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Riley by dad2u

“ What happened Riley? You haven't wet the bed since you were Leah's age. Are you feeling ok? Did you have too much to drink, or forget to use the potty before you went to bed ? "

"No mom, I didn't forget to use the toilet, " I snapped, upset that she would use the word potty, while referring to my bathroom habits.

Mom apologised for the mix up, explaining that she was so used to reminding Leah, that it slipped her mind, she was talking to me this time.

" Just go wash up, honey. I'll take care of your laundry before your sister finds out. She's been waking up dry every morning, for the past week."

Riley was shocked by her mother’s admission. She couldn’t understand why now of all times, she had to be the one who woke up wet. She removed her soaked nightgown and panties, while her mother stripped the sheets. Fortunately,
the mattress protector had remained in place all these years. Her eyes filled with tears as she headed towards the bathroom, to shower. The day had barely started, but for her, it was already ruined. Throughout the day, Riley's
mother would remind her girls to use the potty. Riley knew that these daytime reminders were mostly for her sisters benefit, but she followed them too, helping to set a good example for her sister. After 6pm, her mother's discreet
half hour reminders were specifically intended for Riley. Her mother knew that Leah would potty before her bath, and again, an hour later, just before her bedtime, when she brushed her teeth. This was apparently often enough for
Leah, since she didn't have a single accident for a week. Over the following week, Riley found herself waking up to a wet bed every morning, while her sister remained dry. Riley's mother would leave a change of sheets in her room
every morning, and her daughter would wipe down the plastic mattress protector with disinfectant and remake her bed. Riley's contribution helped, but she knew that her mother was left to contend with the laundry. Riley hated
having to bring her mother the stained sheets and pajamas every morning, knowing that she must be disappointed, in her oldest daughter. Everything took a turn for the worse one morning when Riley and her mother were having
breakfast and looking through sale flyers that came in the mail. One full page ad featured a nighttime diaper in sizes to fit teens or preteen girls.

"Maybe these could help you Riley, Until we can get an appointment for you to see a Urologist." Her mother handed her the ad.

Riley was shocked by her mother's suggestion that she should wear a diaper at night, and tried her best to dissuade her from doing this. She knew that her mom had seen the mention of less laundry every morning, and had already made
up her mind.

"Your sister has been wearing a diaper to bed for her accidents, so why should I treat you any differently ? ”

"You can’t be serious mom, Leah is five, I'm twelve. ” Riley just couldn’t believe what her mom was suggesting.

"I'm well aware of the difference in ages, but after seeing the ad, I'm sure you now understand that bedwetting isn't just limited to younger children. They make diapers in larger sizes, because there are people even older than you, who are dealing with the same problem."

"You or I have been padding your sister up at night for awhile now, and she is finally ready to start wearing panties to bed. You however, have recently started wetting quite heavily, honey. Even if it wasn't a nightly occurrence,
like it has been this past week, we really don't have any way of predicting when it will happen now, do we ? As a mother, I think that the best way to deal with this for now, would be to pad you up at bedtime, and hope that you
don't need to use them."

Riley was smart enough to understand, that everything her mom explained was true, but at her age, she was desperately hoping that it wouldn't have to come to this. The ad listed the stores in our area that sold the product and her mother saw that their local department store, was mentioned. When her mom asked the girl to follow her to her mother's room, Riley thought that she was being given a chance to plead her case in private. She only realized her mistake, when her mother had her pull her pants down and hold her shirt up, while she measured her daughter's waist and hip sizes, with a seamstress tape. Riley wasn't sure why her mother had to measure her, as they both knew
that she wore a dress size 2.

"Diaper sizing is different honey. It is based on waist, and sometimes, hip measurements, in inches. Let's just try to make this little problem easier for everyone. I'm sure you don't like waking up in a cold wet bed every morning,
and I would rather use the time that I spend on extra laundry, doing things with my girls."

