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Serena's Nappy Punishment - Part Four  (by Mummy Strict)


It was shortly after 6pm when Serena arrived home from work.  Maria was sat on the sofa in the front room, waiting to see if Serena would pop her head round and say hello, but as usual she just ignored Maria & went straight into the kitchen.


As Maria heard Serena go into the kitchen, where Maria had left the note which Serena's Dad had written for Serena earlier, Maria decided to get up and go into the kitchen too.


As well as being excited about the humiliating spankings and nappy punishment she was shortly going to be giving Serena, she also really wanted to see the look on Serena's face when she read the letter from her Dad.

"Hello Serena, how was your day ?" asked Maria, pretending she cared.


"Fine." said Serena, in her usual curt and sulky way.


"OK, well there's a letter on the table from your Dad, that you need to read." replied Maria, trying not to show how excited she was.


"I'll read it later." replied Serena.


"Well actually you need to read it now Serena" said Maria, more firmly now.


"OK, fine." said Serena reluctantly, wondering what could be so important that she needed to read it straight away.


Maria's eyes stayed firmly focused on Serena's face as Serena opened the note and started to read it :


"Dear Serena,


I know I haven't spoken about this with you before, but I do know about your recent bedwetting accidents.


I'm guessing that you didn't mention this to me because you're probably embarrassed. But we need to do something about it before your mattress gets ruined. So I had a chat with Maria, and we've decided that even though you're 31, it would be best Serena if you wore nappies for bed until we're sure that you don't wet the bed anymore.


I've asked Maria if she'll handle this, so from now on I've asked her to put you into your nappy at night Serena, and then check the following morning to see if you've stayed dry. I know you might find it a bit embarrassing at your age to have Maria put you to bed in a nappy Serena, but please don't argue with Maria about this, or give her any problems.


Maria also told me what you said to her this morning, and I'm not happy about it or the lack of respect you've been showing Maria.


Again, after speaking with Maria about this, I've given Maria my permission to punish you for your behaviour, and that includes her giving you a spanking tonight if that's what she decides.


If she thinks you need to be spanked Serena, then she has my full permission, because your language this morning was totally unacceptable ! 


I won't be home till very late tonight, but if Maria says you've given her any cheek or trouble at all when she puts you to bed in a nappy & plastic pants tonight, or if she decides she's going to spank you, then not only will you be grounded for the weekend, but you'll also get another spanking tomorrow and spend the whole weekend in nappies.


Hopefully if you are spanked by Maria tonight it will be enough of a humiliating punishment to get you to improve your attitude towards Maria.


If not, then you'll continue to be spanked until things do improve, but hopefully that won't be necessary, because I'm sure at 31 years old you don't want to keep being spanked like a child. 


Love, Dad x "


Maria wished she could have taken a photo of the horrified expression that spread across Serena's face as she read it !


Serena blushed as she realised that both her Dad and also Maria both knew she had wet her bed a couple of times recently.


It was embarrassing enough for Serena to have her Dad know she'd wet the bed at 31, but even worse knowing that Maria also knew about her bedwetting.


As she read the rest of the note, Serena really couldn't believe what she was reading, so after reading it through the first time she then went back to the stop & started to read it again, this time more slowly...


"…We've decided that even though you're 31, it would be best Serena if you wore nappies for bed…"


"...I've asked Maria if she'll handle this, so from now on I've asked her to put you into your nappy at night Serena, and then check the following morning to see if you've stayed dry…"


NAPPIES !! Serena could feel herself blushing bright red as she read this ! She didn't want to be put back into nappies like a baby at 31 years old !!


Even worse, she didn't want Maria, who she really didn't like, to be the one putting her to bed in nappies, or to be coming to check to see if she'd wet her nappy the following morning !


"...I've given Maria my permission to punish you for your behaviour, and that includes her giving you a spanking tonight …"


SPANKED !! This was ridiculous !! Serena couldn't believe her Dad had given Maria permission to spank her, like she was still just a naughty little child ! She was 31, a grown woman !! Not a naughty little girl who still needed to be spanked !


All the time Serena was reading this, Maria didn't take her eyes off of Serena's face, watching her blush as she took it all in, & enjoying seeing the obvious embarrassment and humiliation spread across Serena's face.


