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A Strange Visit                                                                                     by Les Lea

It was the start of the summer holidays and Grandma and Grandpa’s golden wedding anniversary, so the entire family, as well as a bunch of friends and neighbours, were congregating at their large house in the country. It’s quite old and gloomy but has six bedrooms for those who were staying over, which included me and my family, Uncle Ernest and his family, Aunty Pat and her husband, Gordon and Cleo who were friends of Grandpa’s and had flown in from Australia and Stephen Wilkes who’d driven up from the South coast and used to be an old neighbour of theirs.

The house even had a name as you turned into the drive, Wood View (1854) and had been the dwelling of the area bishop in years gone by. Grandpa had bought it and was where he brought his new wife and where their children were born.

Uncle Ernest was the eldest, then Aunty Pat and then my mother Diana. When she married my father, James, they didn’t have much money so when they found out I was on the way, it was agreed they should live in the family home.

When I was born, we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for a while so we’re all pretty close. In fact, we remained with them until about ten years ago when I was four and we moved about 100 miles to a new house in the city. Dad had got a huge promotion and became manager of the company he worked for. He’s now the CEO and in charge of everything.

When we lived at Wood View it always seemed a cold rambling building but from an early age the nursery became my room and as I got older it was nice to have so much space where I could spread out my toys and have a place to play. Even now, when we visit and stay over, I have that room, though Grandpa got rid of the childish bed as it would be too small for me now and I have a much nicer bigger single bed.

You need something like a thick duvet because even in summer the place radiates the chills. Not that it’s haunted or anything, despite all the creaks and groans, it’s just that type of draughty place but, it is in the countryside, and that’s a wonderful place to explore.

Anyway, the house doesn’t seem much warmer despite the fact that when they had the builders in to construct a conservatory they added central heating to the entire place. Another improvement was that they had part of their large bedroom converted so there is now a bathroom in there. Up until then there was only one ‘family’ bathroom, which was long and large and felt like you were entering some vast, cold tunnel that had a bath and toilet at the end of it. That room only heated up when you took a bath but you never lingered for long if you used the toilet. Despite Gran’s best attempts, even the potted plant and shelves of fresh towels couldn’t brighten up the place. At night it was a scary and icy place to visit.


There were about eighty people who came to celebrate with us and both my grandparents are healthy and involved in the local community, so lots of locals as well as family turned up. By the time we got there the bedrooms had been allocated and ended up with all us boys in my old bedroom. Unfortunately for me, Brian, Uncle Ernest’s eldest son, had commandeered my bed for himself and there were a couple of inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags for me and my twelve year old cousin Reece who’s Aunty Pat’s son. Brian’s youngest brother three year old Martin was lucky as Grandpa had restored my little old bed which fitted him OK. There’s also a Reece’s sister April (13) and I forgot to mention Brian’s sister, fourteen year old Fiona.   

My two female cousins get on really well and they had a room to themselves as they wouldn’t share with anybody. Whilst I get on OK with Reece I’m the complete opposite of Brian who I think is a bit of a bully. At sixteen he’s school captain of both the football and rugby team and derides me every time I join in any game because I’m hopeless. I just hate getting hurt, which I think is a sensible position to take. He thinks I’m a “swotty little twat” and I know this because he’s called me that ever since I passed the entrance exam to get into the exclusive school I now go to.

The party was a huge success and I had a great time along with everyone else I think. When it came to bedtime we all had our room, well except for Gordon and Cleo who were going to be in the conservatory on the foldout couch, whilst Steve Wilkes was going to be on the sofa in the living room.

Of course my room was the busiest and Aunty Judy, Uncle Ernest’s wife, took Martin up first and got him settled about 9.30. Then around 10.30 Aunty Pat said it was time Reece made for bed and mum said I should go as well. I know I’m only a year older than him but I wanted to be treated as Brian was, he didn’t seem to be under any restrictions. I even saw him downing a bottle or two of beer, which I was forbidden to even try.

Anyway, despite my protest not to leave, and I saw the look on Brian’s face as if to say ‘it’s time all kiddies were in bed’, mum was insistent so had no option if I didn’t want to cause a scene at the party. If I had I would have been in serious trouble so irritably flounced upstairs to join the others.

When I got there I saw that Aunty Pat was putting Reece in a disposable and pulling plastic pants over them before he slipped into his PJs. I was a bit shocked but aunty explained that, as there was only one toilet for us all to use and it was a bit chilly late at night to make the journey, to save any embarrassment a nappy was judged a good idea. I saw the logic but just shrugged glad mum hadn’t insisted on the same for me - except, aunty ruffled out another one and looked my way.

“I’m not wearing a nappy aunty, I’m too old.” I tried to explain. “I can get to the loo if I need to so...”

I was whispering my argument because Martin was asleep in his little bed and we didn’t want to wake him.

“Sorry Danny but your mum and dad think it’s for the best so... you will have to wear one.”

I was furious but with Reece looking on I didn’t want to lose face though she could tell I was on the verge of a massive tantrum.

She wasn’t going to put up with any unwillingness on my part and obviously anxious to get back to the party.

“Look, I can get your father if you want but suspect he won’t be happy being dragged away for something that has already been decided.”

I felt cornered because I know dad doesn’t like it when I act like a big kid, he thinks I’m sensible and know that things are done for my benefit. I was torn but Reece was in one so it was hard to refuse. Mind you, I had no idea what threat his mother had made before he agreed to wear one.

“I’ll count to three and if you don’t let me put you in this straight away...” and she waved the thick disposable in my direction, “I’ll get your dad and let him do it. One, two...”

“OK, OK.” I conceded despite the fact that I knew Brian would have a ball if he knew we were wearing nappies.

“That’s better now, Reece’s all wrapped up so you’re not alone. Even Martin’s wearing one...”

“Yes but he’s only three so I suppose...”

“You’ll be grateful when you see you won’t have to negotiate finding the bathroom in the middle of the night. We don’t mind if you use it as that’s what it’s there for so don’t worry if you do.”

Use the nappy... was she mad?

It wasn’t like I could offer to do it myself because aunty had obviously been given a job and this was now cutting into her party time. She wanted it done and out of the way as quickly as possible.

I piled my clothes on the chair and looked longingly across at my bed but knew if I occupied it and Brian came up, he’d punch me in the face. A shiver ran down my spine as I was being taped into the thick (though soft) padding and she’d even opened a pair of clear plastic pants like Reece was wearing for me to slip into.

“There that’s better, all nice and safe now.” She watched as I shuffled up my PJs. “There, all done now... night-night boys... I’ll see you in the morning.”

There was no denying the room was cool but not cold, however, once the central heating went off I knew it could get quite chilly. I was quite grateful to hug myself in the sleeping bag and the air mattresses were quite bouncy. I was still wide awake so Reece and I whispered to each other for a while.

I asked him if his mum had put him in nappies before but he said it was a first. He’d objected like I had but she was taking no backchat so thought it best to go along with it. He confessed that the corridor leading down to the bathroom he always found scary when he visited so wasn’t against this novel idea. We both had to agree that we were pretty snug so getting up would have been a bit of a chore... so maybe, it wasn’t such a bad notion.

I reminisced a bit about when I was little and used to live here and how much I loved having the nursery where I had all my toys and what a great place it was to play.

I was thinking back but didn’t mention that mum had put a little potty in the corner for me to use when we stayed here. The reason for that was I wasn’t potty trained until we left and I was about to start school at five years old.

There were a few of Marty’s toys scattered around but mainly Gran had made a place for him to play downstairs as at the moment this room was quite full.

We talked about what was our favourite thing we ate at the party. How much we’d drunk, we both seemed to have downed a litre and half of Coca Cola, and how the girls had treated us as if we were just kids, just because they had worn their best dresses and were obviously pleased with the rest of the guests reaction to them. They got tons and tons of praise, whereas, we boys got a smile and that was about it.

Meanwhile, we could hear the noise from the party with the laughter and music but it wasn’t long before we both joined Martin in the Land of Nod.


It was Martin who woke us up. He was calling for his brother, trying to wake him up by telling him he was wet and needed a change. It was strange because I’d just imagined that Brian would be as off hand with his little brother as he was with me, he wasn’t.

“OK Marty, just give me a minute and I’ll get you all changed.” He yawned and swung his legs over the side of ‘my’ bed and I noticed he was just wearing a t-shirt and boxers. I felt cheated he wasn’t also consigned to what Reece and I had to wear but suppose, being sixteen, gives you special privileges. I have to say that he looked a great deal older than the rest of us and carried out his brother’s change with barely any comment other than encouragement. Martin hugged his brother when he was finally all cleaned up and wearing a fresh clean fabric nappy.

Brian noticed that we were both awake now and looked over at the two of us.

“OK, are you wet as well?”

It was a question I didn’t want to hear from him because I knew he’d just take the piss. I was also annoyed that he seemed to know we’d been wearing disposables with plastic pants.

“OK Reece you first, come here.”

Reluctantly, my twelve year old cousin left the warmth of his sleeping bag and toddled over to Brian.

“Are you wet?” Brian simply asked to which Reece nodded. “OK then, let’s get you out of that soggy mess... it is only soggy isn’t it?” The question was a little apprehensive. Again Reece nodded whilst Brian exhaled in relief.

Brian seemed to know exactly what he was doing as he helped Reece off with his PJs and patted his plastic pants but it was noticeable that he’d soaked his disposable as it had expanded quite considerably.

Without asking, just as he’d done with his little brother, he pulled at the tapes and the heavy wet fabric fell to the floor. He grabbed some wipes and cleaned him up, shook some talc all over him and then unfolded another disposable.

“Erm, I don’t think...” Reece began nervously.

Brian took no notice and slapped his hand away as he tried to prevent him threading the disposable between his legs.

“Stop that,” he admonished and Reece was far too scared to put up any further resistance.

He did a good job and had him turn full-circle so he could see that his handy work fitted correctly. He then did what aunty had done the night before and opened up the pair of plastic pants for him to step into. Once they were pulled up and patted into place he told him to go put the rest of his clothes on.

“OK Danny, your turn.” He smiled.

“No, I’m OK thanks, I can sort myself out I don’t need any help from you.” I was offhand.

“Well, that may be so cousin but your parents and gran have said that I’m in charge of you boys whilst we’re here and that if you’ve wet, which is all very fine...” he added, as if to say it was expected, “you have to wear a disposable for the rest of the day.”

“WHAT?” I exclaimed loudly.

“Be quiet you idiot. The rest of the house had a very, erm, heavy night and are still sleeping so... hussssshhhh.

“I’m not wearing a nappy.” I complained.

“OK, well you don’t have to but... are you wet?” He questioned and I knew I would have to answer him.

I was still in my sleeping bag so no one knew I was as wet as Reece had been but just didn’t want to admit it to anyone.

However, whilst both Martin and Reece looked on, Brian marched over, reached into my sleeping bag and pulled me out. My pyjama bottoms had slipped down to reveal my thick and expanded disposable held tightly under the glass-like structure of my stretched plastic pants.

“Hmmm, I think we can tell you’re wet so...” he returned to his bed and pulled out another disposable from the pack (which aunty had left under the bed) and fluffed it out.

He looked sternly at me. “You can walk over here and let me do my job... or... I can drag you over here put you over my knee and give you a thorough spanking.”

“I, errr, um...” was all I could add because despite my pretending otherwise I found him quite intimidating.

This was ridiculous. Here I was in my old nursery and just about to be returned to wearing a nappy, something I hadn’t done for nearly ten years. Well apart from last night.

“They said you might be difficult but not to put up with any silliness so... what’s it going to be?”

I felt another nervous spurt of pee soak into my disposable and knew I had no alternative if I didn’t want a public spanking. He was so much bigger and stronger and knew they’d be no chance if he decided to do as threatened.

“C’mon Danny, stop being such a little drama queen, it’s only a nappy.” He nodded toward his little brother. “You don’t see Marty making such a fuss about it now do you?”

By this time Reece had put all his clothes on whilst little Martin was playing with his teddy bear but still wearing only a fleecy top but no bottoms. His nappy and cute cartoony plastic pants were on view. I have to say that Martin (Marty) was a lovable little tyke and an absolute joy to be around. Last night he’d kept many of the adults amused with his childish antics and questions - the complete opposite of his big brother. Also, it had been fun playing with him and all the cool new toys he had scattered around the house and bedroom.

“No but he’s still a baby and not potty trained.” Is what I wanted to say but thought better of it so timidly walked over where he immediately helped me out of my PJs.

It didn’t seem to register that he was only two years older than me and therefore this was most inappropriate. So, although I was embarrassed enough to flush bright red, he just got on as if this was something he did regularly. He wasn’t nearly as rough as I imagined he’d be. In fact, he seemed resigned to his job and anxious to get it over with.

“Look, if you think I’m happy with this you must be mad but... it’s what has been ordained,” he nodded in the direction of the other bedrooms. “So, let’s just get it done and have some breakfast.”

He pulled down the plastic pants and as he’d done with Reece, ripped at the side tapes and let the sodden fabric fall to the floor with a squishy flop. The quick burst of cool air to my lower half made me shiver and goose pimples replaced the now pinkish flush.

The moist wet wipes felt strange especially when it invaded my bum hole, which I suppose is what he did with Marty to make sure his was thoroughly clean.  Once he was sure I (and it) was particularly clean he rubbed in some Bepanthen ointment. I noticed that Reece hadn’t had that done but by the time I thought to say anything he was already showering me in talc. Again, like my younger cousin, he pulled the white disposable between my legs and tugged everything together tightly before taping me in. Also like Reece he made me give a twirl to make sure he was satisfied with his work and then passed the plastic pants. The look he gave me when I hesitated made sure I quickly slipped them on.

“There... all done, that wasn’t so bad was it? Must be like old times for you Danny... this being your old nursery and all.” He smiled and picked his little brother up and set off to the kitchen. “OK guys c’mon... I’m also in charge of getting you fed.”

He watched as I negotiated my jeans up and over the bulkiness but managed it in the end. Reece was wearing a pair of green cargo shorts but Martin still had only his shiny plastic pants for cover.

It seemed strange because we had to be quiet, as everyone else was still sleeping and there were various people in different areas of the house. Bottles and plates and some food were still on various surfaces but oddly the kitchen was relatively tidy.

Brian warmed some milk for Martin and put bowls out for us two. Reece chose Coco Pops, which I guess gran had got in specially, whilst I choose Frosties as they’re my favourite and she always has them for when we call or stay over.

We had orange juice, whilst Brian had toast and coffee but was surprisingly attentive to his brother’s needs. Martin seemed to enjoy drinking his warm milk from a sippy cup and tucking in to cut up pieces of jam on toast.

“OK you guys, the idea is for me to take you for a walk in the woods for a bit of fresh air and exercise this morning. I think they really want you out of the way so there’s no noise and they can all sleep a bit longer.  So, let me get Martin dressed... it looks a nice morning so you might not need a big coat... and we’ll be down in a minute.”

He was taking us out wearing nappies and that worried me a bit but I don’t suppose anyone would notice. I didn’t think it was obvious under my jeans but I knew what I was wearing and there was a slight swish as I walked. Everything ‘down there’ felt tight and crushed I just hoped I’d be out of this ridiculous situation before too long.

I thought all this as I finished my cereal and watched Reece slurp down his chocolate coloured milk and smile. It was obviously a part of eating Coco Pops that he loved. I was still a bit concerned about the padding although my cousin didn’t appear that bothered. I hadn’t had chance to speak to him about the fact we were both in nappies.

“What do you think?” And I patted the soft padding under my jeans.

“I was too scared to say anything... he’s quite frightening.” Reece offered but said no more on the subject. I think he was worried Brian might return and spank him for speaking out.

I had to agree Brian was very frightening because he was so big and not like any other person I knew around his age. He certainly towered of us two and was nearly as tall as his dad.

Although he was just a couple of years older than me, Brian looked and acted like a grown up. Reece and I had both complied with his demands without too much opposition so I suppose that’s why he’s the captain of sport at school... he gets things done.

