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Ms B, me and the professional nanny Mistress A 


To start with, let me start with saying that part of this is fictional and part is true, this is my first attempt of writing after reading some brilliant ABDL stories online and going by my previous experiences I’m hoping I can make a worthwhile contribution,  I’m hoping to integrate the two together to combine the ultimate fantasy together with which ultimately could be  a potential real life situation and possible arrangement that hopefully suits all. After seeing a serious shortfall since the COVID lockdown of new ABDL content related material I’m hoping this is something that could potentially change this. All characters in this story are Uk based, people I correspond with to indulge with my fantasy and involved in this story. I hope you enjoy. Im hoping by sharing this with them that it might potentially kick starts this into action. I can only hope anyway! A bit about myself. I am an ADBL ( obviously) who desires to be dominated, regressed and controlled by attractive big breasted women, in all honesty who wouldn’t want that! Prior to lockdown I  was in my late thirties, I’m now in the naughty first years of forties, I am straight, i simply enjoy the sight  of  beautiful dominant women regardless of age. 


Chapter 1, Me and Ms B


Late 2019 after some reservations and resistance I finally plucked up the courage to take the plunge and create myself a Fetlife profile, what had I to lose I thought to myself. I had fantasies which would never disappear or just leave me, I wanted to talk to likeminded people, I’d had AB experiences years  before, some good, some horrific. Im not one to indulge daily, sadly day to day life gets in the way of this, but when I have urges sadly it’s like a volcano ready to explode after such a long time, I knew after some time I needed a dominant woman to chat to chat with to look to explore this with. I started to explore fetlife and the surrounding people in the vast area of Kent which I live in, after a while I saw a profile of a domme with the name of Ms B who had a large chest and was stunning. I looked at her profile and by chance looked at her interests which included putting others in a nappy and breastfeeding, my eyes widened immediately and I obviously flutter and excitement down below.  I sent her an email and within a day or so she responded, she seemed so unlike a lot of the fake people on fetlife you have to sadly encounter, after a while of chatting and getting to know eachother and feeling comfortable around eachother we decided to exchange numbers and that’s how it started. We had a WhatsApp video call and chatted for ages, so comfortable in each other’s presence,  even sadly If it was online. 


Sadly covid and other work and life commitments took hold and restricted meeting in person,  even thought we was in restricted lockdown regiment, I liked what I saw and fantasised of  what of could been. Things went quiet, for me especially which was frustrating. But given the circumstances it was inevitable. Sadly we tailed off.  


Chapter 2, lockdown and coming through the other side.


As I can imagine for a lot of other people, and also for myself. Lockdown was tough. I had a great relationship with my partner and plenty of sex, as not a lot else to do but do. I believed she was quite vanilla but how wrong was I, she had some anal pleasures, unbeknown to me to for the both of us! Whilst sitting watching the Morning GMB and BBC News she’s browsed online for sex toys to stimulate ourselves of an evening, especially taking a liking to strapons and peggging, I’ve seen stuff like this before and been aroused by it, probably due  to the fact that deep down I wanted a attractive woman to be in charge of me. I  went along with it without mention as I’d never contemplated part of this of my fantasies before, I dare not say anything in my mind, to be mothered and babied, obviously I wanted to be submissive and under the control of someone but  could I, like a lot of others reveal the deep desire I had inside of me and could I finally accept how I felt and how I wanted to be treated? Part of this horrified me and worried me of the response and how I’d be accepted, if I was at all. 


Chapter 3-First contact with the professional


Finally things worldwide was starting to used to get back to normal after the pandemic with day to day life resuming mostly without restrictions apart from international travel. Myself and Ms B spoke again briefly by message on FL and she informed me that a person she knew also into fetish had use of a dungeon and was hoping to convert another space potentially into a AB nursery also. My hopes and expectations rose and I asked her to keep me informed as I’d of loved to experience this playspace with her if it came to fruition. Having two plus years of not having experienced any AB play I started to feel frustrated and longed for that experience again. I thought it was time to do some research and maybe take the plunge again. A profile of someone I had longed to see in person for quite some time come across in a fetlife group I had joined. Her profile name went by the name of Mistress A. I took a look at her profile and wow. It showed a stunningly beautiful large breasted woman in her late forties I imagined  that had recently relocated to the east anglia area of England. Her profile and likes certainly caught my eye as well as the link to her twitter page. I scrolled through the posts and saw plenty of people experiencing exactly what I wanted so after retrieving her email address I decided to contact her. I received a prompt friendly email back and it was everything I was hoping it would be, a friendly tone with information related to what was offered in a  session. After some back and forth correspondence she gave me her contact number and we agreed to a time for me to contact her to discuss the finer details shall we say and also a date to visit which suited both of us.


After many times of calling and hanging up before the phone rang I finally cleared my throat and made the call. All I can say was how glad I was. I was greeted with the answer of a friendly sounded woman after I introduced myself and that I was calling after speaking previously by email. I was immediately put at ease with this woman’s friendly and kind attitude. I felt comfortable discussing my requirements which I thought would I wouldn’t be able to due due to embarrassment, but this was soon dismissed with her saying ‘don’t worry I’ve heard it all before’.  I told her of my needs to be treated like the submissive AB I am, plenty of bottle feeding to encourage lots of changes, being restrained, forced to use my nappy to whatever way she felt fit and last and not least plenty of breastfeeding. To my joy this was deemed to be absolutely fine to my delight. I was so happy to hear this and her calm and relaxing tone reassured me that I would be completely at ease in her presence. She had informed me she had only recently moved into her property and to have the best experience possible when her playspace and furniture was constructed I would probably have to wait for about 6-8 weeks. This sounded fine and so it happened I was in a surrounding area about a hour drive away for a work colleagues party around that time. I sounded out the date and thankfully she had availability for the date requested, the day after the meal I was attending. This had worked out perfectly I thought to myself and I set about sending her the deposit to secure my date. The next 6 weeks seemed to be the longest in my life, but finally the weekend arrived and I was full of a mixture of excitement, nerves and thoughts running through my head. 


Chapter 4- The big weekend


I arrived in East Anglia for my work meal and drinks early Friday evening, I checked into the nearby hotel and took my things, including my ABDL things for tomorrow’s meeting with Mistress A,  up to the room and I showered and got changed to head down to meet my work friends at the planned restaurant. I had a great evening seeing people in person that I hadn’t seen since long before the pandemic, but people must of seen I was distracted by asking if I was ok as I had the sense of looking through them not knowing I was doing so. All I could think of deep down was how excited i was to be heading over to Mistress A’s newly constructed AB Nursery in the morning. The meal come to a nice conclusion and everyone said how good it was to see each other and commented on how we should do this again soon, I thought this sounded an excellent idea considering the close proximity to where Mistress A was based. The nearly 3 hour drive from my home town didn’t seem nearly too bad if I got to make a appointment, I suppose I was getting ahead of myself I thought. I haven’t even been to see Mistress A yet, I’d spoken to her on the phone and she sounded great, friendly and reassuring but obviously things could change in real life whilst in person. I hoped this wouldn’t be the case and didn’t think it would be but who knew, we might not of been compatible or clicked. I would just have to wait and find out the following day. I said my goodbyes and made the quick 15 minute walk to the hotel I was staying in. I was looking forward to spending the night nappied and powdered in my animal print baby grow. After getting back and changed I pulled the covers back and looked at the time, it was nearly midnight and I knew I would struggle to sleep due to the excitement I had running through my veins. I lay in darkness hoping to fall asleep so I could get ready for my visit. Eventually I did and I slept so well too, waking up to sunlight creeping through the poor quality curtains in my hotel room. Morning had arrived.


Chapter 5- The day has arrived


I woke up  early, around 7am and surprisingly dry down below, I had consumed quite a bit of wine and water last night. I thought that this simply won’t do! So I fixed myself a tea from the in room selection and proceeded to think about the day which lay ahead. I felt impatient and agitated, waiting for the appointment which I had arranged for midday, a three hour appointment. Sitting there watching bbc news I felt the urgent need to pee and released into my nappy. The sensation felt great and I expected there was a lot more of this to come throughout the day. Thankfully the plastic pants and baby grow I had on did it’s job and withheld the sagginess. After watching the uneventful news on loop for around an hour I decided to get dressed over what I was wearing and headed out to a nearby industrial estate I passed the day before which had a drive through Starbucks and grab myself a coffee. I did just that and walked the short distance to grab a large latte, obviously conscious of what was beneath my jeans and the possible crinkling that might be sounding. Thankfully due to it being early the coffee shop was quiet so I proceeded to order and grabbed some breakfast things and then I headed back to the hotel. The feeling of impatience was still with me so when returning to the room I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Mummy A. I said good morning, so excited to see you soon. Is it possible to come a little earlier as I am sitting around nappied , excited and impatient. Let me know if this suits. Thanks.


About 15 mins later I received a response. It said- Good morning, hope you managed to sleep well. I have a couple of final bits to arrange but feel free to leave in around half hour when you are ready for the hour or so drive over, hopefully there won’t be any traffic. And make sure you are wet and ready for a change. Drive carefully. Mummy x 


My heart pounded, my mouth went dry and I felt excited in all areas of my body if you catch my drift! I had intended to shower before heading over but after the text I received I started to hurriedly pack away my things in the room I was staying in, gulping down my coffee and struggling to eat the items I had brought for breakfast due to the feelings of nerves and excitement I was experiencing. Around 25 minutes later and i was all packed and ready to go, I walked down towards reception, again conscious of what I was wearing underneath my normal clothes, I started to sweat up a little and to my relief I see the reception was unmanned. I quickly dropped my room key into the drop off box and made my way quickly to the car putting my things in the back seat. I got in and pulled out my phone and put in the postcode I was given into my sat nav. It showed an hour drive which I was expecting. I turned the key with my hands now feeling sweaty and started to pull out of the hotel car park. I made my way out of the city centre I was staying in and within 20 minutes was in a beautiful countryside setting with hardly any other cars in the way. The closer I was getting the more nervous and excited I was getting. I managed to consume lots of water to help with the dryness of my mouth, the problem with that was that I then needed to pee which in a few minutes I was releasing with no problem. I looked at the sat nav and it showed twenty minutes until arrival. Again I gulped in my throat and drank more water to help with the dryness of my mouth and throat. I finally saw a sign a short while later for the name of the town where Mummy A Resided. My excitement levels and nerves rose again and I looked at my sat nav to see five minutes remained. I looked around my surroundings to see beautiful fields in a rural setting. The time had come for me to pull into the drive of a stunning detached cottage with hardly any neighbours or buildings adjacent. I come to a stop and sat there for a minute trying to compose myself. I took my final gulp remaining of water and slowly opened the car door, I noticed the front door of the property out of the corner of my eye open slightly and I hurriedly made my way to the front door, the short few steps from my car on the driveway to the property. 


