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Chapter One - The Clinic

Ann was stunned as she hung up the phone. She'd known John had been going to the Centre's clinic about his headaches and stomach problems, but didn't know he'd been seeing a lady shrink.

He'd mentioned he'd seen the psychologist who'd given him some relaxation and meditation exercises to follow, and they had seemed to help. But he'd never mentioned seeing another doctor, and a young woman at that, from her voice.

Now, the doctor wanted to see her next week at 4:30 during John's "session" whatever that was all about, and talk with her about helping John with his problems.

Dr. Whetmore had said not to say anything to John about their conversation or next week's visit, which had seemed strange, but then she didn't want John upset. She had assured Ann there was nothing to worry about, but she felt Ann could really help John with his problems and help him on the road to recovery. She'd said she'd seen this in lots of young executives who were under terrible strain to produce as they moved up in their careers.

John was the Director of Public Relations for the Centre and had just taken over this position from his predecessor about a year ago. It was just about 6 months ago that John had started getting these headaches and stomach aches that had sent him to the Centre's clinic.

About that time he'd come home and told Ann that he thought there was some "funny business" going on with the way the clinic was run, but that he needed more evidence before he told her more.

He was always such a straight arrow, and with the amount of government work the Centre did, he felt it his duty to find out if there was something going on that wasn't right. He'd occasionally tell her things about some of the research the clinic did, but since much of it was 'hush hush' he couldn't tell much except it involved some high tech "brainwashing" and "mind control" stuff.

Much of the work the Centre for the Advancement of Psychology, or CAP as it was called by the employees, did was just normal psychology research with rats, and such or studying which colors had what affect on people, and relaxation methods and techniques for stressed out executives or high ranking government people.

It was a fast paced environment and there was a lot of stress, so CAP ran its own private health clinic with a full range of services from general medical to addiction rehab, to psychology and psychiatry.

John had gone to the clinic about 3 months ago and lately it seemed to have helped. His stomach aches were far less freguent and his headaches seemed to go away when he closed his eyes and just let himself relax. He seemed to hum some silly mantra or something, kind of like a familiar lullabye, but it seemed to help and he was in a much better mood, except when Ann brought up the subject of starting a family.

With John at age 33 and she at age 30, she felt it was time, and she badly wanted a baby before it was too late. She was surprised at how few of the women she knew whose husbands worked at the clinic had children, but they seemed to poo-poo it by saying "We have our pets, and careers, and besides these silly men are just like children anyway."

Many of the wives worked right at the Centre, and many of them worked in the special daycare where workers and local townspeople received excellent daycare and nursery care for their pre-schoolers, but Ann so far hadn't been interested in a "career", especially with other people's children and babies.

the Visit and the Secret Revealed

The week had gone uneventfully, and John seemed much better. He'd been sleeping so soundly, he'd wet his bed twice that week, but Ann didn't have the heart to scold him or make fun of him. He seemed embarrassed enough when he woke up and had to change his bed and PJs.

He'd been listening to some tape or something the doctor had given him, but all Ann could hear was music and nature sounds. It seemed very relaxing and soothing, but Ann didn't have time for that nonsense.

Finally, Friday afternoon at 4:25 Ann sat waiting for Dr. Whetmore, when Dr. Rotman came out and invited her into his office to "talk" before they went in to see John and his associate.

While they talked, Dr. Rotman explained that much of John's problems were due to the stress of his job, and this silly "investigation" he'd started, and finally decided to drop. His pressure and the strain were making him a little paranoid, seeing "bogey men everywhere" as Dr. Rotman explained it.

While the doctor was talking he kept playing with a small shiny ball on a thin metal chain, kind of like a pendulum, and Ann was fascinated by it as it swung back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, with a gentle, steady rythm, and the soft click, click as it hit the other ball. She found it hard to concentrate on what the doctor said at first, but then it seemed so much easier, as she relaxed and just listened to him while she watched the ball.

Finally, the doctor said "Let's go see Dr. Whetmore and John, Ann so we can find how to help John with is problems."

Ann found herself rising and taking the doctor's arm as they walked slowly to the room at the end of the hall, and the doctor kept talking slowly and softly to her reassuring her everything would be alright, just as long as she accepted John's problem and helped him to get over the stresses he was feeling.

As they entered the room, Ann saw an attractive young woman sitting in a chair beside a couch talking to a man who was lying on the couch with headphones on and with a small tube going into his arm. He was covered with a blanket up to his chest, and Ann could see his feet were bare and he was fast asleep.

As Dr. Rotman introduced the woman, Ann learned she was Dr. Janet Whetmore, a psychiatrist who dealt with special problems like John's. Dr. Whetmore talked softly to Ann for a while, and Ann began to really trust Dr. Whetmore and to like her as though she were a long time friend and confidante.

The two doctors exchanged knowing smiles, then Dr. Whetmore offered Ann a glass of juice which she gratefully drank. After a few seconds she felt very "alive" and "able to listen" to Dr. Whetmore and hung on her every word.

Dr. Whetmore explained she was a psychiatrist who dealt with special problems, called paraphilia. She explained these were fetishes or sexual interests in objects or things, like feet, or clothing or a special time in life. She explained many men wanted to dress up in women's clothing, and this was called transvestitism and the "love of womens' clothing". She explained that a lot of men in important positions, like John's, found the stresses of everyday life caused them to want to escape into an easier life, where they had no responsibilities, and a time when they were cared for as babies.

These men wanted to wear baby clothing, and be dressed as babies, especially in diapers and baby panties, and to wet their diapers like little babies.

Unfortunately, their desires and their positions created further stresses and conflicts and this sometimes made them sick, especially if there was stress at home, or they were afraid their wife wouldn't accept their fetish. Then they could get really sick and have a breakdown.

Ann felt very sad, and sorry for these type of men. How could their wives be so mean as to deny them this outlet for their stresses. The doctor had explained these people were called infantilists, who loved to dress and play as babies, but didn't want to actually play "with babies" or children at all. They just wanted to be babied and loved the way a mommy loved her little baby.

In most ways they were as normal as any man, and could be capable lovers and supporters, but needed to be babied sometimes to relieve stress and escape from the pressures of their demanding roles and jobs.

As Ann thought about this it seemed to make so much sense, and besides here was this learned doctor, her new friend, explaining it all softly to her, and telling her she felt it was alright.

Finally, Dr. Whetmore said "John is an infantilist Ann. He wants to wear diapers and baby panties, and be treated as a baby sometimes to help him relieve the pressure of his job. That is why he has been so sick, especially when you told him you wanted to have a new baby in your family. It made him think you wanted someone new to love and care for and that you wouldn't accept the baby inside him and let it come out.

John is lying here now, Ann and has been listening to a special tape I made for him to help him feel better physically and to help him feel better about himself. He also has been receiving an IV with pentathol in it so we can talk to him and ask him questions and get the honest answers.

