went to bed knowing that tomorrow would bring some answers.
tossing and turning for most of the night, before falling asleep, I wasn't surprised when I woke up later then usual. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I popped my paci in my mouth, and tugged up my well soaked cloth diapers, and made my way to the kitchen.

I started crying the moment I saw Madison sitting across the table from my mother. Mom remained seated while Madison came over to console me. She told me that My mother explained everything to her and that I didn't didn't need to worry because I was learning to manage my medical issues responsibly and I was dealing with the consequences of the bad decisions, I had made. Madison explained to me that we each had a job to do, mine was to work on making better choices in life, and hers was to help me with that, and teaching me how to deal with my potty issues.

" If you and I can appreciate that we each have a task to finish, then I see no reason that we can't become close friends, Lauren." I will help you get through this, sweetie. I promise. "

"Lauren, It's what you do next, that really matters. You can learn from all of this and become a stronger person. And that's why I want to be here to help you achieve that goal.

" Besides, You look so damn cute ! she teased, as she hugged me.

" If you are curious about the paci, my mother pointed out. I allow Lauren to use it at home, when she finds herself getting stressed. I prefer that she doesn't use it outside the home, but I did make an exception on the day we first met you, because she was really stressed after her accident. Sometimes she uses it to fall asleep, and I usually remove it once she drifts off. I find it preferable to sucking her thumb, if I have a choice.

" Let me get you out of that diaper, Lauren. You will definitely leak if you try to sit down.

"I have her changing supplies in the bathroom, as well as her bedroom, Madison. Just put her in a disposable pullup for now. Her bath can wait until after breakfast.

"Here kiddo, let my unpin your diapers, then we can slide the whole bundle down with your plastic panties, and you can step out of them. We can do this with you standing up."

I couldn't help but smile when I heard "kiddo" That's what Kate used to call me, I really hope to see her again, someday. Definitely under better circumstances !

" Good Job, Lauren ! let me wipe you quickly then you can get your own daytime pull-up, on. I'm sure you want to have your breakfast. You must be starved by now !

" Does she usually wet this heavily at night ? " Madison asked my mom.

She wasn't, until recently, when I saw that her urine has been darker because she has stubbornly been holding back on her water consumption, probably trying to avoid wetting accidents. All that led to, was dehydration and constipation. Lauren has six baby bottles of water in the refrigerator. Starting with breakfast, she is expected to finish one bottle every hour. When she is done with the 6th bottle, I usually have her wash them out and refill them for the next six hours. Her last bottle is usually at bedtime, after I get her all padded up in her nighttime cloth diapers, she'll crawl on my lap and and finish it. I will mention that during the day, she did need to be supervised for awhile, when she was given a bottle. I caught the little smarty pants watering the plants, with it instead of drinking it herself, another time she went to use the potty, and I stood outside the door, listening to her tinkle in the bowl, and when she when she came out her bottle was empty. She forgot to flush so I went in to take care of that, only to find sparkling clear water in the bowl, not a hint of yellow. Even though she couldn't look me in the eye, I let that one go because I didn't want to lose trust in her. These days, she will gladly curl up with me on the couch to watch tv, or cuddle with her bottle. She gets a glass of water at dinnertime. With her water intake, where it should be, Her nighttime cloth diapers are understandably wetter, and during the daytime she has been running to the toilet more often, with great results. Seeing the difference in her confidence, now that she is gaining her daytime control back, has us all smiling. I prefer using cloth diapers at night, even during the day if she isn't feeling well, or stuck in bed. They have worked out great for Lauren, and no one outside of our little circle, has to know. Washing her own diapers is one of Lauren's responsibilities, and she's become quite good at it. Now that she's allowed to wear pull-ups, during the day and trusted to use the potty when she feels the need to, we are both happier.

"I can't tell you how glad I am to have you there for Lauren. She needs a roll model, a Big sister, so to speak. That is how she sees you. You seem to know a great deal more then most sitters. " Mom complimented Madison

" I have been babysitting for twelve years and that is what led me to want to help others. I now take college courses at night, on child development, I'm sure that this summer, after gaining some confidence, Lauren will realize that she doesn't need to be a follower like like her old friends. She will learn to believe in herself and her ability to make better decisions. I'm not about to give up on her, and I refuse to let her give up on herself.

"If you don't mind, Madison, I will leave you to give Lauren her bath then you two girls can have some time alone to get acquainted. I have errands to run, and I may even stop by Sarah's friend's house to surprise her. Is there any particular time you need to leave here?

