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The Visit                                                                                                                            by Les Les

I'd been invited to spend a few days with a friend and his lover who I hadn't seen for quite some time. My mate Luke is 6'3" tall, blond, blue-eyed and gorgeous. His lover is a Morgan, 5'8" stocky and a spunky Aussie who works with him; they are both air stewards.

Unfortunately, when I got to their apartment I found a message that said that they were going to be a day late as their flight from Abu Dhabi had been delayed. The life of a flight attendant is often thought of as glamorous, living out of a suitcase and darting off all over the world is pretty thrilling but it can be very disruptive to any kind of routine. This hectic lifestyle means that washing is often left for weeks simply because there is no time to attend to this simple task between flights. To me this was a godsend. I found their laundry basket with all their dirty clothes in it.

To be honest… I am a bit of an underwear perv… and I knew that these two only bought designer styles. The thought of rooting through their collection of Boss, Dolce & Cabana, Armani and other designer briefs just drew me in and I was already pulling off my clothes in eager anticipation. I delved deep into that basket hoping that some of these classy items had been waiting for some soapsuds for a good few weeks… I was in for a huge surprise.

At the bottom of the basket were several, well-used, cloth diapers. At first I didn’t realise what they were but I noticed the large safety pins on the dresser and put 2 and 2 together, also, as I dug even deeper I came across a couple of pairs of pop-stud sided plastic pants, one pink and one white. I was quite intrigued as I had no idea my friends had this fetish and although I had read about it, it had never appealed to me. However, my curiosity had been stirred, not least wondering which of the two wore the pink pants and who wore the white… or even if that was an issue.

I pulled everything out of the basket and sorted the diaper stuff from the rest and couldn’t believe that the whole idea was having an effect in my pants. If my friends were in to it then it couldn’t be bad and I wondered what it would be like to wear a diaper. I stripped out of my clothes and attempted to put on one of their festering diapers. It had obviously been pissed in but thankfully nothing else. I struggled to get it to fit without it, once pinned, immediately slipping off my hips and landing on the floor. Eventually, using a pin on each hip, the stiff fabric held for a short while and I had the idea that, if I put on the plastic pants that would hold it all into place. It did.

I looked in the mirror at the ‘baby’ reflected back and wasn’t sure what to make of it all. I tried to imagine what Luke would look like dressed like this. He was a tall guy and I really couldn’t see it, however, the smaller Morgan, I could definitely see him wearing a diaper and plastic pants. The firmness in my pants increased as I thought about it and I decided I’d explore further to see if they had any photos… or anything else to go with it all.

The thickness between my legs felt strange… yet despite the diaper not being fresh and clean, there was something very comforting about wearing it. I checked out their closet and on one shelf were a box of disposable diapers, assorted styles and coloured plastic and rubber pants, as well as a stack of clean cloth diapers. Hanging up were a couple of onesies; a blue one with ducks and rabbits all over it, the other a lighter blue, decorated with teddy bears wearing diapers, both had pop-stud fastenings, like the ones on the plastic pants I was wearing, that fastened between their legs.  I wanted to see both my friends wearing them - I bet they would look as cute as hell.

Their laptop was password protected so I couldn’t check out if they had any images on that but my mind was spinning as I mentally put the two of them in various situations whilst wearing their diapees and onesies. Of course, the more I imagined, the harder I got and the thick restriction of the diaper and plastic pants meant that, although I could get off on the soft, smooth and slippery feel of my protection, my cock had to throb away unmolested… this idea was turning me on even more.

To take my mind off of my diapered situation I decided I’d make myself useful and resolved to do their washing so; they would have some clean clothes on their return. I filled the washer/drier, set it going and went off to make myself something to eat. There wasn’t much in the fridge but I found a packet of pasta and a can of tuna so was able to make myself a reasonable meal.  Thankfully, being air crew there was plenty of booze around the place so I didn’t want for some heavy refreshment.  I ate, ironed the dried clothes and watched TV, all the while wearing just the diaper and plastic pants. I was really getting into the whole ‘thing’ (I wasn’t sure what it was yet) but then, before I went to bed, I decided I’d swap what I was wearing and try one of their disposables and as the packet was already open  I assumed they wouldn’t miss one.