Would you like to talk to John and ask him about his being a baby, Ann ?"

Ann paused for a second, while she thought about her husband, the 33 year old executive, being a baby, then finally said "I'm not sure, but I should find out. If that's what he needs to get better, then I should know how to help him. I do love him, and don't want to hurt him !!"

"Very good Ann, come and sit over here, where John can see you and you can talk. I'll speak to him for a few minutes then you can ask him questions."

As Ann pulled her chair over closer to the couch, she recognized the young man now as her husband John. The doctor talked to John for a few minutes and finally said "John, your wife Ann is here now and wants to talk to you. She knows you want to be a big baby, and to be her baby, so you can feel comfortable about talking to her. Be a good boy and answer her questions honestly and properly, just as you do for me."

To Ann she said "Go ahead, Ann, ask him anything you want."

Ann hesitated at first then said "John do you feel better knowing I know you want to be babied ??" to which he replied "Yes, much better." then asked her "Do you want to baby me ??"

Ann didn't know what to say for sure, but finally said "I think so, but I don't have much experience. What do I have to do ??"

At this, Dr. Whetmore interrupted, and said "Ann, you just have to treat John like a baby. Love him, take care of him. Feed him when he's hungry, help him get dressed, and change his wet or dirty diapers when he need changing. You can do that can't you ??"

At first Ann seemed a little shocked by the idea of changing diapers on her husband, but then as the doctor told her it was just like playing dolls, and when she used to babysit for the babies in her neighbourhood, she decided it was easy and would be Ok.

Finally, Dr. Rotman gently pulled down the blanket, and Dr. Whetmore talked to Ann, "See Ann, John is wearing diapers and baby panties just like a little baby. He wet his diapers too, like a little baby. John likes to wear diapers and to wet them like a baby, and needs his diaper changed now, just like a little baby. You can do that can't you Ann."

As Ann said "Yes", the doctor led her over to the couch and gave her a fresh diaper. She had some difficulty at first, and John seemed to squirm around a bit, but as Ann talked soothingly to him, much like a mother with an infant at changing time, he settled back, and Ann finally got the diaper on him and the panties pulled up.

Ann felt a small pin prick in her arm, then began to feel very sleepy, yet her mind seemed sharp and clear and she could hear her friend talking to her. She could see herself taking care of John at home at night and on weekends, with John crawling around and playing in a big playpen. She was a happy mommy now with her baby around the house, and loved changing his wet, or messy diapers.

John was much happier now, and a very good baby. Sometimes he was more like a little boy, but always his diapers reminded her and him that he was still a diapered baby.

The doctor told her she would give Ann two sets of tapes to listen to for the next week until their next session. One just for John and one for Ann. They should listen to the one with words each evening before bed, then the one with the music all night. This would help them accept their new roles of mommy and baby much easier and help John get better and feel better much sooner.

Each week from now on, they would come together for their appointments, and Ann should keep John diapered at bedtime from now on, and whenever possible around the house. If John started wetting his pants during the day, she should scold him like a toddler and then put him in daytime diapers too.

It was Ok for John to wear diapers at work, since many of the other men wore diapers too, to relieve stress. Later on Dr. Whetmore would introduce Ann to other mommies who had big babies at home, so they could exchange ideas and babysit for each other.

Ann found herself warming to these ideas, and began to like the ideas of having John toddling around the house in just a diaper, panties and Tshirt. If she wasn't to have any little babies at home, at least she could have a big baby at home.

Soon, both John and Ann were sitting chatting with the doctors, and Ann found herself quite relaxed discussing the "needs" John would soon have. A diaper bag, about 2 dozen cloth diapers and a dozen plastic panties, some bottles and perhaps some special rompers and playsuits.


Back to the Beginning

As Ann and John left, Dr. Whetmore smiled to herself. She turned to Dr. Rotman and said "You were a good boy today Danny. I guess by now you need your didees changed too don't you Snookums ??"

Dr. Rotman seemed to change before her eyes. He started snivelling and then spoke in a little boy voice "Yes nana, me all pissy. Need didee change peez." and Dr. Whetmore proceeded to have him lay down on the couch and gently changed his soaking diapers then gave him a bottle and talked gently to the sleeping baby.

In about a half hour, the two doctors left for home. Danny was meekly carrying his diaper bag and teddy in one hand while he held "nana's" hand with his other hand.

As she drove home, Janet mused to herself. Since coming to the Centre 6 years ago she never dreamed how successful this would be. She smiled as they passed the town limits and she read the sign "Coucheville" and translated from french to english, Diaper Town.

It was appropriately named.

Dr. Whetmore had worked in psychology and behaviour research for nearly 15 years, with 7 of those spent working on special government "brain washing" and behaviour modification projects for various intelligent agencies. She had learned her trade well and was considered one of the best behaviour modification specialists in Canada, after leaving the US government service to take up this position.

When her friend, Dr. Joyce Lovely, had told her of the need for a new directory of Abnormal Behaviour, Janet had jumped at the chance. Funding was virtually unlimited since many major corporations poured money into the Centre for their research into buyer motivation, and the US and other governments funded special projects for modification studies.

Janet's specialty had always been paraphilia, the love of objects or things not normally related to sexual acts. In private practise she had learned quite a bit about what motivated certain individuals to want to wear clothing normally reserved for the opposite gender, or to wear leather or rubber. What had always fascinated her, though, were the infantilists or adult babies. They wanted to wear baby clothing, especially diapers, and then wanted to use their diapers like little babies, and be changed or fed or treated as much like babies as possible.

As she studied this particular group she learned many of them had deep seated ties back to their baby or infant years and longed for the sensations of soft baby clothes, the feelings of uncontrolled urination or defecation and the resulting sensations of wetting or filling their diapers. The sense of helplessnes and complete lack of responsibility associated with being a baby gave them similiar feelings of irresponsibility for their actions, allowing them to do or feel whatever they wanted.

When the US government first approached her she couldn't understand why they wanted her especially, but as the interviews and security clearances were underway she soon understood. They wanted her to develop programs to instill the feelings and desires normal for a transvestite or infantilist, then associate these with strong guilt feelings to let them get control of various undercover enemies or individuals the government wanted to control.

In the 6 years she was allowed to develop her "programs" she continued to "treat" outside patients, particularly the TV and adult baby patients, to help increase their feelings and release their inhibitions as fully as possible, and then learn their motivations, the "hot buttons" that turned them on so to speak, until she knew exactly what to do to "create" a TV or adult baby personality from scratch. In the final two years several antigovernment leaders had been programmed to become adult babies or TVs or better yet sissy babies, male adult babies who wanted to dress and act like baby girls, and then had their compulsions put them in compromising positions where their credibility was shot.