We grabbed our hoodies and waited at the back kitchen door for him and Marty. 

I surreptitiously rubbed my bum and could feel the padding underneath my jeans and wondered why the grown-ups would have decided that we should wear these during the day. I mean, it made slight sense last night but today, it made no sense at all. However, no one but Brian was around to ask and he’d already told us this was the way it was going to be.

Still... I wondered.

After the hectic party the night before the house was very quiet so any conversation was held in whispers. At that time in the morning the atmosphere both indoors and outdoors was still quite eerie.



Part 2

Brian looked older still as he carried his little brother to the door before setting him down. Marty now had a pair of blue shorts over his nappy and a dark blue zippy-up jumper. Whilst his big brother was wearing jeans, a checked shirt, a pale blue padded sleeveless gilet and walking boots.

As we set off I couldn’t get over the fact that the thick padding between my legs was making me walk a bit differently, so constantly reminding me of the fact that I was wearing a nappy. What was worse, it looked like Brian was our big brother and we were just little kids he had in tow. However, he surprised us with knowledge of nature as he pointed things out to Marty, teaching him the names of things and asking if we knew what certain trees or plants were - neither of us did. I may be a swot and know maths, history, geography and the like, but at that moment, I hated the fact that he knew a lot more than me on that particular subject. I’m not sure if it was the same for Reece but I felt like a stupid little kid.

The morning was quite warm and clear as we wandered through the woods, down by the river and along its bank and towards the village. We’d been walking for well over an hour but I hadn’t realised how early Brian had got us up and out as we’d not been passed any other person.

Thankfully, the air was calm, the insect buzz and birdsong was all very pleasant as we spotted a couple of hares darting into the undergrowth.

Brian kept telling us to breath deep, take in lungful’s of fresh air and slowly breathe it out. He said it was good for oxygenating the blood and would increase stamina. I don’t think either of us knew what he was talking about. Well, I certainly didn’t. However, I did have a thought in my head.

“Why aren’t Fiona and April with us?” I ventured a question to our ‘PE instructor’.

“Don’t you like it being an all-boy’s outing?” Brian queried back.

I shrugged, thinking this would no doubt end up with him calling me a girl or some such thing so I said nothing as did Reece.

“Well I know my sister, and suspect Reece knows April and they’d take forever to get ready. We’d still be waiting for them if...”

“So why,” I interrupted, “did they decide we should wear nappies?” I’d had some time now to mull the thought over and it just bubbled to the surface.

Brian just shrugged and patted my padded bottom. “Don’t know, don’t care... they left the package under the bed so I assume they wanted you guys to use them.”

“But, but...” I suddenly realised that we were wearing them because HE thought we should. Despite insinuating it was our parents who’d decided... it was him. I was furious.

“That’s not fair.” I could feel another one of my tantrums coming on and stood in the middle of the wood and swore at Brian for being such a jerk.

Brian smiled and shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something about me not appreciating he’d done me a favour.

I could feel the orange juice had made its way through my system and was getting all the indications that I needed a pee. Not only that but we’d been so rushed I hadn’t had time for my morning toilet arrangements.

I knew there was no public toilet in the village and the pub, where I knew there was one, would still be closed. The café wouldn’t open on a Sunday so I was stuck as we wandered towards the village, which would eventually lead back to the house. However, that was going to be another five mile or so trek and I wasn’t sure I could make the distance.

“Brian, I need the loo.” I finally spoke up, though was unsure what I expected him to do about it.

He shrugged.

“I’m sure you can wait until we get back... but... if you can’t then... you’re wearing a nappy and that’s what it’s made for.” He smirked, “Told you I’d done you a favour.”

I wasn’t sure if it was an evil look or a knowing one because it was such a simple solution he’d come up with. However, I was determined I’d hang on.

I didn’t, because a few miles further on, and with pressure building, what I hoped would just be a bit of wind ended up to be anything but.  It was with both relief and shame that, in front of others, I let out a huge sigh as I filled the rear of my nappy. It wasn’t as if no one knew what I was doing. I was crouching and the noise made sure everyone was aware of exactly what was taking place.

Not only that but my bladder filled the front and that made me feel all warm and disgusted. I’m fourteen for heaven’s sake - I shouldn’t be doing such a thing.

The amount in the back of the nappy clinging to me and squishing between my legs - I felt wretched, disgusted and filthy.

Brian stopped and said there was nothing he could do about it now but he’d change me when we got home. He asked the others if they were wet and both nodded so just shook his head, and repeated there was nothing to be done so the sooner we got back the better for all concerned.

I was quite surprised he didn’t make more of our, or my, discomfort. In the past I’d known him take the mickey, enjoying his superiority and generally make me feel small.

Walking with a mess in the rear of your nappy might be some people’s idea of fun but I can tell you its bloody awful. Each step was a mucky reminder of just what had taken place and I felt revolted with myself and scared about what anyone else would say when they found out. I was so ashamed and wanted to disappear from the family.


Later, when we got back the house was up, noisy and just finishing breakfast. Gordon and Cleo were packing up their hire car as they planned on continuing their trip up to Scotland and were eager to get off. I didn’t see Mr Wilkes so supposed he’d already left, which just left our families and as mum, dad and me had planned on staying for a couple more days I hoped things would return to some normality pretty soon.

The girls were not to be seen but as we stepped through the kitchen door were greeted by a barrage of smiles and questions as to how the walk went and how lucky we’d been on having such a wonderful, sunny morning.

I didn’t want to hang around chatting but Aunty Pat happened to ask “What’s that smell?”

Brian was quickly in. “Marty’s had a bit of an accident so...”

“OK love, I’ll see to him in a moment,” his mother announced as she sipped her coffee.

“No, not to worry mum, I’m going upstairs so... I can see to him... it’s no bother.”

There was a chorus of approval about how caring his big brother was, how rare it was, and what an example he was to everyone. Yes Brian’s value rose even higher.

“C’mon you guys,” he said as both Reece and I stood waiting for the announcement he was sure to make about the state of our nappies... but he didn’t. “Let me show you those things we talked about.” He said herding us upstairs whilst barely missing a beat.  


I was grateful for his silence on the matter but he directed us straight into the bathroom and told me to strip and take a shower. The three of us waited as Brian went off to retrieve Marty’s fresh nappies but both Reece and I were reluctant to take anything off... we were just too stunned.

Brian returned with stuff to clean up his brother and set about it quickly and efficiently but angrily told me to get a shower or he’d tell mum what I’d done. That spurred me on to do as directed though didn’t dare look in the messy disposable I quickly pulled off and equally as quickly, skipped under the shower. Despite the bathroom being relatively cold, the shower was a welcome temperature and I enjoyed the heat, if not the messy bum I was cleaning up.

Eventually, when I came out Martin was gone but I saw Reece lying on a towel and being taped into another disposable. He looked upset and shivering in the coolness of the place but wasn’t putting up too much of a protest. He was embarrassed because all he had on was the disposable and those clear plastic pants being inched up his legs. I wasn’t sure where the rest of his clothes had gone but noticed mine had vanished as well.

“OK Danny, let’s get you dry and into something a bit more appropriate shall we?”

I noticed there were more disposables next to Brian and that glint told me that’s what I was going to be wearing. I shook my head.

“I’m not wearing another nappy... so you can think again.”

Brian smiled.

“OK, OK, fine, I’ll just tell your mother about you shitting and pissing your pants and see what she has to say on the subject. I think you’ll be wearing a nappy permanently.” He got up to leave so I only had a moment to rethink my objection.

The idea that anyone, let alone my parents, knew about me doing that at my age just didn’t bear thinking about. That was a secret I’d gladly take to my grave, it was bad enough that we four knew it happened.

“Alright, you win.” I began to think that it was only for the rest of the day because, I assumed, they’d all be gone by teatime.

“That’s better,” nodded our leader, “but I want assurances from you two,” and looked from one to the other, “that you’ll do exactly as I say when I say with no argument, is that understood?”

I said nothing and Reece just shivered.

“Look, I don’t want any arguments so either agree or let’s get your mums involved in your crappy use of nappies.”

That was a threat we had to take seriously so reluctantly we both agreed.

“OK then. Now, we can pass the shitty nappy off as Martin’s but you two will wear these,” he indicated the large white disposable now wrapped tightly around Reece, “until I tell you otherwise... and I expect you to use them for their designated purpose.”

We both looked shocked and uncomfortable but any quarrel we might have had was lost with the withering look he gave us. I have to say he’d seemed to become more than a couple of years older than me; his authority grew and dominated us with barely any resistance.

“If I see either of you attempting to use the loo I shall happily tell your parents just what a couple of shitty little babies they have... it’s up to you.”

He patted the towel out on the floor and indicated for me to lay out for my change. Grudgingly, I flopped down and let Brian administer the creams, powder and slip a thick disposable under me.

Why he was doing this, or even what he was getting out of it, eluded me but he was as thorough this time as he had been that morning.

At that moment, just as he was finishing pouring powder all over me Marty walked in.

“There you are,” Brian smiled at his little brother, “see, even big boys need their nappies so don’t you worry about not being potty trained just yet... there’s plenty of time.”

It was quite touching as Marty hugged his brother but then looked down at me just before he taped me up.

“Danny pooed his nap-nappee.” He looked a little guilty as he said it because he’d done the same.

“Yes he did didn’t he?” Brian smiled at his brother and hugged him tighter. “But, it’s a secret between us big boys and you’re getting to be a big boy yourself, so, no telling anyone, eh?”

I was grateful to Brian to cover what had happened as I worried Marty might spill the beans either accidently or on purpose.

“There now,” he fastened the last tape in place and helped me up.

Again I was made to spin so he could check it held up okay.  Then it was the plastic pants, which he held open for me to step into. Pulling them right up and patting them down and making sure the disposable was well contained he finished. “Right, I think you’re done for the time being.”

That sounded ominous.

“Now you two,” he looked straight into my eyes but was including Reece in the conversation, “I expect you to play with Marty here and keep him entertained.”

Although Marty was delightful I wasn’t all that keen on keeping a three year old amused but thought it would only be for a short while before they all departed and be on their way home. Then I could lose this stupid nappy and let things get back as they were.

“Think of it this way guys.” Brian was trying to sound all congenial, “Without those nappies and plastic pants you two would have made quite a mess in your pants and I’m doubtful you’d have been able to hide that fact from your parents. At least wearing these offers protection from those embarrassing moments, eh?” and to hammer home the point patted our well-padded bottoms.


It felt strange skulking along the corridor from the bathroom back to our bedroom; they were at opposite ends so you had to pass everyone else’s on the journey. Both Reece and I were wearing only the disposable and plastic pants, which I suppose from a distance, I hoped just looked like particularly large underwear. However, we both rustled as we tiptoed along the hall and dreaded meeting anyone on the way.

We stealthily passed the girl’s room and heard them giggling over the music they were playing and grateful they were distracted so hadn’t seen us dressed as we were. It was a relief to eventually close the door to our sanctuary.

Marty made for his blue shorts and jumper, Reece for his green shorts and blue t-shirt, whilst I looked for my jeans.

“Have you put my jeans somewhere?” I innocently asked Brian.

“I’m afraid they got some crap on them so I’ve put them to wash.” He explained.

“So mum knows?” I was horrified at the thought.

“No, she just knows that you slipped in a puddle and that’s why you rushed upstairs to get cleaned up and you asked me to put them in the wash.”

“Did she buy that?”

“She didn’t seem overly concerned but, now, we need to get you into...”

“Ah, I think there’s a spare pair of chinos in my bag.” I said pointing to the backpack I’d brought which contained a change of clothes.

“Mmm yes there is but I think I want you in something a bit more... appropriate.” He gave me that smirk I wasn’t sure was all that pleasant. “How about, like the other two, you wear some shorts?”

“But I haven’t brought any... I only have...” but he produced a pair that had been left in the drawer from one of my previous visits.

“These look like they’ll do.” He handed them over.

“But, but these are way too small. I can’t wear these they’re, they’re, ummm...”

“Just put them on and stop complaining, they look fine and they’re blue so,” he smiled cheekily at Marty, “you and him could be brothers.”

Yeahhhh.” Marty seemed childishly thrilled at the idea.

So that was his plan... to make us both into nappy-wetting three year olds like Marty.

I was about to complain and throw a wobbly if necessary but mum called up from downstairs to tell us to get down as we were going off somewhere.

I looked daggers across at Brian who merely mouthed the words “No arguments” so I tentatively slipped them on. They covered the padding but only just because I could feel the top bursting over their waistband. I found a long jumper and dragged that over my head and as far down as possible. I hoped it would hide any visible signs of the ungainliness I was experiencing.

Brian said we all looked good to go, so again herded us downstairs.


“Don’t pull on your jumper love you’ll get it all out of shape.” It was mum catching me as I continually tried to make sure it covered the seat of my shorts. “Oh, I haven’t seen those shorts for a while... I didn’t know you’d brought them.” No doubt wondering why I had.

“Yes, well, I’d left them in my room last time we were here,” Actually, they’d been there for quite some time but had never gotten around to taking them home, “and it’s such a nice day I thought it would be...”

She’d moved on to helping gran with some baskets she wanted loading into the car so missed my last nervous piece of explanation.

“Don’t try so hard,” Brian whispered in my ear. “You look fine.”

I didn’t believe him because the weight felt like it was slipping down every time I moved so was constantly clutching at my groin to rearrange it.

“You’re just attracting attention to yourself now leave it.” Was Brian’s last instruction before we loaded ourselves into the cars and went for a surprise visit to the stables where gran was a patron of a horse charity. We were taking extra supplies to help feed the animals but also some extra tack and equipment they needed.

When we got there it was an open day so there were quite a few other families, friends and visitors all enjoying viewing the horses. A parade had been organised of all the animals because some were being sponsored and you could have you photograph taken with your favourite. Marty wanted his taken with a lovely white and brown Shetland pony the place kept as a ‘stable friend’ to the horses, although it wasn’t ridden. I think the larger horses intimidated him a bit, well they did me but they all looked in pretty good condition.

The stable wasn’t for race horses, it looked after abused or retired horses so not all of them were working, some we enjoying a place of love and care that the staff lavished on each and every animal.

As it was a fundraising open day there were games and quizzes for the kids, tombola and merchandise along with buckets all over the place for donations... it was a great day and thankfully, the weather stayed warm with a very pleasant breeze.

I don’t mind horses but I’m not enthralled by them like some people though the atmosphere was excellent and I got to stroke a few of the animal’s noses and pat their flanks... I was being very brave.

Some rides were offered. Not on the gallop just in the parade ring whilst being led around by the stable boys and girls. Dad had organised for me to ‘ride’ one around the arena and I didn’t want to lose face by telling him I was a bit scared. So, I sat astride the beast and wondered why anyone would prefer this mode of transport. We walked and then trotted around for a while before thankfully it was somebody else’s turn to have a go.

As I dismounted my jumper rode up and dad saw the top of my disposable. I saw the quizzical look he gave but didn’t say anything. I turned red with embarrassment and just wanted to hide away but wondered why he didn’t say anything.

Brian was trying to get Marty on to a horse but he wasn’t having it. However, I wanted to tell him my dad had seen the padding and I didn’t know what to say if he said something. Why I suddenly confided in Brian I don’t know except it was his idea for us to wear these damned things so he should have some sort of plan... I hoped.

He looked at Marty and then at me “Let’s go and find Reece”, which we did. He was with his parents and sister who were all gushing over a horse the family had decided to sponsor. Nervously he left the small group and joined us boys to find out what was going on.

“Have your parents seen you wearing the disposable?” Brian asked him.

He shook his head, still quite intimidated by his much bigger cousin. He wasn’t alone in that.

“OK, well Danny here thinks his father knows so, if anyone says anything just tell them you’re doing it for Marty here. Make sure I’m nearby and let me explain the situation.”

That sounded to me like he did have a plan and could explain the thing away with no come back on either Reece or me.

“Are any of you wet?” Brian looked at us all.

Reece nodded and Marty danced around a bit but said he needed a change.