I un-popped the plastic sides and they fell to the floor, quickly followed by the warm but wet diaper. I hadn’t pissed myself (or at least I didn’t think I had) but my cock had leaked quite a bit and I definitely needed changing.  The disposable, an Abena, was a lot easier to put on. The sticky side tapes soon had me all wrapped nice and tight and snug. I checked out the pile of plastic pants and found a pale blue pair with white sort of lacy bits across the bottom, they looked very girly and childish and I thought, with a shrug… “What the hell”.

God, my reflection was turning me on even more and although I could have put my hand up the leg or down the front, I really wanted to just have the sensation of not being able to relieve myself. It was like a game… a baby game.  I assumed that a baby couldn’t put its hand down and play with itself but it could enjoy the silky sensation of its pants (I know, I know - What kind of baby has these thoughts? But I did say it was a game). I checked myself out from various angles and found that my bulging and well-padded bottom looked fantastic and the thick protection at my groin sort of emasculated me, which again I found a surprising turn on.

With my dick leading me, I went to the closet, pulled out the pale blue onesie and pulled it over my head. Then, with a bit of manipulation and some contorting I was able to pull the flap between my legs and fasten the studs together. When I straightened up the onesie pulled tight and gathered the diaper and plastic pants up very close. There was no doubt about it, this was a very snug fit but I quite liked the image of my bare legs, my teddy bear onesie and my diaper and plastic pants bulging out. Not an image I would have even thought about only a few hours earlier but now I was hooked.

By now it was getting late so thought I’d change out of it all but then I was struck by the thought of wearing it a to sleep in. I decided I could wash and dry everything first thing in the morning before the guys got home, so no one would be any the wiser. Once in bed the situation got a bit more complex, the outfit seemed too tight to sleep in and my mind was filled with desperately wanting to relieve myself. Sleep was a long time in coming as I thought about all this babyish stuff, my two mates, my apprehension about what I was going to say to them, whether they’d want me involved in their diaper activities… my mind just raced from one situation to the next.

Sleep eventually overtook me but the next thing I knew was I awoken with a start. I could hear voices coming from the living room and it didn’t take me long to realise the lads were home... early.

They obviously knew I was there because I heard Morgan say how nice it was that I’d washed and ironed their laundry… and there was a little giggle from Luke as he said that there was a lot more stuff to be done now they were home. I suddenly realised what I was dressed in and I could also feel that I had wet myself in the night. Panic was flooding my body like I’d flooded my diaper as the door opened and in walked my two best friends.

Part 2

The Visit continues…

“Morning sweetie.” Luke beamed his welcome as Morgan walked over and kissed me. “Sorry we weren’t here to greet you, but…” He shrugged as if he didn’t have to say anymore… and he didn’t, I knew the silly quirks and foibles of the air industry.

They both looked fantastic in their uniforms; one thing for sure, the airline they worked for really liked their crew to look ultra-smart. Meanwhile, I was wriggling in alarm at possibly being discovered wearing, well, basically, something I shouldn’t. I had hugged the sheet up to my neck and smiled what I hoped would be a genuine smile as I screamed silent abuse at myself for my stupidity.

I’m not sure if they had detected my look of panic but Luke joined me on the bed as Morgan went off to the bathroom.

He lay out next to me. “Bloody tech problems, it’s always the same when you need to get home.” He yawned.  It had obviously been a long flight for them both. He looked into my eyes “And how is our favourite student…  the exams going OK?” He kissed his own welcome.

My heart was just beginning to calm down but I was still worried about my situation so, as we continued with the niceties and polite small talk, I tried to formulate a way of getting up and out of the night garb I was wearing.

My mind was racing. Should I just come clean about my dipping into their laundry and wearing their mucky clothes? NO, I yelled in my brain. Should I just say that I’d found their disposable diapers and etcetera’s and was fascinated enough to try them for myself? Or maybe attack them for their weird fetish and make them leave while I got up and changed?

“It’s great to see you again. It has been way too long and thankfully, both Morgan and I have a few days off to keep you occupied.” He smiled his sweet but knowing smile and headed off to the bathroom. I knew they’d both be exhausted and need to sleep before they could entertain me but I just wished I could somehow get them to go out again.

