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Ethan’s Worries                                                                                    By Les Lea

“It’s up to you, but that’s the option being offered.” Jessica Lynd was trying to be understanding but firm with her son.

“But it’s not fair.”

“I think it is. You’re being given the choice of acting like an eleven year-old and making your own decisions or being treated as a little boy who needs others to make the decisions for him. So, what’s it going to be?”

He was standing in front of mother in his bedroom and the moment had arrived when his world was about to change.

It was a hard decision for Ethan to make because no matter what he picked, he’d end up wearing a nappy to bed.


Although there were a couple of weeks left before the new academic year, where he moved up to seventh grade, he was nervous about this huge leap to Big School.

The night before he’d had an awful, unsettling dream, which ended with a soaked bed and the last time that had happened was when he was a four year-old.

He’d woken up full of guilt, embarrassment and shame but his mother had merely told him that she would sort everything out and for him not to worry.

He’d had a relatively carefree day playing out with his friends as usual, enjoying the last days of freedom before school started. He hadn’t mentioned to any of his mates that he was so scared of starting the new term he’d wet the bed and it didn’t occur to him that any of them might be having similar concerns.

Bedwetting wasn’t something eleven year-olds discussed.

Anyway, it was 10pm and time for bed. He knew this late bedtime would change soon because his mum had told him he needed to get used to a school, rather than a holiday schedule and that meant in bed by 9pm at the latest. Meanwhile, she followed him upstairs and, after he’d washed his face and brushed his teeth, she was waiting for him.

Spread out on his bed was a thick white square of material, pins, a length of something pre-folded and a pair of slinky white plastic pants. In her hand was a bottle of lotion.

“Ethan, you need to know that your father and I have discussed what happened last night and have made provisions for such an event.”

“But mum...”

Jessica held up her hand to prevent further discussion.

“Listen first and then you can have your say.” She looked sternly at her son for any further interruptions. Pleased that he seemed to comply she continued.

“We realise that the next few days, possibly weeks, are going to see a huge change for you. I can guess that you’re quite apprehensive about starting at the new school with older boys and girls, different teachers, but you shouldn’t... everything will be fine.”

She ruffled his hair in motherly reassurance.

“However, we think last night’s wetting was a sign that you’re possibly a bit agitated about this and we’re worried it might happen again.”

He didn’t know how his mother could have known that but supposed parents have some sort of sense when it comes to their kids.

Ethan was about to voice a denial but again she gave him a look that implied she hadn’t finished and should wait. He did.

“So, tonight you will wear a nappy and these plastic pants. However, should you wake up dry over the next few days leading up to school we’ll say no more about it.”

She saw him shiver at the thought as he stood silently.

“This is not a request... this is what’s going to happen. If you create a problem or defy either your father or me... well... don’t... this is for your own good.”

Again he wanted to speak but thought better of it.

“We know this may seem an embarrassing thing to do to someone your age and, under normal circumstances we’d agree. However...” she said stressing the word, “a boy your age doesn’t normally wet the bed for no reason... so, to prevent your PJs, bedding and the mattress all getting ruined, this is the simplest solution to your problem.” Again she stressed a word, this time ‘your’, to make sure he was aware it was his problem.

“If you refuse to wear the nappy, which I suspect is what you’re thinking... think again. Your father and I are adamant that this is merely as a precaution. However, should you think of wearing it and then taking it off without our say so, we won’t be pleased and you’ll be made to wear a nappy all the time.”

She looked in his face to see an expression of complete horror... it seemed a terrible punishment for an ‘accident’.

“Mum, this isn’t fair. It was an accident and I shouldn’t be made into a baby...”

There was an inner seething but, if pushed, he’d have to admit that he’d hated waking up to a soaked bed and knew his parents weren’t doing this as a punishment. However, that didn’t make the prospect, at eleven years old and wearing a nappy, any better.

As if reading his thoughts she added.

“You are not being made into anything except a young man who happened to wet the bed, and who’s taking sensible precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again. What could be more grown up than that?” She shrugged her shoulders, “Look, I’m asking you to make the decision rather than we make it for you...”

Ethan interrupted thinking of a different reason not to wear the protection that surrounded him.

“But it’s not fair, what’s Cindy going to say? She’ll tell everyone at school.”

“Well, your sister isn’t going to be at the same school as you is she?”

“But she’ll tell all her friends and they’ll tell their friends and soon everyone will know.” Ethan was hyperventilating.

“No she won’t because if she does... she’ll be wearing a nappy as well.”

This bit of information wasn’t expected but seemed to calm her son down a little.

“Look, it’s only at night and, as I say, if you can go the next week or so without wetting again then everything will revert to normal. But, we are NOT taking that chance right now. So,” she pointed to the open disposable on his bed, “let’s get you sorted shall we?”


Although Ethan was loathed to admit to his growing apprehension, it had been something his parents suspected might happen. Their son had always been a bit of a worrier and because of the wet bed they’d read up on some of the ‘fears’ kids can have when they move school or go into a new class. On this occasion, Ethan was looking to do both and although he’d have friends who’d also be making the move, they could see the anxiety in their boy’s demeanour.

They were prepared and thought if they played it down and acted as if this was quite a natural occurrence then he’d be over it quickly. The first objective, getting him into a night time nappy was being achieved, but now they’d started, they’d have to wait and see if their approach was successful. If their boy was suffering from acute anxiety, this was a simple and easy fix if he was soon past it. The downside to this was... it may cause him further anxiety.

“So what’s it going to be... do you voluntarily want to wear a nappy to sleep in... or...?”

Ethan reluctantly nodded his acquiescence.

“Good lad,” beamed his mother, “the correct choice.”


Ethan grudgingly let his mother rub in the lotion she’d been holding since the beginning.

“This... should you wet again... and this is only an insurance... is to prevent any pee-induced rash.” She smiled reassuringly as she rubbed it in.

“But mum... a nappy rash.... it’s what babies get.”

“Look,” she stroked his bare arm in encouragement, “we want you to be as safe as possible and, we’re trying to anticipate any... problems... before they occur. This is for your own good and I don’t want you thinking that it is demeaning or anything else for that matter. You will not change,” she beamed her approval. “You’re still our rambunctious little monkey and we’re only adding suitable protection to the mix.” She was trying to downplay it and also be encouraging but Ethan looked unconvinced.

‘Rambunctious little monkey!’ Mum, I’m eleven not three he wanted to say in exasperation but stayed quiet after all, he was being slipped into a nappy.

He gathered that any discussion was over and the more fuss he made the worse it would be for him. He wasn’t stupid enough to test those boundaries as he knew where they’d been set. The only problem his parents hadn’t seemed to grasp was – this treatment made him even more edgy.

“Now let me get this nappy in position and you can get into bed and read for a little while but I want you to get used to earlier bedtimes over the next few days. You won’t be going to bed this late on a school night.”

Of course it was at that precise moment his young sister, who was supposed to be fast asleep by now, decided to poke her head around his bedroom door.

“Mum... I was... is Ethan wearing a nappy?” She giggled hardly believing her eyes.

A huge sigh was his only reaction because his legs were in the air as his mother shook some baby powder over his naked bottom before threading the thick nappy, complete with a the enclosed pre-folded soaker pad, up between his thighs.

Mummm.” He tried to suppress his shame and annoyance at the same time.

His mother just carried on as if the interruption was of no significance.

“Stop worrying she’s bound to find out eventually... so you might as well get it over with.”

Cindy stood in the doorway watching as he was taped in and leak-proof glossy plastic pants pulled up to cover the pristine, though highly visible, white fabric. Ethan was red with embarrassment but there was simply no place to hide... and besides, she’d seen him now.

“I like your baby pants.” She giggled. “I can’t wait to tell...” Then in a sing-song fashion began “Ethan’s my baby brother, Ethan’s my baby brother.”

Jessica gave her a look that was supposed to convey a warning. Ethan was stung by the chant and both angry and tearful at the same time. His lower half felt heavy with the huge new addition to his sleeping arrangements fastened tightly in place.

The anxiety that had been only partially hidden broke to the surface and he thought about ripping it off in protest but then he’d be left looking like a naked little boy throwing a tantrum, which would have given his sister even more reason to make fun.

“Mummm, she’s, she’s...” He tried to conceal his plastic pants behind his hands but they were just too voluminous to hide.

Ethan’s my baby brother, Ethan’s my baby brother...” she continued to sing to herself.

Jessica helped pull up his pyjama bottoms and cover the thick padding.

“That’s enough Cindy. There will be no telling anyone about this... do you understand?”

She waited for her daughter to reply but she just stood in her nightie, swaying from side to side, confident of her power over her older brother and with a huge smirk on her face.

“Let me tell you young lady... if word gets back that you’ve been spreading gossip... it won’t be just your brother who’ll be wearing a nappy... you’ll be wearing them to school.”

Cindy’s face turned from a happy smile to a worried and disbelieving look of horror.

“That’s not fair.” She commented with a stamp of her bare foot.

“Well, you and your brother have something in common because he said exactly the same thing.”

“But mummy, that’s not...” she was almost in tears.

“Those are the rules. You spread any gossip and you’ll be wearing a nappy to school as well as for bed. Do you understand?” She looked from one to the other and saw their spirits dip.

“Now, at the moment this isn’t a punishment it’s a precaution BUT if your father or I have any reason to suspect either of you two being anything but supportive of each other, then it will be nappies 24/7.” She emphasised those numbers so there would be no doubt.

Ethan already had this speech and knew he couldn’t argue.

Once in bed, and he’d squirmed around trying to get used to the thick barrier he was now wearing, his mind fixed on his sister Cindy. He knew she wouldn’t be able to contain her gossip about him wearing a nappy and hoped that their parents would keep to their word should she break that trust.

For Ethan this was the start of nightly nappies. He didn’t want it but, as the following morning he woke up sodden, he saw the wisdom of his parent’s argument. Two nights in a row but this time only his nappy was soaked.


Cindy watched as her brother’s thick padding had been hidden behind his PJs, which was a shame as she wanted to look a lot longer as it did make him look like a naughty little boy. In her eyes at least, he was now her little baby brother who had to wear a nappy and that meant she was the grown up... well... in comparison.

She hadn’t liked the threat her mother made and was determined that it would be only her brother who wore such a babyish item but, this was such a great opportunity to ridicule him and she didn’t like that she couldn’t. She had to find a way of doing so without inviting her parent’s wrath.

Several scenarios filled her young calculating head. Inviting her friends over but as he was only going to be wearing at night, she could hardly invite them then. Her bedtime was before his so... she had to be cleverer than that – a sleepover perhaps? However, there was a chance that after a week, if he’d not wet his nappy and woke up every morning dry, he wouldn’t be wearing one again anyway. Perhaps that’s where his humiliation should be aimed – making sure he had to wear his ‘baby stuff’ every night.

Now... how could she make that happen?


Part 2

As it was she didn’t have to because he woke up soaked each morning. No one knew the turmoil going on in his brain as nightly he’d preview that upcoming first day at school, and each time it got worse. He was convinced the bullies would pick on him but now it had the added bonus that they saw he wore a nappy... he spent his dreams in fear and tears.

Jessica noticed that the nightly soak didn’t seem to be improving but also observed, no matter how much he complained (and he usually did) once pinned in and with plastic pants pulled into place, the arguments immediately stopped and he was far more cooperative about his situation.

It helped that with the new school year almost upon them she quickly brought in the new bedtimes. Both had to be ready by 7.30 with Cindy in bed by 8.00 and Ethan no later than 9pm.

Meanwhile, there was something about her brother’s nice new shiny white plastic pants that Cindy thought suited him. Just watching them being applied that first time was wonderful; the crinkle, the thick glossy padding, his obvious shame tickled her no end. Ethan had complained to his parents that he didn’t want his little sister watching him being changed but they just ignored his protests and told him it was just ‘in the family’. They continued with the idea that if they made it as normal as possible he wouldn’t worry about it so much.

Meanwhile, Cindy was fed up with being the baby of that family, and, at almost eight years old, didn’t like the fact her brother was going off to Big School, leaving her on her own in the juniors.

For most of her life she’d gone to school and returned home with her brother. She liked the fact that she had an older brother who if needed (although he never was) could come to her rescue. For no apparent reason she felt less confident and a bit fearful. Whilst he was at the same school she could call on him to be her protecting big brother... or at least threaten other girls she’d set her big brother on them but, not any more. She’d have to be a big girl on her own now, which was ‘funny’ because he’d been returned to wearing a nappy at night - what a big baby.

What she didn’t realise was that the prospect of Big School absolutely terrified him. He’d go from being one of the oldest to being in the youngest stream and the thought of all those older, bigger, tougher boys and girls (and no doubt bullies) made him dread the move up. It was TV and movies fault he felt this way. In just about any school based drama there were always bullies and even though on screen they scared Ethan.

In truth he’d become a scared little kid but thought he was the only one because none of his friends who were starting at the same time ever mentioned any fear. He thought he was being a fraidy-cat and he didn’t want anyone to know that. He certainly didn’t want them to know he wet the bed... that would be a disaster.

What he didn’t know was that two of his school mates were going through the same terrors and were having sleepless nights of their own. However, they never discussed it so they all went through such anxiety without the help of their friends... each worried it would look bad if they admitted how they felt.

The recent bout of bed-wetting had surprised Cindy as much as it had stunned Ethan. Despite all the initial protests he was now wearing thick protection every night because as it turned out, it was needed. Cindy would never have thought her big brother would have such a problem but once he had, she loved the idea. School was rapidly approaching and his wetness was becoming a regular morning feature the closer the deadline drew.


At the same time their parents introduced both their kids to get into an earlier bedtime routine to prepare them for the new term. Because Ethan needed to be well-wrapped his mother introduced the rule he needed to be in protection early. He could stay up and watch TV until his bedtime but he had to be in his nightly padding well before then. This was wonderful for Cindy as she got to see him wearing his slippery protection more often. She tried to make sure she was nearby when mummy got him ready for bed, that final tuck and pat, the whispered words of encouragement before his pjs were finally tugged over the slinky mass proved her claim as a big girl.

However, even at the age of eight she realised that to deflect any suspicion of pleasure she needed to be supportive of her brother... or at least to act it. As she really did like to see him dressed in his protective bedtime outfit, something she hadn’t needed for over four years, she thought that was the place to start. She had to compliment, without it sounding like a dig, and she had to make it so her brother was at ease wearing what he now had to wear around her.

She took her lead from mummy who, fearing he’d slide into a depression, kept up a nonstop barrage of positive comments to keep his spirits up. So, first thing Cindy did was praise him for being brave and admired the fact that he was big enough to carry the look off. She pretended she thought the whole thing just looked like a pair of underpants and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about (she’d got this idea from over-hearing something her parents had talked about). So, when this comment was echoed by their parents, made it seem a little more official. However, that teasing glint of shiny plastic above his jammy bottoms was all she needed to feel superior – after all it was something she didn’t need. In fact, only babies needed such security.


A few of days before they went back to school Cindy saw an opportunity for her friends to know about her brother’s need for nappies. She spotted a whole range of them hanging out in the back garden drying in the breeze and ‘innocently’ invited a bunch of her friends over to play there. Mummy hadn’t thought about the washing when she’d agreed to let her daughter ask them over and it was only as the three visiting girls looked out across the garden and inquired of their young host who the nappies were for she realised the problem she’d caused.

Before Jessica had been able to offer an explanation Cindy had replied that they were far too big for her but her friends could work out, by the size of the plastic pants gently swaying in the breeze, they would fit her brother.

“They’re Ethan’s?” The little coterie of eight year-olds echoed as one.

“I’m not allowed to say.” Cindy replied in her defence but also noticing her mother advancing from the kitchen.

“Does your brother still wet himself?” One of the giggling group asked.

“But he’s at big school...” mentioned another.

“Does he have to wear nappies?”

The questions were coming thick and fast and Cindy’s mother arrived before her daughter could reply.

“Girls, girls, girls,” she tried to calm the excited little tribe. “Ethan is having a little bit of trouble at the moment and I would appreciate it... if you sweet ladies... could keep it to yourselves... for Ethan’s sake.”

She looked around in a benign pleading gesture but could see the girls were silent but not necessarily taking in what was being said. She also didn’t quite realise that all she’d done was confirm that they were Ethan’s nappies.

“Please be considerate to Ethan’s feelings and don’t tell anyone else.”

It was a plea from her heart but Jessica knew she had no jurisdiction over these other girls and they could do and say what they wanted to whomever they wanted. She’d made a huge mistake in allowing her daughter to have playmates over but had no one to blame but herself.

It was too late to chase the girls away, and Cindy wanted to get on with playing games with her friends, so invited them to her Wendy House where they could discuss what to do. Mummy was a little distraught but realised she could do nothing about it; they’d seen what they’d seen. The washing was still drying and the pairs of shiny plastic pants hung resolute in the morning sunshine. There was little she could do to resolve the problem so made no effort in clearing away the evidence. It was far too late for that.


In the Wendy House the girls were all achatter and couldn’t help bombarding their host with more questions. How long had Ethan been wearing nappies? Did he need them all the time? Did she have to change him? The eight year-olds were very inquisitive so Cindy, being the perfect host, thought she was obliged to give them all the information they needed. After all, it wasn’t her fault that they’d seen his drying nappies - mummy was to blame. Eventually they decided on the game they wanted to play ‘house’ and wondered if Cindy could get her brother to be the baby. They all giggled hysterically at the very idea.

Meanwhile, Ethan was oblivious to what had happened at home. He was out on his bike with friends pedalling up and down the small hills and dales of the local wood that led to a rough cycle track the boys had constructed themselves. The area was now used by just about anyone who had a bike, so kids of all ages congregated waiting their turn. When it got busy, Ethan’s group of friends would set off into the depths of the wood to do some stunts and find new tracks for their own amusement.

When he returned, late afternoon and exhausted, his mother didn’t let on about her little faux pas. She’d also told Cindy to keep quiet in the hope that he might never learn of her indiscretion. Cindy agreed to her mother’s request but had told her friends that they could say anything to anyone they wanted about what they’d seen and, if they did, she’d try and get her brother to play baby for them next time they all came round.

This was an exciting prospect to a group of eight year-olds so their tongues wagged to brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. By early evening, Ethan’s sleeping requirements were well-known throughout the neighbourhood.


The following morning, after having a scary dream about bullies at his new school, he awoke soaked. He was beginning to get used to starting the day this way but wandered dejectedly to the bathroom to slip off the safety net of his plastic pants. They’d moulded themselves around the nappy which he warily unpinned and tossed its soggy thickness into the waiting plastic bucket with a flip-lid.

Under the shower he was glad to be rid of such embarrassment. So, after cleaning himself up, getting dressed for another day of cycling he headed down to breakfast. Because guilt was coursing through her body Jessica had made pancakes, which she only prepared on special occasions.

“Morning sweetie... a good night?”

“No,” he replied sullenly. “I wet again.”

She shrugged. “Well I’ve made your favourites this morning,” indicating the succulent looking stack.

Of course he’d said these words about wetting just as Cindy arrived for breakfast so she heard his confession.

He gave her a quick embarrassed look, whilst she just smiled but silently wished he’d come to the table still wearing his soggy padding like she had to do when a wet toddler. Her mummy only changed her after breakfast and she wished it was the same for him. However, she stopped herself from making any comment but knew she had to say something...

“Why pancakes mummy...?” she asked innocuously.

“Oh, I, erm, just thought it might be nice for a, er, umm, a change.” She replied trying to sound upbeat and jolly but coming off sounding flustered.

“Great,” enthused Ethan as he poured on a large amount of syrup and immediately tucked in.

Cindy looked over at her brother as he swallowed his breakfast in huge gulps, eager to get out on his bike again.

“I had friends over yesterday,” she said to her brother.

He shrugged enjoying the sweet tasty treat.

“I’m sure Ethan doesn’t want to hear all about that sweetie.” Jessica interfered and hoped to divert the course of the conversation. “What are you planning today?” She looked hopefully at her son.

“Just biking in the woods... we’ve found a new trail we want to explore...” He shovelled in more pancake.

Undeterred Cindy continued. “My friends wondered if you’d play baby when next time they come over.”

Ethan looked at her questioningly. “Why would I do that?”

Again his mother jumped in with another diversion. “Eat you breakfast dear,” she looked daggers at her young daughter, “before it gets cold. I’m sure your brother doesn’t want to...”

“Oh,” said Cindy pretending to feel sorry for bringing it up, “I just thought he might like to play at home for a while... away from his friends.”

The eager biker sniffed in derision but didn’t get the intonation of his sister who was feeling pretty pleased with herself... after all, it wasn’t her fault if other kids now knew about her brother’s nappies.

Their mother shrugged knowing there was nothing she could do. By then Ethan had finished breakfast and, after picking up his helmet, waved a sort of goodbye and was out the door. Mother just looked at her daughter in disdain but said nothing.

“What,” she innocently responded, “I was just wondering.”

# tbc #



Part 3

Ethan wondered what was happening. All his friends were suddenly looking at him strange and whispering. Several had not so much greeted him as rushed up, patted his butt and cycled off giggling.

He had no idea why they were all behaving strangely so all he could do was shrug and take off down the new track and see if it was as good as he hoped. It was steeper and more meandering than previous ones with more obstacles, leaps and sharper curves... all in all it was quite treacherous for anyone but a well-seasoned cross-country biker.

Still, he’d started down it now and didn’t want to appear scared (even though he was) as some of his mates were whooping in excitement as they and their bikes careered at great speed through the wood.

One or two of the younger element had decided against it and returned to the relative safety of the old track. Meanwhile, some kids had come to grief and were clutching scraped arms and bruised legs where they’d smashed into trees or rocks; all of which had brought their downhill plummet to a sudden halt.


As the bike picked up speed Ethan knew he was out of his expertise and could feel control slipping away. Unfortunately, bravado and stupidity prevented him from braking and swerving in time to prevent the inevitable happen – a slight wrong turn on the track and he smacked into a large root and was catapulted off the bike. As he flew through the air his shorts snagged a sharp branch which ripped them apart and dug into his inner thigh. However, it was a relatively soft landing... unfortunately into a bed of nettles where his destroyed shorts offered little protection from the mass of prickly stings that engulfed him. Thankfully his helmet had stayed in place so his head remained intact.

It was all quite spectacular and those who witnessed it were clapping and hollering with delight at the bravery and sheer guts of their smashed-up friend who, although being stunned, was alive after such an epic speeding disaster. That was despite the large stream of blood running down the inside of his leg.

Other cyclists came hurtling down the narrow speedway hardly having time to take in the spectacle of the injured young lad as they sped past the scene. The bigger boys (and it was all boys on this run) who followed him down had steely concentration on their faces as they manoeuvred around the obstacles and avoided the mistaken route that had brought the victim to his calamitous halt. Besides, gravity and the ravine they were plummeting down made it almost impossible to stop once the journey had been started. Ethan had unfortunately discovered one of the many disastrous ways of making that emergency stop.

Meanwhile, the sting of nettles and rip of thorny brambles took Ethan’s mind off the injury to his thigh and the ripped and tattered shorts that hardly offered any protection. Two of his mates came to help but with each slight movement he could tell he wouldn’t be able to get up without further stinging.

However, they managed to grab a tentative hold and drag him out revealing his childishly colourful underwear under his destroyed shorts, which made those friends laugh but it did prove one thing... he didn’t wear a nappy so the rumours that were circulating appeared untrue.

Distant whoops and screams of delight could be heard by those who’d completed the run without serious damage to body or bike.


His friends eventually helped walk him home. It was slow progress because they had to almost carry him and the bike, which had a bent front wheel. Ethan’s body felt cruelly itchy and sore. The main pain was as a result of that large, long bruise and slash on his inner thigh where the branch had dug in causing more damage than just a ruined pair of shorts. As his friend Mitch pointed out, it could have been worse because the injury stopped just inches away from his balls. The pain from the nettles would have been as nothing if the branch had advanced further along its journey.

Once through the door his mother took charge. She was stunned at the condition of her son; he was almost totally red where the nettles had done their worst and she could see blood where scrapes and cuts had left him looking like he’d been attacked by a frenzied monkey.

Time for telling him off would have to wait as she led him upstirs to the bathroom to administer some relief to his poor flushed and battered body. He found taking his clothes off difficult. Each muscle seemed to have been bashed and broken and, although he’d held back the tears the entire journey home, now, as he tried to slip out of what remained of his shorts, the pain stabbed at his groin and he let out a shriek more of shock than agony.

His mother rushed in and saw her boy crying, unable to perform this most basic task so helped him out of his dirty clothes and into the bath, to which she’d added Dettol as a disinfectant for the wounds... it would also calm the nettle stings.

As he bathed she gathered up his clothes and noticed they were wet through. His underwear was particularly saturated, and a quick sniff indicated he’d peed himself, so that was something else that would need seeing to. She let him soak for a while before gently sponging him down and then helping him out of the bath. The soothing water had certainly helped the initial soreness but the rest of his body still ached. Wrapping him in a thick towel she guided him to his room and administered ointments and lotions to various cuts and bruises paying particular attention the ugly gash along his thigh.

He was really glad of his mother’s ministrations and only occasionally reacted if she found a particularly tender spot. She was very careful because he had multiple cuts and bruises and could tell that some would take a while to mend. In the meantime, she’d made up her mind he needed something more.  

The hot bath had helped him relax and once all those scrapes had been attended to Jessica had one final thing to do. She pulled out a thick fabric nappy and, despite his words of half-hearted protest, pinned it on, pulled up a pair of plastic pants and gave him a ‘healing’ kiss to his forehead. Even though it was still only lunchtime, she thought rest and sleep, would aid recovery. Having seen the difficulty he had getting in and out of the bath, she assumed he’d have equal problems getting to the bathroom so... a nappy was an obvious choice. Staying ahead of the game... seemed a wise precaution to take.

Ethan was in no condition to put up too much of a protest and gratefully sunk under the soft clean sheet his mother gently pulled over him. It had been a rotten experience; he hurt, he’d made a fool of himself and his friends had acted weird. Now he was in a nappy, which was yet another burden but still grateful for the care his mother gave.

Surprisingly he drifted off fairly quickly. It was as if his aching body knew it needed time to recover so shut down at the earliest opportunity.


Unaware of the drama, Cindy arrived home with two of her friends to play in her Wendy House but first she needed a couple of toys from her bedroom. The trio trooped up the stairs and as they passed Ethan’s bedroom his sister was astonished to see her brother lying fast asleep, the flimsy sheet tossed aside but with his shiny padding in full view.

She was shocked and a small gasp escaped her mouth but not before she’d beckoned her two friends to take a peek. The young girls were equally enthralled and followed Cindy to the side of his bed to take a better look. She was pleased with what was before her.

“See,” she whispered with some conviction, “I told you he wore nappies.”

The girls were curious to see more and prodded the comatose brother to see if he was awake. He let out a muffled sigh but hardly moved as Cindy’s chums giggled not believing their eyes.

Cindy noticed the scrapes and bruises and for a moment guiltily wondered if her brother had been beaten up, and if so, was it because they all knew about his nappies? However, that was soon forgotten as her friends gathered round and stroked his shiny bulge.


Even in his dreams Ethan ached and could feel the need to relieve himself but the effort to move was far too much. A quick flashback of his crash and the sense of hurtling through the air was very scary. Anticipating a hard landing his bladder couldn’t hold back and the urgency of the exiting stream of pee filled his airborne undies. There were voices; soft, gentle voices somewhere off in the distance which seemed friendly enough. On this occasion he landed on snuggly softness and relaxed, somehow knowing that his protection would do just that, protect - he continued to let loose.


The girls wondered what that slight hissing sound was but pretty quickly all of them recognised it.

“Your brother’s weeing...”

“Erm, shouldn’t we go?” Another nervously queried.

Cindy couldn’t believe it as she nervously slipped her hand up between his plastic pants and nappy and announced with some certainty that indeed her brother had just wet himself.

Her friends were still pretty astounded. They’d never seen a boy Ethan’s age wearing a nappy and plastic pants, or witnessed a boy (other than a baby) wet themselves, this was all both baffling and exciting.

For a few seconds they ran their small hands over the slippery plastic surface of his pants and, between each other, wondered just what it would be like changing a baby his size. However, Cindy knew she couldn’t just hang around so indicated they should leave. She went and grabbed a couple of dolls from her room and headed out down to the garden.

She passed her mother in the kitchen who hadn’t known of her daughter and friends return so asked them to play quietly as Ethan was sleeping. The girls giggled to themselves and went out to the Wendy House to discuss what they’d seen.


Jessica was thankful that Ethan’s fresh laundered nappies she was carrying were hidden in a basket so the girls hadn’t been able to see them. However, he’d been in bed for a couple of hours now so as she entered his room could see what the girls had seen, her son, lying all but naked on top of his bed and with the sheet barely covering his feet.

However, what she wasn’t aware of was just how much those girls had witnessed.

She smiled; it was a sight that although not quite ‘right’ still gladdened her heart. A mother never really tires of her children looking cute and innocent. She pulled the sheet back up to cover her son’s dignity then gently brushed a few stray hairs from his brow. He murmured.

“Are you awake sweetie?” There was a soft yawn and more murmurs. “How are you feeling?”

She wasn’t getting much sense but saw his eyes flicker open.

“Mmmm hi mum... erm...”

“It’s OK sweetie, you don’t have to get up just stay where you are and relax... I’ll just put these things away.” She was still holding the basket of clean nappies although Ethan had no idea what it was.

His mother being there had barely registered before his aching body returned him to sleep.

Just as she’d set the basket down on the dresser top and opened the top drawer she heard the front door bell go.

“I’ll be back in a moment sweetie... just... stay where...” he was already dead to the world.

The bell went again so stopped what she was doing and went to answer the door.

“Hi Mrs Lynd.”

“Hello Doug, Mitch... how’re you boys doing? Thanks again for getting Ethan home I’m sure he appreciates everything.”

Mitch was clutching a couple of magazines.

“We’re just checking in to see if he’s OK... and brought him a couple of mags he said he’d like to read.”

“Well, thanks boys...”

Just then Cindy shouted from the kitchen to ask if she and her friends could have a drink.

“Can we see him?” Mitch queried.

“Well he’s just woken up but... I suppose it’ll be alright.”

“Mummy, can Chrissy have orange juice please?” Cindy shouted from the kitchen in a more urgent tone.

“We’ll be quiet.” Doug promised.

Another request came from the kitchen together with the sound of breaking glass so Jessica had no option but to attend to her daughter’s needs.

The boys took this as an offer to come in and quietly went up to their friend’s room.


The first thing they noticed was Ethan dozing on his bed but what was quite obvious the thick bulge where the thin sheet hugged his waist. Then they noticed the basket full of clean nappies, the top drawer open with more nappies and plastic pants and the unmistakable aroma of pee in the room. There were also bottles and canisters of lotion and powder on the table next to his bed.