He looked at me but I shook my head. I had peed in the thing but didn’t want to admit it although Brian looked at me suspiciously.

“OK, well I can’t change Reece because I don’t have the stuff here. However, I’ll let mum know about Marty and she’ll change him. When she does I’ll check to see if there’s anything I think I can use for you.” He said patting Reece’s expanded padding.

He walked away with Marty and I was left wondering just what dad was thinking, if he was thinking at all about what he’d seen. I just tried to hide in one of the stables. After about five minutes Brian found me and without so much as a by-your-leave stuck his hand up my shorts and checked.

“As I thought, soaked. Glad you’re using it as planned but don’t try and deny it again or I’ll check you in public next time.”

I felt guilty he’d caught me out and the threat was obvious but I wondered why because surely they would all be going home after this stable visit... wouldn’t they?

No, it had been decided that the entire family would stay on for a couple more days, something that had been agreed before we’d arrived but information I was not privy to. The thought that there’d be further days of nappy wearing knocked me for six and I moped around the stables feeling utterly dejected for the rest of the visit.

Wandering around in a wet nappy for a few hours was irritating in every sense but there was nothing I could do about if I didn’t want to have my messy encounter broadcast to my parents and, who knew who else? I felt stuck and powerless to change things. I hoped I’d be struck by some ingenious idea where I could turn the tables on Brian but no clever thoughts entered my head. Besides, he was constantly patting both mine and Reece’s bottoms to make sure we were still wearing the disposables we’d been given... so there was no opportunity of even trying to go commando.


When our small convoy arrived back at Wood View and we’d disembarked grandpa had been busy setting up a large barbeque.  I don’t know if he’d managed to do it all on his own but there were tables laid out with salad, coleslaw, dips, bread, sauces and all manner of finger food and drink.

The barbeque itself was all primed and there was a stack of meats, sausage, chicken and vegetarian patties (for the girls who’d made a big thing about their conversion to animal welfare and having a ‘no meat’ stance) all ready to be shoved on and cooked for a late meal. There was even an awning set out over the pergola in the event of rain. As a little kid, Wood View’s gardens were quite the adventure. There were trees, copses, hidey-holes, sheds, huts and greenhouses plus, a little play area with swings, a climbing frame and, excitement of all, an actual treehouse.

However, before we could enjoy any of that Brian wanted to get us changed out of our wet disposables... as he thoughtfully reminded us - a wet nappy is the cause of too many rashes.

Once back in the bathroom he was all business as usual telling us to take off our shorts and plastic pants and he’d clean us up and put a fresh nappy on. He was all friendliness and encouraging but we were both soaked and weren’t happy about yet another nappy.

“Not before time.” Was his observation as the thick soaked padding slopped onto the floor.

As we stood there bare arsed he went off to get the stuff from our bedroom, why we couldn’t have done it there, where it wasn’t as chilly I don’t know but he had us all but naked and vulnerable.

Before he returned we could hear Fiona and April giggling as they came down the corridor.

I quickly closed the door and as they wriggled the door knob trying to get in called out it was in use.

“Hurry up we need a wee.” Fiona called.

“Well, I’m busy and might be a while yet so... come back later.” I tried to pretend I was doing my business but hushed Reece to stay quiet.

“Well hurry up grandpa’s cooking our...” She was interrupted as Brian came from the bedroom carrying disposables, powder and other stuff.

“What you got there?” April asked nosily.

“Oh, just moving things to the bathroom because I think changing Marty will be better there.” He tried to explain.

“But Danny’s in there now.” Fiona added.

“Oh well, I better come back later if that’s the case.”

His sister was having none of it. “Well, he’s taking a crap so why don’t you put one on Danny and then we can use the loo... we’re bursting.”

Brian smiled. “You know, that’s an excellent idea... perhaps you girls might like to try them first.”

“You know what you can do...?” Fiona who was fed up with waiting and certainly wasn’t going to entertain her older brother’s remarks urged April back to the refuge of their bedroom.

Brian stood there waving a disposable at the two girls. “Oh c’mon you know you want to.”

His teasing worked as they slammed their door shut in disgust.

“OK boys,” Brian whispered at the door, “let me in and we can get this over with quickly.”



Part 3

Outside at the barbecue things were well underway and the smell of burning meat occupied the atmosphere. Grandpa was cooking, whilst Grandma was holding court with her daughters. Uncle Ernest was topping the adults up with wine and Reece and I were sent down to the swings by Brian to play with Marty.

“Take a plateful with you... and enough for Marty...” Brian was saying because he was staying up with the adults for the time being.

I rammed a couple of cans in my pockets and loaded up a paper plate with sausage and chicken, as did Reece, and we set off to the bottom of the garden. However, he wasn’t on the swings as he’d discovered the treehouse and was trying to climb up into it.

“Be careful,” I shouted because I anticipated he wasn’t going to make it. However, he seemed determined and certainly wasn’t going to take any notice of me. After all, we were all wearing nappies and wet them like he did, so, I felt I couldn’t appear to be the clever and knowing older, more knowledgeable cousin.

It’s strange how easily I fell to thinking in this way. I was more on Marty’s level than Brian’s. I would never have thought that way before but wearing a thick nappy, a wet thick nappy, had jumbled up my thought process.

“Look, we’ve got some food for you.” But he wasn’t interested. He wanted to complete his mission. I suppose at that age everything is a test but his legs and strength weren’t that good and he needed an adult to help.

Before we got to him I saw him slip on the wooden ladder and lose his grip. It was a fall of about six feet or so but he slid against the wood and grazed both knees and hands. It must have hurt because he was crying and there was nothing we could have done to stop him. So, abandoning the plates of food, we lifted him to his feet and slowly walked him back to the adults.

I had to explain that he was trying to climb up to the treehouse before we got there and fell. I was sure we’d get the blame but thought the main thing was to check Marty was OK. Everyone flocked around, whilst Brian gave me and Reece daggers. I told him straight it wasn’t our fault but I knew he wouldn’t believe us.

Aunty Judy hugged him better, which stop his sobbing and then took him indoors to put something on his scrapes.

However, because we’d helped him back both Reece’s and my shirts had risen up and exposed the top of our nappies and mum saw them.

“What are you two wearing?” She queried sounding like she wouldn’t believe anything we said.

“Erm, erm,” I wriggled under her searching look. “A disposable” I eventually confessed.

“What on earth for?” She wanted an explanation but I just stood there terrified and desperate for the ground to open up and swallow me. I hadn’t thought of any possible excuse.

The thing was, once Brian had changed us in the bathroom it was such a relief to have a fresh, clean disposable in place of the soaked and crumpled old one, I forgot I’d been wearing it.

Brian looked on as mum continued her inquisition but I had nothing to say and Reece was equally struck dumb.

“Oh, Aunt Di,” It was Brian speaking up. “Danny and Reece have been helping Marty.”

I was surprised that he’d spoken up and appeared he was going to defend us.

“Oh yes, in what way?” She didn’t seem convinced but waited for his explanation.

“Well, it was after the party and Aunty Pat had put the boys to bed but insisted they wore protection for the night.”

“Oh, yes, well, erm, that was...” It was mum’s turn to be embarrassed when she realised she’d thought it a good idea, there being only one loo and all those guests. “But why is he wearing one now?”

“Ah, well, this morning they,” and he pointed to both of us, “were absolutely soaked and, as she’d left the pack under the bed, I wondered if  aunty had intended them to wear all the time... you know... as there are so many of us?”

He looked to see if she was buying this and as she didn’t look dismissive carried on.

“Anyway, I was changing Marty, which seemed the best thing to do seeing as we were all together and, bless him, he noticed they were also wet so wondered if they, like him, should be changed as well.”

Mum looked on in fascination.

“I got to thinking that perhaps, if Marty saw that they were being changed then maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t feel so bad about still wetting his own nappy. So, “he emphasised with a huge deep breath, “I suggested to the lads that they might help Marty over his problem... if they would wear a nappy as well... you know... seeing as they already had one on... and it was soaked.”

Mum was taking all this in and nodded when she was told we’d both woken up wet but Brian hadn’t finished.

“At first they were dead against it but Marty cried and well, Danny here is a compassionate fellow and talked Reece into going along with the suggestion until... well... we all go home.”

He took a deep breath.

“I know it was a strange request and, I suppose I more or less ‘encouraged’ them in their decision making but poor little Marty was very down about not getting to grips with his potty training...”

Mum was really taking all this in and was surprised that a smile of sympathy and tolerance crept onto her face.

“Well, Danny is a very understanding and compassionate boy.” She hugged and casually patted my padded bum.

“Indeed he is,” agreed Brian, “and I told them that I’d keep it a secret as long as I could, and so as not to put any adult out, I suggested I’d see to all changes, when I did Marty, which they agreed to.”

I couldn’t believe that she was falling for this guff but mum was still hugging and patting my padding, whilst Brian was doing a great job making me the hero of the situation. I didn’t realise it at the time because when mum checked if this was the case I agreed it was all true. That meant it was my idea that I should wear a disposable until Marty and his family left.

“Well Danny love, I’m proud of you... and you as well Reece... for taking on this task. Even though he’s only three... I’m sure Marty appreciates the sacrifices you’ve both made to your own comfort to help him over his potty training problem.” She whispered the last few words as if she didn’t want to shame Marty even though he wasn’t around.

“I know, you took until you were almost five before you didn’t need nappies any more...” Mum announced to both of them and I felt my embarrassment flush through my body. “So I can understand why you’d sympathise with the poor boy’s predicament... well done.” I could have done without that fact being out in the public domain but she seemed genuinely proud of what had been agreed.

“Well, love, Reece, I think it’s a fine thing you’re doing and I’m right behind you. The disposables were a great idea for the night and they seem to have got another lease of life now so, yes, well done. Let’s help the lad get over his worries and I’m sure having two big strong lads like you two showing him that wearing a nappy is OK, he’ll be equally fine with his situation.”

“I hope the lads still feel able to continue because I know Marty loves that his cousins are...” How Brian was able to keep a straight face and continue his flannel I didn’t know but mum was on side.

“Oh sweetheart, I’m sure they both know they have responsibilities, like you and your devotion to your little brother. It gladdens the heart to see such care in a young man such as yourself.”

Mum was nodding in Brian’s direction and I could see she was full of admiration for the way he wanted to look after and protect his little brother. If only she knew what had really happened. There again, I wasn’t sure I wanted her to know I’d crapped my pants on our walk.

“Thanks Brian for bringing this to my attention... I think it’s a wonderful thing for you to do for Martin. I’m sure there are hundreds of parents who wish they had such a loving and encouraging brother such as yourself. No wonder you’re the captain of your school teams... a natural leader.”

She looked as equally proud of our ‘bully’ but just didn’t see it.

“Danny, you could learn a lot from this guy.” She beamed at Brian and went off to catch up with the others.

“Right,” Brian concluded, “Now that’s out in the open, and you’ve admitted that it’s all your idea... I want even more cooperation from you two when Marty returns.” He thought for a moment. “Do you need a change?”

I had to admit that a nervous spurt of pee soaked the front of my disposable when mum first asked about them but I wasn’t going to admit to anything just then.

“No I’m fine.”

Reece who stood motionless throughout this entire conversation seemed relieved and took a huge breath. “Huuggghh, I suppose everyone will know now and April is going to be a pain.”

“Just remember, you’re doing it to make Marty feel better so you can take the moral high ground.” Brian added but I wasn’t sure anyone other than him, and my mum, would see it that way. “I bet all the adults will be full of admiration.”

But will they?


Marty stuck close to his mum for the rest of the barbecue and to be honest both Reece and I were at a loss what to do though neither of us wanted to hang around and take questions. I suggested we get another plateful of food and go and hide in the treehouse until later. He thought this was a good idea. So, we loaded up our plates for a second time and made our way to the bottom of the garden.

Once we’d settled ourselves in the relative tranquillity of the treehouse we tucked in and enjoyed our meaty meal. Grandpa was a good chef so everything was well cooked and edible. As we ate I asked Reece what he made of the situation we found ourselves in.

“Well, when we arrived Brian and family were already here and the rooms had been allocated. I was a bit shocked that we’d all be sharing the same room but pointed out that if we stayed over, the room we were in, I usually had the bed... so saw it as mine.”

This came as a shock because I’d never even contemplated that anyone other than me would sleep in ‘my’ room. It took quite a bit to realise that when I wasn’t there and other family members were, they had equal access to that particular room... and used it.

“Anyway, Brian simply said ‘TOUGH’ and said it was where he slept if he stayed over and pointed to the inflatables on the floor.”

Again I was wondering just how many people slept in ‘my’ bed... except now I knew, it wasn’t only mine.

“I’ve always been scared of him.” Reece shivered at the thought. “He’s not like me and although I could have wept pretended that was OK and preferred the sleeping bag so put my backpack in the corner and got out as soon as I could.”

Brian affected me in the same way and I told him so, both acknowledging our mutual fear whilst continuing to eat.

“What about these disposables?” I ventured.

“I hate them... what about you?”

I took a moment before answering because I really had to think why we’d agreed so easily but then remembered the threat from our ‘wonderful and thoughtful’ cousin.

“Me too.”

Reece gave me a look that he wasn’t sure he believed me.

NO, I really don’t.” I think I might have emphasised too heavily.

“OK,OK... just asking, sheesh.” He looked like I’d just bitten his head off or something.

“Erm , yes, sorry, didn’t mean to snap... just thought I’d humour him until they went. In fact, I thought everyone except me, mum and dad would have gone by now. I didn’t know that the ‘family’ were all staying for a few more days.”

The can of pop I’d drunk earlier was making itself known but as we were in the treehouse and I couldn’t be bothered climbing down and finding a bush to pee behind, just let it flow into my already damp nappy.

We carried on chatting but neither of us could come up with a plan to alter the course Brian had set. Not only that but my disposable had become so wet it was annoying and according to Reece, my plastic pants were bulging down my shorts leg. It was time to return to the throng who were still out enjoying the fading summer evening.

I went to sit with my parents and Reece returned to his but I detected that all eyes were on us so suspected that word had got around.

Nothing was said but I could feel something had changed... and it wasn’t me.

Mum patted my expanded padding and then added quite unexpectedly. “Well sweetheart, it feels like you need a change, let’s get you organised shall we?”

My sudden appeal that I was “OK” was met with deaf ears as she grabbed my hand and led me towards the stairs. I certainly didn’t want mum to see the state my nappy was in nor did I want her to change it. In fact, the less she saw of how things were the better.

“Mum, please, I’ll be alright, erm, I can wait for Brian...” Oh heck, I’d said I wanted Brian to do it. Like I was admitting to needing him to change me but mum was having none of it.

“I know Brian usually does all you boys together so that Martin knows that older boys wet their nappies too but sweetheart... Brian’s busy, Martin is asleep in his mother’s arms and you... you’re my wet little hero so I shall see to you... no arguments please.”

“But mum... this is...” She gave me a look that said ‘no more quarrelling’ this was going to happen and best to go with it. I’m not sure if mum knew how awful this was for me. I suppose with Brian’s explanation she was just relieving some of the burden from his shoulders, but ‘mum, really, I don’t need this’ was screaming loudly in my head. However, I shut up under her loving gaze and just let her get on with it.

She was astonished at just how wet the disposable was. “My you’ve really used this haven’t you?” I could see other thoughts ticking over in her head as she found the few disposables that were left in the pack. “Mmmm,” mum noted fluffing one out and, having already cleaned the area, powdered to her satisfaction, then taped me in securely. “There, all nice and tight... let’s get this panties, ummmm, pants up,” and shuffled the clear pair of plastic pants back over the padding.  

Although grateful to be in something dry I can’t tell you how humiliating the entire process had been. I mean, how do you describe, at the age of fourteen, being put into a clean nappy by your loving mother after you’ve just saturated the old one? What was perhaps stranger was the simple fact that I didn’t fight not to be nappied. Why was that?

