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                                                            BY SISSY NANCY BOY


It was the third time that I would have to pee in my bed that week.  Just the night before my grandma had made it very clear what would happen if she were to find me in a wet bed the next morning which is why I began to cry as I tried to go.  It was so hard to start peeing myself even though my bladder hurt from being so full I felt it would burst.  

            I took a deep breath and tried to relax while I imagined myself on the toilet.  As I did, I felt the first squirt of my pee spread out on my now wet underwear and almost immediately turn cold against my skin.  After the initial blast, I immediately stopped but when the next burst came, it didn’t stop even for a second.  

Before, when I’d wet the bed the other times that week, I could only pee enough to wet myself a little bit, but this time I just couldn’t stop myself after only going a little; this time the wetness spread all around soaking my underwear, my pajamas, and the sheets.  My grandma had covered the mattress with a rubber sheet and then a regular sheet and I could feel my pee pooling under my body where my weight had formed a dip in the bed.  

“Okay,” I said to the bear on my nightstand, “I did it.” 

“You did?” asked Teddy.  

“Yes,” I answered. 

To my surprise, Teddy began to giggle before he went quiet and the red glow of his eyes slowly died away.  

When my sister and I came to spend the summer at my grandma’s house she had told us that she’d bought a box of old toys from one of her neighbors so we would have something to amuse us during our stay.  Teddy, a talking teddy bear, was one of those toys. I was eleven and thought I was too old for such things.  I thought my seven-year-old sister, Amy, would latch onto the bear but after a week, I found Teddy in my room.  When I asked Amy she just said that it was what Teddy wanted.  

I ignored the bear at first but one day I was bored and I turned it on.  He asked if we could be friends and I jokingly answered, “Yes.”  That was it.  I thought he was stupid and I forgot all about him.  That night I woke up to him talking to me. 

He’d  been on my dresser when I’d gone to sleep and when I woke up, he was on my nightstand talking away.  At first I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but when I was fully awake I could hear him telling me to wet my bed and to my horror, his eyes were glowing a deep, bright red.  

Terrified, the next morning I put Teddy back into the box; making sure he was well and truly off by taking out his batteries.  That night I woke up to the stuffed bear, once again on my nightstand, telling me that I had to pee the bed or he’d make me pay.  I don’t know why I did it, but, uncontrollably shaking, I told him to shut up.  

“Don’t tell me to shut up,” he said angrily.  “Wet your bed!”  

Scared out of my mind I worked up the courage to reach out in order to remove the batteries from this toy from hell.  Only thing was, there were no batteries to take.  I crawled into bed and all the while the bear kept telling me to wet myself.  Maybe it was because I was at a strange house or maybe because I was frightened, but I blurted out for the possessed bear to shut up and leave me alone.  

“I will once you pee your bed,” whispered the stuffed toy.  

“Okay,” I answered.  

            It took me a long time, but I managed to squeeze out some pee.  Enough to wet the front of my pajamas and drip down between my legs.  

            “Okay,” I told the bear.  “I did it.” 

            “Let me see,” ordered Teddy.  “Put my paw on the wet spot.”  

            I felt like I was going crazy as I touched Teddy’s paw to my wet pjs.  As soon as I said “See?” he went silent and his horrible glowing eyes went dead.  

            I’d somehow gone back to sleep and in the morning I’d thought it was a dream until I felt my wet underwear and pajamas cold and wet against my skin.  There was a wet spot on the sheet of my bed that was about the size of a basketball.  I ignored it and put my wet clothes in the hamper and simply got dressed.  

            As soon as I got a chance, I threw Teddy in the garbage can my grandma kept at the side of her house.

            “Sammy,” I heard my grandma calling me later that morning.  

            “Yes?” I asked when I went into the bedroom.  

            She had pulled down my covers exposing the shame of my pee stain on the bed.  

            “Did you do this?” she asked.  

            “Uh, yes,” I stammered.  

            “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked.  

            “I don’t know,” I said.  “I just didn’t.” 

            “You have to tell me stuff like this, Sammy,” she said as she frowned at me. 

            “What happened?” I heard Amy asking from the doorway.  

            “Sammy has wet the bed,” my grandma told her.  

            “What!” she shouted.  “He really did?” 

            “Yes,” said grandma, “He really did and now I have to clean it up.

            “Oh my God,” Amy said while she laughed.  

            “And he will tell me if it happens again, won’t you?” she asked, looking me in my eyes.  

            “Yes, Grandma,” I answered.  

            I was so afraid that when I went to bed that night, I couldn’t sleep. Somehow, Teddy was back on the dresser and I couldn’t take my eyes off of his evil face.  Eventually, I did sleep only to wake up with the bear’s red eyes glowing as he whispered “Do it again,” over and over.  

            I didn’t even argue.  I laid there in the glow from his red eyes, terrified, until I eventually began to pee.  I peed myself more than I had the night before and when I was done, I told Teddy.  

            “Don’t tell anyone I made you,” he said.  “And don’t throw me in the garbage again!” 

His eyes went dark and I was left in a wet bed.  In the morning my grandma woke me up and I had to work up enough courage in order to tell her I’d wet my bed again.  I felt the tears welling up in my eyes as I said the words and felt my face burning with shame that I didn’t feel I deserved.  

“I’m glad you told me you wet your bed,” she said later that night as I watched her put a rubber sheet on my bed.  “This isn’t punishment,” she added, putting a regular sheet over the rubber one.  “This is to protect the mattress.  However, should you wet the bed again, I’ll have no choice but to get you diapers to wear.”  

I started to bawl as I looked at the bear on my nightstand.  I was eleven years old and going back into diapers was a humiliation I couldn’t even imagine.  

“Grandma,” I choked through my sobs, “please don’t do that to me!” 

“You are doing it to yourself,” she sighed.  

And I had.  I had peed my bed like a toilet and I was lying there soaked to the bone and waiting for morning.  

I woke up on my own, shivering and smelling like pee, and I felt that I had to pee again.  I was going to get up and go to the bathroom, but I was soaked and I worried that I might actually drip on grandma’s floor.  Feeling like it didn’t matter, I began peeing in the bed again.  It came easy.  The pee flowing out like nothing and the warmth spread along my back and to the back of my neck.  

Grandma came into my room sometime later and as soon as I saw her, I began to cry.  She peeled back the covers and looked at me.  

“Oh my,” she sighed.  “You are soaked.  Don’t move.”  

I didn’t move.  She was gone a long time and when she eventually came back her hands were full of garbage bags and Amy was trailing along behind her.  Amy’s eyes were almost as wide as the smile that split her face at seeing me laying in the bed soaked from head to foot in my own pee.  

“He stinks,” she said.  

“Yes,” my grandma agreed as she placed the garbage bags on the floor at the side of my bed.  

“Okay,” she said, “up we go!” and she pulled me up by my arms until I was standing on the garbage bag. 

I heard the drips hitting the plastic bag as I stood there.  Grandma reached out and started lifting the bottom of my pajama top and I automatically raised my arms as the stinky, wet top was pulled up and over my head spreading my own pee across my face but when she reached for my pajama bottoms, I balked and grabbed them.  

“What are you doing?” I demanded.  

“These need to come off,” she stated bluntly.  

“I can do it when you and Amy aren’t here,” I argued.  

“That may be,” Grandma agreed, “but there is no need for you to be modest.  I’m going to be putting you in your diapers, so I’ll be seeing you naked anyway.”  

“What?” I gasped.  “But…” 

“Enough!,” she practically shouted.  “I didn’t spank you the first night you wet the bed but maybe I should have!  If you don’t behave for grandma, you’re going to get your fanny tanned.  Do you understand?” 

“Yes, but Amy!” I exclaimed.  

“Yes. Yes,” she said.  “You’ll get used to it.”    

I gasped as my grandma slowly pulled down on my pajama bottoms and my underwear which I still gripped with all of my might.  Down they went; lower and lower.  I felt the cold air on the top of my butt as it dawned on me that grandma was stronger and that I was going to lose.  I gradually released my grip on my slowly dropping clothes and looked at the bear on my nightstand who seemed to be looking back at me.  

