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Just Among Friends. By dad2u

Although Paige managed to daytime potty train at the age of three, she continued to have accidents due to her smaller bladder. This was simply handled by frequent potty visits and pull ups. At six years of age and the start of first grade, she was managing herself quite well at home and at school. They allowed her to use the restroom or visit the nurse, whenever she needed to. Her pull ups, which the school insisted on, kept her secret if she forgot or waited too long. On trips where the family traveled any distance, she was usually put in a diaper and encouraged to use it, in the hope of limiting all the stops. As Paige got older and gained in weight and height, her bladder capacity apparently didn't grow proportionately. We agreed to let her try Goodnites, after seeing the commercials, but her now heavier and more frequent nighttime wettings overwhelmed the bedwetting pants. Now at eleven years of age, countless doctor visits, and medications with side effects that outweighted the benefits, I was still without the answers I needed. Paige is now at a point where this is a big issue in her life. It disrupts her attention at school, it impairs her ability to have a normal social life, and she's just as frustrated as I am.

I thought about my sister Beth, and her daughter, who was close to twelve years of age when her bladder issues started. Our girls even spent a few weeks together during summer vacations, a few years back. I assumed that her daughter, Trisha had long outgrown her her wetting issues, but perhaps Beth could tell me how she handled it back then. I decided to give her a call. I learned that Trisha went through a period of bedwetting and minor daytime accidents at twelve as she went through the physical and psychological changes of puberty. Christy knew that Paige's bladder issues were entirely different than Trisha's but both moms shared a common obstacle, and this was where Christy thought Beth could help her.

How do you go about explaining to a twelve, or in Paige's case, an eleven year old, that they need to go back in diapers ?

Beth went on to explain how she dealt with Trisha and that in her case, the diapers were primarily for her bedwetting, and that it would subside eventually. There were also ocassions that required daytime diapers, such as traveling longer distances or whenever she was sick and restricted to bed, but Trisha accepted that and rarely complained. Christy knew that Paige would need to be in diapers fulltime, and she couldn't even tell her daughter with any certainty, that everything would get better soon. Since they were only an hour's drive apart, the two moms agreed to meet in a few days, while the girls were in school. Christy headed out to her sister's home, shortly after Paige boarded the bus for school. The sisters talked for hours and Christy now felt confident enough to have this conversation with her daughter. Beth pointed out that the girls always had a great time when they vacationed together in past years, and three years ago, Paige came and spent a few weeks here during summer break, when they were both in diapers. Why don't you talk to Paige and see if you can help her to understand that there are products out there that will actually help her. If you run up against a wall, Let me know, she just might be willing to open up to Trisha, knowing that she had to wear protection, herself, and she was three years older then Paige. Summer Vacation is just three weeks away, and a few weeks here might help her to relax a bit ! Later that afternoon, Christy was anxiously awaiting her daughters return from school. She knew that the advice Beth had given her was sound, but it is still going to be hard for Paige to accept. Christy had already decided to be the one to break the news to Paige, regarding her options at this point.

Trisha had stayed very still throughout the movie, not wanting to wake up the eleven year old that fell asleep before the second commercial. After the movie had ended, Trisha remained quiet so her exhausted cousin could rest. Beth came in a few times during the movie and smiled at her niece, fast asleep with her head on her daughters lap. She was surprised a bit later when she came to get them for dinner and saw Paige, sucking her thumb, while still asleep. Beth quietly mentioned that dinner was ready.

" Good ! cuz I have to pee something fierce and I'm not lucky enough to be in a diaper like she is. " Trisha laughed.

Trisha tried to slide out from under her, but as she did, her cousin started to wake up. She had napped for over 2 hours. Beth put her arms out to her and smiled as she helped her to stand. Paige, who had not fully awoken, looked around nervously, unsure of where she was. The events of the day slowly came back to her, and her attention now focused on her wet thumb, which she quickly hid behind her back, and the bulkier garment between her legs.

" Dinner is ready sweetie. aunt Beth smiled at me. Do you need to potty before we eat? "

I was now totally embarrassed, and couldn't speak up as Beth pulled on the waistband of my Goodnites to check for herself.

