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Joe’s Story                                                                                          by Les Lea

Part 1

Mrs Griffiths was getting both annoyed and worried.

Annoyed because, as far as she could see, her eleven year-old son Joseph spent far too much time masturbating, and worried what effect this could have on his two young sisters, nine year-old Mary and the youngest Susan who was seven, and, more importantly, God didn’t approve, so she was also worried about her son’s salvation.

Joe’s pyjama bottoms would be stained with the evidence that every night he’d erupted more times than his mother could imagine.  He’d found the pleasure of playing with himself when he was nine but it was only recently that the act occupied his thoughts all the time. However, it was at night when the pleasure was increased and the thoughts of Amy Wright and her friend Daphne, along with his best friend Syed ran through his head. He thought it was just a natural part of growing up and had no guilt at all about what he did or where his nightly activities took him or the mess deposited in his PJs.

Joe’s mum was a guilt-ridden, lapsed Catholic, who remembered stories the priest and nuns revealed regarding the evils of such an act so was desperate that her child should not suffer such grievous consequences. She panicked over the thought that somehow, Joe’s night-time inclinations would corrupt or in some way defile her sweet, innocent young daughters - she was desperate for an answer to her fears. She was worried even more with the imminent arrival of the school summer holidays that, with so much time on his hands, he would be spending it all on such a risky and depraved act.

She sought advice from her priest, Father John.

Over the past few months she had reacquainted herself with her faith and had begun to visit the church more and more often looking for her own salvation. She had taken her two daughters, who went willingly, but Joe was like his father, he didn’t have time for “all that religious stuff”. All her old fears and superstitions came flooding back as she knelt in prayer and asked for God’s good grace and guidance.


Father John was an old priest in a young priest’s body. He was a firebrand, clinging to the old doctrines and beliefs of hundreds of years of Catholic teaching and thought that modern thinking was the way to ruin. A firm belief in God, Jesus, Mary and the Holy Roman Catholic Church, together with regular readings of the Bible, were all that was needed for a wonderful, peaceful and deferential world. A religion failed if it didn’t garner respect, induce fear and damn all things it regarded as progressive/evil - to this priest there was no difference between the two. Father John’s code was simple: do not tolerate evil in any of its many guises - for the salvation of all its living things, use any and every means to banish it from this mortal world. Yes, for a thirty year-old man Father John was pretty hard-core in his devotion to the church’s ancient doctrines.


As her son wouldn’t go to confession, or even enter the church, Mrs Griffiths confided her worries to Father John who initially suggested that perhaps, before the boy retired to bed, his mother should insist he wear something more appropriate than just his loose PJs. To prevent the easy access to his ‘sin’ the Father suggested perhaps to cover the offending article more substantially, thus helping him avoid this evil act and the resulting hell-fire he would most certainly face.

Joe was oblivious to the dealings that were going on back home. He planned a fantastic summer break with his mates; camping, soccer tournaments, swimming, skateboarding… all the out-doorsy things that a healthy, eleven year-old should be doing, especially in the forthcoming promised hot spell.

However, two weeks before school broke up he was surprised to find that his mother had laid a rubber sheet over his mattress and insisted that he wear pull-ups to sleep in. Confused and surprised by such action he wanted to know the reason why.

She held up as evidence his overly stained pyjama bottoms and gungy underpants as proof that he needed help in controlling his emissions – nocturnal and otherwise. She lambasted him for bringing his filthy, self-pleasuring ways into her God-fearing home and that he was damned if he didn’t immediately stop. He had felt no guilt until his mother had pointed out the incriminatory evidence and with all the gusto that she could remember of the priests invective on the evils of self-gratification, scared the young lad reluctantly into wearing the proscribed item.

Echoing the priest’s sentiments she declared that his actions were wicked, against God and that he needed as much of the Good Lord’s protection as he could muster if he wasn’t going to burn in hell. The Lord (Father John) had shown her the way regarding the usefulness of pull-ups for protection so that would be the solution. She worried that not only was he heading to perdition but that his bed was tinged with evil and she was sure that something even more heinous would occur whilst he slept if he didn’t stop.  

Scared by his mother’s forceful condemnation and knowing that if he didn’t comply his entire summer plans would end up with being grounded, Joe unwillingly did as he was told. He felt trapped but his mother watched and made sure he put on the pull-ups before he went to bed. She inferred that there would be trouble if he took them off and that God was watching and would see if he transgressed and didn’t keep to his promise of no self-gratification.

The strangest thing transpired on that first night whilst reluctantly wearing his holy divined protection, to his absolute horror, something worse did happen.


His mother had indeed put the fear of God into her son and sweet dreams of his friends were now a scary mixture of screaming burning figures and tormenting demons. He was mortified when his mother came in to wake him for school to find he was soaked through. Her accusing look and declaration that God sees everything and punishes those who flout his laws was enough to frighten and temporarily make him believe that the Lord had punished him for masturbating. The mess he’d made was copious, the pull-ups not able to contain all he pissed, consequently his bedding and everything in the room appeared drenched in the smell of urine.  Mercifully, it was only thanks to his mother’s foresight in putting down a rubber over-sheet that his mattress was not completely ruined.

She intended saving her son as she had done the mattress.

However, her weeping son was so intimidated by what had happened he had no response to his mother’s demands that from now on he would wear a nappy and plastic pants to bed to protect all concerned. She was adamant that she needed to shield his innocent little sisters from his perverted, moist desires and that the extra padding would at least mean they could sleep safe. No amount of protestation was allowed and he was completely cowed by his mother saying that she would get Father John to talk to him if he needed ‘guidance’. The threat was the last thing he wanted, he was scared of the priest, the power he wielded over his mother and desperate not to have anything to do with the man.


So, for two weeks leading to the summer break, every morning, before he was allowed to go to school, his nappy was checked for any residue of his secretive and unholy ways. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem perturbed if his nappy was wet as long as it wasn’t slick with his boy juice. He was made to stand naked whilst his mother, tentatively searched for proof of her son’s disgusting habits before he was allowed to go to the bathroom. Joe was told that if she found anything he would be punished and that he’d be made to wear his nappy all the time and that included to school.

He just couldn’t help the fact that, especially at night, his hand always gravitated to his crotch. However, now the thick glossy bulge and crinkle as he moved was a reminder of his promise to his mother, he couldn’t get a grip or play with himself anyway. It was hard - literally and figuratively - not to relieve himself even with all the padding. However, he didn’t want to cause his mother any further upset so, whilst he could, he refrained from his nightly vocation.

He made up for it at school, whilst a bunch of kids pissed and shit in cubicles all around, he spent a great deal of time in the toilet pulling himself off. The distractions didn’t seem to make much difference especially as he was thinking of Amy and Syed and the thoughts of them helped him gain quick release. His seed caught in the school’s toilet paper and flushed away.


Joe’s mother, Bernadette Corrigan had married Stanley Joseph Griffiths because he’d gotten her pregnant. This seventeen year-old good, meek catholic girl was guilty of sin and just couldn’t face her priest. Her guilt spread because, thanks to her atheist husband, she wasn’t bringing up their children in the faith. When the local priest recently passed away and the young, vibrant Father John had taken over she saw her chance of reconnecting, perhaps even being forgiven. Above everything else she wanted to find her faith again, to love and be loved by the Holy Roman Catholic church and promised to do whatever it took to regain admission. She knew that once she fulfilled her obligations to God, she would be absolved of her sin and all would be well.

She surreptitiously started attending mass and began to take her daughters along with her. They seemed to like the singing and religious setting and weren’t of an age where they could make up their own minds. Joe was different, he’d been dragged to one mass and was bored, would rather have been out with his mates playing soccer and laughed inwardly at every damnation and pious piece of the bible the new priest uttered.

No matter how much his mother pleaded with him he didn’t go again.

His dad had told his wife to let the boy be before he went to the off-shore oil rig that was his place of work. Six weeks on and two weeks off was his normal working configuration so he was rarely at home but his well-paid job kept his family at a relatively good standard of living. However, it also meant that he wasn’t always around when something major happened.


Joe was like a chip off the old block and, like his father, loved sport, was very easy going but didn’t suffer fools and pomposity. When his father was home they spent a great deal of time together and Joe loved and looked up to his father. The family went camping, his dad’s favourite way to relax, and whilst Joe enjoyed it, his mother and little sisters just endured it. He hated it when his father went away but realised that it was his job and so it was something that just had to be put up with. It was always a huge deal when he came home because the family laughed a lot and did more things than when they were just with their mother.


On the last day of school Joe arrived home from a five-a-side game of soccer to find Father John and his mother in deep conversation. The Father was all smiles as Joe walked through the door and got up to shake his hand and explain that his mother had volunteered him to help out with a group of kids from church.

“Ah Joseph, your mother has said that she would be happy for you to help out the Cub Scouts camping trip. I’m afraid I am one volunteer down and she very kindly suggested…”

“I don’t think so.” Joe stood there with his arms folded, all four foot eleven inch of him, in his dirty soccer kit of shirt and shorts. “I have made my own arrangements for…”

His mother now interrupted - embarrassed at her son interrupting Father John.

“Joe, it will be good for you. You’ll be helping the Father… and young people who…”

She almost apologised for making the suggestion but was enthusiastic that it would benefit his moral turpitude.

“I don’t care. Why the hell would I want to go on a Cub Scout camping trip?”

With a look of loathing on his face the last piece of the sentence was directed at the priest.

“I’m not even a Catholic?”

“Come, come young man.”

Ignoring the dig the priest tried to be jovial, accommodating, enthusiastic and positive.

“The Lord has time and love for every one of his flock whether they know it or not. Your mother… and the Lord… have given you this opportunity…”

“Well the Lord can go fuck himself because I’m not…”

The speed at which the young priest reacted was stunning, so much so that Joe had no idea what was happening until it was too late. He grabbed Joe by the arm and yanked him over his knee. With one hand securely holding him in place he set about spanking the boy with a great deal of vigour. Joe’s screams were of protest and shock as his bare legs kicked out and he squirmed uselessly in an attempt to escape.


His thin nylon shorts were no protection to the firm hand that was raining blows on his upturned bottom - the man was brutal and determined in his discipline. Mrs Griffiths just stood there as the priest continued his spanking until her son could hold back the tears no longer and screamed for it to stop. She didn’t intervene knowing that the priest’s action was justified and what her disobedient son was sorely in need of. The punishment continued long after the fight had left Joe and he’d stopped trying to avoid each pain inducing slap.

“I will not have the Lord’s name taken in vain,” The firm hand continued to descend. “Nor will I have such a vile and disgusting word spoken in front of your mother and innocent sisters.”

The hand slowed but still delivered hefty smacks to his throbbing bottom. His father had never spanked him yet this priest thought nothing about laying into him, if he hadn’t been in so much pain and crying he may well have protested such an injustice… but who would he protest to? His mother seemed to have sanctioned the attack.


There was another problem now as well because as the firm hand delivered each painful whack, his full bladder had leaked and he’d well and truly pissed himself. The priest’s trouser leg was soaked as the sobbing youth was dragged from his vulnerable position; the front of his white shorts ran yellow with the evidence of just what had occurred. The look of disgrace on his mother’s face said it all and the red blush of shame filled his other cheeks as he scrambled, tearfully off to his bedroom.

He could hear the conversation continue downstairs and knew he was in trouble. Swearing was a huge no-no in the house, especially in front of his sisters. Even not very offensive words like ‘hell’ and ‘damn’ were frowned upon so the f-word carried with it great weight and as such, the punishment would match its seriousness.  He knew that had he used the word towards a teacher at school then he could have been suspended but, soothing his very sore bottom, he wasn’t sure if it applied to a priest. However, his mother thought it did.


After a while he heard the priest leave and the footsteps of his mother climbing the stairs. He was still hurting from the severe spanking but dreaded that his mother might have brought the hairbrush with which, in the past, she’d threatened to use as punishment. He was in no position to defy her? Look where it had already got him; a fiercely red bottom, embarrassment that his young sisters had witnessed his humiliation and that he’d pissed himself. With his mother on the warpath he wasn’t sure if it could get any worse. It did.

Bernadette Griffiths may have been a small woman but when she was roused and determined there was very little that could control her. She made her son strip out of his piss-stained soccer outfit and once naked bend over the edge of his bed before delivering six more swats with the hairbrush to his already inflamed posterior. The screams, sorrys and pleading fell on deaf but zealous ears as she served several more reminders of his action to his very sore bottom.

“I’ve a good mind to call your father and tell him what a despicable and disrespectful person you’ve become.”

She spoke in a tone that meant she intended to be taken seriously. She knew he idolised his father and her husband idolised his son, what would be the consequences of him knowing what had happened?

“You have embarrassed the family, upset your sisters and brought shame on yourself by using foul words and selfish actions… behaving like a spoilt little brat… not to mention abusing an upstanding member of this community.”

The words of his mother just rushed out but as Joe was still bent over the bed, his naked bum trembling under her denunciation he was unable to do anything but try and stifle his tears by crying into his pillow.


It was the first time he’d ever had to suffer a spanking and he didn’t like it at all. The priest had hurt him and now his mother had delivered a punishment she’d only ever threatened before. His bum stung and his mind spun not knowing what to make of it all. There was one thing for certain, he was in big trouble and from her actions he could tell she wasn’t going to be placated by a simple apology to her, his sisters or the priest.

“What would your father think…” she continued calling into question her son’s relationship with his father, “swearing at a priest AND being back in nappies acting like a big baby?”

She knew that Joe would want to keep that part of his current situation secret but the threat was there. If his father should know his sporty son was now a big baby and back wearing a nappy because he had no control over his body and constantly messed himself, he’d be mortified. Joe groaned at the thought that such a revelation would have. He didn’t know that his father would probably have approved of him swearing at the priest because, for his own reasons, he hated the deluded, and in his opinion, perverted lot of them. All Joe now felt was total guilt, fear, sorrow and abject humiliation.


She sent her quivering and bawling son off to the bathroom to clean up but insisted that he hurry and get back to her in five minutes. He didn’t much feel like getting up but the implied threat made him gingerly walk to the shower as fast as his sore bottom allowed. His bum glowed and he tried to avoid touching it but it was unavoidable when he had to towel himself dry. Once back in the bedroom his mother was still there with the hairbrush and he guessed he was in for more punishment. 

He was correct.

She delivered another half dozen well-aimed thwacks to his already crimson butt, then, to Joe’s surprise, fastened him into a nappy. It was only 6.30 and way too soon for bed but once he was secured and a pair of thick cream-coloured plastic pants pulled over it, his mother indicated that bed was where he should be heading. No explanation, no meal, no TV, no phone, no nothing… she was determined that her son was going to change his ways and make himself one of God’s Christian soldiers.


A feeling of religious zeal was taking over his mother and he was too young and too alone to fight it. He cringed as his thick fabric padding hardly dulled the rustle of the plastic guard that now held him tightly. His bum throbbed, his eyes ached from so much crying, he felt completely dejected and what’s more, the one thing that could have helped him relax and get over everything, was no longer an option.

As his mother silenced any protests; she told him if he so much as moved from the bed at any point in the night he would get an even worse spanking than he’d already received. That was enough to scare him immediately into submission but what he didn’t know was that the following morning he would be on the bus with a bunch of cub scouts and heading for a two-week stay at a campsite in the Lakes.

Although the nappy was for protection Mrs Griffiths couldn’t help but think how cute her son now looked. He’d been growing up and adopting certain independent ways that she didn’t particularly like but now, as he cried himself to sleep wearing nothing but a nappy and plastic pants, she realised that he was still her sweet little baby boy and wanted him back. Perhaps by keeping him under rigid discipline she could regain control over him, the nappies seemed a good way of reinforcing that vision.

Joe could see the sun still shining behind the curtains and hear kids playing in the road but he was shattered, had no fight left and worried just what he could do to put things right. Oddly enough exhaustion overtook his thoughts and he fell asleep almost immediately.


Where ever Father John had worked he had gained a huge following. His was tall, young, good-looking (he had the body and aura of a rugby-playing superstar) and spoke with the authority of a man who believed in the power of every word he uttered. The church hierarchy loved having this enthusiastic holy firebrand and was even more delighted with the effect he had on parishioners. The churches were full when he preached, the children’s Sunday Schools were packed to overflowing and he’d turned around the finances of his local church in just a few months. Father John wasn’t a fool; he knew what he was doing and was aware of his charisma but channelled it into the areas where he thought it was needed. Bishops had suggested he take a more high profile district but he liked to be at grassroots, where he thought he could do more good and, in his opinion, where the word of God was needed most. He gave up what little free time he had to promote and run youth groups, mother’s meeting, scouts and guides organisations where there simply wasn’t anything for the locals. This was why he was behind the wheel of a thirty-seat bus, picking up the boys from St Cuthbert cub scouts group.


Joe had slept badly. He worried constantly about his current situation and was scared that his mother was correct and he was damned for swearing at a man of God. He was afraid that his father would reject him once he knew he was back in a nappy and he hoped that at all costs his mother hadn’t told him yet.  He hadn’t dared move from his bed and for thirteen hours he’d lay there in his warm rubberised pit, sweating uncomfortably but frightened of doing anything, even venturing to the toilet. He’d wet himself and was painfully aware that at any moment he’d also shit himself if someone didn’t come and say he could get up.

At 7.30 his mother entered his room carrying the nasty and painful hairbrush. She ordered him to get up. He was about to tell her he was wet but she just waved the brush threateningly and that alone made him stay silent. She could tell he was wet, the nappy had expanded and his plastic pants looked a bit bloated but she was expecting that after last night’s scolding and punishment. However, now she expected nothing except that her son would obey all she was about to say and agree to her decisions.


Joe stood nervous, ashamed and wet as his mother began to undo his plastic pants.

“I spoke to your father,” she lied, “and he agrees with me about what we should do about your terrible behaviour.”

Joe wanted to speak but that look on his mother’s face meant she wasn’t asking for comments.

She released his soaked nappy and even without close inspection it could clearly be seen that Joe had spunked up into them.

A grimace came onto his mother’s face. “Well it appears that a night time nappy isn’t enough to stop you committing sin and pleasuring yourself.”

“But mum, I didn’t… I haven’t… I…”

His mother just held the evidence up to his face. The glistening streaks giving lie to his protestations of innocence, whilst the smell of his own urine was overpowering.

“OK young man, you’ve had enough warnings,” she pointed to the bathroom. “Go to the toilet, take a shower and be back here in five minutes.”

Joe was lost for words but saw the brush wavering in his mother’s hand and thought better than to start an argument. He quickly ran to the bathroom, his fading purple bottom a symbol of what he had endured the day before.


He rushed his shit and the shower was cold. He grabbed the towel and ran back to his waiting mother as he still dried himself as quickly as possible.  Stacked on his bed were a pile of nappies, powder and a tub of Vaseline. His mother indicated that he should lie back over the bed, with his feet on the floor whilst she took charge. Thankfully the temperature of the shower had ensured that his penis shrank to its minimum. She rubbed Vaseline thickly around his groin, sprinkled loads of powder over the area and then had him lift up his bottom to place a folded fabric nappy under him. Joe screwed up his eyes, desperate to block out what was about to happen. This shouldn’t be happening to an eleven year-old, who’s the captain of his soccer team and won first prize in the inter-schools swimming gala. She fitted a couple of soaker pads before pulling it between his legs and pinning the generous protection tightly into place.   

Joe was on the verge of tears. He hated this but remembered she had warned that if there were further night-time ‘accidents’ he’d be put in nappies permanently. Tears formed in his eyes at the ignominy of what was happening. How could she do this to him?  The unfortunate thing was he had a nagging voice at the back of his head that said it was ‘all his own fault’; he swore, he liked to masturbate, he had been warned. He wondered what his father said when he found out.

“What did… (sob) dad say about…?” and indicated the thick nappy that now held him securely.

Mrs Griffiths knew she had the upper hand and that her son was in no position or mental state to cause any problems to her so offered an olive branch.

“I didn’t tell him.”

Tears of relief ran down Joe’s cheeks and at that moment he was, despite everything else, grateful to his mother for keeping their secret and sparing him that embarrassment. He had no idea that no such conversation between his parents had taken place on any of these important topics.

“This is between you and me but…” she wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense from her son on this point, “to ensure you are aware of just how wicked your words and actions are… you will be wearing protection like this, all the time, for the foreseeable future.”  

Joe winced at what was happening and desperately searched for a way to avoid this punishment. His father wasn’t due home for another month so he hoped that everything would be back to normal by then.


She pulled the thick heavy plastic pants over the fresh nappy and was pleased at the sight of the enormous tight and glossy bulge that replaced what she saw as her son’s sin-laden genitals… she was sure this would prevent any further degenerate indulgences.

“There, that’s better.”

She said with a certain amount of pride as her son shuffled awkwardly in the bulk and she grabbed a t-shirt and shorts from his drawer and sorted out a pair of trainers.

“Put these on and then you’re ready.”

Joe struggled to pull the shorts she’d chosen over the huge clump of fabric but didn’t dare voice his disapproval he was in far too much trouble to argue over clothes as well. He took comfort in the fact that it was his favourite t-shirt (bearing the logo of his favourite soccer team), so it wasn’t all bad. They went down stairs for breakfast. Joe slowly negotiating each step as he descended, the bulkiness something he wasn’t sure he could get used to. He didn’t mind wearing shorts, he spent most of his day wearing his soccer kit, but the shorts his mother had chosen were very short and revealing. Still, now wasn’t a good time to complain.

Joe noticed the backpack he used when they went camping was loaded, with his sleeping bag and a blanket tightly wound and strapped under the top flap, waiting at the front door. He didn’t quite grasp its significance until halfway through his cereal when there was a loud ‘beep-beep’ from the road outside.


His mother smiled, kissed him on the head and guided him to the door and opened it. The bus with Father John at the wheel was waiting with what looked like a company of cub scouts all watching him walk forlornly down his pathway.

So here he was, out in public and wearing a huge nappy under his shorts. He was sure that everyone would be able to tell, and indeed, part of his mother’s plan was to embarrass her son and hopefully curtail some of the independent and immoral attitude he seemed on pursuing. With a final brush of his hair away from his forehead she kissed him goodbye but warned him to do exactly as the good Father told him. If she heard back that he’d been disrespectful in any way there would be the kind of trouble only the Bible could prophesy. With the threat left ringing in his head her final words only added further humiliation.

“Father John knows about the nappies and why you are to wear and use them from now on.  He is in charge of checking and changing you when needed… you do nothing without his express permission. If I hear anything to the contrary I promise you’ll not be able to sit down for a week. Do I make myself clear?”  

She made sure he was completely aware of her instructions before she patted his padded bottom and sent him on his way.

Joe was frustrated, distraught, upset and angry but it was all futile. As far as he knew both his parents had agreed to this punishment so the decision had been made and he could do nothing about it.

His fate was absolute and he had no one there to support him so he trundled, defeated, with his backpack to the bus. One of the priests’ other helpers, an older scout by the name of Terry appeared, all cheerful smiles and bonhomie, and offered to put it in the bus’s storage area for him. He nodded and almost hypnotically boarded the bus to the contented smile of the driver and the cheers of his excited passengers. His bulging shorts didn’t exactly hide the fact he was wearing protection and the sly pat on his padded bottom from the priest as he pointed to the empty seat directly behind him made him cringe.  None of this was helped by the rustle of his protection as he flopped down into the empty space… it only added to the sorry indignity.

The noisy group set off to pick up the last few members of their party and then it was off to the Lakes. Ten minutes later and they’d picked up the last three members of the party, three elder scouts who were designated as Father John’s helpers. Joe began to wonder what exactly his part in all this was.


Part 2

The older scouts, who looked about eighteen, were well-groomed and rather smart in their tan uniform of shirt and shorts with bright green and blue neckers. They obviously took pride in their appearance and position very seriously, each one making a wonderful role-model for the screaming kids. The motley collection of much younger cubs, all aged under ten, were in their green uniform of shirt and shorts with blue and yellow neckers.

Father John sat behind the steering wheel, still wearing his ‘dog-collar’ smiling and chatting to any boy that ventured forward. He knew each boy by name and even though they probably shouldn’t have spoken to the driver, he was never short with them, acknowledging their excitement at going on the trip and sending them back to their seats with a cheery word and a smile.

Joe was fuming at the indignity and injustice of it all as he sat wriggling uncomfortably, only vaguely aware that his nappy was making a rustling noise. He was utterly depressed. He could feel the priest occasionally check on him in the rear view mirror but tried to shut out what else was happening around him. He huddled in his shorts and t-shirt glad at least he looked ‘different’, he wasn’t wearing a stupid uniform and didn’t want to be thought of as belonging to this  ‘stupid’ load of ‘dumbass’ kids. At least his anger took his mind off the fact he was wearing a nappy.


He was still bothered that his mother had not allowed him to plead his innocence about the glistening streaks she’d found in his night time defence. He was so tightly bound in all the fabric and plastic he couldn’t even feel his dick. He’d kept his promise and hadn’t touched himself, his mother had scared him enough for him not to even think about doing so, but, nonetheless, his nappy told a different story. He was annoyed that even without rubbing anything his body had betrayed him and deposited the lie.

He thought about his own plans and wondered how she would explain to Syed and the rest why he wasn’t around. Would she tell them that he was doing ‘missionary’ work for the church (he allowed himself a wry chuckle at the thought), something he knew they’d find hard to believe, or spin them some story about sickly aunts or the death of a grandparent? He frowned as he comprehended he had no control at all in whatever his mother decided to say by way of explanation for his sudden disappearance and bowed his head in despair.

Suddenly he was shocked - he fumbled with the tell-tale inflated bulge in his shorts and the even more revealing edge of plastic just visible down his left pant leg. Even his shorts were now trying to humiliate him. He tried to cover up his shame but it was useless and a tremor of inevitability ran through his body. However, whenever the priest’s and his eyes locked in the mirror, he could see the man smile his cheerful and inspiring smile, as if he expected the unhappy lad to be pleased about the trip.  


Eventually he looked around at the kids as they noisily chatted at a volume any rock band would have been proud to produce. Like the senior scouts, some of the boys had arms full of achievement badges sewn onto their shirts and were eagerly discussing with their friends other badges they hoped to attain whilst on this trip. They all spoke highly of Father John, who they were at pains to explain, offered encouragement and advice to everyone. No doubt, Joe thought, they believed in the All Mighty and the priest but he knew better… or so he hoped.

Terry, the oldest of the scouts and who seemed to be second in command, sat next to Joe for a few moments to try and get him involved. Joe was in no mood to join in but Terry pleasantly explained a little about what was going on and what he could expect when they arrived at their destination. Terry was everything that Joe imagined himself to be; confident, tall, good-looking and very clearly a healthy young man that even wearing his scout’s uniform could not be denied. Even so, Joe continued to squirm uncomfortably knowing that the lead scout could see he was thickly protected.

To start with, Terry explained, the older scouts, a couple of whom were already leaders of their own cub packs or community groups, were there to supervise and keep the youngsters entertained, which he pointed out to a very indifferent Joe, would also look good on any future CV. His patience and assured attitude with the screaming horde reflected the same relaxed and understanding approach as the priest. He went on to tell him that the campsite regularly hosted visits from groups such as theirs and was well equipped to cater to a bunch of ‘high-octane’ kids. Terry explained a great deal of other stuff but Joe wasn’t really interested. He sat grumpily hugging himself and wishing he was playing soccer with his mates or, in his current situation, dead.


He didn’t really want to participate in any of the singing or games the scouts organised to keep the cubs entertained during the journey. He was eleven damn it and past all this childish stuff, why wouldn’t these bloody people let him get on with his own life? Of course none of this was said out loud but it was a constant soundtrack in his head. However, the sheer volume and fervour of the kids to have a good time was infectious and he found himself almost unconsciously being dragged into the general melee. However, a small nervous looking boy wondered down the aisle from the back of the bus to the priest and whispered something in his ear.

 “Yes Todd, in a few minutes we’ll stop. Do you think you’ll be able to hold out until then?”

The priest quietly replied but as Joe was close he could hear their conversation. The boy had said he needed a wee.


The boy shook his head and looked really quite upset.

“OK, you sit with Joey here,” he nodded to the now empty seat next to Joe, “and we’ll get you sorted soon.”

Todd must have only been about six or seven years old and Joe hadn’t noticed him at all until he’d wandered forward, he looked so sad and Joe could have empathised if he wasn’t so unhappy himself.

The boy plonked himself down and a slight crinkle could be heard as he did so. 

Father John began the introductions. “Joey this is Todd, he’s the youngest member on this trip and a new edition to the church’s Beaver Patrol. Todd this is Joey.”

Joe hated being called Joey. Only his two young sisters called him that and he forgave them because they were just babies as far as he was concerned. He wanted desperately to correct the priest as he babbled on but knew it could be regarded as back-chat and he’d get into more trouble. He stayed silent.

“You two have something in common,” the animated priest continued. “This is the first time at camp for both of you… and neither knows any of the others very well.”

He paused and looked in the mirror to see if there was any reaction. Joe looked apathetic about the entire situation, whilst young Todd looked over at the grown-up boy sitting next to him hopeful of some kind words. Todd’s big blue eyes and blond hair made him look like a big toddler, which wasn’t helped by the obviously new Beaver kit he was wearing, which sort of dwarfed the boy. His relatively baggy shorts came down to his knees exposing his slight slim legs, whilst his shirt, bereft of any badges, looked like it had only been unwrapped that morning. It was all creased and new so evidently his parents hoped he’d grow into it over the coming year or so.

Joe tried to ignore the little fellow but a small hand reached across and took his as if searching for reassurance. Joe knew that action as his sisters often sought comfort from their big brother in a similar way if they were scared or going somewhere new or had to meet new people. Despite his own misgivings, he couldn’t let Todd stay distressed so gave it a supportive squeeze. The boy smiled and huddled closer to Joe who didn’t really know where to put himself.


A few minutes later they pulled into a service station.  The boys piled out of the bus and headed straight for the washrooms, games and candy stores… except Joe, Todd and four other boys; Bobby, Graham, Benny and Tommy were required to wait on the bus. Father John asked them all if they were wet. Joe shrugged in embarrassment, whilst Todd nodded and so did two of the other cubs. It was only then that Joe became aware that he wasn’t the only one on the bus wearing protection.  Father John was very sympathetic.

“OK, you two,” he indicated Benny and Tommy who were still dry, “you can go.”

“Thanks Father,” they chorused before running off excitedly to join the others.

The priest continued. “We’ll give them all a couple of minutes then Terry and I will sort you boys out and get you into something drier.”

The priest noticed young Todd grip Joe’s hand tightly.

“Todd you don’t have to be scared. Terry’s a nice…” but Todd’s eyes filled up and he started to cry whilst clinging harder onto Joe.

“Well Joey,” the priest said as if he’d made a decision, “it looks like you’re the one Todd trusts”.

The priest confided in Joe.

“This is the first time Todd has ever been away from home without his mummy or daddy with him. So, Joey… I’m relying on you. I’m sure this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve had to look after someone as young as him… and… er… you’ll need to change his nappy.”

The priest looked at him as if he was both questioning his abilities and throwing down a challenge.

Joe shuddered at the idea but didn’t know exactly how much his mother had told Father John. If he denied that he’d ever changed a nappy before and she’d already said he used to change Susan, he would be caught in a lie and that would mean only one thing… punishment. He’d already experienced the swift and effective punishment at the priest’s hand and was in no hurry to relive that particular pain or embarrassment again. Also, if he refused to do something that he actually could do, no doubt that would also mean a similar fate.

All these thoughts zipped through his mind as he just shrugged his shoulders and said he’d looked after his little sister when she was a toddler so…

“Good, good, I’m sure Todd will be a lot happier knowing you’re the one who’ll be taking care of him.”

So, Joe was going to be responsible for the little Beaver, his heart sank, he just didn’t want to be involved in any of this dumb camp crap.


The priest sent them to the back of the bus where Terry had prepared a changing mat and all the supplies organised for the wet cubs.

However, just before Joe turned to follow the others Father John stopped him.

“Sorry Joey,” the priest held up his hand. “Your mother was insistent that I make sure you’re, well, not lying.”

Joe looked at the formidable man and wondered what he meant.

“I need to check.”

A shudder ran down Joe’s spine as he realised just what it was he was going to do, and then, almost in the same moment, knew that this was going to be a regular occurrence and one he had no power to resist so had better get used to.

He sighed heavily as the priest ran a finger up his shorts leg and under the protection to make sure all was well.  After a few seconds of inspection, which to his credit Father John did with the least amount of fuss or embarrassment for Joe, he nodded that he was dry and they filed down the aisle to the back of the bus.


On the back seat, Terry had just finished with Bobby, an eight year-old who didn’t seem in the least bit put out by being changed in public. In fact, as Terry sprinkled on the baby powder, there was a look of absolute joy on his face as the disposable was taped snuggly into place. Before he was allowed to pull up his own shorts a thin pair of clear plastic pants was rustled up his legs as the process was completed.

Terry patted his well-padded bottom as he waddled with a huge grin on his face back to his seat. Graham was next, and again Terry, who was planning a career in care, and was well on his way to another diploma, had the boy cleaned, wiped, powdered and in a new disposable in seconds. The compassionate scout looked unbelievably striking even standing in what some might think of as a juvenile uniform; his shorts and shirt all appeared well-pressed and in pristine condition even after the boy’s soggy nappies had been so capably removed.

The seven year-old seemed relieved to be out of his wet stuff and into something dry. His very crinkly plastic pants didn’t appear so noisy once his shorts were in place. He shyly thanked Terry and again the finished article had his padded bottom gently tapped as he went off and sat next to Bobby. It was then the nervous youngster’s turn.


Joe noticed that Terry had changed the other boys with speed and efficiency and at the same time made it appear no big deal to his wet charges. There was no embarrassment, no silly jokes about wet or stinky pants, no making the boys feel anything but that it was the most natural thing to be done. He saw he had a lot to live up to.

The other cubs were returning to the bus but, as Father John had closed the door to give the boys a bit of privacy, could only noisily queue up waiting to be allowed back.

Terry vacated the area but remained nearby in case he was needed. Meanwhile, Joe helped an uneasy Todd lay out on the plastic changing mat, then slowly unzipped the boy’s shorts and pulled them down. He was wearing the cutest little pair of cartoon plastic pants but it was easy to see that the disposable underneath was very wet indeed. Like a toddler, Todd was sucking on his thumb but now the procedure was underway appeared relaxed and content with what was about to happen.