“Sorry guys,” I shouted at the bathroom door and wondering if I had time to get to my clothes before they returned, “there’s no food in the fridge… er… I ate what there was last night… I think you’ll need to buy something if you’re hungry.”

“Don’t worry,” The bathroom door opened and out walked an almost naked, and incredibly hunky looking, Morgan wearing only his underpants. “We’ll all go out later for a meal but right now,” he jumped on the bed beside me, “we need to have a little rest up.”

He partially pulled back the covers and slipped in beside me. I closed my eyes as he snuggled in and held my warm body. It took him almost two seconds to realise what I had on.

“Ohh baby… you certainly know how to greet a guy.” His hand reached across to my bulky diaper and he smoothed it along the fabric. “You feel fantastic. Warm.” He checked, “Padded.” He smiled as he said that, “Let’s have a look at you” and with that he threw back all the covers.

I was cringing in embarrassment as his eyes surveyed my onesie and bulky protection but I tried to smile as if I’d known what I was doing. “Good choice” he said as he ran his hand all over my babyish clothing. He tugged at the plastic pants handing down from the leg, “Yerrrr, my favourite pair… ohh you look…” he raised himself up so he could take in my entire look, “fan-bloody-tastic and fucking hot.”

He fell on top of me and wriggled around as we kissed and he stroked, he was getting very excited by it all. I was so pleased that he hadn’t exploded in anger I found myself quickly being involved in his excitement. We hugged as he ground his undie-clad hips up against my bulky diaper. He was all over me; touching, caressing, kissing and I could feel his hard-on rubbing up against my cotton ‘teddy in diapers’ onesie. This stuff really did turn him on.

Hearing the noise and the exclamations from Morgan, Luke joined us smelling shower-clean and completely naked. “Ohhhhh sweetie… you just don’t know what you are doing to us. You look…”

Well, I suppose Morgan had already said what needed to be said and he climbed in the other side of the bed.

I’m not sure if this is how most threesomes start but I was pretty sure I wanted to be part of this one despite my over-dressed appearance. Actually, this was one of the things that Luke and Morgan liked best. I was informed that as I was all snug and warm in my diaper and stuff I wasn’t allowed to get my cock out. I could only get off by what they were doing to me… and what my mind wanted to happen. They are two of the most beautiful guys I know and two with a great deal of imagination and I was led to a different level of sexual knowledge whist never actually leaving the confines of my tight fitting diaper.

They rubbed, massaged, whispered, kissed, tickled, stroked and had me on the edge for a good hour before they came all over my thick protection. Even though I was banned from touching myself, the bulkiness of the disposable seeing to that, I don’t think I’ve ever been so horny. I didn’t come myself but I leaked continually throughout the entire proceeding.

Once they’d orgasmed they were very, very tired and, with one on either side of me, we hugged like spoons and drifted off; the secret feeling of warm wetness in my diaper only adding to my own pleasure and contentment.

Part 3

The Visit continues further…

The panic I had originally felt had passed and I’d thoroughly enjoyed being the plaything of these two hunks. I’d liked the way they had turned my embarrassing situation in to a triumph of sexual pleasure. I lay there semi-dozing in my ‘romper outfit’ as they slept naked beside me.  Luke had his arm around my chest and sexy little Morgan was snuggling up to my padding. I was content. It had been a wonderful morning so far and as they slept I let my mind wander as to what would be our next move.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted the ‘baby’ look to be a major part of whatever it was that we got up to. After all, this was my first, tentative try at it and, although it had been a revelation to me, I wasn’t sure how much I would want it to continue. Having said that, I was desperate for a piss but didn’t want to disturb the boys so, I did what any baby would do… I quietly relieved myself in my diaper.

That was quite a revelation as the warm glow seeped and flooded around my genitals it was almost comforting, however, what I didn’t expect was the expansion of the diaper as it soaked it all up. There was no way of pretending I hadn’t done it and there was no way I could reverse what I’d done so I settled back down to sleep with my two comatose friends and waited until they woke up.

A couple of hours later and the boys began to stir. I was aware of my dampness and wanted to get to the bathroom and out of my romper outfit  as soon as possible, I didn’t want them to know that I’d wet myself… and on purpose. However, I had little time to get my wits in order when I could feel Morgan rubbing himself off against my thick padding. His hand reached around and started massaging the front of my diaper which was quite huge but he didn’t grasp why straight away.

