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I was kept in diapers until the age of twelve, both at home and at school. I didn't like it much at the time but at the age of 40, I began to think about it again with fond and not so fond memories.


I was browsing the personals section of the local newspaper one rainy day when an ad piqued my interest. It simply read,  "Diaper interest? Call."  and gave me a number. With shaking hands. I picked up the phone and called the number. It was answered by a gruff male voice that said, "If you are really interested in diapers, send your email address to:" and proceeded to give me an email address. Then the voice promptly hung up.

I had almost given up on this contact when, a week later,  I received an email that gave me an address and time to arrive to and cautioned me not to be late, also to bring a pair of loose fitting pants.  The address turned up to be in a  really seedy part of the city, the type of place that one would not normally venture into sans an armed guard. The address turned out to be a very dilapidated  looking old town house that had the appearance of imminent collapse.


Although I was a few minutes earlier then the time stated in the email, I recalled the warning about not being late.  The door bell, as such, was the old twist type frequently found in old construction, so I gave it a twist. After what seemed an eternity, the door opened cautiously. A window must have been open in the rear of the house because the rush of escaping breeze contained the unmistakable odor of stale cigar smoke and old piss. It was now a case of see what's next or run. I hesitantly decided to see what was next.


The door was then fully opened by a bearded dirty looking man in his 60s who had an old dead cigar clenched between his yellowing teeth and was wearing an obviously wet diaper which covered his slightly obese midsection. After eyeing me for a minute, he bade me in The smell was worse after the door was closed and locked and at this point, I really feared for my safety. After eyeing me for another few minutes. he placed his dirty hands on my shoulders and said, "If there is anything you want to know, ask me now because you will not be able to ask me later."  A shudder want through my frame. I replied in the negative and he said, "Strip."  He then told me to turn around and open my mouth wide.

A gag was quickly inserted in my mouth and buckled very tightly. A click indicated that he had inserted a lock into a locking post on the gag strap which I had glimpsed as he inserted the gag. This was no ordinary gag. It had a very large leather tong on it that reached all the way to the back of my mouth.  The diameter of it pressed down on my tongue and effectively cut off any  chance of breathing through my mouth or speaking. I had a difficult time to keep from revisiting my lunch.


Next came the Humane Restraints which immobilized my hands behind my back. I was then pushed towards and up a rickety staircase and down a long hall.  The paint on the walls was peeling badly and it was quite obvious that this was the first and only coat of paint the walls had ever received. I was given the opportunity to relieve myself in an equally dirty bathroom with badly peeling wall paper and a crack filled tile floor.  A dangling dim light bulb was the only illumination.  I was then ushered into an equally dimly lit bedroom and told to keep standing.


The bedroom was in the same dismal shape as the rest of the house with peeling wallpaper, a buckled floor, and water stains from a leaking roof dotted the ceiling. The room was furnished with a couple of old straight back chairs, a small table and a metal frame bed with a well pee stained mattress. Light from a multi lamp chandelier with all bulbs missing except one for low wattage lamp which provided the only light. The windows were heavily draped with blackout curtains. There was a closet in one corner.


The Humane Restraints holding my arms were unfastened but remained on my wrists and I was told to lie, face up, on the well stained mattress. Other Humane Restraints were applied to my ankles and quickly locked to the foot of the bed.  My arms were locked to the head posts of the bed so I was now spread eagled and totally at the mercy of my now captor.


Opening the closet door revealed huge stacks of diapers and other items which I could not see due to my restricted position on the well stained mattress and the dim light . He retrieved from this collection, two thick diapers, a couple of what appeared to be stuffers and a large container of baby powder. 


He applied a huge quantity of powder directly to the inner diaper, claiming that it would make the diaper more absorbent and last longer.  Longer, I thought, how long was I going to me here?  He had me raise up my middle and slid the concoction under me. Let me ask you, he queried, "has anyone  ever played with your ass? Shake your head to reply." I shook my head to reply to the negative.

Then he said, "Well then, I have something to keep your ass company.” Returning to the closet, he came back with a bottle of lube which he generously applied around and in my hole and to the other item he obtained from the closet which appeared to be some sort of plug.  "This is a silicon butt plug which will keep your ass company," he grinned through his well stained teeth. With some effort and a lot of pain on my part, he rammed the plug home. I finally got used to having my hole invaded by this stranger and the result was an immediate erection. He noticed the erection and growled, I am not here to get you off, I am here to make you enjoy your diapered experience!" He then proceeded to pull the double diaper and stuffers around my waist and secure them with the attached tape tabs.  Releasing my restraints he helped me to stand up and again restrained my hands behind my back. The diaper felt strange but I quickly accommodated to it. My erection subsided. "Feels good, doesn't it?" he rasped.  I shook my head in affirmation. He felt the diaper and said, "It will soon be wet."