Finally, she'd had enough and working on her director with her advanced hypnotic and conditioning skills managed to effect her release from the government service.

When Joyce had explained the setup at the Centre, and told her of her ultimate plan, Janet was shocked, disbelieving and enthralled.

Coucheville was originally a regular town, but as the Centre grew in importance, and became the main employer, then the sole employer the town slowly died and the Centre families where the only inhabitants. This made it an ideal location for the government work the Centre did. Noone would ask questions.

Joyce had used her own considerable skills with hypnosis and subliminal programming to get control of the two original senior directors until she had the virtual control of the Centre and its unlimited source of funds. Over a two year period, each of the male executives was programmed to obey her. This way, the men still kept up the front of a male dominated and controlled organization, which kept the government happy, yet Joyce was actually at the head controlling the men.

Unfortunately, Joyce found the strain of constant programming and creating a submissive personality also began to breakdown the men's effectiveness at work, and soon they "burned out", and became useless except for menial chores or minor functions where creativity or decision making capability was not required.

As they talked, Joyce and Janet formed a devious and very effective plan. Janet would use her incredible knowledge and skills to develop the same effeminate or infantile drives in the men that they needed to control, and would then work on the women to continue reinforcing these desires and controls at home. The men would still be able to function normally but would be as dependent on their "mommies" or nana as babies. The TV converts would be shamed into obedience for fear of exposure.

For the first 2 years, half the men had been feminized and half had been infantilized. Finally, they decided the adult babies were much easier to control than the TVs, since fear and shame often resulted in poor performance. The "babies" were trained to lose all bladder control at all times, and both bladder and bowel control except when meeting with outsiders like government officials. The constant wearing of diapers reminded them of their dependence on mommy or nannies.

Finally, the wives were brought into the picture and were programmed to see their husbands as babies at all times, and then come to work at the Centre. Many were secretaries to their baby husbands and fed the necessary instructions to their husbands just as they fed them their formula bottles or baby food. Those husbands who didn't require a secretary would find mommy in the daycare centre or nursery and go their for their meals and changes whenever possible.

As Coucheville grew, the Centre developed its own schools, medical centres and all the facilities a small town would need, with the best teachers, doctors and facilities available.

As Joyce and Janet discovered the one problem became procreation and the existing children born prior to the new programs.

They developed a program to have the women not want other babies, since they would always have their baby husbands around. When it was necessary for a woman to give birth to keep the population at necessary levels, certain husbands would be allowed to "make a little baby for mommy". At all other times mommy was completely happy with baby's tonge being artfully applied to the desired location, or could listen to a special tape for half an hour and experience orgasmic heaven while they listened.

The existing children were all "programmed" as required. Girls were taught to be dominant and independent. They were trained to keep the boys as babies as much as possible. The boys who were already toilet trained were retrained and back in diapers in just a week or so. Once in diapers, the baby feelings, needs and desires were emphasized until their personalities developed into the dependent, submissive nature of most babies.

Boys with good intellects and skills were educated at the Coucheville schools and taught an accelerated program to develop the particular skills they required for the job they were to learn. This way a skilled workforce would always be available.

A few girls and young women were similiarly trained to keep a balance of skilled and necessary workers.

Over the last year, not a single male was toilet trained, and all wore and used diapers constantly. The 25 males who had reached maturity and were ready to marry were "prepared" and matched with suitable females, and then fully introduced to a life of complete babyhood during their honeymoon period. Therafter they were obedient, diapered little submissives for their mommy who kept them in line and ready to do whatever was required of them.

John, with whom she and Danny Rotman had just finished the 10th session, had been the first, and the last outsider to come to Coucheville.

He had come to Coucheville 2 1/2 years ago, when the Centre needed some fresh public relations talent. The present director of PR had been one of the original TV submissives, and had begun to be ineffective at raising the funds they needed for their special training program. Somehow both she and Joyce had slipped up on making sure John was properly indoctrinated, and it wasn't until John had started his "investigation" abuot a year ago that they realized their mistake.

Janet had had John's work area equipped with a special "white noise" generator, which actually played subliminal messages that would cause his stomache aches and headaches simulating stress from overwork. Finally, John had gone to the Centre's clinic to see Dr. Rotman, Janet's personal 'pet', for treatment.

Danny had introduced John to the new "relaxation" and "meditation" treatments for stress, which in actual fact were subliminal conditioning and hypnosis techniques she'd developed to lure unsuspecting new trainees into her program. John had been particularly resistant to hypnotic suggestion, and finally Janet had had to take over his "treatments" once Danny had him under.

The last 4 sessions she'd used two new drugs the Centre had developed for the government to break down a person's resistance to hypnotic programming to ensure John accepted her suggestions. When he started wetting his bed last week, she knew he was well on the road to diapered domination. Now she just had to prepare his mommy to accept her proper role.

Ann at least was a much easier subject, and Janet was sure she would willingly and easily play her role once she listened to her own tapes a few times. Next week's visits should be VERY interesting. ====================

- Chapter Two - A New Beginning

As Ann and John drove home, she kept fingering the small package Dr. Whetmore had given her. She really liked Dr. Whetmore, and hoped she could help John with his problems.

It seemed a little "silly" to have her grown husband in diapers, but if this was what he needed to get better, then so be it. Besides she'd always like playing dolls and dressup when she was a little girl, and when she was babysitting she had always liked looking at the little boys when she changed their diapers.

She even remembered one boy who was 12 years old when she was just starting to give up babysitting. She was 17 then, and had learned quite a bit about boys and girls, and had even felt some of her boyfriends getting hard in their pants when she rubbed them the right way. They seemed to like it when she pressed gently on the front, but most of them just became helpless and engrossed in what she was doing to them, until they came in their pants like babies wetting their pants.

Ann had like playing with this 12 year old boy who still wore diapers because he was a bedwetter, and watched him get all funny looking when she changed his diapers and rubbed him with baby lotion. He seemed to go in his diapers too, but he never got them sticky like her older boyfriends, and usually peed his diaper right after he got soft again, so she'd have to change him to put him back to sleep.

Now her husband of 8 years was wearing diapers, and was going to start using his diaper just like the little babies Ann had babysat for so few years ago.

They got in the house and Ann prepared dinner for she and John. They talked animatedly about the revelations of this afternoon with the two doctors, and both felt comfortable discussing John's baby needs. After dinner, as John pulled out the plug from the sink he wet his diaper.

Turning to Ann he said "Please, Annie can you change my diaper. I'm all wet." to which Ann replied "C'mon now John you can still change your own diapers. You're not a little baby yet !!"

Just yesterday these words would have seemed so strange to Ann, but already she was beginning to accept the inevitable change in her and John's relationship.

Reluctantly, John went to their room and changed his own diaper, returning to the living room wearing a big blue disposeable diaper and Polo shirt.