 Luke was suddenly awake and looking me in the eye. “Mmmm,” he stretched and pecked me a swift kiss, “you really are a sweetie.”

He pulled back the bedding to reveal me in my ‘costume’ and saw Morgan pawing away at my full onesie.

“Are you wet sweetie?” He looked at me as if I was a little boy who’d had an ‘accident’ and he was an understanding uncle.

I had no idea how to deal with this much embarrassment. My heart was thumping in my chest and I was still being royally groped by Morgan who was now conscious of just exactly what the squishy padding was all about. I made to get up but Morgan held me in position.

“I think we should change him don’t you?” Luke was talking across me to Morgan who added. “He’s our guest… so we must look after him.”

I sort of let out a strange laugh; a cross between something I found funny and serious at the same time. Luke disappeared to the closet and returned with a towel, some wipes and some baby powder.

“You’ve got to be joking,” I started to get up not believing that their intention was to change me there and then. “No no, don’t be silly.” I tried to excuse myself. “There’s no need for that… I’m quite capable of…”


“You are our guest. We will look after our favourite boy… no matter how much pee-pee he does.” Luke was turning this into a joke but I could tell by the determined look in his eyes that this was going to happen.

Morgan joined in, “We take care of people on our flights every day. We would be failing in our duty if we didn’t attend to your little ‘mishap’.”

He pulled me back down onto the bed and told me to relax and let the grown-ups do what they had to do. As Luke began to unfasten the pop studs between my legs I was finding the situation very uncomfortable and was yelling my rebellion, but only in my head. Once the onesie was released my blue plastic pants with the frills ballooned out with the pressure of my filled diaper. I closed my eyes in embarrassment but not before I saw both my friends smile and nod with approval.

“Sweetie,” Luke was cooing to me. “You look fantastic… doesn’t he?”

Morgan stroked the front of the slinky plastic material, “Never more so. It looks better on him than anyone else…”

Luke interrupted. “You’re right. It looks like it was made for our sweet little…” He rubbed the pants as well and whispered, almost under his breath. “You are an absolute picture.”

After a few more minutes of fussing and clucking from them both, which they appeared to be enjoying, and despite squeezing my eyes closed in a desperate attempt to block out this bizarre situation, I felt the pants slowly being pulled down my legs. Slowly my soggy diaper was unfastened and I could feel a cool breeze engulf my bollocks as it was pulled away.

The guys both kept saying “Good boy” or “Clever boy” and Morgan was stroking my hair like I was a toddler needing to be comforted, but, I love these two guys and regardless of this weird situation, I was oddly enjoying the attention.

I opened my eyes thinking that the process was over but Luke, armed with some moist wipes began to clean me up. I was stunned at the intimacy. I know we’d all had sex many times in the past but this seemed… above and beyond what fuck buddies should do for one and other. However, as he made sure every crevice was washed and dried, the very thing I hoped wouldn’t happen, happened. My cock got rock hard.

Luke continued his ministrations occasionally pushing it out of the way as he mopped and cleaned me up. However, these intimate little touches were making my balls boil so, I suppose with not actually having orgasmed earlier and being on the verge for so long, it was inevitable that it would have consequences.  I exploded. The stuff spurted with a force I hadn’t experienced before, covering my belly, hitting Luke and causing me to almost buckle over so intense were the sexual tremors gripping my entire body.

“Ohh you’re a good boy,” Luke wiped himself off. “So much… you must have been storing it up.”

I couldn’t speak but I suddenly felt my thigh hit by some warm liquid and Morgan had come in tandem and looked really pleased he could contribute to the scene.

“See what you do to us?” Morgan smiled. “You’re such a sexy fucker.”

I tried to smile but I was still coming down from my climax as Luke wiped away at Morgan’s deposit and then sprinkled me all over with the baby powder. He rolled off the bed taking the messy clothing and used wipes with him and left me and Morgan lying naked and exhausted together. He picked up the baby powder and sprinkled some all over his own parts. He then took my hand and used that to rub the stuff in. I wasn’t reluctant to do it I was just still surprised at the way things had developed and was still in a state of shock as to what had happened so far.