"It looks like you had a little accident, but it's not close to leaking. You shouldn't be upset over something that happened while you were asleep. I do think it would be best if we just kept you padded, so you won't have to stress over these accidents you are having. Would you like me to help you get cleaned up now or would you rather wait until after dinner?

looking down at my padded panties, I knew my aunt was right. With tears in my eyes, I asked my aunt if she could please wait until after dinner.

I felt relieved when my aunt agreed, and the subject was dropped. I actually found myself having fun, talking to my aunt and cousin about the summers we all shared together in past years. When the dinner was finally served, I had no problem holding my own when it came to barbecued ribs !

"I don't think I ever met someone as tiny as you that could put food away like you just did !" Beth laughed.

"Maybe after we relax from dinner, we can all go for a walk to the park, I need to get some excercise myself, after that meal, I'm fighting the urge to nap right now ! Are you two girls up to that ?

Trisha liked the suggestion, but I was caught off guard, and couldn't respond. I knew that I agreed to let Beth change me after dinner, and that time had come.

"Honey, would you mind clearing the table while I attend to Paige ?

Trisa watched as her mother reached her arm out to me, and I tearfully accepted it.

When we reached the room that I would be staying in for the next month, Beth sat on the edge of the bed and invited me to sit next to her. I heard the plastic mattress pad crackle as my aunt sat down, but that wasn't unexpected. My own bed back home had the same protection on it, for as long as I could remember. Panic set in as I realized that I was helplessly dribbling into my already wet Goodnight, and was close to leaking. My aunt knew what was happening and asked me to just stand still while she spread towels under me as a precaution. I held the waistband of the Goodnite while my aunt slowly tore the sides, before taking it from me and lowering it onto a waiting towel. One of the large bath towels was wrapped around my waist before I was carried off to the bathroom. She had me sit on the edge of the tub as my aunt ran the bath water. Beth helped me into the tub and got me seated. I felt better, once the bubbles covered my bottom half. I began to relax when my aunt started to wash my back with a sponge. Caught up in the moment, I sobbed as I apologised for all the work I had caused her.

"You have nothing to apologize for honey. I think you know by now that this is something you can't ignore anymore. It's a medical issue that you need to learn to manage. You aren't the only person with this problem, there are millions. You aready knew Trisha had similar issues a few years back. Have you tried talking to her? I have been through this with Trisha, honey. I learned how to help my daughter, and I can help you too, if you will let me. You have your whole family there for you. The only person holding you back right now is yourself. Are you ready to lose the tears and deal with this the right way ?

"Yes aunt Beth. I am. "

"I think that was a very mature decision you made, Paige. Let's finish up this bath before the water cools. I have a new Goodnite and a terry cloth bathrobe all ready for you ! Then we can get comfy on the couch and I will explain what I have in mind, to help you. "

" I know you like the Goodnites, and I'm guessing it's because they look like underwear, am I right ? My aunt asked.

" Yes auntie. How did you know that ? "

" I laughed, knowing that I had this same conversation with my daughter, that summer you last visited. The Goodnites worked ok during the daytime for awhile but Trisha was waking up to wet sheets on most mornings. Older girls just wet heavier then younger girls, and while the Goodnites still fit her, they just couldn't cope with her wettings. Trisha's main problem was the nighttime wetting and that was easier to deal with because no one outside of family would ever see the thicker night diapers she needed to wear. I would suggest the same solution for you, at night. No more waking to cold wet sheets. It would be more comfortable for you and less work for your mother. Now about daytime protection. There are many options for milder wetting issues but you are an active preteen girl. Your protection has to hold up through classes, school bus rides, even longer shopping trips, and that usually means multiple wettings. There are a few very good diapers available that are quite discreet under clothing. They have a cloth outer layer and don't make any noise when you walk around in them. They even conform to your body better and don't have that padded outline on the backside like a baby's diaper would have. Most important, they have a super absorbent polymer in them that absorbs liquids and turns it into a gel. I have on hand, samples of a few brands that I think would be perfect for you. I also had your mom buy some different outfits for you to see how well they work with your new 'undies' "

"Now, just to put you at ease again, this is a family secret that only your parents, yourself, my daughter and I share. We will all look out for you, and make sure you are safe. ok ? "

" Yes Auntie. I replied rather nervously.

