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Little Liar                                                                                          by Les Lea

Part 1

Seven year-old Thomas Sebastian Turner thought he could get away with anything. He was the eldest child of Maria and Earnest Turner and brother to five year-old Mary and two year-old Carrie.

From kindergarten onwards Thomas managed to successfully blame anyone and everyone else for his offences. Any mistake he made, item broken or tearful friend, he was always innocent, it had nothing to do with him. He would lie and lie until he convinced himself it was true. Even when caught out with his fibbing, still insisted he was telling the truth. His parents wondered if he knew what truth was.

The family lived in a pleasant, inexpensive neighbourhood, in the Mid-west. Earnest worked as the finance director (accountant) for a group of local businesses, whilst Maria was a busy housewife, but had been a talented young seamstress before she married.

They got by but there was never loads of spare cash, although they never went into debt either. Life, like the neighbourhood, was pleasant – they made no claims to being the cleverest people in the world, or to knowing anything about politics – The Turners, like the majority of locals, just got on with life as best they could.

However, they had been on the net, discussed it with friends and neighbours, read articles in an effort to find a solution to Thomas’s ‘problem’. However, from all the conflicting advice they cobbled together a plan of their own to make their young son understand how his lying affected others and, more importantly, how it was going to affect him.


He’d woken up to a sunny morning as his mother gently shook him from a deep sleep where he’d dreamed he was playing with some of the colourful stars from his favourite TV show. Whilst he rubbed his eyes, she pulled back the covers, noticing as she did so the damp bedding and soaked jammy bottoms. Recently he’d begun to wet more often, not nightly but frequently enough that stricter action needed to be taken.

Mary, his sister who he shared the bedroom with, had been potty trained for over a year and had not needed any night time protection since then. His baby sister Carrie was still in diapers day and night so for the eldest of the brood to still wet the bed was becoming a bit of a predicament.

However, up until this point his loving parents had been understanding and just put up with the inconvenience because Thomas’s attitude was – it’s just a ‘bedtime accident’, which, ever since he was a toddler was what he’d called such occasional incidents. It was something he couldn’t lie about because it was there for all to see.  None-the-less he thought of it as something that just happened naturally so therefore was nothing to do with him. These days he took no responsibility for getting to the bathroom at night.

Mr and Mrs Turner had let him get away with it for far too long. They didn’t like confronting or even arguing with their children, in particular their independently minded son, so took the easy option. They came from a long line of very liberal parents who had decided that - a child needed to be given space, needed to find him or herself in their own time and on no account must they be challenged on that route to personal discovery.

For Maria and Earnest that was now all a load of bunkum. So, from this day on his parents decided his and their own particular mind-set was no longer going to be appropriate. Young Thomas’s actions and bullying towards his younger sisters and others had been a belated ‘call-to-arms’ that they were about to respond to in a dramatic manner.

Thankfully, the wet bed and soaked PJs gave them the perfect opportunity for putting their newly developed plan into action. Things were going to change for their damp little boy and change immediately.

The plan had a few elements to it, and to be honest, neither parent was sure if any of them would work. However, they were desperate and hoped to get some response to their ideas. They were quite prepared for the tears, tantrums and drama that no doubt was about to follow.

Adding to his mother’s determination about what was to happen was the fact that she noticed a teddy bear peeping out from under the clammy bedsheets. The very cuddly toy his two year-old sister had been crying for the night before because she couldn’t sleep without it. Thomas had sworn he knew nothing about its disappearance yet here it was now wet and as large as life.

When his mother asked about it he still pleaded innocent to how it got into his bed, saying Carrie must have put it there. The sweet ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look he gave her for a second put her off guard but the resolve returned and she knew he needed to learn not to lie. Thinking he’d fooled her, and that was the end of the inquisition, he quickly made his way to the bathroom to get cleaned up and ready for school.


It was the first day of a new term and Thomas was quite excited at seeing all his school friends again but his mother had been planning a surprise for when he wondered back to his bedroom still towelling off.

As he returned he noticed that she had stripped the bed and a clear plastic sheet had been put over the mattress. Lying on top of that was a pile of items he couldn’t quite make out but to him looked very suspicious.

One of Maria’s great joys was to make clothes for her children, which were often admired when they went out as a family. However, recently she had been busy designing and making a special new school uniform for her boy. She’d spent a few hours once the kids were asleep working away at this secret project, which she knew would be a surprise to Thomas.

“We’re going to start this school term differently.”

She said to her son as he hesitantly dried his thick brown hair, eyes focusing warily on why his mother should be there. He was a big boy and didn’t need her to dress him.

“There’s a new uniform for you to wear but firstly, because you’ve been wetting the bed far too often recently, you’ll be wearing protection for the foreseeable future.”

That information brought her carefree son to a sudden halt. He wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly or what it meant except, there was something about him having to wear ‘protection’ from now on.

He noticed the folded disposable, the plastic pants and the baby powder lying on top of the pile of clothing and suddenly realised what exactly that did mean. He definitely wasn’t going to be doing that.

“Mummy, I’m not Carrie, I can’t wear a diaper to bed… I’m not a...” his tears and anger came, “BABY”

He screamed the final word and stomped off but his mother grabbed him and pulled him back towards the bed.

“No sweetheart, you’ll not be wearing a diaper for bed.”

She thought this might calm him down enough for her to deliver the sting in her plan.

“You’ll be wearing one both night and day from now on.”  

She smoothed out the crinkly, plastic sheet covering the mattress and smiled at him.

“We’ll make it thicker at night so…. if you use it… no harm will be done to your bedding.”


The tantrum and waterworks started immediately. He struggled out from his mother’s grip and stomped around his bedroom screeching at his mother that he shouldn’t (and wouldn’t) wear diapers at his age.

This made Mary pay attention. She was used to tantrums and her brother getting his own way but this time mummy’s reactions were different, she spoke to him differently.

‘It wasn’t fair.’ ‘It wasn’t right’. ‘Only babies like Carrie wear diapers … he’d never wear them’.

Thomas shouted and protested.

As part of their (it had to be said), muddled plan, Thomas’s parents had hoped that by putting him back in a diaper full time would be a reminder that he’d been doing something he shouldn’t – bed-wetting. They hoped that by sporting a thick, babyish garment all day would make him think twice about his actions.

They were also desperate for a quick turnaround to their son’s casual, disruptive ways. They worried that should it continue, in later life he might think his attitude was acceptable and find himself in a great deal of trouble.

They had to do something now.

He was very forceful in his childish arguments but for the first time his normally compliant parents had said “NO” and he’d met an implacable barrier to his normally indulged self.  

His father came in to the room and told his son to stop all the nonsense and behave.

Hoping it was just his mother wanting to put him in diapers he ran and hugged his daddy, claiming his mummy was being unfair. He was a big boy and didn’t need to wear such babyish things.

“OK Tommy, did you wet the bed?” His daddy asked as his son tried his best, ‘innocent little boy’ look.

Thomas was none too happy admitting to anything but also knew it was something he couldn’t deny. However, he didn’t see Mary looking on so, albeit reluctantly, nodded to his daddy’s question.

“Well, what do we do with Carrie when she wets?”

Over the years Thomas had seen both his sisters being changed, so diapers, disposables, plastic pants, baby stuff had always been a huge part of the things lying around their home, but this was different.

“But daddy,” he snivelled, “I don’t wet in the day… just… sometimes at night.”

“Yes that’s true… and we’ve let it go but… you seem to be getting worse and we need you to be aware of the consequences and a diaper will be a constant reminder.”

His daddy continued and hoped his son would see this as positive, even though in his own mind he wasn’t really convinced.

This plan of theirs was a very piecemeal affair – it took from a host of different opinions, some more reputable than others, and they weren’t sure if any of it would really work. However, they had made the decision to act, so that was what they were doing, and hopefully they’d muddle through to some kind of success.

Thomas wasn’t sure what consequences meant but it didn’t sound like daddy had much sympathy so that angered and frustrated him.

“The good thing for you is, well, whilst you’re wearing a diaper, er, erm, you’ll get to use it, so, officially, no more accidents because you’ll have all the protection needed.”

Earnest was really out of his depth but hoped that something, anything might work and he wanted to be positive and give this course of action a chance.

The outburst followed but Mary witnessed something she’d never ever seen in their home before.

Fury seethed within Thomas but a quick smack from his mother to his naked little bottom made him stop.

This was another part of their plan - a short, sharp shock. They thought that a smack to his bottom might be another thing that would make him re-think his attitude and hoped that he’d be so stunned, the result would be instant.

However, neither parent liked the idea of such a punishment and hoped the shock element would be the deciding factor rather than resorting to spanking their son on a regular basis.


