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Mama and milkies


Quinn looked in the mirror, smoothing down the full skirt of the 1950s style day dress. It had been a couple of years since she’d worn a dress, but there had been an undeniable urge since she first started thinking about being ‘mama’. It was the thought of settling Tom over her stocking covered thighs that had made her put on the dress that morning. She wanted to draw up her skirt, pull him across her lap, and feel him squirm as she examined his wet diaper, ran her hand over his padded bum, feeling its fullness. 


Normally Quinn bound her breasts and compressed her hips, but the white and blue striped dress made her curves very apparent. She reached inside the button top of the dress and adjusted her bra. Already her breasts were straining against the fabric, feeling uncomfortably full of milk, she suspected she’d have wet patches on the front of the dress by the end of the day. Pumping every four hours a day for weeks on end had been tiring but so worth it, now she had a full flow of sweet tasting milk again. The thought of him lying with his head cradled against her, his mouth latched on to her nipple, feeding made her cunt ache. 



Quinn saw him at the entrance to the park looking as cute as anything in his shorts and lego ninja t shirt. She felt shy as she walked towards him, picnic basket over her arm, skirt swinging gently. She worried Tom wouldn’t like her like this, with lipstick and stockings. 


It took Tom a moment to recognise her, but then he grinned. He bounded over to her, ‘hello, mama, you look pretty!’ Quin blushed, pleased and relieved. She kissed him on the cheek, ‘Hello, darling. I missed you so much!’ They began to walk through the park. Tom stealing looks at Quinn.  


When they got to a big willow tree near the river, Quinn took a blanket from the wicker basket and spread it out underneath the tree. Then she laid out sandwiches cut into dino shapes, carrot sticks, little raspberry cakes, and a sippy cup filled with squash. She patted the blanket, ‘Come and eat, darling.’ 


They watched the ducks on the river as they ate, slowly relaxing into each other as they threw crumbs to them. Quinn watched Tom drinking from his cup, looking adorable, abruptly she asked him, ‘Are you padded like I asked?’ He almost spluttered on his drink but nodded.


 ‘Come and show me then. Lie across my lap so I can look.’ Tom stayed still in shock. They were in public: anyone walking past would see them. Quinn’s face turned stern as she reached for his wrist and pulled him firmly towards her, over her lap.


‘Mama! People will seeeee!’ he squealed. She clamped a strong arm across his back, preventing him from getting back up. She wanted him to feel little, to feel helpless, to sink into that space. 


‘Shush, now. If you don’t draw attention to yourself, no one will even notice.’ She pulled his shorts down in a no-nonsense manner, exposing his diaper. It lay soft and flat against his bum, clearly unused yet. 


‘Tut! You haven’t peed today. It’s such a hot day but you clearly haven’t been drinking enough!’ 


‘I has mama! I has!’ He protested, feeling himself go red with as embarrassment filled him at being over her lap like this.


‘Then why haven’t you peed?’ 


‘Was ‘barased’ he admitted. Quinn smiled, enjoying seeing the blush on the back of his neck and his ears turning pink. 


‘You shouldn’t be embarrassed with mama. There’s nothing wrong with using your diaper. That’s what it’s there for, darling.’ She sadistically raised one knee, pressing it against his bladder, rubbing it back and forth gently but firmly, ‘Don’t you want to pee for me?’


Tom moaned. The pressure felt dangerously good. His full bladder ached, but it felt too exposed, too new to do this with her. 


Quinn put her hand on his lower back, pressing firmly, pushing his tummy against her knee, 


‘Go on sweetheart, let go, pee for mama.’ He refused for a minute longer, trying to resist, and then, with a moan of defeat, let go, feeling the blissful relief as warmth flooded his privates, soaking the diaper. Quinn kept her hand on his bum, enjoying the feel of it becoming puffy, enjoying him over her lap. ‘Good boy,’ she said soothingly as he finished. 


She let him lie there for a moment, stroking his back, before releasing him, 


‘Come now, up you get, let’s finish our walk.’ Tom twisted round to protest, not getting up, 


‘But mama! I’ll waddle.’ 


‘Don’t you argue with me, little boy!’ Quinn said firmly, pushing at him to get off her. ‘Stand up and let me pull your pants up for you.’


Tom stayed stubbornly put. Quinn sighed,

‘I will count to five, if you are not standing by then, I will spank you.’ Tom stayed still, almost smiling at the ineffectual threat. He liked being spanked. Quinn smiled, she was pleased to have the chance to show him who was in charge.   


‘Very well then.’ But rather than pulling his diaper down, she pushed his thighs apart, exposing his thighs. She took a moment to enjoy the feel of the hairs on his legs, squeezing his muscles, slowly stroking his thighs. Tom squirmed, her hand was so close to his dick if only he wasn’t padded. Without meaning to he pressed against her soft thighs, beginning to hump her. It felt so good the squishy diaper between his legs, his dick rubbing against it and her lap. 


Quinn flushed with arousal watching Tom over her lap, his hips pumping against her. She waited until he was good and aroused and then reached into her handbag, drawing out an old-fashioned hairbrush. She laid the smooth curved wood against his inner thighs – giving him just a second to register the cool feel – before bringing it down sharply. 


Tom squeaked and stopped his humping immediately, trying instead to wriggle away. She held him in place, 


‘Now, now, little one, I warned you that if you didn’t stand up, I would spank you.’ Quinn continued ruthlessly. Spanking each thigh in turn until they began to turn a beautiful pink while Tom whimpered and squirmed. She didn’t stop till his breath was ragged and he was almost crying, but at last she did. ‘There, there. It’s ok. You’ve been punished because you were stubborn and disobeyed, but it’s over now.’ 


Quinn pulled him up and turned him to face her. His eyes were big and he looked shocked and uncertain, sitting on her lap. She stroked his hair and kissed his nose, 


‘What do you say?’ Tom looked confused. ‘Say, ‘I’m sorry mama’’. 


Tom’s voice came out small and quiet, ‘I’m sorry, mama’. Quinn nodded with satisfaction. 


‘Good boy. Now, you must be thirsty from all that fussing. Let’s feed you and get going.’ Matter of factly, she reached down and unbuttoned her dress. ‘Scoot down, sweetheart, you won’t be able to suckle from up there.’ 

Tom looked at her shocked. He had a huge thing for feeding, but when they’d tried before it hadn’t been very successful as Quinn’s milk hadn’t come in yet. He didn’t really want to try again. 


‘Tut, tut, don’t you trust mama?’ Reaching inside her bra, she exposed her breast, and began to express milk. Creamy liquid beaded immediately on her nipple and began to drip down her breast. Tom watched, his eyes big as he watched mama milking herself, getting hard as he did. Soon the sight of the milk running down and soaking into her bra was too much, he shuffled down and latched on. Sweet milk filled his mouth. He sucked furiously, gulping it down, making Quinn laugh, ‘What a hungry boy you are!’ 


After a little while he slowed and lay with his head cradled by her arm, feeling the sunshine on his face, his body cradled against her soft tummy and thighs. He suckled lazily until no more milk came. Regretfully, reluctantly, Tom stopped suckling and nuzzled into her instead. Quinn held him, snuggling him close, enjoying being mama so very much. 


‘Now you’re well fed, let's finish that walk, shall we? Then you can have the other side at the end.’ This time he stood up quickly, befuddled from the sweet milk and sunshine. Quinn pulled his shorts up, struggling a little to get them over the sodden diaper. Then she packed up the picnic basket, took his hand and led him along the path, Tom acutely aware of his padded bum and tender thighs every step of the way home.  

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