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The Pampered pakaderm (adult themes through out)

It was late and and my boyfriend hadn't come home we were an odd couple a badger and an elephant there was a white mare who lived with us who I considerdd agirlfriend but she was out for the night . they both had been hinting on wanting to put me in nappies and baby me for a long time. I longed for it to be their baby boy in the beginning it would be sooo sweet. Hed gone to the trouble of building a nursery at home to surprise me but id seen it as he wasnt good at locking doors.


The rest of this story is from my charcters perspective the boyfriend/daddy will be refered to as you.

you both came home from a night out the white mare falling asleep on the sofa. drunk with other mature guys many whom I know to be sissies and I had been waiting naked hoping to ask you if I could have that nappy on. Then I felt you and your friends climb in to bed an start rubbing their cocks against me. I slipped out of bed teased all of them. I told them and you "The first one who blows their load gets to play daddy with my elephant rump with and gets to put me back in nappies after. I know you want me to wear them Daddy ( you blush) Ive seen the nursery with my name on it for my birthday"

You win the wanking race Your eyes widen as you now know I know about my nursery and I only slept naked because I was waiting for you to put me in nappies like daddy's little boy.
Your drunk eyes meet my cock and as the thought for me of daddy nappying me is making me ooze precum you pick me up the husky strong badger you are and say "you can have your birthday present early".

You take me through to my new nursery and put me on the changing table. Your mouth meets my cock and as you Bob your head up and down on my shaft I release my warm load on to your muzzle. You praise me "that's daddy's good little pakaderm" you have sobered a bit by now and lovingly diaper me an I jump off the table and see daddy's is so hard I have to do somthing.

I wrap my trunk around your waist pull you too me and take your throbbing cock in my mouth right down to core and deep throat you till you blow you oozy sticky cum in to the back of my throat.
I choke a little you pull out pick me up on to your shoulder Patt my back as tears are rolling down my face. I look in to the eyes of my daddy bouncing me on his knee I look deeper and kiss you. You put a pacifier in my mouth take me trough to the room with all my new uncles who all start masturbating but you make sure they cum in each other's mouths while you wank and dominate every one of their arses. your baby boy is precious and now he has doting sissy aunties too

The guys that came home with you knew they were sissies and after your penis woke them they fell in line as you were giving the last sissy what he wants across the bed you ordered one to go get refreshments for you and a bottle for your baby.

I lay there wetting my nappy and you look at me and think hes so cute the cut of the nappy falling around his leg creases and the look of me being the baby you wanted. My pacifier still in my mouth you order a sissy to go get another nappy from the nursery and once you discard the sissy your dripping meat throbbing stll you move over the bed to me lift my diapered bum off the bed and place two cushions under it.

You rip open the tapes of my nappy roll it up and throw it to the floor and hungrily roll your tounge in my bum hole I drop my paci as it enters you pick it up and put it back in. you get the lube from the bedside table and aplly it to your now engorged throbbing penis.
Slowly and carefully you enter my bum no condom I feel your throbbing meat push and stretch my hole I bite down on my pacifier and you slowly pump your hips building speed faster and faster and faster till I feel you penis contract inside me and your warm sperm fill my insides.

Only a few words come from your lips as I trumpet and I shoot my load from you shooting inside me thats my good boy. Two seconds later you order 3 of the sissy guys to clean us up and tell them to stand by the wall as you take me gently from the cushions and place me on to a clean nappy and do the tapes up then take a blanket from the cupboard and wrap me like the little boy I am.

You drink the tea that was made for you as I lay swaddled with your cum leaking in to my nappy then you pick me up cradling me in your strong loving arms as you put the bottle teat in my mouth where I suckle slowly you make noises and fuss me till its empty you Rock me till I fall slowly asleep After that you with me still cradled in your strong loving arms carry me to my new cot where you place me down and put a loving kiss on my forehead and wish me good night and set off the mobile.

You order all the sissy guys in to bed with you shut off your light feeling fullfilled who knows what you have planned for you little pakaderm and sissy slaves in the future.

(Continuation the lady mare
The white mare who was our flatmate will be know as mummy or she)

The next morning you wake our house mate the beautiful white mare who you endulge in sex regularly is waiting with the high chair prepping d for me you say our baby is in his cot "perfect" is her reply and the sissies will make great house servants.

You walk with her to the nursery hand in hand the sun shines through the window as I rouse from slumber. . You both look at your little pakaderm and she says he's beautiful I always wNted a baby boy you share a tender kiss and she looks in your eyes and said wish I could of carried him inside me you reply who knows one day you might get the chance if sciences move that way.

The motherly mare springs in to action as the light pours in to my cot disorientating me and pulls the blind and in her strong hooves she moves me from the cot to the changing table is see you punishing a maid for not complying with your orders her sissy dress over her head with you spanking hard spanks 1 2 3 4.

Mummy opens the tapes and sees daddy's cum mixed in with my night messing. She feels complete her baby boy needs his mummy.
She cleans me and removes the used nappy. her Maine of hair rolls over her head as she runs her tounge up my penis and over the top her muzzle sinks over my phallus and she bobs and bobs till you come up behind her. her vagina is moist your member is hard from.Spanking the sissy.
mummy gets me on my feet you enter her and we spit roast her holes switching ends as nearly I blow my load in her she pulls my cock out so it sprays on her belly and pussy.

She lays there panting as you say have fun as I climb on to the bed in your room mummy comes over and lays beside me he holds my trunk on hr breast as my tounge give her the oral esx she wanted from her little pakaderm. I enter her again with you assisting my thrusts I come again this time anoting her womb with my sperm. You get dressed you leave for work. You remind me I no longer have to come in to my job at the mall offices as this is my life now no more bending over your desk to taking it up the arse from business clients to clench your contracts you have a new hyena twink for that even though you were jealous I shagged him first. you still wanted me as he had no intrest in being babied.

