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This story is fiction but also very loosely my life if I started my wetting/messing problems at an earlier age, rather than my early 20s – and born female instead of transitioning (Male to Female) at 25. Any coincidence yadda yadda yadda and the like.


Baby Suzy the Super Soaker All Grown Up – College Complications and a New BFF.

Chapter 1 – The Story So Far

Suzy Rebecca Larson is a person with a number of issues – the biggest one being she has been double incontinent since she was born. Having been effectively a baby since she was born, now at the age of 18 and is now a teen baby , having  been a “big” baby for years.  When she was 2 and growing up her parents noticed her nappies were getting more and more heavier with pee, as opposed to tailing off like other kids being potty trained, so her mother and father dubbed her Baby Suzy The Super -Soaker.  As a result she was referred to various doctors, who said she was double incontinent but further tests lead to developmental issues.

As someone who was still acting like a child for as long ss she could, at the age of 9 she was diagnosed as an infantilism, to add to the double incontinence. With virtually no bladder control this required nappies and plastic pants 24/7 together with some stuffed toys and dummies, even on the road to puberty. . She does things like sucking her thumb, or sometimes letting the game away in school – or now college. She can get anxious and worries easily. Family and doctors say she will never be able to be potty trained despite being actually a very intelligent young woman for most of her life. 

Her new best friend. Lisa Smith, is in the same boat for mild autism and some other similar issues that have come and gone. She’s at college where she has made a best friend in Lisa. Because of her problems she is classed as Additional Support Needs student. She was previously in a special needs school in her home city of Dundee,  but just started college this August.

In the last school everyone has some sort of disability, so people who have similar issues often pair up and make friends. She met her a few months ago after her previous best friend left the city for London (her dad got a new job after yet another round of redundancies at her previous job). They first met bumping into her at a college trial day in June, which was just a fortnight after her other best friend (Alma) left. She was at the same special needs school because of her requiring an indwelling catheter (intermittent never really worked for her even with school’s help) but bowels were fine at the age of 7. Alma Cartwright used to visit her home regularly so knows all of her situations including her baby stuff she keeps at home – now some in larger sizes as Suzy grew to 6 foot… They used to bond over their bladder problems and helped each other out, as the attended the same special needs school. Alma was able to drain her bag into the loo by the time she was 12.

But Suzy has never been able to do her own nappy changes for the double incontinence because she has trouble reaching down and around and clumsy as well as having both ends to clean up so she always forgets one of the things to check everything in each change  - her pee, her pooh and now since she was 11, periods too. The pain as well at that time of the month does regular pain, and just like her bladder problem, she has -a heavy flow. although she has less to be concerned about with periods as some going through puberty, as she technically away swearing a giant pad being 24/7 in nappies – Mum says her XL Adult Nappies they are the world’s biggest maxi pad! having said that she has less to worry about if her tampon pad or cup leaks, with constant leaks from her bladder and bowels too.

She had her problems since puberty most likely the issue from her mother Orla who has PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome. She seems to be okay “down there” after scans but they keep an eye on her. One thing is at least she does not have as bad as her mother, who is bedbound 3 days a month and wears adult pullups at least 9 days each month. Thankfully her mother works as a in a medical environment in a doctors surgery (her hubby Andy is senior management in a factory), they can be more understanding and flexible her to get for example 2 double rest days back to back, and her fellow nurses always are happy to help. She even sometimes babysits for them to pay them back, as well as Orla arranging Suzy has a babysitter (commercial or with friends or colleagues) for as many hours as possible when she is at work during school holidays, when she due her period, and special working evenings etc. Her mother usually gives about 10 sides of A4 how to deal with her, all laminated in a ring binder – her likes and dislikes, how to do things, as well as the usuals like emergency numbers and the like. She includes the side of the nappy bag instructions and if she needs constipation relief again.

As Suzy grows older (and taller) this still continues, with the last few years have had to add about her feminine hygiene regimens and pain needs. Suzy can stand for a change on her own but can never get it right. The information and constant coverage might seem OTT But she likes to do things right. As she gets older many of her babysitters covering mums working hours (most 2-year-old babies don’t get periods!) Suzy thought she had got it changed right once when Mum was a bit late home with traffic on the way home from work for one hour. Tapes and everything looked right – first time – but she’d forgotten to clean her bum and as a result there was both initial smearing (as she’d forgotten to use a baby wipe to clean after messing herself) … Then Part 2 arrived just after taking her by surprised just as her mother home she messed again, but with the initial smearing it was literally everywhere. Suzy was advised to go into the shower for a quick clean up, as you could smell it coming through my nose as I got through the front door – very unusually but she was mortified about the smell – sometimes she’s like sometimes she can be embarrassed when she messes, and not really embarrassed at all – she usually takes these things in her stride. I keep telling her, it’s an everyday part of life to evacuate your bowels as well as urinating. I did give her due, however at least her own efforts in changing an hour earlier meant it did not overload with poop in the same one. She enjoyed a clean evening that night, doing with just a couple of wet changes before bed (thankful for mum,  I was the person doing the changing!). Sometimes nursing sessions and appointments mean I am late home and hopefully she’s never left like that again, but bladders and bowels have a mind of their own.

Suzy doesn’t yet drive but her mother sent her away for her provisional a year before hand. She is hoping to start training either after college or in one of the holidays, but she’s okay with being out and about on her own, since she was 12. The college first two weeks went but quickly and they were growing closer day by day. The detail of this story starts on the third week of her college 22/23 session. 

As her mother drops her off at her first day of week 3 of the college year.  She dropped her off quickly before continuing to work. To start with the two new friends but in the three months or so she has only the class, History.  But as things were still newish between them, sometimes they would surprise each other.


Chapter 2 – A Very Nice Offer But How Do I Tell Her?

“Morning Lisa, how are you today” she says as she sits at her desk, next to her best friend, “I am good – did you see the thunderstorm last night it was massive…” “Yeah”…. She tails off quickly as Lisa seems she has something else to say. “My mum and dad are finally letting me have my first sleepover on Friday night. Would you like to come Suzy its will be super fun”.
Suzy thinks to herself and feels a little bit anxious “I will need to ask but hopefully that. sounds super cool”, she says putting her thumb in her mouth (which is one of her anti-anxiety things).

Her mother worked with the college before Suzy starting.  She still has her part time helper (down from full time at school) Becca. However, she more regularly has to visit Nurse Paula several times a day, as she changes the nappies for her. Nurse Paula also changes the nappies for another incontinent boy who uses a wheelchair, as well as one girl who has a ostomy/stoma appliance alongside having Cerebral Palsy. They both know that Suzy is a teen baby / into littlespace, as well as the double incontinence.

When she went for her first nappy change of the day, Suzy lies and looks concerned, Paula asked “Is everything ok“ “Yeah… Lisa has invited me to her sleepover on -Friday and I don’t think she knows I more often at home go into littlespace. She knows I am incontinent, but I don’t think she knows the rest…” Paula said “Well if she’s going to be your new friend in college I guess you should be able to tell each other… See what your parents say”. Suzy said “thanks for that… and thanks- for changing me again” “Give my love to your mum” Paula finished with as she left.

Over lunch she chatted to her again, and as they were getting ready to restart learning afterwards. Totally unknown to them was Lisa’s mother was on the phone to Orla (Suzy’s mother), being unable to get her as she was in clinic that morning. Polly is married and full time mum, and married to Brian who owns a taxi company. Lisa’s  mother Polly started with the usual pleasantries, checking how things were and all that. Polly then explaining “Well Lisa’s been pestering me for a sleepover for her, and your Suzy, as well as sisters Hannah and Helen from her former school class and also Tiffany who lives nearby.  It will be supervised by me and also my 25yo Anna will be helping me as well – so two adults to six kids. I got her to ask today but I need to obviously discuss her extra needs with you, then the other parents one at a time too. I remember you told me that she’s incontinent but is there anything else she needs help with?”

Orla then thought without saying here’s where we break up a friendship before it starts… as she takes a very deep breath. Orla started with the relevant stuff to this month and the weekend ahead. “My daughter you know is incontinent – but double incontinent with sometimes extra boosters needed in her nappies when she’s been drinking as lot like when its warm. She uses her nappy for that time of the month too since she was 11. As well she is a teen baby into little things at home, and to a lesser extent at school/college. She has things like baby bottles and dummies made for adults, sucks her thumb, watching kids tv, baby bottles, and that sort of thing.  She loves sitting at home in just her onesie holding up her plastic pants – with a bra underneath too usually during the day – playing around with her teddies, sucking her thumb and watching kids TV for toddlers. Sometimes if it’s very very hot she might just be in bra and knickers, but in her case knickers is plastic or net knickers and nappy. The shrinks say it’s infantilism and I guess she’s used to it in that some parts grew up like puberty and other bits never did. We were never able to potty train her.

She’s is all OK with putting on tops, skirts, bottoms, some dresses and the like but sadly she’s too clumsy to change nappies. So we have to change her - keep telling her the Extra Large adult nappies are the biggest maxi pad in the world - but she has some help at college…Despite all that my girl is a really a great kid often going out her way to help kids at her last school, as she’s more intelligent than you night think for someone with all that. She is also great friends - with your daughter (Lisa). Her last friend ended up moving south after her dad was made redundant. Their family and daughter knew everything so I guess this means you know now too.”

Polly “You do know that my Lisa still wets the bed?”

At this point Orla just about drops the phone “No I did not… Is this a lifelong thing or did it start after something happened?”

Polly “No it’s been lifelong… currently in Large size adult disposable nappies and old school plastic pants. She has a giant collection of stuffed toys, so I think – nothing unusual as remember she’s on the spectrum – so yes she has nappies on too but only at night, only for wetting as she has no issues with soiling or anything… tell a lie – since 10 she has only twice she was messy in the morning, but she was sick those times. When her friends used to be up in her room at school we would change her in Angie’s old room, so I can be very discrete for Suzy too in front of the other kids, like I do for Lisa.

Speaking of Lisa, you might not know that when she started going through puberty, it was like she went from one end of The Spectrum to another. It was like a different a different person all together – from outgoing and happy to .sad and detached. None of our relatives were this bad. But she’s getting a little better so hopefully by the time she does college, she will start to better as by then hopefully she will be through the worst of it.  She can be pretty private about everything but being the mother of a teenager daughter with special needs as I am sure you will be familiar…”.

Orla “yeah tell me about it…”

Polly “Well that will be no problem at all, I will do my best to help her. Did you say she need help putting on new nappies and things like cleaning up afterwards?”   

Orla “Yes she will – on the night I will send over a bag or two of nappies with a few bits of information that might be useful, like the things she likes done in a certain way, and I’ll talk to her on the day about what little and big stuff she needs alongside clothes ?

Polly “That’s brilliant – I can look after her throughout the day nappies as well as I look after my own girl at bedtime. We will make sure she feels welcome here in our home, with no embarrassment and happy, along with in the future too. I will treat this information in confidence if you can do the same with Lisa’s bedwetting? As I said teenagers and that!”

Orla “Yes of course – remember I am a medical professional. Think if the girls heard discussing they would be red faced till Christmas. Apart from keeping it quieted I guess we should tell the kids tonight so there’s no surprise or worry for either of them, or I can reassure Suzy she’s going to be fine in your capable hands? By the way Lisa is more than welcome here anytime, in the day or staying over, and Andy and I will have no problem extending the courtesy to her, and helping with whatever she needs to make her comfortable?”

Polly “Sounds fine by me Orla…. Do you mind if I pinch the quote about the worlds biggest maxi pad as it might help when she’s…”

Orla interrupts “no, you cannot steal what is a gift. Nice to chat with you again…”
They ended the call both -having a better understanding of the other kid being well looked after in both sides of a new friendship, rather than Suzy’s mum wondering if they would head for the hills when they heard about all her problems.


Chapter 3 – Did That Just Happen?

Monday Evening, and Suzy arrives home. Her mother is a short time behind her.

“Hey Mum. first nurse Paula is asking for you, and she’s okay for my supplies.
Second, my new friend Lisa invited me to a sleepover at her home… I would love to go but worried about who will change me and me going into littlespace in their home…”

Orla / Suzy mum starts with “… we had a chat and I explained all your issues, and she explained all of Lisa’s.

The short of it is they are happy to welcome you inn their home. Lisa’s mum and her older sister Anna will be the adults you can approach there. They will be happy to change you as needed throughout the evening and into the morning. Now don’t worry as she’s had practice, as her daughter is a bed wetter too.

Suzy “Hang on… I didn’t know that…. w…”.

Orla “… yes Lisa’s she’s wet since she was a child, but I think she’s worried about what others think, so she’s a bit on the quiet about it.  They know about the little stuff as well as your continence problems and everything else, and she’s more than happy to make feel welcome by changing you, doing things too. Lisa’s mum or grown up sister Anna will be looking after you.  There’s no need to worry and she sounds like a very caring mother. I will drop off plenty nappies to her mum for you and will give her a few notes on how you like everything done in particular ways.

I’ve told her from the off Lisa’s welcome over here too, and me and your dad will do our best to make her feel similarly welcome if you have her here, like changing her or also giving her some room where she can relax if she’s feeling overwhelmed or needing chill space. And it does mean there’s another subject to discuss bar history and boys – your toileting problems too like you had with Alma… that’s got to be good right?” ….. “

At the same time Lisa’s mother was explaining all Suzy’s issues and wanted to remind her not to make her feel uncomfortable about her problems, but she promised she never does in school so she wont be starting now. Lisa’s mother also advises she will be welcome at Suzy’s mums and can get changed and a chill out space or anything you need too – they will make you welcome there too.

Soon after all the catchup and homework related call with Suzy “I dint know you wet the bed Lisa?” she replies with “I didn’t know about your little side.” I knew you wet yourself with the nurse visits and that”

Suzy “I do mess myself too, and am unable to manage the changes myself as I am so clumsy and always forget one part of the cleanup. So Mum or Dad or a babysitter or whoever always changes me every time I need it. And as you’ve noticed / seen a nurse helps me in college”.

After a couple of homework questions, Lisa admits “You know I’ve wanted to try being a teen baby myself… I think that amount of nappies etc. might be too much on my mum who’s already looking after a lifelong bedwetter…”

Suzy “Well if you don’t try something you will never know.  I could bring some extra stuff to the sleepover for you to try, and also we can talk about this quietly at lunch tomorrow?”

Lisa “Well sounds like a plan… wait … so you are definitely coming on Friday then.”

Suzy “You try and stop me…”

Lisa then explained to her mum about the “would like to experiment as a Teen Baby,  being like Suzy was sometimes with things like nappies, onesies, teddies, dummies bottles and the like… I don’t know how it will go but for a couple of years I’ve wanted to try being a baby. I know she’s a teen baby now but she was a baby for years if you know what I mean”

 … “Well we can make a start Friday if you like?”

“Are you sure that won’t be too much for you?”

“Well I used to change your nappies during the day back year ago. Besides I would like you to do whatever it does to make you feel welcome, so that you can own your condition my darling… Secondly I want you to be happy to try the same things your friends do too. I will get extra nappies and the rest of the baby section for you later this week, and I will see what teen sized supplies I can find online. Thirdly I would much rather you were trying being a baby than getting knocked up and having one of your own. If you don’t like then we can stop after two weeks say??

“So no big girl potty for two weeks? Mummy I really love you…”  Lisa hugged her mother tighter than she’s ever done. Maybe this was a breakthrough her mum thought…. Was she maybe being problematic because it’s something she’s wanted for ages?


Chapter 4 – Midweek Organisation

Tuesday saw a quiet day by comparison, but the morning was spent by Lisa’s mother Polly doing some further research online. She knew of Adult Babies after watching a TV show by chance, which featured an English AB and his mummy / wife that started as a bedwetting problem and developed into a full-time relationship. He made a point that struck - we’re not interested in kids like pedophiles – we ARE the kids – she thought consenting adults getting up to is fine in her mind? She remembers thinking “that could be one of my three”. And here we are… it might be a phase, but she seemed eager to try at least. She might have been sitting on it for quite some time.

Polly’s oldest is 30 called Lucy now living in Luton (married with kids) Her middle one is 25 year old Anna who lives in town but away from home, and is about five minutes’ drive in another scheme/estate (in a relationship no kids). And of course, 19 year old Lisa still lives at home. They all had their own issues, but nothing like Lisa’s everyday situations combined two into one.

She’s usually a Large when I change her disposable, so I find extra supplies of regular plain ones she uses for bedwetting and for her to use during the day, at night, and some for at college – which I will need to check up on with Suzy’s mum Orla. I also find some fancy printed ones too and some colours.  These were a mix of breathable (regular) and plastic backed. Lisa also needs old school plastic pants, like at bedtime, so she orders quite a few extra pairs to change with for using all day. She’s also found some “big” baby onesies and adult size dummies, and the likes. After ordering all that lot, she heads to the local superstore, for extra baby supplies too, as well as the first lot of supplies for the sleepover.
Polly was then texting with Suzy’s mum Orla – over several messages – and explained the story of last night, and the reaction of Lisa to her mother agreeing to it – at least initially for a couple of weeks. Orla replied to Polly “That’s good that she asked you to try, and I am so glad she’s so happy when she told you. Feel free to ask if you’ve got questions. Also I’d be happy to store some of her nappies for her visiting here, like I will give you some of hers for Friday and then more for the next time” which was agreed to by both. Even if Lisa decided two weeks of being a teen baby was enough, it was kind of Orla to offer to store Lisa’s supplies too – for bedwetting at least in the future – as after 19 years some things will not change sadly.

Polly was also given the number of Paula (the nurse that changes Suzy at the College) and she phoned her up to speak about things. She explained “her daughter is friends with Suzy, and she has been only a bed wetter for now, and didn’t need anything during the day. She said to Suzy she’s always wanted to try being a teen baby and we’ve agreed to a two week trial starting this Friday the day of their sleepover. As I usually change her at night I would think she will need help changing her nappies during the day when she’s at college?”
“Yes I would be more than happy to help. If you can supply the pads or nappies – what size is she and type?”

“Large adult every day cloth backed disposable nappies at the top end of the absorbency scale (10). are the ones she uses and I have ordered another larger supply of those ones . She also uses plastic pants so I’ve ordered some more of those. Also some plastic backed nappies too so we can try which is best…”

“Yes I will giver her a hand for as long as you and she need my help. Whether that’s for a couple of weeks, or as long as she wanted to be a Teen Baby, or if her nighttime problems get worse and come back during the day or whatever. Is she allergic to any kind of baby wipes, creams like Sudocrem, or gloves? “No – only thing is a one food items that Lisa knows to avoid as it can cause her tummy problems, but nothing that you’d use to change a baby with”.

“Any other things that she might help with in the next fortnight?” to Polly replies “Lisa generally used sanitary pads, sometimes tampons if swimming, at that time of the month but confirmed her daughter would be just using the nappy interior to soak that up if it becomes a thing during the trial (but she’s not expecting one in the fortnight). As she’s never been needing changed nappies during the day (just at night) she will discuss with Lisa over time keep minds open if she wants to learn to change herself. But as this will be a trial of things that’s not really anything needing thought about right now, it was agreed. She agreed to also leave with her a couple of spare pairs of knickers and plastic pants – just in case of a nappy leak that I can’t dry off – and Polly agreed to drop these off on Thursday too”.