Chapter 6- My meeting with Mummy A 


With my hands trembling somewhat I went to knock on the door and found that the door had opened slightly. I called out a hello and was told to come on in. I walked in through the hallway and then into a front room and then stood frozen to the spot nearly open mouthed in awe. What greeted me was the sight of a beautiful woman smiling wearing exactly what I had requested. She was wearing a tight blouse which barely concealed her heaving bust with a short pencil skirt, I could just about make out the top of her suspenders and she had black high heels on. She said to me it’s great to finally meet you and I hope the journey wasn’t too bad. I felt like I couldn’t move and was in an outer body experience. I finally managed to snap out of it and said I’m  fine thanks and it’s great to finally be here. She directed me to sit on the sofa opposite her sensing my nerves and asked if I wanted something to drink. I said a glass of water would be great due to the dry mouth I had managing a slight nervous laugh and she smiled at me and said, you’ve done the hard part getting here,  now just relax I will look after you and put you at ease. With that I saw her warmth emit from her and I was relieved that she seemed to be as friendly and reassuring as she seemed to be during our telephone conversation. She got up from the sofa and went out to the kitchen and whilst she was gone I managed to take in the surroundings I was presented me. Unbeknown to me in the corner of the room stood a large high chair I hadn’t noticed as I had been transfixed on Mummy A when walking into the living room, she returned and noticed me starting at this and with a smile said to me, ‘do you like the look of that? I will be feeding you in it a little while later’, stirrings raced through my body and I nervously smiled back at her and said yes, it looks great. We both sat on sofas opposite eachother and she handed me a baby bottle of  water, I embarrassedly accepted and I think she noticed this. She then said don’t worry no need to be embarrassed this is one of many things you will be drinking from with a wry smile and also it’s new and I want to know if the teat is ok for the flow . If not I will pierce a slightly bigger hole in it. Now take a drink you look like you could do with some calming. I took the teat to my mouth and found that it flowed surprisingly well. After consuming what was probably half i put it down on the coffee table in front of me. I handed her a small envelope for her tribute and she thanked me, and said right then mister let’s tune all the fine details we discussed in brief on  the phone in finer detail, and please don’t be embarrassed I want this experience to be as best as it can for both of us. I gulped and got myself ready to discuss exactly what I wanted to this beautiful mummy in front of me.


Feeling my cheeks burning, I cleared my throat and thought here we go, I mentioned what we had discussed briefly on the phone but then went into finer detail of what I wanted, I said apart from the regular fluid to cause the inevitable  I’d liked to be dressed as a boy in a onesie or baby grow which snapped up at the crotch over my nappies and plastic pants. I wanted the restraining idea to be left up to mummy’s imagination and how she she best, I told her I loved the thought of being gagged by a dummy at all times and how I always wanted something occupying my mouth whatever it might be. I think she got the idea and said I think that can be arranged with a little wink that made me smile. I also told her of the humiliation side of things I liked the idea of and of her being in complete control of any decisions she felt fitted best at all times. She responded that I have a idea which should fit the bill looking more stern now. I told her about my recent introduction to anal play and how it excited me and turned me on and she said with another wicked smile ‘we’ll see what we can do about when we get upstairs for your first of many changes. I was start to feel incredibly submissive and regressed. After finishing the remainder of my  bottle and both me and mummy were satisfied that everything discussed was to each other’s satisfaction, she stood, starting walking over to me in her high heels reached down to me on the sofa and put out her hand, she said to me ‘I think we had better get baby upstairs to get him changed and settled’ my eyes widened and I took her hand with nail varnish colour that matched her tight fitting blouse and stoop up to be led by her towards the stairs and to the entrance of the  door where a wooden plaque stated nursery, she slightly pushed the door and followed her inside.


What stood In front of me was what i fantasised of, to my right was a large cot with bars, the side had been put up and locked into position, on the opposite wall was a shelving unit with everything a mummy would require to change her charge’s bottom. Disposable nappy’s, cloth ones, wipes, powders, lotions and anything else more. Bottles, dummies and other things sat on top of the unit . A open wardrobe full of big girl and boy clothes was on the other side of the wall with a mirror hanging next to it to I suppose to ensure the humiliation factor even further when looking into it. I stood there looking around in awe and excitement, my mind snapped back when I heard mummy say, ‘can you please start getting undressed and fold your clothes and leave them on that chair, you won’t be needing them for the next few hours.’ As she then turned on her heels and picking two large baby bottles, she said ‘is juice ok?’ to which I just nodded, then walked out the room leaving me to get undressed. I slowly started taking my jeans and sweatshirt off and put  them  as requested on the chair and I stood there in just my babygrow which was literally bursting at the seems of the popper’s on the crotch. A minute passed and mummy returned with two full bottles of orange squash, she looked at me and smiled and said ‘ my my looking at that crotch I think my baby is definitely in need of a change, I will go hang your clothes and be right back to attend to that’. On her return she pulled out a large plastic changing sheet and a large custom made changing mat which she laid both on the floor. She informed me she would be changing me on the floor as she wanted to carry about a thorough inspection and get me cleaned up, she told me to lay down on my back and spread my legs which I complied with. She then knelt on her knees inbetween my legs and pushed three fingers together through the babygrow I had on and then past the plastic of the plastic pants and then straight into my disposable, informing me that I was definitely in need of s a change as my nappy was saturated. At this point she said ‘you look a bit fussy let’s get you something to soothe you and get you settled, I know just the thing’ she stood up and went over the the shelving until where I see her pick up what looked to be a dummy, she returned, knelt back down saying ‘this should help’ she lent forward, her massive breasts inches from my face, and pushed a dummy into my mouth, she then pushed my face to one side and proceeded to tighten some straps behind my mouth and tighten them just enough that she knew there would be no way I would be able to remove this or spit it out. She looked down at me and smiled and said ‘ that’s better no chance of any whining, now let’s get back to the matter in hand’ whilst I sucked agressivably  only the large teat filling and fixed into my mouth. She then unclipped the studs on the babygrow and started wiggling It up and over my body and removed the plastic pants from me, ‘ I’ll put these with your clothes for you to take home before I forget’ she said to me laying on the changing mat in just my saturated nappy. On her return she gathered a clean boy babygrow, a fresh disposable and some wipes and a small bag of something I didn’t know which it contained, pulling some plastic latex gloves on and kneeling back down said to me ‘let’s get you all cleaned up and cleared out’. A bit bemused by this I lay there whilst the tapes of my nappy were undone and the sodden nappy dropped to the floor due to the amount of weight in it, she said’ glad to see it’s just wet  for now’ mummy proceeded to wipe around my balls and penis which immediately made it grow rock hard, ‘oh dear looks like my baby is getting excited, we must try to something to contain that shortly after clear up’. After a thorough wipe mummy started rubbing some cream around my bum hole and then inserted a finger which made me jump as it was so unexpected, she then said ‘ I told you an inspection was in order’ as she gently massaged my prostate with one then two fingers arms then without me being able to see as I was laying down I could hear her rustling around before taking some items out of  some packages. ‘This won’t hurt, it will help with the next  step’ she said as I felt  her enter one and then another up my back passage, with that a liberal amount of baby powder was sprinkled on to me the disposable pulled up and fastened to a snug fit and then a fresh pair of see through plastic pants pulled up which she ensured were completely covering the nappy at the bottom and legs and then pulled a clean babygrow over my head pushing me back down and to secure it by by the poppers at the crotch area. With that she exclaimed ‘all done, now let’s get you into the cot in mummy’s arms for a drink’ she pulled me to my feet pulled on a pair of heavy mitts to my hands rendering them useless and led me over to the cot where she lowered the sides, she laid down and our a pillow from the cot on her lap and patted it, prompting me to lay down on her lap. I did just that and after being positioned over her lap she removed my dummy gag and  pulled the first of the  two bottles towards her and then straight towards my lips saying ‘ suck baby I bet you’re thirsty’ I nodded and sucked vigorously draining the first one very quickly, all this time her looking down at me stroking my hair and smiling at me.  I closed my eyes for the second one and felt like I needed to pee, I started to wriggle and opened my eyes and it just gushed out of me like a fountain whilst I lay there, I’m not sure if she realised, I think she did as she patted the front of my baby grow with that knowing look and smiled. I then closed my eyes again and returned to sucking the remainder of the squash in the bottle. When finished mummy said, ‘you look tired I’m going to secure you in your cot for a nap as I have to prepare some things for your lunch and make a few calls, sit up for mummy’ I did so and she climbed out the cot retrieving the dummy and strapping it back into my mouth and she then pushed me onto my back in the cot. When fully on my back she pulled my legs apart and put two cuffs on  each of them and strapped them to two restraints on either side of the cot, she did the same with my arms and put leather cuffs on my wrists and repeated what she did with my legs by pulling two straps from the top of the bed and then attaching these to my wrists.  I tried to wriggle and felt my movement extremely restricted, with this mummy smiled and said ‘ no going anywhere for you, just relax and get some rest you look like you need a little nap after waking early this morning’ and with this lifted the side of the cot into place and securing it with a latch. She smiled down and said ‘I’ll be back in a little while, I can see you on the monitor anyway’ which she pointed to and I could see was a small camera like device on the shelving unit looking directly into the cot.  With that she turned and walked towards the nursery door closing it behind her and I heard her walking down the wooden stairs in her shoes. 


As I lay there not even for ten minutes and tightly restrained against the cot on my back and gagged with my dummy I started to feel an uncomfortable feeling in my bowels, I starting fidgeting badly, I then started to think to myself I have an Idea of what mummy has incorporated to introduce the humiliation factor to me, the possibility of inserting something in my bottom to force me to use my nappy as intended, I thought to myself it was just a massage of my prostate but after taking something from a package and then returning her fingers to the inside of my bottom has she included something else I thought to myself laying there helpless. A few more minutes the stomach cramps got to the point where they were hurting and I doubted how much I could hold my stomach from releasing. And with that my bowels exploded and let out a gush of wet brown liquid , followed shorted by another, after the third my stomach cramps seemed to die down and I laid there contemplating to myself what had just happened whilst laying in a wet and soiled nappy.  Laying there feeling deeply ashamed and embarrassed I heard mummy whistling through the monitor and then it stopped, her phone ran and I heard her say, I’ve got something I need to attend to, let me call you back of if you are passing by all means pop in for a cuppa it’d be nice to see you, I might have a little surprise for you too.


