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Summer of Discovery, Chapter 1



“Congratulations Sis.” The words caught Rachel by surprise. Actually, it wasn’t the

words so much as it was the voice.


“Lance!” Rachel screamed as she turned and leapt into her older brother’s arms. “You made it!”


Well, of course I did, baby sister. It was bad enough that I missed your eighteenth birthday last week, I wasn’t about to miss this. But that last final exam this morning did it’s best to hold me up. I got here just in time to see you walk up on the stage and get your diploma.”


“But how did you get halfway across the country so fast? If you had a final exam this morning you would have had to….”


“Whoa, girl” he interrupted. “The two hour time difference helped a lot. I finished my exam and had a friend drop me at the airport….but I drove because I didn’t want him to get a speeding ticket. I got to the airport gate with a whole two minutes to spare. It was only a three and a half hour flight. It’s a good thing it was nonstop, or I wouldn’t have been here yet.”


Rachel gave her older brother another hug, and smiled at their mom and dad that were standing behind him. “This night couldn’t be more perfect,” she said. “Everybody I love is here for my high school graduation. Let’s all go home and catch up on all the news.”


“Aren’t you going to any graduation parties?” asked Maureen, Maureen was their young forty-ish mom.


“Ahh, Mom, there are always parties…” Rachel started. “And you and Dad are leaving tomorrow for your second honeymoon.”


“But you only graduate from high school once, and this should be a night that you remember forever.” Her mother replied. “You go ahead with your friends, and we can all catch up in the morning before we leave for our cruise”


“Well, the cheerleading squad is having a party at Cheryl’s house…”


“That settles it. You are the Captain of the cheerleaders and you just have to be at their party.”


“Mom, I was the captain of the cheerleaders. I’m not in high school anymore. Remember?” Rachel grinned, and Maureen knew that the battle was won.



“OK honey. You go and have fun, and we’ll wait up for you.”


“Don’t count me in on that waiting up part.” Lance interjected, “It’s already well past midnight Central Time, and I’ve been on the go all day. You go and party like a rock star but be careful, and I’ll see you in the morning.”


“OK, see ya bro. Bye Mom and Dad. I’ll try not to be too late.” Rachel sprinted off to catch up with her friends as they headed for the parking lot, holding her graduation gown up as she ran.

Lance, Maureen, and her husband Dave, (“Dad” to Lance and Rachel) headed off the other way for the short six block walk home. As they walked, they caught up on the things they hadn’t had time to talk about with Lance’s whirlwind arrival by taxi from the airport. Lance carried his small carry-on bag from the flight, since there hadn’t been time to drop it off anywhere on the way to the commencement.

“Traveling light, huh son?” Dave asked.

“Yeah, Dad, I didn’t have time to check any bags and still get here on time, but I planned ahead, and I shipped most of my luggage two days ago, so it should be arriving tomorrow.”


“Well, no worries, your room is just like you left it, and I’m sure there are some clothes in there somewhere.”


“And don’t worry,” interjected Maureen, “your other ‘necessities’ are all still there too.”


Lance felt himself blushing in embarrassment because he knew what “necessities” his mother was referring to.


Lance had had a very gifted childhood. Because he was born in mid-October, the year for him to be admitted to school, actually kindergarten, was open to interpretation by the school and his parents. His parents had wisely not pressed for him to be allowed to start the month before his fifth birthday. By postponing his school debut by a year, they didn’t set him back in his learning, they enhanced it.

Because he was older, more mature, taller, physically stronger, and (thanks to his mother’s tutorage) better prepared for his first year of school, Lance had excelled socially, athletically and academically from the very start. He dominated the school playground, not as a bully, but as a leader and an organizer. He got straight A’s in nearly all his classes, and was the captain of nearly every sports team he was on from the time he was a sophomore. He was the Quarterback and captain of the state champion football team, and was named a high school All American. He captained the divisional champion basketball and baseball teams, and anchored two relay teams in track. At six feet four inches in height, and a hundred ninety five pounds of well toned muscle, Lance was an




imposing figure. He had been recruited by nearly every major sports university in the country, and had settled on the Midwestern sports powerhouse, Vermillion University . .


Lance was about as well rounded a young man as you would ever imagine. He had only one flaw. Lance was a bed wetter.


He had never, to the best of his recollection, had a dry night. He had never been chastised or punished for wetting the bed. After numerous trips to the doctor, and just as many tests, his parents understood that it was a medical condition that he couldn’t control, and that punishment would do nothing to fix the problem, and much to damage Lance’s self esteem.


So, every night before bed, Maureen, Lance’s mother, would diaper him in thick cotton cloth diapers, and then pull on a pair of plastic pants to keep his bed dry. She did this right up until the night before he left for college. Lance had often told her that he was capable of taking care of the diapering himself, but she insisted that it was a mother’s job, no matter how old her “baby” was.


The only consolation in the whole thing, as well as being confirmation that it was a medical issue, and not a behavioral one, was the fact that Rachel, his little sister, also continued to wet the bed right up until the present time. Apparently, the cause was genetic.


When Lance and Rachel were younger, they were diapered on the floor in the family room every night. It was a nightly ritual, with the powdering, and pinning, and snapping on of the plastic pants, pulling on the pajama bottoms, and then chasing each other up the stairs to their adjoining bedrooms.


About the time that Lance was thirteen and Rachel was nearly twelve, the ritual migrated to their respective bedrooms.

As Lance grew hair and Rachel grew boobs, they became more self-conscious, and Maureen recognized their need for privacy. But she still diapered both of them herself.


In the mornings, both Lance and Rachel would waddle down the stairs to breakfast, their soggy diapers visibly sagging under their pajamas.


Because of the sagging, Maureen, a skilled seamstress, made them both snap-crotch onesies to hold the diapers up.


During the hottest days of summer, they would often wear only their diapers, plastic pants and their onesies around the house until they changed into their daywear. There was no shame. Their need for diapers was just an accepted fact of life.


When they went back upstairs to get dressed for the day, the diapers were dropped into a diaper pail that was in each of their rooms. Maureen would make sure they got washed, dried, folded and put away on a regular schedule so that there was never a shortage of soft dry diapers. The second drawer of each of their dressers was filled with diapers and plastic pants. Rachel’s diapers had a pink “R” embroidered in the corners and Lance’s had a blue “L”. Rachel’s plastic pants were pink, and Lance’s were blue. In their nightstands could be found lotion, baby powder, and a bar of soap with diaper pins stuck in it so they would slide through the diapers easier. It was all simple and matter of fact. Both Lance and Rachel wet the bed and wore diapers. No big deal.