" I left today open because I knew it would take time to familiarize myself with everything.

"Then I will see you around dinnertime. I will call first and see if you girls have decided what you would like me to pick up for dinner ! Be a Good Girl for Madison, honey !

Madison watched me pick up my breakfast dishes, rinsing them out in the sink, before placing them in the dishwasher with the others. Smiling at me, for not needing to be reminded. She took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Seeing that my pull-up was still dry, she slipped if down my legs and set it aside. I just quietly watched as she ran my bathwater, added a bit of my sister's bubbles, then turned her attention to me.

" Are you ok, Lauren ? " Madison inquired.

" I was ok. I was just in awe of the way Madison took charge of me, often with nothing more then a smile. I felt safe around her, even though she has this uncanny ability to know what's going on in my head, even though I try to hide my feelings. Normally that would have scared me, but I have complete trust in her, and want to bare my soul. I allowed her to remove the rest of my clothing, before she helped me into the tub. She kept me engaged in light conversation as she proceeded to wash me and I was glad for the distraction, especially when she got to my more intimate areas. I was surprised how comfortable I was with Madison bathing me. With mom, baths used to be more clinical, she preferred to get the bath overwith, quickly and rarely spoke, especially if I had upset her earlier in the day. It was only after I returned from the hospital that mom an I started to enjoy each other's company. Eventually the bath came to an end, and Madison toweled me dry as I quietly stood there, following her commands, arms out, turn around, and finally, She knelt down in front of me, checking for any sign of irritation to my diaper region. Seeing a bit of redness, she applied some desitin. I thought she was going to diaper me when she had me lie down on the changing pad, but I saw that she just wanted to powder me. I giggled as she dusted me, sneaking in some tickles whenever she would catch me zoning out. I was just enamored by all the attention and patience she has shown me. With my bath overwith, Madison helped me with my socks and handed me a shirt that I put on before I stood up. While she was rinsing the tub with the hand held shower, I picked up my old shirt, bath towel, and socks and placed them in the hamper. Madison had a Big Smile when she saw that I had cleaned up after myself, again without being asked.

I grabbed the diaper pail and headed towards the laundry room.

"Forgetting something ?? " Madison laughed

Checking quickly, I had put the laundry in the hamper, I was holding the pail with the cloth diapers, I was wearing my shirt, and my socks ...I didn't find anything missing..

" I'll give you a clue, then. Do you feel a draft, aft ?

" I obviously had no idea what she was talking about, but the expression on MY face, had told her as much.

" Lauren, reach around and touch your bottom, silly girl ! "

It was only then, that Lauren's realized that her shirt got bunched up in the back when she put it on. She had pulled the front down and assumed everything was fine but when I saw her two cheeks poking out the back it was obvious Lauren forgot her pull-ups!
Madison couldn't stop laughing, and fortunately Lauren was now able to see the humor in it. Stepping into her pull-ups, the girl made quite sure that nothing else was out of place !

I followed Madison to the living room, totally comfortable to be wearing just my pull-up and a shirt. Madison asked if I wanted to talk for awhile. I was ok with that, I mean, she just changed my diaper and bathed me, I can't imagine any conversation being more embarrassing then that. Madison was curious about the incident that led to my current predicament. I explained to her that it all started innocent enough. Mom was away and I was allowed to have a few friends spend the night. Then the poor decisions I made, just to make some friends, only to get arrested, and be facing multiple years in a juvenile detention facility. Madison hugged me and again promised to help me through this. I felt better, bearing my soul and knowing that I still had a friend, in Madison. A TRUE Friend. Not like the people I once trusted to be my friends. I'm going to be blunt with you now, Lauren. You know now that you made a bad decision by choosing to go to the school that night, without verifying everything first. You didn't check with your mother, you got in a car with a stranger, who wasn't old enough to leagally carry passengers. If you were invited to a school function, then where was your invitation ? Why would you have to sneak in a back door ? Why was the place dark ? Why weren't there any adults present ? These are questions that you should have asked yourself before you even left the house, and certainly, before entering that building. I will tell you though, you did make one great decision, and that was following all the orders that the police gave you and not doing anything stupid, while someone had a gun pointed at you. That was probably the best decision that you ever made. It's going to take some time and patience to get through this Lauren, but it will happen.
Madison wanted to know more about my bladder and bowel issues and I told her about my bedwetting history and how I was doing better until the whole arrest and court appearance. Now It's like I am learning all over, but at least mom is allowing me to deal with it during the daytime and we are getting along better then we did before. I even look forward to mom getting me ready for bed on days that you can't be here to do it.