Her benevolent smile throughout was one of understanding but it definitely wasn’t right. It didn’t feel right and yet, despite my earlier protests against Brian changing us, I was more at ease with him doing it. Nevertheless, mum had just taken it all on-board, decided this was the right action to take and returned me to a nappy without a second thought. She was acting like it was doing me a favour continuing the ‘good work’ that had been started.

“You know Danny...” she said thoughtfully, “I wish there’d been someone... a brother like Brian around when you were growing up and having trouble getting to the toilet in time. It might have had you potty trained an awful lot quicker.”

I certainly didn’t want reminding of my childish troubles. Why did she have to bring that up? It wasn’t relevant to the situation. I’m not potty training for heaven’s sake.

“I know it must all feel strange but I think you’re doing a wonderful thing for Marty.” She kissed the top of my head and hugged me tightly. “Yes a wonderful, thoughtful thing” she whispered affectionately into my hair.

Now she knew about the ‘pact’ I hated Brian for putting me (and Reece) into such a position that he promised would remain secret. Now that hadn’t happened I became terrified things might get worse.

She handed back my shorts which I quickly pulled up. Mum looked at me lovingly and I mumbled a sort of ‘thanks mum’. She smiled and patted my shoulder to indicate a move back to re-join the others.


We returned to the garden as if nothing had happened but I felt guilty, exposed and thought everyone must know and assume I’m like Martin; the constant hug of my freshly applied disposable adding to that touch of anxiety.

Now mum had changed me, having not done so for so many years, I was more aware of the thickness of the padding and that people would now be inspecting me wherever I went. Mum knew so anticipated it wouldn’t take long before everyone knew and I needed to find out if Aunty Pat had discovered Reece’s secret.

I looked over and saw his sister April tugging at his shorts and Aunty Pat telling her to leave her brother alone. Reece was getting annoyed as his sister was giggling and pointing.

Yep, they all knew.

Brian and Fiona were chatting and looking over in my direction, which made me squirm and quickly look away. I bet they were planning to humiliate us further and wondered how, after mum had said how proud she was of what we were doing, could I get out of this situation.

Grandma suddenly patted my bottom; it seemed the new way of getting my attention.

“Well Danny, you and Reece have certainly got everyone talking.” I was desperate to tell her it wasn’t voluntarily and that Brian (the bully) had made us do it but... “We’re all very proud of you offering to help Martin. I’m not sure if there’d be many boys your age prepared to put yourselves out like that... you have my admiration sweetheart. Well done.”

How on earth had Brian been able to convince everyone so easily? Surely they must realise this isn’t our doing... why would anyone our age volunteer to do such a thing? It didn’t make any sense to me but to everyone else... we were ‘thoughtful teens’.

“OK nappy boy,” Yes the dulcet words from Fiona brought my new self-worth crashing down. “Brian tells me that you, Reece and Marty are now at the same level of potty-training. I bet you just love wearing and filling your nappies. What a couple of little babies... well I’m sure we can all treat you as such so... I’ve done a bit of babysitting... do you need me to change you yet... or would you rather wait until you’ve crapped yourself... again?”

Oh hell, Brian had told his sister so everyone is going to know.

“He said he’d keep that accident a secret...” I moaned.

“He had, until you just confirmed it... I was only joking.” She laughed and had a huge self-satisfied grin on her face. “So, if you want to keep that little fact a secret...” she left the threat unsaid.

She was just like her brother... a nasty bully.

“Besides...” She scoffed, “it’s nice for Marty to have a couple of other little pissy kids to play with.”

Yep, just like her older brother.


For the first time ever in my life, I wasn’t enjoying being at Wood View. I wanted to go home and put this awful situation behind me and never think of it again.

Brian came over, all full of fake friendliness, no doubt to add more fuel to the fire but I couldn’t do anything to avoid him.

The thing was, and I know I’ve said it but it’s worth repeating - just his looming presence was intimidating. I accept being a teenager myself I should have more ‘bottle’ but, next to him he made me feel like I was still in junior school, such was the difference between us. In age it was just two years, in physicality and size... about ten years... at least!

“Did I see you going off with your mum?”

I shrugged I didn’t want to chat.

“I bet she’s just changed you hasn’t she?” He patted my bottom and grinned. “I bet you’ll be getting offers from everyone now the cats out of the bag... still... you know... it could be worse.”

“How? How could this possibly be any worse?” I wanted a row but wasn’t equipped to argue with him and besides I felt really small knowing that I was wearing a thick disposable and now had no option... and he really was a lot bigger than me.

“Hey, hey,” he held up his arms in mock surrender. “Don’t blame me for you not keeping your nappy a secret. I’m the one who bowled in to give an excuse and cover for you...”

Yes true, but you’re also the one who created this damned fiasco in the first place. I don’t see you taking any responsibility for that. Of course I said none of that being grateful that he came to my defence at all had surprised me.

Gran came over to join us both. “Brian, just wondered if you’d like to take the spare bed in the conservatory for the rest of your stay now that Mr Wilkes has left us?”

It was something I hadn’t contemplated, I might get my bed back and Brian wouldn’t be around to continue with this silly...

“That’s very kind gran but I’ve just this minute promised not to break up the ‘boys club’ that Danny, Reece and Martin want to keep as is. So, thank you but no thanks gran... I don’t want to disappoint the lads here and besides, I don’t want to make more laundry if I can avoid it.”

“You’re so thoughtful Brian.” Gran smiled in utter admiration for his sacrifice. “Your commitment to these boys is admirable... absolutely admirable.”

“What can I say gran - captaining both rugby and football at school I’ve learned to look out for each member of the team? No, we’ll stick together and besides it’s so a good for Martin. The boys are doing a great job wearing their nappies.” He had to reinforce that fact didn’t he? “I’d hate for Marty not to get the full benefit of what his cousins are doing for him. And just this minute, before you came, Danny was asking if there was anything else he could do to help. He’s a little hero gran but I think we’ll need to get some more protection for the lads tomorrow if we want to see this thing through.”

“No problem, leave it to me to sort something out sweetheart.” She smiled compassionately at us both and sauntered off in the direction of her daughters who were busy chatting together.

God he had such a silver tongue, for a moment even I believed him to be that wonderful. I just wish I didn’t feel so inferior when beside him but granny went off almost blooming after his ‘selfless’ declaration.

Tomorrow was Monday and dreaded to think what the start of a new week would bring.



Part 4

It seems like I was getting ahead of myself because Sunday night, when things had calmed down after the barbecue, the grown-ups decided to retire to the conservatory for drinks, whilst us ‘kids’ were left to watch TV or find other entertainment.

We were watching a DVD movie about dragons when Marty announced to his sister that he was wet. Although she’d had a hand in changing him at home she had no intention of changing him in company. However, Brian, the ever present Brian, was around and indicated for Marty to make his way upstairs and he’d change him and put him to bed. It was just after 7.30.

He also gave Reece and me a look that more than suggested it was our bed time as well. He then whispered something to Fiona as we boys all trooped up to our joint bedroom.

“OK guys, I hope you’re both wet and I’ll change you at the same time.” He was already helping Marty off with his clothes.

A twelve year old and a fourteen year old just stood there scared to say anything but knew we were both dry and didn’t want to go to bed yet. We said very little but murmured that I was still dry and Reece nodded that he was as well.

“Are you now,” Brian continued in helping his little brother out of his clothes, “well you’ve got until I’ve got this little tyke in a fresh nappy to change that situation. You’re not being very good role models if he doesn’t know you’ve wet your nappies like he has now are you?””

“What?” Reece had a voice at last.

“I said you’d better get wetting that nappy pretty soon or...” he smiled an evil smile, “there might be consequences you’d rather not... experience.”

That threat alone made for a spurt pee in to the soft fluffy texture and I’m sure Reece wasn’t far behind. I stood there being watched by Brian as he wiped his brother clean and fitted a fresh night time fabric nappy, pulled up his plastic pants and slid into his jammies.

“OK Slugger, feeling better now you’re all dry?” His brother hugged him in thanks and Brian led him over to his little bed, pulled back the covers and let him crawl in. He passed him his teddy and tucked him in. “Sleep tight and your friends here will be joining you soon.”


He looked over to us and asked again if we were wet. This time we both nodded.

“OK good but boys it’s your bedtime as well and you need a fresh nappy like Marty for nighty-nights.” He turned to the three year old, “See little bro your friends here are also wet so don’t you worry about wearing a nappy because, as you can see, even big boys still need them.”

Marty cuddling his bear was looking over at us sucking on his thumb. He looked so sleepy and content and we wanted to stay up though Brian had other ideas.

“Let’s get you two into your jammies.” He indicated for us to strip and when we’d both got down to our plastic pants and warm, freshly peed in disposables asked us to wait for a second.

We should have known he was up to something when Fiona appeared at the door.

“No, definitely not.” I tried to be firm.

There was nowhere to hide and of course now everyone knew we were wearing nappies but I didn’t want an audience looking on whilst Brian changed us.

Go away,” I screamed, but she just smiled and closed the door behind her.

“I’ve asked for a bit of help,” Brian smarmily explained, “So Fiona, will you see to Danny whilst I deal with Reece here?”

“Sure, it will be my pleasure.”

Brian pointed to the few disposables that were left and the wipes, creams and powder and told her to be thorough.

“We don’t want our boys getting a nappy rash now do we?”

The door was closed and there was no way out and other than screaming for help our fate had been sealed. Also, for some reason Brian looked even more beefy than usual and so seemed even more of a threat and of course, Fiona had my secret about soiling my pants. I was trapped and was almost on the verge of tears.

“Are you crying?” She asked incredulously knowing she was in total charge.

“No.” But I was in denial.

“You’ve arrived not a moment too soon sis... these boys are getting overly tired and need their sleep. It’s going to be a long night so perhaps you might think about a double nappy for him... I’m not sure he won’t be filling his protection several times over.”

Of course he had no proof of this, he was just trying to humiliate me in front of his sister, and it was working. I’d never felt less in control and more scared in my life.


“Danny,” Brian had raised his voice, “let Fiona get on with your change. The sooner she starts the sooner it will all be over.” Again he didn’t have to say much he just oozed menace. Fiona wasn’t far behind him in that particular stance either.

However, he was correct, I felt so impotent that I could well be in tears shortly and that would be worse AND she’d still end up changing my warm wet nappy, so knew I’d needed one. It took me a few seconds to realise this was just what he wanted, proof to someone else that we were using our nappies as they were intended and voluntarily doing so.

“C’mon boys, get those plastic pants down or would you like me to do it for you?” The offer was said nicely but the menace remained.

Reluctantly, Reece started to wriggle his pants down but Brian had obviously been waiting too long and grabbed him, yanking them off in one swift movement. I could see the poor lad was physically shaking as Brian then pulled at the sides of his disposable and the soggy mass flopped to the floor leaving him buck naked.

Seeing his plight, but knowing I’d suffer the same fate if I didn’t get a move on, shimmied my pants down and slowly exposed my soggy mass.

“Good.” Was Fiona’s comment as she reached, almost at the same time as her brother, for the wipes. “Don’t worry,” she grinned at me, “I’ve changed Marty a couple of times now so I’m sure I can get you nice and snuggly in your nap-nap. You’ll sleep well once I’ve finished.” She added unnecessarily I thought.

I just knew that Brian had done this on purpose; a fourteen year old lad getting his nappy changed by his fourteen year old female cousin. She reached out and once the plastic pants were around my ankles squeezed the front of the fabric.

“God you’ve really soaked this... uuurrgghh and it’s still warm... have you just peed?” She spat accusingly.

Of course I’d just been made to by her mad brother but it was no good telling her that. Unfortunately, that meant she would think I did it because I wanted to fill the damn thing. Whatever she went away thinking it was obviously going to be more negative than positive.

I had no option and I could see the determination (and glee) in her eyes as she set to cleaning the area, all the while talking to me like she would have done Marty - encouraging but childishly.

“Now don’t you worry sweetpea, we’ll get that nasty sopping nap-nap off and you into a lovely fresh one... won’t that be nice?” and other such comments.

Fiona knew her own mind and I’d witnessed in the past her quarrelling with Brian and not backing down in the slightest. She gave as good as she got.

“There, there baby,” she said in mock concern and wiped away at my privates, “I’ll get your little pee-pee all nice and clean from that nasty wee-wee and you’ll be as fresh as a daisy in no time. You’ve being a very good little boy for me... well done.”

I was still standing in front of her naked and getting cleaned up, whilst being talked to like I was two years old but I had no option. Brian had already completed Reece and had double disposabled (?) him so it was very thick padding his protective plastic pants had to cover.

I looked over and Marty was still watching but his eyes were drooping a little bit. However, whilst I was distracted Fiona had unravelled and flapped out another disposable letting air get into it.

“These are really nice and soft,” she was actually talking across me to her brother, “No wonder these babies love them so much.”

“Yes, just make sure he gets doubled tightly... keep them both safe from leaking. He looked across at the snoozing Marty, “Let’s hope he’ll last the night as well” he whispered.


She completed her task and made sure the second disposable was firmly taped and opened up my clear plastic pants to step into.

“C’mon sweetie,” she fussed, “final bit of protection so you can go bye-byes.”

If I was brave enough I would have smacked her in the mouth but it was something I had never done to anyone never mind a girl, and she knew it. However, she continued her task shuffling them up and over the huge bulk. This was just too embarrassing.

“Well, your jammies aren’t going to fit so I suggest you just get into bed as you are and then... well, it’s getting late and your little friend,” he looked over at the now sleeping Marty, “is already off into dreamland.”

“But it’s early yet.” I tried to protest.

“Is it?” Brian shook his head, “Not for little baby boys like you two... all wrapped up snuggly in your lovely thick nappies...”

Then as if he’d suddenly remembered something.

“Ah yes,” from under his pillow he produced a couple of litre bottles of water. “I want you to drink these down quickly lads. Want to make sure you’re well hydrated for the night.”

“But I’m not thirsty.” I thought it but Reece said it.

“Now, what have I expressly told you about arguing, hmm? Just do it and then you can...”

“But I don’t want to...” It was Reece again with a rather strange but determined shrug.

“Well, if you don’t want to you don’t want to but... let’s get you both downstairs so the rest can see you’re all nicely wrapped up for beddy-byes shall we?” And he opened the bedroom door.

Meanwhile, Fiona was stroking the thick padding and reminding me that it’s what all good boys wear for bed.

“These nappies are so thick,” she repeated, “it’s no wonder you’re so keen on wearing them.”

I wasn’t sure what her brother had told her but that’s not the way it was.

“I bet you just love being back in your babyhood.” She continued to smarmily harass me in a sweet, sickly fashion.

Meanwhile, I didn’t want to drink a litre of water because I knew it would lead to a sodden nappy come the morning and suppose Reece knew the consequences as well. However, being paraded in front of the rest of the family wasn’t something either of us wanted. Such humiliation, or worse, understanding support, was certainly not for us.

“C’mon, make a move let’s get your mummy and daddy’s approval for your lovely thick nightwear.”

Fiona was patting my double padded bulge urging me towards the door. “I think they’ll be very impressed you want to keep from leaking... and you both look adorable in such thick protection.”

We were still reticent but knew there was no option.

“No, you don’t want to go? OK then, you have two minutes to empty these bottles otherwise I’ll drag you down kicking and screaming... do you understand?”

Grudgingly we complied and both started to down the cool water. It was quite refreshing but being forced to drink so much and in such a short time was not very nice.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon... we haven’t got all night...”

It was a definite trial to get so much down and there was contemptuous applause from both brother and sister when we finished together.

“There, that’s better and that’s why you’re both in pretty thick nappies so as not to spoil your lovely sleep. Just fill those nappies like any little boy would,” he taunted. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you all nice and clean in the morning before anyone knows.”

He smiled a menacing grin. “Either of you even try for the loo and there will be one hell of a price to pay.”

We crawled onto the inflatables and slipped into the sleeping bags.

“Zip yourselves in lads... we don’t want you catching your death.”

He made sure the zips were as far up as possible so getting out of the thing would be a trial in itself.

Actually, I suppose that was something we had to be thankful for. He hadn’t maliciously paraded us around the family looking like we did but it’s hard to feel grateful for that fact.