The boys looked at each other and nodded... the rumours were true. That morning it seemed that nearly everyone had heard that Ethan wore nappies. No one was sure why or who started the rumour but it had looked like it had been just a wind-up when they saw his underwear after the accident. However, that was then and this was now.

Despite being Ethan’s best mates they wanted to check for themselves so slowly inched down their slumbering chum’s bed sheet to reveal what they anticipated. Their eyes widened, almost as big as Cindy’s friends had, as they gazed upon the thick mound and heavy plastic pants. The smell of warm pee was also now more apparent, which confirmed everything that had been said. Now they’d seen for themselves they didn’t really know what to do as Ethan was still sleeping. They wondered whether to wake him and give him the mags but decided to just leave them on his table and go but not before they investigated the nasty gash on their mate’s inner thigh.

They saw the bruise but Mrs Lynd had done a fine job bandaging the wound.

“Bloody hell, I bet that was painful.” Doug commented.

“Yer but an inch or two further and it would have speared his bollocks. Can you imagine...?”  Mitch started with a shiver.

“Lucky.” Doug grimaced at how close his friend had come to disaster.

“Hmmm,” Mitch added thoughtfully. “Listen,” he said to Doug, “I’ve got an idea about this” and patted his friend’s sopping bulge a final time.

They left without saying their goodbyes to Ethan’s mum so she had no idea that both her daughter’s friends and now her son’s mates had seen the thick padding she made him wear as protection.

Ethan dozed but was unsure of his surroundings. He was certain he’d heard voices and giggling and dreamt his padding was being touched by ‘spirit’ hands; all of which led to a satisfying warm glow as he drifted deeper into his cosy space.

# tbc #



Part 4

He woke up to find his mother with a finger down the front of his plastic pants.

“How you feeling sweetheart?”

He struggled to move... his body ached even more and wasn’t sure why his mom had her hand down his...

“You’re soaked love... just as well we were prepared isn’t it?”

He raised himself up on his elbows as best he could and then noticed the mags at the side of his bed.

“Oh did Mitch leave these...”

Jessica suddenly realised that his mates had actually come up to see him but hoped that once they saw him asleep simply left them and went without... she hated to think... but didn’t know what they’d actually seen.

“Ermm, yes, they came to see how you were, which was nice of them but you were still asleep so...” She didn’t elaborate and quickly checked that the rest of her son was OK. “How’s the bruises? Do you think you can get up? Ermm... I think you need changing.”

Ethan looked despairingly at her. “Not another nappy mum... please” he begged.

“Look sweetheart, you’ve been badly shaken up and, judging by this,” she squeezed the soaked fabric, “you definitely need to wear padding, we just can’t take the risk.”

She saw her son’s face drop.

“Look. If you can keep it dry until morning then we’ll think about it again... eh? Is it a deal? We don’t want you in them any longer than necessary but at the moment darling... safety first... OK?”

He could feel just how squishy his nappy was and remembered letting go whilst dreaming... perhaps it would be safer to wear some protection... as long as his friends never found out.


Wearing jogging bottoms to hide the freshly applied bulge Ethan eventually forgot about the nappy. He still ached so wasn’t moving around a great deal but as he watched TV noticed Cindy looking at him and smiling. He didn’t know why because nothing had been said but was certain she must have gossiped. If she had, and all her friends knew, then he hoped his parents would follow through with their threat and confine her to nappies as well.

His father Peter had taken it upon himself to make an appointment at the doctors for his son to receive a tetanus injection. There was no telling what nasty microbes were lying in wait in the woods and it seemed, as he was due a booster shot, to be appropriate to get him checked out at the same time. He would take him in the car once home as the surgery, although not too far, would probably be a bit of a trial for their battered son.

Ethan was desperate not to wear a nappy to the doctors but his father said it was only going to be a quick jab and he’d be in and out in a second so there was no real reason for him to change. However, sat in the waiting room, surrounded by other patients, he felt paranoid that everyone knew just what he was wearing.

There was nothing about this situation that didn’t make his apprehension levels creep up and up - he hated the doctors - the place made him nervous. As a kid he remembered it was never a fun place to visit and that fear had stayed with him.

When his name was called his father accompanied him into the office where a needle and file of clear liquid was in a metal bowl on the desk with antiseptic wipes.

As Doctor Alsop welcomed them and searched his computer files for the correct patient he asked Peter to explain what had happened.

Mr Lynd described the accident, and mentioned, as Ethan was near the time for a tetanus booster, hoped it would be OK to “Get him sorted now?”

“Yes, very sensible.” The GP agreed. “But I see there are a few bumps and grazes that have been attended to... are there any major injuries... did you bang your head or suffer a blackout?”

“No, no... I just scraped myself.” Ethan nervously answered.

“Nothing banging the old noggin eh?” The doctor nodded towards Ethan’s head.

“No, it was fine I wore a helmet...”

“Good... good...” the doctor quickly peaked into his patient’s eyes.

Although keen to not let any examination take place the uneasy lad was thwarted by his father.

 “Well, he has a gash on his leg that looks pretty fierce but my wife cleaned it up and covered it in a bandage.” Peter was keen to make sure the doctor had all the facts.

“Well, before we do the injection let’s take a look to see if that’s all you need.” He said looking at his patent and waiting for him to show the injury.

Ethan was very reluctant shrugging and saying he was sure it was all OK.

“That may well be... and let’s hope it is but I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly if I didn’t just examine you now would I?” He said it light-heartedly but there was an obvious command to his voice.

“Just loosen you pants Ethan, let Doctor Alsop do his job.” Peter tried to persuade him.

“But dad, I can’t there’s a... you know... a...”

“Oh yes I forgot.” His father looked back to the doctor. “My son is wearing protection and is a little shy about anyone seeing it...”

“Oh, well, if that’s the case... do you want your father to leave the room whilst I check you out Ethan?”

Ethan felt all control of the situation evaporate. He knew this would happen and had pleaded with his dad to let him change into underpants... now he had no choice but to wriggle down his joggers and reveal his shame.


His plastic pants looked tight and shiny wrapped around the thick padding but the doctor merely gently pushed it aside and unwound the bandage to check the wound.

“Mmm, pretty sore I expect?” He was speaking to Ethan who was looking anywhere except the doctor he was so embarrassed. “Well the clean-up has been done thoroughly but I suspect we need an enhanced antiseptic ointment and a more waterproof cover... especially if you have a wetting problem.”

“Erm....” was all that Ethan could contribute.

“How long have you needed protection?” As he was getting no response from his patient he looked to Mr Lynd for an answer.

“Well,” Peter began sheepishly unsure of how much detail to go into as he didn’t want to embarrass his son. “He’s been wetting every night for the past few weeks...”

“And you didn’t think to bring him in for a check-up?”

“We thought it was something temporary and that’s he’d be over it quickly... new school and all.” He added by way of explanation.

“And is that how it’s going? Look... the poor boy is soaking his nappy now.”


Ethan let out a huge sob and looked to the floor, except all that was in his vision was the long scrape and his white padding turning a little yellow. He tried to hold back an even bigger sob that was caught in his throat. Peter looked at him with slight disdain and wondered what to say in such a situation. Thankfully Doctor Alsop came to the rescue.

“Don’t worry Ethan, this happens more often than you might realise. People get a bit worried by doctors, it’s called the ‘white coat syndrome’... it’s where, whether they are aware of it or not, seeing a doctor induces stress.... and I think,” he said looking into Ethan’s eyes, “you’re experiencing a great deal of stress in your life right now, eh?”

Silent tears dribbled down the boy’s cheeks and a comforting hand on his shoulder from the doctor let him know he had nothing to worry about. It didn’t help as he continued to flood his nappy.

Meanwhile, his father wasn’t sure what to do and could only apologise for his son’s traumatic accident. However, the doctor put some ointment on his wound, covered it with a long, thick waterproof dressing and finally administered the jab, which to Ethan had been the least worrying part of the process.

The doctor picked up his phone and dialled a number. “Ah Denise, can you sort me a junior disposable... erm... yes... 8 to 15 please. Oh, and are any of the exam rooms free?” He put down the phone and paid attention to his self-conscious patient.

“I suspect that you are going through a lot of changes - a new school perhaps and who knows what pressures from your friends... and that can cause wet nights and sometimes damp days. So, let me make it clear, you are not the only boy your age that needs this kind of padding at this time in your life OK?” He smiled hoping to take away some of the embarrassment. “However, just in case there is something more underlying, I’d like to book you in for a full physical as soon as possible” He looked to Mr Lynd for confirmation.

His father nodded and said he’d organise that with the receptionist as soon as they left the office.

“Good, however, sitting around in a wet nappy is not advisable so I suggest you change into a dry disposable...”

At that moment there was knock on the door and the receptionist walked in with a small folded package.

“Ah... right on cue... thanks Denise.”

With an understanding nod she passed the soft folded package to Peter. “And Exam Room 4 is free at the moment if you’d like to use that.” She smiled a helpful smile and waited to see if the doctor had any further instructions.

Ethan just hoped that what happened in the doctor’s consulting room stayed there and no one but the four people now in the office knew about his nappy requirements.

“Thanks doctor,” Peter said, “we’ll sort that out now and then I’ll talk to the receptionist before we go about another appointment.”

“Yes Denise,” the doctor added, “can you organise a full check-up for young Ethan here a.s.a.p please?”

Ethan was looking sad, fed-up and tired. His entire body ached and the nappy trauma he’d just been subjected to hadn’t helped.

“And Ethan,” the doctor added as they got up to leave, “try to keep the injury as dry as possible.”


His tears had all but dried up but there was so much going through his brain. Firstly he didn’t want to be changed by his father in the exam room... couldn’t it wait until they got home? But Peter had told the doctor he’d change him so wasn’t going to go against the professional’s orders, and besides, it was better to get out of a wet nappy as soon as possible to stop any further rash. The last thing Ethan needed on top of his injuries was nappy rash.

However, as Ethan was led into Room 4 by his father, the few people sat in the waiting room couldn’t help but notice Peter thoughtlessly unravelling the disposable. As the exam room door closed the gossip started as young kids asked their parents why a grown-up was taking a boy Ethan’s age to be put in a nappy. They weren’t to know that this was nothing new for Ethan.

His dad made a point of repeating what the doctor had said about him not being the only boy his age having to wear protection. Although he hoped that was true, Ethan wasn’t convinced. It would be just his luck that all those other boys were at other schools and he’d be the only one at his. He couldn’t see it himself although, as the fresh padding was being applied he hoped... just maybe he wasn’t alone.

Surprisingly, the change was quick and efficient. Ethan was wearing a fresh medical disposable under his jogging pants as he left the privacy of Exam Room 4. Despite the loose fit, everyone stared at him as he departed and probably knew what he was wearing. The soft rustle and the different effect it had on his nether regions making the injured boy more aware than usual of his specific underwear.

There was a black plastic bag that his dad shoved the used nappy into. He thought how great the doctor had been and how well prepared the surgery was for this kind of procedure as he patted down his son’s fresh disposable.

Of course, the poor lad was still struggling with the aches and pains from his accident and various muscles were beginning to seize up so his shuffling gait made it even more apparent he was carrying a thick nappy.

The receptionist handed Peter a card with the appointment date and time. Meanwhile, smiles from adults and giggles from a few of the younger element waiting to see the doctor accompanied the self-conscious boy’s exit from the even busier health centre.

# tbc #


Part 5

It hadn’t been a good day for Ethan and it was just about to get worse. As he arrived home Mitch had popped round to see if his best mate had recovered from the scary spill.

As his father locked the car door and went to bring his wife up to speed the nervous nappied boy said ‘Hi’ to his friend and explained he’d slept most of the afternoon, thanked him for the mags and told him about his visit to the doctors for a tetanus jab.

“Yer, erm, well,” Mitch had decided he needed to tell Eeth that his nappies were the talk of the street. “Erm, well it’s best to be safe I suppose but, errrrmmm, um. Yes, talking of safety... erm... sorry to tell you this Eeth but...” he pointed to his friend’s crotch where the padding could clearly be seen outlined by his joggers. “That, is no longer a secret, everyone knows about you wearing a.... nappy.”

Ethan couldn’t believe what he was hearing and swallowed hard. His hand automatically grabbed at the front of his joggers in an obvious attempt to hide the bulge and in doing so hoped in some way to deny what his best mate was saying.

“Ermmm” was Ethan’s only sobbing comment as he rushed indoors.

“Sorry mate,” Mitch shouted after him, “I thought you should know... sorry... but...”

The ‘but...’ was lost by the door slamming shut and a hysterical Ethan had run upstairs and thrown himself down onto his bed and bawled.

Jessica, unaware of the circumstances but hearing the door slam shut cautiously made her way to his room and found her distraught son in floods of tears. What was also quite visible was the inflated disposable that indicated he’d flooded it as well.

“Oh sweetheart, are you OK?” She sat on the bed and tried to comfort her sobbing son.

In between snuffles he blamed his sister for letting everyone know he wore a nappy.

“Mitch said everyone knows (sob). He said everyone’s talking about me and... and. .. (sob)”

“Oh love... it wasn’t Cindy... I’m afraid it was me. I let the cat-out-of-the-bag when I said she could invite her friends round and they saw your nappies hanging out on the line. I’m sorry sweetheart.”

Mummmm, how...” The tears started again.

She tried to soothe his torment but understood this was pretty distressing info to take in.

“But Mitch knows... how come he...”

Jessica took a deep breath as she had more bad news to impart.

“Well, they came up to see you while you slept and left the mags... I thought you were awake when I left... but you must have dropped off again... you were... well... they obviously saw what you were wearing... so...” She shrugged but he didn’t see that as had his back to her.

“Everyone is going to make (hic) fun of me and (hic) I’ll be ... oh mum it’s not fair...” and the bawling started all over again.


As he lay there feeling depressed and betrayed his mother still tried to appease his worries by asking him if he shouldn’t get changed out of his wet nappy. This was the last thing she should have suggested as it was met by an angry outburst that took her by surprise.

“Get out... GET OUT. You’ve ruined my life.” He spat angrily at her. “It’s all your fault I’m the laughing stock of the neighbourhood. I’ll never be able to go out again.” He cried his indignation, fear and worries.

His mother, although taken aback by this accusation wasn’t going to put up with this interpretation of events.

“Sorry Ethan... but it’s you who wet the bed and it’s you who’s just wet his nappy... so don’t go around blaming others for what’s happening.”

A wail of unhappiness and a kick of his legs in frustration made him appear even younger than what his damp padding already did. Despite his little tantrum Jessica wanted to ease his pain as much as possible.

“Look sweetheart, your dad’s told me he’s booked an appointment at the doctors for you to have a thorough medical examination. Those tests might explain why you’re having such wet nights and might just help sort things out.”

His sobbing had stopped so assumed he was listening to what she had to say.

“No one wants you in nappies for a moment longer than necessary but you have to admit they have saved you from a soaked bed on many mornings recently... and I would guess,” she patted his sopping wet disposable, “even now this has prevented a serious leak.”

“But, but, everyone is going to be laughing at me.” The sorrowful and self-pitying whine was to be expected but his tear streaked face made his mum’s heart break for what he was going through.

“Well not everyone sweetheart.” She did a quick assessment of what her husband had said just moments ago in the kitchen. “Didn’t the doctor say it was more common than perhaps you think?” She paused. “Perhaps there are others having the same stresses and anxieties that you’re feeling but...”

“Maybe, but everyone knows about mine and what it means.” Unconsciously he rubbed the front of the soggy mound. “Who told them, I’m sure it was Cindy?”

“Well it might have been her friends but I don’t think your sister would spread gossip... she knows what that would mean... and she’s been very supportive of you hasn’t she?”

Ethan had to agree, despite the occasional sly look, she’d not said a word against him or taunted him about wearing padding.

“Look sweetie, we’re all as one here. We want you out of these,” she patted the bulge, “as soon as possible but as you need them for the moment...”

“But I don’t want to have to wear them... and I’m not going to.” He mumbled unconvincingly.

Jessica noted the uncertain tone of his voice.

“Well, OK but first you have to understand you’re wet now and have wet your nappies, oh and your underpants,” she added to make sure the logic to what she was saying made sense, “on several occasions so I don’t think we can agree to that just yet.”

She saw her son wriggle in frustration but he said nothing.

“I know all this is uncomfortable, and annoying, and out of your control but it is what’s needed at the moment and if you think wearing a nappy is embarrassing for your friends to see... what would they think of a lad who has damp patches and stains all down his pants, hmm?”

She let that sink in as she continued to gently stroke his padding.

“However sweetie, I think it is about time to get you changed and out of this soaked disposable and into something drier. With all your other abrasions I think you can do without getting a rash.”

He was thinking about what his mother had said “I know all this is uncomfortable, and annoying, and out of your control...” but only the last part of that was true. After that first night of having to wear protection where it really was uncomfortable, he’d got used to it fairly quickly and found there was a great deal of comfort knowing that he wouldn’t wake up to a soaked bed. The padding, once in place, helped him relax even if ultimately it didn’t stop any soggy mornings. However, if he had to wear it during the day as well, that posed a problem. 

He turned to face his mother and with tear-stained eyes hugged her and asked what he should do.

“Look Ethan,” she wanted to sound on top of the situation so needed a firmer voice, “I think a nappy, although not ideal, does its job well. Do you agree?” She waited for what she knew would be a positive nod. It came. “So, now people know, they may want to poke fun or try to embarrass you so... what we need do is find a strategy... that takes away that ability. Do you agree?”

Again the dubious nod came so she continued.

“So, whilst the nappy does its job we need to make sure we do the same.” She was babbling now because quite frankly she had no idea how to come up with a ‘strategy’ or any plan whatsoever. ”But first, let’s get you changed, hmm?”


Ethan sat at the table tinkering with his meal, he wasn’t particularly hungry. Everyone knew what Mitch had said and despite her best efforts Cindy was really pleased and could hardly prevent herself from smirking at her demoralised brother. It perhaps didn’t help that his mother had put him into an even thicker nappy and thicker plastic pants, which his thin cotton jammies couldn’t hide.

Because of the trip to the doctor’s it was a late evening meal but he was already dressed for bed, whilst Cindy was a good hour away from getting herself ready. She felt smug that her new ‘baby’ brother sitting by her side looked the very part she hoped to see. Now everyone knew, it meant she didn’t have to keep secrets anymore and felt able to embellish on her brother’s trials and tribulations.

She was going to exaggerate to her friends just how much of a baby he’d become and how much he relied on his nappy to keep him from wetting everywhere. She would tell them that she had to change his stinky nappy and get him ready for bye-byes. She was going to have great fun at his expense. She hoped that Mitch and Doug and Brian and Emily’s brother Gary would all be taking the mickey when Ethan next ventured out on his bike... or anywhere.

She was excited by the thought they’d point and laugh, whilst he snivelled and hid. Of course mummy and daddy would keep their little ‘baby’ boy in nappies because he couldn’t control his wee-wee. She hoped, that with new school just around the corner, he’d still be wearing nappies then... then... everyone would know he was the baby whilst she was the Big Girl.

As she shovelled down her food she’d never been happier and began to think about getting her friends to change his nappies because he was too scared to go out and see his friends. He was going to be their permanent little toy.


After his friends had discovering his secret and left Ethan’s bedroom, Doug and Mitch had made a decision. They knew the embarrassing rumours going round, and, although what they’d seen bore witness to that fact, they wanted to help their friend if they could.

They didn’t know anything about how long he’d been wetting but the rumours said that he had to wear nappies all the time. This was patently untrue because the boys had seen each other in various stages of undress over the years and they’d never seen Ethan in nappies before that visit. However, there was no denying he was wearing them but maybe there was a simple reason for that, maybe his accident had been the cause?

First thing to do was get everyone focused on the accident.

Mitch thought that his spill should be made more the centre of discussion and more dramatic. To this end he proceeded to tell everyone just how spectacular it had been. Then he thought to ‘big-up’ his friend by relaying how amazing Ethan had been to take on that particularly frantic and terrifying new run. Those who had witnessed his ripped shorts, injuries and, not least of all, his colourful, though regular underwear, were harangued into believing, despite the smash, just what an unbelievable stunt and act of bravery he’d performed.

His enthusiasm and undisguised admiration of his friend for what he’d done was nothing short of hero worship. Mitch and Doug made it appear that it was something Ethan did all the time but away from prying eyes. However, he’d had a couple of accidents in the past which had damaged his ability to piss properly, and could be the cause of the need for some kind of protection they added dismissively.

“I think he occasionally must wear some padding like sportsmen do to protect their vitals.” Mitch advanced as a vague reference that just maybe he does wear protection but “...isn’t that a wise thing to do?”

Both he and Doug built up their friend’s achievements. Mentioning, with an approving laugh, his latest injury that “nearly took his balls off”, and presented Eeth as a carefree daredevil who should be admired. Incredibly, this caught some traction with quite a few kids and Ethan was quickly becoming a local biking celebrity.

Young ears were only too keen to believe what the older boys said and as the description of Ethan’s injuries were now widely known it was easy to pretend they’d seen the entire event and the drama that entailed. As the tale was retold, each person added their own embellishment complete with their own involvement as part of this historical event.

With a certain degree of satisfaction talk drifted from ‘Does Ethan wear nappies or, simply, sensible protection to shield him during stunts?’ Those who’d witnessed the latest incident built on it without any prodding from either Doug or Mitch as they wanted to carry the idea, and the kudos, that ‘they were there’ when it took place.

Before long it had become the most spectacular stunt ever performed and had one or two of the older boys jealous that they hadn’t witnessed it or performed something equally daring.

Mitch simply said they should see the rip down Ethan’s leg (and how near it was to his bollocks) to see how mad and unconcerned their mate was.

So, whereas Ethan’s mother couldn’t come up with a strategy, his friends had managed to at least foggy the conversation about whether he wore nappies or not. It was an incredible lie the two eleven year-olds had come up with but one they had to get Ethan to play along with.

# tbc #


Part 6

Ethan woke up but could hardly move. His leg was throbbing and every bone and muscle seemed to have been smacked around by a mallet. He’d never felt this bad before. There was an ache in his groin and that’s when he noticed the smell of stale urine. Hesitantly he groped the front of his jammies to check and sighed when his fears were confirmed. The slick bulge underneath told him he’d soaked his night time nappy yet again so that would mean he’d be wearing for a few more nights yet. What was worse, he could feel excess liquid sloshing around and wondered if he’d leaked. With the new term fast approaching, the idea he still wet so heavily sent a further shiver up his spine and an extra unexpected spurt into his sodden padding.

Going up to senior school shouldn’t have been that scary but Eeth had watched far too many movies and TV shows where it was a place of violence and bullying. At junior school, if you were bullied or even fell over and hurt yourself, a teacher would come and console you or get to the bottom of what had taken place. In movies, and at senior school level, teachers never seemed that bothered and bullies were left to their own devises without any form of restraint. Yes, he was definitely scared of what the place was going to be like, convinced it was going to be worse than his dreams. 

He lay wondering what he could do.

Movement was difficult but he didn’t want to call out like some invalid, he had to make a move. The effort to move one leg from under the sheet was exhausting, and felt like he was moving a large lump of concrete not a part of his body. However, once that was firmly on the ground it was relatively easier to slide the other out to join it. As he did this the movement made his pyjamas bottoms slide over the slippery plastic mass and drop around his ankles. Just as he was about to pull them up in marched Cindy.

“Get out... don’t you ever knock?” He was always angry about his little sister seeing him wearing protection but was more concerned with just how wet the material was.

“Babies don’t need privacy,” she cleverly repeated something she’d heard before. “Besides, mummy asked me to come and wake you up as your friends are here.”

“What time is it?”


“Tell them I’m still suffering so can’t come out today.”

“You tell them.” And with that she pouted and wriggled her shoulders as if to say I’m not doing as you tell me... I’m not a baby in a nappy. All this was implied by the fact that she ruffled her skirt to show she was wearing panties and not any ‘baby’ padding.

WAIT.” He shouted after her but it was too late she’d quickly disappeared downstairs.

“Oh hell, I can’t go to the door like this...” and then was suddenly worried his mother would simply send them up, especially if Cindy told her he was awake.


Still trying to get to his bedroom door he heard footsteps on the stairs. Despite being half way to his goal he knew he wouldn’t make it in time. He was stuck in no man’s land as he achingly tried to return to the sanctuary (and shielding sheet) of his bed.

Thankfully it was mum.

“Oh love, are you having problems?” She asked with concern.

“Feeling very stiff, I can hardly walk and...”

“That nappy looks full sweetheart... let’s get you out of that... and I think a nice hot shower might help lubricate your bones and make movement a bit easier.”

She guided him to the bathroom and then helped him off with his jammies and plastic pants.

“Mmmmm,” she thought aloud, “Might have to get something a bit thicker in future.” She said as she undid his drenched nappy and realised just how wet it and his plastic pants were.

Ethan was hardly taking any notice as he was distracted by the throbbing in his thigh where the branch had so nearly removed his manhood.

“Erm, the doctor told me to try and keep the dressing dry...”

“OK, OK, let’s see,” she looked around and then asked him to wait a few seconds and disappeared off somewhere. A minute later she returned with a pair of thick white rubber pants. "Here, put these on, they’re a bit larger than the plastic so should cover most of the dressing.”

He had no idea where these had come from but didn’t get chance to ask, she seemed to be rushing him along.

Jessica bent down and opened them up enabling her naked and suffering son to step into them. She pulled them up and was correct, they did cover the dressing so should, with a bit of care, stop any water from getting to the bandage.

To Ethan they felt pretty weird but in no position to start a debate about them.

“I’ve told your mates to come back in an hour... so... take your time and I’ll be back to help get you dressed once I have Cindy sorted.”

“Mum I don’t need your...” But she’d gone and left him to shower.

His mother was right about the warm water easing his aches as movement returned to most of his limbs. The ache in his thigh continued and began to wonder if he’d done himself any permanent damage. When he had the full physical in a couple of days’ time he’d bring it up if things hadn’t improved.

It was strange taking a shower wearing rubber pants because that was the area that needed cleaning up the most. However, mum had told him that once he’d showered they’d remove the pants and wipe everything else down carefully and at the same time check that all his other scrapes were healing nicely.


Just as he turned off the shower Jessica returned with a fresh fluffy towel.

“OK sweetheart let’s loose the pants so we can clean that area.” 

He really didn’t want his mother involved but had to admit he’d be in a pretty dire situation had she not taken the lead.

“Oh Mitch said he had something important to tell you...”

“I hope it wasn’t that he doesn’t want to be my friend now he knows about the nappy.” He said sullenly.

“I think you do your mate a great dis-service. I’m sure... if he thought like that he wouldn’t want to come round now would he?”

“Perhaps just to laugh?”

“No,” she said removing the rubber pants and sponging around his genitals with warm soapy water. “Did he laugh when he told you he knew?”


“Did he joke about it at all?”

“No.” He shrugged still a bit grumpy.

“So, don’t jump to conclusions. Anyway, I think you’re ready now so...” And she covered him in the towel and proceeded to gently, though thoroughly, rub him dry. Whilst at the same time guiding him back to his bedroom.

“Oh, your father’s taken your bike into Halfords to be fixed. He was going to do it himself but said the frame’s bent so will need an expert rather than an amateur to put it right.” She laughed at her own joke about her husband.

Though still drying his hair she nearly made out the stuttered words “I ddddon’t thinnnkkk I’ll ride ittt... everrrr again.”

“I’m sure this is just a temporary set-back sweetie... and you’ll be back tearing through those woods in next to no time.”

Suddenly he saw that his mother had laid out another nappy for him to get dressed in.

“Mum, I’m not wearing a nappy during the day I’ll be able to get to the toilet if needed and besides, I don’t plan on going very far from home today as my...” and rubbed his bandaged groin, “bits hurt.”

She was sympathetic to her son’s wish but maintained a doubtful expression. After all, he had wet a couple of times now since the accident and a nappy had saved him from humiliation.

“Well, if you’re sure but, if there’s even a spot on your pants at any time today it’s straight back into nappies and no argument okay... Okay mister?” She repeated the last two words so there was no mistake.

He nodded; relieved he could put on underpants under his shorts.


He thought just how hot and uncomfortable he’d be if he had to wear a thick nappy and those large white plastic pants instead of the little pair of white cotton briefs he’d decided on. He chose a pair of loose fleecy grey shorts which matched the baggy fleecy grey jogging bottoms he’d worn to the doctors because the weather was too nice for anything that heavy.

It was amazing, the shower had certainly loosened him up and he got downstairs fairly easily, perhaps things weren’t as bad as they might have been. However, as he sat at the table a sudden stab of pain jolted up his thigh and into his balls where he involuntarily let loose a small spurt of pee into those fresh and pristine white briefs.

“Aarrgg, no, no, no,” The pain was swamped by the realisation that he was now also wet, the one thing he was desperate not to be. Thankfully, he was alone at the table so only he knew what had happened. He looked down but there was no tell-tale stain and he wondered if his undies had been able to capture such a small amount.

As his mum and sister entered the kitchen and sat down to breakfast it was too late for him to rush back to his room to change. Anyway, pretending everything was normal he grabbed a box of cereal and filled his bowl. Sitting next to him Cindy did the same but asked if he’d play with her and her friends as they needed someone to help build an ‘extension’ to her Wendy House. Of course this wasn’t really what she planned but couldn’t come out and say she wanted her friends to play with a nappy-clad baby.

“Sorry Cindy but I still hurt a bit from my accident. I don’t think I’d be much use building anything for you.” He tried to sound helpful and didn’t want mum to think he was being difficult.

“Are you wearing a nappy?” She asked quite bluntly, which angered Ethan.

Her mother looked over at her daughter and said she shouldn’t ask such a question.

“Why not?” She responded feeling confident of her position.

“Because it’s not polite for a nice girl to ask such a question,” her mother tried to rationalise. “Besides, Ethan doesn’t need to wear a nappy all the time... only at night.”

“Then why is there a big wet stain on the front of his pants?” She shrugged as if it was of no concern to her but thought her mother should know.

It was only then that Ethan looked down and saw the growing dark stain that told him he was peeing and didn’t know. He’d felt his thigh throbbing slightly and had paid no attention to it... but now...

“Uuurrggg,” he commented and rushed towards the stairs. He didn’t even get a foot on the first one before he felt himself emptying his bowels into the seat of his briefs due to a spasm that seemed to affect the entire lower part of his body. “Hurrmmmfff.”

The cramping effect had him bent over on that first step as his mum and sister came to see what the noise was all about.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” His mother’s concern was genuine as she knelt down to try and comfort him.