“Good to speak with you Polly and I look forward to meeting your daughter on Friday. Her friend Suzy visits me and she knows the way here so I am sure can keep her right”.

Wednesday and Thursday went by so fast with more going on in the background to get ready for the sleepover, as well as getting things ready for Lisa becoming a baby for the first time. 


Chapter 5 – First Day Of The Rest Of Lisa’s Life 1 – Lisa and Suzy wake up ready for fun, and Lisa’s first daytime change in years

Friday morning finally came round. Just before Lisa’s alarm was meant to go off, her mummy Polly woke her to surprise her by saying “good morning my baby girl” which made Lisa come to full awake with a happy sigh as she saw Mummy with a baby bottle of formula milk and her some baby cereal in a baby bowl. She said “This is the start of your new life my baby girl… “ and handed her the bottle for a few moments before doing “choo choo” noises to her which made her giggle like a baby. After the last spoon Mummy said “All done… now lets get you in a daytime nappy for the first time… you have a pink one…” Lisa was taken over to the changing mat they used at night only. She was fully cleaned up from her wet night time nappy before getting lotion, powder rash cream, and a coat of powder inside the plastic pants. However before the her new day nappy was put on, she was asked to put her arms up for a plain onesie in a nude colours, as well as a white bra. She was told “the onesie is because it will keep your nappy and plastic pants up all day under your shirt and will also help you feel even more little. Nurse Paula has a couple of these spare, along with extra plastic pants, knickers,  and your nappies. For the sleepover, I will get you into slightly more babyish supplies too.” “Yeah, Mum that’s good… I know its dress down Friday but showing up at school in just bra and nappy would be taking the piss…” replied Lisa. “… especially as this is the first day I am doing this” he then continued to get the rest of her stuff ready for her to be taken to college by Mum by car.

On the way she was reminded “Remember to use the pass to show you need to speak with the nurse. If they see that pass whoever is teaching knows it’s a private matter. These are issued who might need the toilet urgently or need to see the nurse or the likes regularly. Nurse Paula is a professional so don’t be embarrassed to get help with anything. Suzy has agreed to take you to see the nurse for your first change. The nurse wants to check in with you at the end day today as its the first day, and then check in with you as you are leaving college every Friday for the early finish. She will keep in touch with you. If you remember we discussed about telling people then we can just the few people at the sleepover and nurse etc. and if you decide to keep as a teen baby you can tell the rest of the class if you want to…”

As they got into the college car park, she said “…and can you give Nurse Paula” as she undid Lisa’s seatbelt, giving her a wrapped parcel in a capital “It’s a big box of chocolates for the nurse who’ll be changing you all day today and for the next fortnight at least”. “Good call Mum…” Lisa said before added “don’t munch the whole box by yourself…” aww spoilsport… but does this mean I need to get you one like that?” “Well I do it because I am your mother through thick and thin…. But sometimes you do give me little things too… This is the first day and we want to keep Nurse Paula sweet… And tell her if she has any problems to give me a ring. Suzy’s Mum will pick you up here with her tonight and bring you both to our house for the sleepover which will be a bit earlier than others so we can the baby stuff all away and ready in time. Don’t worry baby you got this“ “Yeah thanks (kiss on cheek) Love you mum”. 

Meanwhile in Suzy’s house she was getting ready for college as well as discussing and agreeing with mum what she wants to take with her. After her morning shower, nappy change and getting dressed, she was also discussing to bring some things with her for the sleepover – in addition to more everyday supplies like new nappies (regular everyday ones), spare cotton knickers and plastic pants to hold them up. She also selected some of her favourite onesies, bottle and regular dummy, doll to cuddle and an extra stuffed toy too along with a babyish nightie. She had also had  well as a small number of printed nappies – extra thick and crinkly as well as mega babyish!  She also looked out some regular stuff to wear too for the ride home, as she was technically going their in college attire. She also looked out her sleeping bag, which had a waterproof liner too. She sometimes opened it out as a quilt when she was staying with Alma, and her mum had also left her a couple of disposable bed pads for under herself. She had most of the pages from the instructions for babysitters  - missing the bit about nappy changes as she writes over that with Lisa! You are used to that with Paula”. Her Mum dropped her off at college and she was looking forward to the day ahead.

She saw Lisa as she arrived a few minutes later while still early for the class “Hello” with hugs…. Suzy said she was taking her to the nurse after an hour and a half, while she showed the parcel in the bag shed been told for Nurse. As it’s the first day Lisa wants to try to follow Suzy’s schedule and not create any extra work, but it was agreed that bladders and bowels often have a mind of their own. After showing the two passes for Suzy – and Lisa – to leave after an hour and a half for their first change of the day. Lisa remembered to grab from her jacket hook the gift her Mother gave for the nurse. “why does this feel like we are in trouble?” Lisa asked walking down the corridor. As Suzy knocked (and Lisa copied) on the door they waited “Come In… You must be Lisa.” She said as she was given the present “From my mum” she said.,.. “aww she did not have to do that” said Paula, to which Lisa replied “that’s usually my mums line LOL”.  “Lisa, Welcome here. Remember to come here every time you need changed, feel wet or anything else – just knock and wait if I am with someone like one of the other kids who need extra help. Now lie down on the couch I will do yours first” as she gloved up before getting one of Lisa’s everyday nappies out  alongside wipes, lotion and powder… Now just relax don’t be tense… relax Lisa…this is what the nurse is here for, helping people like you and Suzy who need a bit more help”. She did as she was told as Lisa took her top and skirt before lying back in only the onesie for top half… ” Lie back I will unbutton your onesie and take off your plastic pants…. “Good girl Lisa. You are just wet so that should be easy enough to get you changed” As Paula took the wipe to Lisa she was relaxing, she was given a tiny bit of rash cream on one corner “Don’t want that to get worse but it looks like it’s just happened throughout the night. “ As well as a little lotion and generous shake of baby powder followed her new nappy before plastic pants replaced too (with powder between that and her nappy) before fastening her onesie and told her to jump down and sit on the chair where Suzy was. As she leaves Lisa to replace her top and skirt Paula says “That’s your first change in here by me… see that wasn’t bad was it?” “Yeah I could get used to this” Lisa says. “Well done good girl”.

Then Suzy’s turn came and was similar, but also required extra wipe of her bits to get rid of daily discharge at the front and smearing on her back passage – quire regular for her so Paula didn’t give it a seconds thought. And some dry wipes as she was the wetter of the two). She checked for Suzy’s bum as she had bowel impaction the week before but seemed to be fine today. “Right Suzy you are ready to go too… All dry and clean Suzy too, and enjoy your sleepover girls OK?


Chapter 6 – First Day Of The Rest Of Lisa’s Life 2 – Something Happened On The Way To Heaven , but Sh*t Happens

Mid morning break next with the extended changing time for two not one and Lisa- not yet used to it) meant five mins to go, so they were able to proceed to their common room for a short time extra before the others, but given the nurses/toilet passes they had to get out of class this was normal for them to be early or even late back to class., Suzy sat down  and says “yes we can do this as sometimes one of the other kids would take longer and need one off help, like an unexpected period or boys coming in to ask for condoms, wet pants to a sprained ankle from sports injuries. She was a jack of all trades, as any true medical professional has to be…” “Like your Mum Suzy?” “Yes she’s also a nurse but works in a doctors surgery”.

Lisa then asked “so when you usually need next change then Suzy?”  “As it’s Friday short day, when I  have finished lunch, then on the way out Friday for one last change before heading home and then also for a weekly count. One or two more Monday to Thursday. However that all depends if the pad leaks, overflows, or it’s a bad day. You’ll get used to knowing it its soaked by the wet feeling of your nappy wet against your the skin, or the sense that something’s coming out the back. But just ask Lisa and me and the nurse and your Mum will do their best to keep you right. But you are doing well for your first day”.

With no need to get another change at the end of their second session of the day, they proceeded direct to lunch at the campus café. They both had been going there since starting, and they started chatting about the plans for the sleepover that night.

Half way through her meal Lisa jerked forward suddenly “What’s wrong hunney?” “I think I’ve got to get to the loo…” she said as it was her usual feeling. She was unsure if she should keep it in until her next change and ask for a potty or something. But after about ten seconds rocking back and forward, she had a bowel movement right into the nappy, causing her to stop. “… well I did but I think I’ve shit myself right in front of you, right here at Lunch. “Lisa, remember Paula told you to relax… No need to be sad or embarrassed, this happens to real babies all the time...” Suzy saw her face going beetroot red before sayings “.. Lisa, this is why we use nappies. Don’t need to worry….” After finishing their ice cream quickly they made a slightly earlier than usual exit, so which they walk out hand in hand down to the nurses office Suzy says “take my hand Paula will sort things out.”

Lisa quietly says, walking a little funny because of her situation with her dirty nappy, said  “So how do you deal with the fact you shit yourself in class or whatever in front of everyone – what does people usually think and how many people ever work it out other than smell ?” Suzy says “The odds of someone actually having a personal accident is quite low -and most people are more concerned about relationships, getting drunk or whatever, than a one-in-a-thousand chance that they’ve had an accident. This is added buy two other things. Firstly if someone senses you are unwell you just quietly say it’s a condition or whatever, and they will follow up usually positively. We have adults here not kids. Secondly, These days nappies are built to work. They usually have a core bit designed for the needs of people who are bowel incontinent or that might have a chance of an occasional surprise. The plastic pants cut down the smell. When I was in hospital as a kid, terry or cheap baby nappies with worn out plastic or rubber pants and twice-daily enemas to try to “regulate” my bowels but made things worse – and the front side, terry nappies with soaker pads for the likes of me who earned the name Super Soaker changed every hour… I kid you not … just relax (knocks on Paula’s door “please wait” ) and remember years ago, things like this we so much harder to get right, These days nappies have improved and can sometimes feel like they could contain the contents of the arc.” Suzy encouraged her to sit, and Lisa felt the contents going everywhere again and tried not to cry.

The wheelchair using student (Brian) then left her office as Suzy and Lisa walk in. “So what’s up Lisa… you look worried… did something go wrong… Lie down”… and she realized what it was “Please don’t fret darling, that is what I am here for”. Nurse Paula got gloves on while she undressed Lisa. “Lie still and we can get this dealt with”… And it was a mess and a half… looked like an already wet front added to a slightly loose mess taking up the bulk and the wet. Paula removed one layer at a time, but she was actually down to her bra because of the spread of the issue. “Now Lisa I will need to swap one of your plastic pants for another one, and I will keep them in a bag here until your hometime or last change of the day, so there’s no need for anyone to know what happened, okay sweetheart…” giving her a cuddle as she looked mortified and like she was ready to start to cry… “Don’t worry baby… The nappies your mum supplied held up to the job and over the next few days I get more used to you and how much flow you have and we can add things like extra boosters if you need for extra pee, things to slow down your bowels, or things like extra disposable knickers to replace your plastic if your skin needs to breathe for a while…. So don’t worry.” Paula continued to reassure here and get her into a new nappy and spare pair of plastics from her mums supply. “These things sometimes feel bad to start… but the poop has to come out somehow, just like your pee - you cant avoid it baby girl. Sh*t happens of course they say… But remember for your next change you might get less upset I hope? Don’t be afraid to come see me again if this happens again, ok my brave baby? “She was happy with that.

Suzy’s change was more mundane - a firm poop as well as wet. Last time of course the Nurse saw a slight amount of smearing, so that’s usually a sign she’s probably about to soil in time for next change “Now you two brave girls look after each other and you better head to your last class as you are a few minutes late (actually 15 with all the clean up Lisa needed). But these things happen and take time, and teachers understand. Show them your Nurse/Toilet pass and they will understand and you wont be marked as late. You Got This, you two…”

Suzy walked Lisa too back to their last class session for the day, with finishing early on Friday. On the way back a quickish walk back to class with time being of the essence. Suzy said “For some teen babies who actually have all or some control they sometimes get a little satisfaction. And nappies are so cleaner than the toilets out and about at petrol stations – but you have your own – no need to worry again.

Lisa replies “I think I understand… think I am doing the right thing but shitting myself for first time in years just knocked me for six – what if someone… but probably I was more worried because I thought I had time to get to the loo but it was like I had to move there and then to the potty… Then I remembered that I was wearing my potty… by that point it was irrelevant as it was already out and  I could feel the spread everywhere… it just took me by surprise. Anyway I guess everyone has first times lol and tis is only first day. As I want to try all aspects of the Teen Baby thing I will maybe try letting go and enjoying that later on?”

“Yes I can show you the message board where I often chat to others. Many of them have no problems but some do all the time” as they ssh’d themselves before going in the class.


Chapter 7 – First Day Of The Rest Of Lisa’s Life 3 – Nurse Before We Leave

The rest of the last lesson was about getting though but Lisa really held her nerve together, with no need for any changes for the last hour and a half of the two hour session. As they heard the bell for end of day there was no break , just for those two who  had to go for a final nappy check/change, as well as a quick talk through things. They send a copy to your parents of every week just so they always know how things are going better worse or the same, or you might need changes to things for next week.” Suzy showed her email forwarded by her mother to her, just to let her see what to expect…

“Your lovely daughter Suzy came to me several times in her second week of term here, with the usual changing of her incontinence protection and general care of her lower half too.

On the first day she was still on her period and I had to give some period pain relief on Monday and the morning of Tuesday (oral Ibuprofen and Paracetamol from her supplies). She had a little spotting on Tuesday but she is back to her normal daily discharge from her vulva.

As is apparently usual after period, Suzy suffered impaction. Suzy went without a bowel movement on Wednesday and Thursday so she asked me to assist with her constipation relief. Two of her suppositories were inserted, and I left her in privacy for 15 minutes with a bedpan. Sadly these did not have any effect so I had to give her one of her single use enemas. I gave her a further 45 minutes and this had the desired effect within five minutes. Once she was finished, she was put her into new protection and she returned to class after 45 minutes.

Her skin is also doing well, with nothing concerning this week.

Your daughter will not need any further changes to the plans.  She has spares for another 2-3 days as of today, so an additional supply of her protection, alongside more of her painkillers, would be useful at the start of next week. You can drop these off on Monday morning with your lovely daughter.

I hope this explains this weeks care for Suzy. Please get in touch if there is anything else you need to know”.
Nurse Paula Thomas”

“See Nothing to worry about” Suzy says to Lisa. “I know what periods pain relief and discharge… but what’s the rest of this?”

Well Impaction is where your pooh gets hard and generally sometimes even I with no control get sore with having to force it out”
“Yeah I hate when I get that…,”

“I have fibre supplements to make it happen less but it happens after that bloody time if you know what I mean. In this case she inserts two little things into your bum that look like jelly babies with pointed ends. Usually within half an hour it’s all away. But she doesn’t make you shit in front of her but she’s really nice and leaves you in peace , offering a magazine, until your all done. She offers you a shower but I don’t usually take one, just a quick wipes wash like a bed bath.

In severe instances it’s enemas. She uses a plastic bottle to squirts about a cup full of water into your bowel. She gives you an hour in peace as those can take longer These days enemas are less common but like plastic pants and adult nappies, sometimes the old was are the best.

My last school nurses usually needed to help me get rid of the constipation most weeks.”

“Is there an equivalent if I cannot pee” “Catheters are only used in an emergency – a thin tube that drains into a bag (indwelling) or intermittent ones you put over the toilet. My friend Alma had an indwelling one for years. She tried the in and out kind but she was never able to get it in... Boys have it much easier with those things… but we have the opposite problem, remember I cant stop it coming out, which is why I am in nappies ?”

“Erm,.. oh err… And protection?”

“Your nappies dear .. .politically correct  term like fitted briefs… well she can also call a spade a spade, but for records some parents get a bit odd. She calls a spade a spade to us but we are used to it.  Some medical professionals often say Adult Briefs or Adult Pads as it’s to imply only babies use Nappies, even though they are exactly the same. This might include pull ups or pads in knickers for those with less severe problems, or only occasional accidents”.

“So it’s basically like an How I Was Today book thing but for kids who need help like we do?”

“Pretty much. We like to because sometimes I can forget to tell mummy if she’s given me something earlier that week and then mum can see.  This is in confidence so no one else in the school gets to see her emails as she’s on another server.

We then finish chatting and walk through to Nurse Paula for our last changes and checks of the day as well as our weekly review “Are you okay if we do your reviews together?” “Well this is my first so I’d Like it if Suzy was here?”

“OK lie down up on bed first Lisa… now you’ll be delighted to here you are only a little wet Paula.” she says not wanting to scare her but also cleaned a slight smear on her nappy pad - and a detailed clean of her vulva for the last day alongside the other creams and lotions used and the like.  “You’ve done well for your first day in nappies Lisa, and I am sure we will get things more tailored to your body and pee and pooh schedule. We start again next week and I am here to help you however this goes. Your skin is good and there is no cause to change anything next week, as we continue where we left off today.  I will keep an special eye on you all next week, what will essentially be your first full week in nappies. Good luck with the teen baby / reversing potty training next week, give your mum my best, and also … she goes away to retrieve a small bag from one of her drawers “… in this disposal bag these are your  wet plastic knickers from earlier – get her to give them a rinse or clean before use them again OK?”

“Oh yeah, thanks” Lisa says putting them in her backpack. Paula changes her gloves before saying “OK Suzy up you come… Lets see… oh yes you’ve wet heavy… I will put one of your boosters in for the trip home as its been warm and you’ve been extra wet the last two days. I’ll see how next week goes although you do have a lot of pee to come out normally but more so than usual when its hot as I know you need to drink more. Nothing to worry about – your skin is good, and your pain and impaction has subsided again now. However I will be sure to say that helping and supporting Lisa to come here – never easy seeing a nurse especially for the first time. You helped her get through an up-and-down day and you should be proud of yourself.  Give my love to your mum too and hope you all have a good weekend!


Chapter 8 – First Day Of The Rest Of Lisa’s Life 4 – Mums Car Then An Early Start For Us

On the way down the corridor Suzy asks Lisa “So if you only ever used nappies at night have you ever had any times where you’ve had to get your mum to change early or had a leak? “Sometimes but four or five times a year maybe. I always feel bad because I am a 19  year old bedwetter… but she says that’s natural and everything… “ “I sympathize.”

We then proceeded to my Mums car, who had done a half day. The idea was that those two would get set up and supplies etc. ready before they rest started a few hours later. “So how did it go today Lisa” Suzy’s mum Orla asked.
“Good and bad…” Lisa says .,… leaving an awkward ending . To save her saying it Suzy whispered in her mums ear to tell her “she messed herself for the first time at lunch and She got so upset…”

“Oh hunney poor you Lisa.,.. but apart from that did things go well?”

Suzy replied to her Mum “Well she got on well with Nurse Paula and they seemed to get on very well. She thinks I did well in supporting Lisa on her first day in nappies again”.  
“That was good of you. Yes Lisa she’s a really nice lady”.

After Lisa gave some extra directions as they got closer to her home, Orla parked up, and the three of them unpacked with help from Lisa’s mum Polly. “Hello you must be Suzy and Orla… good to meet you…”

It was explained the plans for the night. As it was 4pm at that point it was/ decided to start some snacks for the early guests, and then they unpacked their nappies and other supplies.

Lisa and Suzy were in her room for privacy and if you want to get changed you can feel free to ask the two adults. The other kids were in Anna’s old room, who would be coming  with everyone else between when everyone arrives in time for dinner at -hen the party was starting at 7pm. 