When they arrived back as the house where Lance had grown up, he made a quick stop in his old room before heading to the bathroom for a refreshing shower. As he came out of the bathroom he was wearing just a towel around his waist. When he entered his bedroom, his mother was already there, removing diapers and plastic pants from the second drawer of the dresser. Lotion, baby powder and diaper pins were already on the bedside table.


Maureen laid a diaper on the twin bed, and unfolded it lengthwise, then fanned out the folded-in-thirds back end of the diaper to make a Y shape at about the middle of the bed. Then she did the same with a second diaper.


“OK, buster, drop the towel and hop up here on the bed so I can get these diapers on you.” She instructed.


“Aw Mom,” Lance protested, “I can do it myself.”


“Not in my house buster! You know the drill. Jump up there now.”


Lance knew it was futile to argue, so he dropped the towel to the floor and laid down in the middle the bed, directly on top of the diapers. His penis hung down between his slightly spread legs, brushing the tip across the cloth of the diaper below him.


“My, my,” his mother exclaimed, “I believe you have really matured in your nine months away from home. That is a very impressive organ you have there. I’ll bet the girls at school are impressed with it.”


Lance was proud of his cock, which was nearly ten inches long when erect, but he wasn’t sure how to feel about his mother’s praise so he said nothing and blushed.


As Lance blushed, Maureen picked up the baby powder and sprinkled it liberally over his genitals. She then said “lift up,” and Lance raised his legs ninety degrees straight up into the air so she could sprinkle powder over his ass cheeks too. As she set the baby powder down, Lance lowered his legs and spread them to make his mother’s job easier.



Maureen grabbed the front of the top diaper, twisted it 180 degrees to form a pocket for Lance’s ‘package,’ pulled it up between his legs, wrapped the ‘wings’ of the back of the diaper snuggly up on each side, and carefully placed a pin in each of them. She then pulled the second diaper up between Lance’s legs, spread it smoothly over the first diaper, and pinned it snugly.

“Lift ‘em,” she said, and Lance dutifully raised his legs into the air one more time. Maureen pulled a pair of pastel blue plastic pants over his feet and down his legs toward his diapers. As she tugged them over the diapers, Lance used his athleticism to lift his diapered butt off the bed and into the air, essentially standing on his shoulders as his mom finished pulling the plastic pants on. She carefully tucked any loose corners of cotton back under the elastics of the legs and waist, and patted his butt to let him know she was finished. He rolled his butt and then his legs back down on the bed with a “Thanks Mom,” and then he sat up. “I packed so light that I don’t think I have enough

t-shirts to waste one on sleeping.” He said.


“You don’t need to,” his mother replied. “I have several of your onesies still here in your dresser.”


Once again Maureen opened the second drawer of the dresser, and pulled out a maroon onesie, unfolded it, and pulled it down over his raised arms and then over his torso. As he laid back onto the bed and instinctively planted his feet and raised his butt, she reached under him, pulled the flap out, and snapped the six snaps at the crotch.


They had both done it so many times, that the entire process took only about three minutes, and Lance was ready for bed. It was a good thing too, because he was so exhausted that he was sound asleep in a matter of just a few minutes. He didn’t even hear the front door open when Rachel came home a couple of hours later.


His mother, on the other hand, still up doing some last minute packing for her trip the next day, stopped what she was doing and repeated the bedtime diapering ritual with her daughter.


“You know, don’t you Mom, that I’m going to have to do this myself while you’re away?” asked Rachel as her mother pulled her diapers snug and pinned them on.


“Of course, but I’m still here tonight, and it’s a mothers job to take care of her babies, no matter how old they are.” Maureen replied laughingly. “While we’re on our cruise, you can do your own diapering, but while I’m here, I’m on diaper duty.”


She then pulled Rachel’s pink plastic panties up over her diapers, snapped the snaps on the crotch of her onesie, patted her butt and went off to resume packing while Rachel drifted off to sleep.









In the morning, Rachel and Lance both woke up in soaking wet diapers as usual. They met in the kitchen as they always did, their heavy diapers sagging but held snuggly by their onesies. They each plopped down in kitchen chairs to sip their morning coffee and to go through their waking up rituals.


“So how late did you stay out partying last night, baby sister?” asked Lance teasingly.


“Waaaaaay past your bedtime, big brother.” She replied. “Your diapers were probably already wet by the time I got mine on.” She was trying not to smile, but her green eyes were laughing as she teased Lance just as she had since they were toddlers. Of course they still resembled toddlers in the way they were dressed.


“Well, I hope you got at least some sleep since we have to take Mom and Dad to the Embarcadero to catch their cruise in a little while.”


“Don’t worry about me,” she giggled. “I’ll be ready before you are, because I’m going to beat you to the shower.” Rachel darted out of the room to make good on her claim, and Lance swatted her on her soggy diaper clad rear end as she passed, laughing at her sibling competitiveness.


As Rachel took the stairs two at a time to reinforce her lead, Lance followed her at a more leisurely pace, knowing that there was no rush because there would be several minutes before the shower would be free. He went to his room and checked out his limited choice of apparel for the day. He unsnapped the crotch of his onesie, and his heavy diaper started sliding down his muscular thighs. He pulled the onesie off over his head, and then slid the wet diaper down and off. He separated the plastic pants from the diaper and removed all four pins before dropping the wet cotton bundle into the diaper pail. He carefully stuck the diaper pins back into the bar of soap in his night table drawer, and wrapped a towel around his waist for the trip to the bathroom. Lance heard the shower water stop flowing, and a couple of minutes later, he heard the bathroom door open so he headed toward the shower. He met Rachel in the hallway, a towel wrapped around her as well, but higher than Lance’s to cover her breasts. His eyes couldn’t help but scope her out as they passed, and he liked what he saw.


“Did you leave me any hot water?” he teased as they passed

“Just enough to get soaped up,” she retorted, “then it’s all cold from there on.”


Lance closed the door and unwrapped his towel, hanging it carelessly over the hook on the back of the door. He jumped in the shower, and, contrary to Rachel’s teasing retort, he had plenty of hot water to get soaped up and rinse, cleaning carefully around his diaper area as he had since his mother taught him as a child.


A few minutes later he was out of the shower and drying himself off before rewrapping the towel around his waist and heading back to his room to get dressed. It didn’t take long for him to emerge wearing a pair of jeans and a maroon polo shirt. He hustled down the stairs to help his parents load their luggage, but Rachel was already there wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a tank top, and the car was loaded and ready to go.


“It might be early, but if we leave now, we will have time for some seafood on the pier” said Maureen.


