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Bethany needed to escape. She nervously bit her lip as she went up and down on the seesaw. Other littles laughed as they slid down the plastic slides. Or swung across the monkey bars. Some even pretended to be heroes on grand adventures as they scurried around the playground equipment.

Most of them weren’t wearing any pants, leaving their diapers on full display. Along with T-shirts depicting all kinds of cute animals or cartoon characters. Adults of all ages, acting like toddlers from her world. It defied all sanity and logic.

She didn’t want to be a little. She wanted to live an adult life.

A week ago, Bethany graduated from law school. She had just passed the bar exam and had a marvelous job lined up at a prestigious firm. Until a strange, unmarked letter arrived in her mailbox. She grabbed it on the way home from grocery shopping and tore it open. An unseen wind whipped around her as the letter disintegrated into dust, causing her to sneeze. The next thing she knew, she had crossed dimensions.

An Amazonian police lady found her wandering the streets twenty minutes later. She’d objected to being picked up, but was soundly ignored. She found herself in a city-state funded daycare only two blocks away from where she appeared.

She tried to explain to Ivonne and Darla, the only two staff members, that she didn’t need diapers. That she was in full control of her faculties. When Darla started taking off her clothes, she fought back. Only to be bent over and bare bottom spanked until she had no fight left in her. Her legs were lifted and a thick Mighty Max diaper was secured with special tape. Bethany couldn’t take it off, no matter how hard she tried. Darla dressed her in a onesie and laid her down for a nap. She barely slept as the mattress was lumpy.

Over the next five days, she watched and waited. She observed the other littles, and even tried to engage them in conversation, but they were of little help. They were too interested in Thaddeus, the Train Engine show that ran all the time on the beat up flat screen television. She ate the same bland little food–which caused her to slowly and steadily lose control of her bowels and bladder. She noticed that most littles getting spanked often, for needless reasons that only a timeout or a small telling off was necessary. Darla and Ivonne showed little warmth or compassion to those they watched over, only doing the bare minimum to keep the littles happy. They didn’t fix the broken toys or even call any repairmen regarding the peeling wall paint or drippy faucets.

Twice she tried to escape. Both times she was caught and thoroughly punished. Her bottom still stung from the last time she was over the lap. She couldn’t even remember how long it lasted. Bethany didn’t know how much more she could take. The food, the environment, and its people were messing with her head.

Her thoughts scattered when the toy cell phone rang. Bethany found it taped under her seat with the Thaddeus jingle. She glanced at the other little, but they were too wrapped up in their own worlds. Darla and Ivonne were too busy chatting to even watch. Should she answer it? She banished the thought – what did she have to lose?


“Listen carefully. In a few minutes, the fire alarm will go off. When it does, use the main playground gate and go to the main parking lot. A driverless van with the license plate JSDQ77V55 will be waiting for you. Use the step stool inside to climb into the car seat.”

“What about Darla and Ivonne?”

“They will be too distracted to notice your disappearance.” The voice on the other end paused. “This is your last chance to escape. If you still want to be an adult, you’d better take it. The choice is yours.”

The line went dead.

Again, Bethany hesitated. Is she trading one prison for another? She didn’t like to be someone’s pawn in a twisted game. But she couldn’t say here either. Besides, why cause all the trouble when any Amazon could easily walk in and adopt her?

So when the fire alarm went off, she did as instructed. The loud siren started all the littles, who ceased playing. Most started looking around in fear. Others whimpered. Darla and Ivonne immediately had their hands full, rounding up all the littles and getting them to the exit safely. Neither of them noticed Bethany escaping out the playground gate, into the parking lot, and into an unmarked small silver van.

Bethany took a deep, calming breath as the van door closed behind her. She jumped into the awaiting car seat using the provided stool. Straps anchored themselves against her body once her padded rear touched the car seat. The van slowly backed out of the parking lot, and soon the daycare was long gone.

“Unknown caller. Would you like to answer?” The van’s AI interrupted the silence.

“Yes, please.”

The same voice greeted her on the other end of the line. “Congratulations, Bethany. For a moment there, I didn’t think you had the desire to escape.”

