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Jonny’s Problem                                                                                                       by Les Lea

Nine months ago a sleepy and very tired Jonny had been woken up by a noise he couldn’t place. There were grunts and screams, rattles and bangs coming from his mother’s bedroom all of which scared him. Although he was afraid he knew he had to protect his mother so cautiously tiptoed to her closed bedroom door and listened. The noise was even worse and the screams became more intense. Hoping to save his mummy from an attacker he rushed in to find her naked, on her knees and being assaulted from behind by an equally naked man.

“Stop hurting my mummy.” He screamed and launched his slim, four foot frame at the assailant.

The naked couple looked shocked at the sudden arrival of this fierce little boy who, with a high-pitched cry and arms waving in an attempt to rid his mummy of her naked partner, pushed the surprised man off his mother.

The place reeked of sweat and something else young Jonny couldn’t quite recognise but knew it was something evil and it was only when his mother grabbed him and hugged him close did he stop his attack.

At this point his shamefaced mother was embarrassed at the level to which her excitement had built and that Thomas, her partner, had equally got lost in the moment.

“There, there, sweetheart...” she shushed and held her struggling son tightly, “nothing to upset yourself about... erm... mummy and her friend were just having a bit of fun.”

“But, but, you were crying out, you were being hurt... you were...”

His mother held him close to her sweaty naked breast, partly in shame and partly because she didn’t want to hear from her son about the noise they’d been making.

“No sweetheart, I can honestly say that mummy and her friend were having a really nice time...”

“But you were crying out and moaning...”

“Look love, I’ll explain everything in the morning but for now. This is my friend Mr Wilkinson from work and he and I are getting to know each other a little better.”

“Hi,” a sheepish looking naked man spoke to Jonny. “I’m Tom, erm, your mum’s boy... errrrr... a friend, a workmate, a...”

But the poor boy was in floods of tears now he could see what the naked, well-built man was forcing into his mother.

She knew this would probably be making no sense to her apprehensive and naive eight year-old son but felt proud that the little mite had burst in trying to save her.

Tom tried to ruffle his hair in a friendly gesture but Jonny would have none of it and gave him daggers.


After about half an hour of placating words she eventually got him to return to his own room. However, the sights, sounds and smells lingered in his head as he tried to get back to sleep. It took some time. Every time he closed his eyes all he could see were his naked mother, blonde hair dishevelled, sweating, naked and a muscled man hammering away at her.

The following morning was the first time he woke up to find his bed saturated. When for the next week each morning produced the same results, it was then his mother eventually talked him into wearing a nappy at night as protection. The plastic pants followed about two days later after a particular soggy, leaky night meant everything was wet once again. After that, robust protection surrounded her little boy every night from then on.

He wasn’t happy about his mother’s action but knew there was little alternative. Jonny discerned that when he dreamed, he dreamed of that moment and everything about that terrible experience; the stink, the heaving, sweating, moaning and his own terror coupled with the horrifying sight of seeing his mother mounted like she had been reduced him to a terrified, bed-wetting kid.

He couldn’t explain the trauma the scene had caused, nor could he escape what happened when he closed his eyes and the entire act repeated in his head. All he knew, and all anyone else knew, was that the morning would produce a soaked nappy.

For the first two weeks after that event he wet every single night, after that it began to lessen in intensity but still produced a soaked nappy at least once a week, though often more. Theresa, his mummy, guessed what the problem might be but was unable to think of a way to rectify what her son had witnessed.  She hoped time would heal the wounds.


Over the coming weeks it became apparent that Jonny was about to get a new daddy. Tom was a regular visitor and although the boy was unsure, because his mother was happy, he made an effort when they met.

Jonathan, or Jonny as everyone called him, was just over four feet tall, thick brown hair, brown eyes and an open face that made the girls in his class at school go all ‘gooey’. He was a popular boy, good humoured; definitely not a bully and teachers liked his lively attitude. However, although his teachers didn’t know the reason, since that ‘night time discovery’ he had become a bit more reserved.

Later, he was introduced to Tom’s family. Who himself had been previously married but lost his wife to cancer a few years earlier after the birth of their second child, Paul. Paul was now four and had a sister Gemma around the same age as Jonny. That first ‘family’ meeting was a tense affair, mainly because of Jonny’s reluctance to embrace the fact that his mother and Tom were planning to get hitched.

All he could see was that huge brute of a man doing awful things to his mummy... and he didn’t like it. The image was burnt into his brain and was a constant reminder of that appalling night-time experience. He couldn’t un-see what he’d seen. However, Theresa sweet-talked him into accepting the situation so the two families began to spend more time in each other’s company.


In many ways Tom was like Jonny’s mother, kind and gentle and made a fuss of Jonny and treated him like he did his own kids. They went to the movies and theme parks, on picnics and to the fun fair where they always had a terrific time. He could see his mother was madly in love, and, despite her best efforts, Jonny was still reluctant to be completely involved.

However, a date for the wedding was set and Tom’s mother, Gwen, who had more or less helped bring up his two children after their mother died, was given the job of organising the event. She was very pleased to help and often babysat the kids when the two love-birds needed time on their own.

The registry office was booked and Gwen planned the outfits for them all to wear. The six foot, broad outline of Tom looked good in a finely tailored blue suit. Theresa wore a cream coloured flowing dress that had a blue, lacy covering, which made it look very special indeed. Gemma, wore a similar outfit except in reverse, a blue dress with a white lacy covering which had the sweet girl beaming with pleasure. The two boys wore matching outfits; white thigh-length shorts with white knee-high stockings and blue sandals, white shirts, blue tie and matching blue blazers. Gwen herself having a very stylish but slightly more matriarchal blue dress with an intense lacy design more suited to a woman of her age. Everyone looked fantastic except one disgruntled boy who was less than happy with wearing the same as a four year old.

Despite his mother saying how nice and smart he appeared, in each photo he looked more and more depressed, ruining any photograph he was in. None of those attending the wedding could get even a slight smile from him. He was not happy being treated in such a way and sullenly sat at the kid’s table with his new brother and sister and various cousins.

Gwen was getting tired of his attitude and, when mummy and his new daddy were having their first dance at the reception took the youngster aside and told him off.

She pointed out that he was ruining his mother’s ‘special’ day and he was being impolite to the rest of the family.  Jonny seethed with indignation as he looked across at Paul, who was happy and whirling around like a four year old in the middle of the dancefloor with people spurring him on. Why was he dressed like a toddler, it just wasn’t fair.

His resentment was curtailed when Gwen (or Nan as he’d been told to call her) pointed out that although Paul was only four, he didn’t wet the bed like a two year old and Jonny should be grateful that her son had agreed to take on the responsibility of such a spoilt bed-wetter who was thinking only of himself.

Nan didn’t mean to be so harsh but was desperate to make the now nine year old see sense, as it was, he ran off to cry in the toilet.


She confessed what she’d said to her new daughter-in-law and apologised, she hadn’t meant it to sound so severe but Tom said to leave it to him and wandered off to the washrooms to find his new stepson.

A tear-streaked Jonny was huddled in one of the cubicles but Tom was determined that today of all days he wanted to make sure Jonny didn’t feel all alone.

“Jonathan... erm... Jonny.” Tom could hear the boy in the third cubicle sniffling. “Come out and come out now... we need to talk.”

He spoke calmly but with authority, he didn’t want to scare the upset boy but thought he should take command and try to console the poor kid.

“I don’t want to talk... she’s already said Im nothing but a burden and a little baby...”

Tom swallowed, he knew his mother wasn’t normally nasty and this was completely out of character for her but, no matter how disastrously, she was only trying to help. However, knowing how the situation could escalate and become much worse he put on his most consoling voice to cajole the boy from his hiding place.

“Look, Nan didn’t mean anything by that... she was just trying to make you think of your mum and me... it is our wedding after all...”

There was silence from inside the cubicle.

“I thought you’d be happy that your mummy was happy and I know both Paul and Gemma are thrilled to have a new brother.”

It was true; both of Tom’s kids had made a fuss of Jonny from the very first time they met.

Paul especially liked the idea of having an older brother because in looks at least, they were very similar. Whilst feisty, yet funny, Gemma thought her new step-brother was “kinda cute”. Even though she was just six weeks older than Jonny, they seemed to be a huge age difference, probably because since her mum died she’d been helping her dad and Nan bring up her little brother.

Both of Tom’s kids also adored Theresa. She was kind, loving and it had to be said, they’d never seen their dad look happier than when in her company. In this happy family Jonny was in the minority of one when it came to dis-satisfaction.

He’d tried to be understanding, as understanding as a nine year old can be but the fact was, all he ever saw when anywhere near Tom was that awful scene in his mother’s bedroom. Even though his mother had explained the situation, that image had burned into his brain, and he had trouble dealing with it. His random wet nights were proof of that.

Tom continued. “Come and join us for some final photographs... I’m sure your mummy would love to have at least a couple with her son smiling on them.”

“But, but, I look like a toddler.”

“Actually Jonny, everyone thinks you look fantastic, smart, a credit to your mother... and she thinks the world of you...”

He heard the cubicle door unlatch.

It was then that Tom realised that wasn’t what Jonny was referring to... the front of his white shorts had a visible wet stain down the front.

“I got scared when... er... Nan... told me off... and I, I...”

For a brief second Tom thought he did look like a toddler; the shame and anxiety etched into his young face but smiled and told him not to worry it was hardly noticeable and easily fixed. Although in truth he wasn’t sure how he just wanted to get his new stepson out of the toilet and for them to re-join the rest of the guests.


Nervously, the soaked lad joined the rest of the crowd. Nobody noticed and no one said anything. Nan did eventually shuffle up and apologised for upsetting him. It was only the second time any adult had said ‘sorry’ to him and he was taken slightly aback. The first had been his mother the day after that ‘incident’.

“Look,” Gwen said, “I know I made things worse and I didn’t mean to... I just tried to jig you out of being miserable on your mum’s special day and I’m sorry because I did it all wrong.”

She sounded sincere and Jonny didn’t know where to put himself because it was his fault, he had been acting petulantly for no reason. Especially, as the shorts and blazer he and Paul wore to compliment what everyone else was wearing had been admired, including by the official photographer. He felt guilty now for not smiling and said sorry back to Nan.

“That’s all right dear but let’s get some pics now eh?”

“Erm, I’d rather not because, um,” he faltered, and showed Nan what the problem was.

“Oh I see, look,” she said brightly, “I have brought something you can change into... a nice disposable... just in case Paul got over excited. Would you like me to change you and then at least you don’t have to suffer wet undies?”

She could see him wavering.

“I doubt if anyone can tell from your shorts... but you must be feeling very squishy and uncomfortable in your cold damp undies so let’s at least sort that little problem out.”

Nan was both soothing and persuasive and it wasn’t like she’d not seen his nappy before when she’d babysat and got him ready for bed. The family knew he wore padding under his pyjamas so wearing a disposable would hardly be a first.

She was right about the clammy, itchiness and he saw the benefit of getting a change though wished it didn’t have to be a nappy. They may be okay to wear in bed and under his jammies but worried that some of the wedding guests might notice. However, after a few more words of encouragement he followed Nan to a private room where she was able to change him.

He was very grateful to get out of his wet ‘briefs’ and did feel a lot more comfortable. Nan had in her bag some wet-wipes and a little tub of talc, and had helpfully packed a pair of plastic pants. However, the disposable was quite thick, which left him feeling very conscious of what he was wearing especially when eventually he danced with his mother. It was also amazing how, once he’d been changed, his attitude changed, and in each of the following photographs saw a very happy, smiling boy.

# tbc #

Part 2

The wedding crisis had passed and a new home for them all to share was the next adventure. Tom and Theresa put off their honeymoon until the new family were all settled. What that entailed was the house they all moved to had three bedrooms, and an adjacent granny flat for Nan. The two boys would share a large bedroom, Gemma would have the smallest, whilst mum and dad would have the bedroom with en-suite facilities. There was also a family bathroom, a garage and a pleasant conservatory leading to a fairly large back garden. Their new home was paid for, or at least the main part of the mortgage was paid for, by Nan, which was why she had a self-contained flat to herself - a little annexe leading off from the garage and into the back garden.

Tom’s mother Gwen had been a Godsend ever since his wife died. She’d been a constant pillar that he and the kids could rely on. She was always there when needed and made herself scarce so as not to intrude when they needed time on their own. She was also a top notch babysitter who Tom had relied on when courting Theresa. She made it known that she was still available for such duties whenever called upon but emphasised, would not get in the way. Her contribution to the mortgage meant that they actually relied on her more than perhaps was healthy but she seemed keen to make the new enlarged family as happy as possible.

Jonny had never shared a room before and at first there was a touch of resentment but, as he and Paul became firm friends that particular anxiety soon left him and the two got on well. Paul was in awe of his new stepbrother and loved it when they played together. Although Jonny had school friends and neighbours before, he’d never had a person constantly there. At first he resented endlessly being asked to play by the four year old but actually, once he started, quite enjoyed the fun and games it became easy to immerse themselves in. Paul and Jonny could often be found up in the bedroom playing with Paul’s castle and toys, imagining their own world and living out some amazing tale they’d just come up with.

Whereas, once it had been Gemma who read Paul a story at his bed time, now it was Jonny who took on the task. It was something he quite liked doing, which developed into helping the youngster with his own reading and numbers.


Nan was determined that she should treat her grandson and new step-grandson equally. She’d had the idea of dressing them the same for the wedding partly so there was no rivalry or argument. She also thought that the more time they spent together the better so bought games and toys that needed two players to help that come about. So, as it was, the boys spent quite a bit of their spare time together.

Although Gwen was not a blood relative Jonny realised that the old lady should be respected, his mother hadn’t brought him up to be anything but polite. So, although there was no real link, he, like his stepbrother and sister, treated ‘Nan’ with complete deference... what she said went without argument.

Meanwhile, back in their bedroom, Paul’s bed linen was all robots and superheroes, whereas Jonny’s was rockets and planets. They were each allowed posters on the walls around their beds and a little table with draw and small cupboard separated them. They shared a large closet with sliding mirrored doors and four drawers; the top two for Jonny’s stuff, the bottom two for Paul’s. There was another set of four drawers for underwear and jumpers and a table and two folding chairs they could both use if they wanted.

The four year old still had his stuffed animals, and a rather bedraggled dog which accompanied him almost everywhere, which took pride of place next to him as he slept. Jonny had brought his own teddy, the one he’d had since a baby, but who he no longer slept with, although the smiling bear always sat at the bottom of his bed when he went to sleep. A fun, illuminated clock was on the wall above the door, not only telling the time but also acting as a subtle night-light.

Gemma’s room, which the boys were forbidden to go in unless they had been invited by her, was very sophisticated (for a nine year old) in purple and soft lilac; her bedding matched the walls and posters she hung all around. The plethora of stuffed toys and dolls situated on most surfaces gave her age away but when lined up even they looked stylish.

In the family bathroom, in between the kid’s bedrooms, was another cupboard where Jonny’s emergency disposables, pile of fabric nappies, powder, creams, vinyl pants and other paraphernalia were kept. They had all hoped that with the change of address, and having a family around him, Jonny’s problem would eventually disappear. Unfortunately, after the initial four dry nights, when hope was high, the dream returned with more intensity than before. He wets on average two or three times a week, which means night time padding is required every night to be on the safe side.


When his mother gets him ready for bed he wears a thick fabric nappy pinned on tightly and white shiny vinyl pants to prevent any leaks. However, if she’s babysitting, when Nan gets him ready, which is usually the same time she puts Paul to bed, his nappy would include a large soaker pad and rubber pants that are much bulkier than when mother does it. Also, bedtime seemed to be moved forward, Nan insisting that it’s a shame to wake up Paul if Jonny went to bed at a different time. He wasn’t happy about this but it only happened if Tom and his mother were out and Nan left in charge. Although she never made Gemma go to bed any earlier, ‘she had her own room’ Nan reasoned when asked.

Nan also tried to make it more fun for the two boys. She figured that the more time they spent together the better they’d get on and, with her telling Jonny how great his little step-brother thought he was, the nine year-old found it more and more difficult to refuse to play with the four year-old. She’d often suggest, as a treat, that if they played quietly, they could stay up later as long as they stayed in their room.

Of course Paul loved this idea, he thought he was being treated as a big boy, whereas Jonny was really being treated the same as his little stepbrother. Although he wasn’t aware of it, Nan saw it as natural the two boys should be handled exactly the same, thus the matching outfits for the wedding, equal bedtimes, equal playtimes and equal amount of love and attention. Also, if she bought something for Paul, she’d buy something that coordinated for Jonny – the boys were growing more alike in dress and growing closer in attitude. They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.


Nan liked getting Jonny ready for bed. Getting his nappy, booster pad and rubber pants reminded her that despite his wetting problems, he still looked endearing like her grandson; even more so when well padded, in his pyjamas and ready for bed. When he was dressed like that it was easier to think of him the same way she thought of Paul. She’d been sad when Paul became potty trained as she’d enjoyed that aspect of looking after him. However, she didn’t object to him growing up but was pleasantly surprised when Jonny arrived with his wetting problem.  She had a job to do and in doing it found that it brought her considerable joy. She hadn’t realised just how much she’d missed being in charge of changing a wet nappy, the clean-up, the powder, the creams and administering the replacement padding.

She loved this extra opportunity to take care of Jonny because changing a person was a very intimate and individual experience. She hoped that by her doing this and understanding his morning soak was something he couldn’t help, it would bring them closer together and that he trusted Nan to do her best for him. She always made sure that his night time protection was thick and leak-proof so he’d never wake up to damp bedding. The extra soaker pad she always applied down the centre of the nappy, although spreading his legs, made sure of that. It was how she used to nappy Paul when he was a baby and saw no reason to stop even though Jonny was so much older. In fact, if anything, she reasoned, his bladder would hold more so the more robust and thick his nappy was, the better.

To see the two boys playing in the room before ‘lights out’ was very rewarding because it meant that they were all getting on well together. Nan was proud that her son had found a wonderful woman to re-marry who had such a lovely, easy-going son – together they made a fantastic looking family. She was confident that with the correct encouragement, she’d have Jonny calling her son ‘dad’ and that would complete the picture.


Jonny had got used to calling Gwen Nan because he was never offered an alternative (and that’s what Paul and Gemma called her) but he didn’t call Tom dad. His mother had hoped that now she had a different surname that he would be happy to change his and accept Tom as his new father. Despite the fact that his real dad had abandoned him and his mother when he was three he found that hard to do but it was something that Nan had lately not been too happy about, she didn’t think it right.

In fact, she thought it downright disrespectful that a child was referring to an adult by his Christian name, especially when they were now all one big happy family. She didn’t appreciate this discrepancy and set about trying to persuade Jonny to adopt a more deferential approach when speaking to her son... who she thought he should call ‘daddy’.

Realistically both Tom and Theresa had hoped for the same but assumed that if they insisted then it would be harder for Jonny to accept and he’d resist possibly causing friction or worse. They wanted him to come to his own decision in his own time that way it would be on his terms and he wouldn’t feel he’d been made to do it. What was making matters worse was that both Gemma and Paul had no problem with calling Theresa ‘mummy’.


Tom had taken a great deal of care before the marriage for his kids to get to know Theresa and of their future plans. He’d also gently told them that although they must never forget mummy, which was harder for Gemma to do than Paul who hardly knew her, that he would be pleased if they called Theresa mum once they were married. He’d spent quite some time letting his kids know how important it was to him that they should all be one big family and by calling Theresa mum (or mummy) that would be fantastic and would prove that he had the best and most understanding children in the world. He lay it on thick just what it would mean to him if they complied and, with Nan’s help, they all settled into doing just that. Oddly, it was something that had never occurred to Theresa to do the same with Jonny until the marriage when she found herself immediately being called mummy.