She didn’t get any argument about one of everyone’s favorite pastimes. Fresh seafood on the pier, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of fishing boats, cruise ships and pleasure craft coming and going was an old family favorite, and one that they hadn’t shared as a family in nearly a year. They spent the forty five minute drive to the coast catching up on stories of the nine months that Lance had been gone.


Rachel had a number of good stories about her senior year, and Lance told about his freshman year in college. The trip seemed to be over in no time at all as they pulled up to unload luggage at the cruise ship terminal.


“We’re going to go catch some lunch at the pier” Dave told the porter as he showed him his boarding documents and handed him a generous tip. “We’ll be back in time to sail.”


“Yes sir, Mr. Bancroft. Thank you very much sir. The ship sails promptly at two, so please be on board by one o’clock.” The porter set their bags on the luggage cart, and the family started walking toward the pier as Lance pulled the car around the corner and into a parking spot. He fed the meter enough quarters to take it up to the two hour maximum parking time and took note of the time so he wouldn’t risk an expensive ticket. He then caught up with everyone else as they walked out to the end of the pier, breathing in the smell of the sea as they went.


“I can’t tell you how much I missed this while I was away.” Lance exclaimed. The Midwest has a lot of great people, but there just isn’t anything like this. And no matter how much they tell you their seafood is fresh, after a trip on a truck, an airplane, and another truck or two, it just isn’t the same. Here, we can know that there is at least a chance that the fish slept in the ocean last night.


The family sat down at the casual seafood diner at the end of the pier, and each ordered their favorites and then they all shared with each other, as was their custom. The time           

flew as fast as the conversation and in no time at all they were full and it was time to head for the ship.


“I sure hope the next time here isn’t as long coming as this one was.” Lance commented.


“We’ll just make it a point to come back here a couple of times while you’re home this summer.” His dad replied. “It is especially beautiful in the evening with the city lights in the background.”


“Great idea,” said Lance, “and now let’s get you on that ship so you can start your vacation that you have looked forward to for so long.”


“I just wish that we could have scheduled it so it wasn’t so close to Rachel’s graduation and you getting home.” His mother commented.


“Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll still be here when you get back.” Rachel said laughingly, her green eyes dancing. “So you and dad go and relax, and don’t worry about us. We’ll manage to keep ourselves occupied for two weeks ‘til we see you again.


Lance glanced at his watch, and said “As much as we would like to stay and watch the ship sail, our parking meter only has about ten minutes left, and I still need to pick up the rest of my things from the airport. So, you guys have a great time, and we will be here to pick you up when your ship comes in.” Lance chuckled at his own joke, and the family split in two parts, Maureen and Dave up the gangplank to the ship, and Lance and Rachel making tracks toward the car and a running parking meter.


As they made their way through traffic toward the airport, Lance and Rachel chatted like they had never been apart. The small talk came easy, and they picked up right where they had left off nine months before. Lance told Rachel about his freshman year at college, including his expectations for his athletic future, and she shared the highlights of senior year at high school.


Even though it took nearly an hour getting to the air freight terminal at the airport, it seemed like just minutes. Lance pulled up and parked and asked: “coming in?”


“No.” Rachel replied, “I’ll just sit here and listen to the radio. I’m sure you won’t be long.”


She was right, and less than ten minutes later, Lance threw his shipped luggage in the trunk of the car and climbed back into the driver seat. As he pulled out of the airport he looked at Rachel and asked: “It’s a long way home and you haven’t been to the restroom since we left the house. Do you want to stop somewhere to pee?”


“When did you start keeping track of my bathroom breaks?” Rachel laughed.                                                                                                                       

“It just occurred to me that we have been together since just after I got out of the shower this morning, and I peed once at the restaurant on the pier, but you haven’t gone at all, even after your morning coffee and two big glasses of iced tea at lunch.”

As they stopped at a red light, he glanced over at her, and she stared coyly back at him.


“What makes you think that a toilet is the only place a girl can pee?”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean that what works at night also works in the daytime. As a matter of fact, I am peeing right now.”


“You mean…..”


“In answer to the question you seem to be having such a hard time asking: Yes, I mean I’m wearing a diaper.”


“But why are you wearing diapers during the daytime? Do you have a problem that I don’t know about?”


“No,” Rachel chuckled. “The only problem I have is the condition of most public restrooms. If I’m going to have to sit in pee, it’s going to be my own. Besides, wearing diapers is fun. Don’t you think so?”


“Sis, I have never told anyone else this before, but I do like it that I have to wear diapers to bed, and sometimes I like just sitting around in just my diapers and a t-shirt.”

“So which are you? An AB? or a DL?”


Rachel!” He exclaimed in shock. “I can’t believe you even know about AB/DL.”


“The internet makes it easy to find out about things. So which are you?”


“I’m mostly a Diaper Lover, but there are certain aspects of the adult baby lifestyle that I find interesting.” He said with a red face. “What about you? Are you an AB or DL?”


“Well, technically I’m a TB or teen baby,” she giggled, ”but I guess since I turned eighteen last week, I really am an AB. What turns you on about adult babies?”


“I said interesting, not ‘turned on.” He corrected her. “It’s mostly the clothing. Snap crotches are really intriguing, and I like nursery prints on my diapers and plastic pants.”


“So you like snap crotches like this one?” Rachel asked as she unsnapped and unzipped her cargo shorts and slid them off revealing that her tank top had been converted into a snap-crotch onesie.


Lance could see a disposable adult diaper peeking out from the leg openings on the sides.

“Where did you find a onesie like that?” He asked.


“Mom isn’t the only one that can sew, you know. I made it”


“Well, you are full of surprises today.” Lance laughed. “But you’re not the only one with surprises. What kind of diaper is that? I didn’t even see a bulge under your shorts ‘.


“Have you been watching my ass all day?” Rachel laughed. “I’m wearing a Secure X-plus. They’re very absorbent and less bulky and easier to hide than cloth diapers. See?”

Rachel unsnapped the crotch of her onesie and pulled it open to show the white plastic of her very obviously soaked disposable diaper. “It’s a good thing we’re almost home because even as much as this thing holds it won’t take another wetting”


“We’ll be there in a few minutes, and then we can get that wet diaper changed.”


“I’d like that” She replied.


“You’d like what?”


“I’d like it if you’d change my wet diaper.”




“What? It’s not like you’ve never seen it before.”


“But that was…..”


“Yeah, I know, that was years ago, when we were kids, but you still watched me getting diapered every night, and for that matter I watched you too.


Lance was speechless as he pulled into the driveway and drove around to the back of the house and into the basement garage. As he grabbed his bags out of the trunk, Rachel grabbed her cargo shorts off of the floor of the car, and headed up the stairs to the house.