“Yerrrrrggg... I think he’s pooed himself.” Cindy added unhelpfully.


Jessica could smell and see the problem and knew automatically this was a new development. The back of his legs showed a dark trickle and, hoping to get him up to the toilet before too much damage, put an arm under his and helped him to his feet.

Ethan was stunned at what had taken place but the pain that had led to this disaster had disappeared and left him weeping in disbelief. He tried to apologise to his mum but all that came out were huge sobs.

Wetting the bed was one thing but this shocked and disgusted him; the feeling of his sticky and full underpants paralysing any idea of movement.

However, once able to stand she guided him slowly back up the stairs to the bathroom. A surreptitious hand cupped his bum in an effort to hold what his pants contained. It was a very slow and tentative walk. Ethan couldn’t say anything because the misery and embarrassment was just too much. The mess held in the rear of his briefs felt substantial, whilst his emotions took over and flooded his eyes with tears.

Although somewhat shocked by her brother’s situation Cindy took some satisfaction in that, to her at least, he continued to prove to be the baby of the family.

Jessica made all the correct motherly sympathetic noises and tried to calm her son but she wondered if this latest messy development was as a result of his anxiety about school or because of some internal injury from his accident. She didn’t want to worry him, poor lad had enough worries, but she began to think there might be something else going on they weren’t aware of. He hadn’t appeared to be badly injured but anticipated that the up and coming examination would reveal all. She was determined she’d be in the doctor’s surgery with him.

To Cindy this was yet further proof that her stinky brother should permanently wear baby pants and a nappy. Having a real big baby to fuss over and change would no doubt make her the most popular girl amongst her friends.


Perhaps strangely Jessica had not hesitated at putting her wet son into nappies. After those first soaked mornings she saw the need for such preventative measures and insisted Ethan wore them nightly. As it was, her intuition had been correct and, despite initial protests, proved that the procedure had made life easier first thing in a morning. Although she’d told him it was his decision it had been anything but, and as it turned out, it was just as well.

Although she’d told him she took no pleasure in him having to wear thick padding and plastic pants, this was a little white lie because quite simply, what parent doesn’t want their children to still depend on them from time to time?

However, it had come as a surprise that he was now suddenly wetting during the day and had wondered if the terry cotton fabric might also be adequate for daily use. She didn’t want to embarrass the poor lad but realised that perhaps pull-ups, which she had considered (and even bought some secretly in case he needed them for school), might not be absorbent enough.

Meanwhile, for the second time in less than an hour Jessica cleaned up her son in next to no time. She ushered him back to his room and let him carry on drying himself as she went to get supplies. This time, she didn’t give him time to contemplate what she was doing she simply got on with it.  

Firstly, she checked the bandaged area which was soaked so she released the soggy material, cleaned him up and smoothed in some antiseptic cream before wrapping a fresh and dry dressing around the injury.  

Because he was facing away from the doorway he didn’t notice his sister standing there observing all that took place.

Next came the thing that Ethan was wishing wouldn’t be the case. Lying naked apart from the towel he was in no position to argue.

A nappy with two thick soaker pads was about to be pinned around his waist. It was much thicker than normal and a restless and unhappy Ethan tried to wriggle out of it but a firm word from mother stopped him dead in his tracks.


His face creased as if she’d dealt him a smack to his bottom but simply reminded that had he worn a nappy in the first place all this mess and extra laundry and work could have been avoided.

“From now on until the doctor’s examined you... you’ll wear thick protection.”

Cindy was pleased to hear this and as she saw his bottom being powdered smiled to herself.

“But mum,” he hoped she’d be sympathetic, “school starts in two days and I don’t see the doctor until Tuesday.”

“Yes I know, but do you think that wet or messy pants are a good way to introduce yourself to new school mates?”

Cindy enjoyed the spectacle of her brother disappearing under the huge piece of material needed to wrap him safely.

A shiver of fear ran through Ethan’s body... things were getting worse and the bullies would have a field day.

“No, but nor does wearing a nappy.” He sulked.

“If you don’t talk about it no one will know what you wear under your trousers but one thing is for sure... a messy, stinky pair of underpants is going to be very noticeable.” She held her nose as if to push her point. “Until we know what’s going on you’re not going to be without adequate protection.”

Finally she flapped out and shuffled up a huge pair of plastic pants and patted them down. The smooth bulge that now occupied the front and the slippery well-padded bottom made movement difficult. The throbbing in his thigh added to his feeling of dejection and made him reluctant to go anywhere so decided he’d simply occupy himself in his room.

Cindy turned and discreetly slid back to her room. It was the final act of his plastic pants being pulled into place that for her at least confirmed his was now the family baby... and she couldn’t wait to take full advantage of that fact.


Although most of the ache from when Ethan woke up had disappeared he became more and more aware of the gash and wondered if that was causing his current loss of control. However, he looked around his room and sighed, it had very quickly become a strange setting for an eleven year-old boy, what with all the nappies, plastic pants, lotions and powders that were now on display. He couldn’t blame the accident on all this because ‘all this’ started when he began his nightly bed-wetting.

He looked between his legs at the thick smooth bulge that was now there to stop him from being seen as a pants-wetter and wondered just who knew? What was worse, the bulge didn’t set him out as a non-bedwetter, it confirmed he was more than just a bedwetter. He was stuck and wasn’t sure what to do for the best.

He wanted to blame someone but how could he do that when he’d just crapped his pants.

His mum hadn’t lost it, she seemed understanding and, although embarrassed, in truth he was glad she was there to make things right. She had been quick and decisive and hadn’t given him chance to argue much. It was a done deal.

He ran his hand over the plasticky lump.

Surely, he thought to himself, all this would stop once at school and he was used to being in the youngest class... or at least he hoped so.

He heaved a sigh again.

Another spurt of pee shot into his fresh nappy and all he could do was groan at the inevitability of having no control.

Was this what he had to get used to?

# tbc #

Part 7

Ethan was still in his bedroom but had managed to find a pair of his school PE shorts to nearly hide his weighty protection when mum shouted up that Mitch had come to see him.

Dreading his best friend’s arrival he braced himself for laughter, derision and the loss of that friend once he was reacquainted with the prominent padding under his shorts.

Nervously Mitch stuck his head round the door. “How’s you?”

“Bloody fed up, annoyed and achy... you?”

He took in the view that greeted him. It wasn’t much different than the last time except his mate was awake but was surprised he hadn’t tried to hide his heavy burden.

“Worried,” Mitch replied hesitantly.

“Is the thought of going back to school on Monday playing on your mind as well?”

“No. Worried about you and, you know, everything.” He sounded concerned and pointed vaguely in the direction of the unmistakable lump... the shorts hardly disguising anything.

Mitch was his very best friend and though he was embarrassed about the padding Ethan thought he owed him some kind of explanation. This was helped because of what the doctor had said that quite a few kids his age had problems when they got worried.

“Look, I know this is all very embarrassing,” it was Mitch who’d got a start on the conversation, “but I thought you should know that rumours were circulating that you wore a nappy.”

He looked across at his friend to see if he was blushing... or hiding... or anything.

In a short time, in fact since he’d heard Mitch’s footsteps coming up the stairs, Ethan had made the decision to be honest with his best mate. Despite that, he’d felt flushed and nervous and wished he’d put on something more substantial than a pair of shorts.

“I don’t know who started it but I guess it had some basis because when Doug and I brought you the mags... you were asleep but we could see all the stuff.” Again he pointed around the room at the piles of nappies and such. “It was kinda hard not to notice.”

Ethan swallowed hard. “Mum.”


“It was mum’s fault. She let some of Cindy’s friends come over to play and they saw my nappies hanging out to dry... so it’s mum’s fault.”

Mitch looked curiously at his friend. “My nappies? So, how long have you had to wear them?”

Taking another deep breath Ethan decided to throw caution to the wind.

“For a while now... I started waking up wet. Mum thinks it’s because I’m worried about our new school... you know... being the youngest and all?”

Mitch nodded.

“And I’ve been having these terrible dreams about bullies and getting beaten up and... well... you know... I wake up wet.”

“Hmm,” Mitch thought.

“It’s not something I thought I could tell anyone but the doctor says there are plenty of kids like me having similar problems but, even knowing that, I’m still pretty ashamed by it all.”

“Look,” Mitch took up his cause and sat on the bed beside his friend. “When we saw you injured and sleeping Doug and me came up with an idea... and it’s one we’ve been putting around.”

“What do you mean ‘an idea’?”


Ethan was impressed. Not only at what the idea entailed but the thought his two mates had put into the project. He never would have thought about bigging his accident up as a stunt, much less pretending it was something he did privately all the time. Everyone knew about the spill and had heard about his injuries, perhaps trying to capitalise on that ‘fame’ was worth a try. Indeed, so preoccupied was he by the ‘idea’ the thought of who actually spread the rumour was forgotten.

Mitch had told everyone that cricketers wear a box as protection, so do boxers and many other sportsmen so it was conceivable that his padding was nothing more than protection to try and prevent even more serious injury... look what happened when he didn’t wear something.

It was an idea that appealed to Ethan and one that he hoped would work. In fact, the more he thought about it the better it seemed and he couldn’t thank Mitch enough for coming up with what was a very clever cover. However, he’d now admitted to his best mate that he wet the bed, so that was something he couldn’t take back. Having said that, his mate hadn’t run a mile and on the surface at least appeared to understand. For a brief moment he wondered if Mitch was one of those ‘others’ that the doctor had spoken about but was afraid to ask.

Meanwhile, his broken bike and the nasty gash on his leg meant he didn’t have to be out proving himself although he might have some explaining to do when school started. In fact, that was the main thing now that suddenly engulfed his brain... going back to school... and felt an involuntary nervous spasm into his thick padding. He was both annoyed with himself for doing so but relieved that because of the protection, his mate wouldn’t know.

“Thanks mate, that’s such a bloody good idea.” He didn’t want to dwell on the spreading wetness. “Can we come up with another word?”

“Don’t you think that protection is enough?” Mitch wondered.

“Mmm but, cricketer’s wear a box so I wonder if...”

“OK, how about Ethan’s wrap?”

Ethan looked stunned. “Have you been thinking about this?”

“No but,” he pointed to the layers of material under the plastic pants. “I think most will call it a nappy if you don’t come up with something you can refer to and not immediately have folk assume that’s what it is.”

“Safety wrap? Emergency Wrap? Wrap Wrap Wrap?”

“Are you about to burst into a rap?” Mitch joked.

“Rap... wrap... mmm... maybe that will do.” He smiled and nodded in agreement and hoping the word would confuse a few people.

“Look,” Ethan made a point, “I don’t expect to be wearing this for too long and I’m hoping that no one has to see me. I can use the injury for not venturing too far and hopefully school will not be a problem.”

Rather than think about it any further they settled at Ethan’s Xbox and started a game.


They’d been playing intently for a little while when Mitch asked the question. It wasn’t a question, it was THE question.

“Why do you think you wet the bed?”

It was a question Ethan had asked himself many times recently but hadn’t come up with a decent answer. Being scared of going to a new school just didn’t seem to cut it even though it was scaring the hell out of him. There were a whole bunch of new boys starting, so why was it affecting him so badly?

“Oh, I don’t know. I mean I know I’m scared but I don’t know why it’s affected me in that way.” He carried on tweaking his controller.

“Ohh, urmmm, do you like wearing a... you know... this?” Mitch said pushing his knee into the soft padding for emphasis.

“Not really,” he shrugged, “but mum makes me...” and shrugged again.

Mitch thought about that for a few minutes.

“Ohhh, erm, mum took me shopping the other day for the new school uniform... and... erm... when I was in the changing room and looked in the mirror I had a little shiver of worry run up my back. I don’t know why but I felt a little splash of pee gush into my undies.”

For the moment Eeth stopped the game and looked at his friend.

“You wet your pants?” He asked incredulously.

“Well, only a little but, well, yes I s’pose I did.” He looked a bit guilty and relieved at the same time. “I’m not saying this to make you feel better, but I want you to know that I think I understand.”

“Thanks mate, that’s really good of you.”

Eleven year-olds aren’t particularly good at dealing with their emotions so simply went back to shooting up some terrorists in their game.


After Mitch had gone Ethan was left alone with his thoughts. His first thought was what great mates Mitch and Doug were and then, well, what it felt like wearing nappies.

At the beginning his mother had given him the option of agreeing to wear them or being made to wear them... in effect, no option at all. However, not waking up to a flooded bed and the soft thick material between his legs on a night hadn’t been as bad as he thought it would. Still, that was as long as no one else knew... but now everyone knew.

Thankfully, they didn’t know about his messy accident and though the spasm had been painful, he’d not experienced anything similar since. He was hopeful it was just a one-off, the thought it might not made him unconsciously grip his padding for support.

He sat looking at the frozen image on the screen where he’d stopped the game and wriggled uncomfortably before realising he’d soaked his padding once more. Again, he hadn’t known he’d wet. This was not boding well for wearing normal briefs for the start of school.

He looked out of his bedroom window and saw Cindy and a friend playing in the garden. He didn’t really want to go down and ask his mum to change him whilst there were others in the house. However, a wet nappy wasn’t the most comfortable thing to have wrapped around your bits so made his way to find mum in the kitchen.

“Mum, can you change my, err, you know, ermm, please?” He said apprehensively.

“Sure sweetheart just give me a moment whilst I finish this and then I’ll be up to...”

“Mummy, mummy,” Two excited little faces appeared at the back door. “Can we change Ethan please mummy, please, please?”

“I don’t think so sweetie. It’s not a job for...”

“But we’ll be good won’t we Emily?”

Emily nodded but didn’t look convinced.

“I’m sure you’d be fantastic but for the moment you’ll just have to stick to your dollies.”

“But Ethan has a wet nappy, and you’re busy, so we can help.” She said enthusiastically (and actually feeling like a big girl compared to her nappy wearing brother).

Ethan looked on shocked at this interchange. He hadn’t even wanted anyone but his mum to know he’d wet again but now Cindy and Emily knew and they were obviously taking in his droopy nappy that was hanging down his shorts. His head dropped in embarrassment and seemed glued to the spot. He couldn’t even turn tail and run back up to his room.

“No sweetheart no. Thank you both for your offer but I think your brother needs privacy.”

“But you’ve said babies...” Suddenly realising she was being less than supportive of her brother and that might lead to her having to wear nappies in future. “Oh, that’s a shame but OK, just thought we might be helpful.”

“Well that’s all very kind girls but... we’ll leave it there. You go and play in the garden and I’ll bring out some snacks and drinks when I’ve finished... OK?”

“When you’ve finished changing Ethan’s nappy?” Cindy needlessly but pointedly queried but then added innocently, “Thanks mummy,” and the two girls returned to the garden.

Ethan was almost in tears at the humiliation of the entire exchange but his mum simply turned him around, patted his sodden nappy and indicated to move back upstairs.


Once cleaned up he timidly asked her if she’d ever let Cindy change him.

“No love but I’m impressed she wanted to help aren’t you?”

He was anything but impressed and thought she only offered so as to shame him in front of her friend. He said nothing but shrugged the whole conversation away.

“Thanks mum, erm, school starts soon so... will I have to wear, erm, this?” He asked sheepishly looking down at the mass.

“Well, I think you’ll need some protection but before we make that decision, let’s see what the result is Monday morning. If you’re dry then perhaps we can think again but if you’re soaked then... more than likely you’ll need something absorbent... but we’ll make it as discreet as possible so don’t worry.”

Ethan worried.

When Jessica had finished and gone downstairs Ethan went and checked his drawers. There was no doubt that in a relatively short time, nappies and the like had taken over but he wanted to regain some link... some connectivity with... how things used to be.

He opened the drawer and examined all his underwear; cotton briefs, a couple of pairs of cartoon undies from when he was younger he still liked to wear (and amazingly still fit), some colourful lycra style trunks and a few natty looking pairs of boxer shorts.  Unfortunately, they were now all crowded out by the pile of disposables he hadn’t seen before and several freshly laundered large white fabric squares he knew would be wrapping his bits in the not too distant future. He ran his hand over the plastic pants and was surprised to experience an unexpected, if glorious, warm glow as his bladder added its contents to the newly applied nappy.

Not for the first time he seemed isolated from the event. He sighed, like he’d so often done in these circumstances, and then simply got on with the rest of the day... damp but resigned to the situation.

# tbc #

Part 8

The weekend was an almost nonstop parade of Ethan’s mates coming to see how the injured ‘stunt pro’ was recovering after his infamous spill. Despite him not wishing to be seen the number of young guys wanting to chat was quite impressive. Ethan had never been so popular.

Although he was wearing a nappy throughout all these encounters, he managed to keep that fact hidden under his thick grey jogging bottoms. Requests to see the ‘scar’ were brushed off by being told he was under doctor’s orders to keep it covered, much to the obvious disappointment of a few of his visitors.

Cindy couldn’t believe what was happening. She thought that her brother wearing nappies would be the end of his brashness and he’d become her embarrassed baby brother, but this simply wasn’t the case. So, in a moment of an eight year-old’s repressed anger she asked him loudly if he needed a change.

Her timing was bad because he just turned to the two lads who were nearby and said “Only a new sister please” Then he changed the subject and ushered them away explaining it was lunchtime. Cindy got an annoyed look from her brother but he said nothing at that moment.

However, over the meal, and with both their parents sat at the table, he mentioned the incident and wondered if they were going to keep their promise of putting little sis back into nappies.

Jessica looked shocked and Cindy looked embarrassed. She tried to deny it but her posture and obvious discomfort at being caught out said everything that needed to be said.

“Go and get one of Ethan’s nappies.” Jessica ordered her daughter who burst into tears.

“Mummy no, daddy please,” she sobbed.

She was reluctant to go and begged her mum not to make her.

“Go and get one now.” Her mum insisted.

Reluctantly she ambled upstairs and returned a few moments later sobbing but clutching a large white square of terry cloth.

Peter looked at his wife in dismay but, wanting to see how this panned out, said nothing. He knew she would have a plan so the best policy was not to interfere.

Jessica made space on the table and ritually folded the nappy until it was the correct size and shape. Making a huge display she then held it up to her still weeping daughter.

“Look at the size of this,” she swung the item in front of her face, “large, and with plastic pants over it, quite bulky. You’ll not be able to hide this from your friends when you go to school now will you?”

Cindy was gasping for air. She saw this almighty piece of material and realised if she wore it there’d be no hiding place. All her mates would see and she’d be made fun of all day... every day.

“Sowwy mummy, daddy, mummy please don’t make....” She tried her best to sound contrite because figuring out that huge thing was soon to be pinned on was a horrific notion.

“OK, now you know we’re not kidding... apologise to your brother.” She kept the threat of the folded nappy.

“Sowwy,” she’d meant to say sorry but the tears made it come out with a childish lisp. “I didn’t mean anything.”

Ethan just sat there waiting for his mother to do as she’d promised and wrap her up the way he was.

He said nothing.

“I’ll tell you now young lady, any more of this teasing or even mentioning anything about your brother’s need for nappies and you will be wearing one permanently. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes mummy, sorry mummy.” She said apologetically.

“OK then, take this back up to your brother’s room and I expect you to be on your best behaviour from now on.”

Thank you mummy.” Cindy rushed up the stairs relieved not to be wearing all that thick padding and thought herself lucky to have avoided such a calamity.

As she disappeared from the kitchen Ethan looked daggers at his mother. “I thought you meant your threat,” he said dismissively. “So you were only kidding.”

“Oh, cut it out you big baby.” She added with more than a touch of derision. “What sort of big brother tattle-tales on his little sister?”


Up until then his ego had been flying. His mates thought he was some sort of super stunt cyclist but his mother had just slapped him down in the most tactless manner, calling him a baby. The blow to his self-esteem didn’t miss and a spurt of pee registered in his nappy.

There didn’t appear to be much in the way of moral support from his father either.

He felt guilty but wondered why this was his fault when another stream of pee added extra warmth to the front of his padding. It was difficult to feel wrongly accused of being a baby whilst wearing a freshly dampened nappy.

Up until that moment he’d never thought of himself, despite the nappy, as anything but a normal pre-teen. Of course, he wasn’t too happy about it, well to begin with at least, but he just got on with it because no one else seemed bothered so why should he?  That was because no one but his sister had called him a baby, well, not to his face, except suddenly his mum had... and that hurt. He’d expected full support from her at least and she was the one to call him that word. He spent the rest of the meal fretting over it.

Mum hadn’t meant it as a slur against him wearing a nappy but just being a big blabbermouth regarding his sister. She’s only eight so was allowed certain indiscretions, although Jessica thought she’d handled the situation pretty well. If he hadn’t then started to complain it would have all ended there. What she didn’t know was the effect that the word ‘baby’ had on her son.

There was another problem, the prospect of starting school had, to a certain extent, been blocked out from being at the forefront of his mind. With all the other stuff, it had simply slipped onto the back burner and had become less of an issue. However, now all his worries, anxieties and insecurities returned and he became unable to fight what was the most extreme problem... the amount of padding for the first day at big school and who else would then be calling him a baby?


Sunday morning he woke up once more to be greeted by a soaked nappy. He’d been in two minds as to whether to wear one that night as he didn’t want to appear to be “a baby”. However, Jessica came in just as he was putting on his PJs, noticed he hadn’t got a nappy ready and set about righting that wrong. He knew that he couldn’t argue the point, and he knew if he did his mum would take no notice and accuse him of being a fussy baby... so, albeit reluctantly, once more let himself be made leak-proof for the night.

None of these imagined slights had been said by his mother he’d simply assumed, on the back of that one comment, it would be the case. As he seemed a little depressed once well-padded she lay with him and gently stoked his head until he fell asleep. He’d hardly said a word so she had no idea how upsetting her comment had been.

However, the soaked morning nappy did set back his intention of never wearing a nappy again to prove he wasn’t “a baby”, when he so patently needed the benefit of thick protection. Despite that, he went to the bathroom, threw his stuff in the laundry bin, cleaned himself up and returned to his drawers for a pair of boxers. After checking the bandage on his injury was still relatively secure he then chucked on grey baggy jogging bottoms to hide everything. He was determined that for one day at least he was going to prove he didn’t need that safety cordon between his legs. That was going to be a nappy free zone.


Sunday mum’s parents paid their regular monthly visit. It was a joyful occasion because there were always treats for the kids. Grandma was an excellent cook and often arrived bearing gifts of some incredible confection she’d cooked up. Cindy and Ethan both loved her special ‘cinder toffee’, which Cindy was convinced was named in her honour; the sweet, airy delight was so different from anything else they’d ever tasted. It had become a firm favourite.

Grandad would regale the family of his fishing exploits with tales of the one that got away and the huge ‘shark’ he fought and landed at the park lake. These feats of daring-do would be accompanied by photographic proof that he’d just temporarily mislaid. His stories were funny as he mimed the effort that went into each and every catch. Grandad had never been fishing in his life.

The couple arrived for lunch but spent the particularly sunny afternoon before the meal sitting outside in the garden chatting. Meanwhile, Grandma noticed the pile of nappies at the side of the washing machine but had hoped that Ethan would be over his bout of bedwetting by then. In fact, it had been her who’d instructed her daughter to make sure the boy was well protected, but to make it seem he had a choice in the decision.

Despite both grandparents knowing about Ethan’s problems no one mentioned it and over lunch he tried to match his Grandad’s tales with one of his own regarding his cycling ‘stunt’. He’d decided to believe is own publicity so it was no longer an accident but a feat of cycling excellence that had alas been brought to an end by other means rather than his own inexperience.

He told them of his injury, although, apart from the gash he’d survived relatively unscathed.

“Oh sweetheart,” his Grandma sympathised, “not quite without consequences.” She was pointing to a large dark grey stain on his otherwise light grey joggers.

He shook in disbelief because it was only then he realised he was pissing his pants and hadn’t known he was doing so.

“Ohhh darling.” His mother chimed in.

“Not to worry I’ll see to it,” said his father.

“You finish your lunch Peter, I’ll see to the poor boy.”

Grandma got up and herded the sobbing boy from the table and up to his room. Once there she told him to wait a moment whilst she collected a few things. In the bathroom she snatched a towel off the drying rail, picked up a cloth, which she rinsed in warm soapy water and was back in his room within seconds. He was taken aback by the speed she’d got things underway but didn’t want to admit anything and certainly didn’t want his Gran to witness his severe wetness. He just wanted to die.


Ethan was distraught. Not only had he wet himself in front of his grandparents, he’d more or less proved his mum was correct, he was a baby. He hadn’t taken too much notice of the reaction from those at the table to Gran’s revelation; he just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. However, trying to hide the shame from Grandma was impossible because there was no way he could shrug her off or tell her to leave him alone. She was just so sympathetic and understanding to complain.

“Sweetheart, would you mind taking off your, erm, these?” she said pointing to his drooping jogging bottoms but not sure what they were called.

“Gran, I can do it myself.” He said pleadingly.

“I have no doubt love but, you’ve had one or two accidents now so why don’t I just make sure you’re all bundled up safe, hm?”

“But Grandma... please... I’m not a baby.” His eyes welled up but he kept the tears from falling.

“No one said you were.”

“Mum did.”

“Oh sweetie, I’m sure she didn’t mean to.” She tried to placate her sorrowful grandson, whilst finishing wiping him clean.

“Well she did.” He said matter-of-factly.

“Look,” she said grabbing a fresh nappy from the pile on the dresser. “At the moment....”

“I’m not wearing a nappy, I’m not, no.” He was adamant but she just took a moment to let him calm down a little before continuing.

“Are you worried what you friends might think?”

“Hu-hu,” he nodded despite the fact that apparently it was an open secret.

“You think if they saw you in a nappy they’d make fun?”

Again he nodded in agreement.

“Well, I understand that but, what would they think of these?”  She held up his joggers with the huge wet stain.

She then picked up his discarded boxers.

“Unfortunately sweetheart, these just can’t hold back any flood, whereas, a nappy is designed to do just that.”

“But I don’t want to wear one...” He was snivelled.

 “I’m sure you don’t love,” she stroked his arm, “but I suspect you don’t want to leave a trail of pee wherever you go either.”

He looked forlorn.

“Your mum told me you were being very brave about wearing a nappy because you were having trouble and,” she said in support but then suddenly had a thought. “From what you tell us about the brave stunt cyclist... he wouldn’t be afraid of a bit of padding, especially if it’s something that helps him.”

She could see this last consideration had got him thinking.

She unravelled his equally soaked bandage.

“Let’s get something on that as it looks pretty sore to me.”

It was throbbing but he wasn’t sure if it had always been doing that or only now when it was exposed. Ethan was silent as she took charge, cleaned him up, refreshed the dressing and cautiously began to put a nappy on him. The thing was, and it confused him considerably, there was something quite relaxing about the procedure. He didn’t want to wear a bundle of terry fabric but once it was on he didn’t mind. His Grandma was grateful he didn’t resist.


She did a wonderful job, the nappy was pinned tight and the plastic pants held everything together superbly. She left him like that so he could decide what he wanted to wear over it all and dumped his wet stuff in the laundry basket.

“There now, all done,” she said returning and looked contentedly at her grandson, “why don’t you come down and join us as I’ve made a nice chocolate cake... and I know it’s your favourite.”  

He looked at the bulge between his legs and ran his hand over the soft plastic surface.

“It’s the start of a new term tomorrow,” he said quietly, almost to himself, “I don’t want to wear all this padding on my first day at a new school...”

His mind drifted off as he got up from his bed, a slight crinkle accompanied the movement, whilst he took out a pair of fleecy shorts from the drawer. Slipping them over the hefty mound he reluctantly accompanied Gran back downstairs. There was no good to be gained from locking himself away from the family who’d witnessed the flood so he might as well face up to any scorn that was coming.

None came... and the cake was delicious.

However, despite his best intentions, proof, if proof was needed that he did indeed benefit from a plastic covered nappy was when bedtime came and a soggy pile of material was removed in exchange for a thicker and drier mass. His heart sank even further into his boots at the thought he wasn’t going to lose that face-saving mass from between his legs any time soon.

# tbc #

Part 9

First week in September and it was back to school for thousands of children across the country. Equal amounts of excitement and trepidation was felt by many. New schools for some, new friendships to be forged - new uniforms and new thinking – new timetables, new lessons, new teachers, new rules... bullies... these were just some of the things that had been running through Ethan’s mind.

So, the day before, in fact, for the past few weeks, had been spent worrying about that first day at big school where he’d be amongst the youngest and therefore most vulnerable in the vast place. Even the term ‘big school’ was terrifying enough without all that went with it. Despite the best intentions from parents and friends, his anxiety levels were still through the roof.

Although he had friends that would also be attending he didn’t think it was affecting them the same way the fear got to him.  He worried about wearing a nappy to school, even though his mother had emphasised that if he had to, they would keep its bulk to an absolute minimum. However, she’d said it would depend on how much he wet during the night as to how much padding was needed.

Before he fell to sleep there was still a dull ache coming from his bandaged wound. Surprisingly, by stroking his slippery bulge his anxiety levels about school and his injury began to fade away. Before long he’d slipped into deep unconsciousness.

However, come Monday and the start of a new school year where some kids were excited, nervous and hyper, he’d had the worst wake-up call so far. He’d slept without those horrible dreams, perhaps the best night’s sleep he’d had in ages... and yet...


Jessica popped her head around Cindy’s bedroom door to get her up. The eight year-old had all her clothes ready on the dresser and had been excited, if a little worried herself, about going to school without her brother. What hadn’t been anticipated was that she had also wet the bed, much to her surprise and humiliation. She was reluctant to get up despite her mother’s cajoling but of course, mothers know.

“OK sweetheart, what’s the matter?” She gently questioned.

“Erm nothing,” was the guilty reply.

“Then I’m waiting...”

Her daughter burst into tears and slowly shifted down her Princess duvet cover to reveal her soaked bedding and PJs.

“Oh sweetheart, that’s a shame but don’t worry... it’ll all go in the wash. C’mon now, let’s get you all cleaned up and some breakfast in you.”

Jessica was surprised to see just how wet her daughter was and at a loss to know why, after five years of never needing any help with her toilet issues, to suddenly have such an accident. She had to stay calm and not worry about all that but to just get her cleaned up and ready for the new term. She would sort any problem out later.

Cindy was too embarrassed to do anything without mummy’s help but her tears had become a torrent.

“Don’t cry love, nothing is ruined just a bit wet...”

“But, but, but you’ll make me wear a nappy like Eeth...” she stuttered and sobbed.

“Not for school darling. Not for school.” She comforted her distraught daughter. “We’ll sort something later but for now, go get washed and dressed and there’s breakfast waiting on the table. I need to get your brother up otherwise he’ll sleep ‘til lunchtime”

She smiled and encouraged Cindy to get a move on as she went to wake Ethan ready for his big first day.

