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The State Discipline Center

Next years state budget called for major program cuts.  Each government agency was given the task of being creative and finding ways to reduce costs.  The Department of Corrections Juvenile Division staff approached their task by looking at ways to make an impression on youthful shop lifters, graffiti artists, and vandals.  Under current laws judges generally sent those convicted to a juvenile facility for a month or two.  This was costly and often messed up the lives of kids who just needed to be taught a lesson.


The staff’s plan was to create a one-day program that would be paid for entirely by the kids and their parents that would leave a lasting impression so that those who completed the program would no longer think shop lifting, spreading graffiti, or vandalism was such a good idea.  One added feature was that the kids would only miss one day of school so their peers and teachers would not know they were being punished if the kids choose to keep their punishment a secret.


Staff members presented their plan to their bosses who liked the concept but had some concerns about legality and effectiveness.  Since the plan was relatively inexpensive to set up on a pilot basis, the staff was authorized to rent an appropriate facility.  Before the program could be implemented with youth, the staff was directed to try out the program on adults.  They were specifically asked to recruit juvenile judges, probation workers, and juvenile facility staff.


Brad was a 35-year old probation officer who had worked with juvenile offenders for about 12 years.  He decided to answer an internal e-mail requesting participation in a new one-day pilot program to straighten out youth.  The ad gave a Saturday date for the experiment, said that participants would experience humiliation by being nude below the waist in front of members of both sexes, be spanked with a paddle, receive an enema, and wear diapers during their three-hour punishment session.  If they agreed to the session, they would be asked to evaluate whether they thought the program would be an effective deterrent for youth.  Participants would be reimbursed for mileage and a full day of wages.  They should take a shower before they arrive, wear loose fitting clothes, and leave all jewelry at home.


Sixty adults agreed to the test.  Brad was given a 9:00 a.m. check-in time and the location of the facility in a city near the center of the state.  When he arrived at the location he entered a building with the letters “SDC” on the front door.  He would later find out that the initials stood for State Discipline Center.  The building’s former use looked to be a private gym that had gone out of business.


Brad followed signs to a reception area where he provided his name and was asked to be seated.  There were two women and another man in the waiting room.  There was a clock on the wall that counted down from eight minutes followed by a short tone and a resetting to a fresh eight minutes.  Whenever the tone rang the receptionist directed another person through a nearby door.  First one of the women went in, and then eight minutes later the man, then the other woman.  All of them looked to be about his age.  While Brad was waiting, more people arrived and checked in.  Brad had plenty of time to think and began to wonder if he made a wise decision.  Finally the clock reached zero and Brad was directed into the room.


Once inside with the door closed, a speaker on the wall directed him to remove all clothes within three minutes (except eye glasses if he had them) and put on a t-shirt provided.  He was also told to put the clothes into a basket for retrieval after the punishment session was over.  Brad complied.  After three minutes a woman in a white nurse’s uniform entered the room from another door and directed Brad to bend over a high table and spread his legs.  She told him that she was inserting a special tampon into his rectum that he would retain for a while.  She used her gloved fingers to lubricate his anus and then used the applicator to insert the tampon.  She then gave him a tight fitting pair of blue women’s panties to put on.  When the tone sounded, Brad was directed to another room where he was told to sit in an empty chair with his knees spread.  The pressure of the chair made Brad think about the foreign object in his rear.  Surrounding him in a circle were five other people, three women and two men.  Most of them had Velcro cuffs on their ankles and wrists.  The other men were also wearing blue panties and the women were wearing pink panties.


Brad was given a 20-ounce soft drink and was told to finish it in the next eight minutes.  He started to be concerned when he remembered that he had not used a bathroom since he left home at 6:00 a.m.  At the next tone, Brad gave the empty cup to the attendant and was given a pamphlet to read that described the remainder of the punishment.  By the time he was finished with the pamphlet, he definitely had second thoughts about whether to continue to not.  One of the items in the pamphlet said that the tampon placed in each person’s anus contained a solution that would continue to sting until the tampon was removed.  Because of signing several papers, backing out now was not an option.  He also received his own set of Velcro cuffs.  At each tone another person moved to the next room, a woman followed by a man, followed by a woman, etc.  Their chairs were replaced by others of the same gender.  As Brad waited he noticed that the women ahead of him just let loose and wet her panties.  He knew from reading the pamphlet that she would be receiving an additional punishment.