Lance followed, watching as the two flaps of the onesie crotch flapped around Rachel’s shapely thighs, and the soggy diaper, released from its containment, started to sag.

He followed her up the stairs, past the first floor, continuing up to the second to her room. As she entered her bedroom door, he continued past it to his own. He tossed the two large bags onto his bed, and quickly zipped open one of the compartments on the smaller of the two. He took out two plastic bags, re-zipped the compartment, and turned back toward her room.



Her door was still open, and she had the second drawer of her dresser open, reaching for her diaper supplies.


‘You won’t be needing those.” Lance said. “I brought something better.”


He opened the larger bag and pulled out a fitted flannel diaper with Velcro fastening tapes. It was printed with a pastel design of alphabet blocks and letters and had Velcro strips at the waist and leg openings to eliminate the need for pins.


“I told you that you’re not the only one with surprises.” He said. “I brought presents. If you really want me to change your diaper, then I’m going to put you into something really babyish.”


It was Rachel’s turn to blush. “I meant what I said. I do want you to change me, and I just love that printed diaper. Where did you get it?”


“It’s imported. Nothing but the best for my baby sister. It’s from Babykins. They’re in Canada and they make some great baby things in adult sizes.”


“What’s in the other bag?” She asked.


“Nursery print plastic panties in just the right size for my baby sister.” As he answered, he opened the bag and pulled out a pair of pink carousel pull on plastic pants. “I have more surprises, but I don’t want to spoil you. Now, let’s get that wet diaper off of you before you get a rash.”


Rachel had been the one to start the ball rolling, but now Lance took charge of the situation, or so he thought. He spread a towel on Rachel’s bed to protect the bedspread, turned toward her, and his jaw dropped open. Rachel had pulled the tank top onesie off over her head, and now wore only a very soggy white disposable diaper. Her firm, pert breasts stood out, and her nipples were erect. She had a pacifier in her mouth that was attached to a ribbon around her neck and sucked it silently as she looked coyly at her brother.

”Aw, come on Sis. What are you doing? I’m your brother, for crying out loud.”


Rachel pulled the pacifier out of her mouth. “I’m just getting my onesie out of the way so it doesn’t get wet while you change my diaper.” She replied innocently before replacing the pacifier. She met his gaze like a challenge, and he responded.


Lance grabbed her playfully, picked up her lithe form like she was weightless, and laid her on the towel that he had placed on the bed. The new nursery print diaper and plastic pants lay on the bed next to Rachel, and the baby powder was on the nightstand.


Lance grabbed the top tapes of the diaper, one with each hand, and peeled them loose. The lower tapes then followed. He carefully lifted the front panel of the diaper with both hands, rolling the plastic inward as he pulled the soggy lining away from Rachel’s abdomen. He continued rolling the outer covering of the diaper as he pulled it down and laid it on the towel between her legs. He deftly reached down and grabbed both of her ankles with his left hand, and lifted her legs until her butt was raised off of the sopping wet diaper and pulled it out from under her with his right. Then, while he still had her butt in the air, he grabbed the new nursery print flannel diaper and slid it under her and set her down onto it.


As he lowered her legs back down toward the bed, he got the first real view of Rachel’s pussy that he had had in over six years. To his surprise, it didn’t look much different than it did when she was eleven. Especially with her legs together and viewed from the front, the appearance was definitely juvenile, almost infantile. Rachel had her pussy cleanly shaved so the appearance was one of an apricot. Now she lay on her back, completely nude, and except for her pert breasts, she looked almost exactly the same as the last time he had seen her in this position, getting her diaper changed by their mother.

“Where are the baby wipes?” He asked. “We need to get all of that pee off of you before we put the new diaper on.”


Rachel had been smilingly silent as her big brother started the changing process. As she lay naked in front of him, she showed no sign of embarrassment. “They’re on top of the dresser, in the yellow container.”


Lance grabbed the container and pulled two wipes through the pop- up lid and started carefully wiping around Rachel’s genital area. After wiping over the apricot shaped mound and across to both hips, he once again grabbed both ankles with his left hand and lifted Rachel’s legs up so he could wipe around her buttocks and the crack of her ass. Only then did he open her legs, placing her feet on the bed about thirty inches apart, and opening her vagina to his view. He pulled out a new, fresh wipe, and cleaned thoroughly along the crease between her thighs and her crotch, and then carefully wiped between her outer lips, and finally around her inner lips and prepuce. As he wiped around her vagina, he couldn’t help but notice the moisture gathering in her slit as Rachel moaned and bucked her hips up toward his moving fingers.


“Hey! Hey! None of that. Remember, I’m your brother.”


“Yes, I know. And my best friend too,” She moaned. “Especially right now.”


Lance reached, over to the bedside table, and grabbed the baby lotion. “We’d better use this since you were so wet for so long today.” He squeezed a generous amount onto his fingertips and drew a line with it down the outside of each of her outer lips. Then he started working the lotion outward onto her inner thighs and down and around onto her buttocks. As he spread the lotion upward onto her abdomen and rubbed it in, he cupped her mound in his huge right hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.









“Now we’re ready for some baby powder.” He said as he picked it up and started to sprinkle it over the mound he had just squeezed. Lance was trying to keep this diaper change as just that and nothing more. It was somewhat like trying to stop an oncoming train. His cock was standing at attention in his pants and threatening to peek out over his waistband, and he knew that if he didn’t hurry the process up, they would end up doing something that the world would not accept between brother and sister. “I always liked the aroma of the baby powder the best.” He tried as a distraction.


“Me too, it always reminds me of when we were babies.”


“Don’t look now, Baby Sister, but one of us still is a baby.” Lance finished sprinkling the powder, and pulled the front of the flannel diaper up between Rachel’s legs, covering up her babyish looking shaved pussy. He pulled up the left side first and patted the Velcro fasteners into place, then did the same with the right side. “And a cute baby you are too, I might add. Those alphabet blocks really look good on you.”


He grabbed the nursery print plastic pants and once again lifted Rachel’s feet straight up in the air. He opened the waist of the panties and pulled them down over her legs, carefully placing her feet into the leg holes as he slid them down to cover the diaper. He had to lift her butt to pull the panties over her diaper so he grabbed her ankles once again with his left hand and lifted her up, pulled the pants into the proper position and set her back down.


“There you go. All done” He said as he bent over and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. “Nice and dry”


“I’m going to head downstairs and get some things done on the computer. I’ll see you in a while.” He said as he grabbed the soggy disposable off of the floor and made his exit, closing her bedroom door behind him.