There is no denying that rubbing powder in to Morgan’s cock and bollocks was not a trial, in fact, once I’d got my rhythm it was a pleasure. He was all smiles when Luke returned armed with a pile of diapers and plastic pants.

“OK, guests first.” He unravelled a disposable and told me to lift my bum. 

I shook my head in disbelief but he just smiled and said I shouldn’t worry as we were all going to be wearing them today. My reluctance was noted but he just moved over to Morgan and efficiently slipped it under his meaty arse. He pulled the diaper up between his legs and the thick padding was taped into place. It neatly covered his genitals almost de-sexing him, although that would have been an impossible exercise with Morgan… he was such a horny looking guy.  God, he looked fantastic and I began to see what they were getting out of this if only for the sexy visuals.

Luke continued and a pair of blue plastic pants was slipped over the entire thick padding, which only seemed to add to his sexiness.

“OK, now you.” Luke was firm with me and I found I couldn’t object.

He added more powder before the disposable was slid under my bum and he fastened it tightly into place. He was better at this than I had been the day before and the snug fit was rather nice. He then pulled out a pair of pink snap on plastic pants to finish the look off. It was a strange feeling but one that I didn’t dislike and I hoped that I looked as good as Morgan did in his.

Luke lay down and his buddy pounced into action wiping his naked body, drying it off and smoothing the baby powder all around. This time he slipped a couple of huge thick disposables under him and pulled them tightly into place. He looked really well padded and the white plastic pants he inched into position made the effect of a bulky big baby even more obvious.

Having said that - none of us could be mistaken for babies. As we crowded together, to a very subtle though telling rustling sound and looked in the mirror, I was surprised at just how hot we looked dressed like that. I thought we’d be staying in but no, the boys were famished and wanted to show me the sights so we just put on our clothes over our diapers and set off to find a restaurant. Because I was aware of the thickness between my legs I was very self-conscious believing that everyone would be able to tell that I was wearing a diaper. However, it didn’t bother those two who I suspect had been doing this for quite some time.

I think I could have forgotten I was wearing them if it wasn’t for the fact that both of them would pat my arse and squeeze my crotch and say how sexy I felt and they couldn’t wait  to get me home. Once again the boys had me hard with their sly whispers and constant compliments, whilst my tight and sexy protection had me leaking the entire time we were out.

Part 4

The Visit continues even more…

To me it was obvious we were all wearing diapers under our jeans. Luke’s particularly seemed to be expanding every time he got up so I deduced that he must be pissing in them as I never saw him go to the men’s room. It didn’t seem to inhibit him from getting intimate with a couple of sweet guys we met in a bar, although we were pretty drunk by then.  I wondered if he might invite them back but he was just having fun and besides, both Luke and Morgan would have thought of themselves as terrible hosts if they ignored me in favour of someone else. However, despite it all being new to me, I spent the entire time we were out thinking how horny they had both looked in their protection; the smooth, soft, slippery plastic tightly hugging their diapers... Grrrr!

Back home and feeling the effects of several large cocktails I was keen to get rid of the thick padding between my legs as it had started to bunch. Throughout the evening I’d gotten more and more relaxed about the situation and we’d even been making jokes and whispering sexy talk about what we thought were the good points of wearing a diaper. I was surprised how enthusiastic I appeared to be (I put it down to the drink talking) but the lads just smiled and agreed with most of what I said.

Sitting in their living room I was watching through a slight alcoholic daze as Morgan changed Luke on the carpet right in front of me. He lovingly removed the plastic pants and soaked double diaper before drying, spreading lotion and powdering him, then searching for a thick and fluffy fabric diaper and pinning it into place. Luke then also showed the same care and attention to Morgan as he performed a similar routine. I was trying not to be stunned but it was all so bizarre… yet in an affectionate way. The smell of baby lotion and powder hung in the air as a sort of aphrodisiac and I was surprised that the procedure had such an effect on my own libido – I found my cock straining at the confines of my own damp diaper.

My two best friends appeared happy and content in front of me each wearing just a fabric diaper pinned at the waist. They looked the most gorgeous adult babies in the world and I remember thinking they should be used in a national campaign to recruit more ABDL… it was then I realised just how much I wanted to join them.

