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Diapered by Nurse Ellie

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This work may not be published or shared without appropriately crediting the author. This work may not be altered, modified, or used to endorse a product or individual under any circumstances.

All characters over the age of 21

Themes: diapers, enema, bondage, humiliation, nosex, first person


The sharp smell of antiseptic tingles my nose as I wake up. I’m in a hospital, but I can’t remember how I got here or what happened. I have a splitting headache and my mouth is as dry as the Sahara.

I try to lift my arm but find that I am unable to. Something isn't right. I try to sit up, only to realize that I am strapped to the bed. Everything from my chest to my hips, all the way down to my ankles is tightly bound. The only part of my body that is free to move is my head.

My mind begins to race as I take in my surroundings. I look to my left and see two IV stands off to the side, one of which has an IV bag hanging from it. The IV is going straight into my left arm. The gown I'm wearing is little more than thin paper, leaving me feeling almost naked.

I feel an unfamiliar sensation around my privates. My underwear is hugging me in a weird way, and my crotch feels unusually warm. I try to crane my neck to see what the problem is, but I can’t see anything due to the gown covering me up.

As the confusion wears off, panic starts to set in. I am in an unfamiliar place with no memory of how I got here, and I am completely unable to move.


I call out as I struggle against the restraints. The door to the room is closed, and there are no windows anywhere.

"Where am I?"

I shout, praying for any kind of response. My struggling is to no avail, as despite my best effort the straps barely budge.

Without warning, the door to my room bursts open and a young woman rushes in. She is wearing medical scrubs, and she has a watch on her wrist. Her medium brown hair is shoulder length and neatly styled.

"Are you alright, sweetie?" she asks.

"Where am I?" "Who are you?" I replied frantically.

"Relax, honey; you're somewhere safe." Her concerned look relaxes into a smile as she closes the door behind her. She walks over and stands at my bedside. Despite her being average height, she towers over me as I lay on the bed.

"What's going on?" I demand.

"My name is Nurse Ellie, and right now you're at Medford Memorial Medical Center."

"What's that?" I ask, confused. I've never heard of Medford Memorial despite living in the area for over 3 years.

"Here at Medford we pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient care." she says. "After your accident, you were transferred here because we thought you would be a good fit for our facility."

"Accident? What accident?"

She looked at me quizzically.

"Do you really not remember? About three days ago you were picked up by an ambulance after being hit by a car. You were unconscious when you were transferred here."

I sat for a moment, perplexed. I have no memory of any accident. The last thing I remember was waiting to cross at the street corner late in the evening as I returned home from work.

"Is there anything I can help you out with, sweetie," Nurse Ellie asked, snapping me back to reality.

"Oh, umm" I said, pausing to think. "Do you think you could help me get out of this?" I gesture towards the restraints with my head, "and then show me where to get a drink of water?"

Nurse Ellie looked at me and frowned.

"Sorry honey, but the restraints have to stay on."

"What? Why?" I ask, puzzled.

"It's a safety thing," she says.

She crouches down so we're closer to eye level.

"I know that it must be uncomfortable to be stuck like this, but until we know what sort of trauma you might have sustained, we can't risk you hurting the staff or yourself."

I stare at her for a few seconds at a loss for words. Trauma? I feel fine.

"I'll tell you what," she says as she stands back up. "How about I go get you that drink of water? I'll only be gone for a moment."

"O..okay," I stammer as she leaves, closing the door behind her.

Now that she's gone, my attention returns to my crotch. The warm, damp sensation has become more noticeable since I first woke up.

Did I wet the bed in my sleep?

My train of thought is interrupted as the door opens. Nurse Ellie walks back in and closes the door behind her. She is holding a clear cup full of  water with an unusual looking lid.

"What's that?" I ask.

"This is your water, honey," she replies.

"No, I meant what kind of cup is that?" 

"This is an adaptive drinking aid. You can think of it as an adult sippy cup."

It dawns on me that she does not intend on letting me out to drink.

"Hold on a second." I protest. "Why can't you unstrap my arm and let me drink it myself? I'm not just going to let you bottle feed me like some sort of baby!"

"I've already explained why you need to be strapped down. These restraints are staying put until I deem that you are no longer a risk. You can either let me help you drink or you can sit there and whine with no water at all.” Her tone is stern and icy, a surprising shift from her upbeat attitude thus far.

Surprised by her sudden change in demeanor, I decided that quenching my thirst is more important than trying to pick a fight. Besides, it's not like I have any other options.

"Sorry." I mumble

Her frustration subsides as she walks towards my bedside. She says in a much gentler tone of voice "I know that it's going to take some time for you to get used to things around here, but everything will go much smoother if you trust me and let me help you out."

"Thank you." I murmur sheepishly as she stands next to me.

Nurse Ellie reaches down and presses a button on the side of my bed. I can hear the faint sound of motors whirring as the upper part of the bed begins to incline. Gently, she places the spout of the cup against my lips allowing me to drink.

"Thanks, I'm good for now." I say after a few small sips.

"Ah ah ah, not so fast." she says. "You need to finish this whole cup before you're done. You haven't had anything to drink in three days."

The cup being rather large, I protest, however she gives me a look and I decide to let it go. After all, she’s right about me needing to stay hydrated.

After I finish my water, Nurse Ellie stands up and starts to walk towards the door.

"Wait!" I call out to her.

"What is it, sweetheart?" she says, turning back towards me.

I want to tell her about the wetness around my groin, but I’m embarrassed about it. I end up just mumbling something under my breath.

"What was that? You need to speak up sweetie." She says with a smile.

I speak up, saying "I think I might have a problem with my underwear."

"Oh, that reminds me!" she says. "I still haven't checked your diaper this morning!"

I freeze. "My what?" I ask.

Nurse Ellie continues to smile as she says "Your diaper, honey. All patients who stay here are required to wear diapers. It makes cleaning up any nighttime accidents easier, plus we don’t have to worry about you slipping and falling while trying to use the toilet."

I stare at her, stunned, as she starts to walk back to my bed.

Suddenly, everything starts to make sense. The warmth and wetness, I must have accidentally peed myself while I was unconscious.

Her statement about diapers being required is deeply concerning to me. I've already been embarrassed enough by her, but being forced to wear diapers? It's bad enough that I was put in them while I was unconscious, but now she wants to keep me in them. Not to mention having her check my diapers? The humiliation would be unbearable.