Lance breathed a sigh of relief as he walked down the stairs, knowing that the situation could have very easily led to actions that would be considered socially taboo. He knew from his genetics class that incest was not as much of a genetic risk as most people believed, and he personally didn’t have any aversion to it, but he knew that they had been on the edge of a precipice and was relieved that he had been able to step back from the brink.


He re-rolled the wet diaper into a plastic covered ball as he walked, inhaling the aroma of Rachel’s urine. When he reached the lower floor, he placed it in the trash that he would be taking out later, and poured himself a glass of iced tea.


He sat down on the couch and picked up his laptop computer and logged on. He had just logged onto Daily Diapers, his favorite diaper site, when Rachel came down the stairs.


She still had her pacifier in her mouth, and she had put on a t-shirt that had Tweety Bird on the front of it. The t-shirt came down to just below the waist band of her pink plastic panties, and only enhanced her babyish look. She plopped down on the couch next to Lance, put her arms around him, and gave him a big hug. “Thank you Bro.” She said after letting the pacifier drop. “That is the first time since I was a baby that anyone besides me changed my wet diaper for a dry one. Mom only put on dry ones, and I took the wet ones off. Even Sara …..” She started and then hesitated. “Oooh.”


“What about Sara?” He asked. He knew that Sara was Rachel’s best friend. They had been close since Sara moved into the neighborhood when they were both thirteen. They had been on the cheerleading team together as well as the gymnastics and tennis teams. Sara was taller than Rachel, with shoulder length brunette hair, and was a very cute girl. Lance had watched Sara grow from a skinny little girl into a vivacious young woman. He’d had a crush on her for several years, but hadn’t acted on it because Sara was so close to Rachel.


“I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but Sara is a Teen Baby too. Or, more correctly, I guess she is really an Adult Baby now since she’s three months older than me. She still wets the bed and wears diapers too. That sure has made sleepovers a lot easier.” Rachel laughed. “But even though we play together in our diapers, we have never changed each other from a wet one to a dry one, so this is a first for me.”


“I always wondered how you handled those sleepovers. So….”


“Yes. You know Mom. Whenever Sara slept over here, Mom diapered both of us. And when we were at Sara’s house, her mother did.”


“Speaking of Mom,” she continued. “I think that she may wear diapers too.” Rachel looked at Lance to watch the effect of this bombshell.


“What in the world would make you think that?”


“Laundry loads.” She replied.


“What do you mean?”


“Before you went away to school, how often did Mom wash our diapers?” she asked.


“I don’t know, probably every three or four days.”


“Exactly, and with you gone, you would think that the laundry load would be cut in half, and that diapers wouldn’t have to be washed as often. But there was no noticeable difference. Twice a week, there were clean diapers in my second drawer.”


“Maybe she was just trying to keep them from smelling and washing smaller loads.” He suggested.


“I don’t think so, because from the times I heard the washer running, there was not a smaller amount of water in it so I think it still had a full load.”

“That’s still pretty thin evidence,” he started to reply. “But…….wait a minute…. I just remembered something. About five or six years ago, I heard something in the night. I got up and looked out my door and I saw Dad just going down the stairs. I would have sworn that he was wearing a diaper. He had a t-shirt on and it looked like he had blue plastic pants and a diaper under it. I don’t think he saw me and I forgot all about it because I thought I must be dreaming or just not awake. Do you suppose….?” He left the question unfinished as he saw the mischievous look in his sister’s eyes.


She got up and started for the stairs. “Are you coming big brother?”


“Where are you going?”


“To get the answer.” she replied.


Lance followed her up the stairs and around the corner to their parent’s bedroom. Both of them had been in the room before, but neither of them had spent a lot of time there, and it was always under controlled conditions. So it was not unusual that they weren’t sure what they would find. Rachel went straight to the California King Sized bed, pulled back the bedspread and the sheets and revealed the plastic mattress cover that was there.


She turned and looked at Lance as he entered the room and they stared first at the plastic sheet and then at each other in shock. Then she laughed, and he joined in. “I wonder what else we can find.”


It didn’t take long to find the diaper pail, hidden inside what looked like a laundry hamper in the master bathroom. Of course it was empty, since their mother wouldn’t have left wet diapers in it while she went on a two week cruise.


The diapers weren’t hard to find either. They were in the drawers underneath the pedestal platform bed. There were diapers with a pink embroidered “M” for Maureen and pink plastic panties in the drawers on the left side of the bed nearest the headboard. On the right side, in the corresponding drawers, the diapers had a blue “D” for Dave and the plastic pants were blue.


Despite the shock of their discovery, Lance and Rachel were laughing as they searched. It isn’t every day that you discover your parents wear diapers. They thought that they had found everything until Lance remembered something. He looked at the width of the bed, and mentally subtracted the length of the side drawers and remembered that when his father had built the pedestal bed several years ago, he had noticed a large area down the middle between the rows of side drawers. He quickly went to the foot of the bed, pulled up the hanging bedspread, and revealed a pair of hinged doors.


Expectantly, he opened the doors only to be disappointed. There was only a pair of shelves behind the doors, and they were used to store extra boxes of Kleenex and other bedroom essentials. No diapers or related items there.


But something didn’t look right. Lance felt around the inside of the shelving recess and discovered a lever hidden on the inside of the top of the opening. When he squeezed the lever, the shelves moved toward him and easily rolled out on an elaborate set of large drawer rollers.


Behind the camouflaging shelves, there was a drawer nearly five feet long, almost two feet wide, and over a foot deep. Filling this space were eight plastic bags of at least two different brands of disposable adult diapers, as well as two stacks of cloth diapers and another stack of plastic pants including some with nursery prints that were very much like what Lance had put on Rachel less than an hour before.


“Wait. Don’t touch anything.” Rachel left the room and returned with her cell phone. I never have a pocket to carry this in when I’m wearing just Ds and Ts.” She said. She used the camera feature of her phone to take several pictures of the drawer and its contents. “There, now we’ll know how to put it back like it was.”


Rachel picked up a cloth diaper from one of the stacks and held it up to the light. “It looks like Mom’s been working on the sewing machine.” She quipped. “I don’t want to think about what this hole in the middle of the diaper is for.” She couldn’t help blushing. The monogram on the corner was a pink “M”.


Lance picked up one from the other stack and saw that it too had a similar hole in the crotch of the diaper but farther forward and it had an overlap, much like the fly on men’s briefs. The monogram was a blue “D”. He laughed as he stuck his finger through the hole. “I’m sure that the placement of this opening is not a coincidence. It probably took some trial and error to make sure it lined up right. And I’m sure that the hole isn’t to let the pee run out. Those, my dear sister, are fuck diapers. And here are the plastic pants to go with them.”