As they sat looking thru the material Dr. Whetmore had given them, Ann was amazed at how much their was for adult babies, as most of the infantilists were called. An organization in California, called DPF had a regular newsletter, and magazines and tons of stories for adult babies. They even had special big cloth diapers and baby panties, and cute baby styled clothing for big babies. The man who ran DPF, Tommy, was a big baby himself, and sure looked cute in his rompers and diapers.

There were other magazines from Infantae Press in Seattle, Washington, and a lady in California, named Florence, who ran Amber E. They all had lots of letters from big babies who were so happy to be able to return to their bottles, and diapers and panties and having found mommies or daddies to take care of them when they needed some babying.

Ann particularly found an article entitled "The Mommy Solution" from DPF helpful in understanding John's needs. She almost felt like crying after she read it, wishing she could be a mommy to all those babies in search of a mommy.

As she put down the last article, she noticed it was almost 9:30. They'd better get going if they were going to listen to their special tapes then get to bed. She noticed John was wet, and said "Get you diaper bag for mommy John. You need your didee changed."

It felt strange, but natural, especially after reading the Mommy Solution. Ann wanted to try and help John.

As John dutifully returned with his diaper bag, Ann told him to lie down, stripped off his wet diaper, then powdered him, put on a fresh disposeable diaper, then put his headphones on him, connected to his personal cassette tape player and switched on the tape for him. Then she sat opposite him in her easy chair and switched on her own cassette player.

In minutes, both had their eyes closed, looking to all like they were sound asleep, while their subconscious minds absorbed Dr. Whetmores suggestions for their new life, as baby Johnny and mommy. Their minds were like empty sponges soaking up Dr. Whetmore's suggestions and instructions.

Ann was "learning" to be a good, stern mommy and to keep baby Johnny in his diapers and plastic panties as much as possible. Johnny was reliving the pleasures of babyhood, the feelings and sensations of warm wet diapers, and squish messy diapers. The feelings of helplessness and dependence as he wet or messed his diapers uncontrollably or waiting for mommy to give him his bottle.

When they woke up, Ann viewed John in a new light. He seemed somehow smaller, more defenseless, like a baby needing mommy's protection. John too felt differently about Ann. She was now the stronger, the one who would and could give him what he craved and needed, if he was a good little boy and did what she told him.

Ann looked at his sodden diaper, and jokingly but sternly said "Well, you are quite a little pisser aren't you. Get up to beddy bye and I'll change your diapers for bedtime. Looks like you're going to need a nice, thick diaper to get thru the nited aren't you sweetie."

John smiled then meekly said "Yes mama. I need thick diapers 'cuz I wet a lot at niteenites. Thank you mama." and toddled off to their bedroom.

Ann giggled at the sight of her husband toddling up the stairs in his sodden diaper. He actually looked like a toddler with a load in his diaper the way he was walking.

Ann seemed to know there were a couple of "special" diapers in John's diaper bag, and as she took them out, was shocked at their size. They were huge, but designed just like the ones she'd seen for little babies in the department stores a couple of years ago. They were made with 8 layers of thick cotton flannel, and then had another insert made of another 8 layers of flannel sewn in at the top and bottom. That meant John would be wearing 16 layers of thick flannel in the diaper, which was kind of like quadruple diapering a real baby. He probably wouldn't be able to walk with that much between his legs, but then where did he have to go. The bathroom was "out of bounds" while he was diapered, and those special locking diaper pins she found in his bag, would make sure of that.

She found it kind of "kinky" as she thought of trussing her husband up in these super thick diapers, then locking them on with the heavy locking pins and keeping him that way until morning. As an after thought, she took two baby bottles she'd almost missed out of the bag, and filled them with warm water and cranberry juice. Somehow she seemed to know this combination would make him wet more heavily during the night, so he'd be sure to wake up in very wet diapers the next morning.

Just as she hoped, John had put out his changing pad and mattress protector on his side of the bed, and was lying there waiting to be changed. She gingerly removed the wet diaper, thinking "The little bugger must have wet again to be this wet." then cleansed him off with a big baby wipes. Next she liberally spread vaseline all over his bottom and took extra pains with his weewee and front noticing the effect her gentle massage was having on his penis. Just before it looked like he'd "erupt" she pulled the thick diaper up between his legs, leaving him with a stiff hard on tucked safely in 16 layers of diaper flannel. The pins snapped in place in a flash and then on went the plastic panties.

All this fooling around was making her horny, but with John all trussed up in his diaper, what was she to do. Then an idea struck her. Babies were supposed to be very oral, so let's see how oral baby Johnny was.

"Johnny, mommy got you all ready for niteenites, but mommy wants some lovings from her baby. Can you make mommy happy too ??"

John said "Sure hon, just let me get these off then I'll really show you some lovings, then you can get me ready for beddy bye again. Huh.... What the heck ??"

"Oh no Johnny. Once mommy puts your didees on for nitee nites they have to stay on until mommy changes you in the morning. Besides, babies who have to wear diapers shouldn't have their little weewee outside their didees and panties, or they might have a nasty accident and peepee all over the bed or mommy.

I think you know another way baby can make mommy very happy !!" and Ann gently but firmly pulled John's head to her chest then put her nipple just inches from his mouth.

John didn't need another hint, and soon was sucking and tonguing her nipples, arousing her to new heights of pleasure. As Ann gently pushed his searching mouth downward, he found a new "nipple" to suck on and with Ann's urging soon learned to use his lips, tongue and mouth to bring her time and again to the heights of ecstacy.

John felt a new calm, peacefulness and a sense of helpless dependence on this strong woman who was his mommy now, and as he felt her quiver for the 5th time, felt his bladder emptying hotly, uncontrollably into his diapers and felt like he too was reaching the heights of orgasm, except his little weewee was softly, limply being bathed in his peepee as he helplessly wet his diapers uncontrollably while pleasing his mommy.

Little Johnnie was learning his lessons well, and would find himself soon conditioned to repeat his lessons over and over again.

As Ann came down from heights she'd never know possible she could faintly smell the urine in John's diapers and pulled him gently towards her breasts again. As John suckled calmly, contentedly she began gently rubbing his diaper at the front and soon felt the swell of his manhood. She kept saying "Johnnie likes the feeling of his warm, wet diapers doesn't he ?? It feels so nice to be in wet diapers sucking mommy's titties like a little baby again doesn't it ?? Mommy loves her baby Johnny. Good baby Johnny wants to wet his diapers all the time so mommy can make him feel good too."

John's subconscious was clouded by the sensations in his mouth, his diaper region and especially in his cock as Ann gently stroked his erection in his warm, wet diapers. Soon he was oblivious to everything except the sensations and her words, and he KNEW it sure felt good to wet his diapers and to wear wet diapers like a baby.