I didn’t put up any resistance as they slowly stripped me out of all my clothing. It was great to be having these two fantastic guys working away and releasing me from my thick protection. Once I’d been relieved of all that bulk I lay passively naked whilst they set about going that one step further.

Luke went to the bathroom and returned with a tube of some different lotion. He squeezed some out onto his fingers and began to rub it into my pubes. Meanwhile, Morgan was keeping me occupied with tickles and kissed and rather sexy dirty talk. This new lotion smelled different from the baby stuff but it wasn’t unpleasant. Luke was thorough, making sure my cock, balls and my arse-crack were all well covered. Once he’d done I was expecting a similar diaper to theirs being attached but they both lay either side of me and we chatted, joked and giggled for about ten minutes.

Luke kept gently running his finger along my cock and I was desperate for release but, as I realised earlier, these boys were never in a rush for pleasure, it was always a slow build, which made the final act… unbelievable. However, Luke picked up a towel and started wiping away all the lotion and I was surprised to see my pubic hair also being removed at the same time. I was shocked but, being drunk, I didn’t argue about what was going on. Soon Luke had wiped me free of hair, cleaned me up and applied a different, soothing lotion to my naked genitals. Now the sensation down there was amazing and with each touch or whisper of air-current wafting past my penis I felt a vibration through my body demanding attention.

Morgan arrived armed with another disposable which he fitted with care. I was sad that we hadn’t just had naked rampant sex (well perhaps that should be I was sad that I hadn’t had naked rampant sex) but I was now just putty in their hands and did whatever was required of me. I knew whatever they decided I would like and left them to get on with it. Thick rubber pants were pulled over my diaper and then I was put in a footed onesie, which was really quite sweet. The rabbits that covered it were also wearing diapers and as Luke zipped it up the back I found that my hands fitted into padded mittens and my feet were similarly encased.  Now I couldn’t grab anything but the boys led me to their bed and got in either side of me. They still looked really hot in just their diapers and I wasn’t sure why I was fully clothed again.

“God… you look so fucking hot,” Morgan said in his broadest Aussie accent. “You are one fucking hot baby.” And he kissed me more passionately than he’d done before.

Luke joined him in his comments as they both set about kissing and stroking me, they obviously found the way I was dressed a complete turn on and were each in turn rubbing up against my thick padding. The feel of my rubber pants was different from the plastic pair I’d worn the day before and with all the attention, it was having a huge effect behind my diaper. Once again the sexual experience was like no other as my two babies set about making their new baby squirm in pent-up, yet restrained desire. It was unbelievable not being able to do anything to relieve myself, the mittens making it impossible for me to grip anything. However, Luke and Morgan knew how to drive the sexual energy to the maximum and my newly hair free cock and arse were slicked with the constant juice of excitement.

Part 5

The Visit continues with an explanation…

The night was amazing. Being restrained like that and being totally dependent on others to see to your needs was quite a turn on. I didn’t think it would, or could, be but it was and the boys made sure that I wasn’t left out of anything. They stayed wearing only their diapers, the thick padding hiding their own sexual lusts, throughout it all. It must have been equally frustrating for them not to get instant release but they were enjoying themselves and so was I. I was told to not worry about anything, let me body do what it wanted to do, when it wanted to do it. I pissed in my diaper a few times during the night and the effect of it all swelling up between my legs and engulfing my genitals added a certain pressure to what was going on down there.

It’s hard to explain how fantastic the boys were and how much I was enjoying this new development in my own sexuality. I had known them for quite a while now. Indeed it was Luke who took my virginity. He was five years older than me and I met him on my first nervous venture into a gay bar. To say I almost threw myself at this tall, good-looking god would not be far from the truth but he was brilliant and although he could have taken full advantage of my naivety he didn’t.  He encouraged but let me find my own way and when we eventually did ‘do the deed’ I’d never been so elated in my young life. We dated for a couple of months but he left to work away and I went off to college. We kept in touch and when he introduced me to his boyfriend who worked for the same airline I was incredibly jealous but, and this was typical of Luke (and I found Morgan to be of a similar inclusive temperament) he wanted me to enjoy everything the world had to offer. 

