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The Coming of Age of Cassandra Mooney

Chapter One - Plans for the Weekend

Cassandra was having a wonderful week. Several good grades on tests, several fun outings with her friends, and a very romantic date with Brian all remained fresh in her mind as testament to Cassandra's good fortune in life. In fact, her entire Junior year in high school had been unexpectedly pleasant. She had made many new friends, and had been asked out by Brian Fuller several weeks ago. Who could help but to be cheerful in times like this? She took a few minutes to enjoy the weather outside the school before joining her friends in the courtyard. For a mid-February day, the weather was astoundingly beautiful. Fluffy white clouds glided slowly by high in the air. A cool breeze blew across Cassandra's shoulders, tugging at her smooth long hair.

Across the lawn, she spotted Brian and Melanie. Brian was an attractive teenager. He was always kind, and had an adventurous spirit. Melanie was a blonde, wavy haired girl with a lot of spunk. Brian smiled when he noticed her, waving a greeting and beckoning Cassandra to come join them.

"Cassie!" Brian shouted.

"Come on, we're trying to decide what to do this weekend!" Cassandra made her way to her friends through the crowd of other students. Most students in the school spend Tuesday afternoon discussing what they had done the previous weekend. Cassie and her friends had gotten into the habit of planning their weekends early so as to enjoy each one to its fullest. Cassie had an urge to go shopping, and suggested they spend a day at the mega-mall on Saturday.

Another friend joined them.

"Have we made any plans yet," came Kelly's enthusiastic voice? Kelly was a slender girl with thick brunette hair. She was very down to earth, and, like her other friends, was very kind.

"I think Cass wants to go shopping." Melanie answered in a manner which let everyone know that she was in agreement.

Kelly nodded her agreement.

"I heard that there are going to be some killer sales this weekend!" During the discussion, Seth had finally joined the group, but as usual, did not really add anything to the conversation. Seth was tall and lanky. He had semi-short brown hair and was fairly attractive, but was always very quiet and reserved. His friends knew, however, that under that layer of peace tramped a wild spirit, one which they loved to have around as they had adventures and experienced life.

Brian, who's idea of adventure did not include shopping, decided that he had better speak up before he was stuck with the girls watching them try on shoes.

"Is that the best we can come up with? Shopping?"

"Oh come on Brian," said Cassie, "It'll be fun. The mall has a rollercoaster in it, and one of the biggest movie theaters in the country."

"Roller Coasters, huh?" Brian knew full well that Roller Coasters had nothing to do with this trip.

This was going to be a girls' trip. He, however, also knew that they had catered to his ideas over the past several weeks (bungee jumping, touring downtown, cliff diving into frigid waters), and felt that a relaxing shopping trip may be just what they need.

"Sounds interesting. When do we leave?"

"Let's leave early so we can spend the whole day there. Say, 9 O'Clock, Cassie's place?" Melanie loves making plans.

Everyone agreed, and the group dispersed to head home for the evening. Although Cassie had a driver license, she had ridden the bus today because her car was in the shop. She clambered onto the bus and found a seat. She really didn't mind riding with the freshman. They all seemed to like her, and showed her a lot of respect. She usually got her own seat, and the guys on the bus always gave her lots of attention.

Plus, she was in a good mood, and it was infectious.

Before she got off at her stop, the entire busload of students seemed to have inherited her joyful spirit and was having a great time talking, joking, and sharing stories. She walked into her house.

Her house, or rather, her family's house was a modest one story home with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. She entered the home to find it empty. Cassie's mom sometimes worked late in the evening. Blake, Cassie's older brother, had his own circle of friends at the high-school, not to mention his football practice.

And Cassie's younger sister, Cheryl, would be riding the middle school bus home. Cassie put on some music and spread her books out on the kitchen table. While Cassie hated homework, she also hated having stuff on her to-do list.

"Better to get it over with now so I can do other stuff later," she thought.

While she worked on her school-work, Blake and Cheryl came home.

"Hey goodie-goodie. getting your school work done?" chided Blake.

"Better a goodie-goodie than a mindless jock!" sneered Cassie.

Blake responded by giving Cassandra a playful noogie.

Cheryl had gone to her room and closed the door.

"How was your day?"

"It was good. Melanie, Brian, and me are going to the mega-mall this weekend. I think Seth and Kelly are coming, too. You want to go?"

"No. Couch wants us to practice on Saturday. We're going to be playing the Cougars soon. we don't want to lose there."

"Yeah, it would be nice if we could keep the Hammer for more than a year this time." Cassandra was referring to the fierce rivalry between the Cougars and their school team, the Fighting Farmers. Whoever won their game each year was presented an ornamental hammer. It was a trophy which held much esteem in their town.

Brian and Cassandra talked some more, then Brian went to his room to study. Cassandra went back to doing her school work. It was not too long before their mother arrived home.

"Hey Cass!" she greeted cheerfully.

"KIDS!!! I have dinner!" Nothing quite brought this family together like fast-food. Within a matter of minutes all four members of the Mooney family were enjoying fried chicken and the various side dishes that their mother had provided.

Fast food was a common occurrence in the family.

Helen didn't have much time to cook. She worked hard as a consultant so she could support her family, but things had been difficult since Russell had died. It had happened so suddenly. One day, her children's father and her loving husband had been a happy and energetic man, the next, he had fallen seriously ill.

>From start to finish it only lasted three days.

Russell passed away, and all the doctors could tell her was that it was some form of neurological disorder, which has yet to be identified. Still, even with his loss, the family seemed happy. Cheryl had her problems, but there was still a lot of love there.

"Cheryl, how was school, honey?" Their mom tried very hard to stay in touch with her children's lives.

Cheryl only shrugged her shoulders in a fashion which indicated she either did not know or did not care.

Cheryl, being only twelve years old, had become very cynical and angry over the past few years. Cassie suspected it had something to do with Cheryl never knowing Dad. Russell died several months before Cheryl was born. But since Cheryl didn't talk much, no-one in the family really knew for sure what was bothering her. They generally left her alone about it, figuring that if she wanted to talk about it, she would.

"Did you learn anything interesting?" her mother continued.

Again, the question was answered with a methodical shrug.

"Can't you tell me anything about your day, sweetheart?" Cheryl's reaction left little doubt that Cheryl's day had not been good. She retorted callously to her mother.

"I don't know. How was YOUR day, HELEN?"

"CHERYL! I have asked you over and over not to call me that! I am your mother, and you will show me the respect that title deserves!"

"Whatever!" And with that, Cheryl turned and left the room. The uncomfortable silence that followed was broken only by the thump of Cheryl's bedroom door and the faint tone of music coming from her stereo.

"Do either of you know what that was about," Helen asked the two kids remaining in the room? Both Blake and Cassie indicated they did not with shakes of their heads.

Later that evening, Cassie laid in bed thinking again about her week. The week had been great. The year had been great. As she slowly drifted off to sleep, she dreamed happily of how wonderful her weekend was going to be.

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