“OK, so go to sleep and no chatting I don’t want you waking Marty up since we’ve just got him off.”

With that they wished us ‘nighty-night’, turned off the light and we heard them both laughing as they went downstairs.


My mind was wondering and wandering about just what Brian was telling people. I’d heard his explanation to mum which had her almost instant approval. He’d convinced gran that it was something we wanted to do so, what else had he said... and to whom?

Whilst we were upstairs and in bed at such an early hour he and the girls were downstairs possibly filling the heads of our parents with who knew what? I just hoped that there’d be some family emergency that got us all to go home early so we could put an end to this insanity.

I don’t know how long I was thinking because I was still awake when Brian came to bed, although I did feign sleep. Surreptitiously I watched him check that Marty was OK. Well I assume he was making sure he was still dry but I’ve no idea. In the half-light I saw him check Reece, who I knew was sound asleep because I’d tried to ask him something but got no response. And I could feel him standing over me but that was as much as he did before he got undressed and slid into bed.

I don’t think it helped that I was bursting. That bottle of water had gone right through me and together with all the other drinks we’d had meant it was getting quite painful. I don’t know why I was trying so hard not to wet myself because I knew that the end result was inevitable. Oddly enough, with Brian now in bed my thoughts weren’t as hectic, he could do no more damage whilst he slept and with that idea in mind I relaxed. The flood started immediately and I fell asleep surrounded by a warm glow, which surprisingly was quite comforting.


Monday morning I woke up late. I was on my own as Reece, Brian and Martin had all gone, which was a fantastic position to be in. I struggled out of my sleeping bag but was well aware of the heavy cushion that filled my plastic pants.

“This is it” I thought. I can dress myself and do without this stupid nappy routine. Once I have my underwear on I shall simply call a halt to the game Brian’s been playing and make sure he has no further influence.

So, I’d just emerged from the sleeping bag rearranging the swollen nappy when Aunty Pat walked in.

“Ah! Awake at last. Well come on your breakfast’s getting cold.” She chivvied me on.

“But aunty, I’m not dressed yet and look...” I hoped she could tell that my embarrassing saggy nappy needed changing.

Why I thought it OK to display such a thick and sodden nappy I’m not sure but I think I was making a point about changing rather than that it proved I needed a one.

“Oh yes I see, well don’t worry, we can sort you out after breakfast. In the meantime, you’re fine as you are... nobody will be seeing anything new so... let’s get a move on.”

“But, but, I ermmm,” I didn’t want to argue with my mother’s sister but I really wanted to lose the flooded nappy and have some normality to my underwear. “I can get my...”

She wouldn’t listen to my protest and before I knew it I was being gently guided downstairs and apprehensively entering the dining room where the entire family, except grandma and grandpa, were eating breakfast.

“Ah there you are,” Mum said echoing her sister.

Dannneee.” Marty cheered my arrival.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Aunty Judy smiled.

The two girls just giggled and I felt most uncomfortable because all I was wearing was a t-shirt and a double-thick, sopping wet disposable only held in place by a pair of tight shiny plastic pants that looked ready to burst.

“I think he would have slept on but he wanted a change...” added Aunty Pat, “but I told him he’d have to wait until after breakfast,”

“Yes Reece got the last disposable.” Brian added whilst Reece, sitting opposite me, looked decidedly uncomfortable with his nappy arrangements being talked about so openly.

I mumbled a sarcastic ‘that’s a shame’ under my breath but what I really wanted was to scream I didn’t want a change, I wanted to get dressed properly, in my briefs and not these. I had no argument as everyone smiled as I sat down in my squishy, bulky nappy. Gran immediately brought out a plate full of waffles and placed them between us.

“I think our young heroes should be well fed... so tuck in sweethearts... I can make more if you want them.”

Meanwhile, I could see Fiona and April whispering to each other and looking over and giggling. Brian was feeding Martin, no doubt proving once again just what a thoughtful and considerate teenager he was. He smiled over at me but again wasn’t sure if it was a pleasant smile or one carrying some other dubious message.

There was one thing I latched onto – “Reece got the last disposable” perhaps that meant an end to this foolishness and a return to normality especially in the underwear department.

“Did you sleep well?” Dad asked and I nodded between mouthfuls of waffle (Gran makes wonderful waffles as well as anything else we eat at Wood View). I had hoped for some support from my father. I had hoped he’d be dead against me being returned to wearing a nappy but alas, like everyone else, he sided with Brian and thought what I was doing was a selfless and noble act. He didn’t use those exact words but when I saw him nodding in agreement with mum after Brian explained what was happening, that’s what I hoped he’d think.

Yes, I know this is silly but I wanted him to think well of me even under these ridiculous Brian-inspired conditions. However, now I knew there were no more disposables I felt better... my ordeal would be over after breakfast.


After I finished my waffles and orange juice mum asked if I needed to get out of the nappy. I wanted to scream that of course I wanted out but I just nodded and she led me back upstairs.

Then the sweetest thing happened. Well I think it was sweet because I saw no coercion from Brian. Marty hugged Reece and said ‘Fank you Reece’ and then came over to me just as I stood up, patted my bulging nappy and hugging me tightly said ‘Danny, fank you vewy much.”

Everyone sitting at the table let out “Aahhhs” as you do when a child does something adorable. As I’ve said before, Marty is a sweet little guy, a pleasure to be around and join in his childish games... but that was totally unexpected.

I could see mum’s reaction was one of pride but I was really quite stunned as all I wanted to do was get this heavy, wet double disposable off and resume a normal life.

We went to the bathroom and mum said she wanted to check that I wasn’t getting a nappy rash. It had been a bit itchy whilst sitting at the table and she may well have noticed occasionally giving it a surreptitious scratch. She helped me remove the plastic pants and commented on the huge sodden mass.

 “Jeez this is wet love... you must have had a reservoir for a bladder.” She laughed at her own joke and I smiled not wishing to spoil her moment. I didn’t want to go into the details of being made to drink a litre of water. I doubted that it would have made any difference.

Once that had been ripped off, and I was left standing naked in front of mum, she inspected the area for any indication of a rash.

I know that as a fourteen year old I should have been more modest about mum inspecting at such close quarters but it simply didn’t occur to me to be that bothered.

“Mmmm love, you’re getting a bit red down there.” She pointed and grazed the area in the crease of my thigh with he fingernail. “Have a shower and I’ll put some cream on after... and then you’ll be as right as rain.”

I nodded and turned on the unit whilst mum cleared up my mess and grabbed something from one of the mirrored cabinets.

“Don’t be too long love Grandpa has organised for us to go to the races and we need to get going pretty soon.”

“OK,” I was eager to get this over with as much as anyone else and a trip to the races sounded a great day out because I knew they had a fair on site as well... or at least there was one last time we went.

Then it had been a fantastic surprise trip out and I loved the jockeys in their colourful silks and watching fantastic well-turned out horses. My Grandparents were definitely from a generation of horse lovers, although I wasn’t but didn’t mind. It would be fun.


When I finished I grabbed a towel and dried off as best as I could but hanging around in the bathroom, even after a shower, wasn’t the warmest place. I wrapped the towel around me and made for the bedroom where mum was waiting with some cream.

“It’s OK mum, I can do it.” I enthused but eager to find my briefs.

“It’s no problem love... but I want to make sure you’re completely comfy.” She beckoned me over and I saw that there was a towel spread out on the bed and a pile of cloth.

“Erm, what’s all this?” I looked dubiously at it all.

“Just some stuff that Granny’s found to help...” Mum was being considerate but it wasn’t what I wanted. “Brian’s told us that you keep suggesting ways to make Marty feel better... and that you’ve really got into wearing a nappy.” She shrugged as if she couldn’t understand why. “So, we now have cotton nappies for you to wear... just like he does.”

“But mum, that’s not what I wa...” I tried to be reasonable even though my insides were tied in knots but mum interrupted.

“Look sweetheart, I think it’s incredible that you and Reece spend so much time keeping Martin entertained, and you can tell he appreciates it.” She was sympathetic but there was still a hint of doubt as to why in her voice. “Brian says he’s never seen his brother so happy and that you are the one who keeps asking what more you can do.”

This all sounded like I was doing a good thing and meeting with mum’s approval although I’m sure there was more to it than that only she wasn’t saying. I watched as she folded the material into a nappy shape and inserted a thick soaker pad and began to feel less sure of myself.

“We all think it’s a fascinating ‘thing’ you’ve undertaken...” It was my turn to interrupt.

“Mum, can’t I just wear my underpants please... please mum.” I was almost in tears because I could see mum had other thoughts in her head and my pleading wasn’t going anywhere.

“Well, that would be OK except for something I overheard Fiona telling April.” At that moment my heart sank. I knew immediately what it would be. “She said that you admitted to her that you’d messed your pants, well, nappy, and that Brian had to cover by changing it for you.”

“But mum, that’s not the way it was.” I could feel tears now actually beginning to creep down my cheeks.

“But, is it true?” I could hardly speak because I’m not one to lie to mum but this was an awfully big thing to admit to. “I take it from the tears and your reticence to answer that it is.”

She looked at me thoughtfully.

“Well love, I think for the time being at least, a nappy is probably the safest thing for you to wear. So...

I wriggled in protest but mum was having none of it and slapped my naked thigh. “Now stop that.”

I was cowed because I couldn’t deny what she’d heard, nor could I deny that she’d just changed me out of a soaked nappy. So could put up very little in the way of argument, even though I felt hopeless and defeated.   

As mum pinned the entire thing on I was in floods of tears. So much was going through my head; blame, accusations, pleas for help but mum was adamant that a thick nappy should be tightly pinned in place and gran had found some different plastic pants from somewhere. I had nowhere to go and no ability to talk my way out of it so found a large pair of crinkly shiny white protection being pulled up over it all.

“Mum, this isn’t fair I, I, I...”

“Did you mess your nappy?” Again I was silent. I couldn’t deny it but I certainly didn’t want to admit it. “So really Danny it is fair... I’m sure you’ll be happier with the decision. From now on until we go home... you’ll be wearing a nappy. AND” she emphasised the word, “I don’t want you sneaking to Brian when you need a change... come to me to sort you out.”

She handed me shorts and I reluctantly pulled them up. They had an elasticated waist so it was a bit of a struggle but eventually they were up and encased my new thick padding tightly.

She smoothed everything down and said that the bulge was hardly noticeable but itI felt huge. Even though I’d already had a couple of days wearing disposables, this felt oddly different. Also, before I could say I was wearing because of being forced to by Brian. This was mum’s doing because she thought I’d become a shitting little toddler. Well, that’s what it felt like.

Although nobody said anything when we finally got downstairs I was convinced everyone was looking at me and knew what had just taken place. I caught Brian and Fiona’s eye as they were trying to get a boisterous Marty into their car but didn’t see any smile of achievement or victory on their faces so perhaps they didn’t know. Was this something now just between mum and me?

However, dad took a phone call just before we set off and announced his apologies but he had to return to work. There was a bit of chat between mum and dad, grandpa and grandma, which towards the end saw them looking and nodding in my direction. I wasn’t party to the conversation, though obviously somewhere I was involved but at that point I just didn’t know what was going on.

The outcome was both dad and mum would return home as dad had to fly off to Saudi Arabia to finalise a deal. Mum was going to stay but it was decided that she should accompany him as there would be several social engagements and it would be better to have his wife there. So, in that brief but intense chat it was agreed between them, without any consultation with me, that I would stay with my grandparents.


Within minutes my parents had packed up the car, minus me, and with a kiss, cuddle and encouraging words not to give my grandparents any grief, departed for their foreign adventure. I was in tears because it had all happened so fast and I just felt left out of it. Wearing a nappy, crying and feeling desolate gran hugged me close and patted my padded bottom.

“Don’t worry love, you’ll be fine with us and they’ll be back before you know it.” She tried to comfort me but seeing the car disappear down the drive was just too much and I was inconsolable.

Then that thing, that inexplicable thing, happened again when Marty saw me in distress he came over and hugged me tightly. He didn’t have to say a word but now all eyes were on us but it was amazing. I looked down at Marty and his wide brown eyes looked into mine and I could see the concern on his young features. He, like gran, patted my shorts and asked if I’d be OK? It was weird because I was suddenly engulfed in a feeling of total reassurance

Gran suggested that we all get in the cars and set off to the races. I’m sure she thought it would take my mind off things. Marty wanted to come with me but grandpa’s Mercedes didn’t have a child seat fitted so he had to go with his parents. Still I was pleased he wanted to stay with me rather than his sister or brother.


Part 5

I got in the car with my grandparents and throughout the journey they asked if I’d be OK. It was difficult to be upset with them because I’ve always enjoyed myself when staying at Wood View. They tried to cheer me up so, by the time we got to the race course, although the racing had yet to start, the place was quite busy and I was feeling infinitely better. All the kids had money and we aimed for the fair after grandma established a meeting area and made sure we had the right passes to get us back to the private box that had been arranged for us all.

Marty just wouldn’t leave me, even when Brian suggested they go on a ride together he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the teacups he wanted to spin around in. The fair was bigger than I remembered and the nice weather had brought out a record crowd. Soon it got too hectic so we made our way back to the box where a buffet had been arranged.

The day was getting better after such a terrible start. 

Grandpa had given all us kids race cards and told to select who we thought might win. One selection per race and, at the end of the day, the person who had most success would win a ‘special’ prize. What that might possibly be was kept secret by the adults, much to everyone’s frustration. So, although we weren’t betting on the races like the adults, we kids had a stake in picking winners.

We speculated just what it might be from a bar of chocolate to our own winning horse. I think at some point every possibility had been mentioned. April and Fiona were especially keen it should be a horse. Both convinced that they’d win.

Marty brought his race card to me and, although he had no idea what was really going on, choose his favourite colours in each race and we put a tick beside them. Seven races, seven ticks and I have to say, knowing we had a claim in what won, we were shouting at the top of our voices for our chosen horse. It was very exciting.

I saw Aunt Judy check Marty’s nappy and whisk him away to the toilet but not before collecting his nappy bag from gran. Once he’d been changed and had returned looking a lot happier gran called me over.

“Love, just a question; are you OK or do you need a change?” She whispered so no one else would hear but I felt my stomach drop to the floor and a sudden stream of pee began to fill the front of the damn thing.

I wriggled nervously hoping she wouldn’t notice and could deny what I’d done but she just smiled and told me to meet her outside in the hallway in two minutes. I felt really silly because I had all but forgotten the protection I was wearing until she mentioned it and couldn’t explain why I had such a reaction. Taken by surprise was my guess.

“Well love, your mother’s told me what’s happened and I’m here to make sure you’re kept safe and dry as much as possible.” With that she indicated the handicapped toilet and told me to go in and she followed.

“Gran, I’m OK I don’t need a nappy... it’s all a mistake... please gran... please.” I pleaded.

“Danny, are you wet or not?” She was being serious so I had to nod yes. “OK then, we need to get you into something dry or that rash might flair up.”

Oh my god she knows about the nappy rash... can’t I have any secrets?

“Now love, I’ve come prepared and have plenty here to make you comfortable so why not get out of those shorts and take your plastic pants off for me please.”

“But gran...”

“C’mon Danny, you’re wet and I need to get you into something drier so... let’s not mess about.”

Gran always had a way of dealing with me and inevitably by then she’d already pulled everything down and was helping me step out of the stretchy shorts and plastic pants around my ankles. After a few moments of inspection this was quickly followed by the unpinning of my soaked nappy. I must have wet earlier and just wasn’t aware of it because the soaker pad lived up to its name. Then another surprise, there was more than just pee sitting in the seat.

To say I was as shocked as gran would be an understatement. I had no idea I’d done such a thing. I mean, I knew I’d passed wind a few times because the pants were quite tight and I thought... well, whatever I thought, I thought wrong.

“Well Danny, I wasn’t expecting this... this...” Gran looked as surprised as me at the nasty content.

She didn’t finish her sentence merely grabbed some toilet paper and wiped my bum like she would a toddler. It took several damp sheets of toilet paper to clean everything up and by then I was just too mortified to complain.