He picked up several pairs of plastic pants, some lavender, some blue, that looked like pull on panties, but had a row of snaps across the front, halfway between the crotch and the waist, and a fold-down flap to open the crotch for diaper changes or other activities where access was needed, like fucking through a hole in the diaper.


“Here, try these on.” He said jokingly as he tossed her a pair.


“OK,” she quipped in return, “but I’ll have to take off these pretty print panties that you just put on me.”


“If you do that, you probably need to change into one of these special diapers.” He laughed.


“The next time you change my diaper, maybe you can put them both on me.” She said coyly.


“So now you think I’m your own personal diaper changer, huh?”


“I certainly hope so, since Mom is gone for the next two weeks.”


They both burst into laughter at the lighthearted banter, and started putting their parent’s bedroom back to the way it was when they came in.


When they had finished they closed the bedroom door behind them and walked back toward their own rooms, their eyes giggling each time they exchanged glances. As Lance entered his room he was surprised that Rachel followed him in.


In response to his questioning look, she said: “You told me earlier that you enjoy lounging around in just a diaper and t-shirt. So I just have one question. Why am I the only one in this house wearing diapers? Let’s get yours out and get them on you so we can both be comfortable.”


“It’s a little early for night diapers,”


“Who said anything about night diapers? It’s not even dark yet, so they would be evening diapers.” She laughed. “So let’s get ‘em out. You diapered me, so I’m going to return the favor.”


She opened the second drawer of the dresser, and pulled out a cotton gauze diaper and a pair of pastel blue plastic pants. Lance stopped her, taking the plastic pants and putting them back in the drawer. He knew it was senseless to resist as his sister could be very insistent and besides, he wanted to see how this would play out, so he told her:


“Not the blue ones. I’ve got something I like better.” He turned to his still packed luggage, opened one of the zipped compartments, and pulled out a pair of yellow, nursery print plastic pants, very much like the pink ones he had put on his sister earlier.


Rachel laughed. “You weren’t kidding when you said you like nursery prints on your pants. Those are cute. Do you always wear them?”


“Any time there isn’t a chance of being caught.” He said. “This will be the first time anyone else has seen me wear them.”


“Well, hop up on the bed and let’s get them on you.”


Lance unfastened his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, and pulled the jeans and briefs off in one motion. As he stepped out of them, his cock sprang to attention, something it never did when his mother was diapering him. This was just too much for his body and mind to maintain the “business as usual” comfort level of normal everyday diaper changes, so he responded to this new stimulus.


“Whoa, that that thing is huge. It’s not quite like I last saw it.”


“Well, that was a few years ago.” he replied.


“I just hope we can fit all that in your diaper”


Lance carefully placed a single diaper, folded in thirds, on the bed, spread the flaps on the top end and lay down on the diaper just as he had done for his mother less than 20 hours before. Rachel reached for the powder and sprinkled it over his cock with her right hand, and spread the powder with her left. As she moved his cock to the side so she could get the powder evenly distributed, she suddenly leaned forward, opened her mouth, and took as much of his cock as she could fit into her mouth. Just as suddenly, she coughed it back out, gagged, and spit a mouthful of baby powder out onto his diaper. “Baby powder smells a whole lot better than it tastes.” She laughed. “I have wanted to do that for years, ever since I watched you get your diaper changed, but I sure managed to screw it up the first time. Next time I’ll make sure there’s no baby powder to gag on.”


“Next time? That implies that you’re going to do it again.”


“Well of course I am. We have two whole weeks with just us in the house. I’ve waited a long time for this, so of course I’m going to do it again. But the moment is gone for now so let’s just finish up here and go sit on the deck”


She pulled the diaper up over his penis and pinned it in place, not quite as skillfully as her mother would have done, but it did the job. She tapped him under his ankles and he got the message, raising his legs into the air so she could slide his yellow, nursery print plastic pants down over his diapers. He stood up, readjusting the diaper cover to make sure there were no leaks. He reached for his jeans, but she slapped his hand. “No pants, just like you are. But put a t-shirt on.”


“I’m not going out on the back deck like this!!”


“Not the back deck, Mom and Dad’s deck”


“That’s their private deck! You’re crazy!  I love it! Let’s go!”


“Whoa, big boy. Put your t-shirt on so the neighbors will see the two of us properly dressed at least from the waist up.”


Their father Dave was a successful contractor and he had designed and built their house himself, including many special features for his family, including a private deck off the master bedroom on the second floor. The deck had a view of the Pacific Ocean in the distance and, even though it was only eight feet square, it had its own small beehive fireplace, two comfortable chairs, a twenty seven inch flat screen television, a compact refrigerator and a wine rack. The fridge and the wine rack were recessed into the wall to avoid taking up any of the limited floor space and they provided handy libations for Dave and Maureen when they would sit on the deck to watch the sun go down, or later in the evening with the fire going in the fireplace, all while watching the evening news or a football game. Tonight it was going to host Rachel and Lance as they relaxed and watched the sunset.


As they opened the sliding glass door from the bedroom and walked out on the deck wearing just their diapers and t-shirts, Rachel giggled. “I wonder how many times Mom and Dad have come out here dressed like this.”


“Judging from what we found today, probably quite often. I wonder how many times we saw them from down below while they were wearing just diapers behind this wall.” Lance chuckled at the thought.


They settled into the chairs and Rachel pulled a pacifier out of god knows where and popped it into her mouth, She leaned back and closed her eyes for just a minute as Lance found the remote control and turned the TV on. They started watching a local newscast, and Rachel pulled a bottle of Cabernet from the wine rack, found a corkscrew in the rack’s accessory drawer, and started twisting it into the cork.


“Mom and Dad might be a lot of things,” Lance chastised, “but they’re not stupid. You don’t think they’ll miss that bottle of wine?”


“Relax. There are several cases of this in the basement. We’ll replace it, and they’ll never know.” She picked up two wine glasses and poured a generous serving into each. Then the two of them laughed and chatted and caught up with each other as they sipped their wine and became very relaxed. They talked at length about the day’s discoveries and the fact that their parents had kept their bed wetting a secret from them for so long. They discussed the world of teen babies, adult babies and diaper lovers and some of their personal experiences and how they each discovered others like them on the internet. As the clock ticked toward midnight, Rachel stood up and announced that it was time to head for bed. They reentered the master bedroom through the sliding glass door and Rachel walked over to the king size bed and pulled the bedspread and sheets down.


“What are you doing?” Lance asked.


“We’re sleeping in here tonight. Go get your night diapers and we’ll change each other in here. This fancy new diaper that you brought me is getting soaked, and I can see that your diaper is sagging too.”


