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Experience                                                                                                                         by Les Lea

Hector was breathing heavily. The excitement was just too much, the anticipation was unbearable and the fact that he had the prize in his hand was incredible.

Having plucked up the courage to buy a supply of disposables he’d rushed home to put one on. He’d had this desire to do so for quite some time and, on a crazy whim, had rushed to the drug store and spent his hard saved cash on a pack of store brand ‘Pampers’. Now in the privacy of his bedroom and an empty house he trembled with the thrill at what he was about to do. The only problem was, in his haste to slip into the comfort he was expecting from his treasure, not only had he not closed his bedroom door, he hadn’t noticed his mother had arrived back early and was in the bathroom opposite.

She caught him naked from the waist down and a fresh clean disposable being spread out. He hadn’t noticed her because he was more aware of the smell, the soft but exciting crinkle as he slowly unfolded his prize and was enjoying its velvety, fluffy texture in his hands. He couldn’t wait to experience what it felt like once he had it on. Alas, he noticed his mother too late to pretend he was doing anything else or offer any excuses.

“Mmm, er, mom, er… um… uuuhhrrr…”

He’d literally been caught with his pants down and had no idea what to do or say.

She stood in the doorway awaiting an explanation but when one wasn’t coming from her tongue-tied eldest son, she told him to “Carry on”.

Of course he was extremely hesitant now he’d been found out but his mother would not leave and insisted he continue with what he was about to do.

Not only had his face turned red with embarrassment, it felt like his entire body was glowing from the sudden hot flush that was coursing through his system. He tried to hide by turning his back to his mother, drop the ‘Pamper’ and reach for his underwear but his mother once again demanded he finish what he started.

This time it was said in such a tone that wasn’t about to take any argument and Hector knew he would have to continue and hope for the best. Unfortunately, his anxieties got the better of him and nervous co-ordination wasn’t good so he attached the now less exciting trophy around his groin very haphazardly. He’d affixed the sticky tabs too loosely and had to hold the disposable up with one hand whilst looking shamefully at his feet. He was still shaking with stress as he turned towards his mother to see what she was going to say or do.

“Well that’s pathetic.”

Not quite what Hector was expecting to hear and, as he let go of the final tape, the entire loose garment collapsed to the floor.


Emily Stansfield was a modern woman; she was a high-flying executive with multi-national accountants - Bainbridge, Stansfield and Hope. Her husband Anthony was a pilot for an exclusive hire company that only dealt with the very rich; people who needed a private, personal, confidential service as they travelled the globe. Both jobs paid incredibly well but their wealth never encroached on the way they brought up their children – twelve year-old Hector, seven year-old Geoffrey and three year-old Stephanie. Indeed, it would have been easy, and others had suggested, sending the kids off to private school so their go-getting parents could do just that – go get.

However, neither Emily nor Anthony liked the idea of not having their children around. They were a constant source of joy and liked being involved in the development of their children’s minds and encouraging their social skills. However, Emily’s discovery of her eldest son’s desire for diapers had come as a bit of a shock. Not that she let him know that. She was keen that all her children be allowed to express themselves in any way they desired. The only proviso was, whatever they did, they shouldn’t hurt others… actually there was another thing… NO SECRETS.


“So, that’s the best you can do?”

The twelve year-old was blushing full of embarrassment and now, with his lower parts naked and a bundle of accusatory white material around his ankles, he wasn’t sure what his next move should be. His mother had caught him doing something he’d hoped to keep secret because, well, he wasn’t sure about how it was all going to go, this was his first time after all.

“Try again but this time take your time,” she stepped forward and pulled the fallen article up to his waist.

He was tense. Of course his mother had seen him naked before, she was his mom, but somehow this didn’t seem right. However, like his two siblings, Hector had been brought up to respect his parents, accept what they said and, more importantly, do as he was told. There was never any histrionics or shouting in Stansfield household, it was a very civilized and un-confrontational place to live.

Although he was twelve the rebellious spirit had yet to gain any hold over him and he meekly acquiesced to whatever his parents asked of him.

Indeed, the very act of buying his own pack of disposables had been about as rebellious as he’d ever been and at that particular moment he was regretting such a foolhardy act.