Obviously this wasn’t something new to Todd and no doubt, to his parent’s distress, their growing boy still needed his protection. Joe took his time wiping the boy clean, making sure his damp little cock and tiny ball sack were clean and dry; he even tickled him as he did so.

A brief feeling of envy zoomed through his mind as he thought that at least Todd was lucky, his genitals hadn’t gotten him into trouble yet.

Unaware of what was going through Joe’s head, and for the first time since he boarded the bus, Todd smiled and playfully kicked his legs in the air. As he continued the process Joe repeated to the now happy little Beaver about all the things Terry had mentioned there was to do at camp and what they might get up to once they arrived.

He nonchalantly plonked the wet disposable into the plastic bag that Terry had put the others in and began to powder Todd. Unfortunately, he squeezed the container a little bit too hard and the young boy was engulfed in a huge cloud, which left his entire lower body covered in the sweet smelling stuff.

Joe froze.


Suddenly everyone else was engulfed in fits of laughter and even a whiter than white Todd was giggling at what happened. Joe didn’t dare look directly at the priest but out of the corner of his eye he saw both him and Terry doubled up with mirth. Another shiver ran through his body but this time not one of dread but one of relief.

He rubbed what he could into Todd and got him into a fresh disposable, pulled up those colourful cartoon pants, which he’d told Todd looked fantastic (the comment brought a huge smile to the boy’s face), and finally had him struggle into his oversized shorts. Joe fastened the belt tightly and walked him back to his seat at the front of the bus. Meanwhile, in a matter of seconds, Terry had the back seats cleared of any evidence as to what had taken place. The powder wiped up, the nappies removed and the supplies back in the bag which he placed in the overhead shelf.

The priest opened the door and the crowd of raucous kids ran to their seats, perhaps wondering what the lovely sweetish smell was but otherwise none the wiser as to what had just taken place. Once everyone was back on board, the scouts counted their flock and confirmed the number to Father John before he closed the door, put the bus into gear and slowly drove off the forecourt of the service station.


The mood of the cubs had not lessened, and now that they were on the final leg of the journey, their excitement seemed to grow, as did the noise. Even Todd, sitting next to Joe, appeared happier and was actually joining in some of the songs and games that were being organised by Malcolm, one of the other scouts. There was a lot of laughter and shouting but it was only after about five minutes of being back on the road that Joe realised he desperately needed a pee. He felt stupid that he hadn’t taken advantage of the stop but would have appeared silly if he asked for the bus to stop again so soon.

No. He was convinced he could last; it couldn’t be that much further to the campsite. In fact, he’d just seen a sign that said ‘Lakes 45 miles’.

“Well that isn’t far,” he said quietly to himself and uncomfortably settled back in his seat. Despite the noise all around him and constant nudges from a newly excitable Todd, he dozed lightly.


He woke up just as a sign sped past proclaiming only another 39 miles to the Lakes.

Joe wished he’d been napping longer but it had only been a relatively short time. However, he was suddenly aware of a warm feeling in his nappy. “Oh God” he thought because he was still pissing himself even though he was awake but couldn’t stem the flow. He screwed up his eyes and desperately wanted to stop but his full and straining bladder hadn’t run its course, so the stream continued. He couldn’t believe he was conscious and still pissing his pants but the warm area grew as the soaker pads did their job. The warmth engulfed his groin and slowly started to inch its way up the back.


Joe writhed a little in his seat, the expansion in his shorts was getting quite noticeable and the plastic that had only just been visible down his pant leg became very obvious indeed.  Joe groaned at such a disaster but desperately didn’t want anyone else to notice so tried to feign sleep even more. That wasn’t going to happen as a new game which had recently been started filtered down his side of the bus from the back and now he and Todd had to respond with an answer. He hadn’t really grasped what the game was all about but other kids had been calling out names of cars so, cajoled by Todd, who seemed to be thoroughly engrossed and enjoying the game, he did as well.

“Erm… Red Nissan,” Todd squeaked first and the bus laughed at his cute high-pitched reply.

“No, one that nobody’s said yet,” One of the cubs piped up trying to be helpful.

At that moment a people carrier pulled in front of the bus and the priest had to apply the brakes to avoid hitting him. Thankfully there was some room to manoeuvre and the car zoomed off.

“Green Mitsubishi,” Joe shouted at the car as it pulled out in front of a lorry ahead.

“We have a winner.” An older voice announced from the rear of the bus.

The crowd cheered as that was the secret name of a car written on a card that Drew, one of the other scouts, held up to confirm Joe’s success.

Immediately Drew came down the aisle and patted both Joe and Todd on the back in congratulations (apparently they’d become a team just by sitting next to one and other) and gave them their prize for guessing correctly - a huge bag of candy.

Todd was very pleased that they’d won and couldn’t wait to share the candy. Joe was just glad that he didn’t have to get up and take a bow as then everyone would have seen his bulging shorts. He told Todd that he could have all the candy to himself but Todd being Todd, and thinking of the scouting pledge to always think of others, immediately got up and offered them around the bus.

“Father,” he whispered to the driver, “would you like a piece?”

“That’s very kind of you Todd… Joey… perhaps you can save me a piece for later.”

“Sure Father.”

So the happy youngster went off down the aisle offering his bag to everyone else. Todd was warmly thanked as each boy dug deep and fished out a piece, whilst Joe wriggled uncomfortably under the occasional watchful gaze of the priest.


Eventually, Todd returned to his seat with an empty bag, he hadn’t been able to save any for Father John, or himself for that matter, but despite that, he was glad of his little act of kindness. He shrugged as Joe looked and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“What happened, didn’t you go first?” Joe enquired.

“Never thought,” the youngster shrugged back, “never mind, er, sorry Father, it’s all gone.”

“Bless you my son - that was a very nice thing to do.” He left his praise at that whilst he concentrated on the road ahead, which was suddenly getting much busier.

Meanwhile, the contented little boy snuggled up against his ‘hero’. One of his small hands was resting on the front of Joe’s abnormally bulging shorts. However, the soaked and embarrassed lad decided it was better not to draw attention to the fact and left the wayward hand where it was. Now he was no longer desperate to go to the toilet, in one way at least, he was probably as content as his small team mate.


Part 3

After another hour or so the bus eventually pulled up at the edge of the lake. The kids took in their first view and it had to be said it was quite spectacular.

There were half a dozen wooden cabins and another three wooden and concrete buildings set in a semi-circle around a huge grassy area that led down to the lake’s edge. Two jetties ran out thirty feet into the water and moored alongside were several little boats. Set slightly back from the lake was a barbeque and an outdoor eating area but attached was a covered kitchen with seating in case the weather was unpleasant. Next door was a large building that could be used for anything but looked like it was the centre point of the place as it had a noticeboard screwed to the heavy main door. The other large building, with a white flag pole, complete with rather worse-for-wear flag drooping down, was like an admin block and store room, it also had the name of the camp written in large letters above the door – LAKE CAMBRIA. A long list of affiliated company names and their logos, including the Scouts, were written in gold lettering underneath. Set back behind that was the huge shower and toilet block, one side for males, the other for females. There were no females on this scouting expedition so they were free to use the entire building.


It was early afternoon, the sun was bright, the place looked fantastic and the entire bus load of kids yelled their approval as Father John opened the door to let them out. They had already been given their instructions and each of the four scouts had six cubs per cabin. They collected their sleeping bags, cases or backpacks and immediately went to their assigned cabin, all of which were colour-coded.

Terry, who, judging by the array of badges and medals on his shirt, seemed to be the most senior scout was given the ‘BLUE’ cabin (there were coloured flags on each of the cabin doors) and that was where Joe, Todd and the four other ‘nappy’ wearers would be housed. Once they’d carried their luggage and sleeping bags into their allotted ‘colour’ the boys scrambled to choose their own little cot, there were ten to each cabin.

Joe, was adamant he was not going to be part of all this so chose the one in the furthest corner away from the door, however, young Todd quickly claimed the one next to him. Terry, like the rest of the scouts, had the bed nearest the entrance, whilst the other boys formed their own little group in the central area. Each bed had a little chest of drawers by its side to store their belongings and the boys began to busily stow their stuff before they started on the day’s programme of events.


As Joe unloaded his rucksack he was amazed to find that his mother had only packed a few items and these were not what he was expecting; any chance of independence was dashed as he sorted through his possessions. Half a dozen pristine white t-shirts lay on top of several squares of equally white terry cloth that were obviously his nappies for the time he was there. His heart sank, also included were a large pack of pads, several pairs of plastic and rubber pants of various thicknesses (some white but mainly a dull opaque cream colour) and an assortment of creams, wipes and baby powder.  There were a couple of towels, some toiletries and unbelievably she’d even packed a small teddy bear. The only sort of grown up piece of clothing was his favourite pair of swimming trunks – the pale blue Speedos he wore in competition at school. He felt so depressed he could have cried but that would have just made the point that his mum thought of him as a… as a… well, he had no idea what she thought but this was a terrible kick in the teeth to his self-esteem.

The other members of BLUE cabin were all very excited but they had been given their instructions whilst Terry supervised. He helped each lad if they needed it and told them that the sooner they finished the quicker they could enjoy camp. Benny was almost nine years-old, as was Tommy his cousin. They both had travelled in nappies (for security) but had not needed changing when the other’s had been on the bus. Now Terry checked them and they were still dry, as were Bobby and Graham and Todd. So that was one thing that they had over Joe, who was sitting on the edge of his bed feeling distinctly uncomfortable.

He watched as the other kids put away their clothes and became envious of the ones who, though still wore protection themselves, had boxer shorts or briefs if they wanted them. Alas, his mother had made it perfectly clear he wasn’t going to be allowed such luxuries so he sat despondently on his bed wishing once again that he was dead.


The cool clamminess was having an effect in his shorts and the fact that he’d slyly peed a little bit more had filled him with both pleasure and guilt - and the nappy to saturation level. His protection now looked like it was desperate to explode out of his shorts, the zip hardly containing the mass behind it. More plastic was visible and the bulge made his slim figure appear somewhat misshapen. It wasn’t a good look.

However, he had to face up to the fact he needed to tell the priest. This was something he wasn’t looking forward to. He was, with every good reason, scared of this man of God who had been so brutal only the day before. His bottom was still tender and, if it had been in the least bit possible, would have had nothing at all to do with him.

However, his mother had given him definite instructions as he’d left that morning - he did nothing without consulting Father John and that included changing his nappy. Despite his desire to rebel at the very thought of this ‘rule’, he knew if both his parents had agreed to such punishment he’d better not cause trouble for fear of something worse (although what could be worse Joe had no idea).


Resentfully, he wandered around the camp until he found the priest who was busy unloading provisions into the canteen area. There were three other young men who were helping him. Perhaps in their late twenties early thirties, who must have been at the camp already as he didn’t recognise them and they hadn’t travelled on the bus.

“Ahh Joey, nice place isn’t it,” he was friendly but carried on effortlessly lifting a huge box into the kitchen.

The priest had been friendly and smiling since Joe unceremoniously boarded the bus, but he didn’t trust the man - he knew what he was really like if you got on his wrong side.

“Mmmm,” was the only way he could respond, he had no idea how to bring up what he needed to say. He didn’t want to appear desperate but the fact was he needed some attention.

The priest knew what the problem was, it was obvious even to the untrained eye that those bloated shorts required some attention but he wanted Joe to know he had to ask.

“Yes Joey… do you want something?” The priest continued with his unloading.

“Mmmm, er, mmmm, I’m, er wet.” He whispered when there was no one else around.

“So you need changing?” The busy priest enquired.

Joe reluctantly nodded.

“OK, but aren’t you going to ask me properly?”

He wished the stupid priest wasn’t making such a song and dance over this but he supposed it was another thing he’d have to get used to.

“Please would you change my nappy… please?” He whispered with a huge degree of embarrassment and anger at having to go to these ridiculous lengths.

“Nearly, but Joey, that’s not how you talk to me is it?” The priest had stopped his unloading and stood waiting for Joe to comply with the correct address. Joe wasn’t sure what else was needed.

“Everyone here calls me Father, so…”

He was eleven years old and not grown up enough to feel he could defy authority, even if he despised that authority and all it stood for. He had to remember that both his parents had decided this was to happen so he couldn’t fight anyone because the consequences could mean more of the same… for longer.  It was difficult not to speak his mind or feel incensed - he was between a rock and a hard place and he hated it.

Joe wondered if he just got on and changed himself what would happen. He didn’t want to be wearing a nappy at all but if he had to, why not see to it on his own and in private. The problem was, he was bursting out of the little shorts he was wearing, even the zip appeared to have given up trying to keep everything in, so something needed sorting out fast. He then remembered his mother’s threat – if he didn’t check with the priest on everything – she would make sure he couldn’t sit down for a week.  Now he knew she would deliver a severe spanking made him think twice about this course of action. What would be worse would be if Father John disciplined him in front of everyone??? No, he couldn’t take that chance he had to do as he’d been told and suffer the least severe of the consequences – embarrassment.

Joe was getting grumpier and wondered if this was worth it but he had no option. He needed something more comfortable and certainly drier in his shorts and this man was the only one who could do something about it. In fact, the wetness of the fabric was now causing the entire thing to bunch up and irritate his skin.

However, his need had overtaken his resistance.

“Please… Father,” he bit his lip, “can you please, please, please change my soaked nappy?”

The previously confident eleven year-old voice breaking slightly to reveal a nervous and timid younger voice underneath… the priest nodded, smiled and led him back to his cabin.


In the BLUE cabin Terry had been busy. He’d laid out all his cub’s sleeping bags and blankets and, more importantly, added the required waterproof sheets to the beds of those who were in danger of wetting. This was why all the cubs that had a ‘problem’ were put in the same room, so that there would be less embarrassment for all concerned. Those who wet could be changed in relative privacy and the rest of the pack need not be bothered. Not that it was something that needed to be hid away; it was just done to keep those who needed such attention together with a degree of confidentiality.

On the empty bed in the far corner opposite Joe, Terry had set up a changing area; a rubber protective cover, a towel, and various cartons of wipes, powder and similar necessities. Behind this, and like in all the other cabins, there was a small basic washroom of sink and toilet.

Meanwhile, all the other boys had left and were exploring their new home so it was just Father John, Terry and Joe.

“Excuse me Father, but do you still want me to help?” Terry wondered and who, to Joe at least, in build and attitude appeared to be a younger version of the priest. However, he was now keen to join the rest of the lads down by the lake.

“Well Joey, Terry is as qualified as I am but it’s up to you if you’d rather he changes you.”

The name ‘Joey’ still rankled him so before he answered.

“Er, can you stop calling me Joey, it’s so childish, my name’s Joe… I prefer Joe… or Joseph?

He shook with nerves as he thought about possibly releasing the holy man’s temper but he’d gained some of his belligerence back so the previous weak voice had slightly more power behind it.

The priest, though still smiling, looked him up and down as if he was weighing things up.

“Sorry buddy, the boys already call you Joey” he sounded like he was going to apologise, “and ‘Joey’ is a nice friendly name…”

Joe wanted to scream at the dumb priest that the only reason they called him that was because he called him that. He really did have to stifle his bubbling outburst of righteous indignation because he knew what would happen otherwise.

“…and we’re all friends here. OK Joey?”

The way he said it meant that was the end of that particular conversation, well at least, that’s how Joe read it. Besides, he was standing in front of the priest and aware of just how childlike his tiny bulging shorts made him look. It wasn’t a good time to start complaining about being called something he thought sounded too babyish, especially as he was just about to get his nappy changed.

Shrewdly he decided not to draw attention to the obvious contradiction… and thankfully, neither did the priest.


 “Terry will be seeing to the other boys here in this cabin,” Father John continued, “so, who do you want, him or me, changing you because you have to know… you will not be allowed to change yourself.”

That was going to be Joe’s next request… so that option went out the window.

His mother’s rules applied just as much here as they did at home so there was no escaping his sentence. He was to have no freedom. His every move not only had to be sanctioned by the priest, but now the scouts, he was trapped and going to be treated as an incontinent tot. However, he didn’t mind Terry. He’d seemed genuine and affable on the bus, and in truth, he was scared at the prospect of the priest being that intimate with him, or finding something that made him angry.

He made a decision.  

“I suppose, seeing as he’s doing the others, it should be Terry.”

Joe looked up at the proud scout.

“Is that OK with you?”

“Of course,” he guided Joe over to the changing area.

Once the decision had been made as to exactly who would be doing what the priest nodded and left them in privacy.

“I’ve already checked the items your mother sent and as you’ll be wearing fabric not disposable nappies most of the time….” Terry was affable and very self-assured, “you’ll be responsible for their upkeep – washing, drying and such. I’ll show you where the laundry is later”

Joe hadn’t thought about that. Another level of embarrassment he thought as he began to unzip his shorts and lay out on the towel.  

“Now we’re alone… er… can’t I do this myself? You don’t have to…” but Joe’s whisper was cut short by the formidable scout… his features hardened slightly.

“I’ve been entrusted with a job, a job you have asked me to do. There are rules and there are obligations, we can’t just decide which we want to follow and which we want to ignore.”


Joe wished he’d never said anything as he thought a lecture was on its way. Reluctantly he pulled off his shorts and saw that his plastic pants had leaked so the seat had a large dark damp patch. He cringed because he knew that others would have noticed and wondered if that’s what the rest of the pack was now gossiping about. He groaned in frustration, anger and self-pity as Terry removed his leaky plastic pants and unpinned his heavy nappy.

“Here, we do as the Father says… and God’s bidding.”

The scout gently smiled and proceeded about his business as if that was the most ordinary thing in the world. Joe was about to argue when Terry continued.

“You’ve heard the saying ‘The Devil finds work for idle hands’?  Well, according to your mother; the Devil has been finding you far too often and she thinks you might benefit from spending time in a more moral and structured environment.”

The last bit of what the scout said was lost as it became clear that more than just the priest knew about his ‘excessive’ masturbation. He got that his mother thought this stupid, thick barrier would prevent him from playing with himself but she must know that even when it did, things happen. Joe could have murdered his mother at that moment because of, as he saw it, such betrayal - why did she have to tell anyone?

He was naked, having his nappy changed by a ‘grown up juvenile’ (that was his low opinion of the scouting movement) and was seething with resentment but could do nothing about it. His anger lasted just a moment before something more compelling filled his body - self-pity, and he sobbed in humiliation.

Although Terry had set out what he knew, sadly it had come across to Joe as something spiteful but that wasn’t how the scout had meant it. His tone was supposed to be understanding and sympathetic not accusatory. He actually did feel for the poor kid but knew he had a duty to God, the priest and Joey’s mother to try and help her son.


Terry was his efficient self, wiping and cleaning Joe up in moments. The redness on his naked bottom was the final fading glow from his spanking and not from any nappy rash but the scout still spread the protecting cream thoroughly over everything. Powder was liberally sprinkled and rubbed in, which despite himself Joe quite enjoyed. His fresh nappy was folded in a different way to how his mother did it, a soaker pad inserted, pulled firmly between his legs and all pinned tightly into place so expertly that Joe didn’t have time to feel overly self-conscious. As the plastic pants he’d been wearing were found to be cracked and causing the leak, Terry fed his feet into a newer but thicker pair of rubber pants. Just as they were finally pulled into place Father John returned with some fresh clothes.

Joe quickly wiped away the tears and acted like he was OK despite the fact that he was only wearing his rather bulky, though thankfully dry, protection. A quick look down only confirmed that he was wearing clothing that a toddler would have been ashamed to be seen in. Thanks to the smooth, glassy surface of his thick rubber pants hiding the nappy they still loudly proclaimed the wearer to be a pant-wetter. He hated it but he had no choice. He not only felt ridiculous and vulnerable but at a huge disadvantage, his protection rustling with the slightest movement. His mother had really made sure he was aware of his punishment at all times.


“Here, wear these.” The priest passed the items to Joe.

Who looked at them and seemed shocked.

“You want me to wear a cub’s uniform?” He said with a look of utter disgust.

“Yes, that’s the only spare clothing we have,” he explained to the disgruntled lad who watched despondently as Terry placed his wet and only pair of shorts in a plastic bag with his soaked nappy, t-shirt and the other used disposables.

“And besides, I think everyone regards you as one of the boys,” the priest enthused, “so I think you’ll fit in really well.”

Apart from the fact he didn’t want to wear a uniform, or fit in, he also didn’t like what it inferred:  ‘One of the boys’ - it was like he was trying to make him feel like a little kid.

“Aren’t I too old to be a cub?” He checked out the second-hand plain green shirt and shorts. “At my age shouldn’t I be a scout at least?”

Suddenly he realised he was debating that he should be wearing the scout’s uniform instead of arguing against the entire situation. But before he could get his thoughts into some kind of perspective Father John was on his case.

“Sorry but if you’d joined the scouts maybe, however, you haven’t attained the respect that uniform gives to those who wear it, so no.”

The priest wasn’t playing any games with him, he was being very matter-of-fact.

“As I said, these are the only spare clothes we have so,” he was right in Joe’s face, “you can either wear them like the rest of the boys or walk around as you are… your choice.”


A thick nappy covered by cream coloured rubber pants wasn’t going to be a good look around camp so the choice was clear.

He should have known the nasty priest wouldn’t be sympathetic to his suggestions. After all it was his fault he was on this damn trip in the first place. He wanted to scream abuse at the bloody vicar but caught himself just in time, remembering what happened last time he swore.

Dejectedly he pulled the shorts over his protection, the slipperiness of the rubber helping the cotton fabric slide into place. It was an effort to fasten the buttons on his fly as he had to keep shoving the shiny bulk back behind them, a zip might have been easier. Without all this padding the shorts would have been acceptable but now packed so tightly, they left little to the imagination and revealed almost as much as his previous shorts. The shirt only came down to the top of his shorts and, like Todd’s, had no badges or emblems.


Terry packed up the stuff and took it away leaving just Joe and Father John in the cabin together. Once he was dressed he spoke to the priest about why he was there. He expected some vindictive reply but thought he had nothing to lose, or at least he hoped he didn’t.

“You told mum I was here to help out because you were a volunteer down but…”

He spread his hands as if appealing for further information.

A sort of smile spread across the priest’s face and he sat down next to the cute new cub that, albeit unwillingly, had just become part of the pack.

“To be honest Joey, it was a bit of a ruse…”

“You mean you lied?” A suspicious Joe shook his head.

“Well, a lie is a bit strong. You see, your mother wanted you to spend some time with us, in the church’s company, away from your friends who she saw as a bad influence.”

Joe was getting a little agitated but said nothing as he fidgeted around in his thick nappy.

“Now I’m not saying they are, but your mother, she just wants what’s best for you… and wanted you to experience a slightly different type of influence. I suggested you join us and be part of our camping trip… as a way of… getting to know us.”


Joe was stunned at the deceit.

“We thought it might be more acceptable if you volunteered to come and help us out, a sort of act of Christian charity but, well, you changed all that…”

Joe’s anger had just been turned in on itself because he now realised that it was his own petulant outburst and foul language that had sealed his fate. Suddenly his body was wracked by a spasm that just overwhelmed him and his eyes filled up once again because he felt utterly defeated.

“But, but, why am I being punished like this.”

He pleaded as he looked down at his juvenile outfit and thick nappy.

“Joe, you need to understand. The idea for you to come on this trip was as a treat. It was… and is… supposed to be fun for you. The trip isn’t meant to be a punishment your mother even said you liked to go camping. We want you to have as much fun as everyone else but… the nappy is to help remind you.”

The priest got serious but the malicious words and cruel opinion Joe expected just weren’t there.

“Joey, your mother worries you masturbate far too much and that you appear to enjoy this particular sin. The church is very clear about self-abuse and although we are glad to have you with us, we will not allow that type of un-Godliness to occur or influence young minds. Do you understand?”

The tears welled up even more as he realised it was true, he did like to masturbate but, he never saw it as a sin… it was just… fun. Why was his mother so concerned about something that happened naturally?


The priest continued to speak in an even tone.

“It isn’t natural that you persist in this obvious grievous sin.”

Joe disagreed but the steely eye of the priest and his inflexible insistence that what he said was fact made it impossible to argue. He felt the fight begin to drain under the religious certainties Father John was expounding.

“You have made no attempt to curtail your activities and she worries that God will punish you if she doesn’t. So, together with your defiance of our Lord… that is why you are to wear the protection… not only for your own salvation but, whilst you are with us, as protection to all the other boys here.”

Joe couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This was utter nonsense, he wasn’t a threat but he hadn’t realised how worried his mother had become or how sinful the act was. Nevertheless, he HAD curtailed his night time activities, he’d had to, but, even wrapped up in his impregnable nappy she’d still found his slimy juice that morning so, it should have been obvious it wasn’t his fault.

However, how could he express all this to a damn priest? What possible insight could he have into the way an eleven year-old boy’s body worked? What would he know about self-denial?


He felt totally alone and dejected but the priest adopted a friendlier approach.

“Look, we’re all here to have a great time. Don’t let what you wear be a problem. Accept that’s the way it is and move on. You’re not alone in having protection to help you, well, with help getting your priorities right.”

No doubt there were some religious tracts that explained and condemned it but Joe was having trouble understanding why he should wear a nappy.

“Look, some boys need them because their bodies don’t receive a signal when they need to go to the bathroom - others of a certain age need them when that particular area gets too many inappropriate signals.”

So the nappy was a reminder, a barrier and protection so that others… what...? The priest hoped Joey knew what was meant without further explanation.

“There will be plenty of things here for you to enjoy and… as it turns out… your help is needed.”

Joe was dismayed at what Father John implied. However, his sniffling had started to abate as he listened.

“You have made a friend. Young Todd thinks you are simply wonderful. He dotes on your every word, he follows you around. In fact I bet if I opened the door now he’d be standing outside waiting for you. So, whether you want to or not, you are going to be responsible for him.”

“But, I, I, I don’t…” Joe stammered.

“Well Joey, this is the thing,”

His tone got gentler as the priest moved his face closer to Joe’s and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“Here at a Christian camp we do things for other people, sometimes, whether we want to or not because it’s good to be selfless, to think of other people’s needs.”

He stopped for a breath and then continued.

“Do you think that eighteen year-old’s like Terry, Andy, Malcolm or Drew have nothing better to do than give up their spare time so that others…?”

Joe tried to zone out as he didn’t like the way this conversation was going.

“… their Christian values, their desire to help, their scouting ethics…”

To Joe this was just Catholic guilt ladled on heavily but it appeared to be having some effect.


He couldn’t quite tear his eyes away from the priest’s earnest but surprisingly now gentle features, which were completely at odds to how his expression had been when he tanned his backside. What he said and how he expressed it made him take notice. He may have desperately wanted to be elsewhere but he realised he couldn’t ignore the man.

Joe was squirming around in his new uniform. Not that it was noticeable it just felt that way, and the strange thing was, the nappy was offering some kind of comfort. Joe wasn’t sure how this happened but he could feel its tight, dry grip under his shorts and felt better as a result – possibly the difference from a dry, snug nappy to a soaked, droopy, irritating one.

“When was the last time you did anything without thinking of yourself first?” The priest both questioned and accused.

Put on the spot Joe felt shamed and vulnerable – when had he done anything for someone else?

Father John left him with one final thought.

“While you are here you will treat everyone with respect and listen and do everything that the scouts tell you to do… they are here for everyone’s safety. I don’t want your sinful ways affecting the cubs and I don’t want to hear any inappropriate language - if I do… well...”

Joe’s hand involuntarily rubbed his padded bottom at what he perceived to be an implied threat.

I’m putting you on your best behaviour and I’m expecting you to live up to that challenge. You’re a member of the cubs now so, obey the scouts, obey me and obey the word of our Lord and you won’t go wrong.”

The priest got up, the conversation was over and Joe was being left to think. As he opened the door a little head popped around and said.

“Hey Joey, are you coming to the lake, they’ve got a boat we can go on?”


Part 4

Despite everything, Joe was grateful to be out of his damp nappy and into something so much more comfy. Terry had pinned him in tightly but it didn’t feel as awkward as when his mother had done it. The newer, thicker rubber pants were also very snug and held everything in place. He was thrown by how accommodating the priest had been in answering his questions. He was expecting sarcasm and a battle of some kind but it just didn’t happen.

Father John had been correct; after Joey and Todd had been officially introduced as new recruits the pack treated them like their own, even if they were still novices. All the boys were now dressed the same, which had been the priest’s idea from the start. As far as he was concerned Joe had to understand the good of all superseded the desires of the individual, and that would be despite his nappy. He wanted Joe to conform and accept his place as part of this group and getting him to dress the same and giving him some responsibility had been easier than he thought it might. In fact, he was hopeful that Mrs Griffith’s and his plan, to get him more involved with the church, was coming together rather well, even though it was still early days.


The afternoon was full of discovery finding out what Lake Cambria had to offer. Father John had not lied; this place was in a beautiful location. The position of the camp made for calm waters and a slightly more private area. It nestled at the end of what looked like a narrow inlet shaded by fir trees on either side that came almost all the way down to the water’s edge. Pathways led off in all direction, whilst the constant buzz of insects, warm sun and gently lapping waves, made the entire scene idyllic. However, just fifty yards out it opened up and gave access to the rest of the more turbulent parts of the lake. In the distance yachts, pleasure craft, tourist boats and other water enthusiasts could be seen and the occasional speedboat would zoom close to their camp. All the cubs would wave and get very excited if anyone waved back.  

The cubs and scouts occupied four of the cabins; the priest had one to himself (PURPLE), whilst the three chef/volunteers Joe had seen helping Father John unload the bus of provisions shared the sixth (ORANGE). The camp may have been in a secluded area but was far from a peaceful retreat. The cubs made sure it was full of noisy excitement, childish chatter and loads of laughter.


The scouts had organised a programme of activities where the colour of your cabin became the side you were on for any games requiring teams. This saved the embarrassment of waiting to be picked. The scouts were eager to share another little fact; every team would gain points, which would be totted up at the end of each day and the colour (cabin) that had the most points at the end of the entire trip, would win an unspecified prize. So, the incentive was there for all the cubs in each cabin to work together.

Joe was adamant that he wasn’t going to play this silly game, even though it was no different from the way his soccer team played or his swimming competitions were organised. If the rest of the kids were anything to go by he didn’t want to be sucked into this religious set of losers and become a ‘God-fearing’ cub.

He didn’t want to be treated as a stupid little kid and yet, every time he sat down or bent over, his protection could be seen or the rustle heard by anyone nearby. Even after just a couple of steps his heavy rubber pants would be briefly visible. It was hard to take the high-ground of being ‘almost’ an adult when his nappy was showing. On top of that it hadn’t taken some of the cubs long to point that simple fact out if Joe got a bit clever and condescending about being the eldest.

Joe did have a problem. No matter how much he thought of himself as separate from the rest of the cubs, that he was different and didn’t really belong, he soon found his resentment and inhibitions fading once he joined in with the rest of the pack. The brooding and angry boy on the bus had somehow been absorbed into the fun and enthusiasm of a group of people he would have mocked only hours earlier.

Occasionally, he found himself thoroughly enjoying what was on offer and having to remember that he wasn’t there to have fun. He was there under duress and he wasn’t going to like any of it, then moments later he would be back screaming and joining in with the rest of the lads his mind simply focused on fun.

Todd and Joe were the only ones without badges on their sleeve, not that Joe wanted any, but, unknown to them, almost everything that was planned for the cubs led in some way to gaining a badge of some sort.


That first evening the meal was cooked by the three volunteer chefs with help from two of the scouts, Malcom who was leader of YELLOW cabin and Andy who led RED and of course Father John was on hand to do his bit. It was simply sausages, mashed potato and baked beans but the boys, enticed by the tasty smell, lined up in the shape of what appeared to be a very ravenous and noisy snake.

They sat at the row of tables under the failing sun but it was still gloriously warm. Despite the weather and the activities they were all still wearing their uniforms. The cub code liked the uniform to be worn as a complete item, not in bits or with parts missing. Father John subscribed to this, some might say, old fashioned way of dressing but he wanted his boys to be smart at all times and a credit to anyone who saw them.

Everyone was famished from the afternoon’s activities but before anyone could take even the slightest nibble Father John had to say grace. It wasn’t something Joe ever did, his mother had tried to introduce it but he just ignored her. As the other kids didn’t mind, in fact appeared to expect it (the church had trained them well) he could feel their eyes on him as he slowly put down the fork piled with beans that had been heading toward his hungry mouth. Joe was resentful but went along with the others as it would have seemed rude to just tuck in whilst others waited to be served and thanks given. Peer pressure can make you do a lot of things you wouldn’t do under normal circumstances.


Todd never left Joe’s side. He wanted to do everything there was to do but with Joe within arm’s length and, despite the new cub’s utter resentment to begin with regarding his enforced responsibility, the little Beaver’s eagerness was hard to shake and not appreciate his childish, nervous steps into this new, slightly more grown up world.

Father John had offered to take Todd on this camping expedition to help out his family. His mother was going into hospital for a major operation and his father, through work and attending to his wife, just couldn’t cope with their only child as well. Todd hadn’t wanted to leave his ailing mother, although he was never told just how sick she was, but both parents had been keen on their little boy enjoying the summer at camp. Normally, Todd would have been too young to be involved with the cubs but Father John being Father John had made it so that he could be included. Now he had a ‘big brother’ to look up to he seemed a lot happier and relaxed. The tears that had accompanied the start of the journey were now lost in the mists of time as he began to enjoy being with all these bigger boys.


The meal was simple and, simply delicious. Joe thought it had been well worth putting up with a few prayers for such a good meal after a fantastic day. Despite everything, Joe had got involved in sailing, rowing, badminton and a host of other games. It had been difficult to keep up the pretence of irritation by it all when there was so much to enjoy. Even when his protection bunched up and became uncomfortable he was having far too much fun to let it worry him. The only thing he hadn’t managed to do was go swimming; he thought his ‘security’ would be too obvious and prominent if he had to wear it under his Speedos.

However, after the meal, he’d suggested and helped organise a six-a-side soccer tournament involving each cabin in a round-robin play off. The scouts were to be the referees, and so there was no favouritism, a different scout from the colours playing was put in charge. Everyone seemed happy with the arrangements and while the two teams played they were screamed on by the other colours and Father John who was very animated.