I instantly knew, from both the cold air on my skin and from the feel of the elastic going down my legs, as I was finally exposed to Amy and Grandma.  

“Oh my,” said Grandma while Amy went “Huh,” as my bottoms and underwear bunched up around my ankles.  Grandma made me step up, first on one foot and then on the other, as I was completely naked in front of them.  Without missing a beat, Grandma began to dry me off with a towel she’d brought in with the garbage bags.  

“Amy?” asked Grandma.  

“Yes,” replied my smirking sister.  

“Take you little brother to the bathtub while I finish up,” she ordered.  

I wanted to argue that I was older than Amy, but I figured that Grandma was teasing me and I didn’t want her to know that it mattered.  

“I guess you’re a bedwetter now?” Amy asked me.  

“Uh,” I thought for a moment, “yeah.  I guess I am.”  

It felt really weird standing naked in the tub in front of my little sister having this conversation.  I wanted to tell her the truth.  Teddy had made me do it, but that seemed crazy and I just wanted it to all go away.  

Grandma eventually came in and began to fill the tub with water as I stood in it not knowing what to do.  To my ultimate shame I didn’t resist when Grandma pushed me down into the hot water and began to give me a bath.  I thought I was in enough trouble and didn’t want more.  She started washing me from my head down.  She ordered me to stand so she could wash my lower half.  

“Amy, come here,” she ordered.  “If you ever have to give your little brother a bath you’ll need to know this.  Your brother has an ‘innie’ and you can’t just wash this little bit here.”  

To my shock, Grandma pinched at where my peepee was and eventually got ahold of it and pulled it out of its hole.  

“You see what I’m doing?” she asked Amy.  

“Yeah,” answered Amy with an intense look on her face as she watched Grandma wash it. 

Grandma let me go and my thing slowly went back inside me where it belonged.

“Do you think you can do that?” Grandma asked Amy.  

“Uh, yeah,” she answered.  “I think I can.”  

“Well, we need to be sure.  Go on and try it for yourself.”  

Amy tried and when it sprang back in me, tried again.  Grandma had her try over and over until she was able to do it without it slipping back inside.  I couldn’t believe the awkwardness I felt as my sister learned how to pull my thing out of its pocket in order to wash it.  

“You’ll have to do it when you diaper him or put on rash cream,” Grandma told her.  

“Okay,” said Amy matter-of-factly.  “Sammy’s going back into diapers?” 

“Yes,” answered Grandma, “until he stops wetting.” 

Amy, after seeming to ignore me, looked into my eyes and grinned from ear to ear.  I felt heat burning my face as I saw the look on her face. She was in heaven knowing that not only was Grandma putting me back into diapers but she might get to diaper me too.  My heart sank and I thought of my six-year-old sister putting me in a diaper.  

Grandma wrapped a towel around me and lifted me out of the tub; making me feel like I was still a little kid.  

“Pull the drain, Amy,” Grandma instructed my sister.  

Grandma carried me into my bedroom and I saw everything was stripped off of my bed except the rubber sheet.  She laid me down and then she began to dress me.  I felt like a toddler as she pushed and pulled and dressed me while I mostly laid on the bed.  

The day went by normally until just after lunch at which time my Grandma asked my little sister, who was six, to watch her “little” brother.  My Grandma put my sister, who was five years younger than me, in charge of me while she was gone!  I couldn’t believe what was happening as Amy received instructions as to what she should do in an emergency and which neighbor to go to should she need help that wasn’t an emergency.  

Oddly, nothing much was different when Grandma left.  Amy and I did our own things and kept out of each other’s way until Grandma returned with bags in her arms.  I felt my face flush knowing that the things in the bags were for me.  I told myself that it didn’t matter, but I knew that it did.  Grandma didn’t pull the stuff out of the bags, which I was grateful for and everything went normally until bedtime.  

“Okay, Sammy, upstairs!” she ordered.  “Time for your diapers!”  

Grudgingly, I went to my room.  Grandma laid me down on the rubber sheet and began to undress me.  In my head I’d thought all along that when Grandma said diapers she really meant “pullups” and just didn’t know what to call them.  Grandma pulled out what, to me, looked like huge white pieces of cloth.  She grabbed both of my ankles and began to lift and push on them until my knees were up by my chest and my bare bottom into the air.  Holding me in that position she slid one of the huge pieces of cloth under my butt and it was then that I realized, with shock, that I wasn’t going into pullups but into actual, real cloth diapers; the kind babies wear.  

I started shaking uncontrollably as I watched in disbelief as Grandma put another and another of the cloth diapers under my bottom.  Still holding me like that with one hand, she expertly grabbed a bottle of baby oil with her other hand and began squeezing the oil on my backside.  I felt her cold hand as she began to rub to oil over my bottom, between my legs, and even up onto my belly.  

I tried to melt into the bed from shame, but the smell of the baby powder hit me and I looked down to see myself covered in the white stuff until Grandma rubbed it into my skin as she had done with the baby oil.  She lowered my legs, spread them wide, and pulled the diapers up to my belly button. Then the pins came out.  Two actual diaper pins!  Both complete with yellow, plastic duckies on the ends and I, at eleven years old, was pinned into a diaper by my Grandmother.   

 “This isn’t to punish you, Sammy,” my Grandma said to me as she pulled something, I couldn’t make out what, from one of the bags.  “It was all I could find that would fit you.”  

The horrible shames of everything that had happened to me up until then instantly paled in comparison when Grandma unfolded the biggest pair of plastic pants imaginable in front of my widening eyes.  I began to cry when I saw, with humiliation, that the white plastic pants were covered with an infant print of blocks spelling out the word “Baby” over and over across the surface of the pants.  

“Please Grandma,” I begged her, “I won’t ever wet the bed again,” I said, knowing it was true because I wouldn’t let the bear make me do it again.  

Nothing I said, however, stopped Grandma from slowly pulling the babyish, plastic pants up my legs until they covered the diapers I wore.  Grandma had put me into diapers like a baby and as if to emphasize my shame, the plastic pants spelled out “Baby” for all the world to see what my bedwetting had made me.  

Grandma didn’t even try to soothe my feelings as she pulled me from the bed and had me stand while she began to make my bed.

“I got these from my friend, Evelyn,” she told me as she unfolded the sheet I’d be sleeping on.  It was awful.  The sheet was not only covered in babyish circus animals, it was also covered with yellow pee stains of the previous owner.  A matching top sheet followed and then what could only be described as a baby blanket completed my bedding.  

            The only solace I had was that Amy had not seen any of these humiliations.  I crawled into the bed and my Grandma kissed me goodnight.  No one had kissed me goodnight in years but it didn’t stop me from eventually crying myself to sleep cursing Teddy who continued to sit on my nightstand.  

            I woke up to Grandma gently shaking me.  For a brief moment I didn’t remember my diapering.  It came rushing back when Grandma asked if I’d had a dry night.  

            “I guess so,” I told her.

            I couldn’t remember Teddy waking me up or having me pee myself, so I thought that I must be dry.  I didn’t feel cold and wet at any rate.  Grandma pulled back the covers and I saw the huge bulky diapers between my legs and the awful, babyish plastic pants.  Grandma partially turned me and I felt her cold fingers go past the elastic of the plastic pant’s leg hole and against my bottom.  

            “Nope,” Grandma said sadly.  “Looks like you wet your diapers.”  

            “What?” I stammered.  “I couldn’t have!”  

            “Well, you did,” Grandma insisted.  “But I don’t think you need to be changed just yet.”  

            “Okay,” I agreed, not understanding what she meant.  

            “Let’s get you breakfast,” said Grandma as she lifted me from the bed.  

            She took my hand and began walking me toward the door.  It was when we stepped into the hall that it came to me that Grandma planned to leave me in the huge diapers and plastic pants!  I couldn’t believe it and I pulled my hand from Grandma’s and ran back into my room to find something to wear.  

            “What are you doing?” Grandma asked me.  

            “You need to dress me,” I answered.  

            “I do?” she asked, frowning.  “How about you get your diapered bottom over here before I lose my temper?”  