"No." I say.

"Excuse me?" she says

"NO!" I scream. "I refuse to wear diapers, and I refuse to let you check me. Let me out of here right now!" I start to squirm, trying my best to work my way out of my bonds. "Somebody, please help!" I yell.

Nurse Ellie's smile drops as she walks over to me.

Her voice turns cold as she says "Yelling isn't going to help you, you know. As your nurse, I am responsible for your care, and I will go to any lengths to fulfill my responsibilities. I tried to talk to you like a mature adult, but since you want to kick and scream like a baby, maybe I should start treating you like one."

Fear surges through me as she continues her slow walk over to me. I continue to call for help, but either nobody can hear me or nobody cares.

I watch as she pulls something from the front pocket of her uniform.

"You see, I thought you might give me some trouble, so I made sure to bring this with me, just in case."

She brings the object closer so that I can see what it is. It's a pink baby pacifier. Only, there was something strange about this pacifier. First of all, It's far too large for an infant. It also has a strap attached to either side with a padlock hanging off one of the straps.

My confusion must be obvious to her, as she proceeds to clarify what her special device is used for.

"This is a tool that we like to use when one of our patients is being...difficult." "Here, it goes in your mouth just like this."

I panic and try to close my lips and turn away, but with my entire body bound there is nothing I do to resist. Nurse Ellie grabs my face with one hand, forcing me to face her. Her unyielding fingers squeeze hard into my cheeks. Unable to keep my mouth closed, she seizes her opportunity and roughly shoves the pacifier between my teeth.

The taste of rubber fills my mouth as I try to spit the pacifier out, but it's no use. Using one hand to hold the pacifier firmly in place, Nurse Ellie moves to buckle the strap behind my head. The smooth leather of the strap digs into my face as she pulls it tight, before I hear the click of her locking the pacifier in place.

"Phew, there we go. Much better." she says, a look of satisfaction on her face.

In a panic I continue trying to call out for help, but any sounds I make are muffled by the pacifier. Completely immobilized and now unable to speak, I’m now completely at the mercy of Nurse Ellie. My heart is beating out of control.

"This pacifier gag is designed to prevent you from making any noise. The little lock on the back ensures that nobody but myself is able to remove it."

Nurse Ellie locks eyes with me and grins, and all I'm able to manage in response are more muffled grunts.

"Now, I think it's time for me to check your diaper!" she says with a cheery tone.

I can feel myself trembling. Terror, confusion, anger; all three are swirling through me as Nurse Ellie walks to the middle side of the bed.

She sounds almost giddy as she does this, as if she has been waiting her whole life for this moment. She lifts up the bottom of my gown exposing my lower half to the room.

I look down to find that I am wearing a diaper. The thick, all white diaper was clearly very wet, as the majority of it appeared soaked and slightly discolored. I start to snivel as Nurse Ellie takes in the sight of my soggy diaper.

"Uh oh," she says "It looks like someone had an accident last night." My ears are burning from the embarrassment, and I can feel myself blushing harder than I ever have in my life.

"Well, your diaper certainly looks soaked from the outside, but we do have to do our due diligence and check to make sure." I shudder as Nurse Ellie slips a finger inside the waistband of my wet diaper.

Her finger feels cold and alien in the warm, wet diaper. After poking around for what felt like an eternity, she pulls her finger from the waistband of the diaper.

"Yep, you've definitely *heavily* wet yourself," she says with a smirk.

"Would you care to see for yourself?" she says as she holds her finger up to my face. She places her finger right under my nose, and my senses are immediately overpowered by the smell of my own pee. I flinch and do my best to recoil, however the restraints are effective at keeping me in place.

She chuckles at my discomfort. Surprisingly, her voice takes on a note of concern as she says "It is a bit troubling that you have yet to make a messy diaper for me. I'll have to talk to my supervisor about that. I'll be back in a few minutes with a fresh diaper for you."

As she leaves, my stomach drops to the floor. What did she mean by 'talk to her supervisor’? My mind is torn between the fear of what is to come and the shock of what just happened. The gag in my mouth is becoming more uncomfortable by the minute.

A short while later, the door to my room opens once again. In walks Nurse Ellie, pushing a cart with several items on it, only some of which I can make out. On the top shelf of the cart there is a large basin as well as some sort of coiled tube that I wasn't familiar with. On the lower shelf of the cart were two stacks of diapers. One stack was plain white like the kind I was wearing, but the other stack was a bright pink color with a pattern all over it.

A second woman in a similar uniform entered my room after Nurse Ellie. This new nurse was a slightly heavier set woman, and she looked to be about middle-aged.

"This is Head Nurse Joy, she's my supervisor." 

I stare at them silently, wondering what they are going to do to me next. It's bad enough dealing with Nurse Ellie, but now I also have to deal with another nurse seeing me like this.

I try to catch Nurse Joy's gaze in an attempt to plead for sympathy with my eyes. As she looks over to me, she seems completely uninterested. She just glances down at my diaper.

"Well, you certainly weren't kidding," says Nurse Joy. "This is one of the wettest diapers I've seen in my career."

My face is hot with shame as the woman comments on the state of my diaper. Unable to meet her gaze, I turn my head away as the two women approach my bed.

I hear the click of a button as my bed begins to move once again. This time I can feel the bed going flat, before my legs begin to elevate separately, bending at the knees.

The final position I find myself in is one where I am lying flat on my back. Each of my legs are hoisted up independently by a sort of motorized stirrup that is attached to the bed. The restraints around my ankles and legs keep me strapped in tightly to the stirrups. My ankles are above my knees and my bottom is suspended slightly above the bed.

I find that despite the new lack of restraint around my waist area, I am still unable to move because of the position I'm in. I try to buck my hips in an attempt to wriggle free, however I find that my range of motion is so limited I can barely move my butt upwards at all.

Soon, I feel someone tugging at the tapes of my diaper. I glance down to see Nurse Ellie undoing my diaper.

"Hmm, hmm," she softly hums to herself while methodically peeling off each tape as I lay there, powerless to stop her.

As she finishes undoing the final tape, she opens the diaper and pulls it out from underneath me, leaving me completely naked from the waist down. I feel the frigid air on my privates as she begins rolling the wet diaper up.

I can feel tears welling up inside me from the combination of shame and anger. I fight to choke them back as I try to scream into the gag, only for it to come out as yet another pathetic whimper.