" Let's head to your room then, alright ?

" Trish, honey. I'm going to be with your cousin for a half hour or so. Do you mind watching tv or listening to music downstairs ?

" That's fine Mom. Are we still going for a walk tonight ?

" We'll discuss that later, Trisha. Maybe we should let our guest decide ! "

My aunt started by laying out the clothes that my mother had picked out for me and I loved all of them ! I removed the bathrobe and tried each one on to see how they worked with the Goodnites, and they had all fit me well. The next step was somewhat harder for me. I was presented with three diapers to try on, first by themself and then with clothing. I really didn't expect them to fit me as comfortably as they did. When I looked in the mirror they seemed to fit like regular underwear. The four tapes on the front were the only glaring difference, but no one would ever see that. Trying them all with clothing over them was even more impressive. I couldn't tell by looking that I was wearing a diaper. I hugged my aunt when she told me that she suggested to my mom, which clothing styles and fabrics worked best for my cousin. My aunt asked if I was ready for my first public outing, a walk to the park, and I agreed. I didn't want to disappoint either of them, besides, I felt safe knowing that they were there to look out for me.

"This is your moment Paige. Choose which diaper and outfit you want to wear for your first public outing! "

I made my choices and my aunt quickly had me dressed. I let her put my hair in a ponytail, then we headed downstairs. Trisha heard us comming and turned off the tv and met us at the staircase.

"You look great, Paige. I love that skirt, can't even tell you're wearing a Goodnite ! "

" I'm not, Trisha. I'm wearing a real diaper. See! I replied, proudly pulling my skirt up, and leaving my aunt in tears from laughing so hard !

" NO Flashing people when we go on our walk ! My Aunt teased

I hugged my aunt and my cousin, and thanked them both.

My aunt grabbed a reusable shopping bag, tossed in some snacks , three bottles of water, and handed me the fourth.

"Thought you might want to give your new 'undies' a test run " My aunt had us all laughing !

It was great seeing the park again. I had fond memories from my past visits. I think my cousin and I spent most of our time here. I walked up to one of the swings, and reached out to hold the chain while I closed my eyes and remembered how I would push my comfort zone, trying to go higher every time I got on. I smiled as I reminisced about those little accomplishments in my life. Today, I had an even better reason to smile. I made a grown-up decision, and promised my aunt that I would be more attentive in dealing with my bladder issues. I know my mom will be proud of me. I was still daydreaming when Trisha yelled out, Get on, I'll push you ! What was she thinking ?? I'm standing here wearing a diaper under a short skirt, at a somewhat busy neighborhood park. Then again, NOTHING else about this day seemed rational, so why not ! I shook my head and laughed as I took a seat ! I really enjoyed myself. I'm not sure if I broke any of my old records, today, but there's no doubt that I pushed myself well past my comfort zone !

Trisha and I then went to have some snacks. My aunt quietly asked how I was doing, and I mistakenly replied, that I was Having Fun! She couldn't help but laugh, when she quietly explained that she was referring to my diaper. I told her that I must still be dry because I didn't feel wet when I sat down. The Goodnites used to puddle inside. With no one around, my aunt snuck a quick check and saw that I had wet them a bit. My aunt asked if I wanted the last bottle of water before we headed home, so I finished it. We were probably about halfway through our twenty minute walk when I felt myself wetting. My aunt was in the middle and Trisha and I were on each side of her. I just kept walking as if nothing happened, but I caught my cousin smiling when I looked at her. I'm sure she knew what happened. We are kindred spirits. With our house in sight, my aunt suggested that Trisha would take a quick shower before I was given my bath and dressed for the night. After that, My aunt said we could have a bowl of Ice cream while we all watched a movie together. Taking advantage of the private time we now had, I was asked about all these recent changes in my life and how I was adjusting to everything. I told my aunt that I couldn't be happier. I already felt more confident, just in the short time I was here. I know my mother has always been there for me, but she was just as lost as I was, in all of this. Mom knew that you could help us, auntie. And now, I know that too. I hugged my aunt and cried as I thanked her. Trisa returned from her shower with a t-shirt over her panties and her hair wrapped in a towel.