The games were short, just ten minutes each way, but the huge grassy circle that the cabins were spread around made a wonderful pitch as the boys careered around tackling and showing off their skills. Joe was a good player, he was centre-forward in the school team but some of the cubs were of equal talent, which shocked him. The fact that he was wearing exactly the same cub’s uniform as everybody else didn’t seem to matter now as he tackled with the best of them. He wasn’t going to let his bulky nappy detract from how good a player he was and even little Todd nervously played along.

The mini-tournament was a great success (Andy’s REDs coming out winners) and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone, which gained a smile of appreciation from the priest who was pleased with the way the newest recruit to the pack was fitting in.


As the sun set a huge fire was organised and, with a few twinkling stars brightening up the purple dusk, the scouts brought out instruments. Drew, leader of GREEN cabin, played guitar, as did Malcolm and together they got everyone singing along. Even Joe found he was having too much of a good time to let his slowly dissipating rage spoil such a splendid evening. Old songs were sung and the scouts taught the cub’s new ones that they had been taught when they were starting out themselves. It was all very jolly with their rousing but unbroken voices travelling over the water in the fresh night air.

There was a joke telling contest, which although might have been problematic, went off without as much as a naughty word. The pack was having such a good time; their humour was very silly, so no matter how stupid the joke was, the rest of the cubs found it hilarious. Eventually the boys all fell into little groups to discuss the events of the day. Father John informed them that on the back of every cabin door would be the list of chores for the following day, which they would have to complete. However, no one seemed upset at having to work as well as play; it all tallied up eventually to gaining a new badge.


Later, under the bright firelight, the boys drank cocoa, ate cookies and chatted whilst Drew, a very knowledgeable and talented individual, pointed out the names of stars and planets as they came into view. A shooting star extracted a huge cheer from the boys, whilst a sliver of the new moon poked its head above the dark shadowy trees. The highly reflective nature of the lake was only occasionally disturbed by a leaping fish or a ripple caused by the light breeze. Even as the slightly less raucous noise carried on around him a sleepy Todd had curled up in Joe’s lap, his head resting on his friend’s cushioned bulge, contentedly snoozing.

Father John noticed and softly suggested that Joey should take him back to the cabin and get him ready for bed.  It was fairly early but the little Beaver was tuckered out and woke up drowsily as he was gently roused from the lovely dream he was having. Of course once he was awake he didn’t want to leave and moaned a little bit until Father John argued that it was time all good Beavers were in bed. As he was being led away from the campfire Todd reached for Joey’s hand and immediately felt contented.


Once inside the cabin Todd gave an enormous yawn and unsteadily made his way to his cot. It hadn’t occurred to Joe that this changing business was a strange thing to ask an eleven year-old to do with someone he didn’t really know. He thought it must be part of the programme of ‘events’ that these ‘church folk’ do, so gave it no more thought.

The older boy helped Todd out of his clothes, folded them (as his father had taught him so they were immediately ready the next day) and placed them on top of the little chest of draws. Before checking his nappy, he fished out his PJs, a clean disposable and a new set of plastic pants. Todd’s PJs were yellow, with a racing car motif and the words ‘Vrrroooom’ all over them, his plastic pants were an opaque yellow so matched them perfectly. The little Beaver had wet himself; his nappy was cold and damp so it hadn’t just happened. Joe thought he’d better check with him to see if he needed to do anything else before being cleaned up.

The tired Beaver slowly shook his head as he lay all but naked on the changing bed and Joe commenced his operation. His cute plastic pants crinkled as they were removed but his disposable was just as sodden as last time. It was amazing how much a disposable could soak up. Mind you, according to other wearers, they didn’t leave you feeling particularly wet, which probably explained why Todd hadn’t asked to be changed earlier.

Joe wondered how such a little fellow could produce so much pee but thankful that was all he’d deposited. Again he wiped the boy thoroughly, rubbed in the anti-rash cream and sprinkled on the powder but this time the lack of giggles proved how sleepy the little tyke was, so was able to be dressed in his night time protection without any fuss.

Joe was happy that Todd, suitably oiled and well-powdered, looked a great deal more snug now he was in a dry disposable and, as he threaded the boy’s legs into the smooth, yellow plastic pants, noticed he was almost asleep. The cub pulled the Beaver’s PJs into place and as he did so the youngster softly moaned, hugged his friend tightly and wriggled in contentment before being gently led to his cot.  The soft crinkle of the plastic sheet over the mattress a reminder of his status as a possible bed-wetter - the youngster didn’t complain.



However, just as Joe was about to leave, Todd sat bolt upright (the loud crinkling making it sound more dramatic than it actually was) and exclaimed that he hadn’t said his prayers. He quickly shuffled out of bed and onto his knees at the side, put his hands together and was about to start his prayer when he asked if Joey would join him.

Joe was taken aback. He didn’t believe in all this religious mumbo jumbo and was dead against doing anything that made it appear he believed in God. The problem was, Todd’s sweet little plea to pray for his mother to get well and his huge weepy eyes meant that Joe had very little choice, and, as there was no one else around, he did as requested.

Kneeling together at the side of the bed, Joe could see the boy’s well-padded bottom and plastic pants peeking slightly over the waistband - he tucked him in better. He wasn’t aware that, as he knelt in prayer, his own protection was just as visible to anyone who was looking.

He let Todd thank the Lord for giving him a wonderful day in such a beautiful place. He wanted the Father, the scouts and all the cubs blessed before he asked God to make his mother better. Joe thought that was the end and was about to join him in a final ‘Amen’ but Todd had one last thank you and he thanked God for giving him a big brother who he loved. He reached out, and even though he had his eyes closed as he said the prayer, he squeezed the hand of the older boy he was so thankful for.

“Amen,” they both quietly said as Todd slowly clambered noisily back into his cot.


Once he was sure Todd was settled he turned to leave and was surprised to see Father John standing in the doorway. He hadn’t heard the priest enter and was nervous about what had just taken place. He needn’t have worried; he was smiling and told Joe that he was pleased with the way the day had progressed and thanked him for all his help and his fantastic idea of the soccer tournament. He suggested that the following afternoon, Joey should organise a swimming contest and if he did, he could be out of his nappy and wearing his swimming trunks for the entire time he was in the water. On the proviso he’d be back in his protection, as per his mother’s instructions, once the water sports were over.

Joe was surprised and excited at the idea and thanked the priest but wondered why this change of attitude? There was no obvious explanation other than he was ‘fitting in’ and becoming part of the camp rather than aloof from it. And, it had to be said, he was enjoying this camp more than he’d ever done with his family. His father was fantastic, full of ideas and adventures but his mother and sisters just didn’t put any life into it at all and so, any organised expeditions often fell a little flat.

However, Father John did tell him that he needed to check his nappy as he wanted the new cub to stay with the sleepy little Beaver now he was in bed. Joe was upset at having to retire so early and missing out on whatever else was going on down by the water’s edge but quickly realised that any argument might mean he’d be in his nappy all the time and swimming would not be allowed.

The priest wasn’t in his face or demanding, or ordering, or being anything but a perfectly thoughtful priest. The nappy check was just something that he knew had to be done. He wasn’t making a big thing about it, he wasn’t being vindictive. His nappy needed changing, so there was no point in Joe making something out of it that wasn’t there.

He made a quick decision. Let the priest have his way tonight, don’t fight him, just do as he says and work out how to defeat him in the morning.


Although Terry had been put in charge of Joey’s nappy changes, it was obvious Father John was equally ready to do what needed to be done. He pointed to the changing bed and indicated to get ready. Joe shrugged off his shorts and shirt, folded them neatly as he had done Todd’s clothes and then lay out on the welcoming towel. The smell of powder and lotion hung in the air as he shuffled down his rubber pants, the father could tell that his nappy was indeed soaked and that he needed a fresh one for the night.

“When were you going to ask to be changed?” The Father enquired with raised eyebrows.

“I didn’t want to put Terry out so I thought I’d wait until bed time…so…”

“OK, that’s thoughtful of you but you must understand that a wet fabric nappy can give you a rash so, in future, let one of us know right away so we can make you more comfortable… OK bud?”

The new recruit, who had an itch earlier, could see the wisdom of these words so just nodded in agreement.


The priest was as efficient as his Number Two and had Joey well wiped, lotion applied, well powdered and tightly bound with the required amount of pads in next to no time. He searched in his draw for a different pair of plastic pants and some PJs. However, that was something his mother hadn’t packed so he would be sleeping only in a white t-shirt and protection. The priest found a pair of thin white plastic pants which, much to Joey’s despair, were very crinkly as he pulled them up his legs. He desperately wanted to complain but, thinking of his Speedos and the lack of a nappy whilst he was swimming meant he kept his thoughts to himself.

In the distance the revelry was still going on down by the lake and Joe wished he was there but the priest said that everyone else would be going to bed shortly so he wouldn’t be missing out on much anyway. He also thanked Joey for being good to Todd and praying with him… it meant a lot to the boy.

“Goodnight Todd,” The priest whispered but there was no reply. Todd was already fast asleep.

Joe tried to climb into his bed without making a sound and disturbing Todd, alas his crinkly pants and the noisy plastic sheet meant that there was quite a resonance as he got comfortable.

“Goodnight Joey.”

“Er, yes, er, g’night, er…” This was hard for Joe but he was still thinking about his Speedos. “Father.”

“Goodnight boys.” The priest silently closed the door behind him.

For a few minutes Joe crinkled unhappily but soon the comfort of wearing a dry nappy felt good. As always his hand drifted towards his crotch and the smooth plastic protection. Although the feeling was nice it was also a reminder for him to not spend any further time exploring an area which had got him into so much trouble. He whipped his hand away as if he’d been burned, scared of what might happen otherwise. It was bizarre - he didn’t believe in God but now he couldn’t get out of his mind that someone was constantly watching and judging him.

There was still some laughter and the odd piece of music drifting in through the open cabin window, together with the sound of insects buzzing and the occasional hoot, screech or yelp from the local wildlife. However, Joe didn’t hear any of that, nor the other members of the BLUE team come to bed, because he was simply worn out and quickly as dead to the world as Todd.


During the night Joe was vaguely aware of a body climbing into his bed. Unconsciously he wrapped his arm around the figure and hugged him tightly. He seemed to automatically know it was Todd because he could feel the small warm body as it fitted nicely into the crook of his hips. Another give away to the identity of his visitor was their padding rubbing up against each other as they huddled together. As Joe moved from dozing to deep sleep his mind was filled with dreams of his friends back home.


Syed was suddenly wearing yellow PJs with racing cars all over them and they were playing soccer on a beach. Joe was wearing his usual kit, as were all the other team mates, so it was only Syed who was dressed differently. For some reason he was having a problem running around after the ball and when someone suggested he would perhaps play better if he lost the PJs he nervously said he couldn’t do that. However, because his side were losing they ganged up on him and stripped him out of his PJs only to find him squirming in embarrassment as he sat on the ground in a very thick nappy. He started to cry so Joe, not wishing to see his friend in distress, picked him up and hugged his weeping pal tightly. A surge of emotion ripped through Joe’s body as he patted his best friend in an attempt to make him feel better. He kept saying it was all OK and not to worry, despite his team mates chuckling at his friend’s soaked nappy. Meanwhile his thick, crinkly plastic nappy rubbed against Joe’s thin nylon shorts and not surprisingly he immediately got a stiffy and...


He was snuggling his best friend when he was roused from sleep to see Terry standing over him.

“Joey, JOEY,” he shook him from his slumber.

It was the small figure of Todd, not Syed, who was squirming in his arms as he also tried to wake up.

Terry didn’t look pleased. “Joey let him go.”

Suddenly aware he was still holding his little friend tightly he released his grip.

Todd, with his yellow plastic pants visible well above his slipped PJ bottoms turned, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said; “Thanks for looking after me.”

“Time to get up Joey. We have the female side of the shower block for the next fifteen minutes before RED take it.” Terry pulled back Joe’s blanket and revealed his open sleeping bag which displayed his full glossy protection.

Joe wasn’t sure what was going on but could see the other cubs in their PJs getting up, gathering their toiletries and waiting to be led to the washrooms by Terry. The scout, even in his sleepwear of boxers and t-shirt looked amazing as he helped Todd get his stuff together and also check if he was wet - he was and would be attended to after the morning ablutions.


Bobby, Graham, Benny and Tommy had all slept in pull-ups but only Tommy had wet during the night. The plastic sheet on Tommy’s bed sparing him any leaking embarrassment but Joe heard Terry whisper to him that it would be ‘thicker disposable and plastic pants in future’. Tommy looked ashamed at having had an accident so nodded sheepishly to what the scout suggested. The little group didn’t seem to mind that Terry checked each one and then sent them off to the shower block as he returned to Joey.

“Sorry Joey but the Father’s rule is ‘morning inspection’, so I’ll need to check.”

Well, he’d already checked the other boys to see if they would need ‘extra help’ the following night, so the instruction wasn’t unexpected.

“’It’s OK, I’m not wet, I think I can last a nigh…”

But he was wrong. As Terry checked under the plastic pants it was evident from his expression that he was indeed wet. He pulled down the protection and unpinned the nappy. It was damp but most damning of all were the streaks of glistening ejaculate that were lying in the fabric’s folds.

“I, I, I…” Joe spluttered, “I never touched myself, honest, I never did nothing. It’s not my fault. I, I, Oh Terry, please, please, PLEASE don’t tell Father John.”

The evidence was there and he couldn’t deny it. He sobbed, begging Terry not to tell the priest but he knew the scout had high principles and was second in command so the chances of him not reporting his messed up nappy were nil.


Part 5

With Joe having been put into night time nappies by his mother before he came to Lake Cambria he’d somehow got into the habit of wetting whilst he slept. It was something he’d never done before his fear-induced accident on that first night after his spanking but once she’d taken this action of safeguarding her son, Joe’s bladder seemed to take it as permission to relax and soak the fabric wrapped around his groin. He hadn’t realised the horror stories his mother told of this sinful act would mentally trigger an unstoppable nightly flow. The warm surge was weirdly satisfying but the guilt he felt was more overpowering.

The second time it happened at home he thought his mother would go mad but she didn’t seem to care. The nappy had done what she meant it to and the plastic protection had saved him sleeping on a damp mattress, and besides, as far as Joe could see she seemed more interested in the ‘evils’ of another, more viscous, fluid.

Nevertheless, Joe hadn’t given too much thought as to why his mother was OK with his wet mornings. He presumed it was because she thought the punishment was working (with God working in one of his ‘mysterious ways’) and to a certain degree that was true because he became terrified of letting his hand slip under the covers.

He wasn’t aware that she had developed her own scheme and now, together with stopping his sinful ways, had an ulterior motive.


Once she’d taken the priest’s advice and made him wear a nappy to bed to help curtail his nightly obsession, she realised it was a possible way of gaining back control and making her son a little bit more dependent on her. Early to bed nights in the middle of summer, coupled with dire warnings should he even think about getting out of bed for any reason, was not only extra punishment but a real trial on the boy’s bladder. She had expected (hoped) he’d make a mess so that she could insist on more and more ‘security’.  


She had control over her daughters; they did as she told them, respected and listened to her words of advice. Joe was like his father, an independent spirit and hated the fact she was all but losing any influence over her son. So, when he had a wet nappy, and she a hairbrush in her hand, he was as meek and cooperative and obeyed her commands. Once she saw how Joe cried and his attitude subdued whilst the priest had administered swift (and just) chastisement, she saw this as a possible way to make her plan work. Proper physical discipline, something she and her husband had never really indulged in, was now back on the agenda. She was sure God would approve of her attempt to rehabilitate her wayward son.


She enjoyed the ritual of fitting him into his nappy; the anti-rash cream being rubbed in, the baby powder sprinkled liberally over his soon to be hidden penis, the pinning of the entire thing together followed by the final, babyish flourish, his leak-proof plastic pants – it was all so satisfying. It brought back such happy memories of her sweet little baby boy and her heart filled with love at the thought of a return to that time. She didn’t have this need to do the same with her daughters but her son being made to behave like a toddler, a return to innocence, well, he looked so sweet, so she was sure God would endorse everything she was doing.

Nevertheless, she realised that Joe himself might not like the idea, as he’d proved when he exploded and swore in front of the priest, he could and had rebelled. She was keen to make him understand that even out of his home environment she had the power to ensure he wore nappies. His mother knew that he was scared of the priest and hoped that would transfer to being totally acquiescent when faced with the inevitable. Father John’s firm and stern approach she was sure would hammer his current, nappy dependent, situation home.


When she’d packed his rucksack she wanted Joe totally reliant on the help of others. That’s why she only gave him nappies, plastic and rubber pants to wear. He would be embarrassed but he’d have to accept help from others for him to function properly within the camp. She also liked the fact that he’d be sleeping in the same type of items he slept in at home (like when he was a toddler) and that involved a great deal of thick protection.

She wanted him to become used to wearing such protection and regard it as normal dress. Father John had told her that all the boys would be treated the same as they had chores and challenges they had to accomplish each day and that Joe wearing a nappy wouldn’t make any difference so be expected to fulfil the same effort as any other member of the team.

What she hoped for was the return of her toddler son, who would, even at eleven years-old, need his mummy. A son who loved her, depended on her to change his wet nappy and comfort him when he was scared, like he used to when he was a baby. Her expectations were high that Joe’s wearing of thick protection would somehow drive him back to her bosom. Her zest for getting back with the church was equalled by her desire to take Joe back to his baby status and to bring him up in the faith. So, whilst he was away at camp she was busy organising his room to welcome her little fellow back.


The priest didn’t know of this side of her plan, he was only interested in saving Joey’s soul, hopefully by bringing him nearer to the church by making him appreciate that church was fun and should be embraced. Mrs Griffiths knew the Father was strict and wouldn’t take any nonsense from her son so happily allowed him to go camping on the firm understanding that his protection stood for the entire time he was away.

She knew she could rely on the strict priest to fulfil this because he’d explained there were other boys who were a little incontinent and needed ‘special attention’ so he would be treated exactly the same. Mrs Griffiths wanted an assurance that her rules for her son would be kept as both a reminder of his sinful ways and as punishment for his bad manners and swearing. The priest had agreed and geared his bible classes to incorporate the evils of such a sin.


Joe was completely distraught over the discovery. Tears filled his eyes as he couldn’t explain how his body could do that to him but, the slimy nappy didn’t tell lies.

“OK Joey, it’s OK, calm down, just calm down.” Terry tried to placate the tearful cub.

Checking to make sure the room was now empty he confided in Joey.

“Look, I know these things happen and we have no control over them… so don’t worry, I’m not going to tell the Father but you need to be careful.”

Joe’s sobbing began to abate as he realised that Terry was on his side.

“I know this can happen but Father John could inspect at any time so you need to take more precautions, especially overnight. Also, he probably would not take too kindly knowing Todd slept with you… it probably didn’t help”

“But, but, Todd climbed in with me during the night,” he was almost whining, “I didn’t ask him, he just…”

“I know he wasn’t with you when we all came to bed last night but still... the Father…” He left the inference unsaid.

“But it was him who told me to look after Todd,” Joe argued. “What was I supposed to do, kick him out, let him cry himself to sleep?”

Joe was getting annoyed at his predicament but was stupidly taking it out on Terry who was on his side.

“Sorry Terry,” he said as he realised his voice was getting higher and was becoming more than a little agitated.

It probably didn’t help that his plastic pants were around his ankles and the unpinned soggy nappy he was clutching was hanging down between his legs.

“Look, don’t worry. I’m sure we can sort something out but right now, you need to get to the shower block and do whatever you have to do before…” The eighteen year-old pointed to the drooping nappy.


Joe let the nappy fall to the floor, wrapped a towel around his hips and set off to the shower block. Picking up his toiletries Terry followed him and saw that they had less than ten minutes to complete their washroom needs; toilet, shower, dry off and get back to BLUE cabin before it was the RED’s scheduled turn.

Five naked pre-teen boys were trying desperately to enjoy the lukewarm shower but were shivering in the fresh morning air. Terry made sure they had all visited the toilets and done their business, he didn’t really want to be changing nappies or pull-ups all day if he could avoid it. They had done their duty and were drying off as the REDs arrived. Terry led the BLUEs, with towels wrapped around their waists or covering their heads, back to the cabin and made sure each was dry before getting them ready for the day ahead.


“Right boys,” Terry addressed them all. “Once we are decent we’re on breakfast duty so… let’s get started.”

Bobby had the nearest bed and was putting on a pair of pull-ups, but Terry stopped him and insisted he rub cream in first, then powder, then the pull-ups. Even though Bobby must have done this a thousand times, so eager was he to get started, he was cutting corners - though not on Terry’s watch. Each boy was made to use the correct creams and powder. Benny and Graham had changed to wearing colourful briefs as they hoped they could manage during the day, it was only at night (and on long journeys) when they needed ‘help’ so it was just Tommy, Todd and Joe who required the complete works.


With his usual proficiency he had the cub and Beaver quickly installed in their daytime protection. Tommy’s plastic pants were see-thru and you could see his disposable with the cute animal print underneath. Todd said how fantastic he thought they looked before he was installed in his plain white disposable. However, he had equally cute cartoon plastic pants slipped over it so they both looked like sweet toddlers. All the cubs put on their uniform and waited patiently for Joey to be finished.

Terry told Joey that he had special ‘dressing’ instructions that involved a thick soaker pad. The problem with this was it filled out his fabric nappy so much more than the disposables   the other boys were wearing. However, this is what Joe’s mother had decreed, so that was what had to happen. The look on his face told the newest cub that he was really sorry to have to do it to him but… orders being orders!

As the scout wasn’t going to tell the priest about his nocturnal emissions Joe thought it best not to argue. The immense bunch of fabric splayed out his legs a bit and the plastic pants crinkled as the final garment, his shorts were added. His genitals felt like they were gripped and protected by a piece of unyielding armour, though surprisingly it didn’t feel uncomfortable. Each boy was now ready in their cub uniforms and it wasn’t long before the scout was in his pristine uniform and leading them to the canteen area where they were to help the cooks who were already busy preparing the day’s meals.


The main cooking was done by three young volunteer chefs, again people who owed much to the priest and were keen to help out in any way they could to show their gratitude. The boys helped set the tables, wash things up, fetched and carried for the volunteers and took the food out to where the rest of the pack were waiting to be served. Joey was constantly aware of his tight padding and hoped that no one else could tell.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be the case as his shorts rode up over the sleek cover and displayed his protection, not only that but there was a slight crinkly noise with every step. To the pack’s credit, no one made a big deal out of it although there was a little bit of pointing and the occasional snigger. In the end he gave up trying to pull at his shorts to hide his discomfort and just put up with the shiny plastic being visible for anyone who wanted to take notice.


Again Father John said grace and the noise rose as cereal and toast were eaten, pots of marmalade and jam crashed together, plates banged and clattered, drinks were slurped and the boys excitedly chatted about the coming days proceedings. After breakfast, and after the BLUE team had performed their morning task, there was a compulsory Bible class for an hour before anything else. Joe sat grumpily next to Todd but all the other boys seemed to be very attentive to the priest’s words.

Joe didn’t want to be impressed but the tone the Father used and responses he got back, together with the sheer enjoyment the boys seemed to get from his words, was pretty moving. At the end, they all said a communal prayer and Father John asked them all to include Todd’s mother who was sick in their individual prayers. He didn’t go in to any detail but all the boys turned their attention towards the little Beaver and nodded that they would. Joe was quite taken with this show of support and felt rather guilty at his lack of respect for the priest’s concern.


After this the entire pack were asked to give the Cubs oath and as one, they stood up, raised the middle fingers on their right hand and recited their pledge.


I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God and to Country

To help other people

And to keep the Cub Scout Law


This was followed by the cubs promise.


Cubs Scouts always do their best,

Think of others before themselves

And do a good turn every day.


Even though they didn’t know the pledge, both Todd and Joe felt a strange shiver run through their bodies as the cubs finished their response.


Before anything else was arranged Terry took Joe to the laundry room and gave him instructions on how it all worked. The machine had several heat and timer dials and these were explained how they were to be used depending on how soiled the wash was. His previous day’s nappy, shorts and t-shirt were still waiting for his attention and, together with last night’s soiled nappy, and one or two other contributions, there was quite a pile to be cleaned. Terry set the timer and added the washing liquid and told Joey that from now on, he was responsible every morning to see to the wash. Once the machine was underway he was informed that he should return in twenty minutes to hang them out to dry in the sun before he’d be allowed to take part in any of the planned events.

There was a half hour gap between Bible class and the start of the day’s itinerary so Joe would have to work quickly if he didn’t want to miss out on anything. Also, Terry informed him, if anything wasn’t done on time, or to Father John’s satisfaction, he’d not be allowed to join the others. He was on a very tight timetable but, the scout informed him with a knowing grin, one that would get easier once he got into a daily rhythm.


With barely a minute to spare, Joe had bright and clean nappies, shorts, plastic pants, t-shirts, towels and assorted other bits and pieces pegged out and flapping in the morning breeze. He’d managed to complete his task and was feeling pretty pleased with himself and that was despite knowing the huge squares of terry towelling hanging from the line were for his benefit and available for all to see.

Unfortunately, the zip on his own shorts had broken completely in the wash and they were now useless to him. At first he was pretty distressed at having nothing of his own to wear but then remembered that they were pretty revealing themselves so no great loss. He looked down at the obvious bulge and shrugged because of the inevitability that he’d be wearing green cub shorts for the next two weeks.

Once the morning duties were out of the way the entire pack went off on a scavenger hunt in the surrounding forest led by Drew and Terry. Malcolm and Andy were left to help organise lunch with the volunteers and get a few other things ready for the afternoon’s events, which was to include a fun swimming gala.


The excitement and passion of all the cubs for sheer pleasure was very infectious. Joe found himself involved in games and silly conversations that he thought he’d left behind in his ‘childhood’. Along with the rest of the green-clad pack he screamed and yelled with as much vigour as any of the other cubs and there was no denying, he fit in incredibly well despite his initial reluctance to do so.

Occasionally, a scout would take a little group off who had a particular interest in certain topics; understanding and helping nature, problem solving, camping activities – the list of how you could qualify for a badge appeared endless, and to Joe, all equally bizarre. What he wasn’t aware of was that as he’d effortlessly immersed himself into the pack’s way of operating, he was also gaining credit for what he did and whether he was bothered or not, he would be gaining awards by the end of his stay.


After lunch, bereft of his nappy and wearing his more acceptable Speedos, he helped organise the swimming tournament and came up with various suggestions for those of different abilities.  Strong swimmers were encouraged to teach those who were perhaps a little water shy, and those who were really scared of swimming, he came up with a game of splashing that threatened no one but gave confidence in the water.

He was in his element.

Because of the long hot afternoon and with everyone playing at the water’s edge, it wasn’t only a relief from the heat but, thanks to the amazing location, also something that quite a few of the boys would remember for the rest of their lives. Even Todd, wearing his padded swimmers, learned a few basic strokes and how to float without panicking; he was one happy little Beaver.

Joe was very pleased to be out of his nappy and, strange as may seem, very grateful to Father John for allowing it. The Gala, as it became known, was a huge success and with the scouts and Joe continually coming up with new games and challenges, it became a regular event most afternoons. However, as the priest had insisted, once they were done and showered, for Joe it was back into his nappy until he was next allowed to swim.

He loved being in his Speedos and spending hours splashing, swimming and diving with the others and, perhaps strange to say, he didn’t object to being put back into his protection once it came to an end. In fact, the fluffy dry bulk felt really good against his skin, whilst the thick tight rubber pants gave him a feeling of immense security… although he wasn’t going to admit that to anyone if he could help it.


In just a couple of days everything had changed for Joe.

His reluctance in wanting to be involved disappeared. Although he knew the uncompromising man was in there somewhere, he hadn’t seen that side of Father John since they’d been at Lake Cambria. He was thoughtful, helpful and positive, whilst the rest of the cubs seemed to adore him. As a result his distrust for the priest evaporated as he saw him as less of an enemy.

His opinion of the other cubs and scouts changed from contempt to respect. He no longer worried about his nappy, and quite enjoyed the tender fuss that Terry gave to the operation (as he did to everyone who needed it), which had helped enormously with him coming to terms with his situation. The initial embarrassment faded simply because, after the first couple of times, as the scout didn’t make it awkward, there was no reason to feel apprehensive.

Two weeks earlier, when his mother had first made him wear protection to sleep in he’d discovered dropping off a problem. For the first few nights he found it so restricting, uncomfortable and not in the least restful. Eventually, like most things, he’d gotten used to it and didn’t even think about the thickness between his legs or his wet mornings. He could think of worse punishments, his mum’s hairbrush for one, so he put up with the way things were.


Now he’d even got used to the crinkle every time he moved in bed, to his surprise found sleeping in his night-time protection no problem. This could be due to the fact that he was no longer anxious, or maybe, he was just simply too exhausted at the end of each extremely active day to worry about it.

However, he was a growing lad with an escalating sexuality and his body was telling him certain things. Alas, the mass between his legs and the glossy mound he furtively stroked every night was making him feel more excited than normal. Unfortunately, the firmness of the fit, together with having his roommates around, drove him mad and made it difficult to do anything about. Also, the constant feeling that God was watching and disapproving of even touching himself didn’t help. On a positive note he was confident that under this difficult regime he could continue with his enforced abstinence and do as his mother demanded. Usually the last thing he remembered before he fell asleep were his fingers tracing the slippery outline of the thick nappy under his shiny plastic pants.


It was really quite amazing just how quickly Joey slipped into the role of ‘new cub’. The camp was constantly alive with fantastic things to do – games, challenges, sport, nature walks, the lake, etc.; in fact, it was difficult to keep up with it all.

Being slightly older than the other cubs, and one who wore a thick nappy, made sure he was noticed, though it didn’t inhibit him in any way. He did his washing chores with no complaints and on time (he definitely didn’t want to be stopped from joining in now), the large terry towelling squares and rubber pants wafting in the morning breeze now just taken as normal.

Dressed in his uniform he was one of the pack and if it hadn’t been for his bulging protection, he’d look no different from any of the other boys. Occasionally Joe would become aware and look down at the soft but obvious lump in his shorts and sigh, because he thought it made him look more like a toddler and less of a boy. But then again that thought only lasted a moment before he was dragged back into another of the many excellent camp activities.


Morning inspection meant that most of the ‘wetters’ had wet during the night. Joe was no exception; both he and Todd seemed to provide a flood for their nappies, whilst the others found the strange surroundings at night challenging. Whether it was a reluctance to get up out of their warm cots and walk the few feet to the toilet or they were scared of the dark was hard to say, whatever the reason, plastic pants, damp pull-ups and nappies were the first thing to greet the boys in BLUE.

Terry kept the cabin ticking over nicely. The morning assembly of his team to have their protection checked was always done in the most amenable way. At this point decisions were made if more protection was needed the following night or not. No one was made to feel they’d done anything wrong, or that they should be embarrassed and often, once their PJs had been removed, the selection of colourful plastic pants was another sight to behold. However, the downside to this was it meant these vivid objects had to be added to Joe’s morning laundry. Thankfully, with the rest of the BLUEs wearing disposables and pull-ups his daily wash wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Once the morning ablutions were over, Terry was methodical in getting his team powdered and ready for the events ahead. The smell of lotions, creams and powder pervaded the cabin but so did the smell of urine. Thankfully, ever organised Terry had made sure that the cabin got a good airing every day and that there was a plug-in air-freshener to hide whatever other odours remained. Terry looked after his boys and they were very grateful for his encouragement, attention and understanding.


Unexpectedly, Joe began to love the fact that he could go for a pee right where he stood and enjoy the warm glow around his groin as he did so. It wasn’t something he would have chosen to do but, as he had to wear his nappy he thought he’d damn well use it for its purpose. He wasn’t keen on shitting in it though, so he made sure that during his morning routine at the shower block he did what he had to do there.

There was only Todd who messed himself and that was on the third night when he’d had a particularly nasty dream. Both Terry and Joe had heard him whimper and cry out in the night so both were quickly by his side.  Todd was crying in terror about some un-named scary monster and embarrassment at having messed; the smell adding to the Beaver’s distress. Joe helped his young friend from his cot and calmed him down. They were lucky that the rest of the sleeping cubs had not been disturbed; only the occasion crinkle from a suitably protected cot could be heard over Todd’s sad whimpers.

He let Joe strip him out of his yellow PJs and, in the half light of the lantern that Terry held, slowly peeled down his plastic pants to reveal the soiled and soggy nappy.

“Do you want me to see to him?” Terry asked knowing that some people would run a mile rather than do what Joey was about to do.

“No, thank you Terry, Todd’s my responsibility… I’ll see to him.” Joey said with concern for his fretful little friend.

The scout nodded his approval and let Joey get on with it.


Todd was too embarrassed to speak but at least his whimpering had begun to ease. Once Joey had released the tapes he inched down the disposable and made sure he didn’t get any of the mess on anything else. The nappy and plastic pants had contained it all pretty well but with more than a little trepidation he wiped up as much as he could before pulling the offending object away.

Terry offered more wipes and did what they could to clean him up though Joey decided Todd needed to be much cleaner so took him to the small washroom at the rear of the cabin. Once sponged clean, well powdered and returned to a dry disposable the youngster quickly settled down.

The small teddy bear Joe’s mother had packed in the hope of releasing some babyish memories in her son was slipped into Todd’s bed so he wouldn’t be afraid or alone at night. The young lad was so pleased to receive such a gift he wasn’t in the least bit embarrassed to kiss Joey with thanks and hug the bear tightly. Terry thought the teddy had been a good solution and then helped settle the youngest member of the team with soothing words and soft reassurance.  


Part 6

Father John was very happy with the way his senior scout dealt with the BLUE team and suitably impressed by the way Joey had, despite their original differences, got involved. In fact, the ‘problem’ boy was proving to be quite an asset and had appeared to immerse himself in what the cub scouts ethos was all about. The priest had been able to find a few other second hand items in the lost property box that, once washed, kept Joey suitably attired, although his awkward protection was still enforced.

However, after only a few days an unexpected element happened in BLUE cabin when each boy who had changed to wearing briefs during the day began to want their protection back. Not that they needed it, they just wanted to be the same as Joey and he wore his all the time.  This act of support didn’t go unnoticed by Terry and the team became even closer as a result. In fact, both Bobby and Graham offered to help Joey with his washing chores and eventually, between them, they all mucked in helping him with this particular duty. Ever the initiator Joey made the laundry room activities into a game as well. Pegging out their colourful plastic pants, shorts, shirts, towels in the colours of a rainbow, or all shades from the palest to the deepest… it became a fun project to play.