"I'm glad I checked you when I did, any longer and you would have leaked." she says with a smile. I watch as she tosses the rolled up soggy diaper into the trash can in the corner of my room.

A shiver runs up my spine, I can't tell if it's from disgust or the chilly hospital room. My heart has all but stopped as a crushing sense of dread weighs on me.

Nurse Joy chimes in saying "Ellie, you said it's been 3 days and this patient has not had a bowel movement, correct?" Her voice comes across as indifferent. From the moment she entered the room, she hasn't paid me an ounce of attention.

"That's correct." came Nurse Ellie's reply."And I would know, after all I've been changing this patient's diapers since they were transferred here."

My cheeks flush as I realize this isn't the first diaper change Nurse Ellie has given me.

While Nurse Ellie was busy removing my diaper, Nurse Joy was fiddling with the objects on the cart. She appears to be checking items off on a clipboard.

"Hmm...well we'll need to perform a digital rectal exam to check for signs of constipation." says Nurse Joy. "Have you conducted one before?"

"Once," responds Nurse Ellie, "Although I wouldn't mind seeing it demonstrated again." Her smile grows larger as she glances over towards me.

"Very well then," says Nurse Joy, "I want you to observe carefully and take notes as I conduct the exam on your patient." Nurse Joy then hands over the clipboard.

I hear the unmistakable snap of a nitrile glove being pulled taut. I look over to Nurse Joy and watch her dip her gloved fingers into a small jar. She sets the jar back down on the cart and walks over to my bed, positioning herself next to my bottom.

I inhale sharply as I feel something cold on my backside. I quickly realize that what I'm feeling is Nurse Joy's gloved hand spreading something on my anus. Nurse Joy takes her time spreading the slippery gel all around my butthole.

Unlike Nurse Ellie, Nurse Joy's fingers are short and stocky. Soon one of those fingers is probing at my anal opening, attempting to gain entry. I clench as tightly as I can, not wanting my ass to be violated by a stranger.

"Now," she says, "this is going to go much smoother if you relax." She still sounds completely disinterested, as if this is a task she has performed thousands of times before. "The lubrication will help, but it's only going to be more painful if you resist."

Despite my best efforts, I can feel my asshole giving way to Nurse Joy's finger.

I begin to whimper into my pacifier gag as Nurse Joy continues to push into my bottom.

"Please note that your patient's anal sphincter is extremely tight."Nurse Joy says to Nurse Ellie. "You may want to consider an anal stretching regimen to make future exams more comfortable."

"Ooh, I like the sound of that." says Nurse Ellie as she jots down a note on the clipboard.

"Future exams?" I think to myself. I am on the verge of tears as the gravity of my predicament hits me. I'm completely helpless, stuck here with Nurse Ellie for who knows how long. I continue to whimper as Nurse Joy's finger continues its slow and steady assault on my asshole.

Completely defeated, all I can do is lie back and whine as Nurse Joy finishes inserting her finger into my ass.

I feel her finger wiggling and rotating as it explores the inside of my butt.

After a few excruciatingly long minutes she says to Nurse Ellie "Your patient has a large amount of compacted stool approximately 2 inches into the anal cavity." Finally, her finger begins to retract from my bottom.

"Noted." Says Nurse Ellie.

As Nurse Joy removes her finger from inside me and takes her glove off, she turns to Nurse Ellie and says "Since this is your patient, would you like to feel for yourself?" For the first time, I see Nurse Joy show an emotion other than boredom as she cracks a slight smile.

"Of course!" Nurse Ellie says enthusiastically. "I'm always ready for a learning experience." Once again I hear the snap of a nitrile glove being donned, and I try to mentally prepare myself for what is about to happen.

As Nurse Joy steps back from my bedside, Nurse Ellie quickly walks over to take her place, handing off the clipboard in the process.

"Because he is already lubricated, there is no need to reapply." Nurse Joy says. "You may begin the exam now."

I jolt as I feel Nurse Ellie's slender finger slide into my asshole quickly and  without warning.

"Careful," Nurse Joy says. "You don't want to injure the patient. Remember to take it slow."

"Oops, sorry!" Says Nurse Ellie. It's too late to take it slow however as she already has her long, slender finger buried completely inside of me.

"You know, I just can't seem to get a good feel for anything." She says after a moment of wriggling her digit around. "I think my finger may be too thin to properly conduct the exam." She sounds disappointed.

"That's fine," Nurse Joy says. "Try inserting another finger and see if that helps."

Nurse Ellie's face lights up as she excitedly replies "Okay!"

Nurse Ellie slightly withdraws her first finger before adding a second and pressing against my asshole once again. There is nothing I can do as she slips both of her fingers back into my butt.

"Ooh, that's much better," says Nurse Ellie. "Now I can really feel how constipated it is up there!" she says. She continues to move her fingers around inside my bottom for a few more minutes, before she deftly pulls them from my backside.

My body is burning up with the humiliation. Not only have these two women seen and changed my soaking wet diaper, but they have now both penetrated my backside and felt the feces inside me. I can barely hold back my tears, and I'm now constantly whimpering into my pacifier gag.

As Nurse Ellie removes her glove, Nurse Joy says "Given your description of this patient's behavior as well as seeing firsthand how constipated the subject is, I'm granting you permission to move this patient's introduction up to today."

"Really?" Nurse Ellie beams. "That's wonderful news! I've been excited to introduce this patient since the moment I was placed in charge of their care."

I sit and listen as the two nurses talk about me as if I'm not even here. What could they mean by my 'introduction'? Judging by Nurse Ellie's enthusiasm, I can only assume that it is going to be something degrading.

"I'll fetch the rest of the supplies," says  Nurse Joy. "While I'm gone, please prepare your patient for the procedure.

"Should I explain the introduction to the patient?" asks Nurse Ellie.

"Yes." Nurse Joy replies after a short pause. "Explaining the procedure will help the patient be more prepared for what is about to happen to them."

Nurse Joy then grabs the basin off of the cart and leaves the room, leaving Nurse Ellie and myself alone.

After throwing her dirty glove in the trash, Nurse Ellie walks over to the cart and picks up a few items. She places three of the items on the bed next to my head, and she places the fourth down by the foot of my bed.

It's clear that she purposefully placed the items here so that I could see what they were. Turning my head to look at them, My stomach drops again. The items she had placed next to me were a bottle of baby powder, a tube of diaper cream, and a thick pink diaper. Now that I can see the diaper close up, I notice the pattern on it is a princess pattern.