" What did I miss ? " Trisha asked.

" It's all Good." I smiled. These are Happy tears !

"Why don't you go run your bath water, sweetie, and don't forget the bubbles! I'll be there in two minutes.

I thought my aunt just wanted to assure Trisha that I really was ok. Trisha is the epitome of a Big Sister. She had always watched out for me in the past, when I visited. Today was no different, as she selflessly pushed me on a swing for at least twenty minutes. I started to undress while the tub was filling. I removed my skirt, folded it and placed it on the countertop. socks and shirt came next. When my aunt came in I was only wearing a training bra and my diaper. My aunt gave the tub a few more minutes to fill as she removed the last two items. She showed me how heavy my diaper was and how the liquid had turned to gel. I would have complete trust in this diaper to keep my secret.

"I will never have to worry about diaper leaks again." I said.

"Don't take anything for granted, honey. Every diaper has it's limitations. You can find that out, one of these days when you girls are playing together in the back yard. Just wear some old shorts or pants and go have fun. You can learn what to expect from different products. Keep in mind that the gel, like any sponge, can only hold so much. If you are not responsible about diaper changes, you will have leaks.

" You Girls have a few weeks to find those answers, and Trisha's a great little teacher. That concludes todays little Chemistry lesson, so lets get this bath overwith, we have a movie to watch !

Auntie got me cleaned up rather quickly tonight, mostly because I convinced her to put off washing my hair until tomorrow. I was again wrapped in a bath towel and marched off to my room.

I stretched out on a changing pad as I was powdered and taped into the thickest diaper I ever saw. Auntie added a cute T-shirt that barely reached the top of my diaper when I stood up. The finishing touch consisted of two side ponytails. When I peeked in the mirror, I looked so adorable. I kept thanking my aunt !

As we headed downstairs, all I heard was the Crinkling noise from the plastic outer cover of my diaper. I felt like a baby. This diaper was definitely more obvious then any of my daytime ones, and I didn't have a shirt that would hide it. I was told to choose a spot for myself on the couch while my aunt went to the kitchen to prepare the bowls of ice cream, drinks and plenty of napkins ! Now with everything spread out on the coffee table, my aunt sat beside me.

"Are you ok honey ? you look anxious." she mentioned

" I feel really self-conscious, I whined. I'm pretty much naked except for this huge noisy diaper and a toddler sized T-shirt. Trisha is going to think I look like a Big Baby. " I pouted.

" WELL, why don't we ask her ? Trisha, Honey, are you ready ? The Ice cream is going to melt."

I was beyond shocked when my cousin walked in wearing the same diaper and shirt, the same ponytails, and two Identical Stuffed Unicorns, one of which she handed to me! I was at a loss for words.

With her hands on her hips, she spoke with attitude. " You didn't think I was going to let you have all the fun tonight, Did You ? " I jumped up to Hug her !

Trisha and I ate our Ice cream, giggled at all the lame movie scenes, and chugged down sodas and water before finally curling up next to each other and crashing. That was all I remembered from last night. Auntie must have carried me off to bed herself. She woke me up at 11am this morning, and led me to the kitchen, still wearing last nights well used diaper. She got me seated at the breakfast table, before leaving to wake her daughter. When they returned I couldn't help but laugh at Trisha. Her half closed eyes, disheveled shirt and hair, saggy yellowed diaper, WAIT ! What ???

" What are you laughing at ? You don't look any better ! " Trisha pointed out.

Not having a mirror handy, I just took her at her word, and apologised. I guess we just aren't morning people, I offered in defense.
After some hot chocolate, and toast, we slowly started to wake up.
My aunt told Trisha to go take her shower and that we would take care of cleaning up the kitchen, today.
I was staring at my cousin's diaper as she left the table, and my aunt must have noticed my confusion.

