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Fuzzy-Babies                                                                                      By Les Lea

It was a cold hand this morning.

Fingers drew circles on his naked tummy in wide, soft touches that got smaller and smaller only to then spiral out again. For Biccy it was a wonderful feeling.

He kicked his legs and gurgled in the joy such a simple act gave.

Fingers fluttered over his skin intermittently touching the exposed soft crinkly top of his night time protection. The normal movement during his sleep making the slinky plastic pants drawdown a small way, giving a tantalising band of fluffy diaper an opportunity to be appreciated. The man with the inquisitive finger lying behind him, letting out a small sigh of gratification.

For them it was the ultimate indulgence; to be able to control such an amenable body, to give that sweet squirming ‘baby’ a purpose it simply didn’t understand.

Biccy was barely awake though the pleasure those fingers produced was undeniable and he loved the way the warm body hugged him close as those swirling patterns continued.

He wriggled in delight; his thick diaper and smooth slippery plastic pants making him feel warm, safe and secure… it was the only clothing he wore to sleep in.

An occasional light squeeze and gentle pressure on his hairless flat stomach made him let loose his full bladder and fill his diaper with a copious amount of warm, golden fluid that left a glow of utter contentment in his befuddled brain.

More gurgles, more giddy feelings rippling through his body.

As his disposable expanded, those joyful, searching fingers would gently stroke the front of his bulging plastic pants. Deep underneath the layers of waterlogged fabric his tiny cock, hidden in its small metal cage, would awaken from its slumber. That tender touch, those probing digits, the soft whispered words of loving encouragement, whilst the back of his neck was smothered in tiny butterfly kisses, produced an instant response.

He couldn’t get hard, that had been denied him for quite some time, although the total sensitivity of his body delivered release.

He wriggled in ecstasy as chemical and hormonal pulses gripped and tore around his body charging each nerve with the need for action. He’d moan lightly, gurgle in excitement and catch his breath as his tiny member erupted deep into the folds of the sodden fabric.

He had no idea why this happened but it was a regular occurrence and his body tingled with the energy these encounters produced.

The indulgent touch of those loving, massaging hands would continue to effortlessly caress the silky front of his plastic pants until, exhausted from his explosion, he’d slip back into the realms of sleep.

Some mornings the hand was warm but whichever it was, the flowing, light stimulus always produced the same result – a soaked and sticky diaper.


The Columbus Irvin Institute (CII) was way ahead of any other company in the field of bio/digital algorithms. Their research had been made so much easier by the fact that so many people, from a very young age, lived their lives online. The Institute launched study after study via social media, where their detailed algorithms could locate and feedback information on a specific subject in just a matter of moments. They could profile and discern all the information needed for a particular study simply from a check on of information available online - everything from photographs, person details and ‘private’ data. Nothing was really all that private and with the inherent weaknesses in most computer systems, a robust procedure like the one CII used made sure that whatever they required was harvested quickly and efficiently, often without the server or ‘target’ being any the wiser.

They could pinpoint their research to location, specific characteristics, ethnic group, eye colour if need be, or go on a phishing expedition, scan the Network and grab all the information they might need. Although this method was rarely used as the parameters of their clients were often very precise.

When the appropriate statistics required had been reached a further, more advanced, sophisticated procedure was employed to read the collated information and reduce that number down to specifics. The digital scanners employed could read facial expressions, interpret styles of writing and even decipher coded entries, which would in turn punch out the allocated reference of those suitable subjects for whatever process CII had been commissioned to perform.

It was unknown for CII not to come up with the goods requested. Their efficiency was legendary, methods impeccable, speed and options incomparable and with a 100% success and satisfaction rating.


The Build-A-Bear company had been the inspiration, although perhaps sadly, weren’t actually involved with the Fuzzy-Babies concept. Whereas, Build-A-Bear was involved in toys, Fuzzy-Babies dealt with a more human component.