“There’s no way in hell I’m spending the rest of my life as a toddler.” She wiped fresh tears from her eyes. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. You’ll arrive at your destination in a little over an hour. There are snacks in the cubby in front of you if you’re hungry or thirsty. My friends will be there to explain the next steps of your journey. And Bethany?”


“Welcome to the Underground.”


Gary stood up from his computer and stretched. He groaned as joints popped, and he lazily took off his headset. He brushed his long brown hair out of his eyes and tugged his white blankie across his shoulders.

“Always do my best work in front of a computer.” He sighed as he brushed the crumbs off his plain green T-shirt. He wasn’t wearing any pants, just a pull up like most littles in the Underground. One that was sagging noticeably.

The egg heads hadn’t found a solution to restore bladder function, and Gary doubted they ever will. However, they did develop a pill that would work halfway, granting rescued littles bowel control. They would still have the occasional accidents, but the important point was that the littles themselves were in control.

Brittany would take her first dose when she arrived at the cabin near the cost of Latomme, the largest city state on the continent. Tami and Jake, Gary’s contacts in the Underground, would also be there to help her acclimate to this world. Help her get out of her childish clothing. Give her some real food instead of bland infant food. Sleep in a normal bed instead of a crib. Eventually they would help her, Justin, Patrick, and several other rescued littles would make their way under the cover of night to Duskwind Island, two miles off the coast. The Underground was building a little sanctuary, away from those who would steal them away and infantilize them. The dense vegetation and current laws barred Amazons from setting foot on the island. For now.

Bethany was Gary’s 50th little rescue. It was his voice on the other end of the line, but Jake had been the one who planted the phone on under the sea saw. He had rescued five other littles from that horrible facility. He hoped the negative publicity and the anonymous tips he sent to LPS would be enough to shut the place down, or at least get the littles transferred to better facilities.

He was instrumental in expanding the Underground’s presence. His software was able to bypass most corporate firewalls, hack operating systems, even pilot cars remotely. He started operations in the city center and LPS was none the wiser.

“Not my software. Dad’s software.” He muttered to himself as he walked to the bathroom. He left his blankie on the counter and the used pull up in the matter recycler. As he turned on the hot water and let it splash over his body, he thought of his parents. Ken and Jill.

Ken’s revolutionary work in computer code advanced every single piece of electronic hardware that Amazons used in Latomme and the surrounding city states. His little family was often featured in news and gossip magazines over the continent. Ken worked hard to keep his family out of the spotlight, but this kind of notoriety brought enemies.  A team of Wranglers broke into their house and kidnapped both of them. Gary barely escaped as he managed to make it to the panic room in the nick of time.

Gary never found out who was behind his parents’ disappearance. He first tried looking into the Wranglers, who were allowed to operate in Latomme, under a special division of LPS – mostly used when a little needed extraction from a dangerous and/or an abusive situation. Tami coined the term ‘Little Hunters’ and the name stuck. He tried looking into the news media but there was no mention of them, as they had moved onto the next celebrity little family.

Ken and Jill made him promise never to try and rescue them. Instead, they wanted Gary to use the software to help rescue as many portal littles as possible. So he packed up two large boxes – One containing his custom computer rig, the other his clothes, blankie and a few other keepsakes – and rode his YGX370 Big Wheel into the main city. Ken had an apartment that he used when he needed to travel for his job, which he hadn’t used in some time.

The room was full of steam when Gary stepped out of the shower. He wiped all the water off himself with the fluffiest towel and straightened his hair, which was plastered all over his face. One fresh pull up later, and he was back at his desk with his blankie close by. Jill used to tease him about his little side. Maybe that was the reason she only potty trained him halfway?

A pop appeared on his screen. Another encrypted video call from Jake.

“What’s up?”

“Take a look at the news. Our latest heist made waves.”

“Will do.” Gary promptly hung up on him.

Jake didn’t mind. Everyone in the Underground knew he was not a people person. One of Gary’s few regrets in life was that he wasn’t nicer to his parents before they were stolen from him.

Gary shoved those thoughts aside as he found the news feed a few mouse clicks later. He couldn’t stop grinning at the screen as he watched Darla and Ivonne being led away in cuffs. The daycare center was to be closed permanently as all state funding had been cut off. Apparently, they were on their last warning due to a multitude of complaints. Bethany’s disappearance was the last straw. Her image then appeared on the screen, asking all Amazons and littles to be on the lookout for her. All sightings were to be reported to the LPS tip line.