            “Please, Grandma,” I begged, starting to cry.  “Not like this!  Not in diapers and baby pants!”  

            But Grandma only reached out her hand and I eventually took it and waddled next to her down the stairs and into my sister’s view.  Her mouth hung open as she took in the bulky mass of diapers and the infantile baby pants.  I had expected teasing but she only responded with true shock.  

            “You look like a baby,” she finally told me.  

            “I know,” I said, sniffing back my tears.  

            Grandma picked me up and set me into the chair and placed a bowl of cereal in front of me.  

            “Are you going to feed him,” Amy asked Grandma.  

            “I hadn’t thought about it,” Grandma stated bluntly.  “Do you think I should?”  

            Ice went through my blood at the suggestion that I needed to be fed.  Just because I was diapered and wore plastic pants that said “Baby” didn’t mean I forgot how to feed myself.  

            “Yeah,” answered Amy.  “I think you should.  Babies are messy!”  

            Amy had put a lot of emphasis on the word “babies” and my face burned.  Grandma smiled as she tied a dish towel around my neck, pulled a chair close to mine, and picked up my spoon.  I tried to take the spoon but Grandma pushed my hand down and told me to open wide.  

            “After all,” she said as she fed me a spoonful of cereal, “babies are messy!”  

            To my horror she began to laugh and Amy joined in too.  I was eleven years old and my Grandma was feeding me!  Grandma had a huge smile as she gave me spoonful after spoonful; stopping occasionally to wipe my face with the towel.  Amy was done with her breakfast but she remained at the table to watch my feeding.  

“Amy, would you please take your baby brother into the living room?” Grandma asked my sister when the bowl was empty.  

“Sure,” said Amy.  

I was shaking with rage and shame as my sister took my hand.  I waddled next to her as she walked me into the next room.  I listened to Grandma cleaning the dishes in the kitchen as Amy sat me down in front of the couch.  

“I think I saw something in the toy box that is perfect for you to play with,” Amy told me as she went off.  

I was alone and I began to feel the pressure on my bladder that meant I had to pee.  I knew that I could hold it for a bit but that if Grandma didn’t let me out of the diaper soon, I’d have to pee in it.  Amy came back and it didn’t come as any surprise to me when she put down baby toys in front of me.  

“I’m not a baby,” I said angrily.  “I’m not going to play with these.”  

“You don’t have to,” replied Amy.  “I’m going to tell Grandma you wanted them no matter what you do.”  

Before I could respond, Grandma was at my side.  

“Oh, how cute!” Grandma exclaimed.  “I guess you’ll be entertained until I get back.”  

I ignored their teasing and simply sat on the floor and pouted.  

“Amy,” said my Grandma, “I’m going out for a few things.  Will you watch the baby until I get back?”  

I knew Grandma’s teasing was her way of punishing me for wetting the bed, but it hurt; which I guess was the point.  Amy, however, was just enjoying my humiliation way too much and was just being mean when she agreed to “watch the baby”.  

“Grandma?” I asked.  

“Yes,” she replied.  

“Uh, are you going to dress me before you go?” 

“No,” she answered.  “You’ll be fine.”  

That was it.  She left me diapered with my little sister as she went off.  

“Amy?” I asked after a while.  

“Yes,” she answered.  

“Do you think you could stop egging Grandma on?”

“About what?” she asked with false innocence.  

“Like about feeding me,” I answered.  

“Oh, yeah,” she said, “It’s just funny, that's all.”  

“Not for me,” I said under my breath.  

Grandma was gone for a while and I had to pee more and more the longer she was gone.  I wasn’t even thinking about it when eventually, I felt myself starting to pee. Amy was upstairs and as soon as I felt what I was doing, I cut off the stream by squeezing my legs together as much as I could.  In hardly any time at all, I was peeing myself again.  I thought I should stop myself but while I was debating, I realized that I had finished.  I’d wet a diaper!  

I wasn’t sure how I should feel about what I’d done.  Nobody would know so I wondered if I should be ashamed of myself?  I didn’t feel ashamed though; I felt like it had just happened and in no time, I forgot all about it. 

Grandma came bustling through the door with more bags in her arms.  I just kept watching the cartoons that Amy had put on for me to watch as Grandma went into the kitchen. I barely noticed as she sat on the sofa behind me.  

“Come here, Sammy,” Grandma ordered me.  

I got up and started to waddle to where she sat.  I noticed that the diaper was very heavy and was now hanging low between my legs.  I realized I must have wet more than I thought, but Grandma wouldn’t have any way of knowing that I’d peed myself.  

“Your diaper seems much fuller now then when I left,” Grandma told me. 

I think my blush told my Grandma the truth of what I’d done.  

“Yes, I thought so,” said Grandma as she pulled me up onto her lap.  “I want you to know that I wouldn’t be doing this if you hadn’t peed your diapers, Sammy, but since you did, this is what happens to you if you act like a baby.”  

My heart was beating like crazy not knowing what she meant.  I found out when my Grandma produced a baby bottle full of milk.  She laid me across her lap with my head in the crook of her elbow and pushed the rubber nipple against my lips.  Tears formed in my eyes as I opened my lips and accepted the nipple into my mouth.  I tasted the milk dripping from the end of the nipple and my Grandma told me “drink your baabaa, Sweetie”.  

It was hard at first.  I had to suck the milk and then swallow and let air go into the bottle before sucking some more.  I kept this up while my Grandma held the baby bottle until I had sucked practically every drop of milk.  

“That was good,” Grandma praised me, “but I think one more.”  

Another bottle came out and I took the nipple and began to suck.  While I drank from it like a baby, my Grandma began to whisper to me about how cute I looked and how much she enjoyed having a baby in the house again.  She kept up this sweet talking until I emptied the bottle.  She moved me around and began to pat my back.  I leaned against her until I could force out the burp which I knew she’d been wanting.  

“Let’s get you in a fresh diaper,” she soothingly whispered in my ear.  

“But I want to get dressed, Grandma,” I told her. 

“A diaper is getting dressed, Sweetie,” she stated.  “At least it is for you.”  

The heavily soaked diaper swung between my legs as Grandma led me to my bedroom.  Amy perked up as we passed her room and I heard her getting up.  She joined us in my room and I became resigned to the fact that Grandma would let her watch me being changed.  Grandma laid a mat on the floor and gently pushed me down on it.  She reached into the plastic pants and unpinned both of the pins and pulled them out leaving the plastic pants covering the diapers.  She pulled the whole mass down my legs and off of me until I was naked.  

The wipes she used to clean me were cold and I suffered Amy watching every shaming moment.  More diapers, oilling, powdering, and as she had the night before, Grandma pinned me in the bulky cloth.  The plastic pants came next and I was horrified to see them printed with bears in diapers over a gingham print.  They seemed to scream “baby” as much as the others had spelled it out.  

When I began to tear up and sniffle, Grandma pulled out another surprise and a pacifier came out of her pocket and right into my mouth.  Amy, who hadn’t seen me drinking from baby bottles, began to giggle as I began sucking on the pacifier.  

“Doesn’t he look precious?” Grandma asked Amy.  

“Oh, yes!” Amy exclaimed.  “I love his plastic pants! They are so cute!”  

My face burned and then Grandma, beyond belief, produced something that shamed me even more.  Over my head it went and Amy broke out in peels of laughter as Grandma snapped the onesie together between my legs.  On the front was a pink, baby bunny with the words “Grandma’s Baby” in big, bold letters.  

“Oh my God, Grandma!” Amy squealed.  “How adorable!” 

“We need to get your baby brother fed,” Grandma told Amy.  

“Is wittle Swammy hungry?” Amy asked me in baby talk as she took my hand.  

I waddled along behind my sister as she continued using the most outlandish baby talk which I refused to answer.  Amy took me to my spot at the table and my Grandma gave her a bib to tie around my neck.  I could barely make out the pink elephant on the bib through my tears.  Amy kept patting my back and shushing me as I cried thinking how foolish I must look.  

“This is no good,” Grandma said.  “I’m putting him to bed and then we’ll eat, Amy.”  