She held the item and waited for him to get started but his hands just shook. There was very little chance in his current state of doing anything that needed even the slightest skill.

“Okay,” his mother eventually said, “let me get you started. Lay down.”

Although Hector didn’t want to look directly into his mom’s eyes he couldn’t help but notice she meant business and he would have to do as she said.

He slowly sat on the floor and then lay out.

“What you need do is…”

She took charge - pulling the tapes apart and realigning her son’s groin with the padded diaper making certain it was unfurled properly to receive his bare bottom.  She explained as she went how important it was to get a good tight fit and how to make sure, when pulled up between his legs and spread out on his belly that it was flat and had no creases.

Hector was an athletic looking boy. Not one for binge eating or overly reliant on sweet drinks and fast food, his parents had seen that he, like the rest of the family, always had a balanced diet.

Her instruction continued.

To help prevent leaks she emphasised the importance of making sure the leg cuffs gripped his thigh correctly by running her fingers around the flexible opening. In seconds she had her eldest son ensconced in his diaper and waited for him to say something.

Throughout the proceedings he had his eyes scrunched tightly shut. He didn’t dare watch his mother and didn’t want to endure any sign of disapproval her features might indicate. She was expert and had handled the entire operation with efficiency and professionalism. She’d scooped his genitals out of the way, flattened the material over his little mound and taped him in.

“You’ll need some anti-rash cream and baby powder… do you have a pair of plastic pants?”

This was just too much. All he’d planned was wearing a diaper for a couple of hours and then go back to his normal clothes and now, well, it had become an event that his mother, who wasn’t supposed to know about any of this, was involved in.

Unable to pretend it wasn’t happening any longer he nervously shook his head.

However, she helped him to his feet, smoothed the disposable down around his bum and groin, patting the padding as she did so. He didn’t dare look straight at her but she’d done a far better job than he ever could have. She appeared happy with the final result turning him to the left and then to the right to inspect her handiwork from all angles.

The fact that she’d just got on with it without further explanation was a mystery.


This entire incident had left him more than a little speechless. He was alarmed when his mother had seen him, scared at what she might say and surprised by the fact that she’d just helped him into his first diaper since he was three years old. He was still terrified by the process and yet, and yet, the way his mom had done it had been a pleasant, if anxious experience. The new disposable felt wonderful. It was doing what he had hoped it would do and that was…

Actually, he had no idea what he expected. In his head he imagined the soft bulk would be nice, comforting and sexy! Sexy was a word, the meaning of which he’d recently become aware of and it seemed to explain his current desire. Well, no, that’s not quite true because he’d wanted to wear a diaper for some time, often finding himself slightly jealous of his little sister who still wore them. Both he and his brother Geoff were potty trained fairly early on but Steph was taking slightly longer.

The problem he now had was to try and find an explanation that his mother would understand, without exploding and revealing this secret to the rest of the family. However, the rule was NO SECRETS.

His mother waited patiently for some response but Hector, now wearing his disposable was lost for words except, “Thanks mum”.

“That’s okay son… but perhaps you’d like to explain?”

She could tell he was on the verge of tears and also had a suspicion that he was both embarrassed and desperately searching for an explanation that didn’t make him sound stupid.

He knew he couldn’t pretend it was all a huge mistake because it was patently obvious that he’d bought the product himself, was about to put it on and, and… wow… he loved the feeling that was now wrapped around his groin and couldn’t stop wriggling in it to get the full cushioned effect.


“Okay, let me start,” she said seriously, although Hector didn’t notice any anger in her voice.

“Son, you’re at an age when changes are happening to you all the time.” She brushed a hand through his hair. “You’re moving from a boy, to a teen, to a man and that means there is a lot going on in your head as well as your body.”

“Bbbut mom, erm, aren’t you... a bit... you know.... er, um..?”

“Surprised? Disgusted?” She interrupted.

Hector could just look at his mother in amazement; how could she know these were his exact questions?

She smiled.

“No sweetheart I’m not and neither would your father.”

She hugged him close and patted his tightly padded bottom.

“You are going to want to experience all sorts of things. You might even think you’re the only person to have had certain thoughts and desires. The chances are sweetie... you aren’t.”

She pushed hair off his forehead and smiled.