"Don't worry sweetheart," she cooed. "I'll get you all cleaned up."

I feel a cold wipe gently caress my backside. I whine quietly into my pacifier as Nurse Ellie methodically wipes every crevice of my diaper area.

"Shhh, shhh," Nurse Ellie says, gently shushing me as I continue to whimper.

After tossing the first baby wipe in the trash, she pulls a second one from the package and begins to clean my behind. She seems to pay special attention to my asshole, giving it an extremely thorough wipe down.

"There we go, doesn't that feel better already sweetie?" she says as she tosses the second wipe into the trash.

Nurse Ellie then reaches over and grabs the tube of diaper cream from the bed. She pops open the tube and squirts a generous amount into her hand, before setting the tube back down.

"While I'm getting you ready, let me explain what is about to happen to you." she says.

She begins to rub the cream into my groin area. It feels cold and slippery, and she's careful to spread it everywhere. She even makes sure to get some cream in between my butt cheeks.

While she is rubbing in the diaper cream, she continues her explanation.

"The introduction is a procedure we use to help patients who are struggling to adjust to being here at Medford Memorial. The purpose of this procedure is to help you get used to the way we run things around here."

"As you already know, diapers are mandatory for all patients here at Medford. Your introduction will help you get used to using them."

I cringe in disgust at her last statement. The idea of voluntarily using a diaper at my age was completely ridiculous. I'm already ashamed of being made to use a diaper while unconscious, but being forced to use them 24/7? The concept was completely alien to me.

"That's why we have these special pink diapers." she says, patting the diaper she had placed next to my head.

"The idea is that by having a cuter and friendlier diaper instead of a boring medical one, our patients will be more willing to accept the fact that they have to use diapers."

"Also," she says, "you're going to learn pretty soon why we call it your 'introduction'. I'm not going to spoil the surprise for you though, so you'll just have to wait and find out!"

She smiles at me yet again as she finishes with the diaper cream and reaches for the bottle of baby powder.

My mind races as I try to think through what "introduction" could possibly mean. I'm drawing a blank, but I can tell by her tone and attitude that it isn't going to be something pleasant.

As I'm frantically thinking through my predicament, Nurse Ellie sprinkles baby powder all  over my loins. The sweet smell of the powder reminds me of the scent I picked up when I first awoke.

Finally, she opens the pink princess diaper and slides it under my butt. I expect her to tape up the diaper, however she chooses not to, instead leaving me exposed to the room.

As she sets the diaper changing materials back on the cart, she sighs gently. She walks back over to the side of my bed and crouches down like she did when we first met. Her face softens into a caring, almost motherly expression.

"I know that this isn't what you want right now sweetheart, but trust me, you'll feel a whole lot better as soon as you get past your introduction."

For a moment she seems like a completely different person. It seems as if she genuinely cares about me and only wants what's best.

"You know, this is going to be my first time doing an introduction for a new patient." she says.  "I'm probably just as nervous about it as you are!" she chuckles softly as she stands back up. Unable to respond to her, I sit there in silence.

Nurse Ellie returns to the cart and starts organizing some of the items, when the door opens and Nurse Joy walks in. She is holding the basin, which now appears to be full. She is also carrying a white towel over her shoulder. As she walks further into the room, I notice a small black cloth bag hanging from her wrist by a lanyard.

She sets all three items on top of the cart, then turns to Nurse Ellie and says "Alright Ellie, are you ready to proceed with your patient's introduction?"

"Absolutely!" she responds, returning to her usual chipper demeanor.

I noticed that Nurse Joy left the door open after she came in, meaning my bare bottom was not only on display to the room, but also to anyone who happened to be passing by in the hallway.

"Wonderful," replies Nurse Ellie. "I've let the rest of the staff know and they'll be stopping by soon. You may begin the procedure."

I can feel my heart beating hard in my chest as Nurse Ellie reaches into the black bag and pulls out a small syringe filled with a clear liquid.

She then walks over to my IV stand. "This syringe contains a powerful diuretic," she explains. "It's a special type of medicine that's going to help you go pee pee in your diapers."

I lay there and watch helplessly as she attaches the syringe to my IV drip. Alarm shoots through me as she injects the entire syringe into my IV bag.

She must have seen my eyes widen, as she quickly followed up with "Don't worry, it's going to be a little while before it takes effect, so we'll have plenty of time to get your diaper taped up nice and snug."

After removing the syringe from my IV bag, Nurse Ellie takes the empty IV stand and rolls it over to the cart. Once again, she starts humming as she works.

"Hmmm, hmmm," I hear, as I watch her pick up the tube from the top of the cart. I realize as she lifts it up that attached to the tube on one end is a red rubber bag with a hook at the top. I shudder as I also notice the thin white plastic nozzle on the other end. There's no question as to where that end is supposed to go.

Nurse Ellie fills the enema bag with water from the basin then hangs the bag on the stand she had brought over. She then picks up the jar of lubricant that Nurse Joy used earlier, and she spreads a small amount over the surface of the nozzle. Finally, she wheels the enema stand over to the foot of my bed as I watch helplessly, my butt still on full display.

I cringe as the cold hard nozzle enters my bottom. Never before in my life have I felt so vulnerable and exposed.

"Alright, are you ready for your enema sweetie?" Nurse Ellie says with a smile. I start frantically shaking my head no, however this does little to stop her as she releases the clamp on the enema hose.

Immediately, warm water rushes into me, filling up my insides. I groan softly into my pacifier as Nurse Ellie and Nurse Joy watch me take the enema. As the enema continues, a wave of cramps washes over my body. The urge to poop is becoming slowly desperate, yet there is nothing I can do.

As the enema continues to flow into me, Nurse Ellie retrieves another item from the small black bag. I can't quite see what the item is, but I see her dipping her hand back into the jar of lubricant and thoroughly lubricating the object.

Eventually, after several minutes and even more cramps, the flow of water eventually slows down and comes to a stop. The pressure in my bowels is immense, and I can feel that my belly is slightly distended.

The enema combined with the diuretic places a lot of pressure on my bladder. Now I feel both an urgent need to poop as well as the growing urge to urinate.

"There we go, all done." she says. "See, that wasn't so bad sweetheart." she remarks, patting me on my bare bottom. I barely even register what she is doing, as the pressure and cramps in my colon are all that I can feel right now.