Then came the unexpected as he ran a double circle of plastic packing tape tightly around the top of the  combination of stuffers and diapers at waist level.  Another trip to the closet reviled a leather harness looking thing. It was made of heavy leather and had straps across the back and chest and two straps which could be crisscrossed between the legs or fall straight depending upon the whim of the captor. It was fully adjustable and the straps could  be secured by selecting from many hole positions in the straps and positioning them on locking posts on the waist belt and securing them with locks. There were three locking posts which made adjustment of the straps an easy task. with all this in place, it made removal of the diapers quite impossible without destroying the harness and the diapers. My captor selected the straight between the legs strap position, with the advisory that any evident tampering with the harness or diapers would result in the crisscross strap position which , from the sound of it, would be most uncomfortable. 


I was released from the hands behind the back position, all Humane Restraints were removed and I was instructed to put on the loose fitting pants I had brought for the trip home.


Trip home? Nothing was ever said about me wearing this mess home! How do I take it off? What happens if I have to take a dump? The reply was not what I expected.  He said, "You will return here tomorrow at this time and don't be late.  If you have to take a dump, just take it. That's what diapers are for."  He showed me to the door and pushed me out in the cold.  "Don't be late!" he again cautioned.


The trip home was took forty five minutes. as I got there, I needed to pee, so I did.  The warm feeling between my legs was invigorating. I went in and fixed dinner, then settled down to watch a movie. During the movie, I got the urge to pee but this time, instead of hitting the pause button on the  remote, I let go in the diapers. That warm feeling between my legs reappeared and, since I was in a seated position, migrated towards the back of the diapers. I found later that the old man had placed the stuffers towards the back of the diapers aiding in the spread of dampness so that my ass would get soggy, too. It did start to  get a bit soggy in front but it felt great!  I even got a small erection. At this point, I should mention that due to prostate surgery, I rarely get an erection and experiencing a climax is an extremely surprising occurrence. I guess this is what reawakened my interest in diapers. I got a small midnight snack and headed for bed. Many months ago, I had placed a waterproof mattress cover on the bed to guard against my prostate surgery causing bed wetting issues, so if there were any leaks, they would result in a sooner washing of my just cleaned sheets.


I wet the diapers several more times during the night. The warmth felt good. Then the inevitable happened. Stomach cramps and building pressure in my ass indicated that a bowel movement was on the way. But how?  There was a plug in my ass and I really didn't want a mess in my diapers. Try as I might to hold it, the plug expelled from my ass and took up what remaining space there may have been in my diapers. I tried mightily to hold off on the bowel movement, but I was unsuccessful. There was an explosion of foul smelling stuff that filled every remaining space in my diapers. I was lying in my own filth and there was nothing I could do about it. Despite the smell and additional squishiness, I somehow got back to sleep.


I awakened with another piss and the constant fear that the diapers would leak, but they continued to hold. I feared sitting down and stood up as much as possible during the day.  The hands on the clock ever so slowly approached the appointed hour to return the old man's house and I feared what three quarters of an hour sitting in the car would be like. I took the precaution of placing a piece of plastic on the seat just in case.


The smell in the car was nearly unbearable so I drove with all the windows open. I finally arrived at the house, reached the door and cranked the bell. The old man opened the door and the now familiar odor of stale piss and cigar smoke greeted me. He beckoned me in and told me to go upstairs to the bathroom and wait for him. After a smelly few minutes, he appeared with his stub of a cigar drooping from his lips. He unlocked and removed the diaper harness. he told me to take a bottle of cleaner and disinfectant from a nearby shelf, remove the diapers and thoroughly clean the plug and myself in the shower. Then he instructed me to place the  dirty diapers in a double plastic bag which was on the floor and seal it with a wire tie which lay next to it.  He placed fresh double diapers with stuffers on me, ran the packing tape around my waist, and told me to get dressed. I was to wear the new diapers as long as possible when I got home. Then he escorted me to the door and told me to contact him if my diaper interest continued. I might just do that

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