We have some early little stuff for the first few hours like cartoons on our big screen TV until then, and afterwards a movie then a movie 8-10 like a Disney film, and then 10-12 we go over to a romcom or similar. Now for the kids not into little stuff (but who doesn’t like Disney right mum?) well they can go through to the other room.

“Thanks for having me Polly… I don’t suppose I could trouble you for a change now while the first round of snacks are in cooking please…” said Suzy along with Lisa follows with “me too please mum”.  Suzy’s mum made her excuses and thanked them for inviting the family, and we hope to catch up again some other time?” My mum gives me a hug followed by Lisa, before we go to her room. Both of us had chosen onesies for the first part of the event, Lisa’s being The Little Mermaid and Suzy being  Frozen.

Suzy’s sleeping bag was on the floor while Polly pulled a giant three fold changing mat on top of Lisa’s bed. “Come up here Suzy…. I think we’ve got everything you might need, but please let me know if this is wrong… lie back hunney… Polly helps Suzy undress down to her bra and nappy/plastic pants before she lies back on the changing mat. After pulling down the tapes on her nappy she says to Suzy “well it looks like you are a little wet, but I will change you into a new one so I could put you into your onesie and things….” After cleaning up her lower half and a wet wipe over the rest of the body of Suzy says “That’s perfect – thanks I feel just right down there and nice and dry” before being helped into her onesie.  “Jump down now Suzy…”

“… OK Lisa, your turn to jump up…. Come on baby… “ To begin with Lisa hands her mother the small disposable bag containing her soiled plastic pants from earlier “The nurse says you will need to get the mess off these and rinse and clean”. So Polly took it through to the laundry room with her other stuff . When she opened the bag a note on the pants “Sorry your daughter had a messy accident, and I couldn’t save these when I cleaned her up. Paula xxx”  So then she returns and finds Lisa stripped to her onesie, plastic pants and nappy. “Well you are a very brave baby girl for going this far”. She was actually the wetter of the two of them with almost a full nappy. “Well this one is just wet this time” before giving her lots of dry cloths down below as well as an down below clean up similar to Suzy “Thanks Mum… sorry about the bag…” “Well darling it was going to happen sooner or later – just good that you got cleaned up and you weren’t stuck waiting for Mummy to come out and bring you clean pants or whatever…Now jump down, as the first snacks should be ready. “ said Polly.


Chapter 9 – First Day Of The Rest Of Lisa’s Life 5 – Lisa’s Adventures in Littlespace

4.30pm and we went through with Polly to the kitchen area where she gave both the girls a bite to eat to keep them going. But here was a surprise… Polly had cooked fish fingers and chips for them both, but served them up in two baby bowls each, together with two baby bottles of Orange Squash and matching baby cutlery, with a couple of large baby bibs…  As she snaps in the bibs into, she said to them “Finish that all and there’s ice cream for you both, if you are good girls! As Mummy has to go for some other stuff to do before the rest arrive, would you like to feed each other like Mummies do to babies ? – choo choo train, aeroplane or something?” Suzy takes Lisa’s cutlery, cuts up one of the fish fingers in half, says “Open wide for the big aeroplane baby” … First time Lisa opens wide, second time she snaps shut “nawh”… but opened a few seconds later to show it was a joke. They took turns in feeding each other with them being able to use the bottles by themselves. Some excitement was had and Mummy saw they were finishing, so refilled their baby bottles with more juice before giving them another baby bowl each with small ice cream tubs in each, which she had already opened for them.  “You two wanna play next to the TV now where CBeebies is on – go watch the cartoons babies.”

“Now you two when we are sitting down having dinner everyone has to say three  things about themselves… Are you OK with discussing the nappies and little stuff? “Yes no worries – start small for Lisa with a small number that she’s trying”


As they sat down on the sofa (with their stuffed toys and juice bottles each) Suzy asked “So you enjoying being little again Lisa?” “AMAZING… I can’t understand why more people don’t want to do this… apart from the dirty nappy I think this has been a satisfying day, although I was very nervous to start finally after a long time waiting this…” Suzy then replies “Your mum is going to look after us, that’s for sure – she seems like a very caring woman who would do anything for her family…” After about half an hour on the sofas (5.20 pm) Polly came in and came close to the two of us… “Mummy check your nappy”… Both Suzy and Lisa were wet after their food, and then asked them both to “come through to the room”…  Suzy was asked to jump up first and Lisa’s mother started talking to Suzy … “Lie down baby, let Mummy unsnap your onesie so I can get in… This was similar to the last time for them both, and they were both equally wet this time round. “If you two don’t want to tell the whole room you need a change, just come up and whisper in my ear,,,” “Thanks Mummy” said Lisa followed by Suzy parrot style afterwards. Polly said “Go back to your cartoons and Mummy will check on you in an hour” giving them another bottle each… ”.  They went back to their discussion “So you say some people enjoy when they pee or wet themselves?” “Yes, some do… just relax and let it go and feel the satisfaction” She says, showing Lisa the TB Message Board shed talked about. “Some like make it al naughty and stuff but its possible for most big babies to get a kick  as they wet them “ Lisa replied “I think I will look at that when I am on my computer in the morning and see if I can get something from it” Suzy said “I don’t feel much down there full stop until its too late of course…” They went back to switching between watching the cartoons and sucking their baby bottles, with their favourite stuffed toy on their lap. It quickly came to 5.55 pm and they heard the doorbell “could you get that please Lisa???” It was Lisa’s big sister Anna who she recognised Anna knew (about Lisa trying being little and the changes helping for both her and Suzy who’s also in nappies), so the site of her  19 year old sister wearing in a onesie with clear nappy butt didn’t cause alarm at all …“Hello sis… after hugs around, Lisa then introduced her to Suzy… “Hello Suzy good to meet in person” “Likewise Anna”. She was to be a little early on purpose so she could give her mother a help around the house and also a second adult , before  she sat next to the two babies on the sofa… “How you are enjoying college then sis?” Anna asked Lisa… “Well three weeks but not too bad, not too overwhelming. I’ve made a good friend in Suzy, and she’s encouraged me to try being  a baby ... early days but…”

Polly called Anna “Any chance you could do their nappy check for them and getting them changed if they need it… you can find the supplies in Lisa’s room. “Yes Mum... Come on sis, come on Suzy… well take you through as it will be easier and more discreet.  It’s been a long time since I’ve changed my sisters nappies but Suzy might not know that  I work as a carer,  so I am used to incontinent people, helping older people. I was working earlier today, not tomorrow. Not so much Teen Babies but hopefully we can learn together.” Everyone’s different Sis and Suzy so give me a yell if you need something done differently OK…” Right Suzy I will do   ours first so we can get you all nice and clean for mums pizza party to kick off the sleepover in style…” She unsnapped her onesie before pulling plastic parts and the nappy down before using lotion, powder and Sudocreme on Suzy, before repeating the process on Lisa. It is probably just as well not done on the sofa, as Hannah and Helen from her former school got dropped off by their mother while we were through in Lisa’s bedroom for checking and changing, with 40 minutes to go. Shortly afterwards Tiffany arrived at the door, she was walked over by her mother ten minutes away. That was the last of them so we chatted  before Mum called us through to sit at the tale.


Chapter 10  – First Day Of The Rest Of Lisa’s Life 6 – Tale of Two Movies (And So Many Nappy Checks and Changes)
While they sat down with their pizza and drinks (In bottles for Suzy and Lisa), they were asked to introduce themselves with 3 things we don’t know about them. After the sisters and Tiff introduced themselves with favourites, crushes, loves and more. 

It got round to Suzy before Lisa.

“Hello I am Suzy and I Know Lisa through college. 3 Things you might not be familiar with me...

1.   I am double incontinent so I basically in nappies all my life.

2.   I have been a big baby so long even now (I Am 18) I am a teen baby – like an adult baby, and inside me I see myself as a 2 year old.

3.   First Crush was a neighbour who used to teach at another school”.

Lisa followed with

1.   “Favourite flavour Strawberry.

2.   I’ve been a secret bedwetter all my life.

3.   With the help an inspiration of Suzy I am also experimenting as a teen baby for the next two weeks starting today… I have wanted to do this for some time and now is the time to give it a go ! ”

After that Polly says “Does anyone have any issues with what has been say and next watching Frozen?  If you us see them going back and forward to Lisa’s room it’s as we have to check/change Suzy… and now Lisa. If you do not want to see it then you can go through to Annas room after we finish?”

“Not at all and I wish Suzy and Lisa all the best and wishes for their health, Mrs. Smith” said Teri…”  “Please Call me Polly…. Except Suzy and Lisa who are calling me Mummy tonight…

So for the first movie Frozen Mummy got ready some ice cream cups, identical to those from earlier when L&S had their extra late lunch. (she says “What else could you munch on while watching Frozen… see what I did there) Making sure everyone else has one or two as they felt with a drink…  and that Lisa and Suzy had theirs in baby bowls with bottles like earlier on, this time with Apple Juice. After half an hour Polly checked the two babies (Asking in their ear) and Suzy was only a little so will wait for another half hour, and Lisa was dry. A further 30 minutes and everyone was really enjoying the film so far. They must have both finished their apple juice bottles as they were both saying they are fairly wet…”We will pause there while Lisa and Suzy need me for a few minutes, feel free to  fill up your drinks, have some chocolates or ice cream,  or use the bathroom girls okay? We will be making popcorn in time for the next film, so make sure to leave some room OK – and Anna will get you what you need”. The two babies stood up while the others were distracted by snacks and drinks, Suzy could definitely feel like her crotch was clearly waddling. “Jump up Suzy as I can see your quite full… Suzy how are you enjoying your first time with us?” “Very much I really appreciate you going to all these lengths just for me…” “No  I would do this for any of my daughters friends”… She was dried with dry wipes, wet wipes, lotioned, powdered and creamed, before Lisa had the same. “Ok girls do you want more apple juice?” “Yes Mum” they both said. The film was restarted and they finished about 45  minutes later”. After a quick check in the ears of the two babies needed changing “No” then she went through to put some popcorn on and make more drinks around 9.50pm.

They were getting ready for the second film of the evening, which was the slightly grown up About Last Night., bringing us right back  Polly and Anna made sure everyone had popcorn and another drink each.  After that the plan was an hour or so of chatting until 1am, or until the last girl felt like bed, whichever comes first. The film kicked off 10.10 (after checking Suzy and Lisa who were fine for a little while). Around 10.50pm Mummy checked again with the Babies, who again needed a change. As with last time they paused the film and asked the other girls to help themselves to rest of the popcorn and drinks, while taking Lisa and Suzy to Lisa’s bedroom. As Lisa’s was the wettest this time, her mother did her first before Suzy. At the end Polly said “I Hear Suzy and Lisa have some special thick plastic-backed nappies for bedtime ready… so when the movie finishes we will get you to come through here. Those ones are much thicker so you can chat for an hour after the movie, OK babies, unless you want to finish early” “No thank you mummy” they both answer. At 11.10pm the film was restarted and continued until quarter past midnight. “OK girls, you go get dressed for bed and you can sit and chat for an hour in your nightie and PJS, while I get Suzy and Lisa changed for the night and in their nighties. Final bedtime 1.30 (am) no arguments? Everyone was happy to get ready for bedroom for changing into their nightwear, and Anna was on hand if they needed it (one needed hand re-threading a PJ Cord, but otherwise there was nothing needed.) In the meantime Mummy Polly walked the two kids into Lisa’s room again. Suzy was first and they got her into her extra thick plastic nappy, this in a babyish pink print, and then a second pair of plastic knickers, and the same onesie as it was dry. “Have you had a good time girls ? “Yes indeed thank you Mummy Polly for being so hospitable, and checking on me every so often. I really appreciate you looking out for me tonight and today and all the changes you and Anna gave me. Polly leant forward and says “Arms up baby Suzy for your nightie and then your socks…” Suzy did as she was told  before was sat down on her sleeping bag before Lisa had a change “So was your first day as a baby then Lisa?” “Wonderful thank you so much mum for checking me too”. She got the same as Suzy but it was a purple print nappy”. We will be making hot chocolate in a few minutes and I’ll give you one baba of that and one water if that’s okay?”

When Polly returned with Lisa and Suzy, the group said “We’ve been thinking… say thank you to Suzy and Lisa… Without the extra stops we’d would be in bed at 1am… just joking, thanks Polly and Anna for looking after us well !

After that hot chocolate arrived at ten to one, there was plenty of time for the girls to catch up with each other for a while, until 1.30am when they would get to their respective teams. Polly gave each other hug. At the end she said to Suzy and Lisa “Goodnight and sleep well baby girls. Mummy will be here in the morning too…” as she closed the door. Less than five minutes later both babies were fast asleep, probably dreaming of what might happen on Lisa’s second day as a baby…


Chapter 11 – Second Day Of Baby Lisa – Not the End, Just A New Beginning For The Day After The Sleepover To End All Sleepovers

Mum/Polly and Alma had woken up around 7.30am and went round waking up the two babies first 08.00 with Alma helping the other kids wake up.  Alma was dealing with Breakfast (Cereal, toast, rolls, pastries, orange and apple juice, tea and coffee and the like). Polly went to Lisa’s room with a couple of baby bottles of milk, as the main breakfast was in progress. “Good Morning Baby Girl Lisa and Baby Girl Suzy… How did you sleep”… “Like a baby Mum” says Lisa, followed by “me too” from Suzy “Well I’ve got a bottle each for you to drink but its made from Aptamil baby formula milk to drink while we get your nappies changes quickly, and then we can go down for breakfast where Alma is getting it ready now. Lisa was about two-thirds full her different nappy, with Suzy’s about three quarters full. very close to full. They were changed quickly into their regular nappies, so they are able to go back downstairs in the same night wear  as last night and have breakfast, like the rest of the sleepover girls. “For your breakfast would you like me to make you some baby porridge to try? (both girls cheered) Alma is making other things too and you can have some of that with whatever you want other stuff if you like, as well as whatever stuff to drink in a baby bottle. After breakfast you two can go back to bed to get redressed or whatever you want… and then I will drop Suzy off home after lunch 12 noon so around 1.30pm well leave here ??? ” “Thanks Mum”.

So once downstairs, everyone was told to help themselves with plates and cups next to all the food on the kitchen table, with baby bowls and bottles for the two babies. Lisa had baby porridge and some strawberry yoghurt with two bottles of apple juice, and Suzy has some baby porridge too, two mini pastries, and one bottle orange juice one with cooled down coffee.

“You two babies seem to like that baby food…” Polly asks “Yes Mummy….”
“For lunch I am going to make my lasagne that everyone really loves. If you like that idea of the baby food and thar texture so well, I could put it in the blender ??? “Yes please mummy – its really yummy?”
“Sounds good I like lasagne too… Would be nice to taste it like a baby would.” Said Suzy.

A few minutes later, Suzy’s phone goes off with her Mum… 
S - “Hello Mum”
O - “Hello Suzy how was last night?”
S - “Really amazing… They really looked after me, checking my nappies every so often, feeding me really well, and Lisa also had a great time. Changes went well with no real problems. Lisa and I both had such an amazing time. Had a late lunch when we got in, then watched cartoons, pizza for dinner, two movies, hot chocolate and bed! Now we’re having lunch in a couple of hours and Lisa’s mum will drop me off around 1.30pm”
O - “What’s Lisa doing this afternoon???”
S - “Not a lot she was talking about just cartoons or whatever”.
O - “Well, can you pass me on to her Mother now please hunney?” (Suzy goes to find her) “Hello Polly its Orla, Suzy’s mum. Thank you very much for taking care of Suzy last night so well. She tells me you looked after her superbly well”.
P - “She was actually a delight, and she was actually quite easy to deal with.”
O - “If you want I would be welcome to have Lisa for the afternoon for a few hours after you drop them off? I could give Lisa a run home just before bedtime, or earlier if she’s too tired from last night?”
P - “Lisa… do you fancy going wit Suzy for a few hours this afternoon at her house?” (“Yes yes yes please!!!! In background)
P - “OK yes that would be so kind of you to do that. She’s usually in bed around 10pm but if she’s tired she can always go back to you early. I will also bring a few bags of her nappies with me in case she needs a change, and for next time?
O – “Yes I was just going to ask if you could… I can always keep the rest here as and when she needs them?”
P – “Yes that’s fine. Thanks again!”

“Lisa you are a lucky baby. Suzy’s Mummy will be looking after Suzy and You too until your bedtime, or earlier if you feel tired…” “YAYYYYYY!!!”

Polly and Alma proceeded to put away the last of the dinner plates, putting lunch  on, before Polly come back and said “Now babies do you want to shower or do you need a change? Come up to Lisa’s bedroom… “ “OK Mummy” they said obediently.

When they got to Lisa’s bedroom checks revealed Lisa was fine but Suzy had soiled her nappy, so they decided to kill 2 birds with one stone by having her shower to clean up, and we will pout you in a new nappy and get you dressed for heading home. We used that as a chance to chat to the other one in the shower. As Suzy was getting ready to get dried, Lisa said   “Mum… I’ve went poppies too”… “
“Well you will shower next and we will do the same for you”.  
“… but this time I wasn’t bothered or anything… and I got so worked up when I did that yesterday.”
“Mummy is proud of you Lisa – and you too Suzy!”

After that Suzy was helped by Polly drying her body, then some baby lotion, rash cream, lotion, a thick nappy plastic back nappy like the ones they used the night before -  and a new pair of plastic pants and onesie, as well as a dress with tights for the top half. Lisa was the same but she chose a pink top and jeans for heading home. “Mummy will give you some nappies for when you are at Suzy’s together with spare plastics pants too… Do you want to take anything babyish then you can grab just before lunch – then you and Suzy come for lunch?” Lisa picked out a couple of stuffed toys plus a dummy before coming down to the kitchen, adding her picks next to the bags of nappies (with two spare plastic pants in a plastic bag) in the hallway, with Suzy putting away the things she brought with her too and bringing them downstairs ready for after lunch – except her everyday nappies as Polly had already offered to store for next time she was visiting. As they were coming down the stairs she also saw Brian, Lisa’s father and Polly’s wife (away the day before for a stag night of one of his ), and everyone was introduced again.

Lunch was taken out the oven, and while it was resting, Polly took the two babies potions out first and blended them a bit to resemble baby food, giving them a pink bowl each as the baby bowls only had  so much room! Then she put everyone else’s one plate at a time, while Anna helped with this and making drinks (two bottles each apple juice for the babies).  The meal went down incredibly well and there was a couple of large Sticky Toffee Puddings to share for pudding with custard (store bought unlike her lasagne), which went down even quicker! The babies had some too in baby bowls with more apple juice to wash things down with. During lunch various discussions were held between people there (Polly and Brian, Hannah and Helen, Anna and Orla, and Lisa and Suzy).