What nobody knew was that Jonny didn’t see Tom as a father figure. He was that big brute attacking his naked mother and although she’d tried to dispel that notion and his wrong interpretation of what exactly had happened, Jonny could never lose that picture seared into his brain. They didn’t know when that awful ‘dream’ was re-enacted over and over again as he slept was the reason he continued to pee the bed at night. The problem was that image was getting worse... so the wetting also got heavier... and there was no one he could tell. He was so repulsed and shocked by what he’d witnessed he’d have trouble repeating it to anyone. Besides which, he was embarrassed that at nine years old he wet the bed so the less people who knew the better. Also, his inhibition meant he couldn’t expose the reason for that almost nightly flood and didn’t want to divulge that wet fact anyway.

Neither Paul nor Gemma commented on his nightly protection regime, it was just something that their new brother needed. Gemma hadn’t had a wet night since she was a precocious, potty trained two year-old. Paul hadn’t had a wet night since he was three but had accidents at nursery on a couple of occasions, which left the front of his pants soaked. This was why Nan now always kept a spare disposable and various other odds and sods she thought might be useful, in her large shoulder bag, which accompanied her everywhere.

There was never an occasion when something was urgently needed that wasn’t in her contingency supplies. Plasters for cuts, balm for bruises, tissues for a sudden sneezing fit, chocolate for hungry kids, bottle of water for a thirsty... anybody... she seemed to have every circumstance covered. ‘Preparation and anticipation’ were Nan’s watchwords. Also, she made sure that she said daddy when talking to all the kids about Tom. “Your daddy said this... or... daddy wants that” type of thing. Jonny still found it hard to call him that but Nan was adamant that should change and hoped that by this constant reference it would eventually become second nature.


A month after they’d moved into their new home, school broke up and Jonny and Gemma began the long summer holiday, what they hadn’t known was a surprise was planned. A secret wedding gift had been made by the CEO of where Theresa and Tom worked, which meant that for two weeks his villa in Spain was available to the family. The parents and Nan had found it hard to keep it a secret but wanted to see the kid’s faces when they were told, just two nights before, they were going abroad on holiday for a fortnight. The excitement the kids expressed was just what their parents had hoped for – pure elation.

Passports had already been changed, flights booked, Euros bought, a pick-up service arranged at the other end (again all thanks to Nan’s impeccable organising abilities) as they all set about packing their cases.

Paul only made sure his little battered stuffed doggie was the first thing into his small case, after that he was stuck what to pack so Nan did his. Gemma wanted a much bigger case as she had tons of new clothes and swimsuits she wanted to take but was restricted to what would fit. Jonny was also unsure what to take or whether nappies should be included, Nan told him not to worry she would do his packing if he kept Paul entertained for the afternoon. The two boys were just too hot and excited to do anything except play in the garden and enthusiastically chat about all the fun they were going to have when they got to the beach.

Theresa showed images of the villa, the beach and the small nearby town where they’d be staying and everything looked pretty perfect. The promise of sun, sea and sand for two weeks bringing out a flurry of unrestrained delight in the children as none of them had been abroad before.


On the day of departure, and as mum and dad were pulling all the other elements together, it was Nan who got the boys ready. Once again they were smartly dressed in their wedding outfit of matching shorts and blazer (minus ties) for the flight. This time there wasn’t so much as a murmur of indignation from Jonny, he was just too excited. Gwen had wondered whether it would be advisable for the boys to wear padding for the trip but in the end decided against it. Gemma wore new jeans and a colourful blouse, which made her look more like a teenager than an almost ten year old. All together the kids looked a credit to their parents and it was obvious to see the admiring looks the family received from some of the other passengers as they boarded the plane.

When they first arrived at the villa the pool was just so inviting and became the catalyst for the start of the holiday enjoyment. Almost before they’d unpacked the boys especially wanted to go for a swim. It had been a hot and muggy journey, so everyone saw the benefit of cooling down before they did anything else.

Nan had another surprise for the boys and produced a small package for each of them. They excitedly ripped them open to discover new swimwear. She wasn’t sure how they would go down but she’d seen the boys watching this particular programme together on several occasions and thought they’d look like brothers if they had the same item.

Although still not ten, Gemma, once again, looked the part of a stylish teen, as she wore her bikini, loose-fitting translucent fabric shawl and trendy dark glasses. Paul and Jonny looked like little kids, dressed as they were in their new matching nylon SpongeBob swimming trunks, which both found “awesome”. Nan was happy that her choice had been a success and that Jonny seemed to be in-tune with Paul and vice versa.

Theresa and Tom were pleased that the kids got on and that Jonny seemed happy to spend so much time with his new little brother. Although Gemma and Jonny were the same age, the difference between them was profound, whereas she was eager to grow up; Jonny appeared to be in no rush. The fact that with the change of address; came a change of school so, now they lived in a different part of the city, old mates had been left behind.

Although she had moments of silly childishness, Gemma maintained an air of youthful elegance about her; whereas, the boys were constantly noisy, living in a make-believe world of imagination and fun, or generally mucking about.

It was too hot to just lie around in the sun so they all spent the rest of that first day enjoying the pleasures of their own personal, refreshing swimming pool. The boys of course made it their playground so nobody really got much opportunity to relax... although it was terrific fun.

“Daddy, come play.” “Daddy teach me to swim.” “Daddy can we...” “Daddy....” The nonstop demand of Paul for his father’s attention eventually drew out the first time that even Jonny, who was having a great time jumping and diving into the welcoming water, called out “Daddy look at me.”

Tom, not missing his cue, said, “That’s my boy... well done” and jumped in beside the boys making a huge fun splash, which wet Theresa who was happily lying out on a lounger. Everyone laughed.

From that moment on Jonny took his prompt from Paul and began to say “Daddy” especially if it was Tom whose turn it was to get the nine year-old ready for bed and into his protection. Whilst on holiday there were no time restrictions on when anyone went to bed. When they were tired it was time, which nearly always meant, as at home when Nan was in charge, that the boys went to bed at the same time. Jonny had accepted his bedtime was the same as his brother’s now and didn’t make a fuss about Gemma staying up longer, which in any case, was rarely much later.

# tbc #

Part 3

From their shared bedroom window Jonny stared out across the brilliant blue sea, whilst Paul slept blissfully on top of his little bed. The heat made the need for blankets or even sheets somewhat redundant. The villa was on top of a small rocky hill with spectacular scenes up and down the coastline and a panoramic view across the Mediterranean. From above, even at that hour, the large blue inviting pool below, surrounded by a wooden decked area, was beckoning the slightly bedraggled primary riser. The early morning sun was already making its presence felt and the warmth was causing the nine year-old’s soaked nappy to feel even soggier.

He’d been wearing night time protection for almost nine months now. He never knew when he was going to wet but often, at least once a week, the ‘pee fairy’ would visit and fill his nappy so didn’t look like getting out of them anytime soon. Well, that was what he wanted his roomy Paul to believe, even if it was all a bit childish.

For their holiday Nan had packed matching clothing for them both. If Paul wore a red stripy top and shorts, Jonny wore a similar designed blue stripy top with shorts. If Jonny wore a t-shirt with action figures on it, so did Paul. Paul always sat next to Jonny when having meals and they could often be found in deep conversation planning events and games. When out and about there was never any doubt that these two boys were brothers (Nan had very cleverly managed to get them the same haircut), they looked so alike, with Jonny the eldest but only by a year or two.  

Daddy, Mummy and Nan all appreciated the fact that the two separate families were now just one big ‘proper’ family although perhaps Theresa and Tom didn’t realise the efforts that Gwen had contributed in making this so. She continued to exert her influence especially over the boys. There wasn’t a time when, if she complimented one of them, the other didn’t also receive a compliment. Equality, fairness and continuity... the boys never received any kind of favouritism.

As another special gift she’d bought them identical lightweight cotton pyjamas; they were just a top and shorts with SpongeBob goofing around as their motif. She’d also managed to find a pair of SpongeBob plastic pants that matched everything perfectly so the cover of his night time protection matched their PJs. Jonny’s eyes actually lit up when he saw them and was happy to dump the thick shiny white rubber ones he’d been wearing lately. Paul thought he looked ‘totally awesome’ (he said mimicking SpongeBob’s high-pitch voice) in them although, even with the air conditioner, they were pretty hot to sleep in.

However, he couldn’t not sleep in them; the embarrassment of wetting someone else’s bed would be just too awful to think about. So, despite them being flimsy, he shrugged off the shorts and slept only in his nappy and new fun plastic pants. It helped that back home the boys were hooked on the cartoon character’s show and could often be seen glued to the TV and giggling to each other and using his catchphrases when it was on. Never had a pair of plastic pants had such an effect, they fitted in perfectly with the general ambiance of the holiday – FUN - and Nan was pleased with her silly but popular purchase.


Of course, Paul had never questioned why Jonny wet; he just accepted that he did. However, even though he didn’t have to explain Jonny wanted him to think it wasn’t something he did on purpose. Although still not five, he was the perfect bedroom buddy; fun to be with and never complained. The nightly rustling as Jonny snuggled down never eliciting one word of censure as the young boy slept like a log most nights, happy in the knowledge that his new best friend was only inches away.

Even the sight of a saggy, soaked nappy and smell of warm morning pee never made the four year-old feel superior as he woke wearing dry pyjamas. Only once had something been said and that was by Gemma who’d witnessed that early morning sag. She meant it in fun, but as soon as she saw how upset it had made Jonny, apologised profusely.

Of course, over the years since her mum had died she’d helped her dad and Nan with raising the baby, so nappies and such paraphernalia didn’t make much impact on her. In some way, like Nan, she thought it made Jonny even cuter so if she did comment it was always positive. Much to Jonny’s embarrassment, occasionally she’d pat his thick padded bottom and call him her “most cuddlesome, hunk of a brother”.

Nan could take credit for the way she handled the boys and although he probably wasn’t aware of it, Jonny slipped effortlessly back to his formative years. She simply continued to treat them the same telling her son and new daughter-in-law how wonderful it was that the boys got on so well. They all agreed that was indeed a terrific thing but Theresa was slightly anxious that Jonny didn’t seem to have any mates his own age since the move.

“I’m sure he has no trouble making friends?” Gwen reasoned when Theresa brought up her concern.

“I think it’s admirable of the lad getting to know his new family better before he gets involved with anyone else.” Gwen smiled her winning smile. “However, I’m sure he has mates at school, he’s a very bright and good-looking boy... look who’s brought him up.”

Of course flattery worked and Theresa hardly noticed the slight manipulation.


Meanwhile, the nine year old was standing at the bedroom window taking in the glorious holiday view excited that after breakfast a full day of water-based entertainment had been arranged. The fine sandy beach offered loungers, parasols and sandcastle building opportunities. The rocky outcrop presented the prospect for snorkelling and there were an abundance of pedalos, jet-skis, speedboat trips and excursions. He couldn’t wait to get started and looked across at his still slumbering roomy. He wished he was awake and then at least they could play and plan their day because the rest of the household were slow getting up... so he had to wait... all wet and saggy. Perhaps oddly, the toothy grinning plastic pants made him feel a lot better about his damp circumstances.

Nan was the first to show, mum and dad deciding that they would lie in for a bit whilst she got the kids breakfast and out into the sunny morning. Although there was the pool at the villa the newly-weds wanted a bit of time to themselves so the day’s plan was that Nan would usher the brood down to the beach where loads of other kids would be around having fun.

Actually, Jonny hadn’t been the first to raise Nan had been up for ages preparing for the trip to the beach. She’d packed towels, drinks, snacks, sun-cream and just about anything else they might need in her copious bag. She knew that Tom and Theresa would want to be ‘alone’, for a while at least, and was keen that they should have their privacy so woke up Gemma and Paul to get them excited about the trip down to the beach.

Gemma said she’d rather just lay by the pool but Nan said that wasn’t going to happen, she was coming down to the beach with the boys. She may well have wanted to argue with Nan but as she never had, it would be difficult to start now. So, after Jonny had been changed out of his nightly soak and the two boys encouraged into just their swim suits, they had breakfast and the troop of four, accompanied by a couple of inflatables, wondered down from their rocky heights and onto the rapidly filling beach. Nan found a couple of loungers and a parasol to camp under, spread out a huge towel and set things down. She then told them to go off and play but that she’d be keeping an eye on them so to play nicely and more importantly, play safely.

She pointed out the lifeguards tower in the middle of the beach, the marker floats that bathers had to stay inside of and hung a brightly coloured pendant from the parasol so they knew where she was if the beach became crowded. She also told them that they could have ice-creams later and if they needed a cool drink, she had some in a cool bag hidden in the shade. She rubbed the boys in sun cream and they charged off down the water’s edge.

Meanwhile, Gemma settled on the second lounger in the shade and relaxed reading a fashion magazine. However, the constant demands from the boys to ‘come and play’ eventually got to her and she joined them to paddle in the warm sea.


Whether anybody noticed or not, Nan had done an incredible job at integrating the family. Her encouragement, subtle (and not so subtle) praise, taking on responsibility so the two newly-weds could find their own space without worrying about the kids and the way she integrated Paul and Jonny into becoming the best of friends, had made the entire transition from two families to one... almost imperceptible.

Oddly enough it had been Jonny’s wetting problem that had made the entire process that much easier. Although he was almost five years older than his stepbrother, Gwen was able to make them behave like equals. She’d done that by simply treating them the same way in all her dealings and they had, especially surprising for Jonny, complied.

After that first argument with Jonny at the wedding, she’d gone out of her way to try and do nothing but encourage him and heap praise even when emerging with a soaked nappy first thing in a morning. She wanted him to think of her as a friend, a confidant and not someone who was judging him and tried her best to smooth that path.

He, in turn, was glad to have allies. No one in the family poked fun at him for wetting and Nan always had a smile and a comment that never left him feeling worse about himself. He’d hoped that with the marriage his nightmare, and thus the wet mornings, would have vanished but he still had them and even if he didn’t remember having them, still woke up soaked. Of course he wished he didn’t have the problem, but, although his wetting wasn’t constant, he never knew when his dream would strike, so was glad of the family support... and the beneficial nappy.

Gwen also thought that if and when Jonny’s nocturnal accidents stopped, he may well revert to being a typical nine year-old and that would create a completely different, and perhaps more complex and stubborn boy. Even if she was getting to be quite a handful, it was okay to have Gemma at that age, but Jonny as well, would be quite a trial. For the foreseeable future at least she wanted to keep him as he was now, innocently acting like his younger stepbrother.

Without actually saying the words Nan had made Jonny feel that because he wore a nappy at night time, then he really was just a little kid. He wasn’t younger than Paul but he wasn’t that much older either and, because of the nappy, Jonny accepted that as his place in the family.

Gwen managed to keep Theresa and Tom onside by saying how incredible she thought it was that Paul was growing up so quickly (and delightfully) all thanks to the influence of Jonny. Of course, when he heard such praise the nine year-old was filled with pride that he was influencing his new bother so much. As Theresa and Tom had taken their eyes off the ball, still being a bit dewy-eyed over each other, Nan had become the primary care giver.

She’d continued to make sure Jonny’s night time protection was thick and always made him a nice long drink (if she was supervising bedtime), in the form of a sweet warm treat, just to help him sleep. Of course, without being aware, this more or less guaranteed his nappy would be soaked the following morning, dream or no dream.

Thus Jonny’s development was kept in check and it appeared that whilst he still had his wetting problem, which doctors had so far failed to diagnose, his juvenile side was accepted as normal... the regular nappy and plastic pants every night, reinforcing that judgement.


The third morning of the holiday he woke up to a disaster, he’d filled his nappy with both pee and poo. He’d been complaining of a slight tummy ache the night before, possibly as a result of something he ate, and Nan had given him antacid liquid to relieve the symptoms. Alas, it had no effect and the results were very messy.

It was Paul who raised the alarm, having woken up and wondered what the smell was. He’d even checked out the window to see if the sea had somehow delivered the nasty pong but it had soon become apparent where the responsibility lay. This time Paul roused Theresa and his daddy first who were quickly on the scene.

This was the first time Jonny had actually messed his morning nappy and was crushed at what happened. A very weepy nine year-old stood legs wide apart, aware of the drama that now occupied his nappy that even the goofy SpongeBob plastic pants couldn’t conceal. He was sure there’d be some serious repercussions for what had occurred, and, as he saw it, ruining everybody else’s holiday. In fact, his mum’s sympathetic compassion brought tears of relief from the distraught boy as she set about guiding him to the bathroom so the thorough clean-up could begin.

Once out of the mess she made him sit on the toilet and make sure there was nothing else left. A good move as it happened because a further deluge followed. Jonny was dehydrated and tired, the previous night he’d hardly slept as the stomach ache continued to cause problems. In the early hours he’d eventually dropped off only to wake and find what his tummy had been telling him all night was deposited in his night time protection.

It appeared that everyone wanted to help in any way they could and the bathroom was filled with one naked boy getting a thorough scrubbing and a host of helpful hands bringing soaps, lotions, oils, powder and fresh clothing. Even though he didn’t wear protection during the day Nan brought a fresh double disposable and convinced Theresa that to be on the safe side, perhaps it was wise to keep him well protected – after all “...they didn’t want any further accidents did they?” It seemed a sensible precaution, which, despite a half-hearted protest from the culprit, was applied.


So, as Paul and Gemma, mum and dad splashed, swam and had fun in the villa’s inviting pool, Jonny was huddled in the shade under a large awning lying next to Nan who offered pleasant platitudes to keep his spirits up. Meanwhile, after such a disaster his tummy felt a little more settled though with the Mediterranean heat he roasted in the thick nappy and what appeared to be even thicker rubber pants (thanks to a well prepared Nan), wishing they would allow him to go for a dunk.

He was sure his trouble was behind him and begged to be allowed to go for a swim but bound as he was in such sturdy fortification, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. So, until they were sure his disturbed tummy and messy effluence had finished, the pool was out-of-bounds. No one wanted the job of fishing out a jobbie or emptying the pool because of a messy accident. Jonny had to stay land-bound and because of that, and his disturbed night, fell asleep on the lounger next to Nan.


It was lunchtime, and everyone was congregating around the barbecue area. Nan roused her sleepy neighbour and at the same time ran a finger under the rubber pants. He was soaked.

He’d only had a glass of water all day but it had still run straight through and flooded the thick material. Luckily the chunky rubber pants had kept him airtight and leak-proof.

“Oh Sweetie it’s not your day.” Nan murmured, “Let’s get you changed.”

She indicated to Theresa that’s what she was doing who acknowledged with a nod of thanks as she served up lunch to the others. The smell of burgers, sausages and chicken on the open pit was wonderful for all those hungry mouths but had produced a sudden feeling of nausea in Jonny. He barely got to the toilet for the second visit of the day before he threw up.

“Oh darling... it’s definitely not your day. Perhaps we tried to rush things.” Nan said as she gently held the poor vomiting lad over the bowl.

At the same time he found his bladder seemed to support his poorly tummy and produced a steady stream into his already well-soaked nappy.

The poor boy was miserable and exhausted. Although the flood had left his crotch feeling warm he really wanted out of his wet nappy and restrictive rubber pants but knew that they had saved him much embarrassment over the last few hours.

His mum came up to check as Nan changed his nappy once again. She offered words of comfort and support as Nan pushed two soaker pads into the thick nappy and pinned him in.