You made a stop in the kitchenGrabbing some toast on the way we hear the front door slam. Mummy takes me back to the table and puts an new nappy on me finds her knickers and pulls her night dress down.
she dresses me and puts me back in my cot till she's ready she takes me down to the high chair as the house keeper has breakfast ready once I had eaten the eggs bacon and toast I was carried in her strong motherly hooves to the sofa.

She pointed that as of now no secrets every visitor will see I'm their baby my nappies were on the side of A beautiful changing station. Which for months I though was just achest of draws

I was in a dream I thought .
mummy pulled up her top opened her nursing bra she moved my trunk and I took one of her long nipples in my mouth her milk was creamy and sweet . with that I felt truly content I filled my nappy as I nursed her sweet milk.
The last words I remeber before waking up in her arms with a full tummy was that you did you do a poo poo for mummy.
mummy could feel you do it clever boy and i fell asleep with a smile.

I woke later up to in her arms in a clean nappy being cooed over by an older mare. little one this is your grandma she told me.

I was handed like an infant to her.
Her first words to mummy were I'm proud of you my girl you did good this little pakaderm needed a mummy we knew that at the office. She replied that's why he was chosen mum. We knew he was the one. She cried shame I didn't get to carry or birth him a moment later grandma had put me in the big wicker baby basket on a stand by the sofa.and was fussing me with one of her hooves and she had mummy nursing from her with the older mare stroking her maine with her her other hoof saying your his mummy a mummy is the woman who brings up her baby not just bares them.

Now let's get your new rug rat in his pram I want to go show him off at the mall. I gulped that was where I used to work everyone there was in for a surprise.


I was lifted from my basket to be nappy checked then I was put in a snow suit the pram was wheeled In it was blue and had cream accents daddy had gone to some expense to afford this and I had no idea where they hid of of the equipment thay had for me. Well ive never been in the cellar yet here.


The front door opened and we set off down the road me snuggled in a snow suit wrapped in a blanket with a trunk muff in  the pram and a blue changing bag with cute as a button hung from it. We headed for the mall I could hear mummy ring daddy I was to be shown of to my ex colleauges.


Soon as we arrived at the mall we went to the info desk daddys little blond haired hyena twink was on it mummy told him you never will understand why you never got chosen first for this. His reply I dont do dipaers. Grand ma went round the dsk and shut the sutters as it hers anyway and in the middle of the mall desk picked up the delinqent hyeina and stripped his bottom half and finds girlie panties she said sissy boy hey no their my mums choice I perfer panties. she spanked him for talking back rudlely him his penis grew on her lap she fed one of her nipples in to his mouth he sucked it like a baby.

I see potental mum mummy said standing by the door said I always wanted a new brother here she throws grandma one of the girls pull up diapers fom under the desk for customers children and pulled it up covering his genitals perfectly . You dont do nappies huh him standing there more turned on than ever. your new uniform and takes his trousers and panties with her and as he standing there blushing the shutter rises and now the first mall client the twink boys mother sees him, hi and says at last oh someone is putting him in the right under wear. Even deeper his cheeks flushed with embarresment as he wet him self there and then. Grandma closed the info desk his mother came round grandma said hes well fed spare diapers are there.


She turned and said in her bold american accent where the actual baby girl diapers this one is handing in his resignation grandma said accepted immmediatly

mummy said bottom left under the pa system she hits the button and the converstaion Is annonced throuout the mall. Take as many nappiess as you want as severance pay. The mother hyena looked at her little girl so much for th lunch I brought you oh well you will get the benefit of it from mummys milk later. she scooped him up in her paws and carried him on her hip and with a pack of diapers headed for the baby change.


By now I was too hot I was wrigging my grey skin becoming a bit red mummy noticed and stripped mr to my sleeper and I visted every colleauge finally I got to the motherly rhino angie who I sat opposite all day. She looked in the pram stroked my trunk and said leave him with me and go get some lunch. Mummy told her there was a bottle of breast milk for me and some pureed food. Daddy finnally joined them and much to the delight of my colleauges angie took meek back to her desk hey little man im proud of you accepting who you are. I spent the afternoon with her and +1 nappy change in the office infront of my old colleauges. Mummy came to get me grand ma kissed angie and said ill deal with you later Back home to her of course I new she was dating a female colleauge the whole office did. From my pram I waved and in baby talk bye nanna angie. Angie was delighted so was grandma and said think im a grandma too.


 Mummy stopped and said you know I said not fully till now but now I know when I see my grandma I have two now. a smile went across mummys and daddys muzzles she said these words that filled me with pride clever little pakaderm you made me so proud. Grand ma picked me up out of the pram and hugged me squeezed me soo hard I had no control poopy I yelled and started crying. Daddy just asked where was his twink hyena boy grandma said he had had an epiphany and quit. I was put back in my pram the trip to the mall I was dreading atcually went well mummy say baby change is the next stop ithink I bluhsed a tears streamed from my eyes. Mummy gave grandma the pram as I was put on the changing bench another mum came within in minutes her little one was changed in and mummy took her time later we sat on a bench out in the mall and mummy breast fed me there. As the mother hyena past with her bundle of joy she sat down next to her taking her out of the newly brought stroller wirh a brand new changing bag hanging from it. The two mums chatted as the two babies nursed. Grandma bringing tea for both the mall goers passing by ladies telling their husbands I want a baby as there walking away.


If you dream it it can come true never give up on your dreams


 love n hugs baby matt







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