Thomas had never ever been spanked before and was stunned. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. It didn’t particularly hurt but there was something in the delivery that meant things had changed and the only way he knew how to deal with that was by crying. He hoped his wailing would gain him some consideration, some sympathy. He wanted them to feel bad about smacking him but it didn’t work. His mother just carried on with hardly any break in the proceedings.

Mary watched stunned as her older brother was reduced to a naked bawling baby and in truth trembled hoping that it wouldn’t happen to her. Although, at the same time, silently happy to see her unpleasant brother get his just deserts.

This was an awful lot for the seven year-old to take in but with both his parents joining forces and acting as one there was little alternative. Thomas’s uncooperative wriggling and kicking was no match to stop his mother from powdering her boy and taping him into his first disposable diaper in over four years.

The incensed wail and stubborn wriggle was being ignored and forcefully subdued. Even his mother’s gentle hand smoothing in creams and powder had been no consolation to the shame of being forced into a diaper at his age.

It wasn’t easy but once it was done he did look a lot younger than his seven years. Perhaps, Maria hoped (and there was an awful lot of hope going on in their plan), this alone would make him behave.

His young mind couldn’t cope with what was happening but even he could see the silliness of what they were doing. They wanted him to be more grown-up but they put him a disposable and expected him to use it. Why? It was different at night, he didn’t know he was wetting the bed but during the day, he had no trouble making it to the boy’s room.

The disposable was a bright yellow colourful affair with blue cartoon character markers that appeared when the item was wet. So, whilst he lay sobbing his mother took advantage of his wriggling hips, which helped slip up a pair of matching slick yellow vinyl pants, she wanted to make sure he was completely waterproof.

The thing was, seeing her son like this Maria caught a glimpse of her sweet innocent little baby and not the unholy terror he’d become. His ineffective stamping about and forced crying for some hoped for loving attention would normally have brought out her mothering ways and engulfed him in hugs and kisses. She knew she’d have to see this plan through or at least give it a chance if there was any hope of getting him to at least try to alter his ways.

Tommy was terrified of going to school in such protection and protested throughout the entire procedure. He was mortified that he was now wearing such padding and looked like a taller version of Carrie. However, it wasn’t quite as bulky as his baby sister’s, although far more cumbersome than the Thomas the Tank Engine briefs he normally wore.

His verbal and emotional protests were ignored by mummy as she simply made sure everything fitted him well. She thought he looked wonderful standing, albeit reluctantly, in front of her dressed as he was. It brought back happy memories of when Thomas was less trouble, more compliant and much easier to take care of.

Indeed, Maria was a mother who loved and indulged her children. In years gone by she would have been dubbed an airhead or hippy but she wasn’t really. She adored having babies and wanted nothing more than to love and be loved by her three youngsters.

Meanwhile, Mary popped her head round the door and saw her older, tear-streaked brother, being hugged by mummy, wearing babyish plastic pants and smiled.

“Tommy looks like Carrie.”

She smirked as her words had the desired effect and his face once again creased in total misery.

This set him off even more hating her, hating his mother, hating his father … but his parents had further surprises in store for their little liar.

Although he looked pretty cute standing there in just his protection mummy fed his arms into his new school uniform; a yellow shirt, loose red shorts with suspenders, a big blue bow and brown shoes.

Where this idea had sprung from Maria wasn’t sure but at some point, when they were discussing Thomas’s lying, a reference had been made to a particularly famous childish liar and from that seed had grown into this part of the plan.



Part 2

Thomas couldn’t believe that this was the new school uniform because as far as he knew, they didn’t have a uniform until he was at big boy school.

He arrived in class, padded and feeling strange in his new outfit but was greeted with smiles from the teachers and giggles from the pupils. His colourful clothes, although quite flamboyant for school were different to the rest of the class.

He’d already checked that nothing could be seen dangling below his shorts so was pleased that his protected bottom wasn’t all that obvious even though it felt hot and well-contained surrounded in plastic.

The well-planned first lesson of the day was the story of Pinocchio and how the puppet’s lying got him into so much trouble. The pictures in the book that were held up for the class to see were exactly like the clothes Thomas was wearing and the giggling and pointing got louder and more personal.

The teachers were in on this project and, although there had been some murmurs of dissent about the method, it was thought it might be worth a trial at least. Would Thomas change, like Pinocchio, once he saw the results of telling fibs?

At first Thomas thought as he was dressed like the lead character in the story then he must have been chosen to play the starring role. So, to begin with, he felt very proud at being singled out for such a prestigious part that his mummy and daddy had kept as a surprise, even forgetting about his special padding for a while. However, this feeling of some kind of celebrity status soon passed as the real meaning of the story became clear.

Little voices whispered “Pinocchio” as he passed by. Some didn’t whisper they shouted it across the room “Little Liar”, whilst inspecting a story book character that had come to life in their classroom; they touched his clothes and laughed at his big bow.

They thought Thomas was ideally cast as carpenter Geppetto’s wooden little boy who wouldn’t stop lying. They all knew Tommy was a constant liar himself.

Although slightly inhibited by all this attention, at lunch break it didn’t stop him sneakily helping himself to another classmate’s sandwich leaving the boy crying and hungry. Of course he denied he’d done anything and thought, as he’d eaten the evidence, there was no proof. Alas, the teachers were keeping a close eye on him and witnessed the event. They’d given him a chance to admit what he’d done and apologise to his victim but, as usual, Thomas acted the innocent. The injured party was most disappointed that ‘Pinocchio’s’ nose hadn’t grown as a result of the lie.  

Because he was embarrassed about actually wearing protection, Thomas never asked to be changed even though by the mid-break he was wet. He’d had no option. His mummy had taped him in so firmly and the plastic pants hugged him so tightly he had no idea how to unfasten and then refasten himself in. By the time he’d made it to the boy’s room he was so desperate it just flooded out.

At first he was annoyed that he’d done such a thing and anxious that others might know but, as there were no tell-tale signs he stopped worrying. No one could see what had happened and that made him feel pretty pleased - he’d gotten away with something else.

Although the teachers had been given permission by his mother to change him when he asked for a fresh diaper, they had decided that they would let him stay soaked until he requested some attention. They weren’t being cruel, well, actually they were being a little cruel, but as they wanted Thomas to own up to things this seemed a good place to start.

This action would only affect Thomas as only he would be uncomfortable if he had to sit in a sopping diaper for any length of time. However, in Thomas’s mind, no one actually knew he was wearing a diaper because no one had commented on his slightly padded bottom, perhaps thinking it was all part of the Pinocchio suit.

Although quite dumpy, his little red shorts were loose enough not to emphasise the padding underneath. Besides that, he thought that if he said anything, people would know and he’d be mortified if any of his classmates found out he had to wear protection, he’d be the centre of ridicule. He hoped this was just a one day thing and didn’t want to draw attention to his slightly rustling cushioned bottom.  

He didn’t notice that with every toilet break in his diaper (and throughout the day there had been a few) it expanded a little. Thankfully, even though his diaper was waterlogged the plastic pants had prevented any leaking. However, he had to admit that sitting all day in a soaked and re-soaked diaper was not nice at all and couldn’t wait for the school day to end when he could change into his normal clothes.


A word in his mother’s ear from a couple of the teachers when she came to collect him at home time meant that young Thomas was not going to escape his special uniform so easily.

Firstly she wanted to know what he’d thought about his new school uniform. He hadn’t know why he was the only one dressed as a character from a book but said he wanted his proper clothes back.

“Well,” his mother smiled at him, “the teachers say your outfit seems to have been very popular with your classmates… they’re all talking about how much it suits you.”

“But mummy, I feel silly… I’ll be glad to get back to my normal…”

“Well, before that…” she interrupted, “are you wet?”

Thomas looked nervously around hoping that no one heard what she said.


“Your teachers say you never asked to be changed so… are you wet?”

Thomas looked down at his brown shoes; his pale naked legs trembled slightly because he didn’t want to admit anything in public. As he seemed reluctant to reply she bent down and slowly pushed her hand up the leg of his loose red shorts, past the soft plastic and could instantly feel just how soaked he was.

“Oh Thomas, you’ll be getting a rash if you sit around in a diaper this wet…”

Thomas had gone quiet and sullen wishing his mother wouldn’t make such a big fuss about it.

However, she caught the attention of a nearby teacher and asked her if in future she’d check him regularly and, if she or the school would be so kind, to change him when needed.

The teacher, Miss Martin, agreed telling her that all her son had to do was ask. His mother explained, with a tone that said “He’s at that age”, he was too embarrassed about his wetting problem, which now meant he had to wear protection all the time.

