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The Coming of Age of Cassandra Mooney

Chapter 3 - The Second Incident

Cassandra's alarm sounded promptly at 6:30. She laid there for a moment, gathering her thoughts. She was really hoping that this would be a better day than yesterday. She knew she had another test today, and that they were going to have to run a mile today in Gym, but other than that her school day should be pretty easy. It was not until she started to get out of bed that she noticed the condition of her sheets. Again, just as the previous morning, her bed was soaked. A dank yellow stain was visible on her bottom sheet, revealing the position she must have slept in, and her top sheets and blankets were excessively moist. Her night-shirt clung to her body as she moved about.

"This is not good," she thought.

It seemed strange to her. Why would a seventeen year old high-school student with no health problems suddenly start wetting the bed? The thought of her dad crept into her mind. Hadn't he been perfectly healthy before he had died? The only indication that anything had been wrong with him that day was that he had developed a bad twitch in his leg. Could something be as wrong with her? Could she be about to die? She pushed the thought from her head.

"No," she told herself! "I am healthy. This just happens to people sometimes." She gathered up her bed clothes and started carrying them to the washing machine. Most days, walking around the house in nothing but a night shirt would have been a normal occurrence. Today, however, she should have changed. Her mother was up, apparently taking a day off to stay home with Cheryl. Cheryl was in the living room watching the morning news on TV. News programs were perfect for Cheryl. The reports of bombings, robberies, murders, and failing businesses provided Cheryl her excuse to maintain a cynical opinion of the world.

Cassie met her mother at the washer.

"Oh, you poor thing! Are you ok?"

"Yeah, Mom, I'm fine. Can you give me a hand here?" Cassie's mom helped her load the clothes into the wash. She seemed worried, and Cassie couldn't blame her. While it was not common-knowledge, she knew that her mother had been a bed-wetter until she was near Cassie's age, and that, even now, she occasionally had her 'accidents'.

"Do you want me to set up an appointment with Dr. Stratton?" asked Helen. Helen had thought of this yesterday, but had decided that a lone incident didn't warrant such action. Cassie wetting the bed two nights in a row, however, did! "No. I'm all right. This stuff just happens, right? I'll be fine." Cassie sounded more like she was trying to convince herself.

"If it keeps happening, we'll call the doctor." Cassie headed back to her room, but stopped in the hallway at the sight of her sister. It was only when she saw her sister that Cassie realized what she herself must look like. There she stood, in the middle of the hallway, wearing nothing but a long pee-stained tee-shirt and wet panties.

"Wet the bed again?" chided Cheryl.

"How did you know?" asked Cassie.

"I overheard you talking to Mom yesterday. Just wanted to see for myself." With that, Cheryl walked past Cassie and out of the hallway. The bedwetting incidents were bad enough, but knowing that her sister knew was just too unsettling. Cassie knew that, deep down, Cheryl loved her family, but Cheryl had a mean streak Cheryl had once answered a phone call from one of Cassie's friends, and told the caller that Cassie could not go out right now because she was being punished for pooping her pants. It wasn't true, but it had forced Cassie to put considerable effort into 'damage control'. Cassie wondered what Cheryl would do with this new information. Suddenly Cassie felt very insecure.

Cassie finished getting ready for school, and soon found herself in Chemistry class. It became clear to Cassie that the teacher no longer trusted her with the chemicals when the teacher continually asked Cassie to let her science partner do the actual mixing.

At lunch, Cassie was tired, having just run a mile in seven minutes for Gym class. As tired as she was, her mind was still focused on thoughts of her bed-wetting, and thoughts of her dad. Her friends pawned her inattentiveness off on exhaustion from the run, but Kelly suspected more. After lunch, Kelly again stopped Cassie in the Hall.

"Cassie. Is something wrong? You seem even worse than yesterday." The day before, Cassie had elected not to tell her friend the truth about what was bothering her. Today, she wondered if deceiving her friend really served that great of a purpose. After all, Kelly would not tell anyone, and if Cheryl tried to be mean and tell her friends, it would not be too big of a deal because Kelly would already know.

"Can you keep a secret?" Cassie knew this was a silly question, but it let Kelly know that she was about to hear something that Cassie didn't want other people to know.

After Kelly nodded an affirmative, Cassie laid out the story. She explained to Kelly about how she had woken up wet the previous morning, about how she had let it distract her so much, that she had wet again this morning, about Cheryl, and about her thoughts of her dad.