However, when it came to Ethan, he didn’t dare stir from her cheery wake-up call; he knew the catastrophe that waited. The room smelled like a public urinal that was home to a family of overly nervous skunks. Whatever had been building up inside the boy had made a spectacular exit that morning.


Ethan lay staring off into space. He didn’t dare move for fear of making things worse. He could feel the soggy weight and imagine what had happened without being in the least bit aware of why. How could he have slept and not known he was filling his nappy in such a spectacular way? He shook at the thought knowing school was calling and he had to make a move. When his mother popped her head around the door and called him he was too stunned at what had occurred.

“Oh God Ethan, what the hell’s happened?” She said the moment the smell hit her senses.

He was still dumb with shame and disgust.

Jessica rushed in and threw open the window and then looked down at her son.

“Are you OK?” She asked concerned.

There was very little reaction from Ethan except misting up eyes as he contemplated his family’s reaction to this devastating development.

Jessica slowly pulled away his duvet to reveal his bloated sleepwear of bulging plastic pants and the full sludgy terry cotton nappy beneath. Although they’d done sterling work in the past, on this occasion, his plastic pants had leaked small amounts of urine and shit, which the bandage had absorbed. Whatever else needed to be attended to that seepage was of major concern if infection was to be avoided.

“Oh sweetie,” she was all heart and understanding, “let’s get you... oh... just a minute whilst I check Cindy’s finished in the bathroom.” She disappeared for a few seconds and he could hear a conversation going on.

“Yes love, you’ve done a very good job... now I need you to go and get dressed and I’ll see you downstairs OK?”

“I won’t need a nappy will I?”

“No sweetheart, just get yourself dressed and...”

“What’s that smell?”

“Nothing to concern yourself with... go to your room and close the door.”

He could hear all this going on in the bathroom whilst he struggled to come to terms with the mess his nappy, and parts of his bed were indicating, but why was Cindy asking if she needed a nappy?

Thankfully, the hefty breeze coming in the window was blowing pleasant late warm summer air into his room so the smell was being dissipated... unfortunately, in the direction of the landing. He sighed; it was going to be a very long day. The conversation he’d just overheard dissipating in his head as quickly as the smell but the heavy load in his protection couldn’t so easily be forgotten.  

Dejected he wanted an explanation for his full nappy. He hadn’t felt a stab of pain like a couple of days ago. In fact, he hadn’t felt anything, just woke up to that lousy realisation of something incredibly wrong. No bad dreams, no pain, no thoughts at all... so why had it happened? Why, on this day especially, had he dumped such a huge load in his bedtime insulation?


However, the weather was very accommodating for the start of a new term. The early sun was warm, the sky a wonderful shade of blue, yet a cloud hung over Ethan’s bedroom and all he could do was keep repeating the grief-stricken word “Sorry” to his mother.

What little confidence he’d had regarding his first day of ‘Big’ school was now shot to ribbons. All he could foresee was the huge thick mass he’d need to keep well protected and how he’d become the instant target for any school bully who saw him.

Again he sighed and swallowed hard in resignation. It had taken a little while for him to find his voice but even then was unsure what to say... sorry didn’t seem enough.

Thankfully, Jessica was on top of the situation and, having now got Cindy out of the bathroom, could get on with sorting out her son. The unreliable shuffle to get him there seemed to take an age but they were both just being careful. Once in the shower stall Jessica pulled down the plastic pants and another foul wave hit her but she did her best to avoid reacting too badly.  

Ethan was all but immune to the stench though glad to get the heavy bundle off his hips and into the shower tray.

“Sooorrryyy,” he meekly looked up at his mother as the disgusting messy load plopped to the floor, there wasn’t much else he could say.

Like her son she sighed in resignation but knew just how important this first day was and how first impressions counted. The mucky mass was unfortunate but there were more important things to consider.

“OK sweetheart let’s get you sorted... and ready for school shall we?”


Cindy had guessed what had happened but could hardly crow about it as she’d wet her bed as well. However, he mother hadn’t insisted on her wearing a nappy for school so dressed quickly, pulling on her school knickers hopefully to make it so mummy wouldn’t have second thoughts.

Meanwhile, after a thorough hosing and scrubbing down Ethan emerged all bright and shiny. Jessica led him back to his room where his new school uniform awaited its first outing.

“Mum,” he began to plead, “is there any way for me not to wear a nappy on my first day?”

He’d had time to think a bit about his situation lying there all stinky and gross and, in all honesty, expected he’d be bundled up and sent on his way well and truly padded. He wouldn’t have been surprised if he had to have a bell and shout “unclean, unclean” as he made his way through the streets. Well, that would perhaps have been a little extreme but he knew he’d already started his senior school year very badly.

“To be honest sweetheart I think it would be a mistake for you not to be well-padded.” A huge sigh escaped Ethan. “But I appreciate the anxiety that would cause... so... how about this?”

She reached into his top drawer and produced a pull-up that he hadn’t worn or seen before.

Ethan’s eyes went wide.

“What I’m suggesting is this - today you wear a pull-up, which hopefully will soak up any little ‘spills’. However, I’ve bought these,” she produced a pair of particularly glossy white pants, “to wear over them to help keep you leak-proof.”

Ethan looked relieved.

“They should give you time, if you have an accident, to get to the toilet and I’ll put a couple of spare pull-ups in your bag, so you’ll get chance to change. So, no nappy just a slightly thicker pair of underpants, let’s hope that will do, eh?”

She looked pleased with her solution as she thought pull-ups just looked like underpants so no one would notice them under his trousers.

Having gone to a great deal of trouble to find him something that didn’t look too childish, she passed the blue and white striped garment over for him to inspect.

“Are you sure?” He looked worried, after all, he’d seen, smelled and experienced that enormous morning load so wondered if this small, innocuous piece of fabric would be able to withstand even a fraction of what the nappy had. However, he was grateful to his mum for at least trying to find a solution to his concerns.

“Not really, I think you should be well-padded. However, what I am sure about is thick padding would make you even more stressed so I’m hoping this alternative will ease some of that worry.”


There was a little bit more discussion but Jessica managed to convince him at every level, this was the ‘best’ direction to go for the time being.

The pull-up offered some protection as it would subtly absorb any trickles.

The vinyl pants offered security and contain any overflow.

A bonus was that the vinyl was relatively quiet and, if seen, would look like normal white underwear.

All this had been planned by Jessica to take on-board his worries and alleviate an obvious thick bulge under his new grey school uniform trousers; she just hoped it would suffice... at least for this first day.

She didn’t tell him but if it didn’t work then a full nappy would have to be used and they’d have to disguise it the best they could. However, she was hopeful that the upcoming doctor’s examination would answer a lot of their questions.


Jessica offered to accompany Ethan to school if he thought it might help but Doug was calling and they’d do the two mile walk together. It was an empty offer really because she had to take Cindy to her school which started at the same time but was in the opposite direction. Her husband had the car and he was already at work so she couldn’t do both. Still, she hoped the offer would at least help her son get over some of his misgivings.

Once he was ready and dressed in his new uniform (Jessica thought how smart and grown up he looked) the outline in his pants was barely noticeable. Ethan felt quite good about it and when Doug and Mitch arrived he left the house with a surprising amount of confidence.

Meanwhile, Jessica was keen to find out why Cindy had suddenly wet the bed. It was something she hadn’t done since being potty trained over four years ago and wondered if she too was having worries or (she joked to herself) that Ethan’s problems were becoming contagious. However, joking aside, once she’d dropped Cindy off at school she’d buy her some pull-ups like she had Ethan, just to be on the safe side.

She was in two minds about having both her children back in protection. On the one hand she’d hoped all this wetting business was behind them both, but on the other, it was really nice having them being kids again. However, since Ethan had started wetting again, and all the extra laundry it initially produced, she was keen that if both her offspring were going through a wetting stage, she should be prepared. She’d got plenty of stuff in to cope with Ethan, she would be just as quick to ‘help’ sort out Cindy if needed.


Since waking up and finding she’d wet herself Cindy was unsure of what had happened or why. She knew that with her brother starting his new school this new term would in fact be the first time she’d had to go to school on her own. In the past she’d always had Ethan there to walk, chat and hold hands with; surely that couldn’t be the reason she woke up soaked, could it?

In class, she was so nervous about even the possibility of wetting again she kept asking to go to the toilet in almost every lesson. It got to such a state that teachers began asking if she was OK, with one of them particularly enquiring if “everything was OK at home?” Cindy didn’t get the nuance in the question, merely looking relieved when she returned to her desk without wet knickers.

When her mother came to collect her after school the headmistress decided to have a word and ask that same question “... is everything OK at home?” much to her embarrassment.

Apparently, most of the young girls were giggling and gossiping about Ethan’s nappies. Word had reached one of the teachers that an eleven year-old (later to be revealed as Cindy’s brother) needed protection and with his sister panicking about getting to the toilet, they wondered if there might be something more serious that was upsetting the children. The teachers had been told to be ever-watchful for tell-tale signs of ‘abuse’ and not to shirk their responsibilities if such a thing was suspected.

With Cindy waiting in the playground, reassured she’d completed the day without incident, her mother was given the third degree. Of course, once Jessica had explained the morning surprise and how hard it had hit the poor girl things became a little clearer and the headmistress nodded that she understood. However, Jessica left the office wondering if she had in fact allayed any fears on the school’s part.

Even on the walk home, other than saying she was scared of weeing again, Cindy didn’t know why she’d wet that night. Her mummy asked if she’d been scared of something or had a bad dream but Cindy just shrugged. However, what the eight year-old was unaware of was that added to her nightwear would be one of the lovely princess designed Huggies DryNites her mother had bought as a precaution.

That night both her kids would be well and truly protected and would remain so until she was absolutely sure there was no chance of either having a relapse.

# tbc #


Part 10

The first day of ‘Big’ school had been traumatic in some ways and fine in others. He’d expected to be picked on by older boys but found that didn’t happen. However, finding his way around the corridors, stairs and the sheer vastness of the place was all quite daunting. Add to that the fact he had to remember new teachers and a new timetable, it made for a rather hectic introduction to senior school.

What had made this introduction a little easier was the fact that a few of the other kids, kids he didn’t know, knew about the ‘famous stunt cyclist’. Mitch, Doug and Gary had done a remarkable job spreading the word and only Brian had hinted at that rumour as to whether Ethan wore a nappy or not. However, as his school pants offered no evidence of such an item he forgot about it and, like the rest of them, concentrated on negotiating the vast new surroundings, whilst trying to avoid bumping into any of the thousands of other kids.

The one fly in the ointment was that by lunchtime Ethan could feel his sopping expanded pull-up begin to disintegrate. It felt uncomfortable so had no option but to find the boy’s toilets and hope that he could take off his trousers, pull down his plastic pants, remove the sodden item and replace the entire thing without drawing attention to himself.

With stealth, and the far cubicle, he managed to do the first part of the proceedings and was standing holding his soaked pull-up in one hand and a fresh one in the other when there was the clatter of the main entrance door crashing open and the sound of people whispering. He held his breath but continued the clean-up, which was difficult because the toilet paper wasn’t all that absorbent and he hadn’t brought any wipes. Despite that he tried to unfold and slip into his fresh pull-up as silently as possible.

The conversation continued out by the wash basins as the main entry point kept up a succession of pupils coming and going. Shouts and laughter, bawdy secrets and speculation about certain girls was heard in brief snippets as Ethan maintained his code of dogged noiseless determination.

He was nervous that at any moment the stall door would be bashed in, a group of bullies would be smiling at his embarrassment and his secret would be revealed to the entire school. He cringed as he tentatively tried to get his plastic pants up and over the fresh new garment; there was a small but cringe-worthy amount of rustling. However, the constant stream of comings and goings kept the exterior noise level fairly high.

Eventually, he’d manoeuvred around and managed to slide into his trousers and the deed was complete, all he had to do now was dispense with the evidence. He knew it wouldn’t flush away, and besides, that would have drawn attention to the fact that someone was using the stall, so he just slipped it into his bag to be ‘lost’ at a different location.

He heard the voices rise in laughter then the main door opened and closed and all was quiet. Ethan slipped out, washed his hands before another group of young kids swept in to relieve themselves. He’d successfully done what he needed to do and was feeling pretty pleased with himself. Later, as he passed a bin outside the girl’s toilets he managed to ‘lose’ his wet pull-up without anyone discovering his secret.


On the walk home Ethan and Mitch discussed how much different school was to the last one they went to and both seemed quite satisfied they’d coped with the first day pretty well. It was the first opportunity Mitch had when there were just the two of them so asked if he was over his ‘problem’. Eeth had to admit that until he saw the doctor the following day, he still had to wear some protection but thankfully his mum had kept it to a minimum.

“Great mate... I bet you can’t wait to get out of them.” Mitch nudged his friend as he neared his home. “I think you’ve coped with everything... “

He left whatever else completed that sentence unsaid as he turned up the garden path and disappeared into his house.

Strangely, it was at that moment that Ethan became aware of the warming glow in the front of his pants. Thankfully, he only had another hundred yards to go before he’d be home.


It was just after four when he got in and mother and sister were already there.

“Well dear, how did the first day go?” His mum was cheerful, hopeful and full of questions. “Cindy’s told me all about hers so... how did it go for you?” She looked down at his crotch to indicate precisely to what she was referring.

“Oh fine, it’s a big place but... otherwise... fine, fine.”

“I mean, you know, the pull-ups,” she whispered the word as if she didn’t want anyone else to hear though there was no one else nearby.

“I coped but it did get a bit soggy at lunchtime but...”

“Are you wet now sweetie?”

He looked a little ashamed to admit it but his mother knew.

“OK, let’s get you changed and into something a bit more substantial whilst you’re at home.”

“But mum, this worked fine... I’m OK... just a bit...”

“OK, well let’s go to your room and we’ll just check shall we?”

There was no place to argue as she turned him around and gently began to guide him to the stairs.

MUM,” he tried to protest. “I’m fine...”

“Darling that’s good... I’m pleased for you but I need to check you’re not getting a rash and that the dressing on your injury is still in place so... scoot.” She tapped his soggy bottom.

The bandage had looked OK when he’d changed at lunchtime, and in truth, he’d not felt any tweaks or twerks during the day so had all but forgotten about it. However, he had wet and had known nothing about it until, well, after it had happened and the pull-up was beginning to come apart. He was more uncomfortable because of the bunching than the damp. In truth, now he was used to them he never felt uncomfortable during the night when he wore the thicker fabric nappy.

Jessica had him strip and could see the plastic pants had done their job holding together the rather well-used and incredibly soaked pull-up. Ethan wasn’t so much embarrassed as resolved that this is what happens now if he wets himself... his mum would want to sort it. He didn’t think it was as bad as it looked but the bandage had come away from his gashed leg and was in definite need of cleaning up and re-dressing. Without a pause she set right to it.

Once that was complete she organised a thick terry nappy and indicated for him to lie out and she would administer the re-dressing as well.

“Might as well get you ready now rather than do it all twice eh?”

She wasn’t expecting any chat so simply got on with making sure her son was well cushioned and his injury was equally sorted.

Although he thought the slimmed down protection had worked for school it had felt pretty uncomfortable at times and only really appreciated that fact when she put him in the thick fabric nappy he was now wearing.

There was something else he realised, because the pull-up needed to be pulled up it meant he had to take his trousers off. If he used a disposable, he could just lower his pants remove the offending article and simply replace it by pulling it between his legs... so much less hassle.

However, now he was padded he sat up in his room until teatime looking over his new timetable and doing the little bit of homework he’d been given.


At just after seven, as they were watching TV, Jessica told Cindy to get ready for bed and indicated that, as it had been a long and eventful day, Ethan wouldn’t be long after. Even though it was early he was glad to have an excuse for an early night and went up at the same time as his sister. Mum followed and joined Cindy in her room and, armed with the new princess pull-up, told her that for the next few nights she’d be wearing one for bed.

Ethan overheard the pleading in his sister’s voice and the demand not to be treated like Ethan.... like a baby. He also heard his mum explain in measured tones that as she’d wet the bed once there was no saying she wouldn’t again so, this WAS going to happen so she might as well get used to it.

Although Ethan was happy his sister was being put in protection he had to see for himself and, remembering how she’d just barged in on him when he was originally getting nappied decided he’d do the same.

“Erm, mum” he bounced innocently into Cindy’s room, “do you know what... Oh sorry, didn’t realise Cindy needed a nappy... I’ll...”

“Get out,” both mum and Cindy shouted.

Cindy was embarrassed and angry at her brother now knowing her shame.

“I’ll see to you later,” his mother continued but he’d already seen his little sister being put into her princess pull-ups... and it felt strangely satisfying. He wanted to say so much like ‘is my little sister having night time wee-wees?’ or the much more satisfying ‘princess pottypants’. However, he said nothing.

He could hear Cindy crying and having a little tantrum complaining that he’d tell everyone.

Although Jessica remembered how it had been when Cindy discovered her brother’s problem she tried to maintain a sympathetic tone, and soothe her fears.

“Your brother isn’t going to say anything sweetheart... he knows how upsetting it can be... and you are both in the same boat aren’t you?”

Her words weren’t helping as she tucked Cindy in and kissed her nighty-night.

“You just get a good night’s sleep and hopefully... well... things might well be different in the morning.”

She saw Cindy hugging her teddy and hoped that would help.


Back in his own bedroom Ethan was feeling pretty pleased that he’d witnessed his little sister getting her just desserts for the way she’d been acting, and the things he thought she’d been saying to his friends. However, he was wondering why she should have suddenly started wetting the bed, well, like he did.

He had noticed the pull-up, which he weirdly thought looked sweet, before her nightie hid it away. But he now wore a pull-up to school and wondered, despite the conversation he’d heard that morning, if she’d had to as well. He looked down at his own thick protection and briefly wondered if both he and Cindy were going to be back in nappies for the foreseeable future?

His mum came into his room.

“Mum, is Cindy having problems?” He tried to sound concerned.

She knew what he was inferring but decided to ignore it.

“Just a little mishap dear, but, like we did with you, a few precautions as it’s better to be safe about this type of thing. Now, are you wet?”

He was hoping for more information but she’d moved the conversation back to him.

“No, I’m fine.” She ran her finger under his leg hole to check anyway. “Shouldn’t Cindy wear...” he pointed to his own large padding.

“There’s no need at the moment sweetie only you need to be this well protected,” and then she smiled and whispered in his ear as she got him settled down. “You’ve done very well today darling and tomorrow, I’ll pick you up from school and we’ll go see the doctor together... hopefully, he’ll have some answers for us, eh?”


Ethan had the weirdest dream. In it he was going to school quite happily sporting a pull-up but with no trousers. This fact didn’t seem to worry him as he proudly displayed what he was wearing - it was a pair of his little sister’s princess pull-ups. Not only that, Mitch, Doug and just about everyone he saw was admiring them and saying how much they suited him. Teachers asked if this was now part of a new school uniform but again, nodded in approval at his daring look. He was feeling very proud of himself because everyone was being so positive and he saw himself as not only a ‘super stunt cyclist’ but a trend-setter.

His ego had become very inflated. He was telling anyone who’d listen about how comfortable they were to wear and that they were able to soak up loads and not show anything. To prove his point he stood and forced out a stream of pee into its soft fabric.

It was at this bragging point that he woke up and found himself copiously filling his own night time nappy. The warmth quickly being absorbed into the soft terry fabric only adding to the realisation he was going to be wearing a wet nappy for the rest of the night. He sighed in acquiescence, turned over and fell back to sleep. His dream continued where it had left off, but took a turn for the worse. Now he was trying to hide the bulging sopping-wet princess pants as they leaked down his leg. However, even as he tried to hide the pull-up’s short-comings, the compliments kept occurring and still he tried to pretend that all was well.

It was a bizarre and confusing situation but finally his mother was shaking him awake as a final stream of pee joined a fully sodden nappy.

“How’s my sweet cherub this morning?” She enquired with a chuckle as he struggled to consciousness. “Are you wet?” He nodded. “OK, well you’ll have to wait a few minutes as I need to sort your sister out first. “You might as well go and get your breakfast first and we can change you afterwards.

Back in the bathroom a sobbing Cindy was being stripped of her soaked pull-up and wet nightie. Jessica began to wonder if it was something she was doing that was causing both her kids to have such accidents.


Remembering what Cindy’s teachers had inferred, and despite normally veering towards the more cautious, Jessica decided that her daughter didn’t need her pull-up this time and hoped against hope that neither would regret that decision. Once Cindy was placated and told she only had to wear a pull-up at night, she seemed a lot more amenable to go to school in her normal outfit.

Cindy, all dressed properly saw Ethan at the kitchen table wearing his soaked nappy and smiled. Despite having wet for a second night the fact she was wearing knickers and not pull-ups meant she was a big girl... not like her baby brother. She saw the expanded slinky, wet bulk and discerned he’d have to wear some protection under his school trousers so felt superior as she sat down to breakfast.

After his bowl of cereal Ethan returned to his bedroom. His soaked nappy hung heavily suspended in the plastic pants but strangely it didn’t feel uncomfortable, although he was glad to unpin everything to take a shower. He knew to be thorough, as his mother had instructed, to make sure no remnants of pee clung to his body. He was indeed very, very methodical.

Unfortunately, a huge consciousness hit him as he sponged away the excess urine. He remembered that he’d actually wet himself on purpose, even though it was within the confines of a dream. He’d been showing off and flooded his nappy. He hoped no one ever found out but wondered if his feeling of absolute guilt about this intentional (though unintentional) act would give him away.

Unwittingly, this culpability meant that it slipped into his mental ‘things to worry about’ file.

After that he returned to his room and noticed mum had left another pull-up for him but also a thick extra soaker pad. He didn’t want to wear it but knew if it was there, it was to be used and she would brook no argument. It felt quite significant, but again, once covered in plastic and his school trousers pulled over them, looked reasonably OK. However, he could feel the difference and hoped that it wouldn’t attract attention.

# tbc #


Part 11

The walk to school with Doug was uneventful except for an occasional wriggle to loosen the elasticated vinyl, which stuck tightly to the top of his thighs. His mate didn’t notice, if he did must have decided not to mention it. In fact, since he and Mitch had discovered Eeth’s secret, Doug had tried to avoid the subject as much as possible. He’d been stunned and embarrassed but could never unsee Ethan sleeping, surrounded by ‘baby’ paraphernalia and wearing that shiny bulky nappy.

There was an ‘unfortunate’ side to what had happened because Doug simply could not stop thinking about that image. Although he tried to convince himself how awful the scene had been... it had occupied a few of his own dreams and a desire deep down was ignited.

As they walked together he tried desperately not to think about what his friend might be wearing though couldn’t detect anything out of the ordinary. He hated the fact that his mind was full of thick nappies and plastic pants, which if anyone had mentioned he would have denied... quite possibly angrily. However, there was no doubt that the image of his best mate wearing so much thick padding had made an impression, whether he liked it or not.

Thanks to Mitch’s ‘stunt cyclist’ distraction he hadn’t had to think about it but now, when there was just the two of them, he wanted to know more but didn’t know how to introduce the topic. He wanted to quiz Eeth about what it was like to wear such a bundle of stuff but was afraid his search for knowledge would be misconstrued as interest in the subject. He didn’t want him to think he sought to wear such stuff himself, even if he really did... which he’d deny.

Thankfully the chat on the journey into school was about new lessons they had and which teachers they found scary. Being the youngest boys at school they felt completely ‘at risk’. However, both seemed relieved that neither had experienced (nor seen) any bullying going on, yet, and for that they were both very grateful.  

Ethan’s second day passed with relative ease, the thicker soaker doing its job of sponging up his pee and the plastic pants maintaining their position as No1 leak preventer. At lunchtime he found a quiet space and was able to change quickly without having to contain the rustling of plastic pants or the fluffing out of a fresh pull-up. Although the soaker pad had done a good job, it had felt a bit uncomfortable so decided he’d spend the rest of the afternoon wearing only his fresh blue and white striped pull-up. Besides, his mother was picking him up straight from school to take to the doctors and he didn’t want the plastic pants making him look like a little kid. He’d been embarrassed enough after the last time.


Jessica waited patiently at the school gates. Other mums, dads, grandparents, friends and the odd au pair were also milling around for the last bell of the day. Normally, Ethan would walk home either with friends or by himself but on this occasion his mum was eager to get the examination at the doctors done and hopefully have a few questions answered.

The surge of pupils meant she had to keep an eye out for her son who could quite easily have been swallowed up in the flood of kids happy for the release from another day in class. Older boys and girls sauntered past with an air of relieved boredom, whilst the younger newbies searched frantically for a recognisable face in the crowd.

She was surprised at how many of the kids, girls especially, had been able to take the school uniform, which they all had to wear, and make it individual. The new influx had yet to find this originality so all looked fresh and all the same. However, Jessica was pleased to see the smiles and excited joy on most of the pupil’s faces. She vaguely remembered her own time at school and how that final bell had meant freedom. It was a signal every kid looked forward to.

Eventually, she spied Ethan’s approach but also saw he was holding his backpack in front of his trousers and looking a little ashamed. She knew he must have been hiding a stain but hadn’t brought any new clothes for him to wear only fresh pull-ups.

She wondered briefly why the plastic pants hadn’t prevented any leaks but fully appreciated that the school gate probably wasn’t the best place to have a chat about why that wasn’t the case. However, the walk to the surgery was unpleasant for Ethan as the wet fabric bunched up and became increasingly more uncomfortable and Jessica became increasingly annoyed with her son for not following her basic rule for keeping himself protected.


A minor miracle occurred when they entered the doctor’s reception area, it was all but empty. Normally there’s a parade of the sick and ailing but on this occasion just one old man was sat waiting for his appointment.

“Look, I’ll just go and register and then you can change before the doctor sees us OK?” She whispered in the unexpectedly quiet area.

The receptionist beamed as Jessica approached. “Ah, Mrs Lynd and Ethan is it?” Jessica nodded, “Right on time, the doctor’s available and will see you now. Please go on through.”

“Erm, I need to...” but the door opened and their GP smiled and invited the two of them in, much to Ethan’s embarrassment.

Jessica shrugged and ushered her reluctant son through the door in front of her and into the pleasantly warm office. Ethan still had his backpack glued to the front of his trousers for fear the wet stain would be detected but the doctor wasted no time.

“Ahh Ethan, nice to see you again and let’s hope we can sort things out for you eh?” He smiled a kindly smile. “How’s the leg?”

“Erm, fine.” Ethan said without conviction.

“Well, let’s take a look shall we... can you strip down to your underwear please?” He indicated an area slightly partitioned off by a pale blue nylon curtain, which he drew to give the boy some privacy. “I’ll just chat to your mother whilst you’re doing that...” Directing his question to Jessica, “Now, how’s Ethan doing?”


Jessica explained she thought the slash to his thigh was improving but had been worried about his more frequent bouts of incontinence and the not so small matter of him messing his nappy.

“Oh dear, that sounds a bit traumatic for the young fella.” He made notes on his computer and then asked if his patient was ready.

Ethan didn’t get much chance to reply as just before the doctor pulled back the curtain to reveal the all but naked boy, his mother explained that on the way to the surgery he’d had another accident and hadn’t had time to change into a dry pull-up since their arrival.

When she saw he was wearing only a very bedraggled and soaked pull-up with no plastic protection she was surprised at this neglect and wondered why he’d made that patently bad decision. She didn’t take him to task there and then but was pretty annoyed he’d skipped that preventative measure as a result was the proud owner of stained trousers.

“Ahh, thanks for the heads up.” The doctor affirmed. “Don’t look so worried, it’s not a problem and we’ll soon get you sorted.” The doctor assured. “Right Ethan let’s get a look at your leg first shall we?”

The doctor removed the dressing and examined the scab, after some prodding, and a few minor reactions from Ethan, decided it was healing on its own just fine but to keep up the dry regime and fresh dressing as often as possible.

This was followed by even more instruments searching in ears, nose, throat, eyes, breathing and heart rate. Parts of the boy’s body was tapped for reflexes and pushed and pulled for reaction. The amiable GP said nothing through these basic checks but made encouraging noises and a few appraising nods. Ethan had no idea if all that was good or bad but what he did know was the wet pull-up was really irritating him.

“Right young man,” a nurse knocked at the door and entered as the GP put down his stethoscope. “Can you go with Nurse Jones please, she’ll take some blood and we’ll need a little specimen, OK?” He tried to reassure him, “Nothing to be worried about.”

Ethan looked towards his mum for some support, he didn’t want to go on his own but the doctor had indicated he wanted to talk to her so had no choice. Wearing only his soaked pull-up he was guided by the good-natured nurse down a short private corridor and into another room.


Ethan had been a bit nervous with only the nurse for company and that stress made him add to his already sopping wet pull-up. However, the room was very nice and friendly with a few toys scattered around and jolly paintings on the wall. It was obviously where they took little children who were anxious at a visit to the doctor.

“OK Ethan,” the nurse smiled, “first things first. It can’t be nice wondering around all wet and saggy sooo” she smiled cheekily, “I’ll get you cleaned up... then we can re-dress that wound.” She appraised the cut on his thigh. “After that I’ll need to take a little drop of blood. But first... do you think you can go in there,” she pointed to a toilet, “and fill this bottle please?”

He’d only just soaked his padding but tried his best and was surprised that he still had enough to make a decent fist of it. He returned with the bottle half full.

“Sorry, that’s all I could do.”

“That’s fine. OK, now let me see... can you slip off your pull-up please.”

Unenthusiastically, he did as asked but stood naked and embarrassed as the nurse checked one of the shelves in the room.

“Hmmm,” she said sorting through various items, “this size should do.”

In what seemed like a flash she had surrounded him with various bits and bobs and a newly opened carton of wet-wipes, which were immediately used to clean him up.

Before he knew it Nurse Jones completed her task and he was wearing a replacement disposable, thicker and larger than any he’d worn before, but had been too stunned and afraid to say anything. Once that was done she said he’d feel a small scratch but, if he was a bit squeamish he could hold one of the teddy bears that sat in the book shelf. Even though too old to do such a thing he thought about it. So, whilst he was distracted she inserted the needle and began to extract a couple of test-tubes of blood.

Ethan wanted to show he wasn’t a big kid and watched as the blood began to flow into the small glass file before deciding it was too horrible and cringed at the idea. His attention was grabbed by one of the childish doodles in crayon pinned to the wall. No doubt done by some other poor kid whose parents had made them do it as a ‘thank you’ to the nice medical people? The rainbow was all the wrong colours.

There was another childish drawing of a family group; mum, dad, young child and baby. However, this was a poster that was recommending children should be immunized against various diseases with the tag line: Thanks Mummy and Daddy for Caring.

