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Baby Suzy the Super Soaker Now At 25 – More Adult than Teen, still a baby now with loves for both her and Lisa

Chapter 1 -  Quick Catch Up and A Look Back At Time, and a Friday of fun

This is a sequel to the first title, Baby Suzy the Super Soaker All Grown Up – College Complications and a New BFF, (see separate thread ) which features a fictional look back at how my life could have been, at the age of 18/19. In this subsequent one, we jump forward to the age of 25.

Suzy and Lisa completed a couple college courses in a mixture of subjects in college and university. During this time they experimented further with sex in nappies/spankings, as well Lisa was experimenting in bondage.  The have matured in other ways now being able to drive, having lost their v card several times each, Suzy is on the pill and Lisa has an IUD.  Theys still enjoy their life as  now adult  babies as often as they as they can be. They are able to change each others nappies and Lisas mother showed her how to change their own nappies but they still prefer their Mothers work! Yet now they both have someone else…

.. Suzy is one year into a relationship with a daddy Dom called Jeff (Jeffrey) who works elsewhere in Dundee, and she is also working on phones at her mother (Orla’s) Doctor. She still works there too but her PCOS was largely gone on route to her menopause.  Suzy still lives at her mothers home in her nursery and some days at her Daddys. In essence they are DDLG.

Lisa is actually in quite similar life. She works part time (3-4 days to avoid mentally overloading herself – being mildly autistic - as happened sometimes in college) at her fathers Taxi company as despatcher on the phones. She is technically following her Mothers footsteps as she did as similar job there, meeting her partner/husband. Hoverer, she’s give months into a similar Daddy/Baby relationship with a guy who she likes being tied up for placed in nappies (as now pretty much incontinent from seven years of being in nappies during the day) laxative play and sex there too. Her bondage master / Daddy is called Steve who is looking at moving in with  Lisa, as he currently lives in Perth with a job that could be done online, and he was born in Dundee. She’s LG with a partner who sometimes switches from Master to Daddy (So DD or Master switch).  Both Lisa and Suzy soi meet up with their partners every weekend, trying out each others interests… and then some! This story starts  on a Friday where both Suzy’s and Lisa (both 25 now) get together for a Friday meeting, this time at Suzy’s home…  

… After Friday daytime working, Suzy and her mother Orla drove her home. She knew her partner Jeff was there at home (finishing a bit early on Friday) with pm. Lisa/Steve coming after dinner at Lisas place there about 7pm too. “Hello baby” said Jeff as she walked though the door. A family size ready meal of lasagne , tiramisu and plonk for the adults and Baby Milk for Suzy,  had been purchased by Jeff and put into the oven the main part “20 minutes to go Orla” “Thanks for that and giving me a break from cooking” she said back, while baby Suzy changed into something more babyish “How was your day at work?” Jeff asked both the women “Not too bad” they said one after the other “And good to see rest of the family as well as my little Baby Suzy” “Awwwwwwwwwh” they said…  Jeff fed Suzy like a baby. After dinner was completed they headed up to the bedroom just as Lisa and  Steve arrived, and the two babies and two daddies headed up to Suzy’s nursery and her big bedroom too.

“Have you been naughty baby Suzy” Jeff said?? “No I’m the best” “Well that means a preventative spanking might be necessary” .  “Okay, Daddy knows best” Suzy said. After ten hand spanks she was a bit read, so Daddy got some lotion and cream and hugs for After care “Such a good , compliant, submissive little one”. “Steve, what  are you getting ready for Lisa over there in the big bedroom ??? ” “Restraining her to the bed, suppositories and a remote control vibrator and then wand play…. Do you want to join in?” “Yes maybe after I finish Suzy’s aftercare. “ “Well be giving Lisas little baby Cunny a pounding and fingering afterwards when she’s been put into a new nappy after an hour sitting in her own mess”.  Lisa was placed into a new nappy and two suppositories up her bum and a remote control  in her cunny before being restrained to the bedframe. “Good little girl Lisa… lie back and take it like a good girl” “Yes daddy” she said. The combination of vibrator, suppositories and made her cum in just a few minutes. After she sat for an hour in a dirty nappy, Steve changed her into a clean one (lying open  to allow her Daddy access), lubed her up and pulled the nappy before her daddy played with her clitty, fingered her cunny, before sticking his rock hard dick into her.  After Suzy walked into her the room seeing her friend Lisa and Daddy Steve screwing each other, she said “I’ll have what she’s having….”