I lay there in horror after what I heard, was one of mummy’s friends going to pop round whilst I was restrained and helpless locked in the cot? My mind run away with me with thoughts, and whilst doing this I heard the sound of the high heels return to the staircase. I tried to lift my head but was restricted with the restraints but I did hear the door handle go. With this mummy re- entered the room , looked at me through the cot and then exclaimed ‘it smells like we have a messy baby in his cot’. My checks felt like they were turning red and I felt a deep shame come across me. Mummy then said ‘don’t worry it can’t be helped that’s what baby’s do in their nappy, I thought I saw you in the monitor looking restless and wondered if you needed to mess hence the reason I came up to check on you, I have just taken a call from my friend but said I had to check on something so I said I’d call her back’ I looked as she pulled the phone from her hand in which she was holding and said to me ‘ let me see if it’s urgent or it can wait, she did say she might pop in if local so I can have a chat with her then if that’s the case’ I watched her call her back and she said ‘ Hi Rox, everything ok? Sorry had to check on something quickly is it anything important? I could hear her friend say nothing important, I can’t pop in anyway now as something has come up but I will give you a call later this evening.’ Ok mummy replied no worries, ‘would of been nice to of seen you but we’ll do it again another time’ I felt relieved at the thought of another person I didn’t know seeing me in this position and potentially being changed from my current situation. Mummy put the phone down and said to me ‘right my little one let’s get you out and cleaned up’  she dropped the side of the cot and started untying me from the restraints. When done she helped me out and onto the mat on floor. After removing the popper on my crotch and pulling the surprisingly dry plastic pants from my legs she had the ghastly task of undoing the straps of the nappy and letting the wet and messy nappy drop below me, before this she got from the floor and said to me ‘let’s open the window and get some air in, we might need it in a second’ she opened the window and then returned to her position between my legs, untaping the nappy she looked and said what a mess, before grabbing a  large nappy sac a pack Of wipes and fresh disposable from next to her. She started to wipe my bottom with what she could with the dirty nappy before taking a large handful of wipes and went to work on cleaning me up. While cleaning my groin area she saw my penis go rock hard and smiled, then saying ‘we need to do something to prevent this we can’t keep having this at changing time’ she stood up and went to the shelving area and I saw her turn round holding a pink device, a chastity device I then realised. She smiled and said to me this should work a treat and stopped wiping until I went flaccid, then locking the device around my balls and onto my penis, smiling down at me she then said ‘if you are a good boy I might release it later’ I tried to smile behind the dummy strapped in place and hoped she meant what she just said. ‘Ah I almost forgot’ she once again got up from beneath my legs and walked back over to the shelves, now fully clean and ready for a fresh nappy to be put back on and re- clothed she walked back over and I looked up to see her holding a black large buttplug. ‘ this will hopefully help with your strap on training for you told me you enjoyed’. I winced at the thought of it but really my penis was now struggling against the cage with her inbetween my legs and me looking up at her large breasts, I was in heaven and made little resistance after she lubed it up and gently pushed it fully inside of me until it sat where it was intended to. ‘I hope that isn’t too uncomfortable as you’ll be sitting in your high chair for your lunch soon, I’ve got something yummy for you and your desert afterwards, after desert you might even have a little extra desert if you are a good boy and eat everything up’ smiling at me whilst looking down at me putting a lot good sprinkling of powered over my lower region and then pulling the nappy up between my now locked away penis and taping me back up, the still clean plastic pants then pulled back on and the crotch of my babygrow snapped back up into place. I was then told to lay back in the cot, this time without the side fixed in place and without being restrained. Mummy returned with two large bottles of water and tapped her knees whilst hopping in with me in the cot, I managed to get the first one down without any problem and straight onto the second which I drained pretty quickly all the time mummy stroking my hair arms humming nursery rhymes to me. After finishing the second  bottle of water mummy commented on how I must of been thirsty and how I was probably hungry too. ‘Let’s you some lunch baby’ as she got out the cot snd held out her hand to help get me out the cot. She instructed me to crawl down the stairs as her stairs were quite narrow and steep. Whilst doing this I felt the need to pee and held it. On arrival I got the front room I was helped into the high chair in the corner of the room and my ams and body strapped in with a  harness, no sooner was I strapped in I let go a massive release of pee and a continual flow of pee continued to flow into my nappy feeling it to feel warm and swell around my groin until i could feel it creeping around the back of my nappy trying to escape. I also felt sitting upright the feeling of the plug intruding my backside and moved uncomfortably but I must admit I enjoyed the sensation of the feeling. Mummy put some cartoons on for me and I watched them whilst I heard the microwave going in the front room assuming my lunch was being prepared. Shortly after she come in with a blue bowl with what she said was a baby jar of mixed casserole. She tied a bib around my neck and Unstrapped my dummy from behind my head. She then gently tried it against her lips and then proceeded to feed it to me one spoonful after another until she was scraping the bowl. ‘Wasn’t that yummy’ she exclaimed putting the sippy cup in my hand and telling me to drink. ‘ let’s get your desert ready’ before bringing a jar of some form of chocolate dessert in again a blue plastic bowl. Spoon after spoon was given until I was disappointed this yummy desert was finished, she pulled the bib and then wiped my face saying what a messy baby I was. I was left in the high chair for a while while mummy told me she was clearing up, she told me I needed something to suck on and put the dummy back in my mouth, re-strapping it back in place tightly. After about five minutes mummy unstrapped me from the restraints in the high chair and ordered me down, I laid across mummy’s lap on her sofa whilst she fed me another bottle of juice arms then after finishing this she sat me up and winded me. ‘Time for some cuddles upstairs and maybe a little nap after now you’ve had lunch’ taking my hand until the foot of the stairs she said ‘ crawl up baby’ I got up to the nursery door and she opened it telling me she wanted to check my nappy. I lay down again, legs spread, whilst she removed the clothing and plastic pants before checking my nappy which by now was soaked, ‘them bottles have gone straight through you, you are a heavy wetter aren’t you’ she exclaimed. After another clean up she told me to get on all fours and put my head down,  I tried to look up and see what she was doing and I caught a glimpse of something she was attaching to her waist, a strap on, which to my relief wasn’t too large and similar to one I have had used on me previously. Mummy looked at  me with a mischievous grin as to say you know where this is going don’t you, my penis furiously fighting the urges against the pink cage is was in. After a liberal amount of lube on the dildo attached to her waist I felt her behind me and then it rubbing up teasing my anus, it then slid in very slowly and I gasped into my strapped in dummy whilst mummy made slow thrusts which increased in tempo, she held my hips as she pushed deeper and deeper pushing my head down, after a couple of minutes I felt a hand between my legs and it was rubbing my caged balls and penis, which was starting to leak uncontrollably by this point. At this point mummy announced whilst still pounding me ‘looks like someone’s on the verge of an accident’ and withdrew the strap on from my behind. I knew I wasn’t far from orgasm and felt deflated. ‘Let’s get you in a nice clean nappy to avoid an accident’ she said in a humiliating tone and rolled me onto my back. With this on went the clean nappy, but i was surprised when she released me from the Chasity cage on my swollen balls and the plastic pants and the poppers on the babygrow snapped back up into place. ‘What a good boy you’ve been, maybe that treat I’ve been mentioned will come shortly’ she said. I grew hard now out of my cage and she rubbed the front of my babygrow feeling my predicament. ‘Silly mummy, I forgot to bring a warm bottle of milk up with me to get you nice and relaxed’ she said. ‘ I know why don’t I put you at mummy’s breast for milk at source’ my eyes opened and I nodded furiously, my penis throbbing probably as hard at it had all day and now released without any restraint now uncaged and with her knowing this was my ultimate desire to be put on her breast and fed at her massive boobs. She knew what she was doing  to me that was certain. 


‘Mummy’ , I said muffling from behind my dummy. ‘What it is baby’ mummy asked. Could  you please release my hands from these mittens I attempted to blurt out in muffled words. I promise I’ll be good I said twice. ‘Ok you have been good and not attempted anything funny but anything that mummy doesn’t agree with and they’ll be straight back on’ I nodded and smiled as she then started to remove the mittens from off my hands. 


Mummy then laid upright with her back against the back of the cot and motioned for me to come and lay on her lap whilst getting a pillow ready to lay on her lap prior to me laying my head on top of this. I hurriedly got into the cot hoping I knew what was coming next laid on the pillow over mummy’s lap. With this when  I was positioned mummy started to unbutton the buttons on her blouse which looked ready to burst at any minute. One button after another i caught a glimpse of the pink nursing bra with was containing mummy’s huge breasts. When the last button was undone mummy slipped the blouse off her shoulders and then was sitting there in just her pink bra, it was a nursing bra as I could see the clips, I was in heaven as I looked up to see these two massive breasts sitting inches from my head and most importantly from my eager lips. She pushed my head to one side and said ‘Let’s get that dummy out of you’re mouth so you can suck on something else’ with this she started unstrapping the buckle behind my head until the bulb of the dummy was pulled out by mummy. I turned around to face up at her again and as mummy smiled down at me she started to unclip the clip of her right breast, with ease she did this and a large breast pooped out to my delight. She smiled again and pulled the back of my head up with her hand again until my lips reached her erect nipple and I took in my mouth and sucked gently, looking up at her whilst she smiled arms stroked my cheek with her other face. I was in heaven being nursed by this beautiful woman and must of stayed latched onto her breast for at least ten minutes until whilst I was nearly asleep she jolted me and said ‘let’s move you around and get you on my other breast now’ I moved around and got comfortable before the other breast was presented to me and the hard erect nippled was guided to my mouth. I sucked eagerly and closed my eyes, in a  complete fantasy state by now. With my now unreleased hands I started to kneed mummy’s breasts with my hands, looking down smiling she said ‘no wonder you wanted your hands free’. I felt mummy rustling behind her but such was the enjoyment I was receiving I didn’t even open my eyes, instead just contently sucking away at mummy’s breast. I then felt mummy bring her arm forward and then I heard a buzzing noise. I opened my eyes but mummy put her finger to her mouth and told me to close my eyes again. ‘Keep nursing at mummy’s breast baby’ she said and then I felt the vibrations hit the front of my nappy with the wand she was holding against the front of my now exposed nappy. And oh my how good that felt too. After a couple of minutes i started to arch my hips desperate to orgasm and I think mummy sensed this, telling me to suck on mummy’s breasts hard which I did. I looked up at mummy and she smiled at me saying ‘mummy’s boy has been good let’s get that creamy out of you and into your nappy ‘ . With her saying that I felt the impulse inside me rise and within seconds I shot my load panting heavily, still attached to mummy’s breast. She held the side of my face with her hand and said what a good boy I’d been today but now was time to get started to get back to big space. I felt disappointed but had just received the most amazing experience and orgasm and couldn’t complain. I was held by mummy for a couple of minutes before she said, shall we start to get you ready for home time now. I felt deflated but knew that this time had to come at some point sadly. I nodded with puppy eyes. ‘I will get you undressed and cleaned and bring your clothes in for you to get changed into, would you like a fresh nappy on for your trip home?’ I’m fine thanks i responded. Mummy took the tapes from my nappy and cleaned me all over where needed, smiling at me where I then smiled back at her saying that was amazing, I have really enjoyed myself, thank you for making me feel so comfortable and at ease. ‘ No problem at all, I’m glad you enjoyed it, I did too’ mummy said whilst throwing the nappy and wipes into the bin.