As he came explosively, Ann kept saying "Good baby Johnny, you're wetting your diapers again. It feels so good to wet your diapers. Good baby." and John's helpless subconsious made the indelible connection between the pleasure of orgasm and wetting his diapers helplessly. He was hooked and convinced wetting his diapers made him feel this good.

Ann, his wife of 6 years, was turning him into a helpless wetter and he loved it.

As they drifted off to sleep, Ann turned on John's headset, then her own, and they both slept soundly, deeply, letting their subconscious minds absorb the pleasures of their new roles.

Tomorrow would see another small phase in the growth of their relationship, until Dr. Whetmore took them to the next platform.


A New Day Dawns

Ann was awakened to the warm wetness of John's overflowing diapers. He'd wet so heavily during the night he'd supersaturated the diapers, leaking at the pantlegs and wetting the changing pad and the bed. His loud sucking had also served to wake her, and she gently pulled his thumb from his mouth and gave him the remainder of his bottle from last night.

Obviously he'd taken the one bottle and drained it himself during the night, while she slept, and started the second before going to sleep again. At any rate, he sure was wet. She'd try a little test and see how he felt about it.

As John finished the bottle, he seemed to wake himself, and Ann said "Well sleepy head, you sure slept soundly last night. How's it feel to wake in pissy diapers, like a little baby."

To her surprise, John said "Mmmmm, it feels real nice. It's so nice and warm and make me feel peaceful. Thank you for helping me Ann. I know I can be a good baby for you."

Ann smiled, then said "Well pissy pants, time to get you up, changed and then off to work. You've still got a job to do and you can't stay in those sopping diapers all day or you'll get a horrible rash. Off you go to the shower.

I'll have to think of something different for tonite, so I don't wind up sleeping in a puddle too. One bedwetter in the family is bad enough, especially one who wets as heavily as you do. Now off with you."

John swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, then almost fell down as quickly as he'd gotten up.

"Jeez, these diapers must have a couple gallons of pee in them. They weigh a ton. Can't you change me here, then we'll figure what to do ?"

"No way. You're too wet to be changed here. Besides you're still a grown man, even if you do need diapers, so you get into the shower any way you can. Crawl if you have to, but move it !!"

Obediently John tried again, but found there was no way he could walk with the sodden mass between his legs. Crawl he did. Just like a little baby, only with the heavy sodden diapers he even had trouble crawling.

Ann laughed at the sight of her 33 year old husband crawling to the shower, in soaking, sodden diapers and then remembered the locking pins. As she heard John get into the tub enclosure, then yell "I can't get these off. Can you help me please Ann ??" she started to laugh, kind of sneeringly and said "That's no way for a good baby to talk. Ask me nicely in a sweet baby voice to please change your pissy diapers, and I'll consider it."

Reluctantly John started asking and eventually satisfied Ann by saying "Pweez momma change pissy baby Johnny's pissy baby diapers. Pweez momma." and Ann laughingly released the diaper pins letting the sodden diaper fall to John's feet.

After his shower, John came out to get ready for work. Instead of his regular briefs, Ann had laid out a pair of thick, terry cloth pants, kind of like trainer soakers toddlers wear while being toilet trained. John yelled down to Ann "Hon these aren't what I wear to work, what gives ???"

His baby personna was receding as he got ready for a day at the office, and the idea of wearing baby training panties was repulsive. Sure he needed diapers at night time, since he was such a heavy bedwetter, but training pants during the day, no way.

Ann shouted up sternly, "Ok Mr. Pissy pants. You may think you're all grown up, but the evidence against you is in the washer now, or did you already forget the condition of your diapers half an hour ago. Now I want you in those trainers, and dressed and down here for breakfast in five minutes or else !!"

Meekly John put the trainers on. They felt strange, yet somehow comforting. Maybe they wouldn't be so bad after all. They felt kind of like diapers, but not quite so bulky.

As they had breakfast, Ann explained "I know you haven't had any daytime accidents for quite a while, but we don't want to take chances. You've been wetting quite heavily at night again, just like you did when you were a baby in diapers all the time, so the training panties are a precaution. If you have a "little" accident, it shouldn't be so bad you get your trousers all wet. Just be careful and pay attention and go potty when you first feel the need.

Remember now, if you wet your pants at all, it's back into diapers for you during the daytime, too !!"

John hung his head and said "Yes ma'm. I'll keep dry. Sorry I yelled earlier, it's just that I'm not a baby anymore. I don't need baby pants at work."

Ann just smiled, handed him his bag with two spare pair of pants, and said "We'll see about that."

Ann started her walkman with the music cassette and went about her housework. As she proceeded she made a list of things she'd need. Enough flannel for a dozen diapers, 4 more pair of plastic panties, two of the large bottles she'd read about and one of the neighbours had said she could get at the local pharmacy in the back of the store.

Then she looked at the DPF magazine again, and the Carloyn's Kids catalog and ordered a dozen of the special extra thick diapers in print patterns, and the print nursery styled panties. She ordered 3 shortalls, two rompers, 6 pairs of sleepers and two large soothers as well.

When she was done, she figured this would be a good layette to start with, and with her sewing talents she could make more cute baby outfits for Johnny.

Finally, she phoned the store Dr. Rotman had told her about. She was surprised they would deliver this afternoon, no trouble, and set everything up for her.

By the time John was due home, Ann had transformed the den into a passable nursery. A large padded table served as changing table, with shelves of diapers, panties and necessary pins, powder and lotions. A toy box held large stuffed toys, some big hard rubber balls, and a cute large Roly Poly.

But the piece de resistance was the special bed. It looked now like a regular child's bed, with low mattress, two pull out drawers underneath, and a head and foot board. The beauty was it could easily be converted into a full size crib, big enough for the biggest baby, complete with locking side rails, large musical mobile to attach to the headboard and if needed a locking top.

Ann felt the extra touch of a private stereo system with speakers at each end and both sides of the bed would be a nice touch, and make it easier for Johnny to listen to his special tapes in the nights and weeks to come.

This was going to be fun having a new big baby at home. She wondered how Johnny was making out. =========================================== - Chapter Three - Johnny in Training

As John was pulling into work, he reached into his pocket and felt something hard and smooth. He pulled it out and saw a lapel pin with the initials B I T inscribed on it and some strange symbol under the letters. He put it on for some strange reason and walked into his work area.

As he passed the secretarial pool he heard some of the girls snickering and giggling, and wondered what was so strange. Just then he felt he had to pee, and just made it to the washroom, as he dribbled in his pants.

He hadn't done that since he was about 7 or so he thought. He'd better remember to watch out, or mommy would make him wear baby diapers to work too. Waking up in warm, wet diapers was fun and nice, but he'd be embarassed to have to wear diapers to work like a baby, and to go to the nurse for changing.