Joey didn’t seem to be that aware of the effect he was having on the rest of the pack.

Although the scouts were definitely the leaders, his sense of fun, initiative and adventure often meant that some of the cubs would wait to see what Joey was doing before volunteering for any activity, they wanted to be with him. From only a few days before when he would have killed not to be part of this boyish camp he’d become an innovator and eager member of the pack.

Perhaps it was going to come as a cruel surprise to his mother that the hoped for return of her baby was going to be usurped by a more confident and highly regarded young man.  


The priest thought he was doing Mrs Griffith’s bidding, getting Joey involved but keeping him in his punishment. After all, that was what started all this, the boy’s inability to stop pleasuring himself and, as far as the Father, and the reports from his second-in-command were concerned, this side of the project appeared to be a success. Whether he could get Joey to embrace Jesus and the church remained to be seen but, and this was the interesting part, the new cub sat and listened attentively in bible class now.


Every day blended far too quickly into the next with all the organised games, fun hikes up into the forest identifying shrubs and animals - it was nonstop adventure. Afternoons were a mixture of water sport, swimming and trips on the lake. The weather had been fantastic and the camaraderie around the camp fire at night had bonded all the boys into a very tight-knit pack of cubs. Laughter never seemed to cease from everyone, even the priest and it was the happiest time Joe could ever remember having. He felt guilty that he was enjoying this more than any of the camping trips with his dad but the truth was; he was. Only once, about a week in was there any major upset and that was when little Todd had awoken from another nightmare calling for his mommy.


It had been strange because at the time BLUE were all asleep and Joe himself was having a very pleasant, if peculiar, dream.

He was with four of his mates but instead of skateboarding or playing soccer in the park, they were rolling down hills, chasing bubbles and flying a kite, not the type of thing any eleven year-old would normally engage in. However, they were the age they were now but dressed as little kids; nappies obvious under their cartoon little stretchy shorts or onesies. This wasn’t bothering them at all as they charged around before being called by Amy Wright, who, together with three friends, had made a special picnic. The girls were also their real age but equally dressed as party-going toddlers, with floral party frocks and heavy protection clearly visible when they sat down. None of this appeared to be out of the ordinary for any of the kids as they happily sat in a circle to begin their meal.

In the distance they heard a cry of “Mommy”, which Joe thought was his friend Richard calling to someone but, he could see a sandwich tucked into his mouth so it couldn’t have been him. The party was going well and they were all enjoying what Amy had organised when they heard it again.


Only this time there seemed to be a scared and urgent edge to the word.

Despite not wanting to leave the party, he was enjoying himself so much, Joe galvanized himself but in so doing realised he’d wet his nappy and at that same moment woke up from this pleasurable, if perplexing, dream.

He found Todd crying for his mommy in a very distressed state. Even though he was soaked himself his first thought was to comfort his little buddy and reached him moments before Terry and the rest of the group, woken by the boy’s frightened scream, came to help the troubled little Beaver.

He was crying inconsolably for his mommy and in between gulping in air tried to tell Joey that he couldn’t find her. He was sure something terrible had happened and it terrified him that he was calling and she wasn’t responding. The poor little fellow was in a terrible state and it took Joey some considerable time and effort in helping to calm him down. Words of reassurance came from every one and only the promise from Terry that in the morning they’d phone home so he could speak to his daddy helped settle him.


Once he was a lot less agitated and the other boys had returned to their crinkly cots did Joey take Todd to the bathroom to clean him up. The poor boy had made a terrible mess but hadn’t been aware of it. Although Joey guessed what was wrong, and despite his own wet discomfort, he set about making it more agreeable for his little friend. It was remarkable the complete trust that Todd had for Joey. Even though he’d been terrified he trusted his friend to make things better.

He put up no resistance as his ‘big brother’ spoke to him all the way through the process of being appeased and changed. Once he was clean and tidy and wrapped in a fresh disposable with new plastic pants he returned him to his bed which Terry had cleaned up and prepared for him. His PJs were soaked and his spare pair was already in the wash so he ended up looking a smaller version of Joey. And like his, the little tyke’s protection hung low though it didn’t worry him as he clung to best friend as if his life depended on it. He didn’t want to get into his own bed; even with his teddy, he was scared of having another dream.

“OK Todd,” Joe was crouching down beside him, “you need to go to sleep…”

“But I’m scared.” There was no doubt that tears were not far away and the sulky uncertainty in his voice made the six year-old sound like he was two.

Joe looked up at Terry for any guidance so the understanding scout wondered if he slept with Joey… would he feel safer?

A slight nod from the worried looking boy made the decision and, as the two friends clambered noisily back into their crinkly bed, their padded protection separating them, they huddled together for comfort and support. Todd, who must have been exhausted, fell asleep quickly, whilst Joey didn’t because he was still in a little discomfort from the soaked nappy as a result of his own wet dream. Despite the priest telling him he had to change quickly out of his wet fabric nappy, Joe was determined not to wake his friend again and eventually, the small warm body he hugged helped him to drop off despite the growing irritation he felt next to his skin.


Early in the morning Todd went to see the priest who’d put in a call to his parents. Meanwhile, Terry inspected Joey and saw the start of a severe nappy rash, which he was keen to put an urgent stop to. Joey had to confess that he’d slept in a soaked nappy because of the event the night before but didn’t think the repercussions would be so serious or itchy. Terry was most concerned and decided that he needed extra creams and lotions applied before any nappy and pads should be utilized. In fact, he decided off his own bat that perhaps it was the fabric nappy that was causing much of the problem and that he’d try him in a disposable to see if that made things healthier.  

So, after applying some very cool cream to the inflamed area, which Joey found slightly embarrassing and at the same time very soothing, he fitted him in to one of the other boy’s disposables. It was one with the animal prints on and although looked quite childish, Joe had to admit that it was a relief not to scratch, whilst the texture was also unbelievably soft and comfy next to his skin. He liked these disposables and was not surprised that the cubs who wore them wanted to sleep in them, they felt wonderful.

They weren’t as extreme as the one he normally wore and even with his thick rubber pants in place; it didn’t bulge out half as much as usual. The sweet animal print couldn’t be seen behind the glossy protection but Joey was rather pleased to be sporting such a top-of-the-range and comfy brand. He was very grateful to the senior scout and thanked him profusely for his concern, and for breaking his strict ‘nappy regime’.


A smiling Todd arrived at the breakfast table telling everyone that his mommy was OK and that her operation had been a success. She was still in hospital but would be back home by the time the camp ended in a week’s time. The news seemed to boost the little guy’s appetite and he wolfed down his breakfast like he hadn’t eaten for a month.

Since arriving at the camp Father John had been nothing short of a pillar of good humour and understanding. Joe, nor any of the others, saw that dreaded angry side of the man that he’d been so fearful of and he actually began to quite like him. The priest was always around if anyone needed to talk (confess) and appeared to be having as much fun as everyone else – this was not what Joe had been expecting and been anxious about on the journey to the Lakes.

The hike around the Lake Cambria planned after breakfast was a new experience for Joe. Routinely, the thick protection would chaff his legs and give him a bit of an unintentional waddle, but now, with the new, lighter, and he had to admit, far comfier disposable, there was a great deal of relief as well as room in his shorts that he really appreciated - it was almost like he was back wearing briefs.

Terry explained the circumstances to Father John as to why he’d changed Joey’s ‘dress code’ and although the priest agreed that with the nappy rash it was a wise move, he was uneasy that Mrs Griffith’s rules were not being completely adhered to. However, he noticed the freedom that lit up Joey’s face as he scuttled about in his disposable and thought that at least he was still well protected, so that should be enough.


The second week simply flew by.

Joe was now wearing disposables and rubber pants so the morning wash rarely involved his terry nappies though there was still a colourful collection of other items to be hung out. He didn’t miss the folds of thick fabric between his legs but actually liked its soft disposable replacement, so much so that often he simply forgot he was wearing them. Going to bed in them had been a wonderful experience. However, their softness and comfort turned him on even more than usual and it took a great deal of willpower not to succumb to his thoughts and self-gratification. His fingers slid effortlessly over the much smaller silky mound but now he could actually feel his throbbing dick underneath. However, he’d made a promise to his mother and to Terry (who he didn’t want to get into trouble after all his understanding) so held back from actually doing the deed. A couple of morning however, Joe woke to find a slimy deposit in there with the soaked up pee, but there was no bad consequence from the scout at morning inspection – just a little shrug.


Joe had got on with Terry from the beginning and thought he was a great guy. The attention the scout gave to all the boys in BLUE had been superb and each cub appreciated the empathy and encouragement he offered. One night Joe had one of his many dreams although this time it included Terry.

They were both swimming in the lake but when they got out each was wearing thick protection; Joe’s was a glossy rubberised green, whilst the scout’s was a shiny khaki. Because it was so thick it was obvious what it was but neither appeared to be in the least bit embarrassed by what they wore. However, and Joe was surprised at this, they huddled together, just the two of them, by a roaring fire and rubbed against each other to help keep warm. There was a very strong bond which ended with a sweet kiss.

In the morning Joe’s disposable was in a particularly wet and slimy state and he was ashamed knowing what had caused such a reaction in his nappy. Terry just shook his head when he noticed but took his time wiping and cleaning up the new recruit before slipping him into a fresh disposable. There was no doubt about it, Terry thought, Joe looked cute in a well-fitting disposable.


The weather had been superb and everyone said what an incredible camp it had been.

The final night, was Talent Night, and each boy had to perform some kind of entertainment. Some of the cubs were very nervous about this so formed into little groups so they didn’t have to perform solo. The scouts opened and closed the show with some pretty talented guitar playing; whilst Drew played and sang a song he’d composed about Lake Cambria… it brought the ‘house’ down. There were a few of the boys who told jokes that the crowds giggled and shouted at them because they’d heard them all before but it was done with so much laughter that no one really minded.

Joey and Todd were the surprise hit of the show when they did a terrible double act. The idea was that Todd would be the dummy and Joey the ventriloquist but as it progressed, the dummy took over. They got the biggest reaction because they came on the make shift stage dressed only in huge nappies – the act was called Bedtime for Baby. The idea was that baby (Todd) wouldn’t go to bed unless his daddy (Joey) went to bed as well. There was a lot of ridiculous confusion and silly mixed messages, which was why daddy was in a nappy already, but the outcome was daddy got sent to bed whilst baby stayed up.

That was the sum total of the joke but because Todd kept forgetting his words and ad-libbing a line he’d just thought up, Joey had to think of a reply. It was a complete and utter shambles and made no sense except the audience laughed uproariously and shouted their approval at the final scene. The priest stood shaking his head but with a huge grin on his face, wondering what on earth it was all about.

The end of camp show was a huge success and the still excited boys made their way back to their cabins re-living and commenting on what had just taken place.


The following morning after breakfast and bible class, the boys stayed in the canteen area as Father John announced the awards. Every boy had attained at least one new badge for their mothers to sew onto their shirts and applause rang out as each cub also received a small prize of a pocket bible. Todd was happy, though couldn’t quite believe, he’d also achieved some badges but in his excitement had wet himself as he nervously waddled up to the priest to receive his reward. Of course no one would have known, thanks to Joey, Todd was always well protected, his Disney print plastic pants kept any possible dribbles at bay.

Joe was equally surprised to find that such had been his contribution to the camps success he had accomplished the right to wear over half a dozen badges. He was stunned when a cheer went up from all the other cubs when his name was announced and he was particularly shy about going up and receiving his awards. However, with Todd’s encouragement he eventually made his way to Father John, who, with a huge smile shook his hand and congratulated him in glowing terms. Even the scouts were all clapping wildly and it came as no surprise to the rest of the pack that it was BLUE who won the overall team prize – Scouting Annuals.

“I hope these books will help inspire you cub scouts,” the priest had calmed the applause so he could be heard, “and that you boys will want to continue your excellent work by eventually becoming scouts.”

There was more noise of agreement from the sea of young and eager faces spread out in front of him.

“You have all done so incredibly well and are a fantastic example of all that is best in today’s youth and more especially, what is good about the scouting… and cub scouting movement.

He spread his hands out to include everyone but looked particularly at Joey.

“You have all proved what God had wanted from his flock all along – to be friends, to help others and together achieve a great deal. All you cubs have been fantastic - God Bless You All”

The place erupted in wild applause and general cheering that even to the seasoned adults brought a gulp of emotion to their throats.


Back in BLUE cabin, as they packed up their belongings Todd shyly admitted to Joey that he’d had an accident.

“Number ones or number twos?”

Joey inquired with a look that said ‘typical’ of my little Beaver on his face.

Todd grinned, “Number ones… sorry… I was so excited at getting a badge… I… I…”

Joey smiled as well.

“Well I’m not surprised you have been pretty impressive for the entire camp,” Joey led his charge to the changing area and started to pull down the laughing Beaver’s shorts.

“I nearly wet as well,” he confided to his little friend in a whisper. “In fact, I probably need to change before the bus ride home myself.”

As his wet protection was replaced by wet wipes, powder and a clean disposable the little voice asked if he’d like him to do it.

“What,” Joey was smiling at the very thought, “you want to change me?”

He slipped up the special Disney plastic pants and patted the entire padded area as an indication that he was finished.

“Maybe I’d get another badge?” Todd wondered.

“Well, maybe but for the moment let’s just get your things packed as we don’t want to keep anyone waiting and besides… we’ve got to get you home to your mommy and daddy.”

With the thought now planted in Todd’s brain he quickly set about loading his stuff in the case he’d brought. Meanwhile, Terry was checking that all the boys were wearing enough protection for the return trip and finally settled with Joey.

“Well Joey,” he looked proudly down at the boy who didn’t want to be involved, “you certainly have made many friends here… I hope you won’t forget us all as soon as you get home.”

Embarrassed by the attention he just shrugged uncomfortably and got on with the little packing he had to do. The priest had already told him to keep the clothes and they now found their way into his baggage. He piled the washed and dried terry squares on top of everything but then realised he needed to be changed for the trip.

“I think I’ll need my protection for the trip back… I… erm…” He offered a folded nappy to Terry.

“OK, I overheard you say to Todd that you’re wet,” he raised his eyebrow in question, “so do you want to wear what your mother says or a disposable?”

The recent time he’d spent in a disposable had been fantastic as, after the bulk of the fabric nappy, he’d hardly realised he had it on, that was until he wet. Despite the wet mornings he’d found that, thanks to Terry’s ministrations, the nappy rash had soon cleared up. There was no doubt about it he was going to make one hell of a carer.

However, Joe realised he’d better return as he was sent or his mother might keep him in a nappy out of anger if she thought he’d disobeyed her instructions. For the first time in two weeks the thought of his mother wielding a hairbrush and receiving a severe spanking made him shiver in trepidation. Now he knew that she wouldn’t hesitate in using such severe discipline he decided that crossing his mother would be a big mistake, no matter how grown up he felt, especially as he believed his father had sanctioned such action.


For the final time Terry oiled, powdered and fitted Joey into his thick protection. As he pulled up the now much used glossy plastic pants he patted the padding to let him know he’d finished. As Joey got to his feet Terry affectionately stroked his bulging and well cushioned bottom.

“You really have dealt with everything incredibly well,” he said approvingly, “I hope we might see you join the scouts? Maybe?” He added hopefully.

Joey smiled nervously and shrugged, “Maybe.”

He pulled up his green shorts and again the bulge was so noticeable but he thought he had no option if he was to stay on his mother’s good side, although he hoped, by the time he got home his punishment would be over. It was a long journey home and he didn’t know if he’d last the distance so at least felt safe wrapped in all his protection. Now everyone on the bus knew about it there was no point in pretending or being anxious about it so the trip back was a damn sight more fun than going had been.


Joe had had a brilliant time, all the cubs, scouts and Todd all were buzzing and reliving their exploits as Father John drove them back to base. It was always sad when an exciting and wonderful adventure comes to an end but Joey hadn’t thought that way when he’d set off but he sure was glad his mother had sent him after all.

The bus pulled up outside Joe’s home and he got out amid a tremendous amount of noise from the cubs wishing him well. In many ways he was sad to leave them as he’d got to know and like them all pretty well. Terry handed him his backpack and the two shook hands. Father John had already said his goodbyes on the bus and said that he hoped to see him again soon, although he didn’t put any pressure on Joe to make a date for that occurrence, for which he was grateful.


Syed was out in the street when the bus arrived back and was quite astounded to see his mate Joe, wearing an obvious thick nappy, a cub uniform, laughing and mixing with such little kids. He even saw him ruffle the hair of a small boy and give him a hug before he walked down his path, the youngster seemed to be crying that Joe was leaving him.

He wasn’t sure if he should wave or even acknowledge the return of his best friend but Syed shouted that he’d pop round later, although he didn’t know if he’d been heard over all the screams and ‘Goodbyes’ from the bus. Also he saw that Joe’s mother had greeted him on the pathway with a huge hug as she also patted his well-padded bottom.


The affection with which he responded to his mother was interpreted by her as confirmation that he sweet baby boy was back, she had missed him and couldn’t wait to start looking after him again. His room was ready – gone were the poster of his sporting heroes, the sports car he and his dad had coveted and his many sporting trophies. His bedding had been changed; softer fluffier sheets and blanket with a duvet cover that gave it all a more juvenile look. She’d painted the walls a soft pastel shade of blue, with cute complimentary pictures of animals scattered around the walls. She’d arranged all his old stuffed toys to occupy his bed and shelf space and a whole new wardrobe of childish sleepwear to help him drop off with the new early nights she’d planned for him. All his clothes had been sorted and his drawers were now full of appropriate clothing for a large toddler - nappies, disposable and rubber pants were now in the place of his boxers and briefs.

The final thing was the hairbrush which she had hung behind the door so that Joe would see it last thing at night and first thing in the morning as a reminder of who was in charge. His mother couldn’t have been more excited about the future as she embraced her son and couldn’t wait to continue with her, and of course God’s, good work in reclaiming her son.

Some other news that greeted Joe was that his father was not now going to be around for some time as his company needed his services overseas, so it would be several months before he could return.

Joe’s camping adventure may have been over but his mother was intent on taking him on a different journey and one he probably wasn’t going to like quite as much. 

Just how far he was willing to go on that journey, well, that remained to be seen.


Part 7

The sun was beating down. The desert stretched off into the distance with barely a rock to break up the dirty yellow expanse. He was suffering, not only from the heat but the cramps in his stomach were getting more frequent and much more painful.

Joe knew he needed to take a crap but was too shy to just drop his trousers and do it where he stood. He was needlessly suffering because there was simply no one anywhere near. In fact, there was hardly anything but the odd small straggly succulent plant in sight and nothing to observe anything he did – the vista was empty apart from him and the sand.

However, he struggled on, with the heat, his dry parched throat and his bubbling bowels, desperately searching for some shade to offer privacy whilst he did his business. His stomach continued to offer nothing but misery because of this enforced and totally unnecessary burden.

Eventually, as he stumbled forward groaning in desperation, his sun-blinded eyes caught sight of a huge shadowy figure before him. The figure became more focused and he could make out that it was a giant cactus offering a slight shadow from the sun’s powerful, brain-deadening effect. He dragged himself into what little shade there was and, with the excitement of the anticipated relief, dragged the buttons on his trousers open, pulled them and his briefs down and squatted in complete surety that he would not now be overlooked.

He closed his eyes and squeezed.   

He could feel all the crap and pain leave him as he dumped load after load in that wonderful ‘cool’ shade. There was plenty of it and he didn’t open his eyes for a good couple of minutes as he luxuriated in his bowel relief - even if the smell was somewhat overpowering. At the same time a jet of urine arced four feet away and formed a puddle that was immediately swallowed up by the thirsty sand.

With a sigh he felt he was done, one final squeeze, nothing, he was empty and believed he could happily continue his journey, his body suitably lightened and his mood so much more elevated. He slowly opened his eyes and was stunned to see he was surrounded by packs of wild coyotes, vultures circled and masses of insects had arranged themselves around him.

He was scared as he struggled to pull up his clothes and also remove himself from the unbearable smelly pile he’d just deposited in the dust.  The wind was getting up and he could feel the buffeting affect as his body was suddenly pounded by a huge gust that carried his name.



On that first day back and seeing his new transformed bedroom Joe had reacted angrily. Despite the happy return and welcoming hug from his mum he was dismayed to find the changes and couldn’t help but feel she was taking his punishment too far.

He’d had an outburst at the fact that the changes were done without his permission or consultation; this was followed by a spectacular tantrum over the loss of his posters, trophies and computer. He was seething about the new bedding and complained bitterly about the new duvet cover, which was colourful cartoon dinosaurs - the pink and blue sheets only adding to the rather childishness of the entire look. Even the new mattress was still covered in thick plastic which his mother insisted on keeping “for protection.”

In fact, everything was now “for protection”.

He was no longer wearing nappies as a punishment but “for protection”.

His clothing was now - “for protection”.

His bedding - “for protection”.

His early nights - “for protection”.

His restriction to only playing in the house with his sisters - “for protection”.

Whenever he’d questioned his mom her answer was always - “…for your protection darling.”

His television had gone as well as his Xbox and all his video games; his desk where they had been stacked was empty apart from crayons and a pile of colouring books.

What was his mother playing at?


He was even more upset when he discovered that his father wouldn’t be coming home for some time as he’d been sent by his company to work in Saudi Arabia for several months. He’d hoped that the man he held in such high regard would rescue him from his mother’s complete ‘over protection’. There was no denying that her personality had changed. Whereas before she’d been fairly easy going and not in the least domineering, she was now confident and sure in her commands on how the household was going to run.

Mary and Susan were even more meekly doing as they were told, they spoke in soft whispers and certainly no arguments over, well, anything. They were very young ladylike girls who didn’t seem to find it necessary to scream and shout all the time. In fact, even their play was done in a dignified sort of way; the girls were very well-behaved and quite mature.

For some reason Mrs Griffiths approved of her daughters growing up but was dead against it for her son. In fact, since she’d put him in nappies to try and curtail his masturbatory tendencies something inside her ‘snapped’ and a whole new world of possibilities opened up. Gone was the weak, easy-going, submissive and worried creature, in its place was a decisive, intolerant and strong-willed person who was determined to get what she wanted… and she wanted her baby boy back. Her religious zeal and the knowledge she was doing what was ‘right’ for her son blinded her to any other argument. It had toughened her stance on the subject and all she could imagine was him being grateful and protected by his loving mummy. She knew, no matter what others may have thought, she was looking after her  little boy, all that was required of him was to acquiesce completely, knowing it was for his own good and salvation.

Joe was not happy and all the good things he’d gained from the camping trip; the positive way he felt about himself, meant nothing now his mother had taken charge.

He’d found out the hard way to accept his mother’s words without question because she’d decided, from the moment he arrived back, his life was going to be organised and planned by her.


His camp-induced happy and thoughtful temperament changed in an instant as his authoritarian mother enforced her rules. The rebel in Joe returned and thought he could get away with arguing his case. When his arguments failed and he started shouting and screaming at his mum about the injustice of it all, she acted.

Within seconds he was flailing over her knee as she applied the hairbrush; his shorts and nappy around his ankles, whilst his bottom was hot and red. She was determined to start as she intended to carry on and any form of defiance would be swiftly and painfully dealt with. He then had something more tangible to cry about as his mother didn’t stop applying the brush until she had a guarantee from her weeping son that he would do as he was told, change his quarrelsome attitude and never argue again. It took many swats to his purpling bottom but eventually Joe knew he couldn’t win and capitulated completely promising anything as long as the spanking would stop.


Once she had gained this commitment she immediately hugged him, told him how much she loved having her baby back and soothed his tears by organising a warm bubble bath. He was shaking in fear and any insolence he thought he could get away with had quickly been vanquished. He didn’t want a bath because it was painful for his blistered bottom but he didn’t dare complain. Once that was done she dried him down and revealed the as yet unseen extensive change to his wardrobe.

Whilst he’d been away she had been busy with her sewing machine and produced a large selection of new items of clothing for her boy. All colourful, all quite juvenile, all waiting for him to be suitably outfitted, from now on she would supervise every aspect of his life and that included what he wore. Ironically, the perceived childish cub’s uniform he returned home in was now the most adult item in his wardrobe.

This time his wailing was of complete defeat.


She rubbed a soothing lotion into his inflamed bottom but he cried dejectedly, hating what was happening but being unable to change things. More was to follow as she sprinkled powder, wrapped a well-padded nappy around him and, shoving his penis between his legs, pinned it into place. She’d read that this would help prevent him from getting aroused and also fill his nappy more evenly when he wet, with less chance of leakage. She slipped a pair of thick, noisy and colourful rubber pants over it before feeding his arms and legs into a new footed sleepsuit.

He wept uncontrollably throughout the entire proceedings and though he wanted to protest his sore bottom made sure he was aware of the consequences should he try. Thankfully the thick nappy cushioned his stinging cheeks as she zipped the childish fleecy PJs up the back. His feet were encased, his hands were held like mittens, and although his movements were restricted he was warm and snug. The bulge around his groin was very noticeable as he waddled to his feet. He had hoped all this would be over once he’d returned from camp, he had no idea this was just the start.


Through his tears Joe tried to make some sense of it all.

“Why do I still have to wear a nappy,” he sniffled to his mother who was busily making sure everything was tucked away nicely, “am I still being punished?”

“Well, that’s for protection and to keep my little boy safe.” She gently chided.

“But mum, I’m eleven, I don’t need a nappy I’m a big b…”

“Now tell me…” she interrupted, “have you wet whilst you’ve been away?”

“Er… erm… er…”

She probably already knew the truth so there was no point in denying it.

“Hasn’t my little baby been waking up wet… every morning,” she emphasised the word every.

“Erm…” Joe knew he didn’t have a spin on this.

“Have you even been wetting during the day?”

Again there were pangs of guilt as he remembered how much he’d liked the warm glow when he’d just given in to his full bladder.

“Father John has said that you were very grown up with the cubs but you just couldn’t get through a night without wetting… is that correct?”

“Er… yesss,” he replied somewhat sheepishly.

“Well then, that’s why you wear one now… and will be doing so until you prove to me you can stay dry.”

Joe knew when he was defeated. The threat of future spankings now at the forefront of any decision he made, if indeed, he ever made one again.

“Is that a terrible demand?” His mother patted his cushioned bottom.

“No, I suppose not,” he whispered reluctantly.


His mother seemed delighted with his response.

“Well there we are... both on the same page. This is how it should be Joey… let mummy look after you and do as she says… that way we’ll all be better off.”

She had a huge smile on her face as she inspected her handiwork and how well it all fitted. His bulky groin was a major feature and made Joe look like a cute toddler - she couldn’t have been happier with the result.

Up at the lake he’d gotten used to being called Joey so his mother using it just slipped past him and didn’t enter his thoughts - those were still on the surprising and cruel paddling he’d just received at her hands. He was completely chastised and could still feel the glow under his nappy and didn’t dare question why he had to wear what amounted to baby clothes.

He’d never really been scared of his mother before but now he was and she seemed intent on controlling every aspect of his life. He had no one to complain to and hoped that his dad would call soon so he could tell him what was going on.

“You may think that you’re all grown up, that your body is changing and that you can do and say what you like. But, my sweet baby must understand that mummy is here to guide and look after him so will do anything to protect and keep him safe… even if that means keeping him safe from himself.”

He wasn’t sure what she meant as it was all a bit un-nerving - he didn’t like it but had no choice but to submit.

“Yes mum,” he grudgingly murmured.

She looked at him questioningly and with an air of disapproval, which Joe caught almost immediately and rectified his mistake.


He saw from the sudden smile on her face that it was the correct response.

“Can I go and watch TV now please?”

He was desperate to try and get things back to normal, even if his bottom was still smarting. He even didn’t mind wearing the new babyish PJs just as long as no one else other than family saw him waddling around.

“No sweetheart I’m sorry but, it’s been a long day for you and, seeing as you’re all ready for bed I think that’s where you should be.”

Joe could have screamed, even his younger sisters weren’t ready for bed but his mother was gently patting his sore bottom, hinting at possible consequences should he ‘act up’.

Although he was well bolstered he didn’t want a repeat spanking.

It was not even seven when she escorted her little boy over to his bed.


Like when all this had started a month ago, he could hear his friends noisily playing out in the street. The sun was coming in through the windows so she pulled down the new blind; black with silver stars and the moon, but it still left a glow to the window frame.

As he was about to climb awkwardly into bed his mother gently asked if he hadn’t forgotten anything?

Worriedly, he thought quickly and decided she must mean a kiss so he pecked her on the cheek.

“Well that was very nice honey but I think you need to thank God for giving you such a wonderful time away and a loving family to come home to… don’t you?”

Joe realised immediately this wasn’t a question it was an order and, as he’d done this with Todd back at the cabin, he reluctantly did the same.

He knelt, bowed his head and put his mittens together and hoped his mother would let him say a silent prayer but that wasn’t going to be the case.

She knelt down beside him and gently patted his thick protection then asked him to let her hear all the things he thanked God for… but he didn’t know where to start.

“Er… er… thank you God for… er…”

His mind wasn’t working as quickly as he’d hoped but he took his lead from what his mother had just mentioned.

“Giving me such a fantastic time at camp and… er… erm… Bless… er…”

“Father John,” his mother encouraged.

“Yes, Father John, the scouts and all the cubs… erm… God Bless mum and da… mummy and daddy, Mary and Susie and…”

This was harder than he thought; surely there must be more to it than that?

“That was very nice sweetheart… but God wants to hear his children when they say their prayers. So in future, no mumbling, speak clearly and I’m sure he’ll listen to someone as cute as you.”


She smiled and urged him into bed with a push on his well-cushioned bottom. His plastic sheet crinkled and his thick protection rustled as he reluctantly crawled in. From the window shelf she picked something up and adjusted the blind. Once the room was relatively dark she returned and tried to get him to take the dummy she’d just remembered but he refused.

“C’mon sweetie, this will help you relax,” she coaxed, “you could never get to sleep when you were a baby without sucking on your dum-dum… c’mon…”

He shook his head and clamped his mouth closed; he wasn’t a baby and he was damn sure he wasn’t going to be treated as one.

She got up and collected the hairbrush that was hanging behind the door as a reminder what would happen if he tried to defy her and offered him one last chance.

With the look of fear in his eyes he immediately shoved the thing in his mouth and sucked wildly.

His mother returned the hairbrush to its new position and wished her son night-night.

She would decide if he was going to be a baby or not, he was not going to get a choice, she was in control.


Joey hated what was happening and tried to remember how and why all this started in the first place.

He’d only begun wetting after he’d been spanked by the priest and later by his mother, so as far as he was concerned, it was their fault that he wet himself, he’d never had a problem before those two events.

His mind was racing trying to assign blame to anyone but himself but unwillingly had to admit that at camp, where there was no pressure or threat of a spanking, he still wet.

However, it had to be their fault and not his and it was whilst he dealt with this dilemma he absentmindedly reached for one of his stuffed toys for comfort before falling asleep.



“Wha.. whaaaa… whatshhhup?” The dummy, now a permanent night time fixture in his mouth causing him to slur.

“It’s OK honey, it’s time to get up but,” she sniffed the air, “I think my little sweet-pea has had a bit of an accident.”

He’d been home three days and was getting used to his mother fussing over him. At first he’d hated it and was resentful but found being grumpy wasn’t getting him anywhere. The morning inspection led to him being bathed and dressed as she thought fit. Any reluctance to wear what she proposed, which was all very childish, was met by a slap to his bare bottom and the threat of the brush if he didn’t stop ‘acting up’.

He was very scared so didn’t dare resist her as she slipped him first into a thick nappy, then plastic pants and then some colourful cartoon outfit that she’d created and thought made him look like her “little prince”.

His sisters were the only company he was allowed to have and Syed and his other friends had been politely but firmly turned away. She didn’t feel the need to explain herself and merely said he was ‘unavailable’.

Joe was grateful that his friends didn’t get to see him dressed in such stupid clothing and was relieved that he didn’t have to play out in the streets looking the way he did. It wasn’t like back at camp when in his dream all his friends had been dressed as toddlers so they all looked the same, this was real. However, his mother insisted that he play with Mary and Susan and despite themselves always ended up playing families with Joe as the baby. Dressed as he was, often just in a t-shirt and protection, it was difficult for them not to and as they wore age appropriate clothes his depression deepened.


On that first night back he dreamt about waterfalls and needless to say he woke up soaked. On the second night he had a terrible nightmare that also meant he woke up wet… and now this.

This was by far the worst. The sense of foreboding, danger and heat in the desert, mixed with the feeling it was all so real, left him soaked in sweat as well as everything else. He’d never messed before but he could feel the distinct, disgusting texture in his nappy as he struggled to get up. It wasn’t just the squishy dampness but the coarseness that covered a large area of his backside. The smell was quite awful and he was crying – crying like a little baby because he felt useless in not being able to control something he’d had no problem with before.

His mother’s rule was that once he was in bed he wasn’t allowed to get up until she came in to supervise and check his nappy. If he was awake he had to stay there and play with his stuffed toys or read or colour in but not get out of bed “under any circumstances”.

As he lay there trying to ignore the smell, he was sure that God wasn’t listening to his prayers.

His mother was gentle and understanding as she helped him to his feet, guided him to the bathroom where she slowly unzipped his PJs. Once he was free from them, she could see that his rubber pants had managed to prevent any further spillage so she knew that everything had been contained. She was thankful the system appeared to be working - and mentally noted that the particular brand of heavy pants were an absolute godsend and necessity for such a messy boy.


She cleaned him up and got him ready for the day ahead. Joe was in a bit of a daze not really responding to what she was doing as he tried to find a reason why he’d just made such a disaster in his nappy. At Lake Cambria he’d had plenty of dreams, some fun and pleasurable, even if they were often disconcerting, but nothing had made him do what he’d just done.

He felt totally dejected and that he’d become nothing more than a stupid toddler who couldn’t control himself.

Another thing Joe needed to learn was that if he didn’t try and fight the situation; his mother was gentle, very loving and hugged and kissed him constantly. At that moment he felt incredibly vulnerable so was like putty in her hands. She expertly tended to him with barely any comment apart from soothing words to try and stop him sobbing.

“Don’t you worry little sweet-pea, accidents happen and mummy will always be here to clean your little bot-bot.”

She slid a cold wet wipe over his buttocks.