Mummy left the room and brought in my clothes and left them on the cot, can I have a shower I asked, ‘of course you can, I’ll run it for you and make sure there is a clean towel in there for you’. Thanks i responded. ‘I’ll leave you to it and will be downstairs’ she said and left to run the shower and then headed downstairs. I got under the shower and the warm water run all over my body, I cleaned myself thoroughly and when done got out and dried myself, I then returned to the nursery and started to get dressed into my everyday clothes. When finished I had a last look at the nursery, smiled to myself, and then left the room and walked downstairs to meet mummy in the front room. 


She offered me a drink before I headed off for my journey home which I declined , I didn’t want to be stopping every half hour to use the toilet as I no longer had my protection on! We sat and chatted for around 10- 15 minutes about the session and other things in our day to day lives. It was nice to sit and chat like adults after the session we had just had and after a while I said thanks for being everything I hoped for and expected, she laughed and said ‘glad I could of been of assistance and I hope to see you again’ I said I’m sure that will be the case there’s no doubting that. With that I left the cottage and got in my car and pulled out of the driveway for my journey home.


Chapter 7- Back to normal life and my new  conversation with Ms B


The following few weeks went past uneventful, I cherished the memories of my meeting with Mummy A and fantasised of another meeting hopefully. Whilst logging on to fetlife, I saw I had a message in my inbox from Ms B. ‘How are you, hope you’ve been keeping it kinky’ it read. I hadn’t spoke to her for a couple of months so replied- ‘Hi B, hope you are well, been pretty quiet myself, hope you are well yourself, I haven’t heard from you for a while and knew you was trying to get things put in place, I actually met with a pro mummy for a 3 hour session and would love to tell you all about it. Let me know if you want to hear all the details! ‘


A couple of days went past and  then I received a reply, ‘sounds great, tell , me more. Let me know when I can call you for a catch up?’ I replied let me know when suits you and I’ll give you all the glorious details then! As Ms B also had my phone number, a couple of hours later and I saw her name flash up my phone. Hey how are you, it’s been a while I answered. For the next couple of hours we spoke at length about my visit to Mummy A, the building up to the meeting, the visit itself and how I felt after visiting. Ms B sound intrigued as I know by her fetlife profile she was dominant and would enjoy this kind of scenario herself, she had the fetish likes on her profile and we’d spoken previously about this so I knew she was interested in the same things as me but being a mummy or top herself. She was a beautiful young woman and I longed to be under her control and supervision as a submissive. ‘We should try this one day, I would love some hints about how to get into babysitting, even of the larger type’ she joked. I laughed with her and said that would be like a dream come true and amazing. I showed her some pictures that Mummy A had taken during her session at different stages and directed her to Mummy A’s fetlife profile. She said she would log on and take a look later that evening. We said our goodbyes and promised to speak soon, before we hung up I said to Ms B, hey I’ve been meaning to ask you something for a while now, would you be interested in filming some content of an AB session, either in a domestic setting or maybe if possible, an AB nursery. She paused for a while and then replied ‘Well this is something I have been thinking of for a while, creating different types of content. Let’s schedule in another time to have a meet up locally or a call to go through all the options and scenarios possible. This could be the start of something really exciting for the pair of us. I’ll be in touch soon’. With that we said our goodbyes and ended the call.


A couple of days passed and I received a text from Ms B- ‘Hey have you got plans tomorrow, shall we meet at the shopping outlet around 1pm we mentioned previously and have a coffee, would love to run some ideas. I excitedly awaited the following day and finally meeting Ms B in person.


I made my way from my home to the shopping outlet I had agreed to meet Ms B in which took about fifty minutes from where I lived. I sat at the agreed front of the coffee shop and started to sip my coffee when about ten minutes later Ms B breezed through the door. This stunning young woman with blonde hair and a tight fitting top that quite clearly hugged her large ample breasts then smiled over at me and sat down. We both sipped coffee I had ordered and starting chatting away. Ms B asked me to tell me some more about my visit again to Mummy A, I nervously looked around and she said with a wicked grin ‘don’t worry nobody is in earshot, I should of asked are you wearing a nappy now? I could of changed you in one of the changing rooms here if need be’. I shook my head and said no feeling very embarrassed. ‘There’s no need to feel embarrassed little one, you’ve told me about your desires and experiences and I accept and embrace them fully, there is no need to feel any embarrassment or shame around me, I want to bring the best out of you hence the reason I am sitting here with you now’. I smiled and said I had the holdall I kept my things and props in the boot of my car as it is safe in there and it’s where I tend to keep it. Ms B smiled and said ‘that’s good to know, we might need that later then’ for the next two hours or so we chatted about how our MDLB/ babysitter role could potentially work for both of us to enjoy it in equal measures. The more we spoke the more I felt comfortable discussing things with Ms B and equally the same of her with me.  After the time continued to pass I let out a large yawn, much to my disgust and apologised immediately for doing this in front of her. ‘You don’t need to apologise little one, you’ve had a long drive and also have a long drive back, I have an idea as it looks like little one could do with a nap before that long drive home, shall I tell you what I’m thinking?’ Yes please do I exclaimed. She took out her phone and started searching the internet, after about five minutes she said ‘pass me your bank card please, I haven’t got mine with me, don’t worry  I’ve found a bargain at thirty five pounds and you won’t be disappointed I can assure you’. I excitedly fumbled around in my wallet and passed a card over to her. ‘Right all done, now do you need the toilet before we leave, we’ll be at our destination in ten minutes or so and you’ll be fully able to go whenever you need then.’ I felt confused but also excited at the same time as to what she was telling me, we got up and headed to the car. As we pulled out of the outlet she directed me for about ten minutes until we pulled up outside a well known chain of hotels in the car park. Smiling she said to me ‘right little one let’s grab your bag from the boot and get you inside and ready for a nap, seeing you yawning earlier showed me you was in need of one.’ As we got out of the car I headed round to the boot of the car to get my bag out and Ms B walked towards the reception of the hotel. Check in was quick, all that was needed was a tap of my card on a self check in machine and out dispensed a key card for  room 313. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the lift.


Chapter 8-  Call me mumma Ms B, me and room 313


On exiting the lift my heart was pumping with excitement and nerves, was this really happening? Was this beautiful young woman, quite a bit younger than me, going to indulge in my fantasies with me? We reached the room and put the card to the door with the green light showing. In we went. After entering the room I stood there in a bit of a daze until Ms B said to me and motioned with her finger ‘ lay down on the bed so mummy can see what you have in your bag of supplies’ I instantly felt immediately turned on by this and did as I was told and started to bend down and untie my shoe laces when Ms B said ‘ leave that, I’m here to look after you and take control now. You won’t do anything unless I instruct you or tell you, is that clear, and now you can call me mummy or mumma is that understood?, I think mumma is better as you already  have a mummy’ She said in quite a dominant tone. I replied and said yes and nodded my head. 