" She still wets the bed sometimes. " my aunt explained.
Normally she doesn't drink sodas or water in the evenings, and wakes up dry on most mornings. Since we were celebrating how well you did yesterday, I allowed her to "break training" so to speak. I also thought it would be comforting for you to know that you have so much in common with your Bestie ! That's why I had the two of you dress the same last night. I told Trisha that she could remove her wet diaper, when I woke her up this morning, but she chose not to. She knew that you would wake up wet so she wanted to stay in her wet diaper to show her support."

"She did that just for me ? " I started to cry.

"You two have a special bond with each other, even with the difference in ages. Trisha really struggled with her wetting problem a few years back, especially the daytime accidents. I know now, from talking to your mother, that this has been just as hard for you. I can't possibly tell you how happy I was when your mother called. Trisha and I had hoped you would come visit, and we both wanted the chance to help you through this difficult period. Last night was the first time that my daughter had a sleepover since your last visit, and I'm guessing the same is true for you ?

"Yes auntie, I was always afraid of friends finding out, than not wanting to be around me."

"Same with Trisha, but that's all in the past now, since you popped back into our lives ! " My aunt hugged me while be both cried.

"Look at these. " my aunt said, pulling up some pics from her cell phone. The first picture was of you, asleep on Trisha's lap, yesterday morning when you arrived here. She took charge of you right from the start ! She even shooed me out of the room a few times, for fear that I would wake you ! The next picture was the two of us, sound asleep while holding each other, during the movie. She promised to get us each a framed enlarged portrait to remember this special summer.

After that night, trisha and I became inseparable, as two weeks turned into three, and then four, when I was able to convince my mom to spend the last week with Us. Beth taught my mother, everything that she showed me, even giving away a little secret that I thought I kept hidden.

"Paige has done an excellent job, learning to manage her little problem. She is actually quite Proficient at it now. I have also noticed that she isn't opposed to a little 'maternal attention' every now and then and that's quite normal, Christy. I'm sure that Bedtime diaper changes have become a special Mother-Daughter bonding time in your home too. I have always encouraged Trisha to be proactive with her bladder issues, and I respect how well she has done. I also understand how overwhelming this can be for girls their age, and I'm there to help her out when she needs it. I have found that after managing her minor daytime leakage with lighter pads in her panties and frequent trips to bathrooms, she has come to appreciate the thicker nighttime diaper that mommy puts her in. As I mentioned to Paige, Trisha usually wakes up dry. but the diaper allows her to sleep peacefully without having to worry about the outcome. Paige is quite pleased with either of the three daytime diapers she has chosen. She has come to learn what she can expect from each one, how often she needs to change, which clothes provide her the best coverage for particular activities. Think about this Christy. You and I put on a pair of bikinis in the morning and don't give it a second thought. Our daughter's whole day is planned around their "underwear." This is why it's so important to be attentive and know when to intervene. I had to tell Trisha, who was frustrated because she had been going through too many pads these last few days, to take a break and go back to daytime diapers until we find out what's going on.
Admirably, neither of our daughters like to call a Time Out, so it falls on us to occasionally step in. I have always tried to support Trisha's willingness to handle situations by herself. I also made it quite clear that it's ok to ask for help. Paige appreciates having the same responsibility as her cousin. During the school year, I think the girls would love to get together on alternate weekends, for sleepovers. They would typically have two weekends a month with their family and the remaining two weekends would be a sleepover at each other's home. Everyone thought it sounded like a great idea, but the girls whould have to make sure they got their homework done, regardless of which home they were staying at. Despite all the time the girl's spent visiting each other or staying in touch by phone, or online they both managed to maintain honors in school. Paige was able to easily get by on one change during a school day. but she wouldn't be able to change her diaper in a busy restroom, right before lunch. It would just be too risky. She ended up speaking to the nurse and they were able to come up with a plan. Paige was allowed to leave her last morning class 10 minutes before the bell rang. That gave her time to visit the nurse before the start of lunch. When students started to ask about her early class dismissals, the nurse told her to tell the nosey students that she needed to be given medication in the form of a daily shot. Paige even kept a box of bandaids handy and would alternate arms on a daily basis before she left the nurse's office ! Her bff, Trisha admired her resourcefulness ! Trisha's issue was a bit easier to manage, changing a pad was something every girl has experienced, so stepping out of a stall and tossing a rolled up pad in the trashcan never warranted a second look. Having each other's back is what cemented their lifelong friendship. It never really mattered to either girl, which house they stayed at, They knew they were loved and welcomed by each family.