Assisted by the global immenseness of CII, The Fuzzy-Babies executives were a strange and devious group of people. They targeted the youthful, good-looking, often athletic school and college kids around the world and by various means - flattery, blackmail, fear, drugs or kidnap (to name a few) were able to cull a great many youngsters from educational establishments.

The missing were never pursued with any great vigour because as they were kids or teenagers it was assumed they were rebelling against something and would turn up when good and ready. The company had become adept at laying well-planned false trails and bogus intent. All the kids disappeared into a black hole that no one knew was there.

Once identified, captured and isolated they were swiftly added to the system and transformed into the company’s ‘property’. There was no consultation, no explanation and certainly no reversing the process. Really, the moment they’d been categorized as what the company wanted, they were quickly and effectively processed.


The new mind-altering drugs (Corprol X17) that each new influx of young, potential Fuzzy-Babies undertook was, as far as the company was concerned, the pinnacle of their achievement. They could take a robust teenager and in just a matter of hours, reduce him or her into a babbling baby. For them and their clients it was a joy to behold as a succession of clever, sporty, intelligent adolescents were so easily transformed into marketable implements of the Fuzzy-Babies Company (FBC). So, what started as a niche interest (although it has to be said, it was still a pretty large community), grew to the organisation it is today and where, for the correct price and love of all things fuzzy, you can play with, enjoy the company of or, if you have the funds needed, adopt and own a Fuzzy-Baby.


The many hands that reached in to change, clean, dress or cuddle were attached to people the babies only knew as ‘Mama’. They didn’t know if they were male or female, friend or stranger, it made no difference, they were there to make sure all Fuzzy-Babies were kept happy and occupied.

Biccy, like all the others, never wanted for teddies to hug, toys to play with or bricks to build. His playpen contained all an infant needed for a fun time. Play was the only thing he was there to do; to joyfully giggle as he learned some new way of interacting with a freshly discovered knick-knack. To love and cuddle his soft stuffed animals just as he was lovingly squeezed and hugged himself. His sweet quizzical features and innocent expression making anyone who saw him fall for the unsullied pleasure of his guiltless world.

Biccy, like all the other boys, was completely hairless; no hair anywhere on his body, it having long ago been permanently removed (one unanticipated side effect of the drug). The girls in another building also had the same procedure but rarely did the two sexes meet. Like the girls, the boys slept only in their protection of diapers and rubber pants.  However, once they were up and changed out of their nightly soaked protection, and into their thicker, more rugged daytime security, the boys were zipped into pale brown fleecy little bear costumes, whilst the girls were zipped into their pink, fleecy bunny onesies.

The onesies were all-in-one; hands, feet, head were all covered and the boys looked like teddy bears and the girls rabbits; their huge diaper areas giving them endearingly bulky bottoms with enough soaking power to last an entire day. The size also meant that most could only crawl or walk with extreme difficulty but that babyish waddle and total naiveté was what the clients paid for.

The Playground was the secret instillation where FBC maintained their clandestine operation. The customers who wanted to take advantage of what this specialist company offered were strictly screened and secretly invited along. Back-checks and a host of other cross-checks would be initiated before anyone got anywhere near the facility. However, once you’d passed the screening operation you’d become a client and therefore, not unlike Build-A-Bear, would be able to have your desired ‘baby’ made and dressed to your individual preferences.

Often Biccy and the rest of the ‘bears’ play area had additional people who enjoyed frolicking and dressing the same as they did, but these had paid a considerable amount for such a privilege. They interacted exactly as the Fuzzy-Babies, for a few hours at least letting their inhibitions go and behaving like little kids. After playtime was over the visitor would strip out of their fuzzy costumes, remove their soiled diapers, put on their adult clothes and go about their daily business of running companies, driving buses or whatever paid their wages.


Corprol X17 had been the game changer. The scientist at the research lab had been trying to make a suitable anti-depressant - Corpol, which together with a psychoanalytical approach to the subject was hoped might solve the problem so many people suffered – deep depression.