“You’re mummy’s sleepy little poo bear,” she smiled at her own joke, “but she’ll make you all clean and smelling lovely again.”

She continued with this baby-talk for some time as she ensured that Joe’s bits we made spotless and all he could do was hold back the tears of resentment, whilst he allowed this indignity and swallowed any pride he thought he had.


He sighed knowing that there was no way his mother would ever let him out of his protection now and this thought was confirmed as she wrapped an even thicker nappy around his waist, pointed his penis down between his legs, pulled the fabric up tightly and fastened him in. He didn’t like it but, after what he’d just done, and how thoughtful and careful his mother had been in cleaning him up, he didn’t really feel he could complain. A pair of clear plastic pants was pulled up over it all with the final thing - a tiny pair of shiny white nylon P.E. shorts, which left no one in any doubt as to what he was wearing underneath. A white t-shirt with the outline of a bunny rabbit on the front and a pair of plastic sandals completed his outfit.

For the past month a nappy had been his underwear so he’d more or less got used to having the thickness between his legs. It had taken a bit of getting used to and even the embarrassment of wearing them at camp had only lasted a short while so it no longer bothered him. That is, except for new people seeing him wearing it… or his dad finding out he wet at night and had to wear one to bed.

The glass-like pants were very obvious and were on view every time he sat down bent over or played with his sisters. He dare not say anything but was looking forward to speaking with his father later in the afternoon.


Stanley Griffiths had eventually been able to organise the Skype link to a computer where he was stationed so they could see and speak to each other. Although he hated being away from his family for so long the oil company needed him in Saudi Arabia for his expertise and, more importantly, the money he’d earn was the incentive to at least give it a go.

Joe was hoping to get the opportunity to ask his dad to have a word with his mother about all this babying. He wasn’t sure how he might bring it up without confirming he was now wearing nappies but hoped he’d get inspiration once they got talking. However, just before the link his mother let it be known that she planned on sending some photographs of them all for his computer so he had an updated reminder of his family back home. She’d sorted through a few old shots and had taken a couple out in the garden that day of Joe and the girls playing, as well as some family shots. Joe thought they were boring, as they showed him in tight shorts and a childish t-shirt so asked if there weren’t better or alternative ones.

She clicked on a different folder to show some others she was sure his father would be interested in seeing. There were a couple of his sisters playing on their new bikes but the ones that grabbed his attention were of him sleeping.

There he was in his sleeper, the outline of his thick nappy bulging out whilst he slept, sucking on his dummy and hugging a teddy bear. His mother clicked on another file. There he was again in the bathroom, his plastic pants around his ankles and a dirty nappy hanging between his legs. There were a host of similar shots that he never knew had been taken. He was mortified and ultimately silenced.

“I’m sure your daddy would love to see these… and proud to be the father of such a cute son.”

She smiled a smile that wouldn’t have fooled anybody.

“Something to think about while he’s working all those miles away… I’m sure he’d love to know what you’re all up to these days. The girls learning to ride their bikes and your…”

She left it unsaid but that didn’t prevent a cold shiver run down Joe’s spine. The threat was there “Do as you’re told and be ‘nice’.”


So, when it came to it he just kept to general chit-chat about going to the lake, how much they were missing him and hoped they could go camping together when he got home… soon. The link was short but emotional and all the children were crying how much he was missed. Finally, she told her husband about sending some new photographs in a file so, even if the link wasn’t working, he’d have something to remember them by. He looked grateful to his wife’s thoughtfulness and blew them all a kiss.

She clicked on a folder as they said their goodbyes but Joe was shaking with worry in case the file included the humiliating images. She hugged all the kids as the screen went blank and to cheer them up suggested, as a treat, they could go out for a meal. The girls got very excited but Joe had realised too late that he’d wet himself out of sheer nerves and shame once he thought about his dad seeing those snapshots.

He also didn’t grasp that this was going to be his first outing where neighbours and friends could possibly see the way he was dressed. There was just too much of everything else going on in his head and that fact simply snuck by.

His mother slipped her hand down the front of his shorts to check he was wet before their trip to the restaurant. She wasn’t embarrassed to do it, though Joey was stunned how she knew. He’d forgotten that the clear plastic pants revealed his yellowing nappy so it wasn’t any maternal magic, she just saw what had happened.

“Oh Joey,” she shrugged with a slightly forced sense of inevitability. “I suppose all this excitement is getting a bit too much for my sweet little boy.”

He could feel the dampness spreading and felt silly to have wet for no reason. His mother didn’t seem perturbed in the least and whilst his sisters got themselves ready, she took him to his room to change into something more appropriate for going out.


As she whipped off his soaked nappy Joe nervously asked, “Did dad… er… daddy… get those photos of me?”

She continued to wipe him down and rub lotion into his groin.

“What do you think sweetie pie?”

She checked that he was free of nappy rash and his spanked bottom showed no signs of his past transgressions, all seemed well so baby-powder was sprinkled all around and smoothed into his skin.

“Er… I don’t know… er… I hope…”

After once again arranging his penis in a downward position, she pulled up the well-padded nappy tightly and pinned it into place. Then she produced a pair of cartoon plastic pants and shuffled them up his legs.

“Aren’t these cute?”

Joey was hardly aware of the crinkle he was so worried about what his dad had seen.

“Well don’t you worry sweetheart… daddy has some nice photographs of every one. No doubt he’s showing them to his workmates as we speak... telling them how proud he is of you all”

This didn’t help Joe, he still didn’t know and it sounded like she wasn’t going to tell him but he was unsettled, what if that’s exactly what his dad was doing now? He couldn’t get over the idea of his father showing images of his eleven year-old son in a soggy nappy or a dummy in his mouth.

There was an ineffective rage seething in his stomach as the tears formed once again and he cried for something he’d lost and wasn’t convinced he’d ever get back.

His mother hugged him close and told him not to cry, and promised him that nothing would harm her little chap.


Suddenly the idea of being seen in public kicked in and he struggled slightly in his mother’s firm hold as he pleaded with her to let him wear jeans, or even his cub uniform shorts, over his padding. His protest fell on deaf ears and just as he was making it difficult for her to dress him, a solid slap on his naked bum made him realise just how close he was to a visit from the hair brush.

His mind was in such turmoil he hardly noticed the bright new yellow jumper with a toy aeroplane on the front his mum had fitted or the pale blue shorts with straps that crossed at the back. They were juvenile indeed and because the straps met at the back they appeared to pull the seat up a bit and emphasise his padded bottom. Although he wasn’t aware of it his shiny cartoon protection could clearly be seen peeking out from the hem of his shorts. However, even if he had known there was no way he could argue with his mother he’d just have to suffer the humiliation in silence.



Part 8

“Joey… Joey… JOEEEEY.”

Joey could hear his name being called out across the restaurant. He desperately hoped it was another Joey being called but he recognised the shout, he’d heard it often enough the last couple of weeks.

His family had just settled at their table when the owner of the excited voice came running up and hugged Joey in a happy embrace.

“Oh, er, hi Todd.”

The youngster held his friend tightly, unconsciously patting his padded seat in greeting, whilst his family looked on in amusement and wonder.

“And who is this fine young man Joey?” his mother asked with a smile. “Are you going to introduce us?”

“Erm… yes… er… mum… er… mummy, this is Todd from camp. We shared a cabin and erm... I… er…”

Ruffling Todd’s hair said she was pleased to meet him. Then Joey introduced his sisters who smiled at the enthusiastic younger boy.

“Come and meet my mummy and daddy,” Todd started pulling at Joey’s hand but when he turned around his parents were already standing right behind him.


“Mummy, daddy,” he squealed excitedly, “this is Joey from camp, you know, the one I told you about.”

His mother was smiling but looked quite frail, whilst his father beamed at his son with great affection.

 “Off course,” Todd’s mother said, “we’ve heard so much about you… Todd has never stopped talking about how wonderful you were to him at camp and,” she said looking over to his mother and then back to Joey, “of course Father John has nothing but praise for you.”

“Hello, I’m Bernadette Griffiths,” she introduced herself and her daughters to the visitors.

 “Sarah and Tom Watkins,” was the friendly response.

“I think Todd likes my son.” Mrs Griffiths smiled as the six year-old looked up to her son adoringly.

“Yes, well,” Todd’s mother began, “I think he made a great impression on our boy. Whilst they were away he really looked after him and when he worried about me being in hospital, Joey…” she looked over with emotion in her eyes, “calmed and settled him down.”


It was only then that Mrs Watkins realised that the cub her son so admired for being his older friend was actually dressed much like a toddler and obviously wearing a nappy. Todd was wearing a pair of blue checked shorts and matching shirt and looked more grown up than the older boy he was still hugging. If Todd’s disposable and plastic pants hadn’t crinkled no one would probably have known he was wearing protection as, unlike Joey’s softly rustling fortification, they didn’t show.


The adults spoke for a while longer before Todd’s parents said they had to leave but how wonderful it was to meet them all and hoped to see them again some time.

Mrs Griffiths handed them a card with her number and address and said that she was sure that Joey would be happy if Todd wanted to come around to play - they had a large and safe garden she assured them.

“Oh yeah,” Todd squealed in agreement to the suggestion, “Can I mummy, can I?”

Although Sarah wasn’t too sure she didn’t want to quash her son’s enthusiasm.

“Yes, I’m sure we can arrange something soon.”

She looked over at a humiliated Joey.

“If that’s OK with Joey… is it?”

There was a definite understanding that Joey was not able to make decisions of his own but she didn’t want to put the poor boy on the spot.

Mrs Griffiths looked at her son for an answer.

He wanted to say no but knew his mother would use it as an excuse to discipline him further and he certainly didn’t want that to happen.

“Yes,” he nodded with a forced smile.

Mrs Griffith’s was quick to make sure it happened as she directed her question towards Todd.

“Well we hope to see you soon, perhaps tomorrow or the day after?”

The excitement was obvious as the boy jumped up and down and hugged his friend again as his mother took hold of his hand and they left the restaurant.

“Well that was nice meeting one of your little friends from cubs. He seems a nice boy and I’m sure you two will have fun playing together.”

Joey shrugged at the inevitability of it and took his seat. It was only then that he spotted the table behind him was occupied by his soccer coach and three of his team mates. Unknown to Joey they had noticed his shiny cartoon protection when he bent down to chat to Todd. They were all giggling; even coach was having difficulty in keeping a straight face.


Joey’s face flushed and he felt tears of embarrassment fill his eyes.

“Mum, mum, er, mummy can we go I’m, er, not hungry.” He was pleading with her and dying of shame at the same time.

“What’s wrong with you?” She said with a note of exasperation, “There are others here that ARE hungry, now sit quietly and check the menu.”

She’d already opened it at the Children’s Meals section.

Joey wriggled uncomfortably in his thick nappy and the crinkling seemed to surround him louder than it had ever sounded before. He saw one of the boys leave the table with a touch of cockiness about the way he ambled over.

“Hello Joe, nice shirt and pants,” said Tommy, one of his team mates, “my baby brother has some just like them.”

He laughed out loud and shook his head in disbelief, whilst Joey tried to retreat deeper and deeper into his seat.

The joker went back to his table which saw them all in stitches. Joe burst into tears and at the same time his bladder gave way uncontrollably wetting himself.


His mother was aware of what just happened and got very irritated. She stormed over to their table and through barely contained anger ripped into them all.

“Mr Manning,” the coach was trying his best to stifle the smile as Joe’s mother approached.

“Yes Mrs Griffiths, what can I do for you?”

He saw no problem here as he remembered from past meetings that she was a quiet, mousy type of woman who wouldn’t say “boo” to a goose.

“Is this the way you let your charges behave?”

Mr Manning was surprised she had the nerve to even approach the table and was just about to patronise her when she flew into a rage.

“You may think that bullying is something to be proud of… but I don’t.”

She raised her voice a little louder.

“If this is the way you set an example to the boys in your care you should be ashamed of yourself.”

The smile was slowly fading from the coach’s face and he tried to stammer some sort of reply.

“I, er, what I mean is, er, I…”

“That’s not good enough… bullying is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing such a thing to take place and even encouraging…”

She glared around at the three boys who now sat guiltily looking uncomfortable at this unprecedented onslaught at them, and their teacher, and in public.

“… I’ve a good mind to bring this appalling behaviour to the attention of the board of governors at your school and see what they find funny about such a blatant disregard for my son’s feelings.”

Mr Manning was suddenly aware of the entire restaurant looking at him and the fury in Mrs Griffith’s eyes. This was serious and he had to think of something quickly to defuse the situation… but what?

“Er, my apologies Mrs Griffiths, it’s just high spirits, the boys didn’t mean anything by it. They…”

“It’s no good apologising to me I’m not the injured person here. You should be apologising to my son.”

“Well, yes of course…” The coach was flushed and saw he had few options. “I, er, we are terribly sorry for what has happened. I, er, we…”

“It’s no good telling ME, go over and tell HIM you’re sorry and that this awful behaviour will NEVER happen again.”

Reluctantly, he shamefully slid from the table and over to where Joe and his sisters were still sitting looking surprised at what was taking place.

“Sorry Joe,” the coach shrugged knowing he had no alternative if he didn’t want the entire restaurant to turn against him, “we were only having fun but I, we, see we’ve gone too far and, er, we apologise.”

With downcast eyes the three team members whispered to their fellow soccer playing friend.

“Sorry Joe.”

“Sorry Joe.”

“Sorry Joe.”

Before they had chance to say anything further Mrs Griffiths was right into the coach’s face.

“I never want to hear of this kind of thing ever happening again… do you understand?”

The coach nodded.

“I will not sit idly by and let my son be picked on by… anyone.”

She left the threat hanging in the air as the coach and his boys slunk unceremoniously out the door.


Joey and the girls were stunned at what had taken place. They had never seen their mother behave like that before and it wasn’t just the warm glow from his recently wet nappy that was flowing through Joe’s body. He’d been embarrassed and yet she had taken on the bullies and taught them a lesson. Oddly enough, the thing that had embarrassed him just moments before, his childish clothes, were now temporarily forgotten as he suddenly had a new respect for his mother and felt rather proud to be her son.

Perhaps ‘respect’ wasn’t the correct word, but she had certainly shown herself in a new light and he felt a lot happier now the threat had slunk off and his hunger had returned. However, there was no denying that the incident had turned all eyes towards them and Joey couldn’t pretend his clothes would go un-noticed. What he didn’t anticipate was the number of grown-ups who were now smiling in his direction rather than laughing, whether this was from sympathy or understanding wasn’t clear. However, there were murmurings of admiration for his mother as people passed the table.


The rest of the meal passed off without further incident but when they got home, although it was only five o’clock she said that it was time Joey got ready for bed. Under her new house rules her children had to be changed and ready for bed an hour before their bedtime. Although they would be allowed, once in their PJs, to watch TV until it was time.

“Mummy,” he tried his least confrontational voice. “Why do I have to get ready so early, there’s no school…?”

“Well, two things. You made getting ready to go out to the restaurant difficult and I’ve told you I will not put up with that sort of ‘acting up’. Secondly, in the restaurant you behaved selfishly by wanting to leave when your sisters and I were hungry... and out for a nice meal”

“But, but… er… the boys, they… er…”

“That’s no excuse. I’ve told you over and over again that I will not allow anything or anyone to harm my precious little baby and yet you decided to be selfish and see us all starve.”


Joey looked completely chastened and somewhat ashamed.

“So, for the time being your bedtime is six o’clock and will only go back to seven when I think I can trust you to stop considering only yourself.”

He’d just experienced his mother demolishing one of his teachers and thought it unwise to argue or give the slightest inclination of doing anything but complete compliance. He didn’t want to be getting ready for bed at four in the afternoon so just nodded.

“OK then.”

She led him by the hand up to his room, stripped him and noticed the sodden nappy but didn’t say anything. She assumed that he’d wet when there had been confrontation; she knew the things that upset her baby but wasn’t going to blame him for the consequences. Before she removed the soiled nappy she commented on how strong the new plastic pants were and how cute they looked with all the cartoon characters running around on them. Joey just smiled and nodded, he thought it much safer to be obliging and cause as least fuss as possible.

Once she’d completed the night time nappy ritual she went to the draw and pulled out a soft pink and blue t-shirt with dinosaurs that matched his duvet cover. It was made of soft, stretchy cotton and as she slipped it over his head it made him giggle as the velvety, smooth material tickled his body. He was still giggling as she tickled him some more and fastened the playful onesie between his legs. He’d never looked more babyish as his bulky protection was held firmly in place by his short, stretchy outfit. His mother looked down at her son and smiled.

“You are such an adorable boy when you let mummy look after you.” She cooed.

Before he had chance to comment she slipped his dummy between his lips and gently pulled him to his feet.

“OK sweetheart, you can go down and watch TV for an hour but no arguing with your sisters over what programmes, it’s Susan’s choice tonight.”


The change from how he used to dress a month ago to what he wore now barely created a ripple in the way the house worked. He was getting used to wearing what his mummy decided and it never generated any negative comment from either Mary or Susie, who thought it the most normal thing in the world. They didn’t treat him any differently but noticed that his attitude towards them had changed for the better.

The snaps at his crotch tugged his onesie up and seemed to make his nappy look even huger yet it was very comfortable to wear. Joe, dressed for bed and with his dum-dum hanging on a ribbon pinned to his onesie, sat with his sisters who were still in the same clothes they’d been out in and watched around thirty minutes of cartoons before he got restless.

He really wished he still had his Xbox or his own TV but it was now all gone. He wriggled around on the sofa until Mary reached over and re-popped one of the popper studs that had come undone on his onesie.

“There, that’s better,” she sounded just like mummy, “can’t have you not looking your best.”

Not many weeks ago such fussing would have elicited a stream of abuse and embarrassment, pushing her away and condemning her for being ‘such a girl’, but now he just smiled his thanks. She playfully rubbed the front of his bulky nappy to get him to laugh but their attention was drawn because Susan was giggling at some character’s on-screen antics and that set both him and Mary off sniggering. The situation got sillier and sillier so by the time mummy came in the room, they were all in hysterics.

It had been a long time since Mrs Griffiths had seen all her children enjoying something so much together and that gladdened her heart. This was what it had all been about, bringing the family together like this. She felt affirmation in the way she’d gone about getting her baby boy back, things were so much nicer when he was a toddler, and a tear of thankfulness slid down her right cheek as another roar of giddy laughter echoed around the room.


She came and sat on the sofa and all the children huddled around appreciating the intimacy of a family at ease. They snuggled together, Joey on her right, Mary and Susie on the left. The warmth of the room and soft giggling at the comedy antics on TV made the entire scene relaxing and Joey found himself, even at that early hour, completely stress-free now he was curled up tight against his mummy.

From the age of about nine he’d slowly pulled away from his mother’s affection and thought it a bit stupid and childish to be hugging his parents all the time, after all he was growing up and boys simply didn’t hug. The thing was, now he had no say in the matter, he realised just how much he’d missed his mother’s affection and constant attention. This was a revelation as he nestled closer and was most content when she wrapped her arm around his shoulders and pulled him close.


At mummy’s suggestion (the two girls always called their parents mummy and daddy) Mary went and collected the supper treat she’d prepared for them all. When she returned with the tray of drinks there was a surprise for Joey. In front of his sisters, whilst they drank theirs from tumblers, mummy made him suck the strawberry flavoured milk from a baby’s bottle.

He didn’t want to drink it that way and whined about being treated like a baby but his mother insisted that was how it was going to be so if he wanted the sweet flavoured drink (Joey’s favourite) that’s how he had to drink it. Although he was reluctant to give way, it was surprising just how quickly he did. She pushed the nipple close to his lips and smeared them with the milk. The sweet syrupy taste had an immediate effect and he opened his lips to let the entire nipple into his mouth.

She pulled him onto her lap, cradled him in her arms and, much to the amusement of Mary and Susan, gently rocked him as he downed the entire tasty treat. He was just too tired to object and if he had didn’t really like to think of the alternative, a spanked bottom, so thought it best just to go along with what mummy wanted. He loved the drink anyway so, as his tummy filled up his eyes closed in contentment though still nursed on the bottle.

When it came to six o’clock Joey was all but asleep so his mummy checked his nappy and was surprised to find him dry.

“Well done my little prince,” she whispered in his ear, “but let’s get you to bed so you can sleep properly.”

He wearily whined that it was too early but the tiredness to his voice meant mummy was correct as she led him shuffling awkwardly up the stairs.


It had been a strange day. His mother had blackmailed him into not revealing anything to his daddy, he’d been picked on in the restaurant but his mummy had sorted the situation out, he’d soaked his nappy twice but been unaware he had until after the event and now he was sleepy-eyed and in bed by six.

Joey burrowed down but before she pulled the cover over her little baby she was transported back to when he was a two year-old and wore something similar; his little podgy bare legs kicking as he wriggled in his nappy to get comfortable. The intense smell of baby powder, the soft bedding and stuffed toys, the entire image electrified her senses and left her blissfully happy with her memories.  She adored the fact that this new onesie complemented the rest of his surroundings and settled him with a kiss to his forehead.

She smoothed the front of his bulging nappy before tucking in the fleecy blanket around him - his eyes fluttered tiredly as cosiness surrounded him. Time no longer mattered; he was in his bed, he was comfortable and his mummy was whispering soothing words as she caressed his hair.

“Sleep well sweetheart.

She passed him his teddy, which he drowsily nuzzled, then slipped his dum-dum between his lips, which produced a huge yawn before his lips locked around it and began sucking rhythmically before dropping off.

“Mummy’s very proud of her little boy.” She purred, her words pacifying his drowsy mind.

By six o five he was fast asleep.


At six-ten the phone rang and it was Todd’s mother arranging a play date for the following morning. Apparently, after leaving the restaurant, Todd was too excited and spoke nonstop about her organising a time. He’d even refused to get ready for bed until it had been arranged.

Once Bernadette had agreed Sarah took the opportunity to explain that Todd suffered from incontinence and that she’d provide him with enough spares and hoped that wasn’t going to be an inconvenience. Bernadette assured her that it would be no problem because Joey had a similar problem.

On the other end of the phone Sarah was relieved to think Joey wore a nappy because of some problem and not because his mother wanted him to remain a baby. She still had doubts; although her husband had told her not to worry as Todd cared little about that… all he wanted was to play with his friend.


Bernadette settled back down on the sofa with her daughters and hugged them tightly.

“Tomorrow, that little boy we met at the restaurant will be coming round to play with Joey so I want you girls to make him feel welcome, OK?”

“Yes mummy,” they chorused.

“The weather forecast says it’s going to be another lovely day so shall we have a nice picnic in the garden?”

“Yeaaahhhh,” they both excitedly responded.

She hugged them again as they settled down to watch TV together.


Upstairs, Joey was oblivious to any of this and wriggled semi-consciously against his noisy plastic mattress cover.  His thick, softly rustling nappy inhibited much feeling getting to his hidden penis but he found the rocking sensation as he sucked on his dummy a pleasant dreamy distraction.

In his head he was floating over hills and canyons, whilst everything was colourful and pleasant. Even though it was daylight he could see and almost touch the stars above, whilst the fluffy clouds swirled around stroking his baby-like body. It didn’t matter because everything seemed tranquil and soft and gentle and… warm.

It wasn’t yet seven o’clock but Joey was blissfully flooding his nappy with that warmth.

It was all so perfect.



Part 9

Joe had woken up at around five thirty and realised he was very damp. He didn’t know he’d been lying in his soaked nappy for nearly eleven hours but his groin was beginning to itch. The padding was too thick to get much relief but he tossed and turned (having had a night free from evil dreams), in the hope of finding a more comfy position. Despite the itch he was feeling relieved - he thought it was brilliant that he hadn’t messed himself again and that was a definite plus.

He found that gently rubbing up against the slippery mattress offered some reprieve, and though the rustling seemed noisy, he assumed at that early hour no one else would be awake and with the door closed only he’d be able to hear it. Although he was desperate to scratch, the rhythm he swiftly built up provided a respite from the irritation and the pleasure of another bodily function took over.  

It had been quite some time since he last experienced that lovely rush, he’d been far too encumbered and scared to try it, but now, the tempo of his thrusting, together with the tightness of his wet nappy, combined for a spectacular release.

He clutched tightly to his teddy bear and moaned as his nappy received a huge amount of his boy splurge. He had to stop himself from crying out loudly as his penis throbbed and sent spurt after draining spurt into the soggy material. The sensation was brilliant, far better than any he’d ever had before and his entire body vibrated in response.

His memory was filled with the pleasure he’d just received and completely forgot that it was this very act that had got him into trouble in the first place. For the first time in quite a while he felt he was back to being an eleven year-old boy and not some toddler.

However, he was spent and so totally exhausted fell asleep only to be roused by his mother a couple of hours later who detected that tell-tale smell once more.

Not of his sticky explosion, but the fact that he’d dumped in his nappy again.


“Has my little petal gone poo-poos again?” She baby-talked as she un-popped the onesie’s snaps between his legs.

He was still slightly dozy but sure he’d only wet before… so how come he’d now messed? He couldn’t remember having any dream that might have caused such a thing and was both surprised and disgusted that it had happened again.

“Well don’t you worry your sweet little head as mummy will soon have you all clean for your friend’s visit.”

He wasn’t listening, far more concerned that he could have messed his nappy twice and thankful she was not angry but keen to get him all cleaned up.

She wriggled his plastic pants down his legs to reveal the very soiled nappy. It was quite discoloured with only the very edges still white, thankfully, the smell wasn’t as noxious as the night before.


Suddenly he remembered that his nappy wasn’t only wet but coated with the ‘sticky stuff’ his mother and priest had warned him was a sin.

He guiltily tried to cover his shame with his hands but she smiled and just playfully slapped them away and unpinned each side.

“Now don’t you worry these accidents happen.”

She could see the look of terror in his eyes but had no idea for what reason so simply inserted his dum-dum back between his quivering lips.

At least that silenced his rising panic but barely helped the silent tears that were falling.

There were words of apology zooming around his head. Should he get in first before she notices? Should he pretend…?

He was overwhelmed with what had happened to him; the pee, the poo, the ‘other’… he knew his mother would never let him wear briefs again if he didn’t stop using his nappy. She’d said that if he could prove he didn’t need it, she’d let him wear proper boy’s underwear but…

“Don’t cry sweetheart, there’s worse things than messing your nappy.” She continued trying to keep her son’s spirits high. “Mummy loves her little poo bear no matter what… ”

Joey closed his eyes knowing that any second his slimy secret would be discovered and he’d be in for another spanking. However, his mother seemed more intent on keeping any mucky drips from messing anything else so didn’t notice. Eventually she cleaned him up with what dry bits were left of his nappy before guiding him to the bathroom for a shower.


As she soaped and sponged him under the warm jets he couldn’t understand how he’d messed yet again. In fact, it worried him that on several occasions now he’d wet and had no idea he was doing so. For some reason his mind wasn’t sending any warning signals to get to the toilet, instead it was just telling him that toilet was now… and it would just happen.

Whilst at camp he’d had a system and he made sure he did his business first thing in the morning and only wet because he was already wearing his protection and that’s what it was for… but now?


His mother was drying him down and inspecting his groin.

“I’m sorry sweetheart but you appear to be getting a bit of a nappy rash so that will need special attention.”

She thoroughly dried him before applying a very cool and soothing cream. She spread it all over, each stroke sending impulses to Joey’s brain he could do without. As usual, his mother was loving and thorough, making sure each little crease and crevice received the healing ointment. Her tender touch was amazing sliding over his bottom and groin making sure the rash didn’t get a hold of her little boy. Joey felt the stirrings he’d tried so hard to hide from his mother and spat out his dummy in panic.

“Mum, er mummy, er, it’s nice but it’s, er…”

So absorbed in protecting her baby’s skin she hardly noticed but saw the awkwardness on his face and realised the problem. She stopped and was quite embarrassed herself as she grabbed the baby powder and sent clouds of the stuff to cover the offending article. Joey coughed and spluttered as the fine powdery haze settled and that helped to soften his excitement. Flustered, she slipped his dummy back in before reaching for a clean nappy.


Joey remembered at camp that when he had a rash Terry had put him in disposables and it cleared up quickly. Not only that, they actually felt a lot better to wear yet still protected him from any dribbles. He wanted to ask his mummy if he could be put into disposables, some like he wore before, which were thick when wet but soft and less bulky when dry. He wasn’t sure if he dare mention the fact that he had worn them for a while at camp in case she got mad at her instructions not being followed.

Unfortunately, whilst he pondered the question the moment soon passed as she pulled up the nappy, with a couple of soaker pads inserted and pinned in to position.  A sigh escaped from behind his dummy but she thought it was a sigh of happiness now he was out of the damp and into something clean, dry and safe.

“There,” she said looking admiringly down, “my Little Prince is ready for the day ahead.”


The intoxicating smell of baby powder and lotion hung in the air and her feelings of nothing but love for her reformed little boy ran through her mind. The thick, white terry nappy encircling his lower half was so sweet, so endearing, so… she thought he’d only ever looked cuter when he was a baby. He was safe and secure and in her eyes looked like a little angel laid there sucking on his dum-dum.

She shimmied a thick, glossy pair of white rubber pants over the fabric bulge and pulled a white and green striped cotton t-shirt, with a small teddy bear on the breast pocket, over his head. Happy that he was all tucked in she patted his very padded bottom and guided him down for breakfast.


Wearing just protection around the house had become second nature. He’d developed a lovely little waddle that was a joy to watch as he moved around burdened only by his glossy defence. His mother didn’t see why he needed anything else but there was reasoning behind that thought. She knew that he would be reluctant to answer the door dressed as he was, so she could keep track of the people he came into contact with.

She need not have worried.

Joey was now completely intimidated by his mother’s actions. He was scared of incurring her wrath and facing another harsh spanking and all it took to get him to comply to her demands was a swat to his bare bottom or the threat that hung behind his bedroom door.

He gave his mother no excuse to use any discipline and conceded to each and every demand. He stopped questioning and just accepted that he had no say in his life so there was no point in fighting her. In return, and to his surprise, she was so much more loving and affectionate and he found he was responding to this in a way he would never have thought possible.

He liked being looked after, he liked all the kisses and hugs, the cuddling and sweet words and enjoyed the company of his sisters, who didn’t make fun of him but made him laugh. Even though his mother had reduced him to looking and behaving like a toddler neither Mary nor Susan thought he was, he hadn’t changed, he was simply their older brother in different clothes.

Of course they knew he wore a nappy but their mother had explained this to them whilst he was away at camp. He had a wetting problem and needed the protection and that they, being good young ladies, who knew the Lord was watching everything they did, wouldn’t mention or embarrass their brother… so they hadn’t.

In the home she wanted none of her children to feel embarrassed about this - things were the way they were.

Outside of course, to keep her son close by and to make sure there was no slipping back into his old independent ways, the clothing kept him in check. At one point she had thought that if he had ‘acted up’ when out and about, she would have attached baby reins and that would have attracted even more attention, which she was sure he would have been keen to avoid. As it was, such measures were not needed as he had quickly adapted to her new regime and, if he wasn’t happy, he really didn’t have much choice his bed time could always be made earlier still. Luckily for her, the lack of any outside influence had made the process so much easier. She loved her sweet little boy more than ever.


Since breakfast Joe and his sisters had been sat watching TV. Even though he wasn’t that interested in Nickelodeon, both Susie and Mary seemed happy watching and he knew better than to argue. As it was, he got into the antics of SpongeBob and his chums more than he thought he would. This show led into something else that looked particularly girly but was fun with Mary explaining who everyone was. Time shot by and he only noticed the hour when there was a knock on the front door.

At 9.30am to Joe’s surprise, Todd arrived with his mother. It hadn’t clicked when his mother had mentioned earlier that he would be having a visitor, that she meant a play date with his little friend. Sitting wearing just his huge rubber pants he suddenly panicked and begged Mary to go and get him a pair of shorts from his bedroom, whilst he tried to avoid meeting his guest.

His mother answered the door.


“Good morning Sarah, Todd,” she ruffled the youngster’s hair in greeting, “so glad you could make it… Joey’s looking forward to spending the day with you.”

As Mary passed the little group in the hall she shyly greeted them.

“Hello Mrs Watkins. Hello Todd.”

They both smiled their greeting back.

“I’ll be back in a moment I just need to get something from upstairs,” she said excusing herself.

Meanwhile, Mrs Griffiths was leading her guests into the front room where she knew they’d all been watching TV, but only Susan was sat glued to the screen.

“Say Hello to Mrs Watkins and Todd dear.” She said whilst scanning the room for Joe.

“Hello.” Susie said in her very shy, quiet voice.

 “Where’s your brother got to?” Mrs Griffiths knew something was up but then saw the curtains trembling a little and realised he was hiding.

“You can play your games later Joey, so come out now and greet your guest.”

Joe recognised the tone as not one to ignore so nervously began to slowly reveal himself, hoping above hope that Mary would arrive back in the next few seconds so he could cover his glossy protection.


He popped his head around the curtain.

“Hi Todd… Mrs Watkins…” he forced a smile whilst still maintaining some mystery to the rest of his torso.

“Mary and I were just playing a game, er, mmm,” he mumbled hoping to buy some time.

“Come and say Hello properly.” His mother gently insisted.

He knew he couldn’t keep up the secret any longer and he’d have to reveal himself so, taking the bull by the horns, he stepped from behind his hiding place and showed himself and what he was wearing.

Todd rushed over and hugged him, rubbing up against the thick slippery padding and affectionately stroking his bottom as if it was normal. There was no look of surprise or horror or sympathy, it was regarded as ‘normal’ that an eleven (almost twelve) year-old boy should be wearing protection. Joe wondered why he’d been so reticent to appear as he often did these days - apparently everyone was at ease with his nappy.


Todd guided Joey from behind the curtain and onto the sofa to watch a bit of TV with Susan. Thankfully, he could hear the gentle rustling of Todd’s protection as he sat down and was mightily relieved he wasn’t on his own. However, Todd was wearing dark green checked shorts and a lighter green polo shirt and looked a lot more grown up than him but of course that wasn’t something that the youngster worried about in the slightest.

Meanwhile, Bernadette had offered coffee to Sarah and they’d gone off to the kitchen to chat. Just a few seconds later Mary arrived back and apologised to Joe for taking so long but had the excuse that she was trying to find a pair of shorts that matched his t-shirt. Too late but Joe took them from her whilst disentangling himself from Todd’s excited embrace. He pulled them up and shrugged as he saw there was a teddy bear on the opposite leg, they were indeed a match… and very, very childish.


