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College Experience

Part 2

(While based on real events, the following has been somewhat fictionalized)

By Terra

Hi there! Let me tell you about another event from my continuing college years. As you may or may not know, I usually wear cloth diapers under plastic panties during school. In fact, I've had months go by where I haven't worn a single pair of panties. Unlike when I was younger I don't worry about getting caught anymore. It can be embarrassing to be caught wearing a diaper, sure, but I'm not concerned. In fact, sometimes I go out of my way to show off a little. Usually if I'm going to show off I use a disposable diaper, since it can be mistaken for underwear at a distance. It can be fun to have someone a ways away see up my skirt and not be sure if they know what I'm wearing. But I digress, and you probably want to hear about something that happened.

On a Wednesday afternoon I was sitting around in a disposable, since all my regular diapers were being washed. I was a little lazy about laundry until I ran out. It was late summer and classes had started only recently. I decided I wouldn't wait for my cloth diapers to be clean, so I got ready for class with my disposable still on. Now, mind you, this diaper was not one of the more quiet types. Whenever I moved it crinkled a little, and whenever I sat it would make a decent amount of noise. Not like wearing a diaper is illegal or anything, so I wasn't worried if anyone found out.

When I got to class I was a little early so I got a seat and waited. A few other people were in the room, and they had to have heard something when I sat but didn't seem to notice or realize what they heard. I had a bottled favored water with me and I drank most of it before class even started. Once it did I took a few idle notes, but it was an easy class so I didn't pay much attention. About a half hour into class I felt the need to pee pretty badly and so I went in my diaper; that's what its for after all. I ended up wetting my diaper two more times before that class was over, it was nearly a three hour class. So, my disposable was pretty soaked by then but I had a change on me; or so I thought.

Seems I was so used to going to class in a cloth diaper that I hadn't packed a change. This wouldn't have been a problem except my next class was in fifteen minutes halfway across the campus from the dorm. I wouldn't have time to go get a change and still get to class in time, and the professor was one of those cranky types that will actually mark down your grade for missing too many classes. I had already missed three classes from a cold I had beforehand, and he only gave three exemptions unless you had a doctor's note. I wasn't going to fail a class for lack of diaper, so I just went to class.

The glass with the grumpy professor got underway and I had to sit there with my diaper getting near overfull. I started to regret the water I had earlier, but I tried to hold it. Unfortunately I've never had the greatest bladder control, as those of you who've read my stories know. It only took an hour before I couldn't bear to hold it anymore and let go in my diaper. Maybe if I had wetted slowly in little bits the diaper could have held it, but not like this. My pee overflowed my disposable and started to dribble out the sides onto my chair. Fortunately I always sit at the back of the room. Once I had finished there was a puddle under my chair and my knee-length skirt was soaked in the back. One of the other students saw this and he gave me an 'are you okay?' look. I gave him a little hand wave to let him know I was okay. He otherwise didn't say or do anything, college is great.

The walk home was a bit different however. I heard a lot of snickering as I walked back to the dorm with my ass clearly soaked. No way I was hiding that I had wet myself. When I got back to the dorm I checked the laundry room to see if my cloth diapers were done. I saw hem sitting in a wet heap in a basket. Seems I had forgotten to turn the washing machine on, and someone else needed to use it. I felt pretty dumb about that, but laughed it off and actually started the wash of my diapers while I went to my room and changed into a fresh disposable. When I went back to the laundry room later I saw another girl in there. As I was getting my diapers out of the washing machine she saw tem and asked me about them. I told her that I had to wear them or I had accidents. She told me that was obvious, seems she had seen me walking back from class earlier. She had no idea that I had actually overused a disposable.

I've chatted with her a few times since then, and I eventually let her know that I actually wear diapers for enjoyment. She thought it was cool, and asked where I got them and what it was like. We've actually been pretty good friends since then. I don't think she has any real interest in getting into diapers, but she did ask something about getting some for Halloween.

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