I hardly even feel it as Nurse Ellie quickly pulls the enema nozzle from my bottom. I then feel her pressing something into my anus. My anal opening stretches to accommodate the invasion, before the object pops into place.

The object feels completely alien to me. Its texture is soft and rubber-like, however the item itself is solid and has no give.

"To make sure we clean out *all* of your poopies, you're going to need to hold this enema for at least 10 minutes." says Nurse Ellie as she looks down at her watch.

I cringe as her childish wording only adds to my humiliation. "10 minutes?" I think to myself. There is no way I could possibly hold it for that long. Another wave of cramps hit me as my need to defecate continues to grow.

Almost as if she read my mind, Nurse Ellie says "The silicone plug I inserted in your backside will help you hold it. I don't want you making a mess all over the bed."

As Nurse Ellie puts the enema supplies back on the cart, another nurse pokes her head in the open doorway.

"Is this the correct room?" she asks.

"Yep, you're in the right place." Nurse Ellie replies.

"Great!" the nurse says as walks into my room. "It's been awhile since the last introduction."

I'm mortified as the third nurse walks over and stands off towards the back of the room facing the foot of my bed. From her position she has an unobstructed view of my powdered and plugged behind.

Not long after the third nurse enters, a fourth walks straight through the open door and stands in an open corner of my room.

All I can do is lay here in shock as more and more nurses slowly pile into the cramped hospital room. Eventually, over 10 nurses make their way into my room. They casually chat with one another as I lay strapped to my bed with my legs up and naked ass on full display.

Nurse Ellie glances at her watch again before making her way to my bedside. She stands directly adjacent to my head as she addresses the room.

"Welcome, everybody!"  she starts. All conversation quickly dies down as the nurses in the room turn their attention towards her.

"My name is Nurse Ellie as many of you know, and today I am here to introduce my new patient to all of you, as well as their new life here at Medford Memorial."

At this point the urge to pee has become almost unbearable. In my mind I'm praying for this whole experience to be over as quickly as possible.

"Thank you all for coming, and please enjoy the show!" She finishes her speech and turns her attention back to me.

Nurse Ellie walks back to the cart and picks up another syringe. Unlike the first syringe, this one has a large hypodermic needle attached to it.

"This is a fast-acting muscle relaxant." she says to me. "This type of tranquilizer is designed to relax your skeletal muscles. It has no effect on other muscles like your diaphragm."

As she walks over to me, she says "Nurse Joy, would you mind helping me reposition the patient into the enema release position?"

"Of course." comes Nurse Joy's reply. She grabs the towel off of the cart before walking to the side of my bed opposite Nurse Ellie.

I feel a sharp jab in my shoulder as Nurse Ellie plunges the syringe into me. As she presses down on the plunger, it feels as if ice is flowing through my body.

I go limp instantly. I can't move or turn my head no matter how much I try. I can't even fight against the restraints anymore.

"Not to worry, The effects should wear off in about five minutes." Nurse Ellie says, gently patting my tummy as she speaks.

Her touch sends another wave of spasms through my body. It's getting harder to hold my pee by the second, and the pressure in my bowels hasn't reduced in the slightest.

The sensation of heavy cloth rubbing against my skin grabs my attention as I feel my restraints being removed for the first time.

Nurse Ellie and Nurse Joy work swiftly as they loosen and remove every strap that has been holding my body down since I awoke. Nurse Ellie also reaches over and pulls the IV out of my arm.

I hear the motors running as the stirrups elevating my legs are lowered back into the bed. The sound of plastic crinkling can be heard as my butt makes contact with the diaper below me.

Nurse Ellie re-positions herself to the end of my bed. She grabs the plug in my ass.

"Clench tightly sweetie!" she says, as she pulls the plug out of me and sets it on the bed.

I squeeze my butthole as tight as I possibly can, focusing all of my effort on not soiling myself in front of all of these people.

Nurse Ellie then quickly grabs the bottom of the diaper and lifts it up. The cushy material hugs my genitals as she pulls the diaper tight, taping it securely in place. This diaper is much thicker than the one I was wearing when I woke up. The extra padding causes me further embarrassment.

Nurse Joy grabs me and flips me so that I'm lying on my side. She places the towel on the bed where I was just laying. It covers about half of the bed, extending from below my toes all the way up to just below my ribs.

While Nurse Joy lays out the towel, Nurse Ellie is busy removing my hospital gown. She simply balls it up and tosses it into the trash, getting rid of what little modesty I had left.

Nurse Joy and Nurse Ellie then work together to flip me over onto my stomach. The extra pressure on my abdomen causes a few drops to leak from my butt into my diaper, but I'm just able to resist releasing the entire enema.

I can feel cloth rubbing me once again as both nurses re-secure the restraints, now with me lying face down.

I can feel myself regaining control of my muscles as I struggle to crane my neck, but it's too late. By the time I can move I'm already strapped down just as securely as before.

The bed begins to move again and I feel my upper body being elevated. The bed folds in half downwards while also hinging at my knees.

I'm left with my butt sticking up in the air, and my upper body and lower legs parallel to the floor. It was the same sort of position one would be in if they kneeled on the ground and bent over a piece of furniture.

After the bed stops moving, Nurse Joy goes back to stand with the rest of the nurses.

Nurse Ellie gives my padded bottom a quick swat before picking the butt plug up from the bed and returning it to the cart. After dropping it off, she returns to the side of my bed and begins gently stroking my hair.

"Alright, sweetie" she says. "It's time to fill your diapers."

I look behind me and see all of the Nurses focused on me, but there is nothing I can do. The pressure on my bladder and bowels is too great, and I'm losing what little control I have left.

It starts with my bladder. A few trickles of urine slip out and soak into my diaper. The warmth and wetness only encourages my body to continue letting go.

A few trickles becomes a steady dribble as my bladder relaxes. Before long I'm completely flooding my diaper. The sound of hissing fills the room as I wet myself.

My diaper grows heavy as it soaks up my urine. Hot tears start flowing down my face as I'm unable to hold them back anymore. I hear excited murmurs as the nurses take notice of what's happening.

Nurse Ellie continues to stroke my hair as I wet my diaper. "There we go, just like that honey." she says.

I continue wetting for a long time. The large glass of water I drank earlier causes me to pee much more than I normally would.

By the time my bladder is nearly empty, my diaper is almost completely soaked through. I even feel wetness on my butt as my urine soaks the entire garment.