With no supper, Grandma put me to bed and left me with a kiss on my forehead and a full baby bottle next to me on the bed.  I was exhausted from my crying and I fell asleep almost immediately.  At some time during the night I woke up with Teddy’s red eyes glaring at me.  He didn’t say anything and I reached into the diaper to discover I’d wet myself.  I had really just wet my bed or more accurately, my diapers.  I went from a big boy to a baby in one day!  

“Put this on,” Teddy ordered.  

From the light of his glowing eyes I saw something bunched up between his legs.  I got out of bed and grabbed what was there.  Unfolding the material I’d found, it became obvious that Teddy wanted me to put on one of my sister’s nighties.  

“Please, Teddy,” I whispered, “I already peed my diapers.  Don’t make me wear a nightie, please?” 

“Do it,” Teddy ordered.  

            Shaking, I put on my sister’s nightie.  It was mostly white but the sleeves were just pink ruffles as was the hem, but it wasn’t long enough to cover my diapers and plastic pants.  Feeling lost, I told Teddy I did it and his eyes stopped glowing.  I went back to bed. 

I saw the baby bottle next to me and I thought to myself that only a baby would drink from a baby bottle without someone forcing him to do it.  I had felt shame when Grandma had fed me like a baby, but I’d also felt a funny kind of warmth inside me.  

“Something is seriously wrong with me,” I told myself as I picked up the bottle. 

I touched the rubber nipple to my lips and wondered what Grandma would make of her Grandson in the morning.  Me with an empty bottle, a soaked diaper, and now wearing my sister’s nightie would really be a picture for her when she got me up in the morning.  I began to suck the warm milk just as I had for Grandma and thought that I could have just unscrewed the cap and drank from the bottle like a cup, but here I was drinking it just like a baby would.

“I should stop this,” I thought to myself.  “I can’t have an empty bottle in the morning!”  

And then it was too late.  The bottle was empty and I had no excuse.  “I was just hungry,” I told myself.  

I woke up early with the pressure on my bladder telling me I needed to pee, but told myself that Grandma was going to make me use my diapers anyway, so I let myself go and started peeing and as I did, an odd thought came into my head.  

“What if Grandma came in to find me not only in a soaking diaper with an empty baby bottle in the bed but, what if,” I thought to myself, “what if I was sucking on my very own baby pacifier?  What if indeed?” 

I found the pacifier and shaking, I put it in my mouth and began sucking.  I kept telling myself I’d better take it out, but I didn’t and then in walks Grandma who sees me and begins to chuckle.  

“My, my, how sweet a baby you look,” she says to me.  

I should spit it out, but I don’t.  I suck even harder knowing I’m caught.  Instead of being cross, Grandma seems happy as she begins to whistle as she goes about the room.  I regret having started to act like a baby.

Grandma pulls back the covers and sees, for the first time, that I’m wearing Amy’s nightie.  She looks me in my eyes and asks me if I put on the nightie as she sticks her finger into my soaked diapers. I nod my head yes, sucking madly on my pacifier. She doesn’t say anything to me.  She just rubs my tummy for a good long time.  

“Is the baby hungry?” she finally asks me.  

I just nod my head yes again.  

I waddle in my heavy diapers as I follow Grandma.  She doesn’t have to do it, but she picks me up and puts me on my chair.  In no time she has pulled up a chair next to mine and she pulls out the pacifier with a “pop”.  I make no complaints as Grandma spoon feeds me my breakfast.  

“I didn’t hear Sammy crying this morning,” my sister says from the doorway of the kitchen.  

“No,” says my Grandma, “he was happy as a clam with his binky.”  

“Really?” my sister asks, stopping suddenly and staring at me.  

“Oh yes,” Grandma cheerfully answers.  

“Hey, that’s my nightie!” Amy exclaims.  

“Sammy is just borrowing it,” Grandma tells her.  “You can have it back when I get Sammy his own nighties to wear.”  

“Well, good,” says Amy, “I guess.”  

Amy just gives me one of her smiles and watches me being fed by Grandma while she starts to eat her own breakfast.  

Amy is still eating when Grandma lets me go into the other room.  I don’t want to do it, but I’m feeling a need to poop that can’t be denied.  When I was still a toddler I would sometimes let the poop come out a little bit and then I could have it go back inside. I squatted down in the living room and let the poop out a little bit.  I must have lost the knack because once I started, I couldn’t stop.  It felt so strange because my poop, which usually would drop in the toilet, began building up between my cheeks and spreading out through my diapers.  

I didn’t say anything.  I just watched the television.  I felt the poop spreading as I sat and I got a strong odor after only a few moments.  Any second my sister and my grandma would know that I’d pooped myself; like a baby.  I wanted to go hide but I heard my sister calling my grandma and saying she smelled something.  

In a flash Grandma was in the room with Amy looking doubtful behind her. 

“Oh, yes,” said Grandma pulling my diapers from my bottom, “he is certainly messy.”  

Amy looked shocked as she stared at me.  

I tried not to look at Amy.  I concentrated on Grandma and followed her upstairs when she took my hand.  In no time, most of the mess was in the diaper Grandma had taken off of me before she led me to the bathtub to finish cleaning me up. Grandma was very gentle with me as she washed away my mess.  She took extra time cleaning my peepee and it gave me a funny feeling the longer she did.  When she was done, my thing stuck out from its pocket and I had a weird urge to keep rubbing it on my own.  

Grandma put me into more diapers and I looked with some small fear at what babyish pants she’d have me wear.  

“I really didn’t think you’d be in your diapers more than a day,” Grandma told me.  “I was surprised you let me do it all, let alone for so long but you seem to be content with your diapers, so I guess I have no choice but to keep you in them.  Still, I was happy to see you wearing a nightie this morning because it will make what I have to do easier.” 

She was making me nervous and when she turned around I instantly saw why she was making such a fuss.  I was frozen to my spot as my Grandma held out a pair of plastic panties!  Panties!  A silky front gave way to an impossible number of frills across the entire bottom of the pink panties!  Before I could work up a protest, the silky, frilly panties were over my feet and going up my legs.  They fit tightly across my diapers and I felt the frilly bottom with both of my hands and wondered how I would hide this shame from Amy. 

“Grandma,” I stammered, dropping the pacifier from my mouth, “please don’t put me in girl’s panties.  Please?”  

“I’m out of the plastic pants, honey,” she calmly told me. “I didn’t expect to need more and I borrowed these from a friend who had a girl.  We’ll just have to make do, won’t we?” 

The very next thing Grandma did answered all questions about being able to hide my frilly panties.  She pulled out what I can only describe as a matching pink, baby girl’s dress only it was huge!  I knew that nothing I did now would get me out of being put into that dress.  Still, it felt like my heart would pound out of my chest as Grandma slipped it over my head.  

It wasn’t enough that I allowed myself to be a baby for Grandma.  Now I was going to be a baby girl.  Grandma went behind me and zipped me into the sissy dress as I stood meekly letting her do it.  I looked down and saw that a good amount of the frilly panties showed themselves to the world under the dress’s hemline.

“If you’ve got to wear this,” Grandma said, smoothing out the dress, “you might as well look the part, eh honey?” 

Grandma completed my outfit with not only girl’s anklet socks that had a lacy top to them, but a pair of mary janes.  

“I’ll do your hair downstairs, Sweetie,” Grandma told me.  

I had no fight in me but I still dreaded the fact that my sister would see me wearing a baby girl’s dress and frilly plastic panties.  I meekly followed Grandma.  

“OH MY GOD,” Amy shrieked!

Gales of Amy’s laughter burned my ears as I walked down the stairs.  I felt her hugging me when I got off the last step.  

“My baby sister is so pretty!” Amy squealed.  

“She is very pretty,” agreed Grandma. 

“She?” I thought to myself. 

“Grandma?” I asked, dreading the answer.  

“Yes, Sweetie,” Grandma answered.  

“Am I just a baby girl today or always?” I asked.  

“I’m not sure,” replied Grandma.  “What do you think, Amy?”  

“I always wanted a baby sister!” exclaimed Amy.  “Besides, look how pretty she is in her pink dress and frilly panties!”  