After lunch of course Anna was dropping off Tiffany first (as she has a smaller car 1.05pm) before coming back for Hannah and Helen (leaving 1.20pm) before then heading to her home, with everyone saying their goodbyes and thank you too. After Annas second car trip left then Suzy and Lisa started loading up Polly’s car with her help. Just before leaving both were checked, and their nappies (thicker than usual) actually were only just a little wet and fully clean. Polly said “ It was the right thing to do as there’s lots of room in those nappies” as she buckles them in to the car. Just before driving away Polly got her phone out, phoning Suzy’s mum Orla “OK Orla that’s me just leaving with the girls 1.45pm, should be with you around 2pm” after which the two girls were clearly very excited “Yay!!!” Before Polly continued “… and they are both just  a little damp as I checked them before we left our house (“Oh Mum, you’re embarrassing us!”)…. Thanks…”



Chapter 12 - Second Day Of Baby Lisa – Experimenting Even More  At Suzy’s For The Afternoon

With one minute to spare, Polly drove the car into Suzy’s family home with her mother Orla at the door. “Hello baby…”giving her Suzy a massive hug, followed by one for Lisa and then her Mother Polly. They take their supplies to Suzy’s room, before coming down to the living room. Polly had to leave afterwards to do some shopping but she knew her daughter is in good hands today.

“So tell me about the sleepover Suzy?”
“Best Sleepover Ever and they looked after me so well  - kept me dry and clean, fed me baby bowls and bottles, looked after me like I was their own baby”.

“Well you’ve had lunch there and you told me you were just wet, so why don’t we go to your bedroom and we can check and change you, and you can show Lisa around your room and nursery…” “Yes that’s fine thanks Mum”… “Do you want something to drink girls?” “Can Lisa have some apple juice and can I have some of mummy’s own baby milk, please?” “You two go upstairs and I’ll go get them”… “OK Mummy…”

Suzy walked Lisa upstairs to show her around. “Four rooms up here… Mum &  Dads room, the Bathroom, the spare room where I sometimes get sent when I am sometimes naughty… and finally my room/nursery. This is where I spend most if my time unless I need to escape from little space if I cant concentrate on my homework or when I used to get punished… but that’s not happened in a few years about getting punished… I try to be a good baby!”

“Anyway, here’s my changing table, bed which is a cot, baby toys, stuffed toys, wardrobes of big clothes and little stuff some in drawers s a few of my other nappies in the different boxes, bedside table with… (pulls out small drawer) my vibrator, my wand, and my lube together with my tampons -  some things even a baby girl cant escape – meds like paracetamol ibuprofen and some period pain patches (puts it back) and like my baby be, and other side you can see my play pen and doll houses and my buggy – I spend most time on play pen or one of the others, unless on my computer”. If I’ve messed in a big way Mum will ask me to have a shower next to the play pen there’s an en-suite shower. This was kinda always babyish but Mums added more and expanded the room to take part of the spare room too, as I have grown up physically but I am obviously a 2 year old inside me”.

“SO jelly… think I miss my babyish stuff after mum redecorated in the run up to puberty… (door swings open)

“OK Little ones… here are your baby bottles – Lisa you wanted apple juice and Suzy wanted mummies own milk… now jump up first Lisa and we will get you into a clean and fresh nappy. Feel free to call me Mummy Lisa, and just let me know if there’s anything you need, or you want me to do something different?” “OK Mummy”… “Now Lisa, do you want to me to take your big clothes off and let you just in the onesie, or do you want to say” “Maybe take off the jeans please Mummy…” “Now I see you are wet so I will get you changes into one of your own nappies your mum gave me, and cleaning you all around too… OK Lisa.. jump down…. Now Suzy, your turn,,, “ “OK here I come mum” Suzy got the same, but took off her top too, as she was a -little warm. “OK I’ll be back in a bit ok you two babies… and Suzy knows what to do if you need me sooner OK?”

“Now your mums gone out again… you use vibrators?” “Yes well I think it’s a given almost all teenagers masturbate….. don’t you?” “Yes but that’s another story”. “Well when I am having my naughty time at night sometimes I do with the vibe inside me, and the wand was an idea from another ab site who recommend it… works well over the top of my nappy if you get my drift, especially combined with the vibe – the large size means it works through the padding of the nappy?” “I will need to look into that one” to which Suzy says “I’ll send you the link…”

“And did she say mummy’s milk? “Yes… she uses a pump to make me a breast feeding. She sometimes still gives me from her breast, but I am now six foot tall and she has shrunk to 5 foot 1… she used to be bigger than me you see… I will ask her for one for you next time – she keeps them in a warmer too…”

“My mum did buy in some Aptmil baby milk in the house and baby food but I don’t recall her pumping or anything or feeding me with her milk for years… maybe can convince her depending how the trial continues but we might be able to get her to pump and to let me have a nursery too…” “

“I am sure you would like that, even if it means moving you too me of the spare rooms of your two older bigger sisters. Anyway Lisa, how are you liking being a baby???”

“Amazing… only wish I would have done it sooner!”

“How are you managing using your nappies during the day instead of just night???”

“Not too bad – 1 in 5 its just coming out again and rest I just pee in the nappy… assuming its because I am in the nappy again and subconscious – maybe will get more will see?”.

“That’s good… some babies often have difficulty,  but its good you have been able to just let go…”

“So do you want to play then now ? I will give you choice of in the playpen with balls and teddies, or with the dolls house… You pick first little Lisa” “” Playpen please…” She was helped though the door and when Suzy then went to play with her Doll House, choosing a couple close by.

A short time layer Suzy’s mum Orla walked back in and said “How’s it going girls?” Suzy said “I think Lisa is having a ball…” as she threw a few balls around,,,  “Well that’s funny…. Let me check your nappies… its been an hour” … “Wow time flies…. “ Suzy lets mummy slide her fingers under the onesie to see “Suzy will be fine for about half an hour so I will come back later. ..” Lisa can you pull up that top so I can see your onesie and check your nappy too…. Yeah you’re fine.

Do you want anything else to drink? Dinner will be started in an hour or so ??” “Yes can we have one of mummies milk each please Mum? Told Lisa how good it was…” “OK I will take a couple from the warmer for you baby girls” . 30 seconds later, she grabs a couple from her bedroom “Thanks Mummy”. Lisa tried her bottle first “baby wikes her baba….” “Told you it was good!”…

“So how old do you feel when you are a little one, Lisa?” “Not sure why but for some reason I feel drawn to one and a half or two years old. I will do some further research online tomorrow and can give it some more thought then.”

Mummy comes up for a nappy change before starting dinner “Jump up Suzy first this   time…” “What’s for dinner tonight Mummy?” “Well its burritos made by mummy… we can put yours in baby bowls with the tortilla wrap on the side again for you both?” “Yes please….” “Now Lisa your change – how does that sound?” “Great mummy… and for afterwards?” “If you finish that lot its some coconut ice cream?” “Yayyyyy baby likes that idea…”  “Can we swap Suzy’s doll house for the play pen, but any chance you could put the reigns on me to give them a go?” “Yes that’s fine….” Suzy lets you out the play pen and Lisa gets clipped into the reigns… takes a few minutes as she’s a different height… but Mum (Orla) gets there in the end. “OK Little ones behave…” Before Suzy gets to the play pen she walks Lisa round the room like a baby before unclipping the lead part. They had an amazing time having fun like two innocent babies would do, before Mummy yelled out “Dinner girls” and they rush downstairs with their bears…


Chapter 13 - Second Day Of Baby Lisa – Afternoon and Evening with Suzy’s

The dinner went down even better than expected, as Orla had got the two kids dinners in a couple of baby bowls. One with the main filling with spices, mince (ground beef in the states), salsa, beans and rice, as well as one more with the tortilla wrap cut into pieces, and some extra Salsa and Sour Cream on the side - and Suzy said “That makes it even better thanks mummy”. In addition Orla had mixed mango and apple juice half each, so they had a slight change in their baby bottles! After demolishing the dinner in record time, coconut ice cream was put into different baby bowls.

“Suzy just a reminder you’ve got your sitter Julie this week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and I will make sure there are plenty supplies for you when I drop you Monday at college, and I am off four days so will also be home Friday. Julie and your dad are in charge.  “(Looks at Lisa) “If you didn’t know Lisa I’ve got PCOS… so have to take three days off work in bed as I am in so much pain, also painkillers make me dizzy as week as needing pull ups for over a week…. “Oh sorry to hear that”. “And Julie is 23 year old medical student and has gotten close to Suzy in the last few years, happy to help with everything she needs when mum is away from home, school holidays and when her mother is expecting her period taking three days off work”.

Lisa then says “Its good that you support your daughter in little space and big things too. She has an amazing nursery up there and I’ve already got a  few things to maybe try with my own mum…” “Well it’s important to look after your kids no matter what. She’s got potty problem but being happy and in little space means she owns it and makes the best of a bad situation instead of getting sad and depressed …” “Mum was saying that to me -u both like to watch a Disney film, for a couple of hours and I will join you on the sofa to feed you both some more of mummies milk – this time from the source - and keep an eye on your nappies, and then we can get you Lisa back to your mum…” “yay that’s amazing thanks Mum” “Lisa are you ok with a feed from my breast, or do you want my milk in a bottle?” “Breasts fine, thank you Mummy”!

Mummy went to get the plates away, as Suzy and Lisa decided on the movie Ratatouille… “We saw Frozen last night mummy”.  About 20 minutes in, Suzy and Lisa were sat on sofa, and Mummy sit between them to take it in turns… “Anyone thirsty?” Both said “Yes Mummy”! She moved over to Suzy first “Just copy this next Lisa… OK baby Suzy Latch on…” It was better than a bottle she thought, and even more babyish. “Mummy’s little Super Soaker has certainly grown  up over the last few years” says Orla to Suzy, you are taller than me… “ Suzy detached as she was full “full thanks Mummy…” Now Lisa you latch on… good girl… I bet your mummy is so proud of you too….” Once Lisa had detached, she checked her nappy was needing changed alongside Suzy’s.. “thanks Mummy I enjoyed that“ with their different sizes is why Lisa seems to drink a little less (judging by their nappies and thirst so far) but Suzy is about 6 inches taller than her, so that’s perhaps why they have different needs, Orla thinks to me “OK babies you need new nappies, follow me, I will pause the movie while we are upstairs”. As she leads both girls upstairs, she stops in her room briefly for two breast shell nursing cups while reclasping her nursing bra (to catch the milk while she’s changing the girls nappies which saves the milk squirting everywhere). Lisa said to her, “Mummy thanks for the feed and complimenting me - yes my mummy is proud even though I sometimes see myself as only a bedwetter” “No, you are much more of a person than just your condition. Look at Suzy – never able to be potty trained, but does that stop her living her life??” “That’s true… Yes maybe by doing this I will be able to get a more positive attitude to my problems!” “Because if you think you are only your problem, that will stay with you for everything else you try, dating, love life and everything. Two routine wet changes later and they were back down for the rest of the movie. “Ready to restart the movie girls?” “Yes please mummy”.

About 30 minutes later a quick check revealed both girls nappies to be fine, while she then said “You two girls want more milk?, or some more juice?” “Some more mummy’s  milk please” said Lisa… Mummy unclasped her bra both cups and took the little shells out first… Not much but she tipped into Lisa’s mouth before getting Lisa to latch on, there we are Baby Lisa” to which Suzy replies “See the two of up there cuddling up there so naturally, like you were really mother and daughter.” “Thanks Suzy… of course you know I would have loved a larger family but with my problems down there I was very very lucky to have you – took a couple of years but we were oh so happy when it finally happened… now, do you want some next?... (Suzy puts her thumb) OK baby girl… Yeah I -guess looking after my colleagues kids now and then – and also when Alma used to come round – I guess this is a second family. Now also we have Lisa here too and I will do whatever you need, whenever you need it. I am there for the bad things and the good too…” As Lisa pulls away “Thanks Mummy…” “Now Suzy’s next” so she moves up the sofa.  “Lisa, maybe you would like to come here for a sleep over in a fortnight or three weekends away? … Whether you are a little or not I will be happy to look after you the same way your Mum looked after my girl Suzy” “Yes that’s interesting… I will ask my Mum when I get home and we can maybe look at setting dates – Ill get my mummy to call you Suzy’s mummy…. But looking forward to it already”.

About 40 minutes later the Movie was over. OK babies, you wanna go upstairs for Lisa’s things to take home (but we will keep your other nappies here for next time) and I will do your check your nappies at the same time?” “Thanks Mummy”. Both girls were wet but that was easily taken care of. “OK Lisa I hope you’ve had a good time”… “Yes I have thanks mummy” “… Come down to the car and I will drive you to yours…. “ “Thanks Mummy” Suzy big-hugs Lisa before Lisa gives a hug to Orla. Once they arrived the two Mums chat briefly with dates banded around for the next sleepover at Suzy’s and Polly decided to provisionally say yes, with Orla then driving home to her home, and get Suzy ready for bed. She brings up two baby bottles, one cocoa and one with apple juice. She proceeds to get Suzy changed into an extra thick plastic nappy and her nightie before Suzy says “thanks Mum love you and good night…”

About 15 minutes after her Mum left, she got her vibrator and wand out, for her first naughty play in over a week, finishing with the most satisfying orgasm. So good the bars of her cot were a little shaky! Bizarrely Lisa was using her vibrator under her nappy too, having already ordered a wand like Suzy’s when she got back to her home. She looked forward to trying that combination when the other one arrived, but still had the most amazing climax too!


Chapter 14 – Third Day Of Baby Lisa – Quiet Sunday By Comparison

Sorry this is a short chapter but…

Sunday for Lisa began with her mum Polly waking her up around 10.30 with coffee and yoghurt. “I let you have a lie in as I thought you’d need it after the sleepover and all that excitement at Suzy’s yesterday. After thanking her mother a nappy check revealed her first overnight messing – Polly kinda looked the other way as she had been asleep for over ten hours – and got her to go to the shower there and then, and shed be up again in a bit to help her. About an hour after being woken up she went online to those Teen Baby and Adult Baby online groups after being sent the links from Suzy. She also enjoyed reading a couple of ABDL stories online too as well as catching up with cartoons. Lunch was Mums Sunday Roast. Afterwards she had a nap before returning to her college homework just in time for dinner, which was the leftovers from Lasagne from the night before – blended up again like baby food. She did ask Mummy (Polly) about possibly restarting breast feeding, and she decided it would be something to definitely try. She knows that her breast pump was passed to  another mother after you grew up, and most of the time you preferred from the breast, but she would order another one online. It might take a while before her breasts can start though – but she’s happy to keep buying her little one formula in the meantime. She headed for bed around 9.30pm with the college time start.  

Suzy’s Mum woke her at 10, with a day of littlespace stuff happening. Breakfast was Baby Cereal, lunch Sunday Roast here too (nap after lunch which also resulted in a messy nappy), and the last of the burrito’s from the night before. After dinner she had a couple of hours with her homework, with Suzy having an early night too.


Chapter 15 –  Fourth Day Of Baby Lisa – Back To College Monday and New Kind Of Playtime

Lisa’s alarm went off with her mother there with a baby bottle before she went for a shower. After that she helped Lisa to get dried as well as new nappy and clothes for heading to college, before breakfast proper.

The alarm went off for Suzy too and she went direct to the shower, before asking mum to help her into new nappy etc. as well as helping her dry off as well as getting ready for college. Suzy was dropped off at college with her Mum dropping off additional nappies, so there are plenty before going off work for the rest of the week. Suzy proceeded to her common room where Lisa had not long arrived “Morning Lisa how are you doing???” “I am good” “I can see you look happy….. quiet day yesterday?” “Yes and I ordered the wand! “Oh Good well sure you will be even more happy tomorrow…it might take a while to set it up as there are so many patterns and the like. But you are enjoying the new Lisa are you?” “I think I am Suzy… and we will see how the rest of the fortnight is going. They then went to class.

After the first hour and a half of class Suzy and Lisa both headed out for Suzy’s change at the usual time… (and now Lisa’s too). …  They walk down to nurse Paula’s office. “Hello babies… how was your sleepover and the rest of your weekend  - jump up Suzy”? “Went very well – amazing – they looked after me checking and changing me every so often. Then my Mum invited Lisa over for a few hours at their place”.  

Jump down Suzy and now up Lisa… how are you coping with the teen baby thing?” “Quite well and really encouraging this mew life. On Saturday I had a messy accident but I wasn’t the least bothered, and I am really enjoying life again… maybe it will turn but I seem content and happy to go for the ride, however long it lasts! “Lisa that’s amazing news… I was a little concerned after your messy change meltdown on Friday, but seems like the weekend was what you needed after a tough start. I am very happy for you Lisa, and you know to come to me if you need anything else.” “Thanks Paula”… They then walked back for the last 15 minutes of their session before morning break, but during the walk back Lisa asks “So do you Suzy think I am doing being a baby???” “Like a natural. You can baby it up amazingly at home and on the downlow here at college”. “Thanks hunney… its weird as its only been four days”.

After break and the second session, lunch was next. Halfway through lunch felt her tummy going and felt the need to mess. However, she remembered there was no need to worry as she now wears her potty… so she relaxed, let her control go and just pushed it out with a satisfying squelch… then an even bigger smile… “You got your vibe in now too?” “No, I just messed…. But I am happy… and it’s a nice feeling too. And I am not, in the least bit, bothered. Just like pee pee, baby poopies has to         go somewhere… and I am not needing to worry as I have my potty.. and its what babies do. Did you know every baby is born incontinent?” “Talking like a pro Lisa, talking like a pro”.  When she went to see Paula, she was saying she needs a messy change…. “Glad to see you’ve handled it better!” from Paula – to which Suzy jumped in “Like A Bossssss…………”

Afternoon flew by and Suzy was picked up by her babysitter Julie, also dropping , on  her way to stay over a few nights as planned. When Lisa got home she was welcomed by her mother “Hello little one….” Mum said as she got home… “You got a parcel… “ “Thanks Mum as she hides behind her backpack. “Did you order something???”.

“Yeah from my savings, Suzy recommended it and it goes buzz over the….”

“… No need to explain any more… Let me check your nappy can I ?” “Think I am just a little damp” “Yeah you’ll be fine I will come back to you in half an hour for a change before dinner, help you  into a onesie,  and I’ll be sure to knock the door baby” “Thanks Mum but I am only going to unpack it apparently lots of different settings and will keep it for later”. “But it arrived alongside something else… my new breast pump! I will set it up later or tomorrow and we will see how long it takes. “. After this Lisa slips off to her bedroom, placing the buzzy toy on her bedside table, she puts on Dora The Explorer while picking out herself a printed nappy and onesie for when her mum visited in half an hour. Bang on time her Mum entered and was quite eager to chat about her college day as well as the baby aspect, while changing her into the onesie. She had a pink and purple onesie printed with little princesses all over it, and a printed nappy for her mum to change her into. “There we are.. little princesses for my little princess!” “Oh mum…” she said in a slightly embarrassed tone.  It was Sweet and Sour Chicken for her dinner, and her mother  had liquidsed it, placed into a baby bowl before feeding her with a  spoon toddler style.   After all happens and just before her bedtime she tried her wand and was so amazingly happy! So much that at her bedtime she did it again!

When Suzy got home and before dinner, her old best friend Alma rung from down south. She seemed to be adjusting okay (“about 50/50” she said) living in London, and she explained all about her new life in Southgate, which ironically is north London leafy middle class suburb, “nothing like the London the tourist  see but almost as good as Dundee”. She was not surprised at all when she listed to Suzy explain she has another friend and college mate who has incontinence problems “we seem to find each other by chance”  and was also interested to hear she always wanted to be a big baby. “We must make this a regular weekly thing Alma, but  I will ring you next time ?”  “Yeah next Monday is fine for me too, after college”.