With that said, the topic was dropped when they heard Leah was awake, and ready to have breakfast with her family. Over the course of the morning, Riley had been able to put the morning's discussion out of mind,
and was enjoying herself, playing board games with her sister. When it was time for lunch, the girls were asked to get ready, as they were going out for lunch, since mom had a few items she needed to pick up anyway.
Riley got really nervous when she saw her mother park outside of the store that carried the diapers, her mother wanted her to wear. She asked her girls to wait in the car since she wouldn't be long. They were also asked to decide
on where to have lunch, since the shopping center had quite a few restaurants to choose from. When Riley saw her mother return with a small package, she knew from the size that it couldn't be her diapers, and she relaxed enough to
enjoy having lunch with her family. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, as the girls played together and their mom cleaned the carpeting, now that she had remembered to pick up carpet spray and bags for the vacuum cleaner.

That evening after dinner, Leah was given her bath, while Riley cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. Riley joined her mother and sister in the living room, where they all relaxed watching a movie together, before Leah was
whisked off to bed. Riley gave her sister a hug and a kiss, but remained behind, knowing that her mother would spend some quiet time with her girls each night as they drifted off to sleep. When Riley's mother returned to the
living room, she had her coat, purse, and keys, with her.

" I will be back shortly. The store shouldn't be too busy at this time of night, so it's unlikely that anyone we know, will see me buying your diapers. look in on your sister please, after you take your shower. She was fast asleep,
when I left her room."

And with that, she was out the door. How could she expect her twelve year old daughter to start wearing diapers to bed ? I just sat there, dreading my mother’s return. When I eventually heard the car, pull up, it was just
before my usual bedtime. I had already showered and was in my pajamas when mom walked in, carrying three bags of the diapers that we saw advertised, earlier. I took exception to the picture of a girl on the front of the bag.
I remember thinking to myself that she probably wouldn't be smiling if she was the one being diapered. Mom placed one bag on top of the bureau, and hid the other two bags in my closet. She opened the top bureau drawer where I kept
my panties, intending to move them to the lowest drawer. When she saw that most of them were stained, she kept a few of the better ones for daytime and tossed the rest into the wastebasket. My mother knew that I wouldn't be wearing
any at night, until I no longer needed diapers.

" But the top drawer has always been my underwear drawer." I whined

" It still is sweetie. But for now, it will be hiding your 'nighttime undies' safely out of your sister's reach."

I just sat there on my bed, watching in disbelief. With everything else going on at the moment, it completely slipped my mind that my little sister was a nosy parker, and had a bad habit of snooping through drawers and closets,
even though she has been punished for it on numerous occasions. I was thankful that my mother had the presence of mind, to keep my secret safe.

“ I have to check on Leah and grab the rest of the packages, that are still in the car. It might take me awhile, so it would be a big help to me if you would remove the pajamas that you have on and fold them neatly, before
putting them back in the drawer. For now at least, you won't be needing them, with your diapers."

Leah and I already knew the rules regarding pajamas. Years back, when I was around Leah's age and needed diapers at night, I wasn't allowed to cover them with pajamas, either. Through the years, this made it easier for mom,
if she had to change us during the night. It did't bother us at five years of age. We wore pajamas after our evening bath right up until bedtime. Then we were taken to brush our teeth, use the potty, and wash our hands.
We would say our goodnights to everyone, before being taken to our bedrooms. It was only then, that we were stripped of our jammies and diapered for the night. Any friends or family who were visiting, never had the chance to see us in diapers.

"If the panties you have on are stained, they need to go in the wastebasket with the others. You still have a few for the daytime."

With that taken care of, her mother grabbed a single diaper from the drawer and handed it to me.

" When you have finished everything else, I would like you to unfold your diaper and have it ready, while you wait for me on your bed."

This last request was deliberate on her mothers part. She already knew from her daughters actions, that she was quite emotional right now. In hindsight, telling her eldest daughter ahead of time, that she was putting her back in
diapers, probably wasn't the best way to handle this situation. Hoping that a little time alone in her room, naked and vulnerable, with the diaper in plain sight, might help her to accept the inevitable.