" Just between us Lauren, Your mom loves that bonding time also !"

She is really proud at how well you have been doing lately. She knows this is hard for anyone to deal with alone. That's why we are both there for you. You had a setback but you are already showing some daytime progress. Your mom and I talk over coffee, while you are still asleep ! You have been holding your end up, with your chores, you have been patient with her when I'm not around, you take a moment to think things out before you speak or react. Everyone is proud of you, sweetie, and there is so much more that I want to teach you. We have the whole afternoon together, before your mother brings dinner, so that means you have 6 more bottles to finish before then. Let me go get you one. I want you to tell me if you feel the urge to go, or whenever you wet your diaper. I know it's akward, Lauren, but It would give us a baseline, so we can begin to chart your daily progress. That way I won't have to keep asking you, either. I would also like to help you condition your body to making your poopies in the mornings, before you have to go anywhere. That way you almost eliminate any chance of messy diapers while you are away from home. We can work on that next week. For now, lets just concentrate on the bottles and the chart. There might be days when you are really stressed, or not feeling quite well, that could lead to an accident. That can happen to anyone. Don't get discouraged. In situations like that, you might appreciate your padded undies ! Remember, we might never have met if it wasn't for that poopy diaper ! "

Madison reminded me that I should be wearing my plastic panties when Mom got home, so I went to my room, to get a new pair. I hand washed my previous pair and hung them in the shower, like Mom does. When Mom walked in, she saw that the table had already been set with plates, silverwear, glasses, and napkins, and assumed it was Madison. As she started to Thank her, Madison just pointed to me.

" I won't make that mistake again. " Mom apologized as hugged me

When everyone had finished their meal, I collected the dishes, silverwer and glasses and set them on the kitchen counter. Returning with a wet towel and waste basket I disposed of the napkins then saved the remaining chicken and side order containers. After wiping down the table I went to the kitchen to start rinsing items that would go in the dishwasher. It took me about fifteen minutes to load the dishwasher, then start the cycle. The leftover food was already put away, and the only thing left was to clean the sink. I couldn't hear the comversation that Mom and Madison were having, but that didn't worry me. I knew what I needed to do now to make ammends with Mom, and with Madison's encouragement I was determined to follow through on this. Finally satisfied with the job I did in the kitchen, and not hearing my name being mentioned, I went to join the others. I asked Mom and Madison if either of them would like a coffee, and Mom was beside herself. She got up and hugged me. I'll make the coffee, Lauren. From what I heard, you did a great job today, with both your chores and your diapers, honey. Let me get you a bottle and you can relax with your friend for awhile, before she cleans you up and gets you tucked into bed !

Last night I had the best sleep, since my punishment ......Let me correct myself, it's not a punishment, it's my family and Madison helping me with what I need, to gain confidence and move on in life. I knew Mom was proud of how well I did yesterday, and so was Madison. Climbing out of bed, I wondered if Madison was here already. I realized that I hadn't pooped yesterday, and felt a fullness as soon as I stood up to stretch. I'm pretty sure Madison may have mentioned this to my mother, so the topic was likely to come up at breakfast. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it under watchful eyes so I decided to try now, while I was alone. Checking the clock, I wasn't expected to show up for breakfast for another half hour. I wanted to relax and try to get it over with now, in the privacy of my room. I knew it would make my mother and Madison happy, and I wouldn't have to worry about actually doing it with anyone around, for the rest of the day. I removed my plastic panties and set them aside, then placed the wet nighttime cloth diapers in my diaper pail, before slipping on a pair of the pull-ups, and adding the plastic pants. Voluntarily pooping myself was much harder, compared to the incident at the school or when we were out shopping, when my body made that decision for me, both times. Pleased with my little accomplishment, I made my way to the kitchen, and before mom could ask why I wasn't wearing my cloth nighttime diapers under the plastic pants, I told them what I had done. I definitely wasn't expecting to be praised like like a three year old who just 'fessed up to dropping a load, in her her training pants. I was nervous until I heard Madison offered to change me. We headed to the bathroom and Madison spread out the changing pad, and motioned for me to take my place. Hoping to avoid making a bigger mess, I told her that I hadn't sat down since going, so if she removed my diaper while I was standing, it would make her job easier.