She took two large two litre bottles of water from the holdall before removing the the other items from a black bag within the holdall There was a large baby bottle, sippy cup, a large bib, some baby jars and bowls and cutlery, wipes, lotion and baby oil, powder and a dummy gag with black straps along with a normal dummy and some baby formula. In a separate carrier bag was a pair of plastic pants, pack of about seven or eight large disposable nappies and a animal print baby grow. ‘Quite the collection we have here don’t we baby, I’m impressed. Everything one would need for a babysitting session, well I said you looked like you could do with a nap let’s get you changed and fed. Maybe after that if you are sleepy you can have a little nap whilst I do some work on my laptop’. I was in heaven again, similar to the feeling I had when I was in Mummy A’s nursery but without being in that kind of a abdl nursery setting just a domestic setting. I knew that this beautiful younger woman who was dominant wanted to enforce her control over me and treat me like the submissive baby who wanted to act like this at times and would expect me to obey her as she wished also. She slowly untied my shoe laces and started to take both off, then removing my socks and telling me to sit up started to undo my buttons on my jeans before pulling these down and over my feet, with my throbbing erect penis leaking what looked to be precum ‘ I hope you haven’t had an accident already baby, we better get you changed soon before that changes’ she laughed to herself. After pulling me top over my head leaving me just laying in my boxer shorts, she then stood up and said ‘ right lay still baby whilst I get everything together that I need to get you ready and regressed’. With that she pulled some formula out of the bag and looked at the back of the container to see how much to scoop out into the baby bottle and mix with the bottled water I had. Mixing the correct amount together she then stirred with a spoon left next to the kettle  in the room and shakes the milk in the bottle to a solid it being lumpy. She also filled the sippy cup with water.  She then grabbed a disposable and the other clothing and the dummy gag under one arm while grabbing some powder and baby oil in the other. Returning to the bed with me laying in just my pants and with a obvious erection she came and stood over me and said putting her hand on the side of my face stroking it ‘ let’s get you changed I don’t want any fussing from you do you hear?’ With this she lifted the dummy with the black straps from the edge of the bed and teased me putting it towards my lips and then pulling it away for about three or four time, seeing me eager to suck on it she pushed it in to my mouth with some slight forces then pushed my head to one side so she could do the straps behind my head, until she had it tightened in place, she then moved my head back and tapped the front of the dummy now occupying my mouth and said ‘ there  we go, should keep you from fussing or getting grouchy’. Next she pulled the boxer shorts from my waist with the bulge still obviously evident, looking at me she grinned and said ‘ looks like someone is enjoying being babysat by their yummy younger mummy’ whilst pulling on my cheek  and giving my bottom a little smack. She then unfolded the large disposable and started to push it towards underneath my bottom. ‘ you’ll have to bear with me, It’s been a while since I’ve babysat someone and I haven’t put a nappy on someone for quite some time now’. Instructing me to lift up she slid the nappy under me, realising it wasn’t in the correct position telling me to lift up again until she thought she had positioned it corrected. Ms B or Momma ( as I wanted to call her but hadn’t yet) then pulled the front of the nappy up but could see the back wasn’t still positioned correctly. ‘ I knew this would be a trial and error exercise, I’m definitely in need of some training and work experience’ she grinned looking down at me. Finally when she was happy the nappy was in the correct position she leaned over and grabbed the baby oil and poured a large amount on my groin area before rubbing it in to my balls and rock hard penis. Smiling she said ‘ looks like my baby is enjoying this going by hoe hard he is sucking on his dummy’ as she rubbed gently but with conviction, she must of noticed I was nearing climax by the look in my eyes and the groans behind the dummy when she then suddenly pulled the front of the nappy partly up, took the baby powder and put a large sprinkling on me and then pushed the tip of my penis downwards and started to tape my nappy up. She then wriggled the plastic pants over my legs and pulled them up before grabbing the animal print babygrow and pulling it over my head. Then pulling the material down my body until the bottom was at the area my plastic pants and nappy was, she popped the press studs into place and said ‘look at how bulky this is, be even more so after I’ve given you your bottle and some other things to drink’.


Ms B then got up from the bed after dressing me and grabbed the bottle shaking it to ensure there was no lumps remaining, and returned to the top of the bed and positioned her back against the headboard. She said ‘ would baby like his bot bot now’ and motioned for me to come and join her where she was sitting. I crawled to the head of the bed where she had her arms open wide. ‘Come lay in my arms and let me give you your bottle’ before I could lay doen she reached around my head to unstrap the dummy gag from my mouth. Letting this fall onto the bed she then pulled my head down into her arms and she pushed the teat of the bottle into my mouth where I lay looking up at her and took the teat and started sucking away. As I gulped down half of the bottle whilst looking straight up into her eyes she then said ‘ looks like baby enjoys being changed and bottle fed by mumma, he can’t keep his eyes from mine and keeps looking up at my chest too’. With this I felt the urge to put my hand up and put my hand on mumma’s large chest on the outside of her jumper but my hand was swatted away and mumma said ‘ not yet little one, finish your bot bot first and we’ll see if you are still hungry, we have some jars I’ve seen you’ve packed and  if not we’ll see what else we can rummage up’. My eyes widened with this beautiful young mumma looking down at me smiling whilst I was looking up at her and the big breasts sitting under the tight jumper she was wearing. After draining the bottle mumma rubbed my back gently and told me to bring everything up as she couldn’t have me having wind while trying to get me settled for a nap. My eyes looked drowsy by now and I think she sensed this. ‘Isn’t it warm in here baby let’s open the window’  and after doing this to let in some air circulation and re-pulling the curtains she then pulled the jumper off to reveal a pair of heaving breasts, I’d imagine a F cup, in a lacy red bra. ‘Lets have a nice snuggle shall we and get baby ready for his nap, he looks like he needs it and it gives mumma a change to get on with some grown up things’. With this Mumma repositioned herself in the same position on the bed and  y heart fluttered with the prospect of being breastfed by this stunning young lady who was babysitting me/ acting as my mumma as she like to call herself. I crawled back up to the top of the bed as mumma got herself comfortable and then she said, ‘let’s have a snuggle and some momma/ baby nurturing time, I’m sure this will make you all relaxed and ready for your nap’. With  this,  and me laying in mumma’s lap she  unclipped the back of her bra and her massive natural breasts dropped very slightly, still very pert and not droopy at all. I almost licked my lips as I looked up at what was just inches from me and with this mumma pulled the back of my head and guided it towards her nipple saying ‘this should get my baby sleepy’ with my mouth then latching over her nipple I started to suck gently on these soft nipples whilst I lifted my hands and cupped the bottom of her breast. Mumma removed my hand and replaced it with hers and started to jiggle with her boob, imitiatating that she was actually lactating. I must of nursed on this breast for about 10 minutes feeling like I could actually fall asleep at any minute before being pulled off by mumma and re-directed to the other nipple. I latched on again sucking gently, crawled across her lap and felt her gently start to rub the front of my crotch area. I looked up and into her eyes still attached to her erect nipple and she looked down at me and said ‘ look how excited my little one is, I can feel it all the way through the layers, must be the fact he is sucking on a young mumma’s boobs whilst she rubs away at his pee pee. Does it feel nice being held and breastfed like this, this session will be nurturing and soothing as I was to introduce things gently but I want to step things up next time and be more dominant with you as time goes on, I know you want this also and it will make Mumma happy. Now I want you to spurt in your nappy as this will make you sleepy’. By this point I’d already wet my nappy twice due to the coffee at the shopping outlet and bottle of milk I was given, being bottle fed by mumma and wetting at the same time was magical being fed by this stunning young woman who seemed content in indulging me in my fantasies and hers also. Mumma started to up the tempo and rubbed harder and faster against my babygrow, i arched  my hips whilst still trying to retain contact with her nipple and after a minute or two I came hard into my nappy and shuddered hard, taking my mouth from mumma’s nipple. She pushed me back onto the bed, sensing I was tired and pushed the dummy back into my mouth and re strapping into place, then pulled the covers back and told me to get into bed and sleep now. I did just this and fell asleep in no time whatsoever.


I awoke to the sound of mumma tapping away on her tablet and she looked behind herself to see my awake. ‘Did you have a nice sleep , I bet you needed that after that excitement didn’t you’ I nodded and looked over at her from underneath the covers. ‘ let’s check your nappy I bet you might be wet by now and in need of a change, she said, starting to the required supplies together. As she pulled back the covers and unpopped my studs on my babygrow she pulled down my plastic pants and then pulled the tapes of my nappy at either side. She could see my nappy was very wet and looked at me smiling saying ‘ looks like someone is definitely in need of a change, let’s get that sorted and in a dry  nappy as something has come up and I need to shoot off shortly, obviously I’ll get you cleaned up before doing so as I know you can’t expect to do thins by yourself.’ With this she went work wiping me down with a handful of wipes and when reaching my groin area area saw my penis start to twitch and get hard once again. ‘ I think you’ve had enough excitement for today, next time when there is more time you will be pleasured and expect to pleasure over and over. But for now sadly I will get you changed and be on my way’.


Mumma performed a quick clean up job, re nappying me and asked if I would like to wear my baby grow under my normal clothes of jeans and jumper which I nodded and said yes and with this she removed my dummy pulled my clothes up over my nappy, plastic pants ams babygrow said  she needed to be on her way, and next time wouldn’t be as rushed. She kissed me on the check and said she would text me later to make sure I got home ok. I thanked her for a wonderful time and said I would text her back later. After Ms B left I started to gather my things, putting them back into the holdall and made my way back through reception, dropping the key card in the Dropbox before getting in my car with a smile and heading off in the direction of home. What an unexpected day this had been.


Chapter 9- The unexpected reunion


I got home about 8pm that evening, feeling overwhelmed what today had brought, a exciting completely unexpected session with my fantasy babysitter/ mumma. My phone beeped and it was from Ms B asking if I got home ok, I replied I did and thanked her for a wonderful afternoon. Something I completely didn’t expect and I was glad we met for that coffee, then onto the hotel where I was babysat by this stunning younger woman. She replied ‘I’m glad you enjoyed it, I did also, might need a bit  more experience to get used to it and more dominant also. Practice takes perfect they say. And you never know what’s round the corner. Take care and speak soon’. 


Completely unbeknown to me, Ms B had started making contact with Mummy A and telling her of her intentions to babysit me and for her to look to gain some experience from someone more experienced in this. She had mentioned that I told her about my session with her in East Anglia and to let me know if I booked again as she would certainly like to surprise me and get to know some more in-depth experience from an older charge with more experience.


A couple of months passed and I received an email from my work team. Would we all like another catch up for a meal and some drinks at the same location as previously as we all seemed to enjoy the occasion greatly. Within the next couple of hours a lot of the recipients replied saying what an excellent idea and started throwing dates around. It was set for two weeks on the Saturday evening again at 7pm. I immediately sent Mummy A a message enquiring about her availability for the following day on the Sunday and was pleased when she said that she was free on that day if I would like to book. I excitedly replied and said I would like to reserve that date as I would be in the surrounding  area the previous evening as before. I replied to my work team saying to put my name down as I’d love to catch up with everyone again as we did before, not mentioning my real intent of wanting to visit Mummy A the following day. But it was a good excuse to catch up with work colleagues also aswell as the added bonus of a visit to Mummy A which was to good to turn down.  