“You wanted to see me, Frankie?”

Franklin sighed softly as he shut the door to her office. “It’s Franklin. I’m not a little, Cynthia.”

“Sorry. I thought your nickname was cute.” She straightened her shirt, jostling her LPS badge that she wore around her neck.

He handed her the tablet. “The fire alarm wasn’t pulled by either of the workers on duty. In fact, the system doesn’t even register the fire alarm even going off.”

“So someone broke through the daycare’s firewall, set off the alarm remotely, allowing Bethany to escape, and then erased all evidence of the intrusion? That’s impressive.”

“Indeed. Very few have the capability to write and use that software.”

“Check to see how many other daycares were hit. And don’t leave out high profile Amazon families either.”

Franklin nodded. “It will take a few hours. I’ll need to pull Allison and Jeffrey from their duties to assist me.”

“No worries.”  

Franklin returned to his desk where he saw Allison and Jeffrey were talking softly among themselves.

“I don’t like the idea of trying to arrest this vigilante who’s been responsible for capturing three of our ten most wanted criminals. Not to mention the dozens of tips that he’s posted on our online forums.”

“And he’s also responsible for at least twenty portal littles going missing, Allison. That we know of, anyway. He has no right to deprive a willing Amazon family of their child.”

“Jeffery, these littles aren’t even from our dimension! Do you have any idea how traumatizing that can be? I don’t want them running away any more than you do, but you can’t blame them for being upset.”

“Fine, but they cannot provide for themselves. Our world is not designed for them, and there is no way for them to return once they arrive here. Not even our top scientists understand the process!”

Franklin chose to intervene before the conversation got out of hand. Allison and Jeffrey loved to debate, but he needed them to focus. “And I seriously doubt a bunch of LPS detectives can do any better.” He took a deep breath. “Cynthia wants us to check all of the other daycares for similar MO’s.”

“Shouldn’t take that long.” Allison shrugged.

“The sooner we get done, the better. And Jeffrey? Can you check with the tech department to see if surveillance caught anything unusual?”

“You got it.”

The three of them spent the next several hours in front of their workstations. Franklin forgot who returned with donuts and coffee, but he devoured it all and kept working. He didn’t even notice the sun was setting outside his office window.

“Just finished the last one on my list. They haven’t reported anything in the last six months.” Allison stood up from her desk and stretched.

“Same here.” Jeffrey echoed. “Wait a minute – tech is forwarding me a video.”

“Put it up on the big screen.”

Jeffrey tapped a few buttons on his keyboard and immediately a video popped up on the large television in front of their workstations. The security camera was on the outside of a shopping center, but it was what was in the background that grabbed the agent’s attention.

“Magnify the upper right corner.”

The video zoomed in along the street outside the daycare, where a little appeared to drive up on the sidewalk up to the daycare. The feed switched to another camera as they watched the little put something underneath the seesaw.

“Likely a cellphone.” Franklin murmured. “Is facial recognition picking up anything?”

“Nope. He might be wearing a scrambler though.”

“We might have better luck on his ride. That’s a YTX370 Big Wheel. Fast enough to outrace any Amazon on foot but won’t keep up with our hovercars. They’re top of the line toys for rich littles.”

“Hasn’t Nina been asking for one for the last year?”

Allison sighed. “Yes, but there’s no way I can afford it on my salary. You know that.”

Franklin grinned. “But she doesn’t.”

“No, and it’s become a sore point between us. I love my Nina munchkin so much, but she doesn’t like being told ‘no’”.

“Most regressed littles don’t.”

The Big Wheel abruptly vanished from the main viewer. Franklin turned to Jeffrey, who put up his hands defensively. “Wasn’t me.”

Allison started typing furiously. “Wasn’t me either.” She swore. “Case files are being deleted. Our network is compromised!”

Jeffrey whipped out his phone and used speed dial to contact the IT department. “They’re locking down the servers.”

“It’s too late. All the photos, reports, audio and visual interviews, it’s all been deleted.”