That first threesome certainly opened my eyes and from then on I was in love with both of them and would have done anything to be in their company. Unfortunately, I now only got to see them occasionally, college and exams keeping me busy, flying all over the world keeping them away.  However, when I do get to visit them I am never disappointed by their friendliness, love and the sheer pleasure that comes from their infectious way of enjoying life - Luke once told me his motto: “Embrace everything”.

Once the boys dropped off and I was left to wriggle around in my soaked diaper and restrictive onesie I realised that all my inhibitions had departed my conservative upbringing. I was in a different, and totally unexpected, world altogether where experiencing something new wasn’t scary it was invigorating. I imagined how I looked. Peering down from above onto the bed with two gorgeous hunks in diapers on either side of me and there I am, in an all-encompassing onesie, wearing super thick protection and squirming contentedly around because of what we’ve just done -to me it didn’t get any better than that.

Over breakfast I plucked up the courage to ask the question I’d been dying to ask but some reason had felt I shouldn’t.

“How had you got into all this?” It was easy for them to know to what I was referring as we were all still dressed the same way we were the night before.

“A dare.” It was such an easy answer but not one I had expected. “We have some friends, they fly with a British airline, and they were fundraising for one of the many charities that the British go in for - Red Nose Week or something.”

Morgan took up the tale, “As part of the fundraising they had actually been dressed as babies on their flight, much to the amusement of their passengers and had managed to raise the most money of any of the other crews who were doing the same.”

“We couldn’t believe it. We doubted that our company would allow us to do such a thing but we were intrigued that they’d managed to do it, and still perform their duties.” Luke smiled knowingly, “Of course we mocked them mercilessly and insisted that they wore their baby outfits next time we all went out together.”

“We thought they’d run a mile from the suggestion but instead,” Morgan took a deep breath, “they challenged us to wear the same.”

“If we did then they would. However, they weren’t going to be the butt of our jokes if we were too chicken to accept their dare.”

“In a rush of American… and Aussie pride, we thought we couldn’t get beaten by a couple of Brits so we accepted.”

He raised his eyebrows as if that was the end of the story but I wanted more.

“So, how did that turn into this?” And I spread my hands to take in our complete baby look.

They both smiled, “We enjoyed it more than we thought we would and, in fact, we found that our sex life suddenly had a different dimension, which we wanted to explore.”

Morgan sipped at his coffee and continued. “It became apparent to us that, in our job we look after other people all the time but, and this was a bit of a realisation, we didn’t look after each other to the same extent. It may seem strange but, I was able to offer Luke complete attention when he was in a diaper than I ever did when he wasn’t.”

“It was the same for me,” Luke chipped in, “there was something cute, soft and vulnerable about Morgan in a diaper that brought out a different side of me, and it was a side I liked… so… we continued.”

“Was it the same for the Brits?” I was eager to know if there were others involved in their experimentation.

“We all went out together dressed as babies and, it has to be said, the bar went berserk and we were very much the center of attention.”

“However, we haven’t shared everything with them and, if you hadn’t been wearing the onesie when we came home, I doubt we’d have involved you either.”

“Thankfully,” Luke came over and gave me a huge hug. “You had already slipped into a very inquisitive state of mind and, we have to admit, looked the part straight away.”

He kissed my neck as his hand felt around my soggy padding. “And, what’s more, I think somebody needs changing.”


Part 6

The Visit ends

So, I could have missed out on all this if I’d not literally wanted to get into their knickers. My obsession with underwear, and wearing my friends used pants, had led me this far and to a place where I couldn’t have even guessed I’d end up. The incredible intimacy we’d all shared and the sex that had, to a certain degree, been spectacularly inventive, had left me a little confused. Was I now hooked on being diapered and nothing else would do, or was it just a passing phase? Would my sex-life be dependent on Depends, would I only love if Luvs were involved and would I only respond to being Pampered? All these thoughts ran through my head as Luke changed my soggy diaper and fitted me into another dry one.

Once I was diapered and the plastic pants had been applied Luke and Morgan took care of themselves and we all ended up wearing the same. Then, completely out of the blue, Luke jumped me and started a tickle-attack. Morgan then pounced on Luke and an all-out battle ensued that had us rolling around the floor giggling like children at a sleepover, whilst wearing just our protection.