“I’m not sure he’s quite over it,” Gwen spoke quietly to Theresa, “but hopefully the worst will have passed as he’s just been sick.”

“Oh my poor baby.” She said rushing over to her dejected looking son.

She could see how huge the latest padding was but agreed with Gwen that for the time being at least such precautions were probably necessary. Jonny was too shattered to complain and welcomed the suggestion of returning to bed and sleep it off.

“You’ll feel a lot better once you’ve had a nice long sleep... so just snuggle down. I’ll pull the blinds and you just relax and try to get some shut-eye.” His mum whispered and stroked his brow.

“Thanks for all your help,” she mouthed to Gwen as the older lady smiled and disappeared back to the barbecue area to get her own lunch.


Even with the air con running it was too warm to snuggle down so Jonny lay, wiped-out on his back, on top of the sheets. His bulky nappy spaced out his legs and made him look like a poor defenceless little baby but there were no complaints he was too far gone.

For the briefest of seconds the thought that a dummy would help him settle flitted in and out of Theresa’s head. He was nine, almost ten, but just seeing him so wrapped and vulnerable her heart melted with memories of him as a little baby. She knew that because of the excitement of marriage, and all the changes that happened over the past few weeks, she hadn’t paid as much attention as perhaps she should have to her son and hoped he hadn’t felt neglected.  

She comforted him with soothing words and continued those gentle strokes to his forehead telling him to relax and not worry about anything. She patted the padding and hoped it would hold if he had another fierce rectal reaction but anticipated Gwen’s words to be accurate and that he’d recover completely once he’d slept.

He wriggled and his plastic pants crinkled softly in the pleasant air-con atmosphere of the bedroom. They weren’t his SpongeBob pair that had brought a smile to everyone’s face but the thicker shiny rubber ones Gwen had bought for the trip. They were there to make sure there couldn’t be any kind of mishap. It was amazing how prepared her new mother-in-law had been and how correct she’d been with that preparation. Theresa stayed gently caressing his padding until he dropped off just a few minutes later. 

# tbc #

Part 4

Oblivious to the noise that continued below his window as the rest of the family enjoyed the pool and diversions it offered, Jonny slept deeply and dream-free but unconsciously flooded his padding once again. The water everyone had encouraged him to drink to help rehydrate finding an easy path directly into the thirsty fabric.

Throughout the afternoon regular checks were made on the patient but Gwen was of the opinion that the longer he slept the better he’d be. No one really thought that was a bad idea. After almost five hours of unconsciousness Jonny awoke to find Paul quietly playing at the side of his bed.

“Oh hi Paul,” he said sleepily, “how long have you been there?”

“A little while, I thought you might need some company... but you were asleep in your special pants.”

Paul had begun to call Jonny’s night time protection, his special pants, which was quite endearing, so there was no shame attached and Jonny never felt the need to hide them away. There were several toy cars between his little brother’s legs, he hadn’t changed out of his SpongeBob swimming costume and looked like he had the beginnings of a tan. Young Paul was beginning to look quite the seasoned holiday-maker.

“You look cool in your trunks...” Paul looked down and smiled at the stretchy fabric that surrounded his boyish parts.

“I think we look cool together...”

Jonny couldn’t deny the fact that both felt the holiday spirit when they’d first received their present from Nan, and, when wearing them for the first time, there was a pleasure both experienced.

“Do you know what time it is?” Jonny asked Paul.

He shook his head. “I’ll go and get daddy.”


A few seconds later he arrived back with his father.

“Nice to see you back in the land of the living... how do you feel?” He looked relieved to find that some colour had returned to Jonny’s nakedness.

“A lot better thanks... erm... is mum or Nan about...” he looked down at his soaked nappy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see to it. You just relax whilst I get a washcloth and a towel. If you’re up to it later, we fancy a night in the village... there’s some kind of festival going on with all sorts happening... what do you think?”

He disappeared to the bathroom and returned with a handful of things he needed.

As Tom started to pull down the plastic pants and undo the nappy he engaged him in chat.

“I bet you’re starving aren’t you?”

Jonny thought about it for a second and said he was, as well as very thirsty.

Relieving him of the extra thick soaker pads, which appeared to have done the job admirably, he continued to chat.

“Oh I see your mum was taking no chances... and quite rightly as it turned out... you’re soaked... have you been swimming in the pool in this.”

He joked light-heartedly as he removed the soggy mass from between the nine year-olds legs.

Jonny wanted to tell him it was Nan but really it made no difference. It had been a very fat nappy but he’d needed it to contain everything, he couldn’t complain when it had done its job.

Tom wiped the damp skin clean and checked there was no sign of a rash; Gwen had done a pretty good job in keeping that particular area clean, dry and inflammation free.  Thankfully there had been no further messy accidents just well pee-soaked pads. 

“Look, I’m sure you’ll be fine from now on but I think I’ll put you in another nappy until we’re completely sure you’re over it... okay?”

Tom was being as understanding as possible and didn’t want Jonny thinking he was being mean making him wear more padding.

This time it was just a simple fabric nappy with a pair of loose shiny blue vinyl pants over it. Jonny sighed, wondering if he’d ever get out of having to wear protection but, despite the resentment of the situation, understood it was probably for his own good.


Meanwhile, Paul had changed out of his swimmers and wore a pair of Bob the Builder briefs, but carried with him a pair of blue shorts and a navy blue striped t-shirt.

His father looked at him. “Well thank you son... that’s very nice of you...”

“There for Jonny daddy... I’ll go and get mine.”

He toddled to the draw and pulled out a pair of white shorts with a pale blue striped t-shirt. He loved that everything he wore matched with Jonny’s clothes. He liked that they both looked the same because it made him feel he was like his big brother. Meanwhile, Jonny wasted no time getting dressed, quickly pulling his shorts up over the slippery ‘special pants’ as Paul called them.

Tom smiled and handed him his t-shirt.

“Thanks... erm... dad.” Jonny mumbled as he finished dressing.

It wasn’t that he was nervous of people seeing his nappy, everyone knew about them. He just needed to hide the memory of the past few hours as soon as possible.

“That’s okay son.”

He ruffled Jonny’s hair and told both him and Paul how smart they looked and that he’d better get a move on himself and ready for the trip into the village.


Now Jonny’s tummy and general well-being felt much better he wanted to be out in what was left of the late afternoon sun.

The boys looked casual and smart as they always did under Nan’s supervision, but now dressed themselves in matching outfits without her direction... it had somehow become second nature. Meanwhile, whilst waiting on the others they went to sit by the pool. Jonny sat in the shade, with Paul sitting between his legs, cushioned by the thick padding there, and read a story as his big brother helped him learn the harder words. This was something they’d been doing a lot of over the past few weeks and as a result Paul’s speech and spelling were coming on very well indeed.

Gwen had been keen to heap praise on Jonny whenever he did something like this and other members of the family also noted his thoughtfulness. Paul just loved being with his big brother and would have done anything for him so, as they both were receiving praise, these little sessions became a regular occurrence .


It was the Fiesta of the local Patron Saint so music, dancing, special food and drink, as well as the parade of a statue of the holy deity through the village, made for a busy evening. As a result the place was packed with both locals and tourists. The atmosphere was alive with friendliness and excitement especially when the bay lit up under a barrage of colourful but noisy fireworks.

The whooshes, sizzles and bangs echoed around the bay bringing cheers and whoops from the large crowd. Many children were both excited and scared and held onto their parent’s hands for security and protection. Paul clung to Jonny but in all the excitement, and after a particularly loud bang nearby, accidently let a stream of pee drench the front of his shorts. It was a good bet that he wasn’t the only four year-old there who would have done so but was very upset by what had taken place.

Jonny could tell from the grip on his hand that something was wrong and looked at his little brother as tears began to fill his eyes. Even in the crush Jonny could see what the problem was and bent down to comfort his sobbing roomy.

“Don’t worry Pauly... I bet Nan has something... let’s go and find her... get you a bit drier hmm?”

Jonny guided his brother back from the beach edge where they’d been watching the display to where the grown-ups were still sitting at their outside restaurant table. Gwen was first to see the wetness growing on his white shorts and didn’t really need Jonny to explain that a loud noise had frightened him. However, as usual, Nan was prepared for most occasions and whisked her teary-eyed grandson off to the services at the rear of the restaurant to get him out of his soaked pants.


Alas, once she had him out of his wet shorts and undies, cleaned, dried and powdered him, the disposable that was aimed for Jonny, became a huge new pair of underpants for Paul. She shimmied up a pair of blue plastic pants and although everything was big on him at least he was dry. She hadn’t brought an extra pair of shorts so Paul was left wearing just his bulging protection for the rest of the night. Although at first he was anxious it barely raised an eyebrow because his family were used to seeing Jonny wearing something similar.

“Pauly’s got his own ‘special pants’... yea.” Was the only comment needed from Jonny to get the anxious youngster to loosen up and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Soon the two boys were happily playing together on the beach with other kids as the grown-ups relaxed with their drinks.

They got back to the villa quite late and the kids were trying hard to keep their eyes open. It had been a wonderful night, even Paul’s accident hadn’t dampened the spirit only his pants. After a series of ‘Good-Nights’ Gemma was first off to bed followed very closely by the boys. Theresa went up to check they were tucked in and watched as Jonny wriggled out of his shorts and stood at the side of his bed wearing only his nappy.

“Are you dry sweetie?”

He checked and smiled back in relief. “Yes I’m fine.”

“What about you darling, it’s been quite a night for you?”

Tiredly Paul looked up and indicated that he was also okay.

“Well, do you want to wear your pjs... or... for tonight, do you want to be like Jonny and just wear your ‘special pants’? You look like twins.” She beamed.

Paul simply shuffled under the top sheet of his bed in answer and Jonny did the same.

“Well boys, thank you both for a wonderful evening but I think it’s time for night-nights.”

“Night mum,” they both chorused.

For the first time there was a mutual crinkle as the boys turned to get comfortable... it was the last sound they heard before sleep took them off to their own little dreamland.


With morning came the surprise that both protection wearers were dry. Theresa checked them and got them dressed in their SpongeBob swimming trunks because with the heat that’s all they really needed to wear. It was another day by the villa pool and, although it was pleasant down at the beach, it did get crowded so was nice to have such facilities all to themselves.

Gemma seemed to have let her slight reserve go and was acting her age, screaming, laughing, floating and super-soaking everyone who moved... no one was safe. It was amazing how quickly the day went and Nan had prepared a lovely evening meal they all enjoyed sat next to the pool, watching the sunset and stars gather in the crystal clear sky.

At night, Paul spent only that one time wearing protection and returned to his pjs for the rest of the holiday. Although Jonny was wearing his nightly armour, he didn’t wake up wet either for the rest of the holiday. Everyone took this as a fantastic sign that hopefully, his problem was over. 


That first night home was a trial. For the first time in so many months he wasn’t made to wear any kind of protection except his jammies. Once again he and Paul wore the same style and went to bed at the same time. It was a big event for him and he was nervous in case he did wet. Strangely, because he had no padding, he found sleep evading him for quite some time. He tossed and turned, this time without the crinkle accompaniment his plastic pants added, but the rustle of the plastic mattress protector was still there if a little muted - he found sleep difficult.

When Nan came in and saw he was still awake suggested that a nice warm glass of milk should aid sleep and did he want to try. Over in the other bed Paul was sleeping soundly and so as not to disturb him any further Jonny agreed. A couple of minutes later and she returned with a cup of warm milk with a nice vanilla essence, she thought it might make it tastier for him to drink. He liked that a lot.

She sat with him gently stroking his hair and trying to get him to relax and when he’d finished she helped him settle down. The drink seemed to work as he quickly snuggled under the blankets and was soon drifting off into a dreamless sleep.


The first morning back brought with it joy that his bed was dry and so was his jammies. This was ten mornings without a soaking, the longest he’d gone since that very first nightmare all that time ago.

This arid spell soon saw the confidence levels in Jonny rise and the thought that he no longer needed to wear nappies at night raised his spirits even higher. It was like he’d accepted the boundaries that had been set when he had to wear a nappy, now that he didn’t; he wanted a different and more grown-up set of limitations.

However, with his growing self-confidence came an independence that impacted on Paul more than anyone else. Jonny spent less time with his little brother and more time with new friends his own age he now sought out on the estate. Free from the nightmare, now he accepted Tom as his dad and saw what a nice chap he really was, things had changed in Jonny’s mind at least.

It was amazing how quickly, once out of wearing a nappy at night that the almost ten year-old began to assert himself. He wasn’t a pain, didn’t throw tantrums, just knew what he wanted and wasn’t easily persuaded otherwise. The total acquiescence to Nan’s bidding disappeared but the independence that Gemma enjoyed was now his and the difference between pre-holiday and nappies, to post-holiday and no nappies was life transforming.

Nan still tried to guide, co-ordinate and persuade the older boy to accept certain boundaries but, with the restriction of nappies now no longer relevant, he pursued his own course.


He still shared a room with his little brother, and occasionally played with him but deliberately steered away from anything that matched what Paul was wearing (despite Nan’s best efforts) and started asking for more say in clothing intended for him. Of course both Theresa and Tom found this a natural situation for a growing boy to want to be in but Gwen had liked what had been created and didn’t take to such a sudden and drastic change.

When Jonny had turned up almost a year earlier with a wetting problem Gwen had thought it was disgusting that a boy of his age should still be wetting. She didn’t know why he was doing so, it just didn’t seem right. However, as the weeks ticked by she saw the advantages of his padding that would benefit everyone once they were just one big family. She even got to like changing Jonny, it brought them closer and as a result her influence became stronger. She had made sure that when she changed him it was into a much thicker nappy. Nan wanted him to have very little movement and be dependent on others. She wanted that back, even washing freshly soaked nappies every morning had not dampened her enthusiasm for keeping a boy in nappies.


One night, a couple of months after Jonny no longer needing to wear a nappy at night, but desperate for her authority to return, as he was reading, Nan brought a warm glass of strawberry milk up last thing for him to have before sleep. He took a sip and then put it down on the little dresser between his and Paul’s beds. Nan asked him if he was going to finish it and said he would but not straight away. She knew it would be suspicious if she insisted so, wished him good night, and went back downstairs. Jonny eventually finished the chapter, closed the book and slipped into a very comfortable position under his welcoming blanket.

A few minutes after he’d dozed off Paul awoke feeling thirsty and, seeing the glass of milk standing there (though barely warm) took a sip. It was strawberry flavour his favourite and eagerly downed the lot.

The following morning, it wasn’t Jonny with a wet bed but Paul who couldn’t understand why his bed was soaked. Nan knew but decided to keep quiet about her involvement in the disaster and quickly disposed of the evidence.

Paul was confused but even more so when that evening his daddy took him up to bed and put him in a nappy, “to be on the safe side”.

The five year-old was very distressed by it all but as his daddy pointed out, it was what Jonny needed when he wet. Meanwhile, there was no need for the youngster to worry or be upset because he would be well protected until they knew this new incident was just a one off.

Jonny’s observation that Paul now had his own ‘special pants’ made the situation easier for the poor confused lad to come to terms with. Because his older brother had worn them, it wasn’t as big of a problem that it might have been.


Of course, now Jonny didn’t need to be put in protection at night he went to bed a little later, in fact, the same time as Gemma. So Paul had no one to talk to, play with or have him read stories and fell into a sad slump. The outcome of this despondency was that he wet for the next few nights. Nan stepped in to read him his nightly story and encourage him to not let wetting the bed worry him. Now he was in protection, she reassured the little tyke, it was best for him to wake up with a wet nappy than a wet bed.

Tom and Theresa had gone through it once so weren’t put out by this new setback. In fact, they wondered if it wasn’t some sort of emotional reaction to his older brother no longer needing padding. However, it was decided by his parents that Paul was to be treated exactly as they had done Jonny, nightly containment with no condemnation. Even though he’d soon be starting school, it was not a stain on his character he wet at night and he shouldn’t be ashamed of the padding he needed for a good night’s sleep... and dry bed.

It never occurred to anyone how bizarre it was that as soon as Jonny was out of nappies, Paul was suddenly back in them. As they hadn’t really known why Jonny had wet for as long as he had, they didn’t have a take on why Paul had started. It was something to deal with but not make a big deal about especially if it might embarrass the youngster. Because of Jonny they had a huge supply of nappies and plastic and rubber pants so although slightly large for him, they would suffice.

So, like his stepbrother before him, Paul was thickly protected each night, with the soothing words of Nan before he went to sleep that it was okay for a boy to wet his nappy as that was what they were for. He shouldn’t be ashamed or worried if he did as it was only natural whilst he had this little problem. She was full of soft words, encouragement and empathy as she loaded the extra soak pads so that the plastic pants didn’t sag.

“There, never has a boy looked so good in his special pants.” Nan praised as he wriggled contentedly in their cushiony comfort.

She even reinstated his scruffy-looking stuffed dog, which had been neglected for the last few weeks. Now as he fell asleep Nan pushed it into his arms so he could snuggle down with a friend.

She even helped him get used to the bulk under his jammies by giving him a tasty drink before he settled down. This occasional treat was to be a secret between him and Nan, which the youngster innocently agreed to. With Nan sitting and urging him to finish it as she read a story (so she could take away the evidence)... his morning saturation would continue for some time to come.

# tbc #

Part 5

Arriving home from school just a month or so after Jonny’s tenth birthday, it was an unseasonable warm Friday afternoon and found himself in the kitchen where he helped himself to some of Nan’s strawberry milkshake mix. He hadn’t had one for ages and seeing it lying on the counter made his taste-buds blossom. He dug out a bottle of ice cold milk from the fridge, poured himself a glass, added the flavoursome mixture and then lay out in the sun enjoying the refreshing thirst-quencher, which he downed in just a couple of gulps.

The sun beat down as he stretched out on a lounger in the backyard totally relaxed and eventually dozed off. He awoke to find two figures standing over him shaking their heads and with Nan prodding his crotch, whilst Paul looked surprised.

A sudden realisation that he was completely soaked made Jonny feel guilty and unexpectedly vulnerable as Nan took control of the situation.

“Well, I think Jonny needs... um, well... follow me sweetheart. I have to change Paul, so I might as well do you at the same time.”


Nan took and collected Paul from school where for the past few weeks he’d been having more and more wetting problems, so much so, that he was now almost permanently wearing his ‘special pants’. His comforting toy dog was back accompanying him everywhere and the bulge in his shorts was getting larger. Nan had got him so he wet himself unpredictably, thus keeping him well-padded had become the logical option.

Paul didn’t like the situation because at school he was the only five year-old still wearing a nappy in 1st Grade. But, for the time being at least, Nan, together with his parents, decided that whilst he had this little ‘dilemma’ it was the best and easiest solution. They’d pointed out that Jonny had to wear a nappy when he had the same problem so a sort of unwritten rule was – if you wet your pants you get to wear a nappy... no argument.

The reference to Jonny had been a good move because Paul worshipped his stepbrother. The fact that he used to wear a nappy meant it was something the lad had gotten used to seeing and, as Jonny hadn’t complained about having to wear such protection, made it more acceptable now he had to.

When they were alone, Nan convinced him that the wearing of a nappy was good for mummy and daddy to see what a ‘sweet brave boy’ he was and how grown-up to take on such a responsibility. So, although Paul wore a nappy he thought he was being a big boy... and of course, his hero Jonny had worn ‘special pants’ so it was all okay.


“But, but, but...” Jonny tried ineffectually to object.