She organised with Miss Martin a supply of disposables, making sure Thomas had plenty in his school backpack. She also promised to bring plastic pants and soaker pads the following morning…

“To cover any eventualities.”

She said smiling at the equally amused but understanding teacher.

“No problem Mrs Turner, Thomas’s and all the children’s welfare is our main priority. Do his disposables have a wetness indicator on them?”

“Oh yes,” Mrs Turner quickly responded, “a pattern appears when wet.”

The fact that his mother hadn’t lowered her voice as she said all this made him blush bright red as one or two of his classmates were still hanging around waiting for their parents.

To show the teacher exactly what she meant she lifted the leg of his shorts to expose the plastic pants and to demonstrate how the blue indicator had appeared. Unfortunately, his yellow vinyl protection didn’t show her point off very well so, pulled the soft plastic down to reveal the full (and now obviously sodden) disposable underneath.

Thomas was stunned at his mother’s action and tried to pull away but she held tightly onto him as she continued to explain things to his teacher. One of the boys, Anthony, smiled and whilst Thomas’s back was turned went up behind him and squeezed his cushioned bottom.

Thomas spun around totally embarrassed and dying to say something but his mother just pulled him away as they set off home. Meanwhile, a grinning Anthony giggled at the soft squishy lagging he’d just gripped. It was what his baby brother felt like and he was only eighteen months old.


Once home Thomas was desperate to remove his embarrassing uniform and return to his regular clothes. He also wanted to get out of his wet diaper and into something drier so immediately rushed up to his room to change. His mother followed but before he had chance to remove anything she said that she would do it.

“But mum, I’m not a baby, I can do it myself.”

“That’s not true Thomas. As far as anyone in this house is concerned that is just what you are… a baby who wets himself and then doesn’t let anyone know. So, you’ll be treated exactly the way we treat Carrie.”

“But mum…”

A tantrum was brewing but she would have none of it.

“You’re wearing a soaked diaper, you wet the bed at night… you are exactly like Carrie. We will be treating you as we do her until we are sure you have changed your ways. It will be up to you.”

Maria and Earnest had read somewhere that they needed to be direct and consistent in their actions if they wanted them to have any effect on the wayward child. They decided that a united course of action was better than one parent doing something, whilst the other tried something else. The other thing was, not to be swayed by tantrums and any feelings of remorse for what they were doing.

Determined and consistent – that was to be their motto.

The tantrum failed to materialise because she didn’t wait for a response but simply got straight down to stripping her obstinate soaked son.

As she removed his Pinocchio outfit he resentfully told her he didn’t want to wear it again because he felt silly when no other class mates wore anything like it.

Finally, she removed his soaked disposable and could see he was already beginning to get the start of a diaper rash. However, before she saw to that she put him over her knee and delivered half a dozen spanks to his naked bottom. This was the part she wasn’t looking forward to but, it was part of their plan – the short, sharp, shock bit of their plan, so simply got on with it.

“You stole another boy’s lunch.”


“And failed to admit what you’d done.”


“You told lies to your teacher.”


“You made a little girl cry.”


“You didn’t tell your teachers you were wet.”

She delivered another SMACK

“From now on any naughtiness; lying or simply being nasty to anyone will be dealt with immediately.”


“Have I made myself perfectly clear?”

She’d delivered the punishment in a very calm way. She didn’t appear all that angry only pursuing a course of action that was expected as a result of his day’s naughty activities.

A startled and fearful Thomas couldn’t respond because of his tears.

His mother continued looking directly into her sobbing son’s eyes.

“Because you didn’t let the teachers know when you were wet you now have the beginnings of a diaper rash.”

She was less scary now but still determined to make sure her little boy understood the rules.

“Spanking is going to be a regular occurrence every time you are a naughty boy.”

She hugged her son, much to Thomas’s bewilderment.

She sincerely hoped that the threat would be sufficient; she didn’t want to have to ever spank him again.

“Every time you tell a lie now people will notice and you will be punished… and nobody likes a little boy who lies all the time”

The reference to Pinocchio’s problem with telling the truth didn’t sink in as he was bawling at the injustice of being spanked for what he saw as no reason. It was they who had put him in diapers and made it difficult to get to the boys room in time so he’d had to use them. He wasn’t to blame.

The problem he had was that the teachers now reported even the slightest infringement to the smooth running of the class and how Thomas behaved with other children. So, despite his silly uniform, he’d still stolen from, and been nasty to, other children and lied to teachers about several things that day.

Once his mother had finished chastising her son, she spread anti-rash cream and powder over the inflamed area. Before he had chance to complain or throw another tantrum she had him quickly taped into a disposable and slid into a pair of see-thru plastic pants like Carrie wore.

He was one very unhappy boy, which was further compounded when his mummy slipped a little t-shirt over his head and picked him up to carry him downstairs like she’d done when he was a toddler

“Mummy I need some pants.”

His arms were outstretched, beseeching a return to his closet to retrieve something to put over his padded bottom. Alas his mother took no notice and carried him into the living room where Carrie was already occupying herself in the playpen. Maria pulled the weepy little Thomas away from her shoulder and dumped him in with his baby sister.

This was an ad-libbed piece of the ‘plan’ and Maria wasn’t sure if it would work or even if it was appropriate.

“Now, you and Carrie play together and I don’t want any more tears… and Thomas… you are on your best behaviour… unless of course you’re looking for another spanking. Do I make myself clear?”

Carrie was looking surprised that her older brother was coming to play with her and smiled and garbled in absolute delight. The fact that they were more or less dressed the same didn’t register but she offered him one of her toys as he grumpily sat down amid a great deal of crinkling.

“Thomas… do I make myself clear?”

Thomas was very displeased at this situation and knocked away the toy being offered by Carrie.


His mother was annoyed with this act of petulance which needed instant action. Up until then she had kept an even temper but this nasty little act against his loving baby sister really made her mad. Also, as she’d given him fair warning about what would happen, she needed to put an immediate stop to such behaviour.

She yanked him out of the playpen, pulled down his plastic pants and diaper and delivered a firm hand to his already red little bottom.

“I told you only a few moments ago that any naughtiness and you would be spanked. It appears that you want to be spanked.”

Carrie was surprised at the sudden retrieval of her new playmate and his resulting spanking, whilst the deed was witnessed by Mary who watched with some delight as her brother’s bottom was reddened.

The apology came too late as his botty was thoroughly heated up for the second time in just a few minutes. This time his mother applied her hand a little more forcefully than she had previously.

Thomas had never experienced such penalties to his actions and his sore bottom was a reminder of what he’d done.

Mary on the other hand was relishing the fact that her brother was being brought to book for his actions. She only wished he had been similarly penalised for all the nastiness he’d inflicted on her throughout her young life.

Once he was re-diapered and placed back in the playpen his red eyes and tear streaked face made for a very unhappy and reluctant playmate. However he realised his actions were being monitored by Mary and knew she’d take great delight in telling mummy if he’d been naughty. Reluctantly he played a rather distracted game with his baby sister.

He was right; Mary couldn’t wait to drop him in it. Over the years she’d had to put up with all kinds of meanness from her older brother but now, she held the upper hand. She liked the fact that he was suitably dressed as a baby, wearing just a diaper and plastic pants and taunted him with rattles and other baby toys as she joined in their play. Except, she was a big girl so didn’t have to be inside the playpen.

“That’s only for little babies.”

She triumphantly whispered in Thomas’s ear and tossed him one of Carrie’s old teething rings.


Part 3

Thomas was very tearful but also very angry and would have taken revenge on Mary but she was on the other side of the bars so couldn’t grab her. Also his throbbing bottom made him think twice about lashing out for fear of further punishment. At least that part of the plan was getting through… but for how long?

Whilst Mary watched her favourite TV programme she’d look over with a very superior and satisfied smirk on her face. From his point-of-view in the playpen he couldn’t see the screen but could hear what was going on. It was also his favourite programme so became completely frustrated as he had to play with his ‘stupid little sister’.

His parents were continually walking past and encouraging him and Carrie to play with this, that or the other. There was an implied threat that he couldn’t just sit and ignore her, he had to ‘get involved’. They’d urge him to hug the stuffed animals or build some bricks with her but he didn’t want to, he was seven and had better things to do. However, the gentle crinkle as they both moved around making it clear that he was at that moment dressed as no more than a baby.

He hated it but, whenever he sat down, even with the padding, his sore bum reminded him to be nice as another spanking might not be far away. With the fear of that hanging heavily over him, he eventually joined Carrie in whatever her little baby imagination could come up with. All this really meant was just hugging and ‘talking’ to her dolls and menagerie of stuffed animals, whilst making the appropriate noises.