As Suzy goes for dinner she sees her babysitter Julie in background who joins them for dinner and the next four to five nights (to cover her mums PCOS) and chats with her, updating her on everything so far in college.  She explained she was helping her mum all day Tues Wed Thurs and tonight after Dinner I will be looking after you too.” “That’s good thanks…”

Suzy’s Mum always likes to go the extra mile when getting people thanks. As Julie was here one of the things she liked to do as an extra step was to order a food delivery from a takeaway restaurant, for the first and last nights of Julie’s regular stays, in addition to paying her. She was given the choice for delivery dinner and she decided she would order Chinese,. When the delivery arrived Julie fed her sweet and sour chicken, Julie fed her trying to be an aeroplane, much too Suzy’s amusement.  Julie later that night helped Suzy into a nightie, and changed into bedtime extra absorbent nappies.



Chapter 16 –  Fifth Day Of Baby Lisa – Another Surprise and More Adventures In Nappy Filling (part 1 of 2)

Tuesday morning saw both Suzy and Lisa woken up, changed and dressed, similar to the Monday BUT Suzy’s was done by Julie, who was covering for her mother who was lying down with pain meds, patches and the like. She usually used pull ups but this time was trying some of her daughters more absorbent night time nappies, to save the  changing pull ups every 2 hours, to absorb her period, as an experiment – with permission (and a suggestion from) Suzy. However in the meantime Suzy was more than content with Julie who she had known for more than three years. “How are you feeling this morning baby girl?” she said to Suzy, before making her breakfast cereal and yoghurts in baby bowls. After breakfast she was driven to College by Julie before she went for some errands.

Suzy went into the common room where she met Lisa. After explaining their dinner and the like from last night, they were surprised to find they had basically the same thing! Lisa adds “We will need to maybe meet up in pairs tonight for one of the topics of the class, so would it be okay to come to yours tonight for an hour, and maybe another short shot of your nursery for another hour or so too?… Would this be okay even with Julie helping this week?...”. “Yes I think  that is fine and I will text her just so she knows” Lisa then asked “How’s your mum?” “Took to the spare bedroom with painkillers and lying down”.  “Its a shame” “but what can we do…”  They walked over to the class.

After about 45 minutes Lisa bent over doubled up in a little bit of tummy pain… “Oh ho…. “ “…feel like diarrhoea, going everywhere across her nappy”.  So they went for a change and Suzy came for moral support… however as they walked down the corridor to Nurse Paula’s office, she felt a bit worse pain, followed by even more messing all over… She knocked and was told to come in. She explained “Sorry to come early, but I think I’ve got diarrhoea and I expect it’s a* mess back there…”  She got Lisa to lie down on the changing table, and got her changed despite needing a new pair of plastic pants and her spare pair of jeans too. She gave her some loperamide to help with the diarrhoea and next Paula said to her “Did you expect your period” “Not for a couple of weeks  … is there blood down there?” “Must be a tiny bit of the bloody discharge or some between periods bleeding” Paula said. Lisa said “When its that time of the month for night I just use the nappy during overnights and tampons during the day”. “Well when you come for your next changes I will keep an eye on you Lisa… and I can help with tampons too. We obviously have pads and tampons free in loos but as you two don’t use the loo… just ask if you need any.… or little bags of condoms and lube too… Hopefully your tummy will settle down and you will feel better for lunch”. On the way back to lunch Suzy had a text from Julie saying “yes that’s all fine for in the evening” which cheered Lisa up a little bit. Mid morning break was a bit more routine as the loperamide cleared up most of her issues to reduce to just one slightly loose poop and nothing else for the rest of the day.  

Lunchtime was talking about plans for the evening and discussions about the classes that mornings History before getting onto Suzy asking “So how are you enjoying being in little space – still enjoying and feeling good?” “Better and better every day, almost like I have a new lease on life. Its almost like I never want to stop. Had a good time with the wand last night… twice… and the little aspect is making me feel happy.”
“So you might like to keep this on forever”
“Time will tell and I will see how things feeling, but I like being a nappy filler on a 24/7 scale. No need to run to the big girl potty. No need to worry about puberty for a few hours, alongside all the other trappings of being a teenager….”

“Very true. Yes it’s good. And we can play even more when you come round. Julie is looking forward to meeting you, and will be happy to take you home at bed time.”

Afternoon was quick by comparison before checking in again with Nurse Paula (both nappies were fine) and she was able to collect Lisa’s soiled plastic pants and trousers from her earlier diarrhoea attack. “I did message your mum so she can get an extra spare pair pants in time for tomorrow” Paula said “Hopefully you won’t need them but always good to have a spare” she said, and Lisa put them into her backpack. As they walked down the corridor Suzy could see Julie’s car waiting for them both.


…. Sorry for another delay

Chapter 17 –  Fifth Day Of Baby Lisa – Another Surprise and More Adventures In Nappy Filling (part 2 of 2)

“Hello, you must be Lisa….” Julie said as she let her into her slightly-smaller-than-Suzy’s-mums car. “…Guilty you must be Julie, and Suzy’s told me all about you…”

“…cliched formalities over with, how were your days today?” “Not too bad for us both, Lisas tummy was a bit funny earlier but we are both fine now”. “That’s good”.

After they arrive at Suzy’s home and heading for her bedroom, they starting chatting more and more with Lisa “With what you said about owning your own conditions, maybe I was too proud in trying to hide my bedwetting… “     “Well it is a not something to be proud of, but everyone has something don’t they?” “True” replied Lisa, before Suzy said “I remember other friends who were gay or lesbian, and they were all happier after they came out….” As they went over to the toys section of Suzy’s bedroom/nursery Lisa mentioned “For next Fridays sleepover I think I will definitely still be a baby,  so I think I will  tell my mum as I don’t think it will be an issue”. So her mum texted back quickly  “Yes that’s fine. Me and your dad will chat with you the day before we come to the end of the 2 week trial, and Dad and I will be happy whatever you decide”.

After showing Suzy Lisa said “I am having such a good time I don’t want really to stop, that’s the problem!”
“ I think your mum is enjoying having a baby to look after too, and she likes to make you happy” said Suzy.” Suzy went to her Dolls House  and Lisa  went to the Ball Pit. Shortly after Julie came in for nappy checks and to offer drinks, which saw they were both very wet which required a jump up on the changing table one at a time. “How are you enjoying babyhood Lisa?” asked Julie, while getting her to lie down for changing. “Well we were just talking about that… I really don’t want it to stop?” “Good news. You both okay with some Pizzas from the fridge for dinner?” “Yaayhhhhhy” they  both said. After about 45 minutes Julie called them both for dinner and they were chatting also about the days class with Julie, when Suzy’s Mum (Orla) popped her head round to say hello… “Did you smell the pizza again Orla I take it - about to bring ours through”  “No comment…. but not too bad this time round, but nice to see you again said you Lisa again!” They then go back top their babyhood after discussion, after dinner and desserts and then Julie checked both nappies, needing change. “We will take you both up there for a change and then toys, and will take you home in a couple of hours”. Another very enjoyable evening came to all too soon an end and they both slept like babies again! 


Chapter 18 – Rest of Lisa’s first full week in nappies – A small plan for the weekend too

Wednesday and Thursday were nothing untoward and Friday started with Suzy asking Lisa “.I was going to ask if you would like to go swimming tomorrow “ “Yes I like that…. just one problem, what about our nappies?  They tend to swell don’t they” … “We do haves some single use ones that are designed to cope with bowel mess and the other side too is less` of an issue in the pool dure to the water pressure. They are similar to pull ups but can cope with an hour or two at the pool. My mum is happy to pick you up tomorrow from yours and afterwards I will get my mum to take us so she can help with changes and getting dressed before and afterwards”. “Yes Suzy that sounds wonderful!”
After lunch and the earlier finish on Friday, they went to Nurse Paula for their weekly check-in. With a week of changes for the first time for Lisa, it was more routine. “You have coped very well this week” she says “… thanks Paula… yes ever day seems to be better than the last”.    She then reviewed Suzy before them heading home (in opposite directions) to their homes.



Chapter 19 – Lisas second weekend back in nappies – Swimmming time with Suzy on Saturday as well as discussing the future

Saturday started with Suzy and Lisa both woken their mothers, as the cover lady Julie finished the previous day. Lisas mother said “We wanted to chat about things with your Dad on Thursday about whether you  want to continue being a bay afterwards, however he will be out of town and we will need to make it Wednesday evening to get time to talk… is that okay after college/your dad gets home from work”…”Sounds good Mummy!” “Remember Suzy’s mum is picking you up for swimming, so I have packed a couple of costumes for you and a change of clothing and nappies for afterwards. Did you say she has some swimming nappies ? “ Yes that’s right she has a couple in two sizes”. 

When they picked up Lisa, Suzy asked her “there’s a littles event in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks. Mum and I went once but the next one is in a fortnight. If you are still in little space, would you like to go? “Yes that sounds good, I will double check with Mum but if you need we can split petrol costs if you need  it?”

In the car Lisa asked  Suzy “was there anything you wanted in your nursery but couldn’t have for any reason?” “Water slide like a kids one where they walk up stairs and down the other side?... something to do with space I think or something but they will try again maybe as I love waterslides”.  “Just thinking ahead for possibly in the future after next week to maybe put  together some ideas if my Mum lets me have a nursery of my own you know???” “Oh yeah…” “Well we’re here!” Orla interrupted to indicate their arrival. After parking the cart and paying in for the three of them, they proceed to the changing room which is unisex (unusual for the time in Dundee in the 90s but no one says a word about it years ago long before the time with trans rights and the like… however from memory probably because of lots of families not retuning the key despite the £10 deposit for the old faculties family changing room… I digress LOL) Orla says “We can get changed ij cubicles which is what we usually do to hide the nappies?” “Sounds good”.  “Theres also a Changing Places toilet too we can use to change into the nappies for the ride home. Lisa if you don’t know it’s a special kind of toilet with hoist , lift and a giant nappy changing         bench for adults …” “That sounds  great … I didn’t know those even existed?” “well we’ve been at this a long time haven’t we Suzy? However as its pull ups we have for under you cossies girls (Swimming Costumes) so we don’t need to go there immediately…” Suzy’s mother Orla helped them both step inro their disposable swim pants and then their costumes, before the  three of them proceed to the pool where Orla sat at the side to watch over coffee for the first 20 minutes. They both dared each together to go on all the flumes even the scary one…” When they walked to the flumes Lisa said to Suzy “It seems you are quite the old pro with the whole incontinence and nappies situation. You and your Mum seem to know it all?” “”Well she did joke about 18 years having to get used to it…and I think you will definitely survive full time in nappies, if that’s what you decide”  as they headed trough the water slides. Suzy’s Mum Orla joined them after a short time in the pool as discussed, and managed a few moments of swimming before they had to leave at the end of the hour they’d paid for… 70 minutes into the hour  later (!) they went back to the lockers and cubicles to towel off and get rid of the disposable swim pants – both virtually were clean and just a little of Suzy’s regular daily discharge.

Suzy’s Mother wrapped them both in towels (for modesty) before grabbing her nappy bag and Suzy’s new clothes shed left out, as well as Lisas stuff her mother had given before she left before walking through to the Changing Places changing facility. “Will do Suzy first, so you (Lisa) can see what to expect. Lie down Suzy and I will strap you in” as the bench was set by default to ground level. “Okay Mummy,…” after about 15-20 seconds the transfer bench was parallel to the changing bench “Can you budge over darling?” she said as she unstrapped her daughter. Orla helped her daughter into a new heavyweight nappy, plastic pants and onesie for the ride home (usually overnight but she had a plan after this they didn’t know about), before asking Suzy to change into her sundress and tights herself. She reversed the bench and asked “Lisa could you lie down and I will use the bench to get you over… “Lie down there hunney” Suzy strapped Lisa in herself before Orla got her into her into a similar nappy (L not XL like Suzy) plastics and onesie before she changed into her top and jeans her mum had packed for her to ride home with. As they left the pool building before proceeding to her car, Orla said “As you’ve been good girls, do you fancy micky D’s?” The two girls were extremely happy with that and ten  minutes later they were parked eating food. As she’s bigger than the average child who eats Happy Meals she had two – one with cheeseburger one with chicken nuggets too, and Lisa tried the same for once. Suzy’s Mother was having a Double Big Mac. “You never noticed I put you in thicker nappies. This wad otherwise you’d be soaked  with all that juice we normally have here”... “Yes good call “ said Lisa “I’ve not had happy meals in ages. They seem to be better than I remember?” Before driving off Suzy’s Mum waked into the shop to use the toilet before bucking them both into their seatbelts while sneaking a quick nappy check, seeing they would be fine until they both got home. “Thanks for everything Suzy’s Mummy I really appreciate all the help specially with the swim nappies… “ “No problem hunney. Yes we usually have a wee (Scots for small) treat on the ride home. “ She then drove off to back to Lisas home first, before returning her own daughter home. Afte a busy day both girls relaxed with baby cartoons and the like for the rest of the evening. While Sunday was quiet again,  although Lisas mother was able to pump for the second day (after lots of experiment) and ending up giving her a breast feed from the source too.



Chapter 20 – Second week of Lisa in nappies – Part 1 – Massive Support and some surprises all round

The first three days were essentially looking forward for two slightly different reasons - Lisas meeting with her family on Wednesday as well as the sleepover at Suzy’s for them both this weekend coming. Of course the Littles event in Edinburgh was a fortnight away almost.

When Lisa bumped into Suzy common room before going to class she said “It was a lovely day out on Saturday with your mum at   the swimming pool…” Lisa said to Suzy. “… even my mum and dad were impressed when I told them about the giant changing bench”… “Yes they are a wonderful invention. About 6 or 7 across the city… have been to a couple!” Lisa replied with “and she wanted me to ask, as she forgot when she dropped me off, where abouts did you get them???” “Specialist supplier who I think has to import them so I will send you the link?...>” “Thanks Suzy…. And she’s fine with the Littles event in a fortnight, and she appreciates the new sparkle in my eyes as I seem so happy these days…”. They walked to first class of the day.

Jumping ahead to Wednesday evening, and Lisa was very nervous. After dinner she sits down with Mum and  Dad. Mum “As you know we’ve been letting you experiment -as a teen baby. We see you happier, more confident, and a whole new sparkle. We love the new more confident you and we are really loving you being similar to what you were when you were much younger, and no real temper tantrums from you or anything  throughout this trial”. Dad then continued “We don’t want you to stop.  We would love you to continue this and go onto the next stage of getting you a nursery, extra supplies, a newer powered changing table and everything you need. We are more than happy to pay and sport you for as long as you like”.

“Mummy daddy are you absolutely sure… do we have the money as most might have to be customized Suzy said.

“In short… Yes. As you know we paid for you’re your big sisters wedding and deposits for their homes for Annas home. Your college course is free and we get a bursary from the National Autistic Society and the college to pay day to day stuff too. You might recall you got some nappies thought the NHS and they sad they are more than happy to increase to four, meaning we will need to top up only a little. If you are happy at home rather than getting deposits for your first home yet, we can cover it . We have the money set aside for the Annas wedding and yours,  so we still have some money left over on top of everything we already have set asway for other college courses, university and all the  learning in the next few years , like we did with Lucy and Anna.  And you forget one thing – your happiness is PRICELESS … We worried you’d be drinking / drugs but we are pleased if this makes YOU happy, then WE are DELIGHTED.

“But what about changes Mum? “Well that’s not too bad. If it becomes a problem we can always hire a sitter or a Nanny”.

“Its like I feel I am in a dream”

“So what would we need for an nursery, well can you please make a list Lisa?” “Yes I will do”.



Chapter 21– Second week of Lisa in nappies – Part 2 – Massive Support and some surprises all round

After Lisas good news she phoned Suzy and they discussed her good news. “That’s good Lisa, now my turn to get jealous!” “Yes so we are organizing a lot of it over coming week or two, It will take time but VERY VERY much looking forward to each step.”

In the evening Lisa’s father arranged  for a carpenter to come Thursday daytime to see the space and work through what they can do, with a second one (who did Suzy’s one) scheduled for following Friday. As Lisas room was redecorated a bit more adult when she was ten some of her things so a few more things than Suzy’s mother had never had a clearout of her stuff.
Given the amount she has now It means having another room for her nursery - her big sister (oldest of three) lives down south, middle one  still visits and her room is used for guests etc. – so essentially a blank canvas.

So basically putting together things Lisa wanted;
1. Ball Pit
2. Wendy House (Doll House in the states)
3. Cot (with a removable top might be used later but not now)
4. A more babyish wardrobe and clothes storage for little clothes
5. High Chair
6. Nursing  / Rocking chair for breastfeeding/bottle feeding (pair as about the same size as each tother)
7. Slide with steps (waterslide if space)
8. Extra Stuffed toys and Baby Toys
9. Mobile (for over the cot)
10. Dolls House 
11. Bigger Nappy Storage (open shelves to tell which are which)
12. New powered changing bench (already suggested by family) similar to Changing Places but without the hoist as she can walk – technically for Mum too as the old one was plain and maybe help save her back as Lisas grown considerably
13. Babyish table for homework / studying
14. Craft table and supplies 
15. TV (could move from other room)
16. Stroller (Pushchair)
17. Reins  
18. Fairy Castle

The following morning (Thursday) Lisas father was away to another town, although she used her breakfast time to discuss and double check with her mother. “Are we sure about the money and we wont be leaving you and Dad short?” Mum replied “Well I took the liberty of phoning Suzy’s mum to get the cost. We had some money laid aside for your driving lessons and a car, but you said you didn’t want that this year to concentrate on college? So basically the cost is a third of that lot of money. Even for inflation even doubling that so we can use the last third for getting you twice as many of those baby supplies I bought you two weeks ago like onesies and any money left aside will get used for printed nappies. When we were both working 40 years ago before kids and the like, we knew we wanted one so started saving  and living modestly. Since then your dads been  promoted several time over and now owns the company so that now money is less of an issue… just leave it to us?” “Okay Mum” replied Lisa. “It will take time as we can get some stuff from stores and most of the big baby stuff has to be custom made. So we will go out Saturday to get the stuff we can get from Mothercare then B&Q after you come back from Suzy’s Mums sleepover Saturday daytime and I will look on their website to get the dimensions of things we will get so builders know how much room to live, and  I will order the changing bench and the special needs stroller from the medical supplier recommended,  but they take a couple of weeks, so maybe a folding bed or something in the meantime. They said they can be faster so MAYBE early next week for the changing table and separately delivering the stroller. They will fit it all in as will builders and the like.
We will need to have some rules – again suggested from Suzy’s Mum - like if you are misbehaving you will get put in the spare room / sisters room probably?” “That seems fair, gives  me a reason to keep behaving” Mummy replied “I will get that written up today and it will be tied to a Points Chart too like we had when we were young?” “Thanks again Mum, love you”… She was dropped off at college a little while later.

