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The ‘sleepover’ - Chapter one
Note: This is a fictitious story developed from a fantasy of a diaper lover reminiscing over
moments in my life that fuelled my passion for being padded.
When I was younger, I befriended a younger boy at school, Jack. He was ‘troubled’ and would
often act out at school, so I became his student mentor. Over time we connected, I got him to
come out of his shell and learnt of his broken divorced family, and his ‘night-time’ problem
(bedwetting) which caused him anxiety and embarrassment, often the reason for his lashing out.
I enjoyed spending time with him, and seeing him become happier as we spent time together.
One day he asked if I would stay the night at his house, a sleepover. This was a big step for
him, and even though it was a bit odd someone of my age was having a sleepover with him, I
said yes, because despite knowing I knew he wet the bed, he still wanted me to sleep over.
So, one weekend I did it. We got picked up from school by his mum, who thanked me on the
way to his house for doing this, and how she’d appreciate the support taking care of him, which
had been hard, as I learned his ‘troubled’ behavior wasn’t limited to his school life.
We hung out and I offered to help out his Mum where I could, cooking, cleaning up etc.
Everything was fine, until bedtime. I offered to help get Jack ready for bed, which I learnt
involved him being changed into a diaper, but he threw a tantrum because suddenly the thought
of me seeing him in a diaper became overwhelming. He got physical, throwing things and
yelling, his mother looked helpless. So, in order to help calm him, I offered to wear a diaper to
bed too. His mother reassured me I really didn’t have to, but I said it was fine and it immediately
calmed him.
So, off we went to his bedroom, and I watched as his mother struggled to hold him down and
strap on a diaper, clearly against his will. It was like an orderly at a hospital, no caring or
lovingness as you would expect, just pure will to simply get the job done.
Then as he ran off to go watch TV, it was my turn. Again his mother said I didn’t need to get
padded, we’d just say I was. But what she didn’t know is that I actually wanted it. Ever since I
found out that he was a bed-wetter and wore diapers, I fantasized about it. The thought of being
totally helpless and treated like a baby again, got me all excited. So, I calmly reassured her it
would be ok.
She laid me down on the bed, and as I gave her a comforting smile, she appeared to relax.
Unlike what I had just witnessed, she took so much care. She checked I was ok at each step, as
she took off my shorts, then my undies, even joking as I instinctively tried to cover up my
privates ‘I’m going to need you to move those’ she said cheekily as I took my hands away.
Unlike with her son, she had the time and patience to give me a wipe, even asking if I wanted
some rash cream or powder to avoid chafing, which I of course said yes too. For me the

experience was unreal, beyond what I could’ve dreamed off and I could tell she was really
enjoying it too.
As she tapped me up, she made sure it was all perfectly aligned and not hurting me in any way,
given the diapers were designed for a smaller kid. I assured her it was ok, and even said it was
quite comfortable, a little slip of my enjoyment but one I could tell she appreciated. Once she
was done, I stood up and she turned me around before giving me a light-tap on the bottom and
telling me to put on my PJs. I sheepishly asked if she could help with that as ‘bending over was
a bit harder now’. We looked each other in the eye for a moment, just a brief one, a common
appreciation, as she lovingly said ‘of course my baby’.
The rest of the evening was rather uneventful, we watched some TV, had some pudding and
were taken to bed. Once again, the process with Jack was painful as she forced him under the
covers, yet, she couldn’t help but smile as she came over to me and asked if I wanted to be
tucked in which I quietly nodded yes too. As she said goodnight and turned off the lights, under
my breath, I said ‘goodnight mommy’. I’m not sure if she heard it, but I was hoping she did.
In the morning she came in to check on us. Jack had already snuck out early to watch cartoons,
and the half-teared diaper left on his bed indicated he’d decided it was time for a change before
he did. ‘Looks like he had a dry night for once which is good for a change’ she said, as she
pulled the curtains open. ‘And how about you baby?’ she cheekily asked, un-knowing that
during the night, I’d given into fantasy and wet myself rather than walking to the bathroom.
She could tell something was up, because even though deep down I wanted her to treat me like
a baby, actually admitting to being wet was hard. ‘What is it? It’s ok you can tell me?’ The more I
sat in silence, the more she realized what was wrong. ‘Did you have an accident?’ I
embarrassingly nodded. ‘That’s ok my baby, that's what they’re for, lucky we put you in one,
wasn’t it? Let’s get you changed.’
Once again I was absorbed in her comfort. I didn’t even flinch as she laid me down, took off my
pajamas, my now soaked diaper, wiped me down and then pulled my PJs back. ‘There you go
all better, nice and dry, off you go and watch some TV’. Once again, a nice tap on the bottom
sent me on my way.
The rest of the morning went on as expected, we played, hung out and did everything you’d
expect two boys to do on a sleepover. Except, I couldn’t stop thinking about my experience and
I could tell his mum couldn’t either.
And as my ride arrived to pick me up, and Jack was too engrossed in his video game to say
goodbye, his mum walked me to the door and said ‘Jack is away next weekend with his dad, but
if you were interested in another sleepover, I could use the company?’.

I was shocked but delighted, does that mean what I think it does? ‘Yes mommy, I’d love that’ I
said and with a quick hug and another tap on the bottom, I was off. Off to spend a week thinking
about what my ‘mommy’ had in-store for me for my next sleepover.
To be continued...

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