Fourteen, yes fourteen and I’d been reduced by some means to being a crappy and incontinent toddler. What happened and why hadn’t I been aware of it was a dilemma? Try as a might, I couldn’t blame Brian for it, this was all down to me... but why?

Once I’d been meticulously wiped down gran rummaged in the bag and produced some large cotton squares. I dreaded looking at them knowing full well that soon they were to be shaped to fit me. I kept saying to myself I’m fourteen and this can’t be happening but then of course, I’d just filled a nappy and not for the first time.

I was past being on the verge of tears and I could feel my eyes stinging with the sheer humiliation of a lad my age having his bottom wiped and cleaned up by his granny. I felt awful but still tried to plead my case.

“Please gran. I, I, ummm...” I couldn’t even launch a credible excuse.

Meanwhile, she just got on with the task in hand, brushed away any protest with a tender and caring smile, whispered words of encouragement and added a final flurry of baby powder, which she carefully smoothed into my skin. So, when she pinned me into an even thicker nappy and pulled up a pair of blue vinyl pants I had accepted this was not something I was going to avoid any time soon.

“OK Danny, I think we’re done so put your pants back on and...”

“Please granny, please don’t tell anyone. I’m sorry, I’m so sorr...”

“Danny, I’m not going to broadcast it love,” she smiled sympathetically. “As long as we can keep you clean and dry... that’s all that matters. So,” she said as if deciding on something, “let’s get back and see how we’re doing with our horses shall we?”


On our return to the box I was so embarrassed I could barely look anyone in the eye I just wanted to disappear. The bulk under my shorts I imagined was so much thicker and felt like I was carrying a huge pillow between my legs.  I didn’t know what all this would mean for the rest of my stay at Wood View but at that moment I wanted to hide away.

So, the last race of the day saw Reece, Marty and me in the children’s play area pushing each other on the swings, see-saws, roundabout and whatever else we could get on that other kids had abandoned to watch the race or had gone home. We were pretending we were there to supervise Marty but in fact were enjoying playing around as much as he was. I suppose I had more in common with him than just wearing a nappy.

I asked Reece if he’d been changed but cockily admitted that he’d snuck to the toilets and happily peed into a bowl and not his rather crumpled disposable. Despite that sudden surge of self-confidence it was his only triumph of the day because he had no winners from his selection. He didn’t ask if I’d wet but might have guessed seeing as how I followed gran out into the hall and she was carrying the nappy bag. Still, if everyone saw, no one actually said anything even though the girls had smiles on their faces. However, that had been the situation since we arrived because both were going mad over the parade of well-groomed horses. They professed love for most of them and were convinced they’d be going home with at least one when they won the competition.


We’d left our race cards with Uncle Frank, Reece’s dad, and had no real hope of winning the game as Brian had announce he’d cunningly bet on all the favourites so was bound to win. We all believed that to be true so took no interest in Race 7 on the card, which saw Marty’s ‘Pink’ rider win by two lengths.

After the race we stayed in the box until the traffic had died down a bit and because there was still food and drink to be had. Grandpa and Uncle Ernest disappeared for a while but when they returned had an announcement.

“Well,” Grandpa started, “it’s been a wonderful day and I hope you’ve all had a good time.” Cheers and noises of agreement came from all of us. “But,” and looked to us group of kids, “there has been a competition today to find out who is the best ‘tipster’ amongst you guys.”

Murmurs and apprehensive looks passed between us all. Everyone but Reece had at least one winner and one or two seconds or thirds, so no one really knew the final score.

“Surprisingly our winner is... Marty... who with three winners, a second and a third proved to be our most successful tipster. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it gives me great pleasure in presenting our outstanding winner...” and from behind his back produced a silver cup with Marty’s name engraved on a little plaque at its base.

Winner of the Tipster Challenge

Martin Clemence

We all applauded as a nervous, and had to be said confused, three year-old stepped up to receive his award.

I wondered how they had been able to get it all organised so quickly but guess grandpa or Uncle Ernest had contacts who could do such a thing at short notice, unless there was a place on site that could do it. The race course was full of shops and little cabins selling all manner of stuff from horse tack, photos, gifts and paraphernalia to sweets and drinks. There may well have been someone selling engraved silverware for all I knew. Anyway, it was fantastic that he’d won and I saw the look of disappointment on the girl’s faces. They’d been confident they’d be riding their own prize filly home.

In addition, Uncle Ernest produced a stuffed horse to commemorate the day and it was wonderful to see Marty’s eyes widen in surprise as he got to hug the fluffy toy. He couldn’t believe it was his and spent the rest of the afternoon playing and showing it off to everyone he could; neighing and making galloping noises as he trotted it along every available surface. At that moment I think he may well have caught the same ‘horsey’ bug that grandma and grandpa possessed.

Ice cream was the last thing served to us all and I think it was what Marty enjoyed the most. As the winner everyone made a fuss of him and I was pleased that Brian hadn’t got his own way and that his brilliant system of backing favourites had failed. A three year-old picking colours had thwarted his ambition so I knew there was a lesson there... although in that instance I didn’t quite know what.


On the way home I fell asleep in the back of the car and dreamed that mum and dad were in some kind of danger and could do nothing to help. It terrified me so that by the time we arrived at the house my nappy was absolutely soaked but I was desperate not to let granny know I’d wet yet again. She’d be more convinced I was nothing more than an incontinent fourteen year old baby.

The other cars arrived shortly after us and everyone got out and made for the house. Brian was holding Marty’s hand and I wondered if he was going to change him. They ambled upstairs and I followed to see that was exactly what Brian was going to do. He’d set a precedent so now his mum left him to get on with it. I think she was making the most of her eldest son’s need for admiration.

Despite that, Brian, as usual, was gentle and understanding with his little brother - smoothly stripping the boy down, cleaning him up and back into a nappy in moments. Once again, the happy little fellow hugged his brother in thanks.

“Erm Brian,” this was going to be embarrassing but for some reason thought it was the best course of action, “do you think you could change me as well... please?”

Marty as always was all smiles and I saw a surprised look on Brian’s face. “Well, I’m not sure. I mean, my sister’s changed you, your mother’s changed you and I suspect earlier this afternoon granny changed you... surely it’s April’s turn isn’t it?”

I stood red-faced that he’d just described my nappy changes so correctly.

After a moment’s thought he agreed. “I will but first you need to tell me why me and why now?”

I didn’t quite understand his question. “Erm, because I’m wet.”

“I can gather that but why not gran, she’s the one with all the right stuff... since the disposables ran out I only have Marty’s nappies at hand.”

“Oh.” I sounded, and to be honest was, quite disappointed.

“Look, stay there and keep Marty entertained... and I suppose you better strip down to your nappy. I’ll go and check as I think she’s put a load of new stuff in one of the bathroom cabinets.”

Before he left he pointed Marty so he was looking directly at me.

“See Marty, much bigger boys have trouble not wetting their nappy but I bet you get to use the potty quicker than your cousin here.”

“Pottee... nappeee... Daneee...” He was having fun saying these words together though I was anxious no one else would know.

With that barb Brian left us two together whilst he went in search of further supplies. For a three year old Marty really is entertaining. We just chatted about the fab day out and how clever he was at picking horses... even if he’d just liked the colours of the jockey’s shirts. The cup was laid out on his little bed but other than that he appeared to have no interest in it. He’d put his horse so its head was sticking out above his blanket so I guessed that would be his sleep mate from now on.

By the time Brian returned I was out of my shorts and standing in my soaked nappy but still wore the blue plastic pants.

“Oh, very snazzy,” he grinned as he entered the room, “colourful baby pants, how nice.”

He was enjoying my discomfort but it was me who’d asked for this so I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting some kind of humiliation. I lay out on the bed, ‘my’ single bed, which Marty had so recently been changed on.

“Babee pants.” Marty echoed and reached out to stroke the slinky vinyl. He had a fine selection of ‘babee’ pants in various colours and childish designs that we’d witnessed and for a brief second wondered if that’s what Brian was planning on putting me in.

“OK, get them off and let’s see the damage,” was Brian’s contribution to the conversation.

I slid down the blue plastic.

He took one look at all the material.

“Gran has certainly got you well-padded. I mean, it’s so much easier with a disposable but... with all these pins... well...”

After a brief struggle, which included his finger getting a prick that drew a spot of blood, he had it unpinned and let it flop to the floor.

After a brief inspection he got out the wet wipes and cleaned me up. He seemed to know about nappy rash, or at least the prospect of it, and smoothed in some cream before, like he had with Marty, sprinkling powder all over my bottom and groin.

Even in this awkward situation I still didn’t know why I thought Brian would be the right person for the job. I know he was the one who put me in the position in the first place, and I resented it, but still sought him out, to sort me out. Obviously I wasn’t thinking straight but at the time it seemed the most obvious solution to my problem without involving gran. Although, why I didn’t want her to know I wasn’t sure. Perhaps I was feeling guilty about the entire wetting and messing thing.


I think I might have been worried that she might say something to mum, which in turn would be more of an embarrassment as I’d tried to explain (badly) to her when she’d changed me that morning why I didn’t need any protection. I was also feeling guilty that she might have been horrified that I’d wet whilst in the back of their expensive Mercedes. I was wet and confused and wanted out and Brian, ‘Mr Understanding’, seemed my best option.

I hadn’t taken much notice of what he’d brought with him I was just relieved we could do this in private. However, the material he had was thick and bulky, much more so than what I had been wearing but he wasn’t to know that... I suppose?

He rearranged the fabric into an hour-glass shape, stuck in an extra soaker pad like gran had and tightly pinned me in. It took a bit of a tussle on his part to get it to fit right but in the end seemed happy with the result. He had a pair of clear crinkly plastic pants with him but I preferred the blue ones so quickly shimmied them up my legs and over the heavy mass. It was the most ungainly nappy I‘d had to wear and was unsure whether my shorts or anything else for that matter would fasten over it all.

I was surprised when Brian looked on, made a face, rifled in his backpack and passed a pair of his own shorts. Under normal circumstances they would have been fairly loose on me but with the padding they fit pretty well. Brian said they were perfect; Marty smiled and patted them, whilst I thought they hid the problem as well as could be expected.

“OK Danny, you’re done but you owe me one.”

I had to agree... I did owe him one but didn’t expect exactly what that meant.


Part 6

Later, in the conservatory there was just me and Reece talking and I asked him if he’d been changed by his mum.

“No, I’m not wearing a disposable again.” He said with some derision.

“What do you mean?” I didn’t understand.

“I decided I wasn’t going to play his game. Brian could say what he liked because everyone now knows and although he said it was for Marty,” he looked at me with an air of superiority I’d never seen on my twelve year old cousin’s face before, “I told him and mum that I wasn’t going to be involved anymore.”

“Oh, what did your mum say?”

She just shrugged and said it was up to me. So, I went upstairs, ripped the damn thing off I’d been wearing all day and slid it under the covers of his bed. So, he can do what he likes with it.”

“Are you in your undies now?”

“Sure... but I see you’re not.” Again there was that tone of superiority that I’d not been subjected to before. He pulled the top of his shorts down to reveal the waistband of his blue briefs to prove it.

I felt stupid. My younger cousin, who’d hardly said anything throughout this experience, had stood up for himself and it’d worked. So, why hadn’t I?

It was strange from then on because I could feel the heavy material wrapped around my crotch more than ever and see the blue plastic pants occasionally popping above the waistband. I suspected I’d got myself into a situation and didn’t know how to get out of it. Could I simply say I didn’t want to play anymore?


“Gran, can I sleep in mum and dad’s room tonight?” I asked hopefully.

“I thought you boys had some kind of pact to stay together.” She smiled but looked a bit unsure.

“Yes, well, erm, but, uuummm, I think it’s quite crowded and think I’d sleep better on my own.” I hoped I’d made my case no matter how clumsily.

“Well, I suppose the offer should go to Brian initially as he’s the oldest... and... Reece asked for it earlier. I’m not sure, but I suppose, if he doesn’t want it then I can’t see why one of you can’t have it. You’ll have to ask Brian first though.”

I could see requesting this arrangement wouldn’t go down well with him, as he’d feel I was trying to get away from his influence. He’d be correct but I really wanted gran to say it had already been arranged. As it was I would have to make the approach.

However, when I got to Brian he and Reece were already chatting and Reece was looking relieved. As I arrived it was clear that something had been agreed and Reece was quick to tell me he was having the room as he’d organised it with Brian and now, carrying his little case he’d brought clothes in, he was off to sort it with gran.

I was left standing there dumbfounded. I mean, I’d been behind in all this and Reece was, well, ahead. I shrugged as Brian asked if I wanted anything.

“No, just wanted to, you know, possibly have the room myself.” I said hopefully. At the back of my mind I was telling myself that as I was the next oldest, then it should have been my automatic place to get the room... alas I’d been usurped.

“Oh, what a shame, a few minutes earlier and you could have had it. Anyway, it’s only for another night because we’re all going home tomorrow. Well, except for you.” Brian was looking at the used disposable Reece had left in his bed. I had no idea what his attitude was towards such an act but he seemed resigned that our cousin would play no further part in his little game.

However, this was excellent news. They were all going home in the morning and thankfully I’d be left on my own... and that would be fantastic. Besides, now I could see a pretty clear end to this ‘nappy business’ I didn’t mind another night sharing a room with my eldest and youngest cousins.

Marty found me and asked if I’d play with him so for the rest of the evening until bedtime that’s what I did. Reece had moved his stuff into his new sleeping quarters and I envied the large double bed he’d get to sleep in. However, I would only have to suffer the inflatable and sleeping bag for one more night.


At 8pm Marty, curled up in the crook of his mother’s arm and watching TV, was gently told it was time for bed. He said he wasn’t tired and wanted to stay up but his eyes had been drooping for quite some time so she took hold of his hand and led him up to the bedroom.

Aunt Judy looked over to Brian and said, “I’ll see to him tonight love he might take a bit to settle.”

“OK,” her eldest replied with a nod.

“Fiona, can you warm some milk for him please and bring it up when it’s ready?”

Her daughter sighed heavily but did as asked and ventured into the kitchen where Aunty Pat and Uncle Frank were animatedly discussing something. I didn’t know what.

Meanwhile gran gently tugged at my sleeve.

“You might as well go up and get changed as well sweetheart,” she gently whispered, “do you both at the same time.”

For a moment April looked a little bemused but didn’t let that distract from her watching what was on TV. I saw a grin spread across her face but she said nothing.

I looked at gran in astonishment and shiver ran down my spine. It could have been embarrassment, guilt or something else but what I do know was that a spurt of pee found its warming way into the front of my padding. So now I did feel very guilt-ridden and uncomfortable.

It was like every time the fact that I was wearing a nappy was observed or commented on, made me spontaneously pee into it. Gran was still watching my reaction and smiled knowingly, encouraging me to go and get it over with.

“You can come down after if you like but go up now and then it’s done.” She smiled as if she was suggesting the most natural thing in the world.

I don’t know why she just assumed I’d be wet, perhaps because Brian had changed me when we got in from the races. Maybe she had a sixth sense or, more than likely, just guessed it was time seeing as I’d been wet a few times now.

Anyway, I didn’t know whether to object and say I was OK or simply ignore her but it was gran so reluctantly followed Aunt Judy up to the room. I knew that if she checked she’d discover I was already more than a little damp and that would just confirm her suspicions that I needed a fresh nappy and couldn’t be trusted with the truth. If that was to occur, maybe from then on there would be further, sporadic inspections of my nappy status. I didn’t want that to become something else to worry about.

Reluctantly, I trundled upstairs thinking how I’m fourteen and this just wasn’t right. However, the pee had soaked in quite a bit and had a waddle that was more obvious as I climbed the stairs. The wet fabric being more clingy next to my skin than a wet disposable.

Entering the room aunty had already started on her son; the nappy bag was open with all the stuff needed to make him comfy for the night. One of the inflatables had been removed so we all had a bit more space.