Soon his ordeal was over, though still only wearing a huge disposable he was steered back to Jessica waiting in the GPs office.


Meanwhile, whilst Nurse Jones was doing her thing the doctor was trying to get an overall picture of Ethan’s daily routine. Jessica told him what she knew and about him just starting at the new school.

“Ah yes, I think that maybe significant as he started to wet before the accident didn’t he?”

“Yes and we quickly put him in night time protection as a result but, I think, erm, that it might have been getting worse even before the accident. Though he’s only messed himself since the crash in the woods.”

“Mmmm I see, OK... but he wears pull-ups for school?”

Jessica told him of her son’s worry about anyone finding out her wore a nappy... especially starting at a new school.

“I was hoping to avoid making him wear anything too obvious that might be noticed.” She explained.

“Yes I see,” said the doctor as he made further notes on his computer.

“His father and I had hoped it was just a passing touch of anxiety and that, once he’d got used to being at a new school everything would stop but...” she breathed heavily because she suspected there was something more to it.

After about ten minutes Ethan returned and much to his mother’s surprise was wearing a much larger disposable that covered a considerable amount of his groin and up to his belly button. It was certainly more substantial than the pull-up she’d brought and wondered if this was a subtle way of the doctor recommending more robust padding.

She smiled in reassurance at her son’s new outfit but he just shrugged “The nurse changed me.” Although he was embarrassed to be dressed in such a way he really had no alternative so just flopped down on the chair by his mother’s side. She hugged him.

“Well that was nice of her... I hope you thanked her.” He nodded even though he hadn’t. He’d been too humiliated by the whole process.

More information came up on the computer screen and the doctor spent a few moments digesting what he saw.

Once he’d read the file he asked if Ethan had experienced any pain before he found himself filling his protection. Sitting next to his mother in just an oversized nappy Ethan tried to maintain some composure but it was hard. He knew he was talking about number two’s and had hoped all this would have already been discussed between them.

However, he knew he had to be honest with the doctor so admitted that the first time he’d felt a pain but the last time, and the constant peeing, he rarely knew about it until it had happened.

The doctor gently pressed on Ethan’s stomach.

“Is there any pain?”

The patient shook his head.

“I’m going to increase the pressure on your abdomen and I need you to tell me when it gets uncomfortable or you feel any pain... OK?”

Again all he could do was nod.

The doctor spent a few minutes pressing and releasing, then moving his palm to different areas and doing the same but Ethan felt no discomfort.

“Well, I think we can rule out nerve damage and, as you’re not in any pain or discomfort, I think we’ll just have to wait and see if it goes away on its own. If not, I’ll send him for an xray.” He looked towards Jessica who looked more than a little disappointed. “Sorry I can’t give you a better diagnosis at the moment but apart from the bouts of incontinence, he appears physically fine... and medically, I can find nothing obvious.

He looked at his somewhat unhappy patient.

“I suspect he has Bladder over-activity possibly brought on by stress if he’s really anxious about this new school but that should pass once he gets used to the new surroundings and fellow pupils. However, I’d keep him wearing protection all the time until certain he’s over it.”

“What about, you know, the other..?” Jessica queried.

“Ah yes, well I don’t think it’s connected to the injury because there was no pain, just surprise, when it happened a second time. I still think this is more likely the result of stress but hopefully the blood test should tell us more.”

There was a whirring sound and a prescription was printed out.

“Meanwhile, I’m glad to report that the injury is healing nicely and should not be a problem. I think it looked worse than it was... the damage is really only superficial so won’t leave a scar. Just keep it dry as much as possible and please use this every time you replace the dressing.”

He passed her the print out.

“Can I get dressed now please?” Ethan looking fed up asked his mother who looked to the doctor.

“Yes we’re done but if things don’t improve please make another appointment. You can change in Exam Room 2 if you like.”

After thanking the doctor, who’d also said he’d be in touch if the blood results in a couple of days signified anything of note, they headed for the empty room he’d specified.


Ethan carried his pile of clothes but just as he was about to put them back on his mother indicated he couldn’t wear his pants as they were still wet and stained. She rooted about in his backpack and found a pair of gym shorts and told him to put them on.

“These won’t hide this.” He tried to hold back his frustration as he pushed at his padded bulge.

“Maybe but at least they’re dry and no one is going to notice... or be bothered.” She added with more than a little derision.

“I’m bothered.” He said with some degree of attitude both seemed to have suddenly adopted.

Jessica had herself become more than a bit frustrated (and annoyed) that the doctor hadn’t been able to pinpoint the cause of her son’s problem. The fact that they would be waiting on the results of more tests was exasperating as she’d expected some kind of diagnosis with which she could work to some kind of conclusion. So, with all that maddening knowledge going on in her head she wasn’t going to put up with a temper tantrum (or even a reasoned argument) and shoved the pair of plastic pants in his direction. “And don’t forget these this time.” She added with more than a hint of irritation.

He slipped them on but really didn’t want to just wear PE shorts over it all but she was definite.

“Well you can wear them or go without... it’s up to you?”

This trip to the doctors hadn’t gone quite like he’d envisaged. The entire process had been embarrassing - from his soaked pull-up to sitting around wearing just a disposable both had made him appear like an incontinent toddler. His mum seemed to have run out of patience and now this huge, all-encompassing disposable was going to be impossible to disguise - he could have cried. 

However, with mum’s ultimatum he reluctantly conceded to the white nylon shorts and proved himself quite correct, they hid nothing. As he walked from the exam room and into the reception area things had changed. The place was packed and there were a number of faces he recognised all wearing the same school uniform he did. He was sure his bulging shorts would be the main topic of conversation by tomorrow.

He couldn’t waddle out of there quick enough.


# tbc #

Part 12

On the walk home very little was said. Jessica called in at the pharmacy to get the prescription but also took the opportunity to buy thicker and larger sized pull-ups than the sweet DriNites Ethan had worn for school. He wasn’t pleased with having to carry a huge package that cheerfully explained (complete with illustration) exactly what was contained within.

He’d protested but Jessica asked him directly if he really wanted to cause a scene in public and draw attention to himself. He noticed the edge in her voice and correctly decided that it wasn’t going to be a discussion he could win. Grumpily he tried to hide it between his chest and backpack but without a great deal of success. However, and this was quite a revelation, although the newly applied disposable was much thicker, it was surprisingly a lot more comfortable. It hugged him and felt a good deal softer than a pull-up with a soaker pad inserted.

This got him thinking that perhaps these new super disposables he was carrying might not be as bad as at first he thought. There was another image that had got him thinking and was ricocheting around his head and that was the poster in the kid’s room back at the doctor’s - Thanks Mummy and Daddy for Caring.

Despite him being more than a bit grumpy he realised that it was his problem and that his parents had in fact been very good about the situation, doing their best and not making him feel guilty that an eleven year-old should still be wearing a nappy.


“Yes, what is it?” She said with slight irritation in her voice.

Sorry for being a burden.” His voice was small and apologetic.

Suddenly her mood shifted and all that annoyance evaporated.

Recently, when she’d thought about her eleven year-old son wearing nappies she really did feel sorry for him but, and this had been unexpected, she actually felt as a result of that empathy he was now much younger and needed that protection all the more.

In the doctors, seeing him sat in such a huge disposable only made that link more apparent, her lovely boy needed as much help as he could get. However, she’d let things build up in her head and her emotions had got out of hand. She was irritated at the doctor’s lack of a diagnosis and had let herself get weighed down with her daughter’s and son’s problems. She hadn’t realised how much they had swamped her until her obvious exasperation with Ethan.

Sorry for being a burden” Hell, no child should feel they’re a burden. She felt guilty for getting caught up with her own frustrations and not fulfilling her role as a caring mum. She’d lost all sense that her poor boy was going through a very difficult patch in his young life and it was not her job to put further strain on it but to relieve as much misery as possible.  

“Well thank you sweetheart... but I think I’ve been more than a bit frosty today...” it was a confession of sorts.

“Yes you have.” Ethan cheekily added.

“Touché,” she smiled and hugged him in response.

With that short exchange the cloud that had drifted in had been repelled and they gossiped about Ethan’s second day at school... followed by what they thought of the doctor.

“I didn’t enjoy any of it.” Ethan shivered at his nappy ordeal.

“Well sweetie, I’m not sure you were meant to... but I had hoped for something more concrete...”

He didn’t seem to know much,” was her son’s damning interruption.

“Well, before we condemn the man, let’s wait until he gets the test results back, hm?”


Whilst they were chatting Ethan completely forgot he was wearing a thick disposable so when they arrived at Mrs Miller’s house to collect Cindy, he didn’t try to hide away. It was only when his sister patted his bottom that he remembered anyone could see what he had on, which made him blush with embarrassment. Unfortunately it was too late because not only had Mrs Miller observed the thick padding but so had Cindy’s friend Chloe, her brother Todd and his friend Azim, all of whom chuckled at what they saw. The huge package of disposables he was carrying didn’t help either.

If running away would have helped that’s just what he’d have done but it was too late. He was frozen to the spot and felt his entire body cramp up in realisation of his situation. However, Jessica’s reaction on seeing her son embarrassed was quickly to mention his recent accident and the doctor insisting on more substantial protection for the injury to mend. She wasn’t sure if this would have any effect but they were swiftly on their way with Cindy skipping gaily down the road, whilst a traumatised Ethan stuck close to his mum.

The stress of what people might be thinking was building up and he felt physically sick. His body shook with tension, it was nothing like he’d ever experienced before. There were only a few hundred yards to go before home but unfortunately Ethan’s bladder and bowel decided to conspire together and, with a sudden realisation as to what was about to happen, he had to crouch down. A release he had no control over splurged into his padding as effluent and pee surged out of his body amid a distressingly long groan. It was going to prove a very messy trial for the medical disposable’s efficiency.

There was nothing Jessica could do to help so she merely encouraged him to try and make it home and she’d take care of him there. Although surprised at this event Cindy was pleased to see her brother walking like a penguin as he waddled precariously down the pathway. She didn’t even mind that she’d been given the package to carry... they were after all her baby brother’s nappies. Thankfully for Ethan, there were no other pedestrians encountered between there and refuge.


Despite the tragedy that that had just happened in his nappy, Jessica was very impressed with how it coped with all that had been deposited in it. As she helped her son out of the mess she saw that nothing had leaked through to his white shorts and even the protective plastic pants were spot-free. Everything had been well contained... apart from the emotion on poor Ethan’s face - at the same time he looked drained, scared and confused.

His mother wondered where all this mess was coming from. Ethan was such a slight boy and didn’t exactly gorge himself when it came to mealtimes. Where ever, it was now splurged in his protective cushion. He seemed to hardly notice his mother taking him up to the bathroom and helping him out of his clothes. He didn’t notice that Cindy had joined her by bringing the package of new disposables up with her, opening them up and passing a new one once she’d finished with the clean-up.

She’d watched in fascination as her brother was thoroughly wiped down, laid out, oiled and powdered before she was able to add her contribution by being there to help mummy change her brother. A messy nappy wasn’t a pretty sight but she was pleased she was able to help and, as an overwhelmed, but extremely well-padded Ethan was led to his bedroom, she’d been thanked by her mummy “...for all your help”. Cindy was cock-a-hoop that she’d played her part and would of course tell her friends that she was now in charge of changing Ethan. After all, it’s what a BIG sister does.


Jessica sat with her son to comfort him as he huddled under the bedclothes and tried to sleep. He was dazed by all that had happened and she thought the pressure of the last hour or so had been just too much... with the messy result. She stroked his head and offered soothing platitudes as she wondered what else she could do. The fact was the only thing that made any sense at that moment was the size of the new disposable he was wearing under a pair of voluminous clear plastic pants. She just hoped that her poor boy would suffer no further disasters but were prepared if he did.

Whilst Ethan dozed she went downstairs to bring her hubby up to speed on what had happened. Peter was equally disappointed as his wife explained the details of the doctor’s visit and stunned by the subsequent horror. Cindy appeared the only one unaffected by it all.

“Ethan made a big poo,” she reported to her father. “I’m glad I was there to help mummy.”

“I’m sure mummy and Ethan are very grateful sweetheart... what a big responsible girl you’ve become.”

She sat at the table wriggling smugly under her daddy’s praise.

“I’m a big girl daddy.” She smiled confidently.

“You’ve been a great help sweetie,” her mother agreed. “Perhaps we can figure out why you’ve wet the bed for the past two mornings eh? Then we’ll be on to a winner.”

Cindy felt her self-esteem deflate but was determined that despite having to wear her princess pull-up to sleep in, she wouldn’t wet again. That would show them she wasn’t like her nappy messing baby brother.


The messy accident must have really taken it out of Ethan as he slept right through until early morning. Before they went to bed themselves Jessica checked if he was wet and relieved to find him sleeping contentedly with a surprisingly dry nappy. She patted his bulging bottom and kissed his head, then went to check on her daughter who’d been in bed for over three hours. She was soaked. Cindy hardly woke up has her mother slipped her out of her wet princess pull-up and in to a dry one.

“Night-night sweetheart,” but her sleepy daughter was already back in the land of nod.

Jessica and Peter sat up for a while discussing what was going on with their children but neither had the faintest idea other than to think that perhaps starting a new school year was more of a trauma than they had at first thought.

Much to their obvious delight the following day both their kids woke up dry. Jessica didn’t tell Cindy she’d wet during the night but this was the first occasion for some time that Ethan had a dry morning. He was really happy because not only was he dry he’d had the best night’s sleep in ages.

There was an air of superiority from Cindy as she sat in her damp-free pull-up and nightie but that faded when she realised that her brother was equally proud of waking up dry.  However, what was strange was the fact that Ethan didn’t want to remove his protection. He wriggled in it as he ate toast and drank a glass of orange juice but not in a frustrated way.

“Well you seem in a better place this morning sweetie.” Jessica was hoping his positive attitude would last when he got ready for school.

“I’m not soggy and, well, this new disposable feels really strange... but in a nice way. I can’t explain it...”

She smiled because that had not been his reaction when the nurse had first put him in one.

“Well that’s good but I think you need to start getting ready for school or you’ll be late... both of you.” She urged them to finish their breakfasts and make a move.

Cindy finished first and ran back to her room, for some reason Ethan appeared to be in no rush but his mum chivvied him along. He wriggled some more and she could certainly detect a different mood in him; he seemed happier and less stressed. She had no idea what was going on.

“Come on, let’s get you sorted. Hmm, we might need a bit more protection than yesterday.” She inferred, “but I’ll do my best to hide it.

Ethan just nodded and slowly made his way upstairs.


“Mum, can I try and get my trousers over this?” He was indicating his still dry disposable.

“Won’t that be too big?”

She saw how disappointed he looked.

“Well, I suppose there’s no harm in at least trying... but are you sure you can cope with something that size?”

Ethan shrugged but was already pulling his grey school trouser up and over it.  It was a bit of a struggle but eventually he got his top button and zipper fastened.

“They look snug.” His mum ventured as he slipped on his shirt. “Well, if you wear your shirt out, it will hide quite a bit of the padding but I can’t lie sweetie, it’s not blending in particularly well.”

“Oh that’s OK.”

She looked him straight in the eye. “OK Ethan, what’s going on?” She knew there was something but couldn’t explain just what. It was only a short while ago he was in a state because he’d crapped his pants but now... well... it didn’t make much sense.

“Last night, for the first time in ages I didn’t dream about school, my accident, or having to hide wearing a nappy. I woke up dry and all I’d dreamed of was that it was OK to wear... this.” He patted the front of the bulge in his trousers. “I just think I need to give it a chance.”

“You dreamed it was OK?” She asked a little incredulously.

“Well, sort of. I mean, after yesterday I wasn’t sure about wearing protection but I realised it had actually saved me.”

“Well they are rather thicker than the ones...”

“Yes and that was something else... these were comfortable and last night, as I slept, I just felt... safe!”


“Yes, weird,” he shrugged as if he didn’t quite believe it himself, “and I was completely surprised this morning when I was dry but... I was... and in my head all that was repeating was It’s OK, It’s OK... weird, eh?”

She nodded though uncertain what to make of this revelation.

“If you’re sure love, I’m happy as long as you are but, I’ll add a couple of extra disposables to your backpack and take out the pull-ups if that’s better for you.”

“Thanks mum. The pull-ups worked a bit but, err, um, not enough soakability... is that a word?”

Jessica smiled. “It will do, I know what you mean and I think you’re correct, I said all along I thought you needed more padding but, well, I’m glad it’s something you feel able to cope with now.”

“If I keep my jacket on that should cover up when I’m out and about going from class to class or at break but, well, I’ll just have to hope for the best.”

“I think you’re being positive and brave and I’m not sure I can give you any advice on... anything... I just hope it works out well for you sweetie.”

She kissed him and then went to check on Cindy who was also just about ready but wanted some reassurance from her mother regarding having to wear pull-ups again.

“Mummy, I didn’t wet last night so I won’t have to wear these any more will I?” She held up her discarded princess protection.

“Erm,” she didn’t want to burden her daughter with the facts so smiled and put that part of the discussion off until later. “I think you’re being a very big girl and we’ll talk about all that tonight shall we?”

Cindy thought this sounded very positive.

“I liked helping you change Ethan...” She chirruped as she pulled on her cardigan and put on her shoes.

Her mother smiled and kissed her. “OK, looks like you’re ready. Let’s get your bag and we’ll be off. I bet Chloe’s waiting for you already.... she’s always keen for school.”


Later that day at lunchtime Ethan was sitting alone as his mates had gone off to play footy, when a huge shadow filled his field of vision. There standing in front of him was a Year 11 or 12 lad looking, for all intents and purposes to the waiflike Ethan, like The Hulk.

“Eh... are you Ethan?”

It was at that moment all his worries about bullies filled his head and his bladder reacted to the stress. He could feel the flood warming the front of the thirsty thick padding. He was pissing his pants in front of what could only mean trouble and no doubt be made the laughing stock of the entire school.

“Oh noooo... someone saw me leave the doctors!”

# tbc #



Part 13

“Oh mate, don’t cry.” The large boy sounded concerned. “Erm, I didn’t mean to startle you but, umm, don’t cry mate. Sorry, erm...”

Ethan couldn’t understand why this bully was apologising to him. I mean, did he know he was peeing his pants, did he know he wore a nappy? There was something wrong going on here... but what?

The concern continued as the large figure pointed to a blue enamel badge with HEAD BOY embossed in silver on it.

“I’m Tajpaul Chowdhry, erm, the school’s Head Boy, sorry mate... I don’t usually have that effect on folk... you look a bit scared. Did I scare you?”

Ethan had hardly dared look up at his adversary being just too terrified to see him eye to eye but reluctantly nodded when the tone of his inquisitor was so gentle.

The Head Boy scrunched down to where Ethan was sitting and parked next to him.

“Ethan, I’m not here to hurt you or be nasty, I’m here because your mother has been in touch with the Headmaster and he’s asked me to well, introduce myself to you and... hmmm... this was not the way I would have planned it.” He seemed at a loss for words.

“I thought you were going to pick on me,” Ethan said timidly once he’d found his voice.

“Oh God no. The Head is very strict about that. If anyone picks on you just inform a teacher or one of the senior prefects... we try not to have bullies here.”

Ethan was still a bit shaken by the sudden appearance of this colossus of a head boy.

“Why did mum talk to the Head?”

“Apparently, and I waited until you were alone before I came to broach the subject, because I don’t know how many people know, she was worried you might be picked on because you are wearing  some, ermmm, protection.”

Ethan’s body ran cold, he felt like his mother had just exposed him to every bully in the school and began to cry again.

“Ohhh hell, look, umm, only the Head, the Nurse and I know... and we aren’t telling anyone but your mum thinks that you think you’ll be bullied if anyone finds out and she wanted reassurance that wouldn’t happen. I think your mum was only trying to protect you like...” He decided not to make a joke about protecting him about his protection. “I’m just so sorry that my approach... it should have been better.”

“No, mum shouldn’t have said anything, she’ll make things worse.”

“Look Ethan, I’ll tell you we don’t have trouble with bullies at this school. If there is any it’s swiftly dealt with because we encourage anyone involved to tell. If you’re being bullied and keep quiet, you’re playing into the bullies hands. So, speak up and we can deal with it straight away.”

Ethan plucked up the courage to look at the Head Boy and saw the concern on his face. It wasn’t the look of a bully so he relaxed a little.

“Are you being bullied?” He asked and Ethan shook his head no. “Good.”

Ethan let out a sigh of relief.

Tajpaul changed the subject. “I didn’t realise it but you’re the lad that my little brother has been talking about... the trick cyclist... no... the stunt cyclist.” He smiled because he thought he was on firmer ground. “He says he saw you flying through the air at one point...”

“I crashed.” Ethan admitted.

“Ah well, some of the best stunt riders have accidents now and again.”

“I injured my leg and... well... I wear padding now because I...”

“You don’t have to tell me,” the head boy interrupted, “I had to wear a nappy for about two weeks when I was, well about your age, after I’d had an accident as well... and...” he confided, “I would bet you’re not the only one here who’s wearing something either.”

The word nappy stuck in his mind but he quite liked this Chowhdry lad, he seemed nice.

Tajpaul sat with him until the bell went for afternoon lessons but reminded Ethan that he wouldn’t be bullied but to speak up if he thinks he is. Also, he could hardly tell he was wearing padding anyway... and to keep up his ‘stunt’ activities.

All in all what had started out as the most scary thing to happen at school turned out to be a very nice and reassuring conversation. The only problem he had was that his disposable was soaked and yet, it was thick enough to absorb it all and he didn’t feel any the worse for it. As he toddled back to class he felt quite comfortable so... these really were special nappies.


By the time he got home Ethan’s anger at his mother had waned but he still wanted to know why she had told the Headmaster.

“Well sweetheart. You were so brave this morning deciding that you needed extra padding I wanted to support that decision.”

“But you made things worse,” he moaned.

“Did I indeed, in what way?”

He wanted to tell her he’d been scared by the Head Boy but really, what had started that way had rapidly turned into something completely different. He was told that bullies didn’t get a chance to do their work at his new school. If he hadn’t had that chat then he’d be still worrying about it. However, it had unnerved him and made him wet his nappy but the more he thought about it the more it appeared she’d done him some kind of favour.

He went over and hugged her.

“Oh sweetie, I know school can be scary but sometimes it just appears that way even if it isn’t. I think the Headmaster Mr Chowdhry has his finger on the pulse of that school and knows exactly what’s going on...”

Mum,” he grinned, “he’s not the Headmaster he’s the Head Boy... Tajpaul Chowdhry is the Head Boy...”

“You mean his son is the Head Boy... Mr Chowdhry is the Headmaster... they’ll both be looking out for you should you feel you’re being picked on but, and this is what the Head promised, he has wiped out the threat of bullies in his school because they simply will not tolerate it. To tell you the truth Ethan, I was very impressed with his attitude and wished I’d gone and talked to him before you started, perhaps we could have by-passed you being so anxious”.

For some incredibly strange reason a shiver ran down Ethan’s back when he thought about how nice and kind the Head Boy had been. He’d even shared the fact that he also once had to wear protection to school and wished him well with his ‘stunt’ cycling and his brother had been going on about him... he felt somewhat privileged by the attention.

He stopped hugging his mum and said he was going off to change and check his homework.

“Do you need any help?” She asked.

He wriggled from side to side. “I think I’m OK for the moment.” His padding was full but didn’t want to take it off just yet, though did want to change out of his school uniform. “What’s for tea?”

“It’ll be ready at six when your dad gets home.”


He sat at the desk in his room trying to work out how to do the little bit of homework he’d been given. He was wearing just a t-shirt and shorts but was well aware of the huge glossy bulge that filled his groin because he was stroking it. He marvelled at the fact that he hadn’t changed once that day and yet, although it was feeling firm and heavy, it hadn’t been uncomfortable, nor had it fallen to bits.

As he continued distractedly petting the full padding he wondered if homework would now be the main thing for him to worry about as he struggled with the first maths question. A few moments later and unannounced Cindy popped her head around the door with the idea of taunting her brother. She could immediately see padding sprouting over the top of his shorts.

“Oh hi Eeth, just wondered if you wanted me to help change your nappy... like before?” She tried to look coy and concerned but the added barb was obvious.

Ethan had sussed what her game was and decided to play one of his own.

“Well, that’s very kind of you Cindy but mummy’s said I have to help her get you into your thicker nappy tonight because she’s afraid the wee-wee fairy might visit... again.”

That sort of knocked her feeling of clever superiority and she stormed out of his room muttering about not wetting last night.

He called after her. “Don’t worry we’ll make it doubly thick so the bed will stay dry... even if you aren’t.”

He wondered if she’d go and tell her mum but heard nothing so returned, if a little distracted, to the numbers and letters before him that seemed to make no sense.

His hand slipped over the firm bulge and gently stroked the front of his nylon shorts. He looked at the time and it was nearly six so he’d be called down for the meal shortly. It was time to change but was still quite reluctant. It all felt strangely comforting but there was no getting away from the fact it was firm because it had been used several times. Just then he felt another little surge and that pleasant amiable glow returned.

Ethan sat for a moment transfixed gently massaging the satisfying swelling lump but knew it was more than past the time to change. His mother called up that the meal was ready so he thought it best not to go down with his padding looking so well used. Grudgingly, he slipped out of it and immediately felt the difference of air against his naked skin, so quickly pulled up a pair of appropriately nearby pull-ups, slipped on his shorts back on and skipped downstairs to the kitchen.


When it was bedtime Cindy was in for a shock when her mother told her she’d be wearing a nappy instead of pull-ups because she’d wet heavily the night before. The poor girl was sobbing uncontrollably as mummy explained she had to be changed during the night as her pull-up was very wet but that this thicker nappy was a way of protecting her for longer.

Cindy was throwing a tantrum and refusing to let mummy put her in a nappy but Ethan came upstairs to get ready himself and heard the commotion.

“Mum, do you want any help getting Cindy ready,” he cheekily called out from his room.

“That’s very kind of you dear...” She sounded like she might allow it but Cindy was quickly in by saying she would let her fit a nappy as long as her brother wasn’t allowed to see it happen.

Her mother nodded at this compromise. “Thanks Ethan but that won’t be necessary... I’ll be in to see to you in a couple of minutes so just wait please.”

“OK, if you’re sure,” came a pretend disappointed reply.

It hadn’t been planned but it had been effective.

Of course mummy could have offered her ‘big girl’ daughter the same option as she had with Ethan when his wetting began but decided that wouldn’t work with an eight year-old.

Jessica once again had to explain to her daughter that a nappy wasn’t a punishment, merely a way of being cautious and for the benefit of all of them. However, as the pink plastic pants were eased up and over the new bulky cloth nappy Cindy had a very sulky pet-lip and wasn’t happy at all.

“Now, settle down sweetheart. I know this isn’t what you want but for the moment at least we need to make sure you’re well protected for the night so...” she passed her Dolly her teddy bear and kissed her nighty-night. There was the start of more defiance but mummy just asked if she’d like Ethan to come and read a story. However, thinking better of it, Cindy simply harrumphed, slid under the covers, turned on her side and said no more.

Jessica wished her goodnight for a second time, turned out the main light and, collecting a few items from the airing cupboard on the way, made it across the landing to her son’s room thinking that had gone better than she’d hoped.


Ethan saw that she was armed with a fresh new cloth nappy but wanted to try something else.

“Mum, because I woke up dry I wondered if perhaps I can wear a disposable again tonight... just to see if that was the reason?” He reasoned hopefully.

“Well, it was impressive to see you dry this morning but sweetheart, we can’t pretend that you haven’t wet at all today,” she looked over at the discarded disposable, “or pretend you didn’t need it.”

His head dropped as he could see the logic in her argument.

“However, let’s see, who knows it might just be what you need, the confidence to wear what you like to bed... yes... it’s worth a try.” She smiled at the reaction of happy relief that physically shone out of her son’s body.

“Thanks mum.”

“OK but, I’m not a great believer in the use of too many disposables so let me make it clear... if you wet tonight then it’s back to fabric tomorrow and no arguments. Is it a deal?”

Ethan was just too happy that he was going to be wearing his favourite piece of thick, comfy underwear... and quickly agreed to his mother’s conditions.

“OK then,” she shrugged, “I guess you don’t need me to fit them for you... or do you?”

“No thanks mum, I think I can manage.”

“Did you finish your homework?”


“It’s early so are you staying up here now?”

He smiled in the affirmative.

“Alright, good night.” Her thoughts turned to some special time for her and husband Peter.


Despite the desk with homework and books scattered on it and his school uniform hung up but still on view his room was festooned with piles of nappies, powder, wipes and various lotions. However, at that moment none of that mattered because his eyes were directed towards the large pack of thick, medical style disposables at the side of his bed.

He shuffled down his shorts and pull-up and withdrew a soft, white folded bundle of multi-layered fabric. It was incredible to hold and slowly unfurl, allowing the smell of talc and lanolin and, he wasn’t sure what to assault his senses. There was a nice soft rustling sound and a feel of slippery plastic that added to the overall experience. He gazed at the illustration on the pack as if he’d never worn one before and slowly, step by step, wrapped it around and taped it snugly into place.

Oh,” he thought, “this is fantastic.”

He looked at himself in the mirror stunned at what he saw. From each angle he was treated to a well-padded nappy hugging him in a most wonderful way. He’d worn nappies and pull-ups for a while now, and had even worn a couple of these but...

He stood for many long minutes appreciating the quilted luxury he was experiencing. Running the palms of his hands continuously over, across and down the cushioned fabric’s glossy sheen and wished he’d been able to wear these all the time... they were unbelievable. Despite knowing from recent experience that the thing could hold quite a large deluge he was determined that this nappy should survive the night and remain pristine... partly due to the fact he wanted to wear it to school the following day.

# tbc #


Part 14

It had been a strange shift in the way Ethan saw himself. Not only did he seem to care less about wearing thicker padding to school. On top of that, felt the place no longer held any threat now he had a sort of guardian angel in the shape of Tajpaul Chowdhry.

As he slept two subjects occupied his dreams. The first - he was flying around the sky looking down on his world from a large fluffy white cloud wearing only his new disposable, which was also very cloudlike. The second - he was riding his bike in a group which included the Head Boy. They were all naked except for thick fabric nappies and colourful plastic pants. Why this obsession with nappies and stuff had taken over his dreams he had no idea. Still, no one cared and they were all just simply doing silly things and enjoying being lads out and about.