After their evening meal, which Thomas was surprised to find already cut up into small bite sized pieces but no fork or spoon, he ate like Carrie did, using fingers to feed himself. He was also surprised to find a bib was tied around his neck so, like his little sister he didn’t mess too much down his front. Carrie always made a mess but she was learning to coordinate. Thomas on the other hand should have had no problem but even he wasn’t without a few drips and drops splashed on its plastic surface. Whether he did this on purpose his parents weren’t sure but, as with the diaper, his bib proved its worth.

Similarly to Carrie he’d wet whilst sitting at the table. On this occasion he’d done it on purpose as a sort of attempt to get his own back on his mother by giving her extra work. In his head he hoped that she’d get fed up of all the changing and extra mess he made and that somehow she’d change her mind and let him get back to normal.

Unfortunately, as he never said a word about being wet, and his parents obvious ignoring the indicator motif until he asked to be changed, had to sit around in damp discomfort until it was time for bed.

His disposable was thick and saturated, which made his plastic pants stretch and gleam, which caught the attention of Mary. She took every opportunity to pat his bottom and rub the glossy material whilst whispering how much of a baby he’d become.

Thomas seethed at each quiet put down from his gloating sister and wished she had to wear the same as he did then it wouldn’t be so embarrassing. Besides, she would look better in a diaper because she was still just a big baby as far as he was concerned. However, she was happy to keep exposing her panties to her brother, showing that she was a big girl and not a nappy wearing baby like him. At that moment she had the upper hand and his sore bottom made it unwise to say or do anything that might make things worse for him.

Thankfully, bedtime wasn’t long after the meal and once Carrie had been bathed and fastened into her night time diaper regime, Thomas followed. So whilst mummy got Carrie settled in her crib, daddy did the job this time. Once again Thomas was told off for not letting anyone know he was wet. Fearing being spanked again he eagerly promised his daddy that it wouldn’t happen again.

“Thomas, you are wearing a diaper not only because you wet the bed…”

Thomas looked guiltily up at his father as he cleaned him up.

“You’re also being punished for telling lies… lies that mummy and I worry will get you into a great deal of trouble as you get older.”

Daddy’s fingers rubbed in the soothing anti-rash cream.

“We need you to be aware of when you do lie…”

“But daddy I don’t… honest… I…”

His father shushed him.

“That is one of the problems, you might not realise when you are doing it. We hoped that wearing a nappy and being reminded of Pinocchio might send a message but your teachers have said you have been very naughty today… and this is just the first day of school.”

“But, but, erm…”

The boy wriggled awkwardly as his father lavished powder over him.

“I, er, they…..erm,”

It was no good. He had been badly behaved once the real reason for his outfit was known, and again he blamed his parents for making him wear it. It was all their fault… he wasn’t to blame… he was innocent.

“Perhaps, what you need is something like Pinocchio’s nose, something obvious to remind you when you lie.”

His father had another idea brewing at the back of his mind.

“For now, you’ll be wearing a diaper all the time but you need to let us, or your teachers, know when you’re wet. Otherwise you’ll end up with a very itchy bottom that will drive you mad if you don’t quickly get changed into something dry.”

He looked down at his boy and slipped his see –thru plastic pants over his well-padded disposable.

“Are we clear?”

He desperately wanted to tell his daddy that keeping him in a diaper was the real reason he was getting a rash but his argument fell on deaf ears. He made the sullen boy promise that he would let someone know the next time he filled his diaper.

His father repeated his warning.

“You’re wearing diapers from now on young man. You’re our baby boy until we say otherwise and until we see a great deal of improvement in your attitude… that is how you will stay.”

“Now it’s bed time for you…”

“But daddy, it’s early yet, er I won’t be able to sleep, er, Mary is still up and I’m older…”

“Ssshhh, sshh shhhh.”

His father put his fingers to his lips to indicate he should no longer be speaking.

“Babies, and naughty boys, go to bed a lot earlier than good boys and girls.”

He smiled and rubbed his son’s tummy.

“I thought we’d made it perfectly clear, you go to bed when we say… and no argument”

“But dad…”

“Ssshhhh now, time for sleep. Do you want your teddy?”

Without waiting for an answer his father placed the slightly damp stuffed animal that Carrie had been searching for the day before in bed with his son and watched contentedly as he reached out and tentatively held it.

It wasn’t an act of compromise Thomas was just tired of crying, arguing, being spanked and having a terrible day in general so simply accepted the soft, fluffy toy as a source of some comfort. Even though it was relatively early he was worn out and didn’t put up any resistance as daddy stroked his head then tucked him in.

Earnest turned out the light and waited a few moments to make sure he settled down. He really hoped that, as if by magic, his son would turn into the sweet considerate boy he knew Thomas really was. Well, that’s what he hoped for. He’d forgotten to tell him that there would be another test about the number of dry nights before he could go back to his proper PJs… but that could wait for another time.

“Ni-night sweetheart, see you in the morning.”

When Mary came to bed an hour or so later she checked in on her baby sister first, who was in her crib in her parent’s room and kissed her night-night. Carrie was the cutest and happiest of babies and Mary loved to see her little sister sucking on her pacifier in some little dream world of her own.

When she went into her shared bedroom she was pleased to see her ‘baby’ brother fast asleep. Normally, he would come to bed a few minutes later than she did so this was fun for her, it really made her feel more grown up than him. His Thomas the Tank Engine cover had slipped down revealing his thick diaper and smooth plastic pants, she giggled to herself because she suddenly had an idea.

Stealthily she tiptoed to the bathroom where some of Lizzie’s pacifiers were being soaked in a mild hygienic solution and fished the most colourful one out of the container. Like she’d seen her mummy do many times, she rinsed it under the cold water tap and patted it dry. Chuckling all the way back to the bedroom she noticed that Thomas’s thumb was covered in saliva, as if it had just fallen from his mouth, so slowly replaced it with Carrie’s freshly sanitised paci.

She grinned gleefully as her horrible, older brother intuitively began to suck; the bright yellow plastic shield covering his mouth pulsing as he unconsciously nursed.

To complete the scene she made sure the teddy bear was placed in his arms.

“Nighty-night baby brother.”

She whispered and kissed his cheek before climbing into her own bed just a few feet away.

A little later, Maria and Earnest looked in on the children to kiss them a final goodnight before retiring. Both were fast asleep but their parents smiled and emitted a couple of subdued “Awws” when they noticed Thomas and his binky. Not sure where he had got it from, but not even considering that Mary might have something to do with it; they assumed he must have hidden it in his bed earlier and turned to it for solace.

He looked so adorable wearing only his night time protection and clutching a teddy, whilst the binky added perfectly to the scene. There was no doubt about it, when Thomas was fast asleep he looked like a little angel.

Mary always looked like an angel, her big innocent eyes and shy girlish ways masking a very cunning mind for a five year-old.

Maria couldn’t get over how sweet and babyish Thomas looked and it conjured up quite a few happy memories of only a few years earlier. She surreptitiously slid a finger under the plastic pants to check he was dry, he was. Thankful, she pulled up the loose bedding and firmly tucked in her oblivious son. He didn’t wake up, merely appearing to suck more feverishly as he settled himself back into whatever dream he was having.

He seemed so content nursing, so, his parents decided, if that’s what he needed to come to terms with his current predicament, they should include a soother in his new nightly routine.


Thomas woke up wondering what the strange yellow object right next to his face was. It had been the first thing he’d noticed as his vision refocused after a very heavy night’s sleep. At that moment his mummy entered the room to wake her children and get them ready for the day ahead, Thomas off to school and Mary off to kindergarten.

Maria immediately saw that her son had wet again, the clear plastic pants allowing visual confirmation by the indicator motif on his disposable. Mercifully, whatever he’d let flow was contained in the diaper and his bedding sustained no ill effects.

So this part of the plan had been a success. Now she only hoped that her wayward son would see the precautions they were putting in place to stop him from wetting were practical. She also hoped her husband’s latest plans would prove equally effective.

Maria hurried Mary into the bathroom before she got to work sorting Thomas out for the day ahead. Meanwhile, he noticed the pool of drool on Carrie’s paci and the damp patch on his pillow where it had been resting. He grasped that he must have been sucking it during the night and wondered why his parents had slipped it between his lips as he slept.

“Mummy,” he said picking up the yellow pacifier. “Why have I got…?”

His mother smiled and hugged him stopping him in mid-stream.

“Yes, we don’t mind. You looked so sweet and you seemed to be enjoying sucking on it. If that’s what you…”

An understanding hug followed, together with a gentle pat to his bloated diaper.