The following weeks passed slowly, it was like I was counting down the days to the work meal and the following day to visit Mummy A again. I felt like after our previous experience there was a great connection and I was looking forward to another session for us to bond and further our experiences. On the Friday I received a message from Mummy A saying ‘ Looking forward to seeing you at 11am Sunday, make sure to arrive wet like before and also insert a plug as we will be experimenting new experiences this time. Drive carefully and enjoy the meal Saturday evening. See you soon’ whilst looking at the message there was a forwarded sign at I was slightly confused by this but didn’t take too much notice of it if I’m honest, I was just looking forward to the forthcoming next couple of days. I left home around 3pm on the Saturday afternoon and took a leisurely drive up listening to the podcasts i downloaded and arrived at the hotel as expected at nearly 6pm. I showered got dressed and quickly walked down to the restaurant we met at previously, arriving just before the planned 7pm meet time. Once again it was great to chat with everyone in person again and made the most of the delicious food and wine that was being passed around, the time flew by and before  I knew if it was approaching 11pm. I made me excuses of being tired and said goodbye, declining the offer of some late night drinks in a nearby bar as I said I was heading home early in morning and didn’t want to be hungover and tired for my drive home. With this I left and walked the fifteen or so minutes back to the hotel, got myself changed into my nappy, with a plug inserted as instructed,  and onsie and  collapsed into bed absolutely shattered. It took no time at all to fall asleep and I woke up at 5am desperately needing to pee, I felt down between my legs and smiling to myself remembering what was between my legs I let it go and flooded into my nappy, feeling it sag slightly, I closed my eyes and managed to get back to sleep, waking at just after 8am. The routine was pretty much the same as before, heading out for a coffee before returning, gathering my things together and then heading out of the hotel room, checking I had everything, before getting in  my car and heading over to Mummy A’s cottage an hour drive away. On the drive over I didn’t seem as nervous as I’d met Mummy A before now and felt comfortable in her presence but I was a bit anxious to find out what new things she had planned as she mentioned in her text she sent me Friday. After another large wetting on the the way over I finally arrived in the driveway of the cottage and once again saw a curtain twitch followed by the slight opening of the front door. I got out the car and headed to the front door where I pushed it slightly to hear mummy’s voice say ‘ come through to the front room, I’m in the kitchen making tea, would you like one?’ Yes please i replied. ‘Sit doen and make yourself comfortable, if you can hehe I hope you have arrived as I requested. I’ll be through shortly, do you take sugar? ‘ No thanks i replied slightly squirming on the sofa in my wet nappy and large plug inserted in my bottom. I heard the kettle boil and mummy pour the water out, as she walked from the kitchen my mouth nearly hit the floor. Standing in front of me was mummy holding a mug of tea and a baby bottle which looked to have tea inside of it. This isn’t what made me gobsmacked. It was what mummy was wearing. She was wearing a see through white silk robe which showed off her large breasts and erect nipples and red stockings and suspender belt that matched her nails and lips. ‘I hope you don’t mind, I’m going out with a friend a bit later and thought I’d get a little bit of a head start by ironing my things and doing my make up so I can just slip on my clothes when I’m done with you later, I didn’t think you would mind would you?’ She said with a mischievous grin. No not at all, you look stunning I replied, nearly shaking with excitement and arousal. ‘that’s good’ she replied, ‘ I didn’t think you would mind and oh here’s your bottle, I bet you are saturated aren’t you, drink this and we’ll go upstairs and see to that shortly’. I passed her the tribute in the envelope and after some brief chatting whilst finishing my bottle fidgeted with the now soaked nappy and plug lodged in my bottom now starting to caused some discomfort. After placing the empty baby bottle on the coffee table mummy got up and said let’s get you upstairs and get you settled, I have some things I need to do whilst you can lay and have a nap ready for me going out later. She took my hand and summoned me towards the stairs heading up towards the nursery. We made the familiar climb of the stairs until we reached the nursery and Mummy A then pushed the door open, revealing the familiar environment I had encountered only a couple of months previously. She then told me to sit on the cot, which had the sides already down whilst she gathered the necessary things to get me changed. After laying the changing sheet and mat on the floor she instructed me to lay down on the floor so she could change my soaking nappy. She removed my clothes and the baby grow and nappy and then exclaimed ‘ wow you are in need of a change but I’m glad you’ve come as instructed, soaking wet and plugged. You are a good boy listening to mummy and doing as she says’ as she went to work getting me cleaned up. Wiping me all over I was in heaven again and it showed with how my rock hard penis rose to attention whilst she wiped my balls and penis, then pulling out the plug of my rear  revealing my gaping exposed hole and wiping that down too. She then put on some latex gloves and stated she needed to inspect ‘ my bottom to make sure everything was in order’ and then stating ‘we want you nice and cleared out later’ by inserting once again what i can only presume was the same suppositories she used previously. Once a large amount of powder was applied and my rock hard member pushed down towards my legs, Mummy A pulled the nappy up inbetween my legs and  taped it into place then pulling a pair of plastic pants over the top of the nappy and getting me to sit up whilst pulling a babygrow  over my head and popping the studs at my crotch. She then added a pair of large mittens to my hands, rendering my hands useless. ‘Into the cot please baby, I have some things to see to so I will secure you in your cot for a little bit, maybe you could have a little nap if you was awake early and feel sleepy’ I got up from the floor and laid down on the cot, Mummy A then started to secure my arms and mittened wrists and legs to the side of the cot, the moment she leant across me and secured my arms I felt her large breasts skim past my face more or less sitting over the top of my face in the satin robe she was wearing leaving very little, if anything, to imagination. After securing me,  she got up and said ‘let’s get you something to suck on, I’ve got a feeling you might become a little restless’ and with this turned to the shelving unit, when I looked over I saw she was holding a dummy gag, but a purple one and a lot larger then the one I had before when I visited. She returned to the cot and pushed it into my mouth, it felt slightly uncomfortable due to the size and Mummy A then strapped it behind my head making it impossible to attempt to push it out. She also then grabbed what looked like a blindfold and put this over my eyes. She then smiled down at me and said ‘this will help with the brightness and should send you off to sleep, get some rest I’ll be back to see to you in a little while’. With this she put on some soothing music and I heard her press the baby monitor on button and she increased the volume to the maximum. She turned and then walked towards the door, turning the light of off so it was slightly darker and then closed the door ajar behind her.


The same sensations returned whilst laying helpless, restrained and blindfolded  in the cot from my previous visit when my stomach started to have cramps, knowing that the time would shortly come where I would have no control over my bowels. I heard Mummy A’ phone kept beeping, at which I assumed were text messages, and about five minutes later came a knock at the front door. My heart raced and I panicked as to who this could be, I also could not now hold the cramps any longer and reluctantly released them into the disposable that Mummy A had put me in. 


I heard Mummy walk across the downstairs floor in what must of been high heels going by the tapping on the wooden floor and I heard her unlock the door and open it. ‘Well hello, glad you found it ok, I did say it was quite remote didn’t I , You are here now anyway, do come in’ I heard what I could only describe as another woman’s voice replying ‘thank you, it was a little difficult to find and I even pulled up on someone else’s drive but thankfully I’m here now’. ‘Let me get you a cup of tea or coffee, do come through to the kitchen, I have the baby monitor in there so I can check on him upstairs, he’s been quiet so I assume he’s probably fell asleep in his cot, I hope you don’t mind what I’m wearing I’m getting ready to go out later’.  ‘ not at all replied the other lady, you look hot, is there a lucky man you are meeting later?’  ‘No I’m meeting a friend I’ve haven’t seen for a while, I’m so grateful you was able to help out’ said Mummy A. The two ladies must of walked into the kitchen as I could hear them talking now a lot clearer due to the monitor being in there. I realised Mummy A must of planned this by turning the monitor on so I could hear the conversation to tease and frighten me, she was doing just that as multiple thoughts run through my head. Part of me was petrified of being restrained in the cot with a large dummy in my mouth and blindfolded, not being able to see what was going on and Mummy A had obviously invited someone over with me helplessly restrained in the cot, was she planning on involving her in our session or was she just teasing me, I had no idea. The other part of me felt arroused, even in a dirty nappy,  of the situation of not knowing that I was currently in.


I could hear the two women whispering through the sound of the monitor before I heard what I recognised to be Mummy A’s voice say to the other woman ‘ I’m so grateful you were able to assist, after speaking by messenger for quite some time after you introduced yourself it’s great to finally meet in person. I’m sure our baby upstairs will be ecstatic too.’ With hearing this I struggled furiously against the restraints causing the mess to spread about in my nappy even further. I heard Mummy A then say ‘ I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine, had enough tea and coffee today already, would you like one? Sounds like our baby might be restless upstairs going by what I see on the monitor’. Both women laughed and I heard the somewhat familiar voice I thought reply. ‘Yes I’d love one please, just a small one for me though as I suppose with you going out later I will need to be on the ball won’t I’. Had I heard this right- going out?? Was mummy planning on keeping me here whilst she was out and leaving me with someone else, my mind raced and I fidgeted uncontrollably. I had no idea what was happening only trying to make conclusions from what I could hear, or was this part of a plan by Mummy A to humiliate me. I didn’t know but I knew that I was going to find out soon enough by the sound of it.


I heard Mummy A’s voice through the monitor say to the other woman ‘grab whatever you need to bring upstairs with you as to what we have discussed earlier, I’m going to get baby a couple of bottles sorted and some lunch sorted for him, I think he’s probably getting hungry looking at him fidgeting constantly, not sure if he’s had a sleep, if he hasn’t we can get him fed and then put him down when he’s a bit more settled’ The other woman replied ‘great idea, he’s probably over excited now with all that’s going on down here. Let’s finish our wine and I’ll take my bits upstairs when you have his bottles and food sorted, I can’t wait to see his face even though he won’t be able to see mine.’  She laughed at this and Mummy A responded by laughing too.


Chapter 10- Training the babysitter


After what must of been about ten minutes laying helpless and messy in the cot I heard through the monitor from Mummy A ‘right I think I have what I need for baby, have you got what you need? ‘ ‘yes it’s all out in your front room I’ll grab the bag and the other bits I need and take it  upstairs when we go.’ Mummy A replied ‘ok no problem, let me grab the high chair and take it upstairs and set it up in the corner of the room and you can follow me up after’. I heard some clambering around downstairs and after a couple of minutes I heard footsteps on the stairs. I started to squirm in my current predicament unable to move much due to the wrist and ankle cuffs and then I heard the door open. ‘How’s my baby been, it doesn’t look like you’ve managed to have a nap and judging by the smell in here it seems like someone is in need of a change’. I muffled a response into my dummy gag, still unable to see anything with the blindfold covering my eyes. I heard some movement within the room and then mummy A went out onto the landing and shouted down ‘our baby is awake and I’ve just set up the high chair so come up when you are ready’. Mummy A started moving around the nursery getting things together I imagined unable to see anything whilst humming to her self.  


