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College Girl

First day

Daphne Flower ... there she was alone on the new campus; it was huge compared to secondary school. People shuffled through expansive corridors to the entrance, she walked up to reception. Giving her name the receptionist looked through a large box, he gave her an envelope and told her we're first aid was. She smiled that fantastic smile, turned bell jingling as she walked.

She went outside and sat on the dry grass, in the last of the summer sun. Opening her envelope she lay down on the grass, her bag next to her. Those loose trousers we're now low here cute huggies exposed to all; a few of the more obnoxious passed and made comments. She shrugged and smiled at them, a few even got her tongue stuck out as they laughed.

Not so far away a small stroll across the yard, some of the more alternative crowd we're smoking cigs. They had been watching this new girl; a few seemed to be making jokes about the nappy. Tink dressed in pink and very little, was joking around with Kelly the bigger of the two. They both noticed this lost girl, and decided to invite her over. Tink in her usual way wandered over, her little hips swaying and bent over Daphne.

Tink spoke with a heavy liverpoodlian accent, as Daphne looked up into the sea of pink and blonde hair.

Tink: Wow it is a nappy.

Daphne: So what about it Tink: Nothing much, I just thought I'd come and check.

Daphne: Sorry let me start again, Ewwo Tink: Hey there cutie, come with me no one will say anything.

Daphne got up after deciding that the grass was not as comfy as she had hoped, she followed Tink the bell tingled as she waved her own hips around. She neared the group and became hesitant, she began to slow down. Tink noticed and put her arm through Daphne's and walked towards Kelly.

As she walked her baggy trousers revealed more of the huggies nappy, it rustled sweetly as she swayed her hips. Tink was playfully patting her nappied bum, and giggling as she smiled at Daphne. Kelly was smoking a cig waiting for the common room to open; most of them had study days. As Daphne got closer she noted how much Tink was a submissive, Kelly was most certainly the authority figure in the women. A loud roar came from the car park, as they walked over it. A sport scar entered the frame; it slowed as they got within range. The mighty V8 purred under the hood, as the man in glasses smiled at Tink and her new friend. As they crossed the car vanished in a roar, a glimpse of the man. Red mirrored shades and long brown hair, slightly tanned skin. Tink noticing the interest spoke in the accent of Liverpool .

Tink: He's names Remy, you'll get to meet him later Tink smiled as Daphne went red, as they finally reached there destination. Kelly looked up and smiled at the image of cuteness, Daphne's low cut top and choice of baggy trousers seemed to make her smile more.

Kelly: Name's Kel, what's yours little one.

Daphne: Daphne.

Kelly put her cig out and smiled at Daphne; she turned and walked towards a bench. Tink pulled Daphne along, with the same locking arms. They finally managed to sit on the bench, under the shade of a tree. Remy ran past in a blur of white linen trousers, and blue linen shirt. The girls smiled as he passed them, then there attention turned to Daphne. Still red with embarrassment, she smiled as they fixed there gaze on her

A few minutes of teasing as Daphne went red; they stopped when she began to smile as it eased off. Daphne taking out her timetable looked at the complicated sheet. Kelly offered to help, inviting Daphne over with a simple wave of the hand. She walked over and sat next to Kelly, after a few minutes the timetable was understood. Daphne had no lessons for another 15minutes, and both Kelly and Tink had an inset day due to the new students.

After a while Kelly finally managed to think of a way to brooch the subject of Daphne's' underwear, it was hopefully a friendly way.

Kelly: So what point are you trying to make? Daphne: I don't understand Tink: You know the nappies Kelly: subtle Tink Daphne: Ohh sorry, no point just don't like walking around with wet panties.

Tink: So you need them? Daphne: For about 2 years now yeah Daphne went and sat on the grass, the baggy trousers riding further down. They not only revealed the nappy but the cutest pair of rhumba panties, pink satin layered with pink taffeta. They seemed to vanish just below the waistline of the low trousers, Tink smiled as the panties came into view.

Tink: Wow there cute.