At Lisa (and Suzy’s) first change of the morning too Lisa was asked by Paula “How did it go Yesterday dear?” “You wont believe it. Not only did she say yes to staying as a baby like I trialed for two weeks, they have more than enough money for all my nursery too. T     0hey had set aside money for driving lessons and a first car, and as we discussed a few months ago I didn’t want to do that to concentrate more on college. Apparently that’s more than enough.” “Great news and good for you” said Paula. Lisa said “They said I have been so much better during the trial and much better behaved ? “ “Well that’s good – remember we talked about you owning your condition not the other way round. The baby thing has been a key step for you again. I know you cant  be 24/7 so maybe weekends and the college holiday in a week” “Yeah id forgotten about that day off”.

At lunchtime, Su-y took a phone call from her Mother. “Everything Okay Mum?” “Yes, your Dads company bonus has bene issued and it’s a lot more than we were expecting… about six times… Anything you need or think you could use, apart from that new PC we are getting for your 19th  birthday, but what would you like?” “Not really as so much stuff in the last year expanded  or added to…. But you know  one thing we haven’t done in a couple of years is have a wee break away for a few days? OR we could try a professional nursery for first time  - more expensive but we wont need to bring supplies so that would work out about the same?” “That sounds ideal there’s one I think in Glasgow as well as many down south?” “Well we could do a weekend maybe a long weekend in a month or so away? And maybe bring you Mum and Lisa??” “Yeah I will look and we can see what she can find. Can you message me some names for the people or we can discuss tonight?” “Yes either way”.
Lisa overhears the start but indicated she was going for a second coffee to finish off lunch, and returns “Everything Okay?” “A pleasant surprise – my dads bonus has come, and its six times what was expected. She asked if I needed anything for my share of it and I said we could maybe have a weekend away with mum and maybe you to either a hotel or to a professional nursery. SO I got a big surprise to match yours too!) Wow… that’s good news for us both… maybe me too? What’s a professional nursery?” “Like a hotel or guest house but for Adult Babies so they have all the furniture, nappies, and everything so you don’t need to bring everything like you would do with a hotel”.
“And you want ME to go too?” “Yes please! This is new for us too, as they generally only take over 18s” “Wow thanks hunney!!!” As they walked back to afternoon class they started talking about the Littles event in Edinburgh and Suzy explained to Lisa “A bouncy castle, craft room, lots of toys and sweeties, a fairy castle,  ball pit. You can play around and run about to your hearts content for five hours – its all kid friendly” “Sounds super fun!”  

That afternoon Lisas mum Polly was doing ringing round after seeing the first builder / contractor about Lisas new Nursery, and Suzy’s mother ordered extra supplies like food and drink for the morning of the sleepover (Friday).


Chapter 22 – Second week of Lisa in nappies – Part 3 – Massive Support and some surprises all round

Friday was a busy day for all, and Suzy’s mother Orla was working half day to get everything ready. The plan for the sleepover was for just Lisa and Suzy this time but pizza, ice cream and chicken and the likes as well as cartoons and Disney films. Lisa’s  mother will collect Lisa and Suzy from the college early Friday and bring them to Suzy’s Mother, and the kids will go to the nursery, for the first hour or two in the run up to dinner.

Suzy’s mother made contact with Glasgow based Nursery that Suzy had heard good things on the AB/TB message board. She asked for an explanation of what they were looking for and a “Family friendly” three night long weekend in about a month. She explained her child was double incontinent and the other is a bedwetter, but there was no issue there as they are used to changing nappies! She was asked if they were into thigs like bondage or punishment, but not a thing for this visit maybe as they develop in future? … maybe restrain to their bed to try for once to try it out? One of the first is my daughter and she’s been a baby all her life. Her friend Lisa is a bedwetter but only recently switched to be a teen baby too. She went from nappies only at night to 24/7. In relation to this visit,  yes you sound like a real professional “.So she said she explain a good idea sop she-e said she would relay details to the girls and paid the deposit for the moment “Ill give you a ring tomorrow once I explain everything you do and we can have today???”  “Fine with me Mrs Larsson. We are very open minded so can be a bit more strict maybe in the future, or if you think of anything in the run up to the event?”

Lisas mother was even busier with the second of the contractors. He seemed a bit more knowledgeable about ABDL scene than the first guy, so it was agreed he would start building next Wednesday, for up to three days.  It was explained she and her daughter would be picking up paints and papers on the Friday. It was about a quarter more than Suzy’s but still under budget. He would get the hardware like new mattress and the like early next week once you pick things up.

Days go quick when everyone’s happy – and even more happy when its ear ly finish Friday! Well before everyone knew  where they were Lisa’s mother arrived with her daughter and Suzy ready for the sleepover started. They were changed into new onesies , nappies, and extra thick plastic pants with button snaps, before being sent to the nursery for a couple hours playing.

Suzy’s Mother went up to the nursery for their first nappy check/change (both needed a wet change and got two mommies milk bottles each) and also then  sat down to explain  what they have “The nursery is fully stocked with a double cot that could sleep 2 adults and a couple of single adult cot. They are ok with your bladder and bowel issues, supply all the nappies clothes onesies and everything you need. She has a playroom, giant changing table, massive number of toys and games, as well as clothes. I said you were looking for a family friendly time, but for the next time or if you get deeper into this it she can do punishments and spanking too.   So if you two are naughty you never know…” “We are fine with that thanks Mummy”” “I will come up in an hour and will bring you down then for dinner?”  “Thanks Mummy” they both repeated parrot style. Suzy said to Lisa “Some people get off on being spanked etc. too as well as just being as being babies. Not my thing you know as I try to keep to being a good baby!” “Me too!.” “But you will get a taste of things at the Littles event in a weeks time.”

6pm came and Suzy’s father had arrived while they were playing upstairs. Orla called on them both to come down with your bears. After pizza was served up (some for the girls cut up into baby bowls), and ice cream too, it was explained they’d be watching Rugrats The Movie from about 6.45pm, Snow White around 8.45, Winnie The Poo (2011 version) around 10.45pm before bedtime around? Suzy’s mother said. Afterwards Suzy’s mother took out the adult size folding giant changing mat (almost 6 foot long) to save the girls a wander upstairs,. The movie started with a pair of bottles of apple juice and popcorn, with some breastmilk promised for later on.



Chapter 23 – Second week of Lisa in nappies – Part 4 – Massive Support and some surprises all round

Around 45 minutes into the Rugrats film, Suzy’s Mum Orla walked into the living room to check their nappies (both fine until the end of the film) and she joined the girls for the end of the night. Orla sat down to breastfeed both girls from the source and they enjoyed it so much they were smiling until the end of the movie! After a change on the changing mat each of them Orla went to get the kids a giant ice cream with three spoons to share between them. After a few minutes “Looking forward to your first mummy visit to the lady in Glasgow are you both?” “Well indeed yes – its weird both of us got a nice surprise over last 48 hours – my Mum letting me and your hubbies bonus letting us both get out” “Yeah its weird in the fact it’s the first time for another nursery although I’ve had babysitters beforehand.” “Mum was talking about getting one if she has enough or maybe occasionally, Tomorrow we are going to look to pick the colours for my nursery!”

After food, gigglers, movies and changes too numerous to mention, Suzy’s mother saw them to bed at 1.10am, but changed them into a special surprise for both of them.. a Dotty the Pony onesie each alongside two bags each of printed Dotty the Pony nappies (6 lite capacity) and matching plastic panties and dummies. ! Additionally  she gave them both new pajama trousers. “Lisa, your mum gave you bought Suzy and yourself something similar to that in your sleepover, so I wanted to return to the favour!” Suzy’s Mum said “if you get excite wait till you see the similar set I’ve got for your birthday with different design…” “Look forward to it night night mum!!!” After a brief moment of excitement (Ed: They do exist - search Dotty Diaper Company   !) that took a wee while finally got redressed and dozed off about half an hour later. 


Chapter 24 – Weekend – Lisa looks to the future and Suzy too…

Suzy’s mother woke them about 9am as discussed, to wake both girls to their weekend,. Lisa woke a few minutes earlier and texted her the pic of her gift yesterday and indeed herself wearing all of it! “pd didn’t want to wake you” “Aww look like a real baby girl and so cute!”  9am was agreed as Lisa’s mother would be picking her up between 10.15am and 10.30pm, and Lisa was already awake a short time earlier!” Lisa showed thew pics to Suzy’s mum Orla and she also thought she looked cute last night as a ponyt last night ! Orla had made baby porridge and lots of breast milk and fruit juice, alongside coffee and pastries, to wake them all up! Lisas mother arrived around 10.10am leaving 10.20am on route for decoration and some other supplies.

In the car on route to the interior stores and baby stores Lisa’s mother Polly said “The various people start on your nursery early next week with the main builder – who did Suzy’s one - making start Wednesday and while they never know till they start they hope mostly done so it is hoped you can get Suzy around once its getting close to ready. They hope mostly done for Saturday or Monday/Tuesday the following week. We have added to your list a big babyish bath with a shower over it, and the contractor will be working on that with the other next week.  We are also ordering 10 sets of square cloth nappies, pins and extra size pants, alongside another 15  pre-folded reusable nappies from a fetish supplier who also recommends plastic pants, and 10 pairs of rubber pants for pan occasional change! We have two bins coming too for the nursery – one for disposing your nappies and one for the reusables as they need to be washed separately. Lots of printed nappies and extra boosters to try too! We are looking at getting a sitter too for one day a week, to give me a break as we discussed,  We were thinking of maybe getting Suzy’s occasional sitter to come to give me essentially a day well 24hrs of either every week or fortnight, and  will work around the times Suzy’s mother  needs her for???” “Yes I like that and we will be fine and she very good. Looks after people well!!!” “Glad you liked the idea. She’s still studying for a wee while”  

They shortly arrive at B&Q to select some babyish paint and paper for her nursery, alongside toys and some of the baby supplies that could do any size like toys. She decided on a lilac roof and pink printed wallpaper, alongside some suitably borders and murals that would go with the other two. The wallpaper looked similar to a more baby girly cartoon design similar to Bang on the Drum design. The plan was initially stuff would go in her older sisters Anna room who still visits from time 25years old, as opposed to the oldest one (Lucy 30 now down south and he room being made into the nursery. This was because different days will see some stuff would be delivered by the medical suppliers as well as building contractor building things into the room like mattress for the crib. However a few hours of play was allowed, in the run up to dinnertime! Yes the day flew in, and watching baby stuff afterwards on Saturday. Suzy was watching similar before a quiet Sunday of catch-up before the new college week starts again Monday.


Chapter 25 – Lisas ABDL World Week Three  - new nursery and weekend truly in littlespace – part 1 – Monday to half way through Friday

Monday was the fact the first of various delivery days, with the installing of most Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Firstly the medical supplier who were installing a the changing table, and dropping off the adult stroller said they would be tomorrow, just before the plumber come in. Tuesday delivering adult size stroller and installing the new powered changing table and was demonstrated on Lisas mother Polly… “I don’t need changed but thanks for the demonstrating !” gave them all a massive  laugh! She showed her also how to assemble and disassemble the full size stroller, so you could get it in her car.  Later that day the with a plumber coming in too in the afternoon to add the baby bath with shower.

Wednesday was the first day of the building work. The building contractor had hoped to put things together in record time. First (and just over six hours) was painting and papering the new nursery before a few hours to lay carpet (with sheeting over the new changing bench and baby bath) over the last couple of hours. The second contractor was assembling and building things like the frame of the crib and things like wardrobe in the spare room used to keep stuff. Thursday saw mort of the furniture fitted and integrating the furniture. This included her crib which was based on a brand new mattress and plastic covers for mattress and Kylie absorbent style sheet for next to her skin. Drawers close to her cot would also hold most things near to her babyish desk, and the new changing table and separate bins for everyday nappies and a smaller matching one for the reusable nappies and plastic pants. There was separate nappy storage  and clothes for Suzy’s visits too ,as she is a Extra Large  when her daughter is Large. The vast majority of the stuff was finished for Thursday evening with Lisa getting a look at progress. She was happy to see the work would be ready in time for Friday night (contractor leaves half day and she will fill the baby supplies drawers etc.). Lisa had already agreed to have Suzy round for the first day, whether it’s Friday or Saturday. Sunday was of course the littles event, and she said she was genuinely looking forward to a virtually 24/7 weekend of being a baby.

Friday morning started as normal as Lisa went to college with Suzy’s mother arranged to pick Lisa up alongside Suzy too in this direction, with Suzy having some night over supplies and some extra supplies to add to the extra storage area! Lisas mum had bought to hold Suzy’s nappies and now clothes too! As all the supplies had arrived, the contractor fitted and moved everything into the new nursery – in record time. Lisas mother Polly was able to finish getting all the drawers etc. all filled. She was sure her daughter would love it and took a few pictures for her husband who was at work – NOT her daughter got keep the surprise – and she said “She’s going to love this and am 100% sure we did the right thing”. “Yes definitely. She kinda deserves some happiness and however she gets it!”

After the short day college Lisas mother had agreed to pick them both up and take them to their home so they can see the newly completed nursery, although initially the plan was that Suzy would visit Lisas Friday to see progress. However as things were prompt, its already ready! Polly (Lisas mother) was said “Hello girls” as both girls got in the car, she said “I am sure you will both love it, now all is ready to go!” “Thanks for everything Mum and I am sure I will never ever be bad again!” When they arrived at home, their mother walked them in “So what do you think babies?” “Love it……… (Lisa went to hug her mummy) Its amazing and exactly like I wanted. However I don’t know what to go on first!”

“I love it too and its incredibly complete and impressive in one week you’ve done a massive amount, where do we start Lisa?” said Suzy. Lisas Mother Polly made the suggestion ““Well shall we start with nappy change and baby clothes, over on our new changing bench?” As they looked to the bench, Polly checked both nappies saying “yes definitely”. Lisa was first at the new changing bench and she picked a new onesie from the dressers before getting a change of nappy too. She lay down and got lifted to Mums height for a nappy change before changing into a lovely pink onesie. During Lisas change  Suzy picked out hers , before her mother changed her and later put her supplies in Suzy’s new area. “Would you like something to drink girls, Suzy we now have breast milk in addition to everything we had last time?” They both wanted Mummies milk, before Lisa went to the ball pit and Suzy to the dolls house. Polly brought the girls some milk each with some ice cream too “Thanks Mummy”.



Chapter 26 – Lisas ABDL World Week Three  - new nursery and weekend truly in littlespace – part 2 – second half of Friday, Saturday and Sunday   

Half an hour intro their arrival Suzy’s phone rung, showing Mum, “She said she might ring!....” she said before accepting the call. “Hello Little one! how’s Lisas new nursery…” “AMAZING – she’s got everything she wanted and a few extras her mum added to the plan. Plenty to keep us occupied and looking after us both!” Suzy’s mother then went onto reminders for Sundays plans. We were leaving Sunday around 10am and would pick Lisa up before heading to the Littles event in Edinburgh from 1pm to 6pm. We will stop for lunch shortly before and I will get food on the way home as well as bringing some extra food just in case. Plenty of nappies for both of you and some clothes and spare plastics and the likes will be brought just in case!” She then asked to be passed to Lisas mum Polly, and she repeated this to her. Polly said shed be happy to drop Suzy in the morning Saturday too after she stays the night, and that dinner would be special takeaway pizza to celebrate everything, and they will be here in a wee while (short time) “Yay thanks mum” they both screeched! Their nappies were both fine and dinner arrived 45 minutes or so around 5.55pm, with both girls getting a call – usually not needed on Takeaway nights but they were having so much fun in the new nursery, they weren’t really paying attention to their bellies! Orla’s Mum dished some up for each of them, with the two babies food cut up in baby bowls, alongside a couple baby bottles of apple juice. Lisas Mummy offered her daughter first chance at the high chair, adding “Suzy at bedtime if you wanna take it in turns….  Would you like to feed each other like Mummies do?” “That sounds food thanks for the food mummy” “Awwh that’s OK. After din- dins you canna play upstairs and watch stuff if you like ion the TV in her nursery, or play… there’s a spare sleeping bag if Suzy wants to sleep in the nursery?” “Yes that’s fine!” “OK babies, and there’s some warm cookie dough and ice cream for after’s! “  “That’s even better!!!” Suzy took the plates to Lisas mum Polly. “we’re finished… “ “I would have done that…” “I really like the nursery and I appreciate you took her seriously!!!” “She was so well behaved that she didn’t need punishments at all and during the baby trial time, so we wanted that to continue. We are happy that she could tell us too.” “Now where’s that desert” said the always sweet toothed Suzy. After serving the pudding up in similar platers Mummy style to each other , with more juice and a bottle of mummies milk, they were given permission to go back upstairs again. Polly said “I will be up five minutes for changing you two”. By this point it was close to 6.55pm and they were both happy!  

A couple of routine wet changes later (with a couple of bottles for drinking) and they were onto playing, with them initially taking turns on the slide. Lisa had put some cartoons on  the background on the TV.  After half an hour they switched so Lisa played with the ball pit while Suzy took some stuffies to the play pen. After another session of fun around 8.15 pm Lisas mummy Polly came up for checks and changes”. “Hello you two I am hear to change you . I see you’ve barely touched the juice so how would you both like to get breasted in the new feeding chair?” “YES that’s amazing..” She did the changes first as they were quite wet already, before Mummy sat down with Lisa “You know we used to do this with you and your sisters years ago???” “I remember Mum” as Lisa went slightly pink. Lisa latched on like a natural and Mum said “its like we never stopped, you know???” When she filled up she pulled away before asking Suzy to jump up for a similar feed. “Lisa we can have bedtime at your usual 11pm for a weekend, or Mummy will let you stay up to 11.30pm if that sounds better we will get you ready and dressed for bed?” “Yes that’s very fair mummy!”. Will be checking and changing you 9.30pm before supper downstairs”. To start the next hour of fun  Lisa joined Suzy in playpen starting a Stuffies Tea Party before Lisas mother popped her head through the door “Here’s Mummy”… With both nappies being fine until after supper, she said “Right come  down for supper girls and I’ll change you after as two are both fine!” “OK Mummy” As Lisas mother Polly walked the two babies downstairs “its Suzy’s turn on the highchair downstairs this time, we might need to adjust it but we will see”.   

Mummy sat them down and Suzy tried getting in but after a couple of adjustments to the height, she was able to sit down in the High Chair comfortably. “Thanks Mummy so what is it?” “Well usually  hot chocolate, as it’s a special occasion I got Lisas favourite doughnuts too!. As its hot I’ve put it into sippy cups with grip hands this time, and I will feed you one at a time”. The doughnuts for the girls were cut in four pieces each with  baby plates and forks. She fed the girls one at a time, Suzy then Lisas.  “I will get you changed upstairs, and we can put on a Disney film up there too “ “That’s a good idea mummy”  At 10pm the girls were walked upstairs before two routine wet  changes and then putting on Monsters U. Mum said “with about half an hour to the end of the movie, around 11.20 pm I will come up and feed you both while we watch the enc of the film. Mummy will then get you ready for bed at the end of the film” “That’s nice of you Mum”. Pretty much on time Lisas mother came upstairs to feed both girls, and some Aptamil milk in bottles ready for them while they slept. They were both so content and happy looking just like peacefully blissed out. The film shortly after finished, so Lisas Mum Polly had earlier laid out all stuff ready for bedtime for both her Lisa and her friend Suzy. Purple and pink PJs alongside a  matching onesie each and extra thick plastic lavender nappies and pink plastic pants and socks too. “Okay girls we can get you over to the changing table I’ve got you a new set of goodies each!” She changed Suzy’s nappy first, and then plastic pants, onesie, socks, bottoms and tops, before walking her over to the sleeping bag next to Lisas new cot and gave her a bottle incase she got thirsty! Afterwards Lisa was next “Yes you are both matching babies, just wanted to give you an extra surprise!” After the same as Suzy mummy walked her over to the cot, and lowered the side. “Thanks for everything mummy” “Night night girls”. It took about ten minutes to sleep but they slept blissfully until 9.10am, when Mummy broke the silence and walked upstairs.