He wanted to ask questions but events took over as she suggested they had breakfast first and she’d change him later once Mary was finished.

He wasn’t happy going down to breakfast wearing a soaked diaper but his father was putting Carrie into her highchair and for a moment suddenly wondered if that was also to be his fate. All other thoughts and questions disappeared as he stood terrified for a decision to be made.

“Morning Thomas.”

His daddy smiled as he fastened Carrie in place. She gurgled and tried to repeat what her father had said.

“Mowin Tomee”

He tentatively sat down and found his squishy padded bottom not easy to cope with but knew he didn’t dare complain… he still bore the mental, if not the physical, signs of his spanking.

Once Mary had finished washing she found that mummy had already laid out her clothes for the day - the pink princess vest and panties, her lovely pink and blue summery cotton dress and to complete the ensemble, pink ruffled socks and white sandals. She loved pink, it was her favourite colour and now she saw herself as a big girl went ahead and dressed without any help from mummy or daddy.

Once finished she toddled over to Thomas’s pile of clothes and was pleased to see that resting on top of his Pinocchio outfit was a large yellow disposable and extra soaker pad, together with a pair of clear plastic pants. His mother deciding that it would be easier to spot when he wet if there was a clear view.

Mary only wished she could swap the clear plastic panties for a pair of her old pink ruffled ones, thinking they’d be much nicer, but they weren’t on hand for her to even try. She decided she’d look for them later as they were bound to be in a pile of stuff they were keeping for Carrie as she got bigger. Mummy recycled all their baby stuff and Carrie was wearing some of the things that Thomas had worn when he was a baby. She grinned at the thought. However, she was pleased to know he was still being treated as a baby, whilst she was a big girl and had been able to get ready herself.

She appeared at the breakfast table proud that she was dressed and prepared for kindergarten, whilst her horrible brother finished his cereal wearing a saturated diaper.

Mary was congratulated for being able to take care of herself as she wriggled proudly under such praise.

When her parents weren’t looking she pretended to sniff the air around Thomas and held her nose in disgust.

“Who’s a stinky little baby,” she barely whispered.

This of course had the desired effect and Thomas got angry and threw what was left of his breakfast at her. Luckily it missed but he was immediately taken upstairs by his furious father, all the while protesting, kicking and screaming it was all her fault.

Crying he tried to tell his daddy he was innocent but they’d all seen him throw the dish and no one had seen Mary pull her face. So down came his protection and a further half dozen smacks were delivered to his red naked bottom.

Despite Earnest’s reluctance to spank his son they had agreed the short, sharp, shock needed to come from both parents.

This was the first time his daddy had spanked him and it hurt more than mummy had… Thomas was wailing and indignant at how unfair it all was.

Again he was sore but the spanking had stopped him arguing, although he felt unjustly punished for something that Mary had done, except she had merely teased him, he threw the bowl. Not surprisingly at seven years-old he didn’t comprehend what difference that made as to why his bottom burned for the third time in a matter of a few hours.

Once daddy had finished he looked at his son with a sorrowful expression.

“You’ve got to learn that no longer will you get away with anything. Lying, anger or just plain disobedience will not be tolerated and as long as you carry on with that attitude… your little bottom will remain bright red.”

He held the weeping boy close and stroked his sore bottom, he could feel the warmth.

“I’m sorry son but you need to learn, and learn quickly, that you cannot do, or say, or act just as you please.”

Inwardly, Earnest wasn’t sure about this method of chastising his son and, like his wife, hoped that in future the threat would be enough. They had carried out their plan, although spanking was completely alien to them and regretted administering it almost as soon as it was done.

Daddy led him into the bathroom where he washed Thomas down and wiped away the tears.

Back in the bedroom, as his wife had already laid out what he should wear Earnest began the task of readying his son for his second day of term. The subdued boy barely acknowledged the operation as his father fastened him into his diaper and pulled up the clear plastic pants. He hardly noticed that the disposable now had a thick soaker pad added. Daddy flattened them down making sure that everything was completely contained by the crinkly plastic. However, there was no getting away from the fact that these were bulkier than yesterday’s protection and filled his shorts out more.

This was part of the ‘added’ plan Earnest had thought about to make Thomas more aware of his actions. He’d disliked spanking his boy but wondered if another reminder might prove effective. His diaper would get bigger (more soak pads added) if his teacher’s daily report was not one of improved behaviour.

Thomas really didn’t want to be dressed as Pinocchio again and pleaded with his daddy not to make him but his protest was ignored. Meanwhile, his little red shorts now showed a distinct puffier profile and found his normal way of walking strangely awkward, he had a slight waddle. He complained to his mummy as she dropped Mary off at kindergarten that he was uncomfortable but she just said he’d get used to it as the day progressed.

It was a wonderful warm day and as Mary climbed out of the car to be greeted by her friends, she couldn’t help but grin back at her despondent looking brother… after all… she was a big girl and he was a shuffling little baby. She was going to have a fantastic day playing with all her pals but then she had another thought.

She wished that all his mates on the estate could see him wearing his nappy. In fact, she wanted all her friends to witness it as well and wondered how she could make that happen. She knew if she just tried to embarrass her brother her mummy and daddy would not be pleased. She had to make it seem like it happened by accident.


Part 4

Whilst his mummy led a reluctant Thomas into class, he could feel the extra thickness of the diaper and sweaty heat his plastic pants produced as he once again became the focus of attention. All his classmates gathered around him but thankfully Anthony, the boy who’d fondled his padding the day before, to the relief of Thomas, wasn’t there. However, the puffier shorts did make some of the more forward boys and girls curious.

“Hey Tommy,” some chirruped, “see you got your liar suit on again.”

Normally this type of comment came from him and directed at some loser in the wrong kind of t-shirt. He felt strangely inhibited as they’d tugged at the bow or laughed at his babyish red shorts with the suspenders.

He suddenly found himself as one of the ‘picked on’ and surprising for Thomas, he didn’t have a clever comeback. In fact, he wriggled uncomfortably away from the comments and unfriendly smiles - he just wanted to be left alone.

“Cool pants,” they mocked, “did your baby sister not need them?”

Seven year-olds can be very spiteful, but ‘Hey’, look who they directed it towards.

All the other kids were dressed normally; none had clothing that was anywhere near as colourful, apart from Jeremy and Binda. These two were the only classmates who wore vivid garments. Jeremy because he liked bright colours and was a fan of a certain very popular cartoon show on TV. Everything he wore, from his little briefs to his jacket, was somehow connected to that program. He was also the youngest and most juvenile of the group and, as Thomas had often said in a sarcastic fashion, he was more like a six than a seven year-old.

Then there was Binda who, because her parents came from Asia, dressed their daughter in shiny vibrant fabrics that wouldn’t have been out of place in a Bollywood movie, which she also liked. At any opportunity she would start to dance and sing, throwing her hands into a myriad of shapes, her golden bangles ringing and tinkling to some lively rhythm in her head. 

Both these two were the only ones who thought the Pinocchio outfit looked okay. But Thomas being Thomas didn’t want to be part of the group of ‘weirdly dressed’ people, so tried to ignore their offered friendship. However, his normal pack of friends had suddenly discovered other, more interesting mates and found himself being side-lined. Worse, he was now the subject of giggles and whispers... he was no longer a leader of his little pack of school friends. He was also frightened of too much movement because of the subtle crinkly noise his new see-thru plastic pants made and dreaded having to ask the teacher to change him.


Although Anthony wasn’t there to spread the news he’d discovered the day before, even without him Thomas’s secret was easily identified. Everyone thought it terrific that their little liar, their Pinocchio, the most confident but unpleasant boy in class, should be punished like he was. His thicker, more obvious padding giving the game away as almost immediately, before the teachers had chance to intervene, they were pulling at his shorts, pushing up the legs holes and tugging at the waistband trying to get a look.

Thomas fought them off as best he could but there were just too many interested and grabbing hands that he found his loose-fitting shorts pulled down revealing his see-thru plastic pants and the undeniable large disposable underneath.

Everyone now had a good look.

There was laughter and comments, pointing and pats, never had Thomas wanted to be somewhere else as much as he did at that moment. Then in front of his classmates the resentment disappeared to be replaced by dread as he let a stream of uncontrollable pee fill his diaper.

Thankfully, those extra soak pads his father had introduced meant he was so well protected that probably nobody noticed. However, as the warmth spread around his boyish bits he worried that the indicator motif on the disposable might activate at any moment. He desperately wanted to get away from the crowd.

Despite everything… he knew what he had to do and asked Miss Martin, who had just entered the room, spurred on by the shrieks and joyful laughter, for help.

“Please Miss.”