Nan had seen the empty glass and put two and two together, although she was surprised that he’d found her ‘special’ stash of strawberry mix. Perhaps she hadn’t been her usual careful self, hiding it away after dousing Paul’s last drink. However, here was an opportunity she didn’t want to miss. Taking immediate charge of the situation she was already guiding him back towards the house and soon had both lay out on their beds.

“Now Jonny, you know the rules, wet pants mean you wear a nappy until we know why this problem has returned.”

“But it was an accident, I mean, I just...”

“Yes, yes... of course it’s an accident but still... you’ve had problems in the past now haven’t you?” She let the implication sink in. “Just take a look at the state of your school trousers...” She wasn’t going to let this argument go. “So, it’s just common sense to take precautions.”

She was laying on the guilt trip pretty thickly but under the guise of reason.

The unexpected recollection of that nightmare scenario, something he hadn’t thought about since the holiday, came flooding back and an extra spurt of pee shot into his soaked underwear followed by a torrent.

“Oh dear!”  Surprised, Nan looked down at the soggy state of his pants... there was no doubt he’d just added further saturation to the material.

“But Nan, I’m too old to be wearing...”

“Nonsense sweetie, you’re never too old to have sensible safeguards...”

“But Nan, please...”

“Now Jonny don’t be silly about this...” She said as she pulled at his shamefully soaked school trousers. “You don’t see Paul complaining... so let’s get you out of these wet pants... these warm soggy pants...” she said emphasising that she knew what had just taken place, “and into something a lot drier and more... acceptable.”

Despite Paul being a ‘big brave boy’ she treated and spoke to him like she had when he was a toddler but knew she’d have to be a bit more cunning with Jonny. She tried a different tack.

“Look, every military leader and sportsman knows that the best defence is a good solid offence. We can stop the world from seeing your wet pants by the simple inclusion of a good defence... a robust fortification... an impenetrable barrier. ”

She saw the complete lack of understanding and wished she hadn’t gone down that route.

“Can’t we wait until mum comes home before...?”

He tried to reason with her but the warm pee sloshing in his underwear made him guilt-ridden and knew she knew what he’d done.

 “What and have her tell me off for leaving you soaked to the skin? I don’t think so mister... now let’s get on with things.”

She was Nan; he was ten, so there would be no argument.

He watched as she grabbed a pristine white square of fabric and began to fold it. He’d gone months without having to wear one and desperately didn’t want to return to that time again. But how could he pretend he was in control when he’d just added to the growing wet stain whilst awake?


Although he wasn’t being very cooperative and lay there grumbling and feeling most annoyed she had his pants off, cleaned up and powdered before he had chance to voice any further protests. She’d had plenty of practice with Paul so the thick fabric nappy was folded, pinned and plastic pants pulled up in double quick time.

Jonny realised there wasn’t a great deal he could do at that moment but thought maybe he’d be able to convince mum that it was just a little ‘one off’ accident and there would be no further need for nappies.

Once Jonny was done she moved over to Paul who was very wet indeed. Apparently he’d tried to hold it until the last few moments of class but, as the bell rung, the sudden noise made him wet his thick security. No one else knew what he’d done, Nan’s nappy provision proving a successful barrier to any embarrassment. So the walk home was a bit squishy but only Paul knew that as his shorts were dry.

She made baby-talk with him, which set him off giggling as he held onto his stuffed doggie for comfort. This was the type of dependence she was hoping for but knew she’d have to deal with the ten year-old differently. Meanwhile, her mind was filled with the thought that, with both boys wearing nappies, they were back where they belonged.

She looked proud of her work as both Paul and Jonny returned to the garden wearing thick padded nappies and matching baby blue vinyl pants. For the youngster it was a return to a time he’d missed since his older brother had been out of nappies – a time when they could play and have fun together... now they wore their ‘special pants’ together - “Yeah!”

Neither wore shorts because, as Nan explained in her best no-nonsense way, it was too hot so extra clothing was unnecessary. They’d be okay in the back garden where no one would see them so should stop worrying... it wasn’t like they hadn’t only worn protection before.

It was a start... now to return them to wearing the same, acting the same, playing the same... and keeping them in nappies.

Gwen had formulated exactly what she’d tell Theresa and Tom (they’d both received promotions so worked longer hours than before), and knew since she’d taken on more and more responsibility for the kids care she wouldn’t need to explain too much at all. If she thought it was prudent, or needed, then they agreed... it simply got done.

Besides, Nan liked a challenge... it kept her young... and the boys did look delightfully juvenile with their matching padded bottoms gleaming in the sun.


Theresa was shocked when she got in from work to see both boys playing in the garden wearing nappies and plastic pants. Gwen managed to collar her before Jonny knew she was home and explained what had happened before he got a chance to plead his case.

Gwen was earnest in her appraisal of Jonny twice wetting his pants seemingly ignorant of what he was doing and was worried it was an indication of a relapse. So, just in case it was she thought, as Paul needed a change, it would be prudent to do the same with Jonny.  

She looked to Theresa for approval. Theresa nodded as she always did at Gwen’s assessment of a situation, she was always right.

“I think you,” Nan emphasised it was Theresa’s responsibility, “should tell him your decision and, if I were you, I’d keep him in protection for tonight at least and reassess in the morning. That gives you chance to see if it is a one, sorry, two off and that he hasn’t had any kind of setback.”

Theresa nodded and walked through to where her son was half-heartedly playing. On seeing his mother he was both excited and embarrassed but plucked up the courage to waddle over to her and began to cry as she hugged him to her breast.

“It’s okay sweetie... accidents happen...”

Once the tears had abated he tried to put his case. Gwen had made herself scarce so the poor boy didn’t feel intimidated, although he didn’t know she’d already bent his mother’s ear.

“I fell asleep and, and, and accidently wet my pants... it was an accident but Nan made me wear these...” He flourished his hand over the padding and shiny pants. “I’m too old to wear all this.” He looked to his mum for support, “It was only the once, it was an accident... I shouldn’t have to wear a nappy.” He bawled.

Theresa knew it was more than once but hoped to pacify Jonny’s obvious distress.

“Well,” she whispered conspiratorially in his ear, “just to placate Nan... wear it for the rest of the day and then we’ll see where we are tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? I have to wear them until tomorrow?” He said in irritated disbelief.

“Look love, you’ve had an accident and we don’t know why. It’s not like you haven’t had trouble like this before...”

Again the memory of that awful nightmare and seeing his mother and Tom having sex stormed into his brain. His brain took exception to the very thought and released another unbidden spurt into his thick and thirsty nappy.

He didn’t think his mother noticed but felt both shame and guilt so didn’t take his argument any further. There was no way from escaping having to wear what he’d been given and thought if he acted up, the discovery of new wetness could possibly lead to having to wear protection for a lot longer than overnight. However, he spent the rest of the afternoon wearing a soaked nappy, just too humbled to ask someone for a change.


Theresa relayed to Tom what Gwen had told her and they both agreed that they would see how things were in the morning before deciding on whether Jonny needed to wear any further protection.

At Nan’s insistence both boys had gone to bed at the same time where she’d discovered the very wet Jonny.

“Why didn’t you tell me you’d wet sweetie... it can’t have been much fun wearing a wet nappy for any length of time. You must tell me... it’s not good... you’ll get a rash and if you remember from the last time... they aren’t much fun.”

Nan was being very cunning. By repeating that wetting himself was nothing new, that powder and anti-rash cream were also nothing he hadn’t experienced before, so shouldn’t be surprised at this little relapse. She inferred all this as she effortlessly pulled off the offending soaked padding and replaced it with a more robust thickness and sturdier rubber pants.

“There we go... all set for a better night’s sleep I’m sure.”

“But Nan, I’m not tired; it’s early yet and...”

“Ssshhhh, I know, I know, but your mummy and daddy think you’ve had a bit of a testing day...” then as if an afterthought. “Look, why don’t you and Paul play up here and I’ll get you both a drink... would you like that.”

“Yes please Nan,” Paul’s little voice chipped in overjoyed that he and Jonny would get to play a bit longer.

He was already out of bed and collecting some dinosaurs and stuff from the toy box.

“Can I have vanilla in mine please Nan?”

“Off course sweetie and Jonny... do you have a preference... perhaps a juice instead... we have some grapefruit left?”

She knew he didn’t like grapefruit.

“No Nan thanks, um, I s’pose I’ll have the same please.”

“Okay love, if you’re sure.”

Down in the kitchen, after she filled in Theresa and Tom about Jonny’s second soaking, she warmed up the milk, added the mix, and couldn’t believe how well everything was going.


She returned carrying the warm flavoured drink and noticed that the two boys were sat padding to padding on the floor. Paul had scooted up between Jonny’s legs and was resting his head against his chest as they read a story together. Like before the older boy helping him out when he faltered.

They both stopped and took their drinks and Nan watched as they each took a huge gulp.

“Okay boys, I’ll be back in thirty minutes and I expect the drinks finished and you both back in bed and ready for sleep.” She smiled a smile that to the boys meant she was on their side and wouldn’t say anything to their parents for staying up that bit later.

“So you two, don’t get me into trouble... please.”

She disappeared and left them to continue with their story.

When she returned forty-five minutes later, the boys were in their own beds and fast asleep, the empty glasses proof they enjoyed the treat. She also knew that come the morning both boys would be waking up to sodden nappies and as luck would have it Tom would be the adult to discover the damage.


Jonny was awake when Tom entered the bedroom. He’d only been conscious for a few seconds whilst he took in the fact that his night time protection was absolutely saturated. He had no recollection of having that dream again so was trying to work out how he could pretend he wasn’t wet before any discovery, alas, that moment had passed.

Tom checked Paul first and his sleepy son yawned as his father checked under the plastic pants – he was soaked.

“Okay Pauly, time to get up.”

The youngster yawned again and snuggled his bedraggled stuffed dog.

“Let’s have breakfast first and then we’ll get you changed before we go out.”

Tom had promised the kids that as Theresa had a shift at work, and the weather forecast was for a fine day, they would take a trip to the nearby Nature Reserve.

“How about you Jonny...” He made a move towards the boy’s bed.

“Ummm, I’m okay, uummmuuu, so no need to check.”

The problem was he didn’t sound very convincing and so his stepdad simply pulled back the blanket to reveal a bulging set of padding.

“Well it looks like Nan was right to make sure you both were well-padded last night... I think you both needed it. Okay, two minutes and I need you down for breakfast.”

He turned to Jonny.

“I don’t like it if people try to fool me son, so don’t ever do that again.” He was so serious it made Jonny swallow hard.

“I’ll change you after breakfast as well.” Then added a bit more light-heartedly, “Now get a move on boys Gemma is already up and keen to get underway.”


Gemma was sat at the table in shorts and a t-shirt looking fresh-faced and alert, whilst the boys waddled to their chairs still half asleep in thick, soaked nappies and straining rubber pants.

Serial was already poured into bowls, toast and jam was also available and Tom and his mother were having a quiet conversation at the sink.

“I’m afraid the poor lad’s soaked again this morning,” Tom whispered to his mother, “and he’s already said he’s too old to wear a nappy.”

“Well that’s true and, if he hadn’t had a wet night I’d be inclined to go along with what Theresa suggested and let him wear his normal briefs. But, she’s at work and hasn’t seen the state of his nappy this morning so I think it’s up to you to decide. I’m sure she’ll agree with whatever decision you make.”

“I don’t like to see the poor lad so distressed, especially as it took him so long to get over his last wetting spree.”

“Well yes I can see that.”

“Look, if you see to Paul and get him ready then I’ll have a chat to Jonny and decide what’s best then... is that okay with you?” Tom was thinking about the situation.

“Whatever you decide love... but don’t let the boy embarrass himself as I’m sure that would be worse in the long run. If he needs the protection of a nappy don’t think you’re doing him a favour if you let him pee himself in public and everyone sees.”

Gemma took it in her stride she’d seen both her brothers wearing only their bulky protection before so this was nothing new. However, Jonny back in them brought on a query.

“Had a bit of an accident Jonny?”

Jonny was embarrassed his sister asked but she wasn’t having a go it was just a question.

“Mmmm yesterday I... well...”

“Not now Gemma sweetie, let the boys get their brekkie we’re running a little late this morning.” It was dad who’d interrupted and saved Jonny from having to explain himself.

Gemma finished and went to grab a few things before they set off.


Next to finish was Paul so Nan swooped in and whisked him off to the bathroom to get him ready.

After unpinning and removing the soaked fabric she set about cleaning him up with a warm damp sponge before administering some anti-rash cream, powder and a new clean nappy. These days Paul didn’t object as she reached for a pair of crinkly opaque vinyl pants and pulled them up over the fresh material.

She then led him to his room and fished out a nice dark green polo-shirt and a matching pair of pale green shorts. The hem of his plastic pants could just be seen at the leg holes if he sat down, otherwise no one would necessarily know unless they were looking for the bulge. She liked to see the slight curvy contours which indicated the boy wore padding but told him that it was hardly noticeable.

Taking the opportunity she then went to Jonny’s cupboard and got out a similar set of clothes except with a pale green shirt and dark green shorts.

Whilst they were finishing off in the bedroom Tom had taken Jonny to the bathroom to sort his night time nappy out. He slipped down the rubber pants and began to unpin his soaked nappy. Jonny had asked to do it himself but Tom wanted to check that he wasn’t getting a rash (which looked like he was) and to make sure he was cleaned up properly.

However, just as Tom began to pull the nappy apart, there was a low hiss.

Shocked, Tom looked down at the gathering liquid and then back up to Jonny who was red with mortification as his bladder had let loose a stream of pee he had no control over.

“I’m sorry Tom, erm, daddy, um so...” The poor boy cried onto his stepfather’s shoulder.

Jonny was lost for words to explain this uncalled for event. It was only that as Tom undid his nappy, the memory of him and his mother flooded into his head yet again, and the pee spontaneously started streaming.

Of course Tom had no idea this was the reason, and Jonny certainly wasn’t going to mention it, so it seemed like a foregone conclusion that once he was cleaned up, oiled and powdered, it would be a nappy and vinyl pants that followed.


As Tom flapped out the thick fabric material, Jonny begged not to be put back in a nappy.

“Look son, you’re going through a particularly bad patch at the moment...”

“But dad I’m sure I can make it to the toilet... please let me have my briefs.” He pleaded.

Thinking back to what Gwen had said. “I’ll be doing you no favours if you wet your pants whilst we are out now will I?”

“But I won’t... honest... I’ll be...” he had another idea.  “I don’t have to go out I can stay home... you can all go to the Nature Reserve without me I’ll be fine...”

“That’s not going to happen. For one thing a ten year-old boy isn’t supposed to be left unsupervised and secondly, this will be great fun for everyone.”

“But everyone will know.”

“Well, I’ll do my best to hide it... you’ll thank me if you wet yourself won’t you?”


Nan was pulling together various things she needed for the trip out. She packed a few cartons of orange juice and a couple of pineapple drinks for the kids knowing full well that Jonny would choose his favourite - the pineapple flavour. As well as various snacks and sandwiches she also shoved in a couple of disposables and spare plastic pants just in case they were needed.

Upstairs, Jonny was reluctantly wrapped in a thick fabric nappy and had a pair of soft clear vinyl pants pulled over it. Tom noticed the stuff Nan had already laid out and, passing each item, got the ten year-old to dress quickly.

They looked at each other in the mirror. Tom was standing behind his stepson looking hunky and fit, Jonny, with the same smooth contours around his bum and crotch like his little brother, looked like a very unhappy adolescent. However, nothing showed below his leg holes or above the waist of his green shorts, so, to all intents and purposes, no one needed could see what he had on underneath.

“I’ll just get my sneakers... I’ll catch up with you in a minute.”

Tom nodded and told him to be quick and then shouted to see if everyone else was ready.


In those few seconds Jonny rushed to the drawers and shoved a pair of underpants into his pocket. His plan was, if he got an opportunity, to lose the nappy, replace them with his briefs and then, when he’d gone the day without wetting, reveal he was nappy-less all along. Then they’d all have to agree they were wrong and he was right, it had been just a little accident.

Once downstairs, and breathless from his subterfuge, Jonny sighed when he saw he was wearing much the same as Paul but decided to not draw attention to himself as they loaded up the car and set off.

At the Nature Reserve the kids were given an illustrated information sheet so they could cross off the things they saw, or make notes of anything that caught their eye. The place was packed with other families so, for a peaceful nature area, there was quite a bit of excited noise.

However, there were loads of camouflaged hides to watch the water-birds and migrating visitors. The larger lakes buzzed with insects where many people were entranced by the dance of the dragon and damsel flies. An abundance of gloriously painted butterflies seemed to inhabit the buddleia and swoop around lilies or brightly coloured weeds. The flora and fauna put on a spectacular show for all the sightseers... young and old.

Paul managed to get a fishing-net so he could trawl the many small pools that were there full of tiddlers and other assorted pond life. He was in his element charging from one place to another and checking off his list with Gemma’s and Jonny’s help. Meanwhile, Gwen and Tom had spread out a blanket and arranged Tupperware boxes full of food for when the ravenous trio returned.


Jonny was first back saying he was thirsty so Nan offered him a choice of orange or pineapple juice. As expected he chose the more exotic flavour and disappeared back amongst the bushes where a hunt for a rarely seen bug was underway. Nervously, and without overthinking the situation, he found a copse of bushes away from the crowd.

Apprehensively, he pulled down his shorts and plastic pants then quickly unpinned the thick fabric nappy. He was surprised to notice that there was already a small amount of dampness and a yellow circular stain. He didn’t recognise this as a warning just put it down to the aftermath of when Tom had got him ready.

Relieved of the burden of so much material, he swiftly pulled up his briefs and shorts but then wondered what to do with the bundle he had left. Thinking he could collect it later, he shoved it under a bush and, nonchalantly sipping his juice, headed back to where Gemma and Paul were engrossed in some three-spined sticklebacks the youngster had fished from the pond.

Other kids were crowding round, some in admiration whilst others were exhibiting their own finds of newts, small frogs and some alarmingly fierce-looking water-based insects. There was no doubt about it, for those with an interest in nature, this reserve had tons to keep them occupied.


Families were thankful for the break when lunch became the main event.

It had been amazing, the Reserve’s ever helpful and knowledgeable legion of Rangers had kept the kids (and quite a number of parents) informed and involved for almost three hours. So, after lunch the information sheets would be gathered and there would be a small awards ceremony for the kids who had filled in the most flora and fauna observed that morning.

Gemma, Paul and Jonny arrived back at the blanket absolutely worn out and starving. The food Nan had prepared didn’t last long, it was as if an army of locusts had descended and eaten everything in their path. Gemma and Paul were grateful their orange juice had been kept cool and a second bottle of pineapple juice was available should Jonny want it... he did it had been a thirsty search.

No one appeared to notice the lack of padding on Jonny who was feeling pretty pleased with his deception but it was with a sudden start that he unexpectedly felt his bladder loosen and fill his underwear. He sat with his legs out in front of him as his green shorts took on a dark stain. The low hiss could hardly be heard above the noise of the crowd but Nan noticed and looked in amazement at the boy.


Jonny burst into tears as more pee flooded into his underwear and began to trickle onto the blanket.

“Oh Jonny, get up.” Nan shouted getting to her feet and quickly dragging the sobbing boy up and off the blanket before he could soak it too much.

She looked at her son accusingly. “I thought you’d decided to put him in a nap... erm... protection.”

Now all eyes were on the bawling ten year-old as pee became more than a trickle down his legs and into his shoes.

People sitting around were now looking at the spectacle and Jonny’s crying was more from embarrassment than anything else.

“Oh Tom... I thought...”