Just as the flow of pee is slowing down, my butthole gives way and I start to mess my diaper.

The mess starts off with a torrent of runny liquid shooting into the back of my diaper. I lose whatever control remains as the poop flows out of me.

Having already been filled to bursting with my pee, my diaper begins to sag and leak. A trickle runs down my leg as the diaper is unable to contain the sheer amount of liquid mess. The towel below me catches everything that escapes from my diaper.

The room fills with an overpowering stink as I continue to soil myself. Faint oohs and ahhs can be heard from the nurses as I continue to defecate. I break into full on sobs, my cries being muffled by my pacifier.

Soon, the liquid mess turns into a soft mush. As I continue to empty the contents of my colon, the more solid poop begins to spread out inside my diaper. I can feel my diaper start to bulge as it fills with my sticky poop.

The sheer quantity of excrement being pushed out of my body is impressive. Three days worth of backed up poop is far more than I ever would have expected. It spreads across the entire backside of my diaper, completely covering both cheeks.

The sounds coming from my diaper can be heard easily over my sobbing. The crackles and pops of shit escaping from my butt are intermixed with the sound of wet farts.

As more soft stool makes its way into my diaper, it flows towards the front. I feel the mush spread and squish into my privates, coating them in my mess.

"Pee-yew!" Nurse Ellie exclaims. "It certainly smells like someone made a stinky." A few of the nurses chuckle at her statement.

As I finish expelling the last bit of my enema, the nurses who have been quietly watching begin to talk about me.

"I never thought somebody could wet so much!" I hear one of them say. Another chimes in saying "Did you hear all those crackly farts? Gross!" A third says "That was a pretty big mess, but I've seen bigger."

After my display, all of the nurses start to file out of the room. Before leaving, most of them stop by my bed and give my messy bottom a swat. With every swat my mess is being spread deeper into every crevice of my diaper area.

Some of them even address me directly, making comments like "Good thing we keep you padded." and "What a stinky baby."

At this point I'm completely broken. I continue to sob as I lay in a puddle of my own filth.

Eventually, all of the nurses except Nurse Ellie make their way out of my room. Nurse Joy wheels the cart full of supplies out with her as she leaves.

Finally,  Nurse Ellie and I are left alone. My tears continue to flow as my sobs turn into hiccups.

"Shhh, hush sweetie." she says. Her voice is calm and soothing. I try my best to stop crying, but the tears keep flowing.

"Now it's time for the last part."

She leans over to look me in the eyes.

"To help you get used to being in your wet and messy diapers, I'm going to leave you here like this for a little while."

To my surprise, she reaches down and gently caresses my cheek. I see that her eyes are full of compassion.

"I hate leaving my patients in dirty diapers, but I will if I think it will benefit them in the long run."

She gives me one last pity smile before turning and walking out of the room, closing the door behind her.

I hear a click that I assume is the door locking, and for the first time in hours I'm left completely alone.

Shortly after Nurse Ellie leaves, I finally stop crying for good. I don't have the energy to cry anymore.

It's nearly impossible to track the passage of time here. The lights are always at full brightness, and there are no clocks or windows to use to gauge the passage time.

I try to sleep, but the light makes it difficult. Additionally, it's impossible to get comfortable while tied down like this.

As I lay in my mess, my mind drifts. I think about my friends and family, and what they would think if they saw me right now.

I think about the experience I've just been through. Never before in my life have I been so deliberately and utterly humiliated.

I surprise myself as I find that I'm eager for Nurse Ellie to return. My privates are beginning to itch, and all I want is for her to come in and change me into a fresh diaper.

I end up wetting myself again as I wait for her to come back. I barely even notice with all of the other thoughts swirling through my mind.

By the time I hear the door unlock, the mess in my diaper has long since gone cold. The once slippery poop has begun to dry out and become crusty as it sticks to me.

When I see Nurse Ellie walk in, the only emotions I feel are relief and joy. My eyes light up as she makes her way over to me. She comes in carrying what looks to be a pair of white leather wrist cuffs.

"Sorry I've been gone for so long honey."

I have no idea exactly how much time has passed, but I can tell that it has been several hours.

"Would you like me to get you all cleaned up now?"

I nod my head in reply, excited to finally get out of my stinky prison.

She pulls the key to my pacifier gag from her pocket. "If I remove your paci are you going to make a fuss?"

I shake my head no. I'm being honest as I've lost the will to fight. All I can think about right now is getting out of this dirty diaper.

I lift up my head for her as she reaches behind it and unlocks the lock on my pacifier. She undoes the buckle and removes the pacifier from my mouth.

I can tell that the leather straps of the gag have left marks on my cheeks.

My mouth feels weird without the pacifier in it. It's been so many hours that my mind simply accepted the fact that my mouth would be stuffed forever.

"," I manage to stammer. I'm having trouble talking from the combination of my throat being extremely dry and my voice being unused for several hours.

"You're very welcome." she says as she beams a radiant smile at me.

Her motherly demeanor makes me feel safe and secure. There's nobody in the world who I trust more than Nurse Ellie right now.

"Hmm," she says. "Right now you're too messy for me to change your diaper here." "I'm going to have to take you to the bathroom down the hall and give you a shower."

Her statement makes sense given my current state. Not only do I have dry pee and poop in every crevice, but there are also streaks on my legs where my diaper has leaked.

"Will you behave if I take off your restraints?"

"Ye..yes." I manage to squeak out. Even if I did intend to pull something, I don't think I have the strength to overpower her right now.

She must have agreed with my assessment, as she starts to undo the restraints keeping me held to the bed. She starts by freeing both of my arms.

"Can you move your arms up above your head for me sweetie?"


As I move my arms I can feel how stiff my muscles are from not moving. My joints creak as I slowly slide my arms along the bed until they are both above my head.

Seeing as I'm still lying face down, I can't really see what Nurse Ellie is doing as she walks behind me.

It becomes clear once as soon as I feel something on my wrists. She was using the wrist cuffs she had brought with her to lock my hands together. I hear two distinct clicks as she locks them in place.

"Eventually I'll let you walk around unrestrained, but for now, this is just a precaution."

She then proceeds to undo the rest of my restraints as I lay still. Once she is finished, I roll onto my back again.

I quickly realize that this is a mistake as I feel the cold poop being squished and spread as I roll over.

"Let's see if you can stand up."