Even after reading through the note a few more times, Serena still couldn't believe what her Dad had written, and was horrified at the thought of being put back into nappies like a baby, and being spanked by Maria.


She looked up at Maria, who though trying her hardest not to smile, looked as though she was enjoying seeing Serena's discomfort. On seeing that, Serena decided she had to try and see if she could talk her Dad out of this, & to refuse to accept what he'd written in the note.


"I'm not going to wear a nappy like a baby, or get spanked by you !" said Serena defiantly to Maria.


"Oh yes you are young lady ! You're going over my knee Serena, and you're going to get your bottom smacked, and then I'm going to put you into a nappy for bedtime !"


"And you'll be back in nappies at night now until you can prove to your Dad and I that you can be trusted to keep your sheets dry, & not wet the bed like a toddler Serena " replied Maria, determined to stamp her foot down and show Serena there was no point in arguing.


"But I'm 31 years old ! You can't do this to me ! You can't put me back into nappies or spank me !" shouted Serena.

"I'm phoning my Dad !!"


Maria stood there and smiled again, and reminded Serena of what her Dad had already written in his note.


"I wouldn't call him at work if I was you Serena. Your Dad's already said in his note that if you give me any trouble this evening, either with putting you to bed in your nappy, or spanking you, that you'll not only be going to bed in nappies at bedtime, but that you'll spend the whole weekend wearing a nappy, plus you'll get another smacked bottom tomorrow."


For a moment Serena stood there and considered Maria's warning. The thought of being made to wear a nappy for the whole weekend was terrible for Serena. But at her age, even the idea of just having to wear nappies to bed for one night, and having to let Maria spank her and put a nappy on her, was so awful & humiliating, that she decided she had to try and get her Dad to change his mind. Surely she could persuade her Dad to give her another chance, and convince him that at 31 she was too old to be put back into nappies.


"Well I'm phoning him" said Serena, as she picked up her phone to call him.


"OK, well put it on speakerphone, so that I can also hear what your Dad says. And when you end up getting spanked again tomorrow and being made to wear nappies for the whole weekend, don't say you weren't warned !"  replied Maria.


Serena put her phone on speakerphone and waited for her Dad to answer. Her Dad was sat at work when his phone rang, and in the middle of a conversation with two of his female colleagues, Gillian and Rhona, who both knew Serena and had met her on various occasions, including when she had helped out there for a few days.


"Dad, I'm sorry I wet the bed, but please don't make me wear nappies !" begged Serena.


Serena's Dad really wasn't impressed that she'd phoned him at work about this, especially as his note had been quite clear about what he'd decided and the reasons for it.


Before he could answer, he heard Maria say hello to him, as she wanted him to know she was listening to the conversation, hoping that would ensure he didn't somehow give in to Serena's pleas. He said hello back to Maria, before then replying to Serena.


"Serena, I don't know why you've phoned me to argue about this. My note was very clear. Whilst you keep having these bedwetting issues, me & Maria have decided you'll have to wear nappies for bed at night Serena."


As they heard this, Gillian and Rhona sat there & looked at each other in amazement ! Were they hearing this right ? Was Serena still wetting the bed at 31 and about to be put back into nappies ?


"Did you hear that ?" whispered Rhona to Gillian. "Serena still wets the bed !!"


"And she's gonna have to wear nappies for bed, like a baby !" replied Gillian, trying not to laugh.


"Yeah, how embarrassing ! I think Serena's 31 now, and she's going back into nappies !!" smirked Rhona, as the two women carried on listening to Serena's Dad on the phone...


"And yes Serena, I have given Maria permission to spank you ! You were very rude this morning, and it wasn't the first time. So I don't want to hear anymore complaining. Maria's going to spank you, and then she's going to put you to bed in a nappy. Do you understand me !" said Serena's Dad, raising his voice as he got angry.


Again, Rhona and Gillian looked at each other, open-mouthed.


"She's getting spanked as well !! Serena's gonna get spanked by Maria !!" whispered Gillian to Rhona, just before Serena's Dad got off the phone.


"Now, I'm in the middle of a meeting with Rhona and Gillian, so I need to go. I don't want to hear any more arguments from you about this, and don't you dare give Maria any problems tonight, or you'll be in even more trouble. Is that clear Serena ?" asked her Dad, as he brought their conversation to an end.


Maria smiled as she heard Serena's Dad say he was in the middle of a meeting with Rhona and Gillian.