“He was wearing when we set off,” Tom said in defence of his mother’s accusing stare. “He must have changed out...”

“Well, I can’t let him walk around in soaked pants.” Gwen said. “Let’s get this wet stuff off and into something drier.”

Without waiting for any kind of response, and treating Jonny as nothing more than a waterlogged toddler, she pulled down his green shorts; his soaked underpants clung to his boy-parts but once released , sagged under the weight so were rapidly dragged off as well. Jonny was standing there bare-assed but with no one to blame but himself.


Nan took control, wiping him down with wet-wipes and laying him out so she could powder and administer the spare disposable she had with her. As usual, she was quick and efficient and had him taped into a dry nappy in seconds. She then fished in her bag for a pair of crinkly plastic pants and although he tried to jerk away, forced his feet into the leg holes and worked them up over the thick babyish looking disposable. She’d removed his wet shoes and socks so he was left, sitting on the blanket, a ten year-old wearing a green top and a huge disposable with noisy plastic pants.

The kids nearby couldn’t take their eyes off the spectacle and a number of comments could be heard. Some parents told them off for being unkind but there was a great deal of laughter at Jonny’s expense.

“We had this covered... we had this covered.” Tom muttered under his breath to Gwen.

Once the furore had died down a very unhappy Tom asked what his stepson had done with his nappy and plastic pants. Jonny pointed to the bushes and reluctantly told him he had hidden them there. His stepfather was none too pleased and ordered him to go and retrieve them. He was unwilling to go dressed as he was and suggested that Paul or Gemma should go as he was too humiliated. Tom was so angry he made him go and get them whether he was embarrassed or not.

With all eyes watching he tearfully trudged into the bushes and after a few seconds emerged bashfully with the dirty bundle. He tried to hide them under his arm but most could see what he was carrying. More comments followed every crinkly step as he made his way back to the blanket.

“Please dad,” he pleaded, “can we go now?”


Jonny looked down guiltily at his bare feet and shuffled a bit under the watchful and assessing gaze of Tom and Nan. His plastic pants noisily rustled as Tom made him stand so all could see.

“Do you think this stunt means you’re to be rewarded for your silliness?”

“In my day,” Nan now joined in, “that would have earned a boy a thorough spanking.”

Jonny turned red as he wondered if Tom would do such a thing... and in front of all these people.

“No Jonny we’re not going home, there are other people to consider. Paul and Gemma have more to see and might win something...”

“I’ve seen lots of animals and bugs and such...” Paul chipped in.

“I think you’ll definitely win something.” Gemma offered in support of her little brother.

“See, your brother and sister want to stay and we are doing so AND young man, you are going to join in, even dressed as you are.”

“Please don’t make me.” The pleading was accompanied by tears.

“Sorry Jonny but you’ve brought this on yourself. I thought we’d avoided any embarrassment in the precautions we took. You decided otherwise so now you’ll have to bear the consequences.”


Being the only ten year-old wearing a nappy and plastic pants drew lots of attention and comments as he joined Gemma and Paul in the search for a Kingfisher that had been spotted down by the larger lake.

Once there was just Tom and his mum left he confided that he’d hated showing Jonny up like that but received some praise from Gwen that he’d done the right thing. However, he wasn’t happy with himself and knew that when they got home, there would be more tears and upset which he’d just have to face.

Down by the lake some brave kids rubbed up against Jonny’s slippery pants and giggled. Some commented on how much he looked and felt like a baby and one or two pretended that they could smell the contents of his nappy, they couldn’t he was clean. Gemma and Paul stayed close by but when the joking got too much, and the ten year-old was on the verge of more tears, it was Gemma who stepped in and told them off.


Strangely, this feisty young girl with attitude scared quite a few of the provocateurs into suddenly finding something more important to look at or chat about. She put her arm around Jonny and whispered for him not to worry, she’d look after him. Under normal circumstances he would have objected and said he could look after himself but at that moment, it was wonderful to have such support. Paul huddled up to the other side of him and patted his special pants, as if to say “we’re in this together”, although, in truth, he was simply mimicking his sister’s support.

One of the young Rangers also spoke quietly but firmly about everyone being friendly and conciliatory, which seemed at odds as they watched as a large heron stabbed into the water and returned with a wriggling fish, which with one toss swallowed whole.

Later all the kids under ten received a certificate of attendance having completed the questionnaire about what lived in the Nature Reserve. Badges were given out (Paul received one for catching the most sticklebacks... and putting them back), whilst others only got a pat on the back from their parents but it was generally felt the day had been a huge success.

Jonny didn’t feel any of this because whilst all this was going on he tried to hide under the blanket. Neither Nan nor Tom objected but he had been embarrassed when she’d slipped her hand up his leg to check if he was wet. He was dry and Nan smiled and whispered the words ‘well done’. It made him feel a bit better but he desperately wanted the day to finish so they could get home.  

Jonny just didn’t understand why he was peeing so much, and furthermore, why sometimes he peed without knowing he was doing so. However, this had been an embarrassing turn of events, which had been foreseen but that he’d recklessly ignored - so, had no one to blame but himself.

# tbc #


Part 6

Once home Jonny immediately went to his bedroom and threw himself down on top of his blankets in frustration. The day had gone badly and his plan on showing everyone that he didn’t need nappies had turned into a complete disaster. He lay there on his front thinking how he now didn’t stand a chance of making his mum let him wear briefs as normal. He was on the verge of tears when there was a light tap on the door.

He really didn’t want to speak to anyone but knew that he’d have to face the family at some point.

“Yeahhh.” He whispered.

Nervously the door slowly opened and Gemma peaked around the corner.

“Are you okay?”

“Not really.”

“Can I come in?”

Jonny remembered it was her who had stuck up for him and silenced quite a few of his critics.

“Uh uh.”

Gemma always looked as if she had a healthy glow; she smiled a lot, was positive and always doing something. She was good at school, had a natural caring temperament and was extremely popular. She often acted as a little lady but was also happy having a silly game with Paul and Jonny, she’d never been less than supportive of her brothers.

It had been to everyone’s benefit that from the start all the kids had gotten on together and even the fact that Jonny’s earlier experience of wetting at night hadn’t stopped them being very close friends.

Although he was lying on top of his bed facing away from the door wearing nothing but a pale green polo shirt and his slinky protection, that possibly humiliating view point left him for a few seconds as he heard her approach.

When, at the beginning, she’d called him ‘kinda cute’ she’d meant it, especially when he wore his thick protection, although she never revealed that was the reason.

But now she saw he was in distress, and back in nappies, wondered if there was anything she could do to help.


“You know we were all happy for you when you stopped wetting after the holiday?”

Jonny shrugged and turned to face her, his thick padding and taut plastic pants making a sleek outline to his crotch which again Gemma considered really nice. It was something she’d always appreciated ever since she used to change Paul when a baby. She thought it was definitely one of the best things about wearing plastic pants - they were practical and looked good, well that was her opinion.  It wasn’t a sexual thing, because she had yet to experience anything like that, but it was something she appreciated.

“Do you know why you’re wetting again?”

It was a question Jonny had been giving serious thought to but apart from the times when that image entered his head (and there was no way he could explain that to her) he had no idea.

“The first time I just fell asleep in the sun and woke up wet... I don’t know why it happened.”

It seemed that with each word or slight movement, his plastic pants gave of a rustling noise, which he obviously hadn’t noticed or had gotten used to but Gemma thought was quite sweet.

“Did you do anything different?”

“What do you mean...?”

“Had you been bursting for a pee and been distracted... or something?”

“No, I just came home, had a glass of milk and fell asleep.”

“Well, a glass of milk isn’t going to make you pee is it? We have them all the time.”

“No... but I’ve been trying to think if anything else happened... or something I saw that might have been... you know... upsetting... but nothing”

They both went quiet for a few moments thinking about what had just been said.

“But you’ve worn protection before so...” It was Gemma trying to be positive again.

“Yes but this is unfair, I thought I was over it but seems worse than last time... and during the day... and without me knowing I’m doing it... oooaaagghhh.” He flung himself into his pillow in complete anger and frustration.

Gemma quickly went and sat on the side of the bed and stroked his back in sympathy.

She hadn’t planned on saying anything much, she just wanted to support he stepbrother who was going through a difficult time but, she spoke quietly and thoughts came into her head.

“Could it be because Paul’s in nappies that you want to be?”

“WHAT! I don’t want to wear nappies.” He angrily replied although it was partly muffled by the pillow. “Why would I when I was so relieved to be out of them... that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Okay, okay,” she realised she’d made a bad suggestion, and wasn’t really sure where the idea came from, “I was just, you know, asking.”

“Why would I want to...? It’s a stupid idea... Paul’s still a little kid.”

The rustling got louder as he wriggled uncomfortably at the very idea.

Gemma shrugged because when they were together you could hardly tell them apart they were that similar.

However, a cold shiver passed down Jonny’s spine when he suddenly wondered if Gemma was on to something.

“And... he doesn’t mind wearing them... but I do.” He added though not as confidently as he had been.

“Yes, I see that. Well, perhaps it was the milk. Maybe you’re simply drinking too much mmm?”

“But I don’t drink any more than anyone else and that wouldn’t explain...” He suddenly recognised he was about to tell her about her dad and his mum naked but clammed shut.

“Wouldn’t explain what?”

“Why I stopped and why I’ve started again... it’s not FAIR.”

She patted his plastic mound in reassurance. “No it’s not.” But there was no denying that to her at least the look and feel of his protection was very pleasing.

When they’d first met, and before the holiday, when he was wearing them every night, Gemma had thought his protection made him special. She liked that Pauly had come up with the term ‘special pants’ and that was exactly as she saw them, shiny and distinctive. She had no idea why he wet at night though didn’t think of nappies as something only a baby wore. Rather what made her new stepbrother different and interesting compared to other boys their age.   

As she exited she left with a smile and a comment, which sounded very grown-up.

“You’ve got over it once, I’m sure you’ll get over this. But Jonny... we like you... nappies or not... don’t let it get you down.”



With Gemma’s words still offering comfort he snuggled down and fell asleep. He had no idea that whilst he slept Nan checked that he was still dry, which he was, or that Paul had come up to play. However, seeing his stepbrother fast asleep toddled back downstairs and played in the garden with his sister. Jonny only woke up when gently being shaken by mum.

“Hi sweetie... I gather today hasn’t been the best...”

“Oh mum,” he all but sobbed, “I made a mistake and now Tom, erm, dad and Nan think I ruined everything.”

“Well sweetie, what do you think?”

She was giving him an opportunity to chat openly and without anyone else listening or commenting. He assumed rightly that she already knew what had happened and was waiting for his take on the story.

“Mum, I don’t want to wear a nappy... I’m not a little kid.” He looked up at her to see what she thought. She waited for him to continue without saying anything.

“I’m ten, I didn’t need to wear, ohh, mum... I’m sorry... I thought if I could prove to everyone... you know... that I didn’t need...” His voice wavered and he looked down at his feet.

A huge sigh escaped him when he suddenly realised he was wetting his nappy as he was speaking.

“Ooohhh mum...” and burst into tears.


She held him, rocking backwards and forwards trying to comfort the poor boy. Just by patting his padding she could tell what had happened so had proof, if it were needed, just what her son’s predicament was. She only spoke when he calmed down a little.

“Nobody’s angry with you love, if anything they are just disappointed you didn’t trust their judgement”

“But Nan said that in her day I’d have been spanked and... and...”

“That may have been said then but now, only anyone wants to do is make things better for you.”

Jonny snuggled up closer enjoying the warm embrace of someone he hadn’t made himself look a fool in front of. The guilt of the day was still there and he knew it had been down to him but wasn’t sure what he could do about it now.

His mother seemed to be thinking on the same lines.

“I can feel your nappy is soaked, so Sweetie, think carefully, what is it to be... underpants or a nappy?”

He didn’t want to admit it. He tried his best not to say the word. He wanted his mum to make the decision and then he could at least pretend it wasn’t up to him... but she waited for an answer.

Eventually, and with heavy resignation to his voice, the word ‘nappy’ was almost imperceptibly murmured.

“Okay sweetie, I’m going to change you now but, and I want your word on this, you won’t try to take your protection off on your own... promise.”

It had been an internal struggle but everything pointed to the fact... his problem had returned. He had to be grown-up about it and accept he needed to wear some protection and that protection came in the shape of what was currently lying warm and wet between his legs.

Jonny seemed to accept his fate. “Mmmm, I promise.”

“It’s for your own good love... we prefer it if you didn’t need this but, whilst you do, let’s keep any awkwardness to a minimum shall we?”

“But mum, when will I be able to get out of them...”

“I don’t know sweetheart. For the next few days, until we see some improvement, I think a nappy will be best during the day and night.”


It was a good thing they never threw any of his stuff away from the last time and that Paul was getting full use as well. There were plenty of fabric nappies, plastic pants and supplies to go around, as well as the thicker rubber pants Nan had bought especially for the trip to Spain.

Mum guided him to the bathroom, cleaned him up and checked for the rash that Tom had mentioned might be starting. She lathered on Sudocrem from a large container Gwen had bought for Paul just a week earlier all over the infected area and applied a fresh, thick terry nappy.

“I’d rather leave these off for a while and let a bit of air circulate but, I’m afraid you might leak so, for the time being at least, let’s make you absolutely secure... okay?”

Defeated, and resigned to his fate, Jonny nodded but wished there was an alternative. Or better still, would suddenly get the control back he had up until a day or so ago and then he wouldn’t need what was happening now.

Mum shuffled up the thick pair of rubber pants he hoped he’d seen the last off back at the villa. Once everything was contained she searched for some shorts and found a loose cotton pair that just about covered the bulk but did nothing to disguise what he was underneath.

He caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror and let out an even bigger groan.

“Okay love let’s go see what Nan’s made for tea.” She smiled trying to keep the moment light and repeated what she just said. “Let’s go see... what Nan’s made for tea. Who knew I was a poet?”


Later, after the meal and the adults were talking privately in the living room, Paul had soaked himself and asked Gemma if he was allowed to go and ask to be changed.

“I can do it if you want.” She said cheerfully, “I used to help when you were younger... I don’t suppose it’s any more difficult now. What do you think?”

In fact Paul remembered being changed by his big sister on occasions but they were few and far between.

“Won’t Nan be cross?”

“I shouldn’t think so... she told me I can help any time I liked.”

Jonny was stunned by the conversation. Did this mean that she’d be allowed to help change his wet nappies?

“Well okay.” She held out her hand, which Paul took, and ambled upstairs to the bathroom.

Jonny sat alone in the garden, his bulky nappy and thick plastic pants suddenly feeling very oppressive. The game all three had been playing was forgotten as he wondered if he and Paul would be treated the same. Would his sister, who was only six weeks older than him, be given the responsibility of changing when he wet? He shuddered at the thought and as if on cue, a spurt of warm pee gushed into his clean nappy. Even though it was some time before bedtime, and Nan had warned him about wearing a wet nappy for any length of time, he kept quiet hoping one of the adults would change him only when it was time for bed.

During the previous time, when he began to wet in the first place, he’d tried on many occasions to change himself. It wasn’t so much he failed but it was never quite right and would sag or come undone very quickly. He found that it was better to let someone else take that responsibility and came to rely on others soon after.

Even though he was ten he thought it better to be changed by an adult than try and do it himself. The fact he was never asked, they simply got on with the damp task in hand, which had relieved him of even having to think about it.


A few minutes later they both returned, a happier Paul, who was without shorts, and a pleased looking Gemma who appeared to have done a good job. The main thing Jonny noticed was that Paul was wearing pale blue plastic pants that had snaps down each side and the fabric underneath didn’t seem as bulky. In fact, he thought, had Paul been wearing shorts he probably wouldn’t have been able to tell that his little brother was sporting a nappy it was all so smooth and tight.

For the next few minutes Jonny couldn’t take his eyes of the well-fitting, and strangely glowing, sight that played next to him. Paul had never been that bothered about wearing clothes and, even before his return to nappies, often ran around the house in his undies. Now the youngster was used to the situation, and nappies had become something he needed, he had no shame at home, although was still discreet at his new school.

Jonny wondered, how come, when anyone changed him, it was always with a thick nappy, quite often with booster pads and large plastic or rubber pants... all of which made him look and feel like he was wearing a pillow between his legs?

For a few moments he was jealous of his little brother’s nappy and wondered if Gemma would fit his the same way. Then a sudden burst of red-hot embarrassment at such a thought was accompanied by another unintentional spurt into his already well-soaked nappy. It didn’t occur to him that’s why they put him in such thick padding, when he wet, he wet a lot.


Without any help from Nan Sunday was a wet morning for both boys so each was put into a fresh nappy for the day. Of course Paul didn’t mind but Jonny began to worry that with Monday arriving soon, when he’d be back at school, would he have to wear such thick protection then?

He nervously approached his mum and asked if he would be allowed to wear his briefs for school. She said it depended on how well he managed for the rest of the day. If he could get to the toilet and not wet his nappy and he didn’t wake up wet Monday morning, then they’d sort something out.

He complained that it wouldn’t be so bad if the nappy wasn’t so thick but she pointed out that he needed a thick one to absorb everything.

“Look honey, we don’t want to make your life difficult but we also don’t want you embarrassed by something that can be prevented. A nappy and rubber pants seal you in and prevent any tell-tale spots or stains that I’m sure you’d rather be without.”

He couldn’t fault her reasoning but still wanted something less bulky. He was toying with the idea of asking his stepsister to change him as she had done Paul but the thought was a bit scary. What if she just laughed in his face or worse... called him a baby? Even though she had never been anything but sympathetic, such doubts raced around his head all Sunday until the early evening when, despite all he’d done the rest of the day to stay dry, he suddenly realised he’d wet himself after all.


Gemma was sitting at the family computer looking up tour dates of her favourite singer. He could see she was a little flushed and excited when the website announced that the vocal goddess would be coming to the large arena near where they lived.

“Erm , uh, errr, Gem do you have a minute... please?”

“Uh uh,” she replied not looking up from the price of tickets.

This was the moment of no return. He swallowed hard and, sweating quite a bit, asked the question.

“Hummm could you do me a favour... errrr... could you ummm change me please?”

“Mmmmhhhmm, sure,” she replied hardly taking her eyes off the screen.

“Can we do it now before mum or Nan finds out?” He spoke quietly but quite anxiously.

“I’ll just send this page to the printer to show dad and...” She looked at his pale nervous face and the sagging bulk between his legs. “Ohh I see... now means now.”

She led the way up to the bathroom and Jonny waddled behind apprehensively looking over his shoulder in case one of the adults might see. He wanted it done like Paul’s so he could ask mum if in future she’d do it like that... especially for school.

Once the bathroom door was closed she asked if he wanted her to take his nappy off or if he’d rather do it himself.

“I’ll do it.” He quickly slipped his bloated plastic pants off and the soggy mass looked like it would fall to the floor under its own weight.

Meanwhile, Gemma was pulling together a sponge soaked under the warm tap, powder and the large tub of Sudocrem. She helped him unpin the material and put it straight in the plastic bin where all used nappies went.

Jonny felt ridiculously vulnerable, anxious and scared.

“Can you do it like you did Paul’s earlier please? It didn’t seem as bulky and the silver snaps down the side made it look pretty tight.”

She folded the nappy only once and had him sit on it. Then she spread on the anti-rash cream followed by the powder before pinning it all together. She searched around for another pair of blue snap on pants but could only find the more voluminous blue ones.

“There’s a pair of pink ones,” she said holding them up, the metal snaps shining brightly in the bathroom’s lighting. “I think they came in pairs and Paul’s wearing the others... I’m not sure these will fit but we can try.”