“But what about……”


“Mom and Dad won’t be back for two weeks. There’s a plastic sheet on the bed. We’ll both be diapered. What can go wrong? And besides, we are going to need the room.”


“What for”


“You’ll see. Now let’s get our change of diapers, and come back in here.”


Lance was pretty sure that he knew what she had in mind when she mentioned needing the room, and he couldn’t really think of any reason not to sleep in their parent’s bed, so he went into his own room and took two diapers out of his second drawer. He stopped for a few seconds and took a plastic Ziploc bag out of his luggage and smiled as he returned to the master bedroom.


Rachel was already there with her two diapers and six diaper pins. “Did you bring extra pins?”


As Lance stammered a red faced “no”, Rachel laughed. “I would have bet that you wouldn’t. That’s why I brought two extra so I can pin both of your diapers on. What’s in the bag?”


“It’s another surprise”


“What is it?”


Instead of answering, Lance opened the bag and took out a pair of rhumba rear plastic panties. Made of white plastic, they had six rows of very feminine lavender lace running across the rear. He shook them out so they were unfolded, and held them up for her to see.

“You’ve been wanting to change my diapers as much as I’ve been wanting you to, haven’t you?” She accused laughingly.


“Actually, I hoped I’d get to see you wear these, but I never imagined that I would be putting them on you.”


“They’re beautiful, and so babyish.”


“I just wanted to remind you that you are my ‘baby’ sister.”


“Not much longer,” she replied coyly.


“What do you mean?”


“Lance, I want you to be my first.”


“First what?”

“I want you to make me a woman. I want you to be my first fuck.”                 




“Oh come on! I saw how your dick got hard while you were changing my diaper. .That’s why I wanted you to do it. So we would both know that you wanted me too. And, when I diapered you, that thing was hard as a rock! Now, I want you to take this wet diaper off of me and do what I’ve been looking forward to for so long.” She sat on the bed and then lay back so her legs were hanging off the edge, her legs slightly spread so he could see the crotch of her plastic panties.


“Are you sure, Sis?”


“I’ve had years to think about it. Of course I’m sure. I’ve wanted you to fuck me since I knew what the word meant. I’ve dreamed about this night.”

”But I don’t have any condoms.”


“We don’t need ‘em. I’ve been on the pill for two years to control cramps. It’s hard to be an athlete and a cheerleader when you are doubled over in pain. This is just an extra benefit, you get to ride bareback. So are you going to take this diaper off of me or not?”

Lance grabbed the waistband of the plastic pants and pulled them down and off over the soggy diaper, turning them inside out in the process. He grabbed Rachel’s ankles and lifted her butt up off of the bed and slid one of his clean diapers under her to keep the wetness off the bed sheets. Then he pulled on the Velcro tabs and heard the riiiiip sound as the diaper came loose. Rachel didn’t wait for him to grab her ankles; she put her feet on the edge of the bed and raised herself up so he could pull the wet diaper out from under her. So, once again, she was open and totally exposed to her brother.


This time Lance didn’t use baby wipes to clean her skin. He knelt next to the bed, leaned forward and ran his tongue across her upper thigh, just where the elastic of the plastic pants had been. He worked his way up her thigh, tonguing the skin until he reached the fold where her thigh met her crotch, running his tongue along the crease. Rachel arched her back and raised her crotch to meet him, exclaiming: “Oh, God, Oh God. Lance what took you so long?”


Lance stopped licking and looked up.


“No, don’t stop!” It feels soooo good! We should have been doing this years ago.”


He turned his head and started on the other leg, just as he had on the first. As he worked his way up toward the crotch, he could see that there was a new source of wetness for him to lap at. He could smell his sister’s arousal, and he watched as her vaginal juices welled up and started to dribble down to the crack of her ass.


Lance began running his tongue up her outer lips, from bottom to top, first one side and then the other. He felt her body quivering, and plunged his tongue deep between the inner lips, into the center slot of her pussy, then upward to swirl it around her hooded clitoris.


As soon as his tongue touched her clit, Rachel exploded in orgasm, raising her hips to push against Lance’s face, crying. “Oh God! Oh God! Ooooohhh myyyyyyyy Gooooooooood!


She shuddered one last time and then relaxed, lowering her hips back down onto the bed.


“Thanks, Bro, I needed that. That was the best one I ever had.”


“What are brothers for?” He joked.


“They’re for a little more than that.” She replied. “Now you need to get out of your diaper so we can finish this job.”


Lance pushed his soggy diaper and plastic pants down and off as one piece. He left them on the floor and kicked them aside. . Then he knelt between her feet and admired the beauty of the female body. He leaned forward and took her erect right nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue around the areola. Then he moved to the left nipple and sucked it until it was even more erect than when he started. He sat back up and grinned at his sister.


Rachel smiled at Lance and spread her knees a little wider, causing the inner lips of her vagina to open slightly, revealing the entrance to her depths and, just inside the entrance, the guardian of her innocence, the translucent membrane of her hymen.


He reached out and stroked her mound softly with his fingertips. “Are you sure about this, Sis?”


“I’m in an awfully strange position if I’m not sure aren’t I? I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I can’t wait any longer. Do me now, big brother. Fuck me.”


Lance grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip up and down her wet pussy lips until it was well lubricated. He leaned forward, his feet on the floor, left hand on the bed next to her head, supporting his weight, and right hand guiding his cock toward its target.


As the head of Lance’s cock touched the lips his sister’s pussy, he leaned forward, supporting even more of his weight with his left hand while guiding his missile with his right. He lowered his head and licked her nipples, first her right, then her left, and back again.

He moved his hips forward, pushing gently into her opening until he felt the resistance of her maidenhead. He hesitated for an instant, and then pushed forward.

For a split second, Rachel pulled away, retreating from the pain, then with a huge grin, she thrust her hips upward, impaling herself on Lance’s lance and letting out a pained “uungh” as his organ plunged into her.

They both froze for just a second. Their eyes wide and staring at each other as the reality of what they had just done set in. Then Lance pulled back just a bit, and moved forward again, sinking even further into her depths. Rachel responded by lifting her hips, making it easier for him to slide deeper into her.

After just a couple more short tentative strokes, their pubic bones were pressed tightly together as Lance’s cock was buried to the hilt in Rachel’s pussy. They stopped again in an unspoken agreement to let her get acclimated to the welcome fullness in her, and then Lance slowly withdrew most of his length and then slowly and gently thrust back into her.

Again, he pulled back and then forward and Rachel gasped as the pain subsided and the pleasure took over.

Lance stopped again when their pubic bones met, and then he grasped her hips and pulled them upward and pushed her spread legs wider so she could see more clearly as his cock slid into and out of her hairless pussy. She smiled at him as she watched his cock slide into and then out of her bald slit. .