“Don’t throw up the white flag so soon, Jeffrey. We’re lucky I have a photographic memory, because I managed to memorize the license plate on the Big Wheel.” Franklin scribbled the plate number on a sticky note and handed it to Allison.

“Got a hit.” She pulled up the registration form onto the big screen after a few tense moments. “Registered to Denton Hughes. However, there’s no job history, no arrest history, no banking history, or any history at all.”

“An alias?”

“Exactly.” She put on her headset. “I’ll need to contact the bank and Fisher Industries in order to get more information. Should take a couple of hours.”

“Let me know if you find anything.” Franklin went to refill his coffee cup.


The request ended up taking several days. The bank provided all the information they had, which wasn’t much. Fisher Industries, on the other hand, was very uncooperative. They had reputation to maintain and

refused to answer any questions without a warrant.

Franklin silently grumbled about the situation while he was driving to LPS offices late in the afternoon. He had left his keys on his desk and was on his way home a second time. His hovercar was stopped at a light next to a public park and he noticed a Big Wheel parked at the edge of the lot. On a hunch, he turned right and parked as far away has he could. He watched as littles lined up next to a nearby ice cream truck. They laughed and giggled as they handed the Amazon ice cream man their receipt so they could get ice cream cones.

His work phone buzzed quietly.

“Fisher Industries finally sent over the client list, and I’ve found the Big Wheel in question. License plate number UXSL64V88”

“Thanks, Allison.” Franklin paused. “Who is it registered to?”

“Gary. He’s the son of Ken, the computer genius that invented Pardox, the code that all the Net servers use.  

“And his parents have gone missing.”

“Rumor has it both were abducted by Wranglers, but the Guild denied all involvement. Could have been agents from Cynar or Esssen, but my government contact said that our neighbors had no interest in them. Or so they say.”

Franklin glanced over at the Big Wheel after one of the nearby vans pulled out. The license plate numbers matched. Gary was close by, finishing off a large strawberry cheesecake ice cream cone.

“I’ve sighted the suspect. Allison, send back up.”

“On it!”

He exited the vehicle, his eyes fixated on Gary’s every move. Franklin approached quickly, his stride getting longer with every step. But the little would not be taken down so easily. Gary finished off his ice cream and easily jumped on the back of the Big Wheel. Franklin missed him by a car length, but Jeffrey arrived with a half dozen LPS agents. Their hover cars easily spotted Gary driving on the edge on the street, and the chase was on!

Gary swore profusely as he tried every tactic he knew. He drove through alleyways, narrow streets, and busy streets but he couldn’t shake them off. Time and battery life slowly ticked down. Half an hour later, he was forced to abandon his beloved vehicle as the LPS was almost on top of him. He knew the day would eventually come when he would get caught, so he pushed a special switch on the handlebars before taking off on foot. The signal would transmit wirelessly to his computer, which would wipe all the drives clean.

He managed to run one block before he was plucked off his feet by Franklin, who had caught up by this time. Gary squirmed and fought with every ounce of strength.

“Let me go, you overgrown barbarians!”

“Take it easy, tiger. We’re not going to hurt you!”

“I don’t wanna be turned into a drooling infant! I want to live my own life! LET ME GO!!”

Franklin silenced his cries with a specialized pacifier. Gary’s movements slowed, likely due to the harmless sedative that was slathered all over the nipple. In a few moments he was asleep. He carried the little over to Jeffery, who was busy loading the Big Wheel in the back of an LPS truck. There was still plenty of room, so Franklin laid Gary down on the truck bed. He expertly popped the crotch snaps on Gary’s short shorts, revealing a soaked pull up.

“Got any supplies?”

“You’re lucky I forgot Jonas’ diaper bag in the cruiser. One second.” Jeffrey rummaged around in the front seat of his hover car. He handed it to Franklin. “I’ll let Cynthia know we have our target in custody.”

“Thanks.” Franklin paid him no mind, as he was busy putting Gary in a thick diaper. Jeffrey watched, clearly impressed. “My parents owned a posh daycare for littles. I was roped into helping out more than I’d like.”

“Is that also why you don’t have any littles to take care of?”


Franklin finished putting on Gary’s short shorts. Another officer handed him a car seat, and Gary was firmly secured with a five-point harness. The LPS convoy left after Franklin buckled the seat in the back of the hovercar.