“Providing you don’t hurt anyone... or put yourself or anyone else in danger... we both think you should experiment and find out for yourself what you do like.”

Hector looked amazed. He wasn’t sure if he believed her but he was mainly blinded by his own confusion. He had felt guilty about putting on a disposable and here she was saying it was just fine. He couldn’t quite take it all in.


“Well,” his mother broke the silence, “I think we can agree that this is something you like.”

The way he stood and wriggled in his padding, together with the fact that the once smooth area now sported a pronounced bulge, proved he was happy... and excited with the arrangement.

She looked questioningly at her son who was still too embarrassed to speak but under his mom’s gaze eventually nodded in agreement.

“I also suppose, from you lack of co-ordination, this might be the first time you’d tried to put them on yourself?”

Again he just nodded.

“Well sweetheart, I’m a bit confused by your decision to want to go back to being wrapped in a diaper but, I can’t see it doing anyone any harm so… I’d rather you do this than take drugs, smoke or drink alcohol...”

She looked him in the eye and raised her eyebrows in an enquiring manner.

“You haven’t done any of those have you?”

This time he was on safe ground and he could speak up for himself.

“No mom honest, I’m not interested in anything like that…”

Strangely perhaps, his mother was relieved he actually spoke his denial rather than just nodded, it made it more official and believable.

“Okay, great, that’s good.”

Inadvertently, as these words of relief escaped her mouth, she was smoothing the disposable fabric down and gently patting her son’s cushioned bottom.

Hector was aware of what she was doing and quite liked the way it felt. She wasn’t angry and didn’t appear disgusted, well not from the way her hand was travelling up and over the babyish material. Perhaps not approval but she wasn’t horrified by seeing her eldest dressed in such a way.

“Mom, er, you won’t tell anyone else will you?”

His voice was low and sounded like a nervous little boy.

“Sweetheart, in this family we don’t have secrets… and, after what I’ve just told you... do you think anyone would think any the worse of it?”

“But mom,” Hector whined, “I might never do it again… er… I don’t even know if I want to…”

“I know, I know, it’s your first time but… you’ve been out and bought a pack of your own, not stolen one of Steph’s…”

Again that quizzical look came into her eyes wondering if in fact that’s where he got the idea from, wearing his little sister’s Pampers. However, this thought came and went just as quickly and she dismissed it, he’d never be able to get into her little diapers.

“Let’s look at the evidence.”

She pointed to the pack of recently opened disposables sitting on his bed.

“If you’ve gone to that much trouble to get your own supply… honey… you must really want to wear them.”

Hector looked more than a little upset and this time his wriggling was from being uncomfortable with the truth rather than the pleasure his disposable was giving him.

However, his mother saw the look of distress on his face and, for all she knew, it might be just a passing phase and didn’t want to embarrass him unduly.

“Well, I don’t like keeping secrets but for now at least I’m prepared to see how things progress.”

The almost-teen sighed with relief.

However, she was being a bit more pragmatic.

“If you like wearing diapers you need to know a few things. If you’re going to wet them…”

“Awww mom.”

That was something he’d not even considered and the idea pretty gross.

She held up her hand in protest at his protest.

“I’m just saying. Some people do.”

There was a stunned look on Hector’s face as if to say “How do you know?”

“You’re not the only person in the world who likes wearing diapers… some boys and girls… and adults… all ages wear them for pleasure rather than because they have to.”

Hector’s jaw would have dropped had it not already been drooping in disbelief.

“Well, whether you do or don’t it would be advisable to sprinkle a bit of talcum powder at least in your diaper.”

She could see that she’d surprised him with her knowledge. Nonetheless, standing there in just his white diaper, whether he was aware of that fact or not, his mother couldn’t help but notice that her son did in fact look incredibly vulnerable and cute. She suddenly had a flashback to when he was a toddler and always running around the apartment dressed exactly as he was now. That was in their first home before he had siblings and neither she nor his father had yet embarked on the successful careers they now enjoyed. Suddenly she was engulfed by nostalgia and the crazy wish to relive some of those earlier, less affluent days.


Although they were a very loving family and the kids were always being hugged and supported, Emily couldn’t remember when she and Hector last had a really good cuddle. At that moment he looked innocent and really, really sweet so she took full advantage and pulled him into her ample scented bosom and tightly embraced him.