“Sammy?” Grandma asked. “Do you want to be a baby girl or a sissy boy who wears dresses?”  

“I can’t be a baby boy?” I asked.  

“No, not anymore,” Grandma told me.  “After seeing how cute you look, I remember how much I loved having a baby girl to dress up in pretty dresses.  But you can be a sissy boy in dresses or a baby girl.”  

I wasn’t sure what to say. 

“If I say girl, what does that mean?” I asked.  

“You would always be in a dress, even if we go out, and we would treat you in every way as if you were a girl.  If you want to be a sissy boy, you will still wear dresses but we will make everyone know you are a boy in dresses and panties.”  

“I don’t know,” I said.  

It was a horrible decision for anyone to make.  

“If he is a sissy, would that mean I could tell his friends that he wears diapers and dresses?” Amy asked.  

“I suppose you could,” Grandma told her.  

“I’m a baby girl now, Grandma,” I squeaked out, never wanting any of my friends to know about being in diapers and dresses.

“What’s that, honey?” she asked me.  “Say it loud so Grandma can hear.” 

            “I’m a baby girl, Grandma!” I practically shouted.  “

“Oh boy!” squealed Amy.  “Can I take her to the park?” 

“No, not yet,” answered Grandma.  “I’m going to have Evelyn come over and do her hair.”  

Amy doted on me all morning.  At lunchtime, Grandma took off my dress so it wouldn’t get ruined and Amy was allowed to feed me.  I was still eating when the doorbell rang.  I wanted to flee, but I stayed in place and someone outside of the family was the first to see in my diapers frilly panties.  Evelyn comes into the house and starts to laugh when she sees me.  

“How delightful!” she exclaimed. 

Amy is sent to play and Evelyn begins to work on my hair.  I always had long hair.  I hated getting it cut.  I feel Evelyn using the cold scissors as she cuts the hair along my forehead.  I know that she is giving me bangs.  I’m under Evelyn’s care for a long time and I have started to pee before I can even think about what I’m doing.  I tell myself that it doesn’t matter.  I’m not getting to go potty anyway, so I might as well use my diapers.  

I have actually nodded off when the cape that Evelyn had used to keep hair off of me is pulled away.  I realize I’m done. I’m brushed off and Grandma puts me back in the dress.  

            “He looks just like a toddler girl,” Evelyn comments.  “Where did you get baby stuff to fit him?” 

            “I have a friend whose daughter used to wet her bed,” Grandma told her.  “I didn’t have much money for baby stuff and I have to make do with what I can since Sammy is wetting her bed now.” 

            “Oh,” replied Evelyn, “that is fortunate.  She looks like she needs a new diaper though.” 

            “My goodness,” Grandma said, checking my diaper.  “She does!”

“Let’s go missy,” Grandma told me, taking my hand to lead me to my room. 

To my shock, Evenly followed us up the stairs and to my room.  Grandma laid out the changing mat on my bed and began to pull down my panties.  

“Grandma,” I choked out, “Evelyn is here!” 

“Yes, honey,” Grandma told me.  “Babies don’t have modesty.  You get your diapers changed so often, people are going to be there to see.” 

Evelyn looked me in the eye and smiled.

Grandma unpinned my diapers and pulled them away and Evelyn gasped.  

I saw her looking between my legs.  I wanted to cover myself but if what Grandma said was true, it wouldn’t matter.  

“Where is it?” Evelyn asked.  

“Oh, yeah,” Grandma said.  “It gave me a start too when I first saw him naked.  It is there.” 

Grandma grabbed the tip of my thing and pulled it out of its pocket.  

Evelyn leaned over and looked hard between my legs.  

“It is so small,” she said to Grandma.  “It's no bigger than an eraser on a pencil and even then, that is when you pull on it!” 

“I know,” Grandma said.  “I’ve never even seen a baby with one this tiny.”  

“Poor thing,” Evelyn said.  “Maybe it's for the best that he learns to be a girl.” 

And Grandma laughed.  I was shocked and all the time Grandma put me in a dry diaper all I could think about was how two grown women were amazed at how small of a peepee I had.  I had never known, until then, that something was odd or wrong.  I thought all boy’s peepees stayed in their “pockets’.  Suddenly, I wasn’t only ashamed of being in diapers and girl’s dresses, I was also ashamed of my tiny peepee.  

As we were leaving my bedroom I saw myself in the reflection of the hall mirror.  I didn’t see me.  I saw, to my shock and horror, a toddler girl who was clearly wearing a bulky diaper under her dress!  Evelyn’s hair styling had completed the look.  My bangs and the dozens of curls she’d put in my hair made me look so childish and girly that I couldn’t believe my eyes.  

I meekly followed when my hand was grabbed and I was led downstairs.  It wasn’t until she started talking that I realized I was holding Evelyn’s hand and not my Grandmother’s hand.  

“I’m going to help your Grandma out with you,” she was telling me.  “I’m going to get some stuff out of storage and I’m going to turn that boy’s room you’re staying in into a proper baby girl’s nursery!  Won’t that be nice?” 

“You don’t have to do that,” I said, wishing she wouldn’t. 

“Oh, but I do,” she smiled.  “Do you have a girl you like?  Someone you’d like to kiss?” 

“Yes,” I answered, thinking of a girl in my class. 

“What’s her name?” Evelyn asked me. 

“Um…, Nancy,” I told her.  

When Grandma came back downstairs Evelyn said she had to get going.  

“I’ll be back tomorrow, though, if you’ll have me?” she kind of asked my Grandma.

“Sure, Evelyn,” Grandma told her.  “Anytime!  You’re always a pleasure.”  

“Oh, and one more thing,” she told my Grandma, “You’re baby girl said that she would really like it if everyone started calling her ‘Nancy’ instead of Sammy.” 

I was floored.  I never said that to her!  

When Amy got home from playing, she burst into laughter when she saw me.  She would stop and then she would look at me and she would laugh some more.  Grandma started laughing too.  And the oddest thing happened to me, my face blushing from shame and just about to cry, I began feeling the oddest sensation growing between my legs.  My peepee was coming out of its pocket and I felt it pushing against the wet fabric of my diapers.  It began to feel really good. 

Grandma told Amy that I wanted everyone to call me Nancy. So, Amy started calling me Nancy.  And when she did, she would giggle.  

That night Grandma put me in my chair for supper and told Amy to feed her baby sister.  Which she did with much fuss and cooing.  

“Can I give Nancy her bottle too?” Amy asked.  

“Of course,” Grandma told her.  

Amy was my little sister, barely out of diapers herself, and now she was going to be feeding me a bottle like I was a baby.  

Grandma sat Amy on the sofa and then picked me up and laid me across Amy’s lap with my head cradled in Amy’s arm.  Amy followed our Grandma’s instructions and she slipped the bottle’s nipple into my mouth.  My face was burning as I began to suck on my baby bottle.  Amy was loving it.  

“We have the whole summer with Grandma, Nancy,” she whispered in my ear.  “I think you’re going to forget you’re my big brother by the time Mom comes to get us.” 

With the bottle in my mouth, I couldn’t answer her back.  I hadn’t thought about Mom.  I thought that whatever was going on with me would be done way before Mom came to get us.  I felt my peepee slipping out of its pocket to touch my diaper and it felt good in Amy’s arms.  I somehow felt safe and then the next thing I knew, Grandma was lifting me up in her arms.  

I was put to bed and Grandma kissed my forehead.  

I don’t know when I woke up, but I heard Teddy talking.  

“You will do whatever your sister Amy tells you to do, no matter what.  You will do whatever your sister Amy….” 

He kept repeating it and I got up, scared as I’d ever been, to go over to him.  As I stood there listening, I heard what sounded like the same words coming from the hallway.  I went out as quietly as I could and I heard my sister saying exactly what Teddy was saying.  She’d left her door partly open and I could just make her out on her bed talking into what looked like a walkie talkie.  

I crept back to my room stunned.  Amy had tricked me into wetting the bed and now I was her sissy baby sister..  