Riley immediately noticed that this diaper was smooth to the touch, as it had a plastic outer layer, different than the ones that her sister wore, which had a woven fabric layer covering the plastic barrier. Even folded, it was
obvious to Riley that it was much larger than her sister's diapers. In spite of that, and her mother carefully taking her measurements earlier, she still couldn't bring herself to accept that it could possibly fit. Frustrated,
she threw the diaper on the bed and removed her pajamas as her mother requested. Hoping to stay on her good side, she carefully folded her jammies, before placing them back in the drawer. When Riley saw that the panties she was
wearing, were also badly stained, she knew that her favorite pair would be joining the others, in the wastebasket. Having completed everything that her mother had asked of her, Riley sat on her bed and quietly glared at the
offensive garment. Remembering that she was asked to unfold the diaper, Riley saw this as her chance to prove to herself that it wouldn't fit. The diaper was folded lengthwise into thirds, and Riley was starting to get nervous
after seeing the length, and she hadn't even unfolded the wings yet. By the time she had the diaper opened and was smoothing out the creases, any hope that she held on to, that it wouldn't fit, was quickly fading. Unable to deal
with the uncertainty any longer, Riley grabbed the diaper and stood up. Her hands were shaking as she spread her legs, and held the juvenile garment in place. The moment she saw that the front and back of the diaper actually
extended a few inches above her waist, she realized that this diaper not only fit her, it even allowed room for growth, and for Riley, that was just throwing salt on the wound.

" IT'S NOT FAIR, " I said, louder than I intended, as I threw myself on the bed and cried. "My little sister gets to wear her panties to bed, but I have to sleep in a diaper."

I didn't know at the time, that mom had purposely left the remaining packages, outside of my room, when she carried the diapers in, earlier. This gave her the chance, to quietly listen, from the hallway, as I unfolded the diaper,
and expressed my disappointment, the moment I realized that the diapers would fit perfectly. She knew then, that I had resigned myself to the fact I would be wearing one to bed every night.

When mom walked in with the supplies, I was stretched out on the bed, naked, and quietly sobbing into my pillow. Ignoring me for a moment, mom placed the changing pad alongside me, then grabbed the unfolded diaper that I had thrown
on the floor.

"Come on sweetheart, lets just get this overwith, and then we can talk, if you'd like. " My mother gently reminded me as she pointed to the pad "

Although I was upset with everything that was happening, I knew better than to test my mother's patience. I tried my hardest to keep my emotions in check, but I started crying even harder when I realized that I was about to be diapered on the same changing pad that until recently, I had been diapering my sister on.

"Why did everything have to be so different this evening ? " I asked myself

Tonight, my sister dressed herself for bed, while I was the one getting diapered. At the very least, I had hoped that being older now, mom would teach me how to put my own diapers on,
even though I was convinced, that wasn't going to happen. Leah had asked our mom on several occasions if she could help with fastening her own diaper tapes, but the answer was always the same. With nothing to lose, I found the courage to ask mom if she would allow me to deal with my diapers on my own, pointing out my age and the experience I had gained from diapering my sister.

"I'm sorry sweetie, but if mommy feels that either of her girls need to be in diapers, then mommy is the only one who can put them on or take them off."

Fortunately, mom understood that I was having a hard time comming to terms with this, and realized that now would be the perfect time to show some compassion.

"I am hoping that this is just a temporary setback, Riley. I need to check you during the night to keep track of the wettings and changes, without having to wake you. We may need that information for the doctors, later.

"If we don't notice any improvement when you turn thirteen, in a few months, then I will show you how to get yourself ready for bed."

" I know this is hard for you Riley, but all you need to do is follow mommy's instructions, and we'll get this overwith quickly. You don't have to watch if you don't want to. You can close your eyes honey, or just look away"

I was asked to roll onto my tummy, while mom powdered my thighs, bottom, and even my back, hoping that it might help me to relax. She then had me roll on my back and bend my knees so that my feet were flat on the bed, which I did.
I even helped by lifting my feet, so mom could spread them apart. From the position I was in, it was fairly obvious what was comming next. Without waiting to be asked, I put my arms out to my side for support, and lifted my bottom,
so that mom could slide the diaper in place.

“ That's my Big girl ! ”

" Now that you are familiar with the routine, is this the kind of cooperation that I can expect from you every night, when it's time to get you ready for bed ?" My mother asked.

" Yes mommy." I replied, choking back the tears. "

I heard the rustle of the plastic as the diaper was positioned under me, and I was asked to lower my bottom.