As the morning wore on, and John went about his normal daily tasks, he found himself often "just making it". Finally by 11:00 he had to change his trainers, they were going to start leaking into his suit pants. Finally he got ready for the weekly lunchhour board meeting, and made sure to make a pit stop before entering the meeting room.

As the other men and a few women executives filed in, several of the men said "Welcome to the club, John. You'll get used to it." which certainly confused him. All the women smiled knowingly at him, making him feel uncomfortable, and Dr. Lovely especially seemed to have a sort of smirk on her face every time she looked at him.

The meeting seemed to drag forever, and finally around 12:30 it was John's turn to deliver his 15 minute presentation, but he felt he had to go. Based on his experiences this morning he said "Uh,, uh If you'll just give me a minute, I have to go potty first, then be right back."

All the women broke up, and Dr. Lovely said "Why John surely at your age you can hold it for 15 minutes. Let's get on with it then you can go 'potty' or wet your pants if you want."

John was chagrined, and put his "needs" out of his mind. As he was presenting his slides and charts on the new PR campaign to raise funding for the Centre, Dr. Lovely and several of the women kept pouring water and drinking heavily. Every time they slowly filled their glasses, John became aware of the twitching in his bladder. Finally he was almost done. He'd been so thirsty, he too had had to drink two glasses of water, and pouring it the second time he almost felt his bladder begin to empty, but managed to hold it. Finally, he said "Any questions ??", praying noone would, and he could leave.

"Oh, John, could you put up the Babykins market slides again, and go into more detail on their new line of adult baby diapers. I think we'd all like to hear the whole story on that one. After all it's an important source of funding and revenue for us."

Oh no. This could take an hour if they were as questioning as usual, and now John really had to go. He started to stammer "OK, but in just a minute, I really ........" when one of the ladies went over to the wet bar and turned on the warm water to wash her hands.

John's ear just seemed to catch the sound of the running water when he felt his bladder really twitch, then all of a sudden felt it let go. He wasn't dribbling or "having a little accident" , HE WAS WETTING HIS PANTS. Totally, helplessly, uncontrollably wetting his pants just like a toddler who'd waited too long. He felt the training panties soaking up the first of the flood, the felt it start to run down his pantlegs, and eventually could hear the steady flow onto the floor where he stood.

The men and women all started to laugh, and finally Dr. Lovely said "My, my. I guess we should have put you on the potty after all. Looks like this little boy should be in diapers, not training panties. You'd better go see Nurse Lively and get yourself more properly attired. Good think Babykins is one of our accounts."

Shamefully John sloshed thru the office, diaper bag in tow, to the twitters and snickers of the secretaries and women in the office. The men all seemed to look the other way and avoided eye contact.

When he got to the nurses office, she said "My, my. Are you ready for diapers yet ?? How long have you been wearing these trainers ??"

John replied, "Just since this morning. I don't need diapers. That mean Dr. Lovely wouldn't let me go potty, so I wet my pants. It was an accident. I won't do it again."

"That's what they all said, but OK. Change your trousers and training panties, but I think I'd better give you a pair of these heavier soakers for now. Those regular toddler style trainers don't have much absorbency. If you need more come see me."

John put the soakers on. They felt huge, bulky and so thick. They were almost as thick as his diapers last night. In fact they were made of 8 layers of flannelette with two terry layers sewn in for extra absorbency. This way the "trainee" could wet himself lightly and not really know it, until he was so wet he wet his pants.

John went back to his office, and was quite embarassed and stressed out. Embarrassed because the thick trainers just barely fit under his spare trousers, and were VERY obvious. He looked like a toddler in too tight pants and thick diapers. Stressed out just from the events of this morning's meeting.

He decided to take a little break and listen to the music relaxation tape Ann had packed for him. As he closed his eyes and relaxed he felt the tension leave him, as his thumb drifted to his mouth and he felt the thick security of his diapers. Even as he wet his soakers he didn't know he was soon going to be in diapers for real, and using them as a helpless infant, constantly.

Throughout the afternoon, John watched his fluid intake and made it to the potty twice. Finally at 4:30 he packed up his bag and got ready for home. Joe his friend in finance said let's get a beer before we take the shuttle, and John thankfully agreed.

As they sat at the Centre's bar, Joe remarked on John's pin and said, "How long have you been in training." Seeing John's puzzled look he said "You know. The pin, with BIT on it. That stands for Baby In Training. Once you are in diapers full time you get the next level pin DDB, for Diaper Dependent Baby, then the next MBB, for Mommy's Big Baby, then finally MHLB, for Mommy's Helpless Little Baby. Yeah, the doctor's program takes you right back thru childhood pantswetting, to bedwetting, then wearing diapers all day and wetting and messing in them like a little baby, until finally your graduate as a completely helpless infant for mommy or the nannies.

Once you reach MBB, any of the women around here can turn on your baby personality completely. You feel and act just like a real baby all the way. And they really know how to take care of a baby. The bitch of it is, it's not always so much fun later, since they can do it anytime they want to keep you under control, and you always need to wear diapers then, and are dependent on the mommies or nannies to change your baby diapers.

But, it's a great stress reliever."

Just then, Dr. Whetmore and Dr. Lovely came over and Dr. Whetmore said "Joey have you been naughty and been telling tall tales out of school ??"

"Yes, nana" Joe said, and hung his head shamefully. Dr. Whetmore said something to them both, and they seemed to freeze, then close their eyes but remain very attentive to her. Finally she said "Joey, you've been a bad little boy, you go home and tell mommy what you did, and she'll decide how to punish you. Johnny, you can't remember what Joey said now. I want you to have another quick beer here then go straight home to your mommy. Don't stop anywhere else for anything at all, especially to go potty. Now wake up and be good babies."

Both men woke up and resumed their forgotten conversation about the office. Joey said, "Sheesh, I've gotta get going !!" and hastily left. John ordered another beer, and as he finished it, felt he too better hurry home.

Already, the first beer was making its presence known to John, but he HAD to get straight home. He hoped he could wait the half hour drive to home.

He couldn't. Half way there, he felt the helpless emptying of his bladder, and as it finished reached down between his legs to feel how wet he'd got his seat and pants. Mercifully, just a few little spots. At least Ann wouldn't notice and he could sneak in and change his soakers before dinner.

As he pulled in, he again felt his bladder beginning to twitch, and hoped he'd make it. Ann was waiting at the door, with a stern expression on her face.

"Well, what happened to your suit pants young man?? Where are they ??"

"In my bag momma. I had a accident today, when mean Dr. Lovely made me stay and talk when I hadda go potty. It won't happen again. See, I'm OK now."

Just then the second beer announced its presence fully, completely and not at all discretely. John stood there helplessly while his bladder emptied completely without control. His already soaked training soakers could hold no more and the peepee just flowed down his legs, out his crotch and puddled in the drive. He couldn't help it. All the feelings of today, last night, and all the way back to when he'd wet his pants at the Easter Pagent in grade two welled up inside him, and he started to cry.

