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When Cinderella's Father was still alive her Step Mother lied to her Father and said that Cinderella had been wetting the bed at night.

She new Cinderella used to have a problem with this but also knew that she had gown out of it. But she hated Cinderella and never failed to try and humiliate her when ever her Father wasn't around. So after a week or so she suggested to Cinderella's Father that she buy some diapers for Cinderella. So he finally agreed, He called Cinderella and told her he needed to talk to her. He told her he had been told she was wetting the bed at night. Cinderella was surprised and said no I haven't. Her Father just thought she was embarrassed and said it is ok sweetie. We understand. But I don't wet the bed Cinderella cried out. Her Father just ignored her. Then he said you Step Mother thinks you should wear diapers to bed for awhile. Cinderella started crying and begged her Father not to do this and that she really wasn't wetting the bed. Well needless to say it didn't work and she was diapered for bed that night by her Step Mother. Cinderella cried herself to sleep that night. Soon after this Cinderella's Father passed away and her Step Mother became even worse and demanded that she start wearing during the day also Cinderella always vowed she would get even with her Step Mother and planned just how she would do it if she ever got the chance. Well a few weeks later she got an invitation to attend a royal ball. She figured she would not be allowed to go so she didn't even ask. When she got home that day her Step Mother met her at the door. This was not unusual as she usually insisted on checking Cinderella's diaper when ever she though it needed to be checked. After that she told Cinderella that all the women in the kingdom were invited to a ball for the prince. She said that if she had her way Cinderella would just stay home. But it was decreed by the king that every woman attend. So she told Cinderella she had to be ready and that she had to pack a diaper bag. She never missed an opportunity to rub it in that Cinderella was diapered. So the day of the party comes and they get to the palace and just like the fairy tale the ! prince took one look at her and fell in Love. He wondered though why she was carrying such a large bag. Well when Cinderella's Step Mother saw that Cinderella was getting all the attention she decided to fix it so the prince would hate Cinderella. So she walks up To Cinderella and asks very loudly if she needs her diaper changed. Cinderella kind of embarrassed tried to laugh and say I don't wear diapers. Her Step Mother walked up to her about then and pulled up the back of Cinderella's dress so that everyone could plainly see that she was diapered. Cinderella burst into tears and ran out of the room. The prince being kind and gentle though ran to find her. When he did he told her that it was ok . That he didn't mind that she had to wear diapers and that he thought it was kind of cute. Then he asked her if she would Marry him.

Although they had only known each other a short time they both knew they were meant to be together.

After awhile of the good life Cinderella decided to get back at her Step Mother for the cruel way she had treated Cinderella over the years. So she planed a big party for her Step mothers birthday. She made it the best party ever. But she determined that by the end of the evening her Step Mother would not only be diapered but totally humiliated. So the party started with drinks. Cinderella made sure to serve her Step Mother Her drink personally as she had put something in it to make her Step Mother wet her pants. Well After a few drinks that is lol. After drinks they had dinner . Again Cinderella served her Step Mother the meal. Her Step Mother was feeling really good and happy being the center of attention. All of a sudden with no warning she had to pe. She tried to jump up and run to the bathroom but didn't make it in time. Cinderella was pleased to see this and couldn't resist making fun. She said awwww look at the Little girl I think she needs a diaper she wet her pants. Her Step Mother said there is now ay you are putting e i a diaper. About that time her insides cramped up and without warning she messed herself. She couldn't believe it. She had never done this before. Cinderella said eww look at that everyone she says she doesn't need a diaper yet she has just wet an messed herself like a little infant. The crowd starting laughing and al started chanting "DIAPER HER"


"DIAPER HER". That was to much for the step Mother and she broke down in tears. Cinderella called for the servants to come and take her Step Mother to the prepared room. As they did she told the guests that she would be back shortly that she needed to diaper the baby. The crows just roared with laughter.. By the time Cinderella got to the room the servants had already helped her Step Mother get cleaned up. Then Cinderella looked at her Step Mother and decided that she really would turn her into a baby again. Her step Mother resisted at first when the servants tried to lift her up onto what appeared to be a large diaper changing table. Then the Oldest servant the one that was kind of like a Mother to everyone stepped up and swatted the Step Mothers behind. The Step Mother stopped resisting and climbed up onto the table. She knew she deserved this . Then Cinderella told her . That she felt Her Step Mother must be so miserable as an adult that she was going to turn her into a baby again. Her Step Mother at that time just gave in and let herself be diapered. Then they dressed her just like a baby. Surprisingly soon after they got her dressed she was acting just like a child. Cinderella moved her Step Mother in and true to her word turned her into a baby again. But realized that she wasn't angry with her anymore she also realized that she enjoyed caring for her Step Mother/Baby . As for the Step Mother she quickly adjusted to her new role and was finally happy. She had a miserable childhood without Love the first time around and was really enjoying the comfort and caring she was getting.

The End

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