When he woke up he had a smile on his face as the memory of all that laughter was echoing around his head. Alas, his pristine white super disposable was soaked and also so were little areas of the bottom sheet. He was annoyed with himself because if he’d worn the vinyl pants his mother had left out, at least the last part of the disaster could have been avoided. His smile disappeared as he sighed exasperated by his loose bladder. He still had no idea how or why he could wet so much. He’d definitely emptied himself before climbing into bed so where it was coming from left him confused. However, the firm expanded padding held him tightly and he didn’t want to move.

Across the corridor in Cindy’s room mother and daughter were coming to terms with yet another soggy morning.

“Don’t worry sweetheart... you were a big girl to choose to wear a nappy so... well done you.”

Her mother’s attempt at making her feel better failed as Cindy sobbed at yet another failure to prevent this new need for nappies. What was even worse she was sure mummy would make her wear one for school.

“C’mon let’s have breakfast and then I’ll get you all cleaned up.”

Ethan heard this exchange and began to wonder if his sister had caught something from him but was happy that her Big Girl act was being met with a soggy morning like his.

“Ethan, are you awake?” Mum shouted as she hurried Cindy downstairs.


“Well let’s get breakfast over with and then we can sort you out as well... I assume you’re wet.”

He wondered how she knew but suspected that because of the previous morning’s joy where he couldn’t wait to show off his dry nappy, his silence told the story.

“OK, coming.”


Both sat at the kitchen table in noticeably soaked protection eating their cereal so neither could feel in anyway superior. Mum had detected the occasional smart remarks and was determined for them both to see the error of their ways. She was going to have the discussion right in front of both of them.

“It’s a shame Ethan that your experiment didn’t work but, although you can wear a fresh disposable to school, you’ll be back in your normal terry nappy tonight... and with plastic pants.” She said referring to the damp bottom sheet.

He grimaced but said nothing, frankly relieved he’d be allowed to wear a disposable to school.

“And you young lady have been very brave and very sensible realising that a nappy is just what you need at the moment. However,” she noticed more tears about to erupt from her daughter’s eyes, “I’m glad you are still managing to go to the loo at school so there’s no need for a nappy... just a bit of a safeguard by wearing one of your nice princess pull-ups.”

She smiled at both her soggy kids in encouragement.

“There, both my sweethearts will be safely protected.” She hugged each one before sending them off to get ready for another day of learning.


Hello Mrs Lynd?”


Good Morning, this is Dale Croft Surgery.”

“Oh yes, anything to report?

Well Doctor Alsop has asked me to let you know that the blood test on your son Ethan has come back negative and that, including the other tests he ran, there is nothing physical that he can identify as to his problem.”

“Oh dear... I mean that’s good but that puts us back to square one really.”

The Doctor has added a phone number of a child psychiatrist should you wish to go down that route.”

“Hmmm, well, I suppose if he thinks it might be necessary...”

Well, he says it’s a possible course if things persist but thinks it will pass.... but doesn’t know when.”

“That makes two of us. OK, please give me the number so I have it just in case.”


Despite being a bit annoyed at the doctor for not coming up with an answer to her son’s problem, she could see that it might well be more psychological than medical. She’d discussed this possibility with Peter but with the sudden and unexpected addition of Cindy now wetting herself at night, they wondered if something else was going on.

She’d searched the web for any cross-referencing of juvenile incontinence and possible sibling rivalry incontinence but found nothing. She’d searched various specialist and support groups but again didn’t find anything that quite equated to what they were going through but, one of the main points was – incontinence is possibly passed down from parents. She knew she’d never suffered but wondered if Peter was keeping a long held secret.

But, how to confront him?


Over the rest of the week school for Ethan wasn’t that much of a strain. He arrived home with a regularly soaked disposable but otherwise was getting into the routine of ‘Big School’ life. In fact, if he was being honest, school was great and although Mitch, Doug, Gary and Brian were still his best mates, both he and they were making new friends, which was a revelation.

Although some still talked about his accident/stunt it was becoming less and less important or topic of conversation. Lessons and maths problems, as well as grappling with the Periodic Table and a host of other things kept his mind on those instead. He was learning something new every day, some of it exciting but a lot very confusing. Thankfully, he wasn’t alone and could discuss all his fears with a bunch mates, old and new.

Cindy never wet at school but maintained her ‘waking up soaked’ much to her own disapproval. However, now both were in nappies Jessica noticed that when together the animosity between them was all but non-existent. No doubt because it was both their nappies drying on the line neither could be boastful.


After the kids had gone bed on Friday night well-wrapped and safely padded, she snuggled up to Peter and started what she hoped would be an undetected probing of her husband’s youth. It didn’t take her long for him to confess to just one thing from his childhood.

When he was five, almost six, and had been at school for a year, the long summer break arrived and he was looking forward to the prospect of having no lessons for all those weeks. His older brother and sister were equally enthusiastic about the lack of school and planned an exhilarating time with their friends, whilst everyone was looking forward to a family holiday in a couple of weeks.

Alas for the youngest, Peter, on that very first morning, whilst playing in the garden, he accidently shit his pants. It had meant to have been a small fart but it didn’t happen that way and filled his undies. Without too much ceremony his mother took him in, cleaned him up and immediately put him back in a nappy. Although, as far as he could remember, it was never discussed, no one in the family seemed to bat an eyelid at the reappearance at his 24/7 thick padding. He then spent the entire summer break wearing nappies and admitted using them more often than not. His mother simply expected this and wasn’t fazed by any of it. He didn’t return to briefs until the new school year.

However, after all this time, Peter didn’t think that incident would have had any drawdown effect on his own family.  Jessica had to agree but, having wormed out this confession, had secret, erotic thoughts of what her husband would have looked like wearing a nappy. That night the sex was pretty intensive, though perhaps neither would have admitted to the real reason for such stimulation.

Saturday morning and both Ethan and Cindy sat at breakfast wearing saturated nappies. Their parents appeared at the table flushed and hardly able to look their children in the eye.


With breakfast over, and Jessica wanting to clean the house from top to bottom for some reason, she sent everyone out. Wearing a princess pull-up under her favourite green shorts, Cindy made her way over to Chloe’s to play with a bunch of her mates. Peter was sent to buy some odds and sods for the garden but because Doug and Brian were coming round, Ethan didn’t go with him like he would normally.

“Well, on a day like this,” It was very sunny outside, “you’re not going to be sat in your room playing games on the computer, you need to be out enjoying the fresh air.” His mother argued.

She’d already let him wear a fresh new ‘special’ disposable so wasn’t going to argue in case she changed her mind so Doug and Ethan, because Brian had something else to do, wandered down to the park with the Frisbee and a ball. They were sure they’d find people to join with once there.

Jessica noticed that there was definitely a growing lack of concern from Ethan about his padding. Although it was fairly well hidden under his loose yellow corduroy shorts, if you knew about it you’d probably notice.

Meanwhile, once she got rid of everyone, Jessica attacked the house cleaning with vigour; she had to get the thought of her husband wearing nappies out of her head. She was convinced all that was needed was something intense but mundane to keep her from feeling particularly horny. She felt incredibly guilty and wasn’t sure why... well... she did but didn’t want to admit to it.


“How’s the leg?” It was Doug who was scrutinising Ethan’s thigh.

“Seems to be coming on OK... the doctor said it looked worse than it was so I shouldn’t have a scar.”


As they wandered down to the park Doug had something on his mind. He’d tried on a couple of occasions to bring up the subject but every time something else cropped up to stifle the topic.

“Erm, and how is the, errr, you know... wetting?” He nervously asked.

“Oh, erm,” he wasn’t sure whether to go into any detail but, as he’d already had this conversation with Mitch it only seemed fair he should be as open with Doug. “Well, I’m still waking up wearing a soaked nappy and I now wear a disposable to school because sometimes I wet and don’t know I’m doing so. It’s pretty annoying really but so far no one has noticed...”

“Cool. I mean, do you know why?”

“Not really but mum suspects I’m just being really anxious.”

“Nothing to do with the accident?”

“No because I was waking up soaked for a while before that.”

“Ohh, erm do you mind, you know, wearing, er, um...?”


Doug nodded.

“Well, yes, of course,” although in truth he didn’t sound too convincing. “But I’ve got used to it now so I’m not as worried as I was.”

“So does that mean you’ll stop, you know, wetting soon?”

“I hope so.” He said unconsciously rubbing the bulge in the front of his shorts.

“Can I ask... are you wearing a nappy now?”


“Just curious, I mean, I don’t know anyone else who wears one and I was wondering what it felt like that’s all.”

Ethan looked at his mate and wondered if perhaps Doug was one of those ‘others’ the doctor had referred to. Besides, hadn’t Mitch already said he’d wet his boxers whilst trying on clothes?

Ethan thought it was time he just showed his mate rather than discuss it and pulled him behind a bush in the park and dropped his shorts.

Doug was stunned at this turn of events but was in awe of the pristine white thick disposable under the shiny plastic cover his best mate was wearing.

“Go on... cop a feel if you want...” Ethan was being braver than he’d ever been before and quite liked this new boldness the thicker nappy instilled in him.

Doug wasted no time in checking it out and was amazed at how soft and thick it was as he slid his fingers over the glossy mound.

“I bet it feels great to wear,” he said quietly not realising this only confirmed he wanted to try one himself.

“OK, are we done here?” Seeing friends further in the park Ethan wanted to bring this ‘show and tell’ part of the trip to an end.

“Erm, yes, um, sure... sorry... ermmm, hope you didn’t mind me asking.”

Ethan pulled up his shorts but noticed the slight look of disappointment on Doug’s face as he did so. “No it’s fine.”

However, as they sauntered off to join their friends, he wondered if perhaps, just maybe, one of his best mates wanted to try them himself... and should he let him?

# tbc #


Part 15

After Jessica had given the entire house the drastic clean she thought it (or she) needed, there was a moment over a cup of coffee and an article on one of the Mum’s web/child incontinence sites she’d been looking at that grabbed her attention. It was a brief description by a mother who, having had all other recommendations fail, had decided on trying something radical and deceptive. The article was called: The Placebo Effect.

It was written by a mother in America whose nine year-old daughter was, for no apparent reason they could diagnose, wetting herself almost constantly. So, she went to an Old Fashioned Candy Store they had at their local mall and found some weird candies that tasted more medicinal than sweet, and looked like little pills, and gave them to her daughter.

She’d convinced her that these were some new, and so far, successful remedy for her incontinence, and that if she took one in the morning and one at night, over a period of a week, she would be cured.

The article went on to say that the lady who’d administered this to her daughter had been as confident as her boast that this would not only help but absolutely cure. After just six days the nine year-old was no longer wetting at night and also finding she was able to identify the need for the toilet during the day and get there in time.

So far – went the article – six months on, and with only one ‘pill’ administered each week, there had not been a relapse.

Jessica was mesmerized by this incredible, and she hoped, true life story and was keen to try it out on her kids. If it worked it would save an awful lot of unnecessary expense using the services of a child psychologist, so for that reason alone was worth a try.

Peter had returned home from the garden centre and was already busy weeding and spraying stuff, carefully staying out of his wife’s way so she could get on with what needed to be done. However, she was thinking in a completely different direction.

The Internet also proved useful for Jessica in tracking down a similar style sweet shop ‘nearby’. It was a thirty mile trip there and back but the scented ‘pills’ she returned with looked like the real thing. Although originally designed to be sucked as something to ease a sore throat or clear blocked nasal passages, they weren’t the usual run-off-the-mill type of sweet. She tried one herself and it tasted horrible... she smiled... it was just what was needed.

The other thing she returned with, and what made the trip cost effective, was also something else she ‘needed’. The thorough house onslaught hadn’t quite been enough distraction and hoped Peter wouldn’t be shocked.


Because his mum had told him to stay away as she was giving the house “a thorough doing over” Ethan had been out all morning and most of the afternoon. He didn’t tell anyone when he first flooded his disposable or the second time but now, after a third little tinkle, it was time to return home for a fresh nappy.

Although that first flush had happened without realising it, the second and third saw he was very much in command. He had enough faith in the padding to cope with it all and felt no guilt in letting go. In spite of this, throughout the day, whilst enjoying the games and chats with other mates, Doug had never left his side. What had also been obvious to Ethan was his best mate constantly looking at his crotch and ‘accidentally’ brushing up against his padding whenever he thought he could get away with it.

“I’ve got to get home... you coming?” Ethan already knew the answer.

“Yer sure... are you OK?”

Eeth nodded but whispered, “Just getting a bit too damp down there,” and briefly rubbed the front of his crotch.

They said goodbye to friends and wandered back from the park. Ethan wasn’t really aware of the slight waddle he had but could feel how much the padding had expanded.

Once home dad was out in the garden mowing the lawn but told him tea would be a little while as mum was out shopping and would be back later.

“Me and Doug are going up to my room is that OK?”

“Sure... but don’t make a mess otherwise your mum will have your guts...”

The two boys were already on their way before dad had finished his warning.

Up in his bedroom Doug was still amazed at all the nappies and stuff that seemed to occupy most surfaces.

“OK, you’ve made it obvious all day you want to try one of these.” Ethan bent down and retrieved a small white package from near his bed.

“Erm, what makes you say that?” Doug said defensively.

“A wild guess.” Ethan replied sarcastically.

“What if I say I don’t?” He challenged.

“Well, let me see. I need a change and I’m going to change here and now, so you can either leave or, like me, slip into something that is totally unlike normal underwear.” He held out the folded package to his friend who automatically took it.


Ethan dropped his shorts to reveal the solid looking disposable.

The way it had bulked out and shaped itself to his friend’s contours held Doug transfixed. Despite holding one of his own Doug was even more fascinated as he watched his mate start the process of cleaning himself up. However, before that happened he took the opportunity to run his hand over the warm but full disposable and let out an impressed sigh.

Wow.” Thoughts of who might see, or what anyone might think, disappeared as he stood enthralled by the bulge.

Ethan stood for a few moments amazed at his own daring but realised this was all new to Doug so he had to go slow.

How things had changed for Ethan in just the last couple of days. He was no longer the shy eleven year-old worried that his life would change because of wearing protection. Now he was as bold as brass and showing off to one of his best friends and, if truth were known, trying to entice him into wearing one as well.

“OK, I need to pull this off now and get cleaned up.”

“OK.” Doug’s voice sounded sad.

Not caring that his best friend was going to see him naked (it wouldn’t have been the first time even though the circumstances were slightly different) he boldly took hold of some wipes and proceeded to give the area a good dab down.

He knew if it was his mother doing it he’d be put into a replacement fabric nappy and pinned tightly in but he wanted to encourage Doug (who was still engrossed in the whole operation) to see how easy it was to do slip into a disposable.

Eventually he finished and stood in front of his mate wearing the fresh padding pulled to grip him tightly.

“That’s me done,” Ethan said with some satisfaction, “how about you?”

It appeared that Doug came out of some kind of trance and suddenly realised where he was and what he was doing.

“Erm, no... I mean I better get going... ummm... mum will be wondering where I am...”

“Don’t you want to try...?”

“Nnnooo, nnooo, no,” he stammered and made a hasty exit. “See you later.” He called as he dropped the disposable he’d been given and barrelled down stairs and out of the house.

Seeing his mate turn-tail and run was a huge disappointment because, for the first time, he was hoping to see another boy his age wearing a nappy. After all didn’t the doctor imply there were many about? However, now he was alone that initial daring suddenly slid away leaving him wearing nothing but a clean nappy and wondering if he’d made a big mistake.

Shuffling back into his shorts he joined dad in the garden and helped with some pruning and general tidying up. Mum came home looking flustered but carrying several packages, which she swiftly carried into the house. Ethan and his father just looked at each other wondering what she was planning but thought better than to ask.


That night, as Jessica got Cindy ready for bed, she explained about the little pill she was about to give her. She’d already ascertained that her daughter didn’t want to be in a nappy a moment longer than necessary and once explained what the pill did was keen to try it.

“Look love, the taste isn’t nice so don’t suck it.” She offered her a small glass of water, “swallow it down and then you’ll feel better as you sleep. Remember, the doctor says it should take effect in a couple of days so...” she said crossing her fingers as Cindy slid under the covers desperate for the ‘pill’ to work.

Jessica had already insisted that no liquids should be drunk after 6pm so Cindy was more than hopeful this would see the end of her nappy wearing. Her eight year-old mind totally convinced that what she’d just taken would relieve her of having to suffer soaked padding in the morning.

Later Jessica did the same routine with Ethan. He’d got used to a thick nappy between his legs every night but knew that life would certainly be less stressful if he could stop wetting. He also knew this was a big test because his mother had explained that the doctor had imported this particular remedy from America, where it had 100% success... but he was one of the first to experience its power to heal here in the UK.

It did taste awful so reckoned it must do some good and, with his mum’s positive encouragement, believed he may well be on the way to wet-free mornings and nappy-less days. However, as he snuggled down under the covers his mind wandered to how much nicer it was to wear the soft multi-layered fabric of his disposable rather than effective, but cruder, terry material. As he often did, he ran his hand over the glossy padding and thought that at his age he really should be over this childish occurrence but there was something soothing about that slippery caress. In spite of this, it would be nice to stop having to bulk up with a terry nappy and plastic pants every night. He hoped this new ‘pill’ procedure would be the remedy they’d been hoping for.


Ethan lay awake thinking about what it would mean for things to finally get back to normal. There was no doubt that since he’d had words with the Head Boy his anxiety levels had fallen dramatically, yet he was still peeing in his padding, and often unaware he’d done so.  

However, his concern was slowly lifting. His notoriety, the padding, the accident, all seemed to be fading away in importance as he came to terms with life at school. He didn’t even call it Big School now it was really just school. His mates Doug, Mitch and the others were like him all making new friends with people he’d have once been frightened speaking to. The place was much more relaxed than he’d built up in his head.

Most days Tajpaul Chowdhry would look across at Ethan and with a simple raise of his eyebrows convey the concern he’d shown on their first meeting. Ethan hoped that his return ‘thoughtful expression’ conveyed the fact that all was well and he was OK with his new school life. Since the encounter with the Head Boy he had to admit that although school was hard and demanding, he was no longer scared of everyone. However, it was also true that every time he saw Tajpaul he wondered if the Head Boy was wearing padding. There was never even a hint in his tight school trousers but still... he had admitted to once having had to wear such an item. It made him feel he had a bond with the senior boy.

All this was running around his head when he heard his parents come to bed amid a lot of giggling. He’d never heard his mum giggle in such a girlish fashion and that set off other thoughts... was she laughing at him having to still wear protection to bed? He thought about the ‘pill’ he’d been given but dozed intermittently and couldn’t get a handle on how that could work. But why should he, he didn’t know how any drug worked?

An hour later and he was still wide awake, desperate for a pee and heard the bathroom being used. This gave him an ideal opportunity to utilise it himself and thus prove to his mother he could get there when needed. He waited by his bedroom door anxious to use the loo until he heard the light being turned off and feet padding away.

He quickly opened his door and furtively glanced down the hallway to his parent’s room only to see, by the light coming in through the window, his father obviously wearing padding.

He was shocked and wondered if somehow he’d not only infected Cindy but now his dad.

However, there was no mistaking the sheen of the plastic pants, which tightly held the particularly bulking padding underneath. He’d worn (and was still wearing) something similar himself for it to be a trick of the light.

He heard more giggling and a few words he couldn’t make out (it could have been “Ohh my sweet baby” but he couldn’t be sure, before his parent’s bedroom door closed.

Too stunned to move he felt the eager build-up slosh into his nappy. It was too late to do anything else so, totally confused and soaked, returned to bed wondering what he’d inflicted on everyone. He wasn’t to know, but the lashing of Sudocrem and Vaseline his mum insisted he use every time he changed was really paying off big time in keeping him from developing a nasty rash. However, this was going to be an uncomfortable night in a completely different way as he tried to process the image stuck in his head.


Sunday morning saw some changes. Cindy was at the table, all smiles and joy because she hadn’t wet and thanked mum for helping cure her. Ethan noticed that mum and dad were more touchy-feely than he’d ever noticed before and dad especially was all smiles, which he’d only experienced when they were on holiday at the coast.

He himself had woken up late and had to be cajoled out of bed and down to breakfast by the smell of frying bacon. Alas, he sat there in his squelchy thick nappy feeling the ‘pill’ had done nothing for him and yet had seemed to cure his sister overnight. Cindy was buoyant and ultra-confident. Oozing that disdainful attitude she had over her sopping wet brother.

Jessica was nothing but praise for her and added the occasional “It’s early days yet” to her son and telling him it might take a few more doses. Even his father was trying to be positive about it, also implying that they all had confidence it would work and that he’d be out of having to wear a nappy, like his sister, in next to no time.

It was then he had his own positive thought.

“Well, I did wake up in the night to go to the toilet, which I haven’t done for ages.”

“Did you love?” His mother said cheerfully, “Well that’s a really good first step isn’t it?”

He wanted to say more but then the negativity set in because he didn’t make it and the proof was the saggy, sodden nappy he was wearing. But worst of all, how could he bring up what he saw?

“Mmmm,” he added in a defeated way. “It was a strange night.”

“Well don’t worry sweetheart, it’s all very promising as your sister proves...”

His thoughts drifted and all he could see in his mind was his father’s well-padded and shiny bottom disappearing into their bedroom.

In fact, did he see it or was he still half asleep? There was a brief argument going on in his head. No, despite it making no sense... he knew what he’d seen.

# tbc #


Part 16

After they’d got the kids off to bed Jessica whispered in her husband’s ear that she wanted an ‘early night’ herself. Peter immediately got the reference and was just as keen to head upstairs. However, before that Jessica’s idea was to get him so aroused and ‘begging for it’ that he would hopefully do anything she suggested to fulfil the act.

Perhaps this was the reason she hadn’t been so hard on her kids returning to nappies because at the back of her mind she thought they looked cute and, after what Peter had admitted about his own childhood, that thought grew exponentially in her mind. However, she wanted Peter to recreate being a little boy wearing a nappy again. She whispered into his ear just how excited she’d been when buying the items, and how horny she was knowing his little secret.

Surprisingly, Peter was just as keen to fulfil his wife’s expectations. If he was being honest, Ethan wearing a nappy hadn’t bothered him for the same reason it hadn’t bothered her, because he looked so damn cute and brought back some unexpectedly happy childhood memories.

It was amazing, neither had ever thought about this ‘thing’ being part of their own carnal artillery but now it had been introduced both parties were keen to indulge. Jessica really couldn’t believe just how sexy a nappy, gripped by a pair of plastic pants, made Peter look, although she was less happy about her own appearance. She thought she’d put on too much weight for it to look right so gradually lost her ‘protection’ which made her all the more accessible to her ‘sexy little baby’.

She loved the way his bulging plastic pants slid around her naked and pliant body, touching here and there and producing the occasional gasp of unexpected stimulation. He shivered in anticipation for each slow smooth vinyl caress, the nappy forming a barrier that reduced access but produced a feeling of eventual, climactic release. It was all new and fantastically exciting.

The sex, which normally lasted just a few minutes went on for most of the night and with both being exhausted at the end, decided they’d better keep that particular fetish for special occasions otherwise they’d never get anything done.

They both hoped that their children would never find out how their wearing nappies had stimulated their parent’s libido. They weren’t to know that one was already aware and worried at what he’d unintentionally unleashed.


Jessica fed them another morning ‘pill’ and sent Cindy to get ready as they planned a visit to their other grandparents and Ethan back to his room to change.

“Mummy, do I have to wear the pull-ups?” Cindy coyly enquired.

“I think so sweetie. We’re still only just starting but I tell you what. If you can go the entire day dry, then tonight we won’t bother with a nappy... how does that sound?”

The smile on her daughter’s face lit up the room as she ran to her wardrobe to get out her favourite summery dress. She didn’t seem as reluctant as she had been to pull up her princess pull-up.

Meanwhile, Ethan’s mind was elsewhere as mum joined him, pulled down the plastic pants and released the pins on his soggy fabric nappy. He let out a huge sigh.

“Oh sweetheart, you mustn’t get discouraged it was only the first pill... I’m sure you’ll be as dry as a bone by the end of the week. However,” She reached over for one of his disposables, “I think for today we best get you fully padded as it’s a long trip.”

Ethan was distracted by his thoughts and hardly acknowledged as his mother cleaned him up and taped him in.

“There,” she noticed he wasn’t quite with it, and as Peter wanted an early start, went and fished out his dark blue cargo shorts and blue and green Polo shirt. “These should cover things up for you sweetheart. Hurry and get dressed dad wants to get going as soon as possible.”

A thought struck him after his mum had left the bedroom - was dad going to be wearing padding for the trip as well? He hadn’t noticed any identifying bulge at breakfast but perhaps he’d change for the trip.

Because it was such a lovely warm day, and the trip into the countryside would no doubt be hot and sweaty, Peter had also opted for a similar pair of dark blue shorts, which made them look very much like father and son. However, as far as Ethan could tell, there was no padding under his dad’s matching shorts so on that it was only him.

Thankfully, with Cindy having to wear a pull-up she couldn’t say much to annoy her brother without it rebounding back on to her. Most of the journey was made listening to a couple of old CDs with the occasional, mum inspired version of, I-Spy.

Loads of winding roads and the occasional Sunday day-tripper traffic jam later they arrived at Peter’s parent’s house in a quiet little village among the Dales. Gramps and Granny were completely different to Jessica’s parents. For Ethan and his sister there was more of an air of freedom here in the country and as they had chickens and grew most of their own veg, it was more like an adventure jungle compared to where they lived.

Hung between two trees was a hammock that was always fun to try and tame as it constantly seemed to react to anyone who tried to get into it by immediately flipping them out. It kept the kids occupied, as did feeding the chickens and helping Gramps pick some fresh veg or choose some flowers. ‘Gramps’ and ‘Granny’ were the names the kids used to differentiate the two sets of grandparents and seemed to fit in more with these two’s bohemian lifestyle.

At the bottom of their large plot of land was a bit of a wilderness with brambles, nettles and assorted bushes and in Spring - bluebells. However, because of his recent encounter with nettles Ethan decided he’d give that area a miss and stay up close to the building where they’d left out some of his old toys to play with. Cindy made a beeline for these and strangely, both she and her brother were enjoying a silly game they’d spontaneously made up.

Ethan thought, whereas mum’s side of the family were all chatter and fun, dad’s side were all music and relaxation. He’d heard them being described as a couple of “old hippies” before, although had no idea what that meant. They were always nice to be around and music was constantly a backdrop coming out of the many speakers dotted around the house. Granny always wore a long loose kaftan (?), whilst Gramps seemed to be permanently gardening; his clothes always dirty or had holes in them. He never bothered about how he looked but would occasionally surprise everyone by picking up a guitar and playing some tune he’d recently composed.

Their house was always a unifying mess of half completed projects, artwork and ceramics. However, it did have an unusual smell. Mum had told Ethan it was some kind of oil, patchouli oil, but he wasn’t sure. He’d seen them both smoking in the past but they never did so in front of the kids. His parents were anti-smoking and had even heard his mother telling them both off for still smoking “at their age.”

“Medicinal sweetheart, medicinal,” was always Granny’s blissful reply.


They had a lovely late lunch/picnic arranged on a large tartan blanket out in the back garden. Quite a lot of the salad and veg was own produce, which Gramps was very proud of, and assorted homemade quiches that Granny took pride in. There was a bottle of some fizzy wine, which again had been manufactured in the shed at the bottom of the garden and fruit juice for the kids. It was a lovely carefree and relaxed afternoon, which left everyone full and satisfied.

Just before they were about to leave mum checked in with Cindy to see if she was dry for the trip home, she was. Alas for Ethan he was soaked and much to his discredit had known he was filling his nappy and did nothing to stop or attempt to get to the loo. He didn’t tell his mum that bit.

Granny saw her daughter-in-law fishing about in her large bag.

“Does our boy need changing?” She smiled her question.

“Mmm, I think I need to change him before we head home.” She looked quite apologetic.

“Well sweetheart, if you need them, we have some of his father’s old nappies still knocking around if you want to use...” She added without a second thought.

Actually, although she pretended it was just a simple remark, she was really saying it so that Ethan didn’t feel too bad about his little problem.

Both Jessica and Peter suddenly blushed bright red and could feel their children’s eyes looking at them.

“Daddy,” piped up Cindy, “did you wear nappies like Ethan too?”

Missing his daughter’s little barb aimed at her brother, Peter was lost for words as he looked from his wife and back to his mother who shrugged as if she no idea the embarrassment caused.


In the silence that followed Granny just went over to Ethan, felt down his squishy thick padding, found him very wet and led him inside the house.

“Don’t worry love, I’ll see to him.” She indicated for him to follow her.

Jessica was also a bit stunned by this brief but devastating conversation and was hiding her own discomfort by still fiddling around in her bag pretending to look for a spare disposable for her son.

It didn’t matter as by the time she’d retrieved the item her mother-in-law had gone and so had Ethan.

“Cindy persisted. “Daddy, what did Granny mean.... your nappies... did you...?”

But Jessica gave her a look that said ‘enough chat’ and, after regaining a bit of composure, began packing up for their return home.

Gramps was grinning at his son’s apparent total embarrassment but rested a hand on his shoulder.

“You know she didn’t say it to embarrass you... you know your mother... she doesn’t always think.”

Peter nodded because he knew it was true and, under any other circumstances would have just laughed it off. However, recent events had left him feeling guilty at how much he and his wife had enjoyed their nappy session.


Once in the house Granny led Ethan to the bathroom and asked him to undo his shorts. It was a strange feeling because it was like he was a toddler again and she’d just taken charge.

“Erm, Granny, are you sure... I can wait until we get home... or mum..?”

This was embarrassing, both grandmothers had seen him wet and taken it upon themselves to sort it out. He was sure as a baby they did the same but now, it just felt wrong. However, he couldn’t pretend he wasn’t wearing a soaked nappy so could hardly put up much in the way of objections. After all, they were only doing what grandmother’s did... or is that do? Anyway, it didn’t matter as they were doing it to him.

“It’s OK sweetheart, I’ve done this thousands of times...” she paused a moment as she reflected on something. “Your dad used to love wearing nappies. When he was around your age he spent an entire summer in them. We could only get him back into underpants when school started.” She laughed at the memory.

Ethan was stunned by this revelation, though not as much as he might have been had he not witnessed this fact for himself.

“Was he nervous of his new school?” He wondered if it was something that might run in the family.

“No love, he loved school, couldn’t normally wait to get off in the mornings. No, he had an accident in his pants and, as a precaution I put him back into a nappy. Before we knew it he was wearing and using it so, as he seemed happy enough, we were happy for him.”

“Really?” Ethan couldn’t take in all he was hearing.

“Really, yes... he used to call them his Nappypants... never been happier.” She added as an afterthought.

Ethan looked around the small room and noticed a couple of terry nappies in a pile of washing.

“Are these dad’s?” He asked incredulously.

She laughed out loud.