Saturday morning saw a relaxed breakfast over  a couple of hours with Lisa’s Mum Polly, as well as Lisa and Suzy. Mid morning Suzy was dropped off and they both quiet days in their nursery looking forward to Sunday!

Sunday saw an early start so both babies were looking to the Littles Lock In event in Edinburgh (they do exist in real life see ) and the time in the car literally flew by. Indeed Suzy’s mum Orla was about to drive over the new Forth Road Bridge  / Queensferry Crossing they were obsessed to watching their cartoons on the backseat, Mummy said “about 15 minutes away we will stop then onto the Lock In, okay?” They stopped at Krispy Kreme Hermiston Gait – not available in Dundee so a nice change!­. They parked up and Suzy’s mum helped feed both babies, while parked up in the car park.   “Were a little early and you both need changed, so will take you to the Changing Place we used once before  near The Zoo ?” “Thanks Mummy!” So after doing another five minutes by car it was easy enough to get them changed one at a time, rather than trying to fit a mummy and a baby in the same toilet cubicle but she also has another giant changing mat in her car. It was an hour to the event start time so plenty of time to drive the event. There was plenty of spaces in the car park – a real rarity for Edinburgh where *many people use the park and ride, tram or bus services.       A couple of other cars were waiting too for the start of the event. “At the end we will get dinner we will get a McDonalds before we head home. But Mummy has brought lots of drinks and a couple of snacks if you are hungry before that? Mummy will check your nappies now and again and I will sit next to all the other Mummies and Daddies, so come see me if you need anything okay?” Yes Mummy!” they both said.
After walking in and paying them all in (with two nappy bags on each shoulder) Mummy had a chat with the other bigs. The girls joined in some of the games, played a hell of a lot, with only a couple of drinks, 3 changes before one last one at the Close of the event. Suzy had  a good time crafting while Lisa was playing with the animals in the Petting Zoo. They also enjoyed the Bouncy Castle then the Ball Pit for an hour each too. So much happened and the close sadly came sadly too early. Both of the girls and Suzy’s Mummy made new friends and were able to make 2 or three new friends each with them taking each others details! Another Double Happy Meal at the nearby McDonalds before the girls were driven home. They started dozing off on the ride  as the Autumn weather means an earlier light going down time, and they’d both earned the nap!

Chapter 27 Lisas Little Space Week 4 - - Lisa gets a bit constipated

Monday and back to normal college. However when  Lisas mother asked her daughter about how she was, she explained “getting a bit weird and full. Didn’t mess myself for about 48hours.  Will see when I ger to college.” “Yes don’t forget Nurse Paula has supplies for that. Your friend Suzy’s Mummy recommended we get them just in case. Probably been all the fun and new routine with nursery and the Littles event and all that?. So if you don’t go poopies by Lunchtime please , promise you will go see her if you’ve not emptied out by then that you will go see Paula?”  “Yes Mum but I don’t want to even think about that!” Well needless to say (Paula was told after being run by Lisas mother Polly) that lunch happened and she was very nervous, as well as feeling  a bit lousy from the problem. This felt like one of the longest walks of her life since the first one visit. “No, still not messy at the back I am sorry but my Mummy said you had extra things to help me?” “Yes now lie down on the couch and turn to your side, Suzy can hold your hand if you want.” “ After Nurse Paula came back with supplies and to explain “I Will place two glycine suppositories into your bottom before giving you 15 minutes with a bedpan, which is like a potty of sorts. Don’t worry if one comes out or they both do, as being chokes up at the back is of course the reason. If nothing happens I will give you an enema. Its like a squirty small bottle of water and salt, but it goes in your bum, and don’t worry as Plan A  Or B will get you back to your good old self… now let  me get in… “ She lubricated her poop hole – a bit sore looking – with KY Gel before rinsing both suppositories under a tap and slotting them in., “Ones cone out… now don’t worry just sit here on your big potty and relax yourself”, ”Thanks Paula” “Said Lisa.” Suzy tried to give her some support “Just relax… this used to happen to me at least once a week. The best thing to do is to just relax from the top and try deep breathing in and out from the top of your lips to your bottom”. The suppositories, and relaxing technique sadly had no effect. Paula walked through “ohm I see you still blocked up… and just relax and tilt forward again”? Lisa done as she was told and lied on the couch while Nurse Puala pumped her fill of some salty water “You’re a good girl Lisa” said Suzy to try and encourage her. The bedpan was replaced and she sat back up again over the pan, “Less than two minutes alter, a very red faced Lisa finally had her most embarrassing bowel movement in her life “Thanks Paula,…”  A giant amount came out of water as well as the poop, so Paula had to get a second bedpan “…. You did well even if it took a while!” I see what you said about feeling better as I feel unusually good to finally be emptied”.

When she go to home she said “Your Mummy heard the news”. “Well mummy I think I might like to try that a couple of times for fun, either suppositories or enema, as I was sometimes enjoying the messing aspect in the nappies”. “Well as long as its not everyday, as they can cause you problems  regularly” “Maybe two, three times a month if that,..” “That’s ok Lisa and I appreciate that you could tell me you were blocked up earlier on l one.

We Jump Forward Four Weeks to the Nursery Visit, where we will start from Chapter 28 onwards (in next chapter).


Chapter 28- Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 1 – driving west and settling in


An early-ish start to get ready for Orla to drive the babies to the professional ABDL Nursery. On the drive to the Mummy (Suzy's mum Orla) told them all about what to expect. They’d be two staff at almost every time - Mummy Sarah and Nanny Sylvia and occasionally Daddy Peter. One of their regular adult babies (who lives near Edinburgh) might pop by for a couple of hours and you can get another big baby to play with and chat on one of the day, as she likes making new friends as well as the people who are setting us. You two will be babied throughout 24/7  throughout and I MIGHT experiment myself for a couple of hours as a baby... (they turn around) that got you two girls attention” Suzy replies  “Mummy we were paying attention honest... we were just going to ask where the nappy stop is on route as we are a wee bit wet and might leak between here and Glasgow?" "Well that wont do! But don’t worry. I was planning a half hour stop for food at McDonalds Perth Broxden, that’s about 20 minutes. Therres a big toilet there or I will change you both in the car, using the changing mat?”  “Yes that's fine mummy" "If its good weather they will take you to the park too across the road always plenty of space, and the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and Science Centre (Where your mummy was decades ago Glasgow Garden Festival 1988 too) on different days as well as other places ideas like a few child-friendly tourist attractions on some days and other days to play in the nursery and have fun at their home if the weathers not that promising, or go to the Swimming Pool nearby. Speaking of which they have as full nursery for you to play with too and they have a wide variety of nappies, clothes and plastic pants too". After half an hour in Perth to eat (and ten minutes changing) she left around Thursday arrive 11.40am. "We should be there around 1.10-1.30pm and they will change you when we get there. They will lunch in progress for 20-30 minutes after arriving to give you time to see the nursery you are staying in, have a change, before they are making mac and cheese. I said I would let them know when we get through Cumbernauld as the are 20 minutes drive. But if either of you two babies need me to stop feeling sick or something similar like a change but you are in overnight ones so that should do you. After driving another hour through Perthshire and Stirling  and a generally  pleasant morning, Suzy’s Mum Orla pulled over just before joining the M80 to ring the nursery. They arrived 1.30pm and all three of them arrived to welcome them on the driveway.

               -                 _,-,                                    -                         -               JI                          -                                                    1-                           J                    ·-                          -                        -.                                                               --,                               -                                 I                 -                                                       I                                               -

"You must be Baby Suzy, Baby Lisa and Mummy Orla". After hellos and hugs all round they were given a quick tour, before Nanny Syliva gave both Suzy and Lisa a change on the giant changing table in the Nursery. "Okay now you are both dry and clean I will walk you through to the kitchen. We will check you every so often and if you need a change. feel hungry or if anything feels odd or you don’t like it. We will be happy if you are happy. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask –we’ve seen and heard them al before! Anyway, just ask Daddy Mummy or Nannv, or indeed your own Mummy Orla. We hope you babies will have a lovely time here. This afternoon we will have you here for the rest of the day and we will h and me Nanny Sylvia" After they sat down in their high chairs Mummy Sarah took it in turns to spoon feed Suzy and Lisa, in the High Chairs that she had .She then said "After lunch you will be able to run around and have fun on any of the toys like Doll House, Ball Pit, Bounce House, Mini Waterslide,, Craft table, , the slides and swings outside, and all the stuffed toys in the mountain of toys and stuff in a massive playroom". When we take you to the park we will be able to bring you in a stroller. You both have one although we have one here. Don't worry as its all tall hedges so no one will see you, I have Mummies Milk as well as juice, baby formulae and most things you night like. Also some baby food, baby cereal and baby snacks too for later on" Ther were having apple juice alongside the mac and cheese in baby bowls. "That's food you must have been hungry ice cream time and some of mummies' breast milk too, and we will walk you through in your stroller - we also can take you out the nursery and outside in the car. Our friend Baby Stephanie is popping by Saturday too - she said she recognized your names from the Littles Lock In???" "Oh yes we did... Thank you for everything to all of you," Suzy said. "Can we go to the playroom ·-· first for half an hour and then we can play round the back and can you get us both mummies milk'? "Yes we will just check you first - if you are good you might get a feed direct from my breast later little ones... Yes, that nappy's fine for a bit longer. Right we will strap you both Lisa and Suzy before pushing through on the strollers.


Chapter 29 - Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 2 – first night for three babies (one normally a Mummy).


As Orla had wanted a catch up with  Mummy , after a few moments Mummy Sarah walked backed through, leaving Nanny Sylvia more than capable with the two baby girls in the Playroom. Orla (Suzy’s Mum) meanwhile had a catch up with Sarah.  The story is Daddy Peter  was a bedwetter and they started and dramatically expanded. After 10 Years of Daddy and Mummy (daddy being baby sometimes if they are on their own or every other day otherwise) now mostly Mummy and Nanny with Daddy doing a little less front line but some back office Admin, and he still likes being a baby two or three times a week too, and is always in nappies (changes himself). After Dinner she asked you wanted to try being a baby Orla? “Yes I sometimes use them during my period but that’s a story for another long day” “Tonight evening okay, and I will breastfeed your and the two babies! Well anyway, as well as that – don’t tell the babies but tomorrows day out is going to be M and Ds Theme Park – but it’s a surprise. That one is good for any kind of weather day you know” “Oh yes I haven’t been there in a very long time” “We have a 6 seat car so plenty of room for us three, the two girls and of yourself Mummy Orla!” “Sounds good Mummy Sarah now tomorrow is your hubby being a baby and Me You and Nanny are the bigs?” “Yes that’s fine. Nanny and Daddy know we usually go there for the first full day and my hubby loves letting little Baby Pete out to play!

During this time a couple of changes – one wet one messy for Lisa, and two wet ones for Suzy – over one of the changing table. Daddy was doing a few hours admin and some minor repairs and cleaning. After dinner of chicken and chips (in baby bowls) Breast fed all three before Mummy Sarah fed the three from her breast -  Mummy/Orla then Lisa then Suzy. At their nappy changed Orla was changed into a onesie similar to her daughter Suzy and her friend Lisa. They were played another Disney film Piglets Big Movie for the evening before all getting changed into PJs and new nappies for bedtime in the three adult cots all i one room. Mummy Sarah told Daddy and Nanny of their plans for 3 bigs and 3 babies tomorrow , and we tell the baby girls tomorrow although  Mummy Orla knows (in fact it was her idea!) “Do you think we should offer her a job” “She already has two – nurse and Mother of a lifelong potty pants whos always double incontinent, not just bed wetting.” “Well maybe not…”


All the home slept like babies!


Chapter 30 - Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 3 – a day out of Surprises all round for 3 bigs and 3 littles alike (Tuesday)


After waking up various orders Mummy Sarah gathered them al around the breakfast table, with Baby Suzy, Lisa and Pete (Dady yesterday) in the high chairs. She had changed them all with help from Nanny Sylvia who got everyone ready for the day ahead. Mummy Sarah started “Today’s Day out is a surprise to the babies… Well today we are going to M and Ds Theme Park (Cheers all round). As Daddy is going to be a baby, we have three littles and three bigs, and I will get things like nappy bags and snacks etc in the car with three strollers  (which are optional depending how little you want to feel today) . Its 1on1 Care. I, Mummy Sarah, am looking after Baby Pete. Suzy’s Mummy Orla will be looking after Baby Suzy, and Nanny Sylvia will be looking after Baby Lisa too. Baby cereal and formulae milk and apple juice for the little ones and coffee and croissant’s for the bigs for breakfast. We will be getting ready to leave 45-60 minutes. The park will be 20-30 minutes away and we will check all babies nappies when we get there. Its usually quiet this week so no major problems with NEDs (west of Scotland term for Non Educated Delinquent), and  a few surprises for you all… (Any questions?” “That sounds good and we all look forward to you three looking  after us three too! “ said Lisa.


The bigs fed their charges one-on-one while enjoying being fed before -being walked through and bucked in the car while the bigs got a nappy bag for each of their charges, and also one with snacks and treats too. As Mummy Sarah sat down in the car, she said “Everyone ok or need anything. … No… lets go (babies all cheer their approval). Now Baby Pete hopefully will be well behaved or you’ll get the laxative treatments” “I understand Mummy” They ended up getting there 10.55 and they were all in need of changes, so they took turns in using the Disabled toilet before paying in and walking through the gates. When asked if they’d like to be in their special needs size-baby strollers, all three said yes! “We will around 1 and a half hours , and we will start with the Soft Play section before we have lunch then it’s the littles decisions as to where we go next. Now little ones do you want a wee rusk as a treat?” “Yes mummy” and they were given them one at a time from Mummy Sarah “to keep you going until lunch!”, with formulae milk being given to the babies as well. After playing for a while, they before lunch and then they had lunch at Bistro @ The Loch (with help from each of their bigs) having some fun.


After ending up full and happy they were all were nappies changed one at a time by their big.  Between the three of the Babies they decided on going to Amazona for the exotic animals.        “Baby Peter said it’s very good and he’s been before as a baby and a big too!” said Suzy. 3 hours and couple of changes each, they started getting ready. The inevitable visit to the gift shop completed the day, with the three babies all getting a stuffie!

Mummy Sarah said we will be heading home… And she seemed to checking Baby Pete she was placing suppositories into Baby Pete’s bum… Suzy watched this and said “Well he’s not been naughty Mummy Sarah” “Don’t worry I really enjoy it…” They were taken back into the car to arrive with Baby Pete really enjoying soiling himself as they drove home. He was taken through to their own room to get the power changing table and shower to clean up the mess, while Nanny Sylvia was making a mild Chicken  Curry  for all the six while Mummy Orla changed Suzy and Lisa – this time only while Nanny made dinner.


After all six were ready the babies were all clipped in the high chairs, while they went back to feeding their babies one at a  time with the same combinations as before and some Mumy’s Sarahs breast milk in a bottle. After it was all gone – and apple pie for pudding being gone too! -  the babies were taken to the TV room to watch a few hours of cartoons. After that cocoa and rusks around and they were taken for showers (Lisa and Suzy) and made ready for bed by their big. “Thanks again that worked very well round!“ Lisa said to Nanny Sylvia. -



Chapter 31 - Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 4 – everyone swaps round for some time in the park and some messing and naughty play at home (Wednesday)


As Baby Pete was waking up his wife/Mummy Sarah said “The looking after one baby each per big that we did yesterday worked well. So if I was to swap over the next two days so you can get a chance with Suzy’s mummy Orla and the Nanny, so everyone gets one on one baby time with all three each this week? Is that OK With my baby boy?” “Yes please cant wait!” “Today Pollok park and house for some messy play?” “Laxatives and the like?” “Yes and a vibrator and some cot cuffs so mummy gets 10mins to her self lol”


After waking through to check with Orla/Suzy’s Mum, she agreed so it was said today she would be looking after Baby Peter, Mummy Sarah after Baby Lisa, and Nanny Syliva after Baby Suzy. After a similar breakfast to yesterday with a little earlier start Mummy Sarah started with “This morning we are taking you to the park first of all, then some special messy nappy fun time play at home. If you are good girls Mummy has some buzzy wands for you two to have some special playtime If you are good, and a cock ring and plug for baby Pete if you are good too?  “Yes Mummy that sounds great” said Suzy. “It’s a park a bit further away than usual called Pollok Country Park before we come home about 60/40 today with lunch at McDonalds near Silverburn. Over the rest of the week tomorrow/Thursday is taking you to a movie at a picture house (Movie Theatre) in morning then Glasgow Science Centre in the afternoon. Next day is Friday so were taking you to swimming then Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Saturday Baby Stephanie is meeting us somewhere before we go and do one more thing before you head home. The Saturday is a wee surprise so will keep that just to me” “Any hints mummy” “One of three places to be confirmed, so will decide day before” “Is that plan all okay with you” All there babies screamed happiness”. “Okay Mummy will take that as a yes! Little ones remember same as yesterday just come to your big if you feel unwell or if you need a change or a snack before we get to the park?” “Yes Mummy…

… After leaving the house all three strapped their charges into the car before driving away around 9.50am before arriving at the park around 10.20am. Like the previous day the babies were placed in their strollers, mummy Orla pushing Baby Peter, Mummy Sarah pushing a Baby Lisa, and Nanny Syliva pushing Baby Suzy, and they all received a couple of fruit roll ups and a couple of juice cartons. / After a similar breakfast with a little earlier start) Mummy Sarah started with “This park is a massive site, so we will walk the babies over to Burrel Collection and have a look around there, before we take the shuttle bus back to the car park. Theres a toilet when we can change you there for a while but if you cant wait, the park is very discreet””. Stop for a check Mummies?” one third of the way through they did (none needed it first time) By the second point half way round the massive drive, they were a little wet after the juice cartons!” After one change each at the other end (11am) they took their charges through the galley before taking them round to the play park afterwards, followed by a look at the Cattle. After that time they had another nappy change before the shuttle bus back to the car. After everyone was back buckled into the car, Mummy Sarah shouted “right, McDonalds now little ones – and bigs alike “ They were so happy at that, 15 minutes away, they were arriving. After double happy meals for the three kids and three different meals for the bigs and some ice cream each. After driving back home they unpacked while Disney music in he background  for a while to settle down back hiem again, before next fun sessions soon after. During this time they were loaded up with baby milk (formulae) and juice in baby bottles. After that the three babies were changed with two suppositories. “Baby Pete likes the feeling of his messing himself with suppositories and enemas, as he seems to enjoy playing with his little baby prostate too (Peter goes pink).  Each baby was happy playing, and the three bigs seemed to enjoy the control play aspect. After around 40 minutes their nappies were changed again, but the fun was not over. After three giant enema bags were made ready, each baby had been given 3 extra thick cloth square  giant old school nappies with the intent of a nap or rest for the little ones in their giant cribs “The giant square nappies are to give you a change, and also we cant find many nappies that can cope with 2 litre enema bottles and a bit wet at the front!” After 90 minutes they were changed and given an hour of wand play for the baby girls, and a vibrator and cock ring for baby Peter. They were walked through one at a time for a shower, new outfit and being kept in disposables but with boosters just in case.  Mummy Sarah had said it was waterproof so was given a hot powerwash when the littles started the movie planned for after dinner. After that a pizza party for dinner the babies were watching a Disney movie Encanto before cocoa and bed.   