Hector was taken slightly aback by this but didn’t want to alienate his mother so let himself be swamped by her affection. Any reluctance disappeared almost immediately, he found the feeling totally irresistible and, as she patted and stroked his padded behind, was transported back to the days before he had a brother or sister… and all such love was directed just at him.

He hugged and sighed and kissed her cheek filled with tenderness for her understanding.

“Thanks mom.” He whispered in her ear.

She simply held onto the slim warm body of her eldest and gently rocked him in a motherly and equally loving embrace… it was an act that neither seemed in a hurry to bring to an end.


The spell was broken with the arrival home of his younger brother and sister.

Emily kissed the top of her son’s head and brushed his padded bottom giggling slightly as she did so.

“God you look so cute. Anyway, throw on some pants and come down and help me get dinner ready.”

“Er, should I take these off?” He asked nervously.

“That’s up to you sweetheart… I don’t think they’d be noticed under your jeans but…”

“I, I, I don’t think I’m ready for anyone else to know…” Hector stammered. “So, I’ll probably change out of them.”

“Well, you look adorable in them but it is up to you.”

She had a thought.

“If you’re careful when you take them off you’ll probably be able to slip them on again later when you go to bed.”

She turned to leave and let him have a moment’s privacy whilst he made his decision.

“Don’t be too long I want to get dinner started as soon as possible and I’d like your help.”

That was one of the drawbacks of being the eldest; you had to help out more.

He took a final look in the large mirror on his wardrobe door and shrugged. Even with his mother’s surprising approval he didn’t feel brave enough to have his secret discovered by either Geoff or Steph. He decided to slip back into his white briefs but was so careful with the removal of his disposable because he thought later on he’d like to spend the night wearing it.





Part 2

Worried his mother might say something Hector was a little nervous over the meal, he needn’t have been. It was becoming increasingly rare that both parents could sit down with the kids because of their busy lifestyles but for the next few days, barring an emergency, Anthony was out of the skies and Emily had several days owed to her. The mood around the table should have been almost festive but Hector still wondered if his secret was safe.

This was precisely why there was a ‘No Secrets’ policy in the house, then no one had to worry about anything. Although in truth Emily and Anthony didn’t share their business with the kids, they did with each other. Their children were, and continued to be, brought up where honesty was pushed as a virtue. The boys grasped that idea now they were older and no doubt young Stephanie would get a handle on it eventually... at the moment she denied everything, even when caught out actually doing some kind of mischief or telling a lie. The other day, with her face, fingers and quite a large area of her hair was covered in chocolate she absolutely denied even having seen the chocolate cake that had somehow mysteriously disappeared.

Hector looked across at his sister with slight envy; she of course was put into protection because of her continued nightly accidents. He’d often see her running around the house wearing only her padding and colourful plastic pants either last thing at night, when her diaper was clean and pristine, or early in the morning at breakfast, when it was often saggy and soaked. These were the images that filled his head... except of course, they weren’t of his sister, they were of him.

Emily was as good as her word and didn’t reveal her eldest son’s secret to any other member of the family. She took delight in watching how he stealthily wore a disposable but could always tell when he did. That was because she was watching for it whereas the rest of the family had no idea. Mostly it was at night and in the privacy of his bedroom. In the meantime she had bought him a couple pairs of thick opaque vinyl pants. After all, she didn’t want him to suffer the pitfalls of wearing a (wet) diaper from simply not being prepared.

Of course she hoped he’d be careful, and as she already had anti-rash cream, baby powder and wipes because of her daughter, the pants were an after-thought. She didn’t want to be seen as encouraging but she also didn’t want him to suffer if it was something he was determined to pursue anyway. One evening she just left them under his pillow to discover in his own time and then whether he wanted to use them. He did.

The twelve year old found that his ‘passing interest’ was becoming a little more than that and proceeded to wear a disposable (now with the added plastic cover) as often as he could manage it. He liked the bolstered feel, the extra padding giving a comfort that surprised him but even so kept the excursions wearing them to a minimum or bedtime. Even though he was reticent to wet (or anything else) in his Pampers he still used the stuff his mother had recommended to stave off any of the negative aspects their use might bring. In fact, the lotions and powder added another dimension to his new found pleasure that he’d not even thought about.