She offers her forearm to me and I grab hold of it with one of my cuffed hands. I swing my legs over the side of the bed and I try to stand. I manage to get to my feet, but my legs are extremely wobbly.

As I try to take a step, my legs collapse. I would have fallen to the floor if it wasn't for Nurse Ellie catching me as I fell.

"Oopsie!" she says. She gently lowers me onto my knees.

"Sometimes when patients get unstrapped for the first time, they can have trouble walking. How about you just try crawling for now sweetheart."

" I have to?" I ask in a small, weak voice.

"You do if you want to get changed."

I sigh, resigned to my fate as I get down on all fours. The hard linoleum digs into my knees.

"You'll feel better after moving around a bit." she says. "Most patients are up and walking within an hour or two."

She walks over to the door and I follow her as best I can while crawling on my hands and knees. The chain between my wrists is long enough that I can crawl comfortably.

When Nurse Ellie opens the door to my room, I can hear voices and footsteps in the hallway. My cheeks flush as I realize that anyone we pass will see me crawling on the floor in my wet and messy diaper.

The need to get out of my dirty diaper is greater than my desire to retain what little modesty I have left. I follow Nurse Ellie out into the hallway, crawling behind her as she walks. I keep my eyes focused on the floor so as to avoid eye contact with anybody.

Nurse Ellie leads me down the hall and we pass a few other people. A couple of them comment on the state of my diaper, calling me 'potty pants' or 'stinky butt'. Usually these remarks would bother me immensely, but I'm so grateful to finally be out of my bed that I don't care anymore.

As we reach the end of the hallway, Nurse Ellie opens the door to the bathroom and we both enter. As I look around, I notice several unusual things about this bathroom. The first unique thing is the size of the room itself. This bathroom is larger than any I have seen before. I also see that there is a sink and a shower/tub combo, but no toilet. Next to the sink is a large diaper pail.

On one wall of the bathroom there is a large set of shelves. A myriad of diaper changing supplies takes up half of the shelves. I see a variety of creams, powders, and lotions, as well as several containers of baby wipes.

The second half of the shelves is full of a wide variety of different diapers. There are pink princess ones like the one I'm currently wearing, but there are also mermaid diapers, teddy bear diapers, and even blue and white race car diapers. Below the open shelves there are also two drawers that are closed.

Attached to the opposite wall is a large metal table with leather restraints on it. The table comes up to Nurse Ellie's hips, and it was clearly designed to hold an entire person on top of it.

In the corner of the bathroom next to the tub is a small rack with several bottles on it. Upon closer inspection these all appear to be different scented soaps and shampoos. Hanging above the rack from a hook is a hair dryer.

Nurse Ellie leads me over to the shower and helps me climb into the tub. Above the tub there is a metal bar that spans from one end of the shower to the other. The bar has several screw-lock carabiner clips hanging from it.

"You need to be standing up for this part sweetie." she says as she helps me to my feet. "Go ahead and grab that bar up there."

I do as she says and I reach up to grab the bar. The bar is high enough that both of my hands are above my head, but my elbows are still bent. My legs are still a bit shaky as I stand, but the bar helps me keep my balance.

As I'm holding onto the bar, she grabs the chain between my wrists and secures it to the bar using one of the clips. Being completely naked except for my diaper, I'm aware of how cold the hospital is. My skin feels prickly as I break out into goosebumps. Every little draft feels like knives against my exposed flesh.

With practiced hands she undoes the tapes of my diaper, letting it fall to the bottom of the tub with a plop. The reek of feces and old urine makes me want to gag, but Nurse Ellie seems unbothered by it. She reaches down and picks up my dirty diaper, throwing it in the diaper pail.

I look down and see my nether region caked in my own excrement. Everything from my genitals to between my legs and my entire backside is completely covered by my mess.

Nurse Ellie turns the water on, and holding the shower nozzle she checks the temperature against her hand. When the water has warmed up, she begins to spray me down. She starts with my diaper area, being careful to wash off all of the waste stuck to my body.

The warm shower water feels heavenly as I stand there and let Nurse Ellie clean me. Initially, the water is brown as it flows off my body, however as she keeps working it begins to flow clear.

Once she has cleaned up my private area, she turns her focus to the rest of my body. She makes sure to rinse me well from head to toe, including soaking my hair.

After my entire body is wet, she sets the shower nozzle back in its holder. She grabs a bottle of soap from the rack and squirts some into her hand. The soap smells of lavender, a welcome change from being forced to endure hours smelling my own messy diaper.

She begins to wash me, using her hands to spread the soap across my whole body. She even makes sure to wash the undersides of my feet. She pays extra attention to my genitals and anus in an effort to make sure any traces of pee or poop are completely washed away.

When she is satisfied that my body is nice and clean, she redirects her attention to my hair. She picks one of the bottles of shampoo from the rack and dispenses some directly into my hair. She uses her fingers to massage the shampoo into my scalp and through my hair. It has a pleasant floral scent which blends nicely with the lavender of the body wash.

When she's done she picks up the shower sprayer and rinses me from head to toe. Finally, she chooses a conditioner from the rack, rubs a good amount through my hair, and gives me one final rinse with the shower nozzle.

As she turns off the nozzle, I breathe a sigh of relief. An indescribable feeling wells up inside of me as I finally feel clean. I'm genuinely grateful for Nurse Ellie's care and attention, even though she's the one who made me mess in the first place.

Nurse Ellie opens one of the drawers below the shelves and pulls out a soft white towel. I can't help but feel slightly embarrassed as she towels me off. I know this isn't the first time she's seen me naked, but I'm feeling extremely vulnerable after what I just went through a few hours ago.

Despite the embarrassment, it feels truly amazing to be both clean and dry for the first time since I woke up. Nurse Ellie takes her time blow drying my hair as I stand in the tub.

After my hair and body are both completely dry, Nurse Ellie un-clips my hands from the metal bar and helps me step out of the bath.

"Why don't you go lay down on the changing table while I get your diaper ready."

I groan internally as I realize I'm going to be stuck in a diaper again, but I choose not to voice my concerns. It's clear to me that her statement isn't a suggestion, and I don't feel like pushing my luck.

As I climb up onto the table, the cold metal surface saps the heat from my body like a vampire. It doesn't help that I'm still completely nude at this point. Nurse Ellie then sets the things she needs on the table, before holding up two diapers for me to see.

"Which one do you want to wear?" she asks.