She loved knowing that they would both have heard about Serena's bedwetting, & how Serena was being put back into nappies and going to get spanked ! Maria had noticed the shocked expression on Serena's face when he said he was with Rhona and Gillian, as Serena also realised they both now knew she still wet the bed & was going to be made to wear nappies, which just added to her feelings of embarrassment & humiliation.


"Sorry about that" he said, apologising to them for the interruption. "Just having a few issues at home with Serena".


"Oh don't worry about us, we're fine" replied Gillian in a relaxed manner. "But we obviously couldn't help overhearing everything. So, Serena's been wetting the bed ?" she then asked, keen to know more.


"Yeah, she's wet the bed a few times recently. I didn't really know what to do about it, but I told Maria this morning, and she suggested putting Serena back into nappies." answered Serena's Dad.

"I wasn't sure if Serena was too old at 31 to be put back into nappies like a baby ? What do you two think ? Am I doing the right thing letting Maria put Serena back into nappies at 31 ?"


Rhona and Gillian were quick to respond, both keen to support Maria, as neither of them particularly liked Serena either, finding her quite stuck-up, like she thought she was better than them.


"Well, yes, 31 years old is obviously quite old to still have to wear nappies, but if Serena's still wetting the bed like a baby, then I think it's only fair that you make her wear nappies like one" answered Rhona.


"Yes, I agree" added Gillian. "You'll just have to keep Serena in nappies till she stops wetting the bed. I think you and Maria are doing exactly the right thing".


"I guess you're both right" said Serena's Dad, glad they both agreed with Maria's suggestion.


"What sort of nappies are you using for Serena ?"  asked Gillian.


"Terry-towelling nappies. Maria bought some plastic pants for Serena as well" answered Serena's Dad.


Rhona smiled, as she imagined Serena having to wear a terry-towelling nappy and plastic pants like a baby !


"And will Serena be pinned into nappies by Maria ?" checked Rhona, also keen to know as much as possible about Serena's humiliating nappy punishment.


"Yes, thankfully Maria offered to take care of everything, and put Serena into her nappies & plastic pants, as I didn't want to have to do that ! "

"So yes, Maria will put Serena to bed in nappies in the evening, & then check Serena's nappy in the morning to see whether she's stayed dry or has wet herself in her nappy."


"And is Serena going to get a spanking from Maria as well ?" asked Rhona.


Serena's Dad explained to his two colleagues how Serena had been rude to Maria that morning, and that he had given Maria the go-ahead to spank Serena. He also told them that he had some good news as well, as Maria had agreed to move in with him, and they both responded by congratulating him on this news.


He then stood up, saying he needed a quick break, and that he'd be back in a few minutes, leaving Rhona and Gillian alone, and ready to discuss further the stunning revelations about Serena's nappy punishment and spanking !


"Wow, this is so funny !! That little stuck-up bitch Serena is going back into nappies ! And she's gonna get spanked as well !! Spanked and nappied at 31 years old !!" laughed Gillian.


"Yeah, she deserves a good hard spanking, even if she is 31 ! Little bitch !" agreed Rhona.

"Good on Maria ! If only we could watch Serena getting spanked ! I'd love to put her over my knee and spank her fat little arse !"


Rhona and Gillian had met and spoken to Maria several times, and in contrast to Serena, they both really liked Maria.

And they liked her even more now they knew she was going to spank Serena and make her wear nappies !


"Well, I think we should message Maria tomorrow, or maybe call her, congratulate her on moving in, and tell her we totally support what she's doing with nappying Serena." suggested Gillian.

"And yes, I'd also love to see Serena getting smacked, and being put into a nappy & plastic pants like a baby ! She's going to be so humiliated !"


"Good idea ! We'll both call Maria, and then see if we can go round one evening and see Serena in her nappy !" laughed Rhona.


"Maybe we can even give Serena a nappy-change ! And a spanking ! I'd spank her so hard, till she was crying and her bottom was so sore she wouldn't be able to sit down comfortably for a week !"


Whilst Rhona and Gillian sat there laughing at Serena's humiliating nappy punishment, and making plans to be able to see Serena in her nappies, Maria had led a now very glum Serena into the living room…


… because at 31 years old, bedwetting Serena was about to be spanked for the first time since she was a child…



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