Kelly: so what's with the ruffles? Daphne looked around and blushed with shame; she pulled her trousers up and smiled. Speaking back in a childish way, she looked lost in the big wide world.

Daphne: So I don't leak, and ruin my trousers silly.

Tink: I must have some Kelly: Tink I'm surprised you didn't know about them already.

Tink looked around in shock, the way only true girls can. She laughed at the thought, and then dismissed it. The grin though was there all too long, as she began fussing with Daphne. Finally the time came for Daphne's' first lesson, she stood up and picked up her pink bag. Tink fussed with her clothing, making Daphne feel more like a child. It was something she enjoyed; after all she is living in her own world. And being treated like a child, was always her favoured method of relaxing. If only they knew of her wardrobe, and the amount of baby style clothing. Tink would have a party with the dresses alone, she mused as she walked off. Bum wiggling and rustling, no one said much it appeared the new students really didn't care.

After all the fun of her first lesson in A-level Psychology, she found her way back to the common room. Tink and Kelly sat in a corner, the jukebox pumped punk music into the air. The smell of male sweat filled the air, Remy sat with Tink and Kelly. His slight tan and those mirrored shades, things we're going on. Most of all Daphne's ever wandering trousers had revealed the bears had long since vanished. This was the only thing Daphne had forgotten about, as she walked over to the table. Tink rushed over all smiles and hugs, holding Daphne by the hand she led her to the table.

Tink: Hey look people, my babies here.

Daphne blushed once more, it was beginning to make her face hurt. But she smiled as she walked with Tink, feeling more like the child she was. She began to let Tink slowly become the auntie figure. Kelly was talking with Remy as she turned to face them, a series of movements happened under the table. Remy smiled at her, and spoke to her directly.

Remy: You ever have any trouble, let me know.

He stood up and walked away, a game of pool was in order. And the new students we're beginning to annoy him, with there so called trick shots. He vanished into the other room, as Tink and Kelly smiled at Daphne.

Kelly: He likes you.

Tink: Wow first time too.

Daphne: Huh? Tink: Remy's different; he's a bit of a loner.

Kelly: I'd say more of a liability Daphne: How do you mean? Kelly: Let's just say, he's a handful for everyone he doesn't like.

Tink: More like an arm, two legs and a torso of trouble.

Daphne: well okies, but he seems nice.

They finally ventured to find food, the other fun of being in college. They settled at the local pub, where Daphne had a salad with Tink. Kelly seemed to order a steak, and all three had a little to drink. Daphne had red wine, Tink had double vodka and Kelly had a pint of Guinness. The conversation turned to Friday night and other things.

Kelly: So Tink what you wearing Friday? Tink: A tutu and if Daphne will let me, some pink panties.

Kelly: Speaking of which, where's the teddy gone.

Daphne looked down the teddy had long faded away; she picked up her bag and went to the toilet. Thankfully pull-up's were easier to change, so she stood in a cubical changing her nappy. As Tink entered, she was looking for Daphne until she found her.

Tink: Want any help? Daphne: I got it thankies Tink: Cool, I'll just wait here then.

Daphne: Why? Tink: Because I need to make sure your nappies tight, isn't that what you do? Daphne: I guess.

Daphne was thrown off with this new line of questioning; it had all made her feel rather childish. But she also felt very submissive, years of being beaten by her father. But he was now making up for all the guilt, he had money to spare. And insist she wear what ever she likes, he had even given her an unlimited limit on her credit card.

Exiting the stall Daphne smiled at Tink and twirled, she had also changed her trousers to a cute satin pink skirt. It was being held up by a single layer petticoat, the panties ruffle poked out from underneath. Her nappied status clearly visible, Daphne smiled as Tink looked on in shock. Tink quickly turned her attention to the skirt, and smiled as Daphne twirled. Tink playfully patted her bottom, as they left the area and went back to the food. Daphne now more feeling like a child, and the youngest in the crowd let Tink take her hand and lead her. Tink smiled as they reached Kelly, she too was a little taken back. But she smiled as the food arrived, and ignored the new change in clothing.