With his mom’s silence, and the fact that no one else in the family seemed to notice, Hector became braver. He had been certain that the slight crinkle that followed him around when he wore the plastic covers would have elicited some comments but it appeared he had worried for no reason. Under his jeans they were hardly noticeable. Under bedclothes and pyjamas they weren’t evident to anyone but himself.

Then one time before his father turned in for the night, he did the rounds of the kid’s bedrooms to check all was well and to say goodnight if they were awake. He tucked sleeping young Stephanie in and kissed her forehead. In Geoffrey’s room he closed up the book he’d been reading before falling asleep. He settled the dead-to-the-world boy down and covered him up with his brightly coloured Marvel inspired duvet. Moving to Hector’s room he was shocked to see his eldest son, with his covers lying crumpled on the floor but wearing a t-shirt and plastic pants over thick padding. It certainly took him by surprise and he beckoned his wife to witness the scene.

She stood by her husband and smiled.

“Ohhh, doesn’t he look cute?”

Anthony stared back at her speechless.

“He’s been wearing them for a couple of weeks or so now...”

“You knew about this?” He asked a little incredulously.

“Of course,” she smirked with a superior but mocking grin. “I know what all my kids are up to.”

Anthony realised she was gently goading him... daring him to react.

He looked back at his dozing but well-padded son.

“I suppose he’s at that age for trying out things...”

She put her arms around his slightly bewildered shoulder.

“I suppose there’s no harm in it... in fact,” he said remembering, “I did something similar at that age myself.”


He slowly wrapped his strong hairy arm around his sexy wife’s waist.


“Yes, about the age of ten I started to experiment by wearing my sister Emily’s knickers. She’s older than me and they always looked more exciting than my boring white cotton briefs... that soft, shiny, little piece of silky nylon...” He stopped and gazed into his wife’s wide, unbelieving eyes. “So sexy, so erotic, so...”

“Perhaps... maybe you should try what Hector’s wearing... those shiny, slinky, plastic...”

“Maybe,” he looked mischievously at his lustful wife, “those red, lacy...”

He didn’t get chance to finish his craving before she grabbed his hand and pulled her horny husband into their bedroom where clothes came off in a frenzy of unrestrained excitement.


Hector was slowly waking up. He could feel a hand on his shoulder gently shaking him and a voice saying it was time to get up. The hand disappeared from his shoulder and slowly ran itself over the slippery bulk, which was then softly patted.

“In your own time son... but perhaps this is something you might want to talk about.”

It was his father’s voice and a huge nervous sigh escaped his son but was muffled by the pillow as he realised his ‘secret’ was over.

His parents were in a jubilant mood. Although now a little tired, they’d had one of the best sex sessions in a long time, and, although they didn’t want to admit it, that euphoric experience was brought on by the sight of their son’s nappy and bulging plastic pants.

“Hector, come on down for breakfast now and as you are please.”

His father spoke quietly but insistently so Hector knew he couldn’t stay in bed any longer. With a great deal of courage, mixed with lashings of embarrassment, he eased himself into consciousness and took in what he was wearing. He had to admit, he looked like a big baby and although he knew he shouldn’t he rubbed his hands over the slippery plastic and felt the padding underneath... it felt good.

Bolstered by this brief feeling of elation Hector steadied himself at the top of the stairs. He knew that the next few minutes meant things in the household would change, although he had no idea how. He was sure that his father, if not his mother who already knew, would have something to say on the subject, and dreaded what was to come.

Everyone was seated at the kitchen table tucking into breakfast. Geoffrey had cereal, Stephanie was chewing on cut-up pieces of jam on toast, whilst mum and dad sat drinking coffee.

“Hecky’s wearing a nappy like me,” Hector’s little three year-old sister joyfully commented as he walked into the room.

Geoffrey turned and gawped but seemed lost for words “Oohhhh” was all he could manage.

His father indicated Hector should come and join the rest of them.

With a great deal of rustling and a soft ‘wheeze’ as air escaped the plastic as he sat down, and, pretending nothing was amiss, Hector emptied his cereal of choice into a bowl.