I knew that it would be too embarrassing to watch myself being diapered, like my sister used to do, so counting the tiny stars that I had on my ceiling, provided the distraction I needed.

I was asked to straighten my legs but keep them spread, as mom powdered my front side. To my knowledge, tonight was the first time in years that mom had seen me naked. She couldn't help but notice the light growth of dark curly hair, a painful reminder that I was quickly maturing, despite this recent need to be heavily padded at bedtime. Mom hoped that I would be out of diapers before the hair was long enough to require trimming, to prevent irritation to my skin, by holding moisture and promoting bacterial growth. Not wanting to delay the procedure any longer, my diaper was securely taped up. I couldn't help but notice that the diaper was snug around my waist and thighs as mom sat me up and inspected her work. Satisfied with the fit, she told me that we were done.

I was able to notice the bulk, now that the diapers were securely taped and mom had helped me to stand. I found it uncomfortable to keep my legs together. This diaper was much thicker than the ones my sister used to wear. I assumed that was because it had to deal with the heavier nighttime wetting, of adolescence. She kept an eye on me, while I took this opportunity to feel around my bottom. I wasn't sure that I could get used to this bulky infantile garment that I was expected wear to bed every night. Satisfied that I wasn't trying to remove my diaper, she went about folding the changing pad, and placed my diapering supplies on the top of the dresser. I was already nearing my breaking point, but when I told my mom how akward it was to walk, and the awful noise it made with every step I took, her response only pushed me closer to the edge.

"The bulk and the noise shouldn't matter at all, Riley. You're not competing in floor exercises, You'll be sound asleep in your bed for the night, ."

Mom's sarcastic remark, referring to my love of gymnastics, was the final straw, and I couldn't hold back any longer.

" I AM NOT going to wear diapers, mom. Take it off of me, RIGHT NOW. " I demanded.

When she calmly informed me that it would be staying on, I decided to just do it myself. I managed to tear one tape before mom quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the bed. I was over her lap before I knew it. Spankings were something that mom rarely handed out, but whenever we got one, we always hoped that it would be our last. I can't say that this spanking was any different then the few others I received over the years. Tonight, because of the highly emotional state I was in, everything was blown out of proportion. I remember kicking my feet and crying before the spanking even started, and it was just after the second smack to the back of my thighs when the spanking stopped. I was still crying in anticipation of the next one, but it never came. Instead, I felt my mother's hand pat the seat of my diaper a few times, before tugging on the waistband to have a peek. I knew what had happened The moment she squeezed my crotch. I was so embarrassed that I had actually wet and soiled myself, over a little spanking. I closed my eyes and sobbed as mom took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Mom removed my diaper and cleaned me up with the hand held shower. I didn't even care when she took this opportunity to lay me out on towel and shave my muff and any stray hairs on my backside, knowing that I was too ashamed to object to anything. When she was finished, I was cleaned, shaved, and diapered without any cooperation on my part. Mom took me by the hand and led me to my room. I was given time to settle down while she put my supplies away and disposed of my diaper in the trash, knowing that I wasn't about to tamper with my diaper after what I had just been through. When she returned, she set a chair beside my bed and invited me to sit in her lap while I calmed down.

"I know tonight was hard for you Riley, but you knew better than to try and remove your diaper. You were so cooperative when I was getting you diapered. "

I told mom that I didn't like seeing myself in the diaper I was wearing. "I know that I need them, but why couldn't I at least wear a nightgown or long shirt over them ?

Part of working through this issue is accepting that you have a problem, and dealing with it responsibly. There is no need for you to hide your diaper under a nightgown when you and I are the only ones who know you are wearing one.
I have to see when you need to be changed, and you need to get comfortable with wearing them, since they are essentially your 'nighttime underwear' for however long you need them. I know you don't like having to wear diapers, I'm sure that any girl your age wouldn't. I think it's more important for you to sleep comfortably through the night and wake up to a dry bed. We both know that wearing a diaper is the only way that is going to happen. You will wake up well rested, and won't have to be changing sheets, wiping the mattress protector, or risking your sister finding out. Mom wanted to be able to change me during the night if she needed to, and didn't want to risk waking me, trying
to remove a nightgown, if it happened to get wet. She promised me that if my diapers didn't have any leaks over the next five nights, I could try wearing a short T-shirt, since I didn't like wearing a bra to bed. I felt better, knowing that Mom was now willing to make these little concessions for me, as long as I was willing to to do my part, by cooperating.