Teddy kept up the talking for a long time and I fell asleep listening to “him”.  

The next morning I woke up soaked.  I had wet myself for real.  I hadn’t done it on command, but I’d actually wet my diapers without waking up.  And I thought about Amy and what she had done.  

Amy came into my room.  

“Suck your thumb, baby,” she ordered me.  

I knew her trick.  I knew what was going on and I also knew that I could resist.  Instead, I slowly brought my thumb up to my mouth and began to suck it.  

“When Grandma comes in, you tell her that you want to be a sissy boy and not a baby girl,” she ordered me.  “You tell her you want everyone to know you’re a boy who likes diapers and dresses.  Got it?” 

I nodded my head yes.  I wondered how far my little sister would go, but to find out I’d have to do what she told me.  Everything she told me.  Still, I enjoyed how safe I felt when she was feeding me my bottle. Grandma came in to check on me.  

I made sure she saw me sucking my thumb as she checked my diapers.  

“Grandma,” I said as she got me up, “could you treat  me like a sissy boy instead of a baby girl?  I want everyone to know I like dresses and wearing my diapers.” 

“Of course you do, Nancy,” she said.  “Amy, take your sissy brother downstairs and feed him his breakfast.” 

“Okay, Grandma,” she said, grinning from ear to ear. 

“When we get to the bottom of the stairs, you will feel your legs get weak and you will get down and crawl to the kitchen, sissy!”

As soon as my foot stepped off the last stair, I dropped down and began crawling like a baby to the kitchen.  Amy giggled behind me.  

“Look at that diaper butt wiggle?” she laughed.  “Do you want to talk in baby-talk the rest of the day, Nancy?” 

“No,” I honestly told her.  

“Too bad,” she laughed.  “The rest of the day you’ll use baby talk and whenever you are peeing your diaper, you stick your thumb in your mouth so I know you’re peeing yourself like a little sissy girl, Nancy!” 

I let her feed me breakfast and then she gave me a full baby bottle to drink.  Before I was finished, I pushed the bottle away and stuck my thumb in my mouth.  As soon as I did, I started peeing my already wet diapers.  Amy put her hand on my diaper at the crotch and she looked shocked. 

“You’re doing it,” she said softly.  “I feel it getting warm under my hand.  You are such a baby!”  

I couldn’t understand why my sister was loving this so much. But she was delighted as she once again pushed the nipple of the baby bottle into my mouth and I continued to drink and as I did, my peepee grew out of its pocket again and this time it stayed out for a long time.  

“Amy,” Grandma called down, “check your brother’s diapers and see if she needs changing.” 

“Oh, you’re soaked,” she said when she slipped her fingers past the elastic band of my plastic panties.  “Do you want your Grammy to change your diapers, Nancy?” 

“Nwo,” I said in my best baby-talk, “Awmy dew it.” 

She looked surprised, which is what I was going for.  “If she wants me as a baby so bad, I thought to myself,” let her see what it would be like.  

“Okay,” she said.  “Crawl upstairs.”  

I did as I was told.  

Grandma thought it was a good idea and began giving Amy instructions as to how to change a diaper.  She was so intent that I don’t think she realized that she was rubbing lotion on my butt and diaper area as she slowly rubbed me everywhere.  She put on lots of baby powder and Grandma showed her how to get the diapers pinned on really tight.  

“Go pick some panties for your brother,” Grandma told her and Amy came back with yellow panties with tons of white ruffles over the bottom.  

Amy pulled the panties up my legs and I lifted my bottom to make it easy for her to get them up. Grandma instructed her on how to get the elastic snug so I wouldn’t leak and then gave Amy a pair of booties that matched the panties.  She slipped them on my feet.  

“Nancy doesn’t need her dress just yet,” Grandma said.  “But I have this,” and she handed Amy a baby bonnet which Amy slipped over my curls and tied under my chin.  

“Can I take Nancy outside?” Amy asked.  

My heart began racing as my face flushed hot but my silent prayers weren’t answered because my Grandma said she could.  

My little sister took my hand and led me, her older brother, out into the world dressed like a baby girl.  I was petrified and never more ashamed in my life as Amy pulled me out the door to the back yard.  In the next yard over I could see a boy Amy’s age and a girl my age.  Only that wasn’t right.  The girl was like three and I was much older than her or the boy, but as soon as they saw us they came over.  

Amy leaned over to whisper in my ear.  

“You tell them you are Nancy, a sissy baby boy!” she ordered me.  

“Hi,” greeted Amy.  “I’m Amy,” and she nudged me. 

“I’m Nanthy, a thithy bawby bwoy,” I told them in baby talk. 

“Ha!” the boy laughed.  “That’s funny.  You’re a boy and you wear baby girl stuff?” he asked, looking at my panties and bonnet. 

“He pees himself,” Amy said, not at all helping, “I don’t.  I’m a big girl.”  

“I don’t pees myself,” said the girl.  “I’m tree years old and I wear big girl panties.” 

“Oh great,” I thought to myself.  “Now a “tree” year old is shaming me about not wearing big girl panties when I’m a boy!” 

The boy’s name was Steven and the girl was Patty and Amy told me to go play with Patty and her dollies while the big kids played older games.  

“And you have to do whatever she says,” Amy ordered me as she went off with Steven. 

Patty took me by the hand like I was the younger of us two and headed to a blanket laid out in their yard with dollies on it.  She gave me one and told me exactly how I was supposed to play.  I wasn’t even thinking about how long we’d been playing or about how comfortable I’d gotten being not only outside, but with other people dressed as I was, when I heard Grandma’s voice behind me.  

“Evelyn is here and we are going to be busy for a while.  Can you stay here and play with your new friend?” 

“Yeth, Gwanma,” I answered.  

If she was surprised at my baby-talk she didn’t show it.  

“Good boy,” Grandma said, looking at me holding one of Patty’s dollies.  “Would you like a dolly of your own, Nancy?” 

“Yeth, pwease,” I found myself answering her.  

I couldn’t understand why I’d just told Grandma that I wanted a dolly.  Then my hand went up to my mouth and I slipped my thumb between my lips.  Within seconds, I began to go pee without even thinking about it.  It just felt really good to pee in my diaper and I didn’t want the feeling to stop but eventually it did and I realized what I’d done.  I watched Grandma going back into the house and decided to try something.  

Trying my best to not use baby-talk to see if I could, I decided that I would tell Patty to shove her dolly up her butt.  

“Bwaby Nancy want a pathafier,” I told Patty. 

“No!” that wasn’t what I’d meant to say at all, I thought to myself.  I was so scared, I began to cry and Patty came over and tried to sooth me and she patted my back and pushed a pacifier she’d been giving to her dolly into my mouth. I had thought I was just going along with Amy’s commands to see how far she’d go, but now I knew that whatever she had done to me had worked and I was at her mercy. 

Patty was rubbing my back and she began to sing a lullaby and the next thing I know, someone is shaking me awake.  I open my eyes to see Evelyn standing above me.  She bends down and because she is wearing a skirt, when she spreads her legs getting on my level, I see her panties.  Then she picks me up and carries me like I’m a real baby and all I can do is wave goodbye to Patty.

“I have something very special to show you, Nancy”, Evelyn tells me as we go in the house.  

She carries me upstairs and to the door to my room which is closed.  

“Close your eyes,” she orders me and I do. 

I feel her walking and she tells me to open my eyes.  When I do, I am looking at a nursery.  A baby girl’s nursery.  I see a crib that is decorated with pink ribbons and has pink bedding.  A low table with my changing pad on it is under a new shelf that holds stacks of diapers and plastic panties.  Several framed posters are on the walls with pictures of Minnie Mouse in pink, a ballerina, and one that says “Baby Girls Rule”.  I couldn’t even take it all in.

“Does my sweet, sissy boy like her new nursery?” Evelyn asked me. 

I find myself nodding “yes” when Evelyn asks me if I like my new nursery.  I noticed that she called me her sweet sissy boy and I hugged her really hard.  My pacifier dropped out as I said “Fank ooo,” and kissed her cheek.  And I do like it.  I can’t understand why, but I know that I’m going to be really happy being a sissy boy in my new girly nursery.  