His voice low and trembling as the embarrassment peaked and his bravado dissipated.

“I need to, er, I, erm, I’m, er, I need…”

This was a first for him, actually, well almost admitting to something.

Noticing his distressed appearance she quickly shoo-ed the other kids away and helped Thomas into a small ante-room that doubled as the school storeroom and first aid centre.

Thomas just stood there in shock with tears streaming down his face, never had he been so ashamed or scared of his friends. He held tightly onto his dishevelled shorts that had been yanked down revealing the view he was so desperate to hide. Although he hated his mummy and daddy for putting him through such embarrassment, at that moment, he just wanted some sympathy and hugs from someone who cared. Miss Martin provided that consolation.

In truth, this was not what his parents had intended to be the outcome of making their son’s diaper thicker. They’d wanted him to realise that with each lie there were consequences and, whereas, in Pinocchio’s story it was his nose that grew, his daddy hoped that the increasing size of his diaper might have a similar effect.

Earnest had failed to realise just how awful and vindictive kids could be and had not allowed for that element into his reckoning. His muddled plan seemed simple but there were too many other things that could influence its outcome. The couple’s plan was falling apart.

Meanwhile, Miss Martin patted the crushed little seven year-old’s thick padding offering soothing words and a warm embrace. Thomas didn’t want to leave the safety of that little room, or his teachers comforting hug. She, seeing an opportunity that Thomas had offered, slid her hand down the back of his shorts to check just how damp her weeping pupil was. Thomas didn’t mind, he just didn’t want to go outside and face his classmates.

Although he was damp, Miss Martin guessed that his diaper could take several more dowsing’s before he needed to be changed. She re-fastened his shorts and smoothed the disturbed fabric and protection back into place, gently patting and stroking the boy’s padded bottom in reassurance.

Once back in class and teachers present, stern words and disapproving looks meant the mocking of Thomas all but ceased.

Miss Martin was never totally on-board with this public form of punishment but decided she would have words with Thomas’s parents in the hope of changing their minds. As it was, it certainly looked like it had been effective in the short term because he was on his very best behaviour, not wanting to upset either the kids or teachers.


Back in kindergarten Mary was enjoying the feeling of being grown-up and it affected the way she interacted with her playmates. Before she’d never noticed how childish some of the other pre-schoolers were, she was so much more independent then them. Quite a few needed help from the assistants to do some of the most basic tasks, whilst others, like her big baby brother, were still wearing diapers.  

She hadn’t known that morning her daddy had to surreptitiously pull out her frock because it was caught up in her princess panties. He did it while telling her what a big and clever girl she’d been in dressing herself. She, proud of her abilities, hadn’t noticed the subtle manoeuvre. Alas, her coordination wasn’t quite as good as she thought it was.


When Maria came to pick up her son at home time, she was confronted by both a very distraught Thomas and an equally unhappy teacher. Miss Martin took his mummy aside and explained what had happened and was sure that the miserable boy had learned his lesson as he’d been on his best behaviour all day.

She also added that all the teachers were of the same opinion that this form of punishment was unfair and the Pinocchio suit was no longer appropriate. The continued embarrassment of Thomas would not be allowed in school time or on their premises

Maria was quite taken aback by this attack on her parenting skills. She and her husband had hoped that their attempt at a ‘short, sharp shock’ for their son to see the error of his ways, was better than the prolonged battle they had been engaged in and, which up until then, had produced no results whatsoever.

Unfortunately, now she had to see the error of their ill-conceived plan.

Before she left Maria had to promise that any further action would not be taken which involved the school in any way. However, Miss Martin agreed that if Thomas had an ‘accident’, they would do all they could to make sure he was returned to a dry diaper. As long as he requested that help, otherwise they wouldn’t get involved … so it was up to him to admit when he needed a change.

Miss Martin explained that he’d already asked her a couple of times that day he needed help, so saw no trouble in future from him on that particular issue. Marie was suitably impressed and she experienced a shiver of pride run down her spine. He’d admitted to something, so this was tremendous and unexpected news.

Thomas sat in the rear car seat looking gloomy and upset all the way home. Marie felt those pangs of guilt that the ‘experts’ had warned her against but, with the condemnation from school, she and Earnest would have to come up with a different plan.

Meanwhile, Thomas had been so severely shocked by that day’s experience he never wanted to go to school again. He was also unaware of the conversation that had taken place between mummy and his teacher and had no idea that his Pinocchio days were at an end.

On the way they picked up Mary who was still very pleased with herself, chatting nonstop about how helpful and grown-up she’d been and how all the teachers had said how grown-up she was. Actually, none of them had said anything of the sort. It was all in her five year-old head but nonetheless, wriggled proudly in her booster seat again showing off the fact that she wore her princess panties and not a thick diaper.

Thomas hunched down in his seat feeling the bloated and sopping diaper and wishing his sister would just shut up. He also wished he could do something to make it so she’d have to wear a diaper as well. However, and this was a tremendous thing for him to realise, if he did anything naughty it would end up with him being punished and he didn’t want that to happen ever again.

So he sat their sulky, unhappy but more importantly, silent.


Back home and Marie wasn’t sure how she was going to tell her husband what had been discussed at school. In the meantime, she’d stripped Thomas out of his wet clothes and put him back into a thick, thick diaper. She noticed that the usual whining and none cooperation was missing and that her son now appeared to accept what was happening to him.

He lifted his bottom when requested. He didn’t moan at the baby lotion being rubbed in or the powder being sprinkled, normally he’d pull a face of disgust at least but not this time. The thick soaker pad slipped into his diaper and pulled up between his legs was met with indifference and no argument. He didn’t make a fuss as it spread his legs wider and he didn’t object as the final crinkly plastic pants were inched up and hauled over the bulging fabric.

Thomas was being unbelievably passive even when she plonked him back in the playpen with his little sister.

There were elements of the ‘plan’ that she still thought were viable, or at least hoped they’d be, and wasn’t prepared, at home at least, to abandon everything just yet.

She was pleased that Miss Martin had reported his change of attitude, which was positive, perhaps that was down to what they were doing so maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t all bad. She decided to keep things as they were for the time being at home, though obviously Thomas would no longer have to wear his colourful outfit for school.

In fact, the more she thought about it the more she saw this as a great opportunity to show Thomas that his improved behaviour was paying off. She would praise him for being a “good boy”, she’d let him have treats because he played nicely with his sisters and would offer small concessions - staying up later, wearing pants over his diaper, perhaps not even having to wear diapers to school… if the positive reports kept coming from his teachers.

Whilst he played with Carrie, who was overjoyed at once again having her brother join her in her playpen, Marie was feeling pretty pleased with her ‘revised’ plan.

Something surprising was happening with Thomas. His seven year-old mind had made a great leap forward in understanding what the word ‘consequences’ actually meant. He’d stopped arguing with his parents, had stopped resenting being put in diapers, didn’t object to having to play with his baby sister and had calmed down considerably. He had hated being the butt of jokes at school and for the first time had realised how hurtful such actions were. He hadn’t quite got the hang of not lying but thought if he didn’t say anything he couldn’t be accused of being a liar.

He also realised that resenting Mary wasn’t going to get him anywhere. He still wished she had to wear diapers but as it was his problem, he wet the bed, there was no point in making thinks worse so, if she made fun of him, he’d just have to accept it.

There was a knock on the front door and as Marie was in the kitchen preparing a meal it was down to Mary to answer it. Standing at the door, dressed in their soccer kit, were four of Thomas’s friends, who didn’t attend the same school as him. Mary smiled as she invited them in and directed them over to where her brother was playing dollies with his little sister.

The three seven year-olds and one eight year-old stood in disbelief as they watched their main player wriggle around a playpen kitted out in a thick diaper and noisy plastic pants whilst talking baby talk with his little sister. It only took a couple of seconds for Thomas to realise he had an audience and the sudden shock and mortification ripped through his body that his mates had seen him dressed as he was.

“Errm, er, Tommy, er, do you want to play…?

One of the equally shocked boys timidly asked as he bounced the ball in his hand.

Mary watched in some amusement as her ‘baby’ brother didn’t really know what to do or say, he just looked stunned.

The older boy looked in disgust and turned to his mates.

“I don’t think we need a baby on the team. C’mon guys.”

He turned and led the others straight back out the door.

Meanwhile, hearing voices, Marie popped her head around the door just in time to hear the damning words and see the boys troop off without Thomas.

She saw how devastated he looked and was angry at Mary for inviting them in but, as she’d never told her not to let his friends in she really had to settle with a disappointed look at her daughter. Mary just looked wide-eyed and innocent but inwardly was pleased, then even happier when she saw her brother crying.