"Now, regarding Leah, she doesn't know about your accidents, for a few reasons. Obviously I wouldn't want to cause you any embarrassment, but my other concern is that Leah might start having 'accidents' if she found out that her
Big Sister and role model, was having accidents and needed to start wearing diapers. I'm not trying to make you feel badly, I know that you really can't help this, but you know how your sister likes to copy you. "

I told mom that I understand her concerns, and she promised to get a storage box to hide my changing supplies and a lockset for my closet door.

" You should put a bathrobe on in the morning, before you come to breakfast, just in case your sister should wake up early. Remember, you need to stay in your diaper, until mommy takes it off. I will remove your diaper in the
bathroom, and dispose of it, before you shower each morning. I have decided that starting tomorrow, both of my girls will have a new schedule.

" After dinner, I will give Leah her bath, then she can watch tv with you and mommy, until I put her to bed at 8:00. I have decided to extend your bedtime to 10:00 and my reason for doing that is simple. In spite of the wetting
accidents and the diapers you'll be wearing to bed, I don't want either of us to forget that mommy's Big Girl is only a few months away from becomming a teenager. It's only fair that you have the same privileges as other girls
your age." I hugged mommy.

I felt closer to her, at that moment, than I have in a long time. I knew that having to cope with two children still wetting at night, was a struggle for her. Now with Leah's recent progress, and my promise to deal with my own
nighttime problem responsibly, we should all be happier. I sat next to my mother on the couch and she started the movie that she had chosen. The Rugrats movie was always one of my favorites, as a child. I hadn't seen it in ages,
dismissing it as a kid's movie that I was now too old to watch. Tonight though, snuggling with mommy and wearing a diaper that she just put me in, somehow made it all seem right. We were about halfway through the movie when I
started to get antsy. Mom pulled me into her lap, insisting that I sit still. I couldn't help blushing when I admitted my need to pee, hoping that she would pause the movie and take me to the bathroom.

"You're wearing a diaper, honey. That's what it's for. After the earlier accident, you shouldn't have that much in you. We need to learn how much these diapers can hold, and you'll be a lot more comfortable, if you just use
it now. "

That wasn't the answer I wanted to hear, nor was her lack of confidence, that I just might wake up dry. I couldn't blame her though. I haven't awakened to a dry bed for a week now. I tried my best to ignore my growing need, but
I couldn't stop fidgeting. Mom finally had enough, and paused the movie, giving me hope, that I could use the potty. The moment I stood up, she latched on to me and unleashed a barrage of tickles. We were both laughing hysterically
and having fun. When mom finally eased up on the tickle torture, I was completely out of breath from laughing so hard. On the positive side, I noticed that the distraction seemed to have taken my mind off my bladder. I was now
content enough to quietly snuggle on my mother's lap and finish the movie. It wasn't until the movie had ended and I went to stand up, that I realized something was wrong. When my hand went to my crotch, everything made sense.
I wasn't even aware that I had wet myself, but I'm sure it happened when mom was tickling me. Mom noticed my confusion and knew that I was on the verge of crying. She held me tightly as I worked through my emotions.

"There is no need for you to be upset, honey. You only did what mommy wanted you to do. Whenever you are wearing a diaper, mommy expects you to use it if you need to."

After I started to calm down. Mom walked me to the bathroom and had me brush my teeth and wash my hands. She caught me staring at the potty as I turned to leave the bathroom.

"Don't worry Riley, I still expect my Big Girl to use the potty, whenever she isn't padded."

Walking towards my bedroom I noticed that my diaper was starting to cool, now that it had sagged and wasn't close to my body. I tried tugging it up, but it wouldn't stay in place, while I was walking.

"Stop playing with your diaper, Riley! Does mommy need to put mittens on your hands like we used to do with your sister ? " Mom teased, and we both laughed.