They’d been in the bathroom together for a few minutes now and he was sure that the grown-ups would begin to get suspicious and he wanted it done and dusted before they had chance to intervene.

“Okay,” he said and lay back and let her feed them up between his legs and snap together. It was tight but there was no doubt, as he looked in the mirror, they seemed so much better than the ones he’d just take off. Of course now he heard his mum calling from downstairs and asking what they were up to. He wasn’t wearing any shorts when they’d been playing so he couldn’t hide himself. When he opened the bathroom door mum was there waiting.

“Did you wet yourself and try and change yoursel....?”

Then Theresa saw Gemma behind him.


“I’ve been helping Jonny fit a fresh nappy. He liked what I did when I changed Paul...”

“Yes,” Theresa interrupted unsure of whether this was proper or not. “You’ve done a terrific job sweetheart but, erm, I’m not sure a girl your age should be changing a boy of Jonny’s age...”

“But Nan said it was okay to change Paul.” She looked at her stepmother as if that was the only permission she needed.

“Oh but he’s only five... I’m...”

She was a bit lost for words.

“Look mum,” Jonny had found his voice. “Look how tight and less bulky these are than when you or Nan do it... I like this tight fit... and my mates won’t notice when I’m at school.”

Theresa had to agree, Gemma had done a very good job but she knew from experience that one layer of terry cloth wasn’t going to absorb much at all and he’d be swimming in pee if he had an accident.

“And besides, I think these snap-on plastic pants look really cool... much nicer than the big stuff I have to wear.”

She saw how tight they were and doubted they would fit over a double nappy but also noted how pleased he was to not have the thickness to contend with. She thought it was probably the wrong idea but he should be allowed to go to school as he wanted.

“Okay, if you’re sure...” She looked at him pointedly. “However, if you leak or have a damp patch you have only yourself to blame... and... we decide what your wear should that happen... agreed?”

“Thanks mum... you’re the best.”

“I have to say Gemma, you’ve done a fabulous job with pinning Jonny in his protection... well done.”

Gemma loved the praise but suddenly remembered a far more pressing issue.

“Do you think I can go and see Ariana Grande she’s coming to the arena next year?”

“Maybe... how much is it?”

“I’ve printed the info off but I promise I won’t ask for anything else... or Christmas presents... or birthday...”

Her voice faded as she followed Theresa downstairs trying to convince her how good a deal she’d be getting by letting her go. Jonny was just so pleased that mum was going to allow him to wear what he had on for school. Now all he had to do was put this to one side for tomorrow and convince himself that shiny pink was an okay colour.

He could have done with someone’s help but thought he should at least try and change himself. It was a disaster, and although he got the nappy off, the thick new one he put on in its place was badly engineered. If it hadn’t been for the thick rubber pants they would have slid down his thighs possibly tripping him up.

He kept wondering how it was that his sister, the same age as him, could do something that he thought needed years of practice, and complete efficiently in just moments. The clean but dishevelled fabric that now covered his crotch appeared to be a cry for help rather than in any way a successful completion of what Gemma inferred was a simple task.

However, come bedtime, Gwen was in charge and both the boys needed a change to thick nappies to sleep in, his feeble attempt was noted and joked about. Laughing with Nan he promised to let others take charge in future. As Jonny and Gemma were in the same class she jokingly suggested that his sister could change him if the worst came to the worst. Paul’s little voice volunteered his services as well, which got them all giggling at the very idea. The laughter was slightly subdued from Jonny, because, should there be any need, would Gemma be responsible for his changes at school. He suddenly saw a stumbling block to this most recent of possible developments.

# tbc #

Part 7

Monday morning and the portents were good. Jonny’s bulky sleepwear was dry and he hoped this one fact would mean his school-wear would return to normal. He was already thinking which briefs he’d slip into when Nan came to get them up. Paul hadn’t been so lucky, he was soaked so she sent him to the bathroom to take a shower and then she’d help get him organised.

Earlier Jonny had mentioned to his mother that when Nan got them set for bed the protection was too thick. Theresa had asked if it stopped him sleeping but of course she knew it hadn’t. However, she did take up the point with Gwen on her son’s behalf.

Gwen admitted that she did make sure the boys were very well-padded at night as she pointed out it was the time when neither were conscious of what was going on. She hoped that by making sure there was little chance of drips, dribbles or leakages, the boys would be less likely to be embarrassed than if they had wet bedding. However, she was happy to cut back if Theresa or Tom thought she was being a little overprotective.

Theresa thought about it and remembered how wet Jonny used to get when he’d had the problem before. She wished he was back to damp-free nights but Gwen was right, until they could sort it out, and both lads needed such nocturnal help, then it was probably best to leave things as they were.

Theresa came in, checked her son and was pleased he’d had a dry night.

“Ohhh thank heavens for that.” She smiled a reassuring smile. “Let’s hope we have no further relapses eh?”

“This is good though right? I mean, I’m dry so maybe it was just a one-off accident eh?”

Jonny tried to sound optimistic.

“Well sweetie, I’m pleased for you of course but we both know it wasn’t a one-off so, I think we still have to be certain before we go back to how things were.”

“But mum...”

“Now then Jonny, we made an agreement last night and I intend to keep it but, if you want to go back on that then perhaps we should think again about...”

“No, no.” Jonny quickly interrupted. Thinking of having to return to school wearing a nappy the size that Nan would want to put him in. “I’m happy with what we decided.”

Paul and Nan walked back into the room. There was no doubt about the thick protection he was wearing under his shorts but didn’t seem worried by it at all. Nan had told him that now Jonny had to wear them, they were like twins, which had the youngster beaming from ear to ear. Jonny was definite... he didn’t want his ‘underwear’ to look that large.

“Okay mum,” he said so Nan would know not to get involved, “can you help me with what we decided please?”

He’d carefully laid out the protection that Gemma had organised from the day before and, after his morning bathroom break, seemed at ease slipping into this more slinky protection. Despite him worrying about the glossy pink plastic the thing looked pretty good once snapped on him, even his mother commented. 

“They really do something for you,” She smirked. “Maybe pink is your colour after all.”

He could see she was having fun at his expense but checked in the mirror just in case. He had to agree that with the silver snaps down the side, they presented a very stylish pair of vinyl pants. He wondered if it had been Gemma who had chosen them for Paul, he doubted if it would have been Nan, or even his mother. She also made sure everything was tucked in and covered as it should be but again warned him that she didn’t think there was enough padding.

“I’m sure it’ll be okay.” He checked himself in the mirror again and the slinky smoothness and lack of bulk was actually a relief from what he’d been wearing over the past couple of days. “I think it will be a dry day.”

“I hope so sweetie.”

Nan poked her head around the corner shook it but said nothing.

Theresa watched as he completed dressing, pulling up a clean pair of trousers over the slippery pink plastic. Obsessed, he searched the mirror for any tell-tale signs of padding but was pleased to see it was all at an absolute minimum and that anyone would have to know he was wearing to be certain.

“Okay darling, you look smart and prepared. However, I want you to take this with you as a precaution.”

She held out a disposable.

“Muuuummmm... I won’t need that... I...”

“Let’s hope not.” She said as she shoved it in his school bag. “I just want to be sure should you need it that you have something you can use.”

She could see him all flustered and annoyed but she wasn’t going to give in.

“Don’t be angry. Let’s be positive and hope you don’t need it but it’s there just in case.”

Reluctantly, he could see she wasn’t going to cave so let her get on with it.


Walking to school with Gemma Jonny confessed that he was wearing the protection that she’d put him in the day before.

“Does it feel much different?” She enquired

“It feels incredibly tight but I couldn’t see any shape that looked like padding when I put my pants on this morning.”

“No... I can’t tell either.” She even patted his bottom and said, “I can feel the plastic... only cos I know it’s there... but otherwise...”

Jonny felt relieved. He’d gone without breakfast just so he wouldn’t have too much liquid to deal with and was confident he could last and get to the boy’s toilets if he had to go.

However, in the middle of a history lesson, at 11.35, and with twenty five minutes to go before lunch break, he felt the first spurt of involuntary pee soak into his padding. He shuffled around trying to get into a more comfortable position when the second unwelcome spurt warmed his groin. He stopped concentrating on what the teachers was saying and tried simply to stop any further discharges but his mind was filled with other images.

He knew the teacher wouldn’t let him go to the toilet but raised his hand and hoped.

“Please Miss can I please go to the toilet?”

“Is it an emergency Jonny?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Okay, go but don’t take too long... this is an important bit of...”

“Thanks Miss.” He swiftly got up from his seat glad there was no stain on his trousers but before he reached the door a third and longer lasting spurt proved too much. Thankfully he was out and into the corridor so none of his classmates saw but the headmistress just happened to be passing.

Her sudden appearance was too much of a shock and he could hold on no longer. His bladder gave way, the plastic pants although waterproof were not watertight and trickles appeared down both legs painting his trousers in a dark shade of grey.


Seeing the ten year-old’s distress, the headmistress calmly took hold of Jonny’s hand and guided him towards her office. On the short trip he was astonished to see just how wet his pants were. He had been sure that the plastic pants would have held any flood but once again, had been proved wrong.

“It’s Jonathan Wilkinson isn’t it?” The headmistress was speaking soft and soothingly though he was surprised she knew his name.

“Jonny Miss.”

She guided him into her office.

“Have you had an accident like this before Jonny?”

He didn’t want to admit it but knew that if she called home and he’d lied, there would be trouble.

“Just this weekend Miss...” he said with some embarrassment.

“Oh, I see.”

He thought he’d better tell her the truth. “I’m wearing some protection Miss but it didn’t seem to work.”

Now the tears of humiliation came he raised an arm across his eyes to try and prevent her from seeing him so upset.

“Don’t worry Jonny... it’s only a little accident.” She smiled as she handed him a tissue. “Now, do you have a replacement?”

He told her about the spare disposable in his bag.

“You have a sister here don’t you?”

He nodded “Gemma, she’s in the same class as me.”

“Would you like me to get her?”

He wasn’t sure he did. Part of him wanted a friendly face but another part of him was just too embarrassed to have wet in front of the Head. What he actually wanted was to be out of his wet pants they were stuck to his legs and very uncomfortable.

The headmistress could see him wriggling uncomfortably so told him to stay where he was and she’d go and collect his bag from the classroom.


As he sat waiting her return his thoughts turned to the events of the last few days and couldn’t believe what had happened. Before, inspired by that freaky naked dream, he only wet at night but now, it just flooded out at random times. He was confused but more so, found it very distressing, which in turn seemed to make him pee more erratically.

He knew that was true because another unwanted spurt of pee added to his thin saturated nappy and he could feel it dribble around his bum. He stood up as he didn’t want to wet the headmistress’s chair, this only added to the trickle down the back of his legs.

He remembered when he’d started wetting the bed in the first place and for how long he had to wear a nappy at night. He also recollected when he stopped wetting whilst on holiday and the triumph he felt that he didn’t have to wear any more padding. It had taken him a week or more to get used to not having that cushion between his legs. He missed it... to begin with... but eventually the restless nights went the same way as the nappy.

Then another thought hit him. It was what Gemma had said about wanting to wear a nappy because Paul was wearing one. On the odd occasion he’d gone to bed at the same time as his younger brother, and seen him climb under the covers thickly padded and wearing plastic protection, which of course Jonny then didn’t, it had made him slightly envious. Not that he thought about returning to wearing night time protection but... well... he seemed so snug, especially if Nan or mum tucked him in and kissed him goodnight. He’d got to the stage where, at his age, he thought that being kissed goodnight was for kids and so he should avoid it at all costs. Still, it was nice when it happened and he could always pretend not to like it.

Perhaps weirdly though, he never gave much thought to the fact these days Paul was more or less constantly wearing a nappy. In fact, during the day, when he was running around only wearing his padding, Jonny never particularly noticed. Everything had become so normal and natural... a boy in a nappy was just that... and accepted.


The warm pee had cooled and he sincerely wished to be out of his soaked and clinging pants. However, over time Nan had insisted that the changing of nappies should only be done by adults to make sure the ‘complicated’ technique was done correctly. It had been instilled in the boys to tell an adult if they were wet and they would be swiftly changed but not to try the procedure themselves. It was implied that they would be doomed to fail if they tried, and when they had tried they had failed, so it was natural just to wait for a grown-up to do the job properly.

These thoughts were still in his head when the headmistress arrived back with both his school bag and Gemma.

“Oh poor Jonny,” His sister was never less than supportive and went and hugged him.

“I’ve brought your sister so that you can go home together. She says you don’t live far away and that you normally walk to school together anyway so... she’ll accompany you home after I’ve called to make sure there is someone there.

“Nan will be in I’m sure.” Gemma piped up.

“That will be fine but before I call her, I think we need to get you out of those wet pants.”

“I can help Miss, I help out at home with my brothers...” Gemma suddenly realised that she was further embarrassing Jonny and stumbled in her speech. “Erm, if you want me to, er, ummm...”

“Well that’s very nice of you Gemma,” the headmistress smiled, “but I’m sure I can manage.” And guided Jonny into a small room at the back of her office which was were any pupils who fell ill could rest, or have cuts and bruises attended to.

“Right Mr Wilkinson,” she pointed to his wet pants, “get those off and,” she rooted in his bag for the disposable, “let’s get you into something a bit drier.”

He was shy and reluctant to drop his pants in front of a stranger but knew that if he didn’t he’d no doubt be in worse trouble... and she was an adult which Nan insisted on. Besides he didn’t want people to see the wet stains down the legs and round the back of his grey trousers.

“C’mon, c’mon don’t dawdle.”

She pushed him back on a low table, pulled off his shoes and helped undo the waistband. She hauled down his trousers; her eyebrows rose at the sight of the shiny pink plastic and thin terry nappy, but didn’t comment. She undid the snaps down the sides and then unpinned the soaked material. Grabbing a small towel she wiped him down, cleaned the area with a couple of wet wipes and then fluffed out the new disposable.

“This should be better at containing everything.” She didn’t expand on that but sprinkled a load of powder onto the area before closing the tapes tightly around him.

Of course this wasn’t a regular thing for the Head to have to do with a ten year-old pupil but it wasn’t unknown either. Her own eight year-old daughter still occasionally wet the bed so she’d had plenty of practice. However, with the amount of urine the poor boy had produced he really needed a lot thicker protection than what he’d been wearing.

The tight plastic snap-ons wouldn’t fit around the bulky disposable and Jonny began to wonder if he’d have to go home just as he was.

Meanwhile, the headmistress had gone to a box and began searching through it.

“I think we might have something for you to... yes here we are.” She seemed pleased she’d found an old pair of white soccer shorts that had obviously belonged to a much older boy once upon a time. “These should do.”

She passed them to him and he reluctantly pulled them up over his disposable. They were made from a thin polyester and hung loose and low on his hips.

She guided him back into the main office where Gemma was sitting quietly.

“Oh, you must be glad to get out of those wet pants.” Again she was supportive but there was a slight furrow to her brow on seeing just how bulky the nappy looked compared to the one he’d had on earlier.

The headmistress put his wet clothes into a plastic bag and pushed them into his school bag.

“Remember to let your mother know to wash these... and please bring the shorts back tomorrow. Now let’s call home.”


Nan had offered to come to the school to pick them up but Gemma said that they could manage the few hundred yards on their own and that they’d be home soon.

The headmistress spoke to Nan, who took the opportunity to fill her in on all of Jonny’s problems and had agreed that in future, if this problem persisted, he should wear much thicker protection. Nan had agreed entirely with the headmistress’s assessment and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Whilst the Head was chatting on the phone Gemma spoke to Jonny and asked if he was okay. Unfortunately tears of embarrassment weren’t far away. Although the thin football shorts fitted over the thick disposable, it did nothing to hide the fact of what he was wearing underneath. Through the sheer material you could make out the blue wet indicator lines, which gave the game away.

Gemma actually liked the slippery bulkiness of the disposable with its slight plastic crinkle as he moved. She also thought it suited him but knew that’s not what her brother would want to hear. Instead she promised that it didn’t look too bad but the truth was anyone who saw him in the school yard or walking home would be able to tell instantly that this ten year-old was wearing a nappy... and that’s what Jonny was apprehensive about.

As they walked from the school yard the lunch bell rang and the area was packed with noisy kids enjoying the warm weather. Loads saw what he was wearing and there was some laughter and pointing as they exited through the gates.


When they arrived home Nan was waiting. Jonny was nervous she’d tell him off but instead was all sympathy and hugs. She called him her sweet boy and rocked him when tears started again. Not only that, he wet his disposable whilst still in her smothering, but loving, embrace.

“You haven’t to worry sweetheart,” she said rocking him in her arms. “We’ve been down this road before, we know what to do.” He didn’t realise but Nan was speaking to him as if he was Paul. “Nobody is blaming you so don’t worry about a thing... all will be okay... you’ll see.”

She patted his disposable and immediately knew he’d peed again. Jonny had no idea where all this warm liquid was coming from. He’d hardly had a drink all day but then remembered, whilst the headmistress had been talking to Nan, Gemma had retrieved a bottle of water from his bag that mum must have put there when she added the disposable. He’d already had a few swigs from it at break time and finished it off in the Heads study. What he didn’t know was that it was a bottle Nan added to his bag just before he left that morning.


“Are you guys hungry?” Nan queried, “I can make something quick like beans on toast before you go back to school.”

Jonny sighed inwardly but nodded his approval. Though, returning to school was the last thing he wanted because he’d have to explain things to his classmates.

He sat in his damp nappy and ate the snack (he loved beans on toast) all the while Gemma was being positive as Nan sorted out the washing. She’d made him remove the shorts so she could put that in with the rest of the wash when she noticed that the indicator strip on his disposable... the boy was definitely soaked.

Once they’d finished lunch she took Jonny upstairs to get him changed. She removed the disposable and commented that he was indeed a very wet boy... was he becoming “Aquaman”? She joked as she’d seen him (or Paul she wasn’t sure which) reading a comic with that character on the front.

She was trying to keep the situation light, and wondered, as she wiped and cleaned-up, whether she’d be able to find some pjs or pants or something with the Aquaman character. She thought this might be both an appropriate and amusing present for the watery duo.

Meanwhile, she knew what he’d worn in the morning was not substantial enough to protect him and now it was her turn to dress him properly.

On the firm instruction from the headmistress Nan made sure that he was bundled into a thick fabric nappy, whilst two pairs of plastic pants were used to ensure he was contained should it happen again that afternoon.

The first pair was pale blue vinyl but she covered them with another, more sturdy pair of white shiny rubber. These were even more robust than the ones in Spain and Jonny wondered how long Nan had had them.

Jonny wasn’t happy but, having heard at least half of what the Head said, knew he’d have to wear something more substantial in future. Unfortunately, none of his trousers would fit over the thicker fabric and rubber cushion he now wore and the only things that did, were flimsy shorts.

He didn’t want to return to school but Nan walked them back. Jonny could feel the mass in his shorts with each move and could feel the weighty sway the material created with each self-conscious step.

Gemma had tried to tell him it was hardly noticeable but he knew she was just trying to be nice. Even if it hadn’t been visible, the fact that he knew just what was under his shorts was enough to make him anxious.

So, with the curves of protection under his light grey school shorts signifying he was back in nappies to all his schoolmates, he waddled into class.