Chapter 2 – rest of a Fun Friday

Suzy finished… “I’ve always wanted to say that… but I would love to be tied and forced to mess myself too and a climax or ten! While nappies have never been a punishment or humiliation for me, I believe I’ve earned it after ten of the best from my Daddy, now getting tied  up and made to mess by Lisas Daddy!” “”Yes that’s great, lie down baby Suzy…” Suzy does as told and says “So why do we all the nappy play so much?  I wanted to make the best of her wetting and messing and Lisa was a bedwetter before going full on AB and in nappies at all times. So I guess that one , and the fact you lot know how to make us feel extra special”.  Suzy was given two suppositories and a remote control vibrator inside her (not yet on) and she lay back and really enjoyed it. After messing n under six minutes she enjoyed lying back in her messy nappy “Good baby goes poppies now get rewards”. The remote control vibrator was turned on while she was left in her own messes (and had wet) left for an hour.
At that point Lisa went through to the room for a spanking by Jeff. As she was enjoying this so much she  offered the guy a blow job.  “Is that OK Daddy  Steve” “Yes if you record it” he said … “OK camera out now! ” “Thanks just I am now work now with Suzy over here getting her ready”.  Lisa said “I’m getting to like spanking too, especially with the nappy on? Ten of the best was really the best, which is why I wanted to suck you dry too…. Well my bum feels better given the lotion for aftercare too!”

Lisa and Jeff came back through to watch as Suzy got changed into a new nappy “Save you pissing everywhere you filthy baby” before taking the remote control vibe was replaced by his fingers over her clitty before fingering her cunny. This was finished by Steve placing his penis into her cunny. “That was really AMAZING thanks both daddies” Suzy said.

After that the two Daddies said “We goy something for you both… we will go and get it… a wee treat for our little ones?” The two daddies returned from the freezer with four tubs of Haggen Daas ice cream. “For you being such good babies for your daddies” they sat down together “… The only pints we can have am I right Daddies?” “Very true. You have an hour in Suzy’s playroom before we get you ready for bed. Some cute baby pink short nighties so we can seer your nappy, sort of matching nappy plus onesie and plastic pants, before Suzy and I sleeping in her nursery and Lisa and Steve in the bedroom?”  “Thanks daddy Jeff”.  “Saturday we have a friend we know coming to see you two, it’s a Mummy coming here for a while.”  “Ooh you got hold of her? “ “Yes I did. You will enjoy it! I am sure. “


Chapter 3 – Mummy Visits Saturday (part one)

After waking up, nappy changes   by their Daddies changing into babyish day wear, breakfast was bottles of milk (from Suzy’s mums bottle warmer, not formulae) and baby cereal. Both in big high chairs by Jeff and Steve. Jeff said (to everyone) “The Mummy/babysitter visiting us today, her name is Mummy Cazzy (Caroline) went to see us in about one hour”. A few minutes ahead of schedule the door went. “I wonder who that is” said Jeff, as he walked towards the door. “You must be Jefferey, I an Mummy Cazzy. here for your babies, good to see you in person” Yes I am – you can call m me Jeff… Walk through into the kitchen as everyone’s there just now” Jeff then introduced her to Baby Lisa/Daddy Steve ,Baby Suzy and I am her Daddy Jeff, and at the far end of the table Suzy’s real life mother and father, Orla and Andy”. “Good to meet you all.” “We are going to walk up in about twenty minutes to the nursery  and we also have use of an extra spare big bedroom too , which Lisa uses when staying here with her Steve. Suzy’s parents  are aware we’re playing and it’s all consensual kink and we started last night. We have  some coffee left from breakfast if you like still fairly hot” “Morning mummy Cassy, what do you have I mind” asked Lisa.  “It’s a surprise but you’ll find out in about 20 minutes…” “…Fair enough “ was Lisa’s reply.  

When they walked upstairs to Suzy’s nursery and the big bedroom too, she said “Have they been good this week?” “yeah mostly. They both had preventative spankings last night by me – but a second one would not go amiss! said Daddy Jeff  “Have they ever been humiliated?” “I don’t think so for a long time”. “We could do that for an hour…Come here you pissy shitty big babies for checking”… After checking they were fairly wet, although some of that was no doubt a little bit of that would have been a little scared for a new mummy and also a little being turned on. “You’ve both pissed yourself… again…. You big babies!!!”  She used the powered changing bench and changed Suzy first then Lisa. “You are such wet pissy babies!” “Yes we know… “Babies  like you need mummies milk so come here for a latch on” . As they did one at a time, they were lightly spanked once as they walked back to the rest of the playroom. “But your daddies all proud of you, and we all  love you too, so now that’s the end of that and we are going back to loving and encouraging you babies”  “Now go to the playroom” As they were walking by Mummy Cazzy, It was clear that someone had messed herself.  “Hold on you too” Mummy thinks she smells someone” “Suzy was dirty and Lisa was fine so she was changed again immediately” “Baby Girls Mummy will come through in ten minutes after chatting to your daddies and we can play some games?” “Okay mummy” “… but be good!” she added. After disusing lunch plans with the daddies (Suzy’s Mum and Dad organising a hit lunch delivery for lunch of pizza and the like), Mummy came through to the little ones in the play area of Suzy’s nursery. The mummy saw that they were having a Stuffies Tea party so she joined on for a bit before starting a couple of rounds of Musical Bumps. Half an hour afters checking booth nappies revealed Lisa now also messy, so she took her over to the changing table. When doing this the two daddies arrived “Mummy Orla says Lunch is expected to arrive in  45 minutes. How’s things going” “Very good daddy, lots of babyish fun” Suzy said. “That’s good! You play nice” “Oh they have been good as gold” Mummy Cazzy confirmed. “Now would you like some time painting from the craft table “Yes Mummy”.  She replied “If you are good through lunchtime we might have some naughty play when we get upstairs after lunch?” “Now we  cant be bad, we both like that” Suzy said after conferring with Lisa. After checking their nappies with 5 minutes to go, “They are fine until after lunch, just a wee bit wet”  She walked the babies downstairs where the other two bigs were already.  