"This isn't about making my job easier, Lauren. It's about preparing you for situations you might face outside of the home. Sometimes, there may not be a convenient place to change, or, as you found out, you might be forced to sit for a ride somewhere. So, I can change you right now on your pad, or you can wait until after breakfast, when I bathe you. I will allow you to choose. This is a one time only, offer. After this, I won't be taking requests. I chose to wait."

I knew I would be spending more time sitting in a messy diaper but I did have a nice bath to look forward to. Let's get some plastic panties on you then you can have your breakfast, Lauren. I stood there as Madison explained to mom why my change was delayed. I even attempted to sit on my legs, trying to keep my bottom off the seat, but both of them caught on, and Mom was the one who put a stop to that. She picked me up, slid the chair out with her foot, and sat me flat on my keister. Even Madison couldn't help but laugh, at the expression on my face, when I realized the damage. I was just finishing my meal when mom announced that we have a busy day ahead, and not all of it will be spent at home. Mom had offered to clean me up since she was the one who made things worse, but Madison said that she would handle it. I was asked to stand on some newspapers that she spread out on the bathroom floor. My plastic pants were lowered, and Lauren had me hold the pull-ups while she tore the sides. She used the cleaner parts to remove as much as she could, before wrapping everything up in the newspaper, and placing it in a plastic bag. I just stood there until the water temperature was warm enough to spray me down, then I was helped into the tub. Once I was clean enough from the sprayer, the tub was wiped down, then filled up. Bubbles were added and I was helped in. Madison has me sit and soak, while she got rid of the bag with the pull-ups. I was scrubbed down pretty well, my skin had a pink glow. I thought Madison spent a longer time cleaning my 'diaper area' then she needed to but I would learn why, later.

I wasn't sure how I felt about being out of the house so soon. I did trust Madison's decisions even though I pouted, knowing that I would probably be losing more battles, now that the line had been drawn, establishing who is in charge and who is wearing the diapers around here. Mom informed me that Madison had a few suggestions that she supported. Not being known for her diplomacy, mom just came out and said, that the curly bush between my legs, was an infection waiting to happen, with all the wet and dirty diapers I would be going through over the summer. I wasn't really sure what she was referring to, until she mentioned that neither of them were comfortable with shaving me, down there. I was told that I did have an appointment with a woman later this morning, who would take care of that for them. Terrified that another stranger would see me in diapers, I tried my hardest not to cry, but the moment I felt my diaper warming, just made it easier for the tears to flow. Madison pulled her chair next to mine and put her arm around my shoulder, holding me closely while she continued her conversation with my mom. I think her intent was to offer me emotional support, while allowing me the chance to work things out for myself. Eventually, I was able to ask the questions that were on my mind.

My first question was actually predictable, " Would she see my diapers ? " Mom let Madison explain everything to me, because she actually knows the lady and that she deals with this fairly regularly. Most of her customers are women who have experienced some degree of leakage, later in life, many after having given birth, years before. Others are younger like yourself who need to get shaved for surgical proceedures or catheterizations, or just want a trim for bikini season. I already told her you are temporarily wearing protection for medical reasons. If it is ok with your mom, I think one of the pullup diapers would be ok today, since you aleady took care of your morning 'messy diaper'. I think you will be less embarrassed with pull ups, since you can manage that by yourself, and obviously, I will be there if you did need help with anything. Let's see what your mom thinks.

" I think that would be an excellent Idea, since you now won't have to worry about any problems, so soon. Mom was happy for me !

Knowing that I won one victory with my recent progress, I decided to press my luck a bit.

" I asked mom if I could keep a small trimmed patch, but that idea went down in flames ! She told me that I can make that decision for myself, when I am out of diapers and training pants. Until then, regular appointments would ensure that I remained as bald as a newborn, down there !