The tantrum that would normally have happened as a result of such embarrassment never materialized he just threw himself down onto the soft playpen flooring and sobbed his eyes out. Carrie tried to comfort him by gently patting his bulky bottom and kissing the top of his head.

“Tomee don cry.”

His world had just come to an end. How would he ever get over his friends seeing him like that? It was a terrible state to be in and as he lay there, eyes misted with tears, he couldn’t stop himself from wetting his diaper, which upset him even more.

Marie had seen first-hand how Thomas had changed and her heart went out to her eldest now he was in such anguish. She lifted him from the playpen and gently rocked him in her arms until the hurt had gone. Once this action would have brought protest and rages but now all he wanted was to be comforted. Whispering soothing words and tenderly stroking his padded bottom she noticed he would need changing very shortly but, for the moment that could wait.

Mary was none too pleased to see mummy cuddling Thomas but, she could see the motifs on his diapers indicating just how wet he was so, that was some consolation.

Whilst her older brother was being babied she decided that she would look after Carrie, once again proving what a big and helpful girl she really was.

She amused her with a game of dolly dress-up but noticed that her little sister’s diapers also sagged and squelched when she moved.

“Mummy Carrie’s wet as well.”

The “as well” passed her mother by but the implication was there.

“Would you like me to see to her… while you look after Tommy?”

Mum smiled. “Thank you sweetheart that would be a great help.”

So, as Marie hugged her son, the ever helpful Mary set about making sure her charge was all nice, clean and dry. This had the added effect of mummy forgetting all about her involvement in recent events.

Once she had Carrie all tidied up she ‘helpfully’ brought down fresh diapers and plastic pants for her mummy, she knew Tommy would need them.



Part 5

Once the kids were all tucked up in bed Marie and Earnest reassessed their ‘plan’. Taking the opinion of the school on board (as they could hardly ignore it) they decided that the Pinocchio outfit had served its purpose and would no longer feature in the grand scheme.

The report from Miss Martin that Thomas’s attitude had improved was greeted with relief but, to make sure it continued, he was told he’d still have to wear diapers until they were absolutely certain it was a permanent change.

They also breathed a sigh of relief hoping their brief venture into spanking their child was now at an end. They’d really struggled with justifying that side of things but, and they had to consider the possibility, it might have been the ‘short, sharp, shock’ needed to get Thomas to toe-the-line.

Come the morning and a soaked boy greeted his mummy with a yawn and stretch unaware that things were about to take a turn for the better. She could see the bloated disposable and helped her son from his bed and stripped him out of his protection. As this was done she informed him what her and daddy had decided about the Pinocchio clothes and diaper. If he really didn’t want to wear a thick diaper to school he’d have to prove he was responsible enough to learn it was wrong to tell lies, make fun of people or disrupt class.

Oddly enough Thomas understood what he was being asked to consider and was also very thankful he didn’t have to wear the stupid outfit any longer. Of course he didn’t mention that he thought the outfit was stupid, he merely hugged mummy in gratitude. His spirits picked up now he knew he could get back to wearing proper clothes; he just had to make sure he didn’t revert back to his old ways.

It would have appeared that, in Thomas’s case at least, the ‘short, sharp, shock’ had a meaningful effect.

Lying in bed and feigning sleep, Mary heard all that was said. She didn’t like the idea that things were so soon getting back to normal with her brother. The scheming five year-old had overheard mummy say that Thomas would have to stay in diapers until he proved he could have a wet-free night but he could be out of daytime diapers if he was able to control his temper. This information gave her further thoughts on how to prove he, along with Carrie, were big babies, and she so much more responsible.


Thomas was unconcerned with having to wear a diaper under his normal school clothes because it was nowhere near as thick as the previous day. In fact, it was hardly noticeable at all and, despite the muffled rustle of his plastic pants, he felt far more confident. His mummy had said that if he maintained those good reports, then he’d not have to wear thick diapers again but… the inference was there and he understood.

Just being able to wear his usual school polo shirt and shorts was such a relief and was quick to get involved in his friend’s games.

After the shock of the day before and his team mates seeing him in Carrie’s playpen, he was just glad to have buddies he could lark around with. Of course they hadn’t forgotten his thick diapers but, without the Pinocchio costume, and the lack of thick padding, the ribbing all but disappeared.

Just the simple fact he was no longer wearing the ‘Liars’ uniform seemed to send a message to the class that he was no longer a liar. How or why that should be no one really knew but Thomas was accepted back into his gang with barely a mention of the previous day. Of course there were some whispers but in general, things had returned to the way it had been.

Thomas, being well aware he was under incredible scrutiny from the teachers, was well behaved, even towards Jeremy and Binda, who he made a point of chatting to. He helped Jeremy with some adding and subtracting, which was something he’d never done before and the cartoon-loving boy was overjoyed at being able to finally do something he’d never quite understood before.

Miss Martin was very impressed.

Indeed, throughout the day Thomas was surprisingly animated, fun, attentive and helpful – none of these traits had been apparent before. Lunchtime passed off without incident and he even offered the boy whose lunch he’d stolen only a couple of days earlier his sweet treat.

Thomas surreptitiously asked the teacher to change him after lunch and this was carried out without any of his classmates being aware such a thing had happened.

When Marie came to collect him she was proud that the reports were so positive and Thomas beamed under the praise of both mother and teachers. He liked this way of getting attention and found it easier than he thought it would to be nice instead of a bully.

Miss Martin and the other teachers were shocked at this rapid change and began to wonder if perhaps the strange punishment had some value after all. However, it was early days and things could change, look how they had since a few days ago.

On the journey home Mary tried her best to whisper things to her brother in the hope of making him mad, he didn’t rise to any of the childish insults. In fact, at one point mummy had told Mary off for annoying her brother, which didn’t go down well at all with the little schemer. She sat there fuming and flapping her dress in annoyance and also, as always, to prove she wore panties and not a diaper.

Over the evening meal, as Earnest fed Carrie and mummy took a welcome break she was full of compliments for Thomas. She took great delight in telling her husband what the teacher had reported and they heaped praise back on their blushing son. He’d never been the recipient of such admiration and wriggled (and crinkled) bashfully in his seat as mummy patted his head in delight.

Mary tried to interrupt saying she’d had a good day and been ‘very grown-up’ but was not rewarded with the approval her brother received. It was all about ‘him’ again and she wasn’t happy at all. He even volunteered to continue to feed Lizzie so his father could eat his meal without interruption; this was met with nods of approval from the real grown-ups.

Over the next few days Mary saw her power slowly ebbing away as Thomas was allowed to wear shorts over his much thinner protection. The positive school reports had continued and Thomas was quickly becoming a real friend to everyone.

Even when it was bed time he was back to jim-jams which covered his babyish plastic pants. She was as furious as any powerless five year-old could be, he was beginning to look a lot less like the big baby she’d hoped he would stay and back to being her annoying older brother.

Alas, his attitude towards her had also diminished and he took very little notice of her whispered insults and general irritation. She tried her best to get him into trouble but it just wasn’t working.

Over the next couple of weeks Thomas behaved impeccably at school as well as at home. He was thoughtful, helpful and there was no sign of the tantrums of old. Marie and Earnest were congratulating themselves on a job well done.

There were other developments as well as their son’s attitude. At one point Thomas had gone four nights without wetting and only had to continue for another three to be out of his thick night time diapers and back into his PJs.

Mary had enjoyed watching as her older brother was nightly wrapped in a diaper and had his plastic pants smoothed down over the padded material, whilst she simply wore a nightie to bed with no such protection. In her eyes it meant he was still a toddler but things were changing fast and it looked like he’d soon be back to a diaper-free existence.

Thomas was confident he’d make it a complete week without wetting. He knew the rule that he had to complete seven nights without as much as a damp spot to be able to qualify for a diaperless existence.

In fact, he’d taken charge of his nocturnal bathroom arrangements and found he could hold it if needed. He was also doing the same during the day at school, so changes by the staff had dropped to zero. It looked like in just a few days things would be back as they were.

Knowing that if he did wet at any point during those final few days ‘project PJs’, as Thomas had called his return to normal nightwear, would be re-set and he’d have to start all over again. This gave Mary had an idea.


No one was aware of just how clever Mary was. Her plan was not one you’d associate with a five year-old. It was devious and cunning, and although had its origins in a book of fairy-tales she’d read about naughty elves getting their own back on some fairies, she executed it with incredible competence.

She pinched one of his diapers and put it on Carrie. She often volunteered to help mummy sort her sister out, so this action wasn’t out of the ordinary. The fact that Lizzie was wearing a much bigger diaper went un-noticed and Mary was quick, once it was wet, to make sure it was she who got to her little sister first. After all, she had become mummy’s little helper.