I actually remembered Leah doing that during the night if she woke up wet. She would tear the uncomfortable diaper off, then fall back asleep. The following morning, she would awaken to a thoroughly soaked bed. Once mom found that
they had special mittens to stop children from tampering with clothing, bandages, or diapers, she bought some. Mom or I would put them on Leah's little hands every night, right before we got her padded up. After about four months,
that habit was broken and Leah never needed to wear them again.

After that, mom would threaten to put me in mittens, whenever she saw me touching my diaper. We both knew that my mother was only kidding. She understood that wet diapers could become itchy, or tend to slide down while walking,
often requiring the occasional scratch or tug. Mom had already made sure that I knew there would be consequences if I was again caught, trying to remove my diapers. She emphasized, that at my age, tamper proof mittens
wouldn't be my only punishment. Her obvious reference to the spanking I got earlier, was all I needed to hear !

"I'm pretty sure that they carried mittens in Big Girl sizes too mom teased, as she checked my diaper ! Mom decided that my diaper was wet enough to be changed, so when we reached my bedroom, mom had me stand while she spread out the changing pad and got everything ready.

"All set whenever you are, honey. "

Surprisingly, I was ready. My diaper was cooling, and I was having a hard time staying awake. I knew what was comming and I went through the motions without having to be asked. Mom was pleased. This evening was just as hard on her
but that was all behind us now. I felt closer to my mother than I had in ages. After the last tape was in place, I smiled and closed my eyes.

The next morning, I woke up earlier than usual, and was elated to find that I had a dry bed. It wasn't until I sat up, that I realized why. There was no denying that I had soaked myself during the night, but my diaper managed to
hold it all. It was nice to wake up in a warm, dry bed again. Although I would never admit to it, putting me in diapers at night, was probably for the best. I peeked out of my room and saw that Leah's door was closed, so I decided
to head to the kitchen to find my mother. I saw her at the table when I walked in, and she waved me over. Opening my robe, she saw for herself that I had wet quite heavily, during the night.

" Riley, you really gave this diaper a workout, and that was the new diaper That I put you in at bedtime. I didn't have you use the potty when you brushed your teeth because you had already emptied your bladder when I tickled you. I'll have to check you during the night from now on. I think it might be a good idea to get you some booster pads and a few pairs of plastic panties, just to be safe.

I take Leah to the bathroom every night, before she goes to bed. I usually have her brush her teeth, then sit her on the potty, until she has finished. I have her wash her hands when she's done. I don't mind doing the same for you,
before I get you diapered for bed. And with your bedtime at 10pm now, maybe your diaper won't be as wet by the morning. I liked that idea !

I was glad to see that mom was so understanding this morning. I wanted to tell her, that waking to a wet diaper wasn't nearly as bad as waking up in a cold wet bed, but my pride wouldn't let me admit to that.

" Let's head to the bathroom and get you out of this diaper, then you can shower. " Mom followed me with a wastebasket sized bag.

I thoroughly enjoyed my long shower. It allowed me to retrace the conversation that I just had with my mother... Did she really offer to bathe me and diaper me earlier in the evening ? Would I have to use my diaper, like last
night, if I was wearing one, at the time ? I had to admit that despite the initial embarrassment, I never felt closer to my mother. Was I going to become Leah's replacement, now that she no longer needed diapers? I had so many
questions, that I couldn't bring myself to ask. I decided to just put everything aside for now, and to enjoy the day. I figured that mom would just take charge of me herself, If I didn't make a decision on my own.

After I showered and got dressed, I headed to the kitchen for breakfast. When I saw Leah wearing just a T-shirt and panties, I decided to have some fun with her.

" Oh, is today 'No Pants Day' ? I thought it was next Friday! "

My sister couldn't stop giggling !

" No Riley, these are the clothes I slept in last night! I don't need to wear diapers anymore, I'm A Big Girl, just like you ! " ... Out of the mouths of babes.