“Ah Danny, same for you?” She smiled a welcoming smile, again, as if it was the most normal thing to happen. “Can you go and get your stuff please love? It’s in the cabinet in the bathroom.”

In fact, it hadn’t clicked just how normal changing my nappy had become. Everyone knew about it and no one but me seemed to bat an eyelid at it happening.

This was something new, me getting my own nappies and powder and everything. I wasn’t sure why but I thought this aspect of getting a change was a very strange thing to do... but with a wet nappy and gran’s and auntie’s encouragement by now I was on autopilot.

This was going to be the sixth different person to change my wet nappy and I wondered when it would all end. Did the entire family have to have a go before I’d be out of the damn things?

I toddled down to the other end of the corridor, it always seems such a distance from the bedroom, but was more aware than normal about the thick, wet padding hanging under those red shorts of Brian’s.

The cabinet door was already open so I don’t know if it had just been restocked or someone else had been having a look. I couldn’t believe just how much gran had found as there was quite a pile of thick fabric nappies and a couple of pairs of creamy-coloured rubber pants. There was also a bag of soaker pads and a couple of near empty packs of teenage disposables... with patterns and indicator stripes down them.

I grabbed the disposables, pants and a couple of soaker pads and made my way back. When I got there Fiona had arrived with the bottle for Marty but he was proving a bit fussy and didn’t want to take it. However, once he saw me he calmed down and took the bottle but wouldn’t drink no matter how much coaxing he got from his mother or sister. I think he was waiting for me to come to bed.

Seeing me standing hauling my own supplies Fiona smiled. “Do you want me to change you Danny?” I just hoped she didn’t say “Again.” That would have been too much; her mother knowing her daughter had already padded me up.

“No love,” Aunty admonished, “stop teasing... Danny’s doing a terrific job, look how much he’s involved with his cousin.” She indicated the smile on Marty’s face once he saw me begin to get ready.

“Anyway love, I’m sure Danny doesn’t want you hanging around so...” she indicated the door and told her to “scoot”.

Ohh mummmm” It was a pretend protest because she giggled as she left.

“Right Danny, let’s get you sorted and into your... ah disposables?” She observed as I unloaded them onto the bed. “Yes, I can understand... Brian always preferred disposables when he was your age... although granny usually insists on fabric.”

What? What was I hearing? That Brian wore a nappy... at my age? Well!


“Did Brian wet the bed then aunty?” I barely whispered my incredulity.

“Oh yes sweetheart. That’s one of the reasons he’s so good with his little brother... he understands what he’s going through.”

I had to think about this. So that was the reason gran had all this stuff on hand because it used to be... my ‘big butch cousin’s’ when he came to stay. However, this had got me thinking more about Brian than my own situation. I couldn’t quite get my head around why he was so insistent that both Reece and I should wear protection on that first day after we’d been put in it by Aunty Pat.

Meanwhile, now aunty had Marty ready she could pay more attention to me but my attention was elsewhere. Whilst I contemplated this latest news she just got on with pulling down my pants and getting things underway.

He’d insinuated that it was something the adults had already decided should happen if we woke up soaked, and soaked we were. Although we didn’t question it too closely at the time (I suppose because we both thought him a bully and capable of doing us harm) maybe we simply tried to dismiss what was happening; adults being adults and often keen that we should ‘do as we say - not do as we do’ or some such irritating remark.

Then Brian’s assertion that we should help poor little Marty cope with his slow potty-training might have been an after-thought. I didn’t see it as a problem as I wore them myself until later... much later. I partly wondered if slow potty training was some kind of trait.  If Brian also... no... this wasn’t right because if he was my age and wet... that meant he was in protection at fourteen... like I was now. Oh this explained a lot... though wasn’t sure what.

Had he engineered it because he had to wear a nappy at my age that now his cousins should also do so just to prove it wasn’t only him? Things were getting too complicated... and yet?

If that was the case, why then had I begun to wet so often? I mean, I wasn’t wetting before the party and although Brian had made me wear a disposable in the first place, he hadn’t made me wet or crap in the thing, even though I blamed him for my doing so.

I’d done both things and not just once, my nappies were now wet whenever someone suggested a change and suddenly I’d realise that’s what was needed. I’d wet without knowing I was doing so. I knew Brian liked the fact that my nappies were always sodden and now I knew why. However, it looked like I was happy to use them but I wasn’t happy at all, umm, was I?


Brian never flinched from changing neither mine nor Reece’s soaked nappies and was quite thorough but gentle when he had. When I think about it I’m quite confused. Brian started this thing off, actually, no, the fact we only had one available toilet in the house and the place was packed with so many people, that’s what started all this off. Brian must have just seen an opportunity and run with it to see where it might lead.  The bag of disposables left under his bed perhaps the key to the way his mind worked?

Actually, now I think about it, as far as I knew neither of the girls were put in disposables, and nor was Brian so why was it just me and Reece? Why had it been decided that the boys getting to the loo would be a problem when it wasn’t for anyone else? I needed answers but for the moment I needed to get my thoughts in order to confront anyone. Perhaps in the morning before everyone departs.

However, for me... well... even as Aunty Judy was wiping me down and commenting what a wet nappy she’d just removed, I was going along with it. Possibly, the reason nappies weren’t thought of as strange was because of Brian’s past. Maybe, it was just accepted that boys of any age might need some help... and in this case that help was thick protection.

Then there I was, fully enclosed and having a pair of cream coloured rubber pants wriggled up my legs. The bulk was quite thick but now he saw what I was wearing Marty began to settle down with his stuffed horse on one side and his teddy bear on the other. It was amazing just how much notice the lad took of what was going on so maybe Brian had been correct in what we were doing had some kind of influence on the way the tot felt about himself. I don’t know how that would work but I’m not a three year old and don’t know how the brain works on a boy that age.

Anyway, once I was finished aunty turned attention back to her son and tried to encourage him to drink from his bottle. He giggled a little and then held it out for me.

“Oh Danny, will you be a sweetheart and pretend to drink... you know to encourage him... otherwise I’ll be here all night?”

It was just an off-hand plea but I thought it quite a strange request.

“Erm, er,” but as usual I found the bottle in my hand and aunty flattering me to drink.

Now it’s some time since I last used a bottle. Come to think of it, this was the first time I’d seen Marty use one since he’d been here as well.

Aunty was quickly in, “It just soothes him down. Some nice warm milk filling his tummy and he’s settled for the night.”

“OK,” I tried to drink from it but it wasn’t easy.

“Maybe if you squeezed the teat with your tongue you could get a few drops out rather than just suck.” Aunt Judy instructed.

I thought I was only supposed to be pretending but perhaps she thought her son wouldn’t be fooled by mere pretence.


Eventually I got a few quick spurts out and realised you had to get a rhythm going to make any headway with a bottle like that.

“Take a few good gulps and then let’s see if he’ll take it.” Aunty monitored my nursing abilities.

“Tastes OK,” I ventured a nod towards Marty between gulps but lost the rhythm and had to start again.

“Oh well in that case sweetheart, I’ll get one for you.” Aunty teased.

After about five minutes, and Marty watching my commitment, he reached out and asked for it. I handed the bottle back and he immediately settled down, soothing himself as he downed the rest of the milk. I had to agree with my little pal, and as it was something I’d not had for ages, warm milk was a very comforting way to end the day. He also got to hug his new stuffed horsey and teddy so no doubt twice, no, three times as comforting.


His mum bid him ‘ni-night’ and asked if I was coming down with her. As I was only wearing protection I looked around for my jammies but didn’t know where they’d got to. The shorts had been left somewhere, probably in the bathroom, and I didn’t fancy that journey, so decided to stay with Marty until he fell asleep.

“You’re an angel,” was his mother’s description of my selflessness. “I’ll get something for you...” She didn’t finish exactly what she was getting or for what.

Ten minutes later she came back upstairs and saw that Marty was fast asleep and had finished his bottle. I was standing at the side of his little bed deep in thought wondering what a three year-old dreamed about. I’d just about forgotten that I only had on a t-shirt and a very thick nappy and some glossy plastic pants. However, his mother had come armed with another bottle and cheekily added that I might as well have it as I’d liked the taste.

“Aunty, I’m not drinking from a bottle.” I said annoyed that she thought this was funny.

She took the empty bottle from Marty and slipped a dummy magically produced from her pocket between his lips, which he immediately started sucking.

“Well, it’s up to you of course but why let it go to waste?” There was that fun giggle she used when she joined in with any of her kids games. “Anyway, I’ll leave it with you so, please yourself. Thanks for getting Martin off... it’s much appreciated.” She patted my padded bum in thanks.

Once we were left I toddled over to my sleeping bag and slipped inside. I was still holding the bottle and the warmth in my hand was quite nice, and I had liked the taste, so found myself nursing and enjoying the flow. No wonder Marty had enjoyed it so much. Before long I realised I was sucking on air but my belly felt pleasantly full.



Part 7

It worked because I dropped off and didn’t wake up until morning when there was a lot of movement going on around me.

“Danny, Danny,” my name was being called in a hushed whisper.

“What?” I acknowledged as I pulled myself barely conscious up from the sleeping bag. I noticed that Marty was awake and Brian was looking stressed.

“Get up Danny I need you to do something for me.” He sounded more than a bit agitated.

“What is it, for heaven’s sake can’t you let me get up properly... what’s the hurry?” I crawled out of the sleeping bag to see Brian looking distinctly uncomfortable.

“I need you to pull off your, erm, protection and get into my bed.” What he meant was get into ‘my’ bed which he’d commandeered.

“Why, what’s wrong?” I was still waking up and more than a bit confused by all the fuss.

“Just do it, mum will be up soon to see to Marty.” He sounded more and more stressed.

Without any warning he pulled my rubber pants down and started tugging at the tapes on my disposable... my very soaked disposable.

“What’re you doing that for...?” I tried to protest but he just pushed my hand away and continued dragging the soggy item down.

“Just get it off.” I could hear voices on the landing. It sounded like Aunt Judy and Fiona were heading our way.

Before I knew it I was naked from the waist down and he’d pushed me onto the bed.

“Get in, get in.” He more or less shoved me under the sheets and quickly covered me up as his mum and sister walked in.

It was then I became aware that the sheet I was lying on was wet. Someone had soaked the bed and I knew it wasn’t me because my nappy... where had it gone? Then I saw that Brian was furtively carrying it off somewhere.

“Morning Danny.” Both aunt and cousin spoke simultaneously.

“Yes, errr, um, morning.” I responded as I felt distinctly uncomfortable lying in a wet bed; the clamminess of both the top and bottom sheet becoming more apparent.

Brian had disappeared for the moment but I stayed in bed as his mother got Marty up and checked his nappy.

“Oh good boy.” She reassured her son as she tapped his rear and felt the fullness.

Brian re-entered the room empty-handed and shrugged as his mother wondered what happened last night.

“Oh nothing much, Danny here said he was feeling a little uncomfortable with his protection so I swapped places. It was quite an experience sleeping on a bouncy castle.” He laughed at his own joke whilst jumping on the inflatable mattress, which in turn had Marty chuckling at his antics.

“Well that was thoughtful but wonder why that was... you seemed OK last night didn’t you?” His mum briefly looked my way before she started to guide Marty towards the bathroom.

“C’mon you, time to greet the day.” Fiona joked and pulled back the covers to reveal not only a naked me but an obviously wet bed. “Oh dear Danny, what have you done, again?”

Before I could come up with any response Brian intervened. “Well, I know you said the nappy was itchy and uncomfortable but you shouldn’t have taken it off...” he said as if understanding but telling me off at the same time. “You know what you’re like... the bedding’s soaked.”

I just lay there nervously trying to cover myself and wondering what the hell had just happened. He was holding up a dry discarded disposable and it was only later I realised it was the one Reece must have left in his bed.

“You won’t be granny’s favourite grandson this morning sweetheart,” aunty aimed the comment at me. “but I suppose accidents happen, especially when you’re...”

At that moment Marty made a fart noise so his mother was distracted from further comment as she manoeuvred him towards the bathroom.

“Well, I suspect its more nappies for you baby boy.” Fiona observed with a smug tone to her voice and then saw the empty bottle I’d drunk from last night and must have known it was something her mother had planned as a joke. “It looks like even milk is a bit too much for our sweet babykins... oh well.”   

She sniggered as she went off to help her distracted mother and left me with a very relieved looking Brian.

“Why did you do that?” I was angry but also uncertain as what it would mean. The thought of lying in someone else’s pee made me shudder.

“Look man, you’re doing me a favour taking the blame for this. I can’t let mum think I’m back wetting the bed. I can’t have another accident. She can’t know about this.”

At first his attitude was that of a man in charge but then I saw he was actually worried and pleading with me.     

Another accident?” Was circling in my head but I said nothing. However, a sudden image of this big team captain running around the pitch with his shorts stuffed by a thick nappy briefly entered my head and distractedly made me smile.

“Look Danny, I need you to own this.” He ran his hand over the cold wet sheet. “Pretend it’s entirely your fault. That it was an accident because you removed an irritating nappy and didn’t realise...”

His mother returned to the room to pick up some clothes for Marty.

“I’ve sent Fiona to inform gran what’s happened but I suggest you get up and strip the bed for starters.”

“I’ll give him a hand.” Brian volunteered and immediately proceeded to pull the damp sheets together.

Meanwhile, she grabbed a few items for her young son and wandered back to the bathroom.

“I need some clothes too... and what have you done with the nappy?” I whispered to Brian.

I had no idea why I thought it important to know where that was but he just motioned it was with all the other stuff waiting to be thrown out. I wandered over to the drawers and was just about to look for some pants when gran walked in.

“Ah sweetie, don’t worry.” She came over and hugged me. “These things happen but you should have kept your padding on. It’s what it’s there for...”

“Erm, yes, ummm, sorry gran but...” I felt numb from what was going on.

Brian was quick to get in.

“He said it was irritating him gran... so we swapped places... he must have taken it off.” He brandished Reece’s disposable again to add weight to his story.

As I was standing bare-arsed and searching for undies granny asked if Brian would take all the wet stuff downstairs and into the washroom.

“I have a ton of stuff to do today.” She beamed. “However young man,” she was now looking at me, “I think we’d better find an un-itchy nappy this time.”

She grabbed my hand and walked me towards the bathroom.

“Gran no I’m OK, I’ll just wear briefs as normal. I can...” I was trying to explain but Brian was right behind us and didn’t want to drop him in it. Although I suspect no one would believe me anyway. He’d painted a very convincing picture and it would look like I was searching for a scapegoat. I sagged under the weight of my own uncertainty. I just didn’t know what to do for the best but obviously didn’t want to wear another nappy for the day.

Just as we got to the bathroom a dressed and eager faced Marty rushed out and hugged my naked leg.

“Nappee for Danneee....” I grimaced at his innocent comment. Granny smiled in agreement with his assessment.

“Yes sweetie and he’ll be just like his favourite cousin, eh?” He smiled the most gorgeous smile in response.

Aunty was just finishing clearing up as gran led me in and began to run the shower.

“OK poppet, have a bit of a wash and then I’ll see to you, OK?”

As I climbed under the warm spray I saw she was fiddling about in the cabinet so knew I wasn’t going to get out of wearing something bulky again.

I washed everything as much as I could, desperate to delay the final act of being wrapped in yet more padding. Gran was still hovering and urged me to finish and then she could carry on with getting me ready for the day.

I saw her standing holding piles of supplies in one arm and a large towel over the other, which she passed to me as I stepped from the warmth into the relative coolness of the room. I shivered.

“Look love, let’s get you back to your room. I bet you’ll be glad that after today you’ll have it all to yourself.” We wandered down the corridor drying myself as we went. “I think you’ve been a terrific influence on Martin, which everyone has been grateful for... keeping him busy and entertained.”

With her arm around my shoulder she was just making small talk, whilst gently guiding me along and into the bedroom.

She put the pile of stuff down on the bed, took the towel and began to briskly dry me down. Even that simple task was taken away. Eventually she thought I was dry enough, laid the towel out on the bed and indicated I should lie out.

“Gran can’t I just have my underpants back... please?

