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ACTION!                                                                                     By Les Lea

I called ‘ACTION’ and the boy began to perform. He rubbed at his flaccid cock through his bulky padding; his tight little body writhing in pleasure as he began to make the small amount of friction count. He looked at the camera, licked his lips in a mockery of every porn movie that’s ever been made… but it didn’t work.

He was far too cute to pretend he was experienced and it was this innocence that was his main selling point. I’d spotted him earlier when his set of photographs arrived in the office. He looked so young but his passport said he was eighteen. Still! I could feel the star quality of this youngster but felt strangely guilty at the pleasure I was taking from his performance.

I repositioned the camera and began a slow zoom into the close-up of his slowly bulging white nappy. I could have stayed, lingering on his crotch but continued the move and panned up his hairless, boyish figure arriving at his face, now with eyes closed and getting into the mood.

I focused on that mouth, a mouth I knew thousands of men would desperately, hopefully, climatically dream enjoying those perfect full pink lips, in oh so many ways. After lingering for a while; his eyes just half open but still inviting his audience to take pleasure in what he was doing, the camera pulled out to reveal most of his body.

He moved his hand away and anyone could quite clearly see the outline of his firm youthful cock displayed swelling beneath the layers of soft fabric. He looked bigger than his tight little body would have had you believe.

The camera zoomed in and his hidden pride filled the screen.

You could even make out, from the fabric’s twitching movement the lad’s dick throbbing uncontrollably. A slight damp patch began to appear, contrasting the material, so taking his cue; he slowly peed into the thirsty white material, softly changing the colour to a pale yellow. Hidden away, I knew were his sleek and shaven genitals gently being cupped by the soft, spongy material. He massaged some more and moaned, his cock attempting to break free of its fluffy damp prison and daring the viewer to reach out and touch.  

Off camera I urged him on to completion. Manipulating his cock lightly, tugging it free from behind the moist fabric, the full beauty of his impressive slick cock was slowly revealed. He knew he had his viewers enthralled and desperate for more. This cutie was a natural.

Slowly he dripped baby oil onto the tip and gently caressed the viscous fluid around that flaring cock-head. His now gleaming dick reared up in response. The lighting made it shimmer and a pearl of pre-cum looped from his piss-slit to his fingertip like a string of spun silver.

As he slowly jerked that perfect cock to orgasm, for the first time in years my hand was inside my pants fondling my large dick in time to his. We both came at the same time. His captured on camera for all time… mine making a creamy mess inside my pants. The force of his orgasm shot up past his nappy and splattered on his chest in three full and fabulous heavy, jerky spurts.

He looked to camera as if enticing the viewer to come and lick him clean. Then pulled at the side of his disposable and dragged it clear and began to wipe up the white globules of his intense youthful climax.

He offered the stained and soggy disposable to camera and licked his lips – there would be a demand for that when I put this online.


He relaxed. The boy was a natural and I was already formulating the next shots… something with a little more ‘kink’. I looked around the studio and eventually my eyes found the perfect prop. The clear plastic pants I’d intended using in the first place just might make another exciting scene.

He smiled when he saw my intention.

I knew my sexy new slim and smooth prodigy could handle it.

“How was I?” He asked hopefully.

“You were perfect, just perfect.” I wanted him to know how incredible he’d been. If this was his first time then I could foresee a terrific future... should he want one.

Many ‘models’ come and go, literally, but this one, this one had something special. I wanted to tease the viewer with his innocence that wasn’t quite innocent.

He’d been uncertain about wearing a disposable to begin with. He was proud of his large cock on one so small and vulnerable looking. He knew what he had but I convinced him to keep it hidden. Let that gem reveal itself from within the folds of soft crinkly fabric. I sold it well and he slid into it without any fuss.

For me there was no finer view than getting a lad to wear a nappy. They instantly bestowed a quality on the wearer that few other clothes do: Innocence – certainly, vulnerability – definitely but most of all he looked cute and that was an indefinable quality.

“What next?”

He was keen and I would have liked to have said ‘this’ and pointed to my still throbbing dick but I had work to do. I passed him the plastic pants and indicated he should wear them.

He smiled and even slipping into them had me gagging for more; the erotic little shuffle over his bum was a definite plus. The way the plastic emphasised those shiny little orbs he called his ‘sexy butt’ and the way his slightly limp dick was held in frame behind that clear slinky plastic.

My god, I thought, this will send the audience mad with desire... I knew that because my cock was already leaking in anticipation.

“Right Boss, where do you want me?” He smiled as he stood looking like some horny, pre-pubescent rentboy. “I’m ready to go again.”




After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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