"Oh momma, what's happening to me. I wet my panties like a little baby. I can't help it. Two times I wet my pants. I feel so foolish. Help me momma."

Ann herself felt like crying for her dear, gentle little boy. He needed TLC and she knew just how to give it to him.

"That's OK honey. At least you admitted you wet yourself like a baby. Mommy knows how to take care of that. Just come with mommy and let mommy make it all better."

As she led John into the house by the hand, carrying his diaper bag, he calmed down, and seemed far more complacent. As she led John to their bedroom, she glanced at the new nursery and wondered how long before John would be its main occupant.

As she lay him down on the bed, she gave him a pill the doctor had had dropped off this afternoon, and began getting ready to change and clean little Johnny up.

What Ann didn't know was that the pills that had been delivered where a new powerful drug developed by the Centre for the military. Once it entered the bloodstream, the taker was rendered unable to resist instructions or suggestions for up to an hour. Anything they were told they would believe completely, and anything they were told to do they would do, exactly as told. It took about 3 minutes to start working and within 5 minutes was at full effect.

While Ann took the wet clothes out of John's diaper bag, and began to search for a towel and cloth to wash him off, John was beginning to succumb to the drug. He felt confused, then scared and finally saw Ann and knew he had to listen to her to know what to do.

As Ann prepared to get John ready, she thought back to her conversation on the phone with Dr. Whetmore. More of an instruction session than a conversation really, with Ann deeply hypnotised and listening to the good doctors instructions.

Dr. Lovely had informed Dr. Whetmore about John's little "accident" at the meeting, and the doctor had decided to try a different tack with John's training. She'd sent the pills over to Ann, then called Ann and given her the instructions she wanted Ann to follow. Finally, she'd told Ann to bring John in two days from now, on Wednesday and again on Friday for their joint sessions, and then left Ann to absorb the suggestions. When John arrived home and wet his pants, it started triggering the instructions Ann was to follow.

By the time she had begun to strip off John's wet soaker pants he felt like a very little boy, scared of the dark, scared of everything around him, except mommy. He HAD to listen to mommy and do what mommy said, or else he would continue to feel real bad.

Ann began talking soothingly as she pulled off his wet pants and trousers, and began washing him off with the warm cloth.

"You must be a good boy for mommy, and answer mommy's questions completely and honestly now. No holding back or being sneaky. Mommy will be angry if you don't do as she said.

You certainly wet your pants today, just like a little baby didn't you ?. How many times did your wet your pants Johnny ??"

"Uh, 9 times mommy, but I just dribbled except when that mean Dr. Lovely made me wait to potty."

"Only dribbled, eh !! It seems to me you did more than just dribble. Your soakers are wetter than diapers. Tell me how many times you dribbled and how many times you really wet your pants like a baby. You can remember exactly what happened and must tell me now."

John began to count the times he'd dribbled and wet then said "I dribbled 5 times mommy. Twice in the early morning, then I changed my training panties. Then once before my lunch meeting, then the mean doctor made me wet my pants. Then I changed at the nice nurse's who gave me the thick pants.

I dribbled two more times this afternoon, then wet my pants later on. I was working hard, and didn't know I wet my pants. The new pants are so thick I didn't feel it. Then I dribbled again befor I left work with Joey. In the bar, when Dr. Lovely talked to Joey and me, I wet my pants again, but it felt nice and warm and I didn't need to change them, and I left just like she told me to do.

Then, then, .... Oh mommy I'm so ashamed. I wet my pants again driving home, only this time my trousers got wet too, and then you saw me wet my pants like a little baby when I got home. I'm so sorry mommy. It won't happen again, I'll try REAL hard. Please help me mommy. I don't want to wet my pants like a baby."

Ann felt soft and compassionate for a moment at her helpless husband's concern at wetting her pants, but then felt more like a stern mother, with a naughty little boy who'd been wetting his pants again. She finally spoke.

"Well at least you admit you're wetting yourself like a baby. Every night now you've been wearing extra thick night diapers to bed, and still you wet so heavily you're soaked in the morning. And now you're wetting your soaker pants, pants usually meant for toddlers who are ready for toilet training but still have little accidents. And you admitted you liked the feeling of warm wet soakers, didn't you ??

So from now on you will wear thick diapers like a little baby. You will wear thick cloth diapers and plastic panties just like a little baby wears, until you can stay dry for 3 whole days and nights. Since you wet like a baby and like the feelings you will wear diapers and plastic panties like a baby. This way you are free to wet or mess in your diapers just like a baby.

Mommy knows you feel like a baby and like the sensations of using your diapers like a baby, so it's alright with mommy if you wet and mess like a baby, as long as you are wearing baby diapers. From now on it's diapers and plastic panties for you, until you stay completely dry for 3 days and nights. Understood ???"

"Please mommy. Do I have to wear diapers to work. The other boys will laugh at me and call me a baby. I'll try real hard to stop wetting my pants. I can do it. Please."

"You have to prove you can do, by staying dry. Only babies wet their pants or diapers like you've been doing, so it's baby diapers for you. If the other boy's call you a baby, well that's what you are. Babies wear diapers, and you will be wearing diapers, so then I guess you're just a big baby.

A big baby who wears diapers and wets and messes in his diapers uncontrollably. Understood big baby Johnny ??"

"Yes mommy. I will wear my baby diapers like a good baby, until I learn to stay dry."

"Good baby. Now one more thing. I can't have you wetting our bed, so I've made your den into your special room. It's got all the things a big baby needs. Diapers, change table, and a special bed for a big baby with a protected mattress. There's even some 'special' toys there for a big baby to play with, if you feel like playing baby when you're dressed like a baby, which you will be dressed like at home.

>From now on, as long as you are wearing baby diapers, you will change into the special baby style clothes I have for you in your new nursery. These clothes make it easier for mommy to change your diapers. At home you must ask mommy to change your diapers when they are wet or messy and need changing, so mommy can check you for diaper rash or problems.

Understood ??"

John's mind was now fully under the control of the new drug. Ann's last instructions were fully and completely accepted as direct orders that had to be obeyed. He could not resist sleeping in a big baby bed, in his very own nursery, and wearing the big baby clothes mommy put on him. He could no longer change his own diapers at home, and only mommy was allowed to change his diapers at home. He didn't understand why mommy would have to change messy diapers. He was only having accidents, and wetting like a baby. He wasn't a little baby who poopooed his diapers.

He meekly and obediently replied "Yes mommy, I will do what you tell me to do. I love you mommy. You're a good mommy to baby Johnny."

"Yes I am Johnny. And that is our relationship now. I am your mommy now and you are my baby Johnny. You must be a good baby for mommy and do exactly as mommy says, or mommy will be cross and spank or punish you.