# tbc #

Part 8

Paul was running through a wood - he was frightened and crying out but no one could hear him. Naked, apart from a thick fabric nappy he was trying to hold up, he hurtled through the trees. Suddenly a huge figure reared up in front of him. It bellowed loudly and scared him so much he could feel the rear of his nappy filling. It was a strange sensation, as if it wasn’t him yet the feeling it was getting fuller and heavier made him determined to escape the roaring beast.

He was fearful of everything and needed help... but couldn’t make anyone take notice.

“Mummy, daddy, mummy, daddy...” His urgent call went unanswered but the mass in his nappy seemed to be getting heavier and began to slow him down.

“Mummy, daddy, mummy, daddy...”

Jonny was moaning and struggling with his blankets. His legs thrashed around as if he was trying to escape from something but was getting nowhere. Once again, as they shared a room, it was Paul who noticed his brother’s anguish and went to wake up mummy and daddy as he didn’t know why his brother was so upset. When they all returned they could smell what the problem was and although Jonny was whimpering he was still asleep.

“C’mon baby wake up.”

Theresa gently shook her son from his nightmare.  With a few more kicks and moans he began to come round.

“C’mon sweetie... you’re having a dream.” She pulled the blanket away and, still fighting an imaginary foe, his naked legs continued to jerk.

The protection that Nan had dressed him in the night before was stretched and easily identifiable as containing the source of the smell. Over the past couple of weeks both boys had woken up sopping wet and had needed their night time protection all the more. Thankfully, as Nan had pointed out earlier... the sturdy protection was there to contain whatever came its way. Once again she had been proved correct in the amount of padding the boys needed at night and on this occasion, for Jonny at least, even more so.

Eventually, disorientated, he drowsily stirred a little.

“Ohhmmm mum, Pauly’s having trouble...errr...” He noticed everyone standing around looking at him lying there naked accept for his heavy protection.

He spotted Paul and didn’t quite know how he could be there and in his dream. Confusion settled on him as mum sat on the bed and tried to smooth his hair and bring him back to reality.

Both boys were wearing the same amount of protection. It hadn’t taken Nan long to get the boys back to a similar routine. Looking and wearing the same was at the fore of her plans for them to always be treated evenly. The previous night Nan had offered to get them ready for bed and, after the awful few days he’d had, and now having to wear a nappy at school, Jonny was too subjugated to object to her choice of thick nappies and matching blue vinyl pants.

“You were just having a bad dream sweetie... don’t worry you’re fine now.” Theresa soothed.

He was still in a muddle.

“But Paul, err, um, aahhh, needed a nappy change...”

Paul checked his padding. “Yeah... but I’m only wet.” He timidly replied.

Jonny’s voice hesitated as he realised that all eyes were on him and gathered it was he who needed a change.

“Ohhh mum.” He wept as mum tried to console her son. Checking, she patted his lumpy bottom before guiding him to the bathroom to make things right.


Once he was over weeping and standing refreshed but naked from the shower he tried to explain to his mother about the dream.

“It was Pauly, he was frightened and running and shouting for help but no one...”

“Were you scared?”

“Not me it was Pauly... I... ummm... I thought it was him... who’d made the... er, um,  mess.”

He wasn’t sure why his dream had involved Paul. He’d never dreamt of his five year-old stepbrother before and, as it turned out, although the running figure was Paul, the person who’d messed his nappy was himself. It was very confusing.

“Well love it sounds like a very frightening experience and now we’ve got you all cleaned up let’s get you into some clothes it is a school day after all.”

He’d forgotten all about school but the memory of what happened the day before, and the name calling meant he burst into tears again.

“What’s wrong petal?”

 His sobbing continued for a few moments before he could get the words out.

“They were awful, and called me names and...” tears took over and he couldn’t finish.

In truth, the rumour he’d peed his pants had circulated pretty quickly and when he returned, wearing shorts with an obvious bulge, it was all the confirmation the class needed.

Kids being kids couldn’t avoid having a go.

They poked and pushed, slapped and squeezed his padding just to make sure and commented on the thick shiny white rubber pants he was wearing. He pleaded his innocence. However, annoying baby epithets and sounds were added whenever his name was mentioned much to the amusement of the class. That is apart from Gemma who defended her brother. Nevertheless, each comment hit home so Jonny was humiliated but could do nothing about his situation.

“Aww sweetie, let’s get you ready and I’ll have a word with your teachers.”

That was the last thing he wanted but he didn’t have much option as she reached for a large terry cloth square, folded it and patted its centre for him to park his bottom there. He was ten, he was in a class of ten year-olds, there was no way they would let him forget he was wearing a nappy and he wanted to scream “NO”.  Equally, he saw little option or point in arguing after what had happened in that morning’s nappy so reluctantly did as his mum indicated.

No one could ignore the fact that not only had he wet his nappy he’d also messed in it. That conjured up an entirely different set of worries when it came to substantial safeguards and, although Jonny was hoping it was just a one off, no one else was taking any chances. In his head he imagined that his security padding would be so thick he’d hardly be able to walk or sit down. However, his mum was as understanding as she could be and had organised his school underwear with his worries in mind.

“Mum do I have to go?” His mum smiled but nodded. “Well... can you make it less thick?”

She indicated the slinky pink vinyl snap-on pants that were drying over the towel rail.

“Didn’t we try that yesterday sweetheart and look what happened.”

He was lost, he couldn’t dispute the truth, and besides it appeared any decision had already been made.

Again, the slick, white rubber pants were slipped up his legs to cover the bulge. The tightness compressed the fabric a bit and smoothed out the bulges so thankfully, it wasn’t as thick as the ones Nan put both him and Paul in at night. He didn’t mind the shorts. In fact, they were a light grey pair that Nan had bought for him (and of course Paul got a pair as well) when they returned from holiday but, with him losing the need for nappies, he hadn’t worn them since. However, if anything, although they felt tight at the waist they were looser in the leg than his trousers and so hid the curves of any padding a little better. He also wasn’t the only boy in class wearing shorts because of the hot spell a few others had taken that option.

Gwen, who was in her own little annexe so hadn’t been disturbed by the ructions had been surprised to learn of Jonny’s messy morning because, as far as she knew, she had nothing to do with it. In fact, the previous night neither of the boys had been given their milky night time treat so why they woke up wet was a mystery. Though why Jonny had filled the seat of his nappy so fully was an even bigger mystery. However, it played into her hands for the boy’s nappy regime to be in place for a little while longer.


The teasing had lessened possibly due to Gemma always being close by. The teachers had said something to the class so apart from a whispered taunting from the class ‘clever dicks’ (the ones who delight in others problems) his morning went off without too much hassle. However, by lunchtime, his nappy was soaked. Gemma noticed the change in the way he walked and his reticence to get involved in any games so at the first opportunity asked him if he needed a change.

He nodded. “But I don’t have anything to change in to.”

“Look,” she said pointing to the contents of her school bag. “Nan gave me some disposables just in case... do you want me to give them to a teacher?”

Gwen knew that Gemma, with her blessing, had occasionally changed Paul when he was younger but it came as a bit of a shock to find out she’d also changed Jonny... and at his request. She actually thought this was a great development and, to make sure she kept that impetus, made that it was her who carried the disposables at school should her stepbrother need them.

The fabric nappy held the moisture but didn’t wick it away so for the past ten or so minutes Jonny’s crotch had felt squishy. It wasn’t a nice feeling but, rather than have someone change him, he thought it better if he just put up with it. The rubber pants acting like a reservoir.

Nan had insisted that only an adult should change him but the thought of someone else, a teacher, or even perhaps the Head again, made him reluctant to agree.

He shook his head but then Gemma had another idea.

“Follow me.”

She guided him to the one disabled toilet that the school possessed but, as far as she knew, there were no disabled pupils, nor had she seen anyone but able-bodied kids using it. Jonny nervously followed her in and she locked the door. It was a lot larger than the normal toilet stall.

“Okay, take your shorts down.” She said it as if it was the most natural thing in the world to suggest.

“But, I, umm, err,” he stammered his reticence. This was something he didn’t want to happen... Nan had made it clear what to do in these situations... but Gemma had changed him once... so?

“Look Jonny, we need to be quick in case anyone comes and I’m sure you don’t want that wet nappy around you for the rest of the day... do you?”  He shook his head. “Well then take your shorts off and let me change you like I did the other day.”

Of course, on that occasion he had asked her and it was done at home... nothing about this current situation was the same but his sister had a point. She had successfully changed his nappy before so probably could do it just as well on this occasion. He didn’t get much chance to argue because Gemma was already pulling down his shorts, rubber pants and unpinning his soaked nappy.

Despite many reservations he simply let her get on with it. Gone was the fact that she was his age, gone was any embarrassment, all that was needed was a quick pair of hands and he’d be clean and dry. At that moment it was more important for that to be the case than him asking a teacher for a change.

Although the teaching staff knew of his predicament Jonny couldn’t bring himself to admit to it, nor was he keen on the idea of asking anyone else to do the change... he was just too embarrassed. What he wasn’t aware of was the precedent this action was setting and one that Nan had engineered.

Gemma wasn’t as quick as an adult but in the confined space and restricted time she put him into a dry disposable. She’d fluffed it out and liked the smell and crinkle; she also loved the soft plastic feel and thought once again how much it suited him. However, to be on the safe side she pulled up the damp but serviceable sleek white rubber pants and had his shorts back in position in just a couple of minutes. Of course she hadn’t had wipes or powder or anti-rash cream but had still done a great job, and Jonny was relieved to be out of his sodden nappy.

Oddly enough, the dry disposable made him feel an awful lot better and because it was different to the fabric, felt a lot nicer to wear. Gemma had done him a favour and he was very grateful.

They managed to exit the disabled toilet without drawing attention to themselves.

Meanwhile, they went their own way and Gemma found a plastic bag on a table in which someone had brought their lunch and put the wet nappy in before shoving it to the bottom of her backpack.

For the rest of the afternoon Jonny walked around with more confidence because he was comfortable and dry... all thanks to his sister.


When they arrived home Nan discovered the wet nappy in Gemma’s bag and took her to one side away from eavesdroppers.

“Did you change Jonny at school today?” She smiled encouragingly.

“Yes, I had the disposable you gave me so I thought...” she hesitated.

“No, no sweetheart, you did the right thing.” Gemma heaved a sigh of relief. “Helping your brother when he needs a change at school is frankly a wonderful thing you can do for him... I’m sure he appreciates it.”

“He did seem relieved and I think he liked the disposable better.”

“Did he indeed?” A thought shot into Nan’s head, “well keeping Jonny happy... and you do sweetheart... is fantastic if we aren’t there... you should be able to take care of him... and Paul.”

“I really don’t mind Nan... I like to help when I can.” Genuine Gemma always seemed keen to be involved in the welfare of others.

“Well, I think you’ve done a brilliant job looking after the boys... you should be Nan by proxy.”

Gemma was confused. “What does that mean?”

“Well, when I’m not around, and if your brothers need their nappies changing, you should have the authority to make sure they are kept clean and dry. What do you think?”

“I’m always happy to help Nan... and if I’m helping you then that’s better.”

“It’s a great deal of responsibility. I don’t want you doing it if you don’t want to sweetie... after all... you are the same age as Jonny.”

“No Nan, I love being responsible and looking after my little brothers.” She said with enthusiasm.

Nan wasn’t sure she realised she’d said ‘little brothers’ but liked that was the way she was thinking, even if it was a mistake, she could build on that idea.


After she’d spoken to Gemma she had a quiet word with Jonny.

“I gather your sister changed you today.” She smiled pleasantly so he knew that no one was in any trouble.

“Uh-uh.” He nodded, not sure of where this was going.

“Well done. I think that was very mature of the two of you sorting that little damp problem out yourselves.”

“I didn’t have anything...”

He was going to say that he didn’t have any spare disposables in his backpack but he was interrupted.

“Did you feel more comfortable after Gemma had changed you?”

“Well, erm, err, yes... as you’ve told us Nan, it’s not right leaving a wet nappy on for too long but I’m scared of asking one of the teachers.”

“I can understand that sweetie, and I think you’ve taken a very brave first step keeping your business within the family.”

Jonny was a bit puzzled by what she was saying.

“I think it was very grown up of you to ask Gemma to change you. I know she’s done it before but it takes a brave man (she emphasised man) to ask his sister to help him out occasionally.”

“Well Nan she is pretty good at it.”

“Okay, let’s have a look.”

Nervously he reached for the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down a bit. All Nan could see was the thick rubber pants.

“And do these stop any leakage?” She said smoothing the glossy material.

“Mmmm, yes s’pose so...”

She pulled them down slightly and inspected the disposable.

“Are you wet?”

“No Nan I think I’m...”

“Sorry Jonny it’s soaked so.... let’s get you out of this... and into something much drier.”

It was early yet but he knew that once she’d decided he needed a change then he’d be put directly into his night time nappy for the rest of the afternoon and evening. He was sad to see the disposable go as he much preferred it to the fabric ones.

As she changed him he had a request.

“Nan, do you think I could wear a disposable please?” He whispered uncertainly.

Gemma had already given Nan the heads up about him seeming to like disposables and was rather pleased that he’d nervously requested them. She thought this was quite a big step in him accepting the need for nappies. Although he’d been wearing them for a while, he always gave the impression of a bit of resentment. So, as far as Nan was concerned, this was a positive move.

“Well sweetie, they’re pretty expensive and none re-useable so that’s why your mummy prefers you to use these.” She emphasised mummy rather than mum but he didn’t appear to notice as she flicked the thick fabric square in the air. “But I’m sure we can sometimes slip you into one on special occasions... if you prefer them that much. And of course, Gemma will always have a pair for you to change into at school... in an emergency.”

The fact that Nan was more or less saying that Gemma would be in charge of his disposables if he needed a change at school never entered his head simply because someone else had always changed him. However, the thought that did enter his head was if Gemma changed him at school, and he got to wear a disposable, it would be much more comfortable. That thought looped around in his head.

“So Nan, erm, is it okay for Gemma to...?”

“Let your sister change you? Of course, she’s done a wonderful job so goes on the list of those who can clean up our wet little boys.” She said in a best of mates manner.

It was strange that he was more accepting the fact that he had to wear a nappy. Conceivably the events of the last few days, and the number of times he’d filled his padding, made him less sure of the future and the idea of such protection seemed both sensible and necessary.

“However, you’ll still have to wear your fabric ones like Paul does at night... no arguments.”

Nan wanted to maintain that link between the two; nappies the same, plastic pants the same and bedtime the same, clothing the same.


The idea of regular disposables was all he could think about so agreed to what Nan suggested even though his mind was elsewhere.

# tbc #


Part 9

After the kids had got off to school; Paul as happy as any five year-old could be despite wearing a nappy - Ten year-old Jonny self-conscious about his daily protection but resigned to it and the ever helpful Gemma, a ten year-old just oozing confidence - Gwen returned to the house and, sitting in the kitchen sipping a cup of her favourite coffee, began to ponder over the events of the last year or so.

Theresa and Tom getting married had been a huge event. To be honest, it had scared her quite a bit that her son wouldn’t need her anymore and she’d be left... old and alone. Then, as if the gods were smiling down, Theresa’s son had a wetting problem and she found a way of making herself useful, even if it was to the slight detriment of Jonny. She would be helpful, but not ingratiating, she would be a friend to the entire new family and, better still, she thought she knew the best way of achieving that integration. Some money she had would help towards a mortgage thus ensuring they would all be together.

After making the initial mistake of attacking the poor boy’s problem she realised she needed to get on his good side. She needed him (and the others to a certain extent) to trust and depend on her wisdom as well as her actions. Tom of course didn’t need any persuasion; Gwen was his mum, so of course he trusted her, as did his kids but Theresa and Jonny required help in that direction... and the boy’s need for nappies was the best way to succeed.

However, since those early days the need to feel valuable had been superseded by the fact she was now essential to the family. Since the marriage both Tom and Theresa had been promoted. Theresa was working longer hours (and thankfully earning almost twice what she had been), while Tom had been promoted twice since they’d come back from their holiday in Spain, and was now regional manager (also with a pay rise). However, all this extra responsibility meant that Tom was away several days of the week and Theresa saw the kids at breakfast, for an hour or so in the evenings and the occasional weekend. Thankfully, Gwen was there to keep things working as they should.

She loved the responsibility but post-holiday, and after Jonny stopped his nocturnal flooding, felt she still needed to feel indispensable. So, when Paul accidently drunk the ‘special’ milkshake she’d seized the opportunity; he would become her new dependency project.

There was uncertainty.

Paul had never been in her plan. It was supposed to be all down to Jonny but, and this made her feel incredibly guilty, her need to feel useful continued and whilst that was the case she’d do what was necessary to keep that situation secure.

Feeling that boat had sailed she’d never envisioned Jonny returning to his need for nappies. So, in spite of being in some way responsible, was quite surprised when it happened.

In those early days before the holiday to Spain it had been noticeable that when Jonny wore a nappy at night; he was much more amenable to Gwen’s suggestions. She also conceded that seeing him then, and now Paul, back in nappies and wearing shiny vinyl pants had taken her right back to the time of her own kids and how she’d taken care of them. That emotional image, together with all that went with it; the reliance, love and total trust... had triggered everything that she’d done since.


It had been quite a few weeks since Jonny had first messed his night time protection and everyone had settled into a daily routine. Tom and Theresa had little input in getting the kids ready for school, or at bed time for that matter, and Gwen had been pleased with just how quickly Jonny had adapted to the regime she’d set up. What had confused Nan was just how little she used her ‘special’ drinks these days because the boys seemed to wet without much assistance. If Paul remained dry, it was Jonny who wet or vice versa and, no matter what precautions were taken their bedroom was an unfortunate tribute to the odours of two soggy kids.

The washing line was also a testament to the damp duo with thick white nappies and colourful plastic and rubber pants fluttering in the wind on an almost daily basis. Nan had never minded the extra work. Despite her presence being crucial she still had a deep down fear of being obsolete. However, as with that sign nappies were needed, so she maintained the same usefulness.

She had always thought that by keeping the boys as much alike as possible helped cement the family together and so, was keen to preserve that model. There had been a couple of blips when Jonny didn’t wear any padding and veered on a course of his own making that looked like her game plan was over. However, things happened and the status quo returned.

Thankfully, now Jonny was back full-time in nappies it was easier to insist that the boys play together. That meant, if Jonny had his friends over, Paul had to be involved in their games and equally, if it was Paul’s friends over, Jonny was made to join in. The process seemed so natural and, if she was being honest, thought there was very little resistance from the older boy. Even when these friends were around neither found their protection an issue so simply accepted their subtle plastic pants rustle as part of every day life.

All this seemed idyllic. However, as she supped her second cup of coffee she began to wonder – what might be next?

As it was, after the wedding and dressing the boys the same, which had seemed the most natural way of treating them both (they had looked absolutely gorgeous in their blue and white ensemble), the process had been almost organic and hadn’t seemed strange that a ten year old and five year old should wear similar clothing. It appeared as a well thought out ‘branding’ campaign... to identify the two families as one.

One thing that did help was how easy-going Jonny actually was. His shy demeanour meant he was used to doing as his mother said and not through any kind of threat. He was his mummy’s boy simply because it was only the two of them and they’d found a way to dispense with any kind of disagreement (the boy’s frenzied attack on Tom really being quite unlike him). So, once he’d started wetting the bed and she’d insisted her wear protection, he may not have liked it but saw the reason he should... he was a well-mannered, if timid young boy.

Although she didn’t baby either of them, when wearing nappies she did regard them as incontinent toddlers. However, had she taken the step to dress them as such then it would have been too obvious and no doubt suspicions would have been raised? This way it just looked like she was managing their wetting problem.

However, this sudden analysis startled her.