However, between them having breakfast and watching cartoons their mother had been busy and the large garden was set out with a variety of areas to have fun. She’d put a sheet over the washing line and pegged it out to make a tent, there was a host of toys scattered around and of course there was the swing and a little yellow and red plastic Wendy House of Susan’s. At the beginning of summer, before he went off to his job overseas, their daddy had bought them a trampoline and set it up with the safety net all around. He’d also started a shelved garden area for the kids to have their own flower beds but that was still under construction.

With trees along the back wall and high fences between each property, the area was self-contained and hardly overlooked. This is what appealed to the Griffiths when they moved in – space for their children to grow and run around, but safe and private. Joey hadn’t minded playing out dressed as he was because of this and he knew none of his friends could see him, although now, after the restaurant, he understood that secret probably no longer existed.


Back in the kitchen Bernadette and Sarah were getting to know each other over a cup of coffee. Recent histories, school, local gossip, Father John, husbands and children were all summarily discussed and agreement reached on each subject.

Bernadette discovered that little Todd’s wetting started again when his mother had fallen ill. She’d been in and out of hospital a great deal and, worrying he was going to lose her, seemed to have triggered his incontinence. Now she was relatively better, although she had more tests to come, he clung to her and his father but still couldn’t seem to get to a potty in time. Sarah thought it was psychosomatic but she didn’t want to put extra pressure on her son by insisting he got potty trained for a second time. She hoped it would all sort itself out on its own. She also had nothing but praise for Joey and told Bernadette just how influential he’d been on her son enjoying the camping expedition.

Bernadette hadn’t known that Todd would only allow Joey to change him and screamed and cried if anyone else tried. He only trusted his mummy and daddy and now Joey, to perform such an intimate task. Joey’s mother was shocked at this news simply because Father John hadn’t mentioned it, although in truth, she hadn’t had chance for any real discussion since they returned from the lake. However, there was a touch of pride that Joey had been so ‘hands on’ and not shirked any responsibility, no matter how messy it might have been.

She fair glowed with even more pride when Sarah suggested that it was probably down to him being brought up by such wonderful parents, and by default, because of the huge gaps of her husband working away, that actually meant Bernadette’s raising the children.


The early sun that flooded the back garden meant it was already pleasant to play outdoors. With plenty of things already available to do and the unrestricted imagination of four young children, it wasn’t long before they were deep in their first adventure. The girls were dressed much the same as the boys in shorts and t-shirts but even Susan’s clothes weren’t as juvenile as Joey’s.

Neither his nappy nor his outfit prevented Joey from coming up with a game of ‘Pirates’ that had them all charging around, leaping from one area to the next and with the little plastic house transformed into the pirate ship and renamed - The Yellow Canary.

Joey had placed pieces of a torn-up cardboard box all over the garden to act as ‘islands’, if you could make it to these you were safe but you were only allowed two jumps on the grass to get to them before you became a horrible sea creature, which chased the others around.

Screaming and squealing, laughter and whooping filled the morning air as the lively quartet changed and modified the rules to this ad hoc game.


With a kiss to her son’s cheek Mrs Watkins left, leaving him brimming with happiness now he had Joey to play with. With instructions to play nicely, do as Mrs Griffiths says and the information that she’d see him around 4pm, she left leaving a bag of paraphernalia in case he needed changing, which was really a foregone conclusion.

Sarah drove off feeling a little bit better about leaving her son at the Griffiths. Her chat with Bernadette had been revealing and they found that they had quite a lot in common. She even partially understood her wanting to keep her son as a child for as long as possible because she had the same, unspoken, desire for Todd. She actually liked that he was still in nappies, she loved that he clung to her and though wasn’t sure about going down the clothing route, would be only too happy to treat Todd the same way as he got older and more independent.


The game of Pirates continued off and on throughout the morning, often interrupted by Susan suddenly chasing bubbles or a balloon, which of course got everyone involved. Mary would then introduce a doll or something into the scene and it would become a family occasion or a game of hide and seek or some other different fun activity.

At one point the boys were holed up in the tent planning some ‘secret’ enterprise, whilst the girls had retreated to the plastic house, I mean, The Yellow Canary, to come up with a scheme of their own. As the boys were hidden away Mary thought the girls should launch a surprise attack and went off to fill a couple of little plastic buckets with water.

When the boys ‘attacked’ The Yellow Canary they were indeed astounded to find themselves doused of very cold water. This unprovoked attack had them screaming and laughing as they charged around the garden chasing the girls and shouting words of revenge, whilst the water soaked into everything they wore.


Lunchtime was approaching and they had run themselves ragged throughout the morning. Their mummy, as promised, made them a wonderful picnic, which she set out on a blanket under one of the two tall elms in their garden and that filled the woods behind them.

Before they ate the girls went off to wash their hands and Bernadette took the opportunity to check Joe’s nappy, of course he was soaked through as were the rest of his and Todd’s clothing. She assumed that Todd would also need changing and the youngster shyly nodded.

She brought out the bag that Sarah had left with all the things she thought he might need, which included new disposables, clean plastic pants, creams, powder, wipes and a couple of toys.

“OK,” Bernadette beamed, “guests first.”

She patted the plastic pad she’d spread on the ground and started to pull down Todd’s shorts but he shrank away and clutched at his waistband.

His bottom lip pouted as he squirmed away and said, “Joey do it.”

She smiled at the sweet little babyish voice that was adamant who was going to change him and without any words spoken from his mother, Joey stepped up.


She passed the bag over to her son and was amazed at how quickly he got all the contents arranged for his task. Todd was happy now his friend had taken charge and let himself be guided out of his damp shorts. He stood with his opaque green vinyl pants matching the green checked shorts that were currently around his ankles, and anyone could see his bloated disposable was indeed thoroughly saturated. As Joey pulled down the slippery cover and released the tabs Todd whispered to Joey that he hadn’t known he was wet. It hadn’t been just the water attack that had soaked him.

“I’m not sure, er, when I, er…”

“It doesn’t matter, “Joey interrupted and calmed his friend, “let me get you into something dry and it will feel a lot better.”

Todd missed his friend and since camp had hoped to see him at either the cubs or scouts meetings at the church hall where he went to be a Beaver. He’d asked around to see if anyone knew if he would be joining and even Father John hadn’t been able to confirm or deny whether Joey would attend one of the groups.


As Joey went about his job in an efficient manner Todd told him that at times his new disposables never made him feel wet… they only increased in size. So, unless he really thought about it, he didn’t know he’s peed his pants and they remained comfy to wear.

Joey was impressed.

Once he’d wiped, applied lotion and powdered the area he unfurled one of Todd’s disposables and saw that it had the animal print that he’d seen at camp. They appeared larger than his previous design but fun-looking nonetheless. The crinkle was the same as his old style and they fitted him just as well.

Todd looked so happy now he’d been changed by his friend and because his clothes were wet Joey searched in the bag and retrieved a pair of yellow cartoon plastic pants. He shuffled them up his thighs whilst the youngster giggled at the tickle the manoeuvre caused.


Then it was Joey’s turn and as Mary and Susan got back his mother started stripping him. She took off his wet top and shorts then asked if Mary would be kind enough to peg both his and Todd’s shorts, shirts and plastic pants out on the line before she tucked into lunch. The girls appeared anxious to help and both scuttled off to see to their task.

Todd was still sat at his side, watching as Mrs Griffiths saw to her son’s needs. She wiped him and, after checking the rash, applied a thick layer of cream before applying more powder.

“Er, mum, mummy,” Joey was a bit nervous about what he was just about to request.

“Do you think I could try, er, can I wear, er, might I…”

His mummy looked down on her son who obviously wanted desperately to say something as he squirmed around under her gaze.

“Er, can I wear one of Todd’s disposables please?”


As he lay nervously wondering what her response would be she smiled and nodded.

“Are you asking,” she emphasised the word, “to wear a disposable?”

Joey meekly nodded.

“You want to wear one of these?” She held up the animal print item.

Again Joey nodded uncertain of how the request was going.

What he didn’t realise was this was the first time that he’d actually requested, or even mentioned, wearing protection. Up until that moment he’d been put in whatever she saw fit so this was a turning point. This was her son, actually acknowledging his need and actually wanting to be put into a disposable… and she couldn’t have been happier.

“Well, let’s see.” She acted doubtful but shrugged her shoulders. “Todd, would you mind if Joey here wore one of your special nappies?”

Todd giggled and smiled his positive response.

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

Bernadette asked just to make sure that Joey was aware this was happening at his behest and not something she was forcing him into.

“Yes they, er, look nice and feel, er, lighter than the cloth, er…”

“OK then, let’s get you into them.”


She unravelled the crinkly package and was engulfed by the sweet, talcy smell. It didn’t take her long to have him taped in and thinking how sweet he actually did look. She asked Susan to go into the house and fetch the pair of yellow cartoon plastic pants that were on the drier in the kitchen. She thought he’d look equally as adorable as Todd did in his waterproofs and hoped she could get them to wear nothing but them for the rest of the afternoon.

Susan quickly returned and watched as her mummy scooted them up her brother’s legs and patted them into position. Both Todd and Joey were now dressed almost identically wearing animal print disposables and tight-fitting cartoon plastic pants. She was convinced that if they had another water fight, at least their nappies should be waterproof.

Bernadette was satisfied each boy was now well protected and watched as they waddled over to the picnic area where Mary and Susan were already sitting waiting for them so they could start their picnic. The food was wonderful; the sun kept shining making the scene all very idyllic. The boys appeared happier not being encumbered by shirts - wet or otherwise.

Everyone seemed happy with the arrangements.


Meanwhile, two pairs of eyes looked down on them from their hiding position high up in the tree, Syed and Danny couldn’t believe what was going on below them.


Part 10

Syed looked across at Danny and shook his head - what the hell had happened to his best friend, the captain of the soccer team and a mate who could always be relied on?

He’d watched him changing that little boy and sat transfixed as he saw Joe’s mum then change him. Syed thought there must be some medical reason for it. Perhaps he’d been in an accident, perhaps… well he was just making excuses because everyone on the street knew he dressed like a toddler and wore a nappy. Even if few had witnessed it, word certainly spread throughout the neighbourhood. Despite this, he still missed him and was desperate to know what was going on and get his friend back.

When he’d enquired at their house if Joe was around Mrs Griffiths had acted like he was somebody she’d never seen before; someone who’d never been in her house before, someone who wasn’t her son’s friend. She was very off-hand and he was convinced it was her making Joe act like a little kid.


No matter how many times he or others turned up at the door asking to speak to Joe she would just say he was unavailable and shut it in their faces. Although this left him extremely angry he realised there was very little he could do about it. The fact that she’d sent him off somewhere with that ‘religious’ group the first two weeks of summer break had made a gap that was proving difficult to bridge. Access to Joe had been stopped at every turn, frustrating Syed and the rest of the team from having their star player back.

Syed and the gang had missed Joe in the games that had been played, the camp out - that wasn’t (without Joe it hadn’t actually been organised), swimming in the river, the cycling and skateboard competitions that had also all been quite lack lustre without him. Joe was a driving force and everyone missed him when he wasn’t there.

But as he looked down on the Griffiths family he saw that his friend seemed happy running around wearing just a pair of bloated plastic pants. It didn’t seem right but neither did it preclude him from being his natural animated self, or inhibit him from having fun. They were all screaming with delight as the game developed into yet another laugh-inducing escapade - and he was jealous.

He knew he should be ridiculing his friend and keeping as much distance as possible from such a big baby but, although outwardly and to others he expressed contempt, he was very envious of the joy being generated in that back garden.


Unaware of the spy in the tree and totally unconcerned about wearing nothing but his protection, Joey was actually enjoying the day. Now he had the disposable on he deemed everything felt a lot better. The bulk wasn’t there, the irritation was less and he’d thanked his mummy profusely for allowing it. She had cuddled him and Todd and told them they looked wonderful in their matching outfits and for some reason that pleased them both. He had no idea she was happy because he’d actually asked for a disposable, in front of the girls as well as Todd, so now felt able to let his father know about his son’s little ‘problem’.

Joey could hardly say his mother made him wear them or deny asking to be put into disposables now could he? After all there were witnesses to his request.

As the afternoon wore on more photos and video of her happy and oblivious son dressed in his new protection were taken and she would let Stanley know, at some time in the future, how his wonderful boy was bravely battling a recent bout of incontinence.

She’d let him know he was being a courageous little soldier, even asking to be put into a nappy so as not to mess his bed.

She would make him sound like a little hero who was dealing with it in the best way he could.

She would say how proud she was of him and his thoughtfulness at trying not to let it affect the rest of the family - the girls being totally supportive and not teasing him in the least.

Of course, at this point at least, she wouldn’t mention the rest of his clothing but tell him how their wonderful son was determined not to let his nappy get in the way of anything. Having said that, she’d tell him, he was so worried about what his friends might say, and the effect it could have on his sisters, so was keeping them at a distance.


Todd had never been happier, dressed just like his hero and playing with his sisters, who were fun, the water attack had made him wet himself with both shock and pure joy, and he wished he wasn’t an only child. Since he’d met Joey at camp, Todd often wondered what it would be like to have a brother, someone like Joey, someone who he could grow up with. He loved Mary and Susan because, like their brother, they were full of ideas and, what was even better; they made a huge fuss of him.

It was a fantastic day and when his mother arrived at four he really didn’t want to leave. As it was, both boys were once again soaking wet and needed a change. Bernadette offered to change Todd at the same time as she did Joey saying it was no trouble. She also confided in Sarah that Joey had asked if he could wear one of the disposables that Todd had brought and hoped she didn’t mind that she had let him. Sarah looked a bit shocked but saw how happy the two boys were, who were still running around in their wet nappies, but also thought how cute the two of them looked together. She had no objections.

However, when it came to changing them Bernadette insisted that ‘out of politeness’ Joey should ask Mrs Watkins if he could have one of Todd’s disposables and thank her for letting him wear one all afternoon. He was reluctant to ask but his mummy had made it clear that her boy should be courteous and it was only right for him to thank Todd’s mummy.

“Er, please, er, Mrs Watkins I, er, liked Todd’s disposables, er, I hope you…”

Through nervousness he wasn’t sure he could complete his little speech but, as he was standing in front of her wearing a very bloated disposable he thought he better get on with it.

“We, er, I, wondered if, er, I like them very much and, er, wondered if, er, possible, I could perhaps borrow another?”

He looked sheepishly at Mrs Watkins.

“Well of course Joey. You and Todd look like brothers and if it is alright with him then I can’t see any reason to say no.”

A smile spread across her face and a tense smile crossed Joey’s.

“Do you find them comfortable?” She queried.

“Oh yes,” Joey said enthusiastically, “they’re the best and I like to wear them.”

“Well you look happy…”

Bernadette guided both boys over to the changing mat and, using the bag that Sarah had brought for Todd, cleaned each boy up and slipped them into their clean animal print disposables. Both were then put back into their colourful waterproof panties but there was only time for a quick farewell before they had to leave, despite Todd’s reluctance to go.

However, after promises of sleepovers and future visits and an assurance from Joey that he’d think of joining the cubs or scouts, Todd was led to his mother’s car, dressed only in his t-shirt and padding just like Joey. His damp shorts hanging forgotten on the washing line next to Joey’s nappies, panties and shorts. Meanwhile, their mothers had agreed that they would meet up at church the following Sunday and go out for a meal afterwards.


Joey had wet every night since he’d being forced to wear a nappy all those weeks ago. He’d slid into the comfort that the garment offered and used it with more ease than his mother could have hoped.

After the first couple of days waking up wet and being terrified what she would say, it was now just so normal that she would wake him, check, wash and slip him into a dry nappy for the day that he now no longer thought about it.

The trip to the lake may not have been what he wanted but it did make him see things in a different way and sharing a cabin with other ‘protection’ wearers hadn’t made him feel different or strange or juvenile, he was just like others who had to wear a nappy. So, although not everyone wore one, some did and it didn’t matter, as it didn’t stop anyone from doing anything. The other big revelation to Joey was – younger people could be fun. He didn’t have to be with boys his own age to have a great time and he’d easily fallen in with the banter and childishness of camp and cub life. It had been a wonderful time – nappy or not.

He may well be an eleven year-old boy but that no longer counted as he frequently filled his padding often not even realising he had done so. As Joe had slumped back into being a child his mother’s confidence and attitude had grown. She had found the strength to break from her meek and mild old self and into a confident woman who knew what she wanted and was determined not to let anyone or anything stand in her way.

Joe had been returned to the little boy she desperately wanted with an ease that had surprised her. Currently, she didn’t even need to threaten a severe spanking to get him to do as instructed. He was the meek one now, hardly daring, or even wanting, to voice an opinion, something, only a few weeks earlier, he’d been more than happy to do.

The fact that he had messed his nappy, which in turn had led to his cry of discomfort and misery at what had happened was really very endearing to his mummy. It proved that he needed and was reliant on her to make things better. He’d given himself over to the lotions and potions, the powder and plastic panties and although he knew that being eleven he shouldn’t be, he was very, very content with the way things were.


By six o’clock Joey was knelt at the side of his bed suitably padded and saying his prayers to a God that he didn’t know existed but because his mother insisted, he would thank loudly. It had been a terrific, hot, fun-filled day without a care in the world so Joey didn’t mind offering his gratitude to everyone, including Mr and Mrs Watkins. His mother was proud of her son and once he’d finished…


…she patted his cushioned bottom and let him snuggle down with a nice bottle of strawberry milk.

It was a warm evening so she only fastened him into a thin, plain yellow cotton onesie. Of course the nappy was nice and thick and his cartoon plastic pants could be seen billowing out from under its tight embrace, but it was in these moments, when a bond that had been missing for some time from both their lives became reconnected. She loved the pliable and sweet boy he’d become. She loved the way his special outfits fit him and nicely emphasised his protection underneath. The material being soft and stretchy, fluffy and colourful also adding to his new adorable nature.

Joey had no trouble, nor felt guilty about, the giggles his mother would extract as she got him ready for bed. The creams and powder she lovingly spread around his body, the little tickles and kisses and the sweet talk made him wriggle with pleasure.

He’d come a long way from being the foul-mouthed, opinionated, independent young man only a few weeks ago to the nappy-clad, early night, respectful and obedient baby boy who loved his mummy.


She rested his head against her bosom and slipped the rubber nipple between his lips to suckle. This operation had been accomplished with ease. Joe had taken to it pretty quickly and actually loved these moments with his mummy when it was just him and her and he was being held in her arms, cuddled and fed the sweet concoction. It was often the most relaxed time of the day and he didn’t want to rush it so the milk would disappear, but very slowly. Once finished he was nearly always so unperturbed he’d fall asleep immediately or at least be so tired he wouldn’t notice her swap the bottle for his dum-dum.

She had decided that he would continue to wear his thick fabric nappy at night but in the morning they would be going into town to buy him some disposables. She wanted her little boy to be happy and in truth, now he’d requested them, couldn’t wait to start getting him into them on a regular basis. She stroked his hair and saw his eyes flutter shut as he continued to softly nurse on his dummy.

Whilst she watched her boy sleep she also had an idea that perhaps Mary would want to help change her older brother when he got wet. After all, she was growing up herself and mummy thought she’d have no trouble with the sticky tabs instead of the pins she used for the fabric nappy. Yes, Mary would make an ideal helper and was sure that her eldest daughter would be only too pleased to assist.

It wasn’t even seven o’clock when the slurping slowed down and drool dripped from his dummy down his chin. Her baby boy was content and she was going to make him even happier with the help of at least one of his sisters, perhaps both.


Part 11

Joe hadn’t given the indulgence of masturbation much thought lately. He had of course recently pleasured himself in his wet morning nappy but that was more by accident than design. Other than that, the act had not been at the top, or even on, his list of ‘things to do’. So he was in for a shock when his sweet dream became a nightmare and he ended up one scared and messy boy.


It was another beautiful, hot day: Mary and Susan were out running everywhere in their swimsuits, Todd was careering about wearing only his baggy, padded Beaver shorts and Joe was chasing everyone around the garden in just his animal print disposables.

They were all enjoying themselves when a sudden cloudburst sent the girls scurrying inside but the boys continued to dash around in the falling rain. As puddles formed, they would jump and splash in them, each embracing the satisfying and refreshing feel as their bodies were pummelled by the summer deluge.

The boys were laughing as the rumbling storm increased in intensity but loving every moment as they continued to wallow in the gathering ponds. In fact, they were not now in the back garden but somewhere that looked like a cross between there and Lake Cambria.


The rain fell harder and the ground became muddier, sucking at their feet and legs and slowing down their activities. Joe got stuck and Todd had disappeared altogether but, as Joe struggled in the greasy bog, Terry arrived to help. Dressed in his full scout uniform, and ever helpful, he tried to reach the panicky boy who was now being dragged under by the gooey mass. Joey’s hand stretched out to Terry who grabbed it but in so doing slipped and fell on top of the writhing, all but naked boy.

Their bodies became locked as they struggled to free themselves from the mud but that only forced the two closer together and Joe could feel, in this moment of utter stress, his dick getting hard. He could feel the mud squishing between his toes and sliding into his nappy, which was expanding, filling and dragging him down. He battled his feelings as they both scraped and slid deeper into the mire, Joe’s mud-slicked body sliding repetitively against Terry’s slimy shorts.

As they flailed hopelessly together the vortex of the swamp dragged them under, excitedly Joe shot his load. As he tumbled into the depths of oblivion he kept spurting wildly into the menacing muddy mass.

Suddenly he was somewhere pitch black.


No light emanated anywhere and Joe was sodden, shaking and afraid. He wondered if he was back in his bed, was his nightmare over? He was completely disorientated and there was nothing to guide him or suggest where he was. There was a rumbling noise in the distance and he was anxious. He could hear another, closer noise but realised it was him starting to whimper. The fact that he felt like he was in an alien environment was scary and his soft mewling grew louder as he cried out as dark-fear surrounded him.

“Mummy… mummmmmyyyy… MUMMMMEEEEE.”

He had no idea in which direction to go but crawled in the desperate hope it would lead to his bedroom door but something was holding him back.  As he wrestled with what he couldn’t see - real terror set in and he screamed again for his mummy.


Bernadette discovered her bawling son under his bed but entangled in one of the sheets. He was still fighting an imaginary foe and pleading for his mummy. She could see he was still asleep and distressed but the smell alerted her to the fact that her terrified little baby had filled his nappy.

As he slowly woke up Joe was so pleased to see his mother holding him in her arms he cried with relief. Huge sobs of gratitude wracked his body as he threw his arms around her neck and clung to her for dear life.  She patted his back and padded bottom as he wailed into her shoulder, glad he was safe but shocked at his nightmare. He couldn’t put into words what he’d just experienced but knew it was bad and even worse now he could smell himself. He was so thankful his mummy had rescued him from danger and hugged her begging her not to leave him alone again.


His sisters were standing in their nighties at his doorway alarmed at their brother crying out so loudly. As Bernadette soothed Joe she also tried to calm her daughters.

“Is Joey going to be alright?” Susan asked in her typically shy voice. “Did the thunder frighten him?”

Her favourite stuffed toy, Betsy the pink bunny, was as always held tightly in her hand.

“Yes sweetheart. Joey’s just had a nasty dream but he’s safe now… go back to bed.”

She gently cajoled her daughters back to their shared room.

“He sounded scared.” Mary queried, “Will he be OK on his own?”

Mary’s concern was typical of her; nine years old, all grown up and worried about others.

“He can share my bed if he wants,” she offered.

Bernadette saw that her son was calming down a little. Thankfully, as she patted his full nappy the huge sobs were giving way to short snuffles.

“That’s very thoughtful of you dear. I’m sure once I’ve cleaned him up he’ll be fine. Go back to bed girls we have a busy day tomorrow.”

Susan thought she had the solution to his troubles so walked in and passed Betsy to a very bleary and teary-eyed Joe.

“She always looks after me if I’m scared.”

Sniffling, Joe took the proffered bunny and nodded his thanks.

Like angels the girl’s creamy-white satin nighties caught the light as they shimmered back to their own room.


Joe was a mess. He’d completely filled his nappy with everything and it was now up to his mother as to what would happen next. He had forgotten about his surprising encounter with Terry and the ensuing outcome, all he knew was that the gunge surrounding his groin felt gritty, damp and sticky.

Once Bernadette was sure he’d calmed down enough she gently eased him away from her neck and lay him on the ground. He clutched Betsy and, because there were still a few little whimpers, she slipped his forgotten dum-dum back between his trembling lips.

Joe was thankful for this because it meant he didn’t have to explain anything, his mind still recoiling from the scary episode. She slowly unfastened the snaps on his onesie and pushed it up onto his belly. Then inched down his bright plastic panties and saw the damage his nightmare had caused. She had never shied away from doing the dirty task so took a deep breath and unpinned the offending article. She could see it was swamped with pee, poo and also noticed the silky ribbons of something else.


Joey sucked anxiously on his dummy as his mummy cleaned him up. She used wet wipes to remove most of the gunge before going to the bathroom, returning with a small bowl of warm water and a flannel. As usual she was methodical in her care for her boy, every inch was mopped, sanitised and thick cream applied. She rubbed in a thick layer of baby powder before grabbing two thick nappies and a couple of soak pads. With a little difficulty she pinned him in and Joey had never had to wear such a huge nappy before. He couldn’t put his legs together and once his thick blue rubber pants were pressed into service and the onesie’s snaps refastened he’d never looked so huge.

“OK sweet-pea let’s go”

Joe looked at his tangled bedding, the scene of his terrifying muddy struggle, and suddenly gathered he wasn’t going to be sleeping there as his mother gently steered him away. It took a few seconds to realise where he was going but by gently pushing on his thick protection, she guided him to her bedroom.

“OK sweetheart, we don’t want to have any more scares so you’ll be sleeping in my bed for the foreseeable future. Mummy’s going to keep a watchful eye over her scared little boy.”


Joey never even tried to argue his independence, in fact, he was grateful that he wouldn’t have to return to his scary bed.  So, as she pulled back the covers for him to climb in, he gladly shuffled his huge padded bottom onto daddy’s side of the bed and tried to get comfortable. Mummy got in beside him and kissed the back of her boy’s head.

“Mummy’s here to stop any more worrying things happening and to protect her messy little baby from further accidents.”

A few seconds of silence followed before Joey got some thoughts together.


“Go to sleep sweetheart we have a busy day tomorrow.”

“But, but, mummy… why am I still messing my nappy… I’m eleven?”

“I don’t know darling but, while you are… and while you still need your protection, mummy is here to make sure her little boy is safe.”

Joey squirmed in her comforting embrace.

He wanted a better answer because he saw no reason why this should be happening to him.

“But mummy…”

“Sleep now sweetheart… put your dummy in and go to sleep.”

“But mum…”

“I said dum-dum in… no more talking,” she reprimanded.


Joey’s mind was working overtime trying to sort it out.

He knew when he’d been put back into nappies and why, because of his excess masturbation - so his mum and the priest had said. However, he rarely pleasured himself at all these days and, when he did have that feeling, it wasn’t as a result of playing with his ‘stuff’, so why?

Why was he still wetting and now… this, this, messing his nappy? It just didn’t add up or make sense.

He wriggled impatiently; the huge wadding between his legs made it difficult to immediately get comfy but, whilst his soothing dummy offered what comfort it could and his mummy’s warm body so close, he felt ‘special’.

It was a sensation he’d not admitted to before but a pleasing shiver ran through his body when her arm slipped around his waist pressing their hands together onto the reassuringly smooth, silky, plastic bulk… content he dropped off.


Bernadette tried to sleep but what Joey had said made her wonder, why exactly was he wetting and messing his nappy? She’d never questioned it before; merely glad of the opportunity to have her baby back, but now he’d mentioned it she too began to wonder. Surely making him wear a nappy for so long couldn’t have altered his state of mind that much… could it?

His introduction to wearing protection had been somewhat traumatic with the thorough and decisive spanking he’d received reinforcing his nappy wearing. The trip to the lake had been at Father John’s suggestion, keeping him in the company of younger boys who were still full of fun and childish enthusiasm, they both hoped that would steer him away from his daily emissions and any bad influences. Making sure he didn’t feel too grown up by insisting he always wore his nappy (one that couldn’t be hidden) and insisting on the fact he needed to be changed by someone else and being reliant on that person - appeared to have been successful.

Once she had made the decision to curtail his journey into adulthood and return him to the little boy she so missed she never thought of any further consequences. She was glad to have put him into toddler clothes because it reinforced he was just a child and mummy was in charge. She liked that he had no say in what he wore or make any decisions whatsoever. She liked his total reliance but, this messing his nappy regularly was something she hadn’t foreseen. Now her little boy was actually behaving completely like a toddler she wasn’t too sure.

As Joey wriggled and crinkled in his sleep, peacefully wrapped in her arms, she now found sleep elusive as her mind began to work through other things. Her main thoughts – did she want to change the way things were? How was she going to explain Joey’s new state of mind to her husband and, with the summer break rapidly coming to an end, what effect would Joey’s current situation be when he returned to school?


For the second time that night Joey dreamed only this time his dream was of a beautiful place. He was happy, all his friends were happy. This world was so much better - all the colours were bright, everyone was friendly and nice to each other, there was laughter and smiles, singing and music, it was all just so perfect.

It didn’t occur to him that they were all just toddlers, it just was - a world of happy children where everyone was a sweet, lively little kid who was out to enjoy life and have fun. He recognised his own parents but they were also just as juvenile as everyone else, so even adults were little.

Everyone was dressed in bright, infantile clothing, whilst nappies could be seen on everyone. No one was without their protection and no one seemed in the least bit bothered about it. Some, like Joey, had huge padding and shiny rubber covers that glistened in the sun, whilst others had shiny frilly or crinkly plastic cartoon pants in wonderful shades and designs. The main thing was, with the smell of baby powder filling the air, and the smiling sun keeping them warm, how easily everyone got on. This was a most joyous place and he loved being part of it… he certainly didn’t want to leave and decided he’d like to stay there forever.


Joey sucked enthusiastically on his dummy, oblivious to the fact that his mother, in her own agitated state, was trying to sooth herself by gently stroking the front of his stuffed plastic mass. Oddly enough the silky soft texture did calm her, whilst her son squirmed as the sensations of his dream, and his mother’s gentle hand, made him feel peaceful, floaty and nice.

He moaned a little around his dummy as happy images flitted through his mind and a warm glow spread throughout his body. He had no idea he was once again wetting his nappy, in his mind he was happily wading in a warm puddle with his friends, all of whom were dressed like him in bulky colourful plastic covers. They giggled and splashed one and other… it was fun. No one worried about getting wet as the friendly sun would dry them so there was no problem. This colourful place was paradise for all its inhabitants and one that fostered happiness above everything else. The games continued as they ran around all but naked enjoying the freedom of being tots.

Bernadette hadn’t slept well but she had loved having her son’s warm and well-protected body next to hers. The thick slippery padding certainly was wonderful to stroke and snuggle against. His cute little moans and mewling during the night, muted slightly by his dummy, had been a delight to hear. His sensual twitching as his blissful dreams took hold carrying her back to the time when, as a baby, she used to watch him kick his legs as he slept, unencumbered, in his little world. He was always adorable and nothing had changed apart from him being larger.


It was time to get up but she left her sleeping baby and raised the girls to get them ready for the day ahead. A trip into town and shopping was on the cards, Bernadette thought it was time that her beautiful daughters also got some special treats and planned for them each to choose entire new outfits. After all, if Joey was getting his special disposables it was only fair they should have something too.

Whilst the girls had their breakfast Bernadette returned to her still heavily dozing son and woke him up. In his dream he felt like he was being dragged away from playing with all his friends so didn’t want to stop. Syed, Danny and all his other mates were there squealing and shouting as they ecstatically ran around or indulged in some fantastic game or adventure. Some of the cubs and scouts were also in the playground and Joey was being pushed on a swing by Graham. Like Terry, he was wearing his scout’s uniform but underneath, quite clearly, was his thick protection. His matching glossy khaki plastic pants just visible with the effort of each push.

Like everyone else he was a toddler and even though it was his scout’s uniform, it looked like one a two year-old might wear. The badges were more colourful, the necker brighter and his trainers lit up as he moved. In fact, the entire scene was like something from one of the kiddie cartoons he’d watched on Nickelodeon. Everything was magical, sparkling, fun, vivid and welcoming… it was a world he was so happy to experience.

Alas, he was made to wake up as his mother rummaged down the front of his protection to find him, as usual, soaking wet.


Despite being pulled from this perfect place he was pleased to see his mummy. Even with her hand down the front of his nappy he reached out and hugged her neck and wanted to snuggle. Regardless of his twelfth birthday being only a couple of months away he was more loving and responsive to his mummy than he’d ever been. His face lit up when she was around and he loved to be hugged and snuggled as often as possible. Of course Bernadette enjoyed the attention, something she’d always received from her daughters but now so happy that it was returned by Joey.

He was still glowing from his dream, a world where everything was little and perfect and he wanted it to be like that all the time. His mind was full of cartoons and brightly coloured puppets and where being grown up wasn’t important. Being in mummy’s bed and being cuddled by her had certainly given him a much nicer dream. Being little and playing, having fun and not thinking about much else was fantastic. Somehow she was making it all happen and he loved it. He realised that it was an incredible place and all his conscious thoughts were trying to get him back there.

His mother wondered why he didn’t quite seem with her. His limbs were floppy and she found dressing him easier than normal. Not that he put up much of a fight, if at all, it’s just that it was, different, perhaps more accepting this time.


Once again wrapping him in giggles and baby talk she got him ready for the journey to town. He was cleaned up and put into his usual thick nappy, which were covered in blue plastic pants. She slipped a navy blue t-shirt over his head with the outline of a teddy bear on the front. He looked wonderful dressed just like that but, as they were going shopping, thought he should wear something more.

From his closet she picked out a brand new pale blue, corduroy shortall. It contrasted nicely with his shirt perfectly as she snapped the wonderfully soft item between his legs, although the front bib panel all but obliterated the outline of the teddy bear. The chrome metal clips holding up the straps, which crossed at the back, also lifted the shorts up enough to reveal his bulky blue plastic pants. However, Bernadette was overjoyed because he looked so precious, she thought if she could get him to hold Betsy, or one of his other stuffed toys, the image would be just perfect.