The sensation of the silky plastic pants skimming over my body was unbelievably erotic and I gathered it was the same for my friends. My god, who knew there could be so much laughter and fun while only wearing baby clothes? Morgan’s slippery pink pants were in my face but the bulkiness made the whole package soft and silky to the touch. Luke’s pretty blue cartoon emblazoned pants slid over Morgan’s back and they both ended up in a heap by my side.

It was my opportunity to launch my own counter-attack and leap onto them, my see-thru plastic pants showing the thick diaper underneath but not preventing my cunning assault. The battle raged for… well… only minutes but we were all shattered by the time we lay breathless on the carpet. Luke propped himself up against the sofa looking hot and sweaty. Morgan was laid out panting heavily but with his eyes closed and I was simply enjoying the spectacle of my two best friends looking like knackered toddlers.

I knew under all that thick padding, for me at least, I was throbbing like mad, though happy enough with the sensation so didn’t feel I had to attend to it. In fact, quite often during this visit I had been in similar situations and relief might have actually spoiled the moment rather than justifying it. So, I throbbed. I hoped the other two were experiencing the same and suspected that was their idea from the start. The sex, well it would and could be good but to them it was the preliminaries; the preparation, the dressing up, the sexy attitude, the…

Luke looked over at the two of us, “Let’s go to bed.”

In matter of moments we were all piled onto the bed, diapers and pants urgently cast aside and had an unbelievable hot session that went on for hours.

All three of us had dozed from utter exhaustion. As I came round the room was still bathed in sunlight and I could see my plastic pants hanging from a light fitting, Morgan’s were on the door handle and somehow Luke’s had joined us in bed. Our disposables were scattered around the floor and the place looked like a bomb had hit a diaper factory. I was sore but incredibly happy when I heard the phone ringing.  Morgan was laid on top of me but it was Luke who reacted and sleepily wondered naked to pick up his cell.

Moments later he came back in. “Sorry sweet-heart, we’ve been called in.” Morgan stirred and I felt some rather sticky gloop run from my belly down to my hairless crotch. “Stay where you are if you want but Morgan. MORGAN.” he shouted to raise his boyfriend, “we need to get ready.”

They both stumbled into the bathroom and I lay there amongst the debris of our love making. It had been hot, rampant and intense but now, as I lay naked, it was time to return to my ‘normal’ way of life. I didn’t really want to move. I wanted to luxuriate in this feeling for a while longer but I knew the time was up… well for the moment anyway. I lay there remembering everything over the past couple of days. Images popped into my mind. Diapers and plastic pants, my two ‘toddler’ best friends, the sheer delight in our disregard for what others may or may not think… and that final brilliant ‘vision’ after our wrestling match of us all exhausted and looking as sexy as hell in just our protection.

This was the image I intended to keep at the front of my mind when I got home. I didn’t know if my enjoyment of all this ABDL stuff would stay with me but one thing for certain was… I wanted this memory to last.

The boys returned from the bathroom looking clean and sparkling wearing their designer underwear. Even just wearing those they looked the part of efficient professionals. As they slipped into their uniforms I went to shower myself. I was feeling a little sad that it was all over but I couldn’t keep them waiting, they were on a tight timetable. I returned to the bedroom and they were just about finished; everything about them said hunky, sexy air stewards and you would never have guessed their diaper secret. I quickly slipped into the clothes that I’d arrived in and, with a kiss, we were soon on our way; the boys would drop me off at the bus-station and they would continue on to the airport.

It had been a short but fantastic visit and as I sat on the bus I pondered when I might get to experience it all again. I hoped it would be soon but, with their busy schedule I wasn’t sure when that might happen. I unzipped my bag looking for a book to read on the journey and there on the top were a couple of disposables, a pair of pink plastic pants and as I searched underneath them I found they had even given me one of their short onesies. For some stupid reason I caught my breath and tears formed in my eyes. It looked like I wouldn’t have to wait until they returned to have some more fun of my own. I couldn’t wait until the bus stopped for a rest period it would give me an opportunity to slip into something a little more comfortable for the rest of my journey.

Something soft, thick and watertight.

***The End***

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