Kelly: SO then Daphne, you coming out Friday night? Daphne: I've got ballet, Friday night Kelly: Until what time? Daphne: about 8 Tink: Cool you can come to our place.

Kelly: sounds like a plan.

Daphne: I guess Tink: And can I borrow some panties? Daphne: If you wish, but there is a rule.

Kelly: Go on what is it? Tink: Sure whatever.

Daphne: Okies as you agree, you must wear a nappy too.

Tink looked on in shock; she had just agreed to wear a nappy. Daphne now had a small grin on her face, as Kelly burst out laughing. Tink playfully punched Kelly on the arm, as Kelly laughed at Tink. Tink eventually smiled, as Daphne handed her the spare pair of satin and PVC ruffled panties.

As lunch time ended they walked slowly back to the campus, Daphne giggling like a child. As Tink continued to fuss with her skirt and panties, a strong friendship was growing here. Daphne looked at her timetable; the rest of the day was free due to the tutorial being about campus life, and other such nonsense.

Tink and Kelly also had a free day and so they spent it in the confines of the common room, it was under lit but a nice change. The jukebox on a never ending supply of beats and rock, the pool tables sending sounds of hitting ivory each time a gap was produced in the sound. People talking added to the sound, others came and left mainly for a smoke.

The students union rep a man called Nick, looked kind of like a 70's porn star with a Jesus beard. He was always smiling and always rushing around; he seemed to be in a mood at the moment. This was due to a lack of information from the newly elected students' union board, students who work for the students. Tink was a member of this new council, and had been the only one to attend all meetings so far.

Remy walked out of the pool room, a smile on his face walking over to the jukebox he put his money in and selected his songs. He called over Kelly, Tink and Daphne and told them to select a few songs. He punched in the numbers and sat down, leaving the trio to find there own selections. After instructing Daphne on what to do, Kelly and Tink ushered her to Remys' table. Daphne sat down in a very girly way swishing her short skirt under her bum, Tink sat on Kelly's lap. Remy smiled his golden smile, his sunglasses reflected them all.

It had occurred to Daphne that she had never seen Remy's eyes, just those red sunglasses.

Remy: So who's been drinking? Kelly: I think we all have Daphne: Remy.

Remy: Yes princess Daphne: What colour are your eyes? Kelly: Show her Remy Tink: Wow it's been so long, it's like Elwood blues Remy: Can't yet, I've got things to do. But more importantly I've got to go have a smoke.

Remy stood up smiling at the girls, and headed for the door. In his same slick manner he turned around, and faced them as he reached the door.

Remy: You coming or not? He vanished out of sight as Kelly stood up, Tink half stood half slid off Kelly. Daphne watched with a slightly unsure look, as Tink smiled at Daphne and pulled her to her feet. Daphne had no problem with this, but enjoyed being dominated in a strange way. She enjoyed playing the child, and yes she loved every minute of it.

Remy was sitting in the shade of a nearby tree, he was rolling a cigarette. As the trio approached, his sunglasses still down. They talked as they approached something to fill the time. As Daphne rummaged through her backpack for her luckies.

Daphne: So what colour are his eyes? Tink: Well there err! Daphne: You mean you don't know? Kelly: It's just been a while, since he took them off.

Tink: Try a few years.

Daphne: So do you remember? Kelly: I think there brown, with a little red in them.

Daphne: Red? Kelly: Yeah it's just odd.

Tink: Don't worry non, little one.

Kelly: Hold on I'll ask. Remy take your sunglasses off.

Remy: Why? Kelly walked over to Remy and smiled, he reluctantly lifted his sunglasses as Kelly turned to speak to Daphne. Remy had his eyes shut, he light was little blinding.

Kelly: See there brown.

Tink: Uhh! Kel Kelly: What? Daphne: He's got his eyes shut.

Kelly turned to see Remy's eyes shut; she tapped her foot against the grass. As Remy slowly opened his eyes, the light showed his eyes were indeed brown. They had a ring of red around the iris; he smiled as he put his sunglasses back down.

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