A few minutes later I heard another set of footsteps on the stairs and my heart started pounding faster. I then heard a voice say ‘well well well, what do we have here? Oh mummy it does smell like our baby has made a mess in his nappy’ with a little giggle afterwards. I lay there squirming even more against the restraints as well  as thinking to myself that the person’s voice that had just entered the nursery sounded distinctively familiar. With this I heard movement to my right and the sound of the cot side being unlocked and removed. I then sensed something above me and with this my blindfold was removed for me to see mummy A standing over me smiling down still dressed in her silk nightgown with her large breasts nearly bursting out. I tried to look past her to see who else was present in the room when Ms B appeared next to Mummy A smiling down at me. ‘ I bet you didn’t expect to see me again so soon did you baby, well after our meeting I was intrigued about our session and wanted to learn and experience more so I contacted Mummy A after you told me about her and her beautiful nursery here and after chatting for a couple of weeks she asked me in the week if I’d be happy to help her out looking after you as she was out later today, I was only happy to oblige obviously.’ I sucked harder on the dummy strapped into my mouth but was quite happy to realise it was Ms B who Mummy A had invited to see me in my current predicament and not a stranger I didn’t know. ‘Shall we get baby out and changed I think he’s in desperate need of one’ mummy A said. I think we should Ms B responded, he definitely needs it, shall I open the window so he doesn’t stink out the room hehe’


With this both of these beautiful women started removing the restraints from me arms and legs and then pulled me up by my arms and pushed me down onto the mat on the floor. Whilst laying there on my back on the floor I saw a tripod in the corner of the room with a phone attached to it. It looked like it could be used for filming is what I could imagine. Ms B then looked down at me and said ‘After chatting with mummy I decided to use this opportunity to babysit you to create some content like you mentioned before, we are going to create multiple scenes so get comfortable, we are going to create some with the three of us and some more intimate ones of the babysitter and baby.’ I gulped in excitement, and with this mummy A said ‘let’s get baby positioned so everyone can see this stunning young babysitter changing his dirty nappy’. I squirmed at the thought of Ms B changing my dirty nappy, but before I could think for too long the pair of them were unbuttoning my babygrow and lifting it over my head. Ms B pushed me gently by the chest instructing me to lay down whilst Mummy A got to her feet and started to gather the things she needed to clean me up and get a clean nappy on me. ‘This wasn’t the first task I was hoping to do but I suppose it can’t be helped and looking at the plastic pants I’ve just removed it hasn’t leaked out of his nappy which is a good thing’. Ms B said. Mummy A returned and knelt alongside me and passed the wipes and a clean nappy over to Ms B, ‘there should be everything you need there, I’ll let you do this one if you don’t mind, I’ve done my fair share over the years and want to see how you deal with this. Sadly I had this planned for your first task, it’s like an initiation process I hope you don’t mind’ Mummy A laughed out. Ms B responded and said ‘well like I said it can’t be helped and at least you are on hand to help out’ I then went through the embarrassing process of being cleaned up and the dirty nappy being removed from underneath me, Ms B looked down at me and smiled, ‘bet your little belly is empty and needs refilling, let’s get you re- dressed and get you fed.’  She continued cleaning me up then attending to my rock hard penis wiping it throughly to ensure it was clean. At this point Mummy A lent over and said ‘wow it does look like he enjoys being attended to by two women going by his pee pee, let’s let that calm down and I have his cage to put on him, he’ll be getting his milking later from the babysitter like we discussed on the phone, I’ve also got a plug to prevent any more messy nappies for you to have to change later hopefully whilst I’m out’. With this Mummy A handed Ms B a lubed up large plug which she then started to ease between my bum cheeks and into my hole. I squealed into my dummy gag as it started to work it’s way in and Ms B exclaimed ‘just aswell he has that dummy fixed into his mouth to prevent him from fussing and complaining’ Mummy A laughed and said ‘As you probably know he loves having something in his mouth at all times, it’s not like he can do anything to prevent it either’. After my penis had returned to its flaccid state Ms B picked up the plastic Chasity cage and put the ring round my balls and the cage over my penis, locking it in place. Not that I could attempt to remove it due to having mittens on most if not all of the time. Ms B powered me, put some barrier cream around my bum cheeks and groin area, making my penis throb against the cage, and then pulled the nappy up and fixed the straps into place. ‘Well I’m very impressed, good job, looks like I’ll have no worries about leaving baby in your care’ said mummy A. I was then put back into my plastic pants and a clean babygrow put on me. ‘Crawl over to the cot and let’s give you a bottle before I have to get ready’ mummy A instructed me. I did just this and attempted to climb back into the cot. ‘Wait for mummy before climbing in’ Mummy A said to me. ‘I’m going to give him a bottle and see how he is, after that it’s over to you’ Mummy A said to Ms B. ‘That’s fine’ Ms B said, ‘I bet he’ll want a bottle and cuddle from you before you head out’ she said to Mummy A. Mummy A got the bottle of milk from the sideboard and instructed me to climb up on her lap. I did just this and before laying down Mummy A reached behind my head and unstrapped the dummy from my mouth letting it fall onto the bed. Laying me back onto her lap she pulled the bottle and gently pushed it into my mouth, with me sucking eagerly at the teat. I looked over to see Ms B turning the tripod and positioning it in mine and Mummy A’s direction. As I laid there I eagerly sucked away at the bottle feeling my eyes closing and laying there in heaven. I finished the bottle and Mummy A  turned  to Ms B and said ‘I’m going to breastfeed him for a little as I find this settles him, he won’t be as fussy when I leave him then’. ‘That’s fine, Ill get his lunch things ready and when you are getting ready I can give him his lunch in the high chair if he’s still hungry which I’m sure he will be’ Ms B said. ‘Then I can get on with a few bits I need to do whilst he’s down for his lunchtime nap’. 


Mummy A started to untie the cords to her silk robe and proceeded to let one of her massive breasts pop out, she pulled the back of my head and directed it to her nipple. I sucked eagerly and tried to kneed Mummy’s other breast but was restricted by the mittens I was wearing. I lay content in mummy A’s arms sucking away peacefully with my eyes once again closed. Ms B said gently ‘ looks like baby is so relaxed and content, I know what to do if he is fussy whilst you are out, it definitely looks like it settles him’. ‘Oh it certainly does, baby loves his nurturing time with Mummy, I’m sure he’ll love the same with you whilst I’m gone if you need to get him settled’ mummy A said.  After about five minutes of being at Mummy A’s breast I felt her started to shuffle a d opened my eyes and saw her look down at her watch. ‘Time for mummy to leave you with the babysitter I need to get dressed now’ removing me from her breast. ‘Don’t worry about putting baby’s dummy back in’ Ms B said ‘I’ll get him in his high chair and give him his lunch and some juice, let me go and grab them’ Ms B gently pulled my wrist and walked me over to the high chair, letting me climb into it before securing my wrists to the restraints on the side of the chair and then clipping the tray into place. Mummy A got up and said, ‘I think you’ve got this Ms B, baby will be in good hands, I’ve got to go and get ready, I’ll be back to say goodbye before i leave, she said gently ruffling my hair. Ms B returned with two bottles of juice and a bowl of what looked like pasta and some form of vegetables. Ms B leant over and grabbed a bib from the shelving unit and tied it behind my neck whilst standing in front of me, her heaving breasts centimetres from my face which made my penis twitch inside the cage I was wearing.She then lifted one of the bottles and pressed it to my mouth, I opened and sucked away on the orange juice until I had finished the first one. Next she lifted the bowl and started to spoon me the lukewarm pasta and vegetables from the bowl, finally finishing the surprisingly nice food I wasn’t expecting she wiped my mucky face with the bib and then pushed the next bottle to my mouth. I already started to feel the need to pee and this second bottle wasn’t going to help at all. I drained the next one as Ms B held it firmly between my lips before she removed it when empty. ‘ I bet baby is completely full now isn’t he after that lunch and two bottles, let’s quickly check your nappy and get you down for a nap so I can get on with a couple of bits.’ With this I felt Ms B’s hand approach my groin area and her fingers pushed past the baby grow and plastic pants before reaching inside of my nappy. She felt around before exclaiming ‘ well it seems you are dry, for now anyway, I’m sure you’ll need a change after your nap, let’s get you out of your high chair and back into the cot, I bet you didn’t get any sleep after being in that messy nappy and the excitement of a visitor downstairs. ‘ with that she unclipped my hands from the side of the high chair removing the tray and leading me back towards the cot. She climbed in with me and said ‘let’s have a cuddle and get baby settled’. I climbed in alongside Ms B and she instructed me to lay across her lap like I had with Mummy A. She held my head in her arms and gently rocked me until I started to feel my eyes closing. A short while after this I must of jolted and woke myself up as I looked up at Ms B with a scared look in my eyes. She looked down at me and said ‘oh baby did you have a bad dream and wake yourself up, let’s give you something to get you settled’. I was expecting Ms B to put the dummy back into my mouth but she started to unzip the hooded sweatshirt she was  wearing, with this she lifted the vest top she was wearing and unclipped the nursing bra she was wearing. One of her bouncy large breasts popped out and she gently guided me to her pert erect nipple. ‘Suck gently baby and close your eyes’ I did just this and latched onto her pert nipple taking it eagerly into my mouth and gently started to suck at her breast. After a couple of minutes I heard Mummy A re-enter the room. ‘Ah such a lovely  sight of baby being nursed, was he being restless?’ I tried to turn my head to see mummy A but Ms B firmly held my head so I will still sucking on her breast. ‘ I think he must of had a bad dream as he drifted off but then woke himself up, so I thought I’d take your advise and get him settled by putting him on my breast it seemed to settle him instantly when you did earlier.’ I gently carried on sucking feeling very content, so much so that I released the impending pee into my nappy after two large bottles of juice. ‘Yes, I find that it settles him immediately’ Mummy A said. ‘Right I’m off now, obviously give me a call if you need anything but judging by what I can see you’ll be fine. Let me adjust the camera so it’s filming also, you’ll definitely want this scene recorded, it’s so intimate’ Mummy A turned the camera so it was facing the cot  and smiled, without saying anything waving at Ms B and whispering I’ll see you later. After about five minutes I must of been so peaceful that I drifted off. Unbeknown to me I was gently laid on my back, arms and ankles restrained and my dummy popped into my mouth and fastened into place. Ms B secured the cot side into place and turned the light off before heading downstairs to work on some other projects she had. I awoke a while later, not knowing the time or how long  I had been asleep. I couldn’t move my hands to check but I knew I was very wet as my bottom felt all clammy and the nappy felt like it was sticking to my bottom. I tried to move and call out but all I could do was murmur into the dummy fixed tightly in place. After a couple of minutes of fidgeting Ms B must of saw me on the monitor as I heard the sound of feet on the steps before the door opening and her greeting me. ‘hi baby, you must of needed that as you’ve been asleep for nearly 2 hours, you was so peaceful whilst I was breastfeeding  you that you fell asleep whilst suckling, it definitely soothes and settles you that’s for sure, now let’s get you out of your cot and changed, I crept up when you was asleep and checked you then and you was soaked, I bet you are even wetter now.’


