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The Coming of Age of Cassandra Mooney

Chapter 2 - The First Incident

The next morning, after what seemed to be a very restful sleep, Cassie awoke to her alarm buzzing. It was 6:30, and it was time to get ready for school.

Most mornings, Cassie would lie in bed for a few minutes gathering her thoughts and preparing her mind for the day. She thought about her friends, her classes, and the homework she had done. It was actually quite some time before she realized something was different. Not just different, but wrong. Her nightshirt was clinging to her and her sheets felt moist. She got out of bed and pulled back the covers.

To her shock, she realized that she must have wet the bed. Cassie could not remember ever having wet the bed before, not even in her youth. It was an odd feeling. She was cold. She could feel her underwear, still so moist that pee was dripping onto her feet.

She was so confused and unsure of herself that she just stood there and looked at the stain on her sheets for several minutes. After some time, she finally made the decision to just clean up and get ready for school like normal.

"Surely this must happen to everyone every once and a while," she thought to herself. She also decided not to tell her mom about it. After all, it was just one time, it didn't mean anything.

Cassie went to the bathroom and took a warm shower.

When she got out, she did her hair and makeup, and then went back to her bedroom. After she was dressed, she gathered her soiled sheets and blankets and took them downstairs. She started the wash cycle, and made a mental note to move the clothes to the dryer when she got home from school. She could hear Cheryl up and about. Brian had probably already left for school to go to football practice. She packed herself a quick lunch, and went out the door to catch the bus.

As the bus pulled up in front of her, her mind again rested on the events of this morning. How could she have wet the bed? She didn't drink anything unusual the previous night. In fact, unlike most days, she hadn't had any caffeine at all. She climbed onto the bus and found a seat. If her body had to go so bad, why hadn't she just woken up? "Cassie." Cassie thought about it, and could remember waking up to go to the bathroom several times in the past month.

Why hadn't she woken up this time? "Cassie." Cassie suddenly realized that someone was talking to her. It was one of the freshman boys that she had talked to on the way home the previous day.

"Cassie, you almost left your book-bag at the bus stop! I got it for you though. Here." It took Cassie a few seconds to fully comprehend what had happened. She must have been so deep in thought.

She must not have been paying attention at all. In fact, she didn't even remember the boy being at the bus stop with her.

"Thanks," said Cassie with a smile of gratitude, "I must have my head in the clouds today." The boy smile smiled back.

"Heh, I've had days like that." Then he turned around to sit in his seat properly.

Cassie's mind again wandered to the incident of the morning and pretty much stayed there throughout the day. The entire day was peppered by careless mistakes. In her first class, Chemistry, she accidentally mixed a small amount of acid into a pure base without diluting either of them in water. The result was an explosion of foam and a broken beaker covered in salt! Cassie was furious at herself, her fury matched only by her teacher who had painstakingly explained the process and even demonstrated it before hand. After Chemistry was Algebra. She was so thoroughly distracted by the thought of her uncomfortably wet bed from the morning that she never heard her teacher call on her.

"Cassie?" The teacher had said.

"Have you heard anything I have said?"

"Uh. Oh, Yes Mrs. Thompson"

"Then, for the last time, will you please complete the problem on the board!" Cassie was lucky that the problem on the board was similar to a problem in her homework the previous night or she might have been even more embarrassed.

During lunch, Cassie's friends seemed to notice that Cassie was having a bad day, but none seemed concerned why except for Kelly. Before the end of lunch, Kelly stopped Cassie in the hall.

"Cassie, are you all right? You seem kind of out of it today."

"Yeah," Cassie said, "I'm all right. I just sort of had a bad morning, and it is distracting me."

"What happened?"

"Well, uh, I." Cassie was touched by Kelly's concern.

In fact, Kelly seemed so genuine that Cassie almost told her the truth. Cassie caught herself at the last second. If she told Kelly the truth, Kelly would surly understand. The majority of her peers, she knew, would not. Rumors would start and spread. Who knows what people around school would think? Having the entire school under the impression that she still wets the bed would not be conducive to finishing out a near perfect school year, she decided.

"Nothing. I just had a bad morning, you know? Just one of those mornings." Thankfully, Kelly decided not to press the subject, and the bell soon rang. After two more classes in which she was not as distracted but still just as mistake prone, she headed for the courtyard. Brian and Seth were wrestling in the grass, and Kelly and Melanie were chatting about something. Cassie decided to go straight to the bus so she could be alone for a few minutes. Hardly anyone ever got on the bus immediately after the bell rang, as there were ten minutes before the busses would leave. Cassie sat by herself near the back of the bus thinking about her day. The week had gone so well up until now. How could one little incident like wetting the bed change everything so drastically. She finally made a mental choice not to think about it any more. She pulled out a book and began reading. When she got home, her mom was already there and the dryer was running. A little concerned of what her mom thought, she went into the kitchen and greeted her.

"Honey, are you ok?"

"Um.. Yeah Mom. Why?"

"Well, honey, I noticed that you had started to wash your sheets, so I took out some sheets I already had clean to put on your bed. I noticed your mattress was wet."

"Yeah. It's the weirdest thing, mom. This morning I woke up in a wet bed. I've never done that before." Helen thought about this for a moment. Helen had been a bed-wetter in her youth right up into her teens. As her children grew up, she half expected them to be bed-wetters as well, but none of her three children were. Helen felt that a teenager wetting the bed one time is nothing to get two upset over, so she tried to casually play off the incident.

"Its no big deal, but if it happens again, let me know, ok?"

"Ok, mom" With that, Helen changed the subject, and had a good conversation with her daughter. After they were finished talking, and Cassie was walking out of the room, Cassie stopped.



"Don't tell Blake or Cheryl about what happened this morning, please?"

"No Problem. I wasn't planning to." Now that she thought about it, Cassie wondered where her two siblings were. Usually they were home by now.

"Mom, where's Blake and Cheryl?"

"Oh, Cheryl's in her room sleeping. I had to pick her up from school early because she's sick. I don't know where Blake is. Probably out with his friends." Cassie went to her room and sat down on her bed. Her mom must have done something to dry the mattress, because the bottom sheets were dry to the touch. Her mind once again began contemplating the events of the day.

"Tomorrow will be better," she thought, and she began to do her homework.

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