I will pack a few extra changing pads to place under you, along with your diapers for when everything is over. You really don't have to worry, she's a very caring person, Lauren. It wouldn't bother her if you wanted to have me nearby. You can do this, honey. You're a strong girl. If you can hold it together emotionally, and get through this visit, your mom has agreed to let you pick out one adult outfit for when you and I are ready to venture out of the house, for walks, shopping, or to see a movie. Your cooperation today will make that happen. I was surprised to see how easy everything went. Having arrived on time, I managed to wet my pull-up while we walked across the parking lot, to her office. Madison quietly asked if I needed to get changed but I told her that I had only wet a bit and the pull up still felt dry. I wasn't the least bit nervous with Madison by my side. When I was introduced to Carmen, the owner, I felt like she was an old friend. She made sure I was comfortable, as she explained what my care today, would entail. She even offered to leave the room while Madison got me prepared. I was surprised to hear myself telling her that she didn't need to leave, but then again, I had been exposed to much worse, my first night in the hospital, when I was arrested. This caring woman was only shaving my muff. I'm sure the two of them were stunned by my lack of modesty, as I slipped my dress off, dropped my pull ups and stepped out of them. I laughed at their expressions, as I took my place on the padded table. Staring at a set of clippers and a razor, has nothing on, staring down the barrel of a gun. I quietly smiled as Carmen went to work. She did have me roll over, and spread my cheeks, to deal with a few final details. The process went rather quickly, and when I sat up and saw the results, I knew that mom would be pleased. Carmen got everything cleaned up and ready for her next customer, while I stepped into my pull-ups and finished getting dressed. I immediately noticed the heightened sensitivity I felt in my nether region, I had a hard time paying attention when Carmen asked about scheduling future appointments. Fortunately, Madison took care of that, 'cuz the way I was feeling, I probably would have chosen weekly visits, for life ! I hugged Carmen and thanked her for making me feel at ease. On the way home, I felt a slight need to pee and decided to just use my pull-up, since it was already slightly wet. I tried to relax myself and eventually was able to feel a series of dribbles, that had me squirming in my seat.

"Got ants in your pants, or did you wet yourself ? " Madison asked with a smile on her face.

I wasn't about to deny it, especially when she already knew exactly what happened, and I was the one, who was looking for answers.

"You feel like you're being tickled ? " she teased

Wait ! How did she know that ? I was starting to freak out.

"This is all normal, Lauren. I saw the surprised look when you got your pull-ups on and noticed how sensitive your skin was. When you just wet yourself, you experienced the same thing, only more powerful. The shaving and cleaning just made your skin more sensitive then it already was. This will slowly fade away as your skin becomes desensitized to the wet diapers and new hair growth. You're a smrt girl, you know all about nerve endings. Next time you'll be dragging me to get to your appointment, not the other way around ! And you better not let your mother see that you're suddenly having more accidents then usual, or I'll be the one in trouble, for suggesting you stay shaved ! "

I was sure that Madison would want to know how I dealt with everything as well as I did. I was even asking myself that very same question, as he headed home. The only answer I could come up with, was all the caring people that took an interest in me, at a time when I needed them the most. I have learned so much from each of them, and I never realized that until recently. They made such a huge impression on me, and I only hope that someday, I will have the chance to let them know that.

It was also during the ride home, that I realized Sarah would be home from her sleepover, later this afternoon. That really didn't bother me, because my sister and I usually got along pretty well. She was a little more than half my age, but we both enjoyed playing board games together. I was nervous about how everything would be now that Madison will be around more. Obviously Sarah didn't require the amount of attention and care that I did. She didn't need diapers or pullups, she was quit capable of bathing on her own, and she could even fix herself breakfast or lunch if she needed to. Sarah never teased me about my accidents, and I appreciated that. I just needed to talk to mom first, about my concerns.

As luck would have it, mom was still home when we got there. I was informed that my sister was asked to stay for dinner at her friends home, and that they would drop her off after that. That gave the three of us time to work things out. What bothered me the most, was that for the past three days I was walking aroung the house in pull-ups or diapers and a shirt. This was something that mom suggested because it was easier to to see when I needed to be changed. Sarah used to see me come to breakfast in a well soaked diaper and plastic panties, before I was bathed. Now I was expected to to show up in a wet and messy diaper before I was quickly cleaned and changed before joining the others at the table. And then there are the baby bottles of water, I have to drink hourly.

"Sarah doesn't know about this, what's she going to think ? " I whined.

" I think your sister will understand, I plan on having a private talk with her tonight when she comes home. Everything has been going well these past three days so I'm not going to change the routine.

" I decided to have your sister help out in small ways. She can play with you, She can remind you when it's time for potty breaks, If Madison happens to be busy making lunch for all of you.

" She can also let Madison know if you forget to mention that you need to be changed.

"Sarah will be another set of eyes for Madison. She needs to be included Lauren, she loves her Big Sister.

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