Christy had another issue she thought Beth might be able to help with. Paige has been starting to wet more heavily at night, and she thought this might have something to do with puberty, Like Trisha experienced, especially where Paige herself now, was entering puberty. Beth suggested diaper boosters or doublers might help the situation, and she could also add plastic panties, at Bedtime. Beth was a bit concerned when Christy didn't respond.

"Christy, let me help. What's the real problem ?

" I am having a hard time affording all the expensive nighttime disposables that Paige is going through."

" I have the answer for you Christy, but I want you to hear me out. I faced the same problem when Trisha was wetting heavier and many of the mothers I spoke with through online support groups, suggested cloth diapers and plastic panties. It's an initial higher cost, but they will last you quite awhile if you wash them properly. I did use then on Trisha for about 6 months until we got back on our feet, financially. If you are concerned about Paige accepting them, you can send her here for the weekend. You know she will wear them if her cousin does ! I know I have some boxed away, and you are more then welcome to them if you'd like. If you can get me Paiges waist size, I can order some plastic panties for her too. Everything will work out fine Christy. Paige is a responsible girl, and i'm sure she won't mind the extra time you two will have together, while you to get her padded up at night !

"Would you like me to discuss this with her when she comes? " Christy

" I think I should be the one to break it to her, but if she is hesitant, I know you two can bring her around ! "I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given us. I'm grateful for the two little girls who brought us back together."

Paige had just finished her homework, when I called her down for dinner. I had wanted to order her favorite take-out but at the last minute, I changed my mind, worried that it might seem like a bribe, when we had our mother daughter chat at bedtime. Paige was just as happy with the fried chicken, that I made. After dinner we decided to watch a movie together, but I had a hard time following the plot as I was busy trying to decide the best way to broach the subject with her. Frustrated that I couldn't find the right words, I just decided to go with the truth. I'm sure Paige knew something was up, When she asked me if I was ok. I smiled at her, and told her I wasn't. Paige turned off the TV and gave me her full attention. I explained to her that with the increase in nighttime diaper changes, it was getting too expensive to afford right now, and I have to make sure she has her supply of daytime diapers.

" What can I do to help ? " my daughter asked.

" Well honey, mommy was hoping you might agree to wear cloth diapers and plastic panties until I get my check.

" Won't they be expensive to buy ?

" They are, Paige, but your aunt has some that Trisha wore when she was twelve. and she offered them to us if you would want to use them.

" If it helps you out mom, I will do it. I know that no one would ever know except Trisha, and she didn't mind wearing them, or I would have heard about it !

I was surprised by my daughter's maturity, but then she has had to grow up rather quickly to be able to deal with her wetting so responsibly. I didn't exactly know what would happen when I confronted Paige about wearing cloth diapers. From now on I will be giving her more credit. I called Beth to give her the good news and she informed me that the girls were already filling each other in as we speak. I asked Beth to hold for a moment, while I got my tape and checked Paige's waist size. She has a twenty six inch waist, Beth. will the diapers fit her properly ? If I remember, Trisha was a twenty eight inch waist at twelve years of age when she was in them. I don't think you will have any problems with the fit.
Beth informed Christy that she located the stored diapers and she had counted three dozen diapers, which makes eighteen pairs, but sometimes an extra folded one is used as a booster. She suggested that we keep nine pair at each house that way there is enough for both girls for a two night stay. Beth also had Trisha pick out some cute plastic pants for the two of them, and now that I have the sizes, I can get them ordered. We can meet at the restaurant on Friday, after the girls get out of school. I will buy dinner for everyone, Beth offered. Do you mind if we let the girls decide which house holds the sleepover ? I was happy with letting the girls decide for themselves. I really hoped that the girls would stay with Beth. I'm sure that Paige's first time in cloth diapers, would go easier there, and To be honest, I will probably need the weekend just to become proficient in folding cloth diapers again !

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