Evelyn lays me down on the changing pad.  

“Isn’t this better?” she asks.  “Now your Granny won’t have to get down on the floor to change your little, sissy bottom anymore.”  

Evelyn pulls down my plastic panties and pulls them off.  She removes the diaper pins and then removes my diaper and drops it into a white bucket that is under the table.  She raises my legs and takes her time cleaning my bottom.  She puts my legs down, spreads them apart and uses clean wipes to wash my front.  I’m not sure if she notices, but as she cleans, my peepee comes out of its hole and into the air.  My legs go up again and she slips a fresh diaper under my bottom. 

“Your Granny wasn’t prepared for a big sissy like you,” she tells me.  “You’ll be happy to know that I’ve fixed all of that for you, sissy Nancy. Like for instance, I have these much thicker diapers and with these soaker pads I’ve brought which are much better than these thin diapers you’ve been in so far.  These will really be bulky between your girly legs and will not only let you wear your diapers longer but they will show off that you are diapered to everyone.”

She explained that she was putting diaper rash cream on me as she rubbed it over my diaper area and she told me it was because with thicker diapers, I wouldn’t need so many diaper changes.  She poured baby powder all over my bottom and front.  She even put it on my chest and told me that way I would smell like a baby too.  She used four diaper pins to fasten my new diapers and then she reached up and grabbed a pair of pink, plastic panties.  Evelyn opened the plastic panties on my bare chest and showed me what was printed on the bottom.  It said, “Naughty Boys Wear Diapers”.  

“Do you want to wear these?” she asked me. 

“Yeth, pwease,” I told her.  

“Beg me,” she ordered.  

“Pwetty pwease put thithy in naugty boy pwanties!” I begged her, clasping my hands in a pleading fashion.  Tears began filling my eyes as I looked into her beautiful eyes knowing how silly and pathetic I must look to her.  

“Of course I will, sissy!” she smiled.  

And she pulled them up my legs and I lifted my bottom to help her put them on me.  

“I would put you in a pink onesie but that would cover the printing on your sissy butt,” she told me.  “Instead, how about this?” she asked me, holding up a bright pink t-shirt that had a bow on the shoulder and had “Boy Magnet” printed on the front.  I felt my face turning red.  I desperately wanted to tell her that there was no way I was wearing that shirt, but instead, I heard myself begging her to make me wear it.  

She smiled and put the shirt on me and when it was on, I noticed it wasn’t really a shirt at all.  The bottom of the shirt didn’t even cover the top of my plastic panties.  

“Ith a bwaby bwra,” I said out loud.  

“No,” she corrected me, “it is a sissy bra for little sissy boys. But, you know, your sweet, baby bonnet doesn’t match anymore.  How about some pink ribbons in your hair?” 

“Yeth pweath,” I said. 

She put the bows in my hair and put lacy socks on my feet and when she was done she told me to go ask my Granny and Sister if I was the cutest sissy boy they’d ever seen.  

I started to walk to do as I was told and I quickly realized just how bulky my new diapers were.  I couldn’t walk right at all.  I was literally waddling.  I was so humiliated and at the same time, I felt a warmth in my belly.  My legs spread wide apart, I made my way down stairs and found my Grandma and Amy watching television.  

Amy burst out into peals of laughter as soon as she saw me and Grandma joined in laughing as well.  

“Am I the cwuteth thithy boy oove evwer sween?” I asked them when their laughter finally stopped.  

“Grandma,” Amy said, “I do believe that my brother is the cutest sissy I’ve ever seen.  How about you?” 

“Oh yes, Amy,” my Grandma said, “he is a real ‘boy magnet’.” And they both began laughing again.  

“Show them your bottom,” I heard Evelyn order.  

I turned around obediently, showing them my rear and more laughter rang out all around me.  That’s when I noticed the playpen set up in front of the television.  I didn’t take a genius to know that it was mine.  I felt the arms picking me up and the next thing I knew I was inside my playpen.  

It was full of baby toys and I turned to Evelyn and I just said “baabaa”.  

“Of course, sissy boy,” she said.  

She came back a few moments later with the biggest baby bottle I’d ever seen.  It was at least three sizes bigger than the other baby bottles I’d been using.  I didn’t care.  I was so thirsty I opened my mouth for the nipple and when Evelyn gave it to me, the nipple filled my whole mouth. It was so big.  She laid me on my back and I held my bottle and began drinking.  Amy was standing next to the playpen and looking over the side at me.  She had the biggest smile on her face and I knew that she was pleased with what she’d done to me. 

I couldn’t finish my bottle.  I heard Grandma tell Amy to put her sissy brother’s baby bottle in the fridge for later.  My own Grandma was calling me a sissy.  Of course, I was lying in a playpen wearing pink plastic panties over my diapers and looking like a baby girl, but still, I never thought I’d hear my own Grandmother calling me a sissy.  

I found myself laying in my playpen watching the television with a stuffed bunny in one arm as my thumb found its way into my mouth.  I started wetting my diapers. 

“I have something better than your thumb,” I heard Evelyn saying.  She showed me a huge, pink pacifier that had been decorated with beads and had the words “Sissy Boy” printed in cursive on it.  She slipped it into my mouth and attached it to the top of my sissy bra with a strap.  Again, the nipple was super big and filled my whole mouth.  It stayed in my mouth until my Grandma said it was time for dinner.  

Evelyn came to my playpen to pull me out.  She kept me in her arms as she carried me to the kitchen and to my shock and amazement, I saw a baby’s high chair at the table.  I couldn’t even protest as Evelyn sat me in it and locked the tray in front of me.  

“Can I feed the little sissy tonight?” she asked my Grandma.  

“Oh, of course,” Grandma said happily.  

Evelyn tied a baby bib around my neck.  It clearly read “Grandma’s Baby” and three large jars of baby food were put on the tray in front of me.  I looked at Amy and her mouth was wide open watching me about to get fed actual baby food.  I was jealous watching Amy eating a burger and fries while I ate Gerber’s chicken and gravy, peas, and carrots that were so much  mush in my mouth. Still, I was hungry and I ate my baby food all up and was rewarded with mushy banana baby food.  

When I finished my bananas, Evelyn replaced my pacifier and took me out of my highchair.  She got my baby bottle out of the fridge and then took me to the sofa where she fed me my bottle as she held me in her arms.  Her breast was pressed against my cheek and my peepee came out of its pocket and into my wet diapers.  

I woke up with Amy shaking me.  I was in the crib.  My crib.  

“Ry did ooo do thith to me?” I asked her.  

“Me?” she asked.  

“Yeth, ooo!” I stated.  “I heawd ooo with Teddy.”  

“Oh,” she said and giggled.  “My friend Janet’s brother wets the bed and I used to see him running around in his diapers.  I thought it was funny and I wanted to see if I could make you wet the bed so you’d have to wear diapers too.”  

“Bwut I’m a thithy baby!” I whined.  

“Yeah, you are!” she agreed.  “Is it embarrassing?” 

“Yeth, pwease stop!” I begged.  

“No way,” she squealed, “I’ve seen my brother wearing a girl’s baby dress!  And your hair!  My older brother is now a sissy baby sleeping in a crib and wearing girl’s clothes.  Sammy, I saw you getting fed baby food in a highchair!  I’m having the time of my life!  There’s no way I’m going to stop.” 

“Sammy,” she began, “I see you kept talking in baby-talk.  Did me, telling you that you had to do whatever I told you to do, work?” 

“Yeth,” I said.  

“So if I told you to be honest, you’d have to be honest, right?”

“Yeth,” I said again.
            “You can talk normally, okay.” 

“Yes,” I said, relieved. 

“What would be the most super humiliating thing I could do to you?” 

I didn’t want to say it and I tried to fight the compulsion as hard as I could, but my mouth betrayed me. 

“The girls in my class finding out and seeing me being such a big sissy baby girl,” I admitted against my will.  

“Well, school’s out,” she said almost to herself, “but maybe I can talk Grandma into getting a Polaroid camera so I get pictures of you to show everyone in school when we get back.”  