Finally it was Brad’s turn.  He stood up and moved through the next door that looked like a large shower room complete with several drains.  Everyone in the room ahead of him was experiencing the punishments described in the pamphlet and his heart began to race.


Station 1: Brad was told to put his arms over his head where his wrist cuffs were attached to chains coming down from the ceiling and his spread legs were attached to chains from the floor.  Station 1 was for observing punishments of others and to provide a prelude of punishments to come.  After eight minutes the tone signaled everyone to move ahead.


Station 2: Brad moved to his left over a drain with his wrists and ankles attached as before.  He was directed to urinate in this position.  Brad had no problem wetting his panties as urine flowed between his legs into the drain below.  While he was in this position, Brad had a straight on view of a woman in Station 5 lying on her back on an examination table with her legs spread and lifted up being given an enema with a double balloon nozzle.


Station 3 was another observation station to the left of station 2.  Here Brad saw the women at Station 4 in front of him bent over an examination table with her legs spread and her ankles attached to the floor.  The male attendant announced that the number of swats from the paddle for her would be seven instead of the basic four because she had wet her panties before Station 2.  (That penalty also applied if anyone failed to wet their panties during their eight minutes at Station 2.  The penalty was 12 swats for anyone messing their panties).  Brad observed the seven swats, 15 seconds apart.  The woman began to cry.  After the spanking was over, the tampon was removed from her rear.  Her anus was then thoroughly lubricated and a double balloon device was slowly inserted.  The balloons were inflated.


Station 4: Now it was Brad’s turn.  Having observed two women getting their spankings and enemas he knew what to expect.  He removed his soaked panties.  After his wrists were secured to the table and his ankles to chains from the floor, the attendant announced that Brad was to receive four swats, 15 seconds apart.  Once they started, Brad could not remember having been spanked so hard in his life!  Next was removal of the tampon burning in his rear followed by his anus being greased and the insertion of the double balloon device.  Brad stayed in this position with the tube coming out of his rear until the buzzer sounded.


Station 5: Brad was rolled over on his back to the next table with his spread legs held up by chains from the ceiling.  Brad started to feel himself being filled with liquid and began to cramp.  He looked up to see the woman at Station 2 looking at his bare bottom and genitals.  With the special tube in place he couldn’t do anything about it.  Brad had pain from both his spanked rear and filled bowels.


Station 6: At the tone Brad was helped to his feet, arms over his head attached to chains from the ceiling and spread legs attached to the floor facing the woman at Station 1 who look shocked at his appearance and definitely noticed his hard-on.  After four minutes Brad was turned around 180 degrees.  With two minutes to go, his ankles were detached from the floor, plastic pants were pulled up to his knees and three cloth diapers with Velcro were ready to go.  The balloons were deflated, the tube was removed, the diapers were quickly put on, and the plastic pants were pulled up.  At the tone, Brad walked to Station 7.


Stations 7, 8, and 9: Brad sat down quickly onto a chair that had a deep seat and forced his legs to spread.  A seat belt was tightened around his waist to keep him tight to the seat and force his butt to sit in his poop.  He stayed in the same seat for 24-minutes watching others go through their punishments.


Finally it was almost over.  Brad was helped from his seat into an area where he was directed to remove his t-shirt and put it into a hamper.  He was also directed to clean out his dirty diaper in a toilet and to place both the diaper and plastic pants into a diaper pail.  This gave him about 12 minutes to take a shower, get dressed and leave.


The next Monday Brad answered a questionnaire and gave his opinions as to whether or not the SDC punishment would work.  He was informed that if this program was implemented for youth, a typical day would have the youngest starting first followed in order of ages, males alternating with females.  


Parents would be required to pay $500 per session.  They would first read all of the details of what would take place and then be given a choice by the judge of the one-day punishment or a month or two in a juvenile facility.  The youth would not read about their fate until they were at the center.


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