She asked him to walk around a bit, just to see if the ensemble fitted correctly, and to occasionally bend over and pick a few items up. Yes, there was no doubt about it, Joey had slipped into another level of toddlerdom and it didn’t appear to worry him in the least. In fact, when his mother asked him to hold his teddy bears, he didn’t flinch as she took several photographs, even sucking on his dummy as he did so. It didn’t seem like any of it worried him now; the nappies, the baby talk, the juvenile outfits, he appeared to be a happy boy and only interested in pleasing his mummy and returning to his own little world.


The town centre was very busy. It seemed that all at the same time parents had decided to bring their kids in to get their uniforms or new school wear for the next term. Every shop was teaming but in spite of this, it had become such a social occasion, it was time to catch up for neighbours, acquaintances, parents and children alike.

There was a buzz in the air as school mates who perhaps hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks noisy brought others up to speed on their lives. The place was shrill with “Hellos”, “Surprise”, “Well, how nice to see you’s” but no one caught more comment than Joey as he trundled from one shop to another holding his mummy’s hand.

Some thought it adorable; some wondered “What the Hell!”, whilst others simply could not believe their eyes. None of this now registered with Joey who was in a little world of his own and oblivious to anything other than what his mummy and sisters were doing. The fact that his nappy was evident now held no concern because in his head it’s what everyone wore, well in his world they did.


“Hi Joe.” It was Amy Wright and she wasn’t sure she was talking to her friend he looked… different.

“We haven’t seen you for ages,” she looked at his clothing, “have you been doing anything, er, special?”

At that moment his mother was helping Susan in the fitting room with her new skirt and Mary was searching the rails to entertain herself. Joe was sitting on his own waiting patiently for his mummy to return.

Joe looked bemused at her.

“Is this,” she said pointing to his juvenile outfit, “something you’re testing, a joke maybe or…”

She smiled unsurely and then suddenly realised that he might have a problem she hadn’t heard about.

“Are you OK… been in and accident or, er, something?”

Joe swung his legs and sat tight-lipped, an obvious crinkle and rustling coming from his shorts with each movement making it plain to anyone nearby that he was bristling with protection.

“We’ve all missed you these past few weeks, erm, er, what have you been up to, er, anything nice?”

She couldn’t get over how vacant Joe looked but that smile on his face made him appear happy. She wondered if he was drugged or something but wanted to keep the conversation going because she was desperate to know why he dressed the way he was and why no one had been able to speak to him.

His plastic pants ballooned below his shortall and she could see the snaps clearly running under Joe’s crotch recognizing they were designed for easy access to change someone who wet a lot. She’d changed her baby brother often enough to know the signs and also the thick nappy she’d had to put him in to prevent leaks. It looked like Joe was wet but she didn’t like to ask.


Joe wasn’t responding much just smiled but said nothing. Mary came to sit with him as Amy continued her interrogation only now she asked past Joe and questioned her as if her brother couldn’t speak for himself.

“What’s wrong with Joe?” She demanded.

Mary looked at Amy and shook her head.


“Well why is he wearing, er, a nappy and…” She sounded a little incredulous that she was asking such a question.

“Oh, er, he’s er, mummy says he’s incon, er, er,inc, er, he has a problem getting to the potty in time.” She stammered.

“He’s incontinent?” Mary clarified.

“”Mmmm, I think so. Joey wets himself so mummy puts him in protection but we…”

She saw a look of amusement cross Amy’s face.

“But mummy says we aren’t to make fun as it’s not nice… and… and God would be angry if we did.”

Amy shook her head. She guessed that wasn’t the entire story but it would do as an explanation for now. She was just about to investigate more when Bernadette and Susan returned.

“Oh, hello Mrs Griffiths, Susan…”

From the look on Bernadette’s face she could tell her presence wasn’t welcome but she wasn’t that easily put off.

“I was just saying to Mary how much we were missing Joe this holiday but it seems, well, he has other things to occupy him these days.”

She wasn’t sure what else to say but wanted to make sure Mrs Griffiths was aware that she knew something was wrong.

“Well Joe, it’s been nice seeing you again and I hope…” she waved her hand in the direction of his nappy, “you’ll soon be over your little problem and you’ll be back with us for Syed’s party.”

She could tell Joe’s mother wasn’t happy about the conversation but Mary had one final comment.

“Perhaps your mother will find you something more appropriate to wear… you’re not a two year-old after all.”

She almost spat the last few words in Bernadette’s direction.

Bernadette was livid. Partly at what had just been said but mainly at herself for not foreseeing that this might have happened. She should have realised that they might bump into come of Joey’s school friends as the town wasn’t that big. However, what had happened, happened, so now had to just get on with what she came here to do and that was to buy Joey his new disposables.


Mary and Susan carried their own bags of new clothes as Joey held his mummy’s hand. She noticed that his nappy looked to be a bit saggy and hoped that the next store they went in would have changing facilities. However, she decided that she’d buy Joey his new protection first and perhaps, put him in them for the journey home.

Bernadette was astounded at the range of products that the store carried. It had been a few years since she was last in there looking for items for Susan when she was a baby but it appeared to have recently undergone a major new expansive development. Whereas before there were just a couple of aisles for babywear, and a very restricted selection, now there was row upon row of merchandise catering from babies to teens. There was some fun and colourful products for all age groups, including an aisle for adult incontinence wear.


Still holding Joey’s hand she caught the eye of one of the assistants and enquired.

“My son needs some disposables, he’s seen some he likes with animal prints on… do you know if you carry that brand please?”

The young female assistant did a double-take as she took in what Joey was wearing but couldn’t help an appreciative giggle and said how adorable he looked in his smart blue shortalls.

“Yes madam, we carry an extensive range of disposables for all ages in a variety of colours and prints from cartoon characters to, well, perhaps if I just show you down aisle D… for our slightly older clientele.”

She led the way and they all trooped after her. Not surprisingly Joey got very excited when they reached the ones with animal print but the assistant had more information for his mother.

“These are very popular, though a bit more expensive than the plain white variety. However, they are supremely comfortable for, er, the heavy wetter.”

Bernadette nodded but was taken by just how many different styles there were.

“You have them in a size that would fit my son?”

“Yes madam, no problem. In this print…” she said with confidence now on a subject she knew quite a bit about, “they go up to large, which would be more than big enough for a growing boy, although for your son,” she peaked down at his full nappy, “a medium should be more than sufficient.”

She enjoyed her job as she further explained that all the products had ‘wetness indicators’, which most mummies found very beneficial. However, she got few boys of Joey’s age through the door looking or reacting as he did. Normally, they were embarrassed, shy or simply belligerent and didn’t want to be there or anyone noticing that they needed to wear nappies.

There was a lot of “oohs and aahs” of delight from the kids as they searched through the different and colourful brands.

However, this school boy seemed to love being a tot and his clothes suggested that his mother thought of him as such. She concluded it took ‘all kinds’ but there was no doubt that this boy was incredibly sweet and she thought he looked absolutely adorable. His sisters were also cute but showed no sign that they also wore nappies; nonetheless they did seem not to only like their brother but encourage him in the choice of nappies.


At that moment Joey’s eyes alighted on a new range that had rockets and stars emblazoned all over them.

“Mummy,” he enthused, “can I have these please, pleeease, PLEEEEEASE?”

The assistant smiled at the eleven year-old who was acting like an excited toddler, then returned her attention back at his mother.

“Yes, these are also very popular but, although the largest size would probably fit him, they are really for smaller and, er, younger boys and girls who perhaps don’t wet quite as much.”

“Ohhh that’s a shame, he seems pretty keen on them.”

The assistant had an idea.

“Well madam, we do have a range of sturdy matching vinyl pants which, once over the disposable, will give the same effect.”

Bernadette looked impressed.

“Would you have them in his size?”

Joey was fidgety but smiling as he held onto one of the huge packs of disposables he hoped his mummy would buy.

“I’m sure we do.”

The assistant continued to describe various items and those she hoped would be appropriate to Joey so by the end of the visit they had several large cartons of disposables; one of plain white, one of stars and rockets, and two of animal print. The also bought a pack of three, hardwearing but clear step-in plastic pants, as well as three snap sided pairs of colourful heavy duty vinyl covers, which included the rocket and star design.

Joey was beside himself with glee and couldn’t wait to get out of his soaked nappy and into his new disposables.

As they exited the store a small crowd of Joey’s school mates had gathered around Amy and watched as their heavily protected friend, dressed as a little boy, carried a bundle of clearly marked disposables back to the car. Some couldn’t help but giggle and two of them laughed out loud but Joey, oblivious to their derision, only saw people dressed as they were in his lovely colourful dream.


Part 12

A couple of the boys in the group were shouting abuse and jeering Joey  because they could see the heavy nappy hanging below his baby blue shortalls, but that was a big mistake. Joey was oblivious, or simply wasn’t bothered, but the boys had to contend with an incensed Mrs Griffiths. Obviously, they hadn’t heard about her destruction of the football coach at the restaurant, they weren’t expecting any confrontation and were made to look more than a little inadequate as she launched into a very public tirade about manners, attitude and the promise that she would be speaking to their parents and school in due course.  

The threat was enough to reduce the loud mouths to apologetic and embarrassed little boys whose bravado and general cockiness had suddenly departed. The fact that these days Joey’s mother was not averse to public displays when it came to the defence of her family drew a riveted crowd as she berated the once swaggering group. Suddenly very self-conscious and ashamed, never had wholescale apologies followed so speedily and the cringing (and almost weeping) boys had to publicly grovel for forgiveness. Joey wasn’t bothered one way or the other, quite simply he wanted to get home as soon as possible to wear his new disposables and nothing else mattered.


His mother had noticed the incredibly soaked and saggy nappy on their return to the car but decided to wait until they were back in the privacy of their own home before giving her bubbling and excited son the thing he desperately wanted.

Things had changed in a huge way since Bernadette had first put him back into nappies. Then it was both as a punishment and precaution but that certainly wasn’t the case now. It seemed that Joey was now leading the need to wear his protection. He was just so happy at the store and so incredibly excited at the masses of items stacked in front of him she was sure he would have bought the entire stock had he been allowed.

He was now actually begging her to let him wear disposables and, on reflection, she realised he’d never complained once when put into a fabric nappy, well not since he’d come back from camp. In that time he’d been content to do and wear whatever his mummy decided. It wasn’t that he had been intimidated and cajoled into wearing them, it appeared he wanted to. At times his mummy wondered if she’d inadvertently come into the possession of something magical; a stuffed toy, or nappy or dummy… because he really was no trouble at all.

He couldn’t get out of his protection fast enough, almost dragging his mother through the door, as he begged her to be wrapped in his new security.


The soggy, sagging nappy just made him look so damn cute. It was a word that she thought and used often when she looked at her son dressed in such a babyish way. She thought he looked so adorable and it often brought a feeling of such pure love… but also the need to protect both him and that love. She smiled at the eager look on his face and the total lack of worry about the mess hanging limply from his hips.

Of course she cleaned him up first. He’d made a mess in his saturated nappy and needed a thorough cleansing before she could slip him into something more comfortable. Joey had no idea why, or even when, he’d wet so much but was just so thrilled now he had all the new disposables to choose from. Once his mother had done her duty in making her boy as clean as possible, as a special treat she let him choose the style he wanted.

“Mummy, can I please, please, Pleeease, have the rockets and stars… please?” He pleaded like a tot.

She thought these would be his first choice as he’d been so excited when he’d discovered them at the store and was more than happy to let his unbridled eagerness demand to wear them.


Although she was equally keen on seeing him in them she made a great ceremony in opening up the package, lifting out the first individual item and slowly unfurling it. Surprisingly, it crinkled quite loudly as the plastic back slowly became unravelled and spread out. The smell of newness, baby powder and whatever other perception this rather charming looking disposable conjured up was only matched by the giggly smile on Joey’s face. He seemed ecstatic when she slowly taped him into the slim, flexible but tight fitting article.

The stars and rockets were appropriate because Joey was over the moon and loved the little rustling sound they made with each slight movement.

She let him up and parade around in them for a short while. They hung close to his hips and she had to admit he looked unbelievably endearing in them. She knew that the soft padding would swell considerably once they were wet and his slightly padded bottom and front would become huge. She reached for a cotton t-shirt that had a rocket on the front and the outfit was almost complete. Joey simply wanted to spend the rest of the day as he was but his mother decided to be on the safe side, to slip a pair of his new see-thru plastic pants over it all.

Although Joey didn’t want this extra protection, as he was already so comfortable wrapped in the crinkly and joyously juvenile printed nappy, he stepped into them and was pleased because the plastic was completely clear, so he could still see the pattern. However, there was also another bit of news that his mother disclosed as she patted his padded bottom before sending him on his way.


“OK Joey, now you are in disposables and the indicator strips will let us know when you’re wet, from now on, both Mary and I will be sharing changing duties.”

His face changed from a smile to a sad little frown. A petulant look appeared and his bottom lip trembled in a sulk.

His mother had been thinking for a while that had Joey been a baby Mary would no doubt have already seen to him if he’d needed a change, so why not let her do so now?

She’d foreseen that he might be reluctant but already had a way around it - she’d give him a choice.

“Do you want to wear these nice comfy disposables or go back to the heavy fabric nappy?”

She knew what the answer would be, and although he would be wearing fabric ones to sleep in, if he wanted these that much he would have to obey the rules she set down.

“Well,” she asked firmly, “which is it to be?”

Joey shrugged knowing he had no alternative.

“It’s only if I’m not around and Mary… and indeed Susan… both only want what’s best for you and would hate to see a bloated and soaking wet nappy that might lead to getting another nappy rash.”


Joey was staring at the floor. He didn’t want this to happen but, since he’d been put into a nappy, he’d never actually changed himself. He’d changed Todd but never himself and now it looked like the opportunity to do so had just been given to his sister.

“Can’t I, er, do it myself? Does Mary have to...?”

“Both your sisters love their brother and want to help in any way they can so, now they don’t have to fiddle with pins, they can help. Besides…” She said thinking on her feet, “you are the cutest little boy around so who wouldn’t want to keep you clean and dry?”

“Muuummmm.” He whinged.

“Fabric or your new disposables, which is it to be?” She was adamant that he should say clearly what he wanted and then he would know the conditions that would follow.

He rubbed his hands across the new glossy pants and said in a very quiet voice.

“These please.”

“That’s a good boy.”

She patted his bottom even more and cuddled her little boy who seemed to have become more infantile-looking now he was dressed in his playful printed disposables.

“Aaannnddd, you look splendid in your new… ‘astronaut’ outfit. She added as she smiled cheerily and ruffled his hair.

When mummy said things like that Joey blushed with pride. He liked that his mother thought of him in that way and enjoyed the idea that everyone thought of him as a sweet boy. All of which brought the smile to his face, everything was back to ‘Happy Time’ with thoughts of him zooming through space.


Since his return from Lake Cambria Father John had been exceptionally busy. Almost immediately he’s been sent by his bishop to another part of the diocese to help regenerate a failing church and then on to attend a spiritual conference, it was some time before he returned to St Cuthbert’s to tend his flock.

He had a lot of catching up to do as his presence was sorely missed whilst he’d been away.

Still full of enthusiasm and fervour, the priest decided on paying a visit to his favourite cub (and in his opinion most improved boy), young Joey. He’d been impressed by the way the lad jumped in and got involved in something he basically had no interest in, well, to begin with. He saw how, even burdened with having to wear a thick nappy, he soon shook that obstacle off and managed to take the lead, thereby adding to every one of the other cub’s experience at camp.

The other scouts and cubs all thought Joey was fantastic to have around and the fact he wore his nappy throughout the entire two weeks without letting it get him down was a revelation and an inspiration to other ‘nappy’ wearers. The priest hoped that the experience would lead Joey to want to become a scout as he saw a great deal of leadership potential in him and wanted to encourage the boy in that particular direction.

Father John was in for a surprise when eventually he knocked on the Griffith’s door.


Thanks to the clothes Joey was now wearing Bernadette hadn’t noticed he was still growing and over the last few weeks had added an inch or so in height. However, it was also pretty obvious that changes in age and height had done nothing to stop his total and speedy immersion in his own little world.

As far as his mummy was concerned, Joey’s nappy’s were an integral part of who he now was and, strange though it may seem, he appeared to be in no great hurry to change things. He’d made absolutely no attempt to cast them off or use the potty. She had thought he would have stopped his night time wetting and masturbation but only one of those activities had ceased, more or less. She had thought that he’d simply find a toilet when he needed one and he had, in his nappy. She also thought that despite the threat of a spanking he would have rebelled against everything since he’d gotten back from camp but he hadn’t, the brush hanging on the back of his bedroom door was all but redundant.     

Even six o’clock bed times weren’t argued over, watching programmes suitable for Susan were equally appreciated by all three children and most of all Joey seemed more than happy, as he should do, to be a lovely big, friendly, fun-loving boy… who just happened to wet himself.

Of course she didn’t have to make him wear what she did but it pleased her and there was never any opposition from him, he accepted everything as would a toddler, so that was how she treated him. The fact that he’d immersed himself back into his childhood with such ease had been a bit of a surprise to Bernadette, and to see him lay out on his tummy watching TV with his sisters, unashamedly wearing nothing but a t-shirt and his childish protection, was truly gratifying.

That was how Father John discovered them when Bernadette welcomed the priest into their home.


“Hello Father,” Bernadette beamed when she answered the door, “how nice of you to call. You’ve been busy since you returned from the lake…”

She was in full flow as she let the priest in.

“Can I get you a drink, perhaps tea or coffee?”

Yes, either, that would be nice.”

He followed her into the kitchen as she busied herself filling the kettle and getting cups and saucers ready.

“I’ve been attending a conference on behalf of the bishop… on youth and the community.”

“Oh, well, that sounds interesting…”

She didn’t really want to hear about it so started looking in her cupboards for the tea, sugar and then went to the fridge for milk.

“Well Mrs Griffith, it’s on a relative subject I’ve called.”

Mrs Griffiths was still busying herself so he continued.

“Yes. At camp Joey proved to be a natural leader…”

She still had her back to him as she fussed with cups and spoons so he couldn’t see any reaction.

“… the scouts and all the other boys loved him and I was hoping that we could get him to join the scouts more permanently.”

An almost imperceptible sigh escaped Bernadette.

“I think he’d be a huge asset to the group. He’s inventive, diligent… I would say a natural leader. Do you think he’d be interested?”  Father John asked hopefully.

Bernadette knew she couldn’t hide Joey away from the priest so turned and with a half-smile and half grimace suggested that he should find out for himself.

“He’s watching TV with the girls, why don’t you go through and ask. I’ll bring the tea in when it’s ready.”


Mary was sat on the sofa whilst Susan and Joey were laid on their stomachs intent on some colourful cartoon on screen. Father John took in the scene and was immediately perplexed at why his ‘natural leader’ should be wearing a padded nappy and plastic pants, surely, after all this time, the poor lad still wasn’t being punished.

“Hello girls, hello Joey”

Mary looked up “Hello Father.”

The other two didn’t seem to acknowledge him apart from a grunted welcome of sorts, so intent were they on what was happening to the characters on TV.

“Er Joey, can I have a word?”

As he sat on the sofa next to Mary the priest suddenly felt very strange about the situation.

The boy dragged himself away from the screen and stood in front of the priest. His rocket t-shirt barely long enough to reach to top of his protection made him look like a two year-old. Meanwhile, the faded images on his disposable let anyone who needed to know that he was damp.

“I spoke to Todd before I went away…”

“He’s been here for a playdate.” Joey enthusiastically interrupted. “We played pirates and stuff… mummy made a picnic… it was fun…”

He would have continued jabbering on if the priest hadn’t interrupted him.

“Yes, I’m sure it was fun but, er, the cubs and scouts had all hoped that you’d join us at St Cuthbert’s and maybe even join our troop.”

As the priest spoke he could see that Joey wasn’t quite there and wondered what Bernadette had done to her son.

“Do you think it’s something you’d like to do?”

Though he heard the priest Joey was thinking of the cartoon he’d just been watching and his mind was slipping back to that TV adventure. Even whilst he was standing right in front of the priest his bladder simply opened up and he filled his nappy some more.

“Mummy, I think Joey needs changing.” Mary called out to the kitchen, “Do you want me to do it?”

Mrs Griffiths walked into the living room carrying a tray with everything prepared, including milk for the children.

“Yes dear, that would be very nice if you could but I don’t think Father John needs to witness it do you? So go upstairs and change him there please.”

The disposable bloated very quickly as the gel absorbed all the liquid Joey expelled and the pretty rockets and stars faded. The see-thru pants made this obvious to anyone who watched and the Father was surprised that Mary simply held out her hand, which Joey took and was led upstairs by his younger sister.

Meanwhile, Susan seemed completely disinterested in what was going on around her as she was so absorbed in her programme.


Once tea was poured and a few bits of small talk delved into Father John looked to Bernadette for answers.

“He’s still wearing a nappy… is he still being punished?” He asked with a note of incredulity in his voice.

“Good grief no Father,” she let a small smile escape. “He just seems to prefer them these days.”

“But he looks like a toddler, you even dress him like one… what’s going on?”

Bernadette didn’t like the priests questioning but, as he was a friend and a man of God she thought she should try and explain.

“You told me that he wet every night and day whilst at camp and when he returned home he just continued.”

She was as telling the truth as she saw it.

“But that’s no reason to treat him as a toddler.”

Father John was quite perturbed.

“It isn’t right. The boy needs to grow, experience the world, be out with his friends, doing things with his peers…”

“Well,” she sounded a little exasperated with the priest, “that’s not your decision and my little boy seems so much happier now.”

Seeing a possible solution to what he saw as something bordering on abuse of Joey he asked if she would let him join the scouts at St Cuthbert’s.

“What did Joey say?” She knew he’d not agreed to anything and that he’d just peed his nappy in front of the priest.

“He didn’t say anything. He looked, well, out of it… are you, er, drugging your son?”

Anger flared in Bernadette at such a suggestion.

“I most certainly am not. How dare you suggest such a thing?”

She was worked up now and Susan turned to see why her mum was shouting at the vicar.

“Thanks to you and your camping trip my son is happier and more loving now than he’s ever been and that’s something YOU should be proud of… not condemning me for having a wonderful baby boy back in my life… our life” She corrected.

The Father could see she was agitated and decided to pull back from the accusations even if he didn’t feel the circumstances were right.

“Yes, I’m sorry. You are quite correct; a loving son is always a wonderful thing to have, especially with all the aggravation that goes on in the world.”

He could see his words were calming her a little. His mind was racing wondering what he could do but was so caught off-guard by the way Joey was dressed, he thought he’d better retreat and re-think the situation.


He settled his cup in the saucer having hardly drunk anything and said he had to leave.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you I was just surprised at… well… no doubt I’ll be seeing you all at Mass on Sunday, so I’ll…”

At that moment Joey was waddling back down the stairs wearing a fresh disposable. Mary had done a fair job but it was hanging very loosely to his hips and he didn’t have his plastic pants covering him. Once again Joey was very proud of his rockets and stars pants and had run off before Mary had quite finished.

“Ah Joey, good to see you again, hope you’ll give some thought to the troop.” The embarrassed priest beamed an encouraging smile which Joey returned. “The guys are missing you.”

“Bye Father,” he waved from the stairs.

“Yes, er, bye Joey, Mary, er Susan… er,” he nodded at Bernadette, “see you all on Sunday.”


Bernadette was more than a little disturbed by the priest’s visit and doubt filled her mind.

Was she being unfair to Joey?

Could she be in the wrong in wanting her baby boy back?

Is Joey unhappy?

The last question was answered as he ran to his mummy for more cuddles. Bernadette hugged him tightly and thanked Mary for doing a “wonderful job”. However, she led him back into the living room, laid him out and showed Mary how to tighten the tapes on his hips so his nappy wouldn’t sag quite as much. Mary was carrying his plastic pants so it was her job to slip them up his legs to hold everything in place and keep him from any leakage.

Both mother and daughter cooed and tickled Joey who giggled throughout the process then patted his padded bottom when they’d finished. Susan just watched her cartoon, where she was joined by her happy, crinkly, dry and well-powdered brother.

Father John drove back to the church in a quandary - just what could he do?


Part 13

Father John had been completely and utterly shocked by the way Joey was being treated by his mother. The problem was, in some way he knew that it was partly his fault; Mrs Griffiths had made it abundantly clear his involvement in what had happened. He’d gone along with the enforced nappy-wearing and even insisted he wasn’t to independently remove them. However responsible he now felt he knew he had to try and make some kind of amends to get the boy back to the committed, fun-loving, eleven year-old leader he’d seen at Lake Cambria.


Bernadette was more than a little annoyed by the priest’s visit. She couldn’t understand why he wasn’t happy for her. She’d got Joey to say his prayers, go to church and, better still, had stopped all that self-abuse, leaving a sweet, innocent and loving child.


Isn’t that what the Good Lord wanted?


As her son wriggled happily in front of the TV, singing along with Susan to the cartoon characters and obviously enjoying himself, she wondered what could possibly be better. Mary, who now appeared so grown up compared to her son, had proved that she liked the responsibility and could take care of her brother if needed.


However, another problem arose that she hadn’t foreseen happening so quickly. Often when chatting to their father via the computer, the visual link wasn’t that good and they’d only get a jumpy image. However, on the last occasion Stanley saw his son sat with a dummy in his mouth and was more than a little concerned. Although this was now a regular feature of Joey’s comfort, his daddy was shocked at how he looked and the way he spoke. Of course Bernadette had mentioned Joey’s incontinence and played the seriousness of it down but Stanley was now worried about his boy.


“Why is Joey sucking on a dummy?”


He asked Bernadette when the children had said their goodbyes.


“Oh, er, he’s just playing house with the girls. You know, er, he’s their baby… or something.”


She tried to make it sound light and carefree but knew she couldn’t deceive her hubby for long.


“Yes, er, Mary is growing into a very young lady but still Susan and her love their little games.”


She hoped that would be a good enough excuse as he then enquired about Joe’s wetting.


“Oh, he’s still wetting… but he’s a trooper… doesn’t let it get him down and once he’s in a nappy seems…”


“Is he in a nappy all the time?” Stanley asked with deep concern.


Bernadette saw no way out of this so told him the truth, well as much as she thought he needed to know.


“Just about all the time. He appears to have lost the ability to know when or how to go to the toilet…”


“What has the doctor said?”


“Erm, he’s confused and done tests and we have another appointment in a couple of days but basically, he thinks it’s something he’ll just suddenly grow out of.”


Bernadette lied.


It was strange that the confidence and bluster with anyone who challenged her or commented on Joey’s nappies had, under the questioning by her husband, disappeared and reduced her to a meek housewife scratching around for an explanation.


“Well it can’t be because of something that happened at school because they are on holiday.”


Stanley was trying to reason this out.


“Was it something that happened when he went camping with that church group?”


Now he was both concerned and suspicious.


“I don’t think so because it started before he went. I nearly didn’t let him go because of his problem but the Father convinced me it would be good for him being around so many other boys his age.”


Stanley didn’t like the reference to Father John but had to agree with him on this point - that it probably was better for him to be at camp rather than sitting at home.


“OK Bernie, keep an eye on them for me and hopefully I’ll be home soon. I think they are running out of things they need me to do over here even though my contract was for six months.”


He smiled at the camera and Bernadette flushed as she always did at her handsome husband.


“Well… love to you all.”


And the link went black.


She looked over her shoulder at her boy laid out on the floor with his legs in the air, dummy in his mouth and Mary inspecting his bulging disposable.




There was no doubt about it, wearing his sweet childish disposables had definitely made Joey even more infantile. His nappy was more often wet than dry as he leaked continually not able, or willing, to take control of his body. Bernadette didn’t mind but there was a simmering doubt now playing at the back of her mind.


Over the next few days it was very apparent that Joey loved his new disposables often to the exclusion of any other clothing. To him they felt better to wear and even when wet, just felt nicer. He’d normally be changed when all the indicating motifs disappeared and it had absorbed enough liquid to expand between his legs many times over. It was this bit that he liked the best, even when there was just a bulbous and squishy bulge in his plastic pants, unlike with his fabric nappy, which he still had to wear on a night, he never felt wet.  He liked the waddle it produced as well as all the attention.


Yes, these disposables were nice… and wearing them made him very, very happy. He felt secure, he felt safe and he felt like a little kid again… and liked to wet them because that was fun. However, these days he never actually meant to pee in them it just happened. Suddenly he’d realise how big his disposable had gotten and that made him giddy and joyous because it felt good.


He liked the fact that Mary was treating him like she was another mummy. She was constantly checking him, making sure he was alright and giving cuddles. He liked that. Susie, sorry, Susan, she didn’t like to be called Susie anymore, was his best playmate, well that was if Todd wasn’t around, and again, she was like a big sister to him, always making sure he was dry and, if he was upset or crying over something, she made sure he had some toy or other at hand and had plenty of stuffed animals to sleep with.


Since church, where Father John had been very friendly and had thanked the Griffiths and the Watkins’s for coming, Todd had become a regular visitor to Joey’s home. After one Mass both families had gone to lunch and had a great time together chatting and gossiping. Again the eldest child was dressed like the youngest but it made no difference to either group, their sons we enjoying each other’s company and, with both having the same wetting problem, there were no special arrangements needed. The Watkins were so happy that their son had finally found a friend he really, really liked, so they were more than happy to let the boys spend so much time together. Mary and Susan took the two nappy wearing boys under their junior maternal wings and made sure they were frequently inspected.




It seemed that every morning Joey now woke up wet and messy, even when sleeping in his mummy’s bed he couldn’t help himself. He’d lie there happily sucking on his dummy until his mother cleaned him up or took him to the bathroom for a more thorough cleansing. It was never too much trouble for Bernadette but she wasn’t keen on involving the girls in this aspect of Joey’s toilet and kept them to simple disposable changes.


After a night in his wet and messy nappy Joey was always cheery when he was wrapped in his fresh disposable. He was no longer asked which one he wanted to wear that decision was taken by whoever was changing him. He wasn’t bothered as he’d noisily waddle away, the reassuring crinkle or rustle of his vinyl pants adding to his sense of security.




Things began to change for Bernadette as they had for Joey all those weeks ago.


Gradually doubt crept into her mind; her husband’s wary concern and the Father’s earlier words of reproach had affected her more than she thought. The confidence, with which she started this process, and the need to have her baby boy back, now looked somewhat reckless. She decided to make an appointment for Joey to see a doctor because plainly, just taking him out of his nappy and putting him back into briefs wasn’t going to be nearly enough.


The doctor, like so many other doctors, simply didn’t have the knowledge to deal with such a specialised case as Joey. He thought, as Bernadette had already explained to her husband, it was no doubt something he’d eventually grow out of.


“If it started suddenly, it can go away just as suddenly.” Was the doctor’s pathetic diagnosis.


She tried to explain that his reliance on nappies and his love of disposables meant he made no effort at all to go potty. As if to add emphasis to her words of worry Joey filled his disposable there and then in the doctor’s surgery - telling mummy loudly and giggling what he’d done. The doctor just sighed and shrugged, it was beyond him and, as far as he was concerned, she’d just have to wait until he grew out of it.


She arrived back home disenchanted with the Health Service but knowing she needed to do more so looked online for Child Psychologists, found one in the next town over and booked an appointment. Joey could be seen in three days.




The big problem that Bernadette faced was how to undo what had been done and the fact was… she just didn’t know.


Yes it was her who’d put him in nappies, although it was Father John who’d suggested it and followed through with a severe spanking. It was her that then insisted he be punished for his self-abuse and swearing but, how could she ‘undo’ those things. A spanking was a spanking, not a lot you can undo about that and it wasn’t like he was disciplined nonstop. The threat was there in the early days but he soon didn’t need that type of intimidation. It wasn’t her who put him in disposables, well it was, but it was Joey who’d asked for them. It was Joey who’d slipped back into childhood, although she had to admit to encouraging it with mild threats and baby clothes, in truth, he hadn’t put up much of a fight.


The more she thought about it the more uncomfortable she became about the ease in which Joey had taken to it all, although at the time she was just so grateful. She looked across as he played with his sisters; tall and handsome and wearing his shiny protection, she was caught in a dilemma.

Should she try to unravel her son’s desire to wear a nappy and act like a toddler, should she attempt to get him back to a noisy twelve year-old, or should she just leave well alone?


Well, with that particular special occasion, his twelfth birthday, drawing close she decided on that day to begin the start of his return. She would organise a huge party and invite all his team mates and friends from school and hope that stimulates any suppressed grown up feelings or desires her sweet boy may have.




Bernadette’s hope was simple. Perhaps, under the influence of his friends, he’d gradually slip back into being the belligerent, self-confident pre-teenager that he once was. Syed and Joey, together with all his team mates were quite a group of self-reliant kids, always out doing something; soccer, skateboard, swimming, they never seemed to stop. It was only now, when her son had become so much of the baby she’d wanted, she realised what had been taken away. He was almost twelve and although her motives and hopes had been fulfilled, with a heavy heart she realised that now was the time to return to the status quo… although she hoped there’d still be touches of her ‘sweet little boy’ that would remain.




Syed was called and asked if he wanted to come to Joey’s twelve birthday party. He was to invite any friends of them both that he knew and it was to have a soccer theme. Meanwhile, she sent out invites and also called people she’d been keeping at arms-length for all this time. She asked Father John to invite the cubs and scouts, in fact anyone who was at camp with him. She was worried that few would turn up because she’d shielded him from his friends for so long, although, if everyone turned up it meant the house was going to be crammed with kids but, maybe, that might be a good thing.


After such a long time being kept well away from his best friend, Syed suspected something amiss from Mrs Griffith’s invitation and was very distrustful. However, he was desperate to see his friend again and perhaps get to the bottom of what exactly had been going on. The same could be said for just about all his friends, rumour and gossip had gotten around so much that everyone was curious to see for themselves. They didn’t know if they’d get the Joe they all knew, or this dumb little jerk who wore nappies, but they wanted to find out.




Part 14


It was a first in such a long time, the morning of Joey’s birthday party and a surprise present no one expected. His mummy couldn’t believe it, after so many wet and messy mornings, and on the very day when she had decided to try and return him to acting his real age, he presented her with a dry nappy.


The thick fabric nappy and stuffers that accompanied him to bed every night were as dry as a bone. However, this huge development meant nothing to the birthday boy himself, he just wanted to get out of his night time uniform and get put into his slinky disposables. In fact, when asked what he wanted for his birthday, all he kept requesting was more colourful disposables.