My thumb went right into my mouth as I started peeing.  I tried to talk around my thumb as I pleaded for Amy not to humiliate me like that.  

“I like knowing whenever you pee your diapers,” she said grinning.  

“I’ll tell,” I said, finally able to stop sucking my thumb.  “I tell Grandma that you did this to me.”  

“Hmm…,” she hummed.  “Okay.  Until I tell you otherwise, you can only go ‘goo-goo’ for ‘yes’ and ‘gaa-gaa’ for ‘no’.  Understand, sissy?” 

“Goo-goo,” I answered and started crying.  I had tried to talk, but nothing came out.  

“Do you like that I put you back in diapers,” Amy practically whispered in my ear. 

I desperately wanted to lie.  To tell her to go to hell.  Instead, while I bawled, I heard myself going “goo-goo”.  

She gasped.  

“You do?” she asked in disbelief.  

“Goo-goo,” I admitted, knowing the truth had come from my heart.  I didn’t even want to admit it to myself, but I could only admit that I must like that she put me back in diapers. 

“How about baby dresses?” she asked me.  “Do you like wearing dresses and panties, big brother?” 

“G… ga… goo-goo,” I said.  “Goo-goo, goooo-goooo,”  

“Oh my gosh!” she squealed.  “Have you ever worn dresses before?” 

“Gaa-gaa,” I said, relieved.  

“How about any girl’s clothes?” she asked.  

“Goooo-goooo,” I admitted, no longer feeling relieved. 

“Oh my gosh!” she exhaled.  “What?” 

“Gahh,” I answered.  

“Oh yeah,” she said.  “You can talk right, for now.  What girl’s clothes have you worn?” 

“I’ve worn both yours and Mom’s panties,” I gasped.  “Mom’s bras and slips and your nighties.”  

“You wore my panties and nighties?” she asked. 

“Yes,” I answered, ashamed at my admission.  

“Ha,” she laughed, “I had no idea.”  

“Do you like boys or girls,” she asked me. 

“Girls,” I told her.  

“So if the girls in your class saw you like you are now, that would be the worst, huh?”

“Yes,” I said, starting to cry again.  

“Yeah,” she smirked. “Do you like your crib, sissy?”

“Yes,” I choked out.  

“Okay, sissy baby,” she said.  “Go back to ‘goo-goo gaa-gaa’”

“Goooo-gooo,” I agreed. 

I woke up in a soaked diaper.  I hadn’t leaked but felt the need to poop and without any hesitation, I began to fill my diapers just like I was a baby.  I was in wet, messy diapers.  I felt disgusted with myself and when Grandma finally came in to get me, I couldn’t even tell her.  All I could do was coo like a baby.  

“My, my,” Grandma said, getting me out of my crib.  “My sweet sissy boy has made boomies in her diapies, huh, Sweetie?” 

“Goo-goo,” I cooed.  

“No words today?” she asked.  

“Gaa-gaa,” I replied. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” she said. 

She took me to the bathroom, removed my diaper, and put me in the tub.  She ran water and gave me a bath.  Naked, she led me back to my nursery and put me up on the changing table where she put me in more bulky diapers with extra pads.  My diapers would be very obvious and it made me happy.  

“We have to find something really pretty for you today,” Grandma said.  

I was dressed in white plastic pants and Grandma put me in white tights with little red dots covering them.  I’d never worn tights before and I enjoyed how it made my legs feel.  She pulled out a light blue gingham romper out of the closet and I saw it had no back. Grandma pulled it up my legs and she buttoned the two shoulder straps on the back of the romper.  On the chest of the romper was a blue gingham elephant holding a pacifier in its trunk.  I reached back and felt the ruffles that covered my bottom.  

Amy laughed from the doorway of my nursery.  Grandma put white shoes on my feet and fastened them with buckles.  

“She looks really pretty, Grandma,” Amy said.  “Too bad we can’t take her picture, huh?”

“My goodness, yes!” she exclaimed.  “This sissy would look so sweet in a picture!”

I thought of all my friends seeing me in a sissy baby romper with such obvious diapers bulging all around me and it made me feel ashamed and weak.  

“I’ll ask Evelyn to pick up a camera on her way over,” Grandma told Amy who stood in the doorway smirking.  

I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror as we left my nursery.  

“Yes,” Amy whispered in my ear.  “They’ll all know it’s you in diapers and dressed like a baby girl.”  

“Do you want me to feed our sissy, Grandma?” Amy asked.  

“Yes, dear,” she answered, “that would be lovely.” 

“Would you like that, Nancy?” she asked me. 

“Goo-goo,” I admitted I would since I still felt compelled to be honest. 

I didn’t understand why having my little sister treating me like a baby girl was both pleasing to me and humiliating at the same time. I was an eleven year old boy and I was ashamed of myself as I eagerly climbed up onto the seat of my high chair expecting my six year old sister to feed me baby food.  She fastened the tray and then grabbed a bib which she tied around my neck.  

I’m eating the spoonfuls of baby food that my sister is shoving in my mouth.  Each spoonful comes with teasing baby talk that shames me even more since it comes from my little sister. I’m looking at the glee in her face and I’m barely keeping up with her quickly delivered heaping spoons of some beige mush when I am blinded by a bright flash.  

My eyes clear long enough to see Evelyn standing in the doorway of the kitchen waving a Polaroid picture in the air.  

My sister giggled and leaned over to whisper in my ear.  

“You show everyone how happy a baby girl you are by smiling as big as you can for all of your pictures today, Nancy!” my little sister ordered me.  

I knew I would be unable to resist the compulsion which she’d placed on me, so when Evelyn moved closer and began to raise the camera, I smiled like I’d just scored the winning touchdown in the championship game.  The flash went off and the picture zipped out of the Polaroid.

Evelyn held up the first picture she’d taken so that my sister could see.  I looked at it at the same time.  I thought I would see a boy in abject misery being fed like a baby but instead, I saw myself looking up at my little sister with adoration.  Not only did I seem at ease being babied by her, I looked to be happy!  If this was what my Grandma saw when she put me back in diapers, it was no wonder that I was now Amy’s baby sister.  

As I allowed myself to think of myself as Amy’s baby sister, I felt a comfort inside me and my peepee came out of my pocket and touched the inside of my diapers.  It felt good.  I felt good.  I realized that some part of me wanted not to be a baby girl, but to be treated like a baby girl.  I liked the humiliation.  It felt good and I wished I could tell my sister that, but she’d limited me to less than baby talk.  

“Goo goo,” I cooed at the picture and the grin that spread across Amy’s face made me think she’d understood.  

My thumb went up into my mouth and I felt the warmth of my pee spreading across my diaper.  It felt like the best thing and I wondered for a moment if Amy had been telling me things at night through Teddy that had me starting to enjoy being a baby girl.  But just as I was thinking it, Amy let me out of my high chair and told me she was going to feed me my bottle.  

I was so excited that my big sister wanted to feed me my bottle.  I followed her into the living room and I hoped that Evelyn would take pictures of Amy feeding me.  I would be so happy to have pictures of my shame out in the world for others to see how big of a sissy baby I had become.  

I layed in my sister’s lap and Evelyn took a picture of me drinking from my bottle.  I smiled, the milk running down my cheek as the flash went off and another of my humiliations was recorded.  My peepee had been constantly out of its pocket since earlier and it felt really nice rubbing against my wet diapers.  I rocked myself as I sucked my bottle and thought of the girls in my class seeing me dressed in my diapers, being fed like a baby by my sister’s hand and it felt better and better.  

I thought of them seeing me in my pretty baby dress, my diapers clearly displayed under its hem as I sucked my pacifier and a wave of pleasure I’d never felt before, burst into my diapers and shook my entire body.  I was in ecstasy as my mind’s eye saw the girl’s in my class laughing at my pictures.  Slowly, I came back to myself, all while drinking my bottle. 

I felt so at peace.  Calm and warm glow seemed to fill me.  I was happy.  Dressed and treated like a baby girl was both humiliating and joyous.  I knew that I wanted to be a sissy baby forever.  I wished it would never end.  



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