“Afternoon Babies and Cazzy… lunch Is getting opened up  by Mummy Orla and we will pick some bits out for you that we know you will like! So some chicken pieces and two different pizzas so we will get you some of each and  fizzy Pepsi to go with it, followed by ice cream and Mummy’s milk from Mummy Cazzy?” “Thanks!” After being fed baby style by their daddies, ice cream and a breast feed followed. “Thanks to both Mummies and both Daddies” said Susy when finished her breast feed. Afterwards , a short time afterwards “Come on little ones you need a change and we are done here in any case.  

After getting back upstairs, Mummy Cazzy changed Suzy first (as she was wettest) and Lisa, before being walked through to the big bedroom with the restraints.  “As you’ve both had a mess earlier there’s no point in giving you some suppositories or other laxatives, but I will be tying you to the bed – one beside another – with new nappies and remote control vibe and wand play … “yayyy “ said both babies. After being tucked back into their nappies before the vibes “This will go on in five minutes. You will be restrained until you fill your nappies peeing  an overnight nappy that can hold up to six litres, two or three hours or however alright baby girls…” “Love it can we pinch the idea” said Steve! “Yes if you like “In half an hour Mummy will bring a wand, and watch you too!” Can we get something to drink?” “You will get another breast feed in half an hour. However until then there’s giant apple juice big bottle 1 and a half litres each” “That’s more like it… apple juice with slightly funny taste…“ The remote control vibrator inside both of them started five minutes later. That combination of rapidly filling bladders and the vibrator made for a very pleasurable experience. The girls noticed a bit more pee pee was coming out than usual but when Mummy Cazzy came through with their two daddies with a wand, she said “I forgot to mention something. What I didn’t tell you was a diuretic was placed in the bottle, making you pee yourself much much more… They said a naughty word. “Language little ones….your daddies knew… Now to make it up to you  a breast feed and some wand play., taking it in turns”. After a total of 2hrs 15  minutes their nappies were thoroughly soaked. Mummy Cazzy e let them go from their restraints, with the babies giving them massive hugs “I think I enjoyed that best thing in a long time” before being changed and put down for a one hour nap in the nursery.




Chapter 4 – Mummy Visits Saturday (part two) and Sunday  morning at Suzy’s

After waking both baby girls after an hour, Mummy Cazzy walked through to say “Your daddies have agreed but I am taking you for an individual session with each of you turn/ So Suzy I will take you first to the bath/shower first of all, and during that play with your little clitty, then finger your little cunny After that baby lotion and massage afterwards. During this extra naughty session,  at the  end you are welcome to go down on me in return. Now Baby Suzy, come with me over to the bath… “OK Mummy knows best” After being striped naked and stood in an babyish bath over shower. “Good girl,… Now spread your legs you naughty little baby slut butt, ooooh that’s good… very good girl…” After playing with her clitty using her finger and then thumb, she continues to Suzy’s cunny brought her to a double shattering climax. After the regular bathing, Suzy was taken out over to the changing table, and Mummy Cazzy proceeded to massage her, and then pulled down Mummy’s knickers and stuck her nose into her cunny too, while she sat down on the feeding rocking chair. “Awwhhhhhhhhhhhh that was amazing head” … She then proceeded doing similar with Lisa who repaid her by fingering her cunny before proceeding (with her consent) to her arsehole… “That’s also amazing…  Your daddies must be very proud at being so accommodating little ones who are amazingly compliant and submissive and well behaved! It was really  a pleasure to meet you and maybe we can meet up again for more fun, I will speak to your daddies” They went downstairs to say thanks as the plan was she was there until dinner time. They discussed into the possibility of coming back all part of another  weekend in the near future. It was agreed in two weekends time, as a different Mummy was coming the following week (which was at Lisas as they go turn about) After dinner with their Daddies, they were asked “As you’ve been so good, the dirtiest thing  you can want us to do  - tonight or tomorrow if you are getting tired” After discussing with Lisa they’d put a Disney movie on and then have an earlyish night. They were taken to bed after changing their nappies and both daddies and the girls had some sex, sending all four to sleep like  babies!

Sunday morning saw (after a long lie) and the babies decided what they wanted and Suzy and  Lisa both wanted the same thing – tying to the bed with suppositories and also having to stay until they’d filled their nappies pissing into it to to the point of being very full very heavy like yesterday. Yesterdays visitor bought diuretics but those weren’t available but they could have drink lots of juice to fill them up! After 2 and a half hours they were soaked and soiled, so were both given a shower before lunch. “


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