“NNNOOOO sweetheart, there here for when your cousins come. I like to be prepared and these are left over from their last visit bless them... but... I’m sure they’ll fit you.” She teased.

“But Granny, I like these,” he said running his palm over the soft, but obviously well-soaked, disposable.

“Your father loved this type,” she said taking hold of the terry material, “His are up in the attic somewhere. I kept all my children’s baby stuff. I was hoping they’d want to pass it down to you two but... well...”

As his mind wondered if his mum had kept any of his baby things in their attic she yanked at the tapes and the sodden mass fell to the tiled floor. This left Ethan anxious and naked from the waist down.

 “Let’s get you cleaned up first and then we’ll see what we can see.” She winked at him but had no idea what that meant.


His cousins were two year-old twins Todd and Diana and wondered if they’d been in the exact same position to have their nappies changed? He bet that they weren’t in the least bit embarrassed at getting their privates wiped clean or having cream and powder rubbed in.

Meanwhile, as he speculated on just how the twins might have felt, a warm wet sponge cleared away any residue, whilst a quick flourish of Vaseline and powder soon left the area well primed. She looked around and found a square piece of soft flannel.

“You’ll like this, it’s all soft and you’ll love it next to your skin.”

Granny was a traditionalist and not keen on disposables. Also, she must have anticipated the need for this because the supple, smooth material was so handy.

“Hmm, is it what dad wore?” was an obvious query.

“Occasionally, but he preferred a nice thick terry cloth nappy, held up with thick rubber pants. Nappy and pants... Nappypants... ta-da.” She cheerily clarified as she reminisced.

“Ooohh I have to wear that at night.”

“Well your father just wanted to wear that particular combo all the time...”

Ethan had a sudden thought. “But Granny I don’t want to wear them.”

“Really?” She carried on faffing around but Ethan detected the doubt in that one word.

“Yes Granny, I don’t want to wear them but I have to because... erm...” He ran out of words.

“Well OK then,” she chirpily added. “I just thought you said you prefer your disposables because they’re nice...?”

Ethan flushed with guilt. He had said that and now was of the opinion that Granny thought he liked wearing nappies. He wasn’t sure how to change that opinion, or even how to change the subject, especially as he was having a nappy change.

“It was a really nice time but...” Granny had already returned to reminiscing. “You know everyone has to grow up sometime and well... he just did.” She seemed a bit sad but continued to make sure Ethan was prepared for his exclusive new nappy.


She looked at the scrape down his thigh.

“Oh I bet that hurt didn’t it?” She wrinkled her nose but continued with the preparations.

“Yes Gran and it bled quite a bit but it’s getting better and I hardly feel it now... lucky I guess.” He was really quite pleased he had this badge of honour and thankful for the change of subject.

“I suspect you’ll have a big bruise but that should fade. Meanwhile, I think I should put something on to help.” She fidgeted around in the bathroom cabinet and retrieved a small unidentifiable carton of ‘something’.

“This is a preparation I swear by for its healing properties. You can’t officially buy it over here but...” She winked again as if they were sharing some incredible hush-hush formula that no one else knew about.

Once that was rubbed in there was a rather pleasant warming glow to it.

“That should work wonders. Now, let’s get you into your nap... erm, protection shall we?”

Granny was already busy with the folds and pads she wanted to use. As she gathered all the items her mouth carried four large safety pins with blue plastic covers. He could see the concentration in her eyes as she made sure each crease would not be uncomfortable for his boyish genitalia.

That warming glow on his thigh was, for the first time in ages, making him aware of his injury. However, he thought, with Granny’s special ointment and mum’s illicit pills, soon everything should be back to normal.

Ethan didn’t have much of a say as she slipped the new velvety material under his bum, pulled the pliable ends between his legs and patted it into shape before pinning firmly in place. He wasn’t sure about the padded texture but felt a little disappointed that mum hadn’t insisted she change him and let him have his preferred disposable but it was too late now.

From nowhere she produced a pair of plastic pants and much to her grandson’s silent reluctance eased them up and over the soft, though adequate padding.

There was no doubt about it he was securely fastened in. Granny checked that all the fabric was behind the plastic, smoothed the entire thing down and helped him back into his shorts.

“There, you should last until you get home now. How does it feel... comfy?”


“OK then, c’mon,” she swished a stray hair from her forehead and led him back out into the garden as good as new.


Back in the garden the good mood seemed to have returned. Ethan was happy he was dry but the new nappy did have a particular quality that he wasn’t used to. However, now he was up and moving around it actually felt nice against his skin.

“Dad, Granny said at my age you used to like to wear nappies.” He thought this might explain what he’d seen the night before.

“I was six,” his dad responded but with more of a hint of annoyance. “And I didn’t like to wear them...”

“Well that’s a lie for a start.” His mother interrupted. “You loved wearing them. We could hardly get you to wear anything else. You used to get in a mood if we didn’t...”

“I was SIX... no five... I’d just started school” Peter emphasised.

“You’d been there a year and it was the summer holidays so nearer six then five I would say.” His mother continued to reminisce, “But didn’t you go through that phase when you were older...?”

“No, no, no.” Peter was getting irritated and redder by the moment.

“OK, OK.... but you slept in them and wore them all the time.” His mother added as a final little memory flitted into her head. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter, all that’s changed,” she smiled at Ethan, “and so is he, so...”

“Your memory’s going mum; I didn’t wear nappies when I was ten.”

“I’m eleven.” Ethan chipped in without thinking that perhaps at his age he shouldn’t be wearing a nappy at all. However, he didn’t get time to dwell.

“OK, OK... I get it, I’m losing my mind but I don’t know why you’re so upset, it was only nappies, not like you dressed up...” Peter’s mum shrugged.

“Mum that’s enough... and we have to go.” Peter was adamant that the conversation should stop there and hoped that the kids hadn’t realised the full extent of what had been said.

“OK love, well it’s been nice seeing you all again.” She hugged Ethan and Cindy. Gramps did the same and shook Peter’s hand but that led into another hug. He whispered something in his ear, which made him shrug but eventually nod and then ruefully smile.

Jessica was slightly embarrassed at the thought that her in-laws might have guessed about the previous night’s shenanigans even though they’d never said anything. It was just strange how that particular topic should have arisen like it did, when it did.

She didn’t know it was only because Peter’s mother wanted to make Ethan feel better about wearing protection.

However, as guilty as Jessica felt, she also couldn’t wait to get her husband back in his little outfit for another session. All this talk had set her female juices flowing.

Peter was glad to load up the car and with a final wave, set off on the return journey. It had been a conversation that hadn’t gone anywhere but left a lot of talking points that Peter and Jessica would have liked to have kept under wraps.

# tbc #


Part 17

Something about the visit had made Ethan think. Granny Lynd had implied, though of course not said, that she thought he enjoyed nappies... like his father had. He’d denied it of course, to her and to himself (and to anyone else who might have asked), but the truth was, these days he didn’t mind them. He was used to their soft, comforting hug and was even wearing them to school with no hint of embarrassment. Possibly because, apart from his friends (and the Head Boy), no one else appeared to know.  

In fact, since meeting with Tajpaul Chowdhry so many things had changed... in his head at least. It was as if this tall, muscular, friendly Asian boy (though he was hardly a boy) alone had lifted the worries of an eleven year-old suffering from anxiety and taken it on himself.  He’d relieved Ethan of his school worries and despite the fact he was still wetting at night and quite often in class, where his disposable did the work of keeping things tidy and discreet, he was doing fine.

Why now, as the drive back home seemed to be taking even longer than the journey there, had his mind dwelt on that ‘nappy’ fact? When his mum had asked both Cindy and himself if they wanted to be out of nappies permanently, he’d said YES and yet, he wet last night and wet (and knowingly wet) at his grandparent’s house and thought nothing of it. He was sitting in the back of the car, wearing a thick, granny produced nappy, which hugged him tightly AND was oddly comfortingly, so what did he want?

Cindy was dozing next to him and her dress had rode up to reveal her dry princess pull-up. He shuffled about also dry but wondered whether to wet or not, surely that couldn’t be right? He was actually thinking of wetting his nappy when all he had to do was ask his dad to stop at the earliest opportunity and he could relieve himself in the way an eleven year-old should.

Perhaps that pill his mother had given him was working, after all, he hadn’t thought about making it to the toilet for a few weeks now. He decided that the pills would really focus his mind and though he didn’t mind wearing a nappy, it would no doubt be for the best if he didn’t. Just as he’d come to this conclusion to try his best to make it to the loo his brain was engulfed by the image of seeing his father trotting along the landing wearing a thick nappy and shiny plastic pants. Perhaps he’d never grow out of it... Nappypants indeed!


As she was getting him ready for bed Jessica had been quite impressed with the nappy her mother-in-law had fitted on Ethan.

“That looks comfy.” She suggested whilst unpinning him and at the same time sorting out his night time terry nappy.

“Yes it was, erm, very comfy...” he babbled on a bit more about the plastic pants and such but his mother wasn’t listening. She thought the way the fabric slipped between her fingers was quite sensual and was busy thinking how she could incorporate that into her sex... erm... love making.

Cindy had gone straight to bed when they got home having dozed in the car. She was pleased to wear her dry princess pull-up instead of the nappy she’d had to wear the last few nights. She opened her mouth as mummy popped in the ‘pill’ and had a small glass of milk to help it down.

“Mummy, I’ll be a Big Girl tomorrow.” She sleepily hoped as her head hit the pillow.

“Sweetie, you’re a Big Girl now... and such a clever one. Now settle down as it’s been a long day... so don’t you worry about a thing. Mummy loves her sweet princess. Nighty-night.”

All the last few words were lost as Cindy immediately dropped off and didn’t hear any of it.

It was just past 9pm when Ethan was wrapped and ready and like his sister, a small glass of milk helped him take the ‘pill’.

“Now love I don’t want you to get upset if in the morning your nappy is soaked.” She was trying to give him some gentle encouragement. “But try to go to the toilet if you get the urge... I think you can do it and so does your father.”

That was the wrong thing to say because the image of his dad wearing a nappy was suddenly thrust to the forefront of his brain and a spurt of pee christened the fresh but thirsty fabric she’d just put him in.

He tried not to let it show and immediately kissed her goodnight, turned over, pulled up the covers, hoping he’d get some sleep and remain relatively dry... although this was a bad start.


Once back downstairs Jessica went into full flirt mode; the free spirit of her in-laws, the easy chat and laughter, the joy and natural surroundings of the countryside, all seemed to conspire to make her aroused. She teased and cajoled her husband, kissing and caressing where and whenever she could. Alas for her, that daytime free-spirit chat had put too much guilt on Peter’s shoulders and he hated that his kids and wife now knew more about his childhood nappies than he’d ever hoped they would.

However, Jessica was a woman who didn’t give up easily and managed to turn that shame into something positive and by 11pm they were romping around the bedroom with Peter once again wearing his nappy and glossy plastic pants. His refusal to play along capitulated under his wife’s knowing looks and cheeky dares. In truth, he’d enjoyed their fetishistic romp whilst wearing a nappy more than he would like to admit.

His wife knew.

There was no doubt about it, sex had a different dimension and although they’d agreed it should be kept for special occasions only, that didn’t stop them indulging a newfound erotic appetite for much of the night.

So, whilst the unlocked closet of their new desires ran rampant, their son’s dreams were filled with doubt... and his nappy with pee.


Monday morning at breakfast Peter had already sleepily gone off to work, whilst Jessica groggily sorted out the children. Once again Cindy woke up dry and was heaped in praise by her mother. Alas, Ethan woke up with the usual well-soaked bundle between his legs, the plastic pants straining to hold the dampness in.

Confused by the amount his nappy had expanded but still trying to stay positive. “Don’t worry darling Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Was the baffling sympathetic reassurance offered to her son.

Meanwhile, Cindy was looking smug that she’d gone another night without wetting but it looked like her brother, her baby brother, just couldn’t hack it even with the magic pills.

“Never mind Eeth,” she wriggled happily in her seat, “you look OK wearing a nappy,” She then whispered so mummy wouldn’t hear. “They suit you.”

He sort of grimaced at what she’d just said but for the first time didn’t think it was a dig... was she being honest? He wasn’t sure but just nodded and finished his cereal before going back to his room and getting ready for school.

However, this slight comment got him thinking, and it was something that he’d had running around his head since being at his grandparents, was wearing a nappy something he couldn’t avoid? Not only that, had mum, dad, sister and others already become aware of that and it was only he who was late to the party?

He was in a strange position, or at least that’s what he thought, he didn’t mind wearing protection but knew it would be better not to. Also, and this was what got him even more confused, up until fairly recently he’d never thought about having to wear a nappy because since he was three or four, he’d never wet the bed. So just what was his body and mind telling him?


He wished he could talk to Mitch about it, or, had he worn the disposable maybe Doug, but other than the doctor (and that wasn’t going to happen), he was left wondering who he could discuss things with.

Back in class and back wearing padding he wondered if anyone else in school had the same dilemma. He looked around in each lesson and in the playground at break time to see if there was any evidence on anyone. If there was he couldn’t detect it. However, what he had noticed was that all the senior boys who were prefects were often bombarded by younger pupils at break time with questions or wanting advice.

Head Boy Tajpaul Chowdhry had not lied when he said that there was no bullying allowed and senior scholars were encouraged to help the newer, younger group of students. He wondered if Tajpaul might be the one who would have some answers, after all had he not said he needed protection for a while himself.

During the lunchtime break Ethan caught the Head Boy’s eye and wondered over to him.

“Erm, sir, erm, Tajpaul... could I have a, erm, private word please?” His nervousness meant he could now hardly look the kindly giant in the eye.

“Sure Ethan, what can I do for you... you look a bit worried.” The Head Boy went into helpful mode as his father had taught him many years ago. “Listen before speaking” had been the old man’s advice and it had held him in good stead so far.

Ethan was pretty pleased his name had been remembered and felt slightly more relaxed as a result. Of course, now he had his attention he had no idea how to broach the subject he wished the Head Boy would help him solve.

“Take your time... I’m not in a hurry to be anywhere else except,” he added to hopefully help the boy relax further, “to be in your company.”

“Thank you.” Ethan’s nervous voice had almost disappeared.


Eventually, he realised Tajpaul couldn’t read his mind so would have to speak for this to go anywhere.

“Erm, you know... you know I still wear erm, protection...” he began hesitantly. “and you said that when you were my age you also wore... padding... ?” He waited for the Head Boy to confirm what had been discussed previously.

Tajpaul nodded, though in truth had forgotten this white lie he’d told to make the scared boy he met on that first occasion feel better about himself.

Ethan took the nod as confirmation and felt more confident about continuing with his query.

“Er, did you like it... you know, wearing them?” He felt both relieved and embarrassed but at least he’d said what he wanted to say.

“Well,” Tajpaul started and had to think quickly, “it’s a while back now but I seem to remember that because it was needed... at the time... and I didn’t want to go against my parents, I suppose, yes, I got used to them. But... was very relieved when I was safe enough to get out of them.”

The Head Boy hoped this was a satisfactory response because in reality, he had no idea what to say or what the poor confused boy needed as an answer.

“Oh... you wanted to be out of them as soon as possible?” Ethan sadly replied.

“Er, only when I didn’t need them.” He hoped he hadn’t said anything to upset him.

Of course Ethan was hoping for a positive endorsement that made liking to wear a nappy not a bad thing but, well, perhaps it was.

“Sorry Ethan but are you OK? Has someone been having a go at you for wearing a nap, erm, protection?”

“No, no, no, I was just wondering.” A smile he hoped said ‘I’m fine’ but wasn’t very convincing and ended up as a grimace briefly crossed his face. “Thank you for speaking to me... bye.”

Ethan walked away leaving Tajpaul for the first time completely speechless... and wondering what all that was really about.


As he walked away Doug sidled up and began to apologise for making his quick exit.

“Sorry for the other day, you know, running out on you Eeth, I’d lost track of time and...”

Ethan was snapped out of his muddle by his friend’s arrival.

“Oh hi Doug... mmm... it’s OK... I think I might have scared you.”

“No, it wasn’t that,” Doug looked a bit sheepish but shook himself. “Well, yes I was... you seemed so definite it was what I wanted but I wasn’t sure and...”

“You thought I could tell you wanted to try one on but then it worried you that if I could tell, then others might as well?”

“Yer... erm, how did you know?”

Ethan shrugged “Because I feel like that all the time.”

“You’re a good mate Eeth, and I do want to try, you know, one at some point but I’m...”

“Worried you might like it too much?”

Doug shamefully nodded.

“Look,” he took a deep breath. “I was scared and hoped no one would ever know but things happened and somehow everyone knew. I thought my world would end but, thanks to you guys that didn’t happen.” He suddenly had a bit of a revelation. “In fact, the more people knew, the less it mattered.”

It seemed a moment had just occurred and he was glad his mate was there to witness it. Even if Doug was not aware of that moment as he was still trying to come to terms with admitting he wanted to try a disposable.

“Look, whenever you’re ready... or,” Ethan dug into his backpack and secretly transferred one of his spares into Doug’s bag, “you can decide for yourself. How does that sound?”

His friend flushed and furtively took a sneaky look around. Once he was sure no one witnessed what had happened he nodded a sort of ‘thanks’.

Ethan smiled and both wandered back towards a group of friends for the rest of the break.


When he’d gone to use the school’s toilets Ethan had found them noisy and constantly full so peeing in his nappy seemed a much better alternative. He couldn’t deny that he worried that more people would see his padding and despite coming to terms with it, thought it better not to advertise that fact. So, that meant each time he arrived home he was in dire need of a change.

Mum was keen to help him out of the soggy disposable and into a nice dry fabric nappy. There were always plenty piled up in his room so she would just come in and without really thinking or asking, strip him and get him changed. He had never thought it was peculiar that at eleven years-old he should still be being changed by his mum. He could manage the disposable OK but thought that a terry nappy with pins and soaker pads needed his mum to make sure it was fitted correctly. He assumed that’s how it worked - hadn’t both his grannies taken charge and done the same?

After finishing his homework Ethan came downstairs for the family meal before settling in front of the TV. His thick nappy and plastic pants could be seen down the leg of his shorts but whilst at home this never bothered him. The problem he had now was that every time his dad was around he was checking for similar (Nappypant) signs but didn’t dare bring up what he’d seen.

At bedtime Cindy was allowed to wear just her nightie, whereas Ethan was transferred to a well-padded fabric nappy as he’d wet the one mum had fitted when he got home. He remembered his mother’s words at the beginning of all this - You’re being given the choice of acting like an eleven year-old and making your own decisions or being treated as a little boy who needs others to make the decisions for him. He wasn’t sure if this was true, as from the beginning she’d supervised his changes and was only fairly recently that he’d been allowed to wear, and change, his own disposable. The fact was, he actually didn’t mind mum taking on the responsibility and at times, like when he’d crapped his nappy, was truly thankful he had a mother who was so involved and cared.



The noise woke up Jessica. Automatically she looked at the clock - 2.34 - but her mind suddenly switched to her children and if they were alright.

Her husband hadn’t moved, he was in deep sleep and suspected waking him up would take too much time but she wasn’t going to hang around. What if her kids were in danger?

She swung her legs out of bed and opened the bedroom door leading to the landing. Cindy’s door was closed but she could tell from the night-light in the bathroom that door was open and so was Ethan’s.

Relief ran through her body as she realised the poor lad must have been trying to make it to the loo and had accidentally knocked something over. With her heartbeat settling down she wondered to the door to see if he needed any help.

The night-light was bright enough to reveal Ethan standing at the sink with a huge glass of water. She almost approached him but could see he’d knocked a few items off the cabinet and a pottery dish they used for soap lay broken on the floor.

“Ethan, Ethan,” she quietly enquired, “are you OK sweetie?” but got no response.

What she saw was Ethan gulping down an entire glass of water and then blearily return to his room.

Ethan,” Jessica called a little louder but still got no reaction.

In fact, she could tell he was more or less sleep-walking and probably quite unaware of what he was doing.

She watched as he shuffled past, his crinkly plastic pants reflecting the little light coming from the bathroom before climbing back under his covers.

Once she saw he was back in bed but before retiring to her room she set about clearing up the mess so no one would be standing on broken shards. Peter had made no move throughout the entire proceedings. Not surprising really as both needed to catch up on their sleep.


A completely sodden Ethan arrived at the breakfast table. He looked a bit sheepish but his mum nodded and told him not to worry now she thought she knew what was happening to cause his morning soggy mass. He simply shrugged having no idea what she knew. However, what she didn’t know was how long this had been going on for and whether it’s something that began before the start of school?

This was another level she wasn’t sure she knew how to deal with but at least it explained, despite the ban on drinks after 6pm, where all the liquid in his nappy was coming from. She would go online and find out if this was normal behaviour, or something she needed a psychiatrist to help sort out.

Meanwhile, another perfectly dry night had accompanied Cindy’s arrival at the kitchen table in her pristine nightie and she put a consoling hand on her brother’s shoulder.

She simply said, “Poor you.”

His plastic pants were again doing a fantastic job of holding the sagging mass of material in place.

He squished in his seat “Erm, thanks?” and shovelled in another spoonful of Rice Krispies.

# tbc #

Part 18

Jessica had already filled Peter in with what she’d discovered and both were in agreement that it was something they needed to keep track on to see if it was a regular occurrence. However, she couldn’t understand that if that was the case, how come they’d never had evidence of these nocturnal expeditions before?

On that first wet occasion she’d been keen to get her son into a nappy as soon as possible to prevent any serious bedding damage and keep the laundry to an acceptable level. As a result she’d had him in night time nappies now for almost five weeks and daytime disposables since he started school. So how come it had never struck her before just how soaked his nappies had been, especially since the ‘no drinking after 6pm’ rule?

When Jessica thought about it she didn’t understand why she’d been so willing to get Ethan into nappies in the first place. It’s true her mother had recommended that should happen but had insisted to make sure he thought it was his choice. To begin with she’d never discussed it with Peter’s parents but when she had, they also thought nappies were a good idea. Perhaps, now knowing her husband’s relationship with nappies this wasn’t a complete surprise. However, even the doctor thought she was correct in the decision that padded protection was a good way of dealing with his temporary problem. Now she worried that pushing her son into wearing thick nappies all the time might have led to some sort of mental turmoil that produced this sleepwalking phenomena. What she was now in a quandary about was - which came first?


I did it, I did it, I did it.” Doug enthused.

Ethan gave him a sly look and smiled at his animated friend.

“God, it was fantastic.”

Doug was walking with Ethan to school. It was just the two of them so he could speak without worry.

“Ahh, so, I guess you tried the...” Eeth caught on quickly.

“Yes, yes, I didn’t think I’d dare to but... I went to bed early and... God, it was scary but fantastic.” The eleven year-old was nervously excited at what had taken place.

“Well done mate... are you wearing it now?”

“Hell no, I woke up early to take it off so dad didn’t find out. In fact, I hardly slept at all... I just kept thinking how nervous and scared I was but also... how brave I’d been to wear at home, in my own bedroom.”

“I’m pleased for you Doug.” He wasn’t sure why he added this it just seemed a nice thing to say.

“Eeth, it felt wonderful. I can’t explain why... or how for that matter... it was just...”

“I know, fantastic?”

“Yes.” He almost bounced in delight as they carried on the journey to school.


Jessica was on the net searching out the whys and wherefores of children sleepwalking. There was quite a lot on the subject and most revolved around stress. “Well that fits” she thought. Some sites advised not waking up the somnambulist and making sure they’re in a safe environment, others that it is safe to gently direct the walker away from any areas of possible danger and back to bed. Most say that if they wake at all they are unlikely to remember or even know anything about it.

She couldn’t find any particular reference to Ethan’s circumstances so that left her wondering if the need to drink the water was what motivated this activity or the desire to be kept in nappies? Could it be linked, might neither of these options be the case, perhaps she would have to consult with a psychiatrist after all?

The deeper she thought about it the more questions seemed to arise. For instance, has the revelation of Peter’s own past somehow resurrected itself in their son? What to do if she finds him sleepwalking again? What would happen if he goes walkabout again but without anyone knowing? What if....?

Yes the questions without answers just kept on coming. At times Jessica wished she’d never witnessed her son downing a large glass of water before returning to bed in the dead of night. Perhaps it would have been best for the mystery of his super-soaked nappies to remain a mystery.


Doug had never been so animated, well not since he and Mitch discovered Eeth’s secret, so spent an awful lot of time hovering around his supplier in the hope they could speak ‘privately’.

When they got a chance of just two of them it was Ethan who asked “Did you use it?”

“What? Oh no, I didn’t want to ruin it... I’m hoping to wear it again soon. It’s hidden in the bottom drawer under a bundle of old clothes.”

“Well, that’s something else you’ve got to look forward to... it’s a completely different feel when it soaks up all your pee.”

“Errmmm, not really sure I want to do that. I just loved the feel last night of it hugging me and then running my hands over it, it, it felt so soft and... fantastic.”

“So you keep saying.” Ethan chuckled, caught up in his mate’s fervour.

However, he suddenly realised that his friend was saying things that although he’d thought about and experienced, had never said to anyone. The way a nappy hugged, the way it felt to touch, the soft, yielding layers of fabric, the completely different encounter it offered compared to a pair of underpants. Yet here was Doug enthusing on exactly those sensations and what they meant to him... and that was after just one wearing.


As he sat in the last lesson of the day, History, his mind wasn’t really on the ancient kings and battles that had forged his country’s past; he was more interested in the way his soggy disposable squished under his bottom as he tried, but failed, to pay attention.

The daylong conversation with Doug had set him wondering and became worried that, despite telling everyone he wanted out of wearing a nappy, in fact, it was the opposite. He’d said to his mum he wanted out and hoped her pills would work. He’d told himself it would be better to be out of them but, Doug had painted a different picture. One of his best mates was not only pleased to have worn one (yes only the one nappy) but was deliriously pleased about it, even if a little scared of what his parents might say. His passion had got to Ethan who was worried that that had been the case all along – did he actually desire a nappy?

He tried to dismiss the thought, even with the teacher asking questions about the outcome of some battle centuries ago, yet here he was, wriggling about and not being disgusted by the wet lumpy mass his disintegrating disposable had become.

On their way home they were joined by Mitch and Gary so Doug didn’t mention his experience, or even refer to it with a knowing look. It was all about Gary being picked for the swim team and Mitch saying how much he liked a girl called Miranda in the year above. Doug did have something to add... he’d been picked for the school football team, so there were congratulations all around.

Despite this interesting chat Ethan paid scant attention to what was being said. His head was filled with confusion and contradiction. All the things he’d said and done. All the things others had said he did and all the actual proof of what he hadn’t achieved pointed in one direction... and it had taken Doug to make him self-aware.

As he approached home he couldn’t get over his relief that he’d soon be out of his crumpled disposable and mum would have a nice fresh well-padded terry cotton one ready for him to slip into. Of course this had happened many times now but there was no denying the prospect cheered him up as he eagerly climbed the stairs to his bedroom.


Two minutes after he’d arrived in his bedroom Ethan was already stripped down to his saggy protection. The white plastic pants already cast off he looked in the mirror and saw how the extra padding had become fragmented and knobbly but wasn’t surprised seeing as he’d worn it the entire school day.

A moment later his mother arrived armed with a pile of washing she planned on putting away but was surprised to see her son already stripped down because she hadn’t heard him come in.

“Hi sweetie, that’s a bit of a mess,” she said eyeing the discoloured mass between his legs, “let me put this lot away and I’ll get you sorted OK?”

She didn’t like to say but most of what she was carrying was his nappies, fresh and sun-dried though thankfully, not like the tomatoes.

It had been ages since she’d had to put away any of Ethan’s normal underwear, other than nappies. Even as she was opening drawers and neatly stashing the thick fabric away, she was thinking how common this had become.

“Right love,” she said patting for him to come and sit down next to her on his bed. “I have something I want to say to you.”

He hesitated. “Mum, erm, I don’t want to leak on the duvet...”

She gently pulled him and stood him between her legs like she used to do when he was a toddler.

“Well, last night, you were sleepwalking.” She was serious but Ethan smiled.

“You’re joking... aren’t you?”

“No love. I saw you in the bathroom and you filled a glass full of water and drank it down in just a couple of gulps...”

“No, surely... what... I don’t understand. How could I sleepwalk...?”

“Well sweetie, there’s no one more surprised than me but, as I discussed with your father, we were wondering just how come your nappies were as wet as they were when you hardly drank anything.”

Ethan looked baffled whilst his mum checked out his lumpy padding.

“However, I’m not sure what explains this.” And she ran her hand over the bulky surface of his saggy nappy.

“How can I sleepwalk... surely someone would have noticed.” He looked completely flummoxed.

Jessica stopped checking his disposable and got back to the main topic.

“Well I only discovered this last night because you knocked something over and it broke, which woke me up so...”

“But sleepwalking... it doesn’t make sense... does it?” He looked at mum for some sort of reassurance that it made sense to her at least.

“Well it does explain a lot sweetheart but it also makes for even more questions.”


Down the road at Doug’s house he found the place empty and couldn’t wait to get his school uniform off and slip back into his special underwear. His elder brothers didn’t get back from school until later. His mum could be home any time, but his dad wouldn’t get back from work for over an hour. It was ideal, stress-free, alone time for him to indulge in his new pastime.

Almost at the same time as his mate Eeth was looking in the mirror in his room Doug was happily parading around his bedroom and watching each movement in the mirror behind the door. He patted and smoothed out the soft material, gently tucking and tapping the nice bulge hanging slightly down around his bum. He was excited to run his fingers over the pleasant bump and wondered what it might be like to do as Eeth suggested, and wet himself. His body flushed bright red at that thought.

He heard the front door close and his mother shout up asking if he was home.

“I’m in my room, erm, doing homework.” He lied

“Well come down here I want a word.” She shouted back up the stairs.

Doug’s body suddenly ran cold. Was he in trouble? Had his mum somehow found out about the disposable? He was full of nervous apprehension as he quickly stripped out of his nappy carelessly ripping it in the process. Now it wasn’t the pleasurable thing it was only moments ago. It was now something shameful, that he regretted ever having anything to do with and resented Eeth from giving it to him.

He threw it in the corner, slipped back into his briefs and shorts and nervously went down to find out what his mum so urgently needed him for.


Jessica wasted no time to reassure her stunned son that he actually did sleepwalk though didn’t see it as harmful. As she changed him from the soggy mass into a dry but well-padded terry nappy and eased up the plastic pants, he seemed a little more content about what he’d been told.

However, he questioned her more about how and why such a thing could happen though she didn’t have all the information to satisfy his interrogation. Then again, she didn’t have answers to her own questions.