Gary slowly awoke. He found himself secured tightly in a comfortable yet restraining high chair. The extra padding around his waist made it difficult to close his legs, although he was still wearing the same clothing. He didn’t know how much time had passed, and there was no clock in the empty room. Only a metal table and an Amazon sized chair were in front of him. His hands were locked on the arms of the chair, and the pacifier was no longer in his mouth. He tried shifting his body, rubbing his wrists together, even using his teeth. All efforts to free himself ended in failure.

The metal door squeaked as it opened, revealing two Amazons. One was the large man who captured him, the other was a lady he didn’t recognize. They must have been watching him through the one way mirror.

Gary ceased struggling against his restraints, fixing both of them with an icy stare. “What do you want from me? You know I’m not going to tell you anything about the Underground.”

“We’re not here about them.” The Amazon lady said.

“I find that extremely hard to believe.”

“Haven’t you been paying attention to the news? Our ruling council decreed today that Duskwind Island is now an official little’s sanctuary. No Amazon will be allowed to set foot on the island, and it will be patrolled by our military.”

“But there was no agreement on how the littles themselves will be able to get there. And there will still be those who are rich enough to have Wranglers chase after portal and escaped littles.” Gary shot back.

“Look, tiger. We want to make a deal. We want you to come work for us. You have single handedly helped us save dozens of littles from abusive situations and arrested some of our world’s worst offenders. You can help so many more littles than you can with the Underground. In exchange, we will not actively pursue portal littles.”

“But not escaped ones.”

“Our hands are tied.” Franklin shrugged.

Gary hesitated, not trusting himself to reply. He loathed constantly moving from safehouse to safehouse, always looking over his shoulder. The large bags under his eyes gave him away.

“What about my parents?”

“You will have the full support of this department, as well as our ruling council. We will track them down and see them returned to you. We’re even willing to send them to Duskwind Island.”

“That’s incredibly generous of you.”

“Think of it as an investment.” Cynthia smiled warmly.

“And me?”

“You’ll be given a special wristband that will protect you from eager young parents and Wranglers. Technically, you’re being adopted by the whole LPS agency.” Franklin shuffled some papers. “That being said, you will need to wear diapers to work.”

Gary sighed. “Do I have a choice here?”

“Of course, you do. You can choose to accept the deal, or you can reject it. Bear in mind you DID hack into a police network system, so at the very least you would be completely mind wiped. Not to mention all the drugs in your food and drink that will prevent you from having another coherent thought.

“And you’d never be able to use the toilet again. Ever.” Cynthia added.

Gary took a deep breath. Sweat ran down his back, and into his diaper. Franklin and Cynthia glanced at one another and shrugged. Gary shouted at them to wait when Franklin stood up to leave.

“I’ll take it! I’ll take it!”

“That’s the spirit!” Cynthia grinned as Franklin undid all the restraints.

“But you’d better hold up your end of the deal, because I will rain fire and brimstone upon all of your lives, both personal and professional.”

“We swear it.” Cynthia walked over and knocked twice on the glass. The door opened to reveal Allison, who handed her a tablet with the agreement loaded on its screen. She handed the device to Gary, who slowly read over the electronic document. Both Amazons waited patiently until he signed the document ten minutes later.

“Where will I be staying when I’m not working?”

“At my place. I’ve got plenty of room for your Big Wheel and your other stuff.” Franklin answered immediately. Both Gary and Cynthia shot him surprised looks.

“Most of us don’t have the room. And LPS agents don’t make a whole lot of money.” Franklin shrugged. “Not to mention it’d be easy to get all the supplies I need from my sister.”

“Oh yeah, your sister runs Amazing Stays. We scoped out the place but decided against freeing any of the littles, since you guys took such good care of them.”

Gary raised his hands into the air, and Franklin picked him up effortlessly. He tried not to squirm, as he didn’t like being held. But maybe it was a small price to pay. As the Amazon carried him out of the room, he asked “One more question: Who’s gonna change me?”

A familiar smell emanated from Gary’s backside.

“Man, I forgot how much I hated that smell.”

“You’ll get used to it, Frankie.”

“I thought I told you to stop calling me that!”

Gary giggled as he was carried to the bathroom. He’d save that little bit of information for later.



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