Once the wet evidence was in her possession she calmly hid the offending article under Thomas’s bed for it to be discovered later by someone else.

The morning of its detection was greeted by denials by Thomas that he had anything to do with it. He was in tears imploring his mummy that it wasn’t his even though all the signs pointed to a deception. Mary was sat at the kitchen table when all this kicked off and some of the old Thomas returned when he threw a tantrum because he wasn’t being believed.

Though he could do nothing else, and because his mummy thought he was lying, he got a quick slap to his naked bottom followed by a very thick diaper fitted in place for school.

The smack stopped his tantrum immediately. Although in reality it was just a tap, Thomas was aware of what it could lead to and instantly stopped his fussing. The boy had learned very fast how to avoid unnecessary pain. He wasn’t happy about the thick diaper but at least he hadn’t received a sore bottom this time.

Mary was very pleased and sat innocently eating her cereal as her brother was called a little liar and punished. She couldn’t help but smile as she saw her tear-stained brother sit grumpily at the table, his shorts padded and huge with the plastic pants just creeping into view. He was very upset and implored his daddy to believe him but he couldn’t explain how the wet diaper had got there.

At no point did anyone suspect Mary. Regardless of the fact that she had been very vocal about being the ‘grown-up’ in the family, her parents hadn’t made the link.

Because it was always about Thomas, Mary’s involvement wasn’t considered. As far as they were concerned no one was to blame for the secreted diaper except the culprit Thomas.

They knew it was a big deal for their son to get all his privileges back and assumed that he was so scared that this one transgression meant a return to constant diapers he’d engineered a fresh diaper after soaking the one he’d been wearing.

The fact that he hadn’t admitted to the fraud when it had been discovered was what made his parents angry. They thought he was through with lying, yet here he was, caught red-handed and refusing to admit his guilt. The poor boy wasn’t believed and he spent the rest of his well-padded day in an angry sulk.

At school he was once again inhibited by his thick cushioning. The teachers noticed the change in temperament and his moodiness, though this time it didn’t spill over into anger with his school chums. He hated his parents for not believing him but he had no idea how the wet diaper had got there.

He told Miss Martin the tale and how excited he was to be soon out of his diapers but that wasn’t going to happen now, he broke down in tears. His teacher cuddled and consoled him and thought he was probably telling the truth but again, without another suspect, she had no answer.

This was a huge setback for Thomas as it was for his parents. They had been overjoyed at the rapid progress he’d made since the Pinocchio suit and spanking days. They weren’t sure if any of that had been the catalyst to their son’s rapid conversion but were sorely disappointed that he didn’t feel he could own up to his wet diaper and felt he had to conceal it.

However, a chance remark Earnest made to one of his colleagues at work about kids lying had led to an eye-opening story he hoped wasn’t true in his case.


The colleague had assured him that his own ten year-old son had gone out of his way to do all he could to drop his older sister in it because she was going to a concert but he was too young. He really hated the fact that she was old enough to do things that he wasn’t allowed and it drove him mad with jealousy. Despite the sister telling her parents what was happening they simply refused to believe that their ‘Angel’ of a son could, or would, be so divisive or vindictive.

However, the complaints from his sister got to such a level that they had to take notice and she became like an avenging ninja, she left traps for her brother to fall into. Pretty soon she had enough evidence to take to her parents to prove what she’d been saying all along. Her brother was being nasty.

There fears were realised when they caught him using his sister’s ‘unattended’ cell phone to send a vicious text to one of her friends. Caught in the act, and with the text still on the screen, he had no defence. He complained that he was being treated as a toddler, not being allowed to go to concerts when his sister was and he regarded it as very unfair.

However, his parents didn’t see it that way and were angry with themselves for not believing their ‘little angel’ could do something so sly against his sister. They changed their opinion once the facts were known and, after apologising for their disbelief at their daughter’s claims, set about teaching their son a hard lesson.

Firstly, they took away all his privileges and told him if he thought he was being treated as a toddler before, he would be given a chance to think again.

Everything he did was closely monitored; he wasn’t allowed to watch any grown-up TV, restrictions placed on how much time allowed to play with his friends and most infuriating for the boy, early bath and bed time. To add further to his punishment, and to emphasise he was acting like a baby, they put him in a diaper and footed PJs every night.

With the threat hanging over him that every time he acted up, lied or was nasty to anyone (though especially his sister), his bed time would be moved a half hour earlier, he dare not complain.

As Earnest’s work colleague observed: “They’re all little angels… until they’re found out!”


This story set off alarm bells in Earnest’s head. He’d completely ignored the way Mary had been acting up in attempting to get Thomas into trouble. Normally her huge innocent eyes would have made the idea unthinkable but now, well, he might have to re-think the way they had dismissed Thomas’s claim.

He discussed the story with his wife but she scorned the idea of her sweet-natured, five year-old daughter being devious enough to come up with such a plan. She thought it far more likely that Thomas had been scared to admit having an accident so near to his escape from diapers…

“Oooohhh,” now, a shiver of recognition ran down her spine.

She too remembered some of the things her daughter said to try and enrage her brother. It never amounted to much, but there again mummy wasn’t always around when the two were left together.

Another thing she recollected was how Mary was always happiest when he was in his diaper and plastic pants because she’d said, on more than one occasion, how nice it was that Carrie had another baby to play with. At the time she just thought she was being cute… but perhaps…?

They didn’t want to believe she could be capable of such a thing, but there again they didn’t want Thomas to be accused of something when he was totally innocent.

They had to come up with a plan and quickly, they didn’t want Thomas reverting back to his old ways after he’d come such a long way.

Over tea mummy made sure that her son knew that his teachers had put in a good word for him. Of course, Mary was sitting enjoying her brother’s sullen look but the fact Miss Martin had spoken up raised his spirits. Marie informed him that, if he could go the next two nights, the entire weekend, without wetting again, then he could go without diapers as promised… but only if he didn’t wet.

As far as Mary was concerned this was a complete betrayal. Mummy and daddy had set down rules for him to gain back his briefs and PJs and now they were reneging on the plan. It wasn’t fair.

Whereas her brother had been the glum one, it was now Mary’s turn to feel let down.

She couldn’t believe that after all she had done they still believed Thomas shouldn’t be permanently in diapers. She had two nights to prove to her parents that there was only one of their children who wasn’t a baby, and that was her.

Carrie was going to be in for a very wet weekend as her sister attended to her every need. She fed her copious bottles of milk, dressed her and changed her, insisting that mummy leave it all to her. Marie knew something was going on but didn’t know exactly what. However, she had put her own little test into operation and hoped to see the results – one way or another – pretty soon. Of course, Mary again used her brother’s larger diapers to swaddle Carrie and once a couple had been reasonably soaked she hid them away until needed.

On the Sunday night, after they’d been put to bed, no one except Mary knew that hidden in a couple of locations were two very soggy diapers. One had been concealed at the bottom of Carrie’s diaper pail and the other secreted under her own bed.

She had planned on discovering the evidence whilst looking for a lost dolly and her mummy was in the bedroom as witness. She would cry and say it wasn’t hers and that Thomas must have put it there. She planned a little tantrum of her own and hoped her usual look of purity and innocence would divert any accusations back at her brother. After all, he was the one needing diapers, he was the one who wet the bed, not her… but she wanted more and in doing so pushed her luck.

She bet this wasn’t the only time he’d wet over the weekend and that he might have hidden other soaked diapers elsewhere. She even inferred that daddy should look in Carrie’s pail for evidence. What she didn’t know was that Thomas’s diapers had been marked and that tiny little spot on the corner of the fabric would prove who was telling a lie. When the newly discovered ones didn’t have the mark mummy knew that the wet diapers were fake because he was still wearing the dry marked one.

When confronted with the evidence of her failed evil plan, she maintained her innocence and insisted it was Thomas who was the wrongdoer. She couldn’t believe her parents had caught her out and hoped that her constant accusations of Thomas’s babyishness and need to wear diapers would somehow sway them.

Unfortunately, this barrage against her brother and continual denial of her own guilt proved to mummy and daddy that she was the ‘little liar’ in their midst.

Now things had changed on this particular Monday morning the atmosphere was completely different. As a happy Thomas dressed for school wearing briefs and no sign of a diaper, Mary was weak with worry. Sleeping had been particularly difficult once she realised her parents didn’t believe her and became quite apprehensive as to what would happen next.

When her mother came in carrying a pile of thick diapers, cream, powder and plastic pants and the slightly altered Pinocchio suit… Mary had her answer.



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