“Hecky, Hecky, why you wearin’ a nappy?” It was his little sis leading the conversation.

Her oldest brother sighed in resignation as all eyes turned to him. So, after a couple of beats took a deep breath and looked straight at his sister and smiled.

“Well Stephie, you always look so comfy in yours... I wanted to try.”

Because Stephie always slept in protection, and as she was wet now, she wriggled in her seat and shoved another piece of toast in her mouth and smiled as if she was pleased with that answer.

“But you’re a big boy...” Geoffrey joined in.

Mum and dad sat watching as this scene played out.

“Yes but even big boys...” for a moment he wasn’t sure what would follow. “Big boys sometimes like to try different things.”

“But you wore a nappy when a baby didn’t” Geoffrey was very inquisitive.

“No doubt I did, although I don’t remember... although I do remember you wearing a nappy Geoffrey... and very cute you looked too.”

This comment Hector hoped would embarrass his little brother a little and stop any further questions but he was wrong.

“Mum, did I look cute?”

“Yes Geoffrey you did.... all of you looked...” she looked over at Steph and then Hector, “look cute in your nappies.”

“Will I have to wear a nappy again?” Geoffrey now sounded unsure and concerned.

“Not if you don’t want to but... umm... Hector has decided he’d like to see what they’re like as a big boy and that’s alright as well.”

Still hesitant but relieved it had gone fairly well so far, Hector started on his cereal as Geoffrey and Stephanie got on with theirs.

The silence lasted all of a minute before his father spoke.

“So, are you wearing them like Stephanie?”

Everyone looked at him expecting more.

“You know, wetting them and… such?”

“Daaad.” Hector shrieked in disgust.

“Well I’m only asking.” His father replied defensively.

“No, just trying them out to see what they’re like.” He wanted to ask if his dad had never tried things out - if he only knew that particular answer.

“Okay then. Well I can’t see that it’s hurting anyone so do you need anything from either mum or me? You know... advice or, erm, anything?” His dad’s voice trailed off.

Hector shook his head and continued with his cereal.

He didn’t know it but his mother had already talked things over with her husband and it was agreed that it wasn’t a big deal, especially after the ‘knickers’ confession.

“Everyone has their little secrets, eccentricities or foibles. Life is a learning curve and it would be awful to stop someone experimenting just because somebody else might not approve.” Emily hugged her husband who smiled and nodded in agreement.


Meanwhile, back in the master bedroom he was wearing her sexiest pair of pink, frilly satin knickers. She wanted to see what he would have looked like as an experimentally pervy ten year-old boy.

“Mmmmm, I approve.” Her grin was full of lust.

“Are you ready for Round Two?” She breathed sensually into one ear, whilst dragging his slippery encased bottom on top of her.

“Ohh honey I’m afraid I’m going to ruin your lovely panties.” He lewdly responded.

“Not until you’ve ruined me sweetheart.” She purred.

In some imagined distance a bell sounded.


In the meantime, across the landing and fast asleep lay the children.

Stephanie happily encased in her thick colourful protection, sleeping the sleep of pure childish innocence.

Surprisingly, because of his older brother’s influence, Geoffrey had decided to give it a go.

It had been strange day all around but seeing Hector at breakfast and seemingly at ease in his bulging protection he was curious. His mum and dad had not been disapproving of those bulging plastic pants and felt a bit envious of the attention. Being seven years old he didn’t want to miss out on anything so had asked his big brother to help him get ready for bed.

Hector was taken aback by the request but followed him up to his bedroom and was more astounded by his brother’s timid request. Big Bro had asked if he was sure. A positive nod all that was required before he went to his own room and returned armed with the items needed.

He unravelled the crinkly disposable and again asked if his brother was certain. He received a nod of tense approval.

The spare pair of plastic pants were big on Geoffrey so the disposable underneath was well-padded with a hand towel to help fill it out. Although a bit worried at the size to begin with before too long he was also sleeping the sleep of the innocent so all seemed well there.

Unaware of the events he’d set in motion in his parent’s bedroom, now things were out in the open, Hector had never slept better... or more contented. His bulging white plastic pants shimmering in the soft gentle glow of the night-light - no shame, no worries, no regrets - a wonderful experience.



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