“OK sweetheart let’s just think shall we?” It was obviously a question that I wasn’t expected to answer. “Is this bed wet?” She looked into my eyes and although I wanted to say “Yes but not by me” I stayed silent.

She flapped out some material and began to fold it.

“Look darling, I know it might be strange and I’m sure it feels peculiar to wear a nappy but, despite all the claims to be helping Martin... we know that something else is happening to you.”

I was shocked. How did she know I’d been coerced into wearing a nappy by Brian and...

“Brian, well Fiona actually, has said that she changed your soaked nappy whilst Martin was getting his changed by Brian. You’re fourteen years old and yet you didn’t think it inappropriate that your female cousin should be asked to do such a thing?”

I wanted to plead that it was Brian who made me. Oh god this wasn’t going how I hoped and my arguments, even to me, seemed pathetic.

“OK then,” Gran was firm as she wriggled the fabric under my bum and started rubbing lotion into the inflamed area. “I don’t want any arguments love. We understand and we’ll keep you as content as possible.”

“But gran I don’t...” I was in tears because I couldn’t see a way out of this predicament.

She just gently shushed me... as if trying to pacify a little kid.

“Don’t worry sweetheart... no one is angry or upset with you. We know this type of thing can happen, it’s nothing new and nothing we can’t handle. Dry your tears love everything will be alright... we just have to be sure you’re kept happy and dry.”

Just before she pinned it all together she looked and just made a questionable “Hmmm” noise. I wasn’t sure what that meant but it appeared she’d come to some conclusion or found another problem. Whatever it was was followed by a reassuring smile to put me back at ease.


I lay there trying to take the situation in and how easily I’d let myself get put into this annoying position. Gran was folding a huge swathe of material into what looked to be the beginnings of a substantial nappy. Her quiet soothing voice, so gentle and understanding, it’s impossible to get angry or display anything but gratitude. She smiled in such a compassionate way as she rubbed talc slowly into my skin and before I was aware I’d been pinned in and gran was wriggling a pair of blue plastic pants up my legs.

“Lift,” she ordered and I did and with a snap of elastic. “There, all safe and secure love. Let’s go and have some breakfast, eh?”

“I can’t go like this.” It felt heavy and strange. In fact, this entire visit to Wood View had been verging on the bizarre and this was yet another thing.

“No of course not poppet.” That was a term she used when I was little and I was surprised she used it now. However, she went to the chest of drawers and pulled out a jumper I hadn’t seen before and a pair of loose denim shorts. “These used to be Brian’s when he came to stay.” I looked over and saw that it wasn’t just the bathroom cabinet that had a host of stuff in it. The drawer was practically full. “I bet they’ll fit you easily.”

Thanks to the bulk of the nappy they did.

Once she’d finished I hung back before following her just so I could peak a little bit more into what else was in the cupboard and drawers. I was amazed at the clothing she’d managed to assemble. As I hadn’t brought much but a change of jeans, a couple of shirts and a jumper it appeared to be an entire wardrobe for my newly extended stay. The extra underwear I’d brought had now become redundant, although I looked on them in hope that pretty soon I’d be able to return to wearing them.

I held things up for inspection and noticed a few old item of mine but most were new to me so suspected they must have been Brian’s or maybe even Reece’s (or whoever else came to visit) when they stayed over. However, the top drawer contained more nappies and plastic pants and what I eventually discovered were onesies. I had no idea if these belonged to Brian but I guessed I’d soon find out, especially if mum and dad were going to be away for any length of time.


So there I was, fully protected from, well, myself I suppose, sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast as everyone else was busy loading up cars and saying their goodbyes.

Uncle Ernest was hugging his father and telling him they needed to get an early start otherwise they’d hit all the motorway traffic. Brian was trying to fasten Marty into his booster seat whilst, as usual, Fiona and April were in deep chat about who knows what. The secret life of girls was still beyond my comprehension.

Reece had been staring at my padding, which was fairly substantial, and shaking his head. I think he thought it was something I liked so now disregarded me as a relation and just somebody to be pitied. Aunty Pat was organising their next visit with gran and Uncle Frank was loading up his BMW with various bags and suitcases.

Moments later, after a series of loud and prolonged farewells, Wood View fell quiet. The last thing Brian whispered in my ear was that he “owed me” and not forget the favour I’d done him. That was a long way from being called a ‘swotty little twat’ which had been his usual final rebuke. He actually patted my bum whilst adding, what appeared to be, his heartfelt thanks. In fact, I think everyone patted my bum before they left and wished me well and hoped mum and dad wouldn’t be gone long. I hoped the same.

“Call me if you need your nappy changed,” had been the final whispered insult from Fiona. She giggled with glee now that she had something to irritate me with when next we met. Both Reece and April looked at me with complete disdain from the rear seats as their car pulled away and I could see she asked him a question to which he just shrugged and shook his head. I did wonder if that was a question about me.  

After the place drifted back to silence and gran had started on the wash grandpa came over and sat down in front of me.

“Well Danny, it’s been a very eventful few days hasn’t it?” I nodded in agreement but was feeling depressed that even with everyone gone I was still wearing a thick nappy which I thought rustled with even the slightest movement. “Look, I know gran has put you in more protection AND I'm sure you’re not happy about it.”

For a second my hopes were lifted as I thought grandpa understood and would let me out of the situation.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret son - nearly every male member of this family has at some time or other gone through having to wear protection... in their youth.”

“What?” I was stunned by this news.

“Yes, Uncle Ernest and Brian have both gone through it and... so did I... although not sure about Reece... yet.”

“But that’s not...” I wanted to say I didn’t go through anything. It was just circumstances that made me...

“It’s a family thing and we’re always prepared for it and your mother, well, she saw this coming. She told us you’ve been having ‘little accidents’ in your underwear for a week or so now.”

Oh dear, that was MY secret I didn’t know mum knew about that. She never said anything and thought I’d been pretty clever at burying the evidence in the normal wash.

“I think she was hoping it wasn’t the case but...” Grandpa just shrugged as if it had been inevitable. “Anyway Danny, the upshot is that your gran is going to be in charge of your changes but we’ll both be keeping an eye on you in future.” He looked seriously at me. “It will happen, and as we’ve seen over the past few days, it’s happened quite a lot so don’t worry or fight it and we’ll be on hand to keep you safe and sound. OK champ?”

This was the longest chat I’d had with grandpa since I arrived and it was certainly a conversation I would have been happy not to have. It all seemed such nonsense but yet he gave the impression of being deadly serious.

My mind was spinning with this news. So that’s why we boys were put into disposables because of the past... and mum thought, what? I mean a few wet briefs didn’t mean anything, did it? I was confused and trying to take it all in and make some sense out of it.

“So young man I don’t want you giving granny a hard time if she checks occasionally and to be absolutely sure we keep you safe, and lessen the chances of any accidental dribbles, you’ll be wearing protection from now on until your parents come back from overseas. OK?”

I sat there in disbelief, feeling surprised, annoyed and wondering why no one had warned me about this before? Grandpa looked solemn but was he just saying this to make me feel better about the bulky material I now had between my legs? There again, gran had found a lot of stuff quickly so maybe she’d had a lot of practice and that huge amount of stuff went back years? Maybe even some of these nappies (and perhaps the clothes that had suddenly materialised) had been Uncle Ernest’s?

Despite this not making a lick of sense I began to wonder just what the last few days had been all about. I mean, the Golden Anniversary seemed so long ago now, so all this nappy business was quite bizarre and, even though I’d experienced it, I couldn’t think of it as real. Had it been some incredible pre-planned attempt to get me back to wearing nappies just because I’d wet my undies a couple of times? Surely not!

There was a lot going through my head.

Had I got this all wrong?

Was I now building it up as some kind of conspiracy?

Had Brian and everyone else for that matter, been in on some huge hoax with me as the victim?

Had mum and dad organised their trip to Saudi Arabia just so they didn’t have to deal with any of this, this, this... whatever it was?

I could feel the front of my padding begin to warm and for a brief second I didn’t know why and then it suddenly dawned... I was automatically peeing into the very thing I thought I didn’t need.

I looked up at grandpa. I was dumbfounded but had nothing to say so just nodded.

“Good boy, I knew you’d understand. Now, would you like to help me wash the car?”

And that was it. I toddled out and despite the full weight of a thick fabric nappy and plastic pants hanging heavily inside my shorts, carried on as if all was normal.


On the next change granny put on a pair of latex gloves as she gently rubbed in what I thought was anti-rash cream but wasn’t. As I lay there naked and covered in this strange smelling pinkish goo gran left it for a few minutes and went to run the shower. When it was running warm (they’d had a small problem with the boiler) she called for me to come and step in. She controlled the spray and, complete with a sponge, wiped the area down to get rid of the cream and with it went the little bit of pubic hair I had.

I only noticed because gran was paying so much attention to the area. I thought she was being thorough because of the chance of a rash, which she was as she explained that now I was hair-free there was less chance of me waking up all ‘itchy’. I suppose that was what her “Hmmm” had been about when she examined me earlier.

“We don’t want you suffering unnecessarily when we can avoid it do we?” She said with that constantly reassuring smile. “Now we can see if there’s a problem developing, eh?”

Although I hadn’t had much hair there, I was quite proud that at least I had some, as it marked my growing maturity. Now smooth and hairless it was another knock to my self-esteem. I bet that loss was down to Brian’s description of why I’d taken the nappy off the night he wet... because I was ‘itchy’. This was another victory for him.

Granny had me wear a nappy day and night the rest of the time I stayed at Wood View and kept up constant surveillance on just how messy things got. It was difficult to put up any argument especially because I did wake up sodden each morning.

Meanwhile, at night, because the house got cold she had me wear a onesie which fastened between my legs with little press studs. It pulled the thick padding up and stopped the bloated contents from hanging down. In fact, gran had a couple of these that were thin and made from cotton (both white) and a couple of thicker ones. One was purple, the other dark green, which I wore; they all hugged tightly but felt oddly comforting to wear.

I have to admit, after the sleeping bag and bouncy air mattress, having my little bed back was wonderful. Despite knowing that Brian had peed in it only recently, I slept pretty well tightly bound this way but still awoke to a saturated nappy... but a dry bed.

Something else that I discovered and was totally unexpected, when I went to bed that first night in an empty house Marty had left his teddy bear on my pillow (or someone had) and I was quite surprised how nice it was cuddling up with him, I mean, it.

I had a few dreams that were about Brian and in one he was wearing as thick a nappy as I wore and was acting as if it was the most normal thing in the world for a hunky sixteen year old footballer to wear. Whilst I was shy about it and desperate no one should notice he didn’t seem bothered, which went against the image of his panic-stricken face after he’d wet the bed. Still, it was only a dream and I had plenty of those and most did involve me and my protection. I was getting used to it... in dreamland at least.

Gran said the onesies had initially been bought for Brian but that he’d never gotten round to wearing them as on the last visits he hadn’t needed any help. I could have told her about the wet bed but decided to keep quiet. Besides, my grandparents, despite the insistence on full time protection, are terrific company and kept me well entertained and loved over the time I was with them. We went off and did some exploring and had picnics if the weather was nice or walks deep into the countryside. Thanks to their constant attention the time passed quite quickly. So, when my parents returned, after just over two weeks, nothing much changed, except my padding, because I continued to wet randomly.  

However, neither mum nor dad offered any extra explanation they just know I wet and to prevent embarrassing stained pants I wear ‘security’ - quite a lot actually. Gran made mum promise to use fabric nappies and not go for the more convenient disposables; she said we had to also think of the environment as well as keeping me dry and happy. So when we returned to the city, a pile of granny’s ‘stuff’ accompanied us.



I’m not happy at all but no one seems to fancy the idea of letting me back into underpants any time soon. To be honest I can agree it wouldn’t be for the best at the moment, though every morning, as mum reaches into the drawer for a replacement nappy, I look longingly at my unused briefs wishing things were back to normal.

However, when we first returned home I had some independence and was allowed, after gran had shown me how, to change myself. Nevertheless, I thought I’d be able to sneak back into my regular underwear and no one would be any the wiser. I slept with briefs under my boxers but woke up with them not only soaked but also very messy. I had no idea why I’d shit myself but as I was trying desperately to hide what I’d done my recklessness was detected.  

I was feeling pretty low and guilty but still thought I was being treated unfairly, even though I’d just filled my undies. The tantrum I let rip was my final argument and was suitably crushed as mum reeled off all the things that had happened at Wood View... and before. I had no idea that anyone knew the full extent of all that took place but it appeared mum did.

She wagged her finger as she dismissed those early attempts at hiding my sodden underpants even before we left for Wood View. She even knew about Fiona changing my nappy and that I’d drunk warm milk from a baby’s bottle. Mum laid bare the facts and try as I might I couldn’t deny any of them. I was ashamed and had no more fight but mum wasn’t finished.

“Your grandmother said how wonderful and helpful you’d been whilst staying with her and that you never complained once.” Mum was angry but still trying to not let it sound obvious. “She said that you were changed with barely a word and accepted it was for the best... so we are not going to put up with you acting like a precocious brat now.”

I could see she wasn’t going to put up with any further crap from me as she inspected the mess I’d made to the bedding and myself and pointed to the bathroom.

“Go and get cleaned up. Don’t bother with your underwear I’ll sort that and the bed... but don’t do anything else without me being there... UNDERSTAND?”

I got the message, she didn’t have to shout.

I stood in the shower trying to put things in perspective but my head was full of all that had happened and wasn’t concentrating, or even aware, that I needed to wash thoroughly.

When I returned, still dripping, mum just ran a piece of tissue around my privates and wiped my bum. There was a messy streak and she just harrumphed in disgust.

“God, even the simplest task,” she sounded well and truly fed up with my perceived lackadaisical attitude to my own cleanliness. “You’re in nappies now and you’ll stay in them until I say otherwise. There will be no more briefs or boxers I’ll see to that.”

I was feeling naked and vulnerable and scared she might spank me, even though that was something she’d very rarely done whilst growing up. I think those thoughts might be unfair on mum but was a remnant of my worrying that at any moment Brian might use his brute force to make me stay wearing a nappy. Now he didn’t have to.

The truth was, I didn’t know why what was happening, was happening and I felt completely inhibited to do or say anything. Wet pants would have been a horrendous thing to explain, as it was, a wet nappy and plastic pants kept it private and personal.

However, mum had been horrified that I’d gone against her rules in the first place and tried to be devious by wearing unsuitable underwear. So, making sure I was in no doubt as to how things were going to be, declared that from that point she or dad would supervise all future changes and then, to force home her decision, removed my proper underwear.


A soaked morning nappy has meant the continued use of thicker nappies and an abundance of leak-proof plastic and rubber pants to firm up the safeguard element of this protection. My parents seem to accept that this is the status quo for the time being and I’m often left in just nappy and pants when indoors. Mum has said it makes it easier to know when I need a change, although, I’m not convinced she isn’t doing it to teach me a lesson for my earlier transgression. 

In fact, and this has surprised me, neither parent seems to be in a rush to see me out of wearing all this stuff. I’d assumed they’d both hate the idea of a lad my age needing changing (I’m not sure if this was because of encouragement from my grandparents, who for two weeks saw it as no problem at all), but seem to accept this is needed and, as it’s needed, it will stay until it isn’t needed any longer. I suppose that makes sense but it’s still a strange position for a fourteen year old to be in... Isn’t it?

I’m sure mum thinks she’s on some kind of crusade against wet pants because the padding and waterproofs just keep coming. I have more and more each day as my drawers and wardrobe become home to neat stacks of fabric and plastic. My room, despite all we’ve tried to do, still has an odour of pee, powder and air-freshener.

Needless to say, I’m back in reams of material until whatever ‘curse’ plagues this family has run its course. Although, when that might be no one seems to know. Also, I start a new term at school tomorrow, Year 10, and mum says “to be on the safe side...” and bought some very substantial, shiny and impenetrable vinyl pants, which I overheard her saying to dad were ‘the most robust she could find’.

I’m not looking forward to my first day back in class.

#### The End ####


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