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College Experience

Part 1

By Terra

(Though inspired by real events, the following story has been somewhat fictionalized)

Those who know how I go into diapers won't be surprised that even in college I continue to enjoy them. There are weeks where I wear diapers more often than panties, and sometimes where I wear both. I keep a supply of disposables around for when I may need them, but most days I've moved up to cloth diapers and plastic panties. I enjoy the feel of the reusable diapers and they are a lot cheaper to wash once and a while than to buy new disposables every week. I don't try to hide what I wear anymore, but I don't usually go around displaying them either. I usually wear a thick cloth diaper under my plastic panties under a skirt on class days, and carry a couple extras with me just in case I need to change. Most people who find out don't even bother asking, they just assume I have a medical condition or something. But, you probably want to hear about some incidents.

One Friday afternoon I had class, and I decided to have a little fun with myself. I've grown to enjoy some mild bondage, especially when diapers are involved, so when I got a fresh diaper on to go to class I decided to use the one locking pair of plastic panties I own. They're pink plastic and you can see through them pretty easy. The elastic at the waist has a little padlock on the back so it can be pulled tight and locked. Once it's on there is no way for me to take my diapers off without unlocking them or ripping the panties. I put them on nice and snug and locked the padlock, and I could feel the thickness of the diaper between my legs even when sitting. I left the key on my nightstand in my dorm and put a skirt on over my diaper. Then I was ready for class.

I have to walk across the whole campus to get to my Friday class, and on the way I could hear the crinkling of my plastic panties with every step. I didn't make it all the way to class when I peed a little into the diaper, which felt warm and great. I got to class, which is a lecture, and sat near the back of the hall and paid vague attention to what the professor was babbling about. The class is an hour and forty-five minutes long, and by the end of it I had wet my diaper pretty thoroughly. The soaked cloth diaper clung to me under my locked panties and I was sitting on my own wetness after a while. Class ended and a couple friends asked me if I wanted to go barhopping with them, and don't worry we are all of age. I said sure, and as we got out to the parking lot asked when we were going. They said we would be going right then and started getting in a car together. I wasn't sure if my diaper could handle it, but I figured it would be fun either way.

We got to the first bar and sat down, me back on the wetness of my slightly over-soaked diaper. We got a few drinks and chatted for a while and after a few hours they had all gone to the bathroom a few times, as had I in my diaper. My diaper was noticeably wet by then, but of course I never had to get up to go to the bathroom. Several more hours and a couple different bars went by and there was actually some pee pooling in the bottom of my plastic panties. My friends asked me how I could no have to pee, and I told them I just didn't. We got another bar part way through the evening and while I was nursing another sex on the beach and feeling a little buzzed, I felt a sudden urge in my bowels that I couldn't hold back thanks to the booze. I shit my diaper messily and a little loudly, though with the music of the bar not many people heard it I think.

Well, the mess in my diapers mushed up all around me since I was already sitting, and I guess it was finally a bit much for my plastic panties cause I started to leak my extra pee that had been building up. The pee splashed to the floor and one of my friends saw it. She lead me to the bathroom and asked if I was okay and I sowed her what I was wearing. She asked me if I had a spare, and embarrassed I told her that not only did I not have a change but they were locked on me. She laughed hysterically for a while and said I should just hold on until we get back then. That was a couple hours later.

By the time we finished the bar crawl we had to get a cab home and pick up the car the next day, since we were all pretty drunk. The cab driver I think smelled my mess from the back seat, but he didn't say anything. I got back to my dorm feeling very soggy and messy. The inside of my legs and par of my skirt were soaked with dripping pee and my ass was completely covered by my mess. I was also feeling pretty aroused from the feeling. Before I changed I enjoyed myself through my messy diaper then took a long shower. While it was terribly embarrassing or a while, I also really enjoyed my evening locked in my soiled diapers.

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