Their success had been marginal to begin with until a new young scientist joined the team and came up with a brand new compound. It took seventeen clinical tests on a variety of subjects before they found the rather potent and brilliant Corpol X17 (the X stood for the strength and effect of this particular development).

However, two other scientists working on the project saw its early dynamic properties and set about keeping the formula secret and for their own use. They stole the research notes and cleared the computer banks before involving the lab in a catastrophic accident that blew the building to pieces and all who were in it at the time.

Corpol X17 was now in the hands of people who had a different use for this clever, mind-altering drug. The psychological aspect of it was really just to keep any glimmers of self-awareness in check; the drug itself was a wonderful agent for erasing the entire memory. Once the subjects were neutralised the psychiatrists helped them back to a stage in their lives when they knew nothing, had limited vocabulary and were totally reliant on others. They were taught odd words and sounds but their development was kept as low as possible for them to function in their new life. The success was remarkable and the fiendishly clever way of making them all continually dependent on their carers was down to their precious ‘binkies’.


The ‘binkies’ were adapted pacifiers coated in molecules of something the ‘Bears’ and ‘Bunnies’ enjoyed. For example; chocolate, candy, sherbet, orange or other fruit essences, whatever the veneer it made the ‘binkies’ moreish for the baby. In amongst the very addictive pleasure essence was a layer of Corpol X17, which kept the teens in infant mode.

Biccy had his binkie covered in biscuit crumbs, thus his nickname, and, like all the other babies, it was never far from his lips. It hung on a ribbon pinned to his fleecy little outfit and was topped up regularly by ‘Mama’s’ controlling hands. Sucking on his binkie maintained a wonderful frame of mind (not that he had much of that) because he was never happier than when he had new toys, a fresh diaper and a new playmate or two.

Each Fuzzy-Bear or Fuzzy-Bunny had a paci in their mouth releasing more and more pleasure neurons, which in turn made them suck more eagerly and ecstatically engage with whoever they were with. The sensual, innocent desire each Fuzzy creature offered was enthusiastically appreciated by every customer. Their Fuzzy costumes having secret openings that were way too complicated for baby minds to contemplate but were easy for a grown-up to access. No part of the Fuzzy Bear or Bunny was sacred, they were created for pleasure, to give it on demand and receive it if offered.

It was strange how the fact that they wore diapers was an added attraction to most of the company’s customers. They even did a fantastic retail side-line in other outfits that some found desirable.  The ‘Fuzzy’ name gave the impression it was all about fluffy animals but in fact it really meant that the ‘babies’ were fuzzy-headed and were incapable of any real decision making and only wanted to play.


Of course, for some, the idea of having kids and teens reduced to babies maybe completely abhorrent, whilst for others it is a preferred state. For this group of people there really is nothing more appealing than to have a teenager, giggling and being a silly little unfettered baby, dressed in their chosen childishly fleecy or fluffy little outfit.

Each recruit to the world of FBC always looked cute, loveable, had no side, no ulterior motives, no attitude… nothing that wasn’t what you’d expect from a little kiddie just starting out in life. The fact that he or she wasn’t going to get any older (mentally at least) was quite compelling for a huge number of clients. A completely controlled youth to have as their own being a much sought after status symbol, if you could get over their constant need for love and attention… and of course the regular diaper changes.

For many, and the numbers were growing daily (thus the figures for disappearing youths around the world was on the increase) the concept of having a grown baby, was the ultimate in power. Some liked to flex that domination by dressing their baby in certain ways.

When a Fuzzy-Baby was sold, very rarely was it sold in the country from which it originated. If it had there was always a chance that somehow it might be recognised so all were shipped abroad. Luckily, CII and FBC had facilities in many countries around the world so, as the demand for such a ‘property’ increased, so the little ‘bears’n’bunnies’ were traded far and wide.

These days the conglomerate has tentacles that span the entire world so most customer desires can be catered for. However, a new line, a very exclusive ordering system, means that specific individuals can now be accessed. So, if you have a particular young film, pop or video star you have your eye on, for the right price, he or she can be your next Fuzzy-Friend.




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