Chapter 32 - Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 5 – movie, lunch buffet and the Science Centre (Thursday)


Today was the third switcheroo with Mummy Sarah looking after Suzy, Nanny Sylvia after Pete, and Mummy Orla after Lisa. It was said the next two days (Friday/Saturday last two)they would  simply repeat Tuesday and Wednesday. Lisa and Suzy were clearly having a good time and enjoying the change of scene and a new Mummy every day so far. As they woke up around Mummy Sarah arranging breakfast again, she said “Morning babies! Today we are going to the Cinema in the city centre, already booked to see Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie before lunch at The World Buffet, where they have a wide variety of choices and we always find everyone’s is full and happy after that. Afterwards this afternoon we have some time at Glasgow Science Centre. Yesterday I THINK you two baby girls also enjoyed the laxative play we did? Lisa said “Yes I’ve recently found I enjoy those – from someone who only ever wet at night until recently starting to have experience of just about everything nappy play related during the day and and the night” to which Suzy said “It was nice enough, I’ve had worse things up my butt…” “Suzy I beg your pardon???”asked Mummy Orla  “You remember that vibrator I asked you to get for my 13th birthday?” “Aah yes I ‘mind now.”  Suzy replies “… So Mummy Sarah what was the question?” “So if you remember we did the Suppositories Punishment to baby Peter a couple of days ago on the way home from M&Ds ? Well we could do the same for you two little girls on the road from Science Centre which is 15-20 minutes from home, meaning you’d probably have a messy nappy when you get home… But if you are both good Okay girls?”  “Suppository Punishment if they are good… Okay for the littles only I hope Sarah?” commented Mummy Orla “Yes sorry I forgot to add that all bigs are exempt. Also the Cinema tickets are my treat and aren’t part of the bill or anything” Pete said “looking forward to all – cinema, food, science centre and a messy nappy… What else does a big baby need?” Nanny Sylvia said ”Don’t forget after dinner a couple of hours with me one on one…

 So, after breakfast they were strapped into the car by their big for the day before driving to the city centre. After dropping off the people outside with plenty of time Mummy Sarah parked the car up while the others got their little one for the day in their buggies each. After that took less than ten minutes – not normal for weekends she but its weekdays she said – before coming back and walking everyone in to the Cineworld at the top of the shopping centre asea just off Killermont Street (yes of Aztec Camera song fame) before returning from the adjacent car park at Buchanan Galleries. It was very quiet as the schools are in…  As Mummy Sarah       handed over the tickets, Mummy Orla (Suzy’s Mum) said “As you said the tickets were your treat, would you allow me to buy the popcorn and other refreshments?” “Yes that’s fine…” “Okay Girls go over to get some snacks, Suzy’s mum Orla is paying!  “Awwh thankies mummy” said Lisa and Suzy in almost unicorn. After getting more than enough to last the film through they took one baby at a time for nappy changes “You aren’t that wet just now. However I don’t want you flooding yourself during the film OK Little ones?” .“Thanks Mummy and for the tickets too!” That still gave 10 minutes before the trailers and movie started, but they were all excited  - littles and bigs alike – at seeing this brand new movie. Trailers, the animated “Dowa” (Dora The Explorer) short and the main picture came and went too quickly – but they all had a good time! After three more changes – all three were majorly wet after two hours and more Coca-Cola than usual with all the popcorn too! Mummy Sarah went to the car park and returned with the car before the 20minute drive through the City Centre to the lunch stop at Hot World Cuisine on Paisley Road, not far from Science Centre. All three bigs and littles had food, with the babies being fed by their big too. “I knew you’d enjoy this food as it’s always enjoyable every time we had a visit here, and they are friendly and supportive even when we have littles visiting us!” “”Yes thanks  for the recommendation and we will need to remember for next time we are in Glasgow!” After a shorter trip the car arrived at Glasgow Science Centre where they were changed nappies once and bottles of milk and fruit roll ups for snacking before proceeding to spend three hours of fun, and a shop visit too before getting  ready for home! Just before final changes, each of their bigs placed suppositories into their bottoms “as you’ve all been great today” said Mummy Sarah to the three of them. Suzy had a touch of smearing at the cinema so provably no surprise she messed as they were leaving the car park, then Pete and Lisa. They’d been told to tell their big so that they could be embarrassed and praised at the same time “big messy baby Suzy… Well done little one” from Mummy Sarah with the other ones similar. After the big lunch they were not really in the mood for much, but Mummy Sarah home made Lentil Soup went down well alongside Choc Ices and Mummy’s milk too. Afterwards the babies were told “Now as you were so good for mummy being on best behaviour at the pictures, and lunch, and science centre we will be giving you an hour to do grown up play with yourself… Baby Pete chose Nanny Salvia to play with him (similar prostate play etc to before) and was able to have some good times!   Lisa asked if she and Suzy could talk as well as play getting some further post-bedtime ideas from each other, as well as playing with each other too. After a very pleasurable day, cocoa and bedtime!



Chapter 33 - Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 6 – a little bit of everything all rolled into one (Friday)


Friday started like the rest with Mummy Sarah getting breakfast sorted. Once everyone was sat down she started talking “Morning babies! We have some time booked (an hour and a half as its big) for swimming at the Time Capsule Coatbridge which has facilities s like flumes and wave pool, as well as more basic pools for the less confident in the water! After that almost half way into Glasgow there’s a big retail park called The Fort. We will be stopping for lunch at Blue Lagoon a chain of fish and chip places that also do other things onto! As its your second last day we think you might like a wee memento or treat to take with you home to Dundee so we will be visiting two fun shops we like  - Smyths Toys  for something like a bear or stuffie ,  and Hobbycraft for the creative people! After that we go through Central Glasgow for a couple of hours late afternoon towards the end of the afternoon at the Botanic Gardens. Dinner at a KFC five minutes away and afterwards a wee while at our local park before bedtime?” “Sounds very good – very organized Mummy – and lots of fun! Yes there’s a Smyths and Hobbycraft in different parts for Dundee and been to the chippers in central Glasgow, Perth and Stirling too! Have we got some pocket money there too?” said Suzy “Yes, no problems there. Your mummy already gave me an allowance for shopping £200 each which you’ve barely touched it as only shops at M&Ds and Science Centre – “but we will match it, so there’s no worries there!” And to answer your next question… no messy/suppository play today BUT were making it part of the plans for tomorrow”. “Even better!” They all agreed. “We have some swim nappies for you while you are in he water under your consumes that your Mummy brought, and we will change you back into an everyday nappy after you come out!” Theres a Changing Places giant changing bench too and we will check and change your nappies today as before too, alongside the one at The Fort if you need it.”


Everyone was belted ready in for the off before the short 20 minute trip and Mummy Sarah parked up in a car park less than five minutes away. After being in buggies for a wee while the arrived in plenty of time “as Friday traffic can be unpredictable with that many motorways” .  After showing their tickets they were explained where everting is “Are the two girls into flumes? We have some of the longest in Scotland!” “Yes defiantly “ After walking into the family changing room area  (five females and one male) they were told “Mummy Sarah or Nanny Silvia will be round the start of Coral Cove. So if you need anything just ask someone to point  you in the direction. We might swap around but we have bottles of milk and juice, okay?” “Yes that’s fine”  Mummy Sarah said “The swimming nappies are kinda of like a pullup just in case of any messes but we will change you into another one after the swim?” Yeah that’s fine thanks mummy’s” The girls were headed first for the twin flumes known as Storm Chaser, featuring one called Thunder and one Lightening. After some of each both, they proceeded to Tornado Tantrum – so built that two people can travel together… and they did together. After some        other fun (and a bottle each) they finished off with some time in Tsunami Wave Pool too, their time was sadly at an end. After going back to dry off they were walked through (with towels for modesty) to the changing place facility there, allowing them to get changed into clean and fresh nappies, before going back into their earlier plastic pants and onesies and clothed ready for the road again! “Lunch will be 10-15 minutes drive and about 10 mins parking so should be half an hour before ordering lunch, OK Little ones?” “Yes thanks for taking us to the pool Mumy Sarah” they said. After a couple of Pizza Crunch Supper (the traditional Scottish deep fried pizza but in batter, and with chips) for the two girls and fish round the other four, with ice cream for the three babies too for afterwards with Chocolate Cake for the bigs.  “Have you all had a good week with us so far?” “YES thanks Mummy “Well next comes the best bit… toy shop and crafting shops too.” After nappy changas on the nearby Changing Places changing tables (there was a lot of Irn Bru drunk between the whole table too) before pushing them round in their strollers before continuing to Hobbycraft and then a longer stop at Smyth Toy Stores. After ending up with more carrier bags and goodies including some sweet treats for their ride home on Sunday for each of them, they had one more change each before heading for the car, and then onto the Botanic Gardens. After arriving, they had a couple of hours between each of the areas before a final change (with a folding changing mat in the big toilet) they got ready for heading back to the nursery – via KFC and a local park  -before the second last  night!


So 35 minutes later they’d arrived at KFC. While it was an amazing day it was not yet over. “When we get to the park your mummy Sarah will be to feed you girls from my breast, and would Mummy Orla be okay with feeding Baby Pete? “ “Yes that’s fine!”  Both Sarah and Orla had been pimping a little earlier and earlier in the week to generate baby bottles for later, with no one batting an eye lid. If they’d have known it was for 18/19/40  year old baby, it might have ben more of a thing! A short drive later got them home. They walked round to the bench side of the park under the tree perfect for a discreet feed and a couple of swings and the like. “Love it thanks Mummy>.. So they were all pushed home half an hour as they were starting to fill up their nappies – probably with all the drinks at KFC and breastfeeding here – would be about right. A couple of hours freedom of the playroom afterwards while the bigs talked to each other, with some explanation of Saturday with a regular visitor of theirs called Stephanie (visiting tomorrow breakfast then an hour or two in playroom), and the surprise-to-the-babies plans for tomorrow.



Chapter 34 - Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 7 – last day nursery out and about and time with Stephanie too (Saturday first half)


With Mummies walking their babies up for today (Mummy Orla for Pete, Mummy Sarah for Lisa and for Nanny Syliva for Suzy),  they all gathered in the dining room. “Morning little ones. So joining us soon should be Baby Stephanie having breakfast and then a wee while in playrooms before we head out.  She has recently found a partner , a Daddy Dom who lives in south of England, long distance so like the 4th time in their three months or so together with him, a Daddy called Brian.  Not sure if you’ve been looking for anyone yet but their kind of relationship is like most other bigs are, but she’s the baby and 26 years old and he’s now her Daddy 35year old I think she said?”  They can explain in more details when they arrive but as they are heading back after our main stop – and 7 seats in this car not 8 – means they will be following just behind us! “So where’s  todays day out taking us please?” and Mummy Sarah said “Well as there is no longer a zoo here in Glasgow, we are taking you to Five Sisters Zoo which is near Livingston around 45 minutes from here. There is a soft play we  will go to first, then lunch, then some time around the Zoo…And the 45mins ride back might work even worse if you babies are good for a Suppository Punishment, you are 110% messy nappy by the time you are back to the nursery! “All sounds amazing thanks” “. After the Zoo Stephane and her Daddy will go to their home, as they are less than half an hour away. Its part of a 1996/7 leisure development  that lasted 6 years or so before all the outlet shops moved in stages to the Livingston Outlet, So its largely a ghost town but the Zoo and Soft play goes from strength to  strength! A fourth High Chair was when she explained the last bit “Yes that’s for Stephanie. Plan today is that Baby Pete looked after by Mummy Orla, I will be looking after Baby Lisa and Nanny   Sylvia with Baby Suzy. After we leave Daddy Brian will be looking after Stephanie too.”  DING DONG whos that at the door” “I’ll go…” Sarah went tot the door “Hello again Baby Stephanie, and you must be her new Daddy Brian? Looking very good,  both of you today. Come in and join breakfast”. After a brief namecheck, the bigs sat down their charges fed all four babies in High Chairs. After being fed the babies were given time in the Playroom. “So tell me about your daddy” Lisa asked “Yes well has very dreamy. Was looking ish on a group and one of the better offers … a really nice guy who works as a Developer in Southampton, and we get online chat every day he gives me tasks and we’re starting light and soft, so no spankings or anything yet”,

“He’s come to my place for two weeks son holiday but I am working so babying when I am off a few days too or after I get home from work…” “Well I’ve been a baby only three months coming into it now and but really enjoying every minute – light at college during the day and ore full on at night”. “yes you said you started as a bedwetter?” “That’s true!” Suzy sad “I’d given thought to finding some kind of baby/big relationship or soul mate myself, but as I am 19 in a fortnight, a lot of these sites are limited for under 16s or 18s  . Yes I  remember those days” said Stephanie.





Chapter 35 – Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 8 – last day nursery out and about and time with Stephanie too (Saturday second half)


After awhile playing and chatting with each other, the babies were called through to get changed into new nappies all round (four babies). As they were walking through Suzy asked Stephanie “Well its ten minutes from where I live, and I introduced them to it as I live in the north side of Livi. Everyone always really enjoys soft play and zoos, and this has two in one” “Aah good. A lot of places I where we’ve been this week I don’t ever been before, but I really enjoyed them – even more so travelling when its in little space!” “Very true, when we are split between the two like work for me and college for you two?” Yes that’s true – and its always nice to get away from the joys of puberty and everything else we have to deal with as young la dies!!!”  After their changes and the four bigs taking nappy bags and one of snacks, Mummy Sarah told everyone “after soft play, lunch and zoo, we will all be coming home for dinner, and Baby Stephanie and her daddy, are staying the night”  They were all getting strapped into the two cars before the car journey of around 50 minutes with a little bit of traffic. All four were pushed around in strollers towards Leaping Lemurs Soft Play, for which a separate ticket booth and the like. For some reason the four of the babies - probably as they were in strollers - were all charged Child rate entry “Well there’s a first” .. After almost an hour and a half fun playing through most of the facilities (some of the babies like Suzy were a bit of a tight squeeze as being designed kids in single digits rather thanx teen babies!), they  were taken for lunch, being changed as all were wet. The café in the Soft Play was used as it saved them needing to go off the site.


After lunch they were walked over towards the Zoo, paying in (regular price this time) then walking round for a two and a half hours, with a nappy change half way through . At the change the babies were given a bottle of breast milk too each.

However at the end of the visit, all were given suppositories, resulting in messy nappies all round and (in one case) a second one! After showering and cleaning up Nanny Sylvia made her home made lasagne wile the kids were playing before the dinner being served. During this all four babies were breastfeed, two by mummy Sarah and the  other two Mummy Orla. At dinner time the four babies had their lasagne blended up like baby food fed with baby cutlery and fed by their bigs, while they had the same but not blended up. “I like that Mummy” said Suzy to Mummy Sarah. “Yes this seems to always go down well. Now when you babies are all done go through to the playroom for an hour, and we will then have a movie on after that”. After an hour of play the four babies were called through to the sofa, and then were looked after by their bigs watching A Bug’s Life with checks, changes, juices and sweeties all round. Everyone had another amazing day, especially the four babies! Suzy said “Thanks for everything you’ve looked for us so well this week”. “That’s okay and we are glad you’ve enjoying our time with  and meeting all of you too. We genuinely look forward to seeing you all again in the future”. After cocoa and changing into  their night time nappies and PJs they drifted off to sleep.



Chapter 36 – Professional Nursery Visit with Mummy Lisa and Nanny Sylvia week – part 9 – heading home (Sunday)
After all in the house woke up, sadly other plans meant the babies would be heading home. The breakfast was good fun, with lots of conversations and suggestions being made between the girls and the bigs, much to the enjoyment of everyone. After profuse thanks, Stefanie and her Daddy Brian left around 11 ,and Suzy Lisa and Mummy Orla around 11.30. “That was the BEST week of my life. After changing and lunch at McDonalds they were a bit subdued. However Orla cheered them both up when she reminded “don’t forget your birthday party a week on Friday your Mum is has organized you a great birthday and party! And you can both look forward to that…!  “Yes sorry Mum I totally forgot with the busy week!”



Chapter 37 – Suzy’s Birthday week - back to college Monday, party Friday for her 19th birthday

At their first day back, Nurse Paula was discussing what they did in their holiday week (she knew they were off to the Nursery) when they both came for their first change of the morning. “So how was it?” SO much un… shame its over but Mum is organizing a birthday party for me on Friday” said Suzy.


Friday came quick enough and Suzy was woken by her mother “Happy Birthday Baby Girl”.  “Thanks Mummy…” “Take a feed baby” Mummy Orla had entered with top open and out for a breast feed “You know 19 years ago you came onto his earth, and we’d longed  for a kid for ages so were perfectly happy when you were born happy and healthy” She said “Yes thanks Mum,…” “Your birthday stuff we got for you is downstairs we will do some over the majority during the party tonight. For now though I want you to unwrap this…  your mummy got you a special babyish dress for the party (shortish just passed nappy length pink with yellow bows and stars), and the rest later…) “ “Mummy thanks (opens it) oh my god its absolutely stunning on a hanger, so it will make me feel like queen of the party?” “Yes that’s the idea – and a matching onesie too!  We never imagined you’d be happy still as a baby at 19, but we are happy if you are happy!” “Thanks Mum” Suzy replied going bright red in the face. After being taken to college normal, her Mum and her Dad (both took the day off) getting the house ready for the party. Suzy’s Mother collected both her baby Suzy and her best friend Lisa early on the Friday as per normal, but the party was in full swing as she saw various “Happy 19th Birthday” banners around the entrance. Her Mother took her up to her bedroom before continuing upstairs with her Mummy and Lisa to play and get changed “You look extra cute” she said.” She was taken back downstairs to the sitting  room where the series Micky Mouse Clubhouse was showing on the TV and her presents were all wrapped up! Lisa gave her first one, which was a big bag of Suzy’s favourite printed nappies. “Thanks Lisa” she said . Her Mother brought her a parcel that had arrived from her friend now south called Alma who sent her chocolates / winter tights and a card before going over to the pile o stuff from her family. She knew one would be a PC, but there were two boxes almost identical, after the usual chocolates and sweeties,  So she went to first  one which had boxes within a box that includes two cases of printed nappies in different prints, and four extra plastic pants “Thanks Mum and Dad”,,, she said before going to the other box which her new PC (For college and other things) her Mother agreed to by for her as well as surprising her with a brand new Nintendo Switch with babyish games to play! “ “Thanks for all the surprises Mum and Dad and Lisa, and I will message Alma later to say thanks to her too”.  Suzy had got pick of the food takeaway - being the birthday girl  -and selected a pizza party. After’s the girls had some party games with all four playing too!  “Thanks – best birthday ever!” Suzy said at bedtime.


A successor to the story (set seven years later ) can be seen on  a separate thread


This is not the end of this story but will leave it open in case of further inspiration comes to the 18/19yo Suzy/Lisa story.













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