One hand is holding up the same type of pink princess diaper she had put on me during the first diaper change I was awake for. The other is mostly white with little letter blocks all over the front. The honest answer to her question is neither, but knowing that isn’t going to work I point at the white diaper with the letter block pattern.

I lift my hips up for her as she slides the fresh diaper underneath me. She rubs some diaper rash cream on my crotch before powdering me, just like before. Finally she tapes up my nice clean diaper and helps me off of the changing table. Compared to my last diaper change, this one was a breeze.

To my surprise, she pulls me into a tight embrace. Her body is warm, and she smells like milk and baby powder. She holds me there for several seconds.

As she pulls back, she looks me in the eyes and says “I’m so sorry for leaving you like that. For watching you mess yourself and not being there to clean you up. It breaks my heart to know how long you were sitting there, alone. I promise, I will never leave you like that again.”

I just stood there, stunned. All of my emotions, the pain, relief, embarrassment, fear, they all wash together as I process her apology. This was the woman who put me through hell. She stripped me of my dignity and took away my autonomy. At the same time, she is also the woman who helped me stand when I couldn’t on my own. She lovingly and meticulously bathed me, despite me being absolutely covered in my own disgusting filth. Even my own mother wouldn’t do that for me.

These two conflicting mental images leave me confused. Her apology makes it clear to me that she’s trying to be the second woman. The one who takes care of me and helps me when I need it. Is it enough for me to forgive her though? To forgive her for humiliating me in front of her coworkers? I don’t know the answer yet.

“You must be freezing, standing there half naked like that.”

She was right. I can goosebumps all over my skin as I stand here in just my diaper. I watch as she pulls something else from the drawer. As she unfolds the garment, I see that it’s a large pastel pink onesie. Similarly to the pacifier from before, the size of  this onesie means it’s clearly meant for an adult. She also retrieves a pair of clear plastic panties. The panties have elastic around the two leg holes, however the hole for the torso has a thin chain with a lock. 

Nurse Ellie sets the onesie on the table before she then instructs me to lift my legs up. She slides the cover up and over my diaper before locking it into place. 

“These will help prevent leaks, and the lock ensures that your diaper doesn't slip off during the night.”

I’m not happy about being locked into my diapers, but at this point there isn’t really anything I can do about it.

“Now I’m going to help you get dressed, okay? You won’t try anything if I unlock your hands, right?”

“No ma’am.” I say while shaking my head. Even if I was somehow able to overpower Nurse Ellie, it wouldn’t accomplish anything. It's clear that this entire facility is aware of what is going on, and they more than likely would be quick to take her side. There is no fighting my way out of this, at least not for the time being.

She then proceeds to unlock my wrist cuffs and set them on the table. I rub my wrists, grateful to finally have full control over my body.

“Arms up!” she says.

I lift my arms up as she slips the onesie over my head. She rolls the fabric down until it reaches the bottom of my diaper, where she uses the snaps to secure it in place. This certainly isn’t my first choice of clothing, but it is a hell of a lot better than walking around in just a diaper.

As the soft material hugs my skin I realize how much I’ve missed wearing real clothes. Despite it not being what I wanted at first glance, the onesie is strangely comforting and I feel glad to be wearing it. After she finishes putting on the onesie, she locks my wrists back into the wrist cuffs.

“Alright, it’s time to go back to your room, honey.  Do you think you can walk now?”

I nod my head yes.

“Great, let's go then.” She grabs my hand and leads me out of the bathroom.

Together we walk back down the hallway to my room with her leading me by the hand like a child. Once again I keep my eyes glued to the floor as we walk. The thick diaper between my legs combined with a bit of residual weakness means that my walk is closer to a waddle.

As we arrive back to my room I’m amazed to find it in pristine condition. Gone are the IV stands and the restraints on my bed. The sheets have been changed and the dirty towel removed. Even the smell is gone. 

Beside my bed is a small table on wheels. On top of the table is a tray with two bowls and a spoon. One of the bowls is filled with plain white rice, and the other some sort of clear broth or soup. There is also a white cloth napkin beside the tray.

Nurse Ellie closes the door behind us as I walk over to the bed. The head of the bed is now angled up, allowing me to sit upright comfortably.

“Are you hungry?” She asks.

With everything going on before, my mind had been occupied with other matters, but now that she mentions it I realize that I’m starving. It’s been days since I’ve had a proper meal.

I vigorously nod my head yes, wanting to avoid talking as my voice is still quite strained.

“I thought you might be. I asked the orderlies to bring some food to your room when they came in to clean. Let's get you settled so you can eat.”

As I sit down on the bed, Nurse Ellie walks over to me. I expect her to unlock my wrist cuffs so I can feed myself, however instead she grabs the spoon and starts trying to feed me herself. 

She brings the spoon towards my mouth and I turn my head away slightly. “I…I can feed myself, you know.” I managed to say.

“I know you can sweetie.” She replies. “You haven’t eaten anything solid in nearly 4 days, maybe longer. We just need to make sure you don’t take it too quickly at first.”

I simply nod my head in agreement, too afraid of pressing the issue. The last thing I want is for her to decide that I don’t deserve to eat at all.

Nurse Ellie brings the spoon to my lips and feeds me some of the rice. It’s only plain white rice, but to me it tastes like a five course meal. The more she feeds me the more I crave, as I realize she was right. There is no way I would have been able to control myself. As she gives me some of the broth, a little bit dribbles down my chin. She picks up the napkin and gently wipes my face for me.

I finish my meager meal in what feels like no time. The warm food rejuvenates my soul as I finally feel at rest. My eyelids feel heavy as the day’s events weigh on my mind. I’m mentally and physically exhausted from my ordeal, and all I crave now is a good night's rest.

“I can tell that someone’s sleepy.” Nurse Ellie says.

I nod as I lay my head back against my pillow.

“Alright then sweetheart, I’ll let you get some rest.”

She leans down and plants a kiss on my forehead. I’m surprised as I wasn’t expecting something like that from her. I then hear the sound of her footsteps as she walks towards the door. She turns out the lights and leaves, closing the door behind her. Finally, I close my eyes and allow myself to drift off into oblivion.


Author’s Note

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to PM me. This is the first story that I have written, and I plan to write many more. I’m always looking for new story ideas, so feel free to share them. If you enjoyed this story, please share it with your friends. It really helps me grow which encourages me to write more.

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