Kelly proved to be a practiced listener. She never interrupted and kept her full attention on Cassie. When Cassie was finished, Kelly gave her a quick hug and said, "I wouldn't let it bother you too much. The same thing happened to my older sister once."

"Did she get over it?"

"Yeah, and it hasn't happened again that I know of. Probably had something to do with stress. I hear that can happen." A thought occurred to Cassie. Can someone be stressed without knowing it? She had seemed happy and care-free, but had she been, deep down, worried about something? She wondered what it could be.

After her chat with Kelly, Cassie felt much better. She was more attentive in class, and with her friends. The rest of the day began to follow the theme of the first half of her Junior year: it was good. After school she met with her friends, but was eager to get home. Today she would get her car back from the shop. Her mom and her had arranged to pick of the car that afternoon, and Cassie would be a free woman again! She didn't mind riding on the bus, but when push came to shove, she would always rather drive herself.

When she got home, Cheryl was in the living room watching TV, and her mom was cooking in the Kitchen.

"You think you can spare a minute from that fish to go get my car?" asked Cassandra.

Helen smiled. Her daughter had walked in to find her covered in grease and various juices, hands dripping with water, flour, and tid-bits of fish batter. She was out of practice. She made a mental note to cook for the family more often, but accepted her daughters invitation for a break in the butchery of an old family recipe.

Helen cleaned up and removed her apron. The two of them got in the car, and talked while Helen drove them to the repair garage.

"So what's wrong with Cheryl?" asked Cassie.

"Oh, she just has the flu. Running a temperature and all. The truth is, I don't think she feels all that bad, but she hasn't done anything but watch TV all day. In fact, I don't think she's talked to me once today."

"She talked to me this morning."

"Oh? What did she say?" Helen was worried that the topic might have been Cassie's recent night-time problem, and wondered how Cheryl would treat Cassie if she had indeed found out.

"She wanted to know if I had wet the bed again. She apparently overheard us talking yesterday. You don't think she'll tell anyone, do you?" Helen thought about this for a moment. She was so worried about Cheryl. Helen knew something was bothering her, but Cheryl just wasn't letting anyone in.

"No. When has Cheryl ever said anything mean about you that was TRUE." Cassie chuckled as she realized that her mother had a point. Cassie had had plenty of embarrassing things happen to her that Cheryl could use against her, but Cheryl always tried to embarrass Cassie by telling lies about her. Cassie could not think of a single time when Cheryl had tried to embarrass her with something that had actually happened. Somehow, in kind of a weird way, that actually made her respect her sister more.

When they got to the repair shop, Cassie checked out her car. The mechanics had done a good job, and the cost wasn't too bad. As she was about to leave, her mom stopped her.

"Honey, when we get home I need to talk to you about something. Just real quick, but don't let me forget." The trip home and the rest of the evening went real smoothly. Helen had burnt the fish, and had put too much salt in the accompanying home-made sauce, but other than that, they had a delightful dinner. After dinner, Cassie finished her homework and straightened up her room.

As Cassie prepared for bed that night, she noticed something new about her room. Her bed made a very slight rustling sound as she sat on it, and her mattress somehow felt different, like it was softer. She partially un-tucked the bottom sheet to find that a vinyl cover and a cotton mattress protector had been placed on her mattress below her bottom sheet.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about earlier," came her mom's voice.

Cassie was startled. She hadn't notice her mom peaking into her room through the partially open door. Her mom opened the door the rest of the way and came in, where she carefully closed the door behind her.

"I didn't want to talk about it in front of your sister, but I thought it might be best to take some precautions over the next few nights. The sheets I can wash, but your mattress was expensive." Cassie thought about this for a while. It was a little embarrassing to have to take these kinds of precautions. She didn't want to have plastic on her bed. What if one of her friends was over and noticed? How would she explain it? Cassie knew, of course, that Kelly would understand, but Cassie's best friend, Melanie, tended to be a bit squeamish about things that were out of the ordinary. But Cassie also knew that her mother's concerns made sense. She really didn't know what her mother had done to dry the mattress the last two days, but she was sure it hadn't been easy.

"It's ok, Mom. I understand. Let's just hope that it was a waste of time," said Cassie.

The look on her mom's face made her realize that she might need to elaborate.

"What I mean is, I hope it doesn't happen any more." Helen nodded in agreement. Helen loved her daughters, and hated to see Cassidy so unsure of herself. She hugged her daughter and kissed her goodnight, then left the room. She really did hope that this whole thing would be over. She heard her daughter climb into bed and saw the light turn off from under the door.

"Good night, Cassie." She said silently to herself, hoping in all earnest that it would be.

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