There was a pink froth around her labia where the in and out motion of his cock mixed the juices of her excitement with the blood from her hymen and the air that was displaced as he pistoned in and out of her.

When Lance looked into Rachel’s eyes and saw that she was past the pain and into the pleasure of being fucked he increased his pace as he pounded into her wet pussy. His big cock pulled and rubbed in all the right places as it slid in and out He thrust harder and deeper as he got away from the thought of deflowering his sister and more into the idea of giving her pleasure.

Rachel raised her hips and met Lance’s every thrust as she welcomed the well planned loss of her virginity with an excitement that can be likened to a victory dance. She had known for several years that it was her brother that she wanted to take her cherry, and had avoided entanglements that would lead to any other outcome.

Their mutual need for the nighttime protection of diapers combined with the lifelong connection of siblings had forged a bond that would not be easily overcome. She had, of course, dated in high school, but no one measured up to Lance, her first love. She had participated in some groping and petting with high school boyfriends, but somehow found the experiences lacking. She knew, deep in her heart, that the only man that she wanted to take her virginity was her brother Lance. Now it was done, and she couldn’t be happier. She had her brother’s ten inch cock buried deep in her pussy and she was rapidly approaching orgasm.

As Lance repeatedly plunged his cock into her, Rachel raised her hips to meet his every thrust. She clenched the muscles around her vagina in order to clasp Lance’s cock tighter as if to hold onto it and not let it escape. To Lance the sensation was like she was trying to milk his seed from him, but he wasn’t quite ready for that just yet.

Faster and faster he thrust into her, and she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper into her. She raised her hips even further and shuddered as she came hard from his fucking. “Oh God. Oh God.” She cried out as her orgasm washed over her. .

It was nearly a religious event, and Lance slowed his pace in order to let her savor the moment. He didn’t stop, however, but slowly kept stroking in and out as he waited for her to rebound from her high and get ready for another.

Rachel’s pussy clenched tight on Lance’s cock and he felt the tightness of the muscles clench the base of his manhood, as the rest of his length was embraced by the soft wetness of her depths. It was almost as if she had encircled him with two tightly wrapped fingers as he restarted his pace of fucking her deep.
Lance had no idea that his sister knew how to use her pussy that way, but he wasn’t about to complain. He slowly built up to his previous pace as he concentrated on making Rachel’s first fuck a memorable occasion.

He looked into his sister’s eyes again, and saw only the reflection of the pleasure he was giving her, so he increased his pace, plunging deep and then quickly pulling out almost to the point of total withdrawal, only to plunge again to the depth of her womanhood. He had given her one orgasm, and wanted to give her at least one more before he filled her with his seed.

Only once did his cock actually slip out of her sloppy wet pussy, sliding up the center of her slit and toward her navel before Rachel quickly grabbed it and stuffed it back into her glory hole where it belonged.

Lance continued to pump his cock into his sister’s pussy, and it wasn’t long before they were both on the verge of cumming. He slammed into her again and again, his balls slapping against her buttocks as her lubrication ran down the crack of her ass and onto the diaper that Lance had placed under her for just this reason.

They both felt it building, and this time it was going to be both of them, They slammed their pubic bones together over and over, reaching for the ultimate high, As Lance would reach bottom, his pubic hair would rub against Rachel’s hairless slit, and the tickle only added to her pleasure.

As Lance plunged repeatedly into her depths, he leaned forward and took her right nipple between his teeth. The additional stimulus was too much for her to bear. Rachel erupted into a second orgasm, and the clutching convulsions of her vagina triggered Lance’s orgasm as well. He pushed into her as far as he could, and her legs that were wrapped around his waist pulled him in even further.

He groaned as his orgasm set in and he pumped spurt after spurt of semen deep into Rachel’s wet pussy.


That’s it!!! Cum in me!!! Fill me up!!! Rachel cried out as she felt the spasms of Lance’s erupting cock.

Lance did his best to do as she asked, squirting more milky cum than he ever had in a single orgasm. He thrust deep into her and stopped there, making sure that he left his seed in the deepest possible recesses of her pussy. Spasm after spasm, it just kept pumping into her until his come was oozing out around the base of his cock and mingling with his pubic hair.

As his cock began to shrink, Lance slowly pulled it out until the head fell out of her sloppy slit with an audible “plop.”

He looked his sister in the eye, then looked again at her sloppy, wet, pussy. He watched as a pool of creamy white cum began to gather in her slit, surrounded by her swollen pussy lips covered with a pink frothy coating of her juices mixed with hymeneal blood.

Suddenly, Lance leaned forward and licked the pool of cum out of her slit with the tip of his tongue, continuing upward to drag across her sensitive clitoris and sending another shudder through her.

He looked up, made eye contact with her, and grinned.

“It just occurred to me that this might be my only chance ever to eat a ‘cherry cream pie” he said as he took another lick.

“Oh, I think that there is at least one more out there with your name on it” she replied.

“What do you mean?” he asked as he glanced between her legs and past her tits.

“You’ll see, sooner or later” she smiled coyly.

Lance went back to licking out her slit, enjoying the taste of his cum mixed with her juices.

“Hey,” she said, “Leave some of that in there. I want to sleep with it in me. I want to see what if feels like to be full of cum from my first fuck. Just diaper me now so I can get some sleep.”


Lance, too, was beginning to feel the effects of two long and eventful days in a row, so he didn’t argue as he grabbed the two diapers that Rachel had brought from her room, and laid them out on the bed next to his sister, fanning out the end as he did. Then he picked Rachel up like a child, and set her on her diapers as though he had done it a hundred times. He powdered her thoroughly, rubbing it in as he did, and then pulled the front of the first diaper up between her legs and deftly pinned it on at the sides. Then he did the same with the second one.

He lifted her legs and slid her feet into the leg holes of her new lacy rhumba rear plastic panties. He pulled them down her shapely legs and then, lifting her by her ankles again, he tugged them over the double diapers.

After he made sure that there were no stray diaper edges sticking out past the elastic of the plastic panties, he lay down on their parent’s bed next to his sister, while she sat up, grabbed his night diapers and began the job of powdering and diapering him just as he had done for her.

Lance could scarcely keep his eyes open as Rachel diapered him. When she was done, he slid upward on the bed, feeling the crinkle of the plastic mattress cover beneath the sheet, and sunk his head into the comfort of the pillow. Rachel dived onto the bed and cuddled up next to him. She pulled the sheet up over the two of them, and purred happily as they drifted off to sleep on the first night of their summer of discovery.

Watch for chapter two and three of Summer of Discovery.

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