The day before had seen him visit Doctor Rosemary Peterson, a child psychologist, who had spent over two hours with Joey and his mummy. Apart from the fact he was acting like a toddler, she could find nothing physically wrong with the twelve year-old but agreed that a traumatic event could have sent him back to a moment in his life when he felt safe and protected.


Nervously Mrs Griffiths asked if his severe spanking and being forced into wearing a nappy to prevent him masturbating could have been the cause.


“It’s possible”


Had been the simple response, but the Doctor added, it could be just one of many reasons. Possibly by spending such a long time wearing a nappy, maybe Joey had simply got used to it and actually liked what it represented.


The psychologist went on to explain that many young people are often stressed about things their parents, teachers and even friends don’t know about. She reeled off a list. Something as simple as worrying about spots, reaching puberty, exams, pressure to perform in sport, changing school or just growing up and having to deal with becoming an adult can sometimes put pressure on a young mind, especially if they aren’t particularly ready to accept such responsibility.




Bernadette tried to think of anything, anything at all, which could have affected him but Joey was always a self-sufficient boy who was keen on sport and never appeared to let exams worry him. He usually sailed through them getting pretty good grades whilst doing so. Joey’s leadership qualities had been recognised by Father John at camp so obviously, just the fact he had to wear a nappy wasn’t the cause of his swift and current regression.


She couldn’t get into her son’s head because talking to him now was like speaking to a toddler, his answers were simple and uncomplicated and something else she’d noticed, he’d say things he hoped would please her. So, even if he didn’t like something but thought his mummy did, well, he’d be a loving son and say he did. There was absolutely nothing to dislike about Joey apart from the possible idea of a twelve year-old living a toddler’s existence, which in truth was really OK for Bernadette.




However, with the priest, her husband and now the child psychologist all saying something negative those opinions were playing heavily on Bernadette’s mind. The fact that the psychologist had said there might be other explanations for her son’s happy regression were a bonus but the doctor hadn’t ruled out those traumatic few days at the beginning of his re-nappying as the possible cause.


For one thing, Father John had been most vociferous in his praise for Joey at camp and the fact that even though he stoically wore his nappy, he functioned like he always had. He hadn’t regressed, in fact he’d led the team in many ways but now, well, all that seemed to have disappeared and left, a sweet reliant and compliant little boy who loved his mummy.


Mind you that wasn’t surprising seeing as how Bernadette had gone to a great deal of trouble to make sure her son knew his place; the refurbishment of his room, the change of his clothing to that of a pre-schooler, the paddle hanging as a threat behind his door, so it was the last thing he saw at night and the first thing in the morning – a shiver of realisation ran down her spine - perhaps she’d over done it.


The other side of that argument was that Joey appeared very happy in his new state. He was kind to his sisters; in fact, he was more loving towards them now than he’d ever been. He was nice and attentive to his mother’s wishes and the joyful way he played with Todd and the girls was wonderful to behold. These days it didn’t seem to worry him that his other, older friends were not around as he could play happily on his own.




Losing her son to become an uncaring, cantankerous teen had been a step too far, and in her mind at least, happening far too quickly. Those messed in pyjamas from his burgeoning puberty being the main thing that drove her to despair. She’d sought a ray of light from the Lord, she thought Father John would have been a big influence and change her son’s opinionated attitude, alas all this amounted to nothing.


The biggest thrill for her had been to see her boy in his protection; nappies and plastic pants just made him the engaging, unaffected boy she had hoped to have back in her life. Even though his twelve year-old physique was too big to support his childish clothing, he did look and act the part when wearing a thick nappy and crinkly plastic pants. The entire outfit seemed to take the weight of growing up off his shoulders and relieve him of such a burden.


What she’d accomplished with Joey’s regression was nothing short of remarkable. She’d had some time now as the mother of an absolutely adorable, kind and loving young boy and though she didn’t want to return things completely to the way they were, knew she had to give it up or perhaps face disastrous consequences.




Bernadette gave the credit for the dry morning to the psychologist, after just one visit she’d been able to help Joey with his wetting, or so she thought.  She was convinced that after a few more visits, with the good doctor’s help, she could get Joey back to being a functioning twelve year-old.


She fished out all his old clothes from the boxes in the attic and added to the piles of nappies and disposables his boxers and briefs, his shirts and jeans and his soccer kit. She remembered that he’d been wearing that when Father John had spanked him hard for swearing at her and blaspheming. She wasn’t sure about him wearing those, wondering if perhaps they’d bring back unhappy memories. Anyway she had already bought him a new seasonal kit of his favourite team for his birthday.


She tacked up some of his old posters of sports stars and cars, much to a bemused look on Joey’s face. However, when she tried to change his bedding back to something a little more appropriate to his real age a scared and sorrowful look appeared on his face so she thought it might be a change too quickly for him to cope. She started to remove his array of stuffed toys that now occupied a large part of his bed but his snuffling and large weepy eyes meant she quickly returned them to where they belonged. It looked as if he was in no rush to get back to his true age.




She hoped that with all his old clothing available he might want to try and wear some of that but a naked and shivering Joey, fresh from his morning shower, when asked to choose what he wanted to wear, chose his animal print disposable, a matching t-shirt with a cartoon lion on front and his clear plastic pants. Despite his mummy suggesting something different he didn’t want it and insisted he was put into what had now become his favoured choice of underwear.


He opened the present of his new soccer kit and smiled excitedly at his mummy, thanking her but rather than insisting on wearing it, simply put it with the pile of other presents and cards. Nothing he received gave him quite the excitement of his crinkly, colourful disposables.


Later however, once she’d dressed him in his new soccer kit it wasn’t long before he’d be back to only wearing his disposable, whilst his present was left in a heap in a corner. These days he was way happier when he wasn’t in anything that restricted his happy, glossy pants.


She could only get him to wear something else if they were going out otherwise he spent his time in the house wearing his favourite nappies. However, after petulantly refusing to wear his soccer kit once too many times, the threat of a spanking from his mother and his sisters made him fidget but acquiesce whilst his shorts were slipped over his shiny plastic pants - they didn’t conceal his padding but they’d have to do for his party.




Once again the garden was a hive of activity as Joey’s guests arrived. Todd was first and was immediately taken off to play by Susan who introduced him to some new changes to her play house.  Sarah went off to chat to Bernadette and act as co-supervisor. Todd was wearing, as the theme implied, a new soccer kit similar to Joey’s. He didn’t have a favourite team but because he knew it was Joey’s his mummy had bought him one especially for the occasion. His padded bottom hardly showing under the flimsy maroon polyester of his shorts, everything was tight and inconspicuous.


A couple of the cubs from BLUE cabin, Benny and Tommy came in their green school soccer kit and joined Joey in a kick-about in the large garden. Goal posts had been set up at either end, as well as access to the trampoline and a few other games that Bernadette and Mary had thoughtfully organised around the sides. In the kitchen and living room the tables were stacked with nibbles and bottles of soda for all the guests to help themselves.


Terry arrived looking his usual suave self, dressed in dark green shorts and matching pale green polo shirt, not soccer kit but Bernadette couldn’t get over just how smart and polite this young teenager was. He greeted Joey with a hug and a beautifully wrapped gift and Joey was obviously very pleased to see him again.




Moments later some of Joey’s school friends descended en masse, the six boys in the regular school team kit, but the three girls giving it a miss, preferring to be stylish rather than sporty. Each brought a card and a couple brought DVDs and books as gifts. One of the presents was supposed to be a ‘joke’ gift, a pop-up book of kiddie stories that was really just a dig at what they thought Joe had become, Joey thought it wonderful and hoped to read it with Susan later.


Bernadette was a bit guarded when she saw one of the girls was Amy who she’d had a bit of a run in with back in town.  She was a bit apprehensive of what she might say, seeing as she had plenty to say in the store. However, she appeared to be either on her best behaviour or had simply moved on, perhaps recognising that Joe was now a lost cause and she should look elsewhere for a mate. Still she was nice and friendly towards Joe and chatted to him for a few minutes before he ran off to greet others.


There was no doubting that under his kit the bulge was his nappy, even though it was not too apparent to begin with, as the party progressed it gradually swelled under the thin purple material and left absolutely no doubt. It didn’t bother Joey and even when Syed and Richard made a comment, Joey just giggled, pulled down his shorts to show his plastic pants and bloated disposable, then carried on as if nothing untoward had happened.




Syed and Richard both laughed but a strange tingle ran through Syed’s body. He was both delighted and appalled at how Joe just didn’t seem to care what anyone thought. The fun with which he greeted everything, the wide eyed enjoyment of his situation, the toddlerish innocence he viewed all around was in complete contrast to his own family’s attitude. They wanted him to work and work hard at getting grades. His father wanted him to be a lawyer like him, whilst his mother saw him more as a doctor and the pressure on his twelve year-old’s head was getting too much.


Syed, perhaps more than any of the others, was glad to be back in the company of his best friend. He was surprised to see all these new people but had really missed not having Joe to chat to and discuss, well, his problems with. Meanwhile, he watched as Joe suddenly crouched down by the table as if chatting to one of those new boys but it was obvious to Syed at least, that he was taking an impromptu pee. Moments later, when he got up his nappy had expanded considerably the soda going straight through him and flooding his dainty disposable.


Mary also noticed this and sneakily checked the indicator motifs had disappeared, which meant his nappy was full so needed changing. She asked Susan to check with Todd to make sure he was OK but as they didn’t know about Benny and Tommy’s similar needs, didn’t check on those boys.




Terry, like Father John, had been surprised at the sudden childishness of Joey. His pleasure in wearing his nappy didn’t surprise him, he’d noticed that with the boy’s from BLUE cabin, however this regression to speaking and acting like a toddler did un-nerve him a little. He went to speak to Mrs Griffiths, ostensibly to see if she would let Joey join the scouts but found himself wondering what had become of the confident boy he was so proud of up at Lake Cambria.


Syed and the group of school chums really didn’t know what to make of it all. The other kids were younger than them, apart from Terry (who all the girls had a sudden crush on) and didn’t know how to play this ‘thing’ with Joey. He wore a nappy, he wasn’t ashamed of it, in fact, he appeared proud of it so any negative comments missed their mark as they simply weren’t acknowledged.


Four of the boys who had only come to make fun left fairly early having grown bored now they’d seen for themselves what a baby Joe had become leaving the girls, who were huddled around Terry, and Syed and Richard. Syed was fascinated by Joe’s total ease with his nappy, so when he saw Mary and Susan round up Todd and the birthday boy leading them indoors, he followed.




At the same time Father John arrived, so did a large group of boys from school, friends of Joe’s who’d been involved in a sports tournament so couldn’t be there at the beginning. Bernadette greeted them on her son’s behalf suddenly noticing the absence of Mary and Susan and putting two and two together to know what was happening. For a few seconds she was sad that his dry spell had come to an end but was pleased that her daughters had taken on the responsibility to keep their brother from getting a nappy rash. A few had brought presents and cards though they were really there to find out if all the rumours of Joe’s nappying were true. They couldn’t wait to see for themselves, however, the presence of the priest made them on their best behaviour, well, to begin with at least.


A more intense game of soccer started now some older boys had arrived, which made the younger ones take refuge on the trampoline or stand on the side-lines sipping their sodas. Father John was happily chatting to the other adults and was pleased that Terry had already broached the idea of Joey joining the scout troop. Having got a frosty reception when he’d first suggested it, he was delighted that Terry had laid the groundwork and that Mrs Griffiths was more in tune with what was best for her son.




Upstairs Syed was mesmerised by the way Joe let himself be stripped of his shorts and soaked protection and was rather jealous of the way his younger sister lavished such attention on cleaning him up, powdering and getting him back into a clean and fresh disposable. The crinkly material and the soft rustling of the plastic pants as they were rolled back up his friend’s legs making him wish it was he who was being changed.


This unexpected thought made Syed take a sudden deep breath, which attracted the attention of all in the room. He wanted to run away but the fact that both Todd and Joe were all smiles now they had on fresh protection made him feel less guilty about his spying activities.


Oddly it was Susan who broke the silence when she asked if Syed needed changing. It hadn’t occurred to her that he wouldn’t, the two males in her life needed changing so why not any other boy. Mary smiled and encouraged Syed in and unwrapped one of her brother’s stars and rockets disposables and patted the bed next to Joey. It was at this moment, teetering between doing something he wanted and not doing something he didn’t think was right, that he shook his head and disappeared back to the party.


As he stepped down each stair towards the garden his mind was full of regret, he just wished he hadn’t been such a coward.




The boys returned, now freshly cleaned up, but now their protection was hardly noticeable under their soccer shorts. Joe’s school chums gathered around to wish Happy Birthday and kept patting his bottom in the hope of detecting the padding. They did. Once each had made the discovery for themselves they seemed satisfied but any comments they may have wanted to say were superseded as Mrs Griffiths brought out a cake with twelve candles burning.


A rousing chorus of the birthday song and Joey blew out the candles with one huge breath. At the same time, Gareth, one of his team mates, couldn’t resist walking up behind him and yanking down his shorts revealing his plastic protection. Of course it was supposed to embarrass Joe but all it did was make him giggle, kick off his shorts before running around enjoying his new freedom. Todd was quick to join him and, perhaps emboldened by such an entertaining display, so did Benny and Tommy.


The garden had four boys in their protection running around oblivious of the ridicule the other school friends were shouting. The adults and girls stood in wonder as giggling, Joey would go up to one of the abusive ‘friends’ and try to pull down their shorts. They were calling him all manner of disgusting games but Mary went up and pulled down Gareth’s shorts to reveal his own childish Ninja Turtle briefs, which then made him the object of some ridicule.


The party degenerated quickly after that and the girls left as soon as Terry had said his goodbyes. The other boys, having eaten and drank as much as they could, departed chuckling to each other about what a baby Joe had become and what a ‘sweet mummy’s boy’ Gareth was. Gareth was ashamed of his briefs and didn’t take part in much of the jibing his mates thought up.




Throughout all this Bernadette and Father John had a conversation regarding Joey’s current situation. The priest offered his help and encouraged her to continue seeing Doctor Peterson as he too was very worried about just how childish and carefree Joey had become. There now seemed nothing; no shame, no embarrassment and no worries as to the way he felt about what he did or how he looked. Normally, a twelve year-old boy would be desperate to appear grown up, be making demands of his parents, to be sulky and introvert thinking the world was against them and no one had ever experienced such an unfeeling and cruel world.


That certainly wasn’t Joey; he’d had a great party and was still bouncing on the trampoline with Todd, Benny and Thomas… all only wearing their protection. Syed stood watching with a can of Coke in his hand wishing he had the guts to join in. He hadn’t resorted to wearing just his undies but looked on enviously at the colourful nappies the boys were wearing. The noise of the boys screaming in delight as they bounced higher and higher, the crinkling sound of their plastic protection and the obvious pleasure they were experiencing was, to Syed, wonderful. He wished he’d taken the opportunity to be changed by Mary when he had the chance and looked in her direction, hoping that another opportunity might arise.




Part 15


After everybody had gone, leaving just Todd playing with Joey and the girls, Bernadette sighed with relief. She’d been relieved that things hadn’t passed off as badly as they could have but was saddened that her son’s older friends hadn’t been the age-improving influence she’d hoped for. If anything, he seemed to see them as just other children to play with and had no problem wearing his nappy in front of any of them. He appeared ignorant of having to act in any way other than the way he did and that was as a giggly, silly, fun-loving toddler. Bernadette sighed once more – this was going to be a bigger problem than she’d thought. Especially as she realised that his dry morning had probably been a one-off rather than the other thing she’d hoped for - a road to recovery.




Syed hadn’t been upset by his friend acting different; a child, a toddler, a big baby wearing a nappy because he’d watched as he played and hadn’t needed to try to impress anyone. Joe looked incredibly happy and at ease charging around with the little kids as much as he was kicking the ball around with his soccer mates. There was no doubt that Joe was no longer the ‘cool’ friend he once was, yet his obvious nappy didn’t give him a moment’s worry. Syed was envious of such ‘freedom’.


For him life was different. As soon as he walked through his own doorway his mother would be asking if he’d done any studying. Had he read the books she’d given him? Didn’t he have a report to finish? He sighed ruefully. The demands both his parents made were weighing Syed down but all he could think about was the missed opportunity to be changed by Mary, wear a nappy like his best friend and not have to worry about a thing other than to be a kid again.


In his home it was difficult being a kid. The stuff he saw other kids do was not what his mother and father thought as any benefit to a child. TV, games and most social events with his peers were things he’d never been encouraged or allowed to do as he was growing up. It was only when he changed school, met Joe and became a member of the soccer team that he understood what being part of a group and acting like a kid was about. However, his parents didn’t agree that children should be left to be children. To them life wasn’t like that and no matter how young they were needed to get ahead in the rat-race as soon as possible. Therefore, his home life was regimented with time allocated to study and reading; the pursuit of knowledge being top of their agenda.


His friendship with Joe had made it so that as long as his best friend was there for him he could cope with their demands. It had been a very hard summer break without him around and his parents had taken full advantage by making sure he had extra tuition and visits to boring ‘educational establishments’.


At times he could have killed his parents and would love to have been adopted by the Griffiths.




It was 6.30pm and Joey was already in the bath after such an exciting day. He’d managed to get food, grass and dirt everywhere and was happily grinning as his mummy lovingly sponged him clean. In the corner of the bathroom was his soaked disposable and see-thru plastic pants but he was happily splashing with his toys as Bernadette made sure the birthday boy, her little ray of sunshine, was spotless.


Covering him in a towel she led him back into his room and laid him out on the bed, which already had his night time protection arranged for immediate use. She rubbed in a thick dollop of cream to prevent nappy rash, which had Joey smiling as his mummy’s fingers worked it into his soft skin. The baby powder followed as usual and the thick soak-pads added as she pulled the terry fabric up between his legs and pinned it all into place. The plain white fabric was turned into something more fun with the addition of his new pop-studded vinyl pants with the stars and rockets all over them. Joey’s face lit up when he saw that he’d be sleeping in those and held out his arms to hug mummy in appreciation.


It was childish but spontaneous acts like this when Bernadette really didn’t want to change the way things were. Her little boy so happy and grateful over something so simple that it made his day, why would she want to change him? Taking full advantage of his outstretched arms she slipped a matching soft cotton onesie over his head and snapped the poppers into place. Since Susan had left Betsy Bunny with Joey after he had the terrible nightmare, he had slept with it every night. Even though there was an array of far fluffier animals on his bed, because she had given it to him, he now insisted it be in his arms when he went to sleep. Bernadette popped in his dummy and her sweet little boy, after such an exciting and busy day, quickly relaxed and fell asleep.




For quite a while now Joey’s dreams had been both peaceful and vivid. The nightmares he once experienced had all gone and what he was left with was an imaginary dreamland where everything was joyful. Perhaps the main problem, if problem it was, is that his imaginary world overlapped his real world completely. He could no longer differentiate between the colourful cartoon characters in his dreams, or on TV to the people he met day to day. In his head everyone was like him, a happy, excitable toddler - even adults were toddlers, the only difference being they were slightly older, maybe by only a few months, and that’s what separated them. It was a landscape where everyone wore similar brightly coloured clothes and all sported a thick nappy with ‘interesting’ shiny plastic pants.




When his mother and the priest had first punished him he’d hated that they resorted to putting him into nappies as an ongoing reminder of his ‘sins’. However, he accepted it because his mother insisted that both she and his father agreed on such a course of action. He had no choice so thought he’d better make the best of a bad thing. He tried not to ‘rock the boat’ and see the punishment increase so acquiesced to his mother’s demands. The trip to the lakes with the cubs had been something he definitely didn’t expect or want to be part of but, as it transpired, it was one of the best adventures he’d ever had and as a result, though his punishment of remaining in nappies continued, he thought it a small price to pay.


He put up with whatever was requested of him but, and this was a turning point, when Terry had changed and put him in disposables for the first time, the whole question of nappies altered and, like the others in BLUE cabin, he realised the benefits and comfort they provided.


When he returned home and the wearing of a nappy was expected to continue he didn’t like it at all but his mother’s determination (and the threat of more severe spankings) had made him a little more open to the things she was insisting upon. He got used to the bulk all over again and found that, despite himself, it was something very reassuring and something he enjoyed. His mother made it easy for him to accept his situation because there was simply no other influences allowed in his life except what she wanted, and she wanted him to be her little boy again.


It had been difficult to show any enthusiasm for such an idea but the more he watched TV with Mary and Susan, the more he played their games and didn’t have to do or be anything other than a kid enjoying himself, he found it a lot easier. Like when he was at camp and was fighting against being absorbed into the cub and scouting ethos, it had been the actions of the scouts, especially Terry and Drew who convinced him that it was something to be enjoyed. He came away from Lake Cambria a better person (even if he was still in a nappy) and with a desire to become a scout as soon as possible. Unfortunately, his mother’s own plans got in the way of that decision.




The next big influence was when at home and he put on one of Todd’s disposables and that whole feeling of well-being he’d had at camp came flooding back. It was like a magic wand had been fired in his direction as his entire demeanour changed as a result of the disposable’s plastic embrace. Now it felt fantastic to wear such an item, he never wanted that sensation to leave. However, he knew that he would only be allowed to wear such an item if he was still regarded as a big kid. He didn’t want things to change. What he wanted was to spend all his time in the welcoming slippery plastic comfort of his nappies.


Joey had slipped into a self-inspired world that was all about being a kid and enjoying yourself.  Although he was conscious of family and friends the edges between reality and make-believe were eroded. One minute he’d be mindful of such people in the actual world but then in his head it would flip and those very same people became cartoon versions of themselves, which, in his realm at least, made them much more fun to be around.


Like when a toddler watches something on TV, the colourful images are often just as real and meaningful as anything else around them, they are just part of the toddler’s life. So it was for Joey. He’d found a comfort, escape and a dimension to his life that nappies provided. He perhaps didn’t even realise what was happening but a gradual acceptance that his world was changing and changing in such a way that it was better, more enjoyable… more FUN.


Of course no one knew all this but Joey… and it was debatable if he was aware of it.




As Joey slept his mother and the girls finished the last little bit of tidying up. Bernadette had heaped praise on her daughters who had been enthusiastic in keeping Todd and Joey’s comfort a priority. It was now even possible, because he’d seen her change Joey on many occasions, for Mary to be able to change Todd. She, in her turn, had found little special ways to help her charges relax as she applied creams and lotions, and both boys reacted with giggles and smiles as she went about her new business. It was perhaps strange, but she loved having them to look after and took her responsibilities very seriously. Her attitude was already rubbing off on Susan so between them, Bernadette had a formidable set of helpers.


There were still cards and presents Joey had yet to open so they were put into a pile for him to attend to in the morning. Thankfully, the place was soon back to normal, whilst the garden began to regain some of its better features even though the lawn had become somewhat cut up with the various games and battles acted out on it.


Joey had been in bed for about an hour when the phone rang, it was Syed.


“Eh, hello Mrs Griffiths, is, er, Joe available please?”


Bernadette had been pleased with the way Syed had been with Joey so wasn’t as off-hand as she had been in the past.


“Well Syed, Joey’s all tuckered out after a busy day… so is in bed…”


“Oh, OK, er, thanks Mrs Griffiths, er, um, thank you for inviting me to the party, er…”


“Thanks for coming Syed.”


“Er… do you… er, do you think I might be able to come and see him in the morning, erm…?”


Bernadette was somewhat taken by Syed’s nervous enquiry.


“Yes, I don’t see why not… I’m sure he’d love to have you over.”


Relief surged through his body as he replaced the receiver from his secretive phone call. He didn’t want his mum and dad to know he was planning on visiting Joey again, they had been pretty dismissive of him spending time with “… that strange boy”. He had an early night himself and let his mind wonder as to what it would be like to wear nothing but nappies as he and his neighbours played in the garden. His dreams were filled with brightly coloured disposables and Mary making sure they fit him perfectly.




Joey slowly awoke. A hand was gently rubbing circles around his tummy which overlapped onto the front of his protection.  The feeling was wonderful and made him wriggle in utter contentment as his mother, absentmindedly stroked her son. He knew he’d gone to sleep in his own bed but had no recollection of how he got into his mummy’s. However; this was so nice he was glad he had.


Bernadette was slowly waking up but could discern the way Joey wriggled in response to her hand that he was now awake.


“Morning sleepyhead.”


She slid a finger up to check his nappy and was surprised to find that once again he was dry.


“Mornin’ mummy… mmmm.” He was enjoying he gentle caresses.


“Who’s a clever boy then? Another dry morning and another dry nappy… oooh you’re such a big boy aren’t you?”


Even through his onesie he loved having his tummy rubbed and could do nothing more than wriggle and giggle with pleasure.


She cuddled him closer, kissing the back of his head and then turning those little kisses into huge big silly sloppy noisy kisses that had Joey almost in hysterics as he writhed in pure enjoyment. She was lucky that he didn’t lose control and fill his nappy as a result but suddenly the door burst open and the girls came running in and leapt onto their mother’s bed. Soon the covers were all over the place as the group became just one hysterical laughing mass enjoying a daft, tickly start to the day.




When Syed arrived Joey was already dressed in his plain white disposable with the thick, colourful, slippery, vinyl cover making a shiny statement to anyone who visited. He was barefoot and wore a white and yellow onesie that hadn’t been fastened between his legs, the flaps adding to his look of babyishness. Joey rushed up and greeted him with a peck on the cheek as he dragged his friend into the living room to watch a cartoon on TV.


Joey was smiling and nudging Syed all the time and eventually, once the programme had finished, they gathered some other toys together and lay out on the carpet to play. Syed couldn’t take his eyes off of what Joey was wearing and Mary noticed that he constantly ran his hands over the slippery material.


“Do you need changing Syed?” She quietly asked.


“Erm, er, no…. er, yes… erm, well, er no…”


Mary smiled. She was used to just changing Joey when she thought he needed it and without having to ask so, she thought Syed may be a bit shy and perhaps just needed taking in hand like she would with her brother.


“Follow me.”


She led Syed up to Joey’s changing area and asked him to lie down.


“Do you want me to take your jeans off?”


Mary already had her hand on the top button and was poised to start her business.


Syed was really nervous. This entire scene was strange and a little weird. He wasn’t sure why he wanted this so much but he did. He took a deep breath, nodded and closed his eyes, giving himself over to Joe’s young sister.


She pulled off his jeans and was amazed to see a pair of underpants where a nappy would normally be had she been changing Joey.


She shook her junior maternal head. “Boys,” and did a sort of tutting noise as if to say; “Boys can’t even dress themselves properly.”


Once he was nude she noticed that Syed had hair where Joey didn’t, Bernadette had removed all the hair around his boy bits some time back. Mary wasn’t sure what to do but thought it didn’t matter and grabbed the box of wet wipes.


As she commenced wiping the area Syed lay there feeling very unusual and tried his best not to get aroused. He bit his bottom lip as Mary’s cool hands wiped and then applied a coating of lotion to his groin.


“Bottom up.”


It was an instruction Syed hadn’t heard since he was two years-old. Shortly after that age his mother had him potty trained and wearing trainer pants. He detected the sound of the crinkly package being opened and spread out. Seconds later the soft, cool material was slipped into place.


He was unbelievably excited by the whole process and bit his lip even more firmly to drive out the thrilling experience that his body was undergoing. He could feel his cock stirring but didn’t want to embarrass himself or have Mary deal with it, thankfully another instruction soon followed.


“OK, you can sit down now.”


He slowly lowered himself onto the pristine white padding beneath him and was satisfied at the rustle that followed. Soon Mary had him well powdered and taped in with her usual professional manner. For the final flourish she reached for a pair of Joey’s clear plastic pants and inched them up his legs.


“OK, all done. You can go back and play with Joey now.”


She hadn’t given him back his jeans, which left him a bit self-conscious to be dressed as he was but Mary got on with tidying her stuff away and more or less shooed him away. He tentatively wandered back to where Joey was and, as no one said anything about the way he appeared, spread himself out on the carpet just like Joey and continued with their game of racing cars as if nothing was different.




Later Bernadette wandered into the room to bring everyone drinks. She had milkshakes in glasses though Joey’s was in a sippy cup. She was stunned to see Syed laid out in a nappy and protection but appeared deep in his racing car game with her son. However, once she made a presence known, Syed became very nervy and self-conscious trying to infer, in a babbling kind of way, it was Mary’s idea.


Mary in turn explained precisely why he was now wearing the same as Joey and that was simply because he looked like he wanted to. No one had said anything she just took it on herself to offer him the option, which he took.


Mary seemed pleased with herself that she was grown up enough to see a problem and solve it all by herself and her mother nodded that she’d done a terrific job. However, Bernadette expected Syed’s influence would have worked on Joey and not the other way round. Despite her shock she couldn’t get over how cute these two twelve year-olds looked wearing only a nappies and cotton tops.


 “It’s OK Syed,” She tried to put him at ease. “Mary looks after Joey’s changes so I suppose thinks you need looking after as well... hope you don’t mind?”


Hiding behind a slurp of milkshake he shook his head and the two boys continued with their noisy game.


This had been an unexpected development and Bernadette wasn’t too sure how to deal with it. She knew that Syed’s parents would fiercely oppose him wearing such clothing but, if it was something he wanted, then perhaps she should be happy that he wanted the same as her son. The problem she had was that, although she loved the toddler side of her son, knew she had to get him to change back. Syed wearing a nappy would just reinforce his juvenile status and he’d never get better.


She returned to the kitchen, wrapped her hands around the mug of coffee she’d just made and sat in desperate contemplation trying to find an answer.





The boys spent most of the day playing and charging around the house in just their nappies. Joey had filled his several times over, though Syed had been very reluctant to do so. Eventually, and only after seeing Joe happily letting go and watching his disposable expand, did Syed tentatively let a bit of pee escape. He soon found out just how hard it is to stop the flow once it starts and quickly was the proud, if damp, owner of a swelling nappy which was filling out his plastic pants.


He noticed how nice the warm glow felt and how his walk was changed to more of a waddle. The fact that Joe continued playing as if nothing happened made him do exactly the same. A little later Mary came in checked her brother’s soaked mass and told him it was time for a change. She looked across at Syed and could see he was in the same situation so scooted both boys upstairs to be seen to.


She tugged down Joey’s protection and untapped the soggy nappy. He got a bit wriggly so she found his dum-dum and shoved it in, which had the desired effect of calming him down whilst she got on with her job.


Syed noticed that his best friend no longer had any hair ‘down there’. In fact he was as smooth as a babies…


He let that thought go as Mary quickly powdered and refitted a fresh clean stars and rockets disposable and then added a pair of see thru plastic pants like Syed had been wearing. She insisted that Joey didn’t move as she then set about doing the same to his friend.


Joey was still sucking on his dummy as he watched Syed have his plastic pants removed. Once they were off he suddenly felt much more vulnerable and became a little fidgety himself trying to put his hand over the offending bulge. Mary would have none of it so went and retrieved another dummy from the dresser and slipped it between Syed’s reluctant lips. This was another strange and unexpected sensation but he saw how his friend was happily sucking on his so did the same. It took a few hesitant sucks before he got the same rhythm as Joe but once Mary was happy he was happy she untapped his soggy nappy and set about cleaning him up as she had her brother.

Within minutes both boys were heading back downstairs now in fresh disposables that felt really nice on - Joey in his stars and rockets design, whilst Syed had been placed in the larger, animal print ones. Both had been put in clear plastic step-in pants but had kept the same soft cotton tops as they had before. Oddly enough Syed was thoroughly enjoying this break from the norm and began to slip easily into the childish, playfulness that Joey radiated.  He even began to use shorter sentences, speak in terms he’d not used since he was two and loved the sensation of his nappy rubbing against his privates as they wriggled around the floor playing their games.



At one point Joey noticed he had a couple of birthday presents still left to open, one of which was the gift from Terry. Smiling, he took his time slowly tearing the gold coloured paper apart before being presented with a green box. Syed and the girls looked on as he slowly lifted the lid and was surprised to see the content - it was a brown leather belt with a sparkling brass buckle that had the scouts logo and the words ‘Be Prepared’ written underneath.


The smell of new leather and the shininess of the buckle had an immediate impact on Joey’s psyche. A strange shiver ran down his body, a brief recollection of talking to Terry and Drew up at Lake Cambria flittered across his mind. What had they been speaking about?


He remembered all the scouts wore similar belts on their shorts and it looked incredibly impressive. Meanwhile, bits of the conversation spun in his thoughts… he’d made a promise… but what about?


Syed noticed his friend’s faraway look and thought something might be wrong.


“Joe, Joe, are you… OK?”


He looked with concern at his friend’s distant stare as Joe gripped the belt in his hand.


“That looks a really nice belt,” he added trying to get his mate back from wherever he’d just gone. “Are you joining the scouts?”


The shiver became a tremble and Joey’s entire body shook. Each nerve ending now tingled in response to, something, which only a few seconds later became apparent. It was as if he’d been hit by some seismic upheaval as his eyes lit up and turned to Syed with a look of complete clarity.


“Yes. I made a promise to the lads that I was going to become a scout as soon as I got home from camp.”


Syed looked confused.


“But you’ve been home ages…”


The idea he’d been back from camp for ‘ages’ was silly, it only seemed like a few days ago he was having the time of his life with the rest of the cubs.


“Have I?” He shook his head trying to get his thoughts back more clearly.


Syed didn’t quite know what to make of this complete change in Joe’s character, he wasn’t sure what that change was but there was obviously something going on. The sweet, innocent little boy he’d just been playing ‘racing cars’ with on the rug appeared to have been replaced. Joe looked like he’d just had some kind of revelation and he was trying to make sense of it. He held the belt tightly to his chest and a huge sigh of relief escaped his chest. 


It was like he’d suddenly become aware of his surroundings and looked about to take it all in. There was Mary and Susan sat with him and some colouring books, his mother had just entered the room speaking on the phone and his best friend was sitting opposite him wearing a nappy… and appeared to be playing with a couple of toy cars.


He looked down at his own outfit - the plastic pant revealing his childish nappy, the opened onesie flapping between his legs… he was incensed. He looked over to his mother in disgust and shouted.


“What the fuck am I doing in a fucking stupid nappy?”


Bernadette was shocked and quickly said into the mouthpiece.


“I’ll have to call you back Father… there’s been some kind of… miracle.”



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