The thing was... this was now normal. She spoke to her eleven year-old son who was just wearing a nappy and plastic pants and it didn’t feel weird. In fact, she didn’t think twice about changing him. There were no reservations, no awkward moments, no recriminations... this was her son and for the moment he happened to need nappies. Where was there a problem? She couldn’t see it.

What else was apparent was he didn’t seem that perturbed either. However, she wanted to pursue the ‘pill’ route because it appeared to be working on her daughter. If Cindy went another night without wetting her pull-up then Jessica had decided she could go back to her usual knickers. However, she wondered, how would that leave Ethan, still coming down to breakfast in a soaked nappy and his little sister being a bit clever about being a Big Girl?


“Douglas, have you been hiding things from your family?” Doug’s mother asked pointedly.

Doug hadn’t had time to come up with an explanation and stood nervously in front of her wondering just how much she knew... and who told her.

“What, what ddddo yyyou mean?” He stammered.

“Well I bumped into Mr Gallagher at lunch time and he said you’d made the team.” She burst into a huge proud smile. “Well done love... we’re all proud of you.”

This was weird. It was yesterday’s news and he was sure he’d told the family but all that doubt disappeared as his mother swept him up in huge hug.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Sorry I thought I had.” Then he remembered. Ethan had given him the disposable so was more occupied by that and the ‘news’ must have escaped his mind.

“Well I know your dad will be over the moon and I bet he’ll be on the touchline for every match. Oh well done love. Well done.”

“Thanks mum.” Guilt swept through his body. He can’t have secrets that people might notice, even if they don’t know what that secret is. “Ffffirst match against Ppppender’s Academy next wwwweek.”

He hoped the stuttering and stammering had gone un-noticed and so had his shameful secret.

“I think we’ll all be there.” She smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Sorry love, I was just so excited by the news... didn’t mean to drag you away from your homework. I better let you get back to that while I make us all some tea, eh? It’ll be ready in half an hour, OK? Oh... and bring your kit down and I’ll give it a thorough wash... can’t have you lining up in a mucky stripnow can we?” She chuckled as she moved to the kitchen.

“OK, thanks mum,” And tottered back to his room wondering if he could salvage anything from the guiltily ripped disposable.


Whilst all this was going on at Douglas’s house Ethan was working on his own homework and getting more and more frustrated with the maths questions he couldn’t see the point in. “Why letters and not numbers?” were his inner thoughts.

Distractedly he rubbed the slippery front of his bulging plastic pants and felt a comforting shiver run through his body. This was happening more and more, if he got stressed or confused or simply found keeping up with his peers a problem, the soft, yet reassuring bulge, even in class, was always there to help relieve any anxiety.

He didn’t make any link between that and his sleepwalking, although his mother was wondering if his acceptance of nappies might have some bearing on these night time excursions.

Jessica was also having a bit of a mental stocktake of her own. Her daughter had to briefly wear nappies but seemed to be through that ‘accident’ stage now. However, the little minx perhaps took too much delight in her brother wearing a nappy. Meanwhile, her eleven year-old son was now more or less permanently wearing protection 24/7, whilst she’d cajoled her husband, and not in the least bit reluctantly, back to wearing a nappy for her sexual pleasure.

What exactly was it with her family and nappies?

# tbc #

Part 19

After a weird night of strange dreams, which focused on him and Doug betting each other about who could fill their disposables the best, it wasn’t surprising that Ethan woke up to a full and messy nappy.

Doug had been all happiness and fun, whilst he was being secretive and unsure. However, it had been Ethan who suggested the competition at which he was the winner as Doug couldn’t “force one out”. Nonetheless, as ever in dreams, all was fine as they continued to run and play wearing only their nappies. It wasn’t like they were toddlers or anything they were still eleven year-olds but wearing thick padding. The heavy weight in the rear of Ethan’s causing him to fall on his bum several times with much laughter as he squished and slid around in the thick stinky wrap. For some reason Doug’s remained pristine throughout their antics.

It had been the call from mum that it was getting up time and her saying out loud “Not again” that pulled him to consciousness. As his senses became more attuned he saw her scurrying around opening a window and collected a load of paraphernalia.

“C’mon, get up, you’ve got school... and we’ve a major clean up job to do first.”

She didn’t seem angry just concerned and in a hurry because there was more to be done than just change his nappy.

She also noticed that the glass of water and ‘pill’ she’d left on his computer desk had not been taken.

“Oh darling, you forgot to take your pill.” That was her fault, she should have made sure like she had Cindy so that was down to her. Still, that alone didn’t explain the mess and odour that greeted her as she walked in his bedroom. There was more she could have said but thought better to leave it until another time.

Ethan lay there stunned. How could he have done this... again? The smell and the heavy load he could feel surrounding his bum was the worst way to greet the day.  What was even more annoying, he knew he was doing it, well, in his dream he knew he was doing it and didn’t care. He’d made a bet with his best friend as to who could make the biggest, shittiest dump and he’d won. How was he going to explain what had happened?

He didn’t think the morning could start any worse but then...

“Has Eeth pooped his nappy again?” Spoke a not overly concerned younger sister as she stood at his door sniffing the fetid air. “Mummy, I’m dry... again.”

Ethan could hear her childish contempt but had no come back.

“Poor Eeth... just as well he wears a nappy though isn’t it mummy... cos otherwise....”

“Yes sweetie... now go get ready for school... and leave your brother alone.” She called as Cindy disappeared back to her bedroom.

Feeling more than ever superior, she threw her dry night time pull-up aside, picked up her little cotton princess panties and wriggled them into place.

Yeahhh, Big Girl,” she beamed into her mirror with some satisfaction.

As Ethan waddled to the bathroom with the help of his mother he knew this was not going to be the best day of his life.


“What is it... the third or fourth time you’ve messed your nappy?” His mother knew the answer but wanted to give him a chance to explain. He tried to tell her about his awful dream but decided better to remain silent.

Sighing loudly he just nodded as she released the pins and the whole unpleasant bundle dropped to the floor.

He turned on the shower as Jessica busied herself getting a few things together but, as he stood under the warm jets, a feeling of utter distress enveloped him. Surprisingly he found himself shaking, shivering and crying all at the same time. Emotion took hold of his body and sobbed as he looked down at the messy nappy that still lay dumped in the bottom of the shower.

He hated to see his protection in such a state, whilst at the same time resenting having to wear it. He was eleven years-old for heaven’s sake. However, as he begrudged the item in question he also knew that without the thick padding and plastic pants, his bed would have taken the full force and that outcome would have been horrendous.

So, in a matter of just a few moments he felt both resentment and reliance on that strategic piece of material that lay, with a small stream of soggy brown mush meandering down the plughole, accusingly at his feet.


Jessica found Ethan crying as she helped him from the shower and dried him off.

“Ssshhuuussshhh sweetheart... don’t cry... it’s just an accident....” She tried her best to placate him but the huge wracking sobs told her there was more than regret going on here.

“Mmmuuummm, I didn’t mean it.” His broken and tired voice tried to get out but even as the quiet words slipped from his mouth he knew he was lying to her.

He’d known exactly what he was doing even if it was a dream. He was playing a game that ended with a full nappy as a win... he had to know the outcome. Why was he playing around in a nappy? Why was he dreaming about padding? Why had Doug’s enthusiasm made him think about his own attitude to all of this... stuff?

“I know love, I know... don’t worry... soon mended.” She tried to sound comforting but knew that he was in a delicate state and wasn’t sure if the thick nappy she’d prepared was the correct solution. However, until she tried to pin it on she wouldn’t know.

She led him through to his bedroom and let him see what was waiting for him. She thought if he baulked at any of it she would keep him at home and phone the school he was sick.

It didn’t happen.

Laying out he seemed unconcerned that he was being put into something thick and absorbent. The extra padding and hefty rubber pants, although obvious would mean he was safe from leaks and too many changes. She pulled out a pair of his old grey school shorts because they would hide the bulge so much better than his trousers and simply got him ready as usual.

Although the evidence of his protection had been partially disguised, the fact he was wearing shorts, and therefore only one of a handful of kids at the school who still did so, would signal him out. However, as the school knew about his problem, and she’d call ahead to make sure they were still on the ball, she wasn’t that worried.

However, Ethan was worried.


As she pinned him tightly in Ethan nervously found his voice.


“Yes sweetie.”

“Is all this,” and he looked down at the thick fabric that now covered his crotch, “because dad likes to wear a nappy?”

The question took Jessica by surprise.

“Sweetheart, that was in the past, when he was young... I know granny said things but... no... he was only...”

She was looking for the right words when he interrupted her.

“But I saw dad wearing a nappy and plastic pants the other night when I got up to go to the bathroom. He seemed...”

Now it was his mother’s turn to interrupt.

“Are you sure? I mean, erm, maybe you dreamed it...” but she was making her embarrassment worse and Ethan could tell she was stalling.

“No, I saw him and heard you call him Baby or something like that... you sounded happy.” Then he had another thought. “Do you think I’m turning into a baby?” He looked scared at the prospect.

For a second she wasn’t sure how to answer that because in all honesty, every time she’d changed his nappy, or bought some new padding, her mind would slip back to when he was a baby. She loved doing it then and, although she wasn’t going to make a fuss like she had at that time, loved doing so now. But that wasn’t the answer she offered her troubled son.

“No, of course not love. Have we ever treated you as a baby?” She didn’t wait for a response. “No, nor would we ever. Just because at the moment you wear protection doesn’t mean you’re becoming a baby...” she could see he wanted to believe her but still had doubts, “Is that what you’re scared of, you know, regressing to a baby?”

Tears weren’t far off so she shrugged and hugged him. She’d have to tell him the ‘truth’, otherwise this was just going to get ridiculous.

“Well,” she said getting close, like she was telling him a secret, “I’ll let you into a little secret. Your daddy, erm, dad and I have been inspired by your nappies, and, erm, um, we wondered what it must be like for you so... he tried them.” She never mentioned her own attempt at wearing them neither did she mention their wonderful new sex games.

“Have I infected dad in some way?” He looked glum as his mother shuffled up rubber pants to cover the huge batch of material he now wore.

“No love, no, it was just an experiment. We wanted to see what it must be like for you to go through all this... erm...” She was lying but thought her son looked so guilty he might just buy this excuse.

“But granny said dad used to wear a nappy when he was my age... have I got it from him?” He asked suspiciously.

She could see her son’s mind working trying to sort this out and make some sense of it all.

“...and, and Cindy wet herself was that my fault as well?” he looked pained even though at the time he was happy she’d woken to a flooded bed.

“No love, I think she was just as apprehensive as you going back to school. Don’t forget, she didn’t have a big, strong brother to go with this time so... maybe... she was missing your... um, protection.”

She was guilty of a little smile as she said the word protection.

“Look,” she said trying to look on the bright side, “your leg has almost healed and school’s going well, so, perhaps the anxiety you’ve experienced over the last few weeks will soon disappear... just as quickly as it came, hmm?”

Things were still bouncing around in his head, but she thought of something else.

“Look, the little pill I’ve been giving Cindy seems to have worked, so, as you forgot last night, maybe that had something to do with all this so, tonight, how about you take two and see if, in the morning, things have been helped?”

She knew she was lying but couldn’t think of anything more optimistic to tell him.

“Look, we’re almost done. Let’s get you into your uniform and then how about a bit of breakfast?”

“I’m not sure I want anything... is that OK?”

“No problem sweetheart but you should have something. How about a breakfast bar you can eat on your way to school, hmm?”

He nodded.

He looked in the mirror and decided mum was correct about the shorts hiding the padding better than his trousers but still walked with a strange waddle. It was difficult to walk normally with that much stuffing between his legs.


On the walk to school he’d admitted to Mitch and Doug that he was wearing a thicker nappy because he’d had a terrible accident that night. He didn’t explain that it had partly concerned Doug. Doug subtly moved closer to Eeth and looked at him with curiosity and admiration.

With the weather still being pleasantly warm there were more than just him still wearing shorts for school but that did attract attention. Although he got one or two jokes about his ‘white knees’, no one seemed to cotton on to the waddle he’d had to adopt.

The Head Boy must have been told something because a couple of times he approached Ethan and asked if all was OK. Thankfully, despite having wet his nappy by lunchtime, things had gone off relatively well. The thick soaker pads seemed to be doing a terrific job in keeping him from feeling too damp though he could feel the rubber pants gripping him more tightly.

All-in-all, and although he was thoroughly sodden on his way home, he’d thought the day had gone exceptionally well. However, just before he arrived home a group of Cindy’s friends were playing in a garden as he passed.

“Hi Ethan,” came the call in the childish excitement.

He didn’t know it but two of them had witnessed him sleeping and wetting his nappy just after his accident.

“Oh hi girls, what are you playing?” He was just being polite.

“Mummies and daddies... do you want to be our baby... and we’ll change your nappy.” They didn’t seem any malice behind the invitation, just little girls doing what little girls do but that reference to being a baby really hit home.

What was worse, he’d been holding onto a full bladder for most of the afternoon and the shock of the request made him lose control and he stood there, in front of the group of eight year-old girls, flooding his already soaked padding.

“Do you wanna play?” One of the girls asked.

He was sure they didn’t know what he’d just done but was flushed and walked away with even more of a waddle. He could feel the warm pool of pee sloshing about as he moved.

“Can you tell Cindy to come over please?” But Ethan was concentrating on trying not to look like an eleven year-old who’d just filled his undies and trying to contain the swelling material under his shorts. Even though his house was only a couple of streets away, it seemed a long way home.


When he got in all he really wanted to do was go to his room and change but as he entered he saw that mum had company and they were chatting on the sofa, with Cindy reading on the floor.

“Hi mum... just going to my room... got some homework...” He made a move for the stairs.

“Come and say ‘Hello’ first. This is Mrs Chanthara.” She introduced her guest who looked splendidly Far Eastern with her dark skin and sparkling eyes.

“Hello Mrs Chanthara, erm, pleased to meet you.” He really, really wanted to get out of his sloshy nappy but mum had taught him to be polite so knew he couldn’t just run off like a toddler.

The guest, in many gold bangles and colourful long sari, was looking at him and he knew she knew he was wearing a sopping wet nappy so tried to distract everyone.

“Er, Cindy... your friends are over at the Poulter’s playing in the garden and asked me to let you know... if you wanted to join them.”

“Oh, can I mummy please, can I?” She chirped up enthusiastically.

“Yes of course sweetheart but don’t go anywhere else, tea will be ready in an hour... OK?”

“Thanks mummy,” and ran off to join her friends.

“OK mum, I need to change, erm, out of my uniform so...”

“Yes of course love, but if you can come down straight after...” She didn’t continue and didn’t expand though he knew it had something to do with Mrs Chanthara.


He hung around in his room for a few moments to see if his mother was coming up to take charge of the change but she was obviously still talking to whoever this Mrs Chanthara was.

He slipped off his shorts and was glad to see they had remained dry. However, he could feel the squishiness under his rubber pants so slowly eased them down to reveal his saturated padding. Excess pee had lined the bottom of his pants but luckily the elastic around his legs had prevented any leaks. In the bathroom he tidied everything up and returned to his bedroom. He wondered if he should wear another disposable, although normally his mother would have put him into a fabric nappy. Conversely, he had to see a guest and didn’t think she needed to know he wore a nappy so slipped into a pair of boxers he hadn’t worn for some time.

He arrived back in the living room feeling nervous but at least confident his shorts weren’t revealing anything untoward. He needn’t have bothered.

“Ethan, this is Mrs Chanthara. Mrs Chanthara and I have been chatting online and she might just have the solution to your wetting problem.”

So she knew... does his mother have to tell everyone? He would have liked to have been angry; instead he just blushed in embarrassment... and a small spurt of pee shot into his fresh clean undies.

“Now,” his mum started, “Mrs Chanthara had a similar problem with her daughter Dhelli as the one you have.”

Mummmm,” he moaned in humiliation.

“Look love, after this morning I think you’ll agree we need to step up proceedings so... Mrs Chanthara is going to hypnotise you.”

But mmmuuummmm.”

“It’s not going to hurt and hopefully, in a day or two, you’ll be able to go to school without having to wear a blanket between your legs.” She was making a point but Ethan was still apprehensive.

“Hello Ethan. I think you might enjoy this.” It was Mrs Chanthara speaking in gentle melodic tones. Her accent was pleasant on the ear as she seemed to whisper each word. “All you have to do is relax. I know you’re not feeling that way at the moment but... please let me help you.”

She sounded sincere but Ethan was still unsure.

“All you have to do is, here, lie out on the sofa.” Reluctantly he did as he was told. “There, are you comfy?”

He nodded.

“OK then, close your eyes... just listen to my voice... and relax.” Her voice had become even quieter but soothing. She gently ran her fingertips over his forehead and through his hair.

“Relax, relax, relax...”

She instructed him to think sleepy thoughts, empty his head of everything, and slowly count backwards from ten.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, fi... fo...”

# tbc #


Part 20

Ethan woke up in his bed. He could feel he was still wearing thick padding, plastic pants and a soft cotton t-shirt but something was different. He was a little disorientated because the last thing remembered was listening to a lady’s voice. He had no recollection of coming to bed or mum changing him into his nightly nappy - so what happened?

“Morning sweetie.” Jessica breezed into her son’s bedroom full of the joys of, well, late summer and drew back his duvet cover. “How are you feeling sweetheart, you’ve slept for a long time... must have had some catching up to do.”

“Erm, what, umm, what happened, hmmmnnn, I don’t remem...?” He sounded even more muddled.

As he was getting his focus back Jessica pushed a finger up between his plastic pants and nappy and smiled.

“Guess the ‘pill’ worked this time huh?” She ruffled his hair, “dry as a bone sweetheart, well done.”

Ethan looked down in amazement at his bulging plastic pants. “So that’s what’s different,” he thought, “I’m dry.”

A huge smile spread across his face.

“I’M DRY!” he shouted to no one in particular... except Cindy heard him and sneered.

“You said I took a pill but I don’t remember.” His eyes were bright but confused.

“Well darling, the nice lady who came yesterday hypnotised you... remember?”

“I remember her speaking and me lying out but...”

“Well, she spoke and you responded quite quickly,” she paused for him to catch up, “and after a little while asked you to take the pill.”

She purposely didn’t go into any detail so for Ethan it was all a bit vague.

“Then asked if you were tired and you yawned and said you just wanted to sleep so... I brought you to bed, changed your wet boxers and let you sleep. We didn’t know you were going to sleep right through.” She smiled “So you must have needed it after the previous night’s messy upset.”

She gave him a moment to take in what was said.

“Your dad slept with you for some of the night, just to check if you might sleepwalk again, and I slept with you until about ten minutes ago. You were dead to the world the entire time.” She stroked his face. “So no nocturnal wanderings and no wet nappy so win, win all-round I’d say.”

He almost looked cheerful but then a sudden thought crossed his mind.

“Ohhh mum, I haven’t done my homework... I’ll be in serious trouble...” He looked a bit panicky.

“Don’t worry, that’s why I’ve woken you up early so you can get on with it and then I can get you ready for school. I’ll bring a bowl of Corn Flakes up and some juice, and you, better get on with that.” She pointed to the open books on his desk.


Thankfully, there wasn’t a great deal of homework. It was only the maths that needed to be handed in; the other stuff was on-going. He sat at his desk wearing the thick dry nappy and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it felt but at the same time wondered if this would be a regular thing or just a one off.

His morning clean-up was certainly quicker than the previous day and was washed and ready with a much thinner disposable under the plastic pants. Ethan wasn’t sure because he was used to a more reassuring thick wad of material between his legs. However, his mum said she was convinced that if he needed to go he’d be able to make it without wetting and less material meant he’d be able to access his ‘bits’ that much quicker. She more or less challenged him to return home dry. She had faith in what had taken place over night but, just to be on the safe side, there was some padding if needed.

He didn’t need to wear shorts but thought that if he didn’t then people might be curious as to why he wore them for one day and he wouldn’t have a good enough answer. The walk to school was only with Mitch as Doug was late but when they got through the gates there was another surprise. Loads of other kids, well another ten at least, were also wearing shorts and the reason was because Ethan (local hero stunt cyclist) had worn them the previous day. So, who knew that despite all his worries, doubts and fears, he’d become an influencer to some of his school mates?

What was also quite amazing was that throughout the day his need to relieve himself happened at break times so made it to the boy’s toilet in plenty of time. He arrived home with a damp-from-wear disposable, rather than a well-used and physically deteriorating one. He couldn’t believe things had changed so quickly.


Over the next couple of days and mornings Ethan remained dry. He took the ‘pill’ each night and, together with encouragement from mum and dad, slept the sleep of the innocent, even though he was still wearing precautionary nappies. However, the concession was that it became less bulky and by the time weekend came around, such was his confidence that he spent Saturday without any protection and Sunday night wearing just jammies.

Ethan was pleased with this outcome. His wetting had suddenly started and now it had just as suddenly stopped. He didn’t know how hypnotism, or even the ‘pill’, worked but they’d both spectacularly succeeded so briefly wondered if the wonderfully exotic Mrs Chanthara was from Hogwarts.

He noticed that the cartons of wet-wipes, anti-rash cream and baby powder all disappeared from his room. His top drawer now held underwear and not piles of nappies, pull-ups or disposables. Things were getting back to normal and he was actually enjoying Big School.

Everyone was happy except for two people: Cindy thought she’d lost her authority of being a Big Girl and though he hadn’t said anything, Doug wished he’d got on the ‘nappy bus’ earlier. It was a link they had but oh so briefly, but now the poor boy was wondering if he dare ask Eeth for his spare disposables though didn’t know how. As well as the lack of padding under his shorts Doug had noticed his best mate’s attitude change, and though he knew that period had passed wished they might experience that brief moment of nappy familiarity again.


Jessica explained to Peter how Mrs Chanthara had come to their aid and how, through a little hypnosis and deception, had nudged their son onto a different trajectory. Whilst under the influence of the mystical and hypnotic direction of Mrs Chanthara she gently suggested Ethan no longer needed to wear protection, that taking a pill was the answer to his problems and that any anxiety he once had would just fly away as he counted back down from ten.

However, before he returned to the land of the un-hypnotised Jessica wanted to probe further. During the trance he’d more-or-less confessed to becoming reliant on wearing a nappy. Taking full advantage of the state of affairs Jessica delved into just what her son actually wanted and was surprised at the results.

Her curiosity on the issue of sleepwalking produced very little. When questioned under the influence it didn’t register he knew anything about it. So, she hoped that by suggesting he didn’t need to get a drink of water during the night, it might stop him from somnambulating. However, by the end of the session, which had produced more information than she’d expected, Jessica saw her son was looking tired and vulnerable and suggested that perhaps a long sleep might help the situation. Mrs Chanthara agreed she could help and soon Ethan drifted off into a heavy and prolonged sleep.

Still unsure if he would sleepwalk both parents decided they would stay with him through the night to check.

Jessica had taken notes and didn’t throw out all his wetting paraphernalia; putting them in a box to be stored away. She’d tell him they were available if there was ever a need (or desire) to use any of it again.

Meanwhile, Peter admitted to something that had become very apparent – he’d also enjoyed wearing nappies as a kid and the fact that he now (occasionally) wore them for sex had been a huge boost. He’d almost become quite envious of his son being able to parade around in full padding and couldn’t believe it when Jessica asked him to wear similar stuff himself.

This had been like an emotional bomb going off. Peter was grateful for the opportunity his wife offered. Jessica couldn’t believe the whirlwind of sexuality it had unleashed. Who would have thought such a thing could happen... but happen it did?

To Jessica at least things were beginning to make some kind of sense. Her husband looked fantastic, cute, sexy and definitely all man... even as he set about her with sexual abandon wearing nothing but thick padding and plastic pants. He enjoyed reacquainting himself with a wonderful childhood experience, whilst she not only loved his erotic attention but had come to think very positive about what some people need though are often denied by mere convention. She wasn’t going to deny that to anyone in her family... so the nappies stayed if they were wanted.


Some kind of normality returned to the Lynd household, well, for Ethan at least. No more nappies drying on the washing line, no more plastic pants airing on the shower rail and no more bulky fabric between his legs. Oddly, it took him a few nights coming to terms with sleeping minus all that. Also, like Cindy, he’d quickly been phased out of needing to take the ‘pill’.

Cindy had pointed out that she was out of having to wear protection before him so she was better. She didn’t say at what, just better. Occasionally, mummy overheard her still trying to goad her brother but she put an end to that by letting her daughter know that she was ‘so much better behaved when wearing a nappy’.  To that end her daughter’s top drawer always contained a few princess pull-ups as a reminder. That not very subtle threat usually made her think twice before continuing with her superior attitude.

The doctor had been wrong Ethan did have a small scar on his thigh. However, other than that, everything healed up incredibly well and there was no remaining evidence of his spectacular prang. Jessica put that down to wearing shorts so that fresh air could circulate and help in its repair. Like a few of the boys in his class, he wore shorts until the first cold morning of autumn, when it was a return to long trousers.


Despite some misgivings, he mounted his repaired bike and once again took to the tracks in the woods; even managing to manoeuvre down the trail that had led to his accident. He didn’t pedal quite so fast but it was still a nerve-wracking encounter. However, once done his mates Doug, Gary and new school friend Rashid (Mitch now more interested in pursuing girls than playing out) were busy finding new routes to explore. Without the worry of padding Ethan fairly blossomed in confidence and was up for any new experience. Doug seemed a permanent attachment and followed his best mate everywhere, thankfully he was good company.

Despite all this renewed self-confidence there was something missing. Ethan wasn’t quite sure what but there was definitely something tugging away at the back of his mind. At first he thought it might be something to do with the doctor’s assessment that they’d never got to the bottom of. Or maybe something granny had said last time they visited but couldn’t quite recall. Possibly something the enigmatic Mrs Chanthara had subtly left in his head. More than likely it was a knowing comment from Cindy. Whatever it was... it was definitely bugging him.

It was like an unsolved problem or unanswered question. The worry that something was missing and something big was really preying on his mind.


One day Ethan arrived home and his pants were soaked. He looked wide-eyed and confused at his mother and told her that as he walked home he suddenly found himself unconsciously peeing. He had no inkling it was about to happen and only became aware of it when he realised how wet and warm his genitals had become.

“Do you remember what you were thinking about?” His mother asked concerned.

“Not really, I think it was about Doug and me doing something but I can’t really remember.”

He hadn’t mentioned to his parents that for a few days now he’d felt a little off-centre. Not in a sickly way just a feeling he was missing an important facet from his life... though had no idea what. This was an unexpected thing to realise as everything was going so well at school, whilst socially it had never been better.

Now there was no padding, no anxiety, no bullies and more friends than he’d ever had... so, what the hell was troubling him... and more especially, why had he just wet his pants?

Thankfully, he’d managed to get home without anyone else seeing the shameful damp stain but was completely unnerved as to how it happened.

However, Jessica could tell her son needed a boost, he was wet and confused and that gave her an idea to try something she hoped might ease his burden. She asked if perhaps he wanted to wear one of his old disposables when he got changed. He looked vacantly at her as if her words hardly registered but just shrugged and shook his head.

That hadn’t been the reaction she was expecting but perhaps he didn’t know what he wanted. So, whilst he was in the bathroom doing something he hadn’t done for some time now, like cleaning up the urine doused area and throwing soiled clothes in the laundry basket, she put her plan into action.

The box of all his old stuff, which hadn’t seen the light of day for a couple of months was taken from its hiding place and returned to Ethan’s wardrobe. Jessica delved past the fabric nappies to find what she was looking for.

She’d remembered how much he liked the way this particular style of disposable brushed against his skin. How comfortable and how safe he said he felt whilst wearing it. She left one unopened on his bed so it would be up to him to take it any further.

Returning to his room she’d gone but saw what had been left. Ethan carefully examined it and shrugged as if it meant nothing to him. However, he paused and touched the soft fabric (a ripple ran through his body), what had he to lose by trying it?  So, without giving it any further thought, fluffed it out, wrapped it around his groin and taped it tightly in place.


That feeling of something missing suddenly vanished, supplanted by a friendly and comforting cosiness he didn’t know he’d been missing. He ran the palms of his hands over the soft padded material and knew this was it. A shiver of appreciation ran along every nerve in his body but for once, it wasn’t accompanied by a spurt of pee.

He patted the fluffy layers of fabric in appreciation, thought about adding a pair of vinyl pants, but instead pulled up a pair of red nylon PE shorts and wandered down to the kitchen with the top of the disposable unintentionally jutting over the top of his waistband.

“Mum, is it OK for me to wear, you know, this?” He stood unsure with the obvious bulge under his shorts.

She could tell he seemed more than a little uncertain, especially after all the previous wet days and nights, but there was no doubt about it, Ethan wearing padding seemed so right.

“Sweetheart, I think you know the answer. If you want to wear a nappy I’m not going to stop you. In fact, all your stuff is in a box in your wardrobe... you can just get it when you feel you want it.”

Still a little hesitantly he asked. “Will it be wrong?”

“Not to me or your father (though didn’t expand on that reference) and if you’re OK with it... then nobody else matters.” She soothed his anxiety, as mother’s do, by stroking hair from his brow.

“Can I wear them, occasionally...?”

“Of course... as always... the choice is yours.”  She said remembering how she’d cajoled him into wearing a nappy in the first place.

That hypnosis session had revealed so much about her son so now was the opportunity to put what she’d learned into practice.

Mrs Chanthara’s encouragement, easy going charisma and wise words, had, much to Jessica’s surprise, rubbed off on her. “Be understanding, be thoughtful, be proactive”.

Having used the hypnosis session to make him forget about seeing his father wearing a nappy, she was happy for him to think he’d be the only one.  

However, Ethan had other ideas.

“Oh, and can Doug come over, erm, we can do our homework together?” He asked hopefully.

“Of course... your friends are always welcome,” she smiled not knowing precisely to what she was agreeing.

He walked over and gave her the biggest of heartfelt hugs.

“Thanks mum... you know... for everything.”

The sudden emotional embrace took her by surprise.

“That’s OK sweetie,” she patted his padded bottom and was pleased for its return, “it’s what mums are for.”

Whilst in this unconditional clinch Jessica realised that perhaps, after all, nappies were just something the Lynd family were into. It may have been sparked by other events but when it came down to it... there was just something about a nappy.

She looked down at her son and stroked the cushion that was now tightly gripping his waist. He appeared so happy to have that sensation back so she was happy her boy was happy.

Ethan wriggled in satisfaction whilst at the same time relaxing his bladder and letting the absorption qualities of his fresh disposable do its work.

Mum, mum, mum... this is so nice,” he whispered and held her even more tightly.

She felt the material grow warm and expand.

“Yes it is love,” she looked lovingly at her boy. “Yes it is.”

### The End ###


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