Although she saw them as sweet little tots... had she held back their development to such an extent that they may now be just too dependent and not growing in a way they should? It couldn’t be long before their parents started asking questions and then would blame and accusations follow.

So now she wondered... had she overstepped the mark?  


The previous night she hadn’t doctored any of their food or drink and yet, they both woke up wet. Jonny had excelled himself with another messy nappy, none of which she could claim responsibility for. Perhaps they were both now functioning at a different level, one that didn’t need her to do anything?

What she didn’t know was that, like in the first instance, it was Jonny’s dream-world where he had accidents, which overflowed into his real world. So, on this occasion at least, any doctored milk wouldn’t have been the stimulus.

However, from now on Gwen resolved that she wouldn’t interfere at all in what either ate or drank.

It was a bold decision but, after her third cup of coffee, she saw it as an opportunity to tell if things would stay the same or shift in another direction.

Having said all that, she did like the idea Gemma was becoming quite the helpful young lady and didn’t want to interfere with that growth. With neither mum nor dad around to object, Nan encouraged her granddaughter that should there be no adults about, and whilst either of the boys needed help with wet nappies, she was able to assist her.

So, as planned, Gemma took on Jonny’s wetting problems at school and although he liked the feel of the disposables, Nan had suggested they keep the wearing of them to a minimum so as not to arouse his mother’s suspicions. Rather than do without them at all, he saw the sense in keeping this little secret from his keen-to-recycle mother.

The fact that Jonny had asked to wear disposables, and what’s more, looked forward to wearing them, had changed things slightly. The main thing was just how grateful he appeared once he was taped into one.

They seemed to bring out a different level of immaturity that set him even younger than Paul. Nan, Gemma and Paul all benefited from this side to Jonny because he became so playful, loving and eager to please. That soft, fluffy cushion with its own plastic crinkle resting swollen and obvious under his thin shorts; he loved the experience they offered.

For Jonny this was another level of comfort that his fabric nappy hadn’t offered. Not that he was uncomfortable wearing his thick protection, far from it, but it was different somehow... the entire sensation was just so special.

Nan saw the advantage but politely restricted their use so that when he was allowed, he felt even more privileged. The dangling of getting to wear them (at some future time) also made sure Jonny was kept on his best behaviour; although in truth, both boys were exceptionally well-behaved and a credit to their parents. Nan got the credit for that.

She arranged it so that Gemma was Jonny’s primary contact for that trade and he became more accepting of her as such. Although the age difference remained a mere six weeks, his step-sister towered above him in character and responsibility. Without any haughty pretensions she made the decisions, all of which both boys accepted without question. They knew, like with any grown-up, they were in good, loving and selfless hands and appreciated her keenness to rid them of a soaked nappy in favour of something fresh and dry.

Gemma didn’t have to change her brother every day at school but found that Nan let her change both of them when at home. She got to be equally adept at fabric and pins, as she was with disposables and tapes... both boys enjoyed the speedy way their wet nappies were exchanged for something better.

Gemma herself was only too pleased to do her helpful bit for Nan and actually enjoyed the process of cleaning, wiping, powdering and choosing which nappy and colourful cover her boys were going to be wearing for the rest of the day. Her and Nan went out and bought new items together and a more vibrant approach was taken to the boy’s plastic and rubber pants collection.

These little outings were a bond between the two as they giggled at some of the perhaps more juvenile items they would like to have bought and got both Jonny and Paul to wear. As it was the boys got to become excited at not knowing what new colour or design they would end up wearing. It was whilst looking around one of the large kiddie’s section in a department store that they came across some rather juvenile Aquaman pyjamas and both agreed the gaudy graphics, together with the little shorts, were an ideal present.


This second time Jonny messed his nappy was on a Saturday morning. Again Paul had heard the moaning and groaning, noticed the smell and because mum and dad were both at work, and Nan was in her annexe, he went to wake up Gemma.

Jonny had been dreaming of ghosts.

On that Friday afternoon one of his friends at school had been telling him and a bunch of other kids about the ghost they had at their house. All the ten year-olds believed every word he said including the strange shapes he’d personally ‘witnessed’ on their landing. He scarily described the unexpected bumps and movement of objects around various rooms. The eerie creaks and moans and worst of all, the blood that dripped down the walls... it was terrifying.

What the classmates didn’t know he was describing a horror dvd he’d watched the night before (and been equally terrified by) but by claiming it as ‘true’ he had to make people believe it had happened to him.

Any words of doubt or scepticism were quickly stifled by the majority being horror-struck believers - plus the invite to ‘witness’ it for themselves ‘if they were brave enough’. No one took up that particular challenge but the sheer horror of the picture he’d painted became a nightmare for Jonny. So much so, that when, in his dream, the walls erupted in a flood of blood, he screamed and was caught in the gooey liquid and unable to move. He fought for his survival and, in the most chilling moment of the entire ordeal... emptied his panicked bowels.

In life, as in his dream-world, that’s just what occurred; his nappy was filled with its unwieldy load. He didn’t know he wasn’t the only boy from that class who had a terrible nightmare that night nor was he the only one to wake up to a poo-filled bed. However, he was the only one who was already equipped with a nappy and robust rubber pants so the damage was minimal. For others... new night time arrangements were made.

He was just coming round and realising what had happened when Paul and Gemma arrived looking concerned.

“Are you okay Jonny?” Gemma was quickly in to wipe the sweat from his forehead and assess his temperature as adults did when checking if someone was ill or not.

The grimace on his face meant he knew this was not going to be a good day as he pulled the sheets back to survey the disaster. He and Paul were wearing identical pjs and had identical volume billowing under them. The shiny colourful vinyl waistband of his new pants could be seen above the pyjama bottoms that had slipped low as a result of his struggle. As he strained to get up Gemma was giving instructions to Paul to get certain items ready in the bathroom while she helped her self-conscious and heavily-laden stepbrother.

“C’mon stinky,” she smiled affectionately at her less than happy stepbrother. “Let’s get you into something nicer.”

Feeling the messy load he tentatively shuffled out of the room. Without really thinking, and with no adverse reaction from Jonny, Gemma patted the rear of his bulbous nappy to encourage him forwards. Once in the bathroom she asked Paul to go and see if Nan was up and to let her know what had happened. She saw Jonny flinch at her being told of yet another huge accident in his nappy but quickly realised it wasn’t something he could keep a secret.


The connecting door between Nan’s home and theirs was open and the lady herself was sat at her small kitchen table eating a slice of toast.

“Morning sunshine,” she enthusiastically greeted her grandson.

He thrust himself into her waiting arms for a morning cuddle and was greeted with a soft wet kiss on his cheek as she patted his well bloated padded bottom. Nan could see he was bursting to tell her some news and knew it must be urgent because he was still in his bulky nappy. She never tired of seeing the rounded shape of their soaked night time protection, which their little cotton pyjamas helped emphasise.


“Jonny’s pooed in his sleep again.” He wiggled his head in a sing-song fashion as if to say it was something that was always happening.

“Ohh that’s a shame for him isn’t it?” Paul nodded in agreement. “Does he need some help?”

“Gemma’s seeing to him.” He stated flatly.

“Well that’s good then isn’t it?” She settled herself back down in her chair. “Do you want a drink darling, I’m just about to have a cup of tea myself and I’d love to have some company - perhaps you’d like some toast, cereal?”

They sat opposite each other and munched through toast slavered with strawberry jam. Paul loved the taste of strawberries... his own squelchy nappy offering no distraction from his favourite food.


“...and then blood started ooozzziinngg from the walls...”

“I don’t want to hear any more. I’ll be having bad dreams...” Gemma said as she carried on stripping her brother.

He knew she was squeamish so continued. “... and then the moaning of the dead...”

“Stop it.” Gemma said as she emptied the messy nappy into the toilet bowl. “It’s enough with this... thank you very much.”

Her tone meant the joking was over and Jonny stopped his taunting, after all, it was his mess she was sorting out.

“Okay, get in the shower... uuurrggg... your bum’s covered... you’d better give that a good wipe before you have a shower.”

Jonny bundled up several sheets of toilet paper and commenced the clean-up. Although Gemma had gotten rid of most of it... there was no doubt that he could feel more of the mess as he rubbed Andrex across his butt and cheeks.

“Okay, I think you’ve got most of it but, you’d better shower carefully and... everywhere... I’m sure Nan’ll be here soon.”

Five minutes later and Jonny was done, but still with no sign of Gwen, Gemma helped him rub himself dry and then got one of his terry nappies ready.

“Er, um, errr, do you think you can use a disposable please?” His voice was low and uncertain, as if he was asking an adult for something he wasn’t sure he’d be allowed.

Gemma was unaware of the conversation between him and Nan. She’d changed him at school into a disposable so saw no reason not to do so now. In fact it was easier to apply than having to deal with pins etc.


Jonny was relieved and happily settled down as she fluffed one out then centred himself above it.

He lay down and felt the soft padded fabric comfort his bum cheeks, even the plastic crinkle was welcoming.

“You’ll need some stuff on you’re going a bit red in parts,” She said as she examined his crotch area more carefully.

He wasn’t bothered, he was in a disposable and it felt nice. Perhaps being scared out of your wits and filling your nappy was worth it... though probably not. In the end he simply said.


She rubbed in some Sudocrem, and sprinkled on loads of baby powder before tugging it all together. The inside of his thighs enjoyed the soft tickly sensation as it was pulled up between his legs. The gentle force she used to drag the side panels together and then tape him securely in - for some reason it just seemed so different from when anyone else did it... it was nicer.

He appreciated the soft crinkle and smell of the disposable. Although the plastic backed disposable didn’t need it (and Gemma thought he looked pretty good as he was) she looked around for a clean pair of plastic pants. There was a particularly new soft vinyl pair that had baby prints on which had been bought for Paul but ended up being too large for him. It looked like Jonny was going to get the benefit.

Jonny wasn’t really looking, he had his eyes closed as he mentally enjoyed the soft caress of the clean new fabric.

“There, these feel nice and soft and cover up well” she said as she pulled them up to complete the look and tucked in anything that spilled out. “All done and... clean.”

She could see Jonny now noticing the new pants and looked unsure.

“I think you look great... it all fits nicely.” She said as she straightened the leg cuffs. “That should keep you dry for a bit.”

Her smile and pat on his colourful padded bottom sent him off happily to his room to find clothes for the day. Had Nan been there she might have suggested he go without any other clothing but he quickly found a blue t-shirt and some shorts, then went downstairs for breakfast.


A few months later and the weather had turned. A cooler wind blew down from the North and clouds gathered. The weather wasn’t the only thing that had turned. Both Nan and Gemma were unhappy that both boys only now wore their protection at night.

Four weeks ago they had both had a run of seven days without wetting and so were then allowed to return to wearing underpants during the day. It was a triumph for the boys and both Tom and Theresa were overjoyed at their improvement. Nights were still an occasional problem so they were still required nappies for sleeping.

Meanwhile, Nan reluctantly packed some of the nappies and plastic pants away... she didn’t need as many now but the family gathered around and supported Paul and Jonny in their success.

With the sudden lack of wetting, Jonny then only occasionally requested his favourite disposables. What had been something that gave him absolute bliss became less and less important as he gained more and more control.

Then magically they had also gone another two weeks without any nocturnal accidents so it looked as if both boys would soon be out of nappies all together.

This sudden turn of events had been prompted by a comment from a teacher at Jonny’s school. He hadn’t taken the micky out of a ten year-old still wearing a nappy, but had encouraged him to fight the need for them. He’d explained to Jonny that he had a similar problem when he was his age, and always felt at a disadvantage to the rest of his class as a result. Jonny admitted that at times he felt the same way, so the teacher suggested that before he went to sleep he should start believing he would wake up dry.

Positive Thinking

It seemed such a simple suggestion “Wake Up Dry” but Jonny, who then encouraged Paul, did try and start this new nightly exercise.

Surprisingly, it had results.

Of course their parents were so happy because it meant that part of the boy’s problems was over, and Nan and Gemma joined in their delight. Nan heaped praise on them both for eventually kicking their wetting difficulties and mischievously wanted to celebrate with a nice cool glass of strawberry milkshake before they went to sleep. Both declined the offer as they’d already brushed their teeth and were just too excited at only having to wear new pjs for the first time in quite some time... without any excess padding.

It was one of the rare nights they were all together, but with the boys in bed, the conversation between the grown-ups, which Gemma seemed to effortlessly fit into (she’d turned eleven just days earlier), focused on the satisfaction of not having nappies drying everywhere. Everyone was enthusiastic about the boys now being able to grow up without that particular burden, and joked how their room might now get rid of that all-pervading aroma of urine.

Theresa and Tom looked forward to the boys no longer having to carry around the responsibility of such thick padding. They were sure they, and everybody else, would feel so much better.


Meanwhile, as usual both boys had gone to bed (in their matching pjs) at the same time but unfortunately sleep evaded them. Their initial excitement had faded as they restlessly tossed and turned, eventually whispering to each other how they were having difficulty getting comfy.

“I was like this after our trip to Spain when getting over wearing a nappy.” Jonny confided to Paul.

“It feels... funny... erm... don’t it?” He was unsure if he should say such a thing now he was out of nappies.

“Mmm, it took me a bit of time...”

The youngster wasn’t sure how to reply but again rustled around trying to get snug.

For Paul the reason of how or why he’d suddenly started wetting... and then stopped... were not the type questions a boy of his age thought about... it was something that happened. He was wondering if he’d get into trouble if he didn’t fall asleep quickly or that some kind of monster might come and... he gripped his teddy for some reassurance at least. But his step-brother was deep in thought.

Several things ran through Jonny’s mind. One was how much he’d enjoyed it when he started to wet again and was returned to night time protection. Although at first unhappy, with each flooded morning nappy, he had to admit it was much better than a wet bed. It was the protection a nappy offered more than the actual wearing of it that was his main concern. And then when he’d started wetting during the day at school, how much better it was to wear a nappy, or better still a disposable, than have soaked pants. He wasn’t sure he should confess this to Paul.

He wriggled some more, he’d gotten used to the thick night time cushion so it would take both a bit of time to get used to the lack of it. However, at that moment, he was too uncomfortable and would gladly have suffered another night wearing it so he could get to sleep. He wasn’t sure he should say that to Paul either.

Paul was pleased to be out of having to wear a nappy. In fact, as always, he was pleased because he was the same as his brother... although, at that moment, he was finding it difficult because part of him was worried that he still might, just might, wet himself. Even though their beds still had on the waterproof mattress protector it was a concern. So, as they twitchily tried to find some relief, that noisy plastic covered sheet reminded them of wetter times.


Meanwhile, Gemma had joined Nan in the kitchen and helped with the washing up. It wasn’t that late but soon she’d be told it was bed time though sought out Nan to say that while she was pleased her brothers were over their problem; over the last few weeks, because of their dry spell, she’d missed the opportunity to change them.

“Nan, uummhh, is it wrong to say I enjoyed looking out for my brothers when they wet their nappies?”

“Ohhh sweetheart, no. You’ve been wonderful to them both and a great help to everyone.”

Gemma was unsure whether she should continue but thought if anyone would understand it would be Nan.

“I liked to see them in their ‘special pants’.” She said wistfully as she brought back the name Paul had conjured up at the beginning for Jonny’s plastic pants. She smiled at the words and Nan smiled knowingly back. “I thought they made Jonny special... you know... like, like an super hero... Batman...”

“I suppose so honey,” Nan laughed at her next thought, “and when Paul had to wear them he looked like Batman’s special side-kick... they made quite the team?”

“Yes.” They both giggled girlishly at the idea.

They moved from the sink over to a pile of recently washed nappies and wistfully began to fold them.

“But darling, you’re happy for your brothers aren’t you?” Nan said inquisitively.

“Oh yes. I mean, of course but... well... I’ve enjoyed...”

“Look love. There are no guarantees. Who knew Jonny would start to wet again eh?”

Gemma had images of her favourite moments observing Jonny in his special pants and thick nappy buzzing through her head.

The first time she saw him wearing his protection, all glossy white plastic pants and full nappy underneath... he looked so vulnerable yet stunning at the same time.

The shy way he’d shyly enter a room, his crinkly pants drawing attention to his padding.

The way he stopped feeling guilty and didn’t mind her seeing him wearing rubber pants.

That first time in pink plastic pants with the shiny snaps down each side... he looked like a prince.

The look of excited amazement after she’d put him in a disposable at school on that first occasion.

Watching as he and Paul fell effortlessly into a game wearing only their protection... and not caring in the least.

The fancy thin vinyl pants she’d bought with Nan that were her way of showing she cared.

There was no doubt that as far as Gemma was concerned he always looked so nice and ‘kinda cute.’

She sighed.

“I wish things didn’t have to change” She wished more to herself than to anyone else.

Nan hadn’t realised just what being ‘grown-up’ and helpful had meant to her granddaughter and saw the look of loss that shouldn’t be on the face of an eleven year-old. She’d felt that herself on many occasions.

She began to wonder if tampering with the boy’s food and drink, despite vowing to leave it all in the past, would somehow help her little helper. The problem was she’d seen the pride on her son’s and daughter-in-law’s faces now both Paul and Jonny were out of nappies. She’d seen the excitement on the boy’s faces when she’d put them to bed, pleased to be free of padding. Was all their pleasure to be compromised to make Gemma feel better?


A soft sobbing greeted Jonny as he woke up. He wasn’t sure if he was dreaming so listened closely just to be certain it wasn’t him - it was Pauly.

“You okay?” Jonny whispered.

The youngster sniffled but didn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve, I’ve... wwwet my bed.” He hesitantly whimpered.

It was only with his little brother’s confession that Jonny realised so had he.

“Oh... erm, don’t cry... so have I.”

“But, but I’ve soaked it...”

“Well little brother... you’re not alone...”

“They’re going to be mad with us...”

“Mmmm, s’pose they will...” He was anxious at the thought that after all that had happened that they’d be punished for this accident as everyone had been so happy they’d finally gotten over it.

“And... and...” Paul could hardly bring himself to say it. “I’ll be put back into nappies and...”

“Me and you both...” Then he had a sudden and anguishing thought. “I’ll be eleven in a few weeks and wearing... Ooooohhhh.” The resignation and hopelessness in that simple but loud exhalation said it all.

Jonny didn’t want to move. He was frustrated with himself and could feel the damp almost everywhere. What was worse it was smelly, cold and clinging to his skin.

At that moment Theresa entered the room with Gemma to get the boys up as they had an outing planned as a day in celebration.

“C’mon you sleepy guys... time to get up and at it we’ve...”

She immediately knew by the smell - the atmosphere of urine in the air told its own story - that the idea of celebration had been far too premature.

She turned from drawing back the curtains and opening a window to see both boys standing side-by-side looking ashamed and dejected in their soaked matching Aquaman jammies.

“Oooh boys!”

She didn’t have to say another word for them to know what the next move would be.

Both had gone almost an entire month without so much as a trickle in their undies but Jonny, more so than Paul, realised that meant nothing now. All their hard work and night time encouragement to ‘wake up dry’ had been useless as they both saw the understanding, yet regretful, expression appear on mum’s face.

The cooler morning also meant that their thin jammies now clung cold and damp to their hairless legs and groin.

“Sorry mum... I... errrmm... we don’t know what happened...” Jonny murmured disconsolately.

She pointedly cleared her throat and directed the boys towards the bathroom.

Gemma was already there organising lotions and powder, retrieving the thick terry nappies that had so recently been stowed away and was excited; believing that wishes really did come true and already wondering about special pants for each of her brothers.

### the end ###


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