I felt really embarrassed that I’d had my nappy checked whilst asleep and restrained in the cot. Ms B took down the side of the cot and told me to lay on the floor. Repositioning the camera for what she said would be a good content potential of ‘the babysitter changing the baby’s wet nappy’ she went to work grabbing the necessary things to change me and in no time had me completely naked cleaning me up before slipping the clean disposable underneath my bottom. She must of seen my penis struggling agains the constraints of my chasisty cage as she looked down and smiled and said to me ‘Mummy text whilst you was asleep to tell me to ensure that your cage is kept on as she will be back in a few hours and for us to milk that creamies from you on her return’ this again made my already frustrated penis twitch with excitement and wonder what was to come on Mummy A’s return. After cleaning me up and placing my plastic pants and babygrow back on she took my hand and said ‘let’s go for cuddles for a little while and some dinner after that prior to mummy getting back’.


I laid on the sofa downstairs with Ms B whilst she gave me a bottle of juice and put some cartoons on the tv for me to watch. After a while she got up, placing my dummy in my mouth and securing it and leaving me on the sofa to make me some dinner and after bringing the high chair downstairs strapped me in securely. She returned to the kitchen knowing I was secure in the high chair and retuned with what looked like cottage pie and carrots in a bowl and a sippy  cup which was placed down in front of me. I just about managed to lift the cup due to me having my mittens still locked onto my hands. Ms B slowly fed me the dinner in the bowl telling me what a hungry baby I was and talking to me in a really humiliating way which i could see she seemed to enjoy doing whilst intentionally spilling the food onto my face and then scraping it up with the spoon whilst telling me what a messy baby I was. I think she liked to enforce the idea that she was in control in charge of me and I was helpless to do anything about the situation I was currently in. I was here strapped into a high chair being force fed in baby clothing and nappy with a Chasity cage and buttplug inserted whilst this young babysitter was in complete charge of me. Ms B’s phone beeped and after feeding me the final spoonfuls of the dinner she prepared for me she went over and checked her phone. She looked at the phone and then turned to me and said ‘Mummy is on her way back she’ll be about half hour or so, just aswell you’ve had your dinner as she has some plans for you she has told me.’ I grimaced not knowing what was to come next. Ms B picked up a bottle of juice she had prepared earlier and fed it to me. When this was gone she pushed the dummy back into my mouth saying ‘suck baby, I’ll leave you in your high chair until mummy gets back, I’ve got some things I need to finish on my laptop and the 3 of us can go back upstairs to the nursery on her arrival.’


I must of sat in the highchair for about forty minutes or so before I heard the sound of keys in the front door. I saw Mummy A enter through the front door followed by what I can only imagine was her friend she had been out to dinner with, she come into the front room and said ‘how’s he been Ms B I hope he’s been no trouble, this is my friend, her name is Amanda, she’s been dying to see my new home and especially the new baby I look after. I hope he’s been behaved otherwise we’ll have to take his nappy down and spank him’. All three women starting laughing whilst my face began to turn bright red. ‘He’s been fine, he fell asleep on me whilst feeding from me and I managed to lay him down without waking him, he slept for a couple of hours and then I gave him some dinner which he wolfed down.’ Amanda looked at me and then Ms B and said ‘well I bet baby here loves being fed and changed by his gorgeous younger babysitter, I bet he’s in dreamland with what’s happened to him today.’ Mummy A then looked at me and said ‘you must be in dreamland baby but Me and Ms B have some further plans for you and as I’ve been told you’ve been no trouble whilst I’ve been out I think we should take you upstairs and give you a little reward for being so obedient.’ My eyes widened thinking the Chasity device would be removed and I would finally be able to relieved of my sexual frustration I’d encountered all day. ‘Let’s get you upstairs baby as I was released from the high chair and led by mummy A up the stairs whilst Ms B and Amanda followed behind. I was led into the nursery and Mummy A turned to Ms B and said Im going to show you how to milk baby without releasing him from his cage. This will make him even more obedient and willing to do whatever you say to him. AP the three women all smiled at eachother whilst I was left standing there wondering how I was going to be milked without being released from my cage. I was told to kneel in front  of the cot and Mummy A restrained my hands to the cot so I was unable to move. She then got up and I looked behind me to see her retrieving a bag from the wardrobe. Ms B walked over and pushed my head down onto the bed and told me to keep my head down. I managed to glance up to  see Mummy A holding a spreader bar which looked like it’s intended use was for my legs and with this she fitted this to each of my ankles. I then managed to catch a glance of something mummy A was pulling up over her waist and realised she was pulling up a strap on! I knew exactly now how I was to be milked without the release of my chasity cage by being pegged, which I knew after a while I would be leaking cum like  anything and unable to hold back an orgasm. I looked to the side to see Ms B and Amanda smiling at me and Ms B was arranging the tripod and camera to film this. After positioning the camera in the position she wanted  I saw Ms B also start to pull a strap on belt over her legs and pulled up to her waist so it was in the correct position and looked at me smiling and said ‘you didn’t think only mummy was going to have all the fun did you?’ I tried wriggling my arms in fear whilst the women laughed and Amanda said, ‘ doesn’t look like baby is looking forward to his treat of his milking does it’ I felt mummy A behind me who started to undo the crotch on my babygrow and pulled this over my head until I was just kneeling forward in just my plastic pants and disposable which by this point was sagging due to the wetness. Mummy A then pulled the plastic pants down to my ankles and pulled the top of the nappy down very slightly so she had access to my back passage. She then removed the plug from my anus making me gasp slightly and said 

, not sure we’ll need any lube it looks like his hole is already well prepared for this. With this she stood over me and eased the strap on into my bum from behind, making me yelp into the dummy fixed into my mouth, I tried to move against the restraints but was unable to and resigned myself to the fact I was to have my arse pounded by mummy whilst Ms B and Amanda watched on smiling. After some time Mummy A invited Ms B over to take over and she then took charge and took me from behind. After a while Ms B asked me if I was ready to make cummies and she pushed her hand into the soaked disposable and could feel I was leaking quite considerably. She said to a mummy A and Amanda ‘I’m going to pound him quite hard and get all that nasty creamies out of him and she started to take me harder from behind and at a more frequent pace. After a few minutes my body started to shudder and I started to ejactulate Into the disposable before collapsing forward onto the bed panting hard into the dummy that occupied my mouth. After slowly pulling herself out of me about thirty seconds later, Ms B got up and said ‘I’m going to get him changed and settled for the night. I want our baby to have an early night, I think he needs it. Tomorrow I want to film the remaining content I have planned and then I have to leave about lunchtime so it’s best if me and baby get an early night.  Mummy A would you mind getting me a warm bottle of milk whilst I change him and get him ready for bed? ‘ Mummy A looked over at Ms B and said ‘No of course not darling I’ll go and grab it now why you get him changed’ and with this she left the room and headed down the stairs. Ms B then started to undo my hand restraints and told me to lay on the floor, I almost slithered like a snake onto to the floor, exhausted and drained literally. Ms B turned to Amanda and said ‘would you mind grabbing me the wipes, some powder and a clean disposable and a bedtime outfit of your choice whilst I start getting this one cleaned up and undressed.It looks like he needs his bottle and bed now’. No problem at all and after a short time returned with the necessary cleaning items and disposable and a hooded all in one onesie. ‘Perfect, thanks for that Amanda’ Ms B said as she pulled the soaked and cum soiled depart from underneath me whilst cleaning me with a handful of wipes. ‘Don’t worry baby we’ll have a nice bubble bath in the morning and get you properly cleaned up’ whilst Amanda stood over me grinning at the sight of me getting nappied by this beautiful young woman. After pulling the nappy up and plastic pants back on, Amanda helped Ms B get the onesie on and zipped up just in time for Mummy A’s return to the room holding a large bottle of milk. Ms B got up and onto the cot and instructed me to join her to have my bottle and before laying down unstrapped the dummy gag from my mouth. She then said lay down baby in my lap and drink your bot bot before beddie byes and i hungrily accepted the teat of the bottle and gulped down the milk. ‘I was expecting him to be asleep by now’ said Ms B after I drained down the full contents of the bottle. I will have to put him back on my breast like I did earlier as that seemed to do the job.’ I looked up at Ms B looking down at me as she once again unzipped her top, pulled up her vest top and unclipped the nursing bra she was wearing. When her large breast once again appeared I was towards her by the hand on the back of my head and I latched on and  started to suck with enthusiasm. Amanda commented ‘ he looks like he loves being put on the breast look at him all settled and content she said whilst leaning over me taking a closer look. ‘He really enjoys it, Ms B said he fell asleep earlier on whilst nursing, it really settles him and puts him at ease’ Mummy A said, and Ms B chipped in ‘his eyes are closing, he’ll be asleep soon. He definitely loves being put on the breast and it gets him settled in no time’. And with this I must of drifted off shortly after as the next thing I knew I was being awoken by streams of light coming into the nursery the following morning.


Chapter 11- The finale, for now 


I realised that i had slept really well and felt really refreshed, I was sucking on my dummy and had my mittens on my hands still but I hadn’t been restrained by my wrists and ankles so had probably been able to stretch out more and move around more freely. A short time later both mummy A and Ms B entered the nursery and asked how I slept. In the following  few hours I was bathed, fed breakfast in the high chair and changed in Nanny A’s discreet garden which wasn’t overlooked by anything. Mummy A and Ms B filmed whatever content they could for different scenarios and when it was time to leave I heard Ms B Thank Mummy A for the fantastic opportunity to look after baby in the nursery and also film all content which her and baby was looking to review in the coming  days  with myself and edit to produce content to sell online. With that Ms B wished Mummy A and myself goodbye and said it had been a blast and how she would love to do it again soon when she and myself had come up with some new ideas. Mummy A remarked on what a great idea this was and to keep in touch. About an hour later I was then given my adult clothes and proceeded to get myself changed before thanking Mummy A for the wonderful unexpected experience I had received over the last 24 hours or so and I got in my car, my head spinning thinking what a lucky boy I had been. 

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