Mommy wants baby Johnny to let all his baby feelings and desires to come out when Johnny is at home with mommy. Mommy loves her baby Johnny, and will take care of baby Johnny. Mommy doesn't want a man or big naughty boy at home. She wants baby Johnny at home. A sweet dependent baby who is free to be as much a baby as Johnny needs to be to feel good and happy as a baby. You don't need to stop your baby feelings anymore and can let them all come out at home with mommy.

Now let's go look at your new nursery Johnny. A very special place where baby Johnny can feel right at home and be the baby Johnny needs to be."

As she finished pinning on the thick diaper, and pulled up the plastic panties she took John's hand and led him to his new nursery. John immediately saw the junior style toddler bed, the low full sized adult changing table, and the shelves of new, thick cloth diapers. He especially noticed the labels over the various piles of diapers and plastic panties.

Over one pile of white diapers and opaque panties was a label toddler diapers. Over another pile of diapers that were print material was a label saying baby diapers. Then over a third pile was a label, little infant diapers. The third pile was stacked high with very babyish print diapers, and the panties all had infantile patterns with cute little baby nursery prints.

To his right was a low closet, more like a wardrobe, with sunsuits, rompers, and sleepers hanging on small hangers with little pictures of Sesame Street characters and duckies or bunnies on them. The styles and patterns were very appropriate for a 12 to 18 month old baby.

Beside the wardrobe was a lower shelf with several small, thick soft sleepers or "crawlers" as some mommies called them, for tiny babies to wear when they crawled around or were napping. Just over the bed, on a higher shelf was two rows of large size baby bottles and a large bottle warmer, and a very large clear container with some tubing and what looked like a large soother attached to it.

John was feeling very scared now at all these new strange things, and looked nervously to mommy for guidance.

Taking her cue, mommy said "This is baby Johnny's room now. His nice new baby clothes are here, and mommy has ordered some more and got patterns for "special" baby clothes. She emphasized the special. Johnny will sleep in this bed at night and for naptimes, and when he needs a more appropriate bed for a little baby, a crib, this bed will convert into a very nice baby crib, with a special mobile to hang from the headboard.

Johnny can take a bottle to bed with him or at naptime, but only mommy is to use the bottle warmer on the shelf. You can see the special boxes beside the bottle warmer. These are for Johnny's special tapes at nitetime and naptime, and Johnny must never touch these things or mommy will get very angry and leave Johnny in the dark in cold wet diapers or other punishment."

Somehow she knew Johnny was afraid of the dark, and knew to use this as a form of psychological threat to John to keep him in control.

Next Ann led John over to the change table and had him sit on it and put on his new Sesame Street T-Shirt then had him lie down while she fastened the straps of his rompers in front and snapped up the crotch. His Sesame Street slippers completed the picture of a cute two year old toddler ready to go play.

By now the drug was wearing off, but Ann said again "From now on you will wear only your baby clothes at home or with mommy. All your other clothes will be in mommy's room and you must never go in mommy's room without her permission. This is your room now, for big baby Johnny."

Despite the weaning effects of the drug, John accepted these instructions completely. He would only wear the clothes mommy got for him at home and with mommy.

For supper John had chopped up wieners, mashed potatoes and peas fed to him by Ann while he sat in a makeshift highchair, which was actually a bar stool from their family room. The high legs kept his feet from actually touching the ground and the two diapers tied around his waist helped hold him in place. He got milk to drink from a spouted cup with two handles, and despite its design still managed to spill some on his new rompers.

Ann scolded him saying "My my, I guess you need mommy to give you a bottle to drink from now on. You're really becoming more of a little baby than a toddler. Let's check your didees and see if you need changing."

John protested this saying "I'm NOT a baby. You just make me wear baby clothes and baby diapers. I'm a big boy, AND I don't wet my diapers. !!!" stamping his foot like a two year old.

Ann just laughed, and said "Well big boy or not, I need to check." and put him down on the floor and unsnapped his rompers and stuck her finger in the leg of his panties.

"Well just a little damp, but you'll keep. Now you go watch TV, maybe you'll like Polka Dot door."

John knew he'd dribbled a little, but that wasn't wetting your diapers. Only little babies wet their diapers. He toddled off to watch TV, and found the news boring, and the game shows silly. Finally he settled on Polka Dot door, and soon was singing along with the TV actors and clapping gleefuly when Polkaroo came on.

Ann smilled as she cleaned up the mess he'd made of the mashed potatoe, and decided she'd better make some big bibs for little Johnny. She was giggling to herself as she watched her 33 year old husband sitting on the floor engrossed by a show geared to 2 to 5 year olds.

When it was over she said, "Come and let mommy check your diaper. I'll bet you forgot to go potty and wet your diaper didn't you."

And just as she'd suspected John was so engrossed by the baby TV show he hadn't noticed when he wet his diaper. In fact he was quite wet, and now could feel the warm peepee in the front and crotch as he toddled to Ann.

"See, mommy knows you need diapers. That's OK. Isn't it better to just wear diapers and know you can wet or mess whenever or wherever you are without having to stop to go potty. Mommy doesn't mind, in fact she likes changing baby Johnny's baby diapers. Now let's go upstairs and get Johnny ready for a special nap so Johnny can listen to his tape, while mommy listens to her tape."

Ann put an extra thick diaper on John, and a fresh T-Shirt since he'd wet so heavily it had soaked into his shirt with all his squirming around at the TV show. She turned on his tape, gave him a bottle of apple juice and left him sleeping soundly sucking the bottle, lost in a world of baby dreams.

As Ann listened to her tape, she too was lost in a world of strong women, with big helpless dependent babies who needed their diapers and bottles and baby clothes to know who they were and what they were. All men were really just big babies waiting to have the baby inside them released by a loving, strong mommy who would cultivate the babyish dependence all babies have on mommy. Ann's mission and purpose was to see Johnny become the best baby he could become and to fully accept his role in society as a dependent big baby.

That night, after some more play time for Johnny with his new special toys, he was tucked in his bed, wearing the special extra thick night diapers and his new soft sleepers. He had two bottles in his bed, and was already draining the one Ann had given him while she got him ready for beddy byes. As he listened to the pretty music, he felt the warm pleasant feelings of being loved, cared for,... babied, flooding his mind and body, and felt even more of the happy baby feelings being released. All his senses were stimulated with baby feelings and sensations, from the infantile lullabye music, to the nursery print pictures and clothes, to the soft textures of the diapers, sleepers and the sweet, comforting feeling of a nipple in his mouth and his sucking bringing fresh, sweet juice or warm milk to his tummy.

He was helplessly, unknowingly becoming the baby he would soon be, and his loving caring wife, was becoming his mommy. =========================================================================

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