I saw the look of panic on my mothers face as she tried to anticipate my reaction. Mom didn't need to worry. I was genuinely proud of my little sister's accomplishment, and knew that eventually, I would achieve my goal too.
Hopefully it won't be too far in the future, and certainly without fanfare ! The moment I picked Leah up and Hugged her, my mother knew she could relax. This was Leah's victory, and I wanted her to enjoy it. I spent a large
part of the day with her, hanging out and talking. I learned that most of her friends at kindergarten also managed to stop wetting at night and that a few others only had occasional accidents. That was her motivation. I felt much
better knowing that mom encouraged her to stay dry, but never punished her if she didn't. By now, I was wondering if mom was going to miss their nighttime diapering ritual, and looked to me, to fill that void. To be honest, I was
starting to love the attention. Mom was very patient and caring, my first night in diapers. All I need to do right now is hold myself together, and see what my mother has planned for tonight. I needed to get my mind off of diapers, for now. I thought that taking my sister to the park would be a perfect distraction. Leah always loved it when I would push her on the swings. The park was actually rather busy today, and we were both looking around for
familiar faces. Leah was the first to spot a friend from school, with her mother. The girls got adjacent swings and we pushed them for at least a half an hour. I knew that her daughter, jen, really liked my sister, and that Leah
had never missed a sleepover at their home. Jane also mentioned that Jen was an only child, so aside from seeing her friends during the short time they had at school, weekend sleepovers were the only real chance they had to bond.
I knew that origionally there were five girls, and all the parents agreed that regardless of which house they were staying at, including ours, everyone wore a pull-up at night. As the school year progressed, some of the girls
started to attain nighttime bladder control and began to refuse wearing pull-ups. Three of the moms also started to reject the idea, feeling that wearing a pull-up that they didn't need, would either cause them embarrassment,
or allow them to get lazy and regress in their training. Jen and my sister, were the last two of the group to stay dry at night, and neither of them received any invites to the other homes. I had tears in my eyes as I spoke to Jane. I told her that as of Last night, Leah had gone a week straight without an accident, and was wearing panties to bed now. Jane told me that Leah had called Jen this morning with the good news. Jane told me that her daughter has also been doing well lately, and that Jane attributed her daughter's progress to the friendship that Jen and Leah have, and how she stood by Jen, when the others abandoned her.

"I learned that without the pressure she felt from the other three girls, Jen feels better about herself, and know's that her time is also comming ! More important, She knows that Leah, yourself, and your mother will always be
there for her."

Knowing that Jane was a kind compassionate person, I almost wanted to open up to her about own recent issues, but I couldn't risk the others overhearing.

Dinner was wonderful. Leah was given the chance to choose the meal as a reward for her nighttime accomplishment. No one was surprised by her choice, as we all favored KFC ! Mom especially, since she wouldn't need to cook tonight.
Nearing the end of dinner, I asked mom, if she would like me to give Leah her bath. My sister made the decision before mom even had a chance to answer. It was a resounding Yes ! After I had helped clear the table, and placed what
little food that was left, in the 'fridge, it was time for my sister's bath. I grabbed her little hand and we headed to the bathroom. I ran the water, remembering to add the bubbles, while Leah sat on the potty. I knew the routine
well because it was the same for me, when I was her age. When I helped her to sit down in the tub, I lost her in the bubbles. Maybe I overdid them a bit. I was out of practice, but Leah didn't seem to mind! I grabbed the sponge and
went to work, trying to imagine what It would be like, If I was the one in the tub, and mom was bathing me. I imagined that I would feel very insecure. I decided to talk to Leah about school, her friends, and what makes her happy.

" Being out of diapers finally ! " She wasted no time letting me know.

I could certainly understand that. It's a right of passage that every child wants to attain. Well, almost every child. I have been conflicted since last night. I knew that I should be upset with my accidents, but I can't stop
thinking about how patient and understanding, my mother has been regarding this setback in my life. Ever since I turned eleven, our relationship has been estranged. I would never want to be in the same room with mom, and I'm sure
that she felt the same. Now I need her more than ever, and after last night, I think she needs me too. Getting back to the task at hand, I rinsed my sister off, only to notice the pink glow that she had. I may have overdone the
scrubbing, but she never complained. After drying her off, I lotioned her body well, then handed her a clean shirt and panties. She gave me a Hug and a kiss ! Mom noticed her healthy glow, and joked. " She hasn't looked that pink
since birth!" At least I wasn't accused of parboiling my little sister! Leah insisted that I watch tv with them, and I did. This Was her day, and she wanted us to be together ! That night, we both tucked her into bed, with a kiss.

This was the moment that I struggled with all day. Mom suggested that we talk in the kitchen, to give my sister a chance to fall asleep. She actually pulled a chair right alongside hers, explaining that it might be easier for me to
talk, if we weren't staring at each other. This is why I have been so conflicted. Mom has been so attentive to these little details lately, that I trust her to help me through this. I tried to apologise for the way I have been for
the past year and a half, but mom cut me off. She explained that I had been going through puberty, and for some people it can be a rough time. Fluctuating hormone levels can cause pre teens or teenagers to become moody. Mom also
found out through searching, that incidents of bedwetting have been reported, during this time of change, in a girl's body. Mom explained to me that testing, might give us some answers, but neither of us wanted to persue that route
this quickly, since there didn't appear to be any other issues. If we both agreed that padding me up for bed, and giving it some time was the best choice for now, than why do I feel like a failure? After waking to wet bedding,
for seven straight mornings, any fight that I had in me, was gone. I needed mom for answers. My first question to her was why am I having such a hard time dealing with the wet beds, when it never seemed to bother my sister?
Mom explained that the obvious difference was that Leah was a little girl dealing with a problem that's quite common among younger children. Many of her friends went through it the same time she did, and that may have made it a
little easier for her. This was when I brought up the conversation that I had with her mother, at the park. My mother knew about the other three girls in the group, from sleepovers at our home, but she didn't know that they shunned
Leah and Jen, once they were the only ones who still had wetting accidents at night.

"I guess that explains why the invitations stopped." Mom said, quietly.

Mom was glad that I was able to tell her everything that Jane and I had covered. She knew that Leah and Jen had each other, and two supportive parents, and all I had right now was mom.

" "You are much older than your sister, Riley. While there are many others your age and older, with similar issues, it's a topic that most adolescents would rather not share with each other, and that can make people feel isolated.
To sum it up, your conflict is that you are a Big Girl dealing with an issue that people mistakingly believe only happens with younger children, but I don't think this needs to dominate your life."

" What do you mean I asked ? "

"You are allowing a little nighttime issue to undermine the confidence and determination of my beautiful, caring, pre-teen daughter, and I have a suggestion that might stop that from happening.

"From 8pm at night, after your sister is asleep, I would like you to let mommy care for you until your 10pm bedtime. I will bathe you and get you diapered, then you can decide how we spend the evening. This will be little Riley's
time. Our conversations will be between a mother and child. Our games or tv will be age appropiate. When you fall asleep every night, I want only happy thoughts going through that mind of yours! At 8am when you awake, you will
come down for breakfast, then shower. From that point on, I will expect to see my 'soon to be' teenage daughter. You will be there as a big sister to leah, and you will have chores and responsibilities appropiate for your age.
If you have anything that we need to discuss, regarding your nighttime problem, it will be done privately, and as adults. As you can see, I want to maintain a clear line between the little side and your adolescent side.
I would like you to try this for a week before we make any decisions.

" Remember, I just helped one of my little angels, out of diapers. Now I need to get my other angel to spread her wings ! "

Over the following months, I had come to appreciate our nightly ritual and actually looked forward to what has become our mother/daughter bonding time. There has been a notable improvement in my nightly issues. The evening baths that
mommy would give me, after my sister was asleep, continued. The biggest difference now was that I was put in a pull-up after my bath, instead of my diaper. For the rest of the evening, I could use the potty or wet the pullup, if I
was feeling naughty, mommy used to joke! Either way, It was making sure that my bladder was empty when I was diapered for bed at 9:45. Mom would check me periodically throughout the night, and kept track of my progress, noting the
times when I would initially wet. It wasn't long before mommy was finding me dry, five hours later. That was halfway through my 10 hour sleep ! Despite a small wetting accident, sometime during the early morning hours, the full
bladder that I awoke to, was better then any alarm clock, at waking me up! As I continued to progress, I found my adult side becomming more predominant now. I had confidence in myself, and my self esteem soared. Mom and I still had
our nightly time together but the conversations and movies were now more adult. I was quickly becomming physically and emotionally ready to leave my diapers behind. I